Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 12

Volume 12

"It turns out that Lo Ping Kang doesn't just have an empty name" he thought "Because he has a fairly high intelligence, his student has this kind of intelligence, of course his teacher is much more skilled. In a few more moves, of course Koat Jie can fall in his hands. Hmm, I have to stop the match immediately”

After thinking so, suheng Koat Jie exclaimed “Stop Enough”

Koat Jie at that time was really under great pressure, if he jumped back away from his opponent outside the circle, he felt ashamed of his classmates. But if he put up a fight and continued to serve the young man, it was clear he would be injured and the youth would be knocked down.

It just so happened that now his master had called for the battle to be stopped immediately. Thus giving Koat Jie a good chance to get out of the battle circle without losing face. He swiftly jumped back and away from Sin Han. Sin Han didn't go after him either.

Suheng Koat Jie had a mocking smile as he stepped closer to Sin Han, he said: "You are quite smart, my hands are itching and want to feel the greatness of Lo Ping Kang's disciple"

Sin Han didn't answer immediately, he saw people walking with floating footsteps, as well as the two feet did not touch the ground. He choked in his heart: “This fellow's Ginkang is far more shrewd than Koat Jie, his younger brother. Hmm, I have to deal with it more carefully.”

"I'm she Siangkoan and my name is Cie, of course you don't mind teaching me a lesson?" said Suheng Koat Jie again.

Sin Han nodded. "Okay, let's play a few moves" he said.

Siangkoan Cie has waved his huncwe, he said with a haughty manner "You may start attacking me, as long as three moves I will not attack back"

After saying that, he sucked on his huncwe, he didn't pay any attention to his opponent, nor did he look down on Sin Han.

At that time, Sin Han was no longer shy, he knew he was being attacked by the enemy, and if he acted shy, where his opponent would later destroy him, of course he would be severely and severely persecuted, possibly destroyed as well. Therefore, he thought, if only he could fight Siangkoan Cie, who was the suheng of Koat Jie and the others, of course he could use Siangkoan Cie to threaten Jie Liong Kauw's people, to escape from this place.

Immediately Sin Hin gave up his spirit, he had used eight parts of his Iwekang power when his right hand slid to hit the left chest of his opponent.

But Siangkoan Cie stood still in his place not trying to dodge at all, he just watched the attack from Sin Han, when Sin Han's palm almost hit its target, he shifted his right foot three times more, and that's when his body quickly flashed to the ground. beside Sin Han, so that Sin Han's punch fell into an empty space.

Sin Han is surprised to find out that he lost his opponent, who can move swiftly. And Siangkoan Cie did prove his promise that he would not attack back.

"Let's attack again" He just shouted so in a loud voice.

Siangkoan Cie turned out to have high intelligence. If you want to compare it with his classmates who had fought with Sin Han, they were very far apart. Being several levels above the intelligence of his fellow classmates. And now in just that move, Sin Han has realized the greatness of the She Siangkoan people. Obviously he couldn't deal with it the same way he did when he faced Koat Jie and the other two Siangkoan Cie brothers and sisters. Now he must be vigilant and also the internal energy he uses must be full and strong, so that the opponent does not use this opportunity to counterattack with the strength of the Iwekang he has. Sin Han still has two moves left, where he can attack without being retaliated. Therefore,

While making a loud exclamation, Sin Han's body leapt swiftly, his hands like an eagle's feet, having grabbed onto his opponent's head.

Siangkoan Cie let out a faint laugh, then he sneered: "Good, this is a duck claw attack" and his body moved very nimbly, he dodged easily, his body turned and he too had stepped aside behind Sin Han while mocking again: "Only one move Then you have to be careful."

Sin Han was very surprised, because at that time Siangkoan Cie wanted it, of course he could attack back, wasn't he already behind Sin Han.

Without uttering a word, with his body tilted, when he turned the percussion, both hands grabbed the direction of Siangkoan Cie. This move is a great hidden science from Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang, where his teacher once told him, if Sin Hin is facing a very formidable opponent and he is in a state of urgency, then he can use the 'Dog Smells Dirt and Kicks' stance. is the mainstay of the Kay-pang school door. Lo Ping Kang. Now seeing that Siangkoan Cie has very high intelligence, his movements are also very agile, even though he does not attack back, but Sin Han decides for this third move he must be able to knock down Siangkoan Cie, and if indeed he succeeds, will immediately catch him, used as a dependent to gain his freedom with Su Lian. If he could arrest Siang Kong Cie, surely the people of Jie Liong Kauw would not dare to disturb him.

Siangkoan Cie saw his opponent's movement he laughed coldly, again he moved with a miraculous move that could make himself move with extraordinary agility. I mean, I want to avoid that.

But he was surprised, when he was turning to the side, Sin Han's left hand suddenly grabbed his way, and instead the young man's finger pointed to the path of Sin-Chinese blood and his index finger aimed at the path of Ma-noon-shit's blood. Those are the two very important blood paths.

Siangkoan Cie crouched. he let out a muffled sound, and changing his footsteps, he shifted his body to jump in the opposite direction. But Sin Han's right hand was waiting there, as soon as Siangkoan Cie's body jumped, he seemed to be approaching Sio Han yung's fingers waiting to punch some blood.

Back Siangkoan Cie was surprised. And forced, there was no other way, he grabbed Sin Han's right hand with his Huncwe, the movement was indeed great, containing the tremendous power of the Iwekang, splashing the very strong wind. Sin Han didn't continue his attack, jumping back while laughing. "Earlier you promised, in three moves you will not attack back. But now, it's precisely in the third move that you have counterattacked with that huncwe of yours."

Siangkoan Cie's face was red from being irritated and angry. He knew that he had been framed by Sin Han's strange punching skills like that, therefore, he went from sulking to angry and shouted "Hmm, indeed I will attack you soon"

And along with those words, his body flashed fast, his body movements were like lightning fast, and what was even more extraordinary was his huncwe that grabbed Sin Han's throat.

