Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 16 (End)

Volume 16 (End)

Tat Mo Cauwsu's VOICE remained very patient and calm, not showing any anger at all.

Meanwhile, Sin Ceng Taysu or now with the title as Sin Kong Siansu, has come out to the temple grounds, followed by Sam Liu Taysu and several Siauw Lim Sie students from the Tian and Kian levels.

Everyone had looked up precariously.

It turned out that on the roof of the roof several bodies had stood. There were seven or eight of them in all.

Meanwhile, among the uninvited guests, it was said with. rude and ruthless: "Good. Apparently now the bald bald Tat Mo doesn't mean to hide his tail and wants to accept the arrival of all of us too." And following that person's words, the shadowy figures on the roof have successively jumped down, one by one.

After seeing clearly, it turns out that there are seven people with very scary faces. They wear clothes of different colors. One is wearing a green shirt with green pants. While the second descendant was a person wearing a red shirt and pants, the third descending was a person wearing a yellow shirt with yellow pants. By looking at their different colored clothes, it is clear that they can be distinguished. And there is one thing in common between them, that their faces are all cruel and cruel.

At that moment it was seen how the person who was wearing a green shirt with green pants had taken two steps, while saying in a very cruel voice: "Tat Mo sigundul pelontos, now you are ready to accept death at our hands"

Even though that person spoke harshly, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained calm and patient, he also spoke in a gentle manner. "Excuse me, who are the gentlemen?" said Tat Mo Cauwsu in a still patient voice. "Could you please tell me your names?"

"Hmmmm, you still want to know who we are?" asked the person wearing the green shirt and pants. "Alright, alright. Listen carefully. We are Thian San Cim Kiam. You heard right? We are Thian San Cit Kiam (Seven Swords of Thian San)” “Oh, may Thian San Cit Tiam” said Tat Mo Cauwsu as he clasped his hands together, then said with a softer silk, and patiently: “And what is the purpose of coming, gentlemen? who visited us suddenly like this? I'm sorry, so Bells can't prepare for the best reception."

“There's no need for you to use those pointless and fake pleasantries. We already know, Siauw Lim Sie is only good at insulting Chinese people who have weak intelligence. Therefore, we came here to prove, is it true that Siauw Lim Sie's priests have high intelligence and should be proud?”

And after saying that, he immediately burst into a sinister laugh.

Tat Mo Cauwsu still looked patiently, he had even clasped his hands together. "So what is the purpose of the arrival of the seven gentlemen?" she asked softly.

"We want to ask for a lesson from you Tat Mo bald" replied the person wearing the green shirt and pants.

“Oh so. Fine, fine. If that's the case, well Karni-nor won't let you down,” interrupted Sin Ceng Taisu or Sin Kong Siansu impatiently.

He was not happy to see how his temperature was treated so harshly by the seven people, whose attitude did not show any respect at all, while Tat Mo Cauwsu was the Siauw Lim Sie Professor who was very famous and respected by the people of the martial jungle. At that moment it was clear, however much Tat MoCauwsu didn't want to stir up a fuss with his right hand, Tat Mo Cauwsu signaled to Sin Kong Siansu to keep quiet and not interfere in his affairs.

"And now, what do you want, what kind of teaching do you want?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu in a patient manner,

"We want to share knowledge," replied the person wearing a red shirt and red pants.

"If that's the case, then Bell will dare to play around with a few moves." And after saying that, immediately Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled as he walked calmly into the middle of the courtyard.

While the person who was wearing a green shirt and pants apparently couldn't hold himself back anymore, quickly his right hand had pulled out his sword. With a snapping sound and ignoring that Tat Mo Cauwsu wasn't ready yet, he had stabbed with a lightning-fast thrust.

Same with the meaning of the title, namely Thian San Cit Kiam, of course these seven people are masters of the sword who have very high intelligence. Now that the person who attacked Tat Mo Cauwsu had used the power of a well-trained cassava, the sword he used also appeared to be a very sharp heirloom sword. At which point Tat Mo Cauwsu felt how strong the wind was.

