Warrior Curse Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21-30

21. Egg on the horns

Just as the Cursed Dragon's hand was about to grip onto Siau-liong's shoulder, suddenly the Demonic Tiger slid beside his brother and grabbed the Cursed Dragon's hand.

Of course the Cursed Dragon was surprised, he rebuked, "Dinda, you ......"

The Devil's Tiger laughed, "The Dragon-magic-gripping the coffin movement, can't necessarily hit the boy!"

Everyone was surprised to hear those words. Even the Cursed Dragon glanced at his younger brother and snapped at him, “What do you mean?”

He could hardly believe what the Demon Tiger said.

Said the Demon Tiger, “Yesterday when I was at the peak of Ngo-siong-nia, I had a clever fight with him, but in the end . . . . .

Hearing that the world-Conqueror Devil and his wife, the Cursed Dragon and Po Ceng-in gasped in surprise. All eyes spilled out towards Siau-liong.

Truly an impossibility. But since the Devil's own mouth said it, I couldn't help but believe it.

The first reaction arose from Po Ceng-in. The lady owner of the valley was shocked and took Siau-liong's arm and asked softly, "Is what you said true?"

Siau-liong snorted then took a step back, avoiding his arm.

The Cursed Dragon and Demonic Tiger laughed scornfully at the refusal of Siau-liong.

Po Ceng in was stunned. Ignoring the laughing scorn of the two scourges and Siau-liong's cold demeanor, he darted to the side of the young man while exclaiming anxiously, "Don't believe the old demon's words. I'm just old......"

He did not continue his words but looked at Siau-liong's face and in a weeping tone he said: "Without me saying you can certainly see for yourself whether I am like a 40-year-old woman?"

Back Po Ceng-in giggles but clearly laughs made up to cover up his embarrassment.

Siau-liong had to look at him. the woman's face did evoke pity but the gleam of her eyes was full of lustful lust. Indeed, if the Cursed Dragon had not revealed his secret, Siau-liong would have believed that the lady was still in her twenties.

For a moment, Siau-liong was confused, lost his understanding. He didn't know how to act. But he realized that at that time he was in the den of a wild tiger.

Also he realizes the burden of his heavy obligations. He must help the White Rose, reclaim half of the Jade-pwe, save the martial world, take revenge and find his mother......

It pampers further In a Semi valley full of secret utensils, more enemies win places. Similarly, their number is much larger. To face the four speculations is clearly not an easy task.

In order to save it all, he had to play a play. Although he was fed up with the woman, he had to look at her with a gentle and friendly look.

Po Ceng-in greeted the view with a swaying spirit. Suddenly he said to his mother, "Mah, let us go!"-he continued to pull Siau-liong's hand to be invited out.

“Wait!” the world-conquering Demon suddenly snapped.

Po Ceng-in growled. Never before had his father scolded him so harshly.

The Goddess of Hell changed her face and shouted at her husband, “Stupid! Why are you so scared of our son! "

“Plack,” the world-conquering Demon thumped the table, he snorted, “If I continue to obey you only. Not only will efforts to dominate the martial world fall apart. It is also possible that we will swallow the bitterness of defeat like that twenty years ago again. I……”

The Goddess of Hell stabbed her wand on the floor and then got up, shouting, “Fool! If there is a lot of behavior, it's better if we separate and work alone! Do you think I can only rely on you?"

After saying that the cruel woman stepped in front of Po Ceng-in, he said, “Ask the child. If he's really serious about you, let's leave right now. Mama will take you home to Se-pak. We don't need to worry about inheritance and all kinds of power in the martial arts world! "

Po Ceng-in looked at his mother gratefully. But when he was about to ask Siau-liong for confirmation, suddenly the Cursed Dragon and the Devil Tiger laughed.

Then the Devil's Tiger shouted in a loud voice, "Aha, obviously your temperament still hasn't changed like before ......"

And the Cursed Dragon boarded, "The relationship between the two husband and wife brothers who gather and separate erratically is really the fruit of a beautiful conversation in the martial world. Today divorced who knows when will meet anyway!"

Thus the two scourge brothers took turns giving each other comments. Not to reconcile and reconcile the two husbands and wives, but on the contrary to pour oil on the fire of anger of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell to break the relationship.

Instantly the face of the world-conquering Devil changed. A pair of her long eyebrows clung to each other and for a moment glancing at her two guests, she quickly darted towards the Goddess of Hell.

"Wife, don't be angry. This is in our common interest. One wrong move, we will surely lose. Therefore I need to be careful……”

Then he pointed to Siau-liong, he exclaimed, "The slave is not an ordinary young man. Don't let him hit you! "

The Goddess of Hell snorted, “Where is the ability of a child who is only in his teens? Weren't you the ones who were frightened and thought the wrong thing......"

But even if the mouth says so, the Goddess of Hell secretly remembers the Demon Tiger's statement about his battle with Siau-liong. So he didn't want to take a step but was still observing Siau-liong carefully.

The world-conquering devil forced a laugh, “The appearance of the slave with a slave girl into the ranks of the Seven Deaths, indicates that they must have joined the It Hang entourage of the buffalo-nose priest. When the night is dark, my men can't see it, but ...... "

"Ah, the question is very simple," the Cursed Dragon muttered, "if you don't feel like intervening to your beloved daughter -in -law, order people to torture the girl. She will certainly confess everything."

The world-conquering devil turned his eyes to the Cursed Dragon, he laughed devilishly: “Ah, brother is smart. However, I did have that thought. Even before you came here, I had someone check the slave girl. But beyond expectation……”

He paused to stroke his knee -length beard, then continued, "Unexpectedly the girl disappeared."

Everyone gasped in surprise. And what surprised him the most was Siau-liong. Where is the White Rose ......

The Cursed Dragon rolled his eyes a few times and said, “The Seven Deaths are the tightest and closest line. Even the nations of animals and birds could not come out and enter the line. So no matter how clever a person is, it is impossible to go in and out according to his heart's desire ...... "

He shook his head and said to himself, “The Curse Swordsman and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih are already trapped in the line of the Seven Deaths but were able to disappear. Instead in the line there was a pair of young prisoners. The girl has been taken into the Valley of Death but has disappeared again ...... ”

Suddenly he laughed loudly, “Ha, ha, are we seeing a ghost?”

The Goddess of Hell immediately used voice infiltration to ask the world-conquering Demon, “Idiot, is your statement real?”

The world-conquering devil frowned and replied with the science of infiltrating the voice as well, "Of course really ......"

He gave a wink signal to his wife and said, “We don't need to worry about the disappearance of the girl who is only twelve years old. And the boy, if you like, take him as son -in -law. But in my opinion, at this time Lembah Semi has entered a magical figure. The disappearance of the slave girl is one of the proofs ...... ”

Return of the Demon Conqueror — the world stopped. He secretly noticed the Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger and then said again, “The old Dragon and Tiger is greedy for inheritance and wants half of it. Of course in the world there is nothing as cheap as that. Now let us use their greed to accuse them of the magicians who smuggled into this valley. Or if necessary, we can use the secret tools in the line of the Seven Deaths to eliminate the two demons! "

"Do you think they want to obey your orders?" asked the Goddess of Hell.

The world-conquering Devil replied happily, “They both rely only on valor. If you don't faint easily by just using tactics, they will like to do my order! "

The Goddess of Hell gave another shrill snort, “Idiot! If you can, please do it. What do I need to complain about blue?"

The conversation between the husband and wife used the science of infiltrating the Voice. That way people can't hear it. Only their lips seemed to move, but made no sound at all.

Moments later, the Cursed Dragon shouted loudly, "The slave girl is gone, it's okay. We can check on this boy! "

After saying that the devil continued to spread his ten fingers. Once the body moves, it uses the Dragon-magical-taking-water move. His ten fingers let out a hiss of wind and then gripped both of Siau-liong's shoulders.

Siau-liong really didn't want to fight. He took two steps back hastily. But the second attack from the Cursed Dragon had already followed. Without pulling back his finger, suddenly in the middle of the road his finger was changed into a Sweeping-clouds move. The grip is replaced with a stab. His two hands followed after attacking Siau-liong.

Seeing her future daughter-in-law being attacked so viciously, the Goddess of Hell gave a sharp shriek. Once the wand hit the ground, the stick head, which was the base of the dragon's head, slid off the stem and floated up the Cursed Dragon's hull!

Simultaneously, the heads of the stick dragons let out a few fifteen-inch long whiskers. The mustache is made of fine, pointed steel wire. The color is shiny bluish. Obviously, it's poisoned.

The Cursed Dragon was taken aback and quickly withdrew its attack while receding back. Thus he escaped from the danger of death.

The Goddess of Hell laughed coldly. Once the wand hit the ground, the dragon's head flew back and landed on the head of the stick again. Also the dragon mustache that radiated out earlier, immediately infiltrated as well.

It turned out to be a stick head carved like the dragon's head, tied with a very tenacious fine wire. Can be massaged out to attack enemies.

The Cursed Dragon did not want to retaliate but shouted loudly, "Do you really want to be enemies with us both brothers?"

But the Goddess of Hell did not want to answer.

While the Devil the Conqueror-world immediately raised both his hands, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please two brothers do not take heart. We're negotiating an investigation! "

Red erased a piece of the Cursed Dragon's face. When he was about to vent his anger, suddenly the Demon Tiger used Ilmu to infiltrate the voice to prevent him, "Please don't look for toako because! If they fight, they win people and places. We don't necessarily win ...... ”

The Cursed Dragon snorted then replied with Voice Infiltration, “Is little brother afraid?”

The Demonic Tiger paid no heed and said, “Moreover, there is still that male slave who clearly has supernatural abilities. According to his confession, he is the heir to the Skeleton Beggar and already understands the art of beating Thay-noon-ciang. When I competed against him, it turned out that he still had other magic skills……”

For a moment he stopped and said, "The magic, I think I know! But until now I still don't know which college it belongs to. Like the magic power of Mo-ya-kong-lat from the priest Liau Hoan of Mount Thian-san, but like the power of Bu-kek-sin-kang from the Cursed Swordsman. So neither Mo-ya-kong-lat nor Bu-kek-sin-kang. But clearly, the boy certainly has a great background. If he is united with the devil's husband and wife, it will certainly make it more difficult for us. Indeed, finding a pair of young people in the line of the Seven-Deaths must have been just nonsense. And about the disappearance of the slave girls in the Valley of Death, it really is also impossible. "

The Cursed Dragon listened dumbfounded. Apparently he never thought of that.

After pondering for a while, Demon Tiger continued again, “In my opinion we face two possibilities. First, maybe the Evil Warrior and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih had indeed allied themselves with the demon husband and wife. It Hang and his entourage of martial arts party figures had already been caught in their trap. The four demons' aim is none other than to confront us both!"

The second possibility is that the Swordsman of the Curse and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih have perished at the hands of the demon husband and wife. Half of the Jade-pwe has already fallen into their hands. That the Swordsman of the Curse and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih were trapped in a dead end but were able to disappear, is just the story written by the two demon husband and wife. A ploy to distract people ...... ”

The Devil's Tiger glanced for a moment at the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell and then said again to the Cursed Dragon: "One of those possibilities or both is impossible, but still unfavorable for us brothers and sisters?"

The world-conquering demon and his wife also knew that the two demon brothers were having a conversation using Voice Infiltration. But they pretended not to know.

Continuing the Devil's Tiger's conversation with the Cursed Dragon, "The situation we face today, no matter how the couple plays any tactics, we must not resign out of fear. If the couple really managed to get the inheritance book left by Tio Sam-hong, they certainly would not let us both live in the world. So if we don't clean them up today, it will be even harder! "

"True!" the Cursed Dragon snorted. He pondered for a moment and then said, "Since I can't keep an eye on their plots, please be alert to their movements!"

The Devil's Tiger nodded, then he turned to the two demon husband and wife, saluting while exclaiming, "Because we are negotiating personal matters, we have been talking about the science of Infiltrating the Voice. Please don't misunderstand me! "

The Devil-Conqueror of the world only doubled the laughter in disbelief. Then he asked the opinion of the two brothers about the situation faced at that time.

"We are both brothers, including idiots. Of course we are only according to your decision. We are willing to help!" said the Demon Tiger.

"Ah, you are too humble," said the world-conquering Devil.

For a moment, he said, “The event of the disappearance of the Cursed Swordsman and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih from the line of the Seven Deaths is based on a report from my men. I myself have not checked it ...... "he glanced at the Demon Tiger and the Cursed Dragon and then continued," We are both husband and wife want to investigate the line of the Seven Deaths, two brothers ...... "

"Of course we'll come too!" the Devil's Tiger hurriedly opened it.

The world-conquering Demon was secretly surprised at that statement. He was surprised that the two brothers did not know that the ranks of the Seven Deaths were full of secret tools and dangerous traps.

But he erased his surprise by smiling and nodding his head. Then clap three times.

From outside the building, sixteen men and women entered facing and paying homage to the Devil-Conqueror of the world. They wore simple clothes and sneaked weapons.

"Quickly tell Soh-beng Ki-su that I'm going to check into the line of the Seven Dead!"

A pair of men and women paid their respects and stepped out. The others immediately lined up on either side of the door.

The world-conquering Devil immediately invited his two guests to follow.

The Cursed Dragon glanced at the Demon Tiger with a look of suspicion.

The Devil Tiger laughed, “Ah, as a guest, I can't be disrespectful to the host. Please walk first. "

The Devil-Conqueror of the world laughed blandly. He secretly laughed at his two guests. Even if they have a plan, it will not escape his grasp. Then he gave a wink signal to his wife. And the husband and wife then stepped out.

At a time when the four evildoers were secretly preparing their own plans, it was Siau-liong who kept an eye on their movements nonchalantly. Secretly he was able to understand what was in the hearts of the four people.

He thought, as long as the four demons each had suspicions and distrust of each other, he would have had the leeway and opportunity to pit them against each other.

After the four demons left, Siau-liong hurriedly played a play. Gently he pulls Po Ceng-in's hand and whispers close to his ear, "Come on, let's take a look too."

Seeing Siau-liong so friendly to him, Po Ceng-in becomes forgetful of the land. After giving a meaningful look, without much thought he immediately grabbed Siau-liong's hand and stepped out to follow the movements of the four demons.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell stopped and turned away. When they saw their daughter holding Siau-liong's hand, they smiled and continued on their way again.

The Demonic Tiger and the Cursed Dragon walked behind themselves. It was as if a cursed Dragon had accidentally walked beside Po Ceng-in. the distance is only about half a meter so that if you reach out your hand can certainly reach.

Siau-liong was ready to face the four demons. Secretly he had fortified his body with Bu-kek-sin-kang channel. So calmly he followed behind them.

Indeed the building in the Semi Valley was created in such a great way. The street in the middle of the courtyard is bumpy. Loh-gik-thia or pagoda termpat rest fully scattered here and there.

The buildings in each place are always arranged according to the shape of Pat-kwa and Kiu-kong. Even every tree and every flower stem, was planted according to the order of the row.

During the walk, Siau-liong silently watched and recorded in his heart everything he saw. But it turned out that the two demons were deliberately walking in circles to and fro so that after eight turns, it was difficult for people to know where to go again.

About an old tea drinker, they arrived at the mouth of a narrow valley strait. The world-conquering devil stopped.

Laughing, he explained, “That is the mouth of Death Valley. Inside is full of various secret tools. One wrong step, it's hard to imagine the consequences ...... ”

Looking at the two demon brothers, he said, “For example, if you mistakenly step into the Dead Gate, you will certainly fall into the hole and will surely melt away. I myself am helpless. You two should just follow us, don't move carelessly! "

It was clear that the words of the World-Conquering Demon contained a threat to frighten people's hearts.

The Demon Tiger laughed loudly, he exclaimed, "Don't worry, even if we had the misfortune to step out of the place of death, we wouldn't even ask the two of you for a soul change."

The Devil the Conqueror of the world laughed cynically and continued walking again. The Devil's tiger also gave an eye signal to his brother. They keep walking behind Po Ceng-in by taking a close distance.

Dozens of valley men consisting of men and women and armed with swords, acted as the vanguard in advance. Once inside the strait, they walked slowly and incessantly moving their bodies left and right. It's like a butterfly flying through a bunch of flowers.

While observing the condition of the place he passed, Siau-liong was secretly surprised as well. Clearly yesterday when with the White Rose, he was chased by the husband and wife of the World-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell into the strait of the valley, where there is a large well.

But why doesn't he see the lake anymore? Wonder, do the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell have the knowledge to move mountains and get rid of the sea?

22. Asmara Puteri Lembah Maut

It was not long before the entourage had come out of the narrow strait road. Now they are faced with a vast open field. The open land that is lowland is similar to the bottom of a well.

The two ranks of the pioneers of the Semi valley, suddenly accelerated their steps towards the foot of the reef below. Then they infiltrated into a bunch of trees.

Only now did Siau-liong know clearly that there was not only one way out of the valley of the Seven Deaths. Yesterday he came and entered from one of the streets.

It looks like the siong tree forest is in the middle of the open field. But he could not determine the right direction.

Sixteen rows of men and women from the Semi valley had just emerged from their respective places in the bushes while blocking the green flags waved to the left. After that they sneaked into hiding again.

From the four corners of the foot of the rock, a faint roar could be heard and after that a thin mist began to spread out. Not long after, the seven caves and all around were covered in fog.

"What do you mean brother?" asked the Devil Tiger to the host.

The world-conquering Demon laughed, “To keep the ranks of the Seven Deaths active. Guard against the possibility of the enemy infiltrating here!"

The Demon Tiger laughed loudly: “Good brother, you are very careful!”

The Devil the Conqueror of the world looked into each other's eyes with his wife and they walked towards the forest. Once into the forest, the world-conquering Devil stopped and looked around.

A moment later he said to his two guests, “The Line of the Seven Deaths was created by a magical cianpwe. It took me more than a year to learn the secrets of change in the ranks. What an amazing creation ...... ”

Habis said that he kept his eyes on Harimau Iblis, then he said, “Dear, this great line has not been used for decades. Except last night, it was only then that the line worked to catch the It Hang the buffalo -nosed entourage. Since then ...... ”

Without waiting for the host to finish his words, the Demon Tiger quickly retorted with a loud laugh. His voice pierced the ears with horror, like the roar of a hungry lion so that the leaves in the forest trembled.

He laughed for a long time, then he stopped, he exclaimed, "Unfortunately, because the line has not been used for a long time, it may not be so smooth. Otherwise, it would not be possible for the Curse Swordsman and Snake Goddess Ki Ih and the white -clad girl to disappear! "

The world-conquering Demon knew that the Demonic Tiger was trying to burn his heart. As red as the devil's face. His eyes began to glow with a murderous glow.

A moment later, the world-conquering Demon's face began to calm down again. He laughed horribly,

“The Line of Seven Deaths has seventy -two changes. Once you enter the strait, it means you have entered a trap. Even if you understand the knowledge of Ngo-heng, Pat-kwa and Kiu-kiong, it's still impossible to get out of that line! "

Immediately the Demon Tiger's face changed, he exclaimed, "You mean to say that the two of us brothers have fallen into a trap right now?"

The world-conquering devil laughed, “You two are becoming our allies. Master the world of martial arts and enjoy the priceless treasures. Of course we didn't mean to hurt you two! "

The Devil's Tiger replied laughing in a cold tone, "Hm, in fact we are both useless anymore. Do you still want to invite us to work together and share the treasure evenly? "

The world-conquering demon laughed loudly, “Ah, don't think anything of it. Now ......"

"It Hang and a group of brave people have fallen into a trap. Today the world of martial arts certainly needs a leader. If the Swordsman of the Curse and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih have fallen into your hands, of course the treasure that a country can buy, you can easily get "Able to control the world of martial arts and acquire abundant treasures ......"

Pausing for a moment he continued, "Are you still willing to share your fortune with other people?"

The Goddess of Hell shook the dragon-headed staff, then shouted fiercely, "You guys are really clever!"

But as if not offended by the sharp insinuation from the demon woman, the Demon Tiger exclaimed, "If we weren't smart, we both wouldn't dare go in this line to seek death!"

The Demon Tiger closed his words with a smile. At first glance like someone who already believes in himself.

Demon Conqueror-world frowned. After looking around, he stepped into the middle of the Cursed Dragon with Po Ceng-in.

He looked around as if he didn't care about Po Ceng-in.

Seeing the host’s actions, the Devil Tiger secretly gave an eye signal to his sister, the Cursed Dragon. The Cursed Dragon smiled but said nothing.

Just as the world-conquering demon was about to arrive in the midst of Po Ceng-in with him, suddenly the Cursed Dragon roared loudly and with a Dragon-magnificent-grip jutsu as fast as lightning its right hand grabbed Po Ceng-in's left elbow. ....

