Warrior Curse Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31-40

31. Lam-hay Sin-ni's stupidity

"What is it for?" Randa Bu-san was surprised.

Randa Bu-san snapped, "I'm not looking for heirlooms, but I don't allow anyone to look for them either!"

"Why?" asked Lam-hay Sin-ni in surprise.

Randa Bu-san snapped, “Even if I tell you why you won't understand! It is just ...."

Suddenly he changed the question, "Why are you with them!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni pondered for a moment then replied, "You don't have to take care!"

Randa Bu-san suddenly laughed out loud. His tone was cold cynical. A few moments later he stopped and said, “Actually I don't need to take care. But I can not bear to see you there to bring death. Don't just rely on your magic knowledge. There is no match for Cek-ci-sin-kang. It's your responsibility to go there but don't expect to come back..."

Randa from Bu-san took a deep breath and then said, "Jong Leng Lojin is one example!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni's eyes widened, "Who is Jong Leng lojin?"

Randa Bu-san replied coldly, "Heir to Jit-hua-sin-kang's magic!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni was silent for a moment, laughing, “It's been a long time since I hid myself. Some events are unknown to me."

"But why seek heirlooms you can know?" scolds Randa Bu-san.

The face of the monk from Lam-hay darkened. Seems to be angry. He looked at the randa from Bu-san and then fell silent again.

The husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell who had only been listening. Felt like it was a good opportunity. Hurriedly the world-conquering demons rushed to pay their respects to Randa Bu-san.

"There are some parts of what the madam said that I didn't understand. But both of us husband and wife really feel very lucky because today we can see the face of the lady, one of the inheritors of Panca Sakti knowledge!”

After saying that, together with his wife he saluted again to Randa from Bu-san.

Lam-hay Sin-ni seems sick of seeing the behavior of the husband and wife. He snorted coldly.

The world-conquering demon immediately turned around to face Lam-hay Sin-ni, “Tio Sam-hong's heirloom book, is an object that thousands of martial arts covet. Out of respect for Sin-ni, both of us were willing to hand over the Jade-pwe map to Sin-ni, but..."

He stopped and turned to Randa Bu-san, with a worried face, he said, “But we also have great respect for this woman heir of Ya-li-sin-kang. That's why we feel confused, who are we going to hand over to the Jade-pwe map……” 

Randa Bu-san glared at the world-conquering Demon then snapped at him, “Huh, what a cunning tactic you have!”

Suddenly Lam-hay Sin-ni took a step forward Randa Bu-san then snapped at him furiously, “You think with your Ya-li-sin-kang knowledge you can bully me? The book of inheritance that every nose would want. If it wasn't for that heirloom book, what did you need to come here for?...huh, you think I'm an idiot!”

The monk simultaneously prepared as if to attack.

Randa Bu-san laughed coldly then said to the world-conquering Demon, “If right now I was really serving him fighting, wouldn't it be in your heart's purpose……”

The woman and Bu-san stomped their feet on the ground and sighed and said to themselves, "Fortunately or unlucky, it's destiny.... Do I need to argue about violating nature to defend people's fate?"

Dara in green clothes, who had always been by her mother's side, immediately took her mother away.

Randa Bu-san nodded, "Alright, let them get busy themselves!" he kept turning himself and then walked away.

After the image of the mother and child disappeared Lam-hay Sin-ni suddenly laughed loudly. What had happened earlier, Siau-liong could see clearly. He was secretly worried about the safety of the monk from Lam-hay.

Even though the monk had the magical knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang, he certainly couldn't face the cunning of the devil's two husbands and wives. Moreover, Siau-iong got the impression that the monk seemed like an idiot.

At that time, Siau-liong remembered Jong Leng Lojin who was imprisoned underground by the world conquering devil and the Goddess of Hell. The two old man's feet are tied with iron chains.....

If Lam-hay Sin-ni were to enter the Valley of Spring, it would most likely be the same fate as Jong Leng lojin!

Siau-liong was horrified at the thought of it. He was confused whether at that time he should act to prevent the actions of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell who wanted to harm monk Lam-hay. Or does he just stay silent?

Before he could make a decision, suddenly from the far corner of the mountain on the far side, three figures of blue objects shot up into the air.

And as fast as arrows flew, several human bodies scattered all of a sudden and charged at the world-conquering Demon and his wife.


Just as the world-conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell were dreaming that their plan to trap Lam-hay Sin-ni would succeed, they were suddenly surprised by the appearance of several shadowy figures.

Very quickly those few people had arrived before the world-conquering Demon. They turned out to be four of them, dressed in simple clothes, carrying weapons on their backs.

The four people paid their respects to the world-conquering Demon. One of them immediately said, "Reporting to the chieftain, at several places outside the mountain, traces of the enemy were found!"

“Have people investigated where from?” asked the world-conquering Demon.

"Most of us and our subordinates don't know them. But among them are Siau-lim-pay chairman Ti Gong, Kong-tong-pay chairman Toh Hun-ki, Kay-pang leader To Kiu-kong and others. And more ....."

The Semi Valley subordinate paused for a moment, then continued his explanation, "According to the investigation we obtained, this time the enemy group was led by the old priest Ceng Hi, the old head of Kun-lun-pay!"

The world-conquering demon turned and smiled at his wife, “I didn't really miss my guess. Ceng Hi's old buffalo nose, relying on him twenty years ago, had driven us both out of China, now out of his hermitage..."

The demon looked up and laughed heartily and then said, too. "But it's not the same now as it was twenty years ago. I have a plan to crush their ranks…. As long as the leader is crushed, the others will surely fall down and the martial parties will no longer be acting against me!”

The Spring Valley minion waited for the world-conquering Demon to finish speaking. After that, he said again in a tone of trepidation, “At that time around Mount Tay-liang-san was surrounded by enemies. Even though we had made contact with the guard posts spread out within ten li of the mountain. But still can't figure out how many enemies are coming!"

The world-conquering demon was stunned. Another time he laughed loudly, "What's the use of relying on large numbers?"

Suddenly, from a distance, there was a loud scream. The cry of a raid.

The world-conquering demon furrowed his brows then gave a command, “Tell the people up front, don't fight back……”

The person agreed and then with his three friends immediately sped away.

The world-conquering demon whispered a few words into his wife's ear. Then he turned back and called to one of his guards, "Tell all the guards outside the mountain and the checkpoints in the valley, to all enter into the valley!"

By leading a dozen subordinates, that person immediately set out to carry out orders.

At that time Siau-liong was only ten spears apart from the world-conquering Demon. What the devil did, is known to all.

He was happy but also worried. Happy that the martial world is still making another move to crush the world-conquering demon. Even the priest Ceng Hi, who had been in seclusion for twenty years, also took part in the movement. That way their strength is certainly greater.

But he was worried that the world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell were slick and cunning. The state of the Semi Valley was very dangerous, full of trap tools. And the world-conquering demon had boasted that this time Ceng Hi totiang would certainly be destroyed. If that was the case, indeed the martial world wouldn't have a suitable replacement for leading the extermination movement!

At that moment the roar of the rushing screams had stopped. Looking far ahead, he saw a group of black shadows rushing into the valley.

Suddenly the world-conquering demon saluted Lam-hay Sin-ni, saying, “I have other matters to attend to. Does Sin-ni like to go alone into the valley?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed scornfully, "Ah, I better wait here and see!"

With these words, it was clear that Lam-hay Sin-ni had no appetite to interfere in the affairs of the Valley of Spring.

The world-conquering demon laughed in disappointment and then ran towards the place where the enemy had invaded. Her herd of bodyguards immediately followed closely.

The group of immigrants consisted of dozens of people. They stopped in their tracks when they saw the world-conquering Demon, then walked over slowly.

From the top of the Siau-liong tree, one could see that the leader of the guest group was a thin priest. Silver-white beard, extending to the chest. The back is carrying a hudtim or a hermitage. His demeanor was authoritative like that of a god.

The group of followers who guarded the left and right. most of the Siau-liong do not know except Toh Hun-ki, the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay, Ti Gong taysu from Siau-limpay.

"That old priest must be Ceng Hi totiang, the old chairman of the Kun-lun-pay party!" Siau-liong silently thought.

At that moment the world-conquering Demon stopped a spear away and the group of arrivals. Lam-hay Sin-ni was still standing where she was, accompanied by the Goddess of Hell.

The world-conquering demon laughed slyly as he greeted the old priest, "Long time no see, Totiang..." He stopped blinking his eyes for a moment, then said again, "I heard that the pole has cleansed itself from the dust of the world's filth. I don't know. why today totiang deign to come to the valley of the wilderness here?"

The old priest was indeed Ceng Hi totiang, the old head of Kun-lun-pay. He smiled and replied, “It's been almost twenty years since I isolated myself from the hustle and bustle of the world and actually don't want to interfere with the affairs of the martial world anymore. But I heard that you two husband and wife have sent invitations to all the silat people to attend the Adu Kesaktian meeting..."

Before the old priest had finished speaking, the world-conquering Devil had quickly retorted, “We husband and wife see the reality of the martial world that is always insecure from upheaval, the strong eat the weak. So we were forced to take action, inviting all the silat people to come to this valley.

First, to strengthen the relationship. Second, using the opportunity to compete for magic, choose a figure who is intelligent, wise and clever in literature and martial arts, to become the leader of the world of martial arts.

Thus the martial world will have a place and leadership. All upheaval and conflict and bloodshed, of course, can be stopped. If that's the case, our hard work will certainly not be in vain!"

With those words it was as if the World Conqueror Devil had positioned himself as a hero to save the martial world.

Ceng Hi totiang listened patiently to the world-conquering Devil's statement. When he finished, he smiled.

"The bloody events of twenty years ago seem to still resonate in the hearts of all the martial arts. Even if they are forced to say yes in their mouths, they are still dissatisfied in their hearts. In my opinion, I advise you both to just erase those Angkaraan ideals. It's better to live a lonely life in the quiet mountains to pass the rest of your life, so that ..."

The world-conquering demon laughed derisively.

"Is it because of not accepting the invitation that Totiang is angry? If Totiang still has the desire to dominate the martial world, we will gladly immediately send an invitation letter..."

The world-conquering demon closed his words with a glance at the entourage of Ceng-hi totiang's followers.

Then he continued, “A contest of intelligence will be held tomorrow night. Because you came a day early, sorry, I wasn't ready to welcome you. If you want to teach a lesson, please come tomorrow night!"

The chairman of Siau-lim-si, Ti Gong taysu, couldn't hold himself back any longer. After shouting the word 'omitohud', he shouted loudly, “Don't listen to his babbling! Semi Valley is full of secret traps. If not....showed people, me and some of the brothers might have perished in that valley. The so-called Great Magic Contest is nothing but a trap to ensnare all martial arts!"

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “The Spring Valley is my daughter's abode. If it is true that there are secret tools, it must be on orders from my son who still likes to play. The cuisine of such tools can confine the persistent. Isn't the lotionansu saying too much?"

Ti Gong taysu growled angrily, “Then. Where are the chairman of Tiam-jong-pay Shin Bu-seng, chairman of Bu-tong-pay It Hang totiang, chairman of Ji-tok-kau Tan In-hong, chairman of Tong-thing-pang Cu Kong-leng and Kun-lun Sam- cu that?"

The world-conquering demon calmly replied, “We are husband and wife with a heart that truly wants to rule the martial world. But losiansu and It Hang totiang use the mind of siau-jin (low people) to measure people's hearts. Secretly, Losiansu and It Hang totiang led the group to sneak into the valley to harm us. It's a shame if we don't take the matter too long. But it's a shame that lotionansu still has the face to bring it up again....."

Ti Gong taysu groaned to intervene but was quickly stopped by Ceng Hi totiang. With the skill of Infiltrating Vote, the old chairman of the Kun-lun-pay party called out to Ti Gong taysu, “You can't help yourself with small matters. Of course it can make a big deal. Please lotion like to be patient."

After saying that the chairman of Kun-lun-pay looked at Lam-hay Sin-ni in surprise.

The world-conquering demon laughed coldly, “It Hang totiang and his entourage are nothing short of anything. Tomorrow morning when you come to the valley, the brothers will know it!"

While massaging his beard that covered his chest, Ceng Hi totiang said, “On behalf of representatives from all martial arts parties, we refuse your invitation. Besides that, I also want to ask you two things…”

Staring at the world-conquering demon for a moment, the old geezer said in a determined tone, “First, before sunrise, tomorrow morning It Hang totiang and his seven friends must be released. Second, it's better for the two of you to return to the outer borders again, don't interfere in the affairs of the martial world in China!"

The world-conquering demon's face turned cold, he cried, "Is there a reed from twenty years ago to drive us out of China?"

"Indeed I uphold peace, I hope you will consider it carefully!" said Ceng Hi totiang, then turned back and exclaimed, "Tell our four groups. Tomorrow morning before you get my orders, don't act on your own!"

The world-conquering demon laughed scornfully, "That order doesn't need to be broadcast. I've been thinking about it, tomorrow afternoon we will welcome the guests. The two of us husband and wife will act as proper hosts. we will act viciously!”

Ceng Hi totiang took a deep breath, “Everything is the will of Fate. I can't defy fate. But alas, I don't know how many victims will fall in that battle later!"

The world-conquering demon laughed sinisterly, “Now is not the same as it was twenty years ago. If totiang really upholds peace and tranquility, please totiang go into the valley to negotiate one-on-one with us. Maybe a solution can be found…”

Ceng Hi totiang pondered silently. Only his eyes looked at his group, with doubtful eyes.

Yet Hun-ki the chairman of Kong-tong-pay shouted loudly, “Consulting with those two demons is like talking to a tiger about skin. Totiang bears the responsibility for the safety of the martial world, how can it be careless to take dangers?"

Ceng Hi totiang nodded then looked at the world-conquering Demon, he exclaimed, “My words only end here. There's no need to negotiate anything else. If tomorrow we don't see It Hang totiang and his friends, I'll have to lead an attack on the Semi Valley ..."

"The main virtue is to seek peace in mankind, he also said, "hope you guys think again. You know, all the martial arts have gathered here. How dangerous the Semi Valley is, but it is still impossible to face the attack of all the martial arts!"

After saying that the old priest continued to take his entourage away. But suddenly the world-conquering demon burst into laughter and then a sharp shriek shouted, “Hm, what kind of thing is this!”

By the time Ceng Hitotiang looked up, I don't know when he would suddenly arrive.

The magic monk from Lam-hay rarely travels in the martial world. Most of the martial arts do not know him. But figures such as Ceng Hi totiang, Toh Hun-ki, Ti Gong Taysu and several old masters have all seen the monk. Most of the silat people always respect and stay away from the magic monk who has a strange character.

Immediately Ceng Hi totiang saluted, he said, “It is said that Sin-ni is said to have fled to Mount Bu-ih-san. Never mind if today can meet here. I don't know what the purpose of Sin-ni's visit here is..."

Lam-hay Sin-ni snorted then asked back, “Ho, you know me too?”

Ceng Hi totiang laughed, “At the meeting at Lake Leng-ti earlier, I was lucky to meet Sin-ni once. At that time Sin-ni was a bit young and I was still a young man..."

The Kun-lun-pay chief paused for a moment to smile and then, "According to calculations, that incident happened twenty years ago!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni's face calmed a bit, he said, "Yes, your memory is still very good!" - suddenly the monk's face tightened again!, "What do you need to come here? Are you also looking for heirlooms?"

Ceng Hi totiang gasped, he said, “It's been almost twenty years since I closed myself off from the hustle and bustle of the world. This time he was forced to appear in the martial world again because he wanted to prevent a spill in the martial world. There is absolutely no desire to seek inheritance. And again the heritage book is just a story that has been going on for several hundred years. Is the news reliable, I dare not confirm!"

Suddenly the world-conquering Demon used Infiltration sound to Lam-hay Sin-ni, “That old priest has brought thousands of followers to besiege the Spring Valley here. If it wasn't for the search for an heirloom book, what other reason could lie to a child?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni nodded. "That's right, I can trick him ..." - the monk was silent for a while then asked, "But what is the purpose of the Battle of Intelligence in the Valley of Spring that you want to hold?"

The world-conquering demon continues to use voice Infiltration to reply, “Today every silat person will drool over this heirloom book. Using this precarious state of Spring Valley, I was about to prevent their actions, and again….” 

The demon smiled and then said, “Half of the Jade-pwe map is indeed with me, but the other half may be with them. I want to snatch that half from their hands to present to Sin-ni."

Lam-hay Sin-ni's face beamed with joy. But at another time, his face suddenly scrunched up again, “Tio Sam-hong's heirloom book, every nose wants. Would you husband and wife not want it? Moreover, I have never let go of your favor, why are you so willing to hand over the map to me?"

The monk's eyes gleamed at the world-conquering Demon with suspicion.

The world-conquering demon was astonished, But he quickly took control of the situation. He laughed sarcastically, "It's not wrong if Sin-ni has suspicions. I still have reasons that I haven't told you..."

32. Jade-pwe . Scramble

He contemplated for a moment and then said calmly, “First, we both husband and wife greatly admire the magical knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang from Sin-ni. Second, we have a problem that we would like to ask Sin-ni for help……”

"About what? Just say it!"

“We, husband and wife, have always been kind to people but somehow we have always been hostile to people. Twenty years ago, we were surrounded and about to be killed by Ceng Hi totiang and his friends so we were forced to flee outside the border…”

The world-conquering demon embellished the story with a sigh.

"Like this time, it's only been a few days since we returned to the valley, the figures of the martial arts party keep coming here to make calculations for us. Even at midnight like this, they still enter the valley to harm us.

At this time Ceng Hi totiang returned with his entourage to destroy our valley. Apparently if we both husband and wife are not dead, they will still be dissatisfied. Therefore, by taking the opportunity of the Battle of Wisdom, we would like to ask for Sin-ni's help to subdue them.

Not because we want to dominate the martial world, but so that we can live here in peace. Of course, Sin-ni's kindness will never be forgotten!"

Apparently Lam-hay Sin-ni easily believed sweet talk. Instantly his sympathy arose for the world-conquering Demon. He repeatedly nodded his head.

"That's easy, I'll help you."

“First, accept our offering of thanks for Sin-ni's kindness!” The world-conquering demon immediately bowed in salute.

With a radiant face, the monk turned to Ceng Hi totiang. he snapped, “The Battle of Intelligence will take place tomorrow night. Why have you come now?"

Ceng Hi totiang did not know what the relationship between the demon husband and wife was with Lam-hay Sin-ni. Moreover, their conversation was carried out using the science of Infiltrating-sound. All he could see was the lips of the two people constantly moving.

He assumed they must be talking. And judging by his tone and demeanor, Ceng Hi totiang knew that the monk had come because he was looking for Tio Sam-hong's heirlooms.

Seeing how cunning the human world-conquering Devil was and remembering how narrow Lam-hay Sin-ni's experience was, who rarely went out into the martial world, Ceng Hi Totiang was secretly nervous. "Ah, if that heirloom fell into the hands of an irresponsible person like a world-conquering devil, how terrible the fate of the martial world would be..."

After all, Hun-ki, Ti Gong taysu and other characters, it is enough to know the magic of Cek-ci-sin-kang from that monk. They are restless. If the monk were to be used by a world-conquering demon, the consequences would be great for Ceng Hi totiang's group.

Ceng Hi totiang stuttered to hear the monk's shout. He hastily saluted, he said, “So far, Sin-ni has always kept herself away from the turbulence of the dirty martial world. And the silat had high regard for Sin-ni. So we wonder why at this time Sin-ni appears and helps the two wicked husband and wife?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni rolled her eyes, snapping, "Are you going to give me advice?"

The world-conquering demon quickly added, “Totiang is very famous in the martial world and is highly respected by the martial world. Even if the pole's words offended me, I was willing to accept it. But if the totiang insults Sin-ni, ah, that's too much!" 

Lam-hay Sin-ni, who was innocent and honest but somewhat stupid, suddenly burst into flames at the words of the world-conquering Demon. Immediately he swung his arms, throwing punches.

“Bum....' a boulder shattered in all four directions!

It turned out that the monk's punch was aimed at a large rock which was several meters apart from where Ceng Hi totiang was.

But Ceng Hi was not disappointed as a martial arts progenitor. It has great tolerance. In the slightest he was not affected by the exhibition of magical knowledge from the monk. He remained upright and calm.

“With the power of conquering people, it is not as beautiful as conquering people with nobility. Moreover, the martial world always prioritizes Justice and Truth!" said the old priest with a bland laugh, then sighed. It was as if he regretted the actions of Lam-hay Sin-ni who, because he wanted to find an heirloom book, had been willing to cooperate with a bad husband and wife.

Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed scornfully, “During my seclusion in the deserted mountains, I never got away from human problems. Maybe later I will try my skills with you!"

Ceng Hi totiang laughed. He really didn't think that an old monk who had one of the Panca Sakti sciences and had been in seclusion for decades had not yet come to his senses.

Still can't tell the difference between white and black. Still controlled by lust to pursue name and profit. Is that monk really out of his mind……?

