Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 13

Volume 13

At that time Koko Timo had also seen Su Tianglo's helper, he watched for a moment at the priest, until finally he let out a muffled cry. "Aren't you Tat Mo Cauwsu?" he asked in a stuttering voice.

"It's true that Tat Mo Cauwsu's bells" replied the priest, who really was none other than Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Sin Han himself already recognized the Siauw Lim Sie priest, the founder of the Siauw Lim Sie temple. quickly he jumped forward to salute Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Boanpwe facing Siansu" said Sin Han.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also recognized the young man, he smiled patiently. "You've just become more manly, Siecu" he praised.

Koko Timo was impatient at that time. "Hmmm, you're always chasing after me, do you really think that I'm scared to deal with you? Well now that we have met face to face, what do you want from me?” asked Koko Timo in a cruel voice.

Tau Mo Cauwsu still carried a calm and patient attitude. "Actually, there are no obstacles between us, however, Bell has heard many things, that Siecu's actions while in China were not very good, therefore Loceng intends to ask Siecu's awareness, so that he wants to return to Persia alone" Patience is not playing time Tat Mo Cauwsu said like that. Koko Timo's face changed. "Hey, you want to teach me a lesson?" he said in a cold voice. "Okay, okay. Let's prove it, really, which of us is the most intelligent one." And after saying that, Koko Timo quickly stepped forward to approach Tat Mo Cauwsu.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained calm where he was. Indeed, even though the priest has succeeded in establishing the Siauw Lim Sie temple, but his heart is still not satisfied, because he still wants to find traces of Koko Timo.

That is why, often on all occasions this priest wanders in the martial jungle and also orders his students to help carry out the actual investigation of where Koko Timo is.

Until finally when Tat Mo Cauwsu descended the mountain wandering, and arrived in this city, he actually heard about the actions of Koko Timo, the Persian expert. It is clear that this too pleased the pastor's heart. Because of Koko Timo's trail, he was finally able to find it anyway.

His arrival at that place actually saved Su Tianglo's soul from Kay-pang, whom he saw at that time Su Tianglo was blown away by Koko Timo's shampoo containing the extraordinary Lwekang. Therefore. Tat Mo Cauwsu wasted no more time coming out of his hiding place and helping Su Tianglo.

Koko Timo who had approached Tat Mo Cauwsu closer, with eyes that flashed a sharp gleam containing anger, had moved his hands. Without much more to say he attacked fiercely at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Koko Timo, a martial arts character who is rarely matched, now attacks the priest with a punch that contains enormous lwekang power, the wind from his attack is also very loud.

The priest remained standing where he was, not moving at all.

This Tat Mo Cauwsu only watched the mastermind of the attack from his opponent, and he was smiling with a very patient attitude.

Koko Timo is not a random opponent, his intelligence is also extraordinary.

If indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu had not taken him seriously and carelessly, he would have been harmed by Koko Timo, because their intelligence was not that far apart.

As soon as Koko Timo's fist almost arrived, Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled. “Apparently Siecu intends to play around with some moves, doesn't it? Alright Bells will accompany you.” When he said that, Tat Mo Cauwsu saw that his opponent's fist had come very close.

Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his hands, his right hand intercepted the opponent's attack power, while the other hand was used to grip the opponent's wrist bone.

The threats and moves made by Tat Mo Cauwsu are actually normal movements and every martial arts expert who has low intelligence can do it. However, because such a move was made by Tat Mo Cauwsu, whose knowledge had reached the pinnacle of perfection, thus making the attack extremely powerful.

Koko Timo himself as a person who has high intelligence and perfect, also does not dare to underestimate the attack of his opponent. Quickly he pulled back his punch, his body slid past Tat Mo Cauwsu, he was behind the priest, without wasting any more time he attacked the priest's back again.

The attack power, let alone the human body, while the stone or steel will be destroyed if hit by it.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself felt the attack power was incredible. He quickly changed the position of his legs. The movement he does actually relies on the perfection of his ginkang. Without counter-attacking or parrying, such a formidable attack could be dodged easily, relying solely on his footsteps.

As someone who has perfect intelligence and knows that he is currently dealing with a martial arts jungle figure like Tat Mo Cauwsu, of course Koko Timo doesn't dare to believe it.

Every attack he launched contained tremendous power, because he had used seven parts of his inner strength. In fact, in his entire life, Koko Timo has never used his inner strength for more than four parts. It's just that right now he is dealing with Tat Mo Cauwsu, whose knowledge is also very perfect, which naturally makes him not dare to look down on him, and fights with all his intelligence.

The wind from the attack was very strong and every attack launched by Koko Timo was dodged by the priest Siauw Lim Sie.

During that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu never attacked his opponent. Every time Koko Timo attacked him fiercely, Tat Mo Cauwsu just dodged or dodged easily, while his lips kept smiling patiently and kindly, there was no feeling of anger or displeasure underneath. 

Koko Timo was curious, he thought that this was like Tat Mo Cauwsu meant to play with him.

With a flashy body, Ta' Mo Cauwsu was so quick to dodge dozens of moves, and made Koko Timo even more angry and curious.

After a few more moves, it appears that Koko Timo has shouted loudly, his body shot into the air, where Koko Timo's body looks like an eagle that has grabbed its prey, has hit Tat Mo Cauwsu with great force.

In a situation like this, it seems that Tat Mo Cauwsu can't just stand still, both of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands have moved upwards, he fends it off slowly.