Sin Han did not stay silent, he also attacked back. When his opponent grabbed his huncwe, he flicked with his left hand along with his right hand and would hit both of Siangkoan Cie's eyes.

At that time, Siangkoan Cie was angry, because he could not fulfill his promise not to reply in three moves. He thought that this young man could be dealt with easily, who knew that in the third move he had been forced to fend off. He became furious and curious, this time he attacked with great force. And watching Sin Han want to parry and even counterattack will also hit his eyeballs, Siangkoan Cie has laughed coldly, he failed to attack Sin Han's throat, lowered his flute, then hit with his left hand.

From the palm of his hand, a powerful gust of wind shot out against Sin Han.

Sin Han parried it, there was a loud clash. Sin Han bounced three acts. He immediately tried to stay on his feet fixing his horses. But just as he was able to stand still, Siang-koan Cie had lunged even more powerfully, his Huncwe was flashing to puncture some of Sin Han's blood trails, and his left hand was swinging to hit repeatedly with blows that could be lethal. Under such circumstances, it was clear that Siangkoan Cie wanted to push Sin Han to the point where he had no chance to put up a fight.

Indeed, Sin Hari was in great urgency, he repeatedly dodged here and there, and his body often wobbled. In six moves, Siangkoan Cie has not yet succeeded in knocking down his opponent, adding to the fierceness of Siangkoan Cie and he attacks more vigorously.

Sin Han complained. He couldn't face Siangkoan, meaning it was difficult for him and Su Lian to escape from Jie Liong Kauw. Isn't Siangkoan only one of Koko Timo's students? And what if he can't even face Siangkoan Cie, there's no way he can face KokoTimo. Maybe in a move or two he will be knocked down.

Sweat had covered Sin Han's face and body, but he remained determined to fight until the end of his life, not wanting to give up, because he wanted to put up a fight as long as he was still breathing. He remembered that his teacher built Kay-pang with great difficulty, and if until now he was torn down by Siangkoan, Kay-pang's name would surely fall. Thinking like that, Sin Han has intensified his resistance, he is like desperate, his body moves swiftly to and fro. In a short time, he moved in desperate movements, where both his hands also relentlessly attacked Siangkoan Cie. Seeing his opponent being desperate like that and not paying attention to the attacks made by his opponent, made Siangkoan have to think twice about pressing further.

If Siangkoan Cie continued to attack, surely they would end up getting hurt together, because Sin Han had indeed gone mad.

Siangkoan Cie is a person who has high intelligence. Before becoming Koko Timo's student, he was an Okpa, a loan shark who had great power in Hunlam, and because of that once he was accepted as KokoTimo's student and received his education, he became much more intelligent. Now seeing that his opponent was desperate like that, he wasn't too pushy, letting Sin Han with his attacks all dodged easily, he apparently wanted to let Sin Han finally run out of his own strength.

Sin Han while constantly attacking had also thought, if this situation continues, surely he will not be able to last much longer. In a few more moves, he would tire himself out.

It was also impossible to change his martial arts method, because at that time Sin Han himself had apparently been involved in a situation that forced him to serve Siangkoan Cie. If only Siangkoan Cie started to counterattack, it would surely make him more troublesome.

Step after move has passed. Even though Su Lian was in a bruised state, he saw that Sin Han was under the wind. Soon his friend might be knocked down by Siangkoan Cie. He was worried not playing. Jie Liong Kauw's disciples looked overjoyed, they looked on with smiling mouths, because they were sure that Sin Han would soon be able to destroy Siangkoan Cie.

What Jie Liong Kauw's disciples thought was true, after two more moves, Sin Han's body seemed to be about to fall. And at that time, Siangkoan Cie had moved his right hand, hitting Sin Han's back with a flute, his left hand also hitting his palm against Sin Han's waist. No mercy anymore Sin Han's body bounced forward,

Luckily Sin Han has a good ginkang, he rolls on the floor a few times, then jumps up with a red face in pain.

Siangkoan Cie remained calm and haughty, he too had said in a mocking voice: “Come....let's go on”

Sin Han realized that his body had been hit hard by his opponent's attack power, therefore, he couldn't immediately attack again. But his opponent mocked like that, so he became desperate. Enduring the pain and ignoring the fish that he was actually injured inside, he stepped forward, to attack again. But Siangkoan Cie remained silent in his place, just watching while showing a mocking smile.

Su Lian, who witnessed the situation that had come to this, realized that it was impossible for Sin Han to attack Siangkoan Cie, because if the young man forced himself to attack, it would surely cause him to perish at the hands of Siangkoan Cie. In order to help Sin Han, even Su Lian couldn't, he was in a pinched state, unable to move and completely helpless, Therefore he had been watching with worry all the time.

Sin Han was still stepping forward, but only two steps away, and Siangkoan Cie with sharp eyes watching, showing a mocking attitude, preparing to attack as soon as the young man charged, in order to destroy him or make him seriously injured, suddenly one of Jie Liong Kauw's disciples screamed, the sound of the scream was so loud, his body then fell, fell on the floor, he did not move anymore.

Everyone was so shocked, Siarigkoan Cie turned to Jie Liong Kauw's disciple who had fallen down and seemed to have lost his soul. It turned out that he was none other than Sam Tu Song. His face at that time was like grimacing from intense pain, the skin on his face seemed to be pulled, and the color of his face was black. His body stiffened and didn't move anymore, his eyes popped out wide horribly, showing that he had met death in a violent way, enduring excruciating pain.

It's no joke that Siangkoan Cie, his eyes sweeping around the room, he watched over the escape, he snapped in a cruel voice: “Who dares to play crazy with us from Jie Liong Kauw? Please show yourself, don't play hide like that and play ass"

There was a giggling sound of laughter, then from above the roof came someone's answer, whose voice was very hoarse: "I killed him if you want to catch up with him, I will immediately send you to the end as well" Siangkoan Cie was furious, his body was like an arrow that had shot very agile, he jumped out, and as soon as his feet hit the ground, he stomped again and his body jumped onto the roof tiles. Immediately he saw, a man dressed in rags, almost fifty-five years old, sitting on a stoop and laughing softly, he was a beggar.

