Warrior Curse Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51-60

51. Thian-jim-sin-kang . skill

At first Siau-liong was still light, but after Randa Bu-san turned violent, he became busy as well. He still hasn't recovered. Gradually his strength became weaker, his blood began to boil. Cold sweat began to pour out profusely, his breath was panting hard. 

Siau-liong began to suck. At any moment he was threatened with destruction from the dangerous attacks of Randa Bu-san.

The laughing voice of the world-conquering Devil briefly broke off briefly shrill. It's like a devil enjoying the victim he's tortured.

There was a horrified groan. Lu Bu-ki's men got kicked in the stomach by Ti-ki-cu (one of Kun-lun Sam-cu), so they were thrown a spear away, hit the wall and fell down without moving anymore....

Even though the four of his men had fallen, Lu Bu-ki was still not afraid to face the three Kun-lun Sam-cu. The death of his four friends made him sad and angry. He is fierce like a lion. The iron ruyung played like rain.

Secretly his left hand prepared three steel bullets. Lu Bu-ki is famous with the title of Thiat-pian sin-tan or the Iron Ruyung Pelor-sakti. His knowledge of throwing the secret weapon, it's not really great though.

Thus, when he was playing ruyung vigorously, he suddenly followed up by throwing three iron bullets at Kun-lun Sam-cu.

The distance is very close and Lu Bu-ki's throwing skill is very precise and powerful. Ti-ki-cu who attacks the front itself, suffers first. His left eye was hit by a bullet so that the apple of his eye popped out. Blood was pouring out so that he immediately turned into a red-faced human.

But Ti-ki-cu is awesome. Even though an eyeball had been cut off and suffered heavy injuries, it seemed as if he didn't feel it and still attacked violently.

No matter how cold-hearted Lu Bu-ki may be to kill people, but facing an extraordinary human like Ti-ki-cu, his heart is trembling. The game is messy too.

Liau Hoan and Song Ling who faced It Hang with four pillars, were still able to fight evenly. But after the world-conquering demon laughed earlier, It Hang totiang attacked in such a frenzy that Liau Hoan and Song Ling were shocked.

Liau Hoan grabbed Poh Ceng-in's body and held it up in the corner of the room. He serves the enemy's attack with one hand. But he couldn't wait any longer. Suddenly he uttered the 'Omitohud' prayer, then exclaimed, “Unfortunately there is no door. Only humans themselves make it. I was forced to open the taboo to kill!"

Siau-liong was taken aback and hurriedly shouted, “They are martial figures whose mind-consciousness has been obliterated by a world-conquering Demon. I hope Losiansu is generous so that they don't kill each other and kill themselves..."

Liau Hoan let out a long laugh, “Killing killing has happened a long time ago. If you still can't stand it, of course it will be difficult for us to escape from here!"

The words contained a suggestion that Siau-liong not hesitate to bring out the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang.

It seemed that Song-ling had caught the priest's point. He quickly shouted, “Siau-liong.... in any case, don't hurt mama!”

"Do not worry! Even if my body is crushed to pieces, it won't hurt your mama!" cried Siau-liong.

“Miss, take care of this demon woman!” suddenly Liau Hoan shouted and kept pushing Poh Ceng-in's body.

Song Ling didn't dare to argue. By the time he greeted Poh Ceng-in's body, Liau Hoan had already spun around and released three slaps and five punches.

The wind howled violently and the five pillars of It Hang were forced to retreat five steps. But just as quickly they were on the move again. They really seemed to ignore his safety and attack madly.

Liu Hoan was a bit stunned. As soon as his assailants advanced, he suddenly roared loudly and threw in another barrage of punches.

The intelligence of the Liau Hoan priest is higher than the two world-conquering Demons and the Goddess of Hell. The priest was famous for his magic finger Kim-kong-ci (Steel finger), which really shook the martial arts world. But because he rarely goes out into the martial world, his name is rarely talked about.

In the face of that battle, he had already realized that if he didn't use a lightning strike to end the battle, the two world-conquering devils would surely come up with another, even more vicious plan.

Liau Hoan's tantrum had paid off. Suddenly, Tan It-hong, the head of Ji-tok-kau, fell to the ground. He had a blood clot in his stomach.

With one person down, the pressure on It Hang's side was reduced. But suddenly the world-conquering demon laughed longer. And as quickly as he stopped laughing, the demon exclaimed, “What I say I will do. The release of the third wave of prisoners is underway!"

It didn't take long for two figures to barge in. When Siau-liong looked at the two newcomers, he secretly complained, "Woe!" It turned out to be the Cursed Dragon and Demon Tiger.

As soon as they entered without saying anything, the two evildoers continued to attack. The Cursed Dragon lunged at Siau-liong, the Demon Tiger seized Liau Hoan siansu.

Even though he was able to kill Tan Ih-hong, Liau Hoan still had difficulty dealing with main characters like It Hang totiang.

And now there is also a Demon Tiger. With a powerful attack of three moves, the Demon Tiger can make Liau Hoan panic. Liau Hoan failed to seize the position. It's under the wind again.

The situation of Siau-liong is the same. He was attacked from the front and back by the Cursed Dragon as well as Randa Bu-san. He was overwhelmed and only able to survive alone.

Seeing Liau Hoan siansu being pushed back, Song Ling was forced to act. He released Poh Ceng-in and joined the battle.

Lu Bu-ki's condition was getting worse and worse. The iron Ruyung had already bounced off. His clothes were tattered. At first glance, his state was similar to that of a madman.

In the crush of the two Cursed Dragon figures and Randa Bu-san, Siau-liong's situation is really dangerous. Once he is careless or wrong hand, of course he will be crushed to death. No matter how careful and careful he was, in the end his chest was hit by the wind of Randa Bu-san's blow. But the wind is not an ordinary wind, but the wind of Ya li-sin-kang Science.

Instantly Siau-liong felt his bones shattered apart, his blood churning violently. His eyes darkened and he couldn't hold it in anymore. A lump of fresh blood gushed from his mouth....

But he realized that at that time he was in a life-and-death battle. Once he was careless, his soul would surely sink. In that state of danger, he was finally forced to fight. Mustering the last of his strength, he unleashed a hit from the Sky-refuting Stall towards Randa Bu-san and used the Sweep-the-Sweeper to hit the Cursed Dragon.

The two strokes are the moves of the Thian-kong-sin-kang skill. A golden beam of light flashed, although Randa Bu-san quickly moved his hands to greet him, his body was still shaking violently about to collapse.

Meanwhile the Cursed Dragon staggered back seven or eight steps, hitting the prayer table. He tried to get up again and again but failed. Finally he collapsed with serious injuries.

After hitting, Siau-liong felt his strength was exhausted. His bones seemed to fall apart, so that he could no longer stand up straight. The wound still hasn't healed at all. And then he was injured again. How solid was his inner strength, but he was completely exhausted....

After breathing for a few moments, Randa Bu-san felt that the wound had healed. With a shrill shriek, the woman slammed her hands towards Siau-liong.

At that time, Siau-liong was helpless. just stared in disbelief at Randa Bu-san's deadly blow....

Liau Hoan siansu, Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki also have run out of energy. Even though they know the Siau-liong is in danger, they themselves are already tired. Can't help anymore. What's more, what threatens Siau-liong is Ya-lin-sin-kang's magic power.

Even if the three people simultaneously stepped forward to help, it was also useless. In fact, it will only increase the number of victims.

Unable to escape the attacks of It Hang totiang and Cu Kong-leng, Song Ling cried and screamed, "Mom, don't kill him, you can't..."

But Randa Bu-san paid no heed. He still launched his two deadly blows at Siau-liong.

Knowing that that second must die, Siau-liong closed his eyes waiting for death.

Suddenly from outside the monastery shot into a shadow. And before standing up straight, that person was as fast as lightning to hit Randa Bu-san's arm.

The person's arrival made no sound at all. His movement was as fast as the wind. If you don't know with your own eyes, people will think that the newcomers are not humans but are still demons.

People like Randa Bu-san, who has Ya-li-sin-kang, couldn't even hear the person's arrival. Only then did he stutter in surprise when his arm was about to be grabbed by the person.

But Randa Bu-san was not disappointed that people were praised as a powerful figure at that time. He didn't want to turn around but instead stepped forward while replacing his two blows with a cyclone-snatching-tree, to sweep away the newcomer.

The man snorted coldly. As soon as his foot hit the ground, he turned his right hand that was about to hit Randa Bu-san's arm earlier, to meet the two women's blows.

Both Randa Bu-san's punch and that person's hand movement are both soft internal energy. Not the slightest sound. Although the motion of their blows was not that great, but the gentle wind from the blow had caused a loud storm that was deafening.

As soon as the blows collided, the bodies of the two figures shook together. Apparently their strengths are balanced.

Siau-liong who closed his eyes earlier because he felt that for a few moments Randa Bu-san's punches had not yet arrived, but he heard the howling of the wind in the air, he opened his eyes hastily.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was pleasantly surprised. The one who came was none other than the Dragon-bearded Physician, Kongsun Sin-tho, his own teacher.

"Temperature! You...."

Before Siau-liong finished shouting, Kongsun Sin-tho was already shaking his hand, “Don't talk too much! Get some rest and channel your energies!"

After exclaiming, the healer immediately pushed his hands to meet Randa Bu-san's punch.

Like a person who lives again from death let alone gets a visit from the temperature he loves, Siau-liong's heart is legal. Quickly he did the temperature command. Sitting in meditation channels pure breath and energy.

But he realized that the situation at that time was really very dangerous. He had to quickly recover his strength in order to deal with the current situation.

Unexpectedly when he evaporated the pure air in his stomach, he felt a bundle of heat rising up. Something that is not the same as usual. He was secretly excited, he thought, "Have I made any remarkable progress in internal energy science in the past few days."

Immediately he began to regulate the heat according to the way the blood spread throughout his body. And in a few moments later, he had reached into nothingness. His mind and spirit are one. He no longer remembers what happened around the place. All blank....

Because he was disturbed by the Dragon-bearded Physician Kongsun Sin-tho, Randa Bu-san was angry. With a roar like a lioness who has lost her cub, she charged at the healer with vengeance. In just the blink of an eye, he had already cast more than twenty moves.

But Kongsun Sin-tho served quietly. The attacks from the woman Bu-san who used that ferocious move, one by one he was able to erase. After all, Randa Bu-san was like a crazy person, but he couldn't do anything about the magic healer in the slightest.

The knowledge of the Thian-jim-sin-kang magic power that Kongsun Sin-tho possesses, although it is equal to the magical powers of Ya-li-sin-kang, Jit-hua sin-kang and Cek-ci-sin-kang, but Than-jim -sin-kang it has its own effectiveness. And because Kongsun Sin-tho has reached a high level in the science of Thian-jim-sin-kang, his intelligence is also a level higher than Randa Bu-san.

Seeing this development, Liau Hoan and Lu Bu-ki's spirits rose again. But Song Ling was getting more and more restless. He did not know who Kongsun Sin-tho was. So he was worried that his mother would be hurt by the white-bearded old man.

Kongsun Sin-tho is indeed powerful. While serving Randa Bu-sam, he secretly emitted circular power to hit the Demon Tiger and Kun-lun Sam-cu.

Thian-jim-sin-kang's range of power, although it didn't hurt anyone, was able to force the Demon Tiger and his companions to stagger down.

Kongsun Sin-tho's help really helped Liau Hoan siansu and Lu Bu-ki. By then they were ready to win again.

Suddenly there was a loud and long scream. His tone and voice were horrifying, like the sound of a harp being plucked at the top of his voice. Makes children's ears feel like they are cracked.

And indeed, when the whistling stopped, the tone was like that of a broken harp!

Randa Bu-san, Demon Tiger and his entourage were stunned. At another time, they immediately went berserk again, attacking fiercely and fiercely. Suddenly the Demonic Tiger grabbed Tan Ih-hong's injured body on the ground. One push, he carried it through the outside.

Randa Bu-san launched an onslaught. After successfully withdrawing Kongsun Sin-tho, he quickly grabbed the body of the Cursed Dragon who was sitting leaning on the prayer table, and then fled under it.

It Hang totiang, Shin Bu-seng, Cu Kong-leng and the three Kun-lun Sam-cu figures, began to resign. One by one they stepped out of the monastery and disappeared into the darkness of the night.

Thus, it can be concluded that the long shriek must have come from the world-conquering Devil who gave orders for his heroes to retreat.

It was already near midnight. The wind blew hard and soon it started to rain heavily.


The monastery room fell silent again. Siau-liong and his group of dashing people, still gasping for breath from exhaustion. Luckily Poh Ceng-in was still with them.

Song Ling burst into tears. He was babbling incessantly but it was not clear what he was talking about. Of course because he thought about his mother's fate. That girl broke her heart.

Kongsun Sin-tho took a few steps, suddenly stopped and took a deep breath.

After his breathing calmed down a bit, Lu Bu-ki stared at his two perishing men. After tidying up his clothes, the big man approached Kongsun Sin-tho's face. Paying respects, he exclaimed, “Thank you for your kindness locianpwe. I don't know what the noble locianpwe's name is?"

Kongsun Sin-tho smiled, "My name is Kongsun sin-tho, a healer who likes to travel in the world of martial arts."

Lu Bu-ki gasped in surprise, “0, I wish Kong-sun cianpwe . . . .

Indeed, he had heard of Kongsun Sin-tho who was famous as a powerful healer. He did not even think that the healer turned out to have a very powerful intelligence.

Liau Hoan siansu also approached, he exclaimed while saluting, “Sicu medicine that has saved human souls, spreads its fragrance in the martial world. Ah, it doesn't matter if Sicu turns out to be the heir of Thian-jim-sin-kang's magic knowledge. Sorry for being careless in paying respects!"

Kongsun Sin-tho laughed, "That little meaningless skill, cooking can escape the scrutiny of the lotion..."

Pausing for a moment he continued to say again, “Even though the enemy has retreated by now, in my opinion, their resignation certainly contains a ploy. At any moment they might attack again. it's better if you like to rest and return your energy!" After saying that the healer continued to sit down on the ground.

Lu Bu-ki was already exhausted. Without repeating it, he immediately followed Kongsun Sin-tho's suggestion. He sat back at the prayer table.

Likewise Liau Hoan siansu. Battling the Demon Tiger and his entourage, the skinny priest was exhausted. He was forced to sit down. Only Song Ling was the one who was still crying incessantly.

After resting with his old tea, Siau-liong got up and approached Kongsun Sin-tho. He knelt before the teacher.

"Your wound is still serious. If you don't get treatment quickly, unless you fail to learn the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, you will be disabled for life!" Kongsun Sin-tho exclaimed.

"Please don't worry about the temperature, the students have improved a lot," Siau-liong laughed.

Kongsun Sin-tho studied the young man's face. Then touched his shoulder and forehead. Suddenly his mouth burst out in praise, “Truly the number one magic science in the world. Liong-ji, your luck is really big!"

Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge has long since disappeared from the martial world. Kongsun Sin-tho didn't know where Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic was. But he thinks that all kinds of magic sciences, even though the teachings are different, but all magic sciences are of course centered on the main teachings, namely training energy and khi (pure air).

Although Thian-kong-sin-kang prioritizes Sin (spirit) as the main source, his way of practicing is certainly not much different from other sciences. This is the opinion of Kongsun Sin-tho.

But what a surprise, when he got the wound that Siau-liong had already healed six-seven parts after the young man carried out the channeling of pure air in just a short time. Only then did Kongsun Sin-tho really admit that the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang was indeed superior to all the magic knowledge found in the martial world.

The healer also said to Siau-liong, "Because you have eaten the fruit of Im-yang-som and drank the blood of ancient lizards, then you can learn Thian-kong-sin-kang quickly. Now you have the basics of energy in Thian-kong-sin-kang. That way, if you continue to practice diligently for a while longer, you will at least be able to master half of the knowledge. Enough to reach five sections, enough for you to excel in the world of martial arts. It is just...."

The healer sighed, he continued, "At the moment the world of martial arts is in a great upheaval. It may not give you a chance to calmly convince the science."

Song Ling was still crying. Kongsu Sin-tho was surprised and asked Siau-liong: "Is she the daughter of Randa Bu-san?"

"Yes," said Siau-liong, "Randa Bu-san once helped the soul of a disciple. But now..." he sighed, not continuing his words.

While rubbing his hands, Kongsun Sin-tho ordered Siau-liong to comfort the virgin.

Indeed, Siau-liong intended to comfort the virgin but was reluctant to his teacher. After Kongsun Sin-tho ordered him, he quickly approached the virgin.

Siau-liong whispered a few words into Song Ling's ear. Somehow the virgin stopped crying suddenly she got up, pulled Siau-liong's hand and brought her before Konsun Sin-tho.

"Locianpwe," said the girl with a deep cry, "please locianpwe like to help my mother....please locianpwe like to help my mother...."

The virgin hugged Kongsun Sin-tho's right leg and wept bitterly.

The old healer furrowed his brows then asked Siau-liong, "Liong-ji, what did you say to him?"

Siau-liong lowered his head in response, "The student didn't say anything, just told him that the temperature might help his mother."

52. Lack of Miracle Pills

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed, “Since things are like this, of course I can't hug hands. But know. My abilities are limited. Currently, the world-conquering devil has mastered the three figures possessing the knowledge of Ya-li-in-kang, Jit-hua-sin-kang and Ce-ci-sin-kang. Their power can certainly dominate the martial world. And more.. .."

The old healer paused for a moment, then continued, “What I'm worried about, given the devil's ingenuity, is that he might forcefully ask for the three magical arts of Ya-li, Jit-hua and Ce-ci. If that happens he will definitely have three kinds of magic and it's hard to find a match again!"

Siau-liong was stunned. What the temperature said, really had never been thought of. Meanwhile, Song Ling was still holding Kongsun Sin-tho's feet while crying and whining.

Finally Kongsun Sin-tho raised Siau-liong and Song Ling, he said, "I will do my best. Just don't cry. Because things can't be helped by crying!"

Song Ling stopped crying. A pair of drooping eyelids. He looked at Kongsun Sin-tho with pleading eyes.

"The battle between the Black and White factions in the past few days was really terrible," said Kongsun Sin-tho also, "Not because I meant to just hug hands. But there are some considerations. By mastering the three heirs to the knowledge of Ya-li-sin-kang, Jit-hua-sin-kang and Ce-ci-sin-kang, it means that the world-conquering Devil has obtained three of the five magical arts in the martial world. Even if Ceng Hi totiang invites all the brave people in the world, it's still in vain, like a herd of goats about to invade a tiger's den…”

The healer sighed, he continued: “I have entered the Valley of Spring several times and secretly investigated the state of the Jong Leng lojin who had lost consciousness. I thought to try medicine to restore their consciousness. But in the end I guess, the character's condition can't be helped anymore..."

Hearing that Song Ling cried again, "Then my mother can't be cured too...?"

Kongsun Sin-tho quickly shook his head, “It can be said that my life is devoted to medicine. I can't say for sure that their condition is incurable. Moreover, this matter concerns the life and death of the martial world. So in the past few days I went looking for medicine to various places. My plan is to make a miracle pill to cure all ailments!"

"Is it possible to heal Randa Bu-san who was affected by magic?" hastily Siau-liong retorted.

The healer's face turned serious, “Whether it can treat it or not, it's still hard to say now. But in one more in-depth investigation, I managed to find a cure…. If it still fails, I can't do anything else but to retreat regularly…”

"Are the locianpwe pills finished yet?" said Song Ling.

