Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 14

Volume 14

In fact, there was a disciple of Jie Liong Kauw who didn't rush back and back away from himself, he had been hit by the winds of the attack of Tat Mo Cauwsu and Tangki Lalang who were clashing with each other, his body no longer mercilessly rolled down on the ground.

Luckily he was not seriously injured, and quickly got up and walked away from the battlefield with a pale face.

Sin Han himself who witnessed the course of the battle, secretly thought that in the martial arts circle who did have high and perfect intelligence, there were not a few. It was evident from what he saw, that Tat Mo Cauwsu had perfect intelligence, while Koko Timo also had high intelligence, then Tangki Lalang whose intelligence was not next to that of Koko Timo, his older brother.

Thus, it has made Sin Han also determined that in the future he will train himself even better, in order to obtain faster progress.

When compared to his intelligence with the three people, Tat Mo Cauwsu, Koko Timo and Tangki Lalang, Sin Han is still far from it, he can immediately see that there are still many shortcomings in his current intelligence.

Su Lian too, this girl remained silent with a pair of wide eyes, because she realized that her intelligence still didn't mean anything, so she still needed a lot of time to practice cultivating her intelligence.

If she trains herself for another twenty years, it is not certain that this girl can have the intelligence as high as Tat Mo Cauwsu, Koko Timo or Tangki Lalang.

Su Tianglo who has a higher intelligence also secretly admits that when compared to Koko Timo and Tangki Lalang he is still a few levels below the intelligence of the two people. Moreover, if you want to compare with the intelligence of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Su Tianglo kept his eyes wide open, watching the battle with great care, because from the ongoing battle between Tat Mo Cauwsu and the Weed Tanks, Su Tianglo could draw a lot of benefits.

At that time Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was bringing out various kinds of skills and knowledge of his savings, Tangki Lalang himself seemed to have put all his intelligence out to match Tat Mo Cauwsu's skills which were indeed very extraordinary.

"Hmmm. this person is so eager to knock me down” thought Tat Mo Cauwsu in his heart. "Actually, if I really wanted to use Kiu Im Cinkeng and Kiu Yang Cinkeng who had just succeeded in the bells of composition, of course he could easily be knocked down, but this person must have collapsed with a crippled body, this is what must be a pity, because he has intelligence. high as it is now obtained with difficulty and training is not easy"

While Tat Mo Caawsu was thinking like that, the Weed Tank had attacked him fiercely. Thus Tat Mo Cauwsu dodged a few times, then he waved with his right hand, from the palm of his hand flowed a strange wind of attack, a moment soft, a moment soft, a moment hard and powerful.

Seeing the change in Lweekang Tat Mo Cauwsu's strength made Tank Lalang gasp, he was surprised and shocked, he quickly repeated his attack again.

But just like before, as soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his right hand, the attack power of the Weeds Tank was instantly annihilated.

The Weeds Tank was very curious, he repeated his attacks again. But like before, every time Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his right hand that he waved, he could annihilate the attack power of the Weeds Tank.

Despite knowing from Tangki Lalang, actually Tat Mo Cauwsu was using Kiu Yang Cinkeng and Kiu Im Cinkeng alternately, the two types of Lweekang powers that he had just managed to compose, were first-class Lweekang and difficult for anyone to deal with.

Meanwhile, originally Tat Mo Cauwsu did not want to use his knowledge of composition on anyone. Now he also uses the two types of Lweekang that he just composed, this is because he is forced to overpower his opponent who has strong intelligence.

For more than ten years Tat Mo Cauwsu has spent his time creating an extraordinary new kind of science, he has filtered from all his existing intelligence, to compose Kiu Im Cinkeng and Kiu Yang Cinkeng. Thus, he had spent a lot of energy and thought as well as time. And finally, Tat Mo Cauwsu succeeded in composing Kiu Yang Cinkeng and Kiu Im Cinkeng. The two kinds of knowledge are all of Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence combined into one.

You can imagine how great the knowledge that Tat Mo Cauwsu had managed to compose, thus making him hesitate and hesitate to use it carelessly on ordinary opponents.

Since the success of composing this knowledge, this is the first time that Tat Mo Cauwsu has used it. This is because he was forced to, because Tank Lalang seems to be pressing him with a blow that is getting more and more powerful, besides that Tank Lalang's intelligence is very high.

In fact, if Tat Mo Cauwsu had the heart to injure his opponent, of course he could easily destroy his opponent by using his Kiu Yang Cinkeng or his Kiu Im Cinkeng. However, Tat Mo Cauwsu was still trying, if he could, he wanted to end the battle without anyone getting hurt between the two of them.

Tank Lalang himself guessed that his opponent just had some kind of strange skill, which was that every time he waved his hand he could annihilate his attacks. That was all that Tat Mo Cauwsu could do, so the Weed Tank also thought, maybe he can only parry and annihilate even the most powerful attacks. However, he was never able to attack him.

Remembering that, the Weed Tanks didn't return to being low in spirit, instead his spirit flew and intensified his attacks.

In the opinion of the Weeds Tank, if he continued to push his opponent with a formidable attack, it would undoubtedly cause Tat Mo Cauwsu to run out of defense and one day he would collapse as well.

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw how the Weeds Tank attacked him with increasingly strong and intense power, so he did not remain silent.

"I should be able to finish this battle quickly" thought Tat Mo Cauwsu. While thinking so, having also put his inner strength into both his palms, suddenly his right hand was flicked, parrying the attack of the Weeds Tank, then following his left hand which struck using the six halves of his Kiu Yang Cinkeng.