"Hemm" snorted Siangkoan Cie "Don't you know the accomplice of the young beggar she Sin?" shouted that, Siangkoan Cie also jumped while attacking with his huncwe. He intended to punch the old beggar.

But the old beggar didn't move from his seat at all, he just watched the attack come. As soon as he saw that huncwe Siangkoan Cie was almost there, he just raised his left hand, brushing his hair as he pleased.

"Don't bother me" he said with a low laugh.

Extraordinary. Huncwe Siangkoan Cie was hit by a sling until he was released from his grip and at that time the huncwe bounced and fell from the roof of the roof to the ground.

Siangkoan Cie let out a startled cry, he jumped back two steps, his eyes wide open watching the old beggar.

"You?" he said in a nonchalant voice. This was the first time he had experienced this in his life, the special weapon, namely his Huncwe, had been stabbed by the enemy until he was released from his grasp. What's even more extraordinary is that it was the first move, when he attacked for the first time. The old beggar had laughed coldly, “A human like you should receive the death penalty. Why do you dare insult our Pangcu from Kaypang, hey? Or are you tired of living?”

Being rebuked by the beggar, Siangkoan Cie opened his eyes wider, he said: “So. so

that young she Sin is your Grandfather from Kay-pang?”

"Right" nodded the old beggar, his attitude remained bland and mocking. “Hmmm you dare insult our Pangcu, also you dare to let out a slur of insults. Because of that, now you need to be rewarded with proper punishment. ”

Saying that, the old beggar reluctantly stood up and he straightened his waist, there was a very loud sound of bones, just as he was eliminating the aches in his back.

"Well, you get ready to receive a reward from me" said the beggar.

Siangkoan Cie quickly got ready because he knew that the old beggar was a beggar who had high intelligence, because earlier when he attacked with his huncwe, the old beggar was able to snag him and make the huncwe bounce and escape from his grasp. It has shown that this old beggar Iwekang is very tall.

What makes Siangkoan Cie wonder why the beggar who has very high intelligence and is much higher than Sin Han's intelligence, calls Sin Han as Pangcu. While the age of Sin Han himself is still too young. and his intelligence is several levels below that of this old beggar. If indeed Pangcu Kay-pang is like Sin Han, it means that Kay-pang is not a beggar association that is too meaningful.

However, with the presence of an old beggar who had extraordinary intelligence, Siangkoan Cie did not dare to look down on Kay-pang anymore.

At that time, it seemed the beggar had approached very close to Siangkoan Cie. With a cold laugh, his right hand immediately grabbed.

Siangkoan Cie also does not have insignificant intelligence, he is a student of Koko Timo who has quite high intelligence.

If he had been knocked down by the bounce of his huncwe, it was the result of his carelessness, where he did not expect that the old beggar had such high intelligence. Thus had caught him off guard, and had suffered defeat in just one move.

Now that he knew that the old beggar had high intelligence, Siangkoan Cie did not dare to look down on him anymore and he prepared with all the intelligence he had.

Watching the old beggar's hand grabbing at him, he immediately fended it off.

But Siangkoan Cie parried the empty space and was upset, because the old beggar quickly pulled back his left hand. In fact, it was his right hand that attacked violently. His left hand was apparently just a mere bluffing attack, and the real attack was his right hand. Siangkoan Cie did not become nervous. He was indeed surprised when he realized that his opponent's left hand attack was a mere deceptive and bluffing move, he quickly lost his spirit, fled from the old beggar's right hand attack, then his own right hand moved violently, the wind of the attack rushed towards the waist of the old beggar. old beggar.

The old beggar laughed coldly, he waved again with his right hand. Sounds like a 'clash'. Siangkoan Cie's hand can be blocked strongly. Siangkoan Cie's body staggered two steps back and stepped on the tile harder, so that the tile cracked and fell down with a creaking sound.

The old beggar had laughed. “Earlier you made a big talk by saying that Kay-pang baawa are just a bunch of hungry beggars. Now I want to see, by relying on what intelligence that you have the guts to dare insult and curse Kay-pang, eh?” He after saying that, it looks like the old beggar moved his hands, he attacked again. Now his blow was much stronger.

Meanwhile, Siangkoan Cie's body, when she took a few steps back, was critically trampled on, had concentrated her energy again. Now he saw that his opponent was not a random opponent. Thus he must serve him as best he can, if indeed he does not want to be knocked down by his opponent.

Meanwhile, the old beggar quickly changed the way he attacked him.

If at first he attacked directly with both hands moved to hit his opponent, now seeing how to fend off his opponent, he pulled his hand back, his body suddenly shot to the left of the opponent, and he accompanied him with a very fast gripping movement.

The movement of the old beggar can't be avoided by Siangkoan Cie, he has been grabbed by his right hand and gripped by the old beggar, who intends to crush the bones of Siangkoan Cie's wrist.

The old beggar's attempt failed, because at that time it was seen that Siangkoan Cie did not stand still. As soon as his wrist was caught, his other hand, which was still free, stabbed into the eye of the old beggar. He threatened to pry the seeds out of the old beggar.

The old beggar dodged his opponent's finger pointing towards his eyes by tilting his head, but he was still too late, Siangkoan Cie's fingers seemed to follow his movements, so that the fingers seemed to stay in front of his eyes. If the old beggar still didn't let go of his grip on Siangkoan Cie's wrist, surely his eye would have to be poked out. It means that Siangkoan Cie will have his wrist bones crushed, while the old beggar will have his eyes gouged out, and then he will become blind who can't see anymore.

Seeing such a threat, this old beggar from Kaypang had let out a mocking laugh. His body moved very swiftly, whereupon he jumped to the right. He let go of his grip, so that he could get away from Siangkoan, and the finger of Siangkoan Cie that was about to hit the target had completely failed to hit its target.