Kongsun Shin-tho laughed, “The pill I call Sip-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan requires ten kinds of medicine. How to make it easy. In just four hours it was over. But the ten medicinal ingredients, there are three kinds that are hard to find!"

He paused for a moment to look at Siau-liong and Song Ling, and said, “First, a thousand year old Ho-siu-oh. Second, the snow som fruit is hundreds of years old…”

Siau-liong sighed: “Ah, indeed that material is impossible to obtain. Even though people spend a lifetime, they can't get it. Especially now that we are under pressure!"

Kongsun Sin-tho smiled, “My fame in the world of martial arts is because I am good at finding ingredients for medicinal herbs. Fortunately, I have obtained two or two kinds of medicinal ingredients. And now only the third is left…”

"What is the third one?" hastily Siau-liong urged.

"The third medicinal elixir is a three-legged-golden Tenggoret. Several years ago I had explored all the mountains and rivers, but had never met the beast. It is said that Pastor Kim Ting of Go-bi-pay kept one. But the priestess the old man has a strange temper. It might be hard to ask for it…”

“I think that priest Kim Ting must be a pious priest. As long as we talk about the threat of a world-conquering demon who wants to dominate the martial world, surely the priest will like to give it to us!" said Siau-liong.

"It's still hard to say," said Kongsun Sin-tho, "we can try but fate will decide!"

Suddenly the healer took the wine jug on his back. He took the stopper and carefully took out two bundles of silk. One was handed over to Siau-liong.

“Two kinds of medicinal herbs and seven other kinds of potions, I have wrapped them in two. Inside the package was a recipe for making the drug. As long as you've got the golden three-legged skull from Kim Ting's priestess, it's okay to start working on the medicinal herbs immediately."

Said Kongsun Sin-tho with a dark face: "Right now we are still surrounded here. The world-conquering demon is not as slippery and vicious as it seems. If he sent the three heirs of magic and some of his subordinates here, I'm not sure he would be able to escape from it. here!"

The lion was surprised. He realized that his teacher's words were certainly not a joke. Siau-liong stuttered gawking.

Kongsun Sin-tho laughed blandly, he said, “A clever person who is rich in judgment, once must fall too. Remember the saying, no matter how clever a squirrel jumps, sometimes it will fall too. In that case, I do prioritize prudent action. The death of his life, the emergence and disappearance of the martial world today, as if it has fallen on the shoulders of both of us. As long as one of us is still alive, of course there is still hope to eradicate the evil demon swarms that want to spread rampantly and cruelty...."

Siau-liong nodded his head. Now he just opened his eyes. The temperature, which he thought did not want to interfere in the affairs of the martial world, turned out to be the one who paid the most attention to the turmoils of the martial world. In order to save the martial arts figures who are in danger of death, this temperature does not care about his own safety.

"Hurry up and put it in your clothes. You better stick to your body. As soon as all of your friends recover, we will leave this place immediately..."

The healer's face turned violent, he said, "After getting out of here, immediately head to Mount Go-bi. Never stop in the middle of the road. And don't think about me and your friends. Remember, once I get out of this place, I certainly won't be right back here again. If you are not strong enough to restrain your heart for small things, it can certainly result in the failure of big plans!"

Siau-liong furrowed his brows. But for the sake of seeing his hot face look serious, he did not dare to argue and was forced to agree while bowing his head.

After doing breathing to channel blood, Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan had recovered their strength. Grabbing Poh Ceng-in's body lying on the ground, Liau Hoan immediately went behind Siau-liong and sat down.

Kongsun Sin-tho looked at Poh Ceng-in for a moment, frowned but said nothing.

"This woman is the daughter of a world-conquering husband and wife and the Goddess of Hell," said Siau-liong hastily, "if she takes her out of the encirclement, perhaps the two demons won't dare to push us too hard!"

Kongsun Sin-tho laughed blandly. "Didn't you ever use that woman in that battle to suppress the world-conquering Demon!"

Siau-liong widen. He remembered how the world-conquering Devil and his wife had behaved when they were threatened with their child's soul. Obviously the husband and wife were not afraid.

Siau-liong's face turned red. He bowed his head in a daze.

At that time, thunder and thunder were incessantly shouting. The rain is getting heavier.

The top of the wuwungan monastery, which had been neglected, was cracked so that rainwater poured in. The floor is full of water.

It's been a few days since Siau-liong hasn't showered. His clothes were covered in dirty dust and bloodstains. Also, Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan's situation is not that bad.

Seeing the state of the people, Kongsun Sin-tho heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly the wind blew. brings a very fragrant air. The lion was surprised. He was no stranger to the smell.

"The world-conquering demon is spreading a soul-destroying poison!" he cried, "the person who smells the smell must be weak and powerless..."

He suddenly remembered that the bottle of antidote that Poh Ceng-in had given him was still half full. But he had eaten the antidote. In his nervousness, something crossed his mind. He quickly turned around and pounced on Poh Ceng-in.

But after a while of fumbling through the woman's clothes, she still couldn't find anything.

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho's pair of eyes opened wide and emitted a light that frightened people. Apparently the healer was immersed in contemplation. It wasn't long before he laughed and said to himself.

"Strange, what an incomprehensible thing!" cried the healer.

Hearing his temperature words, Siau-liong stopped his search.

At that time the air containing the fragrant smell was getting thicker. Among his entourage, Lu Bu-ki was the least intelligent. It seemed he was starting to get impatient. He coughed a few times.

"This smell is just an ordinary kind of drug," said Kongsun Sin-tho, "the two demon husbands and wives must already know my fame as a healer. But why did they play such meaningless games..."

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Surely he still has other, more vicious tactics. What's being issued right now is just an empty gimmick!"

After saying that the healer took the red jar that was carried on his back. He took out some red pills and distributed them to the Siau-liong group.

Once inside the stomach, the pill feels refreshing. The feeling of disgust from the smell earlier, disappeared in an instant.

And not long after, the fragrance disappeared completely.

Kongsun Sin-tho wrinkled his forehead as if he was contemplating an important question but couldn't solve it.

Suddenly there was a loud and sharp shrill voice. All dashing people like torn their ears. Followed by a deafening sound. Similar to a flute, also similar to the clatter of a machete clashing against each other.

The frenzied voice was shrill high and slowly. But it continues unceasingly, so that it disturbs the peace of everyone's heart.

Kongsun Sin-tho exclaimed loudly, “Ah, it's just a meaningless game to mess with people's minds. But why would a world-conquering Demon use that game against me?”

Then the healer asked everyone to concentrate their spirits and minds! Don't be swayed by the sound.

After carrying out the order, it turned out that everyone felt calm again. Not long after, the chaotic sound disappeared.

Kongsun Sin-tho slowly rose from his seat. While supporting his hands on his back, he paced back and forth. Apparently he was racking his brain for power.

Suddenly he stopped and looked once at a person, he exclaimed, “Anyway, this place is no longer suitable. We must leave this place quickly!"

It was raining very hard at that time. But after saying, Kongsun Sin-tho continued to step out. One jump, he had arrived in the middle of the page.

Siau-liong and his friends, as soon as they arrived at the door, did not want to quickly imitate Kongsun Sin-tho's actions but stopped and watched the healer's actions.

Once upright in the middle of the courtyard, suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho's body shot five or six spears into the air. He circled in the air Then he floated down.

Apart from the rumbling of the rain, at that time there was no sound anymore. Siau-liong and Song Ling were guarding the door while Liau Hoan was carrying Poh Ceng-in's body following behind them. Lu Bu-ki was ready with his weapon. The right hand gripped the iron rod, the left hand gripped the steel bullet.

The four of them were very tense.

Suddenly Siau-liong said to Liau Hoan in a regretful tone, “Ah, just bothering locianpwe. All right, I'll pave the way!"

"Don't worry!" said Liau Hoan, "as long as I'm still breathing, I certainly won't let this demon woman go!"

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho waved and called the four Siau-liong. Siau-liong and his friends quickly followed the healer. But in that heavy rain, their eyes couldn't penetrate more than a spear away.

Kongsun Sin-tho immediately spearheaded the advance. He didn't want to go out of the big door but through a hole in the wall.

Just as the Siau-liong entourage was about to infiltrate the hole, suddenly a loud laughter broke through the sky. At other times a dozen people appeared surrounding them.

Ah, it turns out that the World Conqueror Devil's entourage. Even the devil himself led it. On the right and left, there are Lam-hay Sin-m Jong Leng lojin, Randa Bu-san, It Hang totiang, Demon Tiger and several other subordinates.

The world-conquering demon laughed scornfully, “Old Kongsun, as clever as a squirrel jumps, it will slip once in a while… ha, ha, you're right. Did you know that I have the knowledge of penetrating the heavens and observing the earth so that what you were talking about, I can hear all of them?"

Kongsun Sin-tho snorted coldly. Without saying anything, he kept his hands outstretched towards the world-conquering Demon Conqueror while shouting to Xiao Liong, “Liong-ji, run quickly!”

Among the five sacred arts, Kongsun Sin-tho's Thian-jim-sin-kang is the most powerful after Thian-kong-sin-kang.

The two blows of Kongsun Sin-tho, which were launched with all their might, were fast and powerful. Unable to escape, the World-Conquering Demons, Lam-hay Sin-ni Jong Leng lojin, Randa Bu-san and the others, staggered back a few steps. After mustering their strength, then they can stand up straight.

Kongsun Sin-tho's blow caused a powerful roar of wind waves so that mud splattered everywhere. Heavy rain, strong winds and mud scattered. It really made the world-conquering demon troupe unable to open their eyes.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong and his friends immediately carried out Kongsun Sin-tho's orders. Siau-liong pulled Song Ling's hand and continued to jump through the hole in the wall.

The world-conquering demon was furious. After standing up straight, he immediately laughed loudly. Tar, tar, he shook his whip several times in the air.

Lam-hay Sin-ni, Randa Bu-san, Jong Leng lojin groaned in unison. Like three savage lions, they lunged and attacked Kongsun Sin-tho furiously.

The rain of blows from the three figures had caused a storm as fierce as a falling mountain......

By then Siau-liong and Song Ling had already run a dozen spears. When he turned around, Siau-liong couldn't see anything because of the heavy rain he was startled and stopped. He looked closely, but still did not see the temperature as he grew more restless.

"Please miss through this forest first I want to come back to help my temperature!" he said.

"I also want to help mom!" said the virgin.

And when Xiao Liong turned around, Song Ling's body followed suit. But just as the two youngsters were about to sway, suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho shouted with a voice-infiltrating skill, “Liong-ji, hurry to the top of Go-bi. I'll follow later!"

Siau-liong was stunned. He quickly grabbed the girl's hand.

"Eh, why you?" Song Ling exclaimed.

Siau-liong sighed and explained that the temperature would not allow him to enter the monastery again.

"If you go back in, you won't necessarily be able to help your mother. It's better if we obey the orders of the temperature to look for the Gold-Golden Skull at the top of the Go-bi!" he said anyway.

Song Ling hesitated, she said, "One day I can't help mom, one day my heart is not at peace. Ah... if you want to go, just hurry!"

The two young people immediately used the science of lightening the body. Through the forest continue to the east. In just a cup of tea, they were five-six li away.

At first the two young people could still hear the laughter of the world-conquering demons and the screams of the people fighting. But as time went on the sound grew farther and farther away and finally disappeared into the heavy rain.

Siau-liong asked Song Ling to stop and take shelter under a large tree with shady leaves.

"I don't think we need to run to death like this. The world-conquering demon isn't after us. We determine the direction first and then continue the journey again!" said Siau-liong.

“Strange, why did the world-conquering Demon twice purposely let us off the hook, this…” Song Ling said.

Siau-liong was surprised but he couldn't say anything. Only secretly he was restless, thinking about the safety of his temperature, Liau Hoan siansu, Lu Bu-ki and Poh Ceng-in. No matter how much he hated Poh Ceng-in, but because he had to live and die with that woman, he was forced to think about her safety. If in a state of urgency the priest condemns Poh Ceng-in to death, of course he will also perish.

And again, the world-conquering demon said that the demon with the Heaven-seeking-earth-piercing knowledge could hear his conversation with Kongsun Sin-tho. Then why didn't the devil want his men to get in the way? Does the devil not really think it is important or does he have other plans?

Seeing that Siau-liong was silent, Song Ling also exclaimed, “The world-conquering demon really wants your Thian-kong-sin-kang knowledge. But why won't he take you captive? Is he not afraid that you will escape? Wouldn't it be very dangerous if you could escape? Because after learning the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, you will certainly seek it?"

Siau-liong sighed, “That demon must have calculated that it's impossible under the current circumstances, I would run away to learn that Thian-kong-sin-kang science. But why doesn't he want to take me captive, it really is astonishing!"

Siau-liong guessed that the world-conquering Devil must have guessed that he was the one who disguised himself as the Evil Warrior. This conjecture was further strengthened, when inside the corrupted monastery the world-conquering demon called him the "old cursed swordsman."

Siau-liong still continued his contemplation. While in the Flower Tree line fighting against Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin, he had suffered injuries. Likewise when Randa Bu-san was captured by the World Conqueror Devil. Siau-liong remembered, at least twice he had actually fallen into the hands of a world-conquering demon. But why did the demon deliberately let himself off the hook?

It is certain that the world-conquering devil knows that it was he (Siau-liong) who found the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom and destroyed it. If the world-conquering demon wanted to pursue that knowledge, it should capture it and force it to teach it.

Ever since the world-conquering Demon's ploy using the Iron Mouth Ong Tiat-go failed, Siau-liong was indeed more vigilant. But towards the movements of the demon who let himself get away with it, Siau-liong really doesn't understand!

Because the more he thought the more restless he became, finally Siau-liong sighed, he said, “After arriving at Go-bi, I will first pass the knowledge of Thian kong-sin-kang to you. If the world-conquering demon has succeeded in taking over the martial world, it's best if you seclude yourself in a quiet place to convince Thian-kong-sin-kang. After succeeding, then Miss tries to seek revenge!"

"Come on, don't talk too much. I already have plans of my own and will not accept the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang..." said the virgin, "don't transfer that heavy burden to me."

"I had absolutely no intention of shifting the responsibility to you..."

"It doesn't matter what you say, it's useless! You better determine the direction we should take now!" said Song Ling.

Siau-liong sighed, "Do you really not want to pass?"

Apparently Song Ling couldn't wait any longer.

"Not! Not! Huh, you are not ashamed as a boy, why are you whining like this!"

Suddenly the virgin jumped into the rain....

53. Housekeeper

Siau-liong was stunned and embarrassed. He quickly jumped following the wench. They don't understand walking in the mountains of Tay-liang-san. Moreover, it was raining in the middle of the night as they did not know which direction to take. They are forced to only walk according to what can be passed.

In no time they had reached two li away. The rain has lessened. Suddenly they stopped stunned. It turned out that they were faced with two intersections. For a moment they didn't know which path to take.

Song Ling looked at Xiao Liong with a questioning look. But the young man was worried about himself. He realized that Tay-liang-san was a mountain and a thousand peaks. Once lost, of course difficult to get out.

Just when he was unable to make a decision, suddenly from afar he could hear the footsteps of people approaching.

The footsteps were very slow, especially when it was raining. But thanks to his sharp ears, he could catch the sound of the footsteps. Moreover, at that time he plugged his ears carefully so that he could hear clearly.

He was surprised and quickly grabbed Song Ling's hand and asked him to hide in the bushes.

Song Ling didn't hear anything, but because of being pulled by Xiao Liong he guessed that the young man must have heard something.

At that time the two were at the end of the small road above. And the bushes lay by the side of the road. If the newcomers from the street too, of course, will know them.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer and obviously heavy. Light is not a silat person.

"Is he a hunter? But why come out in the middle of the night in the pouring rain?" thought Siau-lion.

Just at that moment he saw a figure staggering toward him. Soon Siau-liong recognized who the newcomer was. The joy is not braid. He hastily said to Song Ling, "That's Lu Bu-ki!"

Song Ling faintly saw it too. He exclaimed in surprise, “Why is he the only one? And why does it seem hurt?"

Indeed, the man staggered so that it took him a while to arrive at the place where Siau-liong was hiding.

His body was covered in blood, clothes were in tatters and he was walking with difficulty.......

Siau-liong quickly shouted at him, “Brother Lu!”

Lu Bu-ki gasped in surprise and quickly drew the sword on his back. But after seeing who had called it, he sighed, “Ah, may it be brother Kongsun and Miss Song. Why are you here?"

Siau-liong didn't answer but continued his questioning, "Did brother Lu see my temperature and Liau Hoan taysu...."

Lu Bu-ki retorted with a sigh, “Ah, living for over forty years, just today my eyes opened. Kongsun Sin-tho locianpwe, it turned out to be a magician. Alone he was able to face the four powerful figures of the world-conquering Demon, Lam-hay Sin-ni, Jong Leng lojin and Randa Bu-san. Truly a battle unheard of in the history of martial arts……”

While panting. Lu Bu-ki seemed to describe the battle with passionate gestures.

Siau-liong hastily retorted, “How did the battle end? My temperature...?"

Lu Bu-ki was stunned, he said, "Me and Liau Hoan taysu also fought alone with the Demon Tiger and It Hang totiang ......."

Pausing for a moment he said, "But because of my poor intelligence, in just three moves I have suffered injuries. While Liau Hoan taysu was gripping the woman in the red dress, her movements were not free. Our side only relies on Kongsun locianpwe's strength alone…”

Suddenly he stopped again and gasped for breath. In fact, Siau-liong was very nervous but he was reluctant to press. Forced to patiently ask, "Are you seriously injured?"

After panting for a moment, Lu Bu-ki forced a laugh, "Just a few external wounds, it's fine......"

But it seems his legs are not strong enough to stand anymore. So he sat on the side of the road and spoke slowly.

"Actually, in that battle I was determined to fight my soul. But because Kongsun locianpwe repeatedly called for Liau Hoan taysu and I to immediately resign, even in the rush to face the mob of his four formidable opponents, Kongsun locianpwe still had time to help me.. ....”

The big tall man's eyes filled with tears and exclaimed in a tense tone, “At that time, Liau Hoan Taysu and I were under pressure from the enemy. However, assisted by Kongsun locianpwe with a blow that forced the Demon Tiger and It Hang totiang to retreat, even Shin Bu-seng from Tiam-jong-pay suffered injuries, while dragging the red-clothed demon girl, rushed out of the monastery. Then I followed out. But because it was a night of heavy rain and strong winds, it was pitch dark outside. As soon as I got out I didn't see Liau Hoan taysu anymore. Surely he has run far…”

Siau-liong stomped his foot and sighed, "Then you don't know how my temperature battle will end?"

Lu Bu-ki shook his head and sighed, "Because I didn't see Liau Hoan Taysu and he was injured, it was pitch dark outside and at that time Kongsun Locianpwe used the skill of Infiltrating the voice to tell me to hurry up... I quickly left and again.. .."

He stopped looking at Siau-liong, "Your temperature tells me when I meet you, to convey the message, tell you to quickly go to Mount Go-bi, to meet the magic priest Kim Ting. Ask for the three-legged Tenggoret from the priest. Your temperature says anyway. The heavy burden of saving the world of today's martial arts lies on your shoulders. Tell you to realize that tough task. Every action must be careful…”

Siau-liong sighed, "Then the temperature will most likely be in danger!" for a moment he was restless and very anxious.

"If I can escape, surely nothing will happen to Kongsun-cianpwe..." Lu Bu-ki looked at Siau-liong and suddenly fell silent.