Since seeing the seven people, Tat Mo Canwsu had, learned that the seven people, who were each nearly sixty years old, were surely formidable masters of the sword. Now being attacked like that, Tat Mo Cauwsu-had dodged it with ease.

The movement made by Tat Mo Cauwsu was very tight, there was no movement of his legs at all, suddenly his legs had shot to the side and his opponent's stab fell into the blank.

The other six Thian San Cit Kiam people became curious to see their comrade fail with his attack.

Accompanied by a loud shout they had jumped to surround the priest tightly.

Seeing the sitting of the legs of the seven people, immediately Tat Mo Cauwsu realized that this Thian Cit Kiam, of course, used the Cit-tauw-tin line, from the position of seven stars, which is similar to the Pat-tauw-tin or the 'eight stars row of the seven stars. north'.

But as a great teacher, obviously this priest did not want to open the attack first. When he saw that his opponents were just confining and not attacking, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said patiently while bowing his body and clasping his hands together: "Sorry, sorry, gentlemen, don't be too angry, because it will only harm you too. It would be wiser if we negotiated silat without using violence or sharp weapons."

However, the seven Thian San Cit Kiam did not want to serve Tat Mo Cauwsu's words or advice, instead they had started to move, where they had circled around Tat Mo Cauwsu. Judging from their movements, it seems that they are indeed using a waiting tactic, namely Tat Mo Cauwsu who will be forced to open an attack.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu had very high intelligence, so he just stood quietly in his place, not moving at all and watching the seven people who were surrounding him with a smile of compassion.

Meanwhile, the person who was wearing a green shirt and pants, was impatient, with a loud yelling sound, he had jumped and his sword was moved to stab two paths of blood in Tat Mo Cauwsu's body.

This Reverend Siauw Lim Sie is very calm and patient, he has stepped aside and the stab of his opponent fell in the blank:

His opponent was surprised too. He had attacked with strong power and very fast, but it turned out that his stab still failed and found an empty place,

In such a state, when his heart was filled with anger and curiosity, he again successively stabbed again with three stabs at once.

So did his six comrades, who had opened the attack with their respective swords. They had targeted the deadly parts of Tat Mo Cauwsu's body.

In the face of the attacks and threats of the swords of his opponents, Tat Mo Cauwsu did not try to move in a hurry. But slowly he stepped forward, when the sleeves of his robes moved slightly, his opponent's sword that was grabbing in the front had deflected, almost stabbing at his comrade who was wearing a blue shirt and pants.

It was at that time that Tat Mo Cauwsu had moved his hands again, he had also waved.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's move this time made his three opponents stagger backwards.

If indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted it, surely he could have knocked down his opponent and used the opportunity to harm his opponent. However, as long as it is not too urgent and still allows Tat Mo Cauwsu not to intervene, he just wants to advise the seven people to wake up, without causing any casualties.

However, his seven opponents, Thian San Cit Kiam, seemed to be getting more and more curious, where they had issued a shout in unison, and their bodies had jumped very swiftly, running around Tat Mo Cauwsu.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu did not want to be provoked by the attitude and behavior of these people, he had stayed where he was without moving at all. It's just that the Great Master Siauw Lim Sie has repeatedly uttered his praises of the greatness of the Buddha.

At that time, the person who was wearing a red shirt and pants had jumped up and moved his sword to slash and stab alternately, the moves he did were really very great as a master of kiam-hoat or swordsmanship, he certainly did have the right skills. He's really tall and he's been attacking recklessly, which is why his stabs and slashes are so great.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained very calm in his place.

When he saw his opponent's sword strike his chest, Tat Mo Cauwsu raised his right hand, using his index finger he had flicked his opponent's sword.

“Tringgggg!” His opponent's sword was flicked with a strong sine of power.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's opponent, who was the other person, let out a muffled exclamation, because he felt his palms stinging and hurting, instead his sword had slashed and vibrated very loudly, as if he wanted to escape from his grip.

That's when it was seen how the person wearing the blue armor had attacked. His sword grabbed him very quickly.

Between the sound of the wind stabs and slashes, Tat Mo Cauwsu still doesn't move from where he is. He only moved his shoulders, where his body swayed, so that even his opponent's stabs and slashes were dodged.