After all, Hun-ki and his entourage and Ti Gong Taysu, who were more influenced by the feeling of being tired of the monk's supernatural powers, did not dare to speak.

With a gleeful face, Lam-hay Sin-ni looked at everyone then turned to the world-conquering Demon, "Now let's go into the valley to retrieve the half Jade-pwe?"

The world-conquering demon nodded “Alright, let's take Sin-ni!” - he kept turning himself around and swinging his steps.

The Goddess of Hell quickly dashed aside Lam-hay Sin-ni. The left hand gripped the dragon head stick, the right hand supported Lam-hay Sin-ni's side.

Ceng Hi totiang looked at the monk's shadow without saying anything. But when Lam-hay Sin-ni had only walked a few steps, suddenly from the air came a thunderous roar, "Sin-ni, stop!"

A figure floated from above the clump of trees. Its movement is similar to that of an eagle. And right that person floated down a few steps in front of Sin-ni.

Both Ceng Hi totiang's entourage and the world-conquering Devils husband and wife were completely shocked and hurriedly stopped their steps.

Presumably what appears is Siau-liong disguised as an Evil Warrior.

Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage did not leave the place.

For a moment of surprise, the world-conquering Devil immediately regained his composure. He laughed coldly, "You damn old bastard, you really have a long life!"

Even the Goddess of Hell, in surprise, exclaimed, “How did you find the secret passage in the valley? As long as you want to say, we won't bother you anymore!"

Siau-liong laughed, "I told you earlier, the place as the Valley of the Springs, I like to come and keep coming, happy to go and go. All kinds of traps and dangerous places in the valley, can they hinder my freedom?"

Just as the two world-conquering Demons were about to answer, Lam-hay Sin-ni quickly stopped him. Then the monk smiled at Siau-liong, he exclaimed, “Uh, I almost forgot you? Are you still hiding in that tree?"

"Right, what Sin-ni and the two demons were talking about earlier, I have heard all!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni looked at Siau-liong's face, he exclaimed, "Yes, what you said is very true..." He pointed to the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil, saying also, "it is indeed Jade-pwe who has half of that part in his hands. them and now I will take them into the valley!"

Siau-liong said coldly, "I'm afraid that half Jade-pwe Sin-ni can't get it and again, don't go into the valley!"

"Why?" snapped the monk angrily.

"So far, Sin-ni has only lived alone in the mountains and ignored the affairs of the world. This time Sin-ni came to look for Tio Sam-hong's heirloom book, I don't think it was because he wanted to hunt for those priceless gems!"

"Of course," said Lam-hay Sin-ni, "I don't need all the world's treasures!"

"Since you don't want gems, obviously it's only for the Book of heirlooms..."

Siau-liong paused for a moment to look at all the people who were standing still, then shouted loudly,

"Although the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang is classified as one of the Five Sakti, but it is the only knowledge that is based on Sin (spirit). So far above the magic knowledge of Thian-jim-sin-kang, Jit-hua-sin-kang, Ya-li-sin-kang and the knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang that Sin-ni has.

So if the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang that is listed in the heirloom book falls into the hands of someone else, Sin-ni will definitely be displaced in the position of a second-class figure. If Sin-ni can acquire the knowledge of Thian-kong sin-kang, Sin-ni will have two incomparable magical arts and naturally Sin-nilah will be the only number one figure in the martial world......"

Ceng Hi totiang and everyone else listened attentively. Even though the Panca Sakti knowledge has been circulating in the martial world for decades, but because it has been a long time since a figure has appeared using this magical science, people think of it as just a fantasy. So when the Siau-liong cursed swordsman revealed again about the five magical arts clearly, all the figures present there were equally astonished...

Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed scornfully, "Even though your words are not good, but that's the truth....., I Lam-hay Sin-ni really don't want to interfere in the affairs of the martial world but I don't want to have any someone who is more intelligent than me!"

Siau-liong looked at the two world-conquering Demons and laughed blandly, "So far, Sin-ni has only devoted herself to holy teachings and doesn't want to defile herself with the evils of the world. make someone soar in the position of the number one martial arts figure, how can the two husband and wife be so willing to surrender to Sin-ni?

The world-conquering demon quickly retorted with a shrill shrill laugh, “No matter how much you want to use your sharp tongue but it's impossible to split Sin-ni with me……”

"Don't cut people's talk! Let him talk to the end first!" Lam-hay Sin-ni snapped.

Siau-liong snorted mockingly then continued his words, “Obviously the two devil husbands and wives contain a wicked heart. If Sin-ni gets trapped into the valley, it means that Sin-ni will fall into the dragon's den. Not only will Sin-ni not get half of the Jade-pwe, even Sin-ni herself will find it difficult to get out of it..."

Sia-liong paused for a moment to organize the words. Then he cried out loudly,

“Jong Leng lojin is an example!”

"Who is the Jong Leng lojin?" asked Lam-hay Sin-ni.

“Jong Leng lojin is one of the figures who have the magic Jit-hua-sin-kang!” shouted Siau-liong, “he is now in an underground prison with his legs chained!”'

Lam-hay Sin-ni took a step forward with sharp gleaming eyes, exclaimed, "Is that so?"

"I saw it myself!" said Siau-lion.

Lam-hay Sin-ni's face froze then turned to the world-conquering Demon.

Also, Ceng Hi Toting and everyone else were shocked to hear the statement of the Siau-liong cursed swordsman. If that's true, it's an incomparably horrific event.

Jong leng lojin has not appeared in the martial world for decades. People thought he must be dead or gone. But why was it imprisoned by the world-conquering Demon in the Valley of Spring?

All people half doubted the statement Siau-liong.

Among the many people, only Ceng Hi totiang is the one who is most closely related to the Evil Warrior. He had met the scourge several times, so he knew what the character and personality of the scourge was.

As far as Ceng Hi totiang remembers, once the Evil Warrior was a human whose stance was difficult to touch. Malang crosses the world of martial arts according to his arrogant and vicious heart at will.

But why now, twenty years later, the scourge suddenly turned so conscious, able to distinguish between right and evil?

And what he didn't understand the most was that twenty years ago the Evil Warrior was short but why had he grown so tall now? The older the food the taller it gets!

At that time the atmosphere grew tense. Everyone looked at Lam-hay Sin-ni. It seems that the monk who has one of the Five Powers, is about to turn against the world-conquering Devil.

But the world-conquering demon still smiled and saluted the monk, "Does Sin-ni believe that?"

"If you saw it with your own eyes, you wouldn't be lying!" said Sin-ni.

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “Jong Leng lojin has Jit-hua-sin-kang profound knowledge. In the martial world his position is the same as Sin-ni. Can the two of us be able to put him in a dungeon? What's more......"

He looked at Siau-liong and Ceng Hi's entourage.

"The damn old man, Toh Hun-ki the chairman of Kong-tong pay, Ti Gong taysu of Siau-lim-si, To Kiu-kong the chairman of Kay-pang and others have entered the valley and were able to get out with nothing less. If the valley is full of traps and we have the ability to imprison Jong Leng lojin, can their entourage escape our hands? Can they stand here and attack us with sharp slander?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni nodded, “You're right. I almost got tricked!"

With shining eyes the monk looked at Siau-liong. Seeing that the world-conquering demon quickly added oil to the fire. He exclaimed, “There is still an important thing I want to tell Sin-ni. The half of the jade-pwe belongs to the damned old man!"

Instantly, Sin-ni's face changed with joy. Quickly he rebuked Siau-liong, "Is that true?"

"Right!" Siau-liong laughed blandly.

"Just leave it to me!"

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “Even if I wanted to hand over the Jade-pwe, but now I can't……”

Pausing for a moment, Siau-liong raised his head to look up at the sky and exclaimed in a low voice, “Tio Sam-hong's heirloom books and treasures whose value can be bought for a city, from now on will disappear and remain an enigma. If true, as for the heirlooms, it is impossible to find people again and will be buried in the ground forever."

"What do you need to talk about that nonsense," snapped Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Siau-liong laughed out loud. He emphatically said, "Half the Jade-pwe I have crushed to pieces..."

Instantly the face of the world-conquering devil changed. But a few moments later he burst out laughing, "Such talk, even a three year old child can't believe it!"

Lm-hay Sin-ni was stunned and then screeched, "I can't believe it either!"

Siau-liong laughed at the world-conquering Demon, exclaiming, “I don't need you to believe it or not! But it was clear that half of the Jade-pwe had been destroyed. That way the other half is useless."

Lam-hay Sin-ni angrily snapped at him, “Quickly hand over half of the Jade-pwe's share. If not, I'll have to step in!"

The scream was fired with such great internal energy that everyone present there seemed to hear thunder erupting. They were surprised and looked at the monk.

Under the moonlight, it seemed with fiery eyes the monk looked at Siau-liong as he slowly advanced towards .....

He could see his ruffled robes fluttering violently. The ground he walked on left a three-inch-deep footprint. His forehead radiated a savage murderous glow.

Siau-liong looked at Sin-ni's movements with great attention. He secretly put all his strength into Bu-kek-sin-kang. Although not sure that he will win, he is determined to face Sin-ni.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell stood aside laughing sarcastically. The look on his face was very cheerful because his tactic of playing against each other would work.

Not so with the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, Toh Hun-ki. He secretly broke out in a cold sweat because he was worried about the Siau-liong cursed swordsman. He hastily used his Voice Infiltration skill to call out to Ceng Hi totiang.

"The cursed swordsman now is very different from before. When we and our friends were locked up in the valley, if there had not been him to help, we would have perished. Can the totiang help him a little in the face of the ferocity of the world-conquering devil and the goddess of hell and to save the martial world, if you can get the power, of course it will be very useful"

Ceng Hi totiang frowned. Nod but don't say anything.

A few steps ahead of Siau-liong, Lam-hay Si-ni stopped, he snapped, "Are you still not willing to hand over the Jade-pwe?"

Siau-liong glared at his eyes, "I told you, I destroyed the Jade-pwe. But you insist you can't believe it, what can you do!"

The monk snapped, “It was my decision to search for the heirloom. By keeping that half of the Jade-pwe, even you are useless. It will even take your old life away!"

Siau-liong laughed arrogantly, "Please Sin-ni don't rely on Cek-ci-sin-kang's knowledge to look down on people. If Sin-ni doesn't want to take my advice, Sin-ni will surely suffer the same fate as Jong Leng Lojin who was imprisoned underground by those two devil husbands and wives!"

Sin-ni's face turned pale and she snapped furiously, "Are you really not afraid of death!"

Suddenly he raised his right hand to hit.

Siau-liong quietly rocked, “Death to life is destiny! If I had to die at the hands of this monk, where would I run to? Hmm....?"

Siau-liong has made up his mind. If not now, even a year from now he will surely die too. For him nothing is expected anymore. The mind is confused, the heart is broken. So keep it in place. Both hands have been prepared with Bu-kek-sin-kang's supernatural power and he really wants to pit his soul with Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Lam-hay Sin-ni's eyes are very sharp. He quickly saw that both of Siau-liong's hands were red hot. Instantly he laughed.

"Heh, heh, relying on that wild science, you're going to fight me?" he shouted mockingly.

The words were synchronized with the movement of his right hand that had been raised earlier. Suddenly a sharp howl of wind hit the head of Siau-liong....

Siau-liong is ready. He has put all of Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power. Both hands are raised to the chest and slowly pushed forward.

"Bam..." came a loud explosion. Siau-liong's body swayed back and forth a few times. His face remained unchanged and remained upright in place.

And when the two punches collided, the heat scattered around. All those present felt the air.

It turns out that Cek-ci-sin-kang's magic is based on heat in the body. While Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power is also based on fire in the body. The two magic powers are both classified as hot hard power.

"Hey, old curse, you're smart too!" cried Lam-hay Sin-ni laughing.

Siau-liong laughed blandly, "Ah, Sin-ni is praising too much..."

Siau-liong was secretly surprised. When confronted with Jong Leng Lojin in the dungeon, he was unable to do anything against the supernatural power of Jit-hua-sin-kang the old character. It's the same with Bu-san's mountain Randa who has Ya-li-sin-kang's supernatural power. Although he has never fought, but from the supernatural powers of his daughter who fought with him, it is clear that Ya-li-sin-kang's knowledge is far superior to Bu-kek-sin-kang.

It was out of necessity that he was determined to face Lam-hay Sin-ni's attack. Earlier in the fight he had used ten parts of Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power. Even though he couldn't get rid of Lam-hay Sin-ni, he didn't suffer anything either.

Instantly the guts arose.

Suddenly Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed scornfully, “My blow with two parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang just now killed three tigers. But you can take it, it's really great!"

Siau-liong was shocked. May Sin-ni only use two parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang's magic knowledge. Ah, then the carrying isn't that great.

Just as his horror began to imagine what it would be like if the monk hit him with full force, suddenly Lam-hay Sin-ni shouted loudly.

“Old demon, here try to take a hit from the four parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang….!”

The wind howled very badly....

33. Lion Meets Tiger

Under such circumstances, Siau-liong was like a man riding on a tiger's back. Keep going up wretched, going down of course eaten.

But rather than going down, it's better to keep going up. Who knows later something unexpected will happen.

Sian-liong's young blood overflowed. And he was determined. It's better to break as a pearl than to die on your knees...

Without much thought, he moved his hands in a Thay-afternoon-bu-kek stance which was waved by the magic power of Bu-kek-sin-kang!


The hot gusts of wind were sprinkled with shards of rock and sand scattering all around the corner!

Siau-liong's body swayed back and forth several times. But still able to stand upright in its place.

It turned out that he had combined Thay-siang-ciang's punching skills and Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power. Because he had eaten the Im-yang-som fruit and drank the blood of the ancient beast, his strength was superior to that of the original Evil Warrior. Thus he was able to survive the blows of Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Among all the figures present, it was To Kiu-kong the chairman of Kay-pang who was the most surprised himself. He really didn't understand why the Evil Warrior could use the Thay-noon chiang punch. In terms of punching skills it belongs to the Skeleton Beggar Song Tay-kun who is clearly the enemy of the Evil Swordsman!

Also, Ceng Hi totiang, who has extensive experience and knowledge, was immediately able to notice the strangeness of the Siau-liong Evil Warrior. The old figure from Kun-lun-pay looked at Siau-liong intently.

"Strange!" also Lam-hay Sin-ni herself was stunned looking at Siau-liong with a dream. The monk was also not surprised.

When he used the two parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang's supernatural power, he clearly knew that the Siau-liong Evil Warrior was exhausted.

And in that second blow he had added four parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang's magic power. It would definitely destroy Siau-liong. If you don't die, you will be seriously injured. But why is that person still holding on like the first one?

Siau-liong who knows best about his situation. It was because of using Thay-siang-ciang's punches combined with Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power that he was able to receive Lam-hay Sin-ni's blows. But if the monk added more magical power, he would not be strong!

After all, Hun-ki, who witnessed the scene of the deadly battle, was flustered. Hurry up, he uses the science of Infiltrating the voice of Ceng Hi totiang.

“Now it's clear how strong the two figures who were fighting were. It was clear that the two devil husbands and wives wanted to use Lam-hay Sin-ni's hand to destroy the Evil Warrior. If we hug each other and let the Evil Warrior be beaten by Lam-hay Sin-ni, it would be unwise!"

Ceng Hi totiang replied with the skill of Infiltrating the voice as well, “Lam-hay Sin-ni is an absent-minded person but has the magical knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang. It must be fought with intelligence, not with violence. I have agreed to accept the burden of the obligations of the martial arts comrades. Today we face all kinds of dangers. Once unwary, the danger is great. Wouldn't that give the devil husband and wife an advantage to dominate the martial world…”

Pausing for a moment, the Kun-lun-pay leader continued, “The cursed swordsman twenty years ago and now, is very different. Likewise, his speech today is not as arrogant and wild as it used to be, but is full of sound reasoning. But he was still hard-hearted because even though he clearly couldn't fight Lam-hay Sin-ni, he still had the courage to face him. Did that not mean he was seeking his own death? Even though I want to help him but I can't have the strength!"

After all, Hun-ki clearly knows that Lam-hay Sin-ni's goal is to gain Jade-pwe and not to be hostile to the martial parties. If, because he wanted to help the Evil Warrior, he infuriated the monk, of course, woe to the whole troupe of brave people.

Secretly the chairman of Kong-tong-pay admitted the truth of what Ceng Hi totiang said. He was getting more and more nervous but couldn't come up with a reason.

On the contrary, Siau-long at that time was even more calm. His heart is round, his mind is steady. Using the opportunity the opponent was stunned, he secretly mustered up Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power again, ready to await the third attack....

After a while looked at Siau-liong in surprise. suddenly Sin-ni's eyes lit up again. His right hand was slowly raised and he cried out loud.

"This time I will use eight parts of Cek-ci-sin-kang's magic power to destroy you!"

Siau-liong was silent. His heart was made up to die. A pair of hands immediately moved towards the front. The right hand uses the Ki-lok-po-ti technique and the left hand uses the Siu-lo-pan-cha move. Two powerful moves from the science of beating Thay-day-afternoon!

Lam-hay Sin-ni's hand movements seem to be slower than before. But seeing his face that was so iron, everyone knew that the monk's blow was unbelievable.

While the two hands of the Siau-liong were moving violently. But as soon as it collided with Cek-ci-sin-kang's magical power, Bu-kek-sin-kang's energy disappeared like she was sinking into the sea.

Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed scornfully, he snapped, “Old bastard, give up your soul!”

And at the same time his hands moved quickly. The wind hissed sharply, rushing towards the head of the Siau-liong.

Siau-liong was surprised but helpless. He closed his eyes waiting for death....

But Sin-ni's deadly blow never came. Even then he heard shocked screams from everyone including the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

He hastily opened his eyes. When he looked up, he saw that Lam-hay Sin-ni's face was as pale as paper and her body was wobbling about to fall. Obviously the monk had suffered injuries….

Siau-liong quickly realized that there must be a magic person who helped his soul. He turned quickly. Ah, a few steps beside him, there was a woman in black standing standing quietly.

Bu-san's mountain range!

Behind the woman was the girl in the green dress who had fought with her (Siau-liong). The virgin looked at him with vengeful eyes of hatred....

Also the widow of Bu-san's body trembled slightly, her face was pale.

Presumably when Lam-hay Sin-ni's deadly blow will take Siau-liong's life, suddenly Randa Bu-san appears who immediately swings his hand to block Sin-ni's blow.

Randa Bu-san's originally tough Ya-li-sin-kang suddenly turned soft. And remove the magical power of Cek-ci-sin-kang from Lam-hay Sin-ni. It was because the two women were of equal power that both of them suffered minor injuries.

After knowing who the helper was, Siau-liong hurriedly saluted, "Thank you for your help, I..."

Randa Bu-san snorted. Without waiting for people to finish speaking, he continued to turn towards Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Siau-liong blushed. Fortunately, at that time, people's attention was focused on Randa Bu-san so that Siau-liong's clumsiness did not notice.

Staring intently at the woman Bu-san, Lam-hay Sin-ni screeched "Why are you helping her?"

"Just happened to be walking by here and saw something odd!" said Randa Bu-san coldly.

Lam-hay Sin-ni snapped sharply, "Isn't it because he was looking for an heirloom...?"

The monk's eyes wandered a few times. Suddenly he mustered his inner strength and shouted, "Today I have to have a soul fight with you!"

Randa Bu-san just laughed coldly. "In a battle of souls, both of you are certainly equally injured. You know, Ya-li-sin-kang is not under Cek-ci-sin-kang!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni's pair of hands that had been raised up were lowered again. He glared at the woman, “Both in looking for Jade-pwe, you and I each get half. Tomorrow morning at this time, I will wait for you here. We will determine who has the right to have the Thian-kong-sin-kang book!"

Randa Bu-san laughed coldly, “Greedy wanting things that don't belong to him, is the cause of death. Apparently you will not live long in this world!"

“Who died and lived, tomorrow morning at this time. just found out!" said Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Randa Bu-san sighed, "Are you still going into the valley?"

"If I don't go cooking I'll let you go!" Lam-hay Sin-ni snapped.

Randa Bu-san shook her head and said in a disappointed tone, “Please go….” - she kept turning her body and walking away.

The world-conquering demon quickly seized the opportunity to step aside Lam-hay Sin-ni and whispered a few words.

The monk's face lit up with joy. He looked at Randa Bu-san, Siau-liong and Ceng Hi totiang's group. Suddenly he turned his body and continued to swing, followed by the demon husband and wife and the group of Semi Valley men.

Siau-liong stepped forward and said to Randa Bu-san, “Lam-hay Sin-ni is such a dazed person she must be doomed to the hands of the world-conquering Demon. Maybe his fate is like Jong Leng lojin….”

"Drag him so he doesn't go there!"

Randa Bu-san glared.

Siau-liong was astonished.

After a glance, Randa Bu-san immediately walked away while holding his daughter. But two steps later. he stopped as well and sighed, “Everything is an irresistible destiny……!”