At that time, Po Ceng-in was lulled into a romantic reverie. His left hand gripped Siau-liong's right hand tightly. It was as if he was afraid of losing the young man. The lady owner of the valley was really intoxicated so she forgot about the situation at that time. He was almost unaware of the sudden attack from the Cursed Dragon.

It was only after his wrists were gripped that he woke up in shock. "Aih...." he hastily channeled Thay-kek-bu-wi-sin-kang's magic power on his left arm to repel people's attacks.

But the energy-in of the Cursed Dragon was great. And indeed his plan, he wants to block Poh Ceng-in from being held hostage as a suppressor of the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell. Therefore, he must be able to control Po Ceng-in.

With a cold laugh, he added strength to his hands. Po Ceng-in felt like his hand was caught in a steel hook. The magical power of Thay-kek-bu-wi-sin-kang that was emitted, was not only unable to dispel the opponent's energy, it was even pushed back in and almost attacked his heart.

For a moment he felt like his left arm was broken, his face was pale, his molars were biting hard and he grinned and wanted to cry.

"Let go!" Shouted the Goddess of Hell as she shook her wand.

The Cursed Dragon looked the other way, he said, "As long as you dare to take one more step, I will crush your daughter's veins."

The Goddess of Hell gritted her teeth as if about to swallow the Cursed Dragon. But whatever the force, it had to be according to the orders of the people.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world laughed, "Of course you think your actions are smart. But he is a fool. "

The Demon Tiger laughed mockingly, “Ah, your only goal is to dominate the martial world and get treasure. Your cooking....remember your daughter. As long as you have got the goal that you aspire to, what do you care about other things. It is just ......"

He paused to turn to look at the Goddess of Hell, he also exclaimed, "But different from the mistress. Certainly more loving children than all power and wealth. not?"

The Goddess of Hell was stunned. She hurriedly called out to her husband, “You idiot! If you are determined to intervene and cause our child's soul to be wretched, I will certainly complain to you! "

It turned out that the Demon Tiger was able to explore the relationship between the two husbands and wives. The Goddess of Hell loves her child very much. It is calculated, that woman certainly loves children more than anything in the world.

The psychology or feelings of the woman's heart, can be used by the Devil Tiger. He ordered the Cursed Dragon to freeze Po Ceng-in so that it could be used as a suppressor for the demon husband and wife.

The world-conquering demon waved his hand, “Don't worry my wife. I'm sure our child won't suffer anything......"

He closed the words as he raised his finger up. The crimson flames immediately shot up into the air.

The Demon Tiger was stunned, it shouted, “Hey, don't play crazy in front of me! You know......"

"Ah, please don't be too suspicious," Satan the Conqueror-world laughed, "I just ordered the men of the line to do more careful research ......"

For a moment he rolled his eyes, he continued, "I tell you frankly that you two have indeed entered the ranks of the Seven Deaths. By any means and tactics, don't hope you can avoid ...... "

"But at least I will die with your daughter!" Said the Cursed Dragon.

But indifferently the Devil the Conqueror of the world massaged his long beard and also said, “Surely I am not hostile to my brother. At least in the moment we need to work together to face a magical enemy. "

The Devil's Tiger laughed, "Stop it, don't play with your tongue a lot, we both don't have time to listen to Lekas tell what really happened. Is the Swordsman of the Curse conspiring with the two of you or is he really dead in the line of the Seven Deaths. Where is the half-jade now? "

The world-conquering Demon's face darkened, he replied, “If you still don't want to believe it, I can't do anything. The cursed swordsman and the Ki Ih woman had indeed indeed been caught in the ranks of the Seven-Deaths, but they were able to disappear without leaving any traces behind……”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, "After disappearing for twenty years, the Swordsman of the Curse is indeed higher in his knowledge of magic. How many times complained of ingenuity, we both husband and wife almost wretched in his hands. But if he and Ki Ih are able to disappear from the ranks of the Seven Dead I really can't believe it at all! Put the word they have wings that can fly, but of course still known by the men of the line. Therefore .... " - the devil's face turned darker," dare to make sure that in this line of the Seven Deaths, of course, another extraordinary magician has arrived! "

Starting both the Tiger and Dragon brothers just laughed cynically. But to see the attitude of Satan the Conqueror of the world so earnestly, their hearts were moved.

The Cursed Dragon snorted, "Then who is the man who smuggled into the line of the Seven Deaths?"

And without waiting for the World Conqueror Demon's answer, he continued again, “Isn't it possible that Liau Hoan from Mount Thian-san… or Kiu Tiong-beng the Weird Man from Pak-ciang?…or Couple Priests from Mo mountain? -san....or the Four Bad Humans from Mount Imsan......?"

The world-conquering demons successively shook their heads.

"Those people are strange and powerful figures of this era. They have reached a very high level. But if they can get in and out of the ranks of the Seven Deaths without anyone knowing, it's absolutely impossible!"

Siau-liong almost laughed amused to hear their conversation. How not! If they knew that the one who became the Swordsman of the Curse and Ki Ih was none other than himself and the White Rose, wouldn't they be completely swallowed up by the horde of evil demons?

But when he thought of the White Rose whose fate had not been discovered, his heart was suddenly sad and vulnerable.

He is very nervous. If the white-clad slave girl had really disappeared as the world-conquering Devil had said, it was clear that the White Rose had escaped the line of the Seven Deaths. Then where will he want to find the virgin ......?

At that moment the fog from the four rock walls grew thicker and began to seep into the middle. Just like last night when Siau-liong was there.

The Cursed Dragon's eyes were constantly wandering about the surroundings. While his right hand still gripped Po Ceng-in's right shoulder tightly. Meanwhile, the lady's left hand is holding Siau-liong's right hand, so they are holding each other's hands.

But po Ceng-in calm down. Apparently he was able to catch the signal of his parents so as not to try to escape from the clutches of the Cursed Dragon.

The Goddess of Hell got ready with her dragon head stick. He looked fixedly at the Cursed Dragon. Like an eagle waiting for the serpent's careless moment to grip its victim.

The world-conquering demon, on the other hand, looked this way and that in a nonchalant manner. It was as if waiting for something from that thick circle of fog.

The atmosphere was quiet. Apparently the Demon Tiger was moved by the words of the world-conquering Demon. His eyes alternately looked at the world-conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell.

Suddenly, from afar there were several loud screams. And faintly from within the thick fog shot three streaks of bluish-green flames into the sky. It is estimated, the fire must have come from the middle of the rock wall which is more than ten spears apart.

"Are there any results from the investigation of your subordinates?" asked the Demon Tiger.

The world-conquering demon shook his head, “Strange, still haven't found anything……” — he suddenly lowered his head and walked a few steps then stopped.

Looking at the Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger, he also said, “I have investigated three times, the results have not found anything. Both the Curse Swordsman, Ki Ih, the white shirt girl and other people allegedly smuggled into the line! "'

The Cursed Dragon and Demonic Tiger looked at each other in astonishment. The two brothers were utterly bewildered by the movements of the elusive world-conquering Demon. For a moment the two brothers lost their minds.

But they still did not give up. The origin is still able to control Po Ceng-in, however the two demon husband and wife want to play tricks, of course it can still be overcome.

The world-conquering devil is running again. Suddenly he threw another fire sign. The fire is made of phosphorus so that the rays are very strong. At least it can be seen up to a distance of one li away.

There is also the suspicion of the Devil Tiger about the movements of the host. Quickly he exclaimed, "What else is that?"

Barely, the Devil the Conqueror of the world looked at the Devil's Tiger. And he said without touching the question earlier, "Now that it is clear that no one has infiltrated into the ranks of the Seven Deaths, for a while now I do not need to ask for help from the two brothers. First of all, my husband and I would like to thank both brothers ...... ”

The Devil Tiger and the Cursed Dragon growled in surprise. A pair of large round Devil Tiger eyes, circled to look at the world-conquering Devil and snapped loudly, "Don't play crazy in front of me ......"

Then turning to look at the Goddess of Hell, he threatened, "Watch out, the soul of your daughter that you love!"

Unexpectedly, the Goddess of Hell ignored the threat. He kept his eyes fixed on the Cursed Dragon.

After a moment of stopping, the Devil the Conqueror of the world said, “Indeed, my only ambition is to get the inheritance and control the world of martial arts. Although It Hang and his entourage are already trapped in the ranks of the Seven Deaths, but the Cursed Swordsman has yet to find his trace. It seems that the way to achieve that goal still has many obstacles ...... ”

He sighed and then looked at the Demonic Tiger, “The two of you have supernatural powers that are rarely matched. So we want to establish a cooperative relationship with you for a long time. After obtaining the heirloom and mastering the martial world……”

"What's important is how your attitude is in that collaboration." Because he couldn't wait to hear people who were convoluted, the Demon Tiger quickly retorted.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world laughed, exclaiming, “I am not ashamed of the cooperation, but what I am asking is that you do not consider the reward too much and do not ask the reasons. Do our bidding unconditionally. "

The Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger growled.

"Nonsense! Don't talk nonsense!" shouted the two brothers in unison.

The World Conqueror just double smiled, suddenly he turned his body and continued to walk away.

The two Dragon and Tiger brothers really didn't understand what the host was doing. The Cursed Dragon immediately tightened its grip on Po Ceng-in's arm.

"Aih ...." Po Ceng-in groaned in pain but he had to hold back as well, he turned to look at Siau-liong with a ray of hope.

Siau-liong was waiting for a good opportunity. Since he also didn't understand what was contained in the words of the world-conquering Devil, he had not yet dared to act.

Suddenly a fragrant smell blew into the place and the Demon Tiger shouted, "Huh, what is this?"

"You don't know that this valley is always in the spring mood all year round. When the wind blows, it certainly brings the smell of fragrant flowers to lull people's spirits."

After sucking in the smell for a while, the Demon Tiger's face immediately changed and he immediately shouted angrily, "I can't stand this game anymore..." — he turned to the Cursed Dragon and ordered Po Ceng-in to walk to show him the way out.

The Cursed Dragon also realized something unfavorable. Then he quickly dragged Po Ceng-in to walk. Because the lady's hand was still blocking Siau-liong's hand, Siau-liong also got up.

Seeing that the Cursed Dragon and Demonic Tiger had already started to act and remembering that the fragrance must have contained drugs, Siau-liong decided to intervene right then and there.

Once his feet grinded, he immediately snapped the Cursed Dragon, "Let go! '"

The Cursed Dragon was stunned, he snapped, "Ho, slave, are you tired of living too?"

Siau-liong laughed out loud. It sounded like thunder echoing in the middle of spring. The Cursed Dragon growled in surprise. From the tone of his laughter, it was clear that the young man had a powerful inner energy.

Hearing the laughter, the Devil's Tiger quickly warned his brother, "Watch out, the boy ......"

But the warning was too late. While the Cursed Dragon was still mesmerized, Siau-liong immediately radiated his magical power into Po Ceng-in's body.

At least the Cursed Dragon did not dream that the young man, who was only a dozen years old, was able to channel his inner energy to help Po Ceng-in resist the pressure of the Cursed Dragon's hand.

Instantly the Cursed Dragon felt his hand gripping Po Ceng-in's arm as if it had been hit by a powerful wave of power so that his hand felt tingling and weak.

Po Ceng-in also knew about the incident. He felt his body being engulfed by a current of magical energy and suddenly he saw the Cursed Dragon pulling back its grip. The lady was shocked.

Without wasting another chance, he immediately pushed the demon away. Because the Cursed Dragon was fascinated by the shocking event earlier, he no longer had time to exert his inner energy to resist Po Ceng-in's impulse. So the devil staggered a few steps away.

Seeing that with a loud roar. The Demonic Tigers immediately charged. But the Goddess of Hell, who had been on alert all this time, quickly slammed her wand at the Demon Tiger.

The Devil Tiger had to spin to avoid it. But the Goddess of Hell did not want to stop. With a hint of horror like an owl, the old woman twisted her wand to slash the Devil's Tiger's stomach.

While the Cursed Dragon, after channeling his inner energy, his aching hand had recovered. Then he used the Dragon-magic-play-water move, attacking Po Ceng-in with a club.

The world-conquering devil laughed and chuckled. As soon as the hand of the Cursed Dragon was about to grab Po Ceng-in's arm, the Devil Conqueror of the world immediately greeted him with a blow. The Cursed Dragon had to stop the attack to descend to the ground while pushing both hands to welcome the blow of the Conqueror-world demon.

"Boom"... there was a loud pop and the two of them retreated three steps each.

23. Humans In The Land

At that time, an exciting battle broke out between a couple against a pair of brothers. The wind of their blows roared emitting a terrible blow. They fought so fiercely that it was difficult to know the characteristics of the people.

Siau-liong watched the battle of the four demons with a cold smile.

Meanwhile, the fog that spreads from the four corners of the reef is getting thicker. Except outside the forest, the battlefield was shrouded in a thick fog so that even two meters away, one could see nothing else. The fragrance from the mist grew even stronger.

Suddenly Siau-liong felt his head a little dizzy. He was shocked and hurriedly channeled his inner energy to protect himself.

Even though he was free from the clutches of the Cursed Dragon, Po Ceng-in still felt that his left arm could not be lifted up. Bend and limp. Surely the Cursed Dragon had used his force to grip the lady's arm until it broke.

He was very happy because he felt that he had been sorted by Siau-liong. But when he glanced, he saw that the young man was looking around the corner. He didn't pay any attention to himself.

The lady was secretly surprised at the young man's attitude. Weird, really weird. Temporarily he felt that Siau-liong welcomed his love. But as soon as he found the young man was cold to him.

For a moment he sighed, he moved his former arm that was held by the Cursed Dragon earlier. After feeling quite good, then he approached the side of Siau-liong and reprimanded him warmly, "Engkoh .... Liong!"

Siau-liong had to turn around, "Why?"-finished saying, his heart felt very sick.

With a twinkle in his eye, Po Ceng-in looked at Siau-liong and exclaimed, "Your heart is really violent!"

Siau-liong was stunned. But at that time he was considering the action that would be taken after the battle between the four demons was over. So indifferently, he answered only briefly: "Is that true?"

Po Ceng-in also said, "It turns out that you have such a magical knowledge. But why didn't you hurry to help me and let me be tortured for half a day by that cursed demon ......? "

Siau-liong furrowed his brows, “Every action must be adapted to the time and circumstances. If not......it might get really bad!"'

Once the mouth answered Po Ceng-in but Siau-liong's eyes continued to watch closely on the way of the battle to the four demons.

With a rage, Po Ceng-in stretched his left arm towards Siau-liong, "Here, look ......"

Siau-liong had to look at him as well and then forced himself to ask, "Are you still sick?"

Po Ceng-in put his body on Siau-liong's shoulder and replied spoiledly, "The pain is almost unbearable, you know......!"

Siau-liong just snorted, "Unfortunately I don't have any medicine with me right now so I can't do anything about it."

Po Ceng-in suddenly pulled his arm back and giggled, “It's okay, I've brought my own medicine. But the medicine must be eaten by both of us!"

Siau-liong growled. Just about to open my mouth. all of a sudden he felt his blood rush hard. The eyes faded and it almost collapsed.

By then Po Ceng-in had already taken out a small vial of kumala material and poured out two blood-red pills. The one he swallowed and the one slipped into Siau-liong's hands, he shouted, "Hurry up and swallow!"

Xiao Liong quickly guessed that the pill must be an anti-poison medicine. So without any further hesitation continued to swallow it.

The pill is bitter in taste but once it enters the throat, it feels refreshing to the body. The dizziness and the churning blood just now disappeared.

At that time the battle between the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell against the Demonic Tiger and the Cursed Dragon was worried about the secret tools in the ranks of the Seven Deaths. So the two fought cautiously and did not want to leave the clove forest an inch.

But the husband and wife of the Goddess of Hell and the Devil the Conqueror of the world could not do anything against his two opponents.

Po Ceng-in, who is still leaning on Siau-liong's shoulder, suddenly points towards the battlefield and laughs, "The Dragon and the Tiger of the two Devils are over."

Siau-liong was shocked. When I noticed, it was true that the horses of the devil's two legs were already swaying unsteady. Similarly, his attacking stance is no longer powerful. Obviously they will be crushed at the hands of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and his wife.

Siau-liong gasped. He knew that the two demons had been hit by the poisonous mist. If not, that's not possible.

From the beginning, it is considered that the intelligence of the demon brothers is balanced with the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell. If both sides fight, both will certainly suffer wounds. Although by winning the place and the people, the host can defeat his guests but at least the guests can certainly make the Devil the Conqueror-world and the Goddess of Hell severely injured.

But unexpectedly it turned out that the world-conquering Devil could use a cunning tactic, casting a poisonous mist so that the two Dragon and Tiger brothers suffered a swift defeat. Seeing this situation, he couldn't help but change his plans again.

"From now on the Dragon and Tiger the two old demons will naturally change their names to my father and mother's men!" Po Ceng-in laughed cheerfully.

Siau-liong growled but he pretended to ask, "But looking at their character, their cuisine is willing to submit?"

Po Ceng-in laughed, “Idiot, let them not want to but they have to do it too. Dad's pill called Pian-sing-ih-sin (change character, eliminate feelings) will make them forget everything……”

Suddenly he stopped saying. Apparently realized that the release of talk. He looked at the young man without saying a word.

At that time the situation of the Cursed Dragon and the Demonic Tiger was getting helter-skelter. They kept playing backwards until they were almost pushed out of the forest.

Seeing that, Siau-liong was anxious. If he waited until the demon husband and wife won, it would be difficult for him to escape. Efforts to investigate the White Rose certainly failed.

Immediately he turned towards Po Ceng-in, he said, "The secret tool in the line of the Seven Deaths, I hope you understand everything, don't you?"

Po Ceng-in growled, exclaiming, "Eh, do you need to ask that?"

"There is no doubt that the two locians, the lady's parents will certainly win. We don't have to worry about them. So ... I want to use this opportunity to add to the experience! "

Po Ceng-in laughs and giggles, "Stupid, why are you in such a hurry? There's still a lot of time tomorrow. You can look around to your heart's content. What do I need now? "

Suddenly from the four demons who were fighting a muffled groan was heard. Following that came a loud vibration from the body of a person who was hit by a spear one spear away.

Without turning to look at it, Siau-liong could already guess that the one that fell must be the Demon Tiger.

The young man's face darkened even more, he urged Po Ceng-in, "If I want to take a look now, will Miss like to accompany you?"

Po Ceng-in looked questioningly at the young man, "Eh, why are you here...?" suddenly he retreated with a restless face, he cried, "if you want to go there, you have to get permission from my parents first. Because....because the secret tools in the line are complex and very complicated. Even I myself have some places that don't know their use!"

By then the battle was nearing completion. The Demonic Tiger was hit in the arm by the world-conquering Demon and was thrown at the edge of the forest, oblivious to itself. While the Cursed Dragon, although still able to survive desperately, at that time it was being attacked from behind by the two demon husbands and wives. In three or four moves at most, he would naturally suffer the same fate as the Demonic Tiger earlier.

In those urgent moments, Siau-liong acted quickly. He snorted and suddenly grabbed Po Ceng-in's still aching left arm while exclaiming coldly, "As the owner of this valley, if you don't know clearly about the change in the line, doesn't that mean you just want to lie to people?"

Although he only used one-fifth of his energy, but because what Siau-liong was holding was right on the wound caused by the Cursed Dragon's grip, Po Ceng-in screamed in great pain.

Siau-liong eased his pressure a little while snapping, "Do you want to pass now?"

Po Ceng-in straightened up her body which was twisted in pain earlier and snarled angrily, "Indeed, I know you're just pretending to like me ...." from both eyes, a few tears came down. Apparently Siau-liong's actions really hurt his arms and heart.

Seeing that, Siau-liong was almost heartbroken. But he had to explain, "Because of the desperate situation, I had to make the lady suffer a little. Later ...... ”

"What do you mean by that desperation if it weren't for the fact that you were in a hurry to find the trail of the lady in the white dress!"

Suddenly he laughed weakly and staggered his legs, exclaiming, "Fine, I'll go with you there!"

Because he is experienced, Siau-liong doesn't easily believe people's mouths. He still grabbed the lady's arm as he was invited to walk together.

◄ AND ►

Outside the forest the fog is very thick. Looking back, the forest disappeared swallowed by a thick fog.

Po Ceng-in doesn't care about the situation around him. He let himself be pulled by Siau-liong. It was the young man himself who was restless. He thought, if the woman was determined to die together, wouldn't the consequences be devastating later?

"Ceng-in! Ceng .... in ....!" suddenly from the direction of the forest the Goddess of Hell was heard calling her daughter.

Po Ceng-in was stunned and stopped. He said, “My father is an iron heart. If he finds out about your cheating, even if I am by your side, he will still move the secret device in the ranks of the Seven Deaths!"

