Warrior Curse Chapter 61-67 (End)

Chapter 61-67 (End)

61. Three-legged frog

In the beginning, the sudden alternating hot cold feeling really tormented Siau-liong. But over time he became immune. And strangely, the pain in his body disappeared.

Slowly his mind calmed down again. He felt in that hour had undergone a huge change. Some passages in the Thian-kong-sin-kang heritage book were difficult to understand, at that time most of them could already be understood.

The lessons that presented about the qualities of Spirit, Heart, Desire and Mind that he had not been able to understand so far, were now able to grasp the essence one by one.

Siau-liong was secretly surprised with joy. He did not know how far he could understand the contents of the heirloom book. But clearly, he felt his intelligence was very shallow, before understanding the contents of the heirloom book.

He was secretly amused by the behavior of the old priest from the top of Kim-ting. The priest wanted to sentence him to death. But without realizing it, the punishment of burning fire and immersing him in ice, had prompted his mind to break down the gist of difficult passages from the Thian-kong-pit-kip heritage book.

While he was deep in contemplation he was suddenly startled by a hissing sound that came towards his place. He hastily devoted his attention to hearing the sound.

He was shocked when he saw above the cave wall to the right, suddenly a large snake appeared. The snake's head grew a red crest and its body was streaked with black and blue flowers. Definitely a vicious snake.

Apparently the snake had smelled the whereabouts of Siau-liong. Then slowly he crept closer.

Of course, Siau-liong was shocked to death. At that time his blood path was cursed, unable to move. Wouldn't he have been bitten to death by that poisonous snake?

But at a distance of two meters from where Siau-liong was, the snake stopped. The animal shook its head and wagged its tail while making a hissing sound.

In the face of the sinister atmosphere of impending death, Siau-liong has run out of power. The only way was to put all his strength into it and at the same time he continued to roll sideways. Twice he rolled over and had arrived under the left cave wall. 

But what a surprise when he looked inside, it turned out that the snake was still crawling after him. His head, which was raised half a meter up, flashed fiery eyes.

Frustrated, the Siau-liong roared loudly and grabbed the snake's head. Keep throwing it in the face.

"Bluk ..." Siau-liong's ejection was not as strong as if the snake's head was torn apart.

After calming down, he quickly got up and almost screamed in surprise. Gripped by tension, he forgot that he shouldn't have been able to kill the snake because its blood path was still blocked. But it turns out he can move freely. Then when will the path of his cursed blood be opened?

Ah, he immediately remembered what had happened. Surely when he mustered up his strength and rolled himself on the ground earlier, the path of his blood opened by itself.

Not playing for joy at that time. He sat up quickly and breathed. He felt the blood flowing smoothly, the inner energy began to stir. Hot air in the stomach, flowing throughout the body.

A few moments later he woke up. He looked at the situation in the cave carefully. It looks like the cave door is closed, there are several gaps that are uneven in shape.

Immediately he mustered his strength and tried to push the door. Ah, really heavy. He almost felt like he couldn't push it anymore. But because of nervousness, he was forced to try again.

"Crack ...." apparently the door began to move. Siau-liong was overjoyed and immediately added his strength to push. "Crack, crack..." the stone door opened half a meter wide.

With a long whistle, he quickly jumped out. But before he could take a look around the surroundings, suddenly a voice burst into laughter, “Omitohud! That impulse must be at least a thousand catties in strength. Apparently instead of dying but you actually got a big fortune!"

Siau-liong looked up and saw Kim-ting priest standing tall from the cave.

It was only then that Siau-liong could clearly see the face of the priest. An old priest who was tall and thin. His robe is full of patches, grass shoes. His pair of eyes shone fiercely. But it is not known how he behaved at that time. Excited or angry?

Siau-lion snorted coldly. he cried, "Old priest, maybe you never thought ..."

He took two steps forward and snapped, “I don't hold any grudge against you. Why do you keep insisting on killing me?"

"Sneaked into a cave and was about to pick up a three-legged frog. Isn't that sin not worthy of death?"

Siau-liong laughed his heart out. His anger subsided, "Even though I haven't been in the world of martial arts for a long time, but in my life I have never stolen anyone's property..."

He paused for a moment and said, “I came here really to ask for the mustika frog. Of course the matter of smuggling into the cave, is because the two students of Losiansu don't want to tell Losiansu!"

Father Kim-ting laughed, “Those three-legged frogs are magic beasts that guard caves. With your wild and violent actions how are you going to get that frog?"

Siau-liong shouted loudly, “The two husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell have ravaged the martial world because they wanted to dominate it. All the brave figures in the world no one can match and were forced to give up. They were now gathered at the summit of Kim-ting here. This is the moment that determines the death of the martial world. My coming to ask for the mustika frog is not for my personal interest at all but to save the fate of the martial world…”

Siau-liong's face turned tense and his voice became even more vulnerable. He sighed for a moment and said, "If the two devil husbands and wives really can master the martial world, maybe even Losiansu can't sit quietly in this cave!"

Father Kim-ting laughed, “So far I have not wanted to interfere with the turbulence of the martial world. And this time is no exception..."

"I don't want to beg for lotion to interfere in the affairs of the martial world, but just want to ask the three-legged toad..." Siau-liong quickly retorted.

"That's difficult ....." Kim-ting priest stopped then with sparkling eyes he said, "although the hot cold in the cave earlier can kill you but to get out of this cave, is not an easy thing for you. you need to ask for the mustika frog!"

Siau-liong was shocked. Indeed, what the priest said was true. Judging from the knowledge of the priest's blood path, he knew that the priest had indeed reached a high level of intelligence. If the priest really wanted to kill him, it would be difficult for him to escape. In such a state it is useless he wants to ask for all kinds of mustika frogs ....!

"You mean lotionansu wants to put me to death?" he said moments later.

The skinny priest smiled, "That depends on how clever you are!"

Siau-liong was very angry. He really couldn't control himself and snapped coldly, “At first I thought you were a high priest. That's why I always have the patience to give in. You should know. that even though I am still so young, I am the inheritor of Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic."

The skinny priest laughed loudly, “My knowledge is powerful Ih-kah-sin-kang, there is no match in the world. The only one who can match my knowledge is Thian-kong-sin-kang. But even that has to be seen to what extent the level of education of the person who possesses the Thian-kong-sin-kang is!"

For a moment the priest looked at Siau-liong sharply and then suddenly shouted, "Come on, fight!"

Siau-liong snorted coldly and was about to hit him but suddenly something flashed in his mind and he lowered his hand again.

"Hm, afraid of this old priest?" sneered priest Kim-ting Siau-liong laughed coldly.

“In my whole life I have never known the word fear! I just want to explain once again, that my intention to ask for the mustika frog was not for my personal benefit but to help all the martial arts figures who were trapped at the top of Kim-ting. Even the four inheritors of the four kinds of magic have been captured by the world-conquering devil, so I don't really have the appetite to fight with you either!"

The priest squinted his eyes and laughed, “Slave! Your intelligence as a little devil is okay...." - he paused and then, "In what way can I arouse your appetite to fight with me?"

Siau-liong's eyes wandered for a moment then said, “If I lose, it's up to how the lotion will punish me. But if I'm lucky to win…”

Father Kim-ting quickly laughed retortingly, "As long as you can win me over, I'll definitely give the three-legged frog to you!"

"Will lotionansu have no regrets?"

Siau-liong pounded waiting for that opportunity. Indeed, he did not have high hopes of winning the battle, but he did not give up quickly. Hopefully fate will bring good changes to him.

The priest snapped, "Huh, you think I'm an untrustworthy person?"

The lion was surprised. He saw a pair of skinny priest's eyes fiery. His face did not show anger but a prominent authority, so that Siau-liong felt small.

Even though he couldn't be sure that he could defeat the priest, but because the situation was urgent, he had to try his best in any case. If he is lucky enough to win, he will get the mustika frog which is indispensable for the manufacture of Sip-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pills. A pill that will save the characters from drug addiction.

With that goal, loosen up Siau-liong's heart. Even if he died in battle with that Kim-ting priest, that's okay. He just left it to fate.

With that resigned determination, he immediately channeled his energy into getting ready.

Kim-ting's holy priestess face remained very calm. His legs were free and did not show any preparation. But even so, the priest exuded an aura that thrilled people's hearts.

After letting go of the spirit, shouted Siau-liong in a serious tone, "Please start the lotion!"

The holy priest smiled, he said, "Fight with you why do I still want to attack first?"

Siau-liong realized that the priest was indeed powerful so he did not look him in the eye. Secretly he was happy because the priest wanted to be attacked first.

"Then forgive me for being disrespectful!" he cried laughing and then turned his left hand and slowly pointed it at the priest. The Siau-liong's movement was strange. Like hitting but also like knocking. Like gripping but also like slapping. A hand gesture that allows a thousand effects.

"Slave! Your move is just an empty bluff, how can you trick me!" cried priest Kim-ting laughing. He didn't want to move at all from his place and seemed to ignore Siau-liong's hand.

The lion was surprised. He wondered why the opponent knew his attack was empty. But as fast as lightning he continued to move his right hand with the Hun-hoa-hud-liu move to grip the elbow of the priest's left arm.

But the priest was still laughing out loud and would not move from where he was standing.

Siau-liong was secretly excited. He added strength in his right hand to grip the priest's arm. He thought, "Because you don't want to dodge and fend off, it seems that God really wants me to win!"

But what a surprise when he felt that he could certainly grip people's hands, suddenly somehow. he gripped the empty wind. Let alone the elbows, even the hem of the priest's clothes could not be touched.

And when he looked up, he saw that the skinny priest was still upright in his place. It doesn't seem to range at all.

Siau-liong's shock was unbelievable, he thought, "Is this priest using demonic magic?"

While he was staring, suddenly the magic priest laughed, "Attacking fiercely, including low-level knowledge ....!"

Pausing for a moment he said, "Slave, is it so bad for you to learn the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang?"

Siau-liong blushed. Secretly he was more surprised and realized that what he was facing was really a highly knowledgeable priest. It was clear that the battle would be in vain.

But the priest's words made Siau-liong aware of several facts. That while being boiled in a cave with hot cold air. he managed to solve some difficult lessons in the book of Thian-kong-pit-kip.

Although most of these sciences belong to the science of Breath and seem to have nothing to do with the science of punches and punches, the Siau-liong's intelligent brain can immediately realize it.

Thian-kong-sin-kang is a teaching science that prioritizes Sin (spirit). That while in the cave he had managed to understand the lessons of Spirit, Heart, Desire, Mind, Movement, Tranquility, Emptiness and Content. Why didn't he use what he knew then? Who knows, maybe that is the essence of Thian-kong-sin-kang's lesson.

So he smiled and said, "Please lotion, don't laugh, be careful!"

At that time he kept moving in the Hun-hua-hud-liu move to grip Pastor Kim-ting's left wrist.

Suddenly Pastor Kim-ting burst out laughing, “Ho-la! Thian-kong-sin-kang really isn't some petty science!"

Siau-liong was very surprised. It was only when his mind planned to develop Spirit, Heart, Desire, Mind and others in Hun-hua-hud-liu moves, suddenly he could grasp the priest's right arm.

He really didn't notice that he had forgotten that he was moving in that move. Being taken aback by the shock, he forgot to use force to grip people's arms.

Father Kim-ting laughed. His left arm suddenly radiated energy so that half of Siau-liong's body tingled and his right hand was thrown shaking. His hands were handcuffed with chains. May the priestess King Ting grip her wrist back.

“Ho, from losing to winning!” the priest laughed loudly.

The lion was surprised. Quickly he mustered his strength in the direction of the wrist. But even though the five fingers of the priestess are very thin, they are not inferior in strength to steel. Because the Siau-liong was pounding with internal power, the internal energy was repelled and almost crushed his own chest contents.

"I'm done with now!" Siau-liong silently sighed.

Suddenly the priest shouted at him, “Idiot! Don't you know what is called Strike to suppress attack? Is there basic knowledge that you can't use?"

Simultaneously the Siau-liong was like a person awakened from a dream. He complained in his heart why he didn't remember that way. Then he quickly spread the five left fingers and hit the opponent's chest. The movement took place in unison with his Dreams. Truly a blend of desire and hand gesture.

Because of urgency, Kim-ting priest was forced to lean over. But quickly, Siau-liong's five fingers were pulled back and changed to take the priest's wrist.

Father Kim-ting burst out laughing. He let go of his left hand and took three steps back, shouting, "Materials that can be used!"

Siau-liong was stunned.

He contemplated his battle with the Kim-ting priest. As soon as it kicked off, the priest had mastered it. If the priest had not given any instructions, perhaps he would have lost.

Suddenly the priest said, "Although I have never traveled in the world of martial arts, but I believe in my knowledge, Ih-ka-sin-kang, no one can survive three moves. Judging by your young age but capable of a draw with me, you really did not disappoint yourself as the heir of Thian-kong-sin-kang……”

For a moment he kissed his eyes, the priest continued, "Because I don't know whether to win or lose, this time I broke the rules to forgive you. But don't expect you to be able to get that mustika frog....! Get out of this cave!"

Siau-liong even took a step forward and knelt in front of the priest, ""Really my eyes can't see Mount Thaysan. If there was something I did that was rude, I hope you will forgive me..."

By then he had realized Pastor Kim-ting's good intentions. While cursing at his stupid self, he continued to say thank you, "For the instructions locianpwe gave, wanpwe......,"

"Are you out on your own or should I throw you out?" said the sacred priest with a frozen face.

Siau-liong was stunned, he said, "Let me go alone! But..." — he slowly got up, he cried, "My lunch that was taken by the two sian-tongs, I hope locianpwe likes to return it!"

"Could I take your stuff!" snapped the priest angrily as he waved his hand.

At that time, Siau-liong had no prejudice against Kim-ting. And the priest's punch didn't make a sound at all.

By the time Siau-liong was shocked, his body was already engulfed by a violent surge of power. Fortunately, the force was so gentle that it didn't hurt Siau-liong's body. Even so the Siau-liong bounced five or six spears away. It was only when he stood up that he realized that he was already outside the cave.

The two boys in blue and white, dashed out of the cave. With cold eyes they stared at Siau-liong for a moment then pressed against the edge of the cave door. There was a creaking sound and from both sides a stone door slid out, closing the cave tight.

Siau-lion took a deep breath. He stood still. Suddenly a voice called out to him softly, “Shit-liong! Sia...."