The speech was in a vulnerable tone and without turning towards Siau-liong. A moment later he sighed again.

Meanwhile, the green clothed girl continued to look at Siau-liong with eyes full of hatred, as if to swallow him.

It was the full moon. It was because of Randa Bu-san's words about fate that Siau-liong's feelings were offended. A few teardrops dripped out.....

But when he noticed the vengeful look in the green-clothed maiden's eyes, he gasped in surprise and hurriedly bowed to Randa Bu-san,

“For the help earlier, I feel sorry for not being able to reply……”

He could not continue the words because he was blocked by the emotion that almost brought tears to his eyes.

Randa Bu-san just snorted, “I was about to kill you! Never mind if it helps you.... ah"

His tone was also full of sorrow.

Siau-liong remembered that the green clothed girl, as soon as she saw herself as the Evil Warrior, continued to attack her desperately. And when he fainted, he suddenly heard the woman say she was going to kill him. But why had she helped him?

A few moments later, Randa Bu-san turned away slowly. A pair of fiery eyes stared at Siau-liong's teary face, he exclaimed, "Do you also have feelings of regret right now?"

Siau-liong did not understand what the woman's question meant. He thought: “I don't know you mother and daughter. Nor is it bound by hostility. Why do you say that?"

But soon he realized that he was in the guise of an Evil Warrior. Of course, that Randa Bu-san doesn't know who she really is.

Siau-liong lamented. What happened before between Randa and the Evil Warrior, how did the woman hate her to death? But strangely, when the Siau-liong cursed swordsman was in danger, the woman was quick to help him!

Randa Bu-san thought that Siau-liong or the Evil Warrior had regretted it. Thus, it is possible that the original Evil Swordsman must have done something against the mother and daughter.

Siau-liong remembered. Whereas on the stone wall where the Evil Warrior used to be, there is only an inscription stating that he (Siau-liong) likes to represent the Evil Warrior to come to the top of Sin-li-hong to fulfill a promise. Likewise the statement made by Randa Bu-san when Siau-liong fainted and was carried by White Rose to the woman's cottage.

This series of events led to Siau-liong's conclusion that during his lifetime, the original Evil Warrior must have held grudges with Randa Bu-san. But he didn't know what kind of animosity had happened between them.

Judging by her age, Randa Bu-san is a middle-aged woman. While the Evil Warrior was at least seventy years old. And judging also by the face of the Evil Warrior who was so scary, it was impossible to have a grudge with Randa Bu-san regarding the matter of romance.

But if you remember how angry Randa Bu-san was, who wanted to kill the Evil Swordsman but also wanted to help him and the frown on his face that showed affection even though his mouth always uttered sharp and hateful words, the possibility of conflict between the two people was certainly the result of a love affair.. ...

Siau-liong also remembered that during his life, the Evil Warrior was alone. There are no relatives, no friends. He is poor across the world alone. But why now suddenly there is a widow who has a bitter grudge against her?

For a long time, Siau-liong has not been able to solve the puzzle. Finally he said to Randa Bu-san,


Randa Bu-san took a deep breath, he said, "What happened in the past, it turns out that you still have the face to say again, you ..."

He stopped his words. For a moment, he blinked his eyes, he continued, “That also includes Karma. Otherwise, I wouldn't be the heir to Ya-li-sin-kang's magic knowledge either. But I still can't forgive You just because of that..." 

When Siau-liong looked up, he saw that Randa Bu-san's face was filled with tears.

While patting her daughter on the shoulder, the woman from Bu-san also said, "If I could forgive you, our son would not want to let you go!"

The lion was surprised. But he didn't want to say much because he was afraid that his disguise would be caught. Luckily, even Randa Bu-san didn't suspect him.

Again, Randa Bu-san stomped his foot on the ground, shouting: “Remember, tomorrow is the middle of Fall season next year, come to the peak of Sin-li-hong to accept death. Within this year, you may arrange the orders you need to leave!"

Siau-liong laughed blandly and said to himself: "That's right, no matter what, I won't live longer anyway and that mid-autumn time..."

Randa Bu-san looked at him in surprise. He wanted to open his mouth but couldn't. Pulling her daughter's hand, without turning back again, she continued to swing.

Siau-liong stared in awe at the shadows of the two mother and child vanishing in a clump of trees.

Suddenly he remembered something important. He had to investigate the trail of the White Rose. So he wanted to follow Randa Bu-san. But just as the leg was about to be lifted, suddenly someone shouted nervously, "Cursed Swordsman ......!"

Siau-liong was forced to abort his steps and turn away. It turned out that Toh Hun-ki, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, was standing while saluting with a smile.

"Are you going to rebuke me for not coming to the agreement?"

Toh Hun-ki gasped. He said hastily, “Ah, no. The cursed warrior must have other important matters to attend to!"

Siau-liong took a deep breath, "Indeed I have important business. But I'm not someone who doesn't keep promises. In the attack on the devil husband and wife's lair later, I will help a little!"

His cold attitude towards the chairman of Kong-tong-pay was caused: First, he had to carry the attitude of an arrogant and cold Evil Swordsman. So that Toh Hun-ki, Ceng Hi totiang and other people don't know. Second, Toh Hun-ki is the killer of his father. One day he will have to kill her. Third, his heart is restless. Full of vengeance and anger. So the tone of his speech was curt and arrogant like the original Evil Warrior.

But after all, he is not an Evil Warrior, but a Siau-liong who upholds Justice and Truth. In order to repay the Evil Warrior, he disguised himself as the character but with a different attitude in order to restore his good name.

Against Toh Hun-ki, the enemy who had killed his father, he secretly had a different impression. He was attracted by the personality of chairman Kong-tong-pay who was not afraid to face threats and pressure. The chief still dared to defend the Truth. Did he have the heart to kill such a straight-forward character?

And also Toh Hun-ki was heeding and protecting the Evil Warrior. Either with words or with real actions. And most importantly, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay was immediately willing to hand over some of the Jade-pwe to the Evil Swordsman!

Contemplating all that, a sense of regret arose in Siau-liong's heart. Laugh at him grievously,

"Half the Jade-pwe that you gave me the other day, I really destroyed it!"

But Toh Hun-ki was not surprised. Calmly he replied, “So is good! If the heirloom book falls into the hands of good people, it is certainly a blessing for the martial world. But if it gets into the hands of evil humans, the martial world will surely be doomed!"

For a moment looking at Ceng Hi totiang, To Kiu-kong and several people, Siau-liong said to the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, "I still have other things to do, for a while I have to go!" - after saying he immediately took a step followed Randa Bu-san and her daughter earlier.

"Cursed Swordsman!" Toh Hun-ki suddenly called out.

Siau-liong was forced to stop, he snapped, "Why?"

"Currently, the vicinity of Mount Tay-liang-san is full of figures from martial arts parties. By simply leaving, it's possible that the Evil Warrior .... will meet with some things that are not free ..." - said Toh Hun -ki then handed a piece of yellow silk to Siau-liong, "This silk is a sign for our friends. It's good that you bring it so that there is no misunderstanding."

Siau-liong welcomed and thanked him. But when he was about to walk, suddenly Ceng Hi totiang, Ti Gong Taysu and several people approached him.

Siau-liong furrowed his brows. He had to salute, he cried, "Brothers..."

Ti Gong taysu called for Omitohud then stepped forward and saluted, "I want to thank you for your help!"

Siau-liong laughed, "Ah, just a small matter, don't worry about it!"

Also To Kiu-kong and Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong and the two crippled beggars, came forward towards Siau-liong. Paying respects and then backing away without saying anything.

May To Kiu-kong still have doubts. It was clear that when fighting Lam-hay Sin-ni earlier, the Evil Warrior had used the Thay-afternoon punch.

Ceng Hi totiang looked at Siau-liong for a moment and then said, “That the Evil Warrior has returned to the path of light, is truly a blessing for the martial world. Let me represent all the martial arts to express my gratitude to you. This time I managed to go down the mountain to lead the group of friends, actually I feel ashamed in my heart because my intelligence is still not enough..."

He paused for a moment, sighed and then continued, “Also the atmosphere today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. Will we be able to quell the movements of the two demon husband and wife or not, is still uncertain!"

Siau-liong knew that in the past twenty years it was the old priest who had the most contact with the Evil Warrior. So if he was not careful, it would be easy for the priest to know. So he just sighed and didn't answer.

Toh Hun-ki also said, "After returning to Siok-ciu, it turned out that many martial arts figures from all over came in droves. They want to join our movement to destroy the devil husband and wife. In just ten days, thousands of figures had gathered. Moreover, we were lucky to invite Ceng Hi totiang to lead the movement. Right now the Spring Valley has been tightly confined by a troupe of valiant people…”

Pausing for a moment to look at everyone, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay also said,

"It's just that if you fail this time, the consequences are hard to imagine for the martial world!"

34. Cornered Into a Deadlock Cave

Siau-liong was concerned, he said, "The Spring Valley relies on the greatness of its natural conditions and the greatness of the secret tools, the sword line. Even though the troupe of brave people consists of a large number, it is worried..."

"I'm also worried about it, that's why ..." Ceng Hi totiang stopped his words.

Siau-liong was stunned. He asked a moment later, "Are the poles going to use fire to attack their nests..."

Ceng Hi totiang's face changed instantly. He was secretly surprised. He said in a heavy voice,

"That's right, I did have that plan. By relying on such a large number of people if we use fire to burn this valley, it can certainly eradicate the two devil husbands and wives..."

He paused for a moment and continued, "I beg of the Evil Warrior not to reveal this plan of mine, so that ..."

Siau-liong laughed, “Please don't worry, I will of course keep it a secret!”

Suddenly Siau-liong's mind drifted off. Indeed, with the fire attack method, it is very likely that Ceng Hi totiang's group will succeed in eradicating the Semi Valley. But with the extermination, the owner of the valley is Poh Ceng-in, of course, will also perish.

Hadn't he been given Jong-tok's poison to drink by that woman? With that poison, if one dies, the others will die too. So if Poh Ceng-in dies, he will die too!

Likewise with Jong Leng Lojin who was imprisoned underground with his legs chained. If Ceng Hi totiang carried out the arson attack, wouldn't Jong Leng lojin be burned alive?

For a moment Siau-liong was restless.

Seeing that, Ceng Hi totiang was a little suspicious, he immediately coughed and then rebuked him "Do you not agree with my attack plan?"

Siau-liong was startled and hastily exclaimed, “No, no! Totiang's plan is indeed the most perfect, it will surely work.... he sighed softly, "When will Totiang want to carry it out?"

Half in doubt, Ceng Hi totiang replied: “I have given the world-conquering Devil time to free It Hang totiang and his entourage until tomorrow morning. If he does not carry out my request, I will immediately carry out the attack!"

Looking up at the sky, Siau-liong estimated that it was already close to sunset.... So there were only two hours left of the time limit given by Ceng Hi totiang to the world-conquering demon.

Said Ceng Hi totiang also, "Within one day to destroy the men and all traps in the valley. Three days to level the entire valley. Within four days it would have been known whether my plan was successful or not!"

For a moment of contemplation, Siau-liong then took a medicine prescription from his shirt, gave it to To Kiu-kong, he said, "I want to ask for help so that you like to send your subordinates to Siok-ciu to buy this recipe!"

To kiu-kong hastily greeted, he asked "When will the Evil Warrior need this medicine?"

Secretly, the leader of Kay-pang wondered why the Laknat Warrior didn't ask Ceng Hi totiang for help, but to him.

"As soon as possible, not until tomorrow night at the latest," said Siau-liong.

To Kiu-kong agreed and stated that tomorrow before noon the medicine would have arrived.

Then Siau-liong told Ceng Hitotiang and Toh Hun-ki that he had other important matters to attend to. But tomorrow before noon he would be back there again.

Thus the Siau-liong immediately stepped away. He ran as fast as he could after Randa Bu-san and his daughter earlier.

Very quickly he had crossed the forest and arrived at the mouth of the exit. But because he had been conversing with Ceng Hi totiang and Toh Hun-ki for a long time, he couldn't find any trace of the mother and child.

Siau-liong was confused and very restless. He had to find Randa Bu-san to inquire about White Rose. And after that he had to rejoin Ceng Hi totiang's entourage to carry out an attack on the Semi Valley.

To attack the Valley of Spring, is not difficult. But what troubled him was that he had to secretly protect Poh Ceng-in's safety. Because if the owner of the valley were to die, he himself would die too!

In the meantime he was out of the mouth of the mountain bend. There were several dozen shadowy figures hiding in the dark. Moved his heart, he returned back so did not continue the journey again.

He thought: The two mothers and daughters certainly did not take the big road because they did not have road signs. Of course they did not want to clash with the martial arts figures who were ready to besiege the valley.

Siau-liong use Dragon circular motion-18 times. It bounced and twirled several times in the air. By using that knowledge, he can reach a peak in a short time. From the top of the peak he could look out in all directions.

May the road he passed was located on the right side of the mouth of the valley. At the end of the street, it was heavily guarded by martial arts figures.

Siau-liong guessed that the two mothers and children must have returned to their hut. As long as he was there, of course he could find them.

After determining his direction, he got down and ran along the edge of the valley, towards Randa Bu-san's hut.

Along the way he had to walk carefully so as not to be caught by a patrol of gallant men. And besides, he too must carefully determine the direction so as not to get lost.

All the passion and attention poured into the Dragon-circle 18 times to leap through the forest and climb the peak.

As already explained, the Semi Valley is surrounded by steep and sloping mountain peaks so it is a very strategic place.

When Siau-liong reached one li, the moon grew brighter so that he could see freely the four directions.

He slowed down and then stopped. He saw that from the row of flower trees in the Valley of Spring, the distance was a peak. As long as he turned around to take the road from behind the valley, of course he could reach the widow's residence.

But he got into trouble. Because it was as wide as dozens of spears, the place was heavily guarded by a troupe of gallant people. Even though he carries the ID that Toh Hun-ki gave him, he doesn't want to use it. He still wanted to find a way to avoid this group of dashing people.

While he was pensive looking for thoughts, suddenly from behind there was a swish of hissing clothes from behind him.

At first he thought it must be a group of strong people led by Ceng Hi totiang. But his keen ears immediately knew that the person was slowly approaching his place.

Even though the voice was very low, his sharp ears could sense that the person was slowly approaching his place.

At first he thought it must be one of the members of Ceng Hi Totiang's group, so he didn't really pay much attention. But at other times he quickly realized something unnatural.

He remembered that Ceng Hitotiang had issued an order that members of his entourage should not act rashly on their own. Unless someone really wanted to break through the siege, then they could act.

Siau-liong clearly knew that the visitor had the intention of attacking him in the dark. Siau-liong set a trap. He deliberately pretended not to know and walked slowly. but secretly he has prepared Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power.

But that assumption turned out to be untrue. The visitor didn't mean to attack him. He stopped behind Siau-liong and shouted fiercely, "Old bastard!"

The lion was surprised. He turned quickly. Ah! it turned out that it was the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

The world-conquering demon laughed scornfully, “Old curse, now it feels like no widow Bu-san will help you anymore?”

Siau-liong is not afraid of the demon husband and wife but only towards Lam-hay Sin-ni is he a little afraid. And again at that time he did not have the appetite to fight with the devil husband and wife. So for a moment looking at them, he continued to walk away.

But just as the foot was about to take a step, someone laughed from behind, "Ho, you can't escape again!"

It turned out that somehow and when, suddenly Lam-hay Sin-ni was standing behind him.

Siau-liong forced a laugh and stopped his steps.

Stepping in front of Siau-liong, the monk reached out, “Give it to me! If you have left the Jade-pwe to me, I guarantee your soul will be saved!"'

Siau-liong furrowed his brows and laughed coldly, “By asking forcibly, is Sin-ni not afraid of losing her good name? Aren't you worried that Sin-ni will be laughed at by the martial world?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni snarled viciously, "Who is the martial artist who dares to laugh at me?"

"Even though they don't dare to be open, they secretly insult Sin-ni!" said Siau-liong with a contemptuous laugh. Where he devised a plan to escape the monk's pressure.

But the slick world-conquering Demon immediately caught sight of Siau-liong's ploy. Hastily he took a step forward and said to Lam-hay Sin-ni.

"That old cursed man has a lot of wits. He's slippery like an eel. Please don't get slapped on Sin-ni. Let him talk anything, the important thing is to catch him first so we can take his Jade!"

“Right!” Lam-hay Sin-ni laughed.

Suddenly he swung his right hand in a kill-dragon-chopping-of-paradise stance. His five fingers made a sharp hissing sound, gripping Siau-liong's chest. The move is so powerful it's not playing, the speed is absurdly fast.

The lion was surprised. He hastily retreated as he shouted, "Wait a minute...!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni stopped her attack and shouted, "You'd better give it up!"

Siau-liong purposely sighed in a disappointed manner, he said, “Alright!”

He reached into his shirt and pulled out a small silk wrapper.

Seeing that, Lam-hay Sin-ni's joy was beyond belief. He immediately reached out to greet him. But the Xiao Liong quickly retreated.

"If you dare to take another step forward, this Jade-pwe will surely be crushed!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni was stunned. He didn't dare go any further. Likewise the two devil husbands and wives. They believed that a scourge like the Evil Warrior would certainly carry out his threat if pushed too hard.

Lam-hay Sin-ni was confused and waved her hand several times, “Don't destroy, don't destroy, let's have a good deal!”

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “There is nothing more to discuss. Unless ...... you want to pass my two conditions!"

"Say it!" Lam-hay Sin-ni hastily exclaimed.

For a moment of contemplation, Siau-liong said, “First, the world-conquering devil and the Goddess of Hell must stay here. Second, hope Sin-ni likes to get me out of here a li away. I'll tell Sin-ni the jade-pwe soon."

"Okay, okay, I agree!" cried Lam-hay Sin-ni then turned to yell at the devil husband and wife, "You have to stay here, don't follow me!"

The world-conquering demon was a bit doubtful, but, forced to agree, "Okay, please be careful Sin-ni."

Thus Siau-liong and Lam-hay Sin-ni immediately left the place. Presumably at that time Siau-liong did not have the sense to escape. He was forced to decide, first to avoid the two demons, then slowly find the strength to deal with the pressure of the stupid Lam-hay Sin-ni.

In fact, it is in his heart. Even if the Jade-pwe had not been destroyed, he would still not want to hand it over to Sin-ni. Even if he refused, he had to lose his soul. Because he was well aware of the wily tricks of the world-conquering Devil.

Surrendering the Jade-pwe to Lam-hay Sin-ni means handing it over to the demon husband and wife. And once the husband and wife got the complete Jade-pwe and succeeded in obtaining the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book, then the entire martial world was destroyed!

But he also knew that the idiot Lam-hay Sin-ni must have insisted on asking for half Jade-pwe. If he knew that he had been tricked, the monk would have killed him.

While walking slowly, Siau-liong's mind worked hard to make sense.

Suddenly, not far to the front, a shadowy figure flashed from the other at that time the person shouted admonishing him: "Shit... Old curse!"

The lion was surprised. It turned out that what appeared was the White Mawar maiden disguised as Ki Ih's snake-woman. At another time, the White Rose ran over to him.

"Who is it!" asked Lam-hay Sin-ni.

Haven't asked yet, Siau-Liong has secretly cradled in his heart. With the arrival of the White Rose, it means that there will be a soul that will die at the hands of Lam-hay Sin-ni. He was very nervous. But he didn't have much time to think anymore. Finally he dared.

When Lam-hay Sin-ni's attention was on Mawar Recover, she quickly put all her strength in then with all her might she pushed the monk's stomach!

Lam-hay Sin-ni had no idea that he would be attacked. Unprepared, he bounced and staggered eight steps away.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong, after pushing and jumping to meet the White Rose, shouted nervously, "Hurry up and run!"

Mawar Putih did not have time to ask anything. He was forced to follow Siau-liong to escape.

"Hey, how can you escape?" shouted Lam-hay Sin-ni while chasing.

Siau-liong and Mawar Putih ran as fast as the wind but the monk's sprinting skill was far more perfect. Just when Siau-liong and Mawar Putih ran with two spears, the monk had already floated over their heads and slid to face them.

Lam-hay Sin-ni was so angry that her face was pale. "Hand over the Jade-pwe or I'll crush you!"

Mawar Putih doesn't know Lam-hay Sin-ni and doesn't know that Sin-ni has the magical knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang. But he was really scared and couldn't open his mouth to see Lam-hay Sin-ni's face and eyes that were so cruel and scary.

Siau-liong took out another yellow cloth and shouted, "Before you intervene, I'll destroy this first!" He pulled the White Rose, spun around and ran again.

Siau-liong's threat was successful. Lam-hay Sin-ni did not dare to intervene. He just followed the two of them. Even so, it was enough to make Siau-liong go crazy.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell followed suit. But they were also worried that Siau-liong would destroy the Jade-pwe. So they just followed from a distance behind Lam-hay Sin-ni only.

Siau-liong just run away from running. He didn't have time to check where he was going. He didn't know where he was anymore.