The Weeds Tank felt his spirit fly away from his body. At that time he was in the middle of a great attack, suddenly his strength was lost due to a flick of Tat Mo Cauwsu's right hand and now from his left hand Tat Mo Cauwsu hit an incredible attack power. The force that made it hard for him to breathe and suddenly his eyes darkened, whereupon he let out a muffled cry, his body bounced up to six more spears. Luckily, Tangki Lalang didn't faint because he was able to pose and stand on his two feet. Between his conscious and unconscious states, Tangki Lalang still remembers his safety from the opponent's attack, therefore while making a cry even though his eyes can't see clearly, he has hit successively using both hands.

Because they are far apart. By itself, the blows made by Tangki Lalang were of no use, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained standing where he was.

The victims were the statues of dragons that were beside the gate of the Jie Liong Kauw association, crumbling into powder.

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed. “It seems that Tank Lalang is not a good human being. His hands were bare and his heart was cruel. ' thought Tat

Mo Cauwsu.

Thinking so, in the end, with great regret, Tat Mo Cauwsu has made up his mind, no matter how today he must break the taboo on killing. If he could, he just wanted to hurt the Weeds Tank and destroy all his intelligence, but if he had to, he would give death to the Lalang Tank.

The Weeds Tank who saw his last attack brought no results at all. He quickly drained his spirit and straightened his breathing.

His glazed eyes had now recovered, he could see clearly. His enthusiasm has also gathered. If earlier he had attacked the latter with overflowing anger, but now that he has recovered his spirit, Tangki Lalang reminds him of the prohibition of the martial arts jungle, which must not spit out his anger, because if so, the concentration of his inner energy cannot be fully mobilized and will bring harm to himself. .

Because of that, his anger gradually decreased. Apart from that, Tangki Lalang secretly admires Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence and knowledge, which is recognized as a truly high skill.

It was just to admit that he was under the priest's control, of course he didn't want to. Therefore, after all his strength had been collected and his breathing had been able to straighten again, he slowly walked towards Tat Mo Cauwsu. 

The attitude shown by the Weeds Tank was very menacing, and also his bluish-blue eyes had emitted a very sharp light.

Tat Mo Cauwsu stood beside him quietly and his hands were folded, his attitude was that of a compassionate priest.

When Sin Han and the others saw the tense situation, they held their breaths, because they were getting tensed, their hearts were pounding hard, they realized that this was the decisive battle between the two martial arts figures, each of whom was indeed intelligent, who had reached the pinnacle. perfection. The attitude shown by Tangki Lalang shows that Tangki Lalang is also about to attack reaching a determination between the two of them.

After taking a few more steps, and the distance between the Weed Tank and Tat Mo Cauwsu was only a few spears apart, The Weeds tank groaned slowly, then followed by a hissing voice full of curiosity: "Hmmm, now I want to see if you can accept my thunderbolt skills"

Tat Mo Cauwsu just smiled. But the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie realized what the words of Tangki Lalang meant, namely that he wanted to bring out his hidden intelligence or knowledge.

Hence, Tat Mo Cauwsu had concentrated all of his Lwekang strength and was alert.

Tank Weeds after groaning two more times, moving a pair of hands, he raised it above his head, then he lowered it to hit the priest.

Immediately, the power of Lwekang Tangki Lalang grabbed. And just as well, with the name of the punching technique as Lightning Blow, then the blow wind is really like a lightning strike, the stroke is very fast and contains extraordinary heat.

Tat Mo Cauwsu did not remain silent. He shifted his feet. And his body had moved aside to the right. Thus, the blow made by Tangki Lalang hit an empty spot, hitting the ground where Tat Mo Cauwsu was standing. And the end was very surprising, the ground became a hole as deep as two spears more. This shows how great the power of the Thunderbolt was launched by the Weeds Tank, so that the ground was like being struck by lightning until it had a wide hole.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself became choked up, because he didn't think that Tank Lalang's knowledge was that great. However, Tat Mo Cauwsu's determination to destroy Tangki Lalang is getting stronger. With such high knowledge and intelligence, it is clear that Tangki Lalang is a very dangerous human being, because he has a soft hand and a cruel heart. In itself, it has made Tat Mo Cauwsu think far and wide for the safety of other martial arts warriors.

Seeing Tank Lalang was moving his arms raised above his head getting ready to attack again, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want to waste time, his right hand suddenly slid, he attacked with the energy in Lweekang from Kiu Yang Cinkeng.

Kiu Yang Cinkeng's science of creation is an extraordinary science. Lweekang's power from the punch that grabbed was very hard and very strong.

Tank Lalang, who saw that he was not in a hurry to launch the next attack, instead he was attacked by the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, making him angry.

Not waiting for Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack power to arrive and when he felt that the priest's power was Yang (hard) he quickly lowered his hands. Instead of parrying, Tank Lalang has also attacked using his Geledek punch. He wanted to accompany in that way, because he meant hard against hard.

It's just that as soon as he concentrated his Lightning Blow skills, the Weeds Tank was shocked and his heart stuttered. At first the attack power of Tat Mo Cauwsu was hard and strong, and he had used his thunderbolts. However, when the two kinds of power were about to collide with each other, the attack power of Tat Mo Cauwsu had turned into soft, soft, cotton.

Instantly, the power of Geledek's punch from the Weed Tank fell to the bottom of the ocean without a trace and disappeared by itself. However, the attack power of the priest himself, even though it had turned soft, still slid to attack the Weeds Tank.

There was no other way for the Weeds Tank to escape from his opponent's inner strength and before he had time to try to dodge or parry, his body seemed to have been wrapped in an invisible veil, the air was freezing cold and his body was lifted into the middle of the air.