Siau-liong was surprised and turned away. When you look closely, the surprise is unbelievable.

The virgin Song Ling stood beside him while looking questioningly. While the One-Eyed Grandfather was still sitting two spears away from the cave door, smiling and saying nothing.

Siau-liong gopoh asked, “Miss Song, what about Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage. Now...."

Song Ling pointed to the far side, “They are over there!”

While looking in the direction the virgin was pointing, Siau-liong also asked, "Aren't they fighting the two world-conquering Demons?"

Song Ling shook her head, "I don't think so..." — then the girl asked, "What about the three-legged frog? Have you got it?"

Siau-liong sighed, "Ah, that priest has a very strange character, it's hard to touch his heart..."

In the meantime, he had arrived before One-Eyed Grandpa. He then told all the experiences he had.

Song Ling wrinkled her nose, “In that case, that priest really can't be negotiated properly. He didn't want to give the mustika frog, it's okay. But why are you still holding people's belongings and torturing people in such a way...!"

62. The Evil Warrior's Mask

Then with a snarling look, the wench turned to her grandpa teacher, “Didn't sucou say he often visited and played chess with him? Why doesn't sucou go to him and slap him!"

Siau-liong laughed, “But the sacred priest was not disappointed as a noble priest. Even though I was tortured for half a day in a cave, I got a lot of benefits!"

"Did he give you martial arts instructions?" One-Eyed Grandpa asked.

Siau-liong nodded, “You can think of it that way.”

"Do you now feel that you will be able to face the mob of the four heirs of the magic knowledge?"

"This.... This I dare not confirm. And again..." Siau-liong slammed his feet and sighed,

“And again, my teacher and other characters are still controlled by the two demon husbands and wives. Even the precious medicines and prescriptions my teacher gave me were lost. Even if I can fight the four inheritors of magic, but what's the use? Are you telling me to be a student who harms the teacher?

After saying that his nose was moist, a few tears fell.

Song Ling was anxiously holding onto the hem of her teacher's grandfather's shirt, "Cousu-ya, hope you find power quickly! Are you really not thinking about my mother's fate?"

The One-Eyed Grandpa stroked the virgin's shoulder while comforting her, "Son, don't make a fuss...."

Then looking up at the sky, the one-eyed grandfather continued,

"It's still early today. Although the two demons were about to make any plans, but of course they would wait until midnight. Well, let's wait and see how it develops. I think the skinny priest certainly doesn't stop here. Maybe…” — he stroked his long beard and remained silent.

The pair of virgin eyes filled with tears and rested her head on her teacher's grandfather's shoulder.

By that time the sun was leaning west. Siau-liong sharpened his hearing. From the top of Kim-ting's peak, there was the sound of rock thudding but no sound of anyone could be heard.

A few moments later, Siau-liong asked in surprise, "Are Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage busy?"

"He's busy setting up the stage that the world-conquering Devil will use to announce his appointment as the leader of the martial world!" said One-Eyed Grandpa.

Siau-liong was surprised, "Is Ceng Hi totiang afraid of death that he is willing to be enslaved by the two demons?"

One-Eyed Grandpa laughed, “Just the opposite! Ceng Hi Totiang's actions were just a ploy to wait for reinforcements...." — then looking at Siau-liong, One-Eyed Grandpa said,

"They have seen you go into the cave so all their hopes are on you. What they hope for as reinforcements is that you can take Kim-ting priest out of his cave!"

Siau-liong sighed, “Then what they hope for, their hopes will be in vain! As for a three-legged frog, he won't give it away let alone be told to come out to help!"

One-eyed Grandpa kept laughing, “Although by torturing yourself it is a bit too much but it can make you in a short time, know the difficult lessons in the book of Thian-kong-pit-kip. Doesn't that mean he's already given a helping hand?"

Siau-liong was shocked. He secretly admitted that the blind grandfather's words were indeed correct. He looked at the old man without saying anything. But in the heart, full of various kinds of question marks.

Suddenly there was a crackling sound. Siau-liong was startled and hastily looked towards the cave. The door of the cave that had been tightly closed, suddenly creaked open slowly.

"I know the skinny priest is not a human being who cares about people's possessions. Look at that!" One-eyed Grandpa smiled.

The two boys in blue and white clothes carried a few things and with a faint smile walked over to One-Eyed Grandpa's place.

Siau-liong was not surprised at that time. What the two boys brought were none other than their belongings, namely a disguise tool as an Evil Warrior.

It was clear the two boys had untied their bundles and pulled out masks with the faces of the Evil Warriors with wigs, thick eyebrows and a red nose. The mask with the scary face of the cursed warrior was carried by the boy in blue.

As soon as they arrived in front of Siau-liong, the two boys then threw the object piece by piece, he shouted, "Try to break it up, is there anything missing?"

Carrying the mask of the Evil Warrior, the boy in blue asked, "What do you need to bring with you like this? Are you going to pretend to be a demon to scare people?"

Siau-liong quickly grabbed the mask, he replied, "Why do you dare to carelessly check my bundle of provisions?"

The boy in blue gasped, he cried frantically, "A demon mask like that, who would take it!"

Siau-liong knew that the girl Song Ling hated to death the Evil Warrior. If the mask was discovered by Song Ling, it would certainly raise a serious question. So he quickly wrapped it up again.

But too late. Song Ling had seen it all. Quickly he screeched, "What is it?"

Siau-liong smirked, “It's okay! Just my plaything first!"

“Give it to me!” Song Ling snapped, as she continued to snatch it.

Siau-liong couldn't do anything except let it be taken by the virgin.

“Take it to your heart's content! Is something like this devil's face, you want to grab it?" The boy in blue laughed giggling.

On the other hand, the boy in white said to One-Eyed Grandpa, "I know that you must be busy today so he doesn't want to invite you to play chess!"

"That's right," said One-Eyed Grandpa, "I have to play with him all day long. Give him my thanks!"

After exchanging glances, the two boys immediately excused themselves.

Because Song Ling took the Evil Warrior's mask, Siau-liong's heart was restless. As soon as the two boys left, he hurriedly checked the medicines given by his teacher, Kongsun Sin-tho.

He was surprised to see the medicine package shrink so small. Of course people have opened it. And even more surprised when he opened the package. The medicines his teacher gave him had all disappeared.

And in the bundle only filled with a golden yellow ho-lou or jar. The jar contained twenty black pills.

From shock, Siau-liong's heart turned into immeasurable joy. Holding the pill jar, he stuttered, "This....this...." - although his heart could guess but he didn't dare to say for sure.

One-eyed grandfather laughed, he exclaimed, “The priest is a noble priest. There was no way he would have the heart to see this situation. That pill must be the Sip-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pill he made to give you!"

While looking at the cave where the door was closed again, Siau-liong expressed his gratitude to the priest. But One-Eyed Grandpa laughed at him,

"Since childhood he has entered the priesthood. And now he doesn't want to interfere in worldly affairs anymore. What do you need to thank him for?"

Looking at the old man, Siau-liong silently confirmed. He said to himself, “Yes, that's right, that Kim-ting priest doesn't care about worldly affairs anymore. It's useless to thank him. Then how can I repay him?"

The One-Eyed Grandfather also said, “The old priest is most fond of playing chess. In his spare time I will accompany him to play chess and I will tell him that I represent you to repay his favor. But..." — he paused suddenly and then laughed, "I have a business I want you to pass first."

"Whatever, please locianpwe say. As long as I can do it, of course I will do it even if I have to enter the lake of fire!"

"Ah, it's not that serious. About that..." One-Eyed Grandpa laughed meaningfully, "it's certainly good for you. There's no need to brave the sea of fire because it's quite safe."

"What is it about?" Siau-liong more surprised.

The old man shook his head laughing, “Natural secrets should not be divulged. The important thing is whether you want to pass or not?"

Siau-liong looked at the old man even more clueless, "When will locianpwe want me to do that?"

"At the earliest, after the two demon husbands and wives have been exterminated!"

Siau-liong nodded and expressed his agreement.

With a serious frown on his face, One-Eyed Grandpa said, “A word of mouth, no guarantee. Please take your oath!"

Without much doubt, Siau-liong continued to take the oath, "If I regret what I agreed to, let me be crushed to death by Allah!"

"Very nice!" One-Eyed Grandpa laughed, "That oath is quite serious and trustworthy!"

Siau-liong paid no attention to it. He believed that One-Eyed Grandpa must have meant well to him. Moreover, it was only carried out after the world-conquering Devil was exterminated.

At that time, Siau-liong remembered the virgin.

When he glanced to the side, he saw that Song Ling was still looking at the Evil Warrior's mask with concern and fury. As soon as Siau-liong glanced at him, the virgin quickly threw away the mask and screeched, "Why do you have this thing? What is your relationship with the Evil Warrior?"

"I...." Siau-liong was nervous.

Song Ling rolled her eyes and pointed at Siau-liong angrily, "Are you his disciple?"

Siau-liong shook his head and sighed, "I'm not his student, and again..."

Song Ling soared and roared like a lioness who had lost a cub, “Good! You actually admit, you.... you.... ah, my eyes are really blind!"

After pouring out her anger, the virgin continued to cry loudly.

Siau-liong fumbled but couldn't do anything. After the girl stopped crying, then she tried to comfort her, "Miss, the cursed warrior is dead..."

Song Ling widened her eyes but quickly snorted coldly, “Nonsense! When did he die?"

Siau-liong sighed, “He died inside the Curious Valley on Hong-san mountain. He never appeared in the martial world at all......" — he paused for a moment and then continued, "The one who appeared as an abominable warrior in the martial world was actually me..."

"Then it was you who fought with me in the Valley of the Dead then, too?"

Siau-liong agreed, "Yes, I had to do that, please, miss."

Song Ling sat down again and asked, "What do you need you to do?"

"Ah, it's a long story to tell," Siau-liong sighed, "anyway, even though he and I don't have a bond as teacher and student, in reality I have received his lesson. If he hadn't sacrificed his pure spirit for decades to channel my body, I would have died in that Sea of Curiosity. And if he hadn't channeled his pure energy to me, he wouldn't have died yet…”

Siau-liong paused for a moment and then continued, "And even though he is reputed as a vicious cursed man, but according to my observations, he is actually a virtuous old man, an old man who lives a lonely life!"

With tears in his eyes, Song Ling asked, "Do you know that he was the man who killed my father?"

Siau-lion sighed.

"How he tied the enmity with the lady, I do not know. But I always distinguish between kindness and revenge. The cursed warrior has given me great grace. Of course I have to reply. My actions disguised as a cursed warrior, none other than to restore his good name in the world of martial arts. So that he will get the beauty and respect of the martial arts."

Suddenly Song Ling rose to her feet, she snapped, “You want to return the favor and I want revenge! Because the Evil Warrior is dead, I will ask you for the reckoning!"

After saying that the lady kept raising her hand to hit. Seeing that One-Eyed Grandpa quickly reached out his hand to intervene, "Ah, what should I do?"

Actually Song Ling didn't mean to hit Siau-liong. It was because of pouring out his anger that he got so angry. After being prevented by One-Eyed Grandpa, he quickly pulled his hand away and burst into tears.

The old man took a deep breath, he said: "Because the Evil Warrior is dead, the grudge of his enmity is over..."

Then pointing to Siau-liong, the old man continued, "That the child wants to repay the cursed warrior, it's a commendable step..."

"What praise......" snorted Song Ling.

One-Eyed Grandpa laughed, “Son, would you like it if he became a human who doesn't know how to return the favor!”

Song Ling rolled her eyes, “What do I have to do with him. From now on, I won't care about it anymore!"

The girl kept looking away.

One-Eyed Grandpa just shook his head. He also said, "About your mother's relationship with the Evil Warrior in the past, maybe you are not clear. Would you like to hear my story?"

Song Ling was silent for a moment then exclaimed, “Tell me!”

With the enmity between Randa Bu-san and the Evil Warrior and how Song Ling's father died at the hands of the Evil Swordsman. Siau-liong really wanted to know.... So the young man listened to the old man's story with great attention.

After coughing for a while, the One-Eyed grandfather said to Song Ling, “Your mother was an lone child who was abandoned by her parents. At that time he was only three years old and suffering from a serious illness left alone in the forest....

Song Ling furrowed her brows and quickly snorted, "Grandfather, don't fool me!"

The eyes of the grandfather who lived one glared, "Could I have lied to you to my heart!"

Song Ling was stunned, then lowered his head.

Then the one-eyed grandfather continued his story again.

"At that time, the cursed swordsman passed by in the forest. He did not have the heart to see a little girl lying among the stone mounds in a state of serious illness. He took the child home. Your mother's condition at that time was really very bad. Her life was suffering. His deficiency and illness were so severe that he was thrown into the forest for several days without eating and not drinking, being hit by rain and wind, making it impossible for your mother to be helped by her soul..."

The old man stopped sighing.

"Seeing that the boy had died but was still breathing, the Evil Warrior took him to the distant Kun-lun Mountain, to ask Se Hong sanjin, a powerful healer, for medicine. But it was unfortunate. The healer was traveling outside, so the Evil Warrior could not meet him. . Your mother really is hopeless to be helped again. But even so, the Evil Warrior still doesn't have the heart to throw her away. While carrying her, he paces back and forth heaving long short breaths..."

Song Ling spread a pair of eyes and asked, “Grandpa! Why do you know my mother's condition so clearly?"

The One-Eyed Grandpa smiled, he replied, "Because that's when I met them..."

The grandfather's eyes flashed as if remembering the event. Then he continued too.

"Even though I don't understand medicine, I happen to still have the Kiu-cwan-koh-wan-tan pill given by the powerful healer Se Hong sanjin. At the request of the Evil Warrior, I gave him one of those pills. Because he was not destined to die, after drinking the pill, your mother recovered. The Evil Warrior then brought her back to Hong-san.

Because of his ugly and scary face, the Laknat Warrior secluded himself in the mountains and did not want to socialize in the crowd. A few years later in the care and care of the Evil Warrior, the girl quickly grew up. A few dozen years later, the child has become a girl in her twenties.

In such a long period of time, from a girl who did not know anything, your mother has become a grown girl. But he lives in a mountainous natural environment inhabited by trees and animals.

The only human who became his social friend was the Evil Warrior. In your mother's view, the ugly face of the Evil Warrior is not as scary as it is used to. Since childhood he served the Evil Warrior and considered him an ordinary human being like himself.

They started life as father and son. The cursed warrior is 30 years older. But when your mother was twenty years old, their relationship changed too..."