Siau-liong sighed, “That's because the world-conquering Demon has no intention of capturing you. But to the temperature.... by relying on the three magic figures who have become the person, no matter how powerful the temperature is but maybe... ah! The captivity of Randa Bu-san is an example…”

The more he thought, the more restless Siau-liong became. He felt certain that the temperature must have been wretched……

Song Ling, who had only been listening to them talk all this time, calmed down a bit. But his face was wet with tears mixed with rain. After taking a deep breath he asked Lu Bu-ki, "My mother... is she still in a daze?"

Lu Bu-ki was forced to nod, "As long as the demons of the two demon husband and wife can't be solved, it's difficult for Mrs.

"Then turned and said to Siau-liong, "In my opinion, it's best for you to carry out Kongsun-cianpwe's order to quickly find the magic priest Kim-Ting in Go-bi and ask for the three-legged golden-tenggoret!"

Siau-lion nodded. Then he asked what about the big tall guy's injuries.

Lu Bu-ki valiantly laughed, "I'm still holding on!" — After saying that he kept jumping up. But before he could stand up, he staggered to fall again. It was clear that the wound was serious but he forced himself to endure.

Siau-liong quickly picked him up but the big guy swerved to the side and laughed fiercely, “After the rain, the ground is slippery. Not at all because I can't walk!"

He continued to swing wide strides walking. Almost half of his life has been spent working in the Green Jungle. Even though it was rare to come to Tay-liang-san mountain, Lu Bu-ki was quite familiar with the road in the area. So he walked through the rain that had not stopped, followed by Siau-liong and Song Ling.

Luckily the rain was getting less and less and finally stopped. The sky is clear too. The moon appeared like a light bulb hanging over a row of mountain peaks.

But because they were already drenched in the night breeze, the three of them were shivering with cold. Song Ling who started following directly behind Lu Bu-ki, gradually felt tired too and finally he walked over to Siau-liong. Over and over again he leaned his body against the young man's shoulder.

Siau-liong secretly mustered his inner strength. He looked around the surroundings. So he started not paying attention to Song Ling. Only after the virgin trembled violently did he startle, "Are you cold?"

A question that could actually be answered on its own because he too was shaking with cold.

"No," said Song Ling.

Siau-liong was surprised to hear that the virgin's voice was different from usual. Hastily he stopped. It turned out that Song Ling's face had turned pale, her teeth clenched hard. His hands were cold but his forehead was very hot.

"You're sick!" exclaimed the Siau-lion.

Song Ling forced herself, "Just a little tired, but that's okay..." — but suddenly she grabbed onto Xiao Liong's arm and struggled, "Slow down!"

Siau-liong was so sorry to see the condition of the virgin that she almost cried. Song Ling suffered severe injuries to her body and heart. Then travel in the middle of the night that rained heavily, the wind was strong. Of course the virgin was not strong enough to survive.

But the attitude of the virgin who remained valiant, the light in her eyes that radiated hardness of heart and the valve of her lips that was arrogant and unyielding, secretly caused a sense of admiration for Siau-liong.

It wasn't long before the night turned to morning. The view around the corner, getting brighter. Siau-liong was secretly restless. If at that time the world-conquering Devils were in pursuit, it would have been difficult to escape again.

Lu Bu-ki really wasn't disappointed as a mighty man. Even though his body was covered with wounds, he still walked strong. Hearing Siau-liong's repeated sighs, he knew what was in the young man's heart. Immediately he stopped, he said, “Tay-liang-san although it consists of thousands of peaks, but has a way out to dozens of pieces. Kongsun locianpwe and Liau Hoan siansu must have escaped the other way!"

"Eh, is miss sick?" he was suddenly surprised to see Song Ling's state.

"I don't know how far we can get out of these mountains? Unless Miss Song can't stand it anymore..." suddenly Siau-liong changed his words, "In this bloodied state it's not easy to meet people. We'd better find a place to rest first."

Pointing to the far side, Lu Bu-ki said, “After crossing the mound of the mountain, we will soon be out of Tay-liang-san.... under the mountain we will arrive at Ma-pian-koan city. There we will find a hotel. to treat Miss Song's illness and rest."

Hearing that, the spirit of Siau-liong arose. But at that time Song Ling was really not strong anymore. With a hard breath, he leaned his body against Siau-liong's shoulder.

"Miss...." exclaimed Siau-liong.

"Hm...." Song Ling muttered as she continued to fall.

The lion was surprised. He was forced to hold the virgin and continue the journey again.

It turned out that Lu Bu-ki did know the streets there. After crossing the mound, they arrived at flat ground. From a distance it looks like a city. The furthest was only three li away.

Even if you remember the temperature message not to delay the trip to Go-bi, the distance to Go-bi is no less than seven-eighty li. At that time Song Ling was suffering from pain so she couldn't walk anymore. So Siau-liong was forced to decide to rest first in the city of Ma-pian-koan.

It turned out that the city was not that big, less big and bustling with the city of Sok-ciu.... Because at that time the ground had just cleared, the houses and streets were still quiet.

Lu Bu-ki and Siau-liong stopped at an inn in a quiet alley. The nameplate hanging from the inn reads, “Pondok Toa Ong Ki.” An old and small inn hut.

Lu Bu-ki knocked on the door but for a long time there was no answer. The big, civilized man was furious and thudded loudly while shouting, "Hey, door, open the door quickly!"

The lion was surprised. He warned the savage to be careful because the city was still in the neighborhood of Tay-liang-san.

Lu Bu-ki had to be patient and wait. At least as long as he drank his old tea, footsteps were heard and at another moment the door was opened. An old man appeared. But as soon as he saw the two newcomers covered in blood and one even holding a girl, the old man screamed in surprise and hurried to close the door again.

Lu Bu-ki pushed open the door and shouted, “Old man, didn't you open the inn? I brought money…”

Siau-liong quickly stepped forward, “Losianseng, we got into trouble on our way. Ask to rent a room here. All accounts will of course be paid in full!"

"Are you guys...." asked the old man, constantly looking at his guests alternately.

Siau-liong was afraid that the big man would say the wrong thing, he hastily preceded, "We are... traders who are selling cloth for the first time here in Biau. Unexpectedly when crossing the mountains of Tay-liang-san we have encountered difficulties due to being blocked by the Biau people. All of our merchandise has been confiscated…”

Then looking at Song Ling who was carrying him, Xiao Liong sighed, “This little brother of mine is suffering from shock and because of the rain, he is sick... hope the lotion will help.”

Apparently the owner of the cottage believed, he said, “Indeed, this year trading outside the region is not easy. You're still lucky you survived. A few days ago, there was a group of cloth traders who entered the Biau area, while crossing the Tay-liang-san mountains they were ambushed by wild Biau people. Of the five people who managed to escape, only one survived. It is said that the four people died from poisoned arrows from the Biau people... ai... please come in!"

Apparently the owner of the old cottage took pity on Siau-liong. Showing the way, he wondered, "It's not surprising that the lady fell ill.... let alone a woman, even a valiant man would get sick if he took such a strenuous journey..."

"Were you guys hurt by them?" asked the old man as he watched Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki's bloodied clothes.

"No, but when he escaped he had fallen several times and was injured. But it didn't matter," said Siau-liong.

The owner of the cottage took his guest to the back room. Just then, from a room, a man appeared in his thirties. Big head, small eyes, scary face. He couldn't stop staring at Siau-liong.

After inviting the three of Siau-liong into a room, the owner of the cottage called out to the man, "Tho Tao-ciang quickly warm up the wine and dishes of these guests. Then boil some more hot water for them."

Siau-liong said thank you. After the old man reminisced alone, then left.

The room turned out to be very clean. But there is only a big bed for two people. Siau-liong immediately put Song Ling on the bed. Just at that moment, the maid called Tho Tao-cing came with warm wine.

After drinking two cups of wine to Song Ling, it looks like the wench has come to her senses. When he opened his eyes, he was about to wake up.

"Don't worry, rest in peace. Now we are in the lodge. After you recover, we will continue our journey again," said Siau-liong.

But Song Ling was restless. With a hasty breath he said, “I'm just suffering from a bit of a cold wind. Didn't feel sick at all. After a break, we go. Did you forget your temperature message..."

Siau-liong gave an eye signal, "Since we are already in a safe place, now or later we will get there anyway!"

Apparently Song Ling was quite intelligent. He knew that Siau-liong must have suspected the sinister-looking maid. So he didn't want to talk anymore.

Lu Bu-ki took a ten-tail piece of silver and handed it to the waiter: "Please buy clothes for the three of you, prepare the dishes and the rest for you!"

Laughing, the waiter greeted the silver and continued to walk away. He had prepared Lu Bu-ki's order very quickly. He came with three new sets of clothes.

It was noon. The other guests, only four or five people, had already packed up to continue their journey.

After taking a warm bath and changing clothes, the three of Siau-liong's feelings were slightly refreshed. Then they closed the door and ate. But even though the pain had subsided a bit, Song Ling still couldn't swallow the rice. He had to sleep on the bed.

In keeping with his mighty stature, Lu Bu-ki loves to drink. After finishing three cups, his spirits grew even more violent. The wound seemed to be forgotten. Siau-liong only ate a little After Lu Bu-ki finished eating, Siau-liong told him to rest in bed to recover his strength.

But the big one still refused, "I'm not tired. You'd better rest first."

Because Lu Bu-ki still refused, Siau-liong was forced to climb into bed. Exhausted, he fell fast asleep.

I don't know how long he fell asleep, suddenly he was surprised to hear a very soft noise. Seeing that Song Ling was still fast asleep, Lu Bu-ki was snoring on the chair.

The rustling sound came from the window. He thought it must have been the servant's actions. So he accidentally coughed and sat on the bed.

The person lurking outside the room immediately tiptoed away. He left a hole in the window paper.

Even if you are very careful, you can still hear a roar. Obviously that person does not understand martial arts.

"No matter how shrewd it may be, there's no way the world-conquering Devil would exert his influence in such a place. Surely the servant would suspect our moves," thought Xiao Liong.

Outside, it's silent. Except for the three Siau-liong, the lodge had no other guests.

By that time the sun was tilting to the west. He walked out. His body felt so light. The fatigue is gone. He approached Song Ling's place. He saw that her cheeks were red. He touched the girl's cheek. It was hot but his legs were cold, his breath was tight.

“Ah, he really is stubborn. The pain is so heavy, I'm still forcing myself to endure," thought Siau-liong.

He called the waiter for stationery.

Lu Bu-ki was startled to get up and jumped up from his chair, he laughed to himself, “Ho, just a liyer-liyer for a while, already fell asleep!”

"What about your wound?" asked Siau-lion.

The big tall man said he had recovered. Just then the waiter came with stationery.

Somehow, he looked frightened in the face of Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki.

Siau-liong thought that the waiter was scared because he felt his actions were lurking, of course he knew.

Since childhood, Siau-liong joined Kongsun Sin-tho. Although the magic healer did not teach medicine, but because he used to hear and see the temperature of concocting medicine, Siau-liong also understood a little bit. Immediately he wrote a prescription and ordered the waiter to buy medicine at the house.

After the servant left, Siau-liong asked Lu Bu-ki, "Is it still a long way to go to Go-bi Mountain?"

“From here we cross the river, only about forty li. So all only seventy li. But.... the journey is mountainous, there are no flat roads. Cannot be reached by horse or carriage. Even walking is difficult. Considering that Miss Song is still sick…”

54. The minions of the devil in the city

Siau-liong quickly retorted seriously, “Those two world-conquering Devils are clearly trying to dominate the martial world. Ceng Hi totiang was forced to obey his orders to attend a meeting at Go-bi. Of course by now they were already on their way to Go-bi. Last night using Heaven-through-Earth Hearing, he had overheard my conversation. He must have known about our trip to Go-bi. Even if he doesn't show up, he's still plotting to catch us. In my judgment, Go-bi mountain has been turned into a trap. The minions of the world-conquering Devils were already scattered all over the mountain. It's better if we leave at night and tomorrow morning we can reach the top of Kim-ting from Mount Go-bi..."

"Hi!" suddenly Lu Bu-ki pounded the table, why did I forget? Yes, I am reminded of a short path that can reach the back of Mount Go-bi. The street was so quiet that no one knew about it. Let me be the guide tonight!"

Siau-liong was happy to hear. After half a day of rest, their spirits were refreshed. But Song Ling was still sleeping while Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki sat meditating to bring their spirits home.

Not long after, the waiter appeared with the medicine he had cooked. Siau-liong first tasted the medicine, then he lifted the girl's body and slowly drank it.

It turned out that the medicine made by Siau-liong was also effective. It wasn't long before the virgin's spirit began to gradually recover. But again and again the virgin screamed to continue on her way and kept on babbling alone, crying and sighing. The light of the virgin endured the grief that shook her feelings so that they had not yet recovered.

Siau-liong comforted him and explained why he was leaving later that evening. Apparently the virgin was willing to accept an explanation and her demeanor was somewhat calm. Thus the three of them immediately meditated to return the spirit. Just as the sun was about to pass, the servant knocked on the door and shouted:

"Gentlemen.... there is a guest to meet!"

Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki were surprised, they thought, “Early in the morning we came to this inn and didn't come out all day. Why would anyone want to meet us?"

Before they had made a decision to meet that person or not, suddenly they heard footsteps walking in. Siau-liong quickly grabbed Lu Bu-ki. Both are ready.

"Do you live in the east row of rooms?" shouted the man loudly.

"Yes, yes," said the maid, "this is the room."

"Come on, you're out!" shouted the man as he continued to enter the door.

Lu Bu-ki was surprised but after finding out who the newcomer was, he immediately burst out laughing, “Ah! may Auyang be the pangcu!"

"Is it really brother Lu who spoke this?" cried the man.

Lu Bu-ki quickly opened the door for the newcomer. An old man in his sixties with gray hair and beard, waist tucked in a pair of Poan-kwan-pit guns stepped in. The person's eyes are triangular in shape with a hooked nose like a wulung bird. His face showed a slick.

The man looked at Siau-liong for a few moments before saluting and exclaiming with a laugh, "This brother must be Kongsun-siauhiap, right?"

Siau-liong agreed and asked the person's name as well.

Lu Bu-ki explained, “Brother Auyang Pa is the pangcu (chairman) of twenty-eight groups scattered in the waters of Poh-yang-ou lake. This time fulfills Ceng Hi totiang's invitation to raid the world-conquering Devil's lair."

Siau-liong looked at Auyang Pa, he asked in a serious tone, “Has Auyang pangcu not met with Ceng Hi totiang's entourage yet? How do you know that my friends and I are here?"

For a moment, he rolled his eyes, Auyang Pa replied, "Worried that there will be difficulties in the middle of the road, Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage took a short route, namely through the Ngo-tong-kiau bridge, Mount Lok-san and then around the mountain. I have orders to guard this place to investigate the movements of the world-conquering demon. Unexpectedly last night at the top of Lok-beng-nia I have met a famous cianpwe...."

He stopped to look at Siau-liong's face and laughed, “That Locianpwe was originally famous as a magic healer. The martial world never knew that he had magical abilities. Because no one knows that he is actually the inheritor of the Thian-jim-sin-kang divine power!"

Siau-liong was very surprised. He exclaimed gopoh, "Auyang pangcu mean...."

Auyang Pa laughed, "That's right, your temperature is indeed Kongsun locianpwe's Dragon-bearded Profound Physician!"

"Where is my temperature now."

Calmly Auyang Pa replied, “Last night before midnight I met Kongsun-cianpwe at Leng-hun-si monastery at the top of Lok-beng-nia. Apparently he suffered minor injuries, resting in the monastery…”

Pausing for a moment he continued, "He asked me for help when he met Kongsun-siauhiap to deliver a message. He...."

"Is the temperature not going to Go-bi?" asked Siau-liong.

Auyang Pa also laughed, “He said he must be there. But for now he wanted to do something very important. It might be some time late. He said tonight he will come to Ma-koan and ask you to wait here!"

Siau-liong furrowed his brows asking, "Is my temperature injury harmless?"

"Only suffered minor injuries. While resting in the convent, he was still laughing as usual. Obviously it's all right." .

Siau-liong pondered for a moment. Suddenly with sparkling eyes he asked a question as well, “Did the temperature not say anything more? Didn't he say why tell me to wait here?"

Auyang Pa smiled patting himself on the forehead, “Right! Kongsun-cianpwe said, because at that time the situation was dangerous then ordered you to hurry to Go-bi. But now that the danger has passed and it is impossible for the two wicked husbands and wives to ambush in the middle of the road, he asks you to wait for him so that they can go to Go-bi together. The holy priest at the top of Kim-ting has a strange habit. If you don't speak properly, of course it's hard to get that three-legged throat!"

Apparently Lu Bu-ki quickly believed in full. So he called out, "Then, we'll just wait here, but..." He frowned and then said, "Uh, how did Kongsun-cianpwe know that we were in this hut?"

Auyang Pa laughed, “That's easy. I brought two followers. Now they are waiting outside. Tell them to wait for Kongsun-cianpwe on the road."

After saying that he continued to walk out.

"Indeed, I proved the supernatural power of Kongsun-cianpwe myself. And I'm sure he will be able to escape from danger..." said Lu Bu-ki happily.

Siau-liong kept contemplating silently. Of course the big one was surprised, "Eh, why do you even look less happy?"

"Do you know that Auyang Pa well?" Xiao Liong rebuked him.

Lu Bu-ki gasped, he replied, “Even though we're not close but we've known each other for a long time. And again, this time together, we fulfilled Ceng Hi totiang's invitation. He is one of tens of famous champions invited by Ceng Hi totiang. It's only been two days since I parted from him.... of course it's impossible to..."

"Judging by his speech and attitude, I think there is something unnatural about him," said Siau-liong.

Lu Bu-ki was about to answer but suddenly at that moment Auyang Pa stepped in again while laughing loudly, “I've arranged for it to be done and I've also ordered the jongos to prepare a meal for us. Tonight I will be the host. Drink until you're satisfied before we go!"

That's how when the candles started to be set, the waiter Tho Thau-ciang came in with two candles, placed them on the table and shuffled out. His behavior was similar to that of a rat that was afraid to go out.

Siau-liong noticed that there were no other guests who came to Auyang Pa's inn, having fun, chatting while drinking. Song Ling was still sitting on the bed. The girl looked at Auyang Pa's behavior in surprise.

Siau-liong first got some food for Song Ling so that the virgin didn't have to get out of bed. And Song Ling immediately ate. Apparently he was not happy with Auyang Pa so he didn't want to interfere.

The big Lu Bu-ki even though he also had a bit of suspicion towards Auyang Pa, he still ate and drank happily with that person.

Auyang Pa seemed to be airy and natural. But secretly his eyes kept glancing at Siau-liong.

Siau-liong poured a cup of wine and slapped it in Auyang Pa's face, “Auyang-pangcu is famous in the martial world but this is the first time I have been lucky to meet face to face. So on this occasion I want to offer honorary wine to Auyang-pangcu!"

Auyang Pa hastily responded, “What that person said was just an empty name. I feel ashamed myself. It is Kongsun-siauhiap to be admired. Because at such a young age, he has inherited the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang!" — finished saying he continued to drink the cup of wine.

Siau-liong just laughed coldly. Suddenly he asked seriously, “How did Auyang-pangcu know that I became the heir to the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang?”

Auyang Pa gasped in surprise, for a moment he seemed a bit nervous and barely able to answer. Finally, he pretended to cough and stuttered, "I... just... heard from Kongsun-cianpwe..."