The lifting of the Weed Tank's body slowly rose one after another, but his body rose higher and higher.

Everyone who witnessed this had their eyes wide open with their mouths open in astonishment and amazement. Tat Mo Cauwsu also seems to be using magic.

Tank Lalang has tried to concentrate all the strength of his inner strength, he tried to fight and struggle to free himself from the involvement and influence of the energy in Tat Mo Cauwsu, but failed completely, because at that time his body still could not move and could not free himself from the bondage. and the influence of the energy in Tat Mo Cauwsu which was so extraordinary his body remained afloat more and more and higher,

Tat Mo Cauwsu seemed to move his hand slowly which was moving more and more upwards.

Meanwhile, from his forehead and head there was a kind of thin steam coming out, which had soared very high. The longer the steam left Tat Mo Cauwsu's head, the thicker it became, indicating that the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie had put all his Lweekang strength into force, to trap and engage his enemy.

Indeed, Tangki Lalang is a figure who has very high intelligence.

If only Tat Mo Cauwsu half-heartedly involved him and also tied up with the strength of his Lweekang energy, of course Tangki Lalang would be able to provide resistance and by itself could cause himself to be well attacked by Tank Lalang. That was why Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't even dare to make the slightest move, his inner strength was still fully deployed.

The Weeds Tank was furious, he repeatedly failed to concentrate all his inner strength, he even felt like his body was being involved by an invisible inner force, making his whole body ache.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu himself has increased his inner strength several times. If the Weed Tank's body began to rise upwards, the priest had mobilized his Kiu Im Cinkeng even more.

Thus, the Weeds Tank was able to be engaged and carried up several spears in height.

It was a truly extraordinary sight, because for Sin Han, Su Tianglo, Su Lian and the others, it was the first time they had witnessed an event in their life.

All of those people looked on with their eyes wide open, besides that they were all holding their breath with their hearts pounding.

Tank Lalang as a prominent figure in his country, Persia, whose intelligence is not below Koko Timo's intelligence, who wants to let himself be trapped like that? He tried in various ways to destroy and destroy the power of Tat Mo Cauwsu's involvement. Despite always failing, the Lalarg Tank didn't. Once silent and in despair, he kept trying to escape from the influence of the power within the Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Because he always failed to escape the involvement of Tat Mo Cauwsu's miraculous power, it naturally made Tangki Lalang desperate.

When he felt his body rising higher and higher, he finally sucked in the air, and gathered all of his Lwekang strength. He realized that if he used Iwekang's strength excessively, surely, he would be hurt inside by his own inner strength. But indeed at that time the Weeds Tank had no other choice, he had to be able to release the power of the Tat Mo Cauwsu that involved him.

It was then, after he had gathered all his strength, his Lwekang power. he snarled viciously and his hands were moved to release the entrapment in Tat Mo Cauwsu. Indeed, Tangki Lalang managed to move his pair of hands only halfway, when he wanted to lift it up, that's when the engagement power of Tat Mo Cauwsu got even stronger. By itself, the Weeds Tank became strongly entangled again. He tried several times. And until one time, he managed to move a pair of hands, with a strong attack, he raised a pair of hands.

As soon as a pair of his hands can be released from the trappings of his opponent's energy, it appears that Tank Lalang has used his Geledek punch.

His attack power was really great, he immediately attacked using his Geledek punch to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

If indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu did not release the snare of his inner energy that was entangling his opponent's body, surely the priest's body would be scorched by the attack of the Geledek punch launched by the Lalang Tank

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself gasped. Before his attack wind arrived, and still a few spears separated from himself, Tat Mo Cauwsu had already felt how hot the attack wind was. He also realized how great the strength of the internal energy used by the Talang Tank.

In a situation like this, it seems that Tat Mo Cauwsu can't keep up with the way he ensnares the Weeds Tank using his Kiu Yang Cinkeng, Tat Mo Cauwsu is forced to pull back his Kiu Yang Cinkeng's strength, so that Tank Lalang's body is not entangled, and his body has slid down to the ground. down from the height of several spears.

But indeed Tangki Lalang has high intelligence and also a perfect ginkang, so that he can slide down quickly and lightly, he has landed on his two feet first.

It's just that, because the Weeds Tank earlier had used his Lwekang's strength excessively, it made him gasp for breath.

Whereas Tat Mo Cauwsu himself had taken a deep breath. The priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie realized, if this battle continued, it would mean that both of them would be injured together.

However, he saw that the Weeds Tank had attacked with both hands raised, ready to lunge and strike again with his Geledek blow.

Between his attacks, the hands of the Weeds Tank were raised high. But he didn't attack immediately, only his big eyeballs spread wide.

Tat Mo Cauwsu remained vigilant, secretly the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie thought, whatever trick he wanted to use, Tank Lalang in silence like that, was to raise his hand and his eyes narrowed and his face grimaced. Not long after, Tat Mo Cauwsu was impatient. He exclaimed: “Attack, let us see, whose intelligence is more perfect. ”

However, when Tat Mo Cauwsu said that, Tank Lalang's body had staggered forward two steps, then fell on its stomach.

It turned out that when Tank Lalang's body was involved in the power of Lwekang Tat Mo Cauwsu in the air, he was badly beaten and injured inside. All the limbs inside his body had been damaged and destroyed.

It was only because of curiosity that Tank Lalang didn't immediately lose his breath, he could still raise his hands to attack again.

As soon as he managed to raise his hands, his breathing had stopped and stopped, and he had died standing up.

And at that time, when Tat Mo Cauwsu, who had been waiting for this person for so long not to attack him, had challenged him, his body was blown away by the wind and he fell down and didn't move anymore.