One-Eyed Grandpa paused for a moment, sighing. Then continue the story again.

"About that I dare to say for sure about the Evil Warrior. Even though your mother changed her view of the Evil Warrior, from the bond of father and son to the love of a woman and a man, during that time the Evil Warrior still refused to violate forbidden lines..."

Again the One-Eyed grandfather paused and heaved a vulnerable sigh.

"They live in solitude and serenity. But they feel happy. Every day they are always hunting birds, looking for fish. The days are passed with full of joy. Until finally, the Evil Warrior has done something wrong..."

"What action?" impatient, Song Ling quickly asked.

"The Evil Warrior shouldn't have taken your mother to look around the city! Maybe because he wanted to win your mother's heart to be happy, or maybe for some other reason, the Evil Warrior brought your mother down to the world of martial arts.

As a girl who never hangs out with people, everything she sees and meets, always amazes your mother. Then he realized that this world was very wide and crowded.

Since then, your mother's view of the cursed swordsman has changed. They often bicker and fight.

Until one day, your mother met a young she Song and the two fell for each other..."

One-eyed grandfather again stopped while shaking his head.

"Is he... my father..." Song Ling exclaimed frantically.

63. The Invasion of Four Powerful Figures

"That's right," said One-Eyed Grandpa, "that young She Song is your father. Your mother decided to leave the Evil Warrior and run with the young man.

Even though the Evil Warrior was deeply saddened by the incident, he was able to forgive your mother. He realized that it could no longer be prevented. So he did not want to chase and then returned to Mount Hong-san.

Since then he has lived in sorrow. Even though he can forgive your mother, he still can't forget the memories of happy days with your mother. Since then he has become a man who hates the world. He hates all people in this world.

Twenty years ago, there appeared the four scourges of Thian, Te, Liong, Hou or the world-conquering Demon, Goddess of Hell, Demonic Tiger and Cursed Dragon. The martial world was hit by a flood of blood.

Hearing that, the Evil Swordsman descended the mountain and committed indiscriminate killings. Both white and black figures, he killed all of them. Because of their ferocious actions, the martial arts are dubbed the Five Durjanas.

Actually, it's just a mere slander that the Evil Swordsman kills indiscriminately. Because in fact, most of the people who were killed were just martial artists who were morally depraved.

And during that time he had never joined the four scourges.

Then came Ceng Hi totiang leading a line of brave men to drive the world-conquering devil and his gang from China. Since then, the Evil Warrior has returned to Hong-san Mountain again.

Two years later in the middle of autumn, your mother and young Song were married. Somehow, the husband and wife brought their baby daughter, you, to visit the Evil Warrior on Mount Hong-san.

As a child who has been cared for since childhood, your mother still has an inner bond with the cursed warrior as a father. Even though he was married to another person, he still remembered his parents who lived alone on the mountain.

So he invited his husband and daughter to visit the old man. He wanted to comfort his parents who had let go of him.

But the well-meaning visit has led to a sad event.

At that time, the character of the cursed swordsman had indeed changed. From a patient and gloomy old man he has become a man who is angry and likes to kill.

She interprets your mother's arrival with her husband as an act to mock her. Moreover, your young father is indeed high-hearted and arrogant.

He didn't even look the least bit respectful towards the Evil Warrior. In the conversation, misunderstandings arise and because they are just as insistent, they immediately start fighting…”

One-Eyed Grandpa sighed, silent.

"That's how the Evil Warrior then killed my father?" asked the virgin.

One-Eyed Grandpa nodded slowly.

"If the Evil Swordsman really loved my mother, he shouldn't have killed my father!" Song Ling growled as well.

But his tone slightly lessened his hatred of the Evil Warrior.

The old man sighed, “I dare say, that originally the cursed warrior didn't mean to kill your father. It is more likely if it's just a hand error.

But your mother was very angry and at once she went and vowed to take revenge. Since then he has repeatedly challenged the Evil Warrior to come to the top of Hong-san on the day of Tiong-jiu (mid-autumn) to settle the bloodguilt. But the Evil Warrior never came! And in the year of her husband's death, your mother came to study with me!"

After hearing his teacher grandfather's story, Song Ling covered her eyes with both hands and burst into tears.

Siau-liong was also moved. There arose a sense of beauty to the cursed warrior. Unknowingly, he had put the Evil Warrior's mask on his face.

Song Ling said nothing. Suddenly he saw Siau-liong wearing the mask of the Evil Warrior. Instantly he laughed and exclaimed, "Huh, how scary!"

Siau-lion just smiled. By then he had tucked away the pill that Pastor Kim-ting had given him. Whether or not he could help the figures who were held captive by the world-conquering Demon, tonight the results would be known.

It was evening. The atmosphere in the forest was getting quieter and more sinister. Suddenly One-Eyed grandfather said to Siau-liong,

“The time is almost here, that world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell....” — his words were suddenly interrupted by a loud laugh that rippled through the air.

Ah, that was the laughing voice of the world-conquering Demon. In fact he had returned to the top of Kim-ting again.

Siau-liong bowed before One-Eyed grandfather and said, "The enemy has appeared, for the time being we are forced to leave."

Song Ling also got up and periodically huffed, "Cousu-ya, please Cousu-ya likes to help her help my mother!"

One-Eyed Grandpa tugged at Song Ling's hand: "The time has not yet come, for now it's best if we just wait for how things turn out..." — Then he said to Siau-liong,

“Act according to the demeanor. Do not rely solely on courage and then act according to the will of anger. Go!"

Siau-liong agreed then jumped forward and ran up to the top of Kim-ting.

"Is he able to help my mother and the characters?" asked Song Ling as he ushered Siau-liong away with anxious eyes.

"He is a young man who is brave, powerful and adaptable," said One-Eyed grandfather, "he too has realized the gravity of this incident. I think he can certainly act cautiously and successfully carry out his duties."

"Why didn't Grandpa go with him? Wouldn't he feel stronger?" asked the girl too.

"Ah, that seems to be the case. But in fact he would have been able to act more freely if he had gone alone. With me, perhaps the enemy might quickly find our trail."

"What if he fails?" said the virgin also restlessly.

"We can only try and can't be sure if it works. But every good deed, of course, is blessed by Allah. Ah, never mind, we'll just have to wait and see how it develops!"


At that time Cong Hi totiang and his entourage who were at the top of Kim-ting, were restless in their thoughts.

Even though Soh-beng Ki-su repeatedly urged him to finish the stage as soon as possible, Ceng Hi totiang and his troupe of brave people still wanted to buy time. Reluctantly they carried the boulders. So until it was evening, the stage was not finished yet.

Simultaneously with that sky-splitting scream, the two world-conquering Demons led their dozens of men back to the top.

Seeing the results of the stage creation, the world-conquering Demon snapped, “Quickly call that old priest Ceng Hi over here!”

Soh-beng Ki-su immediately snapped, "Buffalo nose priest, are you deaf?"

Ceng Hi totiang was forced to take two steps forward but said nothing.

The world-conquering demon snapped at him, “Because my dream of leading the martial world has come true, I have always been generous to people. Don't want to kill innocent people. but why do you even go against my orders?”

At that time, Ceng Hi Totiang's heart was very restless. Siau-liong, who had been in the cave for hours to meet Pastor Kim-ting, had not yet come out. And that moment was the decisive moment. It feels like unless you have to fight alone, there is no other way.

After settling on that decision, he immediately turned towards the group of dashing people. It seemed that they were all silent but his face showed a frown of sorrow and anger. Obviously they were just waiting for orders. As soon as he gave the order, immediately they would attack.

But Ceng Hi totiang is quite clear about the strength of the opponent and his side. To command the raid, meant to have them deliver souls.

With that in mind, he doubted that he could not answer the words of the world-conquering Devil.

Seeing Ceng-Hi's silence, the world-conquering Demon snapped at him, “Hm, it seems that you really are tired of living already?”

Ceng Hi totiang realized that at that time he could not buy any more time. He wasn't willing to let the world-conquering demon rule over the martial world. He did not want to be ruled by the demon hordes. So there is no other choice but to fight. Better to break as a pearl than live in the mirror of a carcass!

Just as he was about to give orders to his entourage, suddenly a figure floated out of the air and suddenly slid amidst Ceng Hi's world-conquering Demon. When they saw who it was, everyone screamed in surprise.

Excitedly, Ceng Hi totiang took a step forward and shouted, “A cursed swordsman, in the battle in the tree line the other day, why did you leave with a wound? I have ordered people to search all over the place but to no avail…”

Suddenly the world-conquering demon laughed loudly and exclaimed, “Tong Siau-liong, you are really good at playing theatre…”

Pausing for a moment, the demon gritted his teeth and shouted, "If you can escape my hands this time, I will leave China forever!"

All the characters present there were shocked. They really didn't understand why the world-conquering Devils called the Evil Swordsman a Siau-liong. Among them were Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay rushed over and stared intently at the reflection of Siau-liong's back.

Siau-liong himself was no less surprised. He guessed that the world-conquering Demon must already know the secret. But because the devil exposed himself in front of all the characters he felt bad too.

"Old devil!" he shouted angrily, "your final day has come, don't..."

The world-conquering demon retorted in laughter, “That's right, indeed today there will be someone whose history will end! But you must know who that person is..."

For a moment he rolled his eyes and then continued, "I'm sorry why I didn't kill you the other day. But now you want to talk about anything, just don't expect you to be able to escape my hands!"

Siau-liong flashed a glance and then used voice-infiltrating knowledge saying, "Old devil, it's not wrong if you regret that you didn't kill me in the past. Now regret is useless!"

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “To kill you is as easy as turning my palm. Unless you have studied the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang perfectly. But however intelligent you are, you should spend at least half a year studying it. That's why I deliberately gave you a way of life several times!"

Still with the skill of Infiltrating the voice, Siau-liong replied, “I am She Tong, who does not want to accept your kindness. That you don't want to kill me is none other than because you want to plan various tactics to trick me into giving lessons in the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang!"

The world-conquering demon snarled viciously, "I can capture you alive and drug you to lose your consciousness..."

Then he pointed at Kongsun Sin-tho and several other figures, “Like them, that's an example. Why don't you want to say the science of the lesson?"

Siau-liong laughed, “Of course you are the one who knows best. In this world only people who understand the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang will subdue you. All the demonic arts that you use can't mislead my mind..."

Pausing for a moment, Siau-liong said as well.

"Don't think that in half a year you can trick me into explaining the lesson. Ho, you miscalculated and had to pay with your soul!"

The world-conquering Demon furiously shouted loudly, “I have mastered all the mighty figures in the world. Can you fail a successful business that you can fail?"

After saying that he continued to move the ruyung and shouted at the herd of black clothes who were behind, "Quickly catch the slave. Just kill if you fight!"

The two Black Shirts immediately charged forward. Both clothes are black and his face is wearing a black veil, only the eyes are given holes. One is tall and one is short. They are none other than Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin!

As fast as lightning they moved to hit from the right and left.

Siau-liong was silent. As fast as their two blows arrived, then he shouted loudly and waved his hands in greeting.

"Bum... boom".... there was a loud bang followed by a scattering of sand and rock fragments.

Siau-liong remained firmly in place while Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin staggered five or six steps away.

Cheers erupted from the mouths of the gallant crowd!

Siau-liong himself was still standing still in place. Hopefully in half a day, Siau-liong will be able to figure out the most difficult part of the book of Thian-kong-sin-kang. His movement had reached a level, united with his imagination. What was imagined, his hands have moved.

The world-conquering demon was pale. Turning to his wife, he whipped his ruyung again to signal. Kongsun Sin-tho and Randa Bu-san who were standing next to him immediately jumped into Siau-liong.

After being repulsed by Siau-liong, Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng remained dumbfounded. But at another time they growled and charged again.

In the beginning, Siau-liong did not know to what extent his scientific progress had been achieved. But after learning that he was capable of repelling Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin, his confidence in him grew even more. He immediately responded to Lam-hay Sin-ni's and Jong Leng's attacks with such blows that they were forced to retreat again.

But as soon as Kongsun Sin-tho and Randa Bu-san joined the attack, the situation changed.

Siau-liong was touched when he saw his teacher. Kongsun Sin-tho and Randa Bu-san wore blue uniforms and their heads were covered with black headscarves. It was because he was moved to see his teacher's condition and was afraid that he would hurt him, that Siau-liong's movements were a bit slow and his punches were stuck.

On the other hand Kongsun Sin-tho and Randa Bu-san attacked him furiously. Each blow always uses a fierce and deadly stance. It seems they are very eager to kill Siau-liong.

Thus the heirs of the five schools of magic, exchanged fiercely with each other. The howling of the wind blew, scattering dust and scattered sand around them so that it was difficult for all to see their shadows.

Witnessing the cursed swordsman being able to face the four powerful figures and his far more advanced intelligence when fighting in the line of the Flower Tree in the Semi Valley the other day, Ceng Hi totiang was beyond excited.

All people were really fascinated to witness the most terrible battle of that era. They linger....

The five people were getting crazier and crazier. Dust and sand and stone fragments scattered pouring out like rain. The winds and bursts of blows clashed incessantly!

After dozens of moves to face the four powerful figures, Siau-liong calmed down. He knew more and more where his intelligence was at that time. It turned out that not only was he able to serve them, there was even some left to counterattack.

He also realized why Thian-kong-sin-kang is the number one science of the five magic sciences. Since being thrown in a cave by Kim-ting priest, thanks to pouring all his thoughts, he was able to know the secret of the science of Thian kong-sin-kang which has the core of spirit as the driving force.

For those who saw, the attacks of the four figures were unavoidable. But for Siau-liong, their attack was too slow. With great pleasure he can clearly see the movements of each of his opponents and their energy.

Thus it is easy for him to parry and counterattack. So how swift and powerful the four figures were, but could not hurt him at all.

But his heart is restless, it's absurd. First, because the four heirs of magical knowledge have been controlled by the world-conquering devil. And the intelligence he achieved, was only enough to compete with them in a draw.

Thus it would be difficult for him to take the Sip-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pill to them. Unless he can take the four characters alive, there's no way he can treat them.

But the four figures are very powerful, once they make a wrong move, they can harm themselves. When the four of them gang together, how terrible, can be imagined.

Siau-liong didn't know how long the battle would be over. Maybe even a thousand moves will not be completed.

The world-conquering demon was well aware of the circumstances. His anxiety is bigger than Siau-liong. They really don't understand why in such a short time, Siau-liong has made such rapid progress in studying the science of Thian kong-sin-kang.