Siau-liong nodded laughingly, "Oh, I guess so..." — then he turned to Lu Bu-ki and asked Auyang Pa also, "Did Auyang pangcu tell the subordinates to wait for my temperature halfway?"

Auyang Pa forced a laugh, “That's right, as long as you know the temperature you pass through here, you will of course know.”

"Unfortunately I'm leaving soon, I don't have time to wait for him anymore," Siau-liong suddenly said in a cold tone.

Auyang Pa was very surprised, he exclaimed, “Why is Kongsun-siuhi ready to rush…” — suddenly turned around. Apparently he was about to wait for an opportunity when Siau-liong was caught off guard, he had to run away.

Siau-liong pretended not to see and continued his words, "If you don't experience something like Ong Tiat-go's, maybe you can fool me!"

Lu Bu-ki began to suspect, “Brother Kongsun, is he…”

"Kongsun siauhiap, what do you mean!" Auyang Pa retorted with a loud shout. And suddenly he shot up from his seat.

But Siau-liong was faster. By the time Auyang Pa was about to make a move, he had already quickly gripped his left wrist. Immediately Auyang Pa felt his left arm tingle. it hurts so bad....

Siau-liong laughed at Lu Bu-ki, “When I asked him why he knew we were here, he couldn't quite answer smoothly. Actually he couldn't have known we were here unless the servant The Thau-ciang became his accomplice......"

“Brak,” Lu Bu-ki smacked the table and boomed, “Yes, that's right! Why can't I think of that...."

Siau-liong snorted, “The second time, the temperature never changed the message that was given. Since he told me to hurry to Go-bi, there's no way he would change the order to have me wait here..."

Lu Bu-ki pranced like a man with a beard on fire, “Bastard, it really doesn't matter if this old man wants to also become an accomplice of a world-conquering Devil….”

But another time, he asked in a doubtful tone, “But he is the chief of Poh-yang-pang. And only two days I parted with him. Why did he change course so quickly?"

Even though Auyang Pa is a master who can be classified as first class but in the hands of Siau-liong, he can't move at all.

Siau-liong sighed, “Indeed, that world-conquering devil really wants to carry out his dream to rule the martial world and possess the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. All plans and tactics will be pursued!"

"Has Auyang Pa also been exposed to the demonic arts of the world-conquering Demon?" Lu Bu-ki widened his eyes.

"Not sure yet..." said Siau-liong then looked at Auyang Pa carefully, he also said, "Better ask him!"

After saying that he continued to massage harder so that Auyang Pa screamed in pain and thrashed, “Oh my gosh! Forgive… my soul!”

Siau-liong laughed coldly. He stopped his massage, “Come on say it! How can you fellowship with that world-conquering Demon? Did you really meet my temperature? Did the world-conquering Devil plan to send you here?"

Auyang Pa sighed, “Ah, if Kongsun-siauhiap still doesn't want to believe what I say, I can't do anything. But what I said earlier is absolutely true. Before midnight tonight, Kongsun-siauhiap's temperature will surely come here. Well, then Kongsun-siauhi will believe what I say!"

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “I dare to make sure that you never meet my temperature. Just imagine. Suhu faced with three heirs of magic. Even if you don't suffer serious injuries, you certainly can't escape the clutches of the world-conquering demon…”

Pausing for a moment, he also said, "If that possibility doesn't affect the temperature, there's no way he'll stop halfway through giving you a message. The temperature must have crossed the river!"

Instantly Auyang Pa's face paled. He couldn't argue any longer and just wailed for mercy.

"Plak," suddenly Lu Bu-ki slapped Auyang Pa's face, "Are you still not willing to speak frankly....?" - then the big man asked Siau-long's permission to 'finish' Auyang Pa. And before Siau-liong could speak, the big man had grabbed Auyang Pa's shoulders and massaged him as hard as he could.

Lu Bu-ki uses Hun-kin-jo-kut or Scatter-veins-mislead-bones.

When he was slapped earlier, Auyang Pa's mouth was dripping with blood and his eyes were cloudy and he almost fainted. Then when he was twisted by the big man, he immediately felt like his whole body was being bitten by thousands of ants. His legs trembled, his teeth chattered loudly. Sweat was pouring down.

It was only a few moments later that Lu Bu-ki opened the path of Auyang Pa's blood again and snapped at him, "Come on, say it or not!"

Auyang Pa felt his body half dead. Finally he couldn't stand it and shouted, "Yes, yes, I said..."

He glanced at Siau-liong and continued his words, "Your temperature is Kongsun-cianpwe, already..."

But before he could finish his words, suddenly from outside the window came a glimmer of light that aimed directly at Auyang Pa's throat. Quickly and precisely the secret weapon slipped into Auyang Pa's throat.

Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki were very surprised. Even Song Ling let out a startled scream, continuing to jump off the bed.

Siau-liong slaps out the candle. Then he checked Auyang Pa. But it turns out that the chairman of Poh-yang-pang is dead. His death was similar to that of Ong Tiat-go. killed by the arrow of the Ngo-tok-tui-han-cian of the world-conquering Demon!

"Judging by the behavior, maybe the two devil husbands and wives have chased here. If they bring their men, we'll have a hard time getting away!" whispered Siau-lion.

He secretly regrets not heeding his temperature message so he doesn't delay his trip to Go-bi.

Suddenly Song Ling whispered into Siau-liong's ear, “The one who fired Ngo-tok-tui-hun-cian's arrow, is probably the underling of the World-Conquering Devil. If we stay here, it's obviously getting more dangerous. We'd better just lunge out!"

"Can you survive?" asked Siau-lion.

The virgin smiled, “I just suffered from a cold wind attack. After taking the medicine earlier, and sleeping for a whole day, my spirit has recovered again!"

Siau-liong relieved his heart. Then he divided the tasks. He would spearhead the charge out, Lu Bu-ki and Song Ling to follow behind. After ordering, he opened the shutters and jumped into the living room.

At the time of the jump, he had secretly mustered magic power to protect himself. He thought, even if the enemy fired a poisoned arrow, it still couldn't hurt him.

But unexpectedly, it turned out that the middle room was silent. No threat of dark arrow attacks. Siau-liong paused for a moment and then propelled his body to the top of the house.

It was almost midnight. Around the corner of the inn hut was dark and silent. As if empty with guests. Even in the owner's room, there was no sound.

But Siau-liong did not have time to research. He quickly floated down and waved to Lu Bu-ki, "Come on, come here quickly!"

Thus, being led by Siau-liong up front and followed by Lu Bu-ki and Song Ling from behind, they ran away from the inn. Not long after, they were already out of town.

After no one seemed to be chasing, Siau-liong relaxed his heart. He turned to Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki, “How unexpected! The person who shot the arrow at Auyang Pa earlier, should have taken care not to let us escape. But why doesn't that person interfere at all?"

Lu Bu-ki frowned. He was also surprised by what happened.

Song Ling took a step forward to Siau-liong's side, he said, “Right now we still haven't escaped from the world-conquering Devil net environment. Who knows at any moment we will be attacked. So don't abandon vigilance!"

"That's right," Xiao Liong agreed.

Now replace Lu Bu-ki who became the pioneer of the road. The three of them ran along a small road that was high and low unevenly.

It's good that Song Ling's injuries are good. While holding hands with Siau-liong, both of them can run fast. Soon they arrived at the river bank.

The Bin-kiang River is very wide. Lu Bu-ki built a small boat. After that, the three of them got on the boat. With great strength, Lu Bu-ki was able to row the boat until it reached the other shore.

"From here to Go-bi it's only thirty li away!" exclaimed Lu Bu-ki happily.

Just as the three of them came ashore, suddenly a boat came flying at high speed. In the middle of the boat sat an old man. Before the boat reached shore, the man had already shouted, "Hey, is Liong-ji on the mainland?"

Seeing the appearance of the boat, Siau-liong was secretly surprised with joy. Especially after hearing the people in the boat, he was even more excited.

"Yes, that's right," he said. Then turned to Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki, "My temperature is coming!"

As soon as he got ashore, the man immediately jumped ashore and threw a piece of silver at the boatman and ordered the boatman to leave.

Siau-liong was astonished. He saw that the boatman was a middle-aged man, wearing a hat and dressed like a fisherman.

Kongsun Sin-tho turned to look at Siau-liong and said, "It's been a day and a night why have you only arrived here?"

"Because of the student..."

But without waiting for Siau-liong to finish his words, Kongsun Sin-tho had already retorted, "It's okay, as long as I can meet you here, I'll finish it right away."

Siau-liong was stunned, “Was the temperature injured in that battle?”

Kongsun Sin-tho smiled, “If I get hurt, how can I be here right now?”

55. Ah, the temperature too......??

Siau-liong pondered for a moment, then asked, "Did the temperature meet with Auyang Pa and give a message for students to wait in Ma-koan city?"

“No!” said Kongsun Sin-tho, “did you meet something on the way?”

Siau-liong sighed, "The world-conquering demon sent his person pretending to meet the temperature and claimed to have received orders for me to wait for the temperature to arrive at Ma-koan," Siau-liong then recounted his experience with Auyang Pa, "thankfully I got to know the ruse. and get a student immediately continue the journey again!"

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed. He immediately invited the three Siau-liong to continue the journey.

Seeing Kongsun Sin-tho's cold demeanor and speech, Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki did not dare to interfere. The two of them just followed behind Siau-liong only.

At that time the road was rather flat. Kongsun Sin-tho was silent. After walking two li, he suddenly crossed across and turned west. A small road with both sides full of thick groves of trees.

“Kongsun-cianpwe!” shouted Lu Bu-ki as he took two steps forward.

The magic healer stopped and asked what the tall man meant.

"I'm quite familiar with the roads in this area. This small road you are taking will lead to another direction. The longer it goes on, the farther away it is from Go-bi!" said Lu Bu-ki.

Siau-liong and Song Ling gasped.

"If Kongsun-cianpwe likes to believe in me, let me be the guide!" said Lu Bu-ki as well.

Kongsun Sin-tho laughed heartily, “I used to wander around here looking for medicinal leaves. It's impossible to get lost on the way, just…”

Lu Bu-ki was a brute of an innocent character. Without waiting for the healer to finish speaking, he continued to chant, “Last year I also passed this road twice. Unless it's not going to Go-bi, even this road is quiet and secluded, full of difficult climbs..."

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho snapped at him, “I really wanted to find a quiet place to settle a big business. Do you think I really don't know the way?"

Lu Bu-ki stammered unable to answer. Blushingly, he lowered his head.

A moment of silence, suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho exclaimed, "Lu tayhiap!"

Lu Bu-ki hastily agreed.

"I want to talk to my student and Miss Song about an important matter. May I ask Lu to stay here?" said Kongsun Sin-tho.

Lu Bu-ki glanced at Siau-liong then hurriedly agreed, "Since Kongsun-cianpwe gave the order, of course I will obey!"

The magic healer smiled, "Thank you for Lu tayhiap's willingness " — Then he said to Siau-liong, "Not far from here there is a hut. Let you and Miss Song come with me there to discuss something important!"

The lion was surprised. But seeing how serious he was, he guessed that there must be some important business to discuss. So he immediately pulled the hand of the virgin to follow Kongsun Sin-tho.

The road is winding up and down and tortuous. After a while, they saw a hut on top of a small hill not far away. The hut looked like it had just been built.

For a moment Kongsun Sin-tho turned to look at the two of Siau-liong and then stepped into the hut.

It turned out that the hut at the top of the small hill was a resting place for the wood seekers and hunters who entered the area. But judging by the materials, the hut was certainly not long ago built. And looking at the page, it's like no one's ever been there before.

Siau-liong restless. He didn't know what he was going to talk about later. Why was his temperature so serious about talking to him in such a quiet place?

Once inside the hut, Kongsun Sin-tho continued to sit on the ground and told Siau-liong to sit beside him.

The ridge on which the hut had been erected turned out to be surrounded by taller hills and dense forests.

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed, he said, “Today the influence of the world-conquering demonic power is hard to resist. Last night if it wasn't protected by the heavy rain, I might have had a hard time escaping..."

Siau-liong was silent. He knew and acknowledged that at that time the world-conquering Devils had indeed succeeded in consolidating great power. Lam-hay Sin-ni, Randa Bu-san, Jong Leng Lojin and several powerful figures were already under his control.

Kongsun Sin-tho also said, "Saving destruction, maintaining survival. The heavy duty lies on both of our shoulders. If we are afflicted with danger, the hope of the martial world will be exhausted to maintain its survival..."

He paused for a moment and then continued, “In that case, I don't think our going to Go-bi would be of much use.”

Siau-liong gasped in surprise, he cried frantically, "Is there a temperature that is worried that the sacred priest Kim Ting won't give him a three-legged Tenggoret?"

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed, “That's just one of the reasons. If he wants to hand over the mustika beast, it's not certain that my Cap-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan miracle pill can cure Lam-hay Sin-ni and some of his entourage figures..."

Siau-liong remembered that when the monastery was damaged in the past, the temperature had indeed stated that. He furrowed his brows, clenching his fists to suppress his nervousness.

"Even though the pills I made have the efficacy to heal Lam-hay Sin-ni and company, it's still a question, how to take them. What's more, the world-conquering Demon is a very slick and clever character. Isn't he already caught on to our conversation in that ruined monastery? Why didn't he immediately prepare to make a guard. So..."

Siau-liong gasped and shouted furiously, "Then bloodshed is unavoidable in the martial world again!"

Kongsun Sin-tho suddenly laughed, “The things I said just now only came from my own anxiety. Maybe it's not that dangerous. But...."

Instantly the magic healer's face changed and then said in a serious tone, "I ordered you to come here, just to negotiate a suitable plan."

"Students are willing to listen to whatever the temperature commands!"

Kongsun Sin-tho pondered for a moment and then said,

“In the world of martial arts, only the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang that you have is truly incomparable. The science that the world-conquering Devil fears the most! It's a shame that your discovery of magic is too short a time so that you haven't had time to convince it perfectly. At least it should take months to learn the science to a certain level. But the current situation doesn't allow you to do the exercises. Because at any moment the situation can change for the worse. We didn't have time to wait for your results..."

Siau-liong looked at his hot face without saying a word.

"Right now though it's not right to abolish the plan to go to Mount Go-bi. But the risk we face is not small. For example, until something happens on the mountain, say, we will lose our souls there. Then who will appear to save the martial world from the clutches of the world-conquering Demon later? Then after I reconsider carefully, it's best if we arrange proper preparations first…”

Kongsun Sin-tho glanced at Song Ling and continued, “Miss Song has excellent bones and talent. Also smart. Besides that, he already has the basics of Ya-li-sin-kang training in science. In my opinion, you're fine..."

Without waiting for her temperature to finish speaking, Siau-liong quickly retorted, "Don't you want me to teach Miss Song the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang?"

Kongsun Sin-tho's face hardened, he said,

"That's exactly what I meant. After receiving Thian-kong-sin-kang's science lessons, it's best if Ms. Song finds a hidden place to convince her. At least half a year later, of course there will be results. Even if at the Go-bi meeting later we are injured or destroyed, Miss Song will still be there and will definitely be able to eradicate that evil mob!"

Siau-liong repeatedly nodded his head, he said, "Indeed, from the beginning I had that intention. It's just that Miss Song still doesn't want to…”

Kongsun Sin-tho turned to look at Song Ling, exclaiming, “The world of martial arts must keep alive a speck of Pure Eve so that it doesn't run out forever. Miss is also carrying a heavy burden, why refuse?"

Slightly blushing Song Ling looked at the magic healer, she suddenly shouted in a trembling voice, “I don't want to! I didn't want to give up my efforts to help my mother just because she took care of the Thian-kong-sin-kang thing. Even if in half a year I will succeed in studying, but maybe by that time I will not be able to see my mother's face again."

The girl wept bitterly.

But apparently Kongsun Sin-tho didn't care. He snapped at her fiercely,

“My efforts are not solely to save the martial world, it is also to help your mother and other characters who are suffering under the grip of the world-conquering demon. Remember, if the meeting at Go-bi fails and we suffer defeat, you too will have no hope of meeting your mother forever!"

Siau-liong also comforted and persuaded Song Ling. He gave a long explanation for a long time, so the girl calmed down a bit.

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho shouted, "There's not much time left, let's get started!"

Looking around the corner, Siau-liong asked, "Is this place too?"

"I have prepared a thorough investigation, it turns out that this place is the safest. Never mind, don't worry about anything anymore and immediately send the lesson down with all your heart!"

Suddenly something flashed in Siau-liong's mind. He was a little worried. Since childhood he lived with his teacher so he knew very well the customs of his teacher's temperament. But what he saw at that time, gave him the impression that his teacher's attitude and behavior was somewhat different from usual.

And again after crossing the river then the teacher appeared by boat. But why say that you have already arrived there and prepared a place for the solitary hut? Isn't that confusing. Siau-liong secretly suspected.

Seeing the young man still swaying, Kongsun Sin-tho quickly urged him, “Why are you wasting your time? Why don't you start lowering your lessons quickly?"

In that silence, Siau-liong quietly rocked. At his rebuke, he immediately replied, “If you want to take down the entire contents of the heirloom book, it will take at least four hours. Maybe tomorrow morning it can be finished!"

"About the time, it doesn't matter. I'll take care here. Put your mind down on lessons, I'll take care of other things!"

Siau-liong can't do anything. But he still hesitated. Song Ling suddenly approached and whispered into his ear, "Watch those hot eyes of yours!"

The lion was surprised. He hastily looked at her hot face. The pair of Kongsun Sin-tho's eyes looked straight ahead. The light emitted a strange light.

Instantly Siau-liong's heart was like ice. Her body shivered. He clearly knew that the look in his eyes was unnatural....

A radiance that contains ferocity, confusion and stupidity. A situation that Siau-liong is familiar with. Because hi is similar to what happened to Randa Bu-san.

Siau-liong was shocked and agitated. He thought, "Is there a temperature too..."

He did not dare to continue his guess. But secretly he mustered his strength to prepare.

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho turned and rebuked him, “How? Why hasn't it started yet?"

Siau-liong tried to suppress his anxiety. He replied, “Students reconsider. This matter seems.... there are still things that are not free...."

He looked at Kongsun Sin-tho's face, then continued to say, "If the temperature has heard the student's opinion, it's okay to postpone the matter after Go-bi is finished, then..."

"Are you going to disobey my orders?" Kongsun Sin-tho quickly snapped.

Siau-liong hastily replied with his head lowered,

"Cultivate my temperature as deep as the ocean. Even if the student's body is crushed, the student will certainly carry out the temperature command. But sorry, the science of Thian-kong sin-kang is not the temperature that teaches students. And as far as students know, it feels like the temperature has never forced students to teach a science to other people!"

Kongsun Sin-tho's body trembled at the response. His eyes gleamed sharply. Then snapped,

“My disciple! It seems that you really don't want to obey my orders anymore!"

Siau-liong was about to answer but at that moment suddenly the sound of footsteps coming from afar was heard. And before long, Lu Bu-ki's hoarse voice sounded,

“Kongsun-cianpwe.... Kongsun-siauhiap....”

The lion was surprised. Quickly he turned. He saw the big tall Lu Bu-ki running towards the hut.

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho got up and shouted loudly,


Lu Bu-ki was stunned but he walked in anyway and shouted, "Kongsun-cianpwe, from the other side of the river..."

Kongsun Sin-tho shouted angrily and suddenly he hit Lu Bu-ki!