Seeing his opponent had realized that was curious death. And quickly Tat Mo Cauwsu has clasped his hands together, then Tat Mo Cauwsu has praised the greatness of the Buddha. Then regardless of everyone present, Tat Mo Cauwsu sat cross-legged to regulate his breathing.

Indeed, at that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had also been injured internally which was not light. It's just that because he does have intelligence that has reached the peak of perfection, he can survive on his own. And after knowing his opponent was destroyed in such a pathetic way, he did not care about what was around him, because if he was too late to regulate his breathing, surely he too would experience a disaster that was not light.

Under these circumstances Sin Han, Su Lian and Su Tianglo could not just stand still, they had jumped to their feet around Tat Mo Cauwsu.

They seemed to be worried that while Tat Mo Cauwsu was meditating on adjusting his breathing passages to heal the wounds in his body, there was Jie Liong Kauw's subordinates who attacked him in the butt.

A person who is mobilizing and concentrating his Lweekang to heal the wounds in his body, cannot be disturbed by anything, because once his attention is resolved, the person concerned will surely receive an even greater disaster.

Meanwhile, Jie Liong Kauw's own people stood still with their hearts pounding. They had seen it clearly, how Tat Mo Cauwsu's Tat Mo Cauwsu could still destroy the Tat Mo Cauwsu with such a gruesome death.

Everyone was so discouraged, no one dared to charge forward.

Meanwhile, the situation around the place, even though there were hundreds of people, was very quiet, as if there were no people in the place. Tat Mo Cauwsu was still meditating to straighten his breathing.

Not long after that, from inside the gate of the building, a human came out.

Sin Han's eyes opened wide.

The person who just came out was none other than Koko Timo.

Actually, Koko Timo was injured in his battle with Tat Mo Cauwsu three days ago.

However, he has a very high intelligence.

Incidentally, he was visited by his younger brother, Tangki Lalang, whose intelligence was not below his intelligence.

Thus, by using his own Lwekang and coupled with the help of the energy in the Lalang Tank, the wounds in Koko Timo's body have been able to be removed and healed again, so that all of his breathing and blood passages can run smoothly.

However, even so. Koko Timo took approximately one month to recover his overall health.

Earlier, he had heard noises, actually Koko Timo was conversing with his younger brother.

Hearing the noise and suspecting that it was Tat Mo Cauwsu and Sin Han, Su Lian and Su Tianglo who came and caused a commotion outside the Jie Liong Kauw building, Koko Timo asked Tangki Lalang to represent him to serve Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tank Lalang, who indeed has high intelligence and an arrogant soul, immediately declared to his younger brother that he would destroy the priest and Koko Timo did not need to come out.

Likewise with Koko Timo, he was sure that his younger brother would succeed in destroying Tat Mo Cauwsu. Wasn't it three days ago that the priest had pitted his strength and fought with him, so that it ended with Koko Timo's injury. But Koko Timo was sure that Tat Mo Cauwsu was also not spared from being hurt inside.

And now that the Weeds Tank who has intelligence that is not on the bottom is still in a fresh state and his spirit and energy are still full, he will automatically be able to knock down Tat Mo Cauwsu.

That's why Koto Timo just kept quiet inside, he didn't come out-

Who knew Tangki Lalang would meet his death in such a pathetic way.

And after the silence, Koko Timo-so surprised, why none of his subordinates reported it. and also Tank Weeds did not come in to meet him. Wasn't the battle over with such a state of silence? Had the Weeds Tank been badly injured by Tat Mo Cauwsu. Or have they been hurt together?

Because he had such suspicions and questions, Koko Time came out of the Jie Liong Kauw building to see what had actually happened.

At that time, he had clearly seen how the Weed Tank's body lay lying motionless and not breathing anymore, his heart strangled and almost let out a furious cry. However, Koko Timo soon mastered the turmoil of his heart, because if he indulged his anger, it was difficult for him to face Tat Mo Cauwsu.

To his comfort, he saw Sin Han, Su Liati and Su Tianglo standing around Tat Mo Cauwsu, who was sitting in meditation at that time, with his eyes closed, his face pale.

This indicates that the priest is in a state of serious internal injury. And this is the best opportunity for Koko Timo. His spirit was awakened, he did not want to be influenced by his feelings first by the death of Tangki Lalang, his younger brother.

With wide footsteps, he approached Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Since the appearance of Koko Timo, it has made Sin Han, Su Lian and Su Tianglo their hearts flutter. Because obviously, they faced no small difficulty facing this Kauwcu from Jie Liong Kauw to protect Tat Mo Cauwsu who was injured inside and was trying to recover his breath. KokoTimo's intelligence is very high, the three of them are no match for the chairman of Jie Liong Kauw. Jie Liong Kauw's people when they saw the appearance of their leader, immediately burst into cheers with voices containing joy.

They believe, if their leader intervenes, of course Tat Mo Cauwsu will be destroyed, to take revenge and hurt Tangki Lalang.

Whereas Su Lian, Sin Han and Su Tianglo will be able to be ganged up by them.

By that time Koko Timo had come closer to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Sin Han who saw that the situation did not allow him to remain silent, where he could not even let Koko Timo approach much closer to Tat Mo Cauwsu, had jumped and moved his right hand, he preceded the attack.

The attack power carried out by Sin Han blocked Lweekang's power which was quite formidable, because he attacked using nine parts of his inner strength.

Knowing that the person he attacked did indeed have a very perfect intelligence, by itself made Sin Han not swayed, once he attacked him with a very powerful blow.

Meanwhile, Koko Timo remained calm and continued to walk towards him.

When Sin Han's fist grabbed his chest, he waved his hand.