The outcome was great from the collision that occurred from the two giant powers.

Because as soon as there was a deafening booming sound, you could see Tat Mo Cauwsu's body swaying, he didn't stagger from where he was standing, but his legs had sunk into the floor, up to his knees.

That was due to the intense pressure from lwekang Koko Timo's power.

However, Koko Timo himself did not experience anything. Because at that time, when his body bounced due to the impact of the two of them, his body immediately hit the ceiling of the room, continuing to hit the roof of the building, his body bounced up into the free air outside the roof.

The precarious rubble fell to the floor.

Everyone who witnessed this, especially Kodo Timo's men, they looked stunned to see their leader bounce like that.

Such a lasting state did not last long, because it seemed that Koko Timo's body had shot back in with agile movements.

And Koko Timo while barging in he also hit Tat Mo Cauwsu again. Apparently he entered together to attack his opponent.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu was pulling his legs out of the sinking floor. Apparently Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was amazed at the intelligence possessed by Koko Timo. Apart from being able to push himself, until his feet sank, also Koko Timo himself didn't seem to have any injuries on his body even though he had bounced so badly, crashing out onto the roof of the building.

Therefore, now that he was pulling his legs off the floor, and saw that Koko Timo had lunged in again, lunging at him with a mighty attack, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't dare to hesitate either.

Without waiting for the arrival of Koko Timo's body and attack, the priestess had already set foot, her body had jumped backwards to distance herself.

Coincidentally, Tat Mo Cauwsu jumped near two of Koko Timo's men. The two men who saw the priest jumped back and approached them, apparently they didn't want to waste the chance that their weapon had grabbed the priest's back.

They thought that at that time the priest was not on alert, and if they did attack in such a way, surely they would be able to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu and perish with the stab of their machete.

But apparently they didn't know who Tat Mo Cauwsu really was. As soon as their machetes grabbed, Tat Mo Cauwsu without looking back had struck backwards, because he felt the wind strike from behind his body.

Great ending. With a heart-rending scream, the two of them had been blown away violently.

Apparently, due to the shampooing of the energy in Tat Mo Cauwsn, the two machetes that had been careless grabbing the priest turned around and grabbed their owners, thus splitting their heads in two.

What was even more powerful was the force of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand shampoo making the two men bounce and hit the wall.

The impact was great, it was as if they were also thrown by a thousand catty throwing power.

Instantly the bones in their bodies were crushed and crushed, when they fell down they were no longer breathing. If they had not been stabbed by their own machetes due to the shampooing of the energy in Tat Mo Cauwsu, they would have been destroyed anyway, because the impact of their bodies against the wall was so strong that the bones all over their bodies were crushed and crushed.

Witnessing the pitiful state of their two friends, all of KokoTimo's men stood stunned with shuddering hearts.

They were apparently horrified and amazed to see how powerful the priest was. Their guts broke too. And henceforth, of course, none of them dared to try to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu in a back-and-forth manner.

Meanwhile, Koko Timo, who saw the fate of his two subordinates like that, remained stunned in his place. As soon as he woke up, his anger was not playing. Quickly he charged forward again with a very fast movement, where his pair of hands had been throwing punches.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu himself did not remain silent. Because he realized that this opponent was someone who had intelligence, maybe not below his intelligence, besides that his opponent was very angry at that time, he attacked using all the strength he had, naturally made Tat Mo Cauwsu unable to underestimate him.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was surprised, "Hmmm, apparently he has made such rapid progress" he thought.

Meanwhile, Koko Timo himself had thought: “Hmmm. This bald one seems to have made very rapid progress, it seems that I am one level below his intelligence, and I have to be careful and alert” because thinking so, it seems Koko Timo has changed his way of fighting.

If earlier he attacked using both hands at the same time, now he attacks using both hands alternately. But Tat Mo Cauwsu was able to deal with it calmly.

Sin Han watched as the battle unfolded and stood stunned in his place.

It was the first time in his life that he had witnessed such a great battle.

What really caught his attention was the extraordinary knowledge of the two men and it also seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu fought much calmer than Koko Timo. Meanwhile, Koko Timo himself always fought with a ruthless and violent attitude, so it was clear how great his desire to kill was.

However, his violent attitude is a weakness for Koko Timo himself. With such lust to distract Koko Timo, he is often negligent in his defense.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, who had been extraordinarily calm, actually got no small advantage, when it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu was not only always able to avoid every attack his opponent made, he was also able to repeatedly urge Koko Timo.

This situation made Koko Timo not only curious, but also thought: “If I fall in his hands, my authority will collapse and I can't lead my association. Hmmm. I will pit my soul against him."

Thinking like that, with very fast movements, it seems that Koko Timo has changed his way of fighting again.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled faintly, he said, “Koko Timo, it seems that since you are from Persia and also in China, you really never want to change your bad behavior. Omitohud Omitohud. Alright, Bells will open the taboo to kill. This is indeed very forced, for the good of mankind in general."

Having said so, every move of. the priest's hands, seem to be slower, but contain more powerful Lwekang power than before. Sin Han and Su Lian who witnessed the state of the match, were secretly excited and had their eyes wide open.

Now they had seen how much the priest had indeed attacked. The power of his attack had also struck successively at his opponent.

However, Koko Timo himself also did not want to lose, indeed his intelligence was not below Tat Mo Cauwsu, only slightly lost by Lwekang Tat Mo Cauwsu who was purer than him. That is it.