The big man was surprised. He never expected that he would receive Kongsun Sin-tho's wrath. In his nervousness he couldn't try to avoid it anymore. Even if he had been ready, there would be no way he would be able to receive that powerful blow from Kongsun Sin-tho.

Under such circumstances, it was inevitable, the big Lu Bu-ki would be doomed!

Fortunately, since seeing the condition of the unnatural temperature, Siau-liong was ready. Seeing the temperature hit the unprepared Lu Bu-ki, Siau-liong was shocked.

He knew that the blow of Thian-jim-sin-kang's magic from his temperature would definitely destroy Lu Bu-ki. Siau-liong didn't think much anymore to save the big tall figure, he had to act quickly.

Simultaneously soared up he stretched his hand towards his temperature "Bum" ... a loud vibration sounded. As a result the newly erected hut was blown apart.......

Lu Bu-ki was taken aback. He exclaimed, "This.... this.... Kongsun-siauhiap... is it really..."

But Siau-liong did not have time to answer. Immediately he called out to his temperature, “The temperature.... you... how is this? Are you too…”

As a result of the blow being removed by Siau-liong's punch, Kongsun Sin-tho's body shook slightly. He looked at Siau-liong sharply and then snapped at him,

"Student, I really didn't expect you to dare hit me!"

"Temperature! Pupils really have to. You...." Siau-liong's tears were flowing.

He looked at his hot face. He suddenly had the impression that his attitude had changed like a stranger. It's very different from the previous temperature.

What was done earlier, was really something that had never been dreamed of before. Even though it was pressed by the situation, Siau-liong's heart seemed to be sliced into pieces.

Looking up at Siau-liong, Kongsun Sin-tho snapped, "Do you know that if you don't obey the orders of temperature, only the way of death is yours?"

As soon as they looked at each other with the temperature, Xiao Liong suddenly cried, “Temperature, students are willing to die at the hands of the temperature! You....kill the student! Even if students die, they won't be curious..."

After saying, Siau-liong continued to kneel before Kongsun Sin-tho, bowing his head ready to wait for death!

Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki who were standing on the side just stared at the scene without being able to do anything.

"Are you really willing to die?" snapped Kongsun Sin-tho.

"That's right, dying under the hands of the temperature, students feel sincere and will die with a grunt!"

Kongsun Sin-tho spread his eyes wide. He looked at Siau-liong and he began to slowly raise his right hand up.

But his face suddenly reflected sadness. And even then his right hand stopped just above. It hasn't been knocked down for a long time.

Because it had been a long time since his teacher had hit him, Siau-liong slowly raised his head. His eyes met his hot eyes.

He saw the temperature of his eyes suddenly shed a few tears. And the tears fell right down Siau-liong's face.

Siau-liong sighed, his cry was prone: "Temperature, temperature..."

"My student..." said Kongsun Sin-tho with pity.

"Temperature, we better head to Go-bi first," again Siau-liong repeated his request.

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho's face changed again and immediately snapped at him savagely,

"But you must first obey my orders to impart the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang to Miss Song."

Siau-liong sighed, “Temperature, have you really also been exposed to the demonic arts of a world-conquering demon….”

"Shut up!" snarled Kongsun Sin-tho with fiery eyes.... for the last time answer. Do you want to obey my orders or not?"

Siau-liong pondered for a moment then replied firmly,

“Disciple only obeys sound orders, not chaotic orders! If the temperature is about to force a student to do something that harms the martial world, even if the student dies, the student won't obey!"

Immediately Kongsun Sin-tho's hair straightened. With a loud bang, he raised his right hand and was about to smash it towards Siau-liong's head.

Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki were already getting ready. But standing only a few steps away, they were powerless to stop Kongsun Sin-tho's lightning-fast blow.

56. One Eye Magic Hermit

"Boom...." there was a loud explosion accompanied by a scattering of dust and sand and tree branches scattered in all four directions. A state similar to a thunderbolt.

Song Ling was shocked palely. In the scattering of the still-thick dust, he screamed as loudly as he could, “Shit-liong! Siau-liong....” - continued to jump to infiltrate Siau-liong's place.

But what he witnessed at that time, really left him speechless.

Kongsun Sin-tho was standing a few steps away. His face was calm, he didn't say anything.

While Siau-liong is not lacking anything. And got up. Beside him was an old man in purple. The unknown old man was laughing coldly.

Because he didn't expect it at all, then Song Ling couldn't tell when the purple clothes old man appeared? But he quickly guessed that it must be the old man in purple who had saved Siau-liong's soul.

The old man's make-up was strange. In addition to his purple clothes, his face was covered with thick purple silk.

From the shadows of the purple silk it was clear that his white beard extended to his stomach. But his face was not clear.

Siau-liong looked at Kongsun Sin-tho then looked at the unknown old man. Then salute,

"Please ask why locianpwe helped me?"

The purple clothes old man laughed coldly,

"There are two kinds of death. Dying in an earthquake, Mount Thaysan fell and died as trivial as the fall of a bird's feather. Die as you are about to go, a worthless death..."

Then pointing at Kongsun Sin-tho he also said,

“Even if he is a teacher who has given up great favors on you! But his consciousness was gone. What he did, was merely according to what was ordered by the person who mastered it with black magic. If you let yourself be hit by it, won't you die of curiosity?"

Siau-liong pondered what the purple-clothed old man said and felt that it was true. Simultaneously he remembered the action of his temperature when he was in the broken monastery ago.

Just then Kongsun Sin-tho gave him half of the Cap-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pills. Maybe at that time the teacher had expected the possibility that happened to him like this.

So the point is clear, Kongsun Sin-tho assigned him to the top of Kim-ting to ask Terggoret-gold-three-leg to the sacred priest. Because it's the only heirloom that has to be a mixture of Cap-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pill ingredients in order to really become a miracle drug to help his temperature and all the characters who are drugged by the world-conquering Devil.

Siau-liong secretly broke out in cold sweat. he thought,

“If this purple-clothed old man had not helped at the right time, he would have died by then. Wouldn't I be a sinner for neglecting the heavy task he had been carrying?"

Looking at Kongsun Sin-tho, he saw that his teacher's eyes had dimmed. His eyes were empty like a fool. Kongsun Sin-tho looked eagerly at himself and the purple-clothed old man.

Suddenly there was a shrill, ear-piercing scream of horror. Coming from the middle of the forest. I echoed the whistle until it had not disappeared.

And at the same time, Kongsun Sin-tho burst out laughing when he heard the scream. He looked around and sighed. Without saying anything, he suddenly jumped into the air. In just two or three steps, he had disappeared into the dense clump of trees.

Siau-liong burst into tears looking at the shadow of the temperature. For a moment he stood speechless.

Suddenly he turned around and knelt in front of the old man in purple, “Thank you for your kindness, Locianpwe. May I ask the name of the venerable locianpwe?"

The purple clothes old man laughed heartily. He lifted up Siau-liong, he cried,

"Since you are already the inheritor of Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic knowledge, there is no need for you to practice such customs... I really don't dare to accept..."

Pausing for a moment he continued to say, “I thought I had a name too. But because I lived in the mountains for a dozen years, I had forgotten all about it!"

Siau-liong gasped. He thought the old man was really a weirdo.

At that time Lu Bu-ki and Song Ling had already approached. The two immediately saluted the strange old man.

The old man nodded laughing then stroked Song Ling's hair, admonishing him, "Son, how old are you now?"

Song Ling gasped, she replied, “Eighteen years old!”

The strange old man suddenly sighed, he said, “Ah, time sure is fast! In the blink of an eye it's been fifteen years..."

It seemed that he was very fond of Song Ling. While stroking the shoulders and cheeks of the virgin, he said,

"I remember when I saw you first, you were only a three-year-old little slave."

"Locianpwe, didn't you see wrong?" Song Ling exclaimed in surprise.

The purple clothes old man laughed giddily, “Even if it was a bird that flew fifteen years ago, I would still recognize it!”

After saying that, suddenly the old man pulled the silk from his face veil....

An old man whose face was still bright red, his beard was white as snow but his left eye was blind. Seeing that Song Ling immediately knelt down and cried out in tears,

"Ah, I wish teacher grandfather... One-eyed-magic hermit!"

The magic hermit patted the virgin's shoulder and laughed heartily, "Son, you are like your mother, very smart!"

More sad and her tears were flowing like a flood. He hugged the old man's legs while lamenting, “Please, grandpa teacher likes to help mother. He is now…”

The old man lifted the virgin up, he said, "Of course, of course... but..."

Apparently the old man wasn't sure he could do that. So for a long time he could not continue his words.

Even though he hasn't heard a positive response, meeting his teacher grandfather is enough to make Song Ling's heart amused. He turned to Siau-liong and told the young man to face his teacher's grandfather.

"The lowly I pay my respects to the locianpwe!" said Siau-liong while saluting.

"Ah, don't practice too much..." the old man nodded his head and asked, "Are you the son of Tong Gun-liong and disciple of Kongsun Sin-tho?"

Siau-liong was stunned, he stuttered, "Yes, that's right."

He wondered why the old man knew his origins so clearly. If that's the case, it's likely that the old man certainly knows what happened when he entered the navel of the earth and got an extraordinary fortune.

Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki were also taken aback. They only knew that the Siau-liong was wearing she Kongsun. Never had they heard that the young man was Tong Gun-liong's son.

After being stunned for a while, the lofty Lu Bu-ki stepped forward before the One-Eyed Magical Hermit, saluting, "I am lowly Lu Bu-ki, facing the locianpwe."

The one-eyed-ascetic laughed, “Ah, it's a pleasure to meet Lu-tayhiap who rules the Southern Green Jungle!”

"Ah, locianpwe is too praising..." the big tall one blushed in reply, "I've seen some shadowy figures infiltrate the clumps of trees. Maybe the world-conquering devil has arrived with his men..."

The one-eye-magic hermit laughed dejectedly, “Ah, maybe the one eye that I have left is not paying attention. But I didn't really see anyone hiding around here…”

For a moment the hermit looked at Lu Bu-ki and then Siau-liong, he also said, "Since you are going to Go-bi, come with me there!" — After saying that he continued to take Song Ling's hand and was led to walk.

Lu Bu-ki paused for a moment….

That high-pitched whistling sound must have been a sign from the world-conquering Demon to summon Kongsun Sin-tho. But why did the one-eyed hermit say he didn't see anyone hiding around the place?

But despite being rude, Lu Bu-ki was smart too. He noticed that the magic-hermit's eyes flashed as if giving him a secret signal. So he didn't want to talk much. He walked slowly following the One-Eyed Hermit.

Calmly the magic-hermit swung his steps leading Song Ling's hand as he asked this or that. He walked so slowly that it was as lit as his old incense did he come out of the crossroads and turn towards the road that leads to Go-bi.

Siau-liong was still sad to think of his temperature which had also become a victim of losing consciousness of his mind. He walked behind the One-Eyed Hermit without saying anything.

Lu Bu-ki kept looking this way and that. But all around the corner there was silence, except for the roar of the river that rumbled in the distance, only the hissing wind blew through the trees.

But secretly the head of the Southern Green Forest had already guessed that the world-conquering Devil must have hidden his men. The movements and conversations of his friends must have been heard by them.

But he noticed how calm the One-Eyed Hermit was walking. He didn't even pay attention to his surroundings. Inevitably Lu Bu-ki's heart was also affected. It also happens as calmly as possible.

Suddenly the One-Eyed Hermit quickened his pace.... Not long after that, Go-bi Mountain was already visible from a distance. More or less only twenty li away.

Suddenly the strange old man stopped and laughed sadly, "It's really unbelievable, at this age, I still accompany you to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery..."

Suddenly the old man turned towards Lu Bu-ki, he exclaimed,

“The world-conquering demon has brought his men into hiding in the clumps of trees. Thanks to my decades of belief in Hun-yu-than-bi or Silent-screech-creeping-flash, I can hear the sound of a caterpillar or fowl moving about ten li away. Their movements cannot be separated from my hearing. But I deliberately pretended not to hear in order to get their attention. If not...."

He smiled and said, "I certainly can't deal with the combined attacks of the Four Great Powers!"

"Is mom too... coming?" Song Ling asked.

"Come, come but I can't help him!" said the one-eye-magic hermit.

Siau-liong looked in the direction the hermit saw. Suddenly he saw several shadowy figures flash and disappear again.

May the words of the One-Eyed Hermit truly be true. The world-conquering demon has arrived with his entourage of men. Immediately, Siau-liong said to the old man,

"Did locianpwe see in the grove of trees..."

The one-eyed-ascetic laughed, "I told you, any caterpillar and fowl that move within ten li's of environment, cannot escape my ears..."

Siau-liong bowed his head without refusing. But secretly he felt the old man was talking too much. he thought,

“Even if your ears are very sharp, you cannot possibly hear the movements of caterpillars and birds for ten li. After all, you only have one eye left."

Suddenly the One-Eyed Hermit also said, “Indeed, the world-conquering devil is a bit afraid of me too. If he didn't dare to come out earlier, he certainly doesn't even dare to chase us now."

He let out a low laugh and then shouted loudly, “Come on, let's continue walking again!” — he continued to hold Song Ling's hand and stepped forward. Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki were forced to follow.

By that time they were already along the mountain road. The peak of Go-bi seemed to soar into the sky. A mountain covered in green jungle, studded with white clouds that keep on moving here and there.

Mount Go-bi is truly a sacred mountain where the beautiful gods are serene in nature.

The one-eye-magic hermit continued to walk slowly. But it turned out that his pace was so fast that Lu Bu-ki was forced to catch up by running so as not to fall far behind.

The Ko-hud-tong Cave is located behind the mountain. So after climbing for some time, the Hermit-sakti-eyes-one then took his entourage around the back of the mountain.

Although in my heart I really wanted to immediately get the magic priest Kim Ting to ask for a three-legged Tenggoret. But he did not know the streets and did not know the sacred priest.

Because he was reluctant to ask the One-Eyed Hermit, he was forced to just follow behind the old man. He just quietly watched the situation around him.

Apparently the magic hermit knew the virgin's anxiety. He couldn't stop laughing to cheer up the girl's heart.

Siau-liong couldn't catch what the Great Hermit had said to Song Ling. But he saw again and again the girl turned to look at him and gave him a kiss in the eye.

"Never mind, don't mind him!" The one-eye-magic hermit laughed, "he is a stupid slave indeed!"

He turned to look at Siau-liong. Siau-liong was stunned. Quickly he took a step forward, "Does locianpwe want to talk to me?"

Song Ling giggled, “Are you deaf? Grandpa teacher said you are..." - suddenly he stopped and covered his laughing mouth.

Siau-liong ears red. He looked down silently. The one-eye-magic hermit nodded his head, he said, "I want to explain your real name first so that I can call you correctly."

Siau-liong blushed, not daring to look up. His mouth stuttered in welcome,

“I am actually a she Tong person. Because I wanted to avoid the threat of the martial world and for the sake of my efforts to avenge my parents' heartache, I was forced to change to my Kongsun she. But...."

"Then it's good I still call Kongsun-get ready!"' the old man quickly retorted.

"Ah, no, locianpwe. Please locianpwa just call my name!"

The one-eyed magic-hermit laughed, “Thian-kong-sin-kang is the number one magic skill in the martial world. Currently Kongsun-siauhiap is the number one champion in the world. How could I dare to be disrespectful?" said the one-eyed hermit.

"Ah, how can I dare to receive such high praise," Siau-liong hastily exclaimed.

But the old man paid no heed to Siau-liong's words, he sighed,

"Unfortunately, you can't learn the magic science perfectly. When you can master it, the world-conquering Devil and the four magic figures, it is impossible to match your supernatural powers. Just you alone, you can definitely eradicate the hordes of world-conquering demons and save the martial world!"

Siau-liong secretly sighed. The words of the purple clothes old man did not lie. He only knew a little about the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang but his intelligence had advanced so rapidly.

Especially when he has mastered it all. But, ah, unfortunately he did not have the opportunity to convince the science.

With a vulnerable tone said the one-eyed hermit, “Everything depends on fate. We can only try but God is the power..."

Suddenly the eyes of the old man who lived next door gleamed sharply and he said in another matter,

"I said earlier that my knowledge Hun-yu-than-bi can hear the movements of caterpillars and birds moving within ten li.... Kongsun-siauhiap would not believe that, would you?"

"Ah, how can I not believe it," said Xiao Liong hastily.

"But that's how it is. So I want to show you the evidence..." suddenly the old man pointed a finger at him, he asked, "Is Kongsun-ready to see something?"

Siau-liong was stunned. He looked in the direction the old hermit was pointing. But except for the high mountain peaks that pierced the sky and were covered with dense wilderness with a circle of small roads, Siau-liong saw nothing else.

"I don't think I saw anything," said Siau-liong.

"Did you hear anything?" asked the old hermit.

Siau-liong pairs of ears listened attentively. But he heard nothing, he said:

“All I heard was the howl of the wind and the swish of insects. Others don't!"

“I heard at a distance of three li, two people were walking. They are related to you!" said the old hermit.

Siau-liong, Lu Bu-ki and Song Ling stopped, instantly, looking at the strange old man. "Is locianpwe not joking?"

"I live behind the mountain over there," the old man pointed at the forest on the left, "in half an hour we'll see you at the Ko-hud-tong cave," he said and continued walking away.

"Hey, grandpa teacher, he doesn't know the way," the girl chased after him.

"Hus, slave girl, she doesn't know what path has to do with you..." snapped the old man and whispered in the virgin's ear,

"Once the hordes of world-conquering demons are wiped out, grandpa will surely make your match-up a bitch!"

Song Ling blushed in embarrassment...

57. Release of Hostages ......

“Sucou, you…” shouted Song Ling.

Siau-liong didn't hear anything the old man whispered to Song Ling. He kept darting away.

"Sorry, I will also follow brother Kongsun." The big tall Lu Bu-ki immediately saluted the One-Eyed Hermit and continued to follow Siau-liong.

Song Ling just stared blankly at the young man's shadow. Even though the old man's words were only comforting words, the virgin's heart was moved too. Somehow at that moment he felt like he was gripped by a feeling he had never felt before.

Since childhood he lived with his mother in the lonely mountain Bu-san. During that time he had never been friends with a boy. He set out to grow up in the realm of silence.

Since getting acquainted with Siau-liong, even though the two of them maintain their politeness, but without being felt in the girl's heart, a strange feeling grows. A feeling that has never been experienced in a lifetime. He was afraid that the good-natured young man would leave him.

"Son, do you really like him?" suddenly the old man rebuked him.

Song Ling snorted then laughed sheepishly. He did not want to answer but followed behind his teacher grandfather walking.

Meanwhile, due to the use of lightening the body, in a few moments Sau-liong was able to reach three li away.

While running, he kept an eye on his surroundings. But so far he had seen no one's belongings. Immediately his suspicions arose, "Huh, could it be that the one-eyed old man was just tricking me into separating from Song Ling..."

Out of breath, Lu Bu-ki followed suit, he exclaimed, “Did brother Kongsun see anyone?”

"Of course we cheated. Till ten li away nothing could be seen. Indeed, in the world there can be no such strange people and knowledge," said Siau-liong.

Lu Bu-ki stomped his foot and shouted: “That's right! I don't believe in science either!"

Hesitating for a moment, Siau-liong continued his run again. About twenty spears away he arrived at the foot of a mountain. The foot of the mountain was overgrown with grass and various trees like in a forest. But Siau-liong heard no sound and saw something.

Turning towards Lu Bu-ki, he shook his head and continued to leave. But suddenly he was surprised to hear a chirping sound from behind a large rock.