Suddenly he saw the front of a mountain peak. At the foot of the mountain there is a path that extends inward.

Without much thought, Siau-liong continued to pull the White Rose into the road.

Lam-hay Sin-ni shouted and was about to give chase. But the world-conquering demon prevented, "Let them go, Sin-ni don't have to chase!"

The monk paused and asked, “What? Not chasing? Is it letting the Jade-pwe go away?"

The world-conquering demon hastily announced, “The path will come to a cave less than two spears deep and only two meters high. Not only a dead end, there are hundreds of poisonous snakes in there. It's one of the ten caves I've used as a place to keep snakes..."

He smiled, he said, "If they hadn't been bitten by a snake, they would have fainted because of the incredible resistance of the rancid air!"

After saying he and his wife then sat on the edge of a cave. After pondering for a moment, Lam-hay Sin-ni agreed. He also sat there waiting for the Siau-liong and the White Rose to come out.

Because the devil's husband and wife sat on either side of the mouth of the cave while Lam-hay Sin-ni was in the middle. Then the cave had practically been heavily guarded by the three of them.

At first, Siau-liong thought that the tunnel would pass to the side of the mountain over there. So in a nervous state, he didn't think much anymore and continued to sneak in. It was only after going inside that he realized that the tunnel was a dead end.

And he also heard the conversation of the world-conquering Devil with Lam-hay Sin-ni. And after checking the state of the tunnel, indeed what the demon said was true.

Not only was it only about two spears deep, the air was damp and rancid. Luckily it wasn't as scary as the Demon Conqueror said. And again there are no swarms of venomous snakes.

Siau-liong sighed, he said, "Why did you come here alone?"

"Looking for you!" said the White Rose, "you know, when you disappeared in that badly injured state, how I felt .... ah, thank God, you were not lacking something. That night ...."

Siau-liong pointed out the cave, he said: "Right now we are like fish in a net. Miss's arrival here only means sacrificing one more soul.... It's just a pity for my mother who is sick outside the sea. his son, maybe he will never see each other again for the rest of his life!"

The feeling of compassion for his mother, caused Siau-liong's eyes to fill with tears......

Mawar Putih was also moved and wept bitterly. It wasn't long before she stopped crying and approached Siau-liong, saying, "There's something I have to tell you.... Ah, I'm really sorry..."

He took a deep breath and continued, “I've considered it, for the time being whether we can or can't take revenge, we must immediately head across the sea to find my teacher. Maybe as soon as he saw you, he would be cured of his illness!"

Siau-liong was silent because he didn't know how to speak. He realized that the situation at that time was like an egg on a horn. It was difficult for the two young men to escape Lam-hay Sin-ni's grasp.

Again, Mawar Putih sighed again, she said, “I was the bad guy the other day. If I hadn't pressured you into killing Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo, surely we'd be on the hot side by now!"

The White Rose finished her words with another pitiful cry. Siau-liong's heart is like being slashed with a knife....

Suddenly a world-conquering Demon's voice said, “Get out quickly! As long as you want to hand over the Jade-pwe to Sin-ni, I guarantee your safety to leave this Valley!"

Lam-hay Sin-ni also shouted, "If you don't want to come out, of course I will destroy this cave so that you will be buried alive!"

Siau-liong was furious to hear the threat. He hit the wall, but the impact was only an outpouring of anger and was not channeled by Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power at all.

“Dude……!!!” heard a terrible sound.

Siau-liong repeated with a few strokes while whispering the White Rose,


"It's true that the walls of this cave are empty!" said the White Rose cheerfully.

Siau-liong was also surprised. If the cave wall was empty, it must have contained a trap or a secret tunnel. He is not afraid of being trapped in a secret tool because by having the map Jong Leng gave him the license, he can certainly get out of the valley.

Indeed the walls of the cave there are made of a mixture of sand and stone fragments. Once hit, the wall fell down. Siau-liong did not want to waste time. Not long after he managed to make a hole as deep as half a meter.

35. Who.... The Heir of Thian-Kong

There was a rumbling sound and another cave opening opened. After cleaning the door hole. he looked inside. Ah, it turns out that the cave beside it is a tunnel made of white marble, Siau-liong quickly pulled the white rose and invited him in.

It turned out that he was in a tunnel, the walls of white marble and brightly lit, Siau-liong quickly took out a map and examined it carefully.

But for so long, he still doesn't understand. Seeing the shape and location of the tunnel is certainly a very important place. But strangely on the map there are no signs of that place.

He had to save the map again and then slowly began to investigate. The tunnel leans downwards. About three spears away just arrived at the last end which turned out to be a door.

For a while, Siau-liong stood in front of the stone door. After turning to the White Rose who was behind him, he suddenly pushed the door. The door opened instantly.

And Siau-liong's feelings are legal because it turns out that behind the door there is no secret tool. He immediately stepped in.

What he saw in that room really shocked him. In the four corners of the room there is a pearl the size of a duck egg so that the room is brightly lit.

The room is complete with a table and chairs. Under the foot of the right wall, three large iron chests were piled up. In the middle of the table, there is a small box made of steel. It's only half a meter in size.

When Siau-liong and Mawar Putih came forward to the shirt, the eyes of the two youths widened instantly.

On the lid of the steel box were written eight large letters in gold ink:


Siau-liong was stunned. He exchanged glances with the White Rose without being able to say anything.

The gold writing on the lid of the box shimmered even more brilliantly in the pearl light from four directions.

Now Siau-liong realized that at that time he was actually in the treasure room left by Tio Sam-hong, the forerunner of the founder of the Bu-tong-pay party!

"Are we dreaming ....?" The White Rose whispered haltingly. Her demeanor was very tense. Her face showed a sense of joyous surprise.

Siau-liong also felt like in a dream he sobbed, "Maybe not ......!"


Siau-liong was gripped in doubt. At first he thought that the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book was just an illusion. He didn't believe it.

But what he saw at that time, was completely beyond his expectation. Three large chests filled with priceless gem-quality pearls. The four pearls are the size of a duck's egg that shines brilliantly and the box contains the sacred science heirloom book of Thian-kong-sin-kang. Everything at that time unfolded in front of him.

Siau-liong is really like dreaming.

I don't know how many thousands of martial arts masters have wasted time and energy trying to find the heirloom without success. But by accident, he was afraid of being chased by Lam-hay Sin-ni, and instead got lost in the place of the heirloom.

Was it destiny?

The room didn't seem to have any air holes either. But strangely, Siau-liong and Mawar Putih did not feel stuffy. And because the tunnel is made of white marble, even though it's been hundreds of years it's still as clean as new. So the coffin of the book was not rusty at all.

Trembling, Siau-liong opened the bookcase. Meanwhile, his brain is still working. A question arose in his heart.

The heirloom storage room is only separated by a wall of mixed stone, with a cave. But why for so many hundred years, no one has been able to find that place?

Suddenly Siau-liong remembered. Earlier while still in the cave, he had heard the world-conquering demon tell Lam-hay Sin-ni that the cave was full of swarms of poisonous snakes.

Strange, why until then he had not seen any snake stuff?

His mind drifted further…..

As an extraordinary figure in his time, of course Tio Sam-hong built his heirloom treasures in such a strange and safe way. Otherwise, cooking. until hundreds of years people can not find it.

When the coffin was opened, his heart pounded furiously. Inside the chest was a book with a yellow silk cover. The contents are thin, only a few sheets. On the cover of the book are written four letters,

'Thian Kong Sin Kang'.

Siau-liong opened the first page and read with the White Rose:

sacred science heritage book,

Saved thousands of years.

Two people enter the room,

Just a mate.

From this and then on,

Only a single heir.

Eradicate Evil and Harassment

Don't be arrogant, don't be greedy.

Below it is a line of small letters that reads:

Those who violate must be cursed by 'Sin-beng' (the magic angel).

Siau-liong broke out in cold sweat. Because he was shocked and horrified. Was it Tio Sam-hong that he used to be a good fortune teller so that he could find out what had not happened for hundreds of years? Otherwise, why was he able to write so vividly?

In view of that fact, Tio Sam-hong's action to divide the Jade-pwe map into two parts, his intention was to make it difficult for people so that the heirloom book was not easily found by people!

He further pondered about the words that read 'if two people enter, only one is matched'.... He researched himself.

At first he received a lesson from the Physician Kongsun Sin-tho. Then he met the cursed warrior, the magic skull beggar. Although not directly, but the two figures also have a relationship as a teacher and student with him. Because of the two figures, he can have the magic power of Bu-kek-sin-kang and the magic of Thay-siang-ciang.

It seemed that Tio Sam-hong did indeed have a precise calculation. It was clear that the Bu-tong-pay character did not want him (Siau-liong) to be the heir to Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic knowledge. Also, he only has one year left after drinking Jong-tok's poison from Poh Ceng-in. Would Tio Sam-hong choose someone who was that short in age?

Then the right one to be the heir to Thian-kong-sin-kang is only White Rose!

With that conclusion, he quickly handed the heirloom book to the virgin, "Miss, you should have this heritage book!"

The White Rose took a step back while wagging her hands: “No! Not! I can't…”

Dara was nervous and tense, she cried "I know my luck is thin and again I can't bear such a heavy burden!"

With a serious face said Siau-liong, “In the first page of the book it is clearly stated. Only one who has a mate. It feels like it's only Miss!"

Suddenly the White Rose burst into laughter, "How do you know?"

Siau-liong sighed, "I've already studied the Black school of knowledge, maybe it's no longer suitable to learn the White school's magic. Also ..... at most I only live to be one more year. Tio Sam-hong Cousu could completely foresee the current events. There's no way he would choose me to be the heir of that Thian-kong-sin-kang!"

White Rose looked at him in surprise, “What are you raving about? How do you know that you only have a year left!"

Siau-liong wanted to say but didn't. It is difficult for him to describe his experience with Poh Ceng-in. After pondering for a while, he said, "If you persist in refusing, I have a way of deciding!"

White Rose laughed, “Say, what is your way of doing it!”

"Tio Sam-hong set up a secret room to store the treasures and left an inscription on the heirloom book, as if he already knew that we were the ones who would come here. This was probably because Tio Sam-hong Cousu understood astrology. Therefore let us use that method of divination to ask the spirit of Tio Sam-hong Cousu to give instructions to whom the book should be handed over..."

Siau-liong continued to take out a copper note and then gave it to the White Rose, "Please pray. Say the choice, whether it's the front or the back and throw it up to three times."

White Rose didn't want to argue.... She immediately welcomed the money and respectfully saluted to the sky while praying in a loud voice, “Please Tio Sam-hong Cousu's spirit likes to give instructions regarding the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book. If you have to ... given the Siau-liong crook, please make this money show the face three times."

After praying, the White Rose then threw the currency up. And ah .... when he fell on the floor it was his face that was visible above. He repeated the toss twice, but twice in a row the money pointed to the face.

White Rose laughed looking at Siau-liong, “Look! Tio Sam-hong Cousu was really like an angel. Three throws three times still pointing at you!"

Siau-liong couldn't answer anything. He picked up the currency and together with a loud voice, “Disciple Tong Siau-liong, solemnly begs the spirit of Tio Sam-hong Cousu. If it's true that Cousu chose a disciple to be the heir of Thian-kong-sin-kang, please give a hint so that the money falls upside down three times in a row!"

After saluting to the sky, Siau-liong then threw the money up.

"Tring", the money fell upside down. Up to three times he threw the money, still the money pointed to the back surface.

"Hola!" The White Rose clapped her hands, "this time you certainly can't move anymore..."

Siau-liong's face darkened. He didn't even feel a drop of joy and even sighed....

Of course, the White Rose was surprised and rebuked him, “It is said that Thian-kong-sin-kang is the number one magic science in the world. It has been hundreds of years that science has ruled the martial world. Then you will certainly become the number one champion in the world!"

Siau-liong did not understand what the virgin meant. But he realized that he was indeed in a state of restlessness. In the heirloom book, an order was written to use the book of Thian-kong-sin-kang to include the mandate 'to eradicate injustice and evil'. If he accepts the sacred book and becomes the inheritor of the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang, he will have to carry out the task of eradicating evil and tyranny including the two world-conquering Devils and the Goddess of Hell.

It's not that he doesn't want to carry out the burden but because his life is only limited to one year, apart from doing some things for his benefit. he doesn't have time anymore. If he gets involved in the turbulence of the adult martial world, doesn't that mean he doesn't have time to look for his mother across the ocean again?

And there are still other objections. As a sacred science, it is certainly not easy to learn Thian-kong-sin-kang. Maybe before he succeeded he was dead.

Because he was gripped by these various worries, he answered somewhat reluctantly, “There are still people who are magic who are more powerful. Above the sky there is still space. So Tio Sam-hong Cousu didn't even dare to say that he was an unrivaled figure in the world. In the wilderness and the mountains, there may be hiding many knowledgeable figures who do not want to appear in the public. The so-called number one figure is none other than the most intelligent figure in the world of martial arts, not the most powerful in the whole world! And again…. frankly, I don't want to be the inheritor of Thian-kong-sin-kang's knowledge, because….”

Because Siau-liong did not want to continue his words, the White Rose immediately retorted,

"Then, let's hurry to the other side of the sea! We don't need to pay attention to the martial world and the two devil husbands and wives anymore!"

Even if the mouth says so, but in the heart, the White Rose arises its own inner conflict. Given his temperature repeatedly hoping to meet his missing son (Siau-liong), perhaps his temperature meant to give a subtle whisper that he (White Rose) would be betrothed to his missing son. But if you remember Randa Bu-san's prediction which said that he had no luck being caught by a husband and wife with Siau-liong, Mawar Putih's heart felt very sad.

So if he quickly took the Siau-liong across the ocean. surely the temperature will most likely soon marry them. And the prediction of Randa Bu-san who became his adoptive mother would fall.

White Rose furrowed her brows and said, “Come on, let's go across the ocean. We will deal with Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo later. Don't you want to hurry up and visit your mother who is suffering from illness Now...?"

Siau-liong shook his head: "It's impossible for us to leave now. At least we have to wait until four or five days after the attack on Ceng Hi Totiang's group was successful. Only then will I make a decision!"

He had already given his promise to Toh Hun-ki. He couldn't deny it. After doing this and rebuilding the good name of the Evil Warrior, then he will go to see his mother.

Let alone now he already has a mandate from the book of Thian-kong-sin-kang to eradicate tyranny and evil. Even if it wasn't so, he still couldn't see while hugging his hands the crimes that were raging in the adult martial world.

White roses can only deliki the eye. But just as the virgin was about to open her mouth, suddenly a voice shouted from outside the cave.

"If this cave is a dead end, how can they escape?" cried Lam-hay Sin-ni.

The world-conquering demon replied rather slowly, “Please Sin-ni don't fret….”

Because the continuation of the world-conquering Devil said in a very low voice it couldn't be caught anymore.

The lion was surprised. He remembered that the cave wall he had broken into earlier was still open. If Lam-hay Sin-ni and the world-conquering Demon entered the cave tunnel, they would surely find the breach of the wall and be able to enter the space there.

Even though he already got the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book but he had not had time to study it. If Lam-hay Sin-ni finds out, of course he will take the book.

Quickly, Siau-liong put the book into his shirt and mustered up his strength to prepare for any eventuality.

But it turned out that for a long time Lam-hay Sin-ni and the world-conquering Demon had not been seen entering the cave. And a few moments later there was a boisterous scream, followed by a very frenzied sound.

The frenzied sound was like the sound of people clashing. At first glance like Lam-hay Sin-ni is pouring out anger to destroy the cave. But at first glance it also looks like Ceng Hi Totiang's group who attacked them.

For a long time, neither Siau-liong nor Mawar Putih could guess what the noise outside the cave was.

After a while, the noise died down and there was silence again.

Siau-liong said: “Lam-hay Sin-ni and the World Conqueror Devil couldn't possibly let us both off so easily. At least before the light of day, we can't escape outside. On this occasion, I hope you like to rest and sleep first..."

Since the disappearance of Siau-liong from Randa Bu-san's hut ten days ago, indeed every night the White Rose couldn't sleep well. Three days later, by lying to Randa Bu-san and the green-shirted virgin, he secretly left the hut to look for Siau-liong. During that time he was sleep deprived, lacked food and was tireless.

As soon as Siau-liong reminded him to sleep, he immediately nodded and asked the young man to sleep too. As soon as you lie down, White Rose sleeps very soundly.

Seeing that the wench was already asleep, Siau-liong sighed. He immediately sat down facing the hole in the broken wall and closed his eyes in meditation.

But his mind was full of problems. It had been a long time since he had been able to calm his mind.

Until then the situation outside the cave is still silent. It seemed that Lam-hay Sin-ni and the world-conquering Demon had really left that place.

The suspicion arose. Was the frenzy really caused by the attack on Lam-hay Sin-ni and the world-conquering Demon so that the two figures could be lured away from there?

If that's true, it's clear that the person who carried out the attack was certainly a person with great knowledge!

Suddenly he took out the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book. But he hesitated and could not immediately decide whether he should turn to the pages of the book.

Siau-liong realized that he would not live long. If he doesn't open the book, he can still give it to a character he deems worthy to be the heir to the magic knowledge. But if he opened it once, he would automatically be the heir to Thian-kong-sin-kang.

If he was unable to fulfill the task as mandated in the heirloom book, didn't that mean he had wasted Tio Sam-hong's hopes?

When his eyes met the yellow silk cover, somehow the book seemed to have a great appeal. Against his will there was a strong desire to open the book.

"Ah, it's only a rice cooker at most, I can already read this book completely. Maybe Thian-kong-sin-kang is really easy to learn!" he thought.

He also remembered the results of the coin toss earlier. He secretly felt that Tio Sam-hong was really a poet who could predict accurately. And Tio Sam-hong's spirit would know that he only had one year left. But if Tio Sam hong still wanted him to be Thian-kong-sin-kang's heir, then that would have become his lifeline.

Contemplating it without hesitation he immediately opened the book and read it.

Siau-liong is indeed intelligent. The book of Thian-kong-sin-kang, which only consists of a dozen sheets, can all be memorized in a bowl of rice.

After reading, he pondered a little doubtful. At first he thought Thian-kong-sin-kang as the number one science in the world, of course it was difficult and in one lesson. But after reading the contents of the book. it feels bland because there is nothing extraordinary in its contents.

The first half contains lessons on the science of Breathing, which are almost the same as lessons from other sciences, which differ only in the focus section, "Spirit, Heart, Aim, Mind, Calm, Movement, Emptiness and Reality."

Indeed, there are some chapters that he can't understand, including the lesson that says, "In Calm comes Motion, in Motion is born Calm ..." and another line that reads: 'Will is born from Thought. The mind is related to the Heart. Spirit and Will unite, Heart and Spirit intertwined ..." - and other sentences that he did not understand.

The back half contains the knowledge of the Thian-kong Punch. Consists of a punch, three slaps and four finger knocks. Very clearly explained. Each move is accompanied by the movement of the steps. But all the lessons seem very simple.

The technique of beating the Thay-noon-ciang from the Skeleton Beggar and the punching technique of Flipping the sky and the technique of hitting the Gun-go-ciang taught by the magic healer Kongsun Sin-tho are more beautiful and difficult than the punching technique of Thian-kong-ciang.

In disappointment, Siau-liong secretly doubted, "Is there someone who deliberately forged and this book is not the writing of Tio Sam-hong Cousu?"

Otherwise, why would the Thian-kong-sin-kang heirloom book, which is so famous for its supernatural powers, turn out to be so ordinary?

But at other times he had to refute his doubts. If it was true that someone had come here before, surely he would have taken the four priceless pearls. In fact the pearl is still in place!

The disappearance of doubts, made Siau-liong devote his attention to the contents of the book again. In no time, he was able to read through the contents of the book.

However, he still could not dive into the essence of the famous book of Thian-kong-pit-kip for hundreds of years.

Then he tried to do the breathing according to the instructions in the book. But because many words are incomprehensible, he can't even practice it properly.

A thing that shocked his heart had happened, after one time doing Breathing lessons, he found that the seemingly simple way of Breathing actually contained something extraordinary. He felt himself immersed in the ocean and carried away by the waves.

After that he tried to do the moves from the lessons Punch-slap-knock. Although the explanation is very clear, but when put into practice, it turns out to be absurdly difficult. There are some moves that he considers impossible to practice.

It turns out that every move contains several steps and changes. And in the statement, the changes were simultaneously carried out in two or three ways. Of course it was considered impossible by Siau-liong.

Suddenly he remembered the words in the lesson in the science of Breathing. It is clearly stated that 'In stillness comes Motion. In Motion is born Tranquility'. Ah, is Thian-kong really that special in magic? without moving your hands, can you kill your opponent?

36. Ah, is it worth it .....??

With the intelligence of his brain, Siau-liong can realize that the science of hitting which consists of a fist, three slaps, four finger strokes, of course must be accompanied by the first lesson, namely the science of breathing.

And after doing a few breaths, even though he still didn't get it completely, it increased his confidence even more....