Thus it makes his opponent more curious. He snapped viciously and had attacked again.

That is how Tat Mo Cauwsu's opponents have been attacking one after another. And every attack that has been carried out by them is also a very strong and deadly attack, even more so indeed they are very famous swordsmen among the Kangouw.

Thian San Cit Kiam or the seven swordsmen of Thian San are masters who have never been defeated. In fact, they had heard about Tat Mo Cauwsu, who according to information from their friends, the priest Siauw Lim Sie, was the Great Teacher of Siauw Lim Sie who could not be defeated by anyone.

Driven by curiosity and curiosity, they had descended the mountain leaving Thian-san mountain looking for Tat Mo Cauwsu in Siauw Lim Sie. What they mean is that they want to compete with the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie:

But the prostitutes, along their journey, have heard a lot of people talking about Tat Mo Cauwsu and they generally praise it very excessively, even considering the priest as a god incarnate as a human and a priest.

So that caused their sense of clarity and finally they were determined to have a decisive battle with Tat Mo Cauwsu, in order to find out who actually had high intelligence. Is it really Tat Mo Cauwsu a Great Master or is it really Thian San Cit Kiam who is more formidable.

Under these circumstances, they became determined, no matter how hard they would fight Tat Mo Cauwsu. If necessary, they will risk their lives with the Siauw Lim Sie priest.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself saw that his opponents fought as if they wanted to pit their souls and always attacked with desperate stabs and slashes. This has made Tat Mo Cauwsu unable to remain silent for too long.

As a great teacher, of course Tat Mo Cauwsu can knock down his opponents in a very short time, he can just wave his hand once, then all seven of his opponents are blown away. "

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu always refused to do so. "Hmmm, judging from the situation, it seems that these seven people are not as big as humans who have no understanding, therefore, it's better for me to let him attack continuously until they tire themselves out" thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Thinking like that, Tat Mo Cauwsu has not yet intervened to knock down his seven opponents.

While Thian San Cit Kiam himself has been attacking more and more intensely, every attack he makes has a stronger and more powerful force, in addition to their coiled swords being very fierce, as if they also want to roll Tat Mo Cauwsu in the coils of their sword rays.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu was indeed very formidable, because every time he moved his hand, none of his opponent's swords managed to hit him, making them unable to press too close to the Siauw Master Lim Sie.

Gradually, Thian San Cit Kiam became tired of himself. They are increasingly eager to launch attacks.

However, they turned out to be attacking more and more blindly with such passion, making each of their attacks seem unaccounted for, and finally making every stab and their swords slashed their targets.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself who saw his seven opponents getting weaker like that, had called out in a patient voice: “Please gentlemen stop first, let us rest”

Tat Mo Cauwsu meant to be kind, where he allowed and gave the opportunity for the seven opponents to rest, so that their respective bodies recovered their freshness.

However, it turned out that his opponent had misinterpreted Tat Mo Cauwsu's kindness, instead they thought Tat Mo Cauwsu was too tired and asked that he be allowed to rest.

Instead of stopping their attacks, the seven Thian San Cit Kiams had intensified their attacks and stabs of the sword.

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the attitude and condition of the seven Thian San Cit Kiam people, finally thinking: “They can't just be left alone, because they still won't want to understand. Let the Bells be forced to show a little violence to them"

And while thinking so, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu had waved his right hand.

In fact, the waving of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands was very slow, but the ending was great.

The three Thian San Cit Kiam who were in front of the priest who became Siauw Lim Sie's Grand Master, were blown away by five spears, their bodies rolling, but very quickly they rolled over and jumped up, because they were not hurt. This is because Tat Mo Cauwsu in using his Sinkang's strength has calculated as well as possible so as not to injure his opponents.

As for the rest, the other four Thian San Cit Kiam looked surprised when they found out that their three friends were made to bounce like that by Tat Mo Cauwsu.

And they realized with anger, they had used their respective swords to bravely stab Tat Mo Cauwsu.

While Tal Mo Cauwsu still carried a very calm and patient demeanor, when the swords of his opponents struck at him, Tat Mo Cauwsu had again waved his right hand.