"Hmm" snorted the old beggar. "You seem to have quite a bit of intelligence. You deserve to talk and have a big head, just like in this world you are only someone who has high intelligence "

Siangkoan Cie stood still without saying a word, he just sat there massaging his wrists.

While the old beggar had glanced down, into the inner room. He saw that Sin Han and Su Lian were still surrounded by Jie Liong Kauw's people. If Su Lian was in a state of helplessness, where he was still weak and unable to face Jie Liong Kauw's men who had gathered in the room and recaptured him, had even been punched, while Sin Han himself was fighting with five or six Jie Liong Kauw members, where Sin Han tried to put up a persistent fight. Every time his hand is moved, he can flick or make the opponent's weapon bounce, he has also taken several of his opponent's weapons. Thus, it seemed that Sin Han had put up a staunch resistance, while his opponents had increased in number, five members of Jie Liong Kauw prepared to charge forward to help their comrades. At that time, the empty-handed Sin Han still faced his opponent without a weapon. But this young man realized, if such a situation continued even though his opponent's intelligence did not exceed him, he would eventually run out of strength.

The three Sute Siangkoan Cie, namely Koat Jie and his two comrades who had fought with Sin Han, have jumped out, they are standing in the yard, watching over the precariousness, because they are ready, if they receive orders from their master, namely Siangkoan Cie, then they would immediately jump up onto the roof to swarm the old beggar.

After witnessing such a situation, the old beggar laughed coldly, he looked at Siangkoan Cie sharply, he said in a mocking voice: "Hmm, apparently Jie Liong Kauw is only good at playing gangs. I thought, even though Kay-pang is an association of hungry beggars, it won't be that low.”

After saying that, with an unusually light movement, it seemed that the old beggar had jumped down, he also shouted in a loud voice "Pangcu, don't worry, I'm coming soon"

While shouting that, it looks like the old beggar has rushed into the room, he also moved his hands, then the four Jie Liong Kauw who were near the entrance, had been blown away by more than five spears. One of them had been thrown against the wall, and he felt his eyes flicker darkly, then fainted, passed out.

The beggar didn't just act there, he saw six or seven Jie Liong Kauw members lunging at him while moving their sharp weapons.

"Sharks, indeed Jie Liong Kauw is only good at playing gangs," exclaimed the beggar. While exclaiming that, his hands moving swiftly, he snatched his opponent's six weapons, threw them up and the six weapons, machetes and swords, had pierced deeply into the escape of the room.

While the old beggar's two hands had been moving in a tangled manner, in a short time he managed to throw two Jie Liong Kauw people, until they rolled over and the other four people had been kicked with both legs alternately, they bounced and rolled on the floor. .

Without wasting any time, this old beggar rushed to the center of the room, at that time Sin Han was still surrounded by Jie Liong Kauw's people. The old beggar without saying a word, had moved his hands. His left hand had grabbed Jie Liong Kauw's back he kicked and threw it, the person's body bounced and fell unconscious and did not wake up again. While the other hand had gripped very hard on the shoulder of the Jie Liong Kauw person who was on his right, he had struck with his left hand.

The Jie Liong Kauw man screamed in pain. His teeth were falling out, his nose was bleeding profusely, he had passed out. The old beggar had thrown the man on the floor.

Under such circumstances, Jie Li ong Kauw's other disciples were thrilled and jumped back not to surround Sin Han anymore. When Sin Han saw the old beggar, he exclaimed happily with a beaming face: “Su Tianglo. Have you come here too?”

"Just a coincidence" replied the old beggar, laughing. "I didn't intentionally look for Pangcu, but it was a coincidence that I met these monkeys who didn't know themselves, so I presumably stepped in to beat them up without waiting for Pangcu's orders again"

"Okay, let's beat the other monkeys" replied Sin Han.

Thus, they have moved again against Jie Liong Kauw's disciples.

Meanwhile, Siangkoan Cie who had jumped down as well and the pain in his wrist began to subside, invited the three suutes to go inside. Siangkoan Cie had witnessed several of his students being thrown away easily by the old beggar, Su Tianglo. He let out a snarl containing anger, his body sped up very fast, both of his hands were moved, the right hand attacked using the huucwe he had picked up earlier, while his left hand hit Su Tianglo's back with a bang.

Su Tianglo felt a powerful attack current grab him, he laughed coldly mockingly.

Without parrying, Su Tianglo leapt to the right, nor did he just dodge, because as soon as he managed to dodge the attack, he immediately struck back with his left hand. Su Tianglo's attack was not just an attack, because he attacked using a strong lwekang, also the target direction he was aiming for was a target that could bring death or serious injury to the victim of the blow. Moreover, Su Tianglo already knew that Siangkoan Cie had a fairly high intelligence, maybe only lost in line with him, because of that Su Tianglo did not dare to play around, he attacked using a strong lwetcang, almost eight parts, and also the moves from his attack were used great move.

Siangkoan Cie who was lunging became limp, he saw the severity of the old beggar's blow, he stopped with both legs bent, then both hands were raised to refute the attack. This has made Su Tianglo's attack power strong enough to be repelled. The impact shook the place.

Sin Han himself is busy serving the three Sute Siangkoan Cie. Koat Jie had attacked using all his intelligence, he was angry and curious because he had been knocked down by Sin Han. While the two brothers and sisters, who joined the siege of Sin Han. Each named Jiauw Hoat and Cin Liang, had attacked no less powerfully. If you look at it, Jiauw Hoat's intelligence is the highest among the three, because Koat Jie and Cin Liang are still inferior to Jiauw Hoat.