But the two devil husband and wife did not have time to think about Siau-liong anymore. At that time they had to be empowered to deal with the emergency situation.

At that time there were still the Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger and the It Hang totiang entourage which he still controlled. They are the line of energy that will oppress Ceng Hi totiang and his troupe of brave people.

But Ceng Hi totiang was of the opinion that he did not want to intervene rashly. Win or lose, only depends on the cursed swordsman who fought the four magic figures.

If Ceng Hi moves along, he is worried that it will disturb the Evil Warrior's mind. Therefore Ceng Hi held back and waited for further developments.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong was racking his brains to find a way. Not to defeat or injure his four opponents, but to find a way to take the pill. Only then can the situation turn towards victory.

But Kongsun Sin-tho and the four heirs of the magical arts attacked fiercely and fiercely, forcing Siau-liong to fight to a draw. In just a few moments they had fought up to five hundred moves.

Ceng Hi totiang and his group of brave people were very worried. If Siau-liong were to lose, of course the world-conquering Demon would gain a great victory. All brave people will certainly be exterminated. For Ceng Hi totiang, even death doesn't matter but what about the fate of the martial world later?

Suddenly, Toh Hun-ki, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, approached Ceng Hi totiang and whispered, "Totiang, looking at his condition..."

"Didn't Brother Toh want me to give the order to attack?"

"Even though the Evil Warrior's intelligence has progressed very rapidly, but facing the four powerful figures, maybe..."

Just when Toh Hun-ki said that, the world-conquering Demon suddenly trembled its whip several times. The vibration made a sound so sharp that the Siau-liong who was fighting also heard it.

And the four figures who ganged up on the Siau-liong, suddenly became more enthusiastic. The whip was an order to them and attacked them with fierce moves.

The lion was surprised. For a moment he became frantically busy and frantically defending himself.

64. You are a savage man ......!!

Suddenly, after carrying out a series of deadly attacks, the four figures simultaneously jumped back several spears, looking at Siau-liong without saying a word. Then they retreated behind the world-conquering Demon and stood upright like statues.

The World Conqueror Demon deliberately let out a chuckle and then stepped in front of Siau-liong, he shouted, “Slave! Your intelligence has progressed very rapidly..." — then with sparkling eyes he also exclaimed, "In this way my decision to eliminate you is even more solid!"

Siau-liong growled angrily, "I decided to kill you too!"

The world-conquering demon laughed indifferently, “Let's see who's luckier…”

Then he wrinkled his face and snapped, “Before midnight tonight, at the top of Jade-li-hong below this Kim-ting peak I will see you fall into a trap. Whether you want to come there or not, what I am telling you will surely happen to you. Just……”

His eyes flashed sinisterly and continued again, “Not until midnight, Yes, know how vicious my tactics are. No mercy at all!"

"If I don't go, what are you going to do!" snapped the Siau-liong angrily.

“In that case you have to think long. Tiau Bok-kun, White Rose and Kongsun Sintho, Randa Bu-san and all the characters I've taken captive, I will kill all of them one by one!” The world-conquering demon laughed devilishly.

"There's no way you dare...!" Siau-liong roared as he slapped his hands together.

At that time they were two or three meters apart. Siau-liong's knowledge of Thian-kong sin-kang has reached what is called being able to move according to his heart's will.

But the world-conquering Demon was already prepared. So he didn't dare go any closer. But still he was surprised when he saw the Siau-liong's movements were so fast. He hastily retreated back while pushing his hands to parry.

Siau-liong meant, one hit he would destroy the demon. But he was surprised when the demon could recede so quickly. The demon's punch was able to stop him from rushing forward. He couldn't help but be amazed, he thought, “Apparently the devil's intelligence is advancing rapidly too. Strange...."

Suddenly the world-conquering demon laughed giddily, “I already have all four of the profound arts. Even if you fight one on one, I can serve you up to hundreds of moves. Moreover...."

He pointed back and said, “If it's not even five moves, I don't need to order them to come forward. On the other hand, once I give the order, the four heirs of the magic knowledge will definitely attack you desperately. There's no way you can attack me!"

Siau-liong realized that the devil's words weren't a lie. His heart was pounding and he was forced to take a deep breath.

While scrunching his beard that hung down to his chest, the world-conquering demon laughed disdainfully,

“I told you, my attempts to dominate the martial world have been successful. Therefore I do not want to shed more blood. As long as before midnight you will fulfill my invitation to impart the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang to me, not only Tiau Bok-kun, I will certainly hand over the White Rose, that Kongsun sin-tho and the gallant group of people who are my prisoners too I will free. Know that I am not an untrustworthy human being. If not...."

Pausing for a moment, he also said, "Not only do you not want to run and my network, I will wipe out Ceng Hi the old priest and his entourage from the face of the earth!"

Again, Siau-liong was faced with a difficult problem. For a moment he couldn't say anything.

While Siau-liong was pensive, suddenly the world-conquering Demon took two steps forward and swiftly grabbed Xiao-liong's face. Because he was pensive and not paying attention, the movement of the world-conquering Devil which was carried out so quickly could no longer be avoided by Siau-liong.

Instantly, the cursed Swordsman's mask, which was covering his face, was snatched away by the world-conquering Demon.

“Slave!” The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “This child's play guise can fool others but it can't fool me…” he closed his words with a thunderous laugh that shook the sky.

During that laugh the world-conquering Demon swarmed beside the Goddess of Hell and whispered a few words and then invited her down from Kim-ting's peak.

The four inheritors of magical knowledge and the figures who became the accomplices of the world-conquering Devil immediately flocked to follow him.

Siau-liong stood stunned for a moment. Finally he slowly turned around again. Because his face had been removed, he felt ashamed to face Ceng Hi totiang and his group of dashing people.

Ceng Hi totiang took two steps forward and shouted, "Swordsman Lak...." - suddenly he flinched at the sight of Siau-liong's face and quickly changed his tone, "Kongsun-siauhiap...."

Siau-liong shook his head and said regretfully, “Ah, I have lied to you brothers and sisters. But that thing…”

Ceng Hi totiang shook his hand, he said, "There's no need for Kongsun-siuhi to explain, I can vaguely guess. Even though the cursed swordsman is known as a cold-blooded killer, I know that he is actually a good-hearted human…”

Sikasar Lu Bu-ki stepped forward and uttered, “Kongsun-siauhiap, it really doesn't matter if the Evil Warrior turns out to be you! I'm an admirer of the Evil Warrior, I don't know if he…”

Siau-liong sighed, "He's dead..."

Then he told about the incident he experienced when he met the Evil Warrior in the mountain cave. None of the people who heard the story were not moved.

Toh Hun-ki walked over to Siau-liong's side and said, “Kongsun-siauhiap, even though the battle with the world-conquering devil was not over yet, the devil's guts must have been ruined. In my opinion, now there has been a change. The fate of the martial world, only depends on Kongsun - everyone! We must use tactics to eliminate the world-conquering demonic disturbance!"

At that time all the brave people poured their eyes towards Siau-liong with a feeling of joy and shock. Among them the happiest was To Kiu-kong, chairman of the Kay-pang party.

After all, the heir to Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic is Cousu-ya from the Kay-pang party. So he rushed to shout out the brave men and came forward to Siau-liong's face. Immediately he was about to kneel down while saying, "Cousu-ya...."

Siau-liong hastily carried him up and laughed sheepishly, "Kiu-kong, don't act like that!"

To Kiu-kong looked at all the brave people for a moment and then stood beside Siau-liong. He seems proud to have a Cousu-ya as Siau-liong. As soon as the world-conquering devil and his hordes are exterminated, the position of Kay-pang's party will surely be elevated.

Siau-liong looked at the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, suddenly he exclaimed, "Does Toh loenghiong know she and my real name?"

Without any further hesitation, Toh Hun-ki replied, “Kongsun-siauhiap is actually She Tong's person. It's not that I don't know."

Siau-liong laughed giddily, "Good, but I don't know if you still remember your promise when you were in the Valley of Death?"

For a moment the chairman of Kong-tong-pay turned to look at the four Su-lo who were behind him and then replied, "My promise is as solid as a mountain. As soon as the hordes of world-conquering demons were exterminated, I and my four sutees immediately took Kongsun-siauhiap to Hong-san Mountain. In front of Tong Gun-liong's grave, we will kill ourselves so that Kongsun-siauhiap can serve your father."

The four Su-lo said nothing. But their faces looked very calm.

Siau-liong sighed, then turned to Ceng Hi totiang, “At this time the night is just beginning. Lose or win, depending on midnight...." He paused for a moment and then said, "I hope Ceng Hi totiang and all the brave people rest here. I'm going to see One-Eyed Grandpa to discuss a strategy against the enemy later!"

Ceng Hi totiang immediately let Siau-liong go and he promised to wait there.

Siau-liong immediately ran to where One-Eyed Grandpa and Song Ling were. At that time the moon had not appeared. The weather is still dark. Siau-liong cautiously ran all the way fearing the possibility that the world-conquering Demon would set a snare to catch him.

He didn't even know if One-Eyed Grandpa and the girl Song Ling were still where they were. But when he almost arrived at the place, he heard the sound of people talking interspersed with laughter. In that conversation, except for the voices of One-Eyed Grandpa and Song Ling, there was also someone else. And he seemed to know the tone of that person's voice.

When it got closer, it was also where Grandpa Eye One sat, there was another person. A woman in red. Siau-liong pounded tensely. He quickly ran over.

Oh, it's true. Beside One-Eyed Grandpa and Song Ling, there was indeed a woman in red. He was none other than Poh Ceng-in, the owner of Spring Valley.

Siau-liong was stunned and stopped running. He was really surprised. The Miss who owns the Valley of Spring has been released, why suddenly come there? Was he made bait by his father, the world-conquering demon?

One-Eyed Grandpa looked at Siau-liong who was standing a spear away then rebuked, “Was in the battle at the peak of Kim-ting, the world-conquering Demon was repulsed?”

Still looking at Poh Ceng-in, Siau-liong replied blandly, “Just hitting back is useless. It is necessary to exterminate that horde of world-conquering demons then the martial world will be free from danger forever!"

Because his heart was stimulated by anger, Siau-liong's tone was very sharp. And again he wanted to investigate Poh Ceng-in's reaction.

Unexpectedly, Poh Ceng-in was silent. As if it had nothing to do with the world-conquering Demon. With dim eyes, the lady looked at Siau-liong then lowered her head and said nothing.

Siau-liong was really confused. Why did Song-Ling want to know Poh Ceng-in? Doesn't that virgin know that Poh Ceng-in is the daughter of the world-conquering Devil and the goddess of Hell? Why would Song-Ling want to sit with him?

Siau-liong suddenly felt that Song Ling's attitude was somewhat different towards him. His arrival should have been greeted by the virgin with various questions. At least of course will ask about his mother. But why was the virgin silent at that time? 

He saw the wench furrowed his brows and sat in the middle between One-Eyed Grandpa and Poh Ceng-in. She didn't want to look at him at all. Siau-liong noticed that even though the virgin did not show a smile, she did not even show a frown of anger. She sat in a row with Poh Ceng-in and was as quiet as a girl usually is.

In the midst of amazement, One-Eyed Grandfather laughed, “Has Kongsun-siauhiap already had a plan to eradicate the world-conquering Devil?

Siau-liong sighed, "Eradicating the devil husband and wife is not difficult, but it is difficult..." — looking at Poh Ceng-in, he stopped talking.

One-Eyed Grandpa just smiled faintly but didn't say anything. Poh Ceng-in suddenly whispered in Song Ling's ear. After looking at each other, they both burst out laughing.

Siau-liong was really confused. From any angle, there was no way that Song Ling would want to be friends with a woman like Poh Ceng-in. After all, they had just met.

Siau-liong quickly realized that the two women's laughter was unnatural. Even though Poh Ceng-in tried to cover up his trembling heart, from the tone of his laugh, it was clear that he radiated a sadness that was hard to describe.

Meanwhile, Song Ling is even more powerful in her disguise. She was a wench who had just stepped into the outside world. That he wanted to cover his heart with a fake laugh, of course, it was easy to find out.

After pondering for a while, finally Siau-liong called out to Song Ling softly,


Without lifting his head, Song Ling answered slowly, "Why?"

Glancing over at Poh Ceng-in, Siau-liong also said, "Don't you know that this woman is the daughter of a world-conquering Devil?"

Song Ling suddenly raised her head and looked at the young man, "If you know then what?"

Siau-liong gasped, he cried, "This demon woman has a fierce heart and many tricks, don't be fooled by her tricks. Maybe he was told by his parents to run a ruse!"

Song Ling laughed coldly, “There's no way I can be influenced by people. It is you who must think carefully!"

Poh Ceng-in smiled and said to Song Ling, “Brother Song, try to listen to how hurtful that word is!”

Unexpectedly, Song Ling comforted Poh Ceng-in, “Indeed, in this world there are many men who do not know how to return the favor. Out of a thousand people, there is rarely a good one!"

One-Eyed Grandpa laughed scornfully and called out to Song Ling, “Son, don't you hesitate to say such words?”

Song Ling quickly realized that she was slipping. The virgin's face was red and blushed and lowered her head.

Poh Ceng-in laughed faintly, “Brother Song, even if it's not you who should say it, but it's a fact, it's not wrong in the slightest!”

After saying that, Poh Ceng-in looked at Siau-liong viciously and then looked away.

Siau-liong is really like a person walking in thick fog. He quickly turned and saluted One-Eyed Grandpa, “Locianpwe, what is this really about…?”

The old man's eyes, who were only left, wandered and shouted, "You have to ask yourself that question! How would I know?"

Siau-liong stomped his foot and sighed, "That demon woman is very dangerous, why did locianpwe let her here."

Suddenly One-Eyed Grandpa laughed, he exclaimed, "If he's really dangerous why would you want to make a life-and-death pact with him?"

Siau-liong was like being bitten by a shock snake, "That's because it was very forced. Yes, because he has fed Jong-tok poison to me…”

One-eyed Grandpa laughed, “That's a sign he really loves you! The proof is why he didn't give me Jong-tok poison to drink?"

Siau-liong grimaced like a goosebumps at the smell of shrimp paste. He didn't know how to answer.

"Wouldn't a year later you're going to fulfill that promise as badly as you can with him?" One-Eyed Grandpa asked as well.