It was amazing that the four people were blown away at the same time, because their bodies were like being hit by an incredibly violent storm.

In this state, Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly clasped his hands together, he also exclaimed: “Siancai... Siancai... Omitohud. Sorry Bells. Bells didn't mean to harm you at all."

Meanwhile, the four people of Thian San Cim Kiam had jumped up as well. Neither of them were injured.

At that time, even though they had realized that Tat Mo Cauwsu had been too generous to them, that Grand Master Siauw Lim Sie didn't mean to lower their cruel and stubborn hand, instead of thanking them, they only grew angry. Very quickly they had let out a very vicious screech and had jumped up again.

The attack that they launched this time was indeed very powerful, because they stabbed with great determination.

Their respective swords have been covered by their Sinkang completely,

because of that their swords had emitted a loud buzzing sound, indicating that the stabbing force they were doing was extremely strong.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, who saw the determination of his seven opponents, had sighed repeatedly.

However, the priest who became the great teacher of Siauw Lim Sie still stood quietly in his place, he did not move from where he stood.

When the weapons of the seven opponents almost hit their targets, then Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his hands. And the moves made by Tat Mo Cauwsu are extraordinary, because his hands move very quickly and can't be followed by ordinary eyes, suddenly his opponent's seven weapons have been captured

The seven Thian San Cit Kiam people let out exclamations of shock and surprise when they found out that their swords had changed hands.

They quickly jumped back to get away from Tat Mo Cauwsu, because indeed they were afraid that the priest would attack further.

At that time Tat Mo Cauwsu with a sweet attitude had spread his hands, he handed back the seven swords to his seven opponents.

At first, Thian San Cit Kiam was hesitant, but in the end they accepted it.

Each had their swords in their skeletons. Then they clasped their hands together in a salute. "We are really amazed by the intelligence that Taisu has, because in fact Taisu has the right to receive the title as a great teacher in the martial arts jungle" 

And after saying that, Thian San Cit Kiam saluted <arm ^bowed his body several times deeply.

Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly returned the respect of Thian San Cit Kiam by bowing his body also deeply and the priest had said: “Don't practice too much. don't do too much of it"

After finishing the salute from Thian San Cit Kiam, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a friendly and sweet manner inviting the seven Thian San Cit Kiam people to enter the living room of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, but Thian San Cit Kiam refused.

“We are ashamed, we turned out to have a wrong view of Siauw Lim Sie. Like many, most of the masters in mainland China, they all feel clear and also feel displeased to see an Indian who has succeeded in establishing a very formidable school door and is recognized as the number one university door in mainland China, even its founder is considered as a Master of the martial jungle. Thus, we must acknowledge the fact that Tat Mo Taisu is indeed worthy of the title of Great Teacher. If the fakes mean bad to us, one move of course we can be harmed by Taisu. Thank you for Taisu's generosity towards us”

After saying that, Thian San Cit Kiam saluted again. “And we just want to ask ourselves”


Just now Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted to answer, suddenly a very strange laughing sound was heard, where the laughing sound was like the sound of a broken cradle.

Hearing a strange laugh like that, Thian San Cit Kiam's face changed greatly,

Tat Mo Cauwsu looked in wonder at Thian San Cit Kiam, the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie did not understand why Thian San Cit Kiam's face could be sloppy like that and who was the person who made a laughing sound like the sound of a broken silence.

While Tat Mo Cauwsu was watching in the direction of the strange laughing voice, which came from outside the temple. One of the Thian San Cit Kiam has said: "Hmmm, it seems we are difficult to escape from the devil's hand"

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was secretly filled with a sense of wonder, because the laughter sounded for a while far away, sometimes very close, and getting closer in a very short time.

Thus showing that the person who makes the sound is none other than a person who has a very perfect ginkang (the science of lightening the body), as well as a very well trained ginkang.

The laughing voice that sounded like the sound of a shattered craze was getting closer, even then it was followed by a very scary voice saying: "Tat Mo Cauwsu come out to welcome guests"

"It's true that the devil came" complained two people among Thian San Cit Kiam.

While Tat Mo Cauwsu was already looking at Thian San Cit Kiam, with a friendly smile he asked: “Who is that person who is visiting? Do the seven gentlemen recognize him?”