Koko Timo's body flashed here and there, while Tat Mo Cauwsu's body also kept moving to and fro where their body movements were like shadows.

Meanwhile, Koko Timo's subordinates who have little lwekang have backed away. Because they could not survive the pressure of the wind attack the two people who were competing.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, who was determined not to hesitate anymore and had opened up his taboo on killing, every attack he launched, apart from containing the iwekang power that had been perfectly trained, also always targeted the dangerous parts of Koko's body. Timo.

It was a bit difficult for Koko Timo to face the attacks by Tat Mo Cauwsu. Finally, because they no longer have a chance to fend off or dodge the priest's attack. then Koko Timo had concentrated all his strength. The collision that occurred was truly extraordinary, because at that time it seemed that the bodies of the two people had each taken a few steps back.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu's face remained unchanged. He was still smiling calmly, because just like Koko Timo's punch didn't give him any reaction.

What's great is Koko Timo himself, he fended off using all his inner strength and finally he himself received the bitterness from the impact of their inner energy clash.

Koko Timo's body that had stumbled backwards was finally untenable, because the horses had both legs crushed and his body immediately rolled over.

When he jumped up, Koko Timo's face turned pale.

Even after being silent for a while, Koko Timo immediately vomited blood four times, which was a lot. At that time, Koko Timo's men were very surprised, but none of them dared to come forward to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu and help them.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had laughed dryly, he said “Alright. let's continue this game." And without wasting any time, it appears that Tat Mo Cauwsu has set his feet, his body darting into the air with a movement like an eagle in flight, that is one of the movements of the hidden knowledge of Siauw Lim Sie's forerunner.

Meanwhile, Koko Timo, who saw a threat to his own safety, also did not dare to think. Even though he had been injured internally and had just vomited fresh blood, he remained calm. Very quickly, it seemed that Koko Timo had been trying to get rid of all his remaining strength, he was trying to confront the priest Siauw Lim Sie again.

However, he failed again.

When their energies collided with each other, Koko Timo's body bounced again.

Apparently priest Siauw Lim Sie didn't hesitate anymore, he attacked fiercely.

Two times in a row Koko Timo vomited fresh blood again, while Tat Mo Cauwsu, clasping his hands together, said: "Sorry, all of Siecu's intelligence must be eliminated, then Siecu may be allowed to live on"

After saying that, while showing a face containing immeasurable regret, it seemed, he stepped over to Koko Timo who was crawling up at that time.

Koko Tirao's heart clenched, because if all her intelligence was wiped out, what would her next life mean? So he desperately expelled the remaining inner strength that was in him, and he tried to stand back up.

At the moment when Tat Mo Cauwsu had come very close and it was seen how the priest had also moved his right hand with his index finger he intended to punch some blood paths on Koko Timo's body,

The movement made by Tat Mo Cauwsu was very fast, but because Koko Timo didn't want his knowledge to be destroyed, he moved his hands very quickly, forcing himself to block the blow that was being launched by Tat Mo Cauwsu.

However, the priest did know that his opponent was exhausted and deeply injured, which was why Tat Mo Cauwsu wasn't sure that Koko Timo would be able to block the blow.

Smiling broadly, Tat Mo Cauwsu still continued to shoot without changing the target. And Koko Timo's parry made Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand tremble. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Koko Timo took out the rest of his saved energy.

There is one thing that Tat Mo Cauwsu has forgotten. In fact, a martial arts leader who has perfect intelligence as Koko Timo, of course he has savings knowledge and energy savings that he will only use if he is really in danger of death.

And now, indeed at a time when his life was threatened with a serious death, Koko Timo had used the remaining energy he had saved to fend off Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack.

When their hands collided, the priest felt his hand tremble with a tingling pain, as well as his wrist being hit by an iron. Besides that, he also felt the vibrations of Koko Timo's internal energy as well as squeezing in through his hands and into his chest, so he felt his chest hurt a lot.

He had taken a few steps back, his face had changed, but at that time he was not hurt inside, because he was able to channel his pure air very quickly to protect his chest. However, an incident like this had made the priest even more cautious and was now preparing to attack his opponent as well.

At that time Koko Timo had said: "Well, I didn't think at all that a Tat Mo Cauwsu who had a name that shook the martial arts jungle was just a coward and his priesthood was only used as a cover"

Koko Timo's voice was cold.

“Why did Siecu say that?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu then.

“Hmmmm, is it when the opponent is seriously injured inside, he has been attacked all the time, which is why you intend to seize this opportunity to seize victory. Can this be called the act of a Hohan? Besides, can you really be called a pious and pious priest? Hemm, hemm, come on, let me serve him. Let's go"

Tat Mo Cauwsu's face turned red. Even though Koko Timo's satire does hit his heart. As a priest Siauw Lim Sie, who is the future door of the school and has a name that is highly respected by the people of the entire martial arts forest, it is indeed impossible when his opponent is injured inside like that he is urged on. Therefore Tat Mo Cauwsu was silent for a while. Even though the reality is that Tat Mo Cauwsu couldn't push Koko Timo any more when his opponent was seriously injured like that.

But indeed he also acts for the safety of the people of the martial jungle in general. Thus it had put Tat Mo Cauwsu in a state of awry. As a priest who has very high intelligence, by itself has made Tat Mo Cauwsu unable to obey his little heart.

At that time, with a very fast movement, KokoTimo had moved his hands that were crossed in front of his chest, he said defiantly: "Well, you go ahead let's continue this game"

After saying that, with a very violent attitude and ready to complain, it seemed that Koko Timo was waiting for the priest's attack.

When Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he said: “If Siecu really said that, where Siecu thought that when Siecu was injured from our battle earlier, then Belle also did not intend to push further, to use the opportunity in that situation to win victory so that later Siecu will say that Bell took victory by relying on this opportunity so that Siecu became dissatisfied with it Well, if so then Bell will give Siecu a chance to rest first. In the next few days, Bell will also visit here."

Koko Timo is actually furious and curious, but if he insists, he doesn't realize it, of course he will lose.

That is why, finally suppressing his anger, he has replied: "In three days I will wait for your arrival" he said. Tat Mo Cauwsu had turned to Su Lian, Sin Han and Su Tianglo, who at that time had awakened and had been shadowed by Sin Han. “Do the three Siecus want to leave this place together? Bells? asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Sin Han is not happy playing. This is definitely an opportunity for them to leave this place. Wouldn't it be that if they didn't go along with Tat Mo Cauwsu to leave this place, obviously they would be troubled by Koko Timo's people? Therefore, Sin Han quickly agreed.

Koko Timo actually intended to arrest the three Sin Han, but because the priest had invited the young man and his two friends to leave this place, he just let them go, because in three days he will try to catch them all and destroy them.

None of Koko Timo's subordinates dared to hinder the departure of the four Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Thus, Sin Han had invited his teacher to stop at their inn, where they had also told a lot of stories.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself praised repeatedly, that he did not expect that Sin Han had now become a tough and dashing young man. In fact, what made him very happy was that this young man had become the Pangcu of Kay-pang.

"Hmmm, if Loceng had known at noon, of course Bell would have come to visit Kaypang's headquarters, to congratulate Siecu"

Sin Han thanked him again and again. At that time it was seen how busy Su Lian was trying to treat Su Tianglo.

Tat Mo Cauwsu, who witnessed the incident, quickly approached him. He punched some of Su Tianglo's blood paths, so that Tianglo Kay-pang wouldn't suffer pain from the wounds inside.

After examining the state of Su Tianglo's body, one knows that he is heavily injured.

Meanwhile, Sin Han had approached and stood beside Tat Mo Cauwsu.

After examining for a while, Tat Mo Cauwsu massaged Su Tianglo's body on his most important blood paths, and he had also tried to re-smooth the blood path in Su Tianglo's body.

During that time Su Tiangio had been in a stupor, but gradually his cheeks turned red again indicating that his health was starting to recover.

Meanwhile, Sin Han who saw Tat Mo-Cauwsu was sweating, because the forelimb of Siauw Lim Sie was massaging while concentrating and exerting all his Lwekang energy, he had taken a handkerchief and shrunk it into the priest.

Still, Tat Mo Cauwsu continued his efforts to help Su Tianglo's soul, he still massaged the beggar's body here and there, and he also punched some of the most important blood vessels in his beat Until finally Tat Mo Cauwsu had taken out a small red bottle, and from it poured two red pills. It was stuffed into Su Tianglo's mouth. With a pinch of his jaw, the two red pills were swallowed by Su Tianglo. It wasn't long before he woke up from his stupor. The first time he opened his mouth and spit out blood that had blackened clots.

Three times as many times as Su Tiangio vomited blood like that, until finally when he vomited for the fourth time, he spat out fresh blood, showing that he was saved from. threat of death.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has stopped trying to help Su Tianglo, because the soul of Tianglo Kay-pang can indeed be saved,

Siauw Lim Sie's limbs have also sat in meditation, he channeled his breath, flowing his pure air, so that his energy and freshness recovered.

At that time, it seemed that Sin Han and Su Lian were silent.

After resting for a while, Tat Mo Cauwsu had recovered his freshness. And he invited Sin Han and Su Lian to talk again.

For three days Tat Mo Cauwsu treated Su Tianglo, and on the third day Su Tianglo's health had indeed recovered, so he was able to get up from the bed and sit down to talk with Tat Mo Cau w-su, Sin Han and Su Lian.

Su Tianglo honestly praised Tat Mo Cauwsu's cleverness. Likewise, he stated that Koko Timo's intelligence is truly extraordinary, it is rare for anyone to match him. “I can honestly say that I really admire Koko Timo's intelligence. Unfortunately he acted on the wrong path.” And after saying that, Su Tianglo heaved a deep breath.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he praised the greatness of the Buddha, then said: “Hoping for him to change his behavior and his cruel and ruthless nature, is very difficult. Where may there be no hope? The only way is to destroy his intelligence."

Su Tianglo nodded. "If only three days ago, when he was injured, Siansu was determined to destroy his intelligence, then Koko Timo certainly couldn't commit any more crimes," said Sin Han. “He promised in three days to meet with Siansu again, but Koko Timo is not a good human being to keep his word, therefore, thus clearly only giving him a chance to escape. Who knows, now Koko Timo has moved away to another place, in order to avoid meeting Siansu again? Isn't that how Siansu failed to destroy Koko Timo's intelligence?”

While talking like that, Sin Han saw that Tat Mo Cauwsu was still smiling.

At that time, Su Lian also spoke "That's right Siansu, when he was injured like that, of course Siansu could easily destroy his intelligence, so that in the future he can't commit any more crimes."

"Omitohud" Tat Mo Cauwsu praised the greatness of the Buddha in a patient voice, then he continued: "Actually Bells can't act like that. Despite how Bell was unable to lower his hand any harder in a state he was so badly injured. In these three days, he must have rested quite a lot, so that his energy and freshness has recovered, where we can compete with knowledge in a manly manner. If indeed this time Bell lowered his hand hard and destroyed his intelligence, of course he would not regret what Bell did." 

