Warrior Curse Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11-20

The virgin's face became more vulnerable, he said further, “Since childhood I have been alone. It is my temperature that nurtures and nurtures me to greatness. We live on a small island. Since I didn't grow crops, since I was little I helped with hunting and fishing. How to burn the meat earlier, I also learned from the temperature."

"Why did you leave your temperature and alone ......"

"I want revenge for the temperature!" White Rose growled.

Siau-liong glared at the girl, he asked, "Why didn't you come with your temperature? Is he patient ......? ”

"Temperature is sick ..." said the White Rose in a discordant tone. Two tears dripped from the corner of her eyes, "Temperature says that the disease he is suffering from cannot be cured. What he always remembers is his blood grudge. Since the temperature has passed on all of his intelligence to me, then it is only right that I take revenge. I'll bring that guy's head to the heat!"

Siau-liong attracted his attention. But he couldn't find the words to comfort the wench. Even more so when knowing that the purpose of the virgin is also about her origins. Siau-liong's emotion overflowed. He also shed a few tears.

"Eh, why are you crying too?" White Rose stopped her sobbing and laughed rebukingly.

Siau-liong was stunned. He wondered why so quickly the virgin had replaced her crying with a laughing smile. He also had to laugh.

"Who is your enemy?" he asked.

With a rage the White Rose replied, "The party leader Kong-tong-pay To Hun-ki with the four Su-lo!"

Siau-liong stunned. Why did such a coincidental event occur! After all, Hun-ki is a big enemy for killing his father. Why is the wench's biggest enemy also To Hun-ki?

"Is your temperature a man or a woman?" he asked rather doubtfully.

"Of course women!"

“Why is your temperature hostile to Toh Hun-ki?”

The girl kissed her dull eyes, "Your question is too far! Do you want to know the event clearly? What do you need? "

Siau-liong sighed, “Ah, to be honest, that Hun-ki is also a big enemy of mine!”

The White Rose bulged and stared at her. A few moments later, he said, “It's a coincidence. We can work together. "

Siau-liong snorted and pondered. The emergence of Ki Ih in the world of martial arts again to seek revenge on Kong-tong-pay, everyone martial arts already knows everything. Moreover, he himself had witnessed the magic woman. Although each time he had not managed to explain to the woman, but he believed that the magic woman must be Coa-sik Se-si Ki Ih.

But how strange! Why did the White Rose say that her temperature was sick at home? In that case, it is clear that this White Rose teacher is certainly not Ki Ih. After all, if not Ki Ih, who really is the virgin teacher? Why does he also have a grudge against Kong-tong-pay.

"Miss, I want to ask you!"


"What is the name of your temperature ...?"

Mawar Putih was silent for a moment before answering, "It's no use telling me the name of my husband. Her name is Aminah the Beautiful Doll from Persia! "

"What?" Siau-liong insisted in shock.

"Aminah Pasilia!"

"The name is strange and difficult to remember and unpleasant to hear," said Siau-liong.

The White Rose squinted, “What? Do you dare to insult my name? "

The virgin kept getting up to leave. Siau-liong regretted and hurriedly apologized.

At that time the day was light. Fine weather. Mawar Putih walked slowly, frowning, saying, “Now where are we going? We can't continue to live in this dilapidated monastery! "

For a moment, Siau-liong could not determine the direction of his destination. He wants revenge. Want to find his mother. Want to raise the name of Koay temperature in the world of martial arts. Want to develop the authority of the begging party. Wants to seize half of Giok-pwe in the hands of Soh-beng Ki-su. Looking for a mysterious black shirt man in the Semi Valley ......

Lots of work was planned but he was confused as to which one to start first. Suddenly he remembered Tiau Bok-kun. The lady's attitude and demeanor were so full of friendly subtlety that she was touched with a feeling. A feeling he had never experienced before.

It is true that the poison in the lady's body can be blocked but if not treated on time, the lady is still in danger of being disabled. Did Toh Hun-ki keep his promise to take the lady to Siok-ciu looking for medicine?

Suppose Toh Hun-ki really keeps his promise, but a lady who is alone is certainly very dangerous to travel in the world of martial arts. For example, if you meet the evil figure Soh-beng Ki-su, isn't it hard to imagine the fate of the lady?

Long staring at him suddenly he laughed to himself. He had just met the lady, why did he oblige himself to think about the fate of the lady? Isn't there a lot of ladies in the world who are so lucky? Does he have to think about the fate of them all?

But no matter what, he still felt attached to the burden of that obligation. As long as it has not been implemented, he still feels it has not collapsed.

"I'm going to Siok-siu, are you ......"

"Fine, I follow wherever you go!" the White Rose continued to lead the way out.

Siau-liong had to follow.

Because they didn't know the way, they just followed the flow of the creek down the mountainside. When crossing two peaks, in the clump of trees on the front. There were several figures running towards him.

Siau-liong hurriedly pulled the White Rose hiding behind a large rock.