Sin Han's fist didn't reach the target, with the wave of the hand from Kauwcu Jie Liong Kauw, Sin Han's hand was hit with a slash, and instantly lost his attack power.

Koko Timo is still moving forward.

Even though he was surprised, Sin Han didn't dare to joke. He quickly moved his pair of hands and attacked again. In fact this time, Sin Han had attacked with all his inner strength.

It's amazing how Sin Han attacks, but basically he's still a few levels below Koko Timo's skill, so he doesn't think that Sin Han's attacks are anything. In fact, Koko Timo's right hand was quickly shaken again.

Sin Han had been preparing for a long time, he had expected his second hit this time, as soon as it was shaken by Koko Timo's right hand, would lose his strength, so Sin Han let go of his spirit, without pulling his hand back. he had channeled his inner strength and had been attacking steadily with a fist that contained Lweekang's energy as strong as before.

Koko Timo laughed coldly, and he had raised his left hand, hitting towards Sin Han's shoulder.

"Bukkkkk" Koko Timo's chest was successfully hit by Sin Han's punch. However, Koko Timo's hand punch also hit Sin Han's shoulder exactly, until the young man's body had bounced, floating in the middle of the air.

Su Lian who witnessed this situation became shocked and worried, he lunged and used his sword to stab Koko Timo. Su Lian's intelligence is not much, how can he attack him. When the blade struck was about to stab Koko Timo's chest, that's when his hand reached out and he clamped Su Lian's sword.

With a single move of her finger, the girl's sword had broken.

And at the same time, without letting go of the girl's sword pieces that were still clamped by the index and middle fingers of her hand, Koko Timo had rebuked.

Never again did the girl's arm get caught in the shampoo and her body had bounced so hard. While letting out a scream, Su Lian was flung far away, nearly five spears, his body rolling on the ground.

Even though he didn't faint, Su Lian couldn't get up right away, because his eyes became dim and dark and he couldn't see anything, other than the sparkling stars in front of his eyes.

At that time, it seemed that Koko Timo had walked over to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Su Tianglo who watched as things had unfolded like, that, had no other choice. Even though he was sure that he was not a match for Koko Timo, but Tat Mo Cauwsu was focusing all his attention on channeling his pure energy to heal the wounds inside and straighten his breathing, so Su Tiangio had set his feet, his body jumped very fast, as well as his two hands moving. with sebat.

Due to the urgency of the situation, it naturally made Su Tianglo use all his inner strength to pit his soul with Koko Timo.

The blow that was made by Su Tianglo was not ignored by Koko Timo who walked on with wide strides to Tat Mo Cauwsu. Even Koko Timo doesn't seem to look down on him either. When the blow was about to arrive, Koko Timo slowly waved his right hand.

Great ending.

With a surprised exclamation sound, Su Tianglo pulled his hand back, because he felt his attack power had disappeared as soon as it hit Koko Timo's right hand. What surprised him even more was at that moment how much power from Koko Timo's attack, from being soft, to becoming very hard and powerful, lunged at him, making his breath hard.

Quickly Su Tianglo tried to jump back, to escape Koko Timo's grip, but it was too late.

Su Tianglo's body had bounced, because he had already lost his balance, which floated and then slammed into the ground.

Su Tianglo was still trying to control himself, he tried to jump to his feet.

His body staggered and he was about to fall back down. But he still focused all the strength he had on attacking Koko Timo again. It seemed that Su Tianglo had indeed acted very recklessly.

In the midst of the rush of attack from Su Tianglo, Koko Timo who at that time had come very close to Tat Mo Cauwsu had waved his right hand again.

No mercy Su Tianglo bounced back, his body also rolled on the ground. And this time he felt his dark eyes dim, his breath hitched, when he tried to crawl up, he had vomited fresh blood twice in succession.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu was at his closing point. He couldn't be bothered in the least by whatever was going on around him.

By then his inner exertion was already in Tantian, thus making him have to focus all his attention on channeling his pure air.

If he broke his attention, it would definitely hurt him inside, because the inner energy he was concentrating on would be broken and it would mean that his entire body's defenses and all the blood pathways in his body would be destroyed and his pure energy would turn to harm him. The possibility of him being destroyed if only the concentration of his inner power was broken,

Meanwhile, Koko Timo himself had come very close to him. If indeed at that time he did attack, surely Tat Mo Cauwsu could not put up a fight. Moreover, Koko Timo has a very high intelligence, where his Lwekang is not under the Lwekang of Tat Mo Cauwsu. This has put the priest in a state of danger.

Even though Su Tianglo had been injured internally and vomited fresh blood twice, he still thought about Tat Mo Cauwsu's safety. He saw that Koko Timo was stepping forward towards Tat Mo Cauwsu, so it would obviously put the priest's soul in danger of death, if only Koko Timo used this opportunity to attack him.

With a desperate shriek, Su Tianglo had already set his feet. His body had slashed at Koko Timo again, his hands were moved in succession, using the remaining inner strength that was still in him.

Koko Timo, who at that time had approached Tat Mo Cauwsu only a few spears apart, had intended to swing his hand to beat Tat Mo Cauwsu. Secretly his heart was happy, because he saw the priest in a helpless state. If only he managed to hit him, with just one hit, he would certainly be able to destroy Tat Mo Cauwsu. That's why Koko Timo without hesitation had moved his right hand, he hit with all the strength he put into his palm.

But before Koko Tirno moved his hand to attack the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, who was in the decisive moment at that time, Koko Timo suddenly felt a gust of wind from behind him. Although the strike wasn't very strong, it was aiming for his Tu-liang-hiat blood path, a blood path that if struck would lead to death for him.