Sau-liong sighed, "As long as he doesn't interfere in what I've been doing for a year, I'll certainly keep my promise!"

One-Eyed Grandpa snorted, “Hm, it seems you hate him to death. But why would you want to die with him? Isn't that against your will?"

Siau-liong said with a serious face, “Once a man has spoken, it is impossible to be licked back. As much as I hate it, that's a different matter. But I still don't want to go back on my words!"

One-Eyed Grandpa laughed, “Then the ancient Teachings are still precious. In my opinion ..." — he stopped looking at Poh Ceng-in, "Miss Poh's outpouring of you, you must accept with an open heart. This means that you are better off immediately binding an arranged marriage as husband and wife. What's the need to die together?"

Siau-liong really didn't understand why the One-Eyed Grandpa could suddenly say such words. He saw Song Ling bowed her head and didn't say anything.

Meanwhile, Poh Ceng-in seemed to have ignored the words of One-Eyed Grandpa. The Miss who owns the Valley of Spring didn't show any reaction. Not angry, not happy.

Finally, furious, Siau-liong approached Poh Ceng-in and shouted at him, "I have let you go, why don't you want to go instead come back here?"

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly, he said, "I didn't come back here to look for you!"

Again, Siau-liong hit the wall so he couldn't say anything. Looking at Song Ling and One-Eyed Grandpa, it seemed both of them didn't care about him. Embarrassed, Siau-liong called out to Poh Ceng-in again, "Please don't forget that I already know how to exterminate the poison!"

Poh Ceng-in replied blandly, "As long as you like it, at any time you can expel the poison from your body..."

"Are you sure that I certainly won't kill you?"

Poh Ceng-in did not answer but took a badik from his waist and handed it to Siau-liong.

Siau-liong wanted to kill the woman. But his noble conscience forbade him to do so. Especially in front of Song Ling and One-Eyed Grandpa, the more he couldn't do such a thing.

"You demon woman!"

In the end, Siau-liong could only vent his anger by slapping. Suddenly he kicked him.

At that time Poh Ceng-in was sitting cross-legged. Of course he couldn't escape. And apparently he didn't mean to run away.

“Plak……” his kick hit the woman's chest.

Even though it didn't use internal energy, the kick sent Poh Ceng-in bouncing and rolling a few meters until he almost arrived at the edge of a steep rock cliff. Badik in his hand was thrown flying above a tree and stuck to a branch.

"Kongsun-siauhiap! You are at fault! No matter what, could your act of cruelty to a weak woman be praised as the behavior of a knight?" One-Eyed Grandpa snapped.

Also Song Ling didn't expect that Siau-liong would kick Poh Ceng-in like that. Quickly he slapped him, “You are a savage man ......!” — he continued to run after Poh Ceng-in's place.

Siau-lion felt sorry. Even though he didn't kick hard, it was really rude. But he also wondered why One-Eye grandfather still defended Poh Ceng-in.

Meanwhile Song Ling had come back to support Poh Ceng-in. It seemed that Song Ling was very concerned about Poh Ceng-in. While cleaning Miss Valley Spring's clothes from the dust and dirt, Song Ling also asked if Poh Ceng-in had any injuries.

Poh Ceng-in's cheeks were wet with tears but she still gave a vulnerable laugh, she said, "Song brother, do you think it is worthwhile for me to do this for his sake?"

"He will regret it later," Song Ling replied comforting him.

Unable to bear suffering from astonishment, Siau-liong asked the virgin, “Miss Song, why are you so strange right now? What did the demon woman say to you?"

Song Ling frowned, "If you are still virtuous, you should apologize to Taci Poh immediately!"

Siau-liong laughed, “Miss, you should know that she is the daughter of a world-conquering Devil husband and wife. His arrival, probably carried out his father's orders. Don't you believe in her sweet mouth!"

Poh Ceng-in suddenly burst out laughing. His tone was cold and vulnerable, “Brother Song, you must have heard and seen this for yourself. No matter what, in his view I'm still a vicious demonic woman……”

He paused for a moment and then continued, “Brother Song, I have to go now!”

The woman who owned the Spring Valley kept squirming awake and kept on walking away. But Song Ling quickly stopped in front of him and said half pleadingly, “Taci Poh, you……” the girl couldn't continue her speech as she continued to sob.

Stroking the girl's hair, Poh Ceng-in comforted her, “Sister Song, don't be sad. What I say I will do. No matter how his heart feels, but I will still give up my soul…… As long as he is willing to give the medicine, I will of course do it with soul sacrifice!”

Poh Ceng-in released his hand from Song Ling's grip and took a step into the forest.......

65. Starting from the end

Siau-liong really don't understand. But he had also noticed, when Poh-Ceng-in left earlier, had cast his eyes on him.

It was clear that the woman's eyes were much different from before. Neither radiates anger, nor sheds sorrow, nor scatters obscenity. The woman's eyes suddenly turned pious and serious.

After Poh Ceng-in's shadow disappeared, suddenly Song Ling knelt before Siau-liong. Of course the young man was very surprised and hastily lifted him up, he asked, "Why are you miss?"

Song Ling still didn't want to get up. He even cried and shouted, “Kong-sun tayhiap, please help my mother……!”

Unable to lift him up, Siau-liong was forced to kneel down, “By acting like this, it means that you are going to torture me! Of course I don't dare to accept the lady's great respect!"

Song Ling stopped crying and said pitifully, “Except for my parents, this is the first time I've knelt before people……”

Then the virgin wiped her tears and said, "Please look at my face, you like to help my mother!"

Siau-liong gopoh replied, "Does it really need to be asked again, miss? Even if my bones are crushed, I will certainly help him!"

He pulled the girl's hand and said, "Please, miss, don't be nervous. When I come back, I will definitely discuss this with the lady."

Song Ling shook her head, “Ah, there's no need to negotiate anymore. Now there is a best way to help my mother ........" — he sighed and then continued, "but I'm afraid you won't pass!"

"I told you," said Siau-liong right, "even if my bones are crushed, as long as you already have a good plan, please explain immediately. As long as it's about trying to help your mother, I will certainly do it!"

Song Ling's face changed, he said, “Then hurry up and help the princess of the world-conquering Demon couple!

Siau-liong burst out in surprise, he cried, "Please, miss, don't get carried away by the harbinger. That demon woman is incredibly dangerous…”

Song Ling quickly snapped at him coldly, “Since you don't want to sacrifice yourself, never mind! Hope you get out of here soon and from now on, let's not care about each other anymore!

Siau-liong stomped his foot as he sighed, “Why is Miss so unwilling to hear my request. You know...."

Suddenly One-Eyed grandfather retorted, “Even though I don't have any special abilities, I can still investigate people. Miss Poh's conscience still hasn't completely disappeared. It feels like now you have to help him, then there will be a change that gives hope ..."

"Did locianpwe mean to say that I should follow and help the demon woman?" The lion confirmed.

One-eyed grandfather nodded, “A man must know the place and circumstances. Moreover, Miss Poh is very crazy about you. For the sake of treating the poison in your tormenting body, you want to humble yourself for a while!"

Song Ling burst into tears again.

Thinking for a moment, then Siau-liong sighed, "No need for madam to be sad. Yes, fine, I'll just follow your orders."

Song Ling stopped crying, she said, "Maybe he's still not far away, hurry up and catch up with him!"

Siau-liong didn't want to talk much anymore. Suppressing his restlessness, after saluting he immediately ran after Poh Ceng-in.

Even Song Ling only let out a troubled sigh.

But the forest was full of shady and dense cypress trees so it was very dark there. To find out if Poh Cen-in is still there, is indeed difficult. While walking, Siau-liong investigated in all directions.

Suddenly, there was the sound of someone taking a deep breath. Siau-liong quickly stopped the steps. Not far under a large cypress tree, sat Poh Ceng-in. the woman he was looking for.

After doubting for a while, finally Siau-liong approached, "Why are you still here?" he scolded.

"What do you care?" said the lady vehemently.

Siau-liong was stunned, “Indeed I didn't mean to take care of you. Just wanted to ask, what exactly did you say to Miss Song earlier?"

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly, "Do you have the right to ask?" - the lady kept getting up and moving on.

Siau-liong snorted and then slipped in front of Poh Ceng-in, he snapped, "If you don't want to explain frankly, don't expect you to get out of here!"

Poh Ceng-in looked at him for a moment, exclaiming, "Since you hate me so much, kill me more quickly!"

Back Siau-liong his heart limp. The lady seemed to have closed her eyes and was in tears. His body was shaking and his attitude was that of a desperate person.

Siau-liong sighed, “What does Miss really mean? Even though I know how to treat Jong-tok's poison, I still let you go and fulfill the one year agreement. I don't think I wronged you but why do you always just look at me?"

Poh Ceng-in sighed: "Now you hate me, but maybe later you will think of me..."

Siau-liong gasped but a moment later he laughed coldly.

"Even though I have wronged you in some ways, but you have also wronged me..." said Poh Ceng-in, "ah, but now there's no point in talking about it anymore! I have agreed to Song's sister to help her mother, just .. ...." - he paused, then said again, "If ..."

Siau-liong hesitated, he said, "I don't know how you want to take the pill to them?"

Poh Ceng-in said, “In that case I have to look for a good opportunity. Frankly, I don't really have any plans right now!"

Seeing Poh Ceng-in's face look serious and remembering the words of One-Eyed Grandpa and Song Ling's earnest attitude to asking for his help, Siau-liong's suspicions lessened. But he was still so indecisive that for a while he couldn't say anything.

Poh Ceng-in shook his head, “I am a demon woman who has many tricks. Maybe you won't believe it......"

For a moment, the woman said, "There's still one thing I haven't told Brother Song. Now let me take you to meet someone you remember!"

After saying he continued to swing his steps. Because no one else understood, Siau-liong was forced to follow the woman. Poh Ceng-in stepped into the forest.

About twenty li away, they arrived at the bottom of the mountainside. Suddenly a monastery appeared. The monastery seemed uninhabited.

The door was tightly closed. But beside the monastery there is a light. Apparently inhabited.

After knocking on the door, Poh Ceng-in called out softly, "Kan-ma... Kan-ma..."

Kan-ma means adoptive mother. And from inside the room came a voice asking, "In-ji .....?" — a body squirmed out of bed and then clattered to the door and opened it.

In amazement, Siau-liong looked into the room. There was a middle-aged woman standing in the doorway. The woman looked at Siau-liong in surprise.

The woman was thin, like someone who had just recovered from an illness. But her fiery eyes showed that she was a highly intelligent woman.

"Kan-ma, do you know him?" asked Poh Ceng-in slowly.

The woman looked at Siau-liong in astonishment. he cried out, "Is...is that......"

Siau-liong was moved to see the woman's attitude. He felt that the woman's eyes carried a great deal of brilliance. Without realizing it, Siau-liong immediately raised his hand in salute, "This lowly me is Kongsun Liong, please ask locianpwe..."

The woman's face suddenly wrinkled in disappointment, she thought to herself, "Kongsun Liong .... Kongsun .... liong ......"

Suddenly he turned and asked Poh Ceng-in, "In-ji, didn't you say."

Poh Ceng-in smiled, “Kan-ma, don't be confused….let him sit down first!”

The woman hissed, “Eh, maybe it's because I'm old that I'm so forgetful. Yes, come on, please come in!"

He opened the door and let Poh Ceng-in and Siau-liong in.... But at that time Siau-liong was still hesitating outside the door. Poh Ceng-in immediately waved at him, "Why don't you come in quickly?"

The lion hesitated. But finally he stepped in too. He saw that the middle-aged woman was already sitting on a large chair. He looked closely at Siau-liong's face, so that the young man felt uneasy and bowed his head......

Poh Ceng-in laughed, “Even though his name is Kongsun Liong, he is not really she Kongsun…”

At the same time the woman's eyes shone again, she cried in a trembling voice, "What is she she?"

Poh Ceng-in's eyes wandered for a moment and then looked at the woman with a smile, "He's a she Tong and his name is Siau-liong!"

After saying that, he continued to turn around and walked out of the room.

Suddenly the middle aged woman rose from her chair. His body was shaking violently. His eyes were filled with tears. He looked at Siau-liong with a meaningful look, he said haltingly, “Is what he said true? Your father is……”

Suddenly Siau-liong's heart seemed to be gripped by a sense of grief that he couldn't understand. He just felt his heart was very fast, his nose wet from sobbing, he said,

“I am indeed a person of she Tong. My father's name is Tong Gun-liong. But when I was a baby, my father was murdered. Luckily with the help of my temperature Kongsun Sin-tho, I can be saved and cared for until big. In order to avoid being targeted by the enemy, the temperature replaced my she with Kongsun she…”

The woman almost couldn't hold back her tears but she tried her best to ask, "Then who is your mother?"

"Mother is sick across the sea."

The woman quickly prevented Siau-liong from continuing her words, “Since childhood your mother has abandoned you. Don't you hate him?"

“He must have thought that my father and I would have perished in the Hok-liong-koh valley in Kong-tong-san mountain. Because of that my mother then wandered away from me. Of course it wasn't his fault and how could I hate him…”

Suddenly the woman took two steps forward and said, “Son… I am your mother! Oh, thank God that we children and mothers can finally meet again....!"

"Ma....!" shouted Siau-liong with a strained heart. But suddenly he hesitated.

Since childhood he had never seen his mother's face. Indeed, the face of the woman in front of him was similar to his own.

But did he just keep on believing it? What if that woman was the messenger of the two world-conquering Demons?

If that world-conquering demon uses the tactic of looking for a woman who looks like her to claim to be his mother and then persuades her to lure him into telling her the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, will he not be harmed!

So he immediately retreated two more steps and asked coldly, "You must be the messenger of the world-conquering demon."

Pausing for a moment, Siau-liong also shouted viciously, "Isn't it because you want to deceive the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang?"

The woman took a step back and exclaimed shakily, “Son, what did you say? Didn't you just say you wouldn't hate me?"

Siau-liong laughed disgustedly, “Maybe because you are not my mother! Try to say, how suddenly did you come here from across the sea? And why are you able to take the daughter of that world-conquering Demon as an adopted daughter?"

“You're saying In-ji is the daughter of the world-conquering Demon?” the woman repeated in surprise.

"Could you not know?"

The woman took a deep breath, "That's even greater.... It's only been half a day I've known him but the kindness bestowed upon me is truly incomparable.... ah, ever since the White Rose's disciple came to this Chinese land, day and night I always think about it.