Thian San Cit Kiam hesitated, but finally the person who was wearing a green shirt and pants, nodded. "Yes, he is Tok Ong Sin Kiam (King of Poison's Magical Sword) Kwee Kwek Kweng" explained the one person Thian San Cit Kiam.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had never heard of Tok Ong Sin Kiam Kwee Kwek Kweng, so this priest had asked again: "Is he someone who has high intelligence and is one of the most powerful figures in the martial arts jungle in mainland China?"

Thian San Cit Kiam nodded in unison. "Yes, not only is he a figure who has high intelligence, he is also a demon with high intelligence, you could say he is the demon king in the martial jungle"

Tat Mo Cuwsu smiled coldly. "I don't know what the purpose of coming to Siauw Lim Sie is," muttered the priest. Meanwhile, Thian San Cit Kiam was silent because at that time Tok Ong Sin Kiam Kwee Kwee Kweng shouted again from outside the temple in a very cruel voice: "Tat Mo Cauwsu, come out to meet me, Kwee Kwek Kweng"

Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath, he said in a somewhat gloomy manner: “Ah, it seems that this person really intends to cause another riot in Siauw Lim Sie.”

Blue only Tat Mo Cauwsu mumbled like that, had seen a shadowy figure jumped through the walls of the temple.

Apparently Kwee Kwek Kweng was impatiently waiting for Tat Mo Cauwsu to come out of the temple, so he had jumped in.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu has welcomed the arrival of this special 'guest' with great respect. “Master, coming here naturally wants to give us instructions from Siauw Lim Sie. May Bells know who you are?" very patient attitude and voice of the pastor.

The person that Thian San Cit Kiam called Kwee Kwek Kweng had his eyes on, he was a man of very tall and sturdy build, his hands seemed to be full of enormous muscles, proving that he had immense strength.

“I Kwee Kwek Kweng didn't want to fuss with all the rotten priests like you. Quickly call out Tat Mo Cauwsu, there is something I want to tell him" Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, he crossed his arms again, he said patiently: "The bell is what you meant, sir" he said accompanied by a body that bowed deeply.

Kwee Kwek Kweng's face turned unsightly, his eyes flashed a sharp light watching Tat Mo Cauwsu, then he said: "Hmm, so you are called the Great Teacher and have the title as Tat Mo Cauwsu?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together again, he took a humble attitude, “I'm sorry, I don't dare to use the title of Big Teacher. That's just the name of some friends in the martial jungle who like to joke with bells."

"Hmmm, kidding?" snorted Kwee Kwek Kweng. "Well, for what reason do you dare to use the title as a Great Teacher?"

"Loceng has stated earlier that Bell did not intend to use any title whatsoever, it was from Kangouw's friends"

"Now I want to prove whether you are worthy to use the title as a Great Teacher. If indeed I fail to knock you down and you can destroy me, that's when I will admit that you really are a great teacher."

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently. “In what way do you wish to test the Bell?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently. "If you intend to negotiate religious lessons, of course the bells are ready. Bells will gladly serve your wishes.” “Hemm” the She Kwee snorted in a ruthless manner. "I just want to pit the power of martial arts with you"

Tat Mo Cauwsu shook his head slowly. "Sorry, if you really intend to complain about martial arts, that's what Loceng is unable to fulfill," said Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly.


"Because the bell has meaningless intelligence and will become a mere laughing stock if used"

Tat Mo Cauwsu said that with the intention of alleviating the desire of the she Kwee people to compete for knowledge and intelligence.

However, even though the priest had relented, Kwee Kwek Kweng was even more arrogant, he laughed coldly and ruthlessly said: "Hmmm, you yourself said that you don't have meaningless intelligence, why are you so inclined to use the title of Professor ?”

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled. "Of course Bells can't prevent that name from being friends in the martial jungle, that's their right. Most importantly, Bell had never said and suggested that Bell was a Great Teacher. ”

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's rebuttal. even though it was spoken by the priest with a very patient attitude, yet Kwee Kwek Kweng had an amazing face. "Hmmm, so you still want to say that you deserve the title as a Great Teacher in the martial jungle on mainland China?"