Sin Han nodded, “Siansu, indeed what Siansu meant was understood by Boanpwe. However, Koko Timo is not a good human being, because of that, Siansu doesn't need to be shy about him, because if we make a slight mistake in our calculations, humans like Koko Timo can cause no small trouble."

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together and praised the greatness of the Buddha again, saying: “Okay, then we'll see what Koko Timo really wants to do. As Siecu suspected that the possibility of him escaping and hiding somewhere, it could happen. However, of course Bells would not let him go. Hmm. The bells will keep chasing and looking for traces."

After saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took a sip of the tea in his cup, he said again after putting the cup down: “Now it has indeed arrived three days from the time Koko Timo asked. This afternoon we will visit his base again. If indeed Koko Timo is a coward and hides himself, of course he can't get too far away, where Loceng is sure he will be able to find his traces and furthermore, if indeed he is still doing evil things, Loceng also doesn't need to be shy about him anymore. The bells could have killed him."

And having said so. Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed while praising the greatness of the Buddha. while he had continued his words again in a mumbling voice, and slowly: “Actually, this matter can indeed be solved alone between Koko Timo and Loceng. However, if he actually uses his subordinates to harm them, this is what makes Bells unhappy and is forced to break the taboo on killing.” And this old priest who was the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie sighed repeatedly.

Sin Han dau Su Lian was happy to hear that this afternoon they were going to visit Koko Timo's headquarters.

Thus they will also be able to see a crowd as well.

However, Su Tianglo himself had been silent with a gloomy face. However, he had not fully recovered his health.

Also, if he goes to Koko Timo's headquarters, Su Tianglo is afraid that later people will say that Kay-pang's party used Siauw Lim Sie's priest to oppress Koko Timo.

After contemplating for a moment, Su Tianglo said "Pangcu, if it is allowed, I have something to tell Pangcu"

"Please Su Tianglo" said Sin Han quickly with a smile. “Actually, it would be better if the three of us didn't go with Siansu to go to Koko Timo's tnarkas because later people could say that Kay-pang's side used Tat Mo Cauwsu. Where we wanted to crush Koko Timo, but did not have the ability and finally asked Siauw Lim Sie for help. The consequences of such a response are far-reaching, so if Pangcu doesn't mind, will we wait for Tat Mo Cauwsu here?"

Sin Han hesitated, he didn't answer immediately while Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, “What Su Tianglo thinks is good, because it concerns the good name of Kay-pang and the good name of Siauw Lim Sie. Where by Koko Timo could he have said that Kay-pang cooperating with Siauw Lim Sie to demolish in such a way would obviously lead to wrong responses for the people of the martial jungle Isn't that what Su Tianglo meant?"

Su Tianglo quickly nodded. "Indeed Siansu is a wise man and has a very broad mind" praised Su Tianglo while clasping his hands together in salute. "Thus, surely Siansu understands what I mean old beggar, right?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu agreed.

"However." said Tat Mo Cauwsu again later. "If indeed Su Tianglo intends to wait for the bell in this inn with Sin Pangcu and this lady, there is something that Bell is very worried about."

“What is it, Siansu?” asked Su Tianglo. Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't answer immediately, he just coughed a few times. Until then he said: “If you really stay here, it would be very easy if Koko Timo's people came here and bothered you. And it's not that the Bells don't believe in your intelligence, but they can use large numbers to gang up on you. That's what Bells worried about.... Well. please the three of you negotiate, is it better to come with Bell, or stay here. Because what Bells is worried about is your safety if Koko Timo intends to be mean to you.”

Su Tianglo nodded. "Yes," he said then. "What Siansu said is true"

Sin Han smiled, “Su Tianglo, what Siansu said is absolutely correct. We don't want to brag, even though in fact our intelligence is not low. But it must be remembered that Su Tianglo has just recovered, and it's just the two of me, this lady, if Koko Timo's people take the opportunity when Siansu is going to deal with Koko Timo, they will come here in groups to gang up on us. won't we get into trouble?"

Su Tianglo agreed. That's it, they have arranged everything carefully, this afternoon they will face Koko Timo and his men. Besides that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took the opportunity to give instructions to Sin Han, Su Lian and Su Tianglo about their martial arts skills and which parts were weak and should be improved.

Likewise, Tat Mo Cauwsu has given Lweekang how to practice to a high level, and all of that has made the three Sin Han never stop saying thank you.

It is true that the priest only used a very short time to explain to them, but precisely the information and explanations he gave were the explanations of a great teacher like him, by themselves had very useful meaning for the three Sin Han.

After the day approached afternoon, the four of them got ready to come to Koko Timo's headquarters. As a worshiper who has perfect intelligence, Tat Mo Cauwsu's attitude is very calm, and patient in every word and action. He was indeed soon going to fight with Koko Timo, a character who had very high intelligence, but Tat Mo Cauwsu did not show the slightest feeling of tension, even with a bright smile he also told me, maybe in a year or two Tat Mo Cauwsu will returned to India, because his younger brother had called him.

The three of Sin Han who heard this were shocked. They tried to persuade Tat Mo Cauwsu to stay in China, because if the priest returned to India, China would lose a martial arts leader who had very high intelligence like Tat Mo Cauwsu.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu has persisted in his desire to return to India.