For the third time, he re-read the book once again.... At that time he felt he had memorized its contents by heart.

"Ah, the seemingly simple Thian-kong sin-kang, actually contains a very deep lesson. It is impossible for me to learn in one day and night. Right now I'm still in danger.

Even though I can still face the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell, he is still able to face. But with Lam-hay Sin-ni, he still feels lost. If the heirloom book can be seized by the opponent, isn't he sinning against the author of the book?

Siau-liong pondered silently. Suddenly he grabbed the book and squeezed it.

Thian-kong-pit-kip, Thian-kong-sin-kang's textbook that was hundreds of years old at the time, was shattered into ashes. He sighed and then tried again to practice the Breathing skill in the book.

By then the tension in his heart had subsided a lot. Calmly he practiced the science of breathing and soon his mind sank into the realm of nothingness.

I don't know how long it took, he was surprised to hear the rustle of the hem of his shirt. When she opened her eyes, she saw the White Rose was gazing at the broken books scattered on the ground.

"Are you awake?" Xiao Liong smiled.

Pointing at the paper ashes scattered on the floor, the girl asked, "What is it?"

Siau-liong let out a small sigh, “Well, that's the Thian-kong-pit-kip heirloom book….”

“You destroyed it….?”

White Rose screamed in surprise but at another time she laughed, "So you have decided not to interfere in the turbulence of the martial world again and with me across the ocean to your mother..."

Apparently the virgin's feelings were very tense. Before Siau-liong answered, he had continued his words, "If you like, we can just stay on the island and don't step into the martial world forever!"

Siau-liong heaved a sigh of relief, “I'm not someone who works too hard. As long as the business here isn't over, I can't just leave. Even though the heirloom book was destroyed, I could memorize all of its contents. That way I have added a heavy burden!" 

White Rose said hoarsely, “It's all up to you! Maybe my adoptive mother was right……”

“Who is your adoptive mother?” Siau-liong gasped.

Staring at Siau-liong, the girl gave an answer that was not asked, "We'd better leave this place quickly. Maybe Lam-hay Sin-ni and the two demon husband and wife are gone!"

After saying the virgin continued to approach the hole, it broke. For a moment Siau-liong lost his mind. He could not face the love that the blood poured out. Suddenly he realized and quickly jumped ahead.

"The two devil husbands and wives have a lot of tricks, let me lead the way!" he shouted as he continued to crawl into the tunnel.

White Rose followed behind him.

Soon they arrived in a cave with earth walls. A rush of stench and rancidity immediately slapped the nose. The cave is not that deep.

After checking, Siau-liong was sure that there was no trace of someone else going back there. It was silent outside the cave. Lam-hay Sin-ni and the two demon husband and wife are really gone.

When turning. Siau-liong was secretly surprised. It turned out that from inside the cave it was clear that the walls and space where heirlooms were stored were broken. Once Lam-hay Sin-ni and the two devil husband and wife entered, of course they quickly found out where the treasure was stored.

Siau-liong secretly felt strange too. Why after waiting outside for so long Lam-hay Sin-ni's group didn't want to enter the cave and instead left?

Seeing Siau-liong gaping, White Rose snorted again and continued to shoot out.

Siau-liong was startled and quickly exclaimed, "Miss"

White Rose paused, turned away, "Why?" — Her tone was icy cold. It seemed the virgin was still curious.

Siau-liong stared for a moment, laughing, "If you're in that disguise, of course..."

Perhaps at that time Mawar Putih was still disguised as the Snake Goddess Ki Ih, but when she entered the cave, she was forced to remove her face veil.

After watching herself, the virgin laughed and then put on the veil again.

Siau-liong furrowed his brows, he said, “Ceng Hi totiang is currently leading the raid on Spring Valley. Many martial figures have arrived. In the past, my mother used to have a lot of animosity with the martial parties, preferably Ms...."

"Okay, then I'm not wearing these clothes!" White Rose laughed coldly.

Because Siau-liong still didn't want to be invited to the other side of the ocean, the virgin was angry. Two or three movements of the hand, he tore the veil and his disguise.

Siau-liong couldn't help but sigh, he said, "Is there not the slightest bit of misunderstood me? Ah . . . ” — again he sighed with trepidation.

White Rose pouted her lips. His demeanor remained cold. It turned out that the virgin was struggling hard to hold back the tears.

After steeling his mind and looking down at the tunnel for a moment, Xiao Liong said, "Tio Sam-hong's treasures still have 3 large chests..."

"It certainly contains treasures that are as abundant as the state's warehouse. Bring it home yourself ..." said Mawar Putih.

Siau-liong sighed: “I am not a person who is greedy for treasure. It's just that, if this treasure falls into the hands of evil humans, it certainly adds to the crime. Better to give to charity and help the poor!"

The White Rose laughed ewah, "0h, may you be a noble-hearted person!"

Siau-liong knew that the virgin was still curious about him. For a moment of contemplation, suddenly he pushed his hands forward.

"Bruk".... there was a rumbling sound followed by a scattering of dust and sand. The sky of the cave shattered and collapsed closing the tunnel with the wall of the heirloom storage room breaking. At first glance it looks like a broken cave buried in the ground. If it is not excavated, it is impossible to find.

The White Rose cleaned the dirt on her clothes then stepped outside.

"Miss ...." quickly Siau-liong blocked again.

"Why again?" asked White Rose.

"It's full of traps outside. Maybe the two demons haven't left yet..."

White Rose retorted with a loud laugh, “May you have great guts! Well, please stay here forever..." suddenly he changed his tone: "now you have become the heir to the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang. A great warrior in the martial world! Please you here to show your magic! I will go ....”

The girl quickly turned away so that the two tears that dripped from the corners of her eyelids could not be seen by Siau-liong. Then, pounding his feet on the ground, he growled. "I'll be right back across the sea and never come to China again!"

Once shot, the virgin has already jumped out of the cave. At that time, Siau-liong was still consumed by the sharp words of the White Rose. He was surprised because the blood shot out. Quickly he chased.

It was then that the dawn had already begun to break. The wind blew fresh, the White Rose ran into the forest. But at another time there was a sound of shouts mixed with the clatter of clashing weapons!

Even though it was covered by a thick tree and could not see clearly, but Siau-liong could quickly guess that Mawar Pulih must have clashed with a group of brave men of Ceng Hi Totiang's men who were attacking the Semi Valley.

When Siau-liong broke into the forest, White Rose was seen fighting with four men in short clothes. The four attackers used machetes, swords and short machetes. On the edge of the battle area, several dozen people were watching the battle.

Apparently the White Rose was about to pour out her anger on the four people, the Lightning sword played like pouring rain. The ferocity is abysmal.

But those four people also have high intelligence. Moreover, they advance in unison. So the White Rose's intention was to chop them up, on the other hand, he was still under pressure.

For a moment stunned, Siau-liong then shouted to stop them and quickly jumped over to him.

But he was quickly greeted by dozens of armed men who surrounded him. In addition to the fast and intense gunplay, they can also put themselves in the right position.

It was as if he had been trained in a line formation. Of course it surprised Siau-liong.

Meanwhile, the four people who ganged up on the White Rose didn't care and continued to attack vigorously.

Suddenly a few spears away, a bearded man appeared. He hurriedly approached, looked at Siau-liong, then pulled out the triangular white banner stuck to his shoulder, waving and shouting, "Back off...!"

Dozens of people who surrounded Siau-liong immediately moved aside. Likewise the four people who attacked the White Rose, also jumped back.

The beard-faced visitor laughed heartily. He stepped forward before Siau-liong, saluting, "A cursed swordsman!"

A man of large stature, thick eyebrows, round eyes. His whole face was almost covered by a beard. A man who is truly valiant, similar to Tio Hwi, a famous hero of the time of Sam Kok.

Siau-liong saluted back, “This brother….?”

With a booming voice, the person retorted, "I'm Lu Bu-ki, the martial world calls it Ruyung-iron-pelor-sakti. The leader of the Southern Green Jungle world……”

Then pointing to the dozens of people who surrounded Siau-liong earlier, Lu Bu-ki explained, "They are the chosen masters of the Green Jungle!"

In carrying the words, accompanied by hand and foot movements.

"Hm, I hope this guy is a thug!" Siau-liong silently thought.

"How do you know me?" he asked.

Answer the big one. "I came to fulfill Ceng Hi totiang's invitation and I know that the Evil Warrior was also involved in the movement to eradicate the Valley of Spring. That way we are now our own people..."

He paused for a moment, looked at Siau-liong's face and then laughed, “In the past I didn't have time to participate in the Ceng Hi totiang movement to oppress the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell. Even though I've never met a relative, I've heard people's stories. So once I saw it I was able to get to know you..."

His speech was clear, his tone was loud and his laughter was free. He came forward and patted Siau-liong's shoulder, "I admire you the most. Killing humans who must be killed, as a pleasure. As long as I live, I've been of the same opinion!"

Siau-liong secretly thought, that person is really very rude.

After the four assailants retreated, the White Rose looked with eye signals at Siau-liong. That means tell the young man to follow him. After giving the signal, he continued to jump and run.

But because he was hindered by the big Lu Bu-ki, besides he still likes to carry his own will, Siau-liong didn't want to. He still hangs on to the wench.

If at that time, Mawar Putih wanted to take her across the sea to meet her mother, surely she would not have to suffer in the Valley of Semi. He didn't have to drink jong-tok poison from Poh Ceng-in.

Now that he has become such, his life is only a year away, then the virgin is willing to take him across the sea. Huh, what's the need?

With that vengeful feeling, Siau-liong ignored the wench and instead continued his conversation with Lu Bu-ki.

Because it turned out that Siau-liong did not follow, not too far away, Mawar Putih stopped and rested under a tree.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong remembered Lam-hay Sin-ni and the group of world-conquering demons who had suddenly left the cave. So he asked the head of the robbers, "Have you been keeping watch in this place ever since?"

"That's right, the fifty spear circles of this place are all guarded by my men..." said Lu Bu-ki.

Then he pointed to the left, he said, “The one on the left is the Ang-cek-pang group, on the right is Siau-lim-pay. The surroundings of the Semi Valley were already tightly surrounded. Even if it's a bird, it's impossible to fly out of the valley......"

The head of the southern rogue was indeed a man who liked to speak bluntly. And once you talk, you don't have to stop.

So he just continued his words, “Ceng Hi totiang has issued a secret order. Will use fire to scorch Spring Valley. It feels like this time will certainly be moving soon…”

Looking far ahead, indeed Siau-liong saw behind the bushes and strange places, there were preparations of incendiary materials and sacks of fire medicine.

Seeing that Lu Bu ki was a brute who was a bit of an idiot, Siau-liong didn't want to press his question about Lam-hay Sin-ni and the world-conquering Demon retinue again. He considers it useless.

Then he shifted the question, "Do you know where Kay-pang's group is?"

Lu Bu-ki immediately pointed, "From here to the left for about one li, through the place where the group of Ang-cek-pang, Go-bi-pay, Tiam-jong-pay, Ji-tok-kau, that's the guard post for Kay-ki's group. pan!"

Thinking there was no need to stay there any longer, Siau-liong immediately said goodbye.

Lu Bu-ki really had great respect for Siau-liong. Blushingly he saluted and invited Siau-liong to leave the place.

Just a few steps Siau-liong walked, suddenly from the right side of the forest appeared a black shirt holding a red banner.

Lu Bu-ki rushed forward to meet him. The man in black whispered near Lu Bu-ki's ear then hurriedly continued walking forward again.

The big tall Lu Bu-ki laughed loudly. His face is happy, his spirit is burning. Holding both hands up, he shouted loudly, "Kids, we're about to move!"

From within the forest, scattered out dozens of men in short clothes. Most of them are in their thirties.

Led by Lu Bu-ki, the band of the bandits of the robbers immediately brought firewood, tide medicine and incendiary materials, to the top of the mountain from Semi Valley.

Siau-lion looked at the weather. It was estimated that it was seven in the morning. He guessed that the world-conquering Devil would not want to let It Hang totiang and his entourage go. So Ceng Hi totiang immediately issued an order to attack Spring Valley.

But as he gazed at the mountain peaks surrounding the Spring Valley, Siau-liong secretly furrowed his brows. The valley was no less than ten li wide.

With fire, it is feared that it will not produce the expected results. With explosives, it might be possible to destroy the traps in the valley. But if you want to flatten the valley into a rock of fire, it's really impossible.

While he was contemplating, hundreds of human heads were seen moving into the mouth of the valley. And all the way to the top of the mountain has been burned. It is a mountain with a path of fire.

Especially when it was in the middle of autumn. All dry trees and plants. The fire swells rapidly.

Siau-liong watched carefully. Except for releasing the fire, even all corners of the forest were full of hiding hundreds of members of Ceng Hi Totiang's entourage who were ready to move.

The mouth of the valley is the only way in and out of the valley. And the mouth of the valley was so tightly guarded that there was no way the people of the Semi Valley could escape their ambush.

Siau-liong secretly praised Ceng Hi's skill in arranging the line. It felt like Spring Valley could definitely be destroyed.

Meanwhile, Siau-liong's mind was still attached to the events in the cave earlier. Why would the world-conquering demon not dare to enter the cave and just wait outside.

Then can Lam-hay Sin-ni be lured by the demon husband and wife into the valley?

While thinking, Siau-liong's feet continued to walk and at that time almost arrived where the White Rose was waiting. The virgin stood facing the back, not wanting to turn to greet Siau-liong.

Siau-liong was secretly dissatisfied with the temperament of the White Rose who wanted to win on her own. Then he deliberately laughed coldly and rebuked, "Ah, is Miss still not leaving?"

White Rose was silent. But his shoulders were shaking like someone who was crying.

Seeing that, Siau-liong felt regret. What a bad temper that virgin is, yet she has served Siau-liong's mother for so many years.

On the basis of that fact, the virgin can already be considered as his own sister. Especially now that Mawar Putih is wandering alone in the Chinese martial world, in order to carry out Siau-liong's mother's message to take revenge and find traces of Siau-liong.

Ah, he should return the favor to the White Rose. Why is it just a little bit of bickering. he had to treat the wench with a cold attitude?

More contemplating, Siau-liong more foggy regret. And imagine the attitude and kindness, the virgin all this time. Without realizing it, Siau-liong had tears in his eyes.

"Little Rose...!" he cried softly.

Simultaneously the virgin turned away. His face was still stained with tears.

"Rose sister, I shouldn't have treated you like this, I..." Siau-liong sighed, "I deserve to be chopped up!"

The pair of virgin eyes gleamed at Siau-liong. Suddenly he ran and crashed into Siau-liong's chest.

“I was the one who was wrong. I shouldn't have warmed your heart. I'm sorry...."

Mawar Putih looked up at Siau-liong's face, "I have served the temperature for a dozen years. Every time the temperature is talking about you. And every time that too he always said that he hoped, someday we both ..."

White Rose sighed, then continued, “Indeed it was my fault. If the other day I quickly brought you home across the ocean, everything would be all right! Ho.... I was wretched!"

For a moment Siau-liong was unable to say anything. The shadow of death still haunts him. At most he can live another year.

And at that time he was still carrying the burden of many and heavy tasks. Even though he can meet his mother, but only how long can he be with his mother?

“Everything has been arranged according to the lifeline. There are some things that we humans cannot change the course of life. Therefore, we have to just give up," said Siau-liong with vulnerability.

"Can't we go now?"

Siau-liong shook his head, "Now I still have some obligations that I must complete first. But all that at the most in four days would have been completed ..."

Pause. Siau-liong also said, "Would you like to wait for me in Siok-ciu, miss?"

White Rose squinted her eyes, “Ugh, why are you calling 'Miss' again? Is our relationship…”

"Little Rose" Siau-liong hastily retorted.

“I don't want to let you face the dangers here alone. If you don't want to go across the sea, I'll still accompany you here!"

Siau-liong furrowed his brows, "In a short time this valley will become an arena for bloodshed .... sorry, frankly I say, if you are here, not only can't help but on the contrary it adds to my burden!"

But the White Rose still refuses....

37. Delivery of Medicines .....

"Whatever and no matter where you are going, I'm still going. Until we meet the temperature across the sea!" said the White Rose.

Siau-liong had to agree. He saw that the people in the forest were paying attention to the fire that was burning on the mountain. They did not pay attention to the movements of Siau-liong and Mawar Putih.

The White Rose also said, "From now on I will just obey your orders. Shall we leave now?"

Siau-liong laughed blandly, pulling the White Rose and leading her to run to the left.

At that time the fire was getting bigger. Spring Valley seemed to be enveloped in a thick plume of smoke.

Undoubtedly, the mountain will definitely be bare. Whether the fire would be able to spread into the Valley of Spring or not, but at least the world-conquering Demon would be thrilled.

And Semipun Valley will be isolated into a kind of island unto itself. That way it was easy to be confined from all directions by a line of brave men led by Ceng Hi totiang.

What Lu Bu-ki said earlier was indeed true. Along the way, Siau-liong saw groups of Ang-cek-pang, Go-bi-pay, Tiam-jong-pay and Ji-tok-kau's group of people lined up tightly. It's like a human wall.

They move neatly. Both releasing fire, conducting investigations, guarding and coordinating work with each other.

It seems that Ceng Hi totiang had already informed all of his entourage about the participation of the Evil Warriors in helping their movement. So even without carrying any signs, just by looking at his face, those people already knew the Evil Warrior and let him walk.

Not long after, Siau-liong and Mawar Putih arrived at the guardhouse guarded by Kay-pang's men. It turned out that the place was located to the right of the row of Flower trees, behind the Valley.

To Kiu-kong seemed eager to lead his people, chopping trees and hauling stones, setting fire to burn mountains. They were surprised and saw Siau-liong and White Rose appear.

According to To Kiu-kiong's opinion, the virgin has a special relationship with Cousu-ya Kay-pang, namely Kongsun Liong. Of course, they were surprised to see the White Rose appear, but it was clear that Kongsun Liong had yet to find out what had happened in the valley.

And there was still one thing that To Kiu-kong couldn't understand. When last night the Laknat Swordsman clashed with Lam-hay Sin-ni, he clearly saw that the Laknat Swordsman had used Thay-day-afternoon. In terms of punching, it is the teachings of the Skeleton Beggar Song Thay kun's teachings.

Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong and the two limping beggars immediately came behind To Kiu-kong. They looked at Siau-liong and Mawar Putih in amazement.

"The cursed swordsman," To Kiu-kiong rebuked with suppressed astonishment.

Siau-liong quickly returned the salute, "Last night I asked you to help me buy some medicine, I don't know if..."

To Kiu-kiong quickly responded, "That night I also ordered someone to buy it for Siok-ciu .....," he frowned, he said, "it might come soon!"

Siau-liong sighed then continued to move forward. On the front there is a row of Flower Trees which is the only way in and out of the Semi Valley.

On the front of the row of flower trees, guarded by old priests wearing yellow robes, carrying swords on their backs. It turned out that they were a group of Kun-lun-pay disciples led by Ceng Hi totiang himself.

Ceng Hi totiang, who was tall and thin, was standing in front of a row of flower trees. Behind him was escorted by five little priests bearing swords.

Siau-liong and the White Rose immediately approached.

"Ah, the Evil Warrior really keeps his promise ....." Ceng Hi totiang exclaimed while greeting.

Then he looked at the White rose, asked, "And this..."

"Miss White, White Rose, old acquaintance," said Siau-liong hastily greeted her. Then laughed.

While massaging his beard, Ceng Hi totiang laughed, "It's really touching that Miss Mawar Putih, who is still young, is willing to participate in the movement to eradicate the wicked!"

"Ah, totiang is too praising," Mawar Putih lowered her head and smiled at Siau-liong. But the young man coughed and quickly looked away so that Ceng Hi totiang would not find out.

At that time the forest around the valley had been burned, only the row of flower trees in front of the valley was still intact.

For a moment of contemplation, Ceng Hi totiang said, “The mouth of the valley is very narrow. Only for one walk. It feels better to take the road from behind the valley!"

Siau-lion confirmed.

Ceng Hi totiang immediately ordered a small priest to notify the liaison officer. All group leaders to come there to negotiate.

Not long after the little priest left, the leaders of the party groups came with their formidable champions. No less than a hundred people in number.

Most of them are not familiar with the Evil Warrior. But judging by the strange makeup of the Siau-liong, they could guess that it must be the Evil Warrior.

Helping To Hun-ki, Ti Gong taysu and several other figures so that they clashed with the world-conquering Demon and Lam-hay Sin-ni, quickly made the Evil Warrior adored by all the brave people who participated in the movement to invade the Spring Valley.

After the characters took their seats, Ceng Hi totiang said in a serious tone, “After the fire was extinguished, the obstacles around Spring Valley disappeared. The two evildoers are about to attack from which side, we can still find out..."

Ceng Hi looked at the audience, then continued, “The two husbands and wives are very slippery. I don't know what tactics they will use later but what is clear is that we will certainly face a battle that will determine life or death!"

