Warrior Curse Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41-50

41. The Defeat of the Swordsmen

Seeing that Ceng Hi Totiang's condition was threatened, all the brave people were shocked. They immediately stormed the Jong Leng lodge with what they could do. Punches, weapons and secret weapons.

At that time Jong Leng lojin wanted to hold Ceng Hi totiang's body to be held captive. Seeing himself being attacked in a frenzy from all directions, he threw Ceng Hi's body and then slapped his hands at the group of brave people.

Simultaneously, there were screams of horror from several dashing people who had been slapped by the old man. Some fell injured. Some are crushed. Some were thrown up to a spear far away....

After successfully dispelling the troupe of gallant people, Jong Leng Lojin turned his left hand back and then quickly swung it towards Ceng Hi totiang.

The old character from Butong-pay was already deeply injured. He still couldn't get up from Jong Leng's slamming earlier. Of course he was powerless against Jong Leng lojin's blow.

The valiant group led by It Hang Totiang was still busy dealing with the fury of the Demon Tiger and the Cursed Dragon. Meanwhile, the group of dashing people who wanted to help Ceng Hi earlier had been hit to pieces by Jong Leng Lojin. There is no way they can help Ceng Hi totiang again. The old priest must have perished.

At the moment when death was about to take Ceng Hi's soul, suddenly from the cracks of the sun that was leaning to the west, a figure was seen floating in the air.

And before reaching the ground, the person had already released a punch while shouting at Jong Leng lojin, “Stop!”

His extraordinary agile movements made everyone shocked. May the person who has helped Ceng Hi be Siau-liong the Evil Warrior.

While observing the course of the battle, Siau-liong had been secretly making calculations. Based on his experience when he received Jong Leng lojin's punch in the tunnel chamber under the Seven Deaths row the other day, he realized that Thay-siang-ciang's punch, which was accompanied by Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power, still lost to Jong Leng lojin's punch.

If he helped Ceng Hi totiang, it would not only be in vain, he would also be destroyed himself. But he remembered when he faced the skinny priest Liau Hoan. He just casually used the A-pole-refuting-the-sky move, a move that was imbued with the magical power of Thian-kong-sin-kang which he didn't understand at all.

But the results have been very surprising. The powerful Liau Hoan Padri can be hit in the chest.

Ah, why doesn't he want to try with that punch again!

As soon as he got the decision, he secretly mustered his spirit and focused his mind on remembering the three hits of Thian-kong-sin-kang with his changes.

But he could not contemplate for long because at that moment he saw that Ceng Hi totiang was in danger of death from Jong Leng Lojin. So without wasting any more time he immediately jumped into the air and released one of the three Thian-kong-ciang strokes called Broomsticks.

There was a loud bang. Jong Leng lojin retreated two steps back. But when Siau-liong reached the ground, he staggered four or five steps away.

He quickly took a breath. He found the blood in his body only a little turbulent, not dangerous.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell also knew of the Evil Swordsman's appearance. But they are calm because they believe Jong Leng Lojin can definitely destroy it.

But what they witnessed at that time, really made them widen in shock! The world-conquering demon hastily raised the horse whip and swung it towards the back of the other black hooded person.

It turned out that the person in the black dress and hood was none other than Lam-hay Sin-ni, the heir to the magical Check-ci-sin-kang. Because he didn't listen to the advice of Randa Bu-san and the Siau-liong Evil Warrior, Lam-hay Sin-ni finally suffered the same fate as Jong Leng's lojin was to be poisoned by the world-conquering Devil until he lost consciousness!

"What is your order, sir!" cried Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Pointing with the shaft of the whip, the world-conquering Demon gave an order. "Quickly capture life or death Evil Warrior!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni agrees. Once his shoulders shook, suddenly his body shot into the air and lunged at Siau-liong.

At that time Jong Leng lodged stuttering. He didn't understand why he had bounced back two steps. After the ball of his eyes rolled, with a hoarse voice he let out and then charged forward again.

Siau-liong also knew that Lam-hay Sin-ni was charging from the air. He secretly put forth his strength in Thian-kong-sin-kang and then used the skill of Infiltrating the voice calling out to Jong Leng,

“Locianpwe, do you remember when you were chained in that underground chamber?”

At that time Lam-hay Sin-ni had arrived and struck at Siau-liong. The young man also greeted him with a right hand punch in the Wind-cloud-changing-color.

There was another pop and both Siau-liong and Lam-hay Sin-ni both stumbled back a few steps.

All his life, Lam-hay Sin-ni lived in seclusion in the interior of the mountain. Rarely did he fight with people. In his mind only flashed a goal. Acquire the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang and become an unrivaled figure in the world.

Similar to Jong Leng Lojin earlier, the monk was very surprised because he could be repulsed by the Evil Warrior. But because his consciousness was lost, then after eyeing the Siau-liong, he continued to attack again.

In fact, Siau-liong suffered no less. The blow with Sin-ni caused his eyes to glaze over, his head to spin around, the blood to boil so he could barely stand up straight anymore.

Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic has just been learned. You could say it's just the skin. It was thanks to his intelligent brain and having eaten the Im-yang-som fruit and drank the blood of ancient beasts in the belly of the mountain, that he was able to use the Thian-kong-sin-kang's magical power with surprising results.

Two figures who have two of the five supernatural powers in the world, at the same time he can fight. But in any case, because only the outer layer knew about the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, he couldn't help but suffer a lot.

Seeing Lam-hay Sin-ni about to move, he forced himself to use the skill of Infiltrating the monk's yelling voice. "Sin-ni, do you still remember your purpose in coming to this place... do you not want the Jade map where the Thian-kong-pit-kip treasure book is stored again?"

Similar to Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni was stunned as well. He looked at Siau-iong with wandering eyes and a surprised look.

Siau-liong didn't have much time to think anymore. He knew that Lam-hay Sin-ni must have also suffered from anesthesia like Jong Leng lojin.

To awaken the minds of the two figures, it must take a long time. It can't be done in just a few seconds. When Lamhay Sin-ni was awake, Siau-liong took a quick breath to recover his strength.

When Siau-liong was fighting with Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni earlier, while sitting down to breathe to treat internal injuries, Ceng Hi totiang also watched the battle progress. When he saw that Siau-liong didn't use Bu-kek-sin-kang's punch but a punch that emitted a golden glint and managed to take down the two opposing figures, Ceng Hi was overjoyed. Simultaneously he got up and used Voice Infiltration to ask Siau-liong.

"Damned Swordsman, your punch earlier.... wasn't it.... Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic power....?"

In fact, the internal injuries suffered by Ceng Hi totiang were very serious. Driven by an overflow of joy, his blood was violently churning again. He quickly sat back down...

Siau-liong himself also suffered serious internal injuries. He was forced not to answer Ceng Hi's question, but continued his efforts to return the energy to face the two figures again.

All the brave people were stunned when they saw Siau-liong fighting blows with the two magic figures. But the Demon Tiger, Cursed Dragon and It Hang totiang's entourage paid no attention to anything. They continued to attack so that many of the troupe of dashing people became victims again.

Jong Leng Lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni are still standing in their place contemplating. Seeing that the world-conquering devil immediately laughed loudly then swung his whip in the air.

Hearing the loud thud of the whip, both Jong Leng Lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni simultaneously turned to the world-conquering Demon while wailing strangely. Suddenly they moved to hit the Siau-liong again!

The lion was surprised. With a loud bang he moved both hands, the left hand in the Wind-cloud-changing-color move and the right in the Overturning-sun-moon move to parry the blows of Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni.

“Tar… tar…!” there was a loud bang. Dust and shards of rock scattered in all four directions, the wind howled loudly.

Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin's bodies were seen rocking back and forth several times. While Siau-liong somersaulted ten steps away. But soon he was able to stand up straight again.

Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng were stunned. But in another instant, they started attacking again.

Ceng Hi totiang was very worried. But when he glanced at Siau-liong, he saw that the face of the Evil Swordsman remained calm. Only his body was incessantly shaking. Secretly, Ceng Hi broke out in cold sweat.

But he himself was seriously injured, it was difficult to give help. Even though the group of dashing people huddled around the row of flower trees was large, they could not possibly help Siau-liong. Moreover, they were still busy dealing with the rampage of the Demon Tiger, the Cursed Dragon and the It Hang Totiang entourage.

Successively, there have been several more victims in the group of brave people. Ceng Hi totiang secretly let out a painful breath. He could do nothing but close his eyes waiting for what would happen.

Before Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng could move, Siau-liong quickly took the lead in attacking Lam-hay Sin-ni. While Jong Leng lojin was hit by the Wind-cloud-color-changing move ......

Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin had five hits each. And Siau-liong confronted him with the magic of Thian-kong-ciang's punch that had not been fully understood.

The battle was terrible. The golden gleam from the Siau-liong's punch was like scattered clouds that drifted here and there.

After hitting, Siau-liong fell to the ground. The corner of his mouth was dripping with blood. The situation is like someone is dying.

Now the two figures began to attack again. Lam-hay Sin-ni from left, Jong Leng login from right. But clearly the two figures were gasping for breath and shaking their bodies. With difficulty they raised a pair of hands to hit the Siau-liong.

Siau-liong closed his eyes. His chest heaved up and down. Apparently he was like a lamp out of oil. Just waiting for the moment.

The number of victims who fell in the battle was quite large. The world-conquering Demon Party had only lost a dozen of its underlings who died. But the members of the line led by the Demonic Tiger and the Cursed Dragon were still intact. Not a single one was a victim.

On the side of the brave, no less than two three hundred perished.

Ceng Hi totiang couldn't do anything, there was no way he could lead the battle anymore. At that time the battle had reached a critical second. The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell will surely gain a great victory.

Just as Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni's blows were about to hit Siau-liong, suddenly the world-conquering Devil whistled loudly. Apparently the whistling was a sign because in fact Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni simultaneously pulled back their punches and jumped back into the world-conquering Devil's chariot.

The fierce fighting suddenly stopped. Some of the world-conquering Devil's minions immediately returned to their respective places.

While laughing loudly, the world-conquering Demon suddenly swung its whip. Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin immediately pulled the carriage. The train was moving very fast.

At that time, Ceng Hi totiang had been helped by two minor priests. He was shocked to witness the actions of the world-conquering Demon.

After all, Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from the Kong-tong-pay party, the chairman of Kay-pang To Kiu-kong and several martial arts figures, are already in a bad mood. Covered in blood, they forced themselves to approach Siau-liong.

Lu Bu-ki the big tall who became the leader of the Southern Green Jungle, slowly raised Siau-liong up while shouting, "The cursed warrior! Evil Warrior...!"

Siau-liong was still conscious of his mind. He slowly opened his eyes and sighed. But as soon as he saw the world-conquering Devil's carriage slide, suddenly the Siau-liong roared loudly and jumped up.

"Huak".... he had not yet stood up straight, he had vomited blood and fell down again.

The world-conquering demon swung its whip again and the carriage stopped right in front of Siau-liong.

Glancing around with his face beaming with satisfaction, the world-conquering Demon then pointed a whip at Siau-liong, snarling: "Old bastard!"

Siau-liong tried to squirm and forced himself to look at the carriage then smiled coldly and then closed his eyes refusing to answer.

The world-conquering demon laughed scornfully, he exclaimed, “Old curse! Right now if I give orders, you will die, do you know what because I don't want to kill you!"

At first Siau-liong thought that the arrival of the world-conquering Demon chariot must kill him or at least take him prisoner. Of course the demon wanted to make himself like Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni.

So he secretly put forth his inner strength to prepare for the opponent's actions. He was determined to complain. But when he heard the words of the devil, he gasped.

Even though he was badly injured but his mind consciousness still hadn't disappeared. At that time, supported by Lu Bu-ki and Ton Hun-ki he tried to sit up.

Seeing that Siau-liong was already so weak, the world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “Old curse, know that your soul is already hanging in my hands. Kill you or make you my accomplice, it's up to me. But I can make an exception for you. Do you know why?"

Siau-liong's heart was also secretly moved. Judging by the ferocity of the demon, he must have been killed. And why didn't the demon mention anything about the Jade-pwe map anymore? Did he know that the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom had been destroyed?

Suddenly he realized. Ah, of course the husband and wife knew that their daughter (Poh Ceng-in) had been taken prisoner. Yes, of course they were worried that their daughter would be killed!

But that suspicion was quickly dismissed. Because if Soh-beng Ki-su had reported it, surely the world-conquering Devil would have known that the one who brought Poh Ceng-in out of the valley was not the Evil Warrior but Siau-liong in his manifestation as Kongsun Liong, the leader of Kay-pang.

It was clear that neither the world-conquering demon nor the underworld goddess knew that the Evil Swordsman was the disguise of Kongsun Liong.

For a few moments Siau-liong couldn't guess what the world-conquering Demon wanted. He pensively thought about it.

Seeing that the world-conquering demon immediately used Voice Infiltration on him, “Old curse, I told you the other day that you are the only obstacle in my quest to dominate the martial world. But right now, your soul is in my hands."

He paused for a moment and then continued, "But I don't want to rely on some of those statue men to rule the martial world..."

Suddenly the demon stopped and looked sharply at Siau-liong.

Even though in his words the demon did not mention the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, but Siau-liong suspected that the demon must have known that he already had the magic.

From the actions of the world-conquering Demon who wouldn't immediately kill or take her captive. Siau-liong's suspicions grew even stronger that the demon knew that the heirloom book of Thian-kong-pit-kip had been successfully possessed and destroyed by him. The demon must have been trying to get a lesson in the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang from him.

He squirmed and shouted emphatically, "Old devil, don't dream..."

The world-conquering demon laughed scornfully, “Old curse, even though you have obtained Thian-kong-sin-kang, you are now unable to fight anymore. And again if I'm not mistaken, the deep wound you suffered only allowed you to live for three days..."

The demon closed his words while raising the whip. Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin immediately pulled the carriage to Ceng Hi's place. With a whip signal, the carriage stopped.

“Old priest, do you still dare to fight again!” the world-conquering Demon sneered with a laugh.

Ceng Hi's body was covered in blood, his face was pale and his eyes were burning red. With eyes brimming with vengeful anger, he looked at the world-conquering Demon and then mustered up his strength to exclaim, "As long as you are still in the womb, don't expect your dreams to carry out your wrathful rage..."

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “Right now, as long as I give you an order, no matter how many martial arts masters you bring, in just two hours they will be finished…”

Looking around at the corpses of the martial arts masters that had piled up Bu-kit, Ceng Hi totiang lowered his head and looked at the rest of his group. He knew that the world-conquering Demon was not bluffing. The reality with such a large number still lost against the demon hordes.

He and the Evil Warrior by then had suffered serious injuries. If you continue fighting, you will be destroyed. So he just snorted unwillingly to answer the challenge of the world-conquering Demon.

The demon laughed and said, “But even if my tactics are vicious, I don't mean to kill you all. Because I still need your manpower help…”

Suddenly the demon's face darkened and shouted loudly, "I'll let you go. But in three days time all of you must go to the top of Mount Gobi, set up a stage. Provide a list of names of all members of the martial arts party, both the Black and White groups, the martial world and the Green Forest (rogues).

Each party must nominate a representative to lead their respective groups. On the fourth day at noon, I will come there. At that time, no matter who, regardless of position, should be welcomed at the foot of the mountain.

At that time the martial world will be united under my leadership. If you refuse, in three months, the martial world will surely overflow with blood, corpses scattered and rotting……”

Pointing at Ceng Hi totiang, the demon also exclaimed, "You are the one who leads the implementation. If it doesn't match my request, you can think about it yourself!"

The world-conquering demon closed his words with a long laugh then swung his whip giving orders to Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin to pull the carriage again. The carriage went very fast into the mouth of the street

The Demonic Tiger, the Cursed Dragon, It Hang totiang and the dozens of accomplices of the two demon husband and wife, immediately followed behind the carriage. Before long they were out of sight.

By then it was evening. The rest of the troupe of valiant people were busy lifting corpses and helping the injured. The scene at that time was heartbreaking.

Supported by the two little priests, Ceng Hi totiang stepped slowly to the front of Siau-liong, "The cursed warrior...." - he said slowly. A few tears dripped down from the old rooster's eyelids.

Siau-liong stood up with the help of Lu Bu-ki and Toh Hun-ki. He sighed, "Totiang...."

The young man was unable to vent his words because he was choked by his feelings of emotion.

After wiping away the tears, Ceng Hi totiang also said, "Your words are true. It seems the hope of the martial world has been crushed in my hands……” He sighed and shook his head.

After taking a few breaths earlier, now the spirit of Siau-liong has grown fresh. he replied,

“Even though we are currently suffering defeat, a large part of our core strength is still not destroyed. Totiang should immediately prepare another plan to deal with this dangerous situation. Even if the world-conquering demon ordered us to gather all the martial arts to gather on Mount Go-bi in three days, he would still be watching the pole's movements. If he finds out that Totiang doesn't want to carry out his orders, it's possible that before three days he would have intervened to Totiang!"

42. Can It Still Be Healed...??

Ceng Hi totiang frowned and pondered for a while. “Ah, I might come to Go-bi….,” said the old priest.

The lion was surprised. But before he opened his mouth, Ceng Hi totiang had asked,

"Has the Evil Warrior been seriously injured?"

For a while Siau-liong could not answer. It was only after taking a breath that he knew the state of the wound. What the world-conquering Demon said was true. Maybe he can only live three days.

"I can still survive," he said.

"In order to save the martial arts, you have fought to the death. On behalf of the entire martial world, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to you!" said Ceng Hi.

Siau-liong just smiled bitterly and said there was no need for Ceng Hi to be so hesitant. Suddenly he remembered something important. Quickly he turned and asked the big Lu Bu-ki,

“Please brother investigate whether Ti Gong taysu is back……”

Lu Bu-ki agreed. But just as he was about to leave, a priest in gray clothes who had been standing quietly nearby immediately stepped forward and greeted him.

“Temperature, who received orders to investigate the strange person who smuggled into the underground tunnel, hasn't returned yet. According to the report we received, because of trying to snatch a woman in red, the temperature had clashed with Liau Hoan's priest. The lady in the red dress has been rushed by Liau Hoan's priest and the temperature and his entourage immediately give chase!"

"Hi. Is Liau Hoan siansu also coming?"

The priest quickly replied, “It is said that he came because he wanted to help in the battle. But for some reason, he's been hitting himself with the temperature for fighting over the female captive in red......"

Ceng Hi totiang sighed, he said: “Hurry up and get people to follow their tracks. Advise your temperature not to use violence and invite Liau Hoan siansu here!"

The priest agreed and immediately wanted to carry out the order. But Xiao Liong stopped, "Wait a minute..."

Ceng Hi totiang told the person to stop and then asked if Siau-liong still had other orders.

“The female captive in red is very important. At first he fell in the hands of priest Go-bi-pay so I asked Ti Gong Taysu to ask him to come back."

Siau-liong frowned. His breath was ragged. Silently he rocked,

"I feel like there's no hope for my wound to heal again. Ceng Hi totiang's entourage suffered defeat. While on the side of the world-conquering Devil, it turns out to have magical powers such as Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni, Demon Tiger, Cursed Dragon and It Hang totiang.

The consciousness of their minds had been obliterated by the world-conquering demons so they would do whatever the demons commanded. If the battle continues, the light will surely be destroyed Now the only weapon to control the two demons is her daughter!"

Then Siau-liong remembered as well. That if he had died at that time, Poh Ceng-in would have died immediately because of Jong-tok's poison. If that happened, it would certainly not succeed in using Poh Ceng-in as a weapon to suppress the world-conquering devil and the Goddess of Hell.

After imagining the possibilities, said Siau-liong further,

“That woman in red is actually the daughter of a world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell. Since she only had a single daughter, it was possible that she could be used as a hostage to suppress the two demons. Totiang....”

Hearing that, Ceng Hi Totiang's face brightened with joy, "Then I will immediately send the magicians. As long as the two devil husbands and wives don't know, of course they can take that woman captive!"

"But that woman can only live for five days at most. I hope Totiang can make the best of this opportunity," said Siau-liong as well.

“Why do you know so clearly?” Ceng Hi totiang was surprised.

Siau-liong laughed giddily: “What I said earlier is all true. I hope the pole doesn't press on with further questions..."

After saying that, Siau-liong forced himself to stand up, then said, "I feel very sorry for not being able to provide further assistance to totiang. So now I have to excuse myself!"

"Where are you going?" Ceng Hi totiang was even more shocked.

Siau-liong laughed blandly, “I still have other important things to do. Not sure which direction to go. Maybe we'll never see each other again!" - he kept wriggling about to take a step.

Ceng Hi totiang quickly motioned for Toh Hun-ki and Lu Bu-ki to stop Siau-liong.

"Indeed I can't force you to do other business. But right now you are suffering from serious injuries. It's not good to walk far. Not far from the outside of this valley there is a good place to rest. your wound first."

Also the big lords Lu Bu-ki and Toh Hun-ki joined in to persuade, "The Evil Swordsman is seriously injured, don't go alone yet!"