“There are important matters to be resolved there, so it cannot cancel Bell's intention. I hope this matter can be resolved in a few years and Bells still have a long life so hemmm, can go back to China to gather again with all friends in a place as beautiful as this”

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he praised the greatness of the Buddha,

Thus, after chatting for a while, they set off for Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters.

When they arrived in front of Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters, they saw that Jie Liong Kauw's men were under very strict guard. Among them were Jiauw Hoat, Koat Jie, Cin Liang and Siangkoan Jie. These four people looked savage with their respective weapons hanging from their waists.

While Tat Mo Cauwsu with a big smile had approached the gate of Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters, the old priest patiently clasped his hands together in salute and said: "Will Bells be able to meet your Kauwcu Siecu, to continue our meeting three days ago?"

Koat Jie, who has very strict customs, actually wanted to yell and attack this priest. However, considering that Tat Mo Cauwsu had very high intelligence, he did not dare to act rashly. As for Jiauw Hoat, that reckless and angry temper had made his snorting sound several times, it seemed that he was impatient and had his hands gripped the hilt of his weapon, preparing to attack Tat Mo Cauwsu as soon as his brothers attacked.

Siankoan Cie, who can be patient, has taken two steps forward, he said: "You have an important business that needs to be resolved immediately, so I'm sorry you couldn't meet Siansu."

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled. "Wasn't it you who promised the Bells to meet again today, and to keep the promise, the Bells have come back here. therefore, no matter what reasons you put forward, it will not be able to help your bright countenance."

Meanwhile, Jiauw Hoat who heard Tat Mo Cauwsu's words had a temper, he shouted loudly after groaning, “You bald head, your mouth is too mean. Hey, do you think we're scared to deal with you? Hmmm, actually if you want us, in just a few moments you can be destroyed. But you say, because you are a bald bald, this is a forerunner of a school door on the mainland of China. It would be a pity if you sent us to Giam Lo Ong. It turns out that you are an ignorant person. Well, well, we who will face you we will show you, so that your eyes are open, that Jie Liong Kauw is not a group of people who are easy to be insulted by anyone."

After saying that, Jiauw Hoat's hand pulled out his gun, which he drilled several times. His weapon was a machete with a toothed shape on the back of his weapon. like a saw.

Meanwhile Siaugkoan Cie had raised his hand to signal, to Jiauw Hoat, not to act alone like that. After being able to calm the Hoat Soul, Siangkoan Cie said again in a loud voice: “Tat Mo Cauwsu, as an excise for Siauw Lim Sie, you should have great self-respect. An opponent is injured, of course you will not press and use the opportunity to gain victory. If you really believe that you have high intelligence just come here two months later, where your grandson will certainly recover from his wounds and be able to deal with you too. Hmmm. if you continue to press him now, it means that you want to gain victory by taking advantage of our teacher in such a weak and helpless state.”

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled broadly, he said: “Well, since those words were spoken by you, Bells can't take it for granted. Who can be sure that your Lord is in a wounded condition or powerless to hold a battle. Hemmu, who also dares to suspect that your Lord is a useless coward, so only good at advancing his students? If it was indeed your grandson who came out on his own, and he was the one who said that he was seriously injured, and the fact showed that your grandson was unable to carry out a battle, Bells would understand the situation."

"Bastard bald priest" snapped Cin Liang in anger, where apparently he couldn't control himself anymore, his body had lunged forward, and in his hand was gripped by a sword, a mana weapon had stabbed into the heart of the priest. Thus, it was clear how much he and his intention to stab Tat Mo Cauwsu perish, regardless that Tat Mo Cauwsu was actually a priest of very high intelligence.

Meanwhile, Koat Jie, who saw that his brother and sister had attacked Tat Mo Cauwsu like that, did not remain silent either. He knew that if Cin Liang was allowed to attack a dici against the priest, it would surely put Cin Liang's soul in no small amount of danger.

Seeing that Tat Mo Cauwsu was still standing where he was. Koat Jie had also jumped to the side of Tat Mo Cauwsu, whereupon his weapon moved to slash the old priestess' torso. That way, Cin Liang and Koat Jie had attacked that Siauw Lim Sie priest from two directions

Siangkoan Cie and Jiauw Hoat also did not remain silent. When they saw that their comrade had attacked Tat Mo Cauwsu, they had also attacked the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie. The movements they have made are very fast and very agile, because before Tat Mo Cauwsu came, they had planned to carry out a formidable attack on him.

In such a state Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't move from his place at all, he was watching intently, and the four weapons that were shooting at him from various directions continued to slide rapidly.

When the weapons nearly hit their targets, Tat Mo Cauwsu nimbly flashed lightly, knowing that his body had disappeared from the sight of his four opponents. So that the attack of the four Jie Liong Kauw people fell in an empty place. May Tat Mo Cauwsu by relying on his ginkang perfection, have jumped over their heads and been out of circle.

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't stop there either, because he had tapped Jiauw Hoat on the shoulder.

The clapping was slow, but Jiauw Hoat felt his hands were dead and stiff and couldn't move anymore, the gun fell off and contracted.

While the other three comrades were shocked, they turned their bodies around, while accompanied by savage screams, it seemed that they had stooped down to attack the priest again.

Tat Mo Cauwsu only moved his body left and right, then the weapons of the three attackers had hit an empty space. It's just that, because they attack with passion and use excessive force, by themselves their weapons have injured their respective comrades. 