Again the chairman of Kun-lun-pay stopped massaging his beard. Then continued, "In my opinion, no matter how high the black magic of the husband and wife are, it seems they certainly won't attack out. They must have relied solely on the perilous circumstances of the valley to deal with our assault.

Given the situation, I decided to take the road from behind the valley instead. But we use fire to attack in. Destroy every obstacle and trap device in the valley!"

The audience is silent. Moments later, Toh Hun-ki stepped forward in front of Ceng Hi Totiang, saluting and saying, “The final attempt to destroy the evil nest, lies in Totiang's hands. Please just totiang give orders. The audience here will certainly obey!"

The chairman of Kong-tong-pay looked at the audience for a moment. It seemed that all the leaders of the martial arts party nodded.

Ti Gong taysu and Lu Bu-ki almost in unison exclaimed, “Since we have appointed the pole as leader, of course we will obey the command of the pole!”

Ceng Hi totiang was amused by the broad support. With a smile he immediately made preparations to invade Spring Valley.

Siau-liong silently watched the way the old priest arranged the line.

It turns out that Ceng Hi is a brilliant and intelligent leader. In addition to the formation of vanguard lines, reinforcements, main lines, left and right wing lines and lines to trap the enemy. The fire release line is then the liaison squad. In short, the line had been arranged completely and neatly.

After receiving the division of labor, the lines immediately began to move.

Ceng Hi totiang approached Siau-liong and said slowly, “That row of flower trees is the only way behind the valley. I have ordered people to release fire. After burning, it is certain that a road will open into the valley. I thought the world-conquering devils and the Goddess of Hell would certainly lead the party out. But if they don't come out, surely they have other preparations in that row of flower trees……”

He paused for a moment and then said, "You have helped Ti Gong Taysu and his entourage from the valley. Surely you know the state of the valley well. Regarding the row of Flower trees……”

Thanks to the map given by Jong Leng Lojin, Siau-liong was able to know the equipment of the Semi Valley well. So he nodded his head, "Besides being planted with tens of thousands of flower trees that can mislead people's minds, in the row of flower trees there are also tiger fences, lion fences and snake nests, poisonous insect burrows and others. But...."

Siau-liong pondered for a while and then said: "All these equipment can only be used against a small number of enemies. If a large group like this time releases fire, surely all the flower trees will be destroyed. Also if it is burned with explosives, it would be the herd of beasts will surely perish as well. So in my opinion……”

Siau-liong looked at Ceng Hi for a moment, then: "If you don't withdraw into the ranks of the Seven Deaths and the Valley of Death, after the flower rows are annihilated, the two evildoers will certainly go out to fight!"

Ceng Hi totiang nodded, “Your point of view is correct. What I'm worried about is the strength of the two evildoers. We don't know exactly where their strength is. If we lose this time, the martial world will definitely suffer destruction!"

At that time the fire had started to burn in the middle of the row of flower trees. After a while, Ceng Hi said, “That flower line can only be destroyed in a while. During that time the two crooks certainly wouldn't break out. Please brother and Miss White rose rest in the back forest ....."

Looking at Siau-liong's face, the chairman of Kun-lun-pay added, "In this battle to decide the death and death of this martial world, I hope you will help as much as you can!"

After saying that Ceng Hi totiang wanted to take the two of Siau-liong to the back of the forest, but Siau-liong asked the priest to stay there because he still had an important task.

Siau-liong with Mawar Putih headed towards the forest.

In the forest there is a tent. Several small priests guarding the tent immediately invited Siau-liong and Mawar Putih to sit on two rugs and served two cups of fragrant tea.

The two young people sat down to rest. Meanwhile, Siau-liong silently pondered.

After the row of flower trees burned down, of course there would be a terrible battle. Even though Ceng Hi totiang himself took the lead and almost all the martial arts figures joined the ranks, but considering that the two world-conquering Devils were very cunning and had a lot of tricks, he still couldn't say for sure whether the move of this valiant person would succeed.

The characters of the Demon Tiger, the Evil Dragon, Jong Leng lojin and Lam-hay Sin-ni. If they could be used by the world-conquering demons, surely the line of brave men would be in great trouble.

At that time, Siau-liong had already obtained the Thian Kong pit-kip heirloom book. If in such a critical and important moment like that time he could not help, wouldn't he feel ashamed of the creator of the Thian-Kong-Sin-kang heirloom?

Instantly he cleared his whole mind and began to breathe according to the instructions from the heirloom book.

This tent is empty. After Siau-liong and Mawar Putih rested, the flock of the little priests immediately withdrew out. They were about to see the course of the war to the Valley of Spring at that time.

Just as Siau-liong was engrossed in channeling his internal energy, he suddenly heard a sharp hissing sound flying towards him. He was surprised. Using the knowledge of Hearing-sound-distinguishing-direction, he grabbed the object.

Ah, presumably not a secret weapon but a piece of paper. He quickly jumped out. But except for a few little priests who were guarding the tent, he saw no one else.

He had to go back into the tent. The White Rose greeted him with a questioning look.... But Siau-liong didn't have time to give an explanation. He quickly opened the paper. Ah, it turned out to be written by his teacher, the healer-sakti-beard-dragon Kangsun Sin-tho. It reads succinctly:

"Quickly retreat, don't attack. Plan again before moving."

Siau-liong was stunned. He was sure his teacher couldn't possibly be joking around with empty threats. If his master told him to retreat and not continue the raid, it would certainly be unfavorable. Most likely the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devils must have prepared a plan to destroy Ceng Hi totiang's entourage.

He found it difficult. The line has started to attack. How could it be ordered to retreat at once. In addition, the order to withdraw would cause the morale of the brave men to drop. It is also possible that it will cause conflict among their own friends. 

The leader of the line of brave people was Ceng Hi totiang. Can he advise the old priest to withdraw his line? Oh ......

Lama Siau-liong stared at the letter from his teacher. Likewise the White Rose.

Suddenly outside the sound of footsteps running towards him. And at another time the voice was heard asking the little priest guarding the tabernacle: "Is the Evil Warrior in this tent?"

Quickly Siau-liong looked out. Ah, I wish it was the laughing Beggar Tio-Tay-tong. He brought a small package.

Seeing Siau-liong in a hurry the beggar said, "Because of the task of attacking the Spring Valley, our leader can't come here alone and tell me to hand over this medicine ..." - he continued to hand the small package to Siau-liong. 

He apologized to Siau-liong for being a bit late in bringing the medicine home. This is because there are several kinds of ingredients that are difficult to obtain.

Siau-liong welcomed the medicine and thanked him. Suddenly it occurred to him what to do at that time. Ah, the possibility that it would turn defeat into victory.

"It will take at least another three or four hours before the row of Flower trees is burned to the ground. If in that short time, I can sneak into the Valley of Spring to free Jong Leng lojin. Probably before the troupe of brave men attack into the valley, I would have managed to apprehend the two wicked husband and wife!" he thought.

Yes, only with that tactic would he be able to contribute energy to the troupe of dashing people.

Being immersed in contemplation, Siau-liong did not hear the excuse of the laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong.

After putting the package of letters into his waist, he turned to the White Rose, "Hope you like to wait here, I'm going to deliver this medicine.... After that we will go back across the sea!"

Finished giving the message, Siau-liong kept turning around and leaving.

Of course, the White Rose was surprised and hurriedly confronted him: "Where are you going?"

"Hand over the medicine to Ti Gong taysu!"

Because he is not used to lying, Siau-liong's face blushed red. Luckily he was wearing a face mask so the White Rose couldn't see it.

"Wouldn't that be able to get someone else to deliver?" The White Rose glared at him.

“This drug is very valuable and hard to find. If it gets lost…”

White Rose snorted coldly, “Don't expect you to fool me. If you want to go, I'll go with you!"

Siau-liong was forced to do nothing but take a deep breath. Forced to take the virgin out of the tent and bend to the right side. Because he already understood the state of the valley, then Siau-liong did not hesitate anymore.

At that time the group of brave people was centered outside the row of Flower trees located behind the Valley. The guard along the place he passed, was closely guarded by the men of the martial parties.

Due to running fast, not long after, Siau-liong arrived at the front of the secret passage into the Valley of Spring.

The tree bush that blocked the mouth of the road, by that time was already burned down. But because the cave tunnel was very low, it was difficult for Siau-liong to find a way.

Siau-liong turned and laughed wryly, he said, "Indeed, my departure is very dangerous, but it is also very important. After all, I have to endure that danger!"

White Rose frowned. But he realized that it was useless to stop the stubborn young man.

Then he deliberately laughed, "I didn't mean to interfere in your business. But don't leave me alone!"

After saying that the virgin continued to penetrate into the secret tunnel.

Because the tunnel was going through a place that was being hit by a big fire, it was very hot too. Coupled with the damp air mixed with a foul smell. After walking a few steps, Mawar Putih felt her head hurt, her stomach was about to spill.

Siau-long couldn't bear to see the slow pace of the White Rose. Quickly he got ahead. Covering his nose, he walked with the wench.

Wet wet tunnel with mountain source water. The ground is getting muddy making it difficult to walk.

Several times the White Rose almost slipped and fell. His clothes were dirty with mud.

But he didn't bother one bit. With a staggered body, he braced himself to walk beside Siau-liong.

In about half an hour, they arrived at the mouth of the Valley of Death. But the state of the valley door was dark because it was closed by a large stone.

Siau-liong quietly rocked. The other day he helped Toh Hun-ki and his friends by taking the path from the mouth of the tunnel, of course this was already known by Soh-beng Ki-su, the world-conquering Devil and the underlings of the Valley of Death.

Therefore, the tunnel door was closed with stone. And if at that time his movements were known by the Semi Valley people, it would be a disaster. There was no way he could cross the ranks of the Seven Deaths to help Jong Leng log in.

After pondering for a while, he whispered a few words into White Rose's ear. After that, he mustered his strength and started pushing the stone covering the tunnel door.

A creaking boulder moved outward. As soon as the stone rolled out, Xiao Liong quickly jumped out.

Ah.... it turned out that his guess was right. The two sides of the tunnel doors were guarded by four men dressed in black. They were surprised when they saw the Evil Swordsman appear.

Siau-liong did not want to waste time. With both hands he used the move, Wind-blowing-leaves-scatter, attacking the four guards.

Three people in black clothes were crushed to the bone. Without being able to scream, they fell to ruin.

One seems rather clever. When Siau-liong hit his three comrades, he jumped away while preparing fire arrows to signal the headquarters.

The lion was surprised. If that person were to be able to release fiery arrows, surely the world-conquering Demon and his entourage would attack there.

With a Tiger-hungry-pounce-prey motion, he jumped overshadowing the person. Before the man managed to launch the fire arrow, his shoulder could be gripped by the Lioness. The man screamed in horror and fell to the ground with his arrows.

Siau-liong was still not satisfied. He cursed three paths of deadly blood on the man's body. A moment later he felt sorry too for having killed four souls.

At that time the White Rose had already exited the tunnel. His clothes were covered in mud, his body was drenched in sweat.

Fortunately, because it was protected by mountain ranges, the Valley of Death did not suffer from fire. It's just that the smoke of the fire swarmed in full in the valley, coupled with the scattering of fog, the valley seemed to be covered by a sea of thick smoke.

This actually benefits Siau-liong because his tracks would be difficult for the Semi Valley people to know.

Siau-liong didn't want to waste any more time. Before the fire in the flower tree line is extinguished, he must be able to free Jong Leng Lojin.

Immediately he took the White Rose's hand and crossed the valley full of forest trees and a sea of strange stones. Thanks to the map from Jong Leng Lojin and also the other day he had entered the valley to look for traces of the White Rose, so at that time he already understood the state of the valley.

It wasn't long before he reached the point of the road that connected the Valley of Death with the ranks of the Seven Deaths. Without wasting any more time, Siau-liong continued to invite the White Rose to infiltrate the long and deep underground tunnel.

At that time, it seemed that the White Rose had returned to its spoiled nature. Pulling Siau-liong's sleeve, he cried out in a pitiful tone, “Engkoh Liong, what are you going to do? This tunnel is full of secret trap tools. Do you want to deliver souls?"

38. Jong Leng Lojin Disappear.....??

Siau-liong stopped, sighed looking at the girl's face: “Indeed we are in danger. But hopefully this step of ours can stop the bloodshed in the martial world, save thousands of lives. About the secret tools that fill this tunnel….”

He paused and laughed, “Now to me, that place is just like Yang-kwan's highway!”

The White Rose looked at him in surprise but didn't want to ask any more. The girl had full faith in Siau-liong. Even though he knew that the young man was on the road to death, the White Rose continued to follow him without hesitation.

Siau-liong reached for the medicine package that was stored in the waist of his shirt he was about to walk but stopped again. He remembered that when he met Jong Leng Lojin, he did not disguise himself as the Evil Warrior. If at that time he was still disguised as the Evil Warrior, wouldn't that arouse the old man's suspicion?

He immediately took off his mask and disguise. Only then did he invite the White Rose to continue the journey.

Just then he arrived at a rock wall that sunk in. But what he saw in that room, took him by surprise!

The room was vacant. Jong Leng lojin disappeared......

The iron chains that tied the old man's feet were cut in two and scattered on the ground. Apparently it had been cut with a very sharp heirloom sword. Around the room, there were no suspicious traces.

Siau-lion rocked. Judging from the broken iron chain, it is very likely that Jong Leng will be helped by someone. But the old man, who was so intelligent, couldn't break the chain of his handcuffs, then who is the character who is so powerful and has a weapon so sharp that he can break the chain of handcuffs?

Siau-liong's thoughts drifted further. In his opinion, only two people could possibly have helped Jong Leng log in. First, the teacher himself is the Physician-sakti-dragon-beard Kongsun Sin-tho. And the other one is Randa Bu-san.

But Siau-liong still doubts. Because judging from any angle, the two figures could not possibly know the secret place and help Jong Leng log in!

Ah, then who is that person?

Suddenly, the hairs on Siau-liong's neck tightened. He worries about a third possibility. If the two wicked husband and wife could imprison Jong Leng lojin there, surely they would be able to also release the old man.

And that possibility is not impossible.

In order to deal with a massive attack from Ceng Hi's entourage it was likely that the world-conquering Demons would use the old man to confront them.

According to his calculations at that time It had been almost an hour the row of Flower trees had been hit by fire. Two hours later, after the fire was extinguished, Ceng Hi Totiang's group would definitely attack and there would be a terrible and terrible battle!

Siau-liong was getting more and more restless but couldn't find a reason. Finally he decided, since he had already entered the place, it would be best if he made a thorough investigation. So he immediately invited the White Rose to continue his journey to infiltrate the underground tunnel.

The exit from the tunnel, some of it was made by people, some of it came from a natural cave. It is located right in front of the Row of Seven Deaths.

Next to the face of the cave which is the exit from the underground tunnel, lies a plain in the middle of which there is a forest of cilantro.

At the time Siau-liong was about to continue his steps, suddenly from the direction of the forest there was the sound of people laughing loudly. He gasped in surprise.

Unmistakably, that laughing voice was the laughter of the world-conquering Demon.

Quickly Siau-liong retreated back. But the clumps of trees and shrubs that surrounded the mouth of the cave were so dense that he couldn't see clearly who was coming out of the forest.

Siau-liong make sense. To the left of the cave there is a towering rock. If he hides there, of course he can see the situation around him.

“Little Rose, guard the mouth of this tunnel. If an enemy appears, call me immediately. I want to check the enemy's condition from above the rock!" he gave a message to the White Rose and then crept up.

After reaching the top and looking towards the forest, the shock was abysmal.

There were dozens of human figures in the forest, moving here and there. There are men and there are women. The number is no less than a hundred people.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell sat on a high place. Behind him was guarded by ten girls in red clothes. The demon was gripping a sword that was gleaming in its light.

In front of the demon stood twenty rows of men and women who wore compact clothes and wielded weapons. To the right of the group of people, there was a carriage but not yet assembled with horses.

In front of the carriage, two people in black clothes stood on the right and left. They held the axle of the carriage like people pulling the carriage.

In addition to wearing black clothes, the two men also wrapped their heads with cloth up to their necks. Only in his eyes were given holes. If at night, people would think they are grave demons wandering out.

Behind the carriage was escorted by two rows of people dressed in black. But his head was not tightly wrapped with black cloth but with thin silk. Each line consists of five people.

The carriage was empty. But supposedly, it must have been reserved for the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

In fact, what Siau-liong was looking for was only Jong Leng lojin. He watched with great attention everyone and their movements. But he did not see the presence of Jong Leng login.

Suddenly Siau-liong saw a man in gray clothes running from the mouth of the mountain to the place of the world-conquering Demon. Once at the edge of the forest, the person stopped running and approached the world-conquering demon and saluted.

“Reporting to the leader, the row of flower trees has been burned in half. The Lion Fence and Tiger Fence, were blown up by Ceng Hi Totiang's entourage. The herd of animals over there were all scorched to death!" cried the man.

The world-conquering demon wasn't surprised, instead he laughed scornfully, “Ah, that's what I've taken into account….” - he glanced at his wife then snapped at the person, “What about the place!”

“Four corners of the valley, the fire is out. Most of Ceng Hi Totiang's men gathered outside the row of Flower trees. Apparently as soon as the fire goes out, they will certainly attack!" replied the man.

The world-conquering Demon snorted, “Hm, I already know, go!”

The man stooped down and took off his feet. While massaging his knee-deep beard, the world-conquering Demon shook his head and pondered. A few moments later he said to his wife, "After today's battle, just see who is the martial artist who dares to oppose me again!"

"Foolish! They had mobilized a large number of martial arts figures and announced that they were going to level this Spring Valley. Do you have the confidence to win them?" said the Goddess of Hell.

The world-conquering demon laughed, “Even if they really number in the tens of thousands of people, I can still take care of them……”

Then pointing to the twelve black-clothed people in front of and behind the world-conquering demon, he said that a few people alone could serve ten thousand enemies!"

Siau-liong gasped. He looked at the man in black, motionless like a statue.

The Goddess of Hell snorted again: "Even if you win later, that doesn't mean there's nothing to worry about anymore..." - she looked at her husband's face then continued, "The Skinny Priest from Thian-san mountain, Weird Human and Mr-I-ciang , A pair of priests from Mount Bu-san, Four Horrors from Mount Im-san, wanderers from Mount Hong-san, Randa Mount Bu-san and there are also the Evil Warriors..."

The female demon didn't continue her words but just sighed.

At first the world-conquering demon was stunned as well but at another time he laughed heartily: “Don't worry, my wife. Thanks to the intelligence and intelligence of the two of us, it is as easy as turning the palm of one's hand to master the martial world!"

He waved his hand and two old people who were in their fifties each rushed up to him and fled.

“Tell our men behind the valley. As soon as the flames burning the flower tree rows were extinguished, they ordered them to shoot fire arrows!” cried the world-conquering demon.

The two of them quickly carried out orders.

Suddenly the world-conquering demon arose and walked over to the carriage.

Siau-liong was paying all attention to watching the movements of the world-conquering Demon with his men. He had so much fun following them that he couldn't remember his own circumstances. Suddenly he heard the White Rose scream in surprise.

Siau-liong was surprised and turned away. Hi.... The white rose that was guarding the mouth of the cave earlier, apparently was nowhere to be seen.

"Little Rose! Rose's sister...!" he cried in a whisper. But there was no response at all.

Siau-liong quickly slid down and approached the cave. It turned out that what was feared was true. When he arrived at the mouth of the cave, he faintly heard the sound of people laughing coldly and at another moment a red shirt appeared. Ah.... Poh Ceng-in, the mistress of the Valley of the Springs.

Siau-liong's eyes lit up and almost fell. But the woman laughed mockingly, "It's so beautiful you called him. Too bad he can't answer now!"

Siau-liong's chest exploded. wanted him to destroy it but he knew that it would take its toll on himself. He had to hold back his anger and exclaim a little curtly,

"What did you do to him!"

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly, “See for yourself here....!” - he turned around and shouted towards the tunnel, “Suheng, take him out!”

Siau-liong rushed over and looked into the mouth of the cave. He saw the White Rose standing a few steps in the mouth of the cave but his back and mouth were covered by a strange man who was very thin.

As skinny as a human living bone wrapped in skin. And that person is none other than Soh-beng Ki-su!

Siau-liong's anger is absurd. He secretly mustered his inner strength and stepped forward to attack. But Soh-beng Ki-su laughed sarcastically.

"Slave, if you dare to come forward, I will turn this female slave into an undead with Pek-kut-kang's magical power!" he shouted threateningly.

Even though Siau-liong was able to face ten Soh-beng Ki-su, but because the White Rose was in the hermit's hands, he was forced not to dare to continue his actions.

"Hm, I hope you are a john," cried Poh Ceng-in, "who is he?"

Because of his anger, Siau-liong's teeth chattered, he said bitterly, "You don't need to ask!"

"Don't forget, you and I are alive and well..."

Siau-liong was angry and stubborn. Glancing at the group of world-conquering demons that were in the forest, he snapped at the woman,

"Once I have made a promise to die together in a year, of course I will do it!"