Sin Han is also busy facing his three opponents. Indeed the intelligence of the three Jie Liong Kauw, but he could not serve all three of them at once. If it is indeed an opponent, in a dozen moves he can knock down his opponent, now they have attacked all three at once, they also fought like reckless

Sin Han lost his spirit. The previous battle was exhausting

And now he was attacked and beaten by the three of them like that by his opponent, causing him to be crushed and fall under the wind. Sin Han desperately put up a fight, but he always failed to push one of his opponents.

Koat Jie himself was the most daring, as he repeatedly attacked without regard for his own safety. He was curious and attacked using all his inner strength and intelligence, making Sin Han so desperate.

Su Lian, who witnessed this, was very worried. If he wasn't influenced by the workings of the poison that Jie Liong Kauw's people had given him, he could have helped Sin Han. In fact, this girl's intelligence is not low, she is a student of a clever teacher who became one of the leaders of martial arts. But the action of the poison that Jie Liong Kauw gave him made him weak, powerless, besides. he couldn't put up a fight anymore. his intelligence may lie, but without sufficient strength his intelligence becomes meaningless.

Su Tianglo himself knew that his Pangcu was in a desperate situation and had fallen under the wind, he saw Sin Han had to dodge in haste and rarely had a chance to counterattack. Thus making Sin Han have to expend all his strength and drain all his knowledge, to face the siege of his three opponents, yet he still fails, and is still under great pressure.

"I can't waste time, even if I have to quickly knock down my opponent," thought Su Tianglo.

This old beggar put his lweskang into his palms. While accompanied by a loud scream, knowing that both of his palms were pushed straight, his legs bent slightly with very strong horses. The wind that hit Siangkoan Cie was extraordinary.

Siangkoan Cie attacked with his huncwe, while his other hand greeted the old beggar's attack. This was done by Siangkoan Cie, who was too brave, because as soon as their forces collided, he was taken aback by himself. The horses had both legs broken and crushed. Unable to hold back any longer, he had been blown away by three more spears. Luckily the ginkang had grown so fast that he got over himself, didn't have to stumble, he slid down with both feet first, and stood up straight.

Su Tianglo didn't waste any more time, as soon as his opponent was blown away, he took the opportunity to set his feet, his body shot towards Sin Han, his right hand grabbed onto Jiauw Hoat's back.

Jiauw Hoat also didn't stay still when he felt a strong and powerful attack on his back, without turning his head, he bent his body, bent his right hand, then elbowed him. Of course that elbow wasn't an ordinary elbow, besides that he chose the dangerous blood path near Su Tianglo's armpit, he had also used that elbow lwekang. If someone is hit by the elbow and the blood path of "Eng-tie-hiat" is hit by the elbow, it will cause the victim of the elbow to be seriously injured.

Su Tianglo watched his opponent elbow in that way, he didn't take his hand back, just contracted his stomach, arched his body, then he stepped aside, until his opponent's elbow hit an empty spot, and only grazed beside him for a few minutes. His hand that was stretched out to grip still grabbed Jiauw Hoat's back, he wanted to hold on to it.

Jiauw Hoat tried to dodge in a hurry when he saw that his elbow didn't hit his target, he tried to jump forward to escape the grip. But he failed. His back had been gripped so tightly, when Su Tianglo shouted loudly, Jiauw Hoat's body was instantly thrown three spears away.

Jiauw Hoat's body floated in mid-air. In contrast to Siangkoan Cie, who managed to get down on both feet first, Jiauw Hoat had rolled on the floor, and he then jumped up very quickly. At that moment, he lunged forward again.

Su Tianglo himself at that time had attacked Koat Jie. He seems to want to take the opportunity when he can throw Jiauw Hoat, wants to grab Koat Jie and throw it too. However, Koat Jie had seen his fellow teacher being thrown by the old beggar, so now that he was attacked like that, he quickly dodged without waiting for the attack to arrive, instead his right leg kicked very quickly. His kick was swift and powerful, forcing Su Tianglo to cancel his will to grip his opponent,

When the old sipeigemis canceled his grip, Koat Jie had used the opportunity to twist his body, while turning, he was also tired of attacking with his right hand, which was powered by eight parts of his lwekang power, aiming at the shoulder of Su Tianglo, meaning to bully the old beggar.

This time Su Tianglo did not dodge, instead he stayed silent to receive the attack just as he wanted to receive Koat Jie's hand attack.

Sambi put his shoulder to the punch, Su Tianglo's own hand moved swiftly towards his opponent.

A "Bukkk!" sound was heard. which was very loud, because Su Tianglo's shoulder was hit so hard, but the beggar had been alert he had coated his shoulder with the strength of his inner strength, so he managed to take the attack unharmed.

But the old beggar's hand hit his opponent's chest once, sending Koat Jie staggering back five steps.

Koat Jie's face was pale, he stood with his hands on his chest, while he didn't attack anymore. While Su Tianglo moved his right hand, hitting Cin Liang, his movement was a follow-up move, because Cin Liang was on his right.

Cin Liang was stunned at that time, because he saw that his brothers and sisters, one after another, had been knocked down by the old beggar, heavily attacked. Now that he saw that the old beggar was charging towards him, he quickly parried, slapping him with his right hand.

Their hands clashed violently, and each of them had stumbled back a few steps. If Su Tianglo took three steps back, while Cin Liang had retreated four steps

From the breakthrough that happened like that, they could clearly see that Cin Liang's intelligence was still a level below Su Tianglo's skill, because both his martial arts skills and skills, indeed Cin Liang could not match the intelligence of the old beggar.