Koko Timo angrily shouted loudly, because he felt the person who attacked him was a nuisance. Just as he was about to destroy Tat Mo Cauwsu, this person was trying to block him. The attack was carried out by Su Tianglo, and indeed at that time Su Tianglo had made up his mind. He intended to pit his soul in order to protect Tat Mo Cauwsu. Without looking back Koko Timo had moved his right hand back, the internal energy that was used earlier to hit the priest was smashed into Su Tianglo, then followed by the movement of his left hand.

"Bukkk Bukkkk" twice there was a very loud crash, and followed by a terrible scream.

Su Tianglo's body was like a ball being kicked, thrown far away and his body rolled over several spears.

Fresh blood oozed out of his mouth, his eyes bulged upwards, his breath hitched, his face pale white, and finally Su Tianglo fainted, unconscious...

Koko Timo didn't waste any more time when he saw that Tat Mo Cauwsu's entire head was dripping with sweat that dripped down his robe.

If indeed he was too late to act and Tat Mo Cauwsu had time to finish straightening his breathing, it would have been difficult for Koko Timo to be able to knock down the priest, because the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie did have Lweekang above him, therefore, if the priest had been able to recover under his circumstances, it would be even more difficult to expect victory from him.

Having such thoughts, Koko Timo quickly acted, without looking at Su Tianglo's head that had been blown off the plate, he immediately approached the Siauw priest Lim Sie and slammed his right hand. The forefather of Siauw Lim Sie was closing his eyes tightly and was finishing his inner exertion at the final, decisive point.

In such a state, the internal energy that Koko Timo had put into his attack had shot at him, the wind from the attack swished very strongly.

Tat Mo Cauwsu still had his eyes closed, Sin Han, and Su Lian who saw Tat Mo Cauwsu's condition being threatened like that gave a worried cry, they looked on with wide eyes.

It was impossible to help him and prevent Koko Timo from attacking further, because they were indeed very far apart.

Koko Timo's hands continued to slide rapidly and Tat Mo Cauwsu still had his eyes closed. The wind of attack had been swirling making the priest's robes flutter.

"Bukkkkkk. !” The attack power unleashed by

Koko Timo has arrived at Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu's body did not move from where he sat in meditation, he remained motionless and his face remained calm and very patient, with a smile on his lips. It's like the blow that Koko Timo threw didn't produce any results and didn't cause him any pain either.

Koko Timo himself was very surprised. At first he was sure that this attack would be able to annihilate his opponent, but as soon as his attack hit its target, he hit a chest that was as hard as steel. This had caused him to quickly withdraw his hand.

He felt pain in his head, besides that he also felt the bones of his fists being crushed when they hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest.

Actually, what happened so that Tat Mo Cauwsu could not be harmed by Koko Timo's blow?

Tat Mo Cauwsu had apparently managed to complete his profound exertion, even when Koko Timo was attacking him with that formidable punch, he was actually done with his inner exertion.

If only Koko Timo had used a faster time and was not hindered by Su Tianglo, surely at that time Tat Mo Cauwsu would have fallen in the hands of Koko Timo. However, there was an obstacle from Su Tianglo. made Tat Mo Cauwsu have time to finish his internal exertion to straighten his breathing, thus causing Koko Timo to fail with his intention,

Koko Timo had put all of her inner strength into it, whereupon she had jumped forward again, her arms being moved one after another, striking with her hands alternately.

This time Koko Timo attacked without wasting any time, so he intended to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu, who at that time had not yet had time to defend himself.

He was also at that time, Koko Timo was sure that Tat Mo Cauwsu had not yet concentrated all of his inner strength, and if the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie were to stand up, it would be even more difficult to destroy Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu himself, who was still sitting in meditation, felt a strong blow from Koko Timo. He had smiled and opened his eyes watching in a very calm manner.

When the attack power from Koko Timo arrived, it was seen that the priest had moved his right hand and his left hand attached to his elbow, he used one of his Kiu Yang Cinkeng moves.

“Bukkkk Bukkk Bukkk!” Three times there was a loud crash. Koko Timo felt his heart stop beating.

At that time, it was seen that Tat Mo Cauwsu with a patient smile jumped to his feet. "Well, let's play now. You're finally out, Koko Timo. Bells

want you to come out to meet the Bell.” Saying that, the priestess had already stepped closer to her opponent.

At that time Koko Timo's heart was shaken and his guts shrunk. He had seen how clever the priest was. Thus it was not easy for him to face the priest, because he believed that his intelligence was still one or two veins short of the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie. Quickly he prepared all the strength of his inner strength, he concentrated it to attack again at that Siauw Lim Sie priest.

"Siecu is injured, he shouldn't spit out his inner strength like that, because it will eventually make Siecu hurt inside which is not light," said Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently.

In the midst of the rushing winds of Koko Timo's attack, Tat Mo Cauwsu not only said that, he had clasped his hands together.

Reverend Siauw Lim Sie was determined, he wanted to destroy Koko Timo's intelligence, therefore he wanted to use his Kiu Yang Cinkeng, to destroy all the strength of his opponent's Lwekang.

As soon as KokoTimo's attack arrived. quickly Tat Mo Cauwsu responded to the attack with both hands clasped and stretched forward.

The power of the defense he uses is extraordinary, because Koko Timo's body is like a dry leaf blown by the wind, floats in the middle of the air, then falls on the ground accompanied by a scream, then remains motionless, fainting...

At that time Su Lian had jumped close to Su Tianglo to wake him from his stupor. Sin Han also approached Tat Mo Cauwsu_

"Siansu, this person must be killed until here, if left alive, it will certainly endanger the martial world in the future," said Sin Han.