Very quickly those people had arrived two spears away from the place of Siau-liong. The first one, wearing a blue robe, long beard to the chest, gripped a green Kumala stick. Ah, that's the silver-bearded To Kiu-kong, the leader of the Kay-pang party. Behind him accompanied the laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong and the Lame left Tio Tau and the right Lame Li Ki.

Siau-liong quickly jumped out, "Kiu-kong, we haven't seen each other in a long time!"

To Kiu-kong and his entourage are shocked. But they were overjoyed to find out who the obstruction was. Immediately they knelt respectfully, "Cousu-ya."

Siau-liong lifts To Kiu-kong up and tells the others to stand up.

"Our party can stand tall in the turmoil of the martial arts world because all this time all the students have obeyed the party's discipline. So please Cousu-ya don't be too humble, "said To Kiu-kong.

Indeed, Siau-liong felt reluctant to receive excessive respect from To Kiu-kong and other Kay-pang figures. They are much older than him. And even though he had been appointed chairman, Siau-liong did not understand the party's rules. He just smiled when he heard To Kiu-kong's words.

Then To Kiu-kong explained that for the past few days, he and his entourage had been trying to find Siau-liong. It was unexpected that they would meet there.

Siau-liong had to compile a story about himself for several days. Fortunately, To Kiu-kong didn't ask any further.

“Today the martial world is in danger. Powerful figures from various martial arts parties flocked to Jwan-lam…”

Pausing for a moment, the Kay-pang leader continued, "The Devil, the Conqueror of the world, the Goddess of Hell is also reported to have been in the Semi valley on Mount Tay-liang-san. The martial arts parties have received an invitation letter from the couple of the ghosts so that in the middle of the fall season, they come to the Semi valley to complain about their ingenuity. I myself have accepted the invitation as well ...... ”he took out an envelope and handed it to Siau-liong.

Siau-liong greeted. He saw that the invitation was just a square piece of silk the size of a handkerchief, written:

To celebrate the beautiful Tiong-jiu night, we invite you to like to attend a banquet that we held in the Semi valley with the event: COMPLAIN ABOUT KNOWLEDGE BY GETTING A GIOK-PWE GIFT. If it is late or does not come, we will have to forbid you to move in the world of martial arts.

Marked: World Conquering Demon Goddess of Hell.

"I already know this," Siau-liong laughed coldly as he returned the letter.

"In my opinion," said To Kiu-kong, "the aim of the two scourges is none other than to seize half of Jade-pwe. And the second time, they wanted to capture all the martial arts figures, destroy them and then rule the martial world. As long as one of the plans was successful, the martial world would be in danger of a flood of blood. The devil and the wicked will rule the martial world!"

Siau-liong laughed, “Ancient people say that 'Evil always loses to Truth'. Even if the plans of the two scourges are ferocious, there is no way they can successfully oppose the entire martial world!"

To Kiu-kong is very fond of Siau-liong who he considers to be Kay-pang's teacher's grandfather. He just admitted it.

"There's still one more thing I want to report to Cousu-ya," To Kiu-kong said.

"Say it," exclaimed Siau-liong.

"A few days ago, Toh Hun-ki the head of Kong-tong-pay was trapped by Soh-beng Ki-su. But somehow the head of Kong-tong-pay was helped by the Curse Swordsman. It's amazing why now the Curse Swordsman is different once twenty years ago. His temperament has changed for the better ...... "

To Kiu-kong paused for a moment and then continued, “It is said that the Evil Swordsman had already fought a world-conquering Demon. Both were seriously injured."

Indeed, the incident was known to Siau-liong but it is not widely explained. It just asks if To Kiu-kong wants to give another report.

"Yes, about Miss Tiau Bok-kun," To Kiu-kong said, "that lady was also helped by the Cursed Swordsman in the Semi Valley. Now Toh Hun-ki is being escorted to Siok-ciu for treatment ......"

Then the chairman of Kay-pang explained further that the poison in the lady's body had been removed and he had instructed Kay-pang's men to take care of and take care of the lady at the inn.

"Do you know where Toh Hun-ki went," suddenly White Rose snapped.

To Kiu-kong is shocked. After looking at Siau-liong, he replied, "Me and Toh Hun-ki took turns leaving Siok-ciu. It's possible he's heading to the top of Ngo-siong-nia right now! "

Then the chairman of Kay-pang gave a further report, "Currently in the city of Siok-ciu has gathered a lot of fighting figures. Concerned that people would hear, the chairman of Bu-tong-pay It Hang totiang, the third figure of Kun-lun sam-cu from the Kun-lun-pay party and other groups, rushed to the top of Ngo-siong-nia. They want to arrange a plan to face the devil, the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell ...... ”

White Rose smirked then snorted, “No need to babble so much! Where is the peak of Ngo-siong-nia?"

To Kiu-kong frowned. He wondered why the virgin was so cruel. But because of their friend Cousu-ya, To Kiu-kong has to be patient. He said, "About twenty li from here, there is a mountain peak full of Siong-pik trees!"

Siau-liong secretly knew