Siau-liong and Lu Bu-ki were stunned. After the pair of hearing then they heard the sound of people talking.

"You want to go or not!" someone shouted.

One woman replied, “Ah, I really can't walk anymore!”

Hearing that voice, Siau-liong was beyond excited. The two people who were talking behind the crowd were obviously the priestess Liau Hoan of Thian-san and the owner of the Spring Poh-Ceng-in Valley.

Liau Hoan shouted, "Do you want me to carry you?"

Poh Ceng-in took a deep breath, he said, "You'd better kill me!"

Liau Hoan laughed coldly: "If it really kills you, there's no need for me to bring you here and there like this!"

Siau-liong frowned. He saw the thin priest from Thian-san emerge from behind the rock while carrying Poh Ceng-in's body.

When he saw Siau-liong, the priest was overjoyed. He stepped forward, "I thought you had climbed to the top of Kim-ting, never mind if you can meet here."

Looking at Poh Ceng-in, said Siau-liong, “"Ah, lotion sure sucks on the way, I always think about..."

Liau Hoan laughed, “If I didn't have this lady in red hostage, I might have been doomed and couldn't see each other again!”

Poh Ceng-in didn't want to say much but looked at Siau-liong with vengeance. He laughed furiously and closed his eyes.

Siau-liong is a bit pitiful. He saw that the woman's hands were still tied behind her back, her hair was tangled, her body was covered in dirt and her breath was panting.

Hesitating for a moment, Siau-liong approached Poh Ceng-in's side, he shouted, "You don't need to hold a grudge against me. If you want to be angry, be angry with your father and mother...." He sighed again, he said, "I am not a cruel person who knows no humanity. Only because I was forced by circumstances, and again I will definitely fulfill my promise to meet again in Mount Bu-san. "

Poh Ceng-in opened her eyes and snorted, “Hm, no more talking! Since you already know how to treat the poison in your body, please kill me…. I've suffered enough of this kind of torture!"

Suddenly the woman who owned the valley laughed shrilly, "Also now I have realized that the relationship between a man and a woman can't be forced!"

Poh Ceng-in's cheeks were filled with tears. Her face is vulnerable. As if people were sorry.

Siau-liong was stunned for a moment. He wondered why in the second of suffering such hardship, the ferocious Poh Ceng-in seemed to have realized his mistake.

Siau-liong is indeed compassionate. He secretly regretted having tortured a woman to such a degree.

After a while, he said to Liau Hoan, "As long as you take this woman to death, you must be tired and exhausted!"

Liau Hoan laughed, “Ah, it's fine. Because I know that this woman is very important to Kongsun-hiapsu, I'm going to take care of her to the best of my ability."

"Doesiansu not mind handing the woman over to me?" asked Siau-liong as well.

Liau Hoan was stunned, he exclaimed, "Of course I'll just follow Kongsun-siauhiap's message!"

Both in his demeanor and tone of voice, the priest from Thian-san had great respect for Siau-liong.

Siau-liong immediately squatted down and untied Poh Ceng-in, supported him to his feet and said blandly, "Please go!"

The pair of women who owned the Spring Valley's eyes shone with astonishment. He looked at Siau-liong, "You let me go?"

Siau-liong laughed bitterly, "That's right, you are free!"

Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan were very surprised, almost both of them shouted in unison: "Kongsun-siauhiap, the demon woman must not be released!"

Liau Hoan took a step forward, he said, “I devoted myself to the church. Even though she doesn't approve of murder, the woman's crimes really exceed the taker. And again he has mastered Kongsun-siauhiap's soul. Where can I..."

Lu Bu-ki had already pulled out the iron rod and confronted Poh Ceng-in, “That's right! The demon woman can't be let go!"

Siau-liong exclaimed calmly, “Death and life depend on fate. Even rich and poor have fate. If I was destined to die, however, wanting to be helpless would be useless. Moreover, making a weak woman as a hostage. Even if you can defeat a world-conquering demon, it's not a knight!"

Seeing the manly attitude of the Siau-liong, Liau Hoan and Lu Bu-ki couldn't help but heed it too. They immediately retreated.

But even Poh Ceng-in did not want to leave immediately. He was stunned to see Siau-liong.

"Omitohud!" Liau Hoan siansu exclaimed, "Kongsun-siuhi have a compassionate and chivalrous character. Even though I have devoted myself to the church for forty years, I still have lost my character!"

The priest pulled Lu Bu-ki, “Lu-tayhiap, let him go!”

Poh Ceng-in seemed to be about to speak, but after a long time his lips moved, yet no words came out. Suddenly he covered his face, turned around and staggered away.

Suddenly the Siau-liong jumped in pursuit, "Wait a minute!"

Poh Ceng-in paused, "Are you sorry?"

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “The martial arts uphold their promise. Once a man says, it will not waver like a solid mountain. Shall I regret it?"

Poh Ceng-in spun away. With tears in her eyes she looked at Siau-liong: "Then you..."

“Please tell the world-conquering Devils husband and wife. That from the past until now. Evil cannot defeat Truth. With vile tactics and black magic, your parents want to dominate the martial world, although they can succeed but will not last long. So before it's too late, please wake up quickly so they can pass their old age in peace. And the second time…”

He paused for a moment then continued: “You too must keep your promise in the Seven-Death line the other day. If within this year, Jong-tok's poison doesn't work, tomorrow next year in the middle of autumn like today, I will definitely come to Bu-san."

Poh Ceng-in looked down at the ground, said, "Is there another order?"

"Nothing, please go!"

"Okay, I remember everything!" said Poh Ceng-in as he walked away.

A few moments later, Liau Hoan siansu said: "Does Kongsun-siauhiap still remember the promise to go with me to Thian-san?"

Siau-liong laughed blandly, “I hope even Losiansu can remember that I graduated after next year's mid-fall. At that time if I was still alive, I would have fulfilled that promise!”

Liau Hoan smiled: "Okay, I'll wait."

Gazing at the four corners for a moment, Siau-liong asked the two if they knew the way to the top of Kim-ting.

Lu Bu-ki came to the fore: "Does brother Kongsun not want to meet that Tok Bok lojin?"

Siau-liong sighed, “Right now the world-conquering devil has brought his entourage. I don't know what plans they have. So I think Kim-ting's peak first asks the three-legged Tenggoret to the magic priest!"

Lu Bu-ki looked at Liau Hoan siansu, he exclaimed, "Then I will show you the way!"

The big man continued to swing his steps ahead of walking. Turns out he did understand the streets there.

About the same old rice cooker, they arrived at a towering rock mountain. The top of the mountain is full of cypress and teak trees.

"Already arrived. That peak is Kim-ting's peak of Go-bi mountain!" Lu Bu-ki stopped.

"Omitohud! Truly a sacred place!” exclaimed Liau Hoan siansu.

Apparently Lu Bu-ki remembered something important so he suddenly exclaimed,

“In the battle in the Valley of Spring the other day, the cultivators had suffered defeat. By being able to master the two heirs of magical knowledge as well as several other magical figures, the world-conquering Devil can defeat Ceng Hi totiang and the cursed swordsman. His dream of mastering the martial world, apparently will soon come true. But why did he suddenly back out and make a promise to Ceng Hi totiang that in three days Kim-ting's peak would come?”

Siau-liong was also surprised.

Liau Hoan laughed heartily, “Even if I don't dare say I know the secret very well, I can guess more or less…”

He pointed at Kim-ting's high peak, he said,

“Kim-ting Peak of Go-bi, after being the site of Tio Sam-hong's sword fighting and sword fighting match with the Nine-fingered Sapolo priest a thousand years ago, it is considered a sacred place by the martial arts.

For hundreds of years, I don't know how many great events have occurred at the top of the mountain. The election of the head of the third batch of martial arts world, which was held a hundred years ago, was also held at that peak.

Even though he was able to defeat Ceng Hi totiang and subdue most of the martial arts, but if the world-conquering Devil couldn't hold a big meeting at the summit of Kim-ting to announce his appointment as the ruler of the martial world, of course it would be difficult for him to rule the martial world forever. ”

Pausing for a moment, Priest Liau Hoan continued, “The second time, the world-conquering devil has calculated that the current strength of the martial world is already fragile. No opponent could stand against him anymore. So he ordered all the martial arts figures to come to Kim-ting where later he would announce his appointment as the ruler of the martial-world. He has calculated that even though there may be some people who dare to oppose him, he is sure that by having the four heirs of the sacred knowledge, he will certainly be able to destroy every obstacle..."

Siau-liong listened in silence. He silently contemplated his temperature and that of Randa Bu-san and the heirs of the magic heirs who were held captive by the world-conquering demon. He took a deep breath.

While looking at Siau-liong, Liau Hoan siansu continued his words,

“The world-conquering demon knows that Kongsun-siauhiap still hasn't had time to learn the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang. So for now he is not afraid. But in ten days at the most, if he can't get the Thian-kong-sin-kang's heirloom book, he will certainly try his best to eliminate Kongsun-siauhiap!"

Siau-liong realized that the priest's words were not an empty threat. Suddenly he remembered Kongsun Sin-tho's hot words, that it was possible that the world-conquering Devil could already learn the magic arts of Jit-hoa-sin-kang, Cek-ci-sin-kang and others. But she (Siau-liong) is really a whore.

Repeatedly held captive and released by the world-conquering demon. And several times he was tricked until he almost wanted to teach the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang to Song Ling.

“Brother Kongsun, let's continue walking again!” suddenly Lu Bu-ki exclaimed.

Siau-liong stuttering. He realized that he had been lost in thought. He immediately agreed and continued to follow behind Lu Bu-ki. The three of them walked along a well-circled road.

As he walked, Siau-liong sighed, “Somehow what about that sacred priest from Kim-ting's peak? If he doesn't hand over the magic scorpion, then how should we act……?”

Said Liau Hoan siansu, “Even though he has limited experience because he rarely goes out to China, in my opinion, since he was young, the sacred priest Kim-ting has entered the church. After becoming a disciple of the Bik-hun-si church which is located at the front of the Go-bi mountain, he then moved into seclusion at the peak of Kim-ting.

During these past hundred years, it was rare for people to see him coming down the mountain. Regarding whether he is proficient in martial arts or not, maybe no one knows. Also how old he is now, no one knows. But maybe not less than a hundred and twenty years old…”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “Over the past hundred years, even at the peak of Kim-ting there have been some great events. But during that time no one ever heard about the presence of the sacred priest. People who climb to the top are mostly rarely able to find it. Even very few of the silat people know who the sacred priest is. As to whether he actually kept a three-legged Tenggoret and whether he is currently alive, I'm not even sure myself!”

“If I didn't hear from Ceng Hi totiang, I didn't even know that at the top of Kim-ting there lived a priest… but because he is called a magic priest, he must be proficient in magic and of course very wise too. If he knows that the magical beast can save the bloodshed in the martial world, he will certainly not spare it!”

In the course of their conversation, they had already begun to reach the top. It turned out that around the mountain range, there was a flat land. The peaks are full of tall pine and teak trees and waterfalls and water sources are everywhere. What a place that resembles the place of the gods.

The three of them continued through the forest and when they arrived at the end of the forest, they still did not find anything about a house or a monastery. Around the corner is only the silent wilderness. While in front of the mountain is only a very steep cliff.

Siau-liong paused and said in surprise, "Is Brother Lu not wrong?"

Lu Bu-ki slapped his head, "Even in the middle of the night, there's no way I'm going the wrong way!"

Liau Hoan chimed in, “Indeed, the sacred priest Kim-ting lives in a cave. Not necessarily staying at the top here……”

Suddenly the big tall Lu Bu-ki shouted in surprise, "Hey, look at that pine forest on the left..."

Siau-liong and Liau Hoan simultaneously looked in the direction indicated. Above the peak which is connected to the peak of Kim-ting, there is indeed a forest of pine trees. And in the middle of the forest, several figures flashed.

Because it is covered by a dense forest, it can't be seen clearly how the people dress. But judging by their very fast movements, it is clear that they must be highly skilled martial artists.

As soon as it sped away, the herd of people disappeared, hiding in the thick forest.

Siau-lion pondered. Suddenly he said, "They must be Ceng Hi totiang's group!" — he continued to jump two spears.

“Hi, right, except for them who else!” exclaimed Lu Bu-ki as he continued to run after him.

The road that stretches towards the pine forest beside the peak, descends slightly to another lower peak. The extent is only slightly adrift of Kim-ting's peak, but the situation is more dangerous.

It is full of steep rocks and strange rock mounds that are dense like a forest. Even the hunters wouldn't choose a place like that either.

It was Siau-liong who ran over to him first. In just a few steps he had arrived at the place where the figures that had appeared had disappeared. Looking into the forest, it was clear that some of the bodies were still moving slowly.

He was overjoyed. It was clear that the group of people was the group led by Ceng Hi totiang.

He immediately walked over to their place. The road started out only three or four spears wide, but grew wider and wider. On both sides of the road, there are two mountain peaks filled with pine and teak forests.

But about a hundred more spears, the road was blocked by a high mountain rock. Apparently the rock was the last end and then the road was connected again which turned to the right.

Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage were stopping and pacing under the rock of the mountain.

They quickly saw the arrival of Siau-liong. Four priests guard Ceng Hi totiang immediately stepped forward with cross swords, "Who are you?"

Just as Siau-liong was about to answer, Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan siansu had arrived. Quickly the big man jumped in front of the Siau-liong and signaled to the four priests, shouting,

“My own people, hope you guys don't misunderstand……”

Then turning to point to Siau-liong, Lu Bu-ki said, "This Kongsun-siauhiap, is the inheritor of the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang!"

Ceng Hi totiang, together with about fifty martial arts figures, were surprised to hear Lu Bu-ki's statement. They simultaneously looked at Siau-liong.

58. Guha's lackey guard

Ceng Hi totiang immediately stepped forward in surprise. Siau-liong was secretly amused too. This is not the first time he has met Ceng Hi totiang. But his first encounter was not as Kongsun Liong, but as a cursed warrior.

First, Ceng Hi totiang greeted Lu Bu-ki, "Ah, brother Lu must be tired!"

Only then did he say Omitohud to Liau Hoan siansu. To Siau-liong, it seems that Ceng Hi doesn't really care about him.

After returning the religious greetings, Liau Hoan siansu said, "Please don't rebuke me first..." — he turned to Siau-liong and said,

“This Kongsun-siauhiap has got a great fortune. He has obtained the science lessons of Thian-kong-sin-kang. In order to defend the survival of the martial world from the threat of the world-conquering Devil, it feels like there is no one else but this Kongsun-siauhiap!”

Ceng Hi gasped. Judging from the position and greatness of the name Liau Hoan totiang, he fully believes. So he turned to Siau-liong, he exclaimed, "Ah, sorry, I'm a bit late to pay my respects!"

The Ceng Hi totiang group consisted of selected figures who were classified as first-class experts. These include the head of the martial arts party and the heads of several schools of martial arts. To Kiu-kong of the Kay-pang party, Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong, Toh Hun-ki the chairman of Kong-tong-pay and the four Su-lo, also joined the group.

When they saw Siau-liong with Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan siansu suddenly appear, To Kiu-kong and Tio Tay-tong were overjoyed. Simultaneously the two of them came forward to salute Siau-liong, shouting, "Sucou-ya!" continued to kneel before Siau-liong.

Siau-liong quickly prevented, he shouted: "Kiu-kong, don't be too much civilized!"

Ceng Hi totiang laughed heartily, “Kongsun-siauhiap is really an extraordinary young man. May the disciple of the skull-beggar Siong loenghiong. I felt less and less respect earlier…”

Pausing for a moment to kiss his eyes, Ceng Hi continued, “But earlier brothers Lu Bu-ki and Liau Hoan siansu said that Kongsun-siauhiap was the inheritor of the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. This is really confusing. According to my knowledge…”

Worried that the old priest would continue to press questions, Siau-liong hastily retorted, "It's just by chance that I have learned a way of learning from a sacred science. But it may be different with the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang. Even because you haven't been able to learn to perfection, it's still difficult to use it..."

Ceng Hi totiang's eyes gleamed at the young man, he exclaimed, "Kongsun-siauhiap, do you mind talking to me one-on-one?"

Siau-liong knew that the old priest was getting suspicious. So he agreed. Ceng Hi Totiang smiled and then stepped behind a large rock. The lion immediately followed.

Judging from Ceng Hi totiang's position in his entourage, when he spoke with Siau-liong earlier, no one dared to speak. They just watched Ceng Hi totiang and Siau-liong sneak behind the rock.

After some distance from the group of martial arts figures, then Ceng Hi totiang stopped. He thought it was safe there, no one would hear anymore.

“Earlier, Liau Hoan siansu and Lu-tayhiap said that Kongsun-siauhiap was the heir to the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. I believe the information is certainly not a lie....” Ceng Hi totiang started to talk.

Siau-liong just smiled and didn't answer.

Ceng Hi totiang paused for a moment then continued,

“It has been thousands of years that the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang has not appeared in the world. The martial arts from time to time always try to find the magic. But no one succeeded. Two months ago, the appearance of the heritage map on Jade-pwe, had caused a great uproar among the martial arts. The appearance of a world-conquering demon to China again to carry out its goal of mastering the martial world, is nothing but the intention of seeking only the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom."

Seeing that the old priest did not raise any doubts against him, Xiao Liong couldn't wait any longer. He had to hurry to get the supernatural priest Kim-ting to ask for the three-legged-golden Tenggoret. He didn't want to waste time so he immediately said, “If Totiang wants to ask a question, go ahead. Anyway, I don't want to lie to the pole!"

Under such circumstances, he could quickly guess that Ceng Hitotiang must have seen his weakness. So Siau-liong was willing to give an honest statement.

Ceng Hi gasped somewhat, he said: “The other day in the battle against the world-conquering Devils in the Valley of Spring, I had suffered an all-out defeat. Fortunately, at that time the Evil Warrior appeared and was able to face Jong Leng Lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni, so that my group and I were able to escape the destruction.

At that time the Evil Warrior had used the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang. It also seems that he has just studied the magic until it is not perfect. But I believe that the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom that has been lost for thousands of years has fallen into the hands of the Evil Warrior. Unfortunately, that night the Evil Warrior had disappeared again. And until now there has been no news of the news…”

Siau-liong wrinkled his forehead, he exclaimed, Totiang was about to say that I..."

Ceng Hi totiang laughed out loud, “I'm sorry if I speak this frankly. The Evil Warrior twenty years ago, I once knew very well. But the Evil Swordsman who appeared today, except for his similar face, intelligence and physique, was completely different from the previous Evil Swordsman. The most surprising thing is the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. There is no way that two Evil Warriors will appear.


Suddenly Ceng Hi totiang stopped and looked at Siau-liong and smiled.

Siau-liong guessed that Ceng Hi totiang already knew everything. So after coughing for a while, he said, “Ah, totiang is really careful. I really don't want to lie..."

Then he told everything that had happened. From childhood to learning silat at Hong-san mountain until now. Finally he closed his speech,

“It is because of upholding the pillar as a holy priest that I tell everything about myself. I hope totiang likes to keep it a secret, don't tell anyone else. If I'm lucky enough to suppress a world-conquering demon, I still hope to use the remaining one year of life to repay my father's hurt and then meet my mother across the sea!”