Tat Mo Cauwsu shook his head slowly with a smile: “No. Can't Bell act in such a state of unconsciousness. Leave it until he wakes up and fights again in a helpless state, he must not be abused by Bells.” The priest's voice was very patient, the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie. Meanwhile, Jie Liong Kauw's men had stood up with a spirit that seemed to fly away from their bodies, they were terrified, their guts had burst and their bodies were shivering with trembling knees. Meanwhile, the four of Jiauw Hoat with Cin Liang, Koat jie and Siangkoan Cie stood blankly with pale faces.

They had seen with their own eyes, how Koko Timo and Tangki Lalang had been made so helpless by Tat Mo Cauwsu, collapsed in such a pathetic state. Now the condition of Koko Timo is still not known with certainty, whether he is still alive or just fainted. All of Koko Timo's men just watched in silence with a pounding heart.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had turned to Jiauw Hoat and company. "Flash your head with a pitcher of water, and try to wake him up"' he ordered in a patient voice.

Tiauw Hoat did not dare to think, he took a jug of water and splashed Koko Timo's face.

The Kauwcu of Jie Liong Kauw immediately woke up, and with fierce eyes he watched Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu who had been near Koko Timo, said in a patient and calm voice: “You people, you will not be destroyed by this wound of yours. It's just that you have to be able to survive for one day and one night suffering from such pain, where all your veins and blood vessels will be destroyed and all the power of Lweekang that you have trained for decades will disappear and become extinct, so that in the future you will not have Lweekang energy. Again, Bell thus hopes that you will be able to change your behavior in the future. I'm sorry, Bells are forced to take action like this, for the good of the martial arts jungle champions from your freedom."

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed again and again, he also gave praise to the greatness of the Buddha.

Koko Timo herself was in great pain, still groaning, because her whole body felt like it was being slashed and dismembered. He suffered a lot, but the anger that controlled him and his heart still didn't lessen, furiously, despite his moaning voice Koko Timo had groaned "You... you bastard priest... you have harmed me cruelly. ”

Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath, his face gloomy. "Don't think like that, because actually the two of us don't have any grudges or enmity, it's just that all of this is for the good of the martial arts warriors who might become victims of your fierceness. but destroyed all Lweekang and Kauwcu's intelligence"

Koko Timo's face was bright red, but he was moaning again. A moment later he groaned again and snapped "One day.... I.... I will avenge you..... for sure..... I will look for you" And Koko Timo has groaned again because of the pain. which torments him too much.

Tat Mo Cauwsu calmly said “If you really have the mind to cause trouble too. it is a bad intention, because if the bells have bad intentions, the bells could destroy you at this time, aren't you in a state of helplessness? However, the bells actually meant that you would become aware and not cause any more trouble, even though your intelligence had been destroyed, but you would still be able to live in the future with a healthy body."

However Koko Timo didn't serve Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, he had groaned again.

Sin Han has come forward, he said: “Koko Timo, Tat Mo Siansu has been generous to you, naturally you should be grateful, because your soul was not taken and destroyed. Even if Tat Mo Siansu did destroy you, it would still be worth it. Well, I hope you come to your senses and come to your senses.”

Koko Timo let out a mocking laugh, he groaned in pain, then replied: "And..... and with you too, I will seek revenge for all this heartache that must be resolved"

Sin Han laughed coldly.. "If you still intend to take revenge in the future, it's better for you to be annihilated today" said Sin Han in a cold voice.

Koko Timo let out a cold laugh. "Hmmm, you kill if you really want to kill me. ”

Sin Han became irritated, he said: "Humans like you don't know gratitude for the kindness of others. Hmmm, fine, I will fulfill your request that you just be destroyed" After saying that, it seems Sin Han stepped closer to Koko Timo.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu had grabbed Sin Han's arm, and prevented him: "No, let him live, because all his intelligence has been destroyed, then he will not be dangerous anymore. Let's go"

Sin Han glared at KokoTimo, he said fiercely: "If Tat Mo Siansu doesn't stop you, I will kill you."

And after saying that, Sin Han tied Tat Mo Cauwsu to leave.

Whereas Su Lian and Su Tianglo had also followed closely behind.

Su Tianglo apparently after resting for a while, can now walk too, albeit slowly and not too fast.

Jie Liong Kauw's people didn't even dare to stop them from leaving, they were all just watching them leave

The four of Jiauw Hoat with Cin Liang, Koat Jie and Siangkoan Cie had approached their Kauwcu, to bring Koko Timo into their headquarters building.


TAT MO CAUWSU after arriving at the inn house stated to Sin Han the three of them with Su Lian and Su Tianglo, that he wanted to return to Siauw Lim Sie.

The business with Koko Timo has been completed. Even though Koko Timo did not end up destroying him, all his knowledge and energy had been destroyed, so that in the future Koko Timo would no longer mean anything and would no longer be dangerous.

Sin Han with Su Lian and Su Tianglo, tried to resist Tat Mo Cauwsu's desire to separate at that time. They persuaded Tat Mo Cauwsu to spend a few days with them, because they wanted to ask a lot of questions to ask the Great Teacher for directions.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself did not object to the request of the three of Sin Han, Therefore, he had stayed at the inn for three more days, and then after explaining a lot about matters related to martial arts and internal energy, which parts of the training were weak? Sin Han got the three, finally Tat Mo Cauwsu felt that he had had enough and he had asked himself to separate.

Thus the three of Sin Han, with Su Lian and Su Tiangio having escorted the Grand Master all the way to the city gate, and they finally parted ways.