When asked that, Kwee Kwek Kweng's eyes were very sharp. Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, he said: “Master, actually in this world nothing is perfect. And because of such an understanding, actually Bell did not dare to use words as a Professor. If indeed you have any objections, that's fine. Indeed, Loceng will soon leave the mainland of China, to return to India. Thus, it is clear that master's objection will resolve by itself.”

But Kwee Kwek Kweng shook his head. "Can't, can't. How can it be so good you passed? You have dared to use the title as a Great Teacher, because of that, you must serve me first.”

And after saying that, without hesitation, and without waiting for a reply from Tat Mo Cauwsu, Kwee Kwek Kweng had jumped up with a very light movement.

He didn't jump forward, without notifying him with a warning that he was going to attack, the she Kwee man had moved his right hand, he grabbed Tat Mo Cauwsu's shoulder, and his left hand hit the priest's chest who became the forerunner of Siau Lim Sie.

Even though Tat Mo Cauwsu was so calm, he had stayed where he was without flinching, draining his inner strength on his shoulders.

At that time, the fingers of Kwee Kwek Kweng gripped the hard and slippery skin, so that his grip slipped.

That way, the She Kwee immediately realized that Tat Mo Cauwsu was not a random opponent. Kwee Kwek Kweng had channeled his Lwekang power into his left hand which had slid into Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest.

“Bukkkkkk” the attack power of Kwee Kwek Kweng had hit its target.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest was like being hit with a steel hammer and when the priest felt a moment of shortness of breath, he still didn't experience any weakness, only his body swayed a little.

Meanwhile Kwee Kwek Kweng had let out a muffled cry and had jumped back. Then he emptied his spirit again, and had struck in succession several times.

The priest himself furrowed his brows, he saw the way of hitting his opponent, both his inner strength, both his inner strength, everything smelled of heresy, besides, it also looked very sharp.

“Hmmm, he was called by Thian San Cit Kiam as the demon ancestor in the martial jungle. Judging from the intelligence he has, he deserves a position like that. However, a person like him if left unchecked could certainly harm many people. Because of that, a person like him should be exterminated as a heretic.”

After thinking like that, Tat Mo Cauwsu Jalu said: "If you really want to try Bell's cleverness, fine, Loceng is forced to accept your invitation to play some tricks"

Kwee Kwek Kweng didn't say much anymore, he had said in a loud voice containing anger, where his body was also swaying very nimbly. “Okay, take this”

Along with that shout, immediately Kwee Kwek Kweng's hand has moved to hit.

The movement he did was not an ordinary attack, because his two slowly moving hands contained a very powerful internal power.

While the wind blows, it can be seen how Tat Mo Cauwsu around him is trapped by the attack winds from Kwee Kwek Kwen^ because the pair of hands from the Kwee person looks like they have grown into ten pairs.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained calm where he was, he didn't move at all.

It's just that since just now he had been exerting his inner strength, with which he had channeled it into both his palms. Amongst the gusts of wind as light as his opponent, he had uttered a word praising the greatness of the Buddha, then his hands were stretched out.

That's amazing. At first the attack power of the She Kwee people was like locking up Tat Mo Cauwsu. but when the priest stretched out a pair of hands, then the attack power of the she Kwee people could be repelled.

Even without wasting the opportunity, Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together as if he was saluting.

Indeed, basically he is a Great Teacher who has perfect intelligence, by himself even though he attacks from a distance, his attack power is extraordinary.

Kwee Kwek Kweng actually meant to attack again and saw Tat Mo Cauwsu clasping his hands together as if he was saluting, he assumed the priest wanted to ask him to stop the fighting. But it was precisely what made Kwee Kwek Kweng so surprised and his heart gasped, he felt the brunt of a very strong force, making him shocked beyond measure, because beyond his expectations he was hit by such a great urge.

Luckily for him, he has a very high intelligence, he can quickly put his inner strength into his legs, put on strong horses and use the force of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand.

"Omitohud" shouted Tat Mo Cauwsu praising the greatness of the Buddha, then his hands were shaken, from both his palms flowed again an inner power that made Kwee Kwek Kweng unable to defend himself anymore, because the attack power was several times stronger than before.