Siau-liong laughed blandly, "If you don't go into the tiger's nest, the cuisine can get its offspring. In the current situation, there is no other choice! "

Po Ceng-in took another step, said, “That lady who came with you must have completely disappeared. Because my dad wouldn't lie. Likewise, after an investigation into the ranks of the Seven Deaths and the Valley of Death, still can't find any trace of that lady!"

Siau-liong can't wait, "I do humanitarian charity but it's up to fate. Can't find it, it's okay. "

“Aren't the two of you……” only then did Po Ceng-in say that.

Siau-liong quickly exclaimed, "You better not waste time!"

Po Ceng-in sighed. Rubbing the sweat on his face, he immediately walked away. Even this time the road is faster. Siau-liong remained ready to face all possibilities.

Suddenly, in the blanket of thick fog, a stone wall appeared in the middle of the road. May they have arrived at the end of the land bengkah. Po Ceng-in stopped in front of a cave.

The cave was almost two meters high, the mouth of the cave was covered with cobwebs and bushes. Obviously not the cave that Siau-liong entered yesterday.

After checking for a while, Po Ceng-in says the wrong way. Not a kesitu but should turn left, Siau-liong could not do anything except follow the lady to the left.

After going through three caves, Po Ceng-in finally stopped again, “Here! Only here is the only way out!”

The cave was only one and a half meters high so one had to lower one's head to enter.

Suddenly Po Ceng-in slaps towards the cave. From beside the mouth of the dark cave, dashed out a large tall man wielding a sword. He was one of the members of the Semi Valley line who showed the way to a group of guests yesterday.

At that moment, his face turned black. Vertically across the cave door with unprepared eyes looking at Po Ceng-in and Siau-liong.

Po Ceng-in sighed softly and waved to the man, "Come here!"

But the man remained upright like a statue and did not answer.

"Come here! Thian-cun is coming soon!" exclaimed Po Ceng-in with a sweet laugh.

Thian-cun is an honorific title for a world-conquering Demon. Every subordinate of the Valley of Spring called the world-conquering Devil Thian-cun.

The man gasped and walked over to him. When they arrived at a distance of one meter in front of Po Ceng-in, suddenly the lady who owned the Valley of Springs swung her right hand, hitting the person's chest.

“Bluk…!” the cave guard's tall body, like a kite cut off a string, flew backwards and hit the rock!

Siau-liong was shocked. He did not think at all that Po Ceng-in would kill his own men. It wants to help but it's too late. The man broke his head. His mind is scattered and his life is floating ......

Po Ceng-in said with a sigh, "What can I do, there is no other way."

Then looking at Siau-liong, he said, “He is my father's son. Except for his father, he didn't want to hear orders from anyone. If not eliminated, he will certainly move the secret tool until we both die. "

Without waiting for Siau-liong's response, the lady continued to enter the cave. The beginning was narrow but after stepping a spear away, the situation became wider and higher so that there was no need to walk with your head bowed.

About twenty spears away, they arrived at a crossroads of three. For a moment, Po Ceng-in chose the right path. Soon they arrived at the end of the road there was a stone room. There are no utensils in the room. Just on the middle wall, there are five steel knobs.

Po Ceng-in approached and pressed one of the buttons. Immediately there was a crackling sound. The walls of the center and left and right slowly turned around and there were three doors lined up neatly.

Siau-liong looked carefully. The middle door is wide and clean. On the inside vaguely appeared the illumination. While the door on the right, narrow is small but enough for someone to enter.

While the left door, only a meter high. The inside is dark and damp. The stench wafted out of the door, it was disgusting.

For a moment standing staring, Po Ceng-in immediately entered the door on the right, which is the smallest door.

"Eh, are you not mistaken?" suspicious, Siau-liong quickly pulled the lady away.

Po Ceng-in laughed coldly, “If I really meant to harm you, I would of course take you inside another door……”

Suddenly the tone of the lady's voice turned prone to annoyance, "It's okay to accompany you to die! Only in that way will my heart be at peace. But oh, honey. My heart still doesn't reach……”

Immediately, Siau-liong's heart was horrified. He snorted inwardly, “Huh, this lewd woman can actually fall in love with me to death……”

At another moment Po Ceng-in immediately broke into the small door. Siau-liong was shocked. Because the door was so narrow, he had to release the grip on Po Ceng-in's hand. The lady continued to step forward quickly.

Siau-liong gasped. He secretly cursed himself for being so careless. What if the lady tricked him into escaping?

Hastily he followed. Fortunately, they did not venture far, the passage in the cave began to widen and a few moments later they arrived at a large land. In the center of the five spears of land, there was a small stone door.

Suddenly Po Ceng-in spun his body and giggled as he extended his left arm towards Siau-liong, “Hold on tight again! So that I can't run or move the secret tools here! "

Siau-liong blushed shyly and refused, "I have told Miss to suffer earlier. And that's because I had to!"

Po Ceng-in withdrew his hand and pointed at the stone door, "Through that door walked ten spears, already out of the line of the Seven Deaths, into the Valley of Death ......"

He paused for a moment and then continued, “Even though there are no secret tools installed in the Valley of Death, but the valley is a very dangerous place. Once in, it's impossible for anyone to come out again! "

Siau-liong was silent. He had been following her for almost half a day through the ranks of the Seven Deaths, but all he had been through was the cave passage. And again the journey experienced dozens of twists and turns. During that time he did not meet anyone either.

After hesitating for a while, Po Ceng-in suddenly reached out to press the green marble protruding on the edge of the door. The door rattled around. Once half opened, Po Ceng-in kept pulling Siau-liong's hand and invited him to barge in.

Siau-liong wondered why Po Ceng-in was in such a hurry. But he guessed there must be a reason. He was silent and just followed behind the lady.

Tunnel in the door, straight ahead. Not far from the door, there is a room that bends in.

Siau-liong only pays attention to follow behind Po Ceng-in. He did not have time to pay attention to what was in the room.

About two spears away from the room, a voice was heard shouting, "Come back!"

The voice was very weak as if it came from the mouth of someone who was straining his soul. But even so, his tone had a very strong bearing. Instantly Po Ceng-in seemed to shiver and like a child, he complied to stop.

With a sigh, the lady exclaimed, “Jong Leng lojin……!”

Siau-liong doesn't know who Jong Leng is. But from the tone of his voice earlier, he could guess that the man must be an old man who was seriously ill. Suddenly there was a sense of surprise. Why in an underground cave that has never been trampled by humans, is there a human, a sick old man? And what is the reason, Po Ceng-in is so scared of that person?

Said Po Ceng-in in a half-whisper, “The old man is guarding the way through Death Valley here. Forever, he continued to sleep. Every half a month just woke up once. Ah, why does he happen to be waking up today? "

Siau-liong also turned around. He saw the part of the cave wall that was sunken into it was a room. But the person who shouted earlier did not appear so it is impossible to know how it manifested!

Siau-liong wanted to get out of the Valley of Death as soon as possible to look for the White Rose and other characters whose traces had not been caught. He exclaimed, "Don't worry about it, I'm going to hurry up..."

“You can't!” Po Ceng-in's face turned tense then said in a whisper, “Unless you don't want to live.”

Habis said he continued to step into the space. Siau-liong was stunned but had to follow it as well.

It was a great surprise when he entered the room. In the middle of the room sat an old man who was as skinny as only bones wrapped in skin. His long, tangled hair covered his forehead. The person was sitting cross-legged.

What was remarkable was a pair of eyes that shone so sharply. Po Ceng-in and Siau-liong took turns looking at him. I don't know how old he is but what is clear is that he is very old.

He was wearing only a light shirt and no shoes. At first glance, it looks like a scary undead.

"Move forward here a little!" cried the skinny old man in a trembling voice.

Po Ceng-in gave a tail signal to Siau-liong and then stepped forward three steps forward.

24. Map of the Seven Deadly Line

Siau-liong secretly cuddled. Except for a pair of eyes that were still emitting rays, the strange man had not changed like a dead man. But why is it still so cruel? The old man's attitude lessened Siau-liong's pity for him.

After watching Po Ceng-in for a while, the man laughed foolishly, "Ho, I know you!" Then he pointed at Siau-liong, exclaiming, "Come here!"

It was then that Siau-liong realized that the old man was crazy. He immediately stepped forward and paid his respects. "Because there are important matters, I'm sorry I can't be here long. And again ... right now I'm still in danger so I can't help locianpwe! "

Repeatedly Po Ceng-in grinds his body giving an eye signal to Siau-liong. The lady seemed very anxious.

But Siau-liong did not understand why the lady of the valley owner was so afraid of the crazy old man.

After looking closely at Siau-liong, the old man suddenly swung his hand and clasped it forward. His movements were slow with no energy.

Siau-liong thought that this was the habit of crazy people, like to move their hands and feet at will. Moreover, the gripping motion made no sound at all and was aimed at an empty space.

But what a shock to Siau-liong when suddenly he felt his body being sucked in by a very powerful wave of energy. He didn't have time to fight back and against his will, his body slid forward before the strange old man......

The lions roared like people being drenched in cold water. He looked at the old man. Ah, really a living skull. But why did the old man have such a magical science of energy? Is he good at magic?

But Siau-liong didn't have time to make an assessment because at that time the thin old man laughed and giggled, "Slave, ho, are you afraid of me or not?"

Siau-liong's face turned red. He bowed his head not answering. He had received a channel of magical energy from the Swordsman of the Curse, had also received a lesson in the science of Thay-siang-ciang blow from the Skull Beggar of the chief Kay-pang, ate the fruit of Im-yang-som and drank the blood of the ancient binyawak from the earth's navel. In the world of martial arts, his skill can be classified as a first class champion.

But never for a moment did he think that the gripping movement of the air from the old man who was considered crazy had made him completely helpless. This left him feeling completely disillusioned and hopeless. . . .

"I appeared in the world of martial arts as the Swordsman of the Curse. But it turns out that my skills are still useless. It will only tarnish the good name of the Cursed Swordsman! "He thought.

"Slave, are you afraid of me or not!" The strange old man shouted again.

"Of course I'm afraid," Po Ceng-in hastily responded, "who in the world wouldn't tremble at the name Jong Leng lojin?"

"Who told you to be nosy!" snapped the strange old man named Jong Leng Lojin as he slapped his hand.

"Uh ....!" Po Ceng-in is thrown two or three meters back. The lady had to crawl up.

Jong Leng roared and yelled at Siau-liong again, “Hi, boy! Tell me quickly, are you afraid of me or not! "

Jong Leng's cruel attitude and behavior angered Siau-liong. The young man raised his head and laughed out loud, "I feel sorry for you!"

Jong Leng licks his eyes to Siau-liong. Suddenly the rays of his eyes went out and he sighed, "Slave, you're right, I .... I .... really sad!"

Po Ceng-in growled. He did not expect that Jong Leng's plant could change in such a way.

"Yes, you really don't need to be afraid of me ..." Jong Leng suddenly got up.

"Tring, tring ...." a loud squeaky rattling sound was heard deafening the ears.

And Siau-liong was surprised. It turned out that the rattling sound came from two strands of steel chain tied to the knees of the stranger's feet. The chain goes into the knee bone and penetrates out, inserted into a hole in the ground.

Because it's been years that the chain goes into the bone. then it is as if they have become one with the flesh. Horrible, what a hair-raising torture....!

Siau-liong giggled too. He glared at Po Ceng-in. But the lady quickly turned her face aside, not daring to face the demanding gaze of the young man.

Now Siau-liong can quickly guess that it must be the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell who bound the man. But he also wondered why Jong Leng, who had the skill of magic, was not able to break a chain that was only the size of a thumb? And why did the magical parents get chained by the devil's husband and wife.

"Why are locianpwe willing to be chained here?" immediately he asked.

Jong Leng's eyes wandered for a moment and then replied, "Who said that?"

"With the magic that locianpwe has, the cuisine is incapable of breaking the chain that is only a handful of its big hands?" he asked as well.

Jong Leng lojin shook his head, “This chain is made of pure steel. It is the weakest metal but very ductile. There's no way I can decide unless you can get me some kind of medicine!"

Siau-lion sighed. He himself was still in danger. Whether it's safe or not. How could he find medicine for the old man?

"Even once, I am very happy to help locianpwe, but it will definitely only disappoint locianpwe's hopes. Because I really don't have that much ability! "

Jong Leng lojin looked disappointed. Suddenly he said to Siau-liong, “I will not tell you to look for the medicine in vain. I'll give you a present! "

Siau-liong laughed sweetly, "It's not that I want a locianpwe gift, but at a time and place like this, my energy is really out of reach. Unless ...... "he paused," unless I have a map of the Seven Deaths line. "

Jong Leng applauded, "That's exactly what you asked, boy! The Line of the Seven Deaths is indeed my creation. And so that's the map of the line that I want to give you! "

Girang Siau-liong is not artificial. Hastily he asked, "Is that locianpwe's speech really?"

Jong Leng snorted and took a fold of crumpled yellow cloth, handed it to Siau-liong, "Take it!"

And at the same time he took out a piece of cloth the size of a finger, he said, "Recipe! Don't forget, at most a month, you must deliver the medicine here!"

Siau-liong hurriedly greeted and kept it neatly in his clothes, "Please locianpwe do not worry. Of course I will do my best. "

The skinny old man closed his eyes. From the two hollow curves of his cheeks, only bones remained, a happy smile appeared.

Siau-liong immediately swung his steps slowly out of the room. Po Ceng-in kept following behind him. Moments later the lady pulled Siau-liong's hand away, "Since you already have a map from Jong Leng's lodge, I hope you certainly don't need my help anymore as a guide.

Siau-liong stopped looking at him for a moment and said, "If you want to go home, please. I just hope you don't tell my business to your parents ...... "

Siau-liong paused for a moment and then laughed, “In any case, I really have to say thank you to Ms.

"No need," said Po Ceng-in prone. Holding back the tears that were about to flow, he said with a sigh, "There's something I have to tell you."

Siau-liong nodded, “Go ahead.”

"Indeed, before I had felt, it was impossible for you to put true love for me. Therefore . . . . ” He paused to calm himself and then in a trembling voice he said, “I'll give you Jong-tok's poison!”

Siau-liong was struck by lightning, "Stealth woman, you!" He shouted angrily.

But Po Ceng-in calmly replied, "Now it's up to you what to do with me. But I said, it's free. Because Jong-tok's poison has no cure ...... ”

"But if you want to live, there is still a way ...." said the woman as well.


"Being a husband and wife with me ......" Po Ceng-in replied very calmly.

Siau-liong's heart was like being slashed with a knife. Furious, and so angry that for a moment he froze like a statue.

Suddenly Po Ceng-in narrowed his eyes and said with a grin, “I drank the poison myself. That way we become two lives one body. Live together, die together! "

Siau-liong froze. Suddenly he growled loudly, "Stealth woman, give up your life first!"

With Tay-lo-kim-kong's blow, Siau-liong hits Po Ceng-in's chest with his right hand ......

But the woman was very calm. Don't want to fend off, don't want to escape. Even close your eyes while smiling. It was as if facing death was like going home……

Just as the fist was about to reach his chest, somehow, Siau-liong suddenly pulled him back.

“Strike! If you don't want to marry me, just kill me! "Po Ceng-in protested.

Siau-liong's chest exploded. He cursed her, "Stealth woman, you blind demon woman ......!"

Po Ceng-in looked at him, suddenly he laughed loudly like an orang-utan roaring, his tone.

"With any kind of creature you want to equate me, a female invisible or female demon ......, the essence of your life has been determined and cannot be separated from me ......!"

The woman of the valley paused, sighed and continued, "If you kill me, you will not be able to live more than three days. As soon as Jong-tok's poison works, even the gods can't possibly help you! "

Jong-tok is a poison concoction of all kinds of venomous animals.

Siau-liong gritted his teeth. But can't do anything. He believed that the woman was not lying. By drinking Jong-tok's vicious poison, at any time his soul can be decided according to the woman's wishes!

Siau-liong took a deep breath……

He is not afraid to die. Only the task imposed on him is still a lot unfinished. If death at the hands of the invisible woman. Isn't it a very useless death ......?

He remembers his father's death at the hands of Toh Hun-ki. his mother who was ill on the other side of the ocean, his teacher Kongsun Sin-tho who had treated him for a dozen years, the Curse Swordsman who had given him a deep channel of energy as well as the Skull Beggar who had lowered the knowledge of Thay-siang-ciang blows ......

They each poured out their hopes on him. Although their requests were different from each other, but it felt to have received their favor. The obligatory kindness he responds with the soul and body. If he dies in that valley, won't he disappoint their hopes ......

And there is also Tiau Bok-kun and Mawar Putih ...... ah, remembering all that, his heart is very sad. There is even a feeling of dissatisfaction with the justice of the Almighty, why outline the letter of his destiny in such a complicated situation ......

Silently, Po Ceng-in glanced at him and laughed softly, "Indeed, you don't have to be sad like that. Is it your loss to take me as your wife? Isn't my father going to be the leader of the martial arts soon? At that time, in this world ......

"Shut your mouth!" Snapped Siau-liong.

Po Ceng-in snorts, "Hm, in what sense can't I be compared to that white-clad slave girl? Why is your heart so desperately attracted to him? That despicable girl is probably dead! "

Indeed, Po Ceng-in dared to say so because there is a fact. Even though she was forty years old, her face was still as beautiful as that of teenage girls. Especially her pair of eyes and lips, really contain great charm. No less interesting with the face of White Rose and Tiau Bok-kun.

But Siau-liong was still disgusted by the woman. He wanted to smash it to pieces.

Holding back his rage, he was forced to rebuke, "How long will the poison work?"

While looking at the young man, Po Ceng-in replied, “That is up to you. Any time can work. Maybe a lifetime of poison won't work. The condition is that as long as you marry me, you will be safe forever!"

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “Just erase that dream of yours!”

Po Ceng-in sighed, “It's up to you! Because it really can't be forced......"

He glanced sharply at the young man and said, “Just like that! You don't want to take my wife, but not with the boy in the white shirt. At the very least, we will not be united for the rest of our lives ...... ”

Finished saying he laughed out loud. But his tone contained a groan of despair.

Siau-lion sighed. He really couldn't do anything about the woman who had been raged by a love-hate……

Satisfied with the laughter, Po Ceng-in exclaimed breathlessly, "What can I not get. Don't expect anyone else to get it! .... hurry, hurry kill me .... kill me ....! "

He frantically greeted Siau-liong while shouting, "If you don't want to kill me, that's okay. I can kill myself. But if I die, you too can only live three more days. Go please if you want to go...!"

Somehow suddenly Siau-liong pity too. No matter how personal the woman is but the real thing is she loves him so much. If he doesn't cook, he will be determined to eat the poisonous poison together so that he can live as long as he can.

Immediately, Siau-liong grabbed Po Ceng-in's shoulder and shook him: "Miss.... Ms...."

Po Ceng-in is a bit calm, while looking up he asks, “How? Do you already realize? "

Siau-liong laughed sourly, "I can't lie to you. But I really can't marry you, just ...... ”

"No need to say!" Said Po Ceng-in.

"Only I can approve, to die with you!" Said Siau-liong without caring.

"Whether you approve or not, it's still the same. Jong-tok's poison has no cure! "

Siau-liong nodded, "I know .... just let's find a good place to make a hole and die in a grave!"

Po Ceng-in laughed giddily. That is the grave 'Die with a different life' he stared at Siau-liong, he asked, "Have you really decided that?"

Siau-liong nodded, "Once you've decided, I won't regret it later. But you have to approve something first. "

"Say it!"

"Within a year, please don't make Jong-tok's poison work first. And don't ask me what I'm going to do. Whatever I do, don't ever interfere ......"

Po Ceng-in refuses, "No, what if you find a boy in a white shirt and flirt with him ......?"

Siau-liong stomped his foot in exasperation, “Believe it or not, it's up to you. But I have no heart for the lady. And again I still have a heavy task that I have not completed. Where am I going to digress to play love?"

After pondering for a while, Po Ceng-in agreed.

Siau-liong took a deep breath, he said, "Then next year's Fall Festival, hope you will wait for me at the top of Sin-li-hong Mount Busan!"

Po Ceng-in was stunned: “Spring Valley has spring nature all year round. Truly a great forever resting place. Why should head to Busan mountain?"

But Siau-liong insisted, “That is one of the terms of the agreement. If you don't agree, say so now! "

Po Ceng-in can't do anything but agree as well, "Okay, I'll wait for you at the top of Sin-li-hong in the middle of the fall. If you don't come. Don't blame me for being violent ...... I will have to make you die slowly with a rotting body! "

Siau-liong forced himself to laugh, "I'm not a person who likes to break promises. As long as you really keep the one-year deal, I'll definitely come! "

Po Ceng-in suddenly looked at the young man affectionately, he said, “Perhaps I'll be going to Sin-li-hong soon. First, I want to build the tomb as beautiful as possible so that later your heart will be satisfied..."