Then after my illness was a bit better, I immediately rushed to catch up here. As soon as I arrived in China I heard about a world-conquering Devil appearing in the martial world again and based in the Spring Valley of the Tay-liang-san mountains. Ceng Hi totiang reappears and leads a troupe of valiant men to crush the world-conquering devil.

In this movement, I suspect the people of Kong-tong-pay must have joined in. The White Rose will certainly look for the chairman of Kong-tong-pay to take revenge. So I hasten to hunt here.

As soon as I arrived I heard that the movement led by Ceng Hi Totiang had failed. They were forced to carry out the orders of the world-conquering Devils to gather at Kim-ting's peak. I quickly followed to Kim-Ting. But my illness is still not cured. As soon as I arrived at the foot of Mount Go-bi, I fainted."

"Is he the one who helped?" cried Siau-liong half doubtfully.

The woman nodded, "If he doesn't help, maybe we won't meet face to face again..."

She wiped away her tears then continued again, “About your matter with her, it was also told to me, only she didn't say that she was the daughter of a world-conquering devil. If that's true, it's really hard to believe……”

Because he had suffered from the tricks of the world-conquering demon several times, it was not easy for Siau-liong to believe people's statements. He looked closely at the woman who claimed to be his mother.

The woman sighed, she said, “For your sake, he did not hesitate to betray his parents. That way he has spilled love and released the mind at once to you. And again he seems to have saved my soul and freed my disciple the White Rose from the hands of the two world-conquering Devils..."

"Is it true that he has freed the White Rose?" Siau-liong hastily affirmed.

The woman looked closely at Siau-liong, "Is Mama trying to trick you?"

"Then where is he now?"

The woman turned and looked around, said, “They are behind the house. In-ji has called him!"

Siau-liong was secretly happy. If it's really so obvious that the woman must be his mother. The origin of the White Rose appears, of course, can provide genuine information whether or not the woman who claims to be her mother is.

Tensely, Siau-liong waited.

It's also true that not long after, the sound of running feet was heard. And definitely not just one. Even the clatter of feet indicates that he is not a person who understands martial arts. But the footsteps of ordinary people.

Siau-liong did not dare to act recklessly. While secretly preparing internal energy, he immediately turned to face the direction of the voice.

As soon as the door opened, three ladies appeared, White Rose, Tiau Bok-kun and Poh Ceng-in.

Siau-liong's excitement was absurdly high.

White Rose quickly walked to the side of the middle aged woman and asked, “Temperature, did he really come here?”

The woman coughed for a moment and then replied, “Come indeed! But he still thinks I'm his fake mother...." - finished saying he kept his head down crying.

"But even that can't blame her. I didn't fulfill my duty as a mother. Even if he doesn't want to acknowledge me as a mother, I can't do anything either!"

Hearing that, Siau-liong's tears rolled down. He quickly knelt before his mother, Coa-Sik Se-si and said pitifully,

"Ma, children are not filial, son...." she could not continue her words because she was choked by her sobs.

Coa-sik Se-si was crying sadly. White Rose, Tiau Bok-kun and Poh Ceng-in each have their own feelings. They were moved by the incident and wept.

Before long, it was Poh Ceng-in who stopped crying first, then approached Coa-sik Se-si's side and comforted him, "Kan-ma, you should be happy right now..."

Looking out the window, he pointed out, "It's getting late, we still have some important things to do..."

Coa-sik Se-si stopped crying and said to Poh Ceng-in, "Son, ah, just to trouble you.... I certainly won't forget you..."

Poh Ceng-in laughed giddily. He looked at Siau-liong for a moment then turned to look at the white rose and Tiau Bok-kun. Then he walked behind Coa-sik Se-si and bowed his head.

Siau-liong got up and slowly saluted the White Rose, "Miss Pek..."

The White Rose snorted, "You shouldn't have tricked me, your business with Taci Poh...." She glared at Siau-liong and said,

“When in the Valley of Death in the ranks of the Seven Deaths, even though Soh-beng Ki-su received orders to arrest me, it was all because of you. If I were Poh's taci, I would do the same. Then I don't hate him.... Now even Taci Poh has helped free myself from the world-conquering Demon. I thank him. Moreover, he has helped the temperature so that the two of us can meet here…”

After saying that he continued to walk to Poh Ceng-in's place.

Siau-liong quietly rocked, “Even if Poh Ceng-in is awake, he is still the son of a world-conquering devil. He was also a friend of his parents. He knew how to treat poison, but he didn't want to kill Poh Ceng-in and was willing to let him go. Has that not made it easy for him? Why is he being blamed for being cruel to that woman?"

Siau-liong took a deep breath and then said to Tiau Bok-kun, “Miss Tiau, I'm really… very sorry….”

Tiau Bok-kun hastily bowed his head, "I received a lot of favors, how can I dare to blame you?"

Siau-liong looked at her closely and sighed, “Miss has also saved my soul and if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have been captured by the World-Conquering Demon. Budi miss really touched my heart...."

Suddenly Poh Ceng-in said to Coa-sik Se-si, "Kan-ma, now it's time for me to leave!"

“Liong-ji....!” shouted Coa-sik Se-si.

"What are you going to give me orders?" said Siau-liong.

Looking at Poh Ceng-in, Coa-sik Se-si said, “In-ji is a big hearted person. For the sake of the martial world, he is willing to betray his parents.... Tonight's events, concerning the interests of the martial world.... he can't really think about his personal interests, neglecting public affairs. Hurry up and join him!"

For a moment Siau-liong looked at Poh Ceng-in. He looked hesitant.

"How? Do you still doubt him?" Coa-sik Se-si frowned.

Siau-liong answered gopoh, "Yes, fine, I obey..."

Then he turned around and bowed to Poh Ceng-in, "I should be thanking Miss!"

Poh Ceng-in smiled. He ignored Siau-liong but said to Coa-sik Session, "Kan-ma I'm going!"

After waving at White Rose and Tiau Bok-kun, he continued to turn around and step outside.

Reluctantly, Siau-liong looked at Coa-sik Se-si then dashed out after Poh Ceng-in.

It was night. The night wind blew so hard that Siau-liong shivered a bit. But at the same time, his frantic thoughts became still.

Not because he was a suspicious young man. But it was because of being deceived by the world-conquering demon several times that he increased his vigilance. Especially towards Poh Ceng-in. He still couldn't fully believe it.

After walking a li, Poh Ceng-in loosened his steps as he said to Siau-liong who was following behind him, “My father is indeed very suspicious of people. He was very careful. Even towards his confidants, he still couldn't fully trust. So we can't even move freely…”

He stopped then slipped off the bundle of cloth and handed it to Siau-liong, "For the sake of the safety of the plan, you have to disguise yourself!"

Siau-liong welcomed the bundle. It turned out to contain a set of black clothes like those worn by the captive figures. He hesitated for a moment, finally he wanted to wear it too. His head and face were covered with black silk.

Poh Ceng-in smiled. Without saying much more he continued on his way.

Siau-liong secretly watched the places he passed. An area of one li, he saw a mountain peak that was not how high. To the left of the top of the mountain is the high peak of Kim-ting. In the middle of the two peaks are separated by two wilderness.

Just walking not long ago, suddenly from behind a large rock, shot out a man dressed in black and holding a sword.

66. Apocalypse for the Devil

“Stop!” the man suddenly shouted.

Poh Ceng-in stopped and snapped back, “Don't know me?”

The man saluted, "Sorry for our disrespect, but Thian-cun has given orders..."

“To check on me?” Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly.

"I dare not!" the person replied gopoh.

"Then what do you mean?"

The man in black answered, "I don't know if Koh-cu has..."

Poh Ceng-in laughed then took out a black triangular pennant and waved it over his black shirt, "Want to check this thing?"

Just as the black robe was about to greet him, Poh Ceng-in quickly pulled back.

Hesitating for a moment, the black clothed man pointed at Siau-liong, "And this brother..."

Poh Ceng-in squinted his eyes, shrill, “I brought him. Why are you making a fuss? Shall I bring enemy spies in here...?"

The Black Shirt hastily retreated two steps and stuttered, “I don't dare suspect Koh-cu, but Thian-cun has given a stern order…”

Poh Ceng-in snorted, "Then you immediately go to father and tell father himself to come out to welcome me!"

Black Shirt was stunned then said reluctantly, “Koh-cu, please come in!”

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly and pulled Siau-liong in.

Siau-liong quietly rocked. The place was only one li apart from the Jade-ci-hong peak and the world-conquering Devils had already put up such tight guard. The devil is really careful.

But Siau-liong secretly laughed. It was because he wanted Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge that the world-conquering Demon didn't kill him. And since he wasn't killed, he would be able to eradicate the demon.

During the trip, it was full of guard posts but Poh Ceng-in could easily get through. As soon as we arrived at the foot of the peak of Jade-ci-hong, we saw several tents.

But it was quiet. Apparently the people in the tent were fast asleep. Suddenly, Poh Ceng-in used the science of Infiltrating Siau-liong's whispering voice,

"We have arrived at the last post. The care here is extraordinarily tough. The guards are first-class masters of my father's trust. We have to move according to manners!"

Siau-liong just nodded but didn't want to answer. He already knew what Poh Ceng-in's words meant. Then Poh Ceng-in stepped out wide. Apparently he made a sound on purpose.

That's right. From behind a clump of trees, four people immediately appeared. Two up front, two behind. The two people at the front immediately confronted Poh Ceng-in, he shouted, "Did Koh-cu carry a sign from Thian-cun?"

Like before, Poh Ceng-in immediately took out his ID. But suddenly he exclaimed in surprise, "Hey, why did the ID I brought with me go missing...!"

The four people calmly looked at Poh Ceng-in and Siau-liong with hostile eyes.

Poh Ceng-in fumbled through his clothes, busy for a while but still couldn't find his ID. Then he asked the two people who were blocking him, "If you lose your identification, what then?"

One of them who has a goat's beard immediately replied, “'Currently we are facing an enemy threat. A piece of hair pulled out means the whole body is shaking. Moreover, Thian-cun had already given orders. Because Koh-cu lost his identification, Koh-cu had to wait here first. I will report to Thian-cun…”

After saying that, he gestured to the two people behind him, "Hurry up and tell Thian-cun, say..."

"Wait a minute, let me look for it again," said Poh Ceng-in hastily.

The two people who received the order continued to leave but in order to hear Poh Ceng-in's words they had to stop.

Poh Ceng-in deliberately searched here and there. He quietly turned around and signaled to Siau-liong.

Siau-lion nodded laughing. Suddenly he took a step forward, he cried, “Koh-cu, your ID is on me!”

Poh Ceng-in laughed, “Then quickly show them!”

The lion agreed. Putting his hands on his chest, he stepped forward to where the two people were blocking him.

"Stop! Why are you so wild!" snapped the goatee.

But Siau-liong didn't seem to hear it. In saying that he had arrived in front of the two people. All of a sudden, the two of them were stiff and couldn't move anymore.

It turned out that Siau-liong used his incredibly fast movement to curse the blood path of the two people. Siau-liong moved so quickly that after the two of them were frozen like statues, only then did the two friends behind them know that their friend in front of them had been harmed.

The two people in the back were about to act but were quickly defeated by the Siau-liong who had jumped and before the two of them could speak, the Siau-liong had cursed their blood path.

In just a few moments, the four people were already under the control of Siau-liong. Poh Ceng-in was taken aback. He had no idea that Siau-liong had made such rapid progress.

So he said, "It is now night. Even if they can save themselves at this moment, they will soon find out. We must act quickly!"

After saying that he continued ahead and ran up to the top of the mountain. Siau-liong followed behind.

Even though on the way they met some patrollers, they didn't ask anything. Apparently because there were no signs at the guard post, they assumed that nothing had happened.

Above the peak is a flat land. Some of the strongholds that were set up there, seemed silent. Poh Ceng-in went straight to the number three camp.

Siau-liong noticed that in a camp there were four or five people in black who were sitting in meditation. Apparently they were calming the spirit and did not pay attention to the arrival of the two people.

Suddenly someone shouts, “Is that In-ji?”

Poh Ceng-in and Siau-liong were shocked. Unmistakably, that was the voice of the world-conquering Demon. Poh Ceng-in immediately gave an eye signal to Siau-liong then headed for the second stronghold.

The lion continued to follow behind him. He walked with his head bowed so that the herd of black clothes would not see him.

Outside the stronghold were lined up with eight men dressed succinctly as upright as statues.... His waist tucked a weapon.

In the middle of the fort there is a short table. On it was given an incense burner still billowing smoke. The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell were sitting fully clothed.

Poh Ceng-in walked to the fort and exclaimed in a spoiled tone, “Yah! Mom! It's been like this...."

The world-conquering Demon savagely snapped, "You've just been out of harm's way, why have you been wandering all over the place?"

"I was just walking around nearby," said Poh Ceng-in.

The world-conquering demon also said, “Currently Ceng Hi the old priest and his gang are completely helpless. But the tiger cub that I kept turned out to be a mess. Tong Siau-liong appeared as my formidable foe. Therefore tonight may not be spared the great battle. After the slave was caught, then my heart was at peace.

According to my guess, after midnight tonight, the slave will surely come. So I have ordered a strict guard. Why are you still running everywhere? If you meet that slave, isn't it dangerous..."

"The guard here is so strong, how can he fly down from the sky?" Poh Ceng-in argued.

The world-conquering demon let out a small exasperated sigh, “I can't take that into account. The slave had made great progress in the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang. Yes, it has reached an unfathomable state…!”

Suddenly he snapped viciously, "Why don't you hurry back to your camp!"

"Foolish! Why are you angry with your own child? In these few days he has suffered enough!" shouted the Goddess of Hell.

Then turned towards Poh Ceng-in and said in a gentle tone, “Rest! Soon you won't have to suffer any more!"

With a spoiled tone, Poh Ceng-in agreed and continued to walk away. But after only a few steps, he heard his father yell, "Come back!"

Poh Ceng-in was surprised and hastily turned away, “Why, eh?”

The world-conquering demon smiled, “Since you are reluctant to rest, it is best for you to summon your master and send him here. I want to give him a message!"


"Behind the Four Spirits!"

Poh Ceng-in agreed, continuing to head back. Without making a sound, Siau-liong followed Poh Ceng-in like his shadow. Even though the world-conquering demon was a suspicious person, he wasn't so crazy as to suspect his own daughter. So even though he saw Siau-liong standing a few dozen steps ahead, he didn't ask anything.