No mercy anymore, Kwee Kwek Kweag's body bounced into the middle of the air.

And on that occasion Tat Mo Gi suddenly put a pair of his feet, he jumped to grab the she Kwee people's wrists, because he meant to block the she Kwee people's way of blood Noodles.

It should be noted, if a person's Pillar-Hidden Blood Path is hit by a strong grip, all the inner strength that he has trained for many years will automatically disappear. It was indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu's intention to destroy his opponent's inner strength, what he saw was that the She Kwee man besides possessing perverted knowledge, was also very fastidious.

But who would have thought, Kwee Kwek Kweng, even though he was in a state of bouncing like that, he still acted very alert. He knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu intended to block his wrists with the aim of massaging his Mie-pillar blood path, because of that, not waiting until Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand arrived, Kwee Kwek Kweng preceded the attack with both his palms.

At that time Kwee Kwek Kweng's body was still in the middle of the air, but due to the force of his punch, his body slid further apart from Tat Mo Cauwsu.

While Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was surprised, because suddenly his opponent attacked like that. However, as someone who already possessed perfect intelligence, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't dodge at all, he let his opponent's punch fall on his chest. 

"Dukkk" very strong punch from the she Kwee person.

Siauw Lim Sie's students who witnessed this, especially Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu or now better known as Sin Kong Siansu, let out a muffled cry and jumped towards Tat Mo Cauwsu,

When they saw that the Great Teacher was not lacking anything, then they calmed down again. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu waved his right hand, gesturing to his students to immediately withdraw and not to interfere in his affairs.

Between the rush of the attack wind and Kwee Kwek Kweng earlier, actually Tat Mo Cauwsu had exerted his inner strength which was channeled into his chest.

That way, even though his body was heavily battered, his chest felt like it was covered in iron.

Kwee Kwek Kweng himself has managed to stand on his two feet, apparently he is very curious. With an extremely vicious semanic sound, his body had struck again with a blow that could be deadly.

As a datuk from the heretical group, of course Kwee Kwek Kweng has no low intelligence. Even now he was really curious, that's why he attacked with an unmitigated blow

Kwee Kwek Kweng's attack was terrific this time, he also seemed to want to pit his soul.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, who witnessed his enemy's reckless attitude, smiled patiently. "Don't be so reckless, because it will bring harm to Siecu itself," said Tat Mo Cauwsu in a very patient voice.

At that time, between the whistling winds of Kwee Kwek Kweng's attack, Tat Mo Cauwsu also responded to his enemy's blow with his chest, which hit hard. "Buukk" the punch was much stronger than the attack by Kwee Kwek Kweng earlier, but Tat Mo Cauwsu still managed to take the attack with a wide smile on his lips. Apparently Tat Mo Cauwsu put his chest to be the target of Kwee Kwek Kweng's punch with a certain purpose. As soon as Kwee Kwek Kweng's hand hit his chest, Tat Mo Cauwsu was quick and furious with his right hand, suddenly the powerful priest Siauw Lim Sie had stretched out his right hand and he managed to grab his opponent's wrist.

Kwee Kwek Kweng was really surprised, because it was his Mie-tiang-hiat blood that had been caught.

He immediately mustered his strength, to put up a fight.

But it was too late. Because at that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had massaged him first, instantly Kwee Kwek Kweng's body had disappeared and his body was limp, limp and powerless, collapsing on the ground. While Tat Mo Cauwsu had let go of his grip, as he quickly clasped his hands together, he said: “I'm sorry I'm sorry that Bell forced to take action like this. Sorry once again Sorry bell”

It turns out that all the power of Kwee Kwek Kweng has been destroyed by this Siauw Lim Sie priest.

-oodwoo- CLOSING

Kwee Kwek Kweng's face looked pale, because he realized what had happened to him. Besides his inner strength has been exterminated, his whole life will be a weak and useless human.

His high level of martial arts skills, but without the strength of the shinkang to compensate for it, of course has no meaning anymore, so it would be useless for She Kweng to have high intelligence, where it is impossible for him to face a formidable enemy.