After seeing that Tat Mo Cauwsu had gone far away, and disappeared from their sight, Sin Han took a deep breath, he mumbled “Honey. very

too bad"'

"Why?" asked Su Tiangio.

“Because we can't hang out with Tat Mo Cauwsu any longer. If not, of course we will be able to ask more. so that we will obtain more valuable guidance for the advancement of our martial arts.” Su Tiangio nodded, while Su Lian did feel sorry that they couldn't hang out with the Grand Master any longer.

"Tonight we have to return to visit Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters, because we have to free your teacher. Koko Timo has been crippled and has no intelligence anymore, while Tangki Lalang has been destroyed, so there are no Jie Liong Kauw people who are made fun of by us," said Sin Han.

Su Lian nodded in approval.

Thus, that night they worked to patrol Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters.

They worked effortlessly and did not encounter any obstacles, and instead Master Su Lian had been successfully released. Finally Su Lian parted ways, because he and his teacher had taken another direction. Sin Han and Su Tiangio had also continued their journey to return to Kay-pang's base

On the way, Sin Han often said to Su Tianglo, if he had the opportunity, he would certainly want to visit Siauw Sit San to visit Tat Mo Cauwsu, to ask for valuable instructions from the great teacher. Su Tianglo himself stated, if Pangcu really went to Siauw Lim Sie, he also intended to participate to listen to Tat Mo Cauwsu's instructions.

Sin Han didn't mind. That is, during the journey Sin Han has used his Lwekang, to help Su Tianglo to treat the wounds in his body. Within half a month, Su Tianglo's health had fully recovered. They had arrived at Kay-pang's headquarters and Sin Han himself immediately arranged for Kay-pang's men to hold a large meeting, because Kay-pang's party intended to form association branches in several provinces.

The big meeting was attended by all the prominent figures of Kaypang.

Indeed, Kay-pang is now an association of beggars whose members are very large, the longer the power becomes more and more.

Sin Han himself was a young man who had a hard heart and a high will, where he was also very active in training himself, so that he made rapid progress and with his intelligence and ingenuity Sin Han was able to lead Kay-pang to its heyday.... .


TAT MO CAUWSU has arrived at Siauw Lim Sie without any difficulties on the way. In fact, he felt satisfied, because during his wandering in the martial jungle he had done a lot of good. That way he was also satisfied to see the developments in the martial jungle. He was sure, apart from Koko Timo, there were no other experts with significant intelligence, who could endanger the safety of the people of the martial arts jungle. That's why Tat Mo Cauwsu has also told his students, maybe in the next year or two he intends to go to Persia and India, to have a look at the situation there. All the students were surprised, because they did not expect that when this professor was old, he had the intention to go home and see his native country.

Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Siansu were surprised and tried to persuade their teacher to stay in China. However, Tat Mo Cauwsu persisted with his wish, because his younger brother, who conveyed about the upheavals that occurred in Persia and India during Tat Mo Cauwsu's absence, had already returned to India. Thus, according to Tat Mo Cauwsu, he must immediately go there after him, where indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu has given his promise, to overcome the upheavals that occurred in Persia and India.

“However, Bell must go there and for this purpose, while Bell is going to India and Persia, I leave the leadership in Siauw Lim Sie to you, Sam Liu, to lead as best you can and if anything unexpected happens, you must immediately deal with it in the fairest and best possible way, with full wisdom. If indeed the Bells do not return in ten years, it means that I will leave the position of Ciangbunjin to you, Sam Liu, and you may lead this Siauw Lim Sie as best you can. and Kiu Im Cinkeng, which I will bequeath to you two. ”

After saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled widely.

Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Siansu had been silent with gloomy faces. They are very hard if they have to part with their teacher. Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the attitude of the two disciples, had smiled patiently, he said: "As someone who has purified yourself the first thing you must have is to control and curb your feelings. If the two of you have not been able to control your feelings and are grieving to part with Bell, how can you be a good priest?”

Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Siansu opened their minds and hearts, immediately they both agreed.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had also asked them to resign, because he wanted to rest.


That night the moon hung beautifully above the clear sky, because the clouds were clean and did not fill the sky. The wind was blowing gently so the weather was very good, the air was fresh and very pleasant. Around the Siauw Lim Sie temple, it was very quiet, the faint sound of Bokkie wood being beaten to the rhythm accompanied the voices of the priests who were reading Liam-kheng. And also the smell of incense and incense that can be smelled add to the freshness around Siauw Lim Sie, what's more with the many flower trees that grow around the place, causing Siauw Lim Sie's situation to truly be a place that will bring peace to anyone who is there.

In such a calm atmosphere, among the shadows of the trees that are indeed a lot of growth around Siauw Lim Sie to the west, there are two bodies that are jumping with light movements, their bodies are like floating in the middle of the air, where their legs are not. stand on the ground.

Judging from the ginkang that was so perfect, of course the two people who were jumping around very fast around Siauw Lim Sie were not random human beings.

After arriving near the wall at the back of the shrine, the two figures had stopped running. They looked at each other and then nodded.

"Shall we go in?" asked one of those standing on the right, in a voice that was hoarse and cold, devoid of any feelings.

"Yes. Let's just go in" replied his friend immediately.

In the light of the moonlight they were clearly two tall, thin old men, so thin, that their bodies were so thin and the long robes they wore, each blue and green, large and fluttering in the wind,

As they had promised, their bodies simultaneously slid against the wall and had jumped into Siauw Lim Sie's temple.

At that time the situation inside the temple was very quiet, not even a priest was seen. Only flower trees are visible in the temple. It turned out that the place they entered was the temple garden, which was beautifully arranged and very clean, making it a very pleasant place.