The second camp was only three spears apart from the third. Poh Ceng-in gave an eye signal to Siau-liong. Without saying anything he kept running again.

Outside the third camp, there were two guards. As soon as they saw Poh Ceng-in, they immediately saluted but said nothing.

Poh Ceng-in and Siau-liong stepped into the stronghold. Inside the stronghold, four round rugs have been dubbed. The four inheritors of magic are sitting together on the rug...

Beside them was a bamboo chair. Holding the world-conquering Demon's soul-soothing whip, Soh-beng Ki-su sat on his side. As soon as he saw Poh Ceng-in, he called out and got up.

Poh Ceng-in smiled, "Father called Suheng to come over."

Without any suspicion, Soh-beng Ki-su handed the whip to Poh Ceng-in, saying, “Please sumoay take care of them!” - without turning back, he continued to run out of the stronghold.

Poh Ceng-in let out a loose breath. After Soh-beng Ki-su left, he shouted softly at Siau-liong, "Father wants to tell them to eat medicine, why don't you treat them quickly!"

While saying Poh Ceng-in quickly glanced at the two guards outside the stronghold. Seeing that they ignored what was happening in the camp, Poh Ceng-in's heart was at ease.

The lion agreed. Quickly he took out Sip-siau-cwan soh-sin-tan pills. But suddenly he had some doubts about the efficacy of the medicine. Can the pill cure them? After pondering for a while, he decided to give each of the figures two pills.

After Siau-liong drank the pill, Poh Ceng-in immediately snapped the whip in the face of the four figures and shouted at him softly, "Get up!"

His heart was tense even though his hands were shaking. Fortunately, the four figures opened their eyes at the same time and stared at Poh Ceng-in's leather whip in awe.

Suddenly there was a shrill scream in the air. Siau-liong was taken aback. It was clear that the screech came from the harbinger arrows that the world-conquering Devil's minions had released.

The two camp guards simultaneously saluted Poh Ceng-in, “Report to koh-cu. below the peak sends a distress signal!"

“Hurry up and report to both Thian-cun!” Poh Ceng-in exclaimed nervously.

The two guards froze in surprise. But they quickly ran to the second camp.

"Hurry up! Hurry up....!" Poh Ceng-in snapped at Siau-liong while slamming his feet.

Siau-liong quickly gave two pills to Jong Leng lojin who was sitting near the fort's door.

"Swallow it!" snapped Poh Ceng-in as he snapped his whip.

Jong Leng Lojin's face changed. But after being stunned for a moment, he continued to swallow it. At that time the atmosphere outside the camp was chaotic. Dozens of bodies of people running here and there very noisy.

Siau-liong couldn't think much anymore. He immediately gave two pills to Lam-hay Sin-ni. Luckily everything went smoothly.

Under the pounding of Poh Ceng-in's whip, Lamhay Sin-ni, Randa Bu-san and Kongsun Sin-tho were about to swallow the pill Siau-liong had given him. After that they closed their eyes in meditation again. There doesn't seem to be any reaction.

Poh Ceng-in let out a loose breath, he exclaimed, “They have swallowed the pill. How will they react, just wait for them to change!"

Siau-liong who at that time had put full trust in Poh Ceng-in immediately bowed his head to salute, "Miss, I..." - only then did he say when he saw a figure running towards him.

And Soh-beng Ki-su came into the fort, shouting frantically, "The enemy has already shown signs, please order me to bring the four people out!"

"How many of them are there?" Poh Ceng-in deliberately asked.

"It's not clear at this point, but a formidable foe has arrived at the top of this mountain..."

Handing the whip to Soh-beng Ki-su again, Poh Ceng-in snapped at Siau-liong: "Quickly get my gun!"

The lion agreed. He spins the body continues to leave. Once in a dark place, Siau-liong continued to remove the black clothes he was wearing.

He quietly mused, “I don't know whether the pill is effective or not, but tonight is the night that decides. I have to pit my soul against those two demon husbands and wives!"

After deciding on a plan, he immediately jumped afloat to float to the second camp. The stronghold that housed the world-conquering Demon and his wife.

At that moment the world-conquering devil and the goddess of hell were standing side by side outside the stronghold. The surroundings are tightly guarded by a herd of Black Shirts. As soon as they saw the Siau-liong gliding from the air, they were very surprised.

“Little slave, he finally got into his own net!” The world-conquering demon laughed loudly.

"Old devil! Death is at hand, you are still dreaming!" snapped the Siau-lion.

The world-conquering demon laughed haughtily…. As soon as it raised its hand, the herd of guards immediately receded.

Slowly he took two steps forward, but remained a spear away from Siau-liong. With a mocking laugh he exclaimed, “I already told you that I don't want to force people. As long as he wants to teach me the full knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, I will certainly keep my promise. Tiau Bok-kun and the two ladies' White Rose as well as Kongsun Sin-tho and the others, I will release all of them. But if not..."

He paused for a moment, looked away and then continued, "What I say I will certainly do. And what the consequences would be you would already know for yourself…”

Suddenly he turned to yell at a guard who was behind him, "Bring here the two slave girls who are in the cage!"

The guard agreed to continue running backwards. Siau-liong didn't want to say anything. He just laughed coldly at the world-conquering Demon.

Even though at first glance the world-conquering demon looked calm, he was extremely restless in his heart.

And without saying a word, Xiao Liong stepped forward. Seeing that the world-conquering Demon snapped at him, “Stop! Do you really want me to kill the two ladies?"

Siau-liong did not answer but continued forward. Seeing that the world-conquering demon was forced to slowly retreat. Now he has retreated to the front of the stronghold.

At that time the devil could not back down anymore. Suddenly he shouted loudly and hit Siau-liong.

But the young man just smiled. He raised his right hand to sweep. There was a pop and the dust behind the world-conquering demon rolled up suddenly....

At that time, the world-conquering devils also learned quite a lot of the four magical arts from Lam-hay Sin-ni, Jong Leng lojin, Kongsun Sin-tho and Randa Bu-san. His prowess is much greater than before. So he dared to meet the blow of Siau-liong. Who knows, Siau-liong has almost completely understood Thian-kong-sin-kang.

It was unbelievable the devil's shock when his punch was like being immersed in the ocean and suddenly he was hit by a great power so that his blood was churning…….

The Goddess of Hell was shocked. Quickly he stamped his wand on the dragon head. Suddenly the dragon's head was swift and flew towards Siau-liong.

Siau-lion snorted coldly. Once he hit, the dragon's head and the demonic woman's wand snapped and at the same time a muffled sound was heard. The Goddess of Hell was bounced back seven or eight steps away.

"Huak!"....the woman vomited blood!

As soon as the second faction flew away, the third camp immediately appeared. A herd of the world-conquering Devil's minions stood in awe. First, because they were fascinated by the magic of Siau-liong.... Second, because they had not received orders from their leaders.

After withdrawing the two devil husbands and wives, Siau-liong still advanced towards them.

The world-conquering demon was nervous but he still covered it up with a haughty laugh as he recoiled. And by that time he had already retreated to camp number three.

And what happened in the third camp is already visible.... Soh-beng Ki-su while playing with the whip while yelling at the four figures who are still sitting, “Get up quickly! Wake up....!"

But the four figures kept their eyes closed and sat as still as statues. Poh Ceng-in, who was standing at the side, seemed to be nervous as well.

Suddenly, the bodyguards that the world-conquering Devil had sent to bring Tiau Bok-kun and the White Rose had arrived. But their attitude was terrified. While running towards them already screaming, “Thian-cun, the two slave girls have escaped!”

"Back off!" snapped the world-conquering Demon nervously. He continued to break into the stronghold.

Seeing the four figures sitting still, Siau-liong was secretly excited. He thought the pills must have worked. He didn't want to rush in, but waited outside.

With a pale face, the World Conqueror Demon quickly took the whip from Soh-Beng ki-su's hand and was stomped a few times as he shouted, "Come on, why don't you wake up!"

The whip managed to wake Jong Leng lojin. The characters rose at the same time.

"Tar...!" The world-conquering demon lashed Jong Leng lojin's back as he snapped, “Quickly catch that slave, dead or alive!”

Unexpectedly, Jong Leng lojin did not want to answer and carry out orders. He even suddenly grabbed the world-conquering Demon's whip and snapped back at him, “Who are you!”

This time the world-conquering Demon seemed to have been struck by the shock of lightning. He threw a whip and continued to escape outside the stronghold.

Still in an unconscious mind, Jong Leng lojin hit. The world-conquering demon ran desperately but still couldn't escape Jong Leng's blow. His body that was soaring in the air suddenly swooped down and fell beside Siau-liong! 

"Old devil, do you still dream of running?" snapped Siau-liong while slapping the demon's chest and throat.

At that time the Goddess of Hell was already injured by the blow of the Siau-liong earlier. Knowing his bad attitude, he was about to run. But he remembered Poh Ceng-in.


67. Dragon And Paradise

Just as the Goddess of Hell was hesitating, suddenly a loud noise came over. Siau-liong thought it must be the underlings of the world-conquering Devil who wanted to invade to help its leader. But it turned out that what appeared was Ceng Hi totiang and a group of dashing people.

The Goddess of Hell who had already suffered the wound was even more confused. As soon as he saw the situation there, Ceng Hi knew what had happened. He quickly grabbed the sleeve of the robe to block the path of the Goddess of Hell's blood.

"Hey, are you a flock of spirits of the dead?" shouted the world-conquering devil who, even though his blood vessels were covered in blood, was still able to speak.

At that time, the Black Shirts had just realized. With a loud whistle, they rushed forward to surround them. But Jong Leng Lojin who was guarding beside the World Conqueror Devil, immediately swarmed back and forth to prevent them.

The group of dashing people led by Ceng Hi totiang immediately attacked so that a terrible battle ensued.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong was alone. He was really amazed to see the situation at that time. He felt as if he had brought the dead back to life.

Poh Ceng-in suddenly squeaked, “Suheng, wait for me to run together!”

Only then did Siau-liong seem reminded of Soh-beng Ki-su. With a growl, he propelled himself up into the air and soared down behind the stronghold.

It turned out that Soh-beng Ki-su, who was emaciated, was ready to escape from the stronghold.

Siau-liong quickly snapped and clutched his chest. Soh-beng Ki-su was surprised. He spread his net to launch Pek-kut-kang's punch.

But it was too late. Siau-liong gripped his chest. Immediately, he felt his chest burst. Siau-liong has already cursed that person's three blood paths. Then he continued to walk into the fort.

But just then To Kiu-kong, Ti Gong taysu and their friends appeared. Siau-liong quickly threw Soh-beng Ki-su to To Kiu-kong.

"This is the man who killed the Evil Swordsman! Please take care of him. Later I will bring him for offerings at the Evil Warrior's grave!"

After saying Siau-liong continued to jump to the stronghold again. Looks like the situation has changed.

The two devil husbands and wives have been arrested and guarded by dozens of first-class figures assigned by Ceng Hi totiang. In order to keep the two demons from escaping, they attached the tip of their weapon to the blood path of the two men.

The battle is still going on. but because the leader has been arrested, the battle situation can be controlled by Ceng Hi totiang. Only a few characters are difficult to overcome, such as the Cursed Dragon, Demon Tiger, It Hang totiang and others.

After Jong Leng was logged in, Kongsun Sin-tho, Randa Bu-san and Lamhay Sin-ni were built successively. They pondered for some time, only to realize what had happened to them all this time.

"Temperature, have you recovered at all?" hastily Siau-liong approached Kongsun Sin-tho.

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed, “Liong-ji. Did you make the pills from the three-legged frog? Where are we now?"

"We are currently under the peak of Kim-ting. The pill was made by the holy priest Kim-ting!"

"Ah, I don't think so too..." Kongsun Sin-tho took a deep breath.

Pondering for a moment the figure said, “How many pills did he make? Give the rest to me!"

Siau-liong immediately handed it over. After receiving, Kongsun Sin-tho then gave information to Randa Bu-san and others. Then the four figures immediately descended into the arena of battle.

With their supernatural powers, it was easy to subdue the Cursed Dragon. Demon Tiger, It Hang totiang and others. Then each person was given a pill of it.

It didn't take long for them to regain consciousness. And by then the battle was over. Several of the world-conquering Devil's minions managed to escape. But those who could not escape were forced to give up.

Kongsun Sin-tho gave the remaining three pills to Siau-liong, “Those pills are not easy to obtain. Besides being able to treat all kinds of poisons, it also has the power to revive people who have stretched their souls. Please keep it well and if necessary you can use it."

Siau-liong immediately saved it.

At that time the atmosphere of the battle was silent. Ceng Hi totiang looked at each other with the four magic figures. He told them all the events that had happened so far. Especially the merits of Siau-liong who did not back down in the face of the turmoil of the world-conquering Demon.

All the valiant people applauded the bravery and valor of the young man!

But Siau-liong himself felt ashamed in his heart. If without the help of One-Eyed Grandpa, the holy priestesses Kim-ting and Poh Ceng-in, he would not have been able to solve the riot himself.

Successively Randa Bu-san, Lam-hay Sin-ni, Jong Leng lojin, Cursed Dragon, Demonic Tiger, It Hang totiang and others, thanked Siau-liong. They knelt before the young man. Of course Siau-liong was surprised and blushed to lift them up.

At that moment, suddenly two groups arrived. The first group was Coa-sik Se-si with White Rose and Tiau Bok-kun. And the second group is One-Eyed Grandpa with the virgin Song Ling.

Seeing the temperature and his daughter coming, Randa Bu-san was beyond excited.

Meanwhile, the world-conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell were still surrounded by a troupe of valiant people. Jong Leng lojin, Cursed Dragon, Demon Tiger and several figures immediately approached. The characters were furious.

Jong Leng lojin picked up a sword that was on the ground and shouted, “The sins of the two demon husbands have already passed the takeran. Do you still like to forgive them?"

"No! Even if they die, it's still light when judged by their sins!" exclaimed all brave people.

Suddenly there was the sound of people crying. And another time, Poh Ceng-in was seen running over and kneeling before Siau-liong, “Tong-siuhiap! Hope you like to be cheap to forgive the soul of my father and mother!"

At that time Coa-sik Se-si approached and lifted Poh Ceng-in up, "Son, ah, you have suffered quite a lot..."

Siau-liong hastily said to Jong Leng lojin, “Locianpwe, would you like locianpwe to accept a request of mine?”