"But you have promised that in this year you will not hang out with other women!" said Poh Ceng-in.

Once unable to move because Soh-beng Ki-su cursed her blood way, but the White Rose could hear Siau-liong's conversation with the woman in the red dress clearly. He glared at Siau-liong then struggled with all his might to free his mouth from Soh-beng Ki-Su's arms, then shouted,

“Siau-liong, you……”

But before the maiden could scream, Soh-beng Ki-su cursed her back.

Siau-liong's heart was like being sliced. For the second time he was determined to lunge again.

But shouted Poh Ceng-in, “Shut up!”

With savage eyes, Soh-beng Ki-su put his left hand on the back of the White Rose, while his right hand was spread out to grip the virgin's chest. Apparently he was about to carry out a vicious plan.

Siau-liong sighed and looked away.

Poh Ceng-in laughed coldly, said to Soh-beng Ki-su, "Suheng, take the slave girl away...!" -then pointing at Siau-liong he exclaimed, "He has a detailed map of the state of the Spring Valley. You have to find some other hard-to-find place."

Soh-beng Ki-su furrowed his brow, he said, "That slave is great, sumoay you ..."

Poh Ceng-in laughed scornfully, “It doesn't matter how powerful he is but there's no way he dared to kill me….. and there's no way he would kill me.”

Soh-beng Ki-su smirked. Carrying the White Rose, he continued to infiltrate the tunnel.

You can imagine how painful it was for Siau-liong to see the White Rose brought by Soh-beng Ki-su without being able to help. His blood was churning so hard that he almost fainted.

After Soh-beng Ki-su left, only then did Poh Ceng-in approach Siau-liong's face, he said, "The fault is you, don't regret my cruel heart... now there are only two choices..."

Siau-liong looked closely at the face of the woman who owned the valley but said nothing.

Seeing that way by Siau-liong, the woman was also confused. He didn't know what the boy was thinking.

"If you want to be husband and wife with me immediately, I will let you release this slave girl yourself. Otherwise, the three of us will soon die together!"

Siau-liong ignored the woman's words. He was still staring at her blankly. Suddenly his face changed.

"Is it true that the Jong-tok poison that you gave me has no cure?" he asked.

"Nothing!" said Poh Ceng-in, "even if you eat divine medicine, it's also useless!"

With a frozen face, Siau-liong took a step forward, he cried in a laden tone, “If I can't take it anymore and beat you to death, then I drink your blood or use the blood of a smooth black dog for delivery, pick your heart out and eat it, what are the consequences?”

In an instant, Poh Ceng-in's face turned pale so that he staggered backwards and cried out in a trembling voice, "Who did you hear that way from.... oh, you are so cruel... you wanted to kill me in order to help the slave girl then you married him, you..."

Siau-lion sighed.

"Honey, I'm not as savage as you. It might be hard to do that kind of thing. Just….” Siau-liong paused for a moment, in one swift motion he stabbed the path of blood on Poh Ceng-in's right shoulder.

Right at that moment, in the distance, three streaks of flames were rapidly approaching. And from the direction of the forest came the world-conquering demon shouting loudly and in unison there was the sound of a carriage creaking.

The carriage escorted by the line of black people immediately walked towards the exit of the mountain mouth.

The lion was surprised. He calculated that at that time the fire that burned the row of flower trees was still for an hour. But why did Semi Valley's men give the signal first?

But he didn't have time to think anymore. Gripping Poh Ceng-in's shoulder, he immediately infiltrated the tunnel.

Even though he understood tunnel paths and walked as fast as running, it would take him half an hour to get out of the tunnel.

As soon as he got out, he quickly ran towards the row of flower trees.

Faintly he heard the horrified screams of a terrible battle.


Looking ahead, the row of flower trees filled with thick smoke was invaded by dozens of human figures.

Siau-liong direct his run there. Suddenly several dozen armed men, blocking the road. They consisted of priests and ordinary people. The head of a priest grabbed a kwat-to machete, without saying anything and continued to attack Siau-liong.

Siau-liong was surprised and quickly jumped to the side as he shouted, "Hi, don't you know me!"

His slash missed, the priest stepped forward and slashed at Siau-liong's waist while rebuking, "You son of a bitch, I don't know you!"

Seeing the leader attack, his men immediately joined in attacking Siau-liong.

The lion was surprised. It was only then that he remembered that he wasn't disguised as the Evil Warrior. What can he do, he has to face them.

While holding Poh Ceng-in under his armpit, Siau-liong didn't want to attack back, but jumped to dodge their attacks.

While dodging, he repeatedly shouted, “Stop! I brought the Letter of Path from Ceng Hi totiang!"

Hearing that, the priest who was the leader of the blocking group immediately snapped at him, "If you have a travel permit, why didn't you take it out earlier!"

The group of attackers stopped their attacks. But still surrounded Siau-liong. The young man hastily reached for his clothes. But what was found was only the map that Jong Leng had given him. He hastily entered again. Then reached into his pocket. But all they found were a few pills that Poh Ceng-in had given him.

Of course, Siau-liong was nervous. Where did the Road Letter go?

Reflecting for a moment, then he remembered that he had kept the Road Letter in the cursed warrior's clothes. But the cursed swordsman's clothes had been folded and wrapped around his waist. If you take and take off your clothes, people will know about it. That also means, the secret must be leaked. Ah....

Siau-liong was really confused. Moreover, at that time, in the row of Flower trees, a terrible battle had taken place. If Ceng Hi Totiang's group suffered defeat, wouldn't he be responsible for not being able to help them?

“Which party is this temperature from?” he immediately asked the priest.

The priest armed with a kwat-to machete snorted coldly, “I should be the one asking you that!”

Siau-liong forced a laugh, "My name is Kongsun Liong, I also want to help the Ceng Hi totiang movement to eradicate the two evil husbands and wives. About the Travel Letter....perhaps due to the rush, it has been lost on the way!"

It turned out that the priest had never heard of Kongsun Liong's name. With gleaming eyes he snapped, “Don't try to trick people! Ceng Hi totiang has already issued an order. Whoever does not carry a Passport, must be treated the same as the subordinates of the Valley of Spring……”

Then the priest's eyes looked at Poh Ceng-in and said, "If you still want to live, tell me who you really are!"

When Siau-liong was looking for the Pass, he had to put Poh Ceng-in's body on the ground. The dozens of people who surrounded him immediately attached the tip of the sword to the entire path of blood all over the bodies of the two young people.

At first it was ignored by Siau-liong. He thought, as soon as he took out the Travel Letter, everything would be fine. It doesn't matter if the Letter of Road is stored in the clothes of the cursed warrior.

In a fluster he forced a loud cry, “I am the heir disciple of the Skeleton Beggar Song Thai-kun and have now been appointed chairman of Kay-pang. If Taysu doesn't believe it, please ask Kay-pang's disciple to be combined!"

The priest laughed long. Then asked the group, "Does anyone and relatives know this baby Cousu-ya?"

Everyone burst into laughter: "Don't listen to his ramblings! Even a three-year-old won't believe it!"

"Listen! No one else will believe what you say. Even if some believe it, it is difficult to find Kay-pang disciples who are currently joining Ceng Hi totiang in raiding the Valley of Semi..."

The priest paused for a moment and then said, "We have to endure you. Later, after the Semi Valley is settled, and it turns out that you are not a world-conquering Devil, then we can release it."

“Tie him and the girl in red and take them to the front base!” the priest ordered.

While the priest was speaking, Siau-liong secretly searched for lyrics around the corner. He saw that on every treetop and behind a rock there was a man ready with an arrow. He secretly praised Ceng Hi's shrewdness in arranging a line to surround the enemy.

39. Thin Priest From Thian-san

Not that he was afraid of the reprisals of those who surrounded him but he realized that in battle, of course there were casualties. Besides, it is difficult to prevent the possibility that Poh Ceng-in will be injured and even die. If that woman dies, won't she die too......

Siau-liong pondered restlessly. Suddenly a priest with a big head and ears slapped Siau-liong's chest. He was sure that since Siau-liong was already helpless, it would be easy to be cursed by his blood.

But what a surprise when before his finger touched Siau-liong's chest, the priest already screamed in horror and staggered back five or six steps. He felt his finger burning hot.

His friends gasped in surprise. But because the incident happened so fast and so suddenly, they didn't know why the priest had to go to such lengths!

The priest who was the head of the group did not even know about the incident. But he is a man with a lot of experience. He suspected that Siau-liong must have high intelligence. So he quickly gave the order to attack the young man. In fact he had already preceded to slash with his machete.

Seeing the stubborn attitude of the group, Siau-liong was forced to serve as well. Previously, he had guarded every possibility. After resigning the priest, he secretly channeled Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power into his hands. As soon as the dozens of people attacked, he quickly slapped his hands away.

The leader and members of the group did not look Siau-liong in the eye.

But what a shock they were when the slap of the young man's hand dissipated a fierce heat that was hot. Several horrified screams were heard and four people had been flung along the ground.....

Fortunately, the gang of bandits did not have the sense to attack Poh Ceng-in who was lying on the ground. If they had acted like that, surely Siau-liong would have died.

After successfully distracting the enemy, with a loud roar, Siau-liong grabbed Poh Ceng-in's body. The plan was to be carried away to attack them.

But just at that moment, a sharp gust of wind grabbed his back. He was forced to let go of Poh Ceng-in's body and kept turning himself to repel his attacker.

The head priest of the group turned out to be great. Even though he was repulsed by Siau-liong, he continued to attack again.

Siau-liong was very angry. After pushing the machete aside, with Bu-kek-sin-kang's powerful strength he was about to hit it.

The priest turned out to be a disciple of Go-bi-pay. Although his intelligence is not weak but there is no way he can take Bu-kek-sin-kang's blow. He would have been crushed to death if Siau-liong moved his hand.

Just as Siau-liong was about to swing his arms, suddenly a voice shouted, "Stop."

The man's tone was very authoritative. Moreover, Siau-liong didn't mean to hurt anyone. Then he quickly withdrew his punch.

When everyone was looking for who was shouting it suddenly from the top of a tree, floated down a thin body. So thin that it was like a leaf floating to the ground.

It was only when he arrived on the ground that it was known that the man was a emaciated priest. You could say just a bone skeleton wrapped in skin. But his pair of eyes flashed a fiery radiance, containing an arrogance that compelled one to be disdainful.

"Ah...." the priest who led the group sighed slowly and hastily clasped his hands together, said "Omitohud" and then saluted the skinny priest solemnly,

"Disciple Li Hun pays respects to Seng-ceng's presence!"

The skinny priest smiled: “I have made my way faster but still a little late……”

While looking at the row of flower trees, he asked, "Has the battle been going on for a long time?"

The head priest who called his name Li Hun hastily replied, "It's only been a while."

The skinny old priest nodded then looked at Siau-liong and Poh Ceng-in who were lying on the ground. His face scrunched up in worry.

Li Hun hastily stepped in front of the skinny old priest, he said, “This slave has come out of the Valley of Springs carrying the woman in red. I don't know what that means. But it's definitely the underlings of the world-conquering Devil. Disciple has received orders from Ceng Hi totiang to say this place, because of that…”

"Let me ask him," said the skinny priest.

Li Hun agreed, then signaled for the encircling party to withdraw.

Siau-liong was stunned to see the skinny priest. He secretly wondered why the priest had so much respect for the priest. Also, the way the priest appeared did indeed indicate a powerful person. And hearing their conversation earlier, apparently the skinny priest came from far away.

Siau-liong did not know who the skinny priest was. He thought, it would be better if he just left the place so he wouldn't be late. So he took two steps back and was about to lift Poh Ceng-in's body.

"Ah, don't be so tense," suddenly the skinny priest exclaimed with a smile: "even though you are a spear away from me, it is difficult for you to escape ..."

His tone was haughty, clearly not looking at Siau-liong. Siau-liong was stunned and had to cancel his plans.

"Do you know me?" said the skinny priest.

Siau-liong did not know who the priest was. But seeing as he came to help Ceng Hi totiang's entourage, he suspected that the priest must be a civil servant from a martial arts party.

Then he quickly saluted, replied, "So I want to ask for the noble title of lotionansu."

"I'm Liau Hoan, all this time I've been isolated in Mount Thian-san...." said the priest with a tone full of compassion, "it can't be blamed if you don't know me. According to calculations, I have not stepped into the world of martial arts for forty years. And you're certainly not that old......"

Siau-liong gasped. He had repeatedly heard people say about Liau Hoan from Mount Thian-san. He didn't even think for a moment that the famous priest was actually a skinny priest who was standing in front of him at that time. Ah, the title of Padri Skinny that was given to him, was not wrong.

For a moment, Xiao Liong was stunned restlessly. The sound of screaming screams from the row of Flower trees, getting louder and more intense. Even though he doesn't know who won, he still remembers the warning letter given by Kongsun Sin-tho. The longer it lasts, the worse the consequences will be.

He thought, the skinny priest Liau Hoan would certainly believe the statement of priest Li Hun, who said he (Siau-liong) was a subordinate of the world-conquering Devil. Ah, if he fought the skinny priest, it would certainly take time and energy. And it's likely to even suffer injuries.

"You are still young and your face is also not arbitrary, but why are you willing to be the accomplices of the two evil husbands and wives?" said the priest Liau Hoan.

Siau-liong hastily refuted, "That's not true at all, I..."

"Didn't you just get out of Spring Valley?" the priest quickly retorted.

Siau-liong was forced to answer, "True, but..."

While snapping the sleeves of his robes. Liau Hoan said, "Never mind, there's no need to argue..."

Then pointing to Poh Ceng-in who was lying on the ground, the priest also said, "Did you bring that woman from the Valley of Semi?"

"True, but..."

Liau Hoan's face darkened, he snapped, “Is my life so old just living in vain! Do you need to explain so I can find out the real situation ....?"

Inevitably, Siau-liong's blood also boils because of the yelling. He also answered in a loud voice, "If I don't explain, how will Losiansu find out about this complicated problem...?"

"Shut your mouth!" Liau Hoan snapped angrily. The sleeves of the priestess robes were lifted up, as if they were about to attack.

Of course Siau-liong was surprised and hastily got ready.

Suddenly Liau Hoau laughed.

“Young man, you are a disciple of the world-conquering Demon or not, but I will give you the opportunity to attack me with up to thirty moves. If in those thirty moves you are able to take me one step back, I will immediately leave this place!" cried the skinny priest.

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “Eyeless feet and hands. If you fight, of course, you can't avoid things that cause injuries!"

“In thirty moves I will not strike back! Please attack as you please!" snapped the priest.

Siau-liong thought that the skinny priest was also a human being who carried his own will and was very arrogant.

Secretly he mused, "No more thirty moves, in just three moves if you are not able to withdraw you, I will not appear in the world of martial arts again!"

So he answered loudly, “Because Locianpwe is in charge, I too am compelled to obey. Please locianpwe get ready!"

After saying he continued to raise his right hand and then slapped with a move. According to the flow-water-pushing-canoe, Liau Hoan's chest.

The priest stood still. A pair of hands clasped together in front of the chest. Suddenly a soft, cotton-like sound emanated from his hand, erasing the power of Siau-liong's punch, while laughing blandly.

"That kind of punch, there are many in the martial market!"

Siau-liong didn't want to answer but released another Tay-lo-kim-kang punch at the priest's head.

Liu Hoan was a bit surprised. He quickly pushed his hands to the side to 'pull' the power of Siau-liong's punch to the side. His shoulders also leaned to the side but quickly swung forward again. His pair of legs still didn't move an inch. 

But couldn't help it, the priest's face changed, shocked, he exclaimed, "Blow Thay-afternoon! Are you really…”

But suddenly he stopped his words and replaced with a savage shout "There are still twenty-eight moves, hurry up and continue your attacks!"

Siau-liong secretly gasped in his heart. What people say turns out to be true. Liau Hoan's intelligence is really great. Once the opponent moves, he can immediately know the name of the move and the flow.

At first, Siau-liong thought that in three moves, he would be able to defeat the priest with Thay-siang-ciang's punch, which was accompanied by Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power. But what he witnessed, really made him dumbfounded.

Apparently Liau Hoan was impatient, he shouted loudly: "Quickly attack!"

For a moment of contemplation, Siau-liong suddenly threw his right hand straight forward. The movement was strange. Not punching, not slapping. And again the movement is very slow.

Liau Hoan furrowed his brows. For a moment he did not know what move the young man was playing.

It turns out that the stance used by Siau-liong is called Sebatang-stalk-refuting-sky. One of the moves of the so-called One stroke - Three slaps - Four strokes, is a lesson included in the Thian-kong-sin-kang heritage book.

The move contains very complicated changes. Since Siau-liong had only practiced the lesson once and had no basic training of the inner power of Thian-kong-sin-kang, he could not use it properly.

However, because Liau Hoan had promised not to attack back, Siau-liong wanted to try the lesson. So regardless of whether the training was appropriate or not, he immediately used the move.

While releasing the punch, Siau-liong secretly poured out his thoughts to memorize the next change motion. Therefore, the movement is done slowly.

Liau Hoan was shocked and doubtful. Siau-liong's blow with Thay-afternoon's knowledge, had made him not dare to look down on the young man anymore.

At first glance the child's punch was worthless and very slow. But strangely enough, Liau Hoan really didn't know what science the Siau-liong punch was. So he had to secretly muster the spirit and energy in getting ready.

When Siau-liong's hand pushed straight, he suddenly gave a loud bang and suddenly the boy's hand moved very fast. Suddenly, Liau Hoan's chest was eaten by a fist....

“Hi….!” The skinny priest's mouth let out a strange scream and his body receded a step back.

Priest Li Hun and his men were shocked to witness the incident. They gasped at the sight of Siau-liong.

Liau Hoan was not seriously injured. He looked at Siau-liong while rubbing his forehead then bowed his head in contemplation.

Siau-liong himself was also dumbfounded. He did not expect that the lesson that was still half-baked turned out to have such a great nature.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion. The lion was surprised. Looking towards the row of flower trees. it turned out to be full of thick rolls of smoke that soared into the air. The sound must have come from the movement of Ceng Hi Totiang's entourage which was blowing up all the secret tools and obstacles in the valley.

But what a surprise when he turned around, it turned out that Poh Ceng-in who had been lying on the ground had disappeared.

He saw priest Li Hun and his men looking at him as they slowly retreated. Immediately he guessed, it must be them who ran away Poh Ceng-in.

Then Siau-liong's eyes turned to look at the row of flower trees. Without a second thought, he continued to use the Dragon-spinning-18-time jump motion, darting toward the row of Flower trees.

After pondering for a while, Liau Hoan suddenly came to his senses and shouted softly, “Thian-kong-sin-kang! Of course the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang...!"

Looking ahead, it turns out that Siau-liong has run away. The priest shouted loudly and then jumped after him.

The Dragon-turning-18-circle movement of the Siau-liong has reached a high level. In just two leaps, he had already reached a dozen spears away.

While still floating in the air, he suddenly gained a sense. Quickly he slid toward a tall bush, changing clothes as the Evil Warrior.

Just as he finished disguising himself as the Evil Warrior, Liau Hoan's priest arrived. Like a madman, the priest looked around the corner while constantly reminiscing to himself, “Thian-kong sin-kang! Of course the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang...!"

The priest also looked at Siau-liong. But because at that time Siau-liong had changed his make-up as the Evil Warrior, Liau Hoan only looked at him with disdain and continued to sneak into the crowd to look for the young man.

Siau-liong laughed coldly. He didn't want to ignore the skinny priest but continued to dart toward the row of Flower trees. In the blink of an eye he was in the middle of the ruins of a row of flower trees.

At that time the sound of screaming, not as scary as before. And what appeared to be only dozens of martial arts masters were running here and there. I don't know what happened to the battle in front of me. Also the carriage that the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were riding in was nowhere to be seen.

A lion roared through the crowd, flashing forward. Because they had received information from Ceng Hi totiang, the group of martial arts masters were equally set aside to make way for the Evil Warrior.

The chairman of Siau-lim-si, Ti Gong taysu, with twenty priests ran over. The chief of Siau-limsi was a bit stunned when he saw the Siau-liong cursed swordsman. He hastily saluted and shouted aloud, "Cursed Swordsman..."

"Where are Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage?" exclaimed Siau-liong tensely.

Pointing towards the valley, the chief of Siau-lim-si exclaimed, “Still leading a troupe of valiant men in battle with the two trespassers. But his behavior is not in our favor, your arrival is truly a coincidence..."

Pausing for a moment, the leader of Siau-lim-si said, “Earlier, I received a report that an enemy accomplice came out of the secret tunnel. Then I have orders to arrest him!"

After saying, he greeted him and continued on his way again.

"Ti Gong taysu....!" Siau-liong took a step forward shouting at him.

The Chief Siau-lim-si stopped and turned, "What do you need?"

Since being rescued from the Valley of Death, the leader of Siau-lim-si has been kind to the Evil Warrior.