The three of them let out screams of pain and jumped back. Meanwhile, the priest still stood quietly in his place with a patient smile on his lips.

Sin Han, who witnessed the way Tat Mo Cauwsu faced the four Jie Liong Kauw disciples, secretly admired this forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie in his heart. For thereby showing that this priest's intelligence was truly extraordinary and had been matchless perfect, with just such an easy move and without counter-attacking, he had succeeded in knocking out his opponents. Su Tianglo himself had exclaimed in praise: “Good!” Su Lian clapped his hands together.

Grinning in pain, it seemed that the four Jie Liong Kauw disciples were getting ready to attack again. Nearly a hundred more of Jie Liong Kauw's other disciples had drawn their weapons, and were just waiting for orders from Siangkoan Cie to attack and gang up on Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Siangkoan Cíe himself, apart from being surprised at the great intelligence of Tat Mo Cauwsu, was also curious. Accompanied by a thunderous roar, it seemed that he was slashing again with his machete. However, before the machete suddenly grabbed Tat Mo Cauwsu's shoulder, Siauw Lim Sie's forearm had flicked his sleeve.

His three fellow teachers stared dumbfounded, and the rest of Jie Liong Kauw's disciples looked on with their eyes wide open, their guts also shrinking at the greatness of the old priest.

Koat Jie, Jiauw Hoat and Cin Liang when they saw Siangkoan Cie's condition like that, they had woken up quickly from their stupor, almost together the three of them had shouted. “Go ahead, kill this goddamn priest” the three of them lunged again, followed by another hundred and more of Jie Liong Kauw's men.

They attacked using ganging methods like this to destroy Tat Mo Cauwsu, if it was possible to destroy the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie.

This was deliberately arranged by Koko Timo, where he did not leave his base, because he did not want to get involved in such a beating. With him not appearing, it is clear that this has allowed Koko Timo to let go of his responsibilities, without the need to be laughed at by the people of the martial arts jungle, if Koko Timo appears from his base to let his students play a gang like this.

Tat Mo Cauwsu who was standing quietly in his place didn't show any nervousness at all, because at that time he had witnessed that Koko Timo's students, even though they were very large in number, they weren't significant opponents anyway, therefore, Tat Mo Cauwsu just kept an eye on them. which charged forward without making any movement whatsoever. It's just that, as soon as his lawar.2 weapons were almost there, with light and incredibly fast movements Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped here and there. his movement caused Koko Timo's students to be in a mess, as they lost their target, and if they continued such attacks and beatings, it would surely cause them to attack each other as comrades.

When the students from Koko Timo were confused, suddenly a loud scream was heard.

I hope that Sin Han, who saw Tat Mo Cauwsu being beaten like that, could not remain silent. He had jumped into the center of the arena and stretched out his right hand, grabbed a disciple of Jie Liong Kauw's back, then threw him. The Jie Liong Kauw disciple's body slammed into the ground, and unlucky, his stomach hit the blade, until the blade had stabbed into his stomach and his waist. No mercy anymore Jie Liong Kauw, the one who was breathless. And actually Sin Han didn't want to pass down the hand of death to Jie Liong Kauw's disciples. The death of Jie Liong Kauw's disciple was just a coincidence that he couldn't control his body when he fell, so that the blade itself ate the master.

The other Jie Liong Kauw disciples were shocked to see such a situation. They let out exclamations of rage upon awakening from their stupor, each leaping to attack with their sharp weapons. Some of them attacked Tat Mo Cauwsu, some of them had attacked Sin Han, Su Lian and Su Tianglo.

Thus, the battle became frantic.

If it was Tat Mo Cauwsu, the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie didn't have any difficulties at all in dealing with these people, where he made a mess every time the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie moved his hands and feet. However, Su Lian and Su Tiangio himself, despite having high intelligence, they were still overwhelmed by such a siege, so the disciples of Jie Liong Kauw could push them. That's because there are too many of them.

Sin Han himself by relying on his agility, his body flashed here and there-with a very fast movement, a pair of hands have moved, he can snatch his opponent's weapon.

The movement made by Sin Han is a movement that is merely self-defense so it is not meant to destroy or harm his opponents. If the situation is urgent and urgent, then Sin Han lowers his hand even harder, so that one of his opponents is knocked unconscious.

However, Jie Liong Kauw's disciples also seemed to have been very desperate, because they did not care about the safety of their souls had attacked aggressively, thus making Sin Han a bit busy to dodge here and there. And one time accompanied by a loud cry, Sin Han moved a pair of hands, saw three Jie Liong Kauw disciples bounced and their bodies slammed on the ground.

Then his two hands also moved to hit left and right, it seemed that five of his opponents had been blown away by him

Sin Han did not stop there because several times he had succeeded in knocking down some of Jie Liong Kauw's disciples, thus making other Jie Liong Kauw disciples not dare to push him too much.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was a devout worshiper, so every time he knocked down his opponent, he used a method that would not harm the people he crushed there. He just threw them out, so, in the end, none of Jie Liong Kauw's disciples dared to push too hard.

Jiauw Hoat, Cin Liang, Siangkoan Cie and Koat Jie were also standing side by side. They were completely wrong, because they couldn't go back and forth, because no matter how they had received orders from Your Majesty they were to contain the four people. Thus, the four Jie Liong Kauw and his other brothers and sisters, stood still, watching in disbelief at Tat Mo Cauwsu and the others.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together in salute, he said: "Please ask your grandson to see me" his words were very patient.