Pausing for a moment, he continued his words again, "We can live there, isolated from the crowds of the world. But if you don't change your mind, we can die and be buried in that tomb! "

Siau-liong laughed wryly, “Whatever! But in my opinion, the tomb should not be given a payon. Just leave it open. It's better if you can quickly build the tomb there!"

Po Ceng-in was silent for a while. Then he looked up at Siau-liong. Suddenly he took a small bottle of kumala stone and handed it to Siau-liong.

"This medicine is for you. Getting it out of the valley might be of some use..." Turning around, he continued to run down the long tunnel.

Siau-liong stood frozen as he gripped the medicine bottle. It was as if he had woken up from a nightmare. He felt like he had just walked out of Hell. His heart was as dark as the underground tunnel he had just walked through. Now his fate has been determined. He would only be able to live for one year……

Within a year, he should have been able to resolve grudges and revenge. Invite White Rose to meet her mother across the sea. Then in the fall of the year ahead, having to represent the Swordsman of the Curse meets the mountainous challenge of Busan. And the last one just fulfilled his agreement with Po Ceng-in.

Suddenly at that moment he felt that tempo was very precious. You can't waste every second. So he immediately put away the medicine bottle and took out the map that Jong Leng had given him.

The map was in fact carefully made but very clear. Coupled with the intelligence of his brain, after researching for a while, Siau-liong was immediately able to remember all the passages and passages.

The end of the passage that stretched out before him at that moment, was a stone wall. According to the clues on the map, Siau-liong was able to find a door-opening button. Once pressed, the stone door was immediately opened.

Apparently outside the door was the Death Valley area. Immediately he stepped out. As he walked he drew up a plan. First he wants to find the White Rose, then find Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo, kill them and then take their heads to be handed over to the White Rose.

The second plan, he will go to Siok-ciu city looking for Tiau Bok-kun, while buying medicine for Jong Leng lojin. After that it will enter the Valley of Spring again. Handed over the medicine to Jong Leng Lojin and then killed Soh-beng Ki-su to avenge the death of the Evil Warrior.

Suddenly a crow flew over his head and made a loud noise.

The lion was surprised. It was already dusk. The atmosphere in the Valley of Death grew even more sinister. Siau-liong heightened his vigilance, ready for any eventuality.

Suddenly from behind several stone mounds scattered about five spears away on the front, a shimmering beam of light shot toward the crow. And all at once there was a loud shriek as if to split the sky.

"Beast, you dare to sell in front of me ......"

25. Organizing Energy

"HUAK...." the crow crowed and tilted its body away. After circling, the bird went back into the valley again.

Clearly the shiny object was a secret weapon fired by an expert. But it turned out that the bird was able to dodge. The light of the bird is not an ordinary bird.

Suddenly from behind the mound of rocks, people shouted, "Losiansu, please be patient. We are currently in the enemy's trap. You shouldn't show off. "

Hearing those words, Siau-liong was shocked and happy. Clearly he knew the tone of the person as To Kiu-kong and Ti Gong taysu.

Ti Gong snorted, "Huh, rotten beggar, you also dare to interfere in my affairs?"

To Kiu-kong was angry too. He said sharply, “Losiansu, there's no need for lotion to overwhelm yourself. Even though I am an old beggar, I am also one of the White sects in the martial world. It doesn't taste any lower than lotionsu!"

Hearing that sharp conversation, Siau-liong couldn't control himself anymore. Using the Dragon-circle-18-times motion, he floated his body towards their hiding place.

It turned out that behind the stone mound there were no less than ten people. Some fell, some sat scattered among the grass.

They are the heads of Siau-lim-si Ti Gong taysu, To Kiu-kong and the beggar-laughing Tio tay-tong as well as the Lame-right and the Lame-left. And what aroused the spirit of Siau-liong, it turned out that the head of Kong-tong-pay Ton Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo were also among them.

Their clothes were tattered, their bodies covered in blood and dirt. Jubah Ti Gong taysu rompal-rompal tak keruan.

The appearance of Siau-liong, surprised everyone. Ti Gong taysu who wanted to act against To Kiu-kong, had to stop. As fast as his body spun he hit Siau-liong.

To Kiu-kong and his friends are shocked. The presence of their leader at such a place and moment, really made them so stunned that they could not say anything.

After releasing the blow, Ti Gong taysu burst out and wanted to attack. But is stopped by Toh Hun-ki, “Please be patient first. If we do have to fight, only later when the problem is clear! "

Ti Gong had to pull back his fist and snapped, “What else needs to be explained? The boy is clearly a servant of the Devil-Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell! Isn't it when at the top of Ngo-siong-nia tempo of the day you also saw her helping the Snake Goddess Ki Ih? "

"True," said Toh Hun-ki, "but I also witnessed him fighting a Demon Tiger!"

After all, Hun-ki doesn't want to serve the Siau-lim-si chairman anymore. He continued to turn to pay homage to Siau-liong, "Ah, Kongsun-hiapsu ...."

Siau-liong just nodded and snorted. Shining eyes looked at the people there, then asked, "Where is It Hang totiang and his entourage?"

Toh Hun-ki sighs, "It Hang totiang, Kun-lun Sam-cu and his entourage, have not been traced yet. In my opinion, it is possible that they .... had an accident .... ”

Siau-liong growled, exclaiming, "Did you see Tong-thing-pang chief Cu Kong-leng and Ji-tok-kau chief Tan Ih-hong and a girl in a white shirt?"

Toh Hun-ki shakes his head, “Since entering the Valley, Tan Ih-hong and Cu Kong-leng have had no news. We were all pushed into the Valley of Death here and never saw the virgin in the white dress! "

Siau-Lion was restless. If the White Rose really entered the Valley of Death, there was no way she would disappear. Even if it was true that there was a magician who snuck into the valley as the world-conquering Devil suspected but without having a map from Jong Ling lojin, it was impossible to get out. Moreover, around the corners of the valley it is heavily guarded by the minions of the world-conquering Devil.

Apparently Ti Gong taysu is still supplying in about the events at the peak of Ngo-siong-nia tempo day. But because he realized that he would not be able to defeat Siau-liong, he also wanted to be stopped by Toh Hun-ki earlier. He stood beside her and said nothing. But his eyes remained on Siau-liong angrily.

Seeing Siau-liong pensively silent, Toh Hun-ki also said, “The meeting at the top of Ngo-siong-nia was attended by two hundred famous martial arts figures. But it turned out that the demon husband and wife had prepared some great traps. In the battles in their valley, we have lost so many friends that only a few are left! "

Siau-liong suppressed the tension of his heart, replied, "This Valley of Death is indeed related to the line of the Seven Deaths. Fully equipped with secret tools and hidden lines. The world-conquering devil uses this place as a place of captivity. It's probably hard for you to get out of here! "

After all, Hun-ki nodded, "Yes, that's what I expected, but .... anyway. Truth will surely defeat evil. It is true that for a while Satan the Conqueror of the world won, but in the end he will certainly not escape defeat either! The sacrifice of It Hang totiang and the two hundred brave men, will certainly not be in vain. Surely it will arouse the consciences of all militants to simultaneously rise up against the two demonic husbands and wives! "

Siau-liong laughed coldly, "Your words are true. The husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil with his hordes strive with all their might and ability to dominate the world of martial arts. But in any case, their violent efforts will surely fail.

But the destruction of the group of brave people led by It Hang totiang, is really a heavy blow to the stronghold of the world of martial arts. In some time, it must have been difficult to muster the energy, facing the second threat of the demon. The world of martial arts will surely suffer from the emptiness of figures so that it is easy for them to control. Thus the world of martial arts will surely experience an unprecedented destruction of bloodshed! "

"If a miracle doesn't occur, the flood of blood is unavoidable," said Toh Hun-ki.

"What do you mean by that miracle?" Siau-liong asked.

A pair of the Kong-tong-pay chief's eyes gleamed with fire. Massaging his long beard up to his chest, he said slowly, “Since the world of martial arts has returned from the chaos of the fourth specter of the Devil-Conqueror of the world. The Goddess of Hell, the Demon Tiger and the Cursed Dragon, there are already many martial arts cianpwe who have the same magic knowledge have isolated themselves from the crowded world.

For example, the former leader of the Kun-lun-pay party, namely Ceng Hi totiang, Liau Hoan, a priest from Mount Thian-san, a pair of priests from Mount Busan, etc. martial arts. If they heard the horde of demons appear and disturb again, it is very likely that the cianpwe will also come out again to calm the atmosphere. Besides ......

He stopped for a moment and then said, "There is still someone who can be trusted is ......"

"Who?" Siau-liong snapped.

"That person is none other than a specter who is on par with the other four demons, he is the Swordsman of the Curse! Although he is arrogant and vindictive, unfortunate in the world of martial arts alone, but after meeting him a few times, I know he is very kind. .... ”

Toh Hun-ki stops looking for effects on everyone. Then he continued, "And again he wants to accept my request! It is possible that at any moment he will appear to help our struggle against the demonic couple. So in my opinion, although the current situation is very bad, but it does not mean that it has melted away! "

Toh Hun-ki speaks with the attitude of an authoritative martial arts party leader. Clearly he still had full faith in the Cursed Swordsman.

Siau-liong was secretly ashamed of himself. In fact, at that time he wanted to kill Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo, then handed over their heads to Mawar Putih and with the virgin returned to the other side of the sea to meet her mother.

But Toh Hun-ki's attitude, which portrays the personality of a fearless White figure, has quietly moved his heart. Not only did he not have the heart to kill him, he also did not have the heart to embrace the bloody disaster that would befall the world of martial arts.

Unknowingly, his hand reached for his shirt and half of the Jade-pwe that Toh Hun-ki had given him. His mind was getting blurry and he lost his understanding of how to act.

For a while he pondered. Finally he sighed, "If the Swordsman of the Curse is in line with his level with the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, it is clear that he is not more powerful than the couple. Even if he shows up to help a group of strong people, he won't be able to defeat the devil's husband and wife! "

When Toh Hin-ki was about to answer, Ti Gong taysu apparently couldn't wait any longer. He snapped loudly, “What do you need to bother that person! The Cursed Swordsman is similar to the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell. How could he possibly turn around to help us?

And again he snorted. then continued, "if the result of the victory over the devil's husband and wife is thanks to the help of the Swordsman of the Curse, it also feels like a thing that disappears the face of all the White fighters!"

Siau-liong overflowed but he still forced himself to suppress his anger. He exclaimed with a cold laugh, "Suppose the Swordsman of the Curse really shows up here and helps all the brothers from this valley. Either the lotion will come or stay here alone! "

Ti Gong gasped, he snapped, “An impossible thing to happen! And yet I still can't believe that a vicious demon who likes to kill people, can change his mind a hundred degrees….!”

After saying that, the head of Siau-lim-pay took a step forward and snapped, "Slave, tell me where do you come from?"

"Do you have the right to take care of me?" Siau-liong replied angrily.

"Omitohud!" exclaimed Ti Gong taysu. Then he turned to Toh Hun-ki, “The slave is clearly a servant of the world-Conqueror Devil! Try to imagine. While we, who number in the dozens, are still struggling to face the onslaught of the Devil-Conqueror of the world and are finally herded into this valley, why can he alone appear to disappear at will? "

For a moment the head of Siau-lim-si looked at everyone and shouted loudly, "Take care of me, we better unite to eradicate the boy!"

Really, Siau-liong's chest was about to explode. Angry and disappointed it is. If every White martial artist had a Ti Gong -like stance, being cruel and stubborn like the priest, the light of the martial arts world would surely end!

Toh Hun-ki furrowed his brows at Ti Gong, “Hope that the lotion will calm the lotion's anger. At a time and place like today how are we going to add another enemy? Although it is true that Kongsun-hiapsu's actions can arouse people's suspicions but according to my observations, he is not of the type of people like the world-conquering devils and co-workers…”

Then the head of Kong-tong pay looked at Siau-liong and gave a smile, "I don't know how Kongsun-hiapsu can get into this valley, what ...."

"It's too long to tell," said Siau-liong impatiently, "now there is no time to tell. But indeed I myself am also trapped in the line of the Seven Deaths. If Cu Kong-leng and Tan Ih-hong had not died, they would have been able to testify .... ”

He sighed, he continued, "If I didn't meet a strange cianpwe, right now I certainly couldn't be here!"

Ti Gong snorted, "Hm, unbelievable evidence!"

The head of Siau-lim-si, although cruel and stubborn, was also a bit scared of Siau-liong. Therefore, he did not dare to do anything except look at the young man with angry eyes.

Siau-liong laughed coldly. He ignored the Siau-lim-si chief and turned to To Kiu-kong, "Kiu kong!"

"Cousu-ya!" Hurriedly the beggar figure answered.

Siau-liong laughed wryly, “Right now I'm under suspicion. Do you guys still think of me as Cousu-ya?"

Still bowing his head To Kiu-kong replied, “After all, it is the heir of our teacher grandfather Skeleton Beggar. Forever remains the Cousu-ya of our party. Me and all the students…”

The Kay-pang figure sighed. A pair of eyes widened and in a vulnerable voice continued the words again: "Over the years the prestige of our party has become increasingly gloomy. We hope Cousu-ya likes to bring back the glorious light of our party. If really Cousu-ya to get lost and want to allied with the two demonic husbands and wives, that is indeed God's will to eliminate Kay-pang. Not even for a moment will I and all the children of Kay-pang's students take revenge on Cousu-ya! "

Hearing Kay-pang's statement, which was full of sincerity and loyalty, Siau-liong's heart was sad as well. Then he passed the Skull badge that hung around his neck and handed it to To Kiu-kong, “Take this badge. From now on I am no longer Cousu-ya from Kay-pang! "

To Kiu-kong was very surprised. He recoiled and exclaimed nervously, “Why is that? How will I be accountable to all of Kay Pang's tens of thousands of students?"

Siau-lion sighed. "Indeed I have received a favor from the Skeleton Beggar who has given Thay-afternoon-ciang's magic punch. But in the slightest I have not been able to repay ..."

He stopped staring. Suddenly, in a firm tone, he exclaimed, "Choose from Kay-pang's students a very talented person. I will give him the Thay-siang-ciang science lesson so that he can continue his efforts to develop the prestige of the Kay-pang party .... ”

“This….this…” To Kiu-kong was getting more and more confused and didn't understand what Siau-liong meant. For a moment he was stunned, unable to speak clearly.

Siau-liong knows the heart of Kay-pang's character. With a smile he said, “Kiu-kong, don’t hesitate. I will swear I will not give that knowledge to anyone else. About me ... ”

He stared at To Kiu-kong intently, then said calmly, “After the affair is over, I want to go far across the ocean. Maybe in this life, I won't come back. With that knowledge of Thay-siang-ciang's punch, it still belongs to Kay-pang's party. "

Because he didn't want to tell about the death agreement with Po Ceng-in, the owner of the Semi valley, Siau-liong only used the excuse of going far out to sea.

To Kiu-kong is really gripped by a sense of astonishment and misunderstanding over their Cou-suya's words. He turned and exchanged glances with the two Lame beggars, then confessed.

"Because that's what Cousu-ya wants, I don't dare to refuse either. But it has big consequences. If we're lucky enough to get out of this deadly danger, we have to invite all Kay-pang's students to a big meeting. Then choose a candidate. which is right to carry out Cousu-ya's order. Then we can invite Cousu-ya to give a lesson. "

Siau-liong nodded, “Okay, but it must be done as soon as possible. Because I really want to leave this place quickly!”

"I will definitely carry out Cousu's order, but ... right now we are all trapped in the Valley of Death. Can you get out of here, it's still hard to predict .... ”

Siau-liong was about to open his mouth, but Ti Gong taysu and Toh Hun-ki were heard sighing softly. Apparently they had smelled something fragrant air.

"This is of course the horde of stealth that is messing up. This smell is not appropriate! "Exclaimed Ti Gong angrily.

Indeed, at that time Siau-liong was mingled by the wind that brought a fragrant smell. He was secretly surprised. It is clear that in the valley there are only ferns that smell bad. Where did that fragrance come from?

"Watch out!" Toh Hun-ki suddenly exclaimed, "this sweet smell must contain poison. Yesterday I was hit. Please close your breath quickly!"

But the smell was getting louder and louder. Even closing the breath can not last long. At that time they really resembled a shoal of fish in a net that couldn't escape. Soon they will surely fall.

About less than his old tea drinkers, Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay, Laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong and the two crippled beggars looked weak. They were constantly coughing and their bodies staggered……

By then it was getting late. The atmosphere in the valley was getting more sinister. Coupled with the spread of fog, it really resembles a place in Hell.

Ti Gong taysu, To Kiu-kong and Toh Hun-ki who are more advanced in lwekang knowledge, are still more able to survive. But as time went on their heads became more and more dizzy, their eyes became more and more dizzy and then more and more drowsy.

If every time the enemy came to attack, their history would be over ......

◄ AND ►

Siau-liong was very restless. He suddenly remembered the bottle of medicine Po Ceng-in had given him. The lady said that the bottle might come in handy on the way out of the valley. Ah, that possibility must have been the poison mist.

Immediately he took out the bottle and immediately poured one and swallowed it himself. It turned out to be very useful. He felt his spirit fresh again. The feeling of weakness and dizziness from the fog disappeared instantly.

After knowing the benefits, he immediately distributed the pills to To Kiu-kong, the two crippled beggars, Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo. Soon they were refreshed.

Ti Gong lying on the ground. Seeing that the people were fresh again, he forced himself to get up and exclaimed, "Hi, why wasn't I given pills?"

In a tattered camping robe and all over his body stained with blood, the head of Siau-lim-si looked ruthless. Inevitably, people would be amused to see it.

Toh Hun-ki is really very grateful to Siau-liong. His suspicion of the young man vanished altogether. Immediately he thanked her.

But Siau-liong said the important thing at that time was to immediately prepare for other possibilities. The enemy will surely come in ambush.

"We'd better exploit them. Don't let them find out that we're nothing short of ..." he said, "as soon as they come, we'll exterminate them and keep out of this wretched valley!"

After all, Hun-ki praises the young man's thoughts. He stated that he would follow what the young man had planned. In addition, he also asked for medicine for Ti Gong Taysu. Because even though the leader of Siau-lim-si was rude and cruel, he was still a White leader who opposed evil.

Siau-liong snorted and then approached Ti Gong, he laughed, “Lasiansu accused me of being an accomplice of a world-conquering Devil. That way this pill would naturally contain poison. Isn't lotionansu worried?"

The Siau-lim-si chief forced his eyes open and wanted to say. But as soon as his lips moved, he was no longer strong.

Siau-liong did not reach his heart. Immediately he slid a pill into the priest's mouth. It wasn't long before the priest was able to crawl up. Looking at Siau-liong for a moment, he sat back down. Although he did not open his mouth, his face showed that he was sorry for his accusations against Siau-liong.

At that time it was according to Siau-liong's plan and then they all lay on the ground, pretending to faint as if they had been poisoned.

Siau-liong suddenly had a thought. Immediately he said to To Kiu-kong who was next to him, “I want to investigate the state of this valley.... who knows if I can find a way out of this valley. At that time, you must rush out, there's no need to wait for me!"

"Good Cousu-ya!" Said To Kiu-kong who at that time had recovered one hundred percent of his trust in Siau-liong.

After giving a message to be careful, Siau-liong sped away in the fog.

In a place full of trees and at the time being shrouded in thick fog, if you don't have very sharp eyes, you will certainly be in trouble.

After all, Hun-ki and the others, sighed. They really don't understand Siau-liong's actions. But clearly, now they were sure that the young man was not an accomplice of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

Only To Kiu-Kong is the most confused. When he reached the top of Ngo-song-nia, he saw Siau-liong helping the wounded Snake Goddess Ki Ih. Then now Cousu-ya is looking for a girl in a white shirt and Tiau Bok-kun. Why is Cousu-ya everywhere always involved with women only?

26. Missing Without a Trace

After drinking tea from Siau-liong's departure, the atmosphere in the Valley of Death grew quieter. Only the fragrant air still scatters to fill the valley. But because they had taken the pill Siau-liong gave them, they were nothing short of something. They even feel refreshed by the smell of the fragrance.

Suddenly from a distance came the sound of a soft whistle. Like a whistle from a person's mouth but also like the blowing of a flute. It didn't take long for a green flame to glide into the air. All the brave people get ready immediately. They lay on the ground, pretending to faint.

Before long, they stole the lyrics. There was an old man with a thin face, hair in a pigtail, his body as skinny as bones wrapped in skin, wearing ascetic clothes. Her makeup is like a priest, not a priest, not even an ordinary person. The back bears a strange weapon.