Sin Han who witnessed this became excited, he laughed loudly, while shouting: "Su Tianglo, let's beat them up"

Along with those words, it seemed that Sin Han had stepped foot, his body flew very lightly, he had lunged at the other Jie Liong Kauw students, his movement was so fast and he also used both hands to attack several Jie Liong Kauw disciples who were standing nearby, and hit him. they toppled over. There were five people in all, two of them rolled over, and the three immediately lunged at Sin Han to gang up on them, but Sin Han moved his hands and feet, again the three Jie Liong Kauw disciples were able to knock him down. Thus, the other disciples of Jie Liong Kauw, stood with a doubtful attitude, because they were afraid that they would fall victim to Sin Han's hand and foot kick. But silence is also impossible,

Siangkoan Cie who witnessed such a situation had jumped in front of Su Tiang lo, he shouted with a shout '"Bastard beggar, I will destroy and chop your body"

Then accompanied by his shout, it was seen that Siangkoan Cie had moved a pair of hands to attack one another, so that the wind of the attack was roaring. Under these circumstances, it was immediately apparent that Siangkoan Cie was using all of his inner strength. Thus, it was necessary for Su Tianglo to respond to the attack with full strength and earnestness.

Two moves passed without a clash of hands, because in addition to dodging, even the second move had not yet reached the target, had also been withdrawn. And with the attack on the third move, then their hands collided with each other. Thus, instantly their bodies trembled,

Siangkoan Cie took a few steps back, to rush forward again. And it also seemed that Su Tianglo had taken two steps back, then charged forward immediately. They fought each other too. By attacking Su Tianglo without using his huncwe, but using only his bare hands, makes Siangkoan Cie look even more dangerous, because each attack contains the power of lwekang power that can destroy any large boulder.

Su Tianglo himself didn't want to waste any time, if he acted doubtfully, it would cause himself to be severely hit. Therefore, he too had used all his Iwekang strength to fend off.

Again their hands hit each other and both backed away as well. But quickly the two of them were fighting each other again.

That's it, the two of them have been fighting excitingly, It seems that the difference in their skills and intelligence is not much, and also at that time they have put all their strength and stored knowledge, by themselves they fought fiercely, the winds of their attacks were very loud.

Sin Han also did not stay silent. He jumped in front of two Jie Liong Kauw disciples, who were guarding Su Lian, then quickly Sin Han's hand flew over, so that the two people's bodies were blown away by it.

Immediately Sin Han freed Su Lian from the pounding, she the girl was able to move her legs and arms as usual.

At that time, Su Tianglo himself was still involved in a battle with Siangkoan Cie, they seemed indeed difficult to be separated again, because they used all of their stored knowledge and for people who had half-hearted intelligence it was impossible to separate them. If someone who was careless and reckless wanted to separate them, surely that person himself would be the victim of the attacks of the two people.

Sin Han saw Jie Liong Kauw's students numbering almost a hundred people, all of them took a confinement attitude with sharp weapons in their hands. Everyone was watching fiercely at the fighting Su Tianglo, and both Sin Han and Su Lian. Apparently they were getting ready to be attacked as they charged forward, encircling the three opponents.

However, due to the battle that took place between Siangkoan Cie and Su Tianglo, they could not take immediate action, they seemed to be waiting for a signal or order from Siangkoan Cie.

At that time, Jiauw Hoat had been standing still with his eyes looking fiercely at Sin Han, he seemed very curious. Likewise with Koat Jie and pin Liang. But the three of them saw the fight between Siangkoan Cie and Su Tianglo was still fighting, they naturally kept silent. Actually, if he followed his custom, Jiauw Hoat would attack Sin Han to fight again with the young man.

Sin Han stood by Su Lian as he prepared to protect the girl. if only Jie Liong Kauw's students wanted to attack the girl. The situation at that time was quite tense, with Su Tianglio and Siangkoan Cie still engaged in an intense battle. Sometimes it seemed that Siangkoan Cie and Su Tianglo were separating, but there were times when they fought very tight.

Apparently they have a balanced intelligence. Siangkoan Cie is only adrift when compared to Su Tianglo.

In such a state suddenly heard the sound of people coughing, and it was seen that Siangkoan Cie had jumped backwards with "exclaiming "Temperature!"

Jie Liong Kauw's other pupils are already fibrous


From the inside came out in a haughty manner and slowly a tall, thin man surpassed the height of the Han people. He had a sharp nose and a golden yellow beard, with a thin mouth and gray eyes. It was he who had very light footsteps, because Sin Han and Su Tianglo almost completely did not hear his arrival. They just learned of this human's arrival. which the Jie Liong Kauw people call Kauwcu. The chief, of course, is Kauwcu from Jie Liong Kauw himself. He is a foreigner, and that is what Koko Timo is.

Su Tianglo saw Siangkoan Cie jump back, he did not chase after him, only turned to the Persian.

“Hemm, who dares to mess around here.” asked the tall man, Kauwcu, using stiff Han. His gray eyes, had also looked intently at Sin Han, Su Tianglo and Su Lian in turn. “Temperature, it is these two people who are trying to protect that impudent girl.” explained Siangkoan Cie without being asked. "And they both come from an association that was recently born within the Kangouw circle, namely Kay-pang and that bastard youth was Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang's student, the founder of Kay-pang, the hungry beggar gang."

The Persian nodded a few times, then said, in a voice that remained stiff, his manner still haughty, his eyes widening for a moment. "Did Lo Ping Kang not come along?" he asked.

Su Tianglo and Sin Han knew that the Persian was no ordinary person. Everything can be seen from his condition, the way he walks, his eyes that shine sharply, he is someone who has very high intelligence. Immediately, Sin Han, has approached with his hands raised and jury salute "Sorry Locianpwe, we don't mean to mess here, nor do we mean to cause riots, and dare to be rude to the Locianpwe association. But we ran into Jie Liong Kauw members who were all trying to make a fuss with us.”

"Lies," shouted Siangkoan Cie angrily.

But the Persian moved his hand slowly, he prevented Siangkoan Cie from speaking further.

"Then." said the Persian. "If you really don't mean to mess around here, why are you and that old beggar fighting with my disciples and grandchildren'"

"We have to do this in self-defense, because if we stay silent it will surely make us the material of their game and will also be used as a kick ball here and there. Indeed, we have heard of the great name of the Jie Liong Kauw association and we do not dare to play crazy is not crazy” replied Sin Han with a patient and polite attitude, but in the way he said it, it looked like he was tough, even though he was humble, but he didn't show any fear of the Persian.