While Siangkoan Cie was confused too, he quickly answered in a non-fluent voice. "If it is. indeed you want to meet our Lord, just come here in the next two months, later of course You will be willing to accept you to meet face to face"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, "Now you answer honestly Siecu Are you actually here, or has he hidden himself somewhere else?" asked the priest.

“This.... this....'' Siangkoan Cie couldn't answer immediately.

"Answer the truth," said Tat Mo Cauwsu, showing a smile on his lips, but his attitude was dignified and haunted.

"Don't scare the kids like that" Suddenly from the gate of Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters, someone said in a very cold voice, not pleasant to hear because his loud voice was shrill like a sissy.

Everyone turned their heads, looking at the gate of Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters standing an old man who was thin and tall, his eyes shone sharply, his nose was very sharp, even more than a normal sharpness, his nose was bent because it was too sharp, his lips were wide, as were his it splits very wide. Judging from his circumstances he was not a Han, of course a foreigner.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, he said: "Who is Siecu?"

“Hmmm” the person coldly snorted, “I am the sute of Koko Timo. My name is Tangki Lalang Hemm, I have seen that you have bad intentions, bald priest. You have caused chaos here. According to what I heard from my elder brother, that he was injured by you a few days ago, and now that student you have messed with in such a way, "

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, he said: "If Koko Timo is willing to meet Bells, of course there will not be this unpleasant affair." Saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu also thought: "Well, it seems that Koko Timo's younger brother is not a random person, he is seems to have very high intelligence.”

Tank Lalang laughed coldly, he stepped down the steps and then said: “Okay. Since you always insist on wanting to meet my classmate, while my elder brother can't, then let me represent him. So, what is the real connection and grudge between you two?"

Jie Liong Kauw's disciples at that time had retreated away, they were very happy with the appearance of Tangki Lalang, because then they no longer had to worry about facing Tat Mo Cauwsu the four of them, because they too already had a strong backbone, where they knew that Tank Lalang's intelligence was not under Koko Timo's intelligence

Because of that, they quickly only took the attitude of confining it at a considerable distance from the circle. Meanwhile, the four of JiauwHoat with Cía Liang, Síangkoan Cíe and Koat Jíe were watching savagely with their lips smiling mockingly. They were sure that if the Weeds Tank could face Tat Mo Cauwsu, then Sin Han Su Lian Tan Su Tiangío would certainly be able to face them.

At that time Tai Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together, he said: “Indeed, Bell has been looking for Koko Timo for several years, where since he was still in Persia, Bell has been looking for traces. hemmmm, hemmmm, if Siecu is indeed his younger brother, surely Siecu would have known the whole matter”

Tank Lalang laughed coldly, he said: "Since tens of years ago we separated because of that what my elder brother and sister did is not clearly known. Hmmm, if that's the case then fine. If only this matter can be resolved in a good way, that's even better . However, if you are too pushy to my brother-in-law, let me represent receiving a blow or two from you, O proud priest."

When he said that, the Weed Tank showed a stern attitude, his eyes flashing a very sharp light.

Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently nodded, "If only Koko Timo was willing to return to Persia and promised not to commit any crime for the rest of his life, of course Bell would not be concerned with his business. the human soul is considered as the soul of a cockroach. If Siecu really wants to represent him, maybe it's not based on a sincere desire from Siecu's heart, but to fulfill the request of Koko Timo who may have asked Siecu for help and assistance. Isn't that right?”

Tank Lalang's face turned bright red, he became furious, "I don't need to argue with a human asshole like you" said Tangki Lalang in a very loud voice, both of his hands suddenly grabbed with extraordinary movements, where he had struck with force. The suffocating Lwekang Tat Mo Cauwsu

Tat Mo Cauwsu was secretly surprised, because he saw that Tangki Lalang was not a weak human race, his Iwekang power was very strong, it also had a strange nature, which was as hot as catching fire.

Among them was the roar of the attack winds from the Lalang Tank, it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu had dodged to the right and then waved his right hand accompanied by his exclamation: "Siecu has a perverted martial arts skill"

The Weeds Tank laughed coldly: "Perverted or not, the most important thing is whether you can match my intelligence"

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself wondered why every time he attacked, the power of the Weeds Tank grew stronger and more intense. If the attack doesn't hit the target, the Weed Tank will follow with the next attack, and this attack is much stronger than the previous one.

This made Tat Mo Cauwsu really not understand. At first he suspected that Tangki Lalang did use gradual attack tactics, ie initially he used four parts of his Lwekang attack power, then increased to five parts, six parts and so on. However, after fighting for so long, finally Tat mo Cauwsu saw that the attack power was indeed getting stronger too, of course there was something wrong in this.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had quickly mobilized his inner strength, the time when the Weed Tank attacked him, he had parried by concentrating six parts of his inner strength, his movement caused the Weed Tank's attack power to crash violently, and they cried out in surprise, because he felt his body seemed to be pushed strongly by some gigantic force.

The Weed Tank's body had staggered one step. Even though it's only one step, but this has a very big meaning, because at this moment Tat Mo Cauwsu has used it to urge him.

Between the roar of the attack winds of the two people, their bodies also flashed back and forth with very fast movements, each time the attacks of Tat Mo Cauwsu and Tangki Lalang caused small pebbles and sand to fly.

Jie Liong Kauw's disciples had even retreated far to open up a wider circle because they could not stand still where they were hit by the winds of Tat Mo Cauwsu and Tangki Lalang.