While Siauw Lim Sie's students who saw their Cauwsuya managed to knock down She Kwee's men and had destroyed all the strength of their opponent's energy, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

The seven of Thian San Cit Kiam looked on in awe with awe.

Meanwhile, at that time, one of the Thian San Cit Kiam who was wearing a green shirt had exclaimed: “Excellent. Incredibly great!”

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself had taken a deep breath, saying: “I'm sorry Bells took such a rather harsh action for Siecu's sake too. If Siecu has nothing to do now, please, Siecu leave this place, we really mean to make things difficult for you, sir."

When he said that, Tat Mo Cauwsu's voice was very patient, his demeanor was also very calm and very friendly, gentle.

Kwee Kwek Kweng's face turned bright red and then turned pale. “Hmmm, thanks for your hint. But I certainly will not forget your kindness. One day I will certainly come to ask for a lesson from you. If indeed my luck is not that good and I fail to train myself, let my students find it here later. Listen carefully, in the future, my disciple and grandson will naturally have deep enmity with Siauw Lim Sie.”

After saying that with great anger, Kwee Kwek Kweng turned his body, with unsteady footsteps he had left Siauw Lim Sie.

Meanwhile, Thian San Cit Kiam himself also quickly bowed to Tat Mo Cauwsu to excuse himself, because they also intended to leave.

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't try to restrain them

"We are really amazed, this is the first time we saw such a good show, where someone can have such perfect intelligence" praised some of them.

Whereas Thian San Cit Kiam had twisted their bodies. The priest motioned for Sam Liu Taisu to go escort the guests.

Quickly Sam Liu Taisu escorted the seven uninvited guests who had become losers out of the temple doors, where Sam Liu Taisu escorted them off.

After everything passed, Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath.

Indeed, during the past few years, Siauw Lim Sie has always been hit by storms and disturbances from mainland Chinese masters. Fortunately, Tat Mo Cauwsu has a very high intelligence, so he can deal with all these disturbances.

And Tat Mo Cauwsu is also sure, the storms that will hit Siauw Lim Sie are definitely not, they will only end there, at least the disturbance will still exist. However, Tat Mo Cauwsu was sure that both Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Kong Siansu would be able to master all of this.

Again Tat Mo Cauwsu had sighed, then entered the inner room, to immediately give instructions to his students before his departure for India.


ONE MONTH since Sin Kong Siansu's appointment as Ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie Tat Mo Cauwsu has parted ways with the disciples leaving the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

Many of Siauw Lim Sie's students were begging to be allowed to take their professor to the border between mainland China and Sinkiang. however, the request was rejected by Tat Mo-Cauwsu.

And after the disciples, paying great respects to their great master's farewell, Tat Mo Cauwsu departed with only a few sets of his clerical clothes.

Sin Kong Siansu was tired of being ordered repeatedly by Tat Mo Cauwsu, in order to really advance the door of the college that the Professor had built. While Sin Kong Siansu himself has sworn, his life and death will be at stake for the good name of Siauw Lim Sie.

Meanwhile, Sam Liu Taisu himself, with tears in his eyes, said to the Great Teacher: "If you still have a chance, would it be that Suhu may take a moment to visit us."

"Yes, I hope we can still meet"

And having said that, the priestess had set her feet on the ground. His body is like a wisp of smoke, it has slashed lightly, he has passed from the front of Siauw Lim Sie's temple

In a short time, his students su. I can't see the shadow.

Meanwhile, Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Kong Siansu and the other Siauw Lim Sie students were still in tears.

Their separation from the professor was really hard for all of them.

While Sin Kong Siansu himself has sworn in his heart that he will not disappoint his teacher's expectations, where he will really try to advance the door of his college.

In the history of the martial arts jungle that once existed in mainland China, Sin Kong Taisu later became a brilliant figure who succeeded in creating "Cap-peh-lo-han-kun" which he created through arhad statues.

Although the essence of this knowledge is indeed the creation of Tat Mo Cauwsu, yet Sin Kong Taisu has succeeded in perfecting this knowledge better, so that it is known by all martial arts experts in mainland China as the only formidable martial art.

This is where the story of " Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie" ends.