The Persian was indeed Kauwcu from Jie Liong Kauw, he was Koko Tirno. Earlier he had heard the commotion going on outside his room, he had been watching it, like someone who was fighting. So he came out of his room, and headed to the front room, so he witnessed the battle between Siangkoan Cie and Su Tianglo.

Because the ginkang has advanced and reached the peak of perfection, by itself has made everyone in the room not aware of his presence in the room. After watching for a long time, finally Koko Timo found out, if only Siangkoan Cie continued his battle with Su Tianglo as many as a dozen jagi moves, surely Siangkoan Cie would be destroyed by the old beggar Therefore, Koko Timo had been coughing several times, meant to separate his disciple from Su Tianglo who was involved in the fierce battle.

"Good. I am very impressed with your intelligence,” said Koko Timo again.

"Suhu, he is the Pangcu of Kay-pang, whether the old beggar is lying or not, he says that young bastard is the Pangcu of Kay-pang." Koko Timo's eyes played. "Is it true what my disciple said?" he asked haughtily.

Sin Han quickly stopped paying respects, he immediately humbled himself, "Indeed it is the trust given by my brothers and sisters, who want to trust Boanpwe to lead Kay-pang"

"Extraordinary. I didn't think that at such a young age you were already a Pangcu. Of course you are very clever. O brave young man What is your name? And who is your teacher?”

"Boanpwe Sin Han, and teacher Boanpwe Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang" replied Sin Han.

"So the position of Pangcu was given to you by your own teacher who founded Kay-pang?" asked Koko Timo.

Sin Han said yes

“Hmmm, being a Pangcu in Kay paog doesn't need to be highly intelligent or not, most importantly, he can gain the trust and support of Kay-pang members who choose him as a Pangcu. Sorry, according to my dark eyes, even this if I'm not mistaken, when it comes to intelligence and knowledge, you are still under that old beggar."

Sin Han smiled, he was not offended by Koko Timo's words like that, instead he immediately confirmed. “What Locianpwe said is not wrong at all. Indeed, Su Tianglo as well as several other Tianglo Kay-pang people have intelligence above Boanpwe. Because of this, Boanpwe also urgently needs to get guidance from them, and it's just a coincidence that they want to trust Boanpwe to sit as Pangcu in Kay-pang."

"Good! Since you are Pangcu Kay-pang, of course you have a price in dealing with me. Well, Sin Pangcu, I want to ask for a lesson from Sin Pangcu. Either Sin Pangcu will intervene himself to give instructions, or indeed Sin Pangcu will order the Kay-pang people who have high intelligence to deal with me?"

Su Tianglo knows that Koko Timo has a very high intelligence, because it is impossible for Sin Han to be allowed to come forward to face him, of course Sin Han will not be able to face him. Immediately he interrupted: "If you really don't mind, I want to represent Sin Pangcu". While saying that, Su Tianglo seemed to be eager to salute.

Koko Timo laughed bitterly, saying: “It's up to your Pangcumu. If indeed your Grandfather agrees, I will serve him. Of course, in the end, your Pangcumu had to step in and give me directions."

After saying that, while waving his right hand, Koko Timo has stepped forward to the center of the room, to start fighting

Su Tianglo also did not dare to be distracted. He quickly jumped into the middle of the room, in front of the Kauwcu of Jie Liong Kauw.

"Hope you are kind to me and don't lower your hand too hard," said Su Tianglo. Koko Timo waved his hand, he said: “Start” He said that in a nutshell.

Su Tianglo also didn't hesitate anymore, he jumped three steps forward, and his right hand attacked violently. Because he knew that Koko Timo was the teacher of Stangkoan Cie, who became the Kauwcu of Jie Liong Kauw. Of course his intelligence is much more shrewd and Siangkoan Cie, because it is so attacking, Su Tianglo has used nine parts of his inner strength. He also has used the greatest jutsu.

At that time Koko Timo did not move from where he stood, he was waiting for the hammer with a mocking laugh.

Su Tianglo was surprised to see that his opponent made no effort to dodge. Likewise, Sin Han, who saw that Koko Timo did not dodge, could guess of course that he would receive Su Tianglo's attack by using force. Because of that, he had cried out loudly: “Be careful Su Tianglo. !”

But just as he shouted that, Su Tianglo's fist had hit Koko Timo's chest perfectly. The mana attack made a loud banging sound, because Koko Timo didn't flinch at all, he let his chest hit.

The loud crashing sound was followed by Su Tianglo's shocked exclamation, because at that time he felt like he was hitting metal so hard, it made his fist hurt excruciatingly.

Su Tianglo realized quickly, that Koko Timo's lwekang had reached the perfect level, because he could exert the lwekang on his chest, making his chest like a sheet of iron alone, unable to be hit by Su Tianglo's fist even though the fist was actually accompanied by a lwekang who very strong.

Koko Timo laughed mockingly. "'Your lwekang is still not much, how can you want to conquer the martial jungle with all your shabby associations?" he said mockingly.

Su Tianglo did not serve the ridicule, without saying anything. he had jumped forward again. His left and right hands moved very fast, he had hit with Lwekang's full strength, so that, the attack winds roared violently and fiercely, making the situation in the room like being hit by a hurricane.

All the disciples of Jie Liong Kauw saw that Su Tianglo's intelligence and skill were indeed very high, obviously if those who had to deal with him, of course would not be able to.

Sin Han himself thought, "If it was me who had to face Koko Timo, of course I wouldn't be able to, because his intelligence is very high."

Su Lian who saw Su Tianglo's condition, who failed with that battle attack, had said in a doubtful voice “Engko Han, can we escape the hands of Jie Liong Kauw's people? The old Persian's intelligence was indeed very great. This is Koko Timo."

Sin Han let out a muffled cry, he watched Koko Timo more closely, "No wonder Tat Mo Cauwsu said that Koko Timo has the same high intelligence as Tat Mo Cauwsu himself" said Sin Han then slowly.