That person is none other than the only disciple of the Devil-Conqueror of the world, namely Soh-beng ki-su or the Hermit-destroying his life. After looking around the corner and seeing the entourage of Ti Gong and Toh Hun-ki lying unconscious on the ground, he suddenly waved his sleeves and waved "Children, hurry here!"

More than twenty people dressed in black, appear and pay their respects in front of Soh-beng Ki-su, waiting for orders. The attitude and movements of the group of black clothes seemed unnatural. Like an idiot. They each looked at his toes.

"Bind their shoulder bones with iron chains and carry them straight into the valley!" exclaimed Soh-beng Ki-su in a demonic moaning tone.

The twenty people in the black shirt rumbled in agreement. Some of them immediately removed the iron chains to bind Toh Hun-ki and his entourage.

The most unbearable is Ti Gong taysu. Secretly he uses the tip of his foot to track Toh Hun-ki, then suddenly slams hard and jumps to hit Soh-beng Ki-su with a Waterfall-opening-mountain move.

Soh-beng Ki-su gasped in surprise. He really did not anticipate the sudden attack. Once his feet hit the ground, he jumped up to two spears into the air to avoid Ti Gong taysu's blows.

Seeing that the leader of Siau-lim-si had already moved, Toh Hun-ki and the other dashing people immediately jumped up. Toh Hun-ki, To Kiu-kong simultaneously attacked Soh-beng Ki-su. Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong, the two beggars Lame and Su-lo Kong-tong-pay, lashed out at the twenty of Soh-beng Ki-su's men.

A horrified scream resounded through the valley. The twenty men in black only acted on Soh-beng Ki-su's command. Because Soh-beng Ki-su was so self-absorbed that he couldn't give orders, the twenty black-clothed people were in chaos. They retreated to the stone mound.

When Soh-beng Ki-su floated down to the ground. To Kiu-kong and Toh Hun-ki simultaneously attacked him. They use powerful moves from the knowledge of their respective parties.

“Brett....” Soh-beng Ki-su was able to dodge To Kiu-kong's Green Kumala stick but couldn't help but tear his clothes to length. Whereas Toh Hun-ki was more fortunate. He was able to hit the hermit's left arm causing Soh-beng ki-su to cry out in pain. Soh-beng Ki-su was furious. After taking a few steps back he folded his arms.

"Crack, crack ...." Soh-beng Ki-su stretched out his ten fingers. From the tip of the finger, white smoke like thousands of snakes slid towards Toh Kun-ki and his friends. Ti Gong taysu and To Kiu-kong immediately gathered close together.

Before the white smoke hit, suddenly the three people were struck by a kind of chill.

"Watch out, he's rolling out his Pek-kut-kang knowledge!" shouted Toh Hun-ki.

Ti Gong Taysu was fighting against Soh-beng-Ki-su for the first time, so he didn't know that the life-destroying hermit had an extraordinary magical power, namely the White Bone or Pek-kut-kang energy. The head of Siau-lim-si thinks that his inner energy knowledge is capable of coping.

Chief Siau-lim-si immediately pushed his hands to drive away the fog. But unexpectedly, so hit by the wind, the white smoke even rolled to hit Ti Gong taysu.

In an instant, it was as if Ti Gong was slapped by the extremely cold air that made him shiver with cold. His blood froze.

Seeing that his attack was successful, Soh-beng Ki-su jumped back then sprinkled a plume of red smoke and laughed loudly, “Skull dance!”

At that time, Ti Gong tried to exert himself against the cold. But his energy was gone, the bones seemed to scatter apart from his joints. It really has lost the energy to fight.

Soh-beng Ki-su's shout surprised all the brave people. It is clear that the hermit who took the life must have left the mark towards the Semi valley. It was realized by Toh Hun-ki and his friends.

Spring Valley would certainly send reinforcements. It's likely that the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell herself will come.

But the concerns of Toh Hun-ki and his entourage, are inaccurate. It turned out that it was not reinforcements from the Semi Valley that appeared, but dozens of skull skeletons that jumped to attack Toh Hun-ki's entourage.

In his decades in the martial world, Ti Gong had never witnessed such a strange event, that a skeleton could be ordered to attack. But because by that time he had lost his strength, he couldn't do anything else but just sighed, “Omitohud! I'm done with now!"

He immediately sat meditating on the ground. Close your eyes waiting for death.

"Row of skulls!" shouted Toh Hun-ki and To Kiu-kong simultaneously.

"Im and Yang crossed!" Soh-beng Ki-su was also heard shouting loudly.

Dozens of skeletons immediately danced and flocked to attack everyone.

After all, Hun-ki and his friends realized that at that moment they were in danger of death. But they were already roundly determined, it was better to break as a ratna than to give up.

They immediately grouped into a circle. Shoulder to shoulder they launched blows towards the row of Skeletons.

Even though the line of skulls could not play martial arts, but their movements scattered the cold wind and the disgusting stench.

Being lifeless, the rows of skulls only moved according to So-beng Ki-su's orders.

As long as they are not ordered to retreat, they continue to advance. Even if half of his skeleton was destroyed by the blow, or even if only one leg and hand remained, they still jumped to attack. In short, if not destroyed at all, they will not stop.

A few moments later, the attack of the Skeletons line grew even more intense. Their circle of encirclement narrowed. The situation of Toh Hun-ki's group is getting worse.

Soh-beng Ki-su kept screaming and laughing.

Suddenly there was a loud roar. And followed by a long laugh that was no less cocky by nature than Soh-beng Ki-su's laugh.

All the brave people were very surprised. When they stole a glance, they were even more surprised.

Soh-beng Ki-su seemed to stagger backwards. Not far from his face, a strange man in blue appeared. Her hair is shoulder -length. His eyes were curly, his mouth was large and red, his beard was fibrous like thorns. Amboi ... that's the Curse Swordsman!

Soh-beng Ki-su had suffered several defeats from the Evil Warrior. Of course he was shocked to death when suddenly the dreaded specter appeared. He staggered backwards looking for a way to escape.

Because they were no longer given orders, the Skeleton line was stuck. They were stunned into silence.

"Swordsman of the Curse!" Simultaneously Toh Hun-ki shouted happily. It immediately along with To Kiu-kong hit the row of skulls until they melted and scattered into the bushes.

The Swordsman of Curse who appeared was of course Siau-liong in disguise. Apparently, his departure to investigate the state of the valley was just an excuse to change as the Swordsman of the Curse.

But indeed just now it has been investigating as well. Thanks to the help of Jong Ling's map of the plant, he was able to know the ins and outs of the valley. But, ah ... the White Rose virgin still can't be found.

Where is the virgin's disappearance?

Eventually he had to return again to save the entourage of gallant men. But what a surprise it was when he heard Soh-beng Ki-su's shout giving command to the Skull line. Quickly he disguised himself again as the Swordsman of the Curse.

"Tua bangka Laknat .... from where did you enter this valley!" exclaimed Soh-beng Ki-su as he took a few steps back.

As he approached, Siau-liong laughed wildly, "In all places, whether on top of mountains or in the wilderness, I am free to go and come as I please..."

Silently Siau-liong remembered the fate of the temperature Koay or the original Curse Swordsman, who was persecuted by the Life-Saving hermit. He growled, "Hm, if I don't kill him now, until when ......?"

Simultaneously, he channeled the knowledge of Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical energy into his arm. After his palms were red, he immediately hit Soh-beng Ki-su with all his might. In disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse, Siau-liong is free to use the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang.

Knowing the magic of the blow, Soh-beng Ki-su did not dare to repel. Quickly he spun his body and kept running. Ignoring the sharp, pointed mound of rock, he resolutely rolled a few dozen steps away. In that resolute way, only then can he be spared from a fatal blow.

The hermit's body was covered in blood. Clothes torn skin, bloody blisters!

As fast as lightning Siau-liong hunting arrived and wanted to follow the blow again. Soh-beng Ki-su can't possibly dodge anymore. He must be dead!

But suddenly the ferocious ascetic shouted with all his might, "Wait!"

Somehow Siau-liong also wanted to hold back his punch, "Do you still want to talk more?"

"There is something strange, maybe you want to know?!"

"What's the matter? Tell me quickly!"

Soh-beng Ki su deliberately acted awkwardly to give the answer, "You came with the Snake Goddess Ki Ih ....."-he stopped looking at Siau-liong's reaction and continued slowly, "do you know where he is now?"

Siau-liong gasped. He thought, "It's probably true that White Rose disguised herself as Ki Ih....."

Seeing Siau-liong was stunned. Soh-beng Ki-su can guess that the person is starting to get his attention. He chuckled and said slowly, "In fact, I was the one who saw it appear in this valley but was then carried by a woman in a Black shirt across the top of the mountain!" - he pointed to a sloping mountain top.

According to the direction indicated, Siau-liong found that the mountain peak was sloping upright. If there were no traps, Sia-liong would be able to reach the top. Only Soh-beng Ki-su's statement that the White Rose had been carried by the woman in black across the mountain peaks seemed impossible.

But suddenly he remembered the concern the world-conquering Demon had expressed that an unknown magician had snuck into the Valley of Death.

"Did you see for yourself?" He finally insisted skeptically.

"It's not just about seeing for yourself, even under the top there is a Kumala kundai skewer worn by Dewi Ular Ki Ih. If you don't believe me, I can take you there! "Replied Soh-beng Ki-su.

Siau-liong pondered. From his attitude and tone, apparently Soh-beng Ki-su is not lying. He quickly grabbed the neck of the man's shirt and threatened, "Take me there .... but if you dare to deceive me, hm, I will break your bones!"

Soh-beng Ki-Su is stunned to admit and walks away because he is pushed by Siau-liong.

"Swordsman of the Curse, don't be fooled by his tactics!" Toh Hun-ki exclaims a warning.

Siau-Long was stunned for a moment. But at another moment when he laughs wildly without turning towards Toh Hun-ki, he continues to drag Soh-beng Ki-su running towards the peak.

Although the peak is very dangerous but in the Valley of Death, the peak is the only place that can be reached.

Not long after they arrived at the foot of the peak. Soh-beng Ki-su glanced at Siau-liong, he said, "I'm already in your hands, can you escape? But by dragging and displacing like this, how am I going to be able to find Kumala's knuckle?"

"Hm, you can't escape my hands!" Siau-liong released his grip.

After taking a breath to loosen his tight neck he pretended to start looking. There was a bush near him. But when Siau-liong was not alert, he continued to jump behind a rock on the left.

Apparently behind the rock there is a secret cave that penetrates into the Seven Deadly Line and the Semi Valley. Indeed in Jong Ling’s gift map of the lodge, the place is indeed mentioned. But because Siau-liong was sinking thinking about the White Rose, he couldn't remember so that Soh-beng Ki-su could escape.

But Soh beng Ki-su still pokes his head from behind the rock and laughs and chuckles, “Heh, heh, old damn bangka! I don't want to lie to you one hundred percent. There is indeed a woman in a black dress helping a woman .... but not the Snake Goddess Ki Ih, but a girl in a white dress .... Ki Ih may have perished in the line of the Seven Dead! "

Siau-liong was stunned and forgot to hit the hermit. At another moment when he woke up, it turned out that Soh-beng Ki-su had disappeared. He is angry because he was cheated outright by Soh-beng Ki-su. But he was also comforted because the real White Rose had helped people.

He had to return to Toh Hun-ki's entourage again. The Kong-tong-pay chief was overjoyed to see the Curse Swordsman return. He quickly saluted, “Swordsman of the Curse, you have helped twice already. I will never forget your kindness! "

Tawar-tawar Siau-liong replied, "What do you need to make a fuss about? I can give life but I can also kill, he looked at the head of Kong-tong-pay with fiery eyes and then he laughed out loud.

But Toh Hun-ki is used to hearing that arrogant laugh. Then he said, “Your message while in the Semi -Tempo Valley, I have carried out. The poison on Miss Tiau Bok-kun's wounds has been healed. When I left Siok-ciu, he was still resting at the inn. But by now he must be healed! "

"Know!" Replied Siau-liong blandly, then approached Ti Gong taysu.

To Kiu-kong, Tio Tay-tong's laughing-beggar and the two Lame beggars, are secretly shocked to see the Cursed Swordsman able to appear and disappear in Death Valley. Even though Toh Hun-ki has treated the Curse Swordsman as a gentleman, the Kay-pang people remain restless. So they stayed away and did not talk.

The attitude of Ti Gong taysu looks funny. His face looked shocked and frightened. He stared at Siau-liong.

Twenty years later, he joins an entourage led by Ceng Hi totiang chief Kun-lun-pay to kill the five ghosts. Of course that's when he saw the Curse Swordsman as well.

He remembered that the Evil Warrior was not as tall as the one in front of him now. Likewise, his gurgling voice was not the same as before. But indeed his clothes, face and make-up are no different from the cursed warriors of the past.

Fearing that a misunderstanding would arise so that there would be a fight between Pendekar Laknat and Ti Gong taysu, Toh Hun-ki hurriedly slipped into their midst and introduced .... "This is the chairman of Siau-lim-si Ti ...."

"Old friend twenty years ago, you need to introduce the cuisine!" Snapped Siau-liong.

Indeed, to perfect his disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse, Siau-liong secretly investigates the events of the fifth blue-complaining specter in the martial arts world twenty years apart. He knew that Ti Gong Taysu was one of the figures who participated in the movement to eradicate the five ghosts.

Ti Gong taysu called 'Omitohud' and turned his face away. Of course Toh Hun-ki is nervous and worried the Curse Swordsman is angry. Hastily he said again to Siau-liong:

"In order to eradicate the movement of Iblis Penakluk-dunia and Dewi Neraka who want to seize the world of martial arts, then It Hang totiang has led a group of brave people to attack the Semi Valley. But it turned out that many brave people fell and now only a few of us are left .... ” - he sighed and his eyes widened.

"Looking at the current reality, of course the two evil husband and wife will move soon. The security of the world of martial arts, the souls of the martial figures, face threats. The only hope, lies only in the Swordsman of the Curse alone!" said the chief of Kong-tong-pay further.

Toh Hun-ki's speech was a bit exaggerated. But in fact it is a fact. Siau-liong paid more attention to the person of the Kong-tong-pay chairman.

But he had to look into his eyes and exclaimed, "I am not able to bear such a heavy burden and do not want to interfere in matters that have nothing to do with me!"

Pause for a moment, Siau-liong laughed loudly and rebuked Ti Gong taysu, "Old priest, Siau-lim-si is famous all over the world. Tat-mo-kim-kong's punching skills rule the martial arts world and you are also a leader. Therapy why can you be locked up in the Valley of Death here? "

Ti Gong Taysu snorted, "I'm really embarrassed because my skills are still low. And again, the devil's husband and wife are very slippery in setting traps ... but, ah, that's not something to be ashamed of. Most die! "

The speech showed the personality of a martial arts party leader like Siau-lim-si Keras, refraining from retreating. Once again, Siau-liong was not satisfied to see the arrogant attitude of the leader of Siau-lim-si. But after hearing his statement, his anger somewhat subsided.

After all, Hun-ki is getting restless. Just as he was about to open his mouth, suddenly from the direction of the line of the Seven Deaths and the tunnel that penetrated into the Valley of Death, a soft whistle was heard.

Siau -liong listened carefully, then said coldly, "I want to take you out and this Valley of Death, but I don't know ...." - he looked at Ti Gong taysu, also said, "Do you believe me?"

Ti Gong taysu remained silent. It was Toh Hun-ki who quickly approached and said tensely, "A strong enemy is coming soon, if the Swordsman of the Curse can take us out of this valley, that's the best ...."

The lion laughed. For a moment looking at everyone, he turned around and took a step.

Thanks to a map from Jong Ling's plant, he was able to know the condition of the valley clearly. It turned out that the Valley of Death had ten impassable roads. But almost all of it will penetrate into the Seven Deaths. There is only one road that can penetrate out of the Semi Valley.

Siau-liong realized that soon the world-conquering Demon and his wife would surely come with their men. So he quickly headed for the dark passage.

Turning back, he sees Toh Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay following behind him, then To Kiu-kong, Tio Tay-tong's laughing-beggar, the second Lame beggar and lastly Ti Gong taysu. Chief Siau-lim-si walked with his head bowed. His attitude is like a satisfied person.

The passage was at the foot of a coral wall. Siau-liong stopped and hit a clump of bushes as tall as people.

Yet Hun-ki is surprised to think that the Evil Warrior must have found traces of the enemy. They hastily dispersed and got ready. There was a creaking sound and then shards of stone flew from behind the bushes. And on the rock wall immediately opened a tunnel hole enough for one person.

Without hesitation, Siau-liong continued to break in. Toh Hun-ki and his entourage immediately follow. Because of his large height, Ti Gong Taysu had to look down a bit before he could enter.

The tunnel is indeed a natural tunnel. Full of twists and turns. Besides being moist, it is also very slippery. It seems that the ceiling of the tunnel is pouring water down.

Luckily the further into the tunnel the wider it is. Thanks to eating the fruit of Im-yang-som and drinking the blood of the ancient binyawak in the navel of the earth, Siau-liong's eyes are unusually sharp. Although the tunnel is very dark, it can run fast.

27. The Hunter's Shack Woman

Toh Hun-ki and his friends, despite having high inner energy, still lose sight of Siau-liong's eyes. They had to walk carefully.

The tunnel turned out to be very long. About a mile away, it arrived at the mouth of the cave on the outside. Siau-liong quickly jumped out.

Around the place is a mountain slope far from the Semi Valley. He sighed loosely.

Notice the state of the four directions. It turns out that around the corner is a line of mountain peaks that go hand in hand. The Spring Valley was in the middle of the range of the mountain peaks.

Suddenly he was startled. Behind a tree at a distance of a few spears away, a shadow flashed. The movement is very fast. In an instant the shadow had disappeared into the darkness.

It was just before midnight. After waiting for a while, it didn't look anything suspicious anymore. He secretly laughed at himself for being so overly sensitive. Isn't there certainly a lot of animals in the forest?

At that time Toh Hun-ki and the others had already exited the cave tunnel. Their clothes and bodies were shabby and dirty.

But they ignored it. They were more gripped by the overflowing joy of being separated from the Semi Valley. All eyes were fixed on Siau-liong with a look of infinite gratitude.

From Gong taysu sighed. Suddenly he stepped forward Siau-liong and paid homage. "I always uphold kindness and revenge. From now on, all Siau-lim-si students will respect you as a gentleman warrior, not a Black figure anymore!"

Siau-liong just laughed blandly: "I'm not confused about that. It's up to you! "

Suddenly To Kiu-kong stomped his feet, exclaiming, “Even though I was able to get out but Cousu-ya we are still in Death Valley. If the demonic couple carried out a massive attack, Cousu-ya would be in danger! "

Siau-liong was secretly amused in his heart. Then said, “That Kongsun Liong officer, a young warrior I look up to the most. He can appear and disappear strangely. Who knows by now he had escaped from the Valley of Death. Please don't be nervous!"

Everyone is stunned. It had never been heard that the Evil Warrior would appreciate such a thing. Especially against an unknown young man.

Seeing everyone watching him. Fearing that he would be exposed, Siau-liong laughed loudly and said to Toh Hun-ki, "What are your goals?"

Chief Kong-tong-pay sighed. Looking at Ti Gong Taysu and Tio Kiu-kong, he said, “Currently in Siok-ciu, of course there are still many martial arts figures coming in droves. It is possible that they have not heard of the defeat we suffered in the attack on the Semi Valley this time. There is no other way but to build strength with the friends of the martial arts .... ”

Looking at Siau-liong, he said half asking, "If Pendekar Laknak can't bear to see the destruction of the martial arts world, then ...."

"Well, I am ready to help your movement to eradicate the Devil, the Conqueror of the world and his wife. But .... "Siau-liong stopped staring at Toh Hun-ki's face, he also exclaimed:" After the two demons can be suppressed, I want to ask you for some things as a reward! "

"As long as we can afford it, we will certainly give it," Toh Hun-ki replied hastily.

Siau-liong laughed coldly, "Maybe the item I'm asking for is so valuable that it's impossible for you to give it!"

Pointing to the sky, Toh Hun-ki swears, "Whatever you want, I will not love to give. Even once I will give up my soul! "

Siau-liong snorted, "Toh Hun-ki, you're right, I asked for your head and the fourth Su-lo Kong-tong-pay!"

Everyone was shocked. Toh Hun-ki thought for a long time, finally he nodded. He laughed, "If that's what you want, I agree. As soon as the demon husband and wife have been exterminated, it's up to you whenever you want to take it .... ”

The chief of Kong-tong-pay turned back and looked at the four Su-lo, then said calmly, “About the heads of these four suteku, I can also make a decision. We'll give it up together! "

The four Su-lo looked calm, as if they had surrendered their fate to their leader.