Ceng Hi totiang took a deep breath. With a serious face he said,

“Kongsun-siauhiap is a dashing young man with the heart of an officer. So do not be surprised if you get this extraordinary blessing. The spirit of my great-grandmother Tio Sam-hong will certainly be satisfied in the afterlife. Please don't worry, I will definitely keep that secret…”

Pausing for a moment he continued, "Is Kongsun-siauhiap's plan still to fulfill the death agreement with the woman who owns the Spring Valley?"

Siau-liong sighed, “Once a promise is made, it's hard to break it. Even if it's about an important death matter, but I can't break a promise!”

Ceng Hi totiang nodded respectfully, “Kongsun-siauhiap's character and actions, earn my respect even more!”

Siau-liong blushed in return.

After that, Ceng Hi totiang immediately diverted the conversation about matters of interest at the time.

“Although the sacred priest from Kim-ting is rarely known by the martial world, I know that he is indeed a strange character who rarely appears outside. My arrival with the entourage of martial arts figures was nothing but to beg that the old magician would come out to help us. Earlier I told this to a Sian-thong (guha guardian disciple) to convey it to him. By now I think there must have been some information. Since Kongsun-siauhiap will also meet him, let's face each other."

Seeing that Ceng Hi totiang, who is over 90 years old, still calls out with the shy words 'he's an old man' to the sacred priest Kim-ting, Siau-liong secretly grew even more respectful. Immediately he followed Ceng Hi totiang.

On top of the mountain rock that turned to the right from the peak slope, there was a cave the size of a spear. But the cave is very deep. Two lackeys, one dressed in blue and the other in white, were guarding beside the cave door with drawn swords.

The troupe of gallant people stopped a few spears away from the cave. They whispered to each other talking about the magic hermit from Kim-ting. But after Ceng Hi totiang appeared with Siau-liong, they were silent and just looked at the two people.

Ti Gong taysu, the chairman of Siau-lim-si, immediately came forward and after chanting the religious prayer, “Omitohud! The behavior of this sacred priest was a bit exaggerated. Even to the point of even his lackeys are already so fierce…”

Ceng Hi totiang hastily stepped forward to stop him: "Please don't be angry, Taysu, know that Priestess is magic..."

"Hey, what did you say!" the two lackeys took three steps and one of them shouted at Ti Gong taysu. Deliki eyes and cross swords are about to attack.

Ti Gong taysu is famous for being strict. Of course he couldn't allow himself to be treated so rudely by a little lackey. Simultaneously he snapped, “A slave as small as you why dare to be so impudent. Do you know who came here?”

The lackey in white snorted coldly, he said, "It doesn't matter what kind of people you are, if Seng-ceng doesn't want to see him, of course he doesn't want to go out..."

Seng-ceng is a respectful name from the lackey to the magic priest Kim-ting.

The lackey of the blue shirt also came over and shouted, “Forever no one has ever dared to make a fuss here. If you don't get up quickly, don't regret us being insolent!”

Ti Gong chuckled, “Ho, no matter what, I'm still going to see Seng-ceng. Can you two little lackeys be able to drive us away?”

Instantly the two lackeys glared at his eyes. Simultaneously they turned their swords and attacked Ti Gong taysu.

Chief Siau-lim-si snorted in surprise. It turned out that the swordsmanship of the two lackeys was great and very fast. Because of urgency, he was forced to retreat up to 7-8 steps.

The two lackeys stopped their attacks. shouted, "If Seng-ceng didn't allow us to kill souls, that bald head would have separated from your body!"

Out of anger, Ti Gong taysu snorted like a mad buffalo. Turning to Ceng Hi totiang he exclaimed, “Please totiang please forgive me. I want to give those two little slaves a little bit of a beating!”

But Ceng Hi totiang hastily stopped him, “If you can't hold back in small matters, big things will certainly be chaotic. Hope Taysu likes to think about the interests of all of us!”

Ti Gong taysu snorted and withdrew.

"Buffalo nose priest, what are you talking about?" suddenly the two lackeys shouted at Ceng Hi.

Even though he was insulted, but still calmly Ceng Hi totiang replied, "Please, the two of you, don't be angry just yet. We all want to meet Seng-ceng because we have very important business."

The blue shirt lackey laughed, "Instead of the fat, wide-eared priest, you seem a little more docile."

Ceng Hi totiang continued to laugh, "Hope the two of you like to help our interests and persuade Seng-ceng to like to welcome us!"

The blue shirt lackey suddenly turned to the white shirt lackey, he said, "Please Sute likes to keep the mouth of the guha sana so that they don't barge in and disturb Seng-ceng!"

"It's better if they leave and what's the need to serve them?" exclaimed the lackey in white clothes. He continued to back away guarding the mouth of the guha.

After that, the lack of blue clothes turned and said to Ceng Hi totiang again, “Seng-ceng said earlier that he could not meet. No matter what business you want to have, it's still useless!"

"Did Siauko ever tell Seng-ceng my title?" Ceng Hi asked.

"Have you ever met Seng-ceng before?" asked the lackey.

"I have never met face to face but I have admired his name for a long time. If you want to explain a little to Seng-ceng, maybe the old man will know my worthless name..."

Ceng Hi totiang paused for a moment, then said again, "And again I came here not for personal gain but for the safety and survival of the martial world."

Answered the lackey, "Zeng-ceng isolates himself in meditation. Forever never interfere in the affairs of the martial world. I guess what you said was pointless. It's better if you get out of here right away!”

“If Seng-ceng really doesn't want to meet, I can't do anything. But hope you remember our efforts to come here and like to report once again to Seng-ceng…”

Apparently the lackey in the blue shirt was impatient. He snapped viciously, "If you don't want to leave," he looked around and continued, "Of course I have to summon the four Suheng who are guarding this cave to confront you!"

Hearing the lackey's words getting more and more impudent, Ti Gong Taysu couldn't hold back anymore. Saying Omitohud, he stepped out, he cried,

“Religious students uphold compassion and humanity. If Seng-ceng was truly an imam martyr, it would not be possible to act so rudely. Of course you're the one who got in the way of us. Later, after we barged in to meet Seng-ceng, we would know…”

The leader of the Siau-lim-si party turned to Ceng Hi totiang and shouted loudly, "Because good methods are useless, we have to resort to violence!"

The lackey of the blue shirt crossed his sword and laughed coldly.

Ceng Hi totiang sighed. When he was about to open his mouth suddenly heard a long whistling sound from a distance.

Everyone was surprised. And before he could guess anything, again came the sound of laughter that sounded very arrogant. It was only then that everyone realized that the whistling and laughing were from the world-conquering Demon!

Indeed, the world-conquering Devil is a treacherous and deceitful man. That he suddenly appeared there, of course, was because he wanted to carry out his plan to dominate the martial world.

The laughing voice came from Kim-ting's peak. It was clear that the demon must have been at that peak already. Just turned away from the dense forest from where Ceng Hi's group was.

As soon as the laughter disappeared, there was a world-conquering Demon exclaiming viciously, “To old priest Ceng Hi!”

Simultaneously four five voices repeated the words in unison, "To Ceng Hi old priest!"

Everyone is tensed and ready to face any eventuality. They poured their eyes towards Ceng Hi totiang.

Suddenly the lackey of the blue shirt laughed, “Ugh, who's coming again? What is your leader?”

Ceng Hi totiang answered gopoh, "It was a wicked devil who wanted to cause bloodshed in the martial world ..."

He turned around and said slowly to the troupe of valiant figures, “Now the critical moments have come. Please brothers and sisters don't carelessly move on their own!”

Seeing that the faces of the guest group were very tense, the blue shirt lackey laughed even louder, "Hey, you martial arts people, why do you like to be hostile and fight for victory......"

Then the boy frowned and shouted, "If you want to fight, go find a place on top of Kim-ting over there. If you dare to disturb the peace of this place, beware...”

Ceng Hi totiang sighed softly.

Just as he was about to turn around to face the current situation, suddenly two figures flashed in front of him. A one-eyed man dressed in purple appeared, leading the hand of a young woman in green.

Everyone was very surprised!

Judging from their sharp eyes, including Ceng Hi totiang, every movement of anything, of course, cannot be separated from their eyes. But the appearance of the grandfather together was completely unknown.

Just then Siau-liong, Liau Hoan siansu and Lu Bu-ki were standing at the side. Secretly they were nervous to see the tough attitude of the guha guard who refused to report to Seng-ceng. Meanwhile, the world-conquering demon and his entourage had appeared. 

When he saw One-Eyed Grandpa appear suddenly, Siau-long's heart rejoiced beyond measure. He quickly stepped forward to salute, “Locianpwe… Miss Song….”

One-Eyed Grandpa smiled, “Has Kongsun-siauhiap got your two friends yet?”

“Locianpwe is indeed very powerful. I actually met them!” said Siau-lion.

Everyone in Ceng Hi totiang's group kept quiet and watched Siau-liong's conversation with the one-eyed grandfather.

After pondering for a while, Ceng Hi totiang nodded his head and then came forward to salute the old man, "Wasn't this cianpwe from sixty years ago..."

The one-eye-magic hermit waved his hand, laughing, “No need to say more! Just so you know ..." then he pointed at his one eye, he said,

"It's possible that my eye, which has only one seed left, can be remembered more by people. It's no wonder you're still thinking about the events of sixty years ago."

Blushing Ceng Hi totiang saluted,

"Ah, the cianpwe's words were too heavy. It is because of admiration and respect for the cianpwe's virtuousness and nobility that even though decades have passed, I still don't forget the magic hermit, not because I saw his one eye left."

But he thought it was too offensive. So he doesn't want to continue...

At that time the lack of a blue shirt approached, he shouted, "Hi, Uncle Blind!" he looked at the magic hermit and then asked again, "Do you know them uncle?"

One-eye-magic laughed, "Not only do I know them but they are my friends!"

The little lackey gasped and laughed, "Ah, Uncle Blind is being silly again. Isn't uncle similar to my temperature. A whole year of not wanting to meet anyone? Why suddenly have so many friends?”

One-eyed magic hermit laughed loudly, he exclaimed, "Then, just think of them as enemies!"

Ceng Hi totiang was surprised.

The blue shirt lackey laughed even louder.

A few moments later did he say, "Then don't worry about them!" said the one-eye-magic hermit.

59. Pretending to Surrender.....

"Are you going to challenge my temperature today to play chess?" asked the lackey too.

"No," replied the hermit, "today I deliberately brought my granddaughter to play!"

The boy was taken aback. He looked at Song Ling for a moment, he said, “What a strange day today! Everything turns weird. How come I never heard of uncle having a granddaughter?”

"How many years have you lived on earth? How can you know all things!" One-eyed-magic hermit laughed.

The blue shirt lackey laughed giggling, “Ah, uncle relies on himself as a parent. Try to say, uncle today, what are you going to do?"

The hermit put his hand in his pocket. It took him a while to slowly pull it out. But his hands were gripped so he didn't know what was inside.

"Today I brought you a strange toy!"

The boy was overjoyed, “Thank you Uncle Blind. What is that thing?”

"In my hands. But you have to guess. If you guess right, then I'll give it to you!"

The lackey laughed, “Ai, uncle is about to make fun of people again. I don't want to guess and I don't want that thing!”

"Then don't be sorry. I will give this toy to your cousin!” said the hermit, opening his hand.

Something gleaming in color flashed between his fingers. But quickly the hermit clenched his fists again.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll guess...." exclaimed the lackey frantically. He wrinkled his forehead for a moment then guessed, "Surely a pearl Ya-beng-cu ..."

One-eyed-ascetic shook his head: "Wrong!"

"Cat eye!" cried the boy too.

"Wrong!" the hermit shook his head.

The boy frowned and grumbled: "This is wrong it is wrong, then how should one guess!"

The boy who was guarding the mouth of the guha was apparently impatient. He immediately approached, he exclaimed, “Ah, Uncle Blind is one-sided. Have good things don't want to give to me."

The hermit laughed, “You can also guess. If it's true, of course I'll give it to you."

The boy in the white shirt and the blue shirt really scrambled to guess. The duty to guard the mouth of the guha is almost forgotten.

At the time the Hermit-sakti-one-eye was jokingly making guesses with the boy guarding the cave. Ceng Hi totiang and his group of dashing people were restless. But they dare not interfere. Fortunately at that time the voice of the world-conquering Demon was no longer heard.

Then, after the boy in white who was guarding the mouth of the cave joined him, Ceng Hi totiang knew what the magic hermit meant. Immediately he gave an eye signal to Siau-liong.

Siau-liong is bright-brained. He quickly caught the signal of Ceng Hi totiang. With motions that didn't make a sound and didn't attract people's attention, he squirmed backwards away from the sight of the two lackeys. After approaching the mouth of the guha, he quickly sneaked in.

The Siau-liong movement was carried out very quickly and did not make a sound. Even though Ceng Hi totiang and his troupe of brave people could see clearly, the two cave guards couldn't tell at all.

After finding out that Siau-liong had sneaked in, the One-Eyed Hermit laughed, “Hey, why are you guys so stupid today? Are you still unable to guess?”

Because repeatedly guessed, the hermit still shook his head. Finally, the boy in white was angry, he shouted angrily, "Ai, of course it's nothing more than a stone!"

The hermit-sakti laughed loudly, "Ho, it turns out that you are the smarter one and can guess right!" — he opened his hand and it was indeed a shiny stone.

The two boys snapped at the same time, “I know Uncle Blind didn't mean well and he just wanted to play with us. But next time don't expect to sneeze us again! What a shame!”

The magic-hermit laughed, "What's your temperature right now?"

"Sit!" said the two boys.

Pointing at Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage, the hermit also said, "They want to meet your temperature, why don't you want to report?"

The boy in blue hastily explained, "I've reported it but the temperature won't come!"

The hermit-sakti nodded laughing, "Then you are not wrong, but..." he narrowed his only eye, said again, "Because you were just trying to guess the stone in my hand, if someone smuggled into the cave. , how will your temperature punish you?”

"Well, horror!" cried the two boys, "the lightest would be telling us to face the wall for ten days!"

"Probably not feeding us for three days," added the boy in white.

The magic hermit laughed, "If your temperature is about to punish, just leave all the blame on me!"

The two boys were shocked, “How? Did someone really sneak in?”

"Ah, it's hard to say," said the magic-hermit, because you have four eyes that you can't see, let alone I have one left. Of course it's more invisible!”

The boy in blue looked around furiously and then watched Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage with vengeance, he exclaimed,

"I don't think they would have the courage to do that. By relying on the power of the four Su-leng (Four spirits) who guard the cave, even if they all enter all together, of course no one can pass the guard..."

Suddenly the boy in blue turned to his friend in white and shouted, "Tell you to keep your mouth tight, why did you run here?"

The boy in white clothes blushed in fear and kept returning to the mouth of the guha again. Hesitating for a moment, the boy in blue said, "Is Uncle Blind not in?"

The magic hermit waved his hand, “The natural scenery here is the most beautiful. I and my grandson will sit here resting for a while!”

"Then, sorry, we can't accompany uncle here!" exclaimed the boy kept returning to the mouth of the guha. Both of them guard on the right and left of the cave.

The one-eyed hermit immediately looked for a seat. Pointing here and there, he said in a whisper to Song Ling. He completely ignored Ceng Hi Totiang and his troupe of dashing people.

Ceng Hi totiang upright on the side. For a moment he didn't know what to do. Suddenly, the world-conquering Demon's low cry was heard, "For the second time, it's aimed at old priest Ceng Hi!"

Simultaneously successive voices echoed, “For the second time, addressed to old priest Ceng Hi…..!”

A few moments later, the world-conquering Demon again shouted, "For the second time, if he doesn't come, he will be put to death!"

The sound of welcoming and repeating the call was heard from all around. Ceng Hi laughed wryly. At that time he could not make a decision.

In the middle of a restless state, suddenly his ears rang by the voice of someone who uses the science of Sound Infiltration, “Old priest does not need to be nervous. The one who can overcome today's calamity is none other than the young Kongsun who has the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. I'm having a hard time helping myself!"

Ceng Hi totiang could quickly tell that the one who spoke with the science of Infiltrating the voice was none other than the one-eyed-magic hermit. He immediately replied with the science of infiltrating the voice as well,

"Thank you for your attention cianpwe. But this situation is really serious. The two devil husband and wife have arrived here. In a few moments it would be difficult to avoid a bloody battle……”

The great ascetic laughed, “Are you afraid of being executed by a world-conquering demon?”

Ceng Hi totiang answered gopoh, “It's been almost twenty years since I sheathed my sword. If I'm afraid to die, then why would I want to appear again in the martial world?”

"Then use the tactic of stalling for a few hours. Maybe Kongsun-siauhiap has been able to get out of the cave!”

"Ah, but the situation is difficult to reverse, unless ..." Ceng Hi paused to hesitate for a moment, he also said, "Does you want me to bend my knees to the World Conqueror Devil?"

The magic hermit laughed, “Good at adjusting the situation, knows to look for opportunities in every change. All means and tactics can be used!”

Ceng Hi totiang took a deep breath. He was silent. Because the conversation was carried out with the science of Infiltrating sound, then everyone could not hear. They were just guessing what the two characters were talking about.

At that moment there was another thunderous cry from the world-conquering demon, “For the third time, addressed to old priest Ceng Hi!”

Like the two calls earlier, and from the four corners came the sound of people repeating the orders of the world-conquering demon.

The eyes of the whole troupe of gallant people fell on Ceng Hi totiang. The holy priest's attitude was very calm.

In a calm, solemn voice he said, “We are currently facing a death threat. Being useless, I have wasted the trust the brothers placed in me. Even if I die, I still feel guilty..."

Ti Gong taysu, the leader of Siau-lim-si, could shout loudly, “You can't blame totiang for this matter. Because it has become destiny, we are willing to sacrifice our souls. If you lose, you will still leave a good name. Even death has no regrets...."

Ceng Hi totiang quickly retorted, “Relying on courage like a tiger, relying on large numbers like river water, is not the courage of a true warrior. I was about to ask the brothers a question…”

Yet Hun-ki, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, who was standing beside Ceng Hi, snorted, “Totiang is currently the leader of a troupe of brave men. What totiang feels good, please just give orders. Are you afraid that someone will dare to oppose?"

Ceng Hi totiang took a deep breath, “If you believe me. Whatever I want to do, please restrain your emotions so that I can freely carry out my plans."

Keeping his voice low, said Ti Gong taysu, “Please post the orders. Unless told to surrender to the world-conquering demon, I'm sure no one will disobey the pillar's orders!” - finished saying the leader of Siau-lim-si looked at the group of dashing people.

Ceng Hi totiang wrinkled his brows and then used the sound of Infiltrating Ti Gong Taysu, "What I said was about that. In order to save the survival of the Forced martial world for the time being we have to pretend to surrender to the world-conquering Demon!”

Ti Gong taysu was so shocked that he jumped up and roared like a hungry lion, "Did I not hear that the words came from a pole?"

Still using Sound Infiltration, Ceng Hi said,

"If you can't hold your feelings in small matters, of course big questions will fail. Earlier Kongsun-siauhiap had smuggled into the cave to meet Seng-ceng. According to my calculations, in at least a few hours it would have brought a report. It was only for a while that we pretended to give up, once Kongsun-siauhiap was out, we had to quickly turn around. If the plan fails, there is no other way but to fight to the death!”

Ti Gong taysu was stunned. Looking at Ceng Hi totiang, he found the old priest's face showing sorrow but still radiating an unyielding personality.

Ti Gong taysu sighed, bowed his head and said nothing.

The entourage of martial figures was silent. They fully believe in Ceng Hi totiang.