"Please, whatever Tong-siauhiap says, I'll obey," said Jong Leng.

Siau-liong sighed, “Right now the melee is over. The two world-conquering Demons were helpless. Let us do a favor to spare their souls!"

Ceng Hi totiang and Kongsun Sin-tho immediately walked over to Siau-liong. Said Kongsun Sin-tho, “To spare their souls, it's okay! But in order to prevent danger from arising in the future, their intelligence must be eliminated."

Seeing Siau-liong silent, Ceng Hi totiang immediately pulled out a badik tucked in his waist. He cut off the vital veins of the two demon husbands and then freed the path of their damned blood.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell were transfixed like statues. Their faces were gloomy.

Poh Ceng-in ran to her mother's side and cried out softly, “Mom, I…. I'm really sorry and sorry for you…” — she immediately burst into tears.

It has been a long time since Poh Ceng-in poured out his sadness. After he stopped crying he immediately lifted his parents and brought them down the mountain.

Suddenly Coa-sik Se-si gave an order to Siau-liong, "Hurry up and follow them and bring them back here!"

Siau-liong immediately ran after him while shouting for Poh Ceng-in, "Miss Poh...."

But without looking away, Poh Ceng-in shouted back, "I'm going!"

"I'm really sorry! I decided .... will take you as a wife!" Siau-liong shouted frantically.

Poh Ceng-in replied prone, “Ah, thank you for your kindness. But now it's different! I've realized all! If you are indeed a person who keeps promises, you will come next year to fulfill the promise to die with me!"

The two demon wives who were carried by Poh Ceng-in were surprised and turned to look at Siau-liong. But they quickly faced forward again and continued their journey down the mountain. Soon they disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Siau-liong was stunned for a moment then walked back to his mother's place. All the brave people immediately swarmed Siau-liong. They heard what Siau-liong had said with Poh Ceng-in earlier. But even though they didn't understand what the conversation was about, they didn't dare ask Siau-liong.

At that time because the battle was over and the situation was safe again, the group of brave people rejoiced and laughed at each other.

After being satisfied with the conversation, Ceng Hi totiang approached Siau-liong, "I don't think it's useful for me to wait long here. I'd better go back. Then allow Tong-siauhiap, we want to excuse ourselves!"

Even though at that time Siau-liong was seen as a savior star of the martial world and a martial arts figure who already possessed supernatural intelligence, secretly the young man's heart was restless. Hearing that Ceng Hi totiang and several figures were about to go home, although they felt their actions were too hasty, Siau-liong didn't want to say much.

Thus, after some of the figures left the mountain, the situation became increasingly quiet. It was already before dawn. The wind is getting colder. The four heirs of the sacred sciences are still there.

Kongsun Sin-tho approached Siau-liong and greeted him, "Siau-liong, I too will go...!"

Siau-liong choked his heart and without realizing it, he burst into tears, "Is the temperature about to go home to Hong-san?"

The magic healer replied, "All my wishes have been completed. Before I die, I want to take a cruise to enjoy the beauty of the famous mountains and rivers. Now I'm about to start my Tang-gak mountain cruise. The world is so wide, my tracks are hard to pinpoint."

After saying that the character continued to swing. Siau-liong really slashed his heart. He still wanted to talk a lot with his kind teacher.

But when he was about to step up to stop him, suddenly White Rose ran and knelt in front of Coa-sik Se-si, crying, "Temperature, I beg you to grant my request!"

Coa-sik Se-si hastily lifted him up, “If there's anything, say it! Of course I will grant your request!"

The White Rose was still sobbing and said, "Please the temperature likes to pass me into a monk! Lam-hay Sin-ni locianpwe is about to take me…”

For a moment Coa-sik Se-si was speechless. He knew why his disciple wanted to become that monk. Turning to Siau-liong, he saw that his son was constantly in tears.

It wasn't long before he said, “Lam-hay Sin-ni locianpwe is a sacred figure who inherits one of the five sacred arts. He wants to accept you as a disciple, it is indeed a fortune for you. But...."

Coa-sik Se-si couldn't continue his speech because at that time Mawar Putih had already taken out a badik and continued to cut her hair. Coa-sik Se-si was about to stop but it was too late. He had to just take a deep breath and say nothing.

Tiau Bok-kun who had been standing by the side did not speak, to see the White Rose cutting his hair, suddenly he immediately approached Siau-liong, “Tong Siangkong! For your kindness to me, maybe in this life I can't repay ....!" - After saying he immediately cut his hair too.

At that time, Siau-liong stammered like a statue. He couldn't say anything but shed tears....

After thanking Coa-sik Se-si, Lam-hay Sin-ni immediately led the White Rose's hand to go.

Jong Leng Lojin burst out laughing. He stepped in front of Tiau Bok-kun, he said, "I still don't have an heir, I don't know if you like it..."

Tiau Bok-kun was overjoyed. Hastily he knelt down and saluted solemnly, "Temperature..."

Jon Leng Lojin chuckled, then shouted to Lam-hay Sin-ni, "My student is not inferior to your student either!"

Then Randa Bu-san was about to leave. Meanwhile the girl Song Ling stood far away, not wanting to look at Siau-liong.

Because the figures left behind, Siau-liong's heart was like being crushed by a stone. He was about to cry, but his tears had dried. Finally he asked Randa Bu-san: "Is Cianpwe going too?"

Randa Bu-san laughed, “In the world there is no banquet that will never end. If it's time to part, we must part!"

Thus the characters one by one immediately left the place. There are now only Siau-liong and his mother.

Siau-liong's face was full of tears. His mind drifted to the past. The images of people one after another flashed through his mind.

But remembering that they had found the right place, my heart was at ease. He wiped away the tears and forced a laugh, “Mom, let's leave this place too!”

At that time, Coa-sik Se-si's heart was happy and sad. Simultaneously he got up, he said, "Let's go to Hong-san Mountain to visit your father's grave!"

Siau-liong amused his heart. Holding his mother's hand, they immediately walked slowly down the mountain. Since they had nothing important to do, they made their way slowly.

Arriving at the bottom of the mountain, they first looked for lodging at the inn. After that they rented a carriage. It was about half a month later that they arrived at Hong-san Mountain.

As they climbed up the mountain, what he saw took them by surprise. Ceng Hi totiang and a group of brave people consisting of hundreds of people, appeared to greet them.

Near the grave of the late Tong Gun-liong, several wards were erected. A dozen female bachelors immediately led Coa-sik Se-si's hand to be led into the ward.

Surprised, Siau-liong was speechless. He did not understand why the martial arts figures were there.

Presumably to repay Siau-liong's services, Ceng Hi totiang led a group of silat people to Hong-san and built a ward and built a luxurious building. The building will be dedicated to Siau-liong as his mother's residence.

Siau-liong found it difficult to resist the kindness of Ceng Hi totiang and other martial arts figures. He had to say thank you.

Mount Hong-san, which was usually quiet, was incredibly crowded at that time. Hundreds of martial arts figures pray in front of Tong Gun-liong's grave. They were led by Ceng Hi totiang who prayed by kneeling in front of the gravestone, Coa-sik Se-si and Siau-liong stood beside the tomb to pay their respects.

Coa-sik Se-si was really moved to see a ceremony that had never happened in the history of the martial world. She burst into tears and murmured a prayer, “Gun-liong, Gun-liong.... if you knew about this situation. you will surely be able to ripen satisfactorily in the afterlife!”

After the prayer ceremony, suddenly Toh Hun-ki, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, and the four Su-lo came forward to the tomb and shouted, "We were the ones who made the wrong decision. Then we will make amends with death!"

After saying they both pulled the badik and kept trying to kill themselves.

In fact, Siau-liong did not have the heart to see them kill themselves. But he did not dare to take action. So he turned to look at his mother.

It turned out that Coa-sik Se-si had rushed forward and shouted, “Cianpwe, please don't act like that. After all, Gun-liong is your disciple. At that time he had violated the rules of the college. Should have received punishment…”

Ceng Hi totiang also approached and laughed, “The past events are past! Today is truly a historic event that all the martial arts perform a prayer ceremony. About the past, no need to bring it up again!"

Siau-liong also gave advice so that the Kong-tong-pay figures would also cancel their intention to kill themselves. They thanked the three of them. And the atmosphere of mourning has now turned into a joyful event.

On the second day, the group of silat fighters held prayers at the graves of the cursed warrior and skull beggar.

To Kiu-kong handed Soh-beng Ki-su to Siau-liong. In front of the tomb of the cursed warrior, Siau-liong pierced the chest of Soh-beng Ki-su, took his heart and worshiped him in front of the tomb of the cursed warrior.

After the prayer ceremony, Ceng Hi totiang wanted to appoint Siau-liong as the leader of the martial world. But Siau-liong still refused. He stated that he prefers to be Cousu from the Kay-pang party and has the same position as the chairman of other martial parties.

Of course, Kay-pang's party was overjoyed. They greeted their Cousu-ya statement by kneeling in thanks. Since then, Kay-pang has grown in popularity. The party seems to be considered the leader of the martial world.

After almost a month in Hong-san Mountain, all the martial arts figures immediately flocked back to their respective places.

Since then Siau-liong and his mother have lived in Hong-san mountain. They live a happy life.

But Siau-liong was still worried about the fate of White Rose, Tiau Bok-kun, Poh Ceng-in and others. He also remembers that next year in the middle of autumn, he must head to Mount Bu-san to fulfill his agreement with Poh Ceng-in.

Apparently Coa-sik Se-si knew what was in his son's heart. He advised that Siau-liong could influence Poh Ceng-in's mind to cancel the plan to die with it. And as a change, Siau-liong to accept Poh Ceng-in as a wife....

The lion agreed. When the time came he immediately left for Bu-san.

On the way, he cradled, “Randa Bu-san must have known that the Evil Warrior was actually dead. Thus their agreement to hold a battle, automatically lapsed. And now only a pact with Poh Ceng-in he has to complete!"

Arrived at Mt. Bu-san, right in the middle of the month 8 am. His agreement with Poh Ceng-in was the second day of the middle of the eighth month. He guessed that if Poh Ceng-in came to fulfill his promise, of course it would not be possible to come earlier than him.

But unexpectedly, as soon as he turned a mountain bend, he saw in the middle of a forest a tomb had been built. And ah.... it turned out that Poh Ceng-in was already there. He still wore his fiery red clothes and sat beside the tomb.

"Miss Poh!" Simultaneously the Siau-lion shouted as he ran over to him.

Poh Ceng-in got up at once but suddenly he screamed and fell down again.

Siau-liong was surprised and quickly helped him get up. Holding out his left hand, Poh Ceng-in groaned, “My arm was bitten by the poisonous snake that I kept! Hurry up and help suck out the poison!"

When checking, Siau-liong did see that the lady's left arm had two holes that were still bleeding. Without much thought, he continued to suck it with his mouth.

"Quick suction! Quick suction! If the poison rushes into the heart, there is no cure!" Poh Ceng-in groaned repeatedly.

Nervous, Siau-liong continued to suck desperately. Because the blood continued to flow without stopping, Siau-liong did not rush to spit it on the ground so he continued to swallow it. This situation lasted for a long time.

"Are you feeling good now, miss?" he asked a moment later.

But at the same time his face changed. He saw that Poh Ceng-in's face was pale as if he was about to die.

Then the lady forced a vulnerable laugh, "I don't deserve to be your soul mate.... that jong-tok poison... su... bye... extinct...!"

After saying that the woman who owned the Valley of Springs bent her head and closed her eyes forever.

The lion was surprised. Unknowingly he wept and mourned the woman's suffering and sacrifice. He was so sad that he fainted.

Only then did he realize that One-Eyed Grandpa, Randa Bu-san and Song Ling were already guarding beside him.

Siau-liong immediately planted Poh Ceng-in into the prepared hole.

Then Siau-liong stood upright beside the tomb like a man who had lost his spirit. One-Eyed Grandpa and Randa Bu-san comforted him and were finally able to persuade him to go back to Hong-san.

Coa-sik Se-si is also saddened to hear about the death of Poh Ceng-in. While Siau-liong remained lethargic like a sick person. He prefers to immerse himself in his room.

It was two months later that he began to regain his lost spirit. That day he felt his spirit was refreshed, his grief was reduced. So he came out of his room.

But what a surprise when he saw the situation outside. In a large room, filled with banquet tables and guests consisting of leaders of martial arts parties and well-known figures.

Siau-liong was absurdly surprised. He hurriedly looked for his mother to ask. He had not left his room for two months so he didn't know what was going on in the house.

Coa-sik Se-si came out to greet accompanied by a female footman. With a smile on her face, the woman said to her son, "Siau-liong, even though in this matter I have never told you, but you must not refuse! Today is your happy day!"

Siau-liong was shocked to death, "How is this..."

Coa-sik Se-si retorted laughing, “The bride is Song Ling. Mama's the one who found your soul mate!"

Even though Siau-liong did not dare to argue, he stomped his feet and took a deep breath.

Suddenly One-Eyed Grandpa appeared laughing, “Buyung, don't you remember the promise you made to me at the peak of Kim-ting the other day?”

Siau-liong as if awakened. He remembered why the one-eyed grandfather forced him to grant a request. Presumably the grandfather's request was none other than to match his disciple's grandson or the maiden Song Ling with him. Ah.... he didn't dare to say much anymore and let everyone decide what to do with him.

The wedding ceremony was magnificent. Hong-san Mountain for two months was unbelievably busy.

Because of the intertwined mind and love, the bride and groom live in harmony and happiness. Randa Bu-san and Coa-sik Se-si were overjoyed to see that their son and daughter had found a suitable match. Even Randa Bu-san accepted Coa-sik Se-si's offer not to return to Bu-san but to live in Hong-san's mountain with his son and daughter-in-law.

After all the martial arts figures returned to their respective places, the priest Liau Hoan still lived there. He met Siau-liong and reminded him of his previous promise.

It turned out that thirty years ago Mount Thian-san erupted. Huge rocks cover a cave where a herd of orang-utans live. During those thirty years, Liau Hoan asked his students to give him food.

But now the orang-utans have grown into hundreds of individuals. Over time they will certainly die of suffocation. So Liau Hoan asked Siau-liong to go there to destroy the large stones that closed the cave door.

"It is only the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang that destroys the giant stones. So please, please be with me to go to Thian-san," said the priest.

Siau-liong invites his wife to fulfill his promise to Thian-san. After success, the husband and wife of the warriors traveled to do noble and useful deeds for the people.