The attitude and speech of the officer from the chief of Kong-tong-pay touched Siau-liong's heart. But he had to force himself to laugh coldly, "We have agreed to the agreement, at that time I hope you do not hesitate!"

Toh Hun-ki's face wrinkled and he laughed freely, "I'm not a human being who likes to lick saliva. As long as I can save the world of martial arts, I don't care about my fate!"

Siau-liong is pensive. At another time he allowed the group of martial arts figures to continue their journey. Just a few steps down the mountain, Toh Hun-ki suddenly stopped and turned around, "Does the Curse Swordsman want to ......"

Siau-liong snorted, "I never broke my promise. In three days I will certainly come to Siok-ciu to consult with you. "

So Toh Hun-ki and his entourage, immediately went down the mountain to Siok-ciu. After they were away, Siau-liong sighed in emotion. A few tears dripped down .... He himself did not know why he was so moved by his feelings and even cried.

The emotion was not at all because he only had a year left he left it to fate. Moreover, within a year, it was enough for him to meet his mother, carry out revenge and so on, after that, he did not regret even dying.

His heart was filled with grief, suddenly from behind the big tree next to his face, the shadow began to appear again.

The lion was surprised. The light shadow is not a wild animal but a martial artist who has very agile movements. From her slender body, she must be a woman.

When looking closely, the greater the shock of Siau-liong, who came turned out to be the virgin in a dark green dress, is a virgin from the hut of the hunter's family who once Siau-liong and Mawar Putih came during the day.

Arriving in front of Siau-liong, the maiden looked closely at him and asked angrily, "Tua bangka, what is your name?"

Again Siau-liong wanted to reprimand him. But when he realized that at that time he was still in disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse, he canceled his intention. Of course the virgin would not recognize him.

"Little lady, why are you walking on the top of the mountain here in the middle of the night?" Siau-liong asked in reply.

The girl frowned and screamed, "Are you deaf? Didn't hear what I asked? "

Siau-liong was stunned. He secretly praised the virgin who really had big guts. In the middle of the night, in a quiet place, he met the Evil Warrior with a scary face, but the virgin was not even a speck of fear!

At that time they were in a wilderness that no one had ever visited. Siau-liong thinks he doesn't need to act like the Curse Swordsman anymore.

"Little lady, have you ever heard the name Swordsman of the Curse?" he exclaimed.

The maiden answered with a loud shout. "Are you the Swordsman of the Curse?"

Siau-liong looked at the childish girl's face, laughing, "It's true that I'm the Swordsman of the Curse!"

Unexpectedly, the virgin shouted, “Good, old devil! Finally I can find you!” – “wut....” he kept swinging his hands slapping.

Siau-liong really didn't understand why the virgin was so cruel. To his slap, he did not worry, Unexpectedly, he was almost wretched!

The slapping motion seemed so normal that Siau-liong wasn't on guard at all. He thought, it would be okay if it came to an important part of the blood path. Of course you won't suffer.

It was when the force of the blow was about to arrive, that Siau-liong was startled and half dead. He didn't have time to fend off anymore. He had to exert his inner energy to protect his body.

It turned out that the slap of the blood contained a special soft inner power. It seems so weak but it's amazingly great. Can crush bones from joints. And what's even more special, the blow is completely silent.

"Dess ....!" Siau-liong's chest was hit by the virgin's blow very precisely. Although he had mobilized five parts of his inner energy, but his chest seemed to be hit with a hammer.

The blood was churning violently, his eyes glaring and his body staggering backwards until it was seven or eight steps before he could force himself to stand up straight.

Seeing that the blow was successful the girl screeched and as fast as lightning leaped forward she struck with both hands again!

Of course Siau-liong's shock was absurd. According to his assessment, the inner energy of the virgin's blow as well as her movements in the science of lightening the body, are not under the two husbands and wives of the Devil, the Conqueror of the world. If he did not retaliate, the light would be severely injured.

Suddenly Siau-liong growled loudly. By channeling eight parts of Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power, he also greeted with both hands. When two magical forces clash with each other, there is no sound at all.

Suppose the magical energy released by Siau-liong is Hard. While the magic power of the virgin is a soft magic power. Hard to fight Soft, lost both of them!

Siau-liong snorted. It was about to draw back the energy of its blow. But unexpectedly the virgin attacked again.

The virgin was also a grumpy one. Seeing that his blow was not able to destroy Siau-liong, he was angry. Pushing both hands forward, he radiated all his magical energy towards Siau-liong.

Siau-liong pale for a moment. He realized that when two types of magical energy collided with each other, one or perhaps both, would certainly suffer severe injuries. It may even perish. The virgin had no revenge of enmity with herself. But why are you so lazy to complain about the soul?

Also the virgin did not want to give him a chance to talk. And unfortunately, it turns out that the virgin has a magical intelligence. Twice the virgin attacked heavily. And if you let it go now, it's likely that he'll be in misfortune.

By gritting his teeth, Siau-liong had to mobilize his magic energy to meet the virgin's attack.

But what a shock Siau-liong was. Already eight parts of his magical power that he launched but still balanced with the magical power of the virgin.

"Woe," he sighed in his heart, "I do not know and have no grudge against this girl. If it perishes in his hands, isn't he very curious? "

And there is no end to the surprise of Siau-liong. He has received the distribution of magical energy from the Swordsman of the Curse, has eaten the fruit of Im-yang-som and has also drunk the blood of the ancient binyawak in the navel of the earth. Because of those extraordinary things, only then did he have such power then.

But the virgin? Yes, the virgin is certainly younger than him. But why is his intelligence so great, not below his intelligence? In the middle of his mind drifting, suddenly Siau-liong felt the pressure of the opponent's energy getting harder so that his body began to be pushed back.

Siau-liong stammered in surprise. He hastily added his inner strength again.

But apparently the girl in the green dress was very curious. If possible, just want to destroy Siau-liong right then and there. Seeing Siau-liong add her magical power, the virgin grinned.

Suddenly the virgin moved her feet against the ground. With all his energy he put pressure on Siau-liong.

It didn't matter if the virgin was so lazy that she wanted to complain to him. If there is a collision, inevitably both will be wretched.

But to avoid it, Siau-liong had no more time. And there was a terrible tremor. The lion and the dove both bounced off the spear and fell to the ground!

"Ouch...." the virgin groaned softly and then didn't make a sound anymore. It seems that it must have suffered serious injuries and may have perished, maybe just fainted.

Siau-liong, although still conscious, is also longing. The blood in his body was stirring so hard that his dizzy eyes faded. It is possible that at any moment he will faint and die.

By strengthening himself, Siau-liong mobilizes pure energy to restore his blood circulation. But as soon as he mobilized pure energy, his blood flowed hard, his mouth overflowed and he "vomited" .... he vomited blood twice .....

Siau-liong's eyes began to blur. The surroundings of nature feel swirling. In a state between conscious and unconscious, he can still sigh. If he had to die at that time, it would be very sad ....

Suddenly from a distance, people were heard shouting, “Leng-ji! Lengji .... ”

Although Siau-liong heard the voice as well. but it was already like being lulled into a drunken state. His mind could no longer know the situation around him.

The voice was getting closer and closer. His tone conveyed anxiety. Not long after that a shadowy figure slid swiftly beside the wench. He screamed and crouched down to examine the wench.

It turned out that the newcomer was a woman from the hunter's family hut or the mother of the virgin, who was the hostess who met Siau-liong when the young man and Mawar Putih were looking for a place to spend the night in the forest.

The woman in black supported the virgin while chanting: "My son, oh, my son..."

The girl had fainted. His limbs were limp, his eyes drooping like the dead.

The woman pressed her ear to her daughter's chest. He heard that the virgin's heart was still pounding. He quickly took a pill and inserted it into the girl's mouth.

The virgin's belly sounded hollow. Soon his lips trembled and "huak" ...... his mouth vomited a black blood clot!

The tension on the black woman's face decreased slightly. While carrying the body of the virgin, he slowly approached the place of Siau-liong. with angry gleaming eyes he snapped at Siau-liong,

"Old damn boat!"

His mind was still conscious. Just as he moved his mouth to give an explanation, the woman in black had shouted at him, "Even though I have isolated myself and have washed my hands, you are the one who is looking to die..."

The woman's face suddenly turned sad. Her eyes widened. After thinking for a while he also said, "Because you dare to hurt my daughter. I have to be cruel to you too! "

He closed his words by lifting his right leg. Once kicked, Siau-liong's body rolled a few steps.

“Hi, old damn bangka! Did you hear my words earlier? "He exclaimed.

The woman's kick made Siau-liong stretch to death! His bones felt like they were falling from his joints. He just groaned, stifled.

The woman in black stood silent. On another occasion when he sighed, looking at Siau-liong lying motionless on the ground, he said to himself, “At this time and place, I forgive your soul. But tomorrow in the middle of the day .... ”

Habis said the woman continued to take the girl in the green shirt away. It didn't take long to disappear into the darkness.

Siau-liong in a state of unconscious consciousness. His spirit was like hovering in space. It does not dare to exert pure air to conduct blood circulation. Because doing so will even make his blood stagnate.

And he must have died then. What can he do, let alone what happens in his body. He surrendered himself to the will of Fate.

The pain had caused the consciousness of his mind to be lost. It was as if the members of his body, no longer belonged to him.

The night crept long, It had been almost three hours since Siau-liong was in such a state. At that time the day was almost bright. The wind on a cold autumn night makes Siau-liong awake. He started to get restless. His energy was so weak that he could not move anymore.

At that time he was still not far from the mouth of the penetration cave. If the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell appear, of course it will be dragged into the valley again.

But what power. He really couldn't move his body. Again he had to surrender to fate.

◄ AND ►

Suddenly, there was the sound of people's footsteps. It started late but got closer and closer. And a moment later arrived behind Siau-liong.

Silently Siau-liong complained. Obviously Toh Hun-ki and his entourage are gone. What may come is of course the husband and wife of the World-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell. Or the men of the Semi Valley. But on the other hand he considered his allegations to be inaccurate. Because neither the Devil the Conqueror of the world nor the Goddess of Hell, nor Soh-beng Ki-su could have come alone. In the obvious thing that came it was a.

With his sharp ears, especially the situation around the place was quiet, he was able to follow the movements of the immigrants. Upon arriving behind him, the man was stunned into silence.

At another moment the man suddenly squatted down and shouted anxiously, "Locianpwe, locianpwe .... you ...."

Siau-liong is no stranger to that tone of voice. Yes, that's Tiau Bok-kun. It can't be wrong.

Forcing himself, Siau-liong squirmed. "Tiau .... nona .... Tiau ....!"

The internal injuries he sustained were truly severe. After exclaiming three words, he gasped for breath and could no longer continue. His blood churned so much that he almost fainted.

"Locianpwe, why are you suffering from such a severe injury ....?" Tiau Bok-kun asked anxiously.

After being helped by the Cursed Swordsman from Semi Valley, Tiau Bok-kun feels indebted to the scary-faced old man.

Siau-Liong just smiled blandly but didn't answer. He was secretly worried about why Tiau Bok-kun came so late at night. When the people of the Semi Valley come out, won't that lady be wretched!

For a moment looking at the four corners, Tiau Bok-kun said, “Locianpwe, hurry up and channel your inner energy. We ... we have to leave this place as soon as possible! "

"I ... there is no hope anymore! Hurry up .... go .... don't ...... don't care about me! "

Tiau Bok-kun's eyes widened, he lamented, "If I don't meet, that's another matter. But once I meet locianpwe, there's no way I don't care ....... See the day if locianpwe doesn't help, I certainly is dead in the Semi Valley! "

Seeing that the lady was stubborn, Siau-liong was nervous and snapped at her, “Go…. you! I…”

Because his heart was shaking, blood overflowed and he fainted again.

Tiau Bok-kun is very nervous. After hesitating for a while, he continued to carry the body of the Cursed Swordsman and took him down the mountain.

About half a li away, they arrived at the foot of the summit. Tiau Bok-kun chooses a hidden place and puts Siau-lion's body.

After leaning Siau-liong's body on a rock, Tiau Bok-kun began to stick his hands on Siau-liong's stomach to channel his inner energy.

28. Rose And Jasmine

Thanks to eating the fruit of Im-yang-som and drinking the blood of binyawak in the navel of the earth, Siau-liong has a higher inner energy science base than ordinary people. So as soon as he got the inner energy channel from Tiau Bok-kun, very quickly Siau-liong's blood that was turbulent could be calmed again.

After some time, Siau-liong opened his eyes. "HuaK", he vomited a black blood clot. But in this way, his breath was a bit looser, the spirit fresher.

Tiau Bok-kun stopped channeling and said breathlessly, “Locianpwe, quickly channel your energy. You're getting better! "

But Siau-liong smiled blandly and shook his head, “Free! There's no way I'm cured! I can feel for myself .... Miss Tiau .... ”he also said.

"Locianpwe ......”

"Why did you come here in the middle of the night?"

"I'm looking for someone!"

Siau-liong trembled, "Who?"

The lady took a deep breath. For a long time he did not say.

"Isn't that a young man named Kong-sun Liong ...."

Tiau Bok-kun remembers when in the spring Valley he once asked for help from the Cursed Swordsman to deliver a message to Kong-sun Liong. The lady's face blushed red when she nodded, "I know she must have entered the Semi Valley, then ...."

Siau-liong secretly shed two tears. Then dispelled with emotion, he said, "Hope you like to hear my advice. It's better if you don't look for her!"

“Why? Did locianpwe ever see it? "Tiau Bok-kun asked nervously.

Siau-liong did not answer but continued his words again, "Miss will not be able to find him forever!"

"Why?" Tiau Bok-kun became more tense. Siau-liong sighed, "Maybe he's gone across the ocean and won't come back ...."

Tiau Bok-kun stretched his eyes wide looking at Siau-liong. Two tears streamed from his lap. Moments later he burst into tears and said with a sigh, "No, it's impossible for him to do that. At least he'll take me away! "

Pausing for a moment he also said, "He knows that I am as lucky as him. No father or mother, live alone! "

Siau-liong's heart was like being slashed with a knife. He thought, “Ah, do you know that the Kongsun Liong you are looking for is in front of you? Do you also know that I can only live for one year?"

Sau-liong stood still like a statue. The feeling was flying wildly. Misfortune never ceases to overwhelm him.

Poh Ceng-in the woman who owns Semi Valley has given him a drink of Jong-tok poison. Within a year he would have died. Before he had time to make the goal of finding his mother and retaliating against the enemies, unexpectedly he met the girl in a green shirt who attacked him so that they both suffered severe injuries ......

"Locianpwe, why do you ... also look sad?" suddenly Tiau Bok-kun asked anxiously as he took out a handkerchief.

It turned out that Siau-liong could not control the sadness in his heart so he shed tears too.

It was only after Tiau Bok-kun wiped his tears that he came to his senses. He forced a laugh. “With that Kongsun Liong, I have indeed met….”

"Oh ...." Tiau Bok-kun hissed tensely, "Where is he? Locianpwe, where is he now? "

For a moment, Siau-liong replied, “At the time of the meeting, he was getting ready to go far away. He was of course cunningly harmed by people with violent poisons. According to his testimony, he can only live for another year .... "

"Locianpwe!" Tiau Bok-kun shouted, "Is your statement true?"

Siau-liong sighed, "According to his testimony, he still has a family living overseas. Before dying he wanted to meet face to face with his family. So he hurried to the other side of the sea! "

"Did you know locianpwe is located across the ocean?" Tiau Bok-kun insisted.

Siau-liong shook his head, "This ... I can't hear clearly!"

Glancing at Tiau Bok-kun for a moment, Siau-liong continued his words, "On the way, Kongsun Liong had asked me to help him deliver a message to the lady!"

With tears in his eyes, Tiau Bok-kun hurried to ask. But Siau-liong couldn't stand to face the lady.

He quickly turned his face away and said, "He said ... so that you can forget about him. Assume you never met him! "

He could hardly hold back his tears but with a strong heart he held back.

Tiau Bok-kun was stunned and said to himself, “Forgot it? Like you never knew him ...? How nice of him to say those words .... ”

Simultaneously turning to look at Siau-liong, Tiau Bok-kun snapped at him, “Liar! There's no way he would say that. I know what's in his heart and personality. He is not a young man who easily forgets kindness and love……”

Pausing for a moment to suppress his curiosity, Tiau Bok-kun continued to say, "Of course, because he can't cure the poison, he doesn't want to see me again...!"

Siau-lion took a deep breath.

"I think it's better for the lady and him not to suffer!"

"But that can't be! Even if he can only live for one year, one year I will accompany him. Then... I am willing to accompany him to die!"

Siau-liong was secretly surprised, he exclaimed, "Miss, the lady's actions are very stupid. Even if the lady is willing to sacrifice, but for her, it will certainly add to her inner suffering! "

He looked at Siau-liong and Tiau Bok-kun said, "How do you know that he will suffer ......?"

He calmed the tension of his heart and sighed, saying, "No matter where he goes, I will still look for him!"

Siau-liong was stunned. He doesn't know how to say ... He lost his mind.

It was almost dawn. The morning wind began to blow biting the bone. Tiau Bok-kun looked around the corner and said, "Locianpwe, let's take locianpwe to Siok-ciu!"

Siau-liong shook his head, "Free, my wound can never heal again. Let me just lie here! "

"In the city of Siok-ciu there are many clever doctors. Of course they can heal locianpwe wounds!"

Without waiting for Siau-liong's approval again, Tiau Bok-kun continued to carry the young man's body and began to swing his steps.

Siau-liong was about to struggle but he was no longer energetic. He had to sigh and bow down.

His heart was upset and wandering aimlessly. Sad, happy, painful and happy mixed into one in his heart. You can't die, you can't live ......

About an old tea drinker, they arrived on the main road. While Tiau Bok-kun was walking, suddenly people shouted, "Stop!"

Tiau Bok-kun was startled and stopped, From behind a rock by the side of the road, a virgin rushed out.

The girl looked closely at the Cursed Swordsman on Tiau Bok-kun's shoulder and snorted sharply: "Good! I wish you were so friendly! "

After calming his convulsions, Tiau Bok-kun replied, "Aren't you Taci Mawar Putih?"

Supposedly the virgin is indeed the White Rose. While at the inn in the city of Siok-Ciu, the tempo of the day they did meet.

Mawar Putih ignored Tiau Bok-kun's reprimand. Pointing to the Swordsman of the Curse, the White Rose squealed, "What do you need to carry?"

Habis said it kept wanting to grab. Tiau Bok-kun dodged while shouting, "No, he's seriously injured!"

White Rose was stunned. "Why hurt?"

"According to his statement, the wound is hopeless!"

White Rose looked sharp. Ah, right. Siau-liong's face was pale from the lesion, his breathing was weak. The virgin was shocked. But because Tiau Bok-kun called Siau-liong the Swordsman of the Curse, he suspected that the lady did not know that what he was carrying was none other than Kongsun Liong. Secretly Mawar Putih relieved her heart.

Now he smiled, "Fine, please hand him over to me!"

Tiau Bok-kun hesitated. He looked at Siau-liong's face. Both eyes closed, apparently fainting. The lady was anxious, she exclaimed: "This old man is suffering from a deep wound. It must be treated quickly, otherwise ...."

“I know!” The White Rose laughed coldly, “How dare I let him die!”

Although he wondered why the virgin wanted the Cursed Swordsman who was badly wounded, but because he saw the virgin so seriously, he had to give it up as well.

Indeed, Siau-liong did not faint. He knew that he was being fought over by the two girls. But if he opened his mouth, he was afraid it would cause a misunderstanding between the two virgins. So he pretended to faint.

After carrying Siau-liong, Mawar Putih then said: "We are leaving, please continue your own journey!"

Tiau Bok-kun nodded, “Alright, ah, just bothering with taci……”

"It's okay," said Mawar Putih with a smile, then turned around and walked away.

Tiau Bok-kun stared at the shadow of the virgin for a while. Suddenly he shouted calling out to him, “White Rose Taci!”

Mawar Putih stopped and asked what else the lady wanted.

"Has Taci ever heard of the self.... Kongsun....liong?"

White Rose frowned, "Why did you ask that?"

Tiau Bok-kun sighed, “It is said that he has suffered injuries from being slyly poisoned by someone. Maybe.... can only live up to one year!"

White Rose was stunned, "Who said?"

"This is Locianpwe," Tiau Bok-kun said pointing at Siau-liong. Two tears dripped down and he said again, "And again, he said he had gone to the other side of the sea .... Taci Mawar, do you know the other side of the ocean he went to?" Tiau Bok-kun followed up with a question.