Suddenly there was a thunderous roar, “A call for old priest Ceng Hi to come here immediately. If you are still joking, of course you will be sentenced to death!”

Now there is no longer any doubts about Ceng Hi. Calmly he immediately swung to the top of Kim-ting. All valiant men without a word, bow their heads and follow behind the old priest.

The one-eye-magic hermit remained sitting where he was and was still smiling and talking to the virgin Song Ling. Liau Hoan siansu was still sitting on the side, not joining the group of dashing people.

Song Ling was restless. Thinking of his mother being held captive by the world-conquering Demon, thinking of the Siau-liong entering the cave. He was constantly looking around here and there. What the powerful Hermit said to him, was completely ignored. 

Ceng Hi totiang with a group of brave people crossed several forest clumps and now on the front side there is a plain. At the end of the plain was a line of human figures.

The number is no less than a hundred people. Consisting of men and women with various styles of clothing. But what stood out the most, was the front row which consisted of dozens of people wearing black clothes. They wore face veils so they couldn't see their facial features.

But as soon as he saw it, Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage could immediately guess. The rows of black clothes were of course the four inheritors of the four types of magic, the two scourges of the Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger and the It Hang totiang entourage.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell stood in the middle. Behind him were guarded by four men and four women. For the sake of seeing Ceng Hi appear with his head lowered, the demon immediately laughed loudly.

As soon as he stopped laughing, the world-conquering devil immediately shouted loudly, “Old priest Ceng Hi, did you forget my order the other day?”

Hearing these words, the faces of all the brave people immediately turned bright red. The words of that world-conquering Devil were truly a great insult.

They are well-known martial arts figures. They weigh more on the name than the soul. Instantly they were ready to attack.

Ceng Hi's face also changed, green and then pale lesions. A sign that his heart was more tense than his entourage. But at another time he smiled and then turned around to face the group of dashing people.

After glancing around, he said, “Master said that four days later it will come to the peak of Kim-ting. But today is only the third day.”

From behind the two devil husbands and wives immediately heard a dashing man cursing, “Buffalo nose priest, your guts are really big! From now on we are all subordinates of our two leaders. Why do you call it that? Hayo, quickly salute and apologize!”

Ceng Hi totiang is a character whose name is highly respected by people. In front of a group of martial arts figures from various sects, he would really lose face if he ever apologized to the world-conquering devil. So for a few moments he was silent.

The group of dashing people was red in the face. The atmosphere is getting worse.

"Hey, are you deaf?" snapped the dashing man too.

Ceng Hi totiang sighed then nodded his head, “Yes, I feel wrong!”

Although the mouth said so, but from the corners of his eyes, tears welled up. It was the first time in his life that he had suffered such great humiliation. But for the sake of public interest, he was forced to suppress his feelings.

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly: "I don't really care much about petty civility matters. As long as I can change my mistakes, that's enough..."

Pausing for a moment he also said, “I consider myself to have a much higher intelligence than ordinary people. Otherwise my cooking can be as successful as today. The saying goes 'soldiers will be useful because they can move quickly' If tomorrow morning I just came here, I don't know what kind of behavior you want to show me again…”

Pointing at the cave where the sacred priestess of Kim-ting lived, he also said, “Your movements all this time have been under my control. Even if you can drag the priest out of the cave, it's still useless…”

After saying that he turned back, "Where are you, my disciple!"

Soh-beng Ki-su while cawing, immediately came forward to face the temperature.

"Everything that is done, I leave to you to give orders. I want to rest for a while. Within three hours, what I left you should be done!"

Soh-beng Ki-su agreed. Laughing sluggishly, the world-conquering demon and his wife immediately walked down from the peak. His men followed. Before long he had disappeared into the thicket of the forest.

What remained on the flat ground was Soh-beng Ki-su and ten men in short clothes. Among the ten people, there are eight people whose shoulders are carried by a large eagle. The other two people, his hands gripping the pit pen and ink tub. The two of them carried a white silk cloth.

With a chuckle, Soh-beng Ki-su said to Ceng Hi, “I have an order from the temperature. If there is something rude in my words, please don't regret it in your heart...."

He swept his eyes towards Ceng Hi totiang and the group of dashing people, he also said,

“What my temperature wants are only two things. First, a stage that was two spears wide and three meters high was immediately erected. The stage will be dedicated to my appointment as Bu-lim bengcu (leader of the martial world).

Second, hurry up and make and sign a statement in support of his appointment. Make sixty-four invitations that you all signed together..."

Pointing to the eight large eagles that perched on the shoulders of the eight men in short clothes, Soh-beng Ki-su also said, "The eight birds can circulate the invitation letter to the addressee. So that all the martial arts know and obey."

Ceng Hi was secretly surprised, he thought, “I can still force myself to accept all his requests. But the letter of support that will be broadcast to all corners of the martial world, is really something that shouldn't happen."

So with a stuttering voice, Ceng Hi refuted, "This....this...."

Soh-beng Ki-su snorted coldly, “There's no need for this anymore. What the temperature says, you must have heard. Both things were only given three hours to complete. If you're late, you'll know the consequences."

Ceng Hi pondered for a long time before saying, "Then I'll just obey!"

He looked calmly at the troupe of gallant people, he said, "Hope you guys like to help me build the stage!"

Wearily everyone agreed. They immediately began to build a stage.

Ceng Hi secretly gives a secret signal for them to work as slowly as possible.

Soh-beng Ki-su didn't want to push. Together with ten people dressed simply, he sat at the end of the peak while watching the work of Ceng Hi and his entourage.


Now let's leave the stage for a moment to see the situation in the cave.

After successfully sneaking in, Siau-liong found that the cave was not so dark. After focusing, then he can see clearly. Presumably the place is not similar to a cave but a long tunnel tunnel into.

60. Father Kim-ting

Siau-liong getting tense. He quickly swung his steps and soon arrived at the end of the tunnel.

In front of the end of the tunnel lay an empty field overgrown with strange flower trees and grasses. Even though it was in the middle of autumn, the flower trees there were still scattering flowers of various colors.

Spruce trunks that grow straight on the front, soar up to infiltrate the rock wall. Faintly visible a cave mouth as wide as a spear in the middle of the pine tree. Siau-liong thought, the magic priest at the top of Kim-ting must live in the cave.

Immediately walk towards the cave. Suddenly, a strong gust of wind grabbed his back. Siau-liong was very surprised and immediately tilted his body and jumped back up to five steps.

Having dodged, he quickly looked at his assailant. Ah, what a surprise. The one who attacked it turned out to be a golden-haired ape whose size almost resembled a person.

The blow that was launched by the golden fur monkey was so incredibly powerful that when it missed and hit the ground, sand and dust immediately splattered and the ground was filled with holes up to half a meter.

Siau-liong quickly guessed that the golden-fur ape must be Padri Kim-ting's pet. So he didn't want to attack back, instead he kept raising his hand to greet the monkey.

Just as he was paying his respects, to the golden-feathered ape, suddenly a gust of violent wind grabbed his back again. In his shock, he quickly floated a body floating several meters away.

Ah, perhaps another golden-feathered monkey. Even this one seems very fierce. Grinning his pointed teeth, he looked at Siau-liong savagely.

Before Siau-liong had time to calm down, he was attacked by two more golden-feathered monkeys.

Siau-liong is really restless and difficult. He did not want to attack back because he was afraid of angering the holy priest Kim-ting. But by giving in, he had to work hard to avoid the four golden-feathered monkeys' attacks.

The four golden fur monkeys were indeed shrewd. Their attacks are all strange and unpredictable. Fortunately, by relying on the science of lightening the body, the Siau-liong can agilely avoid it.

But after all, because he didn't want to attack back, then after being able to hold on for up to a long drink of tea, he finally started to be unable to hold on anymore.

The four golden-feathered monkeys roared loudly. Simultaneously they attacked more and more aggressively. The wind howled, the hands of the four beasts faced each other towards some dangerous parts of the body.

Siau-liong is getting nervous. If he didn't want to counterattack, he would certainly be injured under the golden feather ape's blow. With a loud growl, he immediately began to attack with his Wind-cloud-changing-color move.

The golden gleam of blows flashed here and there and there was a series of screams that sounded like a neighing dragon.

Fortunately, Siau-liong still remembers the sacred priest Kim-ting. He only used a third of his strength and didn't want to aim at the dangerous place of the golden-haired ape's body.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the Siau-liong hit the golden-feathered monkeys, it immediately stopped its attacks. They stared at Siau-liong's face for a long time.

Then they smirked and tweeted a few times. Slowly they began to recede back and into the grove of flower trees.

Siau-liong wiped his cold sweat. After that he quickly continued his journey to run towards the cave.

As soon as he reached the door of the cave, he stopped. He saw on a high rug which was a few meters inside the door of the cave, sat an old priest with his eyes closed.

The old priestess was very skinny. Sitting on a rug is like a skeleton. But his face displays a tinge that invites a sense of beauty. Without realizing it, Siau-liong immediately knelt down.

Apparently the skinny old priest did not hear and did not know the arrival of Siau-liong. He sat still with his eyes closed.

Siau-liong quietly rocked. Even though the old priest was deaf, he didn't hear the sound of the great battle between him and the four golden-feathered monkeys. Ah, of course the old priest was just pretending.

Siau-liong did not dare to interfere. He had to stay on his knees waiting for the priest to wake up.

It was more or less an old incense stick, then the old priest slowly opened his eyes. His fiery eyes stared at Siau-liong for a moment and then closed them again.

Siau-liong was about to open his mouth or suddenly the priest had closed his eyes too. He was confused. But had to be patient to wait again.

After about one drink of his old tea, the old priest remained silent. Finally, Siau-liong couldn't wait anymore. Immediately he called out slowly, "Zeng-ceng, Seng-ceng.... locianpwe, locianpwe...."

It turned out that the skinny priest was indeed Seng-ceng or the magic priest from Kim-ting. He was surprised to hear Siau-liong's call. He quickly opened his eyes and snapped, "Those two black and white lackeys?"

Siau-liong haltingly replied, "They are still outside the cave."

The zinc snorted, he also exclaimed, "The four cave guard monkeys?"

Siau-liong pondered for a moment. He guessed that he meant the four golden feather monkeys.

"I didn't hurt them!" he said.

Suddenly the magic priest from Kim-ting shouted angrily, "You really have great guts to sneak into this cave!"

Just as Siau-liong was about to explain, somehow he moved, suddenly he felt the four blood vessels in his chest being stabbed by the magic priest's finger.

Immediately, Siau-liong felt his body go limp, his legs flexed.

"Bluk"... the young boy fell and fell on the ground...!

The old priest's eyes flashed for a moment and then slowly closed again.

Not playing nervous and confused Siau-liong. He secretly cursed the priest as a person who did not know humanity.

Don't want to help, that's okay. But why attack people in such a dark way. It was not the behavior of a pious priest but a ruthless criminal.

Because his blood path was blocked and his accomplices were very sore, his body was stiff like a dead man, even though Siau-liong could talk but could not move. So he only looked at the priest furiously.

Looks like the old priest opened his eyes again, he scolded, "Why do you dare to curse at me?"

Siau-liong seemed to be stung when he was shocked, "I cursed him in my heart, why did he know?" he thought. He looked at the priest in awe.

Pastor Kim-ting smiled, he said, “You don't have to be surprised. By the light of your eyes I know what's in your heart and what's in your mind!"

Siau-liong secretly laughed, he thought, "Ah, maybe he's just guessing from the wrinkles on my face."

He immediately closed his eyes.

At that time the two boys who guarded the cave entered. It was absolutely shocking to see Siau-liong collapsed on the ground with blood cursing.

But what shook the hearts of the two boys was why the young man was able to sneak into the cave. Where and when did he come in?

The two boys exchanged glances and then knelt down at the same time facing the sacred priest.

"Come here!" cried Pastor Kim-ting.

The two boys blushed and got up. Their eyes growled at Siau-liong. As soon as they arrived in front of the sacred priest, the two boys kept shouting: 'Students must be punished!'

In unison they knelt.

The priest, the magic snorted coldly, "Where were you guys?"

The boy in white is indeed his friend in blue clothes and then answered in a choked manner, "Not going anywhere, just continuing to be at the cave door...."

"If you guard at the mouth of the cave, why don't you know people are coming here?" snapped the magic priest.

The boy in white stuttered answered: "Student....student...."

But the boy couldn't find a good reason. So for a while he could only say, "student....student...." only.

"Are you going to look for birds under the rock?" cried the magic priest.

Suddenly the boy in blue said, "Uncle Blind came here to lie to us with a shiny stone so he could sneak here!"

The holy priest called Omitohud slowly, he said: "Beasts, what punishment do you have to accept?"

Without hesitation the boy in white shouted, "Disciple is willing to face the wall for ten days in order to truly repent!"

The sacred priest Kim-ting nodded slowly, asking the blue shirt lackey: "You?"

"Students are willing to not eat for three days!" said the lackey.

The priestess Kim-ting smiled, “But today I'm not going to punish you!”

The two boys were surprised and looked at each other with happy faces. They hastily bowed their heads to the ground in salute. After that they stood up and said thank you.

Then the sacred priest Kim-ting pointed at Siau-liong and ordered the two students to search the young man's body.

The two lackeys immediately carried out the order. Siau-liong's whole body was searched. From the badik tucked in at the waist, the sword slung over the shoulder and the clothing packages filled with the Evil Warrior disguise to the small packages filled with Sip-siau-cwan-soh-sin-tan pills were all searched by the two lackeys.

Although sad and angry, confused and angry, but because his blood path was blocked, Siau-liong couldn't do anything but just stare at the actions of the two lackeys.

All the things he searched were placed in front of the sacred priest Kim-ting: "Temperature, we have taken all the things on his body!"

The sacred priest Kim-ting pondered for a moment then ordered the two boys to take Siau-liong to the Hang Gan-li cave.

"Is the temperature going to burn it?" exclaimed the lackey in white in surprise.

"Dont too much asking!" snapped the priest.

The boy hastily agreed. Then with his friend the blue shirt carried Siau-liong along the mountain wall that turned to the right.

Siau-liong secretly complained, "Ah, this time of course my life is over!"

He looked furiously at Pastor Kim-ting but all he saw was a smile. Siau-liong hated the priest who pretended to be pious.

If he managed to escape, of course he would invite the priest to complain. But what power. At that time he could not do anything but only glared eyes full of hatred and hatred for the priest.

Very quickly the two lackeys had arrived at the mouth of a pitch black cave.

"Let's just throw it in! He won't be alive anymore!" exclaimed the lackey in white clothes.

The blue shirt lackey agreed. After shaking Siau-liong's body back and forth a few times, then the two boys threw Siau-liong into the cave.


The two boys giggled and pushed a rock at the edge of the cave, closing the mouth of the cave. The cave was getting darker and darker so that one would not be able to see his own fingers.

But the two boys' throws did not injure Siau-liong's body. Even though the body does not move, the consciousness of the mind is still alive. Thanks to the increasingly perfect knowledge of his inner strength, it wasn't long before he got used to the cave. 

He looked around the place. The cave was only about two spears wide, but the walls were made up of pointed stones. At first glance, it's very scary!

Siau-liong was really mad. It almost felt like a madman. He was screaming but couldn't make a sound. He wanted to destroy the cave but could not move.

He wanted to escape and beat Kim-ting priest but he couldn't even raise his hand. His heart was as hot as burning.

I don't know how long it took, the burning lust of anger in his chest subsided. Instead at that time he felt very sad.

His teacher, Kongsun Sin-tho who was captured by the enemy, his mother who was on the other side of the sea, Tiau Bok-kun, White Rose… their images one by one began to flash into his mind. The events of the past began to flash through his mind.

Remembering the One-Eyed Magical Hermit, who is clearly the temperature of Randa Bu-san or the heir of the previous generation of Ya-li-sin-kang's magic, which is highly respected by the martial arts, has given him great help. Because the magic hermit attracted the attention of the two lackeys to play guessing, so he got the opportunity to sneak into the cave. Does the one-eyed hermit have the intention of intentionally harming him?

Then he remembered Ceng Hi totiang. He is the only person who is right to lead the ranks of the martial arts. Ceng Hi has great respect for the sacred priest Kim-ting.

Does Ceng Hi totiang really don't know how the skinny priest from the top of Kim-ting is so cold and inhumane? Wasn't it futile for Ceng Hi totiang's efforts to humbly ask for help from the mad priest from Kim-ting?

The more he pondered, the more anxious Siau-liong became and could not find a solution.

Suddenly he felt as if he had been hit by a wave of heat. It started out light but got more and more powerful. When he looked at the state of the place, he was shocked.

It turned out that the hot air came from the walls of the cave which began to swell and emit white smoke. The smoke was very piercing the nose because it smelled of sulfur.

The hot air is getting louder and louder. The four walls of the cave seemed to be smoldering. The smoke is getting thicker. No matter how sharp Siau-liong's eyes were, but in the end he was unable to see his surroundings anymore.

Except for the heat, the smoke was so suffocating that he had to open his mouth wide to breathe.

Siau-liong almost gave up. He felt that he would never live again. But instinct as a human being who does not succumb to the threat of death, awakens his spirit of life.

Quickly he mustered the spirit, concentrate all thoughts. Suppressing his turbulent blood. He wanted to use Thian-kong-sin-kang's breathing skills to open the path of his cursed blood.

But unfortunately it was too late. The path of his cursed blood seemed to be blocked by four large spikes. How hard the internal energy emitted from his stomach, but still unable to break the nail.

He stopped his business. His breath hitched, sweat dripping down.

At that time the smoke began to thin. Similarly, the heat, began to decrease. Finally the smoke and air disappeared and the cave was back to normal.

He quietly complained. An hour later the smoke and the brimstone scattered, he would be dead.

His mind drifted to Ceng Hi Totiang and his entourage of martial arts figures. I don't know how they were at that time!

But when a battle breaks out, the consequences are predictable. Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage must have been destroyed by the two world-conquering Demons.

In a helpless state like that time, Siau-liong was forced to return to his decision earlier. He had to reflect on the essence of the Thian-kong-sin-kang science lesson again.

The book of inheritance really resembles a sea that cannot be measured in depth. As soon as he immersed his mind in exploring the contents of the Thian-kong-sin-kang book, he immediately fell asleep from the realm of silence that was void of the Self.

He tried to contemplate the meaning and use of the essence of Thian-kong-sin-kang's lessons, among others on what is called Spirit, heart, desire, mind, movement, tranquility, void and content.

I don't know how long he was immersed in the sea of searching for the secret of the Thian-kong-sin-kang book, suddenly the cave began to feel cold. At first it can still be held but the longer the body shivers. He felt like he was immersed in a river of ice, so that his blood seemed to freeze.

But at that time he was still struggling to wrack his brain to decipher the contents of the book of Thian-kong-sin-kang. How great the cold was attacking, he was still able to survive.

After about a cup of his old tea, the chill subsided. But instead, the heat radiated earlier.

From cold suddenly to hot, even if a person has a steel body, it is certainly difficult to survive. Especially like the Siau-liong whose blood path is still cursed. He really is like sam-sing or chicken offerings.

But in that great suffering, Siau-liong discovered something he had never had before. A force as solid as steel that cannot be shaken.

Although physically he had suffered such great torments, spiritually he had acquired a sense of calm consciousness. He still sleeps in the sea of magic that is difficult to learn.

Meanwhile, the change in the air in the cave continues repeatedly. Cold suddenly turned hot. The heat suddenly turned cold.

This situation has been going on for an hour, Siau-liong is like being boiled in a volcanic crater and then thrown into a river of ice....