"Cousu-ya from Kay-pang, Kongsun Liong, smuggled into Spring Valley alone and managed to catch a red-clothed demon woman, but..." — he looked at the priest's face and said, "It was said that when he came out of Valley, has misunderstood some of the group of priests who served there. The lady in red was hidden by the entourage of the priest.... ah, the woman in red is very important. Can I ask Taysu to ask for the woman in red and hand it over to me? "

Ti Gong looked at Siau-liong's face, he asked, "I don't know which side of the priest's entourage captured the woman? And then where has that chairman Kay-pang gone?"

"All I know is that the name of the head of the group is Li Hun!"

Tay Gong pondered for a moment then said, “Li Hun is a Go-bi-pay priest! Alright, I will definitely carry out your request......" After saying the leader of Siau-lim-si continued to hurry away with his entourage.

Siau-liongpun continued his steps towards the valley. Rows of dense flower trees, now only a pile of rubble, the smoke still billowing thickly.

Here and there were scattered human corpses with terrible and burning bodies. And corpses scattered everywhere. Judging by the circumstances, the battle hadn't been that long.

The screams were no longer heard. The wild beasts and poisonous snakes and the secret trapping tools of the Valley of the Springs were, so to speak, already falling apart. But Ceng Hi totiang also had to pay a heavy price with the victims of the troupe of dashing people who fell for the destruction.

It was late afternoon. Ceng Hi totiang's entourage was pounding the defenses behind the valley guarded by the world-conquering Devil husband and wife.

Entering from the path that the world-conquering Demon defended, would reach the center of the valley. The terraced buildings of the valley, seemed to rise far in advance.

The lion advanced again. He saw that Ceng Hi was leading the group to storm the street post. The street is shaped like a door from a city. But made of natural stone. Just enough to pass a few people.

From his place, Siau-liong could see that within the path of the mouth of the road, the world-conquering Demon and his entourage were nowhere to be seen. Apparently they have resigned.

The situation before our eyes was clear. Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage are determined to break through every obstacle. If you can, eradicate the two bad husbands and wives. If it fails, it can at least destroy the Spring Valley lair.

Remembering the warning letter from his teacher (the magic healer Kongsun Sin-tho), he became even more nervous. But if he advised Ceng Hi totiang to withdraw his entourage, it was clearly impossible.

Ceng Hi totiang immediately received a report about the arrival of the Evil Warrior. The old man quickly greeted him: "Ah, brother's arrival is really coincidental..."

Looking ahead, Siau-liong got Ceng Hi totiang escorted by dozens of people, priests, priests and several martial arts figures of all sects. These include Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay, the head of Kay-pang To Kiu-kong and the head of the Southern Green Forest, which is as tall as Lu Bu-ki. And there are others that Siau-liong doesn't know.

On the welcome of Ceng Hi totiang. Siau-liong hastily saluted back: "Because there is a little business so late coming, sorry, sorry..."

Siau-liong was secretly surprised. If Ceng Hi totiang and his entourage have decided to invade the valley, why are they still at the mouth of the road that is not guarded by the enemy?

According to a map from Jong Leng Lojin, at the mouth of the street there are no dangerous secret tools. Because the secret tools and tools are mostly installed in the ranks of the Seven Deaths.

If the world-conquering demons didn't want to fight to the death with Ceng Hi's entourage, obviously they would have withdrawn to the ranks of the Seven Deaths. Apparently they wanted to use traps and deadly tools to destroy the troupe of brave men.

After all, Hun-ki came forward to introduce the characters present there to the Evil Warrior. It turned out that most of them twenty years ago had seen the Evil Warrior.

They were secretly surprised and amazed at the change in the behavior of the Evil Warrior now. It's like the heavens and the earth, the Evil Warrior now and twenty years ago!

40. Master of the Valley of Death

In order to keep his disguise unknown, Siau-liong was forced to do his best to serve them. After that he quickly turned his attention around the corner and asked Toh Hun-ki, "The demon has retreated, why don't you guys charge into the valley?"

Toh Hun-ki sighed softly, he replied, “If it was only the world-conquering devil and his men, it would be easy to destroy. At the very least it will repeat itself like what happened twenty years ago, which drove him out of the China-goan region, but never mind……”

He had not finished speaking, suddenly from inside the mouth of the street, came a long, loud scream. Toh Hun-ki's face changed instantly.

Ceng Hi totiang signaled and shouted loudly, “The world-conquering demon is attacking again, hurry back!”

Then he turned to the Evil Warrior, he said: "In that battle, several of our friends have been killed, considering the current situation..." suddenly he pulled the Siau-liong and invited him to jump to the end of a rock, he also said, “Given his current behavior, the world-conquering Devil can use the two evil Tigers and Cursed Dragons as well as Lam-hay Sin-ni…”

A wave of shrill screams was followed by the sound of a train rattling. Several rows of women and men and each row of five people emerged from the mouth of the street, shouting. The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell sat in the carriage smiling.

The carriage was pulled by two people whose faces were covered with black cloth and on either side of the carriage were escorted by rows of black clothes. Exactly as Siau-liong saw when they were making preparations in the forest.

Ceng Hi totiang and his troupe of valiant people immediately formed themselves in a formation like a net. Standing about twenty spears away from the mouth of the street.

Because the equipment of secret tools had been blown up and destroyed, the ground there was erratic and low. The world-conquering Devil's chariot stopped at a curve of the ground.

Another world-conquering demon laughed sarcastically shouting loudly, “Hey, Ceng Hi totiang! Have you considered what I said earlier?"

Ceng Hi totiang stepped forward and shouted, “I have received a request from my martial arts companions to lead this movement. As long as the two of you perverts have not disappeared, the martial world will not be safe. Under these circumstances, there is no other choice but to continue this movement. Or if you want to realize your mistake and get out of the way, I will stop this movement immediately! "

The world-conquering demon laughed mockingly, “Buffalo-nosed priest, death is at hand, why are you still selling big-mouthed brats!”

The demon closed his words with a move of his left hand giving the command, “Attack!”

The two rows of black clothes at the back of the carriage rushed forward. One of the people in the front without saying anything continued to attack Ceng Hi totiang. That person's movements were extremely fast. His blow sent a sharp howl of wind. And that punch is the magic punch of soul-chasing-life-chasing.

Ceng Hi totiang did not dare to give up. He quickly warded it off. "Plaque". there was a loud bang. The assailant and Ceng Hi totiang each took a step back.

Presumably the black shirt that attacked was none other than one of the famous Five Durjanas, namely the Demon Tiger. Somehow that character would want to become an accomplice of a world-conquering Demon!

Without waiting for Ceng Hi totiang's command again, dozens of dashing people quickly jumped forward to confront the Demon Tiger.

The first attack was blocked. The Demonic Tiger charged forward again. The cloth covering his face was of thin silk. Blown by the wind, you can tell his somewhat strange face. Especially his pair of dumb eyes but his brows had a burning lust for murder.

Indeed, Ceng Hi totiang already knew about the unnatural change in the face of the Demon Tiger. He spun around to avoid the Demon Tiger's punch.

But what really surprised people was the group of the black-clothed line. Among them are It Hang totiang and the three Kun-lun-sam-cu figures. They followed behind the Demon Tiger to attack Ceng Hi totiang.

The world-conquering demon rose and laughed loudly. Suddenly he moved his right hand to give another command, "Attack!"

Again another line of black clothes, stormed out, lunging at the group of brave men.

Siau-liong silently watched the rows of black clothes. The leader turned out to be the Cursed Dragon and its members consisted of the Woodcutter from Tiam-jong-san Shin Bu-seng, the chairman of Ji-tok-kau Tan It-hong, the chairman of Tong-thing-pang Cu Kong-leng with the title Fan- sissy and an unknown.

The characters who disappeared in the Valley of Spring the other day turned out to be the accomplices of the world-conquering Devils!

As the world-conquering demons took out the second row of black clothes, the group of valiant people who surrounded outside the flower tree line immediately rushed out, meeting them. Instantly a terrible battle broke out.

The Cursed Dragon and the Demonic Tiger don't need to be described for their supernatural powers. It Hang totiang, Kun-lun-sam-cu is also classified as a first-class expert in the world of martial arts. Because their minds are no longer normal, they also attack at will, releasing their great clever moves. So in just a few moments, on the side of the group of brave people, twenty victims were destroyed.

Ceng Hi totiang realized the situation. Quickly he rearranged his line again. He moved to and fro in the chaotic battle. In this way, the situation of the valiant line will be reduced in danger.

Ceng Hi totiang ordered a dozen martial arts masters to surround the two evil Tigers and Cursed Dragons. Thus, even though the two evildoers are squawking like hungry lions, their space for movement can be limited for a while.

What disturbed Ceng Hi totiang's mind was about It Hang totiang and several other figures. It was clear they had lost consciousness. The troupe of brave men was ordered to be careful with them. Don't kill them, it's enough if they are surrounded and can be captured alive.

But the difficulty, they have high intelligence. Fist and snap their fingers, it's incredible. To catch them, it's harder than catching a wild tiger.

Because they were stuck by the order, the troupe of brave people also encountered difficulties. There were even some who were hit and knocked by their fingers.

During that time, Siau-liong still stood on the side, not wanting to intervene. He was looking for a way to deal with the mess.

After the chaos of the valiant party can be calmed down, Ceng Hi totiang's mind relaxes.

But when he saw It Hang lotiang and Kun-lun Sam-cu still couldn't handle it, Ceng Hi totiang couldn't help but feel restless. Ceng Hi totiang had mobilized a line of ko-jiu (magic figures) to surround the two evil Tigers and Cursed Dragons, but it turned out that their strength was only balanced.

Likewise, the ranks of first-class figures who were ordered to arrest It Hang totiang and Kun-lun Sam-cu, also still did not succeed. If the two world-conquering Demons threw themselves in or had the two mysterious chariot pullers intervene, wouldn't the consequences be even more painful for the troupe of valiant people?

Ceng Hi totiang furrowed his brows in deep thought. Suddenly he gave a secret order that the group that was surrounded outside the row of Bunga trees prepare tide drugs and explosives. Each time, if necessary, will be given another order.

After the tension subsided, then Siau-liong jumped down beside Ceng Hi totiang, he exclaimed: "Does Totiang already have a complete plan to deal with the current situation?"

Ceng Hi totiang gasped, he said, “I have tried my best, succeed or fail, I can't say for sure. It's up to God!"

From the tone of his response, it was clear that Ceng Hi totiang was cold to Siau-liong. Perhaps it was twenty years ago, even though they were not seen as evil as the world-conquering Devil and his wife, but Ceng Hi totiang did not have a good impression of the Evil Warrior.

It is because of Toh Hun-ki's statement praising the Evil Warrior at this time, coupled with the fact that the current Evil Warrior has indeed helped Ti Gong laysu, Toh Hun-ki and To Kin-kong's entourage from the Valley of Death.

Then the attitude of the cursed swordsman, who was openly hostile to the two world-conquering Devils, so that they fought with Lam-hay Sin-ni, further strengthened Ceng Hi totiang's belief that the now true Evil Warrior had returned to the bright path.

But that belief was also shaken when Ceng Hi totiang was arranging the line, Siau-liong suddenly disappeared and his appearance at that time did not change only as a spectator. Don't want to help at all.

Siau-liong looked at Ceng Hi totiang and said in a firm voice: "I want to say a word, whether totiang will listen to it or not?"

While watching the course of the battle, without turning around, Ceng Hi totiang replied: “If you have any suggestions. please express. Of course I'd love to hear it!"

Seeing people's nonchalant attitude, Siau-liong sighed, “The world-conquering Devils haven't put all their strength into it yet tens of valiant people have sacrificed their souls. If the two evildoers really put out all their strength to fight, perhaps the fate of hundreds of martial arts figures would certainly be crushed in the hands of the totiang!"

Hearing this, Ceng Hi totiang turned to Siau-liong at the same time. He sighed.

"Things are like that, then how should we be defenseless?"

Said Siau-liong “To catch a thief, you have to catch the head first! If we can't devise a tactic to apprehend the evil husband and wife but only compete for strength in this way, we will surely suffer defeat!"

"Then do you have any good suggestions?" asked Ceng Hi totiang.

"There is no other way but to pull back the ranks first and arrange an even more perfect plan!" said Siau-liong.

Ceng Hi totiang laughed, "Do you mean that I should lead a group of brave people to escape from here?"

With a serious tone Siau-liong replied, “A knight must be adept at using power and good at dealing with change. Even if it suffers a little humiliation but origin can form the basis of victory. The final victory there is no way people will denounce the actions of the pole because today has withdrawn the ranks!"

Ceng Hi totiang furrowed his brows. After a few times he rolled his eyes, he sighed,

“Nowadays it is like people riding on the back of a tiger. Thousands of martial arts figures are igniting their spirits. Everyone doesn't care about soul loss. Even if I have the power to withdraw the line but I'm afraid they won't submit to that order!"

Siau-liong secretly acknowledged the truth of the totiang's words. So he had to not open his mouth again.

At that time the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were still sitting on the carriage and overcoming the two rows of black clothes and their dozens of male and female subordinates fighting the line of brave men. The demon couldn't stop laughing.

But when he saw that Ceng Hi totiang was able to overcome the chaos of his ranks by ordering a dozen powerful figures to surround the two evil Tigers, the Cursed Dragon, the world-conquering Devil began to get restless.

Suddenly the world-conquering demon laughed and spoke a few words to the Goddess of Hell then threw a roll of fire.

Siau-liong was startled and quickly shouted at Ceng Hi totiang, “Totiang, be careful with their tricks! "

Indeed, Ceng Hitotiang could already guess that the ominous fire released by the world-conquering demon had a purpose. So he devoted his attention to watching the changes that would occur in the mouth of the street.

However, for some time there has been no sign of any change.

After a long cup of tea, suddenly the wind blew with a fragrant smell. The smell was scattered everywhere.

Siau-liong who can quickly smell the fragrance, slamming his feet while sighing,

“Woe! This wind contains a fragrant smell. Surely the minions of the World-Conquering Devils have squandered the Delusional Poison! "

He hastily reached into the pill bottle Poh Ceng-in had given him which was only half full. Only 8 items left. After he himself drank one, the rest was then given to Ceng Hi totiang, “Please, this pill is efficacious in offering poisonous air. Too bad there's only a few left!"

After receiving it, Ceng Hi started to be a little hesitant but finally he drank a drink. The rest he distributed to several figures who were fighting the Demonic Tiger and the Cursed Dragon.

The fragrance grew louder and louder and suddenly there was a change in the battlefield.

The line of brave people began to limp. On the other hand, the Demonic Tiger, Cursed Dragon and It Hang Totiang's entourage were getting excited. Their attacks are getting more and more powerful.

The power that was originally balanced, now changed. Immediately a shriek of horror was heard as the Demonic Tiger, Cursed Dragon and It Hang Totiang's entourage went berserk. They are like a pack of tigers who are swarming a herd of young goats, When on the side of the line the dashing people are piling up more and more.

Fortunately, because the row of flower trees had turned into a large field, the wind blew quite hard. The fragrance did not swarm for long and continued to be carried away by the wind.

Seeing that many of his ranks had fallen, Ceng Hi totiang was angry and sad. With a loud whistle he pulled out the hermitage speed that had been tucked into his back and jumped into the battlefield. Apparently the old master couldn't stand the sight of many martial arts masters being victimized.

Until then, Siau-liong still refused to intervene. He just stared fixedly at the two black hooded people who were pulling the world-conquering Devil's carriage.

The world-conquering demon continued to laugh arrogantly. In an atmosphere of battle decorated with shrill screams of horror and the clatter of clashing weapons, the sound of the devil's laughter pierced people's ears more and more.

At another time, the Goddess of Hell, who was standing holding the Dragon Head's staff, suddenly shouted at her husband, “You idiot! Why are you just laughing!"

The world-conquering demon stopped laughing. Suddenly he pulled the reins and hit the back of one of the two people pulling the carriage.

That person groaned softly then turned back and asked the world-conquering Demon,

"Is the order of Thian cun!"

The world-conquering demon pointed with his reins at Ceng Hi totiang, he cried, “Did you see that old priest wearing the hermitage speedboat? Hurry up and catch him alive!"

The black cloth hooded man agreed, then his body bounced into the air. After reaching the height of the tens of spears, it immediately swooped down. In his Dive into the sea-catch-dragon, he slid towards Ceng Hi totiang!

At first, Ceng Hi had devoted his attention to watching the movements of the two black-hooded people who were pulling the world-conquering demon carriage. But because the atmosphere at that time was getting more and more precarious, he was forced to be unable to be patient any longer and then plunged into the arena of battle.

Indeed, Ceng Hi totiang was not disappointed to be appointed as the leader of the ranks of the brave. In just a few hits, he was able to help the situation of dozens of brave people who were being pushed by the two evil Tigers and Cursed Dragons. The fast movement of the totiang hermitage almost succeeded in knocking out the two evildoers.

Ceng Hi totiang was surprised when he saw the hooded person swooping down to attack him. Quickly he left the two evildoers. Before the hooded man slid to the ground, he took the lead in attacking him.

The hooded man roared loudly. The pair of hands that were about to grip were suddenly turned into a slap.

"Plack"...a loud pop was heard. Ceng Hi totiang bounced five or six steps back. His blood was churning and it was only with difficulty that he was able to keep his body balanced so he wouldn't fall.

On the other hand, the person with the hood on his face was happy to continue his launch to the ground. He quickly moved his hands to slap. Immediately there was a scream of horror and the three priests of Kun-lun pay who were nearby broke their bones and died instantly!

The incredible swooping movement of the air and one hit can throw Ceng Hi totiang and destroy the three Kun-lun-pay figures, really making everyone scream in shock.

After taking a few breaths, Ceng Hi totiang charged forward again.

He is an old master with a lot of experience and knowledge, even though his entire face is covered with a black cloth, but he can tell from his punch that this person is none other than a figure who has been missing for decades, namely Jong Leng lojin, the owner of supernatural powers. Jit-hoa-sin-kang.

Even though he realized that he was not the old man's opponent, but he knew that except for him, no one was able to face the old man. Even with a gang, it's also in vain.

Jong Leng lojin's mouth hissed with a strange sound. A pair of eyes that appear from two holes, wandering here and there. then looked closely at Ceng Hi totiang.

Suddenly he spread his hands in a gripping gesture and then step by step approached ......

Rolls of fragrant smoke briefly evaporated briefly disappeared. The line of brave people is getting weaker.

On the other hand, the Demonic Tiger and the Cursed Dragon became even more violent. Immediately there were screams of horror and the number of victims increased.

Jong Leng lodged even though he was detained by Ceng Hi totiang. But obviously it won't last long. At most, in three moves, Ceng Hi totiang will certainly lose.

By then the situation was clear. Ceng Hi totiang is clearly not strong enough to face Jong Leng Lojin. And the world-conquering Demon still has another undead champion, namely the black, hooded-faced man pulling the chariot.

Witnessing the condition of the group of dashing people who were getting worse and worse and the victims who had fallen countless times, Ceng hi totiang shed tears ......

Jong Leng Lojin is getting closer and closer. His hands were straight in front of him. Even though no one knew what knowledge the old man would do, they secretly broke out in cold sweat because they were worried about Ceng Hi totiang's fate.

Ceng Hi totiang immediately got ready. A pair of fists he gripped tightly and fed with nine parts of inner power.

Secretly Ceng Hi totiang remembered the words of the Siau-liong cursed swordsman earlier...

"The life and death of the martial world lies in the hands of the pillar..."

Ceng Hi totiang turned away. He saw the Siau-liong cursed swordsman still standing in his place. Apparently he was contemplating so he didn't pay attention to his surroundings.....

Ceng Hi totiang took a deep breath and then put all his spirit and mind into welcoming Jong Leng lojin's attack.

Apparently Jong Leng was worried that Ceng Hi totiang would escape. So he deliberately walked slowly while watching the priest's movements. After about two steps in front of Ceng Hi totiang, suddenly Jong Leng lojin opened his mouth loudly and quickly his hands gripped Ceng Hi's shoulders.

Among the adult martial arts parties, Ceng Hi totiang was the only figure of the old generation who was still left behind. At that time he slipped the hermitage back into his shoulder and then moved his hands to hit Jong Leng lojin's chest and stomach.

Ceng Hi's move was truly a very dangerous move. Because he realized that Jong Leng's grip was one of the special moves of Jit-hoa-sin-kang's magic. Except for a character whose intelligence is on the same level as him, don't expect others to be able to avoid it.

Ceng Hi realized that. He felt far inferior to the old man. So he decided to make a reckless attack. Let both of them be equally hurt!

But it turned out that Jong Leng didn't want to continue his grip. He quickly changed his target, grabbed Ceng Hi's arm. The move was so fast and so unexpected that Ceng Hi couldn't dodge anymore.

Instantly he felt his arms gripped by two iron pins. Ceng Hi mustered all of his inner strength to struggle. But still didn't work. Even his inner strength turned to wash up inside his body.

"Huak".... Ceng Hi totiang vomited blood.

A pair of his arms tingled and suddenly lost his resistance.