"I don't know," said White Rose coldly. He looked at Tiau Bok-kun sharply and then rebuked, “Eh, why do you keep asking about him?... I'll tell you. Even if he doesn't go across the ocean, he won't care about you...! Hurry up and continue your journey, and don't ask or investigate the news anymore!"

With grief, Tiau Bok-kun replied, "It doesn't matter if he cares about me or not. but he has helped my soul .... ”

"She helps people a lot!" said Mawar Putih, "maybe it's just an obligation for him. But obviously he certainly doesn't want you to reciprocate his kindness ... maybe he's forgotten about you!"

Tiau Bok-kun sighed, then said goodbye and continued walking away. His steps seemed to stagger a bit. It was clear that the lady had suffered a heavy mental blow!

Siau-liong secretly stole the lyrics. He saw the lady heading to Siok-ciu. He sighed ....

After Tiau Bok-kun disappeared from his sight, Mawar Putih immediately asked Siau-liong,

“Are you really seriously injured? Were you wounded by the Devil-Conqueror of the world and his wife while in the line of the Seven Deaths? "

Siau-liong just sighed cartilage and asked the lady to put herself down.

"You can't waste time. I'll find someone to treat your wound!" said the White Rose, continuing to walk fast.

“Free! Don't waste your time and energy! "Shouted Siau-liong nervously.

But the White Rose confidently said "How heavy your wound is, I know someone who can revive a person who has died!"

Siau-liong knew the stubborn virgin's character. Moreover, he was weak and powerless. He was forced to let it be brought by the White Rose. But he was sure, the wound could not be treated again.

"If you insist on seeking help, please unmask my face and cloak.... I don't want people to say that the Evil Warrior was seriously injured and died..."

After saying that because of exhaustion of pure energy, Siau-liong also fainted.

Mawar Putih cursed herself for being so stupid. He immediately did the young man's request. Unmasking the face and cloak of the Evil Warrior so that he becomes Siau-liong again. The White Rose then carried him and continued his journey.

Not long after he arrived at a hut on the slopes of a mountain. The hut is where the White Rose was brought by Siau-liong to treat his wound.

Siau-liong was still unconscious so he didn't know what had happened at that time.

After pounding gently three times on the door, he immediately pushed the door leaf. The woman in the black dress was already standing upright in the room. Glittering eyes looked at the White Rose and Siau-liong.

"Where are you?" He scolded.

With a blush. The White Rose stated, "Just now when I was walking around the mountain, unexpectedly found it!"

“Who? Is that a child? "

"Yes, he is right. Prince of my teacher! "Replied Mawar Putih.

The woman in black sighed and told Mawar Putih to come in. Following behind the woman, Mawar Putih said half -crying, "Auntie, please help her, otherwise she will die!"

The woman in black stopped, sighed, “Ai, your little brother Ling also has serious internal injuries. It's still dangerous right now!"

"Hi, why .......!" White Rose was shocked.

The woman in black shook her head and sighed, “Like you, he too wanders the woods in the middle of the night…. If I hadn't come at the right time, he might have died at the hands of the Evil Warrior!”

The shock of the White Rose is not an absurd reed, he exclaimed: Swordsman of the Curse? Ling's brother was wounded by the Cursed Swordsman? "

The woman in black looked at the White Rose, “Why? Do you think that is impossible?"

Mawar Putih was nervous, "No, not so .... I mean why did Ling's sister fight with the Curse Swordsman. Does he have a grudge of enmity with that person? "

The woman in the black shirt wanted to open her mouth but it didn't happen. He sighed and sighed, "Ah, it's hard to say."

At that time, the feeling of the White Rose really didn't feel right. If the woman in black came to know that the Evil Swordsman was none other than Siau-liong, would she still want to help him?

He tried to calm his nervousness and followed behind her.

When he was in the room, he saw the girl in the green dress was indeed lying on the bed. Similar to Siau-liong, the virgin was also fainting.

The woman in black examined and touched her daughter's forehead, then said, “Probably harmless. But at least have to rest ten days to recover.... ah, with this event I might neglect my important business!”

Seeing how much she loved her daughter and worried that Siau-liong would be known as the Evil Warrior, Mawar Putih did not want to pressure her to quickly treat Siau-Liong.

The woman shook her head then sighed and looked at the White Rose, "Let's see the kid!"

Thus the White Rose immediately followed into the room. But what he witnessed at that time really made him widen in shock like seeing a ghost!

The bed where Siau-liong lay earlier, turned out to be empty. The lions disappeared!

"Where's the person?" the woman in black asked in surprise.

Mawar Putih stood in a daze, she was nervous about getting the question and was busy looking here and there. He even checked under the bed and table. But the Siau-liong still disappeared as if swallowed by the earth....

Amused, the woman in the black dress said, "Stupid, how can you find it that way?"

Mawar Putih was stunned, "She was so badly injured that she lost consciousness. How can he go ... "stopped for a moment looking at the woman in the black shirt, Mawar Putih also said," it's not possible without a reason for him to run away! "

The woman in black laughed blandly, "Even if he can't walk, other people can take him away!"

Mawar Putih growled in surprise, "Auntie said .... she was run away?"

"Maybe kidnapped .... maybe want to be helped. Now it's still hard to say!" said the woman in the black dress.

White Roses are like sleeping people doused in cold water. He frantically kept jumping out of the way.

Just as White Rose's body soared in the air, the woman in black turned her hand behind her back. A gust of violent wind swept across the White Rose.

It turned out that the wind from the movement of the woman's hand contained a sucking magic power. The White Rose seemed to be involved in an invisible rope and at other times her body was pulled back.

Dara was trying to stand up straight when her feet hit the ground. Then looked at the woman worriedly, “Auntie……”

"It doesn't matter if the immigrant wants to kidnap or want to help him. But he was able to come here without me knowing at all, clearly not a random person. At the moment, of course, it's far away, it's useless for you to chase him ... ”The woman in the black dress paced for a while. At another time he said to himself, "But, who is he ......?"

The White Rose, who was staring at the woman, could not wait to ask, “Of course the actions of the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell. Apart from them, it feels like there is no one else .... ah, pity him .... ”

The White Rose sobbed, "Poor, he is suffering from a very serious injury, of course he will die!"

"You know what!" snapped the woman, "even though the two demon husband and wife want to control the world of martial arts, but they also had to come here. Maybe the act of the Swordsman of the Curse ......"

"It can't be the Swordsman of the Curse, he ......" suddenly Mawar Putih felt that he had escaped.

He hurriedly fell silent.

"How do you know it's not the Curse Swordsman?" rebuked the woman sharply.

Haltingly White Rose replied, “Because……because she is with sister Ling.”

"True, the Curse Swordsman and Ling-ji are both injured, it can't be him. Then who is that person? Is ...." Suddenly the woman in the black shirt laughed coldly, "Yes, of course he is!"

"Who does your aunt mean?"

"I said you didn't even know. But ..." the woman stopped, pulled the White Rose to sit on the bed and then continued her words, "I understand fortune-telling. The child does not indicate short age. Even though it suffers various hardships and torments it is still harmless. Only you with him...." the woman looked at the White Rose's face several times but said nothing.

"Has aunty predicted our faces?" asked the White Rose in surprise.

"There's no need to look closely. Just look for a moment and you'll know!"

White Rose's face blushed red. Haltingly he asked, "Auntie said earlier.... he and I..."

29. Sin-kang Panca Sakti

The woman in black sighed.

"The problem of human life all depends on the mate. For example, I helped you from the Valley of Death and then you raised me as a foster mother, it was also a mate. And that match seems to have been outlined in our lives.

For a moment looking at the White Rose, he also said, “About your attention to the young man, I already know clearly. Only I have two words for you. You and he have no luck being caught as husband and wife. And that has become your lifeline! ”

Instantly pale, White Rose's face swelled. His body shivered and in a faltering voice he said,

“I don't think that far…… Just because I have been cared for and considered as my own child by my teacher or the young man's mother, I also feel obliged to look for my teacher's son. Now that I can find it but can't bring it to my teacher, what is my responsibility to the teacher?"

After saying that the virgin's tears were pouring down. She hugged the bed and sobbed.

The woman in black lightly patted Mawar Putih's shoulder, "It depends on the fortune or mate of the mother and child. If the soul mate has not been cut off, of course will be able to meet. But if you don't have a mate anymore, no matter how forced you are, you still can't!"

Satisfied with crying, the White Rose wiped her tears and then raised her face to ask, "Mom, can I still meet him?"

The woman in black nodded, "Of course you can!"

"As long as we can meet again, I will immediately take him across the sea!" he said alone.

The woman sighed softly but said nothing more.

Suddenly there was a slow voice from the girl in the green dress. The woman in the black dress quickly entered the room.

Where exactly is Siau-liong?

◄ AND ►

In fact, when Mawar Putih put Siau-liong on the bed and the woman in black came in, at that time Siau-liong was conscious. He secretly glanced at the shadow of the woman in the black dress.

As soon as the White Rose and the woman in black came out, suddenly Siau-liong saw a shadowy figure darting from the edge of the door and then like a ghost, a tall man appeared in the room.

The man was wearing blue clothes, his face was covered by a black veil. The lion was surprised. He remembered that the man had appeared at the Tay-hud-si monastery and the row of flower trees in the Semi valley, to give him instructions and lead him out of danger.

Siau-liong was pleasantly surprised. Just as he was about to move and open his mouth, the blue-clothed freak had quickly blocked his blood path. Then with unbelievable speed. that person immediately supported Siau-liong. Apart from moving very fast, it doesn't make a sound at all.

The curse had knocked Siau-liong unconscious. Since then he felt like he was dreaming. For a moment he felt his whole body hurt like being bitten by thousands of snakes. In a moment he felt his body go limp.

I don't know how long it took before he regained consciousness. When he opened his eyes he found himself lying in a broken monastery. The strange man in blue was sitting in front of him.

Siau-liong could hardly believe his eyes. It's like still dreaming. Then he bit his own tongue ah ..... it turned out to hurt. Clearly he was not dreaming, What he witnessed at that time, was a fact. The joy is not absurd!

It turned out that the strange man in the blue shirt had removed his hood. And the real face appears. He is none other than the teacher who has cared for and educated him since childhood..... The magic-beard-dragon healer Kongsun Sin-tho!

Siau-liong hurriedly crawled up and knelt respectfully in front of his teacher, "Temperature ...."

He could not continue his words. Forgetting the feeling of joy and haru had flooded the tears flowing down ...... For a moment he remembered why the heavy wounds he suffered in the battle against the girl in the green dress yesterday, at that time he felt completely healed.

He looked at Kongsun Sin-tho with wide eyes, then in a tone of regret he said, "Thank you for the help of the temperature ......"

With an iron face, Kongsun Sin-tho signaled a hand, “Your wound has just healed, you need to rest. Don't think about anything, quickly meditate and channel your pure energy..."

Then the magician sighed slowly and said, "The magic energy from the widow of Mount Bu-san, including one of the sciences from the Panca sakti. If you don't eat the fruit of Im-yang-som and the blood of the ancient binyawak, I can't help you either! "

Siau-liong did not dare to say anything. He hurriedly ordered his temperature. Sitting in meditation clears the mind and does the distribution of pure air.

Since his wound had been healed by Kongsun Sin-tho, then after performing purification for some time, he felt his body fresh and comfortable. Soon he sank into emptiness ......

It didn't feel like four hours had passed and Siau-liong immediately finished his prayer. He got his spirit fresh, his wound healed completely.

By then it was night. The moonlight shone through the window. Seeing that Siau-liong had come to his senses, Kongsun Sin-tho, who had been meditating beside him, immediately got up and gave a smile.

But Siau-liong seemed to stare at the round moon. As he recalled, it was only the beginning of the eighth month. But why is the moon as round as a full moon?

Kongsun Sin-tho lit candles and brought trays of food. Seeing Siau-liong gaping, he laughed, “Tonight is already the eighth month of the fourteenth. Liong-ji, you've been asleep for twelve days!"

Siau-liong gasped in surprise. That felt only a day and a night, but why did he go to sleep for twelve days!

After placing the food in front of Siau-liong Kongsun Sin-tho also said, “You haven't eaten for ten days, of course you are very hungry. Come on, eat fast! "

Indeed, Siau-liong felt very hungry. He immediately devoured the dish until it was finished.

Kongsun Sin-tho's face darkened. Although not angry, but in fact the old man was not happy. After Siau-liong finished eating, he called out to him, "Liong-ji!"

Blushingly Siau-liong knelt in front of his teacher and said haltingly, “The temperature... the student has violated the message of temperature entering the back of the mountain. Therefore ......"

"The past, don't be lifted again ...!" tukas Kongsun Sin-tho. Then with a laugh he exclaimed, "The Curse Swordsman and the Skull Beggar, the teacher is now bound to you." Now you don't have my temperature alone! "

Siau-liong was nervous and quickly nodded his head, "At that time the student was in a state of compulsion. But in the small hearts of students, there is still only one teacher, that is, the temperature .... ”

In uttering the last words, Siau-liong was so moved that his eyes widened. He remembered himself having been poisoned by the woman of the Semi Valley owner and the promise to the woman that they would die together in the middle of next fall. He felt he had squandered the kindness of Kongsun Sin-tho for a dozen years.

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed.

"Dead or alive and gathering together has become a line of human life. No one can possibly change that lifeline. Indeed, when I left the mountain in search of medicine, I thought you would certainly experience those events. But I don't know if those events will be a disaster or good luck for you. It all depends on your own actions later .... ”

The magician stopped for a moment to look at Siau-liong's face.

“This teacher of yours is known in the martial world as a healer who is hard to match. Very few silat people know the extent of my skill in silat. Even the silat lessons that I gave you were merely basic lessons. In fact, the intelligence that I have has no trace in the martial world, it is actually one of the Five-sakti sciences......"

Hearing that explanation silently Siau-liong was shocked. Simultaneously, he remembered the martial arts lessons given by his teacher first. It feels like martial arts is just ordinary. It turned out that his teacher had not yet revealed his magic to him. 

"About the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang that you have now and the magical power of Thay-kek-bu-wi from the Devil the Conqueror of the world, the magical power of Thay-im-ki-bun-kang from the Goddess of Hell, although very powerful and very violent, but their magical energy belongs only to the wild sciences. Can only reach a certain level. Not so with the Panca-sakti which is classified in the true science of the Ceng-cong-bu-hak stream. The scope of science is infinite ...... ”

Kongsun Sin-tho paused for a moment and sighed, then continued again.

"At that time, I had great hopes for you. In fact, I immediately wanted to teach you my knowledge called the magic power of Thian-jim-sin-kang (weak but tenacious magic power) to you. So that you become the only disciple of my heirs .... For the purpose of that's why I went to look for medicine leaves, in order to change the nature of your body .... ah, but unexpectedly it turns out that you have another fortune so that my hopes become empty. .. ”

Kongsun Sin-tho's tone in uttering the last words was a bit moved. After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Only the really talented shoots are hard to find. Whether I will succeed in getting the next student or not, it is still difficult to say! "

Kongsun Sin-tho's words, which sounded sorry for Siau-liong, were felt word by word like nine that pierced Siau-liong's heart.

Siau-liong can only bow his head full of remorse.

After massaging the beard that fell down his chest. Kongsun Sin-tho continued, “I told you earlier, that person's mate and luck has its own line... Whoever wants to break it. of course misfortune. Even if from now on you are no longer matched to receive the Thian-jin-sin-kang magic lesson, still..."

Kongsun Sin-tho stopped again. His eyes twinkled at Siau-liong.

"Isn't half of the Jade-pwe map in your hands?" he asked.

Siau-liong hastily fingered his clothes. Ah, the map is still kept. He hastily replied, "Half of the Jade-pwe is actually Toh Hun-ki..."

Kongsun Sin-tho nodded. "Hi, I know all about it. It is said that the treasure hidden in that place was Tio Sam-hong, the founder of the Bu-tong-pay party himself, who hid it before he closed his eyes. This heirloom has been a hot topic of discussion for hundreds of years and is coveted by everyone. However, because the map painted on Jade-pwe was split into two parts, so far no one has been able to get hold of the heirloom.

Kongsun Sin-tho was forced to stop because he was choking on coughing.

“Among the treasures the most valuable is an heirloom book written by Tio Sam-hong himself……”

"You know, what I call the Panca-sakti magic power, apart from the Thian-jim-sin-kang magic power that I have and Ya-li-sin-kang (sound recognition power) from that Bu-san Mountain Randa, there are still more the other three kinds of divine power are, Cek-ci-sin-kang (red Echo-power), Jit-hua-sin-kang (Seven Transformations magic) and Thian-kong-sin-kang ..."

Hearing that, Siau-liong's heart felt uneasy. At first he thought that he already possessed the supernatural powers of the Evil Warrior and Skeleton Beggar. Who would have thought that intelligence was not a true science that had no equal in the martial world. It even includes wild science or side-door science that is unlikely to reach the level of perfection.

Takkala he fights with Randa Bu-san, he almost loses his life. Secretly he acknowledged the truth of his temperature speech. Simultaneously, his deep remorse arose in him, who had spent the day following his lusts, had disobeyed his teacher's orders and hastily entered the back of the mountain.

Not only had he lost the opportunity to inherit the magical abilities of his teacher. Even because of that mistake he had to pay dearly. Suffered from strange and great events and experiences and finally had to suffer poisoning from the woman who owned the Valley of Spring. As a result, he can only live another year.....

With a serious face, Kongsun Sin-tho continued his statement, "The last heir of the magic of Cek-ci-sin-kang is the magic monk of Lam-hay is To Teng nikoh. While the heir of Jit-hua-sin-kang's magic is Jong Leng lojin who has the title of the hidden magician from Su-jwan. The two men have not appeared in the martial arts world for decades. I wonder if they already have heir pupils again. Or are they really muksah, no one in the world of martial arts knows .... ”

Siau-liong's heart was moved. Immediately he remembered the old man chained in an underground dungeon in the line of the Seven Deaths. Simultaneously he exclaimed, "Jong Leng that plant, students have ...."

But it seems that Kongsun Sin-tho ignored Siau-liong's words and while gesturing for the boy to be silent, he continued his testimony again.

"Chek-ci, Jit-hua, Thiam-jim and Ya-li the four magic arts, have not appeared in the martial world for decades. About me, even though I already have one of the Five Ways, but because all this time I If you don't want to show yourself off, then even the silat people don't know. But.... the four magical arts that I mentioned earlier, stem from prioritizing pure Eve.... While Thian-kong-sin-kang prioritizes the perfection of Sin or Spirit. ”

Suddenly Kongsun Sin-tho's eyes flashed looking at Siau-liong and then he said seriously, “Spirit can take Eve, Eve cannot control Spirit. Therefore, Thian-kong-sin-kang is one of the most superior of the four sciences.

Unfortunately, since Tio Sam-hong Cousu passed away, no more heirs have appeared .... While the same martial arts people suspect that in the inheritance book stored in the secret treasure, there are writings about the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang .. .. ”

Siau-liong listened like a drunk. Secretly he was shocked. If the inheritance book falls into the hands of the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, after they have succeeded in understanding the magic of Thian-kong-sin-kang, who else is a martial figure who is able to match them? Isn't the world of martial arts going to experience a flood of blood and mass slaughter ....?

Kongsun Sin-tho sighed softly. "You have received Side magic knowledge. Even though you may not be able to learn the magic knowledge that I have which is based on Eve, but you still have hope to learn the science of Thian-kong-sin-kang which is based on Spirit. Therefore, if you succeed in finding The other half of the jade-pwe and found the heirloom, you still have hope of becoming the main character in the martial world. But from now on our mate as students and teachers, will end. From now on it only depends on yourself how you will manage the pace of your life!"

Siau-liong's heart felt like it had been sliced into nine. He replied in a sad tone, “Students have no hope of anything else. Unless you just want to meet face to face with a mother who is suffering from illness overseas. It's just that students have to stay in this place again for a few days .... "

He remembers in his disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse having helped Toh Hun-ki and his entourage from Death Valley and then promised to meet them in Siok-ciu three days later. Where he will participate in the deliberations to exterminate the Devil the Conqueror-world and the Goddess of Hell.

But ah ... at that time because they slept for twelve days, somehow with their condition. Is Toh Hun-ki's entourage still in Siok-ciu waiting for him? What is the new action of the husband and wife of the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell in their move to dominate the world of martial arts?

Thinking about those things, Siau-liong's heart was restless. He must keep his promise, helping Toh Hun-ki and a group of warriors, to eliminate the two evil husband and wife. Then he takes Toh Hun-ki's head and the fourth Su-lo to be with the White Rose facing his mother on the other side of the sea.