"Yes," said Su Lian. “That's why, neither my teacher nor the martial arts jungle figures are always knocked down in just three moves and completely helpless. If Su Tianglo doesn't manage to deal with it, it will certainly get us into great trouble.”

Su Tianglo himself was aware of the danger he was in, having failed with his first blow, he realized that the opponent had extraordinary dexterity, and was several levels above him. Su Tianglo earlier hit not with a normal punch, because it was accompanied by a very strong lwekang as strong as the lung of ten horses, but in fact Koko Timo managed to block the blow without dodging, instead attacking back, and he was nothing short of something, even though his chest was hit so hard. . So it was Su Tianglo himself who was suffering from the pain in his fist,

However, in front of Jie Liong Kauw's people, Su Tianglo didn't want to show his weakness just like that, because he was carrying no small responsibility for the big name of Kay-pang, his association.

Releasing his spirit, Su Tiang La attacked again. His right fist flew first, behind him followed his left fist, the wind of the attack roared violently.

Su Tianglo's right fist hit Koko Timo's chest again. followed by his left hand which had struck as well. Thus, the strong impact of his right hand coupled with the force of the blow from his left hand, he intends to destroy Koko Timo, because Koko Timo will certainly respond to his attack silently like before. For Su Tianglo's joy, indeed Koko Timo did not move from his place, remained standing where he was and took both blows with his chest.

“Bukkkkkk” “Bukkkkk” twice there was a sound of blows from both of Su Tianglo's fists hitting Koko Timo's chest hard. The impact made Koko Timo's body sway a little, but the leader of Jie Liong Kauw just smiled, he puffed out his chest, so the great thing was that Su Tianglo himself, he was bounced with four spears, but did not bounce, because the old beggar quickly got over him.

Koko Timo smiled mockingly, his attitude was very arrogant, he said: “We have passed two moves and only one move left. Well, let's attack at will, which part of my body do you choose?"

Being ridiculed like that Su Tianglo was angry and curious, he was really surprised and curious, because he had twice attacked using very powerful energy, but Koko Timo was able to receive the attack by not moving from where he was, instead he put his chest up, and didn't move. hit back, and he didn't parry or dodge either. It was a formidable force, taking a heavy hit, but experiencing nothing. Unfortunately for Su Tianglo, he actually felt his fist hurt and was made to bounce in such a way by Koko Timo. If he wanted to attack again now, it would surely make him accept an even more bitter experience. If he attacks more and more fiercely and recklessly, it is not necessarily able to destroy Koko Timo,

However, here there is a question of pride and his party, namely Kay-pang. If he didn't attack again, Kay-pang would lose his name just because of his cowardice. So after staying silent for a while, even though he understood that he would be in trouble, Su Tianglo still put his strength into his fists, he shouted as he lunged with all his might to attack Koko Timo.

In such a manner, Su Tianglo intended to pit souls. If only Koko Timo intended to harm him, he was willing to do harm with Koko Timo. That was why Su Tianglo had attacked so fiercely wanting to pit souls.

Koko Timo who witnessed his opponent's attack, watched with a mocking smile. When his attack arrived he did not flinch. Like earlier, he allowed his body to be targeted by Su Tianglo's attack.

Sin Han and Su Lian were watching, so looked on with pounding hearts. They were worried about Su Tianglo's safety. Therefore, Sin Han was prepared to attack Su Tianglo in case Su Tianglo faced a disaster and his safety was threatened.

Su Tianglo's attack had struck very close, he also saw how Koko Timo didn't even try to dodge, so he also lost all his strength, he thought: "Hmmm, it's impossible for you not to be harmed if you accept my powerful attack without any resistance at all."

While thinking so, Su Tianglo's attack had arrived at Koko Timo's chest.

Just like earlier, as soon as Su Tianglo's fist hit the target, Su Tianglo's body immediately bounced and floated in mid-air suffering pain in his wrist like it was crushed.

Koko Timo himself at that time seemed to be silent, but actually as soon as the opponent's fist arrived in his chest it hit hard, besides he had issued Iwekang energy on his chest, making his opponent's body bounced into the air, Koko Timo's right hand itself had also attacked with a shampoo. very strong. That was why, why Su Tianglo was blown away with an internal wound that was not light, because he had been hit by the power of Koko Timo's shampoo.

Sin Han let out an exasperated cry, he jumped up to attack Koko Timo. Meanwhile, Su Lian jumped towards Su Tianglo's body which was about to crash,

Su Lian meant that he wanted to support the old beggar Tianglo's body, so as not to slam on the floor.

However, Su Lian had not yet been able to extend his hand, at that time a figure flashed from outside with a very light and rapid movement, so that Su Lian could not see the person's face. At that time the person who had just appeared had stretched out both hands, he had welcomed Su Tianglo's body with a very easy movement and had managed to prevent Su Tianglo from falling on the floor, because when he put Su Tianglo down, the old beggar was able to sit on the floor.

“Omitohud Omitohud” praised the newcomer in a very gentle and patient voice.

Su Tianglo winced in pain, even though he didn't fall down, he was in great pain, because he was injured inside which wasn't light.

The person who helped him even then punched some blood paths on Su Tianglo's body, then the feeling of pain disappeared and he then fell asleep in his sleep, because of the results of the strokes that had been done by his helper.

Thus, he would not have to suffer any further pain.

Su Lian had been standing there stunned watching the person who had helped Su Tianglo. And he saw, that the person who had just appeared was dressed as a priest who was very old in age, his face was flushed healthily and his friendly smile and shining eyes showed that the priest did indeed have a compassionate heart.

At that time the priest had spoken his praises to the greatness of the Buddha, then in a patient voice, he said "KokoTimo, we haven't seen each other for a long time and now Bells have the opportunity to pass by this place, also from some friends, Bells happened to know that you were here. That's why Bell is eager to meet to talk to you" -oodwoo-