After saying whether Siau-liong agreed or not, the two men continued to support him out of the row of flower trees and arrived at a mountain lamping which contained several strongholds. They entered into a large fort and rested there.

Because he was embarrassed for the kindness of the two people. Siau-liong was forced to also sit in meditation on a rug. Meanwhile, Lu Bu-ki and Toh Hun-ki also closed their eyes and channeled their inner energy.

A few moments later when Siau-liong opened his eyes, he saw the moon shining brightly. It was then that he remembered that that night was the 15th of the 8th month.

The heads of the martial arts party and well-known figures in Ceng Hi's entourage flocked to visit the camp. They visited Siau-liong's condition. Against the Evil Warrior, they place high esteem.

Ceng Hi totiang because he suffered from serious internal injuries, could not come alone and instead sent his disciples to visit three times.

Like his old rice cooker, Siau-liong sat drooping like he was asleep. Yet Hun-ki and Lu Bu-ki came out slowly.

At that time the battle field in the row of Flower trees was clear. The dead victims have been planted. Only the injured could still be heard groaning in pain.

Siau-liong tried to get up and tried to walk a few steps. Turns out he felt strong. So he immediately stepped out. It turned out that outside the fort was guarded by two priests. The two priests hurriedly ran over to them.

But Siau-liong signaled for them to back off. Then he walked to the back of the fort. Behind the fort there is a forest. Seeing that there were not many guards there, he immediately entered the forest.

It turned out that because he felt that he would die, Siau-liong would avoid people, especially Ceng Hi totiang, so they wouldn't know who he really was. He thought that the White Rose trapped in the Valley of the Springs was certainly in danger of his life.

Most likely it had even perished. That way it is no longer possible for him to meet his mother across the ocean. Ah, he feels like an unfilial son....

Also Tiau Bok-kun, somehow his fate. While he still can not fulfill the obligations that have been borne by him. Of the many obligations, the only one that can be completed is to restore the good name of the Evil Warrior!

At another flash he was reminded of the message Koay Tempe or the Evil Swordsman who taught him two things: Kill and Hate.

But even if he could kill Soh-beng Ki-su who had killed the Evil Swordsman, he also couldn't fulfill the Evil Swordsman's message to represent him to meet Randa Bu-san in the middle of autumn. Because in a few days he would be dead. Ah, how will he have the face to meet the spirit of the Evil Warrior in the afterlife!

In addition, he was still nervous about the magic knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. It is certainly the hope of Tio Sam-hong who created the heirloom book Thian-kong-sin-kang that in the future there will be someone who will be able to find the treasure book and develop it to save the world.

But ah, before he can study the book of inheritance, he must be dead. And again the heirloom book has already been destroyed. Thus the number one magic science in the world will disappear forever!

With that ragged thought, he arrived at the bank of a creek. He stopped and slowly took off the Evil Warrior's clothes. While folding his clothes he rocked,

“Ah, from now on the Evil Warrior and Kongsun Liong will disappear from the world forever…”

Exhausted, he sat on the bank of the creek. Suddenly there was a gust of wind and at another moment a shadowy figure shot up.

Siau-liong was surprised to find that the newcomer was the daughter of Randa Bu-san, the green-clothed girl who had fought with him the other day.

The Dara gasped at the sight of Siau-liong, she scolded, "Eh, aren't you with the rose taci!"

Siau-liong nodded, "That's right, the other day we troubled Miss and Auntie..."

Siau-liong was secretly grateful that he had stripped the Evil Warrior of his clothes. If not, of course he died at the hands of that virgin.

"Did you meet the rose taci?" asked the girl too.

"No," said Siau-liong prone.

"Hey, where has he been?" cried the virgin with slamming feet, "it's been a few days my mother and I looked for him but couldn't find him..."

Before Siau-liong opened his mouth, the virgin said again "But I know he is looking for you!"

Siau-liong shed a few tears, he said, "Ah, maybe we won't see each other again forever!"

The virgin squinted and looked at Siau-liong for a while. Suddenly he shouted, “Why? Are you hurt?”

Siau-liong nodded, "Yes, a serious wound that is sure to bring death!"

The green dress girl looked closely, "It's okay, my mom can treat you!"

Siau-lion sighed. Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly heard a figure running as fast as the wind was coming. Under the moonlight, the black figure floated into the air like an eagle and then swooped down and down.

Siau-liong was very surprised. He didn't have the strength to fight anymore. And that guy was really great. Siau-liong remained calm. He felt that he was near death, there was no need to fight. Because even malawan must be in vain....

"Mother ....!" suddenly the virgin squeaked with joy.

It turned out that the newcomer was indeed Randa from Bu-san. After looking at Siau-liong for a while, the magic woman asked her daughter, "Have you found any traces of your taci, Mawar?"

The virgin shook her head, "Not yet, but here we meet him who went with Taci Mawar...." - he turned to Siau-liong and said also: "He is injured, ma'am .... treat him!"

Because of the shock earlier, Siau-liong's blood churned so hard that he couldn't stand up anymore and sat motionless.

“Locianpwe, sorry for suffering injuries I can't welcome standing up,” said Siau-liong.

Randa Bu-san just snorted and then glared at him, "Where is my adopted daughter?"

Siau-liong can't lie. But he doesn't like it when he says that Rose Putin has been taken prisoner by Soh-beng Ki-su. So for a few moments he stammered unable to speak.

It is the girl in the green dress who represents the statement that Siau-liong did not meet the White Rose.

"How do you know!" snapped the woman to her daughter.

The girl blushed and then lowered her head, not daring to speak anymore.

Randa Bu-san shook his head, he said: "I understand astrology. Even if you don't say it, I can find out too."

He looked at Siau-liong's face sharply and then asked: "That child doesn't care about the safety of his soul anymore, for the sake of loving you very much. But instead you mercilessly let him be in danger. Do you feel that what you did was not an act of a thin moral person?"

With those words, it seems that Randa Bu-san has seen the incident of So-beng Ki-su captivating the White Rose for himself.

“Ah, I…” Siau-liong sighed sadly and regretfully. He couldn't continue his words because he was blocked by the tears that were pouring out of his eyes.

"What do you need to be sorry for, it's too late...!" Randa Bu-san snorted. Then he hummed:

The pearl is broken, the flowers fall,

not no reason.

Empty past events,

hard to even dream about.

It's so ridiculous,

crazy woman.

Why love desperately,

naughty man.

After humming, Randa Bu-san also sighed to himself. Like being offended by a sadness in the depths of his conscience. It was as if on a full moon night in the middle of a quiet wilderness, he spilled his heart out....

Looking at mother and Siau-liong for a moment, the virgin asked Randa Bu-san, "According to your calculations, where is Rose's taci now?"

Randa Bu-san, who was immersed in the memories of the past, was somewhat surprised to hear her daughter's question. Glancing at Siau-liong for a moment, he replied,

“According to sorcery, he is in danger. Surely he was trapped in the Valley of Spring. Even if it hasn't been destroyed yet, the chances of escape are few. And again according to the evening……”

He pointed at Siau-liong and shouted angrily: "Your tacimu's chances of survival depend only on him!

The green dress girl frowned. He seemed to be gripped by sadness and anger. He looked at the bloodied and pale Xiao Liong for a moment. Somehow there arose pity for the young man.

"Maybe it was because he wanted to help Taci Mawar that he got so badly injured..." he said. And he quickly asked Siau-liong, "Hi, isn't that right?"

Siau-liong forced himself to look up. Just as he was about to speak, Randa Bu-san had already snorted, “Perhaps he meant that but he unknowingly squandered a good opportunity. Right now his own soul is in danger, how can we talk about other things!"

Siau-liong was very tense. Panting heavily he said, “Locianpwe's predictions were absolutely correct. Even though Miss Mawar has been held captive in the Valley of Spring, she is like my own sister. I'm willing to be destroyed as long as I can save his soul. At that time, if it wasn't forced by circumstances, I'd let him be held captive by the enemy……”

Siau-liong took a deep breath and then braced himself and continued to say, “Indeed, I'm already on the verge of dying. Just a curious grudge contained in my later death. Brother Mawar and Locianpwe can forgive me or not, I can't do anything else!"

Because of the tension and grief, the blood in Siau-liong's body churned with excitement. He vomited blood again and collapsed.

The girl in green was about to help her but didn't and turned back, "Mother..."

Randa Bu-san who was standing on the side, snapped at him: “Why!”

"After all, he is a young man who Taci Mawar wants to find.... Moreover, he is currently suffering from serious injuries. Do we have the heart to just look at him?" cried the girl.

"Thin-minded humans, forget love like him, dead or alive, it's the same!" said Randa Bu-san.

But strangely, he slowly approached Siau-liong. Then crouched down and began to check on the young man's condition. A moment later he got up while shaking his head, “The wound is too bad. It can't be helped anymore...!"

"Hi!" the virgin screamed in surprise, "he was still able to walk and talk. Why can't he be helped in just a few seconds...?"

Randa Bu-san paid no heed to her daughter's words. He crouched down again to examine Siau-liong. His mouth was wandering alone, “Strange! His veins have been severed and his chest contents have stopped working but why isn't he dead yet!"

It is true that even though lying unconscious, Siau-liong's chest is still choppy. A sign that his breathing still hasn't stopped.

What's even more surprising is that his hearing device is still sharp. He opened his eyes to look at Randa Bu-san with curiously vengeful eyes.

Randa Bu-san glared at him, then said to himself again, “That's right, it seems that your heart is still curious so the pure air in your chest freezes and doesn't want to melt.... Ai, it's a shame that your pulse is gone. No matter how much you want to force yourself but of course you can't last long ....!"

Siau-liong opened his eyes wide, pouring out the woman's face. His lips moved but couldn't get the words out.

Randa Bu-san got up and said in an astonished tone, "It's really something I've never seen in my life..."

The woman stood still.

While the green dress virgin was surprised. In his opinion, his mother is an all round woman, aka knows everything. He had never seen his mother in such a manner before, doubtful and astonished. Moreover, many times his mother babbled alone.

Finally, the girl couldn't wait anymore, she asked, "Mom, how are things? Is he really beyond help?"

Randa Bu-san laughed bitterly, “My mother was surprised too. He's not like a normal human.... Judging by his wounds, he must be dead. But he's still alive and his memory is still bright!"

Indeed at that time Siau-liong was unable to speak. Only his eyes were still gleaming, taking turns looking at Randa Bu-san and the green dress girl.

Suddenly, the green dress girl turned and shouted. “Mom, help him! Look, how pitiful he is....!"

Randa Bu-san snorted, “Ling, why are you today? Why keep urging mother to help the ungrateful youth?"

"I'm thinking about the importance of Taci Mawar ...." said the virgin then bowed her head.

Randa Bu-san took a deep breath: “Maybe mother will try to help her. Even though it's not certain that I can save him but I'll try too…”

Pausing for a moment, he also said, "It's just a pity that your taci Mawar is not here so that we both can't help her!"

"Why? Can Rose's taci help him? Cook ...."

Suddenly the woman's face contorted violently and snapped at him, "Don't ask too many questions, let's go!"

Of course the virgin was surprised to see her mother's attitude was so cruel. Never before had he heard his mother speak so viciously as then. For a moment he looked again at Siau-liong then quickly followed his mother.

After only walking two steps, it turned out that Randa Bu-san realized that his attitude towards his son was too cruel. So he patted the girl's shoulder and said softly.

"Miracles are only for people who are not destined to die. The door of religion is only open to people who are destined to die. If someone is destined to die, no one can possibly help him!"

43. The Egg On The End Of The Horn

The girl nodded her head without answering. But secretly he stole the opportunity to look back.

He saw that Siau-liong was still drooping on the ground…. A pair of eyes were still looking at him. From the moonlight, the virgin could clearly see how desperate the Siau-liong's heart was that radiated from his eyes....

It didn't feel like the virgin's nose was wet and her eyes were full of tears....

After a moment, he surprised himself. He wondered why he had lost his personality. Why did he have to shed tears for the young man. Doesn't it have anything to do with it!

With a strong heart the virgin immediately followed her mother. But somehow, moments later, his heart felt heavy again. As if crushed by a large rock. Don't know why. The harder he tries to forget, the harder he remembers again....

Suddenly he was surprised because his mother tapped his shoulder. It turned out that Randa Bu-san shot out from behind a large rock and patted her daughter on the shoulder. And after patting Randa Bu-san he continued to jump behind a rock. Dara then quickly followed her mother.

"There's someone over there...." whispered Randa Bu-san. And according to the direction her mother pointed. The virgin did see a shadowy figure walking along the river bank towards their place.

But that person was still two spears away. That person walked so slowly that some time later he arrived near the place

Randa Bu-san and her daughter went into hiding.

The closer you get, the clearer the person's appearance becomes. Her hair was disheveled. His clothes were covered in dust and mud. Apparently it's been a few days without makeup.

A pair of eyes wandered looking left and right and walked very slowly. At a glance in the middle of the wilderness on a quiet night, that person resembled a ghost who had come out of a grave.

Suddenly, Randa Bu-san picked up a stone and threw it where Siau-liong lay. The stone fell right on a pile of stones located beside Siau-liong. Although not loud, but because the night was very quiet, the stone made a sound that was quite audible.

The person who came, who turned out to be a girl, was surprised and suddenly stopped and listened. He carefully looked in the direction of the sound of the falling stone.

But because Siau-liong's body happened to be turned over by a pile of rocks, he couldn't see it. After being stunned for a few moments, then he stepped into the pile of stones.

When the green dress girl stole a glance, he saw that the girl who was not in a bad state turned out to have a very beautiful face. Disheveled hair, dirty clothes, just like scattered clouds covering the moon. Behind the cloud is the Goddess of the Moon who is beautiful and resplendent. Such is the situation of the lady.

Apparently the girl knew Siau-liong's body. He crouched down to examine it and immediately screamed, “Shit! Oh, Siau-liong…”

Weeping splattered.

Seeing that, Randa Bu-san's face lit up with joy, he whispered, "Perhaps he is not destined to die yet..."

He quickly grabbed his daughter's hand and invited him over. Being immersed in great sadness, apparently the girl did not know the arrival of the two mothers and children.

“Is he dead?” Randa Bu-san suddenly rebuked.

The lady gasped in surprise as she quickly turned around. But apparently he was gripped in grief. After seeing Randa Bu-san and the green dress girl, she turned around again and cried for Siau-liong.

“Siau-liong, why did you die like this so pitifully……”

The green clothes girl was surprised. Quickly he watched Siau-liong. Looks like a pair of young men's eyes closed tightly like a dead man.

"Hey, didn't you hear my mom's question?" he snapped.

Miss stopped crying and then turned around, she cried: "Maybe it can't be helped anymore!"

"As long as he's still breathing, my mother can certainly help!" said the virgin.

The lady was stunned and then quickly put her finger in Siau-liong's mouth. After that he knelt before Randa Bu-san while lamenting, “He's still alive, hope locianpwe like to help him……!”

Randa Bu-san sighed. He crouched down to examine it. Siau-liong's hands and feet were stiff, his eyes closed tightly. Only his breath still sounded weak.

Randa Bu-san got up again, said, “The pure air that has gathered in his heart has begun to disperse. It might be hard to help anymore!"

The lady cried even harder while wailing, “Locianpwe, please….help her….”

Randa Bu-san pondered. Suddenly he cursed three blood paths in Siau-liong's chest. Siau-liong did not make any reaction. like a dead person. After being blocked by Randa Bu-san's blood path, Siau-liong's breathing stopped completely.

The lady was shocked and stunned and then suddenly burst into tears. "He's dead! You're the one who harmed him!"

In a frenzy the girl continued to attack Randa Bu-san. The woman snorted coldly as she gripped the elbow of the girl's right arm. Once massaged, the girl was as straight as a statue. Half body tingling.

Randa Bu-san looked at the girl with pitying eyes and then let go of his grip, “The pulse of his six senses is gone, the air in his blood has dried up. If the pure air in the heart is dispersed, even if the gods descend and the sky, it is also difficult to help him again. I curse his blood path to seal off his air so he can last another two hours……”

Pausing for a moment he continued: “Judging by the state of the wound, he must be dead. I'll try my best but I'm not sure I can help him!"

Hearing Randa Bu-san's explanation, the girl immediately continued to kneel down….

Secretly, the green clothed virgin was happy because it turned out that her mother had passed to help. He sighed and then backed away to look at the unknown girl.

Randa Bu-san lifted the girl up: “What is your relationship with him? Why are you crying so sadly?" he asked.

"Me and him.... he once helped my soul, I..."

Randa Bu-san sighed, “Business and Love mixed into one. You and him are indeed difficult to avoid a romantic relationship, you know..."

He looked closely at the girl's face, then Randa Bu-san continued as well. "You know, he's not a boy who only loves one girl. It's hard for you to catch a match with him!"

But the girl unhesitatingly exclaimed: “No matter how he treats me, I will still return the favor!”

Randa Bu-san said seriously, "If you sacrifice and he survives, are you willing?"

Without hesitation. the girl nodded, "I'm ready!"

"Because you are willing to sacrifice I will try really hard..." said Randa Bu-san then pointed to Siau-liong and said, "Raise his body slowly!"

Without asking much, the girl immediately carried out Randa Bu-san's orders. Siau-liong's body was stretched out straight on his arms. After that, Randa Bu-san then ordered the girl to carry Siau-liong and accompany her home.

In the middle of the road, the green dress girl asked the girl's name.

"My name is Tiau Bok-kun...." the girl explained. His cheeks were red, he said further, "Ah, I'm so absent-minded that I haven't asked the names of locianpwe and taci...."

"My name is Song Ling..." the green clothed girl replied, "and she is my mother..." - after saying that the girl whispered near Tiau Bok-kun's ear, "As long as mother has passed the treatment, she will be cured. Don't worry. worry!"

Tiau Bok-kun looked at the wench. Two tears fall down...

The green-clothed girl or Song Ling couldn't put into words to comfort her. So while walking, he was silent.

Meanwhile, because he was worried that Siau-liong would shake his body, Randa Bu-san deliberately walked slowly. It was about the old rice cooker that they arrived at Bu-san's mountain hut.

It was night. The moon was covered by clouds, creating a vulnerable atmosphere. Randa Bu-san ordered Tiau Bok-kun to place Siau-liong's body on bamboo halls.

The woman quickly went into her room and soon came out carrying a basin of hot water filled with medicinal leaves. The water is blood red.

The basin was handed over to Tiau Bok-kun along with a white cloth. Randa Bu-san suddenly snapped at Song Ling, "None of your business, get out!"

Song Ling was stunned. He had to step out. After that, Randa Bu-san took a chair and sat with his back to the halls where Siau-liong was.

"Tiau Bok-kun, since you have really helped him, you must follow my instructions!"

Tiau Bok-kun agreed.

"Then hurry up and take off his clothes!"

Tiau Bok-kun hesitated. For a few moments he was silent. But because he had said he wanted to sacrifice himself to help Siau-liong's soul, why was he told to just go on strike? Moreover....

Without much thought, he immediately took off the Siau-liong's clothes which were covered in blood and dust.

"Immerse the cloth in the water and then clean his feet and hands!" again Randa Bu-san gave the order.

“Then Randa Bu-san took out a silk parcel. It turned out to contain twelve silver needles. Then he called out to Tiau Bok-kun, “I'm going to do a needling treatment to dispel the thick blood that is growing in his five senses. But I'm not free to do it myself. You must do my bidding!"

He handed the packet of needles to the lady. Tiau Bok-kun was confused, "But I don't understand needling, if..."

"It's okay, as long as you can know the exact location of the blood path, of course it's not dangerous..."

Tiau Bok-kun didn't have time to answer yet. Randa Bu-san has said again: “First time, stab Than-tiong's blood path in his chest!”

Tiau Bok-kun didn't dare to dare to continue to approach the halls where Siau-liong is.

"Stab to three dim!" shouted Randa Bu-san as well.

By suppressing his trembling hand, after determining the location of the blood path, Tiau Bok-kun finally dared to stab the needle.

At that time, Randa Bu-san was still sitting with her back. But it seems like he saw what Tiau Bok-kun was doing. Again he gave the order slowly, "Secondly, stab the Chinese blood path under his navel, until it bleeds..."

Tiau Bok-kun also carried out the order.

"Thirdly, stab Beng-bun's blood path behind the navel..."

"Fourth, Ci-tong-hiat blood path in his right armpit."

Thus under the direction of Randa Bu-san, Tiau Bok-kun had performed needling treatment on Siau-liong's body.

More or less like the old rice, then the treatment is finished. Tiau Bok-kun's head was drenched in sweat.

But he found that Siau-liong's breath started to get a little louder, his legs and hands were no longer stiff. His face was starting to get a little red. The lady was secretly excited and quickly thanked Randa Bu-san.

But Randa Bu-san said that the needling treatment could only dilute the evil air that was blocking his blood circulation. Can it cure Siau-liong, he is still not sure.

Of course, Tiau Bok-kun was surprised because his assumption that Siau-liong had recovered was not certain.

"Why don't you quickly put your clothes back on!" shouted Randa Bu-san.

Tiau Bok-kun blushed then hastily made an order.

"Ling-ji!" Randa Bu-san called her daughter.

Song Ling appeared. First looked at Siau-liong's place and then approached his mother, Randa Bu-san told the virgin to take a silver cup. Then the woman took out a small bottle and poured out a black pill that was given to Tiau Bok-kun.

“This is a life-sustaining pill that I made myself. But it must be mixed with a glass of new people's blood to be effective. Will you give your blood for him?"

"Want to..." said Tiau Bok-kun.

Just then Song Ling appeared with a silver cup. It turned out that the cup was twice as big as an ordinary cup. Welcoming the cup, Randa Bu-san then handed it to Tiau Bok-kun: "Need a full cup!"

After welcoming the cup and placing it on the table, without a doubt, Tiau Bok-kun continued to take out his badik and pierced the veins of his left arm. Blood poured profusely into the cup. It wasn't long before the cup was full.

Tiau Bok-kun was determined to save Siau-liong's soul. Even if he hits the sea of fire, he will still do it.

But because the blood came out so much, his head felt dizzy. He almost fell. Luckily, Song Ling quickly picked up and bandaged the wound.

Randa Bu-san sighed. Looking at Tiau Bok-kun, took the cup filled with blood and then approached Siau-liong's place.

The young man was still unconscious. First, the black pill was slid into his mouth, then he opened it and drank the blood....

After the cup was empty, the lady Bu-san sighed, “I can only treat up to here. Will he be able to come back to life, depends on his fate!"

Tiau Bok-kun, whose face was still pale, didn't blink watching Siau-liong's face. It turns out that change is happening fast. Not long after, the young man's face was red like a healthy person again. His legs and arms began to move.

Tiau Bok-kun's excitement was beyond belief. Immediately he whispered in the young man's ear, “Siau-liong, Siau-liong……”

"Don't bother him yet!" shouted Randa Bu-san, even if he can recover but at least two hours before he wakes up!"

But in unison with the woman's words suddenly Siau-liong groaned and continued to squirm in his seat.

Of course the lady Bu-san was very surprised. Quickly he darted in front of Siau-liong and looked at him and said to himself,

“How strange! Truly a miracle for the first time in my life! Why does this young man have such great pure power?”

Siau-liong looked here and there as if he didn't understand what had happened to him. Slowly his eyes fell on Tiau Bok-kun's face, he shouted in surprise, "Miss Tiau, you..."

Tiau Bok-kun was also surprised with joy. He quickly turned to Randa Bu-san, “Thanks for locianpwe's help!”

"Locian.... pwe...." exclaimed Siau-liong choked.

He just recovered, his blood is still not normal. Shaken by shock and emotion, his blood stirred again. Instantly his eyes darkened and he fell back.

"It's okay," stopped Randa Bu-san when Tiau Bok-kun was about to help Siau-liong. "but even though he has high internal energy, after suffering from that injury, he must rest for ten to fifteen days before he is completely healed. ......" 

Then the woman ordered, after Siau-liong woke up, Tiau Bok-kun to take him to a quiet place so he could rest to heal his wounds.

At that time the dawn began to break. Randa Bu-san immediately took her daughter to rest.

After the two mothers and daughters came out, Tiau Bok-kun took a deep breath. He saw that Siau-liong was still fast asleep. Reminiscing about his experiences over the past few days.

For days he kept looking for Siau-liong. And while in the tunnel of the Valley of Death he met the wounded Warrior of the Evil. He thought that Siau-liong must have headed across the sea.

But when he entered the city of Siok-ciu, he heard the news that Siau-liong was trapped in the Valley of Death. So he was determined to go to the Valley of Spring again to look for the young man.

Now finally he can meet the young man who was remembered day and night. He felt he owed his soul to the young man. Besides that he still had an indescribable feeling towards the young man.

Suddenly he remembered what happened earlier.

For the sake of needling treatment, he was ordered by Randa Bu-san to take off Siau-liong's clothes. Instantly her face turned red.

Secretly he promised to persuade Siau-liong to be invited to find a quiet place so that his wound would heal completely. Miss's mind wandered with beautiful daydreams. Because last night he didn't sleep without feeling he fell fast.

Fatigue and drowsiness engulfed the lady in a long slumber. When he realized it was already night. He sleeps all day.

The room is still dark, there is no lighting. Outside the hut, the wind brought the howl of rain. Slowly he got off the bed. The hut was silent. The lady of the house and the green dress maiden could not be heard.

"Miss Tiau...." suddenly someone called out to her.

The lady was surprised and turned around, "Ah, you're awake?"

“Miss Tiau, ah, to make things difficult for you…” Siau-liong laughed weakly.

Instantly, the lady's emotion overflowed. Don't know how he should speak. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

Siau-liong took a deep breath and slowly sat up. Suddenly the door opened and Song Ling entered with a candle. The girl smiled. He was surprised when he saw Siau-liong sitting.

"Eh, are you healed?" he asked as he put the candle on the table and ran outside.

It wasn't long before Randa Bu-san came in. Song Ling was busy bringing dishes and tea. Siau-liong like people dreaming. With Tiau Bok-kun's support he got off the bed and thanked the hostess and daughter.

Somehow the green-clothed virgin looked stunned like someone who had lost her spirit. The eyes looked at Siau-liong unblinking.

With a cold face and a stern tone, Randa Bu-san said, "It's really not me who helped you but this lady..." - he pointed at Tiau Bok-kun, "if it wasn't for that lady, even if you have a double soul, your history is over, of course!"

Suddenly Siau-liong remembered that the woman regretted letting go of the White Rose that fell into the hands of Soh-beng Ki-su. He was embarrassed and didn't dare to say anything else.

Fortunately, Randa Bu-san didn't bring up the matter again. Thus the four of them immediately had dinner together.

After eating the porridge, Siau-liong's spirit was fresher. He remembered that three times he had come to Randa Bu-san's cottage. First by bringing a wounded White Rose.

The second time in his disguise as an Evil Warrior he had fought with the green clothed virgin until he was seriously injured and then brought by Mawar Putih to his hut.

44. Hand Calculation Results

Luckily he had been taken away by his teacher. Kongsun Sin-tho's magic-beard-dragon healer.

And this time was the third time he visited there with a wound that almost took his soul. Remembering that incident, Siau-liong secretly pondered.

The green clothed virgin who was still eating, glanced at the young man several times. But every time he met his gaze with the eyes of Siau-liong, the girl quickly shifted her eyes to another direction.

Apparently Randa Bu-san also knew about her daughter's behavior. He glared at Song Ling with savage eyes. After he finished eating, he said to Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun.

"Currently the martial world is being ravaged by chaos from the two evil husbands and wives. Indeed, the star of the world-conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell and their hordes, is still bright. We can't go against the will of nature. here. At any moment the two trespassers can send people to investigate. It is now night and the rain continues to pour heavily. Well, you two rest for another night. Tomorrow morning you may find another place to hide from their disturbances!"

Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun got up in unison. But when they were about to open their mouths, the woman's face suddenly changed. his finger touched his forehead as if he was contemplating something.

Siau-liong was forced not to speak and wait.

A few moments later, the woman's eyes flashed. Suddenly he slapped the table and stood up at once.

“Mom, why are you?” Song Ling shouted in surprise.

Holding her forehead, the woman walked a few steps while saying to herself,

“Strange, why does my heart suddenly feel uneasy……”

Suddenly he stopped and told Song Ling to get him a calculator. The virgin quickly came out and quickly returned with a set of tools consisting of a wooden bucket, several pieces of tortoise shell, fish bones, shells and others.

Randa Bu-san immediately put the objects into two wooden bowls and shook them for a few moments. After that, they were taken and lined up on the table. His behavior was like that of a small child playing.

The magical woman's face was briefly red, briefly pale and finally dripping with sweat. After a few moments he sighed and got up.

“This Ka-kut-sin-go tool never sprints into calculating anything. In the calculation earlier, it gave a bad picture. In this hut there will soon be a terrible event that is not good..." - he paused and then continued,

"Actually I'm going to tell you to stay here another night. But given the danger, you'd better leave this hut now!"

It was raining hard outside at that time. The cold bites the bone. Glancing at the newly healed Siau-liong, Tiau Bok-kun was secretly restless….

"You have to, there's no other way...." again Randa Bu-san urged.

Then the woman told Song Ling to pack up a pack of medicinal supplies, “We also have to go now.

Song Ling quickly carried out her mother's orders.

Siau-liong does not really believe in any calculations or predictions. At first he thought she must be looking for an excuse to send him away. But what a surprise when he heard that the woman was also going to leave his house. Only then did Siau-liong begin to put his trust in him.

Song Ling appeared with a medicine bag and a bundle of clothes. With a worried face he said, "Mom, I've packed everything, let's go!"

Dara had complete trust in her mother. He was a little nervous too because he thought the danger would come soon.

Siau-liong immediately remembered his bundle containing the Evil Warrior's clothes. Fortunately, because Tiau Bok-kun was busy helping himself, he didn't have time to open the bundle.

Just then Randa Bu-san and Song Ling arrived at the door. Seeing that Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun were still in the room, the woman quickly called out a warning, “All my life I have not liked to compose information that deceives people into fear. If you don't hurry, don't regret it!"

Also Song Ling joined in warning, “Mother's hand never misses. Taci Tiau, you better get going!"

While saying that, mother and daughter were already outside the door. As soon as the door opened, a cold gust of wind blew in. Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun shivered.

“Ah, since the locianpwe said it so earnestly, there must be a reason. Let's quickly leave this hut," said Siau-liong.

But seeing the rainstorm outside, Tiau Bok-kun said, "Are you strong enough to endure?"

Siau-lion smiled. Just as he was about to answer, he suddenly heard someone laughing loudly from afar. Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun gasped in surprise. Even in the roar of a violent rainstorm, the laughter was still audible. And Siau-liong was no stranger to that laugh was the tone of a world-conquering Demon!

Then a sharp shrill sound was heard.... But because of the roar of the storm, the shrill voice could not be heard clearly.

“Woman Bu-san is very precise in her calculations. But he himself certainly didn't rush out of the way and would definitely get along with the world-conquering Demon. For the sake of repaying her favor, I won't hug hands regardless…”

While saying Siau-liong continued to step out. The wound just healed. Stranded by the harsh wind and cold, his body staggered about to collapse. But he braced himself towards the person's voice.

Tiau Bok-kun quickly ran to support him.

“If it's true that Bu-san woman was fighting with the world-conquering Devil husband and wife, you can't help her either. Ah, better……”

"I work for peace of mind," said Siau-liong, "I..." - he sighed and continued to walk forward.

Siau-liong quietly rocked. The arrival of the world-conquering Devil with his wife on a night of heavy rain and breaking through the encirclement of that valiant group of people, was certainly important. If you didn't want to look for Randa Bu-san and his daughter, you would have smelled his tracks (Siau-liong).

According to the size of their intelligence, the two evil husbands and wives did not win from Randa Bu-san, who has the power of Ya-li-sin-kang. But since it turned out that the two demon husbands and wives dared to come to Bu-san's female hut, of course they were prepared with great plans.

Remembering the figures of Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Si-ni, Cursed Dragon, Demonic Tiger and It Hang totiang who had been controlled by the world-conquering Demon, Siau-liong's heart secretly shivered.

Tiau Bok-kun realized that it was pointless to advise the young man. He also knows that Randa Bu-san and his daughter are also in the same vein and in the same arms as Siau-liong in their fight against the world-conquering devil. So he did not hesitate to follow the steps of Siau-liong.

Siau-liong took the lady's hand and pointed to the front. According to the direction the young man pointed. Tiau Bok-kun looked at a distance of a few spears away, he saw Randa Bu-san together with his daughter standing opposite two short tall people wearing all black clothes. Behind the two black-clothed people stood the two world-conquering Demons and the Goddess of Hell.

Siau-liong's feelings were secretly shivering. He knew that the two men dressed in all black were Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin.

Randa Bu-san could be heard saying in a cold tone, "Did the two of you come on this rainy night because they were looking for me?"

The world-conquering demon laughed: “That's right! It seemed that we were both right there. If it's a little late, it might be hard to find you two mother and daughter'"

"With what purpose are you looking for me." Randa Bu-san snapped angrily.

The world-conquering demon laughed devilishly, “This place isn't worth talking about. Please come with us into the Valley of the Springs to negotiate!"

Randa Bu-san snorted: ,,I don't like to interfere in the affairs of the martial world. Therefore I am quite patient with your movements. Do you think I don't know the ruse you're plotting?"

Still laughing the world-conquering demon replied: “If you don't want to meddle in the affairs of the martial world, why did you come from Mount Bu-san so far away from here?”

He looked at the woman intently, then continued to say, "I didn't come here, I don't know what it means. It is for the sake of that matter that I invite the madam to come to the Valley of Spring to negotiate,"

"Mom, don't worry about it! Let's go!"

Song Ling snorted. Secretly, the girl in the green dress was a bit horrified to see the two people dressed in all black, whose faces made their faces even more sinister because of the rain.

The world-conquering demon laughed, “Ah, it's too late now that you guys are going…”

He continued to whip out his whip and slashed it into the air as he took a step forward towards Randa Bu-san he snapped, “Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic has appeared in the world again! With that I was forced to make many changes in my plans. At the very least, the four magical arts cannot escape my hands!"'

Hearing the shaking of the world-conquering Demon's whip earlier, Jong Leng Lojiu's and Lam-hay Sin-ni's eyes blazed with rage.

"Hell! Don't act too much!" snarled Randa Bu-san, while throwing a punch at the world-conquering Demon. It seemed slow and weak but in essence the blow contained a powerful force capable of breaking rocks.

This was the first time that a world-conquering demon had faced Ya-li-sin-kang's powerful punching skills. But because he was very slippery and had a lot of experience when he felt the force of the woman's blow, he was startled and quickly jumped back.

But no matter how fast he dodged, his body was stranded in the wind from the blow. Instantly half of his body felt a tingling pain. By twisting twice, then he was spared from the roar of the wind of death.

With a cat grin. the devil doubles up. He looked at Randa Bu-san very furiously.

He laughed grinning and then swung his whip at the two people in black clothes, he snapped, "Quickly grab the woman in black or else I will punish you to death!"

The taller man dressed in black came forward first. Raising both hands and spreading ten fingers he continued to lunge at Randa Bu-san.

“You idiot, have you really gone mad!” shouted Randa Bu-san, raising both hands to welcome Lam-hay Sin-ni's attack.

Lam-hay Sin-ni has lost consciousness. He was completely overpowered by the world-conquering Demon. Sin-ni doesn't care about any danger at all.

In addition, because Ya-li-sin-kang from Randa Bu-san is gentle. So once forward Sin-ni keeps crashing!

But a moment later, suddenly Sin-ni hit a solid rubber wall and the force of turning her over was very strong. When Sin-ni was only a few steps away from Randa Bu-san, she suddenly bounced and was thrown back until a spear farther away....

After being able to resign Lam-hay Sin-ni Randa Bu-san quickly took his daughter,

“Evening announces danger. Hey, let's continue our journey!"

Like two eagles, the two mother and child leaped forward. But only two spears away, there was the sound of the world-conquering Demon's whip rattling in the air.

A small, skinny figure soared into the air and floated down to intercept the two mothers and children. And without saying anything, the person continued to hit.

The attacker was none other than Jong Leng lojin, the possessor of Jit-hoa-sin-kang magic, one of the five supernatural powers in the world.

Randa Bu-san stopped and greeted him.

The knowledge of Jit-hoa-sin-kang's magic power from Jong Leng lojin is similar in kind to the knowledge of Ya-li-sin-kang from Randa Bu-san. Both are soft and do not make any sound.

When the two profound powers collided with each other, both of them staggered back a few steps. And then there was a loud bang in unison with sand and dust the size of a spear as scattered as if struck by a whirlwind.

Randa Bu-san has no interest in fighting. He immediately asked his daughter to run away. But precisely because his attention was divided for his daughter, his movements were a little sluggish. Just as he was about to jump, a gust of violent wind slapped his back.

The holy woman complained. He had to tilt his body while turning in a semi-circle. After dodging Lam-hay Sin-ni's attack, Randa Bu-san stuck his finger in Sin-ni's stomach while shouting to Song Ling: “Ling, hurry up and run alone and quickly leave this place!”

From those words, it seemed that Randa Bu-san already knew what was going to happen in that place.

Of course Song Ling didn't want to, even seeing her mother being surrounded by two people, she screamed loudly and continued to attack Jong Leng lojin.

Randa Bu-san was so nervous, he shouted: “Ling, don't you want to live!”

While shouting, Randa Bu-san threw three punches at Jong Leng lojin.

"Follow mom's orders and run quickly!" shouted Randa Bu-san to his daughter as well.

Even though the consciousness of his mind disappeared but Jong Leng lojin's instincts were still sharp. He quickly found out that he was attacked from behind by the wench. But because at that time he was being hit by three punches by Randa Bu-san, he didn't have time to turn around to serve Song Ling.

The two bloodshots managed to land on Jong Leng Lojin's back. No matter how high the intelligence of the old man was, the virgin had already received the basic lessons of Ya-li-sin-kang magic from her mother. Never tried strength with the Evil Swordsman and ended up both suffering from severe injuries.

The two punches that Song Ling threw were intended to help her mother. Of course dilambari with full force. But it was an absurd surprise when the magic power blow did nothing to Jong Leng Lojin. The magical energy of the virgin seemed to have vanished and was erased by the magical power emitted by Jong Leng Lojin to protect his body.

The second call from Randa Bu-san, Song Ling still ignored it. However, it was impossible for him to leave his mother who was in danger.

So even though his blow to Jong Leng Lojin didn't work, the wench still frantically attacked Jong Leng Lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Of the five types of divine power that dominate the martial world, only Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic is the most superior. The other four sciences can be said to be balanced in their supernatural powers.

Smothered in two by an opponent who has equal powers with him, Randa Bu-san is a bit worried. Moreover, he still has to pay attention to his daughter. Because the concentration of her mind was disturbed, the woman became busy and a bit chaotic so that she was pushed by the opponent.

Seeing that the mother and child were in danger, Siau-liong was busy. Finally he sighed and said to Tiau Bok-kun: “Please, Miss, stay hidden here. Don't bother meddling. Just know. The three figures who fought were the most powerful figures in today's martial world……”

He paused for a moment and then said, "If anything happens, please, miss, escape and save yourself!"

Tiau Bok-kun widened his eyes, “Your wound has just healed, how is it...” - but before he could finish his words, Siau-liong had already floated to the place of the two world-conquering Devils and the Goddess of Hell and attacked him….. ..

At that time, the two world-conquering Demons were overjoyed because they saw that Randa Bu-san was starting to get sick. But how shocked they were when they suddenly saw a figure float down from the air and attack him!

Because he had just recovered, by the time the Siau-liong made that flying motion into the air, his blood was violently boiling, his head was spinning and he could barely stand on the ground. He used the opportunity when the two wicked husbands and wives were stunned by surprise, to catch their breath.

The Goddess of Hell's eyes flashed at the young man then said to her husband, "You idiot! Isn't he the lost youth?"

Waited a while ago when in Spring Valley. Siau-liong had been introduced by Poh Ceng-in to his parents. The world-conquering devil husband and wife had the intention of taking Siau-liong's son-in-law. So when they received a report that Siau-liong and Poh Ceng-in had disappeared in the ranks of the Seven Deaths, the husband and wife were busy deploying their men. But it turned out that they could not find the two young men.

The world-conquering demon snorted, “Hm, right, that slave can appear and disappear like a demon!”

After saying he continued to hit the Siau-liong.

"Idiot! Don't hurt him...." The Goddess of Hell quickly held out her hand to prevent her husband.

Then the Goddess of Hell turned and rebuked Siau-liong, “Why did you appear here! Do you know my daughter Ceng-in..."

"Demon girl, shut up!" snapped the Xiao Liong. Then in a cruel tone he threatened, "if you want your child still alive, tell them to stop fighting!"

The Goddess of Hell laughed in surprise, “Son, what did you say? Tell them to stop fighting what has that got to do with my daughter?"

The world-conquering Demon's eyes flashed, he cried: "That slave is very slippery, please don't be tricked by his sister!"

But the Goddess of Hell paid no heed to her husband's words. He continued to say to Siau Liong, “Tell me frankly how you treat my daughter. Do you love him or not? Why did he secretly escape?"

At that time the battle between Randa Bu-san against Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni was getting more intense. Randa Bu-san fought with all her might.

"I have kidnapped your beloved daughter outside the valley. his life and death hangs in my hands. If you want him to live, immediately tell them to stop," snapped Siau-liong.

The Goddess of Hell wide-eyed pecked at her husband, "Is that true?"

The world-conquering demon laughed, “Don't believe his chatter. There's absolutely no proof!"

The Goddess of Hell pondered for a moment then said, "Then we'll catch him first and then we'll investigate the truth again!"

The demonic woman sped to where Siau-liong was and as fast as lightning continued to grip the young man's left shoulder.

The lion roared loudly. He hit the woman's chest. A golden beam of light flashed and the short fat Goddess of Hell's body was flung back and forth until two spears away....

It turned out that Siau-liong had used Thian-kong-sin-kang's sweep of the universe. Even though his training wasn't perfect, and his strength wasn't enough, he was still able to throw the Goddess of Hell with two spears and fall heavily injured!

“Thian-kong-sin-kang!” shouted the world-conquering Demon in shock.

But after hitting, Siau-liong's blood became more turbulent, his strength ran out. He staggered down.

Seeing that, Tiau Bok-kun couldn't stand it anymore. Regardless of anything else, he continued to float down and ran towards the young man, "Siau-liong... Siau-liong...!"

The world-conquering demon was completely stunned to see that Siau-liong was able to use Thian kong-sin-kang's punch. Yesterday in front of the flower tree line, he too received a hit by Thian-kong-sin-kang from the Evil Warrior.

He thought that Thian-koag sin-kang's magic had been obtained by the Evil Warrior. So it was very surprising and surprising when he saw that Siau-liong was able to use that magic punch too.

The World Conqueror Devil is a julig man who is rich in tactics and skilled in deception. But facing that reality, he completely lost his mind....

But he did not have time to ponder any longer and continued to run to help the Goddess of Hell.

Randa Bu-san was also surprised. He didn't think that Siau-liong actually possessed the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. But he didn't have time to look at the young man anymore because Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni were attacking heavily from the front and back.

While Randa Bu-san was busy dealing with the pressure of his two opponents, he was suddenly surprised to hear Song Ling's shrill scream.

The virgin was hit by Lam-hay Sin-ni and was thrown seven steps away....

45. Cousu-ya Mysterious

Randa Bu-san was surprised and quickly jumped to her daughter's place. But the act had given Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni a good chance.

Lam-hay Sin-ni slashed at the Bu-san woman's stomach. While Jong Leng lojin tapped his back.

In his haste to help his daughter, Randa Bu-san just kept jumping regardless of anything. The sudden attack of the two opponents, was beyond expectation.

No matter how powerful the woman Bu-san is, her two opponents are also figures of equal rank. There was no way she could run away again.

Still the Bu-san woman was able to dispel Lam-hay Sin-ni but she was powerless to keep Jong Leng lojin's curse. Instantly half of her body tingled and the woman collapsed!

Jong Leng Lojin still followed with a curse so that Randa Bu-san couldn't move anymore.

For a moment Jong Leng lojin exchanged glances with Lam-hay Sin-ni. Then he lifted Randa Bu-san's body and slowly approached the place of the world-conquering demon.

The great battle is over. Randa Bu-san was taken prisoner, the green-clothed girl was lying on the ground because she was hit by Lam-hay Sin-ni.

The world-conquering demon raised his wife. The woman's clothes were covered in blood. A sign that he had suffered serious internal injuries. I don't know how many times he vomited blood. But seeing as he can still walk, the wound, although heavy, did not endanger his life.

When the world-conquering demon helped his wife, Tiau Bok-kun immediately picked up Siau-liong's body to be taken away.

Even though his blood was turbulent and he fell to the ground, Siau-liong's mind was still conscious. Struggling, he cried out to the lady, "Don't mind me, you run away quickly ... otherwise we will all fall into the devil's hands!"

But in response Tiau Bok-kun immediately took him running.

Even though he was helping the Goddess of Hell, the world-conquering Demon still controlled the surroundings. He quickly swung his whip and ordered Lam-hay Sin-ni to catch Tiau Bok-kun.

After saying yes, with one push, Lam-hay Sin-ni was already floating behind Tiau Bok-kun. Before the lady could do anything, Lam-hay Sin-ni's back hit her. Lam-hay Sin-ni effortlessly brought the two young people before the world-conquering Demon again.

After a while of noticing Siau-liong's supple state. Judging by his limp and limp condition like a powerless person, the young man must have suffered serious injuries.

"Leave that slave with the daughter of Bu-san here!' he shouted.

Lam-hay Sin-ni agrees. Once out of hand, Siau-liong's body fell to the ground.

"Foolish!" Suddenly the Goddess of Hell shouted at her husband "That slave has injured me so badly. And he turns out to have the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. Take him into the valley and check the explanation until it is clear. Why did you even ask him to leave him here.... ”

The world-conquering demon smiled. He whispered a few words in his wife's ear. At first the demonic woman was silent. But a few moments later his face brightened.

"Idiot! Please carry out your impudent plan," he said.

The world-conquering demon laughed proudly. Immediately he supported his wife and walked slowly. Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin like statues, immediately following behind the two demons.

The two figures each carried Randa Bu-san who was cursed by blood and Tiau Bok-kun. Soon they disappeared into the darkness of the night.

The wind stopped, the rain stopped. The moon appears to illuminate the earth. And the night is creeping in.

The cold night breeze had made Xiao Liong tremble. Forcefully he got up and sat down. Book of bones like scattered loose, heavy head, legs flex. His strength seemed to run out so it felt unable to move even a little.

He took a deep breath and stared at the moon in awe. What happened a while ago, he saw clearly. But after he released the blow, his blood churned violently and his strength disappeared. So he was completely helpless to help the battle and instead looked on with a deceived heart.

The captivity of Randa Bu-san, made her feel very upset. He is sure that Randa Bu-san will certainly suffer the same fate as Lam-hay Sin-ni and Jong Leng lojin, which is to be made a human without a conscious mind to be enslaved by these two evil husbands and wives....

Suddenly there was a sense of surprise. Doesn't the world-conquering Demon know that he already has the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang? But why did the demon kill him? Why was he left lying there? And why was Song Ling, the green-dressed virgin not being disturbed?

Siau-liong forced himself to look away. He saw the virgin still lying on the ground motionless. Either dead or still alive. Although the distance where the virgin was only two spears apart from the place, but he felt powerless to approach. The power is completely gone!

Because he was irritated, angry and sad, he shed tears....

Finally, after his mind calmed down a bit, he began to do breathing to channel pure air. Since studying the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang, every time he does breathing he must use the teachings of that science. So the results are faster. 

More or less after drinking his old tea, he felt his blood calm down a bit and he was able to stand up and then staggered over to where Song Ling was.

The virgin was lying on the muddy, watery ground so that her face was covered in mud, her body was not so dirty.

When he checked his nose, it turned out that the blood was still breathing even though it was weak.

Siau-liong's heart was secretly comforted. Dara only suffered serious injuries so that she fainted.

Siau-liong immediately gave help with massage knowledge, but unfortunately, his strength was still not recovered so he could not provide internal energy distribution to the virgin. Two hours later, the virgin realized.

The virgin looked at Siau-liong for a moment, then looked around the corner and suddenly exclaimed, "Where is my mother?" - while continuing to get up.

Siau-liong held the girl's shoulder: "Miss is still suffering from internal injuries. It's better to do pure energy breathing first. If the blood clots in the chest, of course you can..."

But the virgin paid no heed to Siau-liong's words. In a frenzy she screamed, “My mother? Where did it go?....and the world-conquering demon and the two black-clothed people....why are you the only one left here...explain quickly...!"

Siau-liong took a deep breath, he said, "Miss, ai...." - for a moment he couldn't start his words, except for just sighing and staying silent.

The virgin looked at Siau-liong closely. His body trembled and suddenly he cried out loud!

Siau-liong felt unable to comfort him. So he let the virgin cry in order to loosen the distress of his heart. And hopefully because of crying, the blood that collects in his chest can flow smoothly.

Siau-liong sat beside the virgin. His heart felt like it was being slashed...

It had been a long time since Song Ling had stopped crying. Siau-liong comforted her: "Hope you like to take care of yourself. With regards to your mother, you will slowly be empowered to help her."

"Did you see my mother being held captive by them?" Song Ling still asked for confirmation.

Siau-liong nodded, “He and Miss Tiau have been taken captive by them. I witnessed it with my own eyes."

Clenching a fist, the wench growled,

"If I can't help mom... I'd rather just die!"

After a moment of silence, the virgin shook her head and sighed exasperatedly. Ya-li-sin-kang's magic knowledge from mother is incomparable in the world. If they can take Mother into custody, will we be able to help her!"

Again the virgin wept bitterly.

Siau-liong silently cradled in his heart. Today, except for the Thian-jin-sin-kang magic skill from my teacher Kongsun Sin-tho, the three figures who possess three kinds of magic have been captured by the world-conquering demon. It feels like Randa Bu-san will surely suffer a fate like Lam-hay Sin-ni.

When we meet again, it's possible that Randa Bu-san doesn't know her daughter anymore and will even attack her. Even though at that time he (Siau-liong) had already obtained the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, but had not had time to study it.

To understand this sacred science, it should take at least one and a half years. During that time, there must have been many unexpected changes. At the very least, the martial world would have been controlled by these two despicable husbands and wives! 

And why did the world-conquering Demon release himself? Don't they know that he obtained the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang? Aren't they afraid that he could convince the magic and destroy them?

Ah, judging by the cunning and ferocity of that demonic husband and wife, there's no way they'd want to be so generous! Of course they were setting a snare. Yes, of course they would be watching his every move.....

While Siau-liong was deep in contemplation, Song Ling suddenly sighed and her muddy face turned to him, "Then how are we now?"

Siau-liong replied, "Ceng Hi totiang's group is currently confined outside the Semi Valley. In yesterday's battle even though they suffered defeat, their strength was still not destroyed. Alright, let's review their situation and then we can arrange a plan to help Miss Tiau's mother."

Song Ling agreed. He forced himself to stand up and took the lead. But the wounds on his body still hadn't healed. His blood was still frozen. Coupled with the pain of a great mental blow, the step of the virgin staggered almost to the ground.

On the other hand, after doing the breathing earlier, Siau-liong's condition was much better. Immediately he went forward to support the wench.

"Is the lady strong enough to survive?" he asked.

Dara bit her lip and nodded her head, she kept her strength to walk. The place for the troupe of gallant people was still about two li away.

After crossing a slope and a creek, they must have reached their place.

Siau-liong and Song Ling both still hadn't recovered. Just to swing their legs, they have to fight as hard as they can. It was only after their old rice cooker that they arrived at the tributary.

Suddenly Siau-liong complained and stopped.

“Why?” Song Ling was astonished.

"Considering that Ceng Hi totiang has nothing to do with us, especially now that we are in such a state, maybe they won't accept our arrival!" said Siau-liong.

"Why didn't you think about that before? If that's the case, it's better that we don't have to go there!" Song Ling shouted a little nervously. Even then Dara distanced herself from sitting on a rock.

It was only then that Siau-liong realized. That he was respected by the entourage of Ceng Hi totiang was in his position as an Evil Warrior. And at that time he was not an Evil Warrior but a person of Siau-liong.

It is feared that the group of brave people and Ceng Hi totiang will suspect. With that thought, Siau-liong stopped walking.

During the walk, Song Ling actually wasn't strong enough. Only by willpower, he forced himself to walk so far. After that moment stopped, he immediately closed his eyes to breathe.

Siau-liong silently pondered, “The White Rose, Tiau Bok-kun, has fallen into Spring Valley successively. Even the group of martial arts leaders, led by Ceng Hi totiang, was in a bad state. While he and Song Ling were also seriously injured, regarding his disguise. Then how to act?”

Suddenly he thought of Poh Ceng-in. Has the woman been able to ask the lady from Liau Hoan priest? Given that he was single with the woman, if in anger Ceng Hi totiang killed the woman, of course he would also die.

Finally after considering for a while, he decided to meet Ceng Hi totiang.

"Miss Song..."

The virgin opened her eyes and called out "Have you found the way, where are we going?"

"I'd like to ask you something," said Siau-liong.

"About what? Say it!" Song Ling exclaimed.

"Do you know the Evil Warrior?"

Surprised, Song Ling looked at him, "Not only do you know him, but also..." - in a furious tone he exclaimed: "I have a grudge, and I don't want to live under the same sun with him!"

Siau-liong secretly stifled in his heart, he said: "I don't know what is his sin to Miss?"

Song Ling glanced and stared at Xiao Liong for a moment, “He killed my father!”

At first in asking about the Evil Warrior earlier, Siau-liong secretly wanted to reveal about his disguise. But for the sake of hearing Song Ling's hatred for that character, Siau-liong was forced to cancel his intentions.

Seeing the young man stunned for a long time, Song Ling rebuked him too, "Why do you suddenly ask about that...?" - suddenly the virgin clapped her hands, "Ha, I was reminded of a place, come on, we there!"

And before Siau-liong said, the girl had already preceded again, "I was so confused that I forgot about him the old man..."

Judging from the frown on the girl's face, Siau-liong got the impression as if the girl had found a helping star. So he asked, "What the lady said that..."

Go to the cave of Ko-hud-tong on the Go-bi mountain looking for the one-eyed-magic hermit. He certainly can help my mother!" said the lady.

Siau-liong doubtfully said, “In the world of martial arts, it is said that only the most powerful Magical Sciences. Nothing compares anymore. Why did you know…”

"Do you know who the old man is!" Song Ling squealed while slamming her feet, "He is my teacher's grandfather! It was after my father was killed that my mother just met him. Ya-li-sin-kang mother's magic was the one who taught!"

Hearing that, Siau-liong's heart was instantly moved. He thought it would give him hope.

Song Ling sighed, he said, “But he is indeed a strange character. In the past, when we accepted my mother as a student, a year later, we continued to expel us both mother and daughter from their cave. He said, he wanted to meditate not want to come out of the cave again. The incident occurred 15 years ago. During those 15 years, my mother never said she wanted to visit the teacher's grandfather. I don't know if he's still…” - that's when Song Ling's tone and face changed.

Siau-liong comforted him. He said that the relationship between a teacher and a student is like that of a parent and a child. As long as the virgin asked earnestly, the old man certainly wouldn't hug his hand and just keep quiet.

"Don't worry, go there lady!"

Song Ling was taken aback and looked at Siau-liong, "Don't you want to take me there?"

Siau-liong sighed, “Ah, I still have some important business and can't leave this place. But...."

Song Ling laughed coldly retorting, “Needless to say, I'm clear. What's wrong is me and my own mother...." - his voice turned trembling, "We're both blind!"

Two tears flowed from the virgin. He kept getting up and swinging steps.

Quickly Siau-liong stopped her “If you misunderstand, I'd rather die! You know, I also have difficulties that are difficult to say right now!" - a sense of emotion has gripped Siau-liong's heart so that he also sheds tears.

Of course Song Ling was stunned. He sat down again. Siau-lion sighed. Don't know at that time how he should explain to the virgin.

He had to meet Ceng Hi totiang to prepare the remnants of the troupe of gallant men. Likewise, he must find out the traces of Poh Ceng-in. For that he must disguise himself as the Evil Warrior again. But that was impossible to do in front of Song Ling.

Because of that, he couldn't leave Spring Valley with the virgin to Go-bi Mountain. Because he knew that his soul at any moment would collapse. And if in the middle of the road he dies, doesn't that mean he has ruined the hopes of the creator of the divine science Thian-kong-sin-kang? Ah, he really found it difficult!

Finally, after looking at the girl for a while, he said emphatically,

“Even if you say that you can successfully ask your grandparents to help your mother, but the world-conquering devil is a very slippery human being. The proof is that he has mastered powerful figures such as Jong Leng Lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni. And it's possible that the lady's mother will suffer the same fate..."

He paused for a moment and then continued in a full voice, “Therefore, in my opinion, even if the teacher's grandfather, Miss, came down the mountain, it would not necessarily be able to oppress the two evil husbands and wives. In exchange, I have a great plan, but it will take quite a long time….”

"What exactly do you mean by that?" Song Ling couldn't wait any longer.

"I want to make Miss a powerful figure. In just one year, Miss will definitely rule the martial world. Any kind of magical knowledge can't match Miss. A world-conquering devil and the Goddess of Hell will definitely not be able to escape from her hands!"

Song Ling laughed blandly.

"Unless you inherit Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge, you better not talk big like that!" shrill the wench.

With a serious face and tone, Siau-liong said at once, "That's exactly what I want to teach you about Thian-kong-sin-kang!"

Song Ling gasped. Just as he was about to open his mouth, suddenly from the direction of the forest next to his face someone shouted, "Who is that!"

Following a number of body figures shot out and continued to lunge at the two young people....

Siau-liong and Song Ling were shocked.

Leading the assailant was an old man with a white beard that hung down to his chest. Blocking a stick of Kumala Hijau. The movement is very fast and very light.

When he looked at the old man, the Siau-liong's shock was released. It turned out to be Kay-pang's entourage led by the silver-bearded To Kiu-kong. Joining the laughing beggar Tio Tay-tong and the two beggars were limping.

As soon as he saw Siau-liong, To Kiu-kong was stunned. Hastily he saluted: "Ah, Cousu-ya, sorry for you..."

Tio Tay-tong and the two limping beggars immediately knelt down, following To Kiu-kong's actions.

"Ah, Kiu-kong, you don't have to be so polite," said Siau-liong as he lifted To Kiu-kong up.

After getting up, To Kiu-kong said, “Since meeting with Cousu-ya when surrounded in the Valley of Death the other day, although we tried to find Cousu-ya but failed. Even news, we can't get anything at all…”

Then the leader of Kay-pang sighed, "If the Evil Warriors don't help repeatedly, of course we can't face Cousu-ya today!"

Even though he was gentle and gentle in his speech, he secretly had a regret why as Cousu-ya, Siau-liong did not want to hang out with Kay-pang's men.

Likewise, at that time the eyes of To Kiu-kong and his entourage were fixed on Siau-liong and Song Ling. Their eyes were filled with wonder at the actions of their young Cousu.

They wondered why while the group of brave men led by Ceng Hi totiang was fighting desperately to attack the Semi Valley, Cousu-ya did they even hide themselves with a virgin? Tiau Bok-kun, White Rose and now an unknown virgin!

And the greater their amazement when they saw the state of Siau-liong and the girl covered in mud. Where did Cousu-ya come from?

Because Siau-liong didn't want to say anything, To Kiu-kong's group didn't even dare to ask. They are just as silent.

Only To Kiu-kong's mind was grieving. He hoped that the young Cousu-ya would be able to appear in the martial world to raise the name of Kay-pang. He hopes that thanks to Thay-siang-ciang's magic punch, the teachings of the Skeleton Beggar Song Thay-kun, Siau-liong will make Kay-pang proud.

But oh, who knows. It turned out that hope was dashed. The young Cousu-ya turned out to be a young man whose movements were mysterious and a very romantic person....

Apparently Siau-liong could read the Kay-pang chief's heart. But he couldn't explain anything except for a gloomy laugh and silence.

Suddenly the Laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong took a step forward, saluting, “Please Cousu-ya forgive me to say a word.”

46. The Decision Towards Go-bi-san

Siau-liong returned the salute and told the person to say what he meant.

With his head down the Laughing Beggar said, “At that time Ceng Hi totiang was leading a troupe of valiant men to attack the world-conquering devil and the goddess of hell. But apparently the Ceng Hi totiang movement failed.

Many brave people became victims, suffered injuries and perished. The current state of the martial world is very serious. If Cousu-ya likes to think about our party's interests, please Cousu-ya don't leave us again..."

The longer the beggar's feelings became more and more tense, so that in words he seemed to scatter all his heart. So To Kiu-kong hastily stopped him from speaking.

Laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong took a deep breath then saluted and retreated.

Siau-liong was silent. Only in his heart he thought: "Perhaps the difficulties I face and the reality I suffer, you may not know. And I can't even explain that predicament to you forever..."

Siau-liong raised his head to look at the moon. The moon was bright at that time, emitting pure white light in all directions.

Suddenly Siau-liong felt his chest loosen. It was as if the Moon Goddess had hinted at him the way out. On his dirty, mud-stained face, a frown slowly appeared. And his heart became even more determined, “A man must bear the responsibility of his own actions. As long as the act does not violate Allah, does not harm people, that is enough. What is the use of all the fame of an empty name?"

After his heart felt calm and steady, he laughed, saying: “I have researched myself, it is clear that I am not capable of carrying out the party's responsibilities. Therefore, I will repeat what I meant earlier. I want to ask To Kiu-kong to choose a talented young man for me to teach Thay-afternoon science lessons, in order to build the glory of the Kay-pang party......"

To Kiu-kong blushed on his knees: “Ah, Cousu-ya's order is so heavy. How can Kiu-kong be able to carry such a heavy task?"

Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong and company immediately knelt down. Siau-liong lifted them up and then with a cheerful laugh he said: “What I said came out of my heart really. Please Kiu-kong as soon as possible to find the heir shoot. Because .... soon I will go far away. Maybe we'll never see each other again."

Back To Kiu-kong was stunned. For a moment he was speechless.

Seeing them stunned by his words, Siau-liong realized their predicament. Considering that the current state of the adult martial world was in danger of being destroyed, he quickly changed the subject, "Do you know what other plans Ceng Hi totiang is currently planning?"

To Kiu-kong's face darkened, he replied after heaving a sigh, “Ceng Hi totiang led a troupe of valiant men to attack from behind Semi Valley using fire and explosives. But unexpectedly the world-conquering devil and his wife…”

"I already know all that!" said Siau-liong.

To Kiu-kong laughed, “Does Cousu-ya know about the events of the Evil Warrior helping the battle yesterday? If not...."

The lion quickly shriveled up, “Yesterday the Ceng Hi totiang offensive line was defeated by the world-conquering demon. The demon gave orders that within three days Ceng Hi totiang and all the brave men should come to Go-bi Mountain. What I want to know, is Ceng Hi's plan to face the order?"

To Kiu-kong really didn't understand. Didn't that Cousu-ya disappear into the battle unseen? Why can you know the course of events clearly?

“Ceng Hi totiang decided to go to the top of Go-bi….,” To Kiu-kong finally answered then sighed, silent.

Suddenly Song Ling, who had been silent for a long time, snorted: "What do they need to do to Go-bi Mountain?"

With a dull look, To Kiu-kong glanced at the virgin for a moment then looked at Siau-liong again. It was as if he was not free to answer the virgin's question before getting Siau-liong's permission.

Siau-liong looked at the head of Kay-pang and said slowly: “That is indeed what I want to know. It's okay, just say it!"

To Kiu-kong is still in doubt. He stepped closer to Siau-liong and said in a low voice.

"By Black magic obliterating people's mental consciousness, the two world-conquering Demons can use Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni, the Cursed Dragon, Demon Tiger and several other figures. Their powers are far different from twenty years ago. In order to save all the martial arts, Ceng Hi totiang was forced to decide to do the request of the demon husband and wife. In three days he will go to the top of Go-bi...."

The leader of Kay-pang paused for a moment, glanced at the four corners and then continued again: “Even according to the orders of the two top demons Go-bi, but secretly Ceng Hi totiang has prepared a plan. It is said that at the top of the Go-bi peak, there is a magician who is knowledgeable and highly skilled in silat…”

"Kiu-kong, the name of that magic person....?" Xiao Liong quickly asked.

But To Kiu-kong shook his head, “Even though I am this old and have extensive experience in the martial world. But if it wasn't Ceng Hi totiang who said, of course I don't know. The old man has never appeared in the martial world and is unknown."

Siau-liong frowned and exchanged glances with Song Ling. But said nothing.

"Yesterday Ceng Hi totiang held a secret meeting with martial arts figures," said To Kiu-kong also, "Ceng Hi totiang will lead a group of martial arts figures and all warriors from all over, face the magic people on the top of Go-bi, to ask for his help. But failing, they were forced to battle souls with the world-conquering Demon. It's better to break apart as a pearl than to become a slave to those two demons. Let the peak of Go-bi be drenched in the blood of valiant warriors..."

Siau-liong shook his head.

“Ceng Hi Totiang's plan is still not perfect. Is the magic person willing to help or not, is still one question. Put the word that he graduated, even though he may not be able to fight the world-conquering Devils who have champions such as Jong Leng Lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni and other powerful figures. If it comes down to defeat again and the two demons again, not only will all the martial figures be destroyed but the killings will certainly take place so that the martial world is completely motionless and can be controlled by the world-conquering demon!"

To Kiu-kong laughed lightly, “Ah, as long as there are chickens, the eggs will not run out. For example, in yesterday's battle, even though the valiant side suffered defeat, their spirit never waned. They will still continue the struggle to Mount Go-bi. If it fails again, what can you do, it's up to God's will!"

Siau-liong was stunned into silence. At that time he did not have a plan. Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni were unable to fight back. Moreover, it is still added with the Cursed Dragon, Demon Tiger and several other figures. Even if the group of brave people led by Ceng Hi totiang was larger in number, it was useless. It even adds to the number of victims.

After a moment of silence, To Kiu-kong said, "Apart from that, Ceng Hi totiang still has a glimmer of hope in another magician..."

"Who is that?" Siau-liong gasped.

"The figure who is equal to the two devil husbands and wives is the Evil Warrior. Yesterday he had helped with all his strength. During the battle against Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni, he had used Thian-kong-sin-kang's magical power. ...”

To Kiu-kong paused for a moment to make an impression. But he was surprised because Siau-liong did not show any reaction. He was forced to continue his speech again.

"Thian-kong-sin-kang is the number one magic science in the martial world. Unfortunately, it seems that the Evil Warrior is still not fully convinced. It is suspected that he has succeeded in obtaining the heirloom book left by Tio Sam-hong but has not had time to study it perfectly.

Unfortunately in yesterday's battle, the character had suffered serious injuries and then disappeared. Ceng Hi totiang has spread out people to look for him but so far they haven't been found."

Siau-liong smiled, "Because he was seriously injured, it would be difficult for the Evil Warrior to come back to help. Please Kiu-kong tell Ceng Hi totiang not to look for him again".

To Kiu-kong looked at Siau-liong in surprise, "Does Cousu-ya know...".

Suddenly the leader of Kay-pang did not continue his speech because he remembered that when in the Valley of Death, the Evil Warrior had said that there was no need to wait for Siau-liong. He said that Siau-liong was the number one young Swordsman in the adult martial world.

And the figure also said that it was possible that Siau-liong would have come out of the Valley of Death. Remembering that, To Kiu-kong got the impression, as if the Siau-liong and the Evil Warrior already knew each other.

How vast is To Kiu-kong's knowledge and experience, but he really doesn't understand about the Evil Warrior and the mysterious Siau-liong.

Middle To Kiu-kong was stunned. Siau-liong suddenly asked, "What about the lady in red who was held captive by Liau Hoan? Has Ceng Hi totiang been able to seize it…”

Again To Kiu-kong snorted in surprise. Fr. Liau Hoan has not yet been traced. The incident that took the woman in the red dress was the cursed swordsman who said. Why did Siau-lion know? In fact, why did Siau-liong pay so much attention to the incident?

But To Kiu-kong was not free to ask about it. He was forced to only answer: "I don't really know about that. Some of the people that Ceng Hi totiang has dispatched have yet to find any trace of the priest. Until now, it's been a day and a night and Ti Gong's group hasn't returned yet."

Siau-liong was surprised he didn't know why Father Ti Gong had captured Poh Ceng-in. If anything happened to that woman. wouldn't he be hurt too?

"Are you also going to go to Go-bi?" he asked a few moments later.

To Kiu-kong hastily replied, "All plans have been set by Ceng Hi totiang, Kay-pang's party only sent me alone to go there..."

Siau-liong nodded, "Then, I'll go first, we'll meet at Go-bi Mountain again!"

It turned out that Siau-liong remembered Poh Ceng-in who was kidnapped by Liau Hoan. He had to quickly snatch it back so that nothing untoward happened. Besides that, since Ceng Hi totiang has decided to go to Go-bi, he doesn't need to see her anymore. So he decided to take Song Ling to his grandpa teacher at the top of Go-bi. And on the way, he will look for opportunities to lower Thian-kong-sin-kang to the wench.

Of course Song Ling was overjoyed that the young man had changed his mind. Quickly he followed the Siau-liong who was already swinging his steps.

To Kiu-kong rushed after him, exclaiming: “Cousu-ya is there no need to order anything else? Why doesn't Cousu-ya need to meet Ceng Hi totiang?"

The chief of Kay-pang dared not stop Siau-liong but could not let the Cousu go either. So he looked for other words as an excuse.

Siau-liong stopped, “With Ceng Hi totiang, I don't really know you. Later after the Go-bi event is over. there is still time to meet him. And once again I repeat my request. Hurry up and find a talented shoot to be our heir!"

After saying, Siau-liong continued to invite Song Ling to continue his journey.


Despite suffering serious internal injuries. but neither Siau-liong nor Song Ling wanted To Kiu-kong to know. Bracing themselves, they stepped forward. After a while they stopped.

The virgin's breath was panting. As his bones fell apart, he was sick and tired of being unbelievably tired. He immediately sat down. Fortunately To Kiu-kong and his entourage.

After some time, Siau-liong asked him to walk again. Song Ling agreed. Thus the two young people immediately continued their journey again.

Siau-liong did not give an explanation to the virgin. But he already has a plan. First, he was about to head to the Bin-kiang river to catch up with Liau Hoan and ask for Poh Ceng-in back. From the river, on to the Go-bi Mountains only twenty li away.

“Do you know the way to Go-bi?” asked Song Ling.

Siau-Hong said that even though he didn't understand, he knew that the mountain was to the northwest. "We are heading there and if necessary we can ask people," he said.

But at that time they were still in Tay-liang-san's vast mountainous environment. Except for the series of elongated peaks, the roads are difficult and winding. Almost two hours of walking, they still hadn't come out of that mountain region.

By that time the day had begun to lighten the ground. While pulling Siau-liong's arm. Song Ling pressed her forehead and said weakly, “I really am not strong enough. We're looking for a place to rest."

Siau-liong himself also felt his legs go weak, his eyes dizzy. Because he doesn't know the way, he doesn't know where he's been. He saw in the forest not far to the front, there was a red wall. He assumed it must be a monastery. That's where he took the virgin.

Song Ling suddenly let out a startled cry as she pointed at a bush by the roadside. "Look!"

When he looked in the direction the girl was pointing, Siau-liong saw that the bush was covered in blood and many bushes had fallen down. And not far from the bush there was a sword that I hung.

Siau-liong picked up the flea sword and examined it. There is no sign of anything until it is not known who the owner is.

But it is clear that there must have been a terrible battle. And from the blood that splattered, it was clear that it was dead or injured.

Judging by the blood that was already red and black, the battle must have taken place several hours ago. But except for the slashed sword, there were no corpses and other traces.

That place was far from the Valley of Spring, there was no way the one fighting was the underling of a world-conquering Devil. Until a few moments Siau-liong could not solve the incident.

Suddenly he was surprised to hear the sound of people reading the scriptures (Buddha). His tone was very low and it came from the direction of the forest. Soon Siau-liong followed the direction of the sound and he arrived at an ancient monastery. The voice clearly came from within the monastery. But by that time the reading of the book had stopped. Looking at the place turned out to be a run-down monastery.

It is impossible for a priest to inhabit. What's more, it was still early in the morning, there was no way that the priest had read a book that early.

Siau-liong more surprised. Because he was still injured, he was worried about meeting a strong enemy. So he pulled Song Ling over and whispered, “The sound of reading the book earlier, was very suspicious. Of course there is someone hiding, whether friend or foe, we can't be sure. We'd better hide first to see how it develops.

Song Ling had no other opinion but to obey. Once they immediately looked for a hiding place under the feet of a hill child. Anak Bukit was surrounded by thick and tall grass bushes.

From a hiding place that is difficult for people to know, Siau-liong can look out and rest. The two youths then meditated to return the spirit.

In fact, Song-Ling's internal injuries weren't that bad. It was because he was sad to see his mother captured by the enemy that it made him weak. Tired, so meditating, he immediately fell into sleep.

Not so with Siau-liong. His mind is so muddled that it is difficult to concentrate his enthusiasm. An hour later, his mind calmed down a bit and he began to be able to channel pure air.

When Siau-liong was in the void, suddenly there was the sound of footsteps. Siau-liong was surprised to wake up. A man with very strange make-up was looking at the footprints of a person and slowly approached his hiding place.

The man's head was the size of a buffalo's head, his white hair flowing down to his shoulders. Not less than two meters high. His five-pronged beard hung down to his stomach.

I don't know how old he is. But her face was still bright red. Wearing an all white shirt and an egg yolk coat. His hand gripped an iron rod.

Immediately, Siau-liong remembered the fairy tale about the god Tay-pek Li Kim-ce who came down to earth.... That person is not like the humans of the world.

While following the footprints, the strange old man looked here and there. His eyes gleamed with fire, containing an evil glow.

Siau-liong was quietly pounding. The light that the old man wanted to find was of course the two of them. Because it's still green in the martial world. He didn't know the old man's flow and why he wanted to find him.

“Who is that half-god half-demon grandpa?” Song Ling suddenly asked.

It turned out that he had already awakened from his meditation.

While looking at the strange grandfather who was approaching him, Siau-liong replied in a whisper, "Have you recovered your strength?"

"The inner air still hasn't calmed down, the pure energy hasn't recovered yet but there's been a lot of goodness?"

Siau-liong itself still sucks. The wound has been healed by Randa Bu-san but the internal wound is still severe. If you are faced with a formidable enemy, of course you cannot match.

At that time the strange grandfather had come out of the forest and was sifting through the grass bushes in his path. Slowly getting closer.

And a few moments later, two spears arrived in front of the Siau-liong place.

Feeling that it was impossible to hide anymore, Siau-liong signaled to Song Ling and got up.

Apparently the strange grandfather was so surprised that he took two steps back. His eyes wandered to look at Siau-liong.

"Enter the secret cave and get the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book, of course you are, right?" suddenly the strange old man asked.

Siau-liong gasped. He felt that he had never met the old man, why did he already know him and even knew about the heirloom book.

Instantly he replied in a tone neither denying nor acknowledging “I don't know who this locianpwe is? How do you know the person who entered the secret cave and took Thian-kong-sin-kang's heirloom book?"

The grandfather's eyes flashed and then laughed giddily, "My eyes are not blind, of course I can't see wrong!"

Wonder Siau-liong is getting worse. He didn't know with what purpose the strange old man was looking for him? For a moment he couldn't figure out how to deal with it.

After a few moments, he said, “Locianpwe's words are very surprising. I'm new to locianpwe. On what basis locianpwe...”

"My hands on knowledge never fail!" said the old man.

Siau-liong laughed, "Ah, I wish locianpwe knew about this incident from the lore."

Even though he said that, Siau-liong's heart was secretly trembling too. At first he did not believe in fortune-telling and all mysticism. But since the incident of Randa Bu-san, his views have changed somewhat. And this time facing an old necromancer again, he couldn't help but have to put a little faith in too.

"After I counted several times, then I rushed to come here!" said the old man as well.

Siau-liong's trust grew, he asked "I don't know what did Locianpwe mean to look for me?"

The strange old man shook his head and sighed, “Because it was reckless, it caused a big mistake. Even if I try to help, it may still be unavoidable from the curse. Destruction is hard to return....”

Siau-liong was astonished.

“Locianpwe are worried about what? If you want my strength, please give me a message. I will certainly try my best…”

Saying that, suddenly Siau-liong stopped because he remembered his current state. He's still hurt inside. While the iron stick from the grandfather was as big as a duck egg. It must have weighed no less than two hundred catties. But the old man can hold it as he pleases. Obviously someone who has a sacred knowledge. Especially a shrewd necromancer. Does the old man need his help again?

But unexpectedly the old man nodded: "That's the way it should be..." He wandered around looking at the four corners, he said, "This place is not free to talk. Please come with me to the monastery over there!"

After saying without waiting for Siau-liong to agree or not, he continued to turn around and walk towards the monastery.

Siau-liong furrowed his brows then exchanged glances with Song Ling. For a moment he felt doubtful.

But somehow, both the attitude and tone of the old geezer's speech had such a strong and authoritative appeal that Siau-liong couldn't resist anymore.

Finally he asked Song Ling: "We..."

"It's up to you...." said the virgin.

The strange old man walked very slowly, without looking back. It was as if he was sure that the two youngsters would follow him.

Not long after, they arrived at the monastery. Judging from the building, the monastery must have been a magnificent place of worship. But now it is damaged and not maintained. The walls were crumbling and stocky, the lawn was full of grass and the door was piled with nests of glazing.

The nameplate, which had been damaged and scratched, was still legible. It turned out that the monastery had the name Sam-goan-kiong.

The old man stopped at the door. Only after Siau-liong and Song Ling arrived did he step inside. It was a very large monastery building. The clove tree that grows in the courtyard of the monastery is very tall. It must be hundreds of years old. The dense leaves, create a scary atmosphere too.

Siau-liong joined hands with Song Ling following the strange grandfather who stepped into the large room. It turned out that in the large room there was still fragrant smoke. Although it is also damaged, the condition of the room is still quite good. In the middle of the room there is a statue of the gods Thay Siang Lokun and Goan Si Thian-cun. But it's already broken. Rats and bats nest in the holes of the statue.

47. Weird Old Man in White

The prayer table had apparently been cleaned, lit by candles, a small area. The censer was still smoking.

Once inside, the strange old man first put his iron staff on the corner of the wall and then knelt before the prayer table and saluted four times. After that he got up and said, "This is the statue of Tio Sam-hong Cousu, pay your respects quickly!"

Hearing that, Siau-liong was surprised and he subconsciously pulled Song Ling's hand to his knees in respect. After that, then Siau-liong lunged in front of the strange grandfather and said, "What clues are you going to give me locianpwe?"

For a moment, the old man said with a heavy tone, "In front of the statue of Tio Sam-hong Cousu, you must not speak a word of lies..."

"I never lie. But is there this locianpwe.... human race or god? Please locianpwe like to tell the name of the noble locianpwe?"

The strange old man smiled, "I have the task of guarding the treasure chest of Tio Sam-hong Cousu's relic..." He sighed and then said, "At that time I happened to be out so there was a big mistake!"

Siau-liong was stunned to see the grandfather. He never thought that the heirloom book of Thian-kong-sin-kang, turned out to have a guard.

He was surprised. Tio Sam-hong had been dead for almost a thousand years. As old as that geezer was, he was only over a hundred years old at most. Then who ordered him to guard the heirloom book?

The secret cave for storing heirlooms, there is no door at all. In the past, by accidentally breaking into the wall, he was able to enter the secret room. While the grandfather lived outside. How did he get in and out of that room?

And again on the first sheet of the book clearly written the words.... two people entered this room, only one matched...." the words were meant for him and Mawar Putih who both entered the room. that. If that geezer really was a shrewd necromancer, why did he know that on that day someone would enter the secret room, he would travel outside instead?

Siau-liong began to doubt but he didn't dare not believe the strange old man. The proof is, he has never met the grandfather at all but how does he know that he has entered the treasure room and took the Thian-kong-sin-kang book!

And surprisingly. When he entered the room where the book was, he was disguised as a cursed warrior. Ah, if the old man doesn't understand the science of hands, it's impossible to know his movements.

Suddenly the old man laughed softly, “Of course you are suspicious. But you know, even if Tio Sam-hong himself is still alive, he certainly doesn't escape his carelessness. I...."

Again he sighed. he said, “Yes, my big mistake, it can't be redeemed anymore. Twenty-one of my ancestors who have passed down from generation to generation are in charge of guarding the heirloom book. To think that the book ended up being destroyed under my care!"

His tone was full of regret and sorrow. It was as if he wanted to atone for sins.

"Does locianpwe live in that secret room?" asked Siau-lion.

"That's right, I've been secluded in that secret room for decades..."

"But the secret room has no door and no food supply. How did the locianpwe live for those decades?"

The old man was stunned, his eyes darted around and then laughed, “There is a secret door. You just can't find it!"

Siau-liong was silent but in his heart half couldn't believe it.

The old man said further, "I was assigned to guard the heirloom book until someone with a mate came. Who would have thought that you would break into that place so unexpectedly…”

"Then, I'm not a matched person," Siau-liong sighed.

"Your forehead is short, of course bad luck. The lines of the address are already visible, in a few days it will certainly happen. Sorry, if I say frankly, maybe you won't be able to live longer than ten days ..." the old man sighed and continued, “and you have done an unseemly act.

Shouldn't have destroyed the heirloom book. Shall I let the book disappear forever?"

Siau-liong was thrilled. The old man's words were word by word like the tip of a dagger stabbed into his heart.

Song Ling tugged at Siau-liong's sleeve and whispered near his ear: "Don't mind the ramblings. Maybe this grandpa isn't a good person!"

"Don't be afraid I can deal with it," Siau-liong comforted.

I hope he already has a plan. It didn't matter if the grandfather was a good person or a bad person, but because he felt he had destroyed the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book. Whatever will happen, he is ready to face it.

"Yes, everything has happened, somehow locianpwe want to try how to help with that?" he asked a moment later.

The strange old man smiled, “I thought about it for a long time but still couldn't find the strength to help. Ah, it turns out that the way I was about to propose that you have thought of too…”

“I really don't understand what locianpwe means. My cooking has…”

The strange old man laughed dejectedly and then walked over to the two young people. Siau-liong was surprised and quickly prepared. The old man stopped in front of them both. He looked at Song Ling's face sharply. A few moments later he laughed, “Good bones high talent. Truly a great shoot....”

Then he turned to look at Siau-liong, he said, "Didn't you ever want to pass Thian-kong-sin-kang to this girl?"

Back Siau-liong was surprised. He truly believed that the strange old man was a powerful necromancer. Otherwise how would he know that?

"That's right, I did mean that," he finally admitted.

The old man's frown turned serious, "Therefore, so that the heirloom book does not disappear from the world, you must pray to the spirit of Tio Sam-hong Cousu to ask permission to pass the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang to an heir... !"

He paused for a moment and then looked at Siau-liong, “First, you must teach this Thian-kong-sin-kang science to Miss Song. Not a word can be missed. Second, as long as you are alive for some time, you must not tell anyone about this knowledge. Moreover, never give that lesson to other people. So, can you accept that condition?"

The conditions that the strange grandfather wanted were precisely what Siau-liong had planned. He really wanted to pass the lessons of Thian-kong-sin-kang to Song Ling. Judging from the talent and intelligence of the virgin, he believed that in just a year, the virgin would master the magic. If the two world-conquering Demons couldn't be exterminated, he could at least put his hope in the virgin. In a year's time, after understanding the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, surely the virgin will be able to eliminate the two evil intruders in the martial world!

“Okay, I accept all of locianpwe's request,” said Siau-liong, “but I still have a request…”

"You're welcome if you want to say anything," said the strange grandfather while stroking his beard.

“I destroyed the Thian-kong sin-kang heirloom book because I was afraid that it would fall into the hands of bad people. In order to maintain this, the decline in knowledge must be carried out in secret. I'll tell the whole book to Miss Song. Judging by his intelligence, he must be able to remember very well."

"Yes, fine, I agree..." said the old man, "but how long can you pass the lesson down?"

Siau-liong was silent for a moment, he said, "In two hours or at least in three hours, of course it will be finished!"

The old man immediately asked the two young men to immediately start the lesson in the side room, he said, "I am guarding here for your safety."

"Okay," said Siau-liong then pulled Song Ling to the side room. But unexpectedly the virgin snorted coldly, "What do you need to go to the side room?"

"Eh, didn't you hear our conversation earlier?" Siau-liong was not happy.

"If you hear then what?"

Siau-liong widen. Thian-kong-sin-kang is the number one magic science in the martial world. Who can master it will certainly be a character without a match. Every martial arts person would drool dreaming of this magical science. But why did the virgin be reluctant?

"I'm going to give you a lesson in Thian kong-sin-kang science to miss. Don't you want to?" he said.

Song Ling laughed coldly, “You guessed right! I don't want that knowledge!"

Siau-liong gasped.

After waiting for a few moments the virgin didn't make any further statement reactions, Siau-liong knew that Song Ling must still be suspicious of the old man.

It turned out that the strange grandfather had also heard Song Ling's words. He was surprised too. His eyes wandered here and there but said nothing.

Siau-lion grimaced. He didn't know how to act. Sitting standing awry, his face blushed with shame.

Song Ling glanced. Apparently the virgin did not have the heart to let the young man in such rigidity. He giggled: ,,All right, let's go to the side room. But that doesn't mean I'm going to ask for a Thian-kong-sin-kang science lesson, you know..."

Then the virgin glanced at the strange old man and said, "Anyone, don't bother being upset!"

Grandpa was stunned. Suddenly he laughed dejectedly, “I've never seen anything wrong. There isn't a martial artist who doesn't drool over the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang..."

While looking at the two young men who were walking towards the side room, he called out again, “Please, Miss, study carefully and remember well. I'm still guarding here!"

The old man then stood in the doorway, holding out his iron rod. White hair with yellow robes fluttering in the wind, at a glance the grandfather really resembled a god who descended to earth....

The side room was separated by four five spears from the standing sikakek. Song Ling sat down in a rather clean place then said: “That pair of old fart eyes keeps wandering around. Of course it has malicious intent. What was said earlier was just nonsense, not necessarily…”

Siau-liong quickly grunted, “Please miss, don't be too suspicious. No matter what it means, I will teach the contents of the book in such a secret that it doesn't die. He won't be able to profit later..."

Song Ling laughed coldly, “You are so lacking in experience! Where does he want to just stand there? But as long as you really want to teach me that knowledge, we'll find a reason so I can accept it well."

Siau-liong's face red. He silently acknowledged the truth of those words. If he is careless and the knowledge is heard by an evil person, death will still not be able to atone for his sins.

Siau-liong bowed his head.

“I suspect that grandpa is an accomplice of the world-conquering devil. Who knows, maybe in this monastery there are still people who are hiding themselves in secret. It's not even impossible that these two wicked husbands and wives are here alone!"

"Siau-liong is like being bitten by a snake. Ah, right, right! Why is he so stupid? He quickly got up and looked out the door. But all around the corner was silent. There was nothing suspicious. Even the strange old man remained standing in the doorway facing the outside.

After researching for a while, he returned to Song Ling's place, saying: “There doesn't seem to be any suspicious sign of this place being a secret hideout. But for the sake of security, I'll use Sound Infiltration to teach it to you."

Song Ling laughed, “Have you heard of the science of Gazing at the sky, hearing the earth? If the person in hiding has that kind of knowledge, as long as it's still within ten spears, of course it can still catch your every move and every word you say. Don't think that Sound Infiltration is safe. Knowledge can still be captured by people..."

Glancing around for a moment, the girl continued, “All these plans must have been devised by a world-conquering demon. Considering that at this time we are still injured, if we leak the entire contents of the Thian-kong sin-kang book, of course they will immediately kill our souls. And that knowledge will belong to the world-conquering Devil and his wife forever. The martial world will surely be theirs!"

Siau-liong was thrilled: "That's right, Miss really is very smart!"

Song Ling smiled, “Ah, actually it's obvious. But because you are too honest that it is easy to believe what the grandfather said. Since you are the one who obtained and destroyed the book of Thian kong-sin-kang, the two world-conquering Ibils husbands and wives certainly don't want to kill you first. They want to set up a ploy to get the study of the book!"

Siau-liong wrinkled his forehead, he said, “Then, we will use this opportunity to return energy. In just 3 hours, we will be strong enough to break out of this place!"

“If I'm not mistaken,” Song Ling replied, “If you knew that you didn't teach me that knowledge, the world-conquering devil would not want to wait three hours…”

Pausing for a moment, the virgin sighed resignedly, "Ah, it's up to you...."

He was aware of the situation at that time. Both of their strength had not recovered so they were unable to fight. Not to mention the rows of swords hiding around the monastery, while the strange sikakek with an iron rod of two hundred catties alone was hard to deal with. Because there was no other way, Song Ling was forced to agree to Siau-hong's proposal. They immediately closed their eyes in meditation to return the energy.

Both of them had made up their mind. Just take advantage of those few hours to get back on track. Only then could they have any hope of escape.

It seemed that the strange geezer was really obliging himself as a security guard. And it's as if he doesn't care about Siau-liong who is teaching the wench a lesson.

While doing the channeling of breath and pure air, Siau-liong re-contemplated the contents of the Thian-kong-sin-kang book lessons to channel breathing, but he actually still has a lot of uncertainty about the issues of Spirit, Heart, Lust, Mind, Tranquility, Movement. , Emptiness and Reality in the science of breathing. So even in doing the breathing it was still not entirely successful as desired, but fortunately he had an intelligent brain and strong will. More or less he can also dive into some parts of the secret of the lesson.

About two old tea drinkers, the strange old man suddenly turned to look at the two youths. He saw Siau-liong and Song Ling sitting in meditation. The old man furrowed his brows and then turned to face again.

After an hour later, the old geezer was still standing in the doorway. Siau-liong was suspicious of the old man. While channeling his breath, he silently watched the grandfather's movements. But because it turned out that the grandfather did not make any movement, Siau-liong began to let go of his attention and pour out his enthusiasm to channel his breath.

Suddenly outside the monastery faintly heard the sound of people talking. Siau-liong simultaneously stop the channeling of breath and plug the ear. Ah, that's right, there are indeed newcomers outside the monastery.

For a moment, Siau-liong remembered the blood stains. He believed the visitor would certainly enter the monastery to investigate. And when he listened carefully, it turned out that there were no less than five or six of the immigrants. They were conversing quietly. Apparently worried that their conversation will be heard by people in the monastery.

"If that strange geezer is really an accomplice of the world-conquering Devil, that newcomer must be Ceng Hi totiang's entourage," Siau-liong quietly snuggled.

"If you want to come in, just go in right away. Why are you buzzing around here?" suddenly heard the sound of people shouting loudly. Following the sound of footsteps approaching people.

Siau-liong was thrilled. He was familiar with that tone of voice. But for a moment he forgot where he had met.

Song Ling had already opened her eyes. With a questioning look he looked at Siau-liong and then devoted his attention to listening to the movements of the visitors outside the monastery.

The strange old man started still calm. As if ignored. But at that moment he suddenly began to get restless. Inching from the doorway, he retreated back inside. Watching the two young people who were still sitting, he inched backwards behind the window. Suddenly he threw a passer signaling out.

Even though the passer or arrow only radiates a weak light, it can still be seen by Siau-liong. Now he realized. That strange geezer really is indeed an accomplice of a world-conquering Demon!

With the gift of the secret arrow, it was clear that the grandfather was not alone but with a group. Siau-liong immediately gave an eye signal to Song Ling. Both of them simultaneously got up and cursed in a dark corner of the room and waited for what happened.

The footsteps of that person immediately arrived in front of the monastery. And after releasing the signaling arrow, the strange old man immediately returned to standing beside the table. Upright guard while gripping the iron rod.

Apparently the newcomer was still doubting outside the door. Suddenly he was surprised to see a statue on the prayer table and a strange sikakek guarding beside the table. Immediately the man stepped in.

“Old man, are you the custodian of this monastery?” he rebuked in a loud voice.

But as soon as he felt that the question was wrongly addressed. He saw that the grandfather was not a priest or priest. And even that damaged monastery would have long since been neglected by people and there were no guards.

Suddenly the newcomer burst out laughing and then asked, "Hey, old man, what are you doing here? Why do you offer prayers in this place?"

The old man pretended to be indifferent. But he tried to block the visitor's gaze so as not to look into the side room. Then replied, "I'm a traveler and happened to be resting here..."

For a moment staring at the newcomer, he continued, "Are you also traveling in this area?"

In the side room, Siau-liong clearly saw who the newcomer was. Yes, no more. He is the big and tall Lu Bu-ki, the head of the Green Jungle in the Lam-lok area, which is known by the nickname Ruyung-iron-pelor-sakti.

Lu Bu-ki while gripping the iron rod looked suspiciously at the strange old man. Behind him were four martial arts masters ready with drawn weapons.

Siau-liong, who already knew clearly the status of the strange grandfather, was afraid that Lu Bu-ki would be tricked, quickly channeled his breath. After feeling his blood circulation loosen and his strength recovering a lot, he immediately got up and was about to step outside.

But suddenly something crossed his mind. And he canceled it.

May he remember that although the big Lu Bu-ki greatly admires and respects him, he is still in the position of the Evil Warrior. And now if he appeared as Siau-liong, the big tall man would definitely not recognize him.

Given that the big man was an honest and passionate man, he was worried that it would lead to misunderstandings. Could it be that he had to be patient and just wait for how things went before he would act with Song Ling.

It turned out that the big Lu Bu-ki didn't answer, just looked around and said, “Old man, this place is not a safe place. Better to leave this place as soon as possible. Have you never heard during your travels about the actions of the world-conquering Devil husband and wife who want to dominate the martial world and commit murder on a large scale?"

The strange grandfather was stunned, then laughed.

“I traveled all over the world. Do not interfere in the affairs of the martial world. I don't care about anyone!" he shouted.

A tall, skinny man was standing wielding a sword behind Lu Bu-ki. stared intently at the strange old man. It was then suddenly approached Lu-Bu-ki and whispered a few words.

The big geezer Lu Bu-ki rolled his eyes and groaned, "Right... right, then he took two steps towards the strange old man and snapped at him, "Old man, when did you come to this monastery?"

The old man took a step back and answered haltingly: "It was only last night and now I will continue my journey again..." then he grumbled, "I am not used to being pushed around by people with questions. If you have nothing else to do, please leave me alone. self."

Lu Bu-ki snapped at him, “Old man, if you meet this master of yours, you are indeed unfortunate. If you had come last night, surely you would know who was fighting outside this monastery?"

The old man stomped his iron rod. Apparently he was angry but he still laughed blandly and shook his head, “I told you, I don't care about the affairs of the martial world. Let alone not hear the noise, even if I hear it I don't care!"

Lu Bu-ki crossed the iron rod and shouted loudly, “Old man, I have been in the world of martial arts for twenty years. My eyes are full of seeing nothing, Hayo quickly tell me who you really are!"

His tone was harsh, his demeanor harsh. It's really an act that is usually shown by rude martial arts people.

Thus the four people who guard behind it. As soon as they saw the big guy was about to intervene, they quickly pulled out their weapons and continued to surround the strange old man.

Siau-liong was secretly anxious to see the big man's behavior. Let alone that grandfather still has a group hiding from around the monastery. Even if he's alone, the old man holding a two hundred catty iron rod is certainly hard to resist.

48. Strange Grandpa's Secret

But what happened then, was completely beyond his expectation. The grandfather who looked like a god and was thought to have supernatural intelligence, but in fact faced with the rude Lu Bu-ki, the old man showed a frightened face. He inched backwards. But his eyes kept staring out the window as if one were waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

Because the old man was silent, the rude Lu Bu-ki continued to swing his ruyung with the Scratch-flower-shake-tree move.

As the leader of the Green Jungle from the Lam-lok region, Lu Bu-ki of course has high intelligence. The cursing motion made a very sharp hissing sound.

The old man raised his stick to parry but his body quickly tilted to the side. Quickly withdrew the stick again and backed away to get out of the way.

But at that time he was near the wall of the room. Moreover, there were still four of Lu Bu-ki's bodyguards attacking. The old man could not escape anymore.

“Tring…!” how the old man retreated, his wand could not help but collide with the iron rod of the big Lu Bu-ki.

Suddenly the big man was stunned and took a step back. He looked at the grandfather in a daze. Seeing that the leader did not continue his attack, the four bodyguards each took a step back and waited.

The strange grandfather who had been cornered in the corner of the wall, looked frightened.

"Ho, may you be an animal!" Lu Bu-ki suddenly shouted a moment later. And immediately followed the ruyungpun swiftly swung to urge the strange old man.

The old man had his guts broken. His wand doesn't move erratically. Lu Bu-ki's rod was knocked down by Lu Bu-ki's wand.

Siau-liong and Song Ling saw clearly what was happening. At first glance, the strange old man's iron rod was very heavy, but it turned out to be able to be caught by Lu Bu-ki's ruyung. It was clear that the wand was not made of iron but of thin metal covered with leather.

Siau-liong secretly cursed himself for not being careful in judging people so he was easily tricked.

After his wand bounced off, the old man looked confused. Suddenly she screamed loudly, "Thian-cun, please! Please...."

Lu Bu-ki gasped. He snorted coldly, then slashed his ruyung to the grandfather's waist.

"Bluk"... the old man was blown away a spear further and collapsed on the ground.

Lu Bu-ki chased after him, “Beast, you still dare to pretend to be unconscious!” He kept on removing the old man's hair, beard, robe and coat.

It turned out that the person was wearing a fake face mask. He was no longer the old man but a man in his fifties. His real attire was just a set of clothes that had been damaged, worn and tattered. A khwat-mia or fortune-teller who travels to make a living in the martial world.

Lu Bu-ki stepped on the man's chest then snapped at him, “Hey, iron mouth, still know me!”

May that person be called Ong Thiat-go The Iron Mouth Man. A fortune teller who demands a living as a swindler. Gradually he did learn silat and had practiced internal energy. So Lu Bu-ki's slashing didn't make him faint. With squirming and squawking he called out Thian-cun or head father. But until his throat seemed to burst, still no reply or help came. It was only after Lu Bu-ki stepped on his chest that he didn't dare to act anymore.

"Poh-cu, I am indeed a sinner, servant..."

"Don't talk too much! The big one snapped, "Tell me why you dare to pretend like an old devil!"

Because his chest was squeezed so that it was difficult to breathe, the Iron Mouth grabbed Lu Bu-ki's legs tightly and couldn't speak.

The big man snorted and loosened his stomp, "Quickly say if you dare to lie your brain will scatter out!"

After taking a deep breath and looking out of the window for a moment, he said in a doubtful manner, “Poh-cu, the husband and wife of the world-conquering devil are in this monastery… servant….”

Indeed, when the Iron Mouth cackled for help from "Thian cun", Lu Bu-ki had already guessed that the two wicked husbands and wives must have been nearby. dead or alive.

Even though he was rude and violent, Lu Bu-ki turned out to be smart too. He realized that it was difficult for his comrades to escape the clutches of the world-conquering Demon. But before he dies, Lu Bu-ki must be able to thwart the plans of the world-conquering Devil and then he will report it to Ceng Hi totiang.

Presumably at that time Ceng Hi totiang had invited a group of dashing people to leave the Semi Valley. Along the way, many figures are advised to return to their respective places. Bringing only a few dozen prominent figures from the martial parties, they headed to Mount Go-bi, Lu Bu-ki tasked with being the vanguard up front.

"It doesn't matter what striped demon is here, if you don't want to tell the truth, your master will soon..." - snapped Lu Bu-ki while gripping the iron-mouthed man's shoulder. -kin-soh-kut!"

Hun-kin-soh-kut means to separate the veins and lock the bones. Of course the Iron-mouth was half-dead. "Please Poh-cu have mercy. I will say! Yes, I will say..."

Taking a breath, the Iron Mouth immediately said, “I am actually a prisoner of people. All the plans here are according to the orders of the world-conquering demon. I was told to pretend to be the custodian of the heirloom books left by Tio Sam-hong Cousu. And had to trick Kongsun Liong all the time into passing the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang to his traveling companion, Miss Song..."

"Nonsense!" snapped Lu Bu-ki, "what is the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang and Kongsun Liong!"

If the big guy doesn't believe the iron-mouthed talk, it's also reasonable. Because he had seen how in the row of Flower Trees in the Valley of Spring the other day, the Evil Warrior used Thian-kong-sin-kang's skill against Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay sin-ni. He was sure that the cursed warrior must have inherited the magic.

Immediately he added strength to his grip on the iron-mouthed man's shoulder so that the man screamed like a buffalo about to be slaughtered.

“Poh-cu, what I said is true. As long as Kongsun Liong wanted to pass the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang to Miss Song, the world-conquering devil immediately used the science of Sky-hearing-Earth-seeking to eavesdrop. After that he will kill the two youngsters and the knowledge will be in the sole possession of the world-conquering devil himself…”

"The longer you go, the more speechless you are!" snapped the big tall one, “if you have Thian-kong-sin-kang, can the world-conquering devil be able to kill him? And why did he want to pass down the magic knowledge to other people?"

After saying that savage continued to torture him again. The iron-mouth tried to point to the side room, he shouted, "If you don't believe me, please ask the two young men.... He has agreed to pass on the knowledge of Thiau-kong-sin-kang but the lady can figure out a trick .."

Suddenly from outside the window a ray of star shone straight into the Iron Mouth's throat. Lu Bu-ki was surprised. He wanted to help but was in no hurry.

A small, very sharp arrow pierced the Iron-mouth's throat. He cracked open, his body stretched and at another moment his limbs stuck out stiffly. His life is gone.

Around the wound on the arrow was black. It clearly contained a vicious poison.

Quickly Lu Bu-ki ran out. It turned out that Siau-liong and Song Li were already at the door. The hothead almost bumped into him. He stopped and snapped, "That Iron Mouth's talk earlier..."

"It's all true! I almost got tricked by her..."

While gripping the iron tip, the big tall one also exclaimed, “I'm really confused to hear all this! This thing.... this thing.... is really unbelievable!"

"It doesn't matter if you believe it or not, right now I don't have time to give a long explanation, it's just that ..." — suddenly he put his two fingers on a red stone that lay on the floor.

"Krek".... the red stone was broken apart.

The tall man's eyes narrowed and he screamed in surprise, “Thian-kong-sin-kang! It really is...." The four bodyguards behind him were staring like statues.

Suddenly Siau-liong used Infiltration to Lu Bu-ki, “Know hi, we are currently surrounded by a world-conquering demon. Even though I have the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, I haven't studied it for long. Still difficult to use and still suffering from injuries. If a world-conquering demon was here, it might still be difficult to deal with. He of course brought Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni. The result is like to imagine for us!"

But the big man did not want to think long. After learning with his own eyes how Siau-liong could use the Thian-kong-sin-kang curse, he immediately ordered two of his subordinates to report to Ceng Hi totiang.

After that he pointed behind the windows and doors. The two men immediately dispersed. Spread running backwards and forwards.

The two men were masters of the green jungle, they were also well-known people in the Bulim world. They were clear on the situation at the time.

But as quickly as they jumped out a silver gleam immediately struck him. It was so powerful that both people could fend off.

Lu Bu-ki and Siau-liong were shocked. They didn't see the direction the dark weapon was coming from.

Two muffled groans were heard. There was also a jump up, one who was floating in the air swooped down to the ground. Like a dying state, after stretching their bodies and their legs and arms stretched out for a while and then died. Obviously these two people were killed by poisoned arrows.

The big one roared like a hungry lion. But he could do nothing but watch his two men die horribly.

Suddenly a loud laugh was heard. Siau-liong was taken aback. He knew that tone of voice came from a world-conquering demon. But because the demon uses the science of laughing Airwaves, it is difficult to determine the direction of its arrival.

Silence a few moments later. Outside the monastery there was no sound anymore. But it is the beginning of something that is hard to imagine.

I don't know how many subordinates the world-conquering Devil brought with him? And what action will they take? And by being in that monastery room, Siau-liong, Lu Bu-ki and company seemed to be trapped!

Pulling Xiao Liong, Song Ling said in a whisper, “At this rate, you will eventually be exposed to their scheming. Seeing that the evil one has a desire and fear of the Thian-kong-sin-kang you have, why don't we just storm out!"

For a moment Siau-liong couldn't make up his mind. Only he agreed to barge out. But now the enemy is in the dark and he is in the light.

Because he failed to use the iron-mouth to extract Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge, it is possible that the demon would be angry and want to kill himself. Or maybe he will be made into a living statue like Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni, Randa Bu-san and others.

It seemed that Song Ling had also thought of that possibility. He took a deep breath and didn't want to push Siau-liong anymore. He looked around the corner, waiting to see what would happen.

Because it knows that it has Thian-kong-sin-kang. Lu Bu-ki puts the beautification on Siau-liong. He stood upright beside the young man while the two men guarded the door and behind the window.

Suddenly two shadowy figures appeared from the front door and slowly stepped in. Everyone exclaimed in surprise at the sight of the two newcomers.

The one in front of a woman in red. His head was down, his condition was pathetic. His hands were tied behind his back.

And behind him, a priest of short stature. Keeping goat's beard. His eyes gleamed with a sharp gleam of authority.

Siau-liong was surprised with joy. The priestess was none other than Liau Hoan the thin guard from Thian-san he was trying to find. The woman in red was Poh Ceng-in, the owner of Spring Valley.

Apparently, Liau Hoan did not know that the monastery was becoming a den of fighting tigers. So he casually entered the room.

"Liau Hoan siansu...." said Siau-liong in a trembling voice.

The skinny priest was taken aback. His eyes gleamed as he searched for the person who had called him. But at the same time, three specks of light struck his head, chest and legs.

At that time, Poh Ceng-in was only two steps away from Liau Hoan. The dark attack came from the side and was carried out swiftly and fiercely. It seemed impossible for Liau Hoan to dodge.

But earlier because Siau-liong called out to him, the priest was surprised and ready. And indeed the priest was not just any priest, but a powerful figure who was famous in the world of martial arts.

His body seemed to slide and quickly gripped Poh Ceng-in. Ouch.... the woman screamed and fell on her back.

Liau hoan moved extraordinarily fast. He shot behind Poh Ceng-in to dodge the dark attack. But because of being gripped by Poh Ceng-in, he fell backwards and met the attack of the dark weapon. He screamed and fell instantly.

Siau-liong's shock was unbelievable.... Shouting to Song Ling, he quickly kicked his feet into the middle of the room.

While still clutching Poh Ceng-in who was moaning in pain, Liau Hoan snapped, "Hm, I finally found you..."

Siau-liong did not have time to answer. He quickly grabbed Poh Ceng-in from the priest's hand and took him to the big room.

Liau Hoan immediately followed.

Song Ling, Lu Bu-ki and their two men were shocked to see what happened. What is the relationship between the woman in the red dress and Siau-liong that the young man is so adamant about helping her?

Lu Bu-ki knew Liau Hoan, he immediately saluted and reprimanded him. But unexpectedly the priest did not ignore it. Just for a moment looked at him coldly then approached Siau-liong.

Siau-liong seemed to rush to examine Poh Ceng-in's wound. The woman's left leg was hit by a sharp passer. Around the flesh is already dark red.

Quickly Siau-liong cursed the blood path at the woman's leg to stop the bleeding. Then pull out the arrow.

Because the secret weapon hit the left leg and was not a dangerous part, Poh Ceng-in didn't die as quickly as Ong the Iron-mouth. And after the blood was blocked, the circulation of the poison did not reach the heart so that the woman was aware of her thoughts.

Because the tip of the arrow was slightly bent, when it was pulled out by Siau-liong, the pain was so great that Po Ceng-in screamed in horror and fainted.

Siau-liong doesn't care if it hurts or not. He pulled out his dagger and immediately peeled away the dark red flesh.

Poh Ceng-in was really half dead once. Over and over again he came to his senses and came to his senses.

Covering his face, Song Ling asked, "Who is this woman?"

Siau-liong is busy operating on Poh Ceng-in's wound. He seemed to be so restless that he ignored Song Ling's question.

“Hey, are you deaf!” being ignored, Song Ling snapped at him.

Siau-liong squinted his eyes, replied reluctantly, "If you want to ask questions later..." — he continued to tear his shirt and bandage Poh Ceng-in's wound.

Song Ling was furious, her body shivered, “No, have to explain first!”

The virgin continued to grip Siau-liong's right hand. Of course, Siau-liong was surprised and stopped helping Poh Ceng-in.

“Ah, I can't explain it in such a short time. But if he dies, I won't live either!"

The girl looked at him for a moment. Suddenly he let go of his grip and took two steps back then laughed loudly, “Ah, may you be an unkind person! Dear taciku, Mawar is blind in her eyes. Including us mother and daughter!"

She kept turning her body to face the wall and crying loudly. Siau-lion sighed. After dressing Poh Ceng-in's wound he then walked over to Song Ling and lightly patted her on the shoulder, "Miss Song, I have a secret that is hard to tell, that woman..."

Song Ling struggled and screamed frantically, “No need to talk! I already know everything!"

Siau-liong stomped his foot and sighed and then returned to where Poh Ceng-in was.

Poh Ceng-in's face was dark in color, gasping for breath but already conscious. As soon as he opened his eyes and looked at Sian-liong, he immediately exclaimed, “Siau-liong! Sia...."

Siau-liong glared at her eyes and snapped at her, "Demon girl, you have tortured me..."

Poh Ceng-in laughed bitterly, "If I tortured you, why did you help me?"

Siau-liong furrowed his molars. He was very angry but could not do anything.

The woman is still in pain. Beads of sweat dripped from his head. But he still managed to laugh scornfully, "Of course not because of helping me but.... because he wanted to help yourself..."

Pausing for a moment, the woman said, "But now it's useless for you to say anything. Even if you can help me, you still can't help yourself. The arrows were specially made by my father. Who must die. At most it can only last up to an hour!"

"Demon girl, I will drink your blood!" shouted Siau-ling frantically.

Poh Ceng-in laughed loudly, “Humph, it's too late! My blood has been mixed with a vicious poison. If you don't drink my blood, you can live up to three days. But if you drink, at most you can only live two hours!"

Suddenly Siau-liong swung his hand against the woman's face. "Plak", instantly half of the woman's face swelled up. Blood is pouring out....

But Poh Ceng-in was getting mad. Ta laughed out loud.

By then Song Ling had stopped crying and looked at the scene dumbfounded. He was really surprised at the young man. Wasn't he so determined to help, why now hit him like that?

Also Lu Bu-ki was confused. He could guess that Poh Ceng-in was the daughter of the two world-conquering Demons. But he wondered why Siau-liong wanted to help him but suddenly wanted to kill him?

If Song Ling and Lu Bu-ki were astonished, it was Liau Hoan who was silent. He did not want to take care of Siau-liong who was angry with the woman who owned the Spring Valley.

Suddenly Lu Bu-ki's two bodyguards shouted, "Poh-cu, someone's coming outside!"

Everyone was surprised. Because they were attracted to Siau-liong, they did not pay attention to the situation outside the monastery.

When he looked out, he saw a woman with half-white hair, walking slowly into the room. Once inside. he looked this way and that and finally looked at Poh Ceng-in and Siau-liong. He immediately approached.

Lu Bu-ki quickly blocked his ruyung, snapping, “Who are you? Why dare to die!"

The gray haired woman rolled her eyes and laughed, “I am a person of the Spring Valley. I don't need to fight with you!"

Listening to the tall man's voice, he continued to advance towards Poh Ceng-in. Then he crouched before Poh Ceng-in, “Is Ms. suffering from torture?”

Suddenly Poh Ceng-in snapped at him, “Don't mind me! Get out of here quickly......" he gasped for air.

"Go home and tell my mother and father. I died from being hit by their poisoned arrows. Even death is sincere and does not hold grudges against anyone!" he said further.

The gray haired woman sighed.

"Fathers and sisters, I am very worried. Day and night think about yourself miss. Now suheng Miss Soh-beng Ki-su is thrown in Im-hong-tong's cave and will be chopped into pieces......"

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly, “Ah, this matter has nothing to do with Suheng. Don't punish innocent people!"

The gray-haired woman took out a silver-white bottle.

"I have orders from Thian-cun to deliver this medicine to Miss!" he said then looked at Siau-liong and snapped, “This medicine is specifically for curing Ngo-tok-bi-hun's poison arrows (five deadly poisons). Hurry up and drink it!"

How furious was Siau-liong at the time, but he had to do it too. But suddenly Poh Ceng-in kicked the medicine bottle. Fortunately, because his hands were tied, he could not move freely. And Siau-liong was able to welcome the bottle.

"You idiot! Don't you know that he and I have both drunk Jong-tok's poison?" Poh Ceng-in rebuked the woman.

The gray-haired woman was stunned, she exclaimed, "Then he certainly won't harm you."

"Crazy! He already knows how to get rid of Jong-tok's poison. As long as the poison in my body is clean, it will kill me!" Poh Ceng-in squeaked even more furiously.

The gray haired woman laughed. "It's okay," he said, "Thian-cun message me not to worry about anything!"

The woman turned to look at Siau-liong……

49. Devil Princess Shield

“A Miss Pik and a Miss Tiau,” the woman said, “are currently being held captive by Thian-cun, harming Miss Poh. "

After saying that he continued to stand. Looking at the entire audience, the woman was about to walk away.

"Stop!" snapped the Siau-lion.

The gray-haired woman stopped and turned away, she exclaimed, "Is Kongsun-siauhi ready to send another message?"

"Yes," said Siau-liong, "tell the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil. I'll give time until last sun so that the two Miss Pik and Tiau, Randa Bu-san and It Hang to-pole and the other characters are taken prisoner. it's all liberated...."

The gray-haired woman laughed blandly. "What do you mean Kongsun-siauhi ready to make an exchange between Miss Poh and the captives?"

"Think of it that way!" said Siau-liong, "otherwise, don't regret that I acted viciously. I will slowly put their beloved daughter to death!"

“If Kongsun-siauhiap likes to exchange our Miss Poh for the two Misses Pik and Tiau, it will probably be passed. But if Randa Bu-san, It Hang totiang and several other figures, they have declared themselves to serve our thian-cun. Because they have great regard for the authority and power of thian-cun (World-Conquering Devil and Hell Goddess). Even though the thian-cun wanted to liberate, maybe they themselves didn't want to…”

“Nonsense!” Song Ling snapped, “what kind of human is that world-conquering devil and his wife? Mother can't..."

Because of anger and madness, the virgin was unable to continue her words.

The gray haired woman just laughed coldly, “Alright! I'll pass on your message. But what about thian cun's decision, I don't dare to go ahead..."

He stopped and looked at Siau-Liong, he shouted: “Please Kongsun-siauhiap quickly drink the medicine to Miss Poh. If anything happens to our lady, not but all the captives will be exterminated nor will you be given any life!"

After saying that, the gray-haired woman snorted as she took a step outside.

After the woman disappeared, everyone was still speechless. The big Lu Bu-ki paced back and forth in front of the prayer table. The anger in his stomach felt like it was about to explode.

Father Liau Hoan said a religious prayer. With a calm face he sat in the corner of the room looking fixedly at Siau-liong.

At that time, Siau-liong grabbed a small vial of medicine. After a moment he took a deep breath and uncorked the bottle. It contained only half a bottle of white powder. Because there was no water and a bowl, he was stunned for a moment.

Poh Ceng-in's breath was getting heavier. His eyebrows radiated a dark green color. Indicating that the poison had begun to work, it spread throughout his body.

Even though he didn't have the energy to look at Siau-liong, his consciousness was still good, he exclaimed, "I don't want to take that medicine... I'd rather die..."

"True," growled Siu-liong, "you want to die but I want to live." He keeps slapping the lady's feet. Although only slowly but because the poison had spread throughout his body, the slap made Poh Ceng-in faint instantly.

Truly Siu-liong was not a cruel young man. But he already hated Poh Ceng-in to death. If he can he wants to chop her up and eat her heart or drink her blood.

But at that time he could not do that. Because the world-conquering Devils have succeeded in using powerful figures such as Jong Leng lojin, Lam-hay Sin-ni, the Cursed Dragon, Demon Tiger and Randa Bu-san to disrupt the martial world.

The only way to prevent the plans of the two evil husband and wife is only their daughter. If the woman who owned the valley had been killed at that time, the world-conquering demon and his wife would have gone berserk and the consequences would have been hard to describe.

Siau-liong was pensive for a while while holding the medicine bottle. Then he looked at everyone and asked who brought the water.

Lu Bu-ki stepped forward and slipped the water bag on his waist, handed it to Siau-liong, "There's still half a bag."

Thus Siau-liong then poured water and powdered medicine. When stirred, it smells rancid, making people want to vomit.

After that Siau-liong immediately opened Poh Ceng-in's mouth and poured the medicinal water. The woman's stomach was rumbling and not long after that her body began to squirm, her forehead dripping with warm sweat. And the dark green color on his eyebrows began to disappear. His cheeks were getting redder. Apparently the poison had disappeared.

After about a cup of his old tea, Poh Ceng-in came to his senses. But still weak and incessant moaning.

For almost half a day he wriggled and stretched. He forced himself to look at Siau-liong and said haltingly, “Siau-liong.... ask you for something... would you like it?”


“Release….the rope that binds….my hand….”

Siau-liong furrowed his brows. He didn't trust her anymore. Even though she was weak, she still suspected that the woman was trying to devise a ploy. If she was released, wouldn't that create many possibilities? Maybe it will run away and maybe it will do other unexpected things.

"It's okay if you suffer a little bit first. As long as your parents agree to my request for the prisoners to be released, you will soon be free too!" he said.

Poh Ceng-in sighed, “You... are really cruel.... right, right.... at least... don't have any love....” — he kept his eyes closed again.

By that time, the day had passed. But because the weather was cloudy it seemed that the room was getting dark.

The corpse of the iron mouth Ong Thiat-go has been carried to a corner. His face was dark black. A sign of how vicious the poison that had taken his soul.

Everyone is silent. Only their faces seemed to contort like people in deep thought.

Now Song Ling already knows Siau-liong's personality. Not only did his anger disappear, the girl also sympathized with him. The Dara approached Siau-liong's place and sat by his side.

"I misunderstood. Aren't you... angry?" he said choked up.

At that time, Siau-liong's mind was being poured out to find a way to deal with the atmosphere at that time. Until the virgin approached and sat beside him, he did not know at all.

He just stuttered after hearing the words of the virgin. Then quickly replied, “I'm not a narrow-hearted person. Please, miss, don't think about it."

Song Ling laughed. He looked fixedly at Siau-liong, he said, “Ugh, his face is already bright. Have your wounds healed?"

Siau-liong laughed wryly, he thought, “This wound will take at least four or five days to heal. This dish can quickly recover?"

Then he asked what about Song Ling's own injuries. The girl said it was good. But the tone of his speech was vulnerable as if he didn't want to tell Siau-liong frankly.

Siau-liong looked at him sharply and was surprised. The virgin's face looked bluish lesions, her eyes did not shine and her hands were shaking. A sign that the virgin is still suffering from internal injuries.

Seeing this, Siau-liong immediately asked the virgin to meditate to return her health.

"Never mind, don't think about other people. You also have to rest yourself!" said Song Ling.

Siau-liong smiled, “Frankly I say. I have indeed had extraordinary fortune. Eating Im-yang-som fruit that is thousands of years old and drinking the blood of ancient lizards in the mountain crust, and…”

He was about to say that even the Evil Warrior had channeled all his pure energy into him. But soon he realized that the information was unnecessary. So he hastily changed words, "And again I have also obtained the knowledge of the Thian-kong-sin-kang magic lesson. Just one hour of rest, the same as an ordinary person resting one day. Moreover, my wound has been treated by the lady's mother..."

Song Ling laughed, “I also already have the foundation of Ya-li-sin-kang's profound knowledge. This Lukaku doesn't matter either!"

The girl looked at Poh Ceng-in, she asked, "Is she really the daughter of that evil husband and wife?"

Siau-liong nodded, “That's right, as long as he doesn't escape, even if the world-conquering devil wants to use any tactics, of course we can handle it.

Song Ling was still unclear about Poh Ceng-in's words about Jong-tok's poison and the gray-haired woman's talk earlier. So the virgin asked, "Is that woman also as vicious as her mother (Goddess of Hell)?"

Siau-liong was suddenly amused, he replied, "Probably more vicious than his mother!"

Apparently Poh Ceng-in heard the conversation too. He opened his eyes to look at Siau-liong then sighed and closed his eyes again.

Siau-liong secretly gasped. He felt sorry for having tortured the mind of a woman who was already helpless. He realized it was not chivalrous. So he did not want to continue his words anymore.

Quiet atmosphere. At that time, Liau Hoan siansu, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly shouted, “Kongsun sicu!”

Siau-liong stuttering. Indeed, since then he had almost forgotten the priest. So he hastily answered.

Father Liau Hoan laughed, “Almost ten hours this red demon girl was in my hands, barely escaping a few times. But I know how important this woman is to you. So I always guarded it hard and was finally able to hand it over to you!"

The sacred priest was reluctant to speak. A thing that makes Siau-liong surprised. He still remembered how cold the priest was when he met him. Why are you turning so friendly now?

"Thank you lotion," he said.

"You don't need to thank me. Even I should be the first to congratulate you."

Siau-liong took a deep breath, "What happened to me that the lotionansu wanted to congratulate me?"

"Omitohud," said Liau Hoan siansu, "sicu has been lucky to get an inheritance that is second to none in the world of Thian-kong-sin-kang magic. One day Sicu will certainly become the number one expert in the martial world. Isn't that worthy of congratulations?"

Siau-liong was stunned. But he still sighed, "Ah, losiansu only knows that I have got Thian-kong-sin-kang, but you know..." suddenly he thought there was no need to tell the magic priest his situation. So he didn't want to continue.

Liau Hoan smiled, "Although Sicu is currently having difficulties, but everything will go smoothly..."

Siau-liong blinked his eyes reluctantly, he said, "Frankly, I can say that the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang has not been studied and my soul is like a candle in the wind. Coupled with the actions of the two world-conquering Devil husbands and wives. I can't predict how it will turn out. Maybe even now, we won't be able to escape from this space…”

Liau Hoan laughed loudly, “Ah, sicu is really worried too much. Don't have any more dependents in the form of this red dress stealth, even if there are no hostages, are you afraid of sicu?"

There was shame in Siau-liong's heart. For a moment he could not speak.

"I came all the way here, because I wanted to defend the interests of the martial world. Besides, I wanted to ask for sicu's help."

The lion was surprised. He thought, he did not know the priest. Even had fought but why now want to ask for his help?

Judging by the attitude of Liau Hoan, who was surprised to find out that he already possessed the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, he suspected that the priest must be similar to Lam-hay Sin-ni and other people. It is trepidation.

"I'm not acquainted with lotionansu yet. Why do you want to ask me for help?" he asked.

Frankly, Liau Koan replied, “Even though I don't know Sicu yet, I know the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang. Frankly I want to say. If it wasn't for that Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge, I wouldn't have come here later…”

"Ah, unfortunately the lotion is a bit late. I have obtained the Thian-kong-sin-kang and the lotion is forced to return empty-handed!" Siau-liong laughed coldly.

Liau Hoan laughed, “It's not too late at all. That Thian-kong-sin-kang sicu got it, really deserves to make people happy. Indicates that everything in this world already has its own provisions."

He paused for a moment and then said, "I don't have anything at all, but I just want to ask Sicu for help with something."

"I don't know what Losiansu was trying to tell me to do?"

Liau Hoan said, “After Sicu finished Sicu's business, I asked Sicu to come to Thian-san Mountain. By borrowing the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang that sicu has, to blow away the dreams in my life that have not been fulfilled..."

With pleading eyes, Liau Hoan looked at Sian-liong, “I guarantee that sicu's help will be a priceless reward.”

Siau-liong didn't have the appetite to ask about it. Because he already felt that his life would not be long. There are many burdens on his shoulders but what can he do, his strength is no longer sufficient.

Finally he replied with a crooked laugh, "As long as I'm still alive in this world, of course I will do the lotionansu's orders."

"A man's words, glued like a mountain. Please don't regret it," said Liau Hoan.

Siau-liong laughed bitterly, “Tomorrow mid-fall next year, if I was still alive, of course, Mount Thian-san would carry out the lotion's request. But..." he sighed, "ah, even though I have God's blessing, my life is only until the middle of next year's fall!"

After saying that he looked at Po Ceng-in but said nothing.

Liau Hoan laughed indifferently, “With this promise, sicu has granted my request!”

At that time, Lu Bu-ki, who had been walking back and forth in the room, seemed to have run out of patience. Immediately he approached Siau-liong and shouted loudly, "Kongsun-siauhiap, should we just wait here?"

"Then what do you think, Brother Lu?" Xiao Liong asked back.

“In my opinion, we'd better barge out. When we meet these two wicked husbands and wives, we just fight so that we can quickly find out if they are dead or alive. It's better than having my chest suffocated with anger!"

Lu Bu-ki, a person of great height, mighty strength and fierce character.

Looking outside, Siau-liong didn't know what time it was so he asked Lu Bu-ki about it.

"Surely the sun has set by now," said Lu Bu-ki.

"I have asked the gray-haired woman to convey to the world-conquering Demon that after sunset must release the captives..."

Lu Bu-ki quickly retorted, “Ah, no way! Judging by the cunning of the two demons…”

"I knew they wouldn't do that too. But even if we want to leave this place we must also wait until the new day is a bit safe!" said Siau-lion.

Liau Hoan siansu suddenly said, “In my opinion, within an hour at the most, there will be changes. The two wicked husbands and wives must have prepared a plan to face us!"

It seems that the opinion of the sacred priest was approved by everyone. If they patiently waited, surely the world-conquering Devils side could not remain silent.

Especially the restless Song Ling. In all his life, he had never been apart for a day from his mother. It didn't matter if her mother had been taken prisoner by the world-conquering demon so that the girl's heart was crushed.

He forced himself to take a few breaths. After that he opened his eyes again and looked at Siau-liong.

By then the room was getting darker. Apparently it was evening. Suddenly, a loud, long laugh was heard. It was obvious that the man had used the science of laughing Air-wave-wrecking so it was hard to predict how far apart that person was. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But Siau-liong and his friends know that the one laughing is the world-conquering devil. Likewise they can guess that the demon is in that old monastery.

At the same time, people realize that laughter is a sign that the enemy is about to act. Tighten their hearts for a moment. Soon they were ready.

After signaling, Siau-liong and Song Ling took their seats, sitting on the left and right of Poh Ceng-in.

As soon as the laughter disappeared, there was a thunderous yell, "Old curse!"

Everyone gasped.

Siau-liong pounding. He guessed that the world-conquering Devil must have known the secret of his disguise. Otherwise, why did he call him that.

Thankfully the world-conquering Demon discontinued the call and laughed again. Suddenly he called out with another call, “Kongsun-hiapsu!”

Siau-liong was about to answer but Lu Bu-ki couldn't bear it any longer and kept yelling, “Old devil, don't try to sell your behavior in front of your big lord! If you dare, come out and fight openly!"

The world-conquering demon was still laughing, “I don't have the time to argue with you. You know, you don't deserve to talk to me!"

Lu Bu-ki's hair and beard stretched straight up. With a loud roar he continued to pull out the iron whip and was about to charge. But Siau-liong shouted to stop. The tall one was stunned and stood still.

"If you can't contain your feelings in small matters, big work will be abandoned. If you want to move forward, it's like a bit of a gnat hitting a fire. It takes souls in vain. It's better to be patient for a while longer," said Siau-liong.

"Currently, we will have to fight sooner or later. Why don't we just storm out now?" shouted Lu Bu-ki.

"The enemy is in the dark and we are in the light. Attacking blindly will only lead to the devil's trap. But if we act calmly waiting for the opponent's movement, at least we can hold back the enemy!" said Siau-lion.

"Siancai! Siancai!" said Liau Hoan, Kongsun-siauhiap is really not disappointed to be the heir to the Thian-kong-sin-kang magic knowledge!"

Even though Lu Bu-ki already believed more and more that Siau-liong had indeed obtained the magical knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, but because he had not witnessed the young man using this magic, Lu Bu-ki was secretly curious. He snorted and then turned his body so as not to break through the outside.

The words of the world-conquering Devil were heard as well, “Slave she Kongsun, whether it's martial arts or intelligence, I can't possibly lose to you. Only the incident that you managed to find the Thian-kong sin-kang heirloom book that amazed me beyond measure. But I still have the power to face you. Because you have already taken the heirloom book, then there is no other way but to kill you before you can learn that knowledge!"

Siau-liong laughed coldly. He also used Disturbing-wave-air, laughing, “Old devil, the tempo limit I gave you has run out. If you don't want to obey my orders, don't be sorry if I kill your daughter."

The world-conquering Demon laughed loudly, “Slave Kongsun! During my life I have never received pressure from people.... You cut a piece of my son's hair, of course I will torture the prisoners in a fierce way."

Poh Ceng-in suddenly squirmed and shouted loudly, “Well, don't mind him! Just kill all the captives! If dad wants to kill the two girls. means that father has avenged my hurt, because I.... have to die anyway...."

Siau-lion is angry. He immediately cursed the woman's blood path so that he could not do anything but still can breathe.

The world-conquering demon was stunned for a long time before shouting, “Slave Kongsun, I will comply with your request to free those captives!”

After saying that, the world-conquering demon froze so that the situation in the broken monastery room was silent again.

50. Mother And Child

By then it was already dark. The autumn wind howled outside the monastery. But Siau-liong and all his entourage, can still clearly see the situation around there.

After drinking his old tea, Lu Bu-ki suddenly exclaimed, "Someone's coming here!"

It turned out that the big tall man was waiting at the door. If anyone came, he was the first to see it.

Because he was afraid to leave Poh Ceng-in from his place far from the door, he could not clearly see who the visitor was.

"How many people?" he asked.

Still looking out of the monastery, the big tall one replied, "Only one!"

Siau-liong turned to Liau Hoan and waved, “Hope the lotion likes to come here!”

Liau Hoan suddenly floated to the side of Siau-liong. Everyone was fascinated by the movement of the sacred priest. Still sitting, his body soared to two meters in height and when he floated beside Siau-liong it turned out that the priest was still sitting. In the slightest his sitting position did not change.

Siau-liong and Song-ling were shocked.

"What sicu message do I need to convey?" asked Liao Hoan.

"I'll give that woman again the lotion to guard her. If the enemy dares to attack us, quickly curse her blood path!"

In saying the last words, Siau-liong deliberately raised his voice.

Father Liau Hoan agreed. The lion quickly darted to the side of the door. Ah, it turns out that the crowd that came was only one. Siau-liong was shocked when he found out that the newcomer was none other than Randa Bu-san.

Randa Bu-san stopped in front of the monastery door. After that, just slowly swing your steps towards the monastery room.

Siau-liong hastily saluted, “Ah, auntie is finally back. Auntie's daughter, my friends and I are very worried about aunt's fate."

Then he turned to Song Ling who was sitting in the corner of the room. Dara was apparently staring at her mother. And at another moment he kept running towards her, shouting shakily, "Mom, if you don't come back, I'll die of confusion!" — she kept falling into her mother's arms and sobbing.

Randa Bu-san is also very sad. He hugged the princess while comforting, “Son, don't cry! My heart doesn't feel good!"

The woman pulled the silk veil that covered her face and wiped her daughter's tears.

Suddenly there was a loud laughing voice from the world-conquering demon. Instantly Randa Bu-san's face changed. A pair of fierce eyes looked at everyone. His face looked awful. His brows radiated murderous light.

The moment his eyes landed on Poh Ceng-in's body lying on the ground, he immediately approached. The steps are very heavy. Each step left a three-dimensional mark on the ground.

Seeing that, Siau-liong quickly shot up to the woman's face, she cried, "Cianpwe, you ..."

“Get out of the way! ' snapped Randa Bu-san.

Song Ling, who was still cradled on Randa Bu-san's shoulder, was also worried about her mother's condition. Pulling his mother's left arm, he shouted, "Mom, how are you doing?... What do you want?"

Randa Bu-san was stunned, stroking Song Ling's hair, "Son..."

Before he had finished speaking, suddenly the world-conquering devil laughed loudly. Randa Bu-san's body immediately trembled and then pulled the arm that was grabbed by Song Ling and looked at Poh Ceng-in as well. For a moment he took another step forward.

Seeing that, Siau-liong hastily shouted to Liau Hoan siansu, "Quickly open the path of the demon woman's blood and slap the wound as hard as possible!"

At that time, Randa Bu-san was already a spear away from Liau Hoan siansu and Poh Ceng-in. A perfect distance to attack.

Liau Hoan stared intently at Randa Bu-san but he obeyed Siau-liong's orders to open the path of Poh Ceng-in's blood and then swiftly slapped Poh Ceng-in's injured leg.

As soon as his blood path opened, Poh Ceng-in was about to open his mouth. But before he could say anything, his leg was slapped. He screamed in horror and passed out again.

As quickly as that time, Siau-liong then used his Airwave-Shaking skill, snapping at the world-conquering Demon, "Old devil, do you really not want your daughter?"

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “Slave, I only followed your words to free the captives…”

Suddenly from afar came some horrified screams. Siau-liong gasped and listened intently. He was familiar with that tone of voice. Yes, there's no mistaking it.... White Rose and Tiau Bok-kun.

Siau-liong gritted his teeth. His face turned pale and cold sweat was pouring down.

"Old devil, stop it!" he snapped at the world-conquering Demon.

"Then don't torture Ceng-ji either. I am following your word to free the captives one by one," cried the world-conquering Demon in a loose tone.

At that moment the screams of White Rose and Tiau Bok-kun stopped. Randa Bu-san looked fixedly at Siau-liong. He suddenly let out a cold snort and stretched out his arms and ambushed Poh Ceng-in's place.

The lion was surprised. He realized that Randa Bu-san was under the magic of a world-conquering demon. Same with Lam-hay Sin-ni, Jong Leng lojin and others. Randa Bu-san must have received orders to seize Poh Ceng-in. If Poh Ceng-in, who was to be taken as a hostage, were to be recaptured by the world-conquering Demon, the consequences would be great.

The snatching motion of Randa Bu-san was strange and terrifying. Siau-liong didn't have much time to think anymore. He hit both of Randa Bu-san's arms.

A golden light flashed and Randa Bu-san immediately bounced three steps back.

And at that time, Padri Liau Hoan had grabbed Poh ceng-in and was carried back a few steps back.

Randa Bu-san didn't even think that he would be hit by Siau-liong. Get angry with him. With fierce eyes he looked at Siau-liong, snorted coldly then raised to hit him.

Song Ling was nervous and worried. She pulled Randa Bu-san's hand as hard as she could while lamenting, "Ma....ma...."

It turned out that even though Randa Bu-san had lost consciousness, he still remembered and did not forget his son. He wrinkled his forehead and lowered his right hand, "Son, why are you today? Why are you minding my business!"

Song Ling stomped her feet as she exclaimed, “Mom, are you really in a daze? Why would you hit him? Have you forgotten that you once helped his soul?" He's a good person..."

Randa Bu-san furrowed his brows, snapping at him, “Son, you don't understand this. Listen to me. I have found a good place for you. We'll both be able to enjoy happiness forever!"

With tears in her eyes, Song Ling cried, “Mom, what do you mean…?”

Randa Bu-san's eyes darted around and looked at Poh Ceng-in again, then pointed at him, “After mom takes it, I'll immediately take you out of here.”

After saying that he continued to approach Liau Hoan siansu and Poh Ceng-in's place.

"Ma, remember! Why did you get misled by them....!" Song Ling shouted as she grabbed her mother.

Not expecting to be pulled and Song Ling pulling with all her might, Randa Bu-san staggered back a few steps and almost collapsed.

After standing up straight, with a frozen face coldly, Randa Bu-san screeched, “Son, are you really going to go against your mother?”

Those words were full of anger.

Siau-liong who witnessed the incident, was uneasy. He hastily shouted to Song Ling, urging the girl to try to awaken Randa Bu-san's mind to remember the past events.

Song Ling complied. He immediately hugged his mother, "Mom, do you still know your child?"

Randa Bu-san was amazed. His brows furrowed in sorrow. He forced a laugh, “What an idiot you are talking about…!”

Two tears fell from the woman's eyelids. Then he said vulnerable, “Mama only has a single daughter. I wish I could forget you..."

Seeing that her mother could be touched by her feelings, the girl hurriedly followed up the words again, "Do you still remember why we came here?"

Randa Bu-san stared intently at her daughter's face for a few moments. Then said, “Silly boy! Why are you still asking no-nonsense!"

"First, we want to find a cursed swordsman to avenge my father's heartache! Second, although we don't want to get the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book, we will try our best so that this magical knowledge doesn't fall into the hands of the two evil Demon Conquerors- world!"

Randa Bu-san's face went blank. His eyes wandered a few times and suddenly he took a deep breath.

Song Ling shook her mother's body slowly, "Those words, didn't you tell me yourself? Mama often said, the journey of life in this world is full of dangers. Many human hearts are deceitful In the martial world full of thorns and traps. But why did mama herself get tricked by people...?"

Apparently Song Ling's words could touch Randa Bu-san's conscience. He just stood there saying nothing.

Siau-liong's heart was prone to witnessing that scene. He almost burst into tears. He was once helped by that woman from Bu-san. He considered the woman besides having knowledge of magic martial arts, she also had a lot of knowledge. A woman who can be classified as a cianpwe level. Siau-liong felt as if his heart was being slashed as he watched the woman get used by the evil husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil.

Siau-liong retreated to the side of Liau Hoan, he said, “Randa Bu-san has clearly been possessed by a world-conquering demon. As a person with extensive experience, what do you think of lotionansu to help him?"

Liau Hoan shook his head, “I don't understand Black magic, and again…. Judging by the fact that his mind hasn't completely disappeared, why can't he tell the difference between Black and White? Why would he be so absent-minded in carrying out the orders of the world-conquering Demon? This really confused my mind. Instead you can take him alive and slowly check his condition. Maybe we will be able to find the source of the illness…”

Siau-liong sighed, “Randa Bu-san is the inheritor of Ya-li-sin-kang's knowledge. Is a first-class character today. To catch him, is not an easy thing!"

Seeing his mother still not conscious. Song Ling screamed, “Mom, how come you don't know that the two world-conquering Demons are despicable evildoers who are a danger to the martial world?”

In the midst of the silent night, again the loud laughter of the world-conquering demon sounded. Randa Bu-san furrowed her brows. As soon as the laughter stopped, the woman's face suddenly changed and shouted at Song Ling viciously, “Son, don't talk recklessly. The world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were the two great figures of this era. Don't insult yourself as you wish..."

Pausing for a moment he said again, “I have arranged everything for you. I'm sure you will be happy. Won't you suffer the same fate as your mother before?"

Song Ling replied: "Didn't Mama give me advice and lessons in the past? Oh, don't you remember anymore?"

Randa Bu-san sighed, “Ah, it was my old mother's fault!”

"Mom, why are you getting more and more absent-minded!" Song Ling shouted as she shook her mother's body.

Randa Bu-san glared. Suddenly he slapped the girl in the face. "Plaque"... not expecting to be slapped by his mother, Song Ling didn't watch and slapped her cheek. Instantly his eyes lit up, his head was dizzy, his mouth was bleeding. 

Apparently Randa Bu-san is still not satisfied. He pushed his daughter's body so that she staggered a few steps, then walked towards Liau Hoan.

Holding her aching right cheek, Song Ling screamed, “Ma, don't…” – the wench kept shooting towards Randa Bu-san.

The lion was surprised. He knew that Randa Bu-san had indeed been possessed by a world-conquering demon. The woman's mind was already in a daze. If Song Ling still got involved, Randa Bu-san would be angry and forget. This woman will certainly intervene seriously to her own daughter.

"Miss, back off!" Xiao Liong quickly shouted to prevent Song Ling as he jumped up and pulled the wench with his left hand and his right hand pushed Randa Bu-san's shoulder.

Liau Hoan was also very agile. When Randa Bu-san was about to take Poh Ceng-in, the priest quickly took him out of the way.

Because his hands were tied behind his back and his legs were injured. Poh Ceng-in couldn't do anything when the thin Liau Hoan priest brought him here and there.

Randa Bu-san was furious. With a shrill shriek he left Poh Ceng-in which Liau Hoan had brought. Turning his body he looked at Siau-liong intently. Now he took his anger out on the young man. As fast as lightning he hit the young man's head!

The lion was surprised. He realized that the woman's punch was not as great as it was. He didn't want to parry and hastily jumped to the side while pushing the woman's shoulder again.

Song Ling was even more confused. He wept and howled. Seeing Siau-liong fighting with his mother, the virgin quickly rushed forward, "Don't hurt my mother! Ah...."

Even though he was forced to fight, Siau-liong was still conscious of his mind. He knew that Randa Bu-san had once helped his soul. He also knew that the woman had indeed acted out of consciousness of her own mind because she had been drugged by the world-conquering Demon. So whatever the case, he did not want to harm the woman.

It's just that he has difficulties. Randa Bu-san has the magic knowledge of Ya-li-sin-kang, is he able to match the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang that his skin has just learned? Moreover, he was still suffering from severe internal injuries.

Fortunately, in launching the attack, Randa Bu-san's movements were not like that of a healthy person but rather stupid. When the two punches collided, Randa Bu-san and Siau-liong both took a few steps back.

Randa Bu-san looked at Siau-liong with fiery eyes as he said to himself, "Thian-kong-sin-kang, really Thian-kong sin-kang..." suddenly he hit again.

Siau-liong rely on agility to dodge to and fro. Setempo counterattacked from the side to force the woman back.

In the blink of an eye, he had already cast more than twenty moves. The wind howls, the dust scatters. Song Ling kept screaming and crying...

At first, Siau-liong was still worried if he couldn't face it. But after twenty moves had passed, his belief emerged. He felt that not only did the internal wound not recur, but the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang, which he had only recently learned, seemed to be advancing.

At that time he felt, every punch or finger knock and slap, more powerful than before. And what's more exciting, every movement that is launched, you don't have to think long.

While fighting with Randa Bu-san, Siau-liong's brain struggled to remember the contents of the Thian-kong-sin-kang heritage book lesson. He remembered the words contained in the book:

“Desire arises from the Mind. Thoughts penetrate the heart. When Spirit and Desire unite, Heart and Spirit come into contact with each other....then there is birth....In stillness arises Motion, in Motion arises Calm...and so on."

Thanks to his intelligent brain, Siau-liong was able to dive into the words in the book. Instantly his joy overflowed. Instantly his movements quickened. He swiftly surrounded Randa Bu-san.

The big tall Lu Bu-ki and his men, served as the back door and front door. At that moment, they felt that at the door, several figures had stepped into the room. They numbered seven people. His uniform is blue. The face is covered with thin silk. Slowly they entered the room.

Lu Bu-ki spun around and screamed, “There are some people coming!”

In the midst of shouting, the big man stepped up to the front man and shouted at him, "Stop!"

Unexpectedly the seven blue shirts ignored him. Even the one who walked in the front, immediately waved a hand slapping Lu Bu-ki's face.

Lu Bu-ki was furious. With a growl like a tiger, he dodged and whipped with an iron rod. He used the Bird-stork-spread-wings tactic.

The atmosphere is getting more and more chaotic. Lu Bu-ki and his two bodyguards immediately fought the newcomer. Four people in black clothes immediately ran over to where Song Ling was.

While battling Randa Bu-san, Siau-liong stealthily stole the opportunity to pay attention to the herd of newcomers. Siau-liong secretly grew restless.

Even though the group of immigrants wore the same silk veil covering their very thin faces, but because it was getting darker, it was difficult to determine which of the newcomers were martial arts figures.

Fortunately, Siau-liong has a very sharp sense of sight. He could still see the faces behind the veil.

It turned out that the immigrants disguised as silk cloths included It Hang, the leader of the Siau-lim-si party, Thi Bu-seng, a figure from the Tiam Jongpay party, the chairman of Ji-tok-kau Tan I-hong, the chairman of the Tong-thing-pang si association. Im-yang Cu Kong-leng fan and the three Kun-lun Sam-cu figures.

The three Lu Bu-ki fought with Kun-lun Sam-cu. Ten moves later, one of Lu Bu-ki's men suddenly screamed in horror and fell to the ground.

But the big tall Lu Bu-ki didn't flinch. The iron rod spun like heavy rain. For a moment the three figures from Kun-lun-pay couldn't break free.

Father Liau Hoan put Poh Ceng-in in a corner of the room and then with Song Ling shoulder to shoulder to face the enemy.

Although Song Ling hasn't fully recovered yet, she has already received the basic training of Ya-li-sin-kang's magic. The blow was terrible. While Liau Hoan as a powerful figure in the world of martial arts, of course, has prominent supernatural powers.

The four of them hang, for a moment unable to do anything.

Although Siau-liong's knowledge of the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang has advanced, but to defeat Randa Bu-san, is not an easy matter. So he no longer had time to pay attention to the condition of his friends.

One thing that makes his heart uneasy is when the world-conquering Devil orders figures such as Lam-hay Sin-ni, Jong Leng lojin and others, to come forward. Of course the situation will be different.

After about a cup of tea for a long time, suddenly outside came the loud laughter of a world-conquering demon. His tone was like a sharp, slashing weapon that made Siau-liong and his friends horrified.

Suddenly Randa Bu-san attacked violently, His mouth hissing like a tiger gasping for air about to devour its victim.

Thus It Hang totiang and his seven friends, they were affected by the sound of that wicked laugh. Their eyes were wide open. By shedding all their intelligence, they attack madly like someone possessed by a demon.