But then after hearing the explanation from Kongsun Sin-tho, he felt sorry. What to do then, feels difficult. So Kongsun Sin-tho rebuked, "Liong-ji, apparently your heart is very restless. Is it because of thinking about your mother or ... ”

Siau-liong's heart grew sadder. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Since childhood he was raised and educated by Kongsun Sin-tho. In his feelings, Kongsun Sin-tho is like his own parents.

When he hears that they are not married or have broken up, what's more, he has been exposed to Jong-tok's poison and he only has a year to live. So the stronghold of his heart was broken.

He wept bitterly under the teacher's feet. Then tell what he has experienced while in the Semi Valley, poisoned by Poh Ceng-in and his life that only lasted a year .....

After listening, while massaging Kongsun Sin-tho's beard, he said, “0, so when I treated you, I got all the blood vessels in your body, there were unnatural changes. Again, I thought the consequences of eating the fruit of Im-yang-som and the blood of the ancient binyawak, I guess ..... ”

The magic healer sighed, he said, “Indeed, the demon woman is right. After the jong-tok poison absorbs all the blood vessels in the body, there is no cure in the world anymore. "

He looked at the boy's face, wanted to say but didn't.

From the beginning, Siau-liong still had the hope that his teacher would be able to cure. But seeing the tone of his words, Siau-liong's hopes were gone. He just looked at Kongsun Sin-tho with a look of frustration.

After contemplating for a while, Kongsun Sin-tho said slowly, “It can be said that I have devoted my whole life to the science of medicine. Not even as powerful as the doctor Hoa To in the Sak-Kok era, but my skills are rarely unmatched. As far as I know, Jong-tok's poison can still be treated, but .... "

Hearing there is still a drop of hope. Siau-liong's hopes were instantly ignited. In a hurry he poured all his attention.

"Because the invisible woman also drank poison, then Jong-tok's poison of course consisted of two types of poison Im and Yang. Even if you are far away from him, but when one of them dies, the other will surely die. Unless .... ”

"Except for what?" Siau-liong began to tense his feelings.

"Unless you drink all the blood!" replied Kongsun Sin-tho, or by using the blood of a dog or a black chicken to lure his blood, dig out his heart and eat it raw. Only in that way, can the toxins in your body disappear. Besides, there is no other drug that can cure it anymore.

Siau-liong heaved a sigh of relief, "Even if that method can save my soul but..... I can't bear to use it......"

"I know you certainly don't want to. You are very compassionate, ah ...... it's all up to your fate ...... ”

Kongsun Sin-tho got up and swung his steps slowly, saying, “Now you are an adult. Everything must be able to take care of itself. Today the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell are trying to dominate the world of martial arts. Military figures from various sects and parties have been preparing to form forces. A battle between the Whites and the Blacks will definitely happen, indeed .... ”

He paused to sigh, he added, "In general, they aim to get the inheritance, especially the inheritance book written by Tio Sam-hong. Whoever gets the inheritance, he will be able to control the world of martial arts!"

The thought of Siau-liong arose. Half of the Jade-pwe is still in the hands of the husband and wife of the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell. To seize it is of course very difficult. His life lasted only a year. All the inheritance books are no longer useful to him. And if half of the Jade-pwe he kept fell into the hands of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, wouldn't the consequences be great for the salvation of the martial world!

Instantly his mind stirred. Simultaneously he took out half of the Jade-pwe from inside his shirt and handed it over to Kongsun Sin-tho.

"Because the student has been exposed to the jong-tok poison, the student's life will not be long. Even if they can take the other half and find the Thian-kong-sinkang magic heirloom book, they are no longer useful for students. Therefore...."

Withstand the grief of his heart, Siau-liong continued his words, "Students want to offer half of this Jade-pwe to the temperature, so that the temperature can give to people who are really married ......"

Kongsun Sin-tho laughed giddily, “My student, I'm quite satisfied because I already have one of the magical sciences of the Panca Sakti. And so far I have never shown my magic in the world of martial arts. Likewise in the rest of my life which is not how much, I will not show my intelligence. So the Thian-kong sin-kang heritage book is also not important to me. The matter of me wanting to be someone else to become the heir, is nothing but just so that Thian-jim-sin-kang's magic knowledge doesn't get lost in my hands!"

After learning that his teacher didn't want to accept Jade-pwe, Siau-liong said, "Then let the student keep the heirloom book forever so that no one will disturb you!"

Without waiting for Kongsun Sin-tho's approval. Siau-liong continued to squeeze the Jade-pwe until it melted, then thrown to the ground.

30. Ahliwaris Cek-ci dan Ya-li

Siau-liong was pensive in sensitivity. He smiled bitterly as he was able to relieve the congestion in his chest.

There were two reasons that prompted him to destroy that half of the Jade-pwe. First, with the disappearance of the knowledge of Thian-kong-sin-kang in the heirloom, it means that the magical knowledge of Thian-jim-sin-kang from his teacher will dominate in the martial world. The kang has fallen into the hands of irresponsible people, such as the world-conquering devil and the goddess of hell.

After looking at the ruins of Jade-pwe on the ground, Kongsun Sin-tho sighed, "Even if your actions are driven by a sense of sincerity but make magic hidden forever on the ground, it is an act that violates the laws of nature!"

Siau-liong was silent and did not answer. At that time the night was getting late. The rest of the candles that illuminated the place were gone. Luckily the moon gives enough information. Teachers and students sit facing each other in a hostile atmosphere.

Soon, Kongsun Sin-tho said, "Siau-liong I'm leaving!"

"Temperature, you ...." Siau-liong could not continue his words because he was gripped by a sob of emotion.

Dozens of years he gathered with that beloved teacher. Just met again will continue to part. The child's tears were flowing.

In saying that, Kongsun Sin-tho has arrived at the door. He turned and laughed calmly, “In the world there is no feast that will not break. There is a time to gather, there is also a time to part. Even if the bond between teachers and students is over, it does not mean that we will never meet again. Who knows ......"

Somehow Kongsun Sin-tho did not continue his words. Once his shoulders shook, the magic healer had already floated out.

When Siau-liong chased out, it turned out that the teacher had disappeared. He stammered. He still remembers the last words of his teacher Who knows ...... ah, why not continue and then keep going?

The wind blew and Siau-liong's anxiety subsided a bit. Looking around, he found that the monastery was all ruined, full of overgrown bushes.

He immediately stepped out. The four corners stand straight up the mountain peaks. He didn't know where he was. After checking his supplies, except for the half of the Jade-pwe that had been destroyed, everything was still complete, including the map and prescription for the medicine Jong Leng lojin had given him, the bottle containing the pills from Poh Ceng-in and the mask and clothes from the Evil Warrior.

After thinking for a while, he finally disguised himself as the Swordsman of the Curse, then swung his steps. He did not know where to go, his steps were only aimed at the lowest mountain peak itself. From there he went to Siok-ciu. Visits Toh Hun-ki and his group and buys medicine for Jong Leng's lodge.

According to his calculations, it was exactly a year less than the middle of the fall season of the following year. One thing that made him realize how precious time is. Every second and every moment, must be used to the fullest.

His sad history coupled with the events that always plagued him with misfortune and disaster, made his heart feel like it was being crushed by a big rock.

Suddenly he looked up and laughed out loud! His tone echoed through the clouds. In the silent night and in the middle of the slumbering mountain realm, that laugh truly resembled the sound of a giant spit out laughing……

Satisfied laughing he continued along the long forest. Suddenly he stopped. Quickly he used Dragon-circle movements 18 times, soaring up a tree several spears high.

It didn't take long for some shadowy figures to come running up. From the top of the tree, Siau-liong can see clearly. The men were wearing martial clothes and wielding weapons. As soon as they arrived at the edge of the forest they stopped and walked slowly into the forest. Their attitude was like facing a dangerous enemy.

One of the crowd, exclaimed, . . . “Strange! Why did it suddenly disappear?"

"Even though the science of lightening his body is great, it's impossible for him to fly to the sky!" replied his friend.

“Every way out of the valley, has been strictly guarded. Since our friends did not give any sign, of course the person is still in this forest. Let's find out more carefully, "said the first person.

“Huh, do you know who the person we want to arrest is? if the tone of his voice was laughter, it must be the Swordsman of the Curse. The specter was very violent. We had better report to the Devil-Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell! "

His friends agreed. They immediately spun their bodies and ran out of the forest.

Siau-liong was about to jump down, but suddenly from behind he heard a sharp gust of wind grabbing him.

Siau-liong was very surprised. That was the dark attack of a secret weapon. With Thing-hong-pian-wi or Hearing-sound-locating, he quickly moved his left hand and managed to clamp a secret weapon with two fingers!

But for a moment he stared. It turned out that what was clamped was not a secret weapon, but a dry leaf.....

When he sighed, his ears were ringing with the sound of people laughing softly. Quickly he looked at the sound of laughter and found at the top of a tree as tall as five spears sat neatly a monk in a yellow robe. A pair of monk's eyes gleamed towards Siau-liong.

From a distance of five spears can throw a dry leaf into a secret weapon and the movement of the dry leaf can cause a hiss of wind that is so sharp, really a magic that is not great if it is!

But there are still things that make Siau-liong even more surprised. It was the monk's laughing voice. The laughter sounded slow and soft but in fact Siau-liong's ears seemed to break .....

The monk stopped laughing, exclaimed, "Are you the Swordsman of the Curse?"

"Yes, it's me!" Replied Siau-liong.

"How old are you now?" the monk asked as well.

Siau-liong was stunned. He could hardly answer the question. Because he didn't know the age of the cursed swordsman.

After hesitating for a while, he replied a bit choked up, "What do you need to calculate the age, I'm really old!"

Suddenly he remembered. As the Swordsman of the Curse he must carry the appropriate attitude. So after answering, he continued to laugh and chuckle.

Being separated by a distance of five spears, he could not clearly see the face and demeanor of the monk. But he could see how sharp the monk's eyes flashed.

"You want to be proud of your seniority in front of me?" Snapped the monk.

Siau-liong laughed, he said, "No, no!"

The old monk was not angry but laughed in, "Do you also want to find the inheritance?"

Siau-liong was stunned. he thought, “According to his tone, he must have come to look for the heirloom. But he certainly couldn't have thought that I had destroyed the heirloom map so that it would be buried forever!"

So he laughed coldly, "I'm an old fart who's about to enter the grave. All the treasures in the world cannot move my heart anymore…”

Suddenly the old monk shouted softly and suddenly his body was still sitting, floating to the tree trunk in front of the tree where he was standing.

The way the monk floats is like a cloud 'flying' in the wind.

Siau-liong growled. He thought, "Ah, it turns out that this world is full of magicians. Above the mountains there are clouds and above the clouds there is still a vast sky .... ”

When he was still dumbfounded, the monk suddenly shouted at him, "If you're not looking for an heirloom, what do you need to come here for?"

Siau-liong laughed blandly. Without answering what was asked, he said, "The inheritance is not easy to get!"

The old monk smiled, "Hard or not, as long as there really is that heritage in this world, I can certainly find it!"

His tone was full of confidence in his abilities. Even though his forehead was decorated with old age wrinkles but his eyes still shone brightly, his face was still radiant. Especially when he laughed, his two rows of shiny white teeth were visible. At first glance it is difficult to estimate his age. Moreover, it is not easy to find out his origins.....

Stunned for a moment, Siau-liong said, "To find the heirloom. First of all, you must be able to get a pair of Jade-pwe. The jade-pwe is a map from the heirloom storage. Deliberately made into two Jade-pwe so that people find it difficult to collect. Without the map from Giok-pwe it's impossible for you to know the place of the inheritance! "

"Then I'll look for the two jade-pwe first and then look for the heirlooms!" said the old monk. From the wrinkles on his forehead showed a gleam of great ambition and desire. Siau-liong was secretly sick of seeing the monk's face.

After taking his eyes off for a moment, the monk said softly, "Do you really know that the map is divided into two Jade-pwe?"

Siau-liong secretly came to the conclusion that the monk didn't really know anything about Jade-pwe. But besides that he also secretly laughed at it because it was no longer possible for anyone to find the Jade-pwe. One has been destroyed!

"Yes," he said.

"Do you know whose hands Jade-pwe is now?" Sirib asked softly.

Siau-liong's heart moved, he exclaimed. "The half is in the hands of the world-conquering demon and the goddess of hell!"

"Devil the Conqueror of the world .... Goddess of Hell ...." the old monk said alone.

Then he smiled, "That's easy, I'll ask them!"

Seeing how confident and arrogant the old monk's attitude was, Siau-liong was secretly amused in his heart.

"And the other half?" suddenly the monk asked.

Siau-liong laughed out loud, "That half of it ... might be hard to find!"

Instantly, the old sirahib's face cracked. He exclaimed uneasily, "Why is it hard to find?"

"Perhaps people have already destroyed it!"

The monk was stunned. Suddenly he also laughed loudly, “Idiot! Whoever owns it can't possibly be willing to destroy it!"

Siau-liong just double laughed constantly.

"Shut up!" snapped the monk.

Siau-liong was stunned and stopped laughing. The monk seemed to be paying attention. Even Siau-liong's sharp ears immediately heard the sound of people walking from a distance.

Before long, dozens of shadowy figures burst into the forest. The number is not less than four to fifty people.

The old monk kissed Siau-liong and laughed, "Tuh, the Goddess of Hell and the Devil the Conqueror of the world have come."

Siau-liong just laughed coldly. He looked at the herd of people coming. It turned out that the two people who led the group were the Devil the Conqueror-world and the Goddess of Hell herself. But Soh-beng Ki-su and Poh Ceng-in don't seem to participate.

It wasn't long before the group of world-conquering demons arrived outside the forest. The world-conquering demon asked one of his subordinates, “Did you hear right?”

The man shyly replied, "I hear clearly, the sound of laughter is the laughter of the Cursed Swordsman!"

The world-conquering demon beckoned. The group of his men immediately dispersed, surrounded the forest.

Moments later, the world-conquering Demon shouted loudly “O damned old bastard! Hurry out! There's no way you can escape again!"

The scream was so loud that the leaves of the trees trembled as well.

Looking at Siau-liong, the old monk laughed, "Come..." suddenly his body, which was sitting cross-legged on the top of the tree, flew out of the forest.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell thought that the one who appeared was the Swordsman of the Curse. In a hurry they ran closer. As soon as the Swordsmen of the Curse had not had time to stand on the ground, they wanted to take the lead in attacking him.

But when they saw that it was not the Evil Warrior, they were wide-eyed in shock. The world-conquering Demon retreated five steps back. His eyes stared at the old monk and at the same time he raised both hands in salute.

"Ah, I have mistakenly received a report from the subordinates. It turns out that sin-ni is visiting!" he exclaimed respectfully.

"Hey, do you still know me?" Exclaimed the monk, laughing happily.

“Sin-ni is famous in the four oceans. Even though we haven't seen each other for decades, I've never forgotten sin-ni! "The Devil the Conqueror of the world shouted.

Sin-ni means sacred monk.

Siau-liong who was still hiding in the tree, was secretly surprised. Soon he realized that the monk was the sacred monk To Teng whom his teacher (Kongsun Sin-tho) said he was. The monk who has the magical knowledge of Cek-ci-sin-kang, one of the supernatural powers of the Panca Sakti.

Kongsun Sin-tho with the magic knowledge of Thian-jim-sin-kang. Randa Bu-san with Ya-li-sin-kang, Jong Leng login with Jit-hua-sin-kang and the holy monk from Lam-hay with Cek-ci-sin-kang.

Is the four grandfathers of Panca Sakti. What is still lacking is Thian-kong-sin-kang, a magic that is still hidden somewhere as painted on the map of Jade-pwe's heritage. Maybe Thian-kong-sin-kang's magic will not be available to anyone forever ......!

Smiling the old monk looked at the Goddess of Hell, he rebuked, "Are you guys all right?"

"Thank you, thanks to this blessing, the two of us are not lacking anything," said the two world-conquering Demons.

After being silent for a while, the world-conquering Demon tried to investigate, he asked, "It's been decades since you've been purifying yourself on Mount Bu-ih-san, but this time......"

Lam-hay-sin-ni laughed scornfully, “It is said that the heirloom book written by Tio Sam-hong has been found hidden in the Spring Valley in the Tay-liang-san mountains here. Is that true?"

The world-conquering demon furrowed its brows. "I heard so too".

"And people also say that half of the Jade-pwe is in your hands, is that true?"

The world-conquering demon was silent for a while, then said haltingly, “This….”.

"Tell me!" suddenly the magic monk of Lam-hay changed his face.

The world-conquering demon hastily laughed, “True, but the other half….”

Lam-hay-sin-ni took a step forward, “That half, I will work on myself later. Give it to me quickly! "

In fact, the face of the world-conquering Devil has squinted like a demon strangled. But he still forced himself to laugh wryly, “This… this…”

"Hm, don't want to give it?" The magic monk's face darkened.

A pair of world-Conqueror Devil eyebrows grew closer. Suddenly he glanced at his wife and laughed, "Because sin-ni wants, of course I will give, but ...." He stopped for a moment, then, "The jade-pwe is really not with me but stored in a place secrets in the Semi Valley. Is Sin-ni ready to take it with us or will Sin-ni himself take it? "

With shiny eyes the monk shouted sharply, "Don't you mean to deceive me?"

"Sin-ni is the only locianpwe in the martial arts world that I love the most. Do I dare to be rude to sin-ni?" the world-conquering Devil's rush responded.

Lam-hay-sin-ni's face lit up with joy, “Fine, I'll come with you to pick it up!”

The world-conquering demon laughed sarcastically, “Then please come with us!”

With his wife, the world-conquering Devil immediately spun around and swung his steps.

The group of guards of the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world immediately signaled to all the men of the Semi Valley to return to the valley.

The powerful monk from Lam-hay followed behind the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell with faces beaming with joy.

But when the group of world-conquering demons had only walked a few steps, suddenly a loud scream was heard.


The world-conquering demon paused as he snapped back furiously, “Who!”

From behind a tree by the roadside appeared two people. The world-conquering Demon and his entourage were in complete shock. Even the Siau-liong who was still hiding in the tree was startled so much that he almost fell down.

It turned out that the two people who appeared from behind the tree were Randa Bu-san and his daughter.

The green dress maiden swiftly followed behind her mother. It was clear that his wound when he fought with Siau-liong the other day, had already healed.

Siau-liong remembered for a moment his battle with the virgin. How eager and deadly the virgin attacked him when he thought Siau-liong was the Swordsman of the Curse.

"Hm, why does he hate the Cursed Swordsman so much?" secretly Siau-liong cuddled.

Likewise he still remembers when he was unconscious because he suffered from an injury and was brought by Mawar Putih to the widow's cottage, he faintly heard the widow say angrily, "Hm, Tomorrow in the middle of autumn next year, I will not forgive your soul again ....”

Siau-liong also remembered the message from the writing of Pendekar Laknat which was scratched on the cave wall. In the message, the Swordsman of the Curse asked him to represent coming to the Sin-li-hong summit of Mount Bu-san in order to fulfill the invitation in the middle of next fall. I don't know what Siau-liong's invitation meant by the Swordsman of the Curse. What is clear is of course an invitation to complain of miracles. But complain of miracles with whom?

Siau-liong's thoughts drifted further. He remembered, when he was in the Valley of Death, Soh-beng Ki-su had said that the White Rose had been helped by a woman in black. Since the White Rose brought her into the widow's hut, is it not possible that the woman in black clothes that Soh-beng Ki-su was referring to was not the mountain Randa Bu-san?

But why did only the widow and her daughter appear in the forest? Where is the White Rose now? Was the maiden ordered to guard the hut or had she gone somewhere else?

Before all the questions that inhabited Siau-liong's mind were answered. Suddenly Randa Bu-san is heard exclaiming to the Demon Conqueror-world entourage, "What do we know mother and child?"

Before the Devil the Conqueror of the world could answer, Lam-hay Sin-ni had already stepped forward and snapped, “I don't know! Get out of here! "

Randa Bu-san laughed coldly, he exclaimed, "Hey, you seem to be getting old fast!"

Once raising her left hand, Randa Bu-san slowly slapped a large rock in front of her.

The slap was very slow and the stone seemed nothing short of anything. But when Randa Bu-san kicked with his right foot, the boulder was already falling to the ground .....

The World-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell were absurdly shocked.

Lam-hay Sin-ni widened her eyes and squeaked sharply, "Ya-li-sin-kang...."

Randa Bu-san smiled, "You know me now?"

Lam-hay Sin-ni was stunned, he exclaimed, "Ya-li, Thian-jim and Jit-hua-sin-kang. Hasn't it long since disappeared from the world of martial arts? You .... ”

Randa Bu-san sighed, "Except for Thian-kong-sin-kang, the four magic spells are still found in the world of martial arts ...."

Suddenly the monk snapped, "Then you ...., you also want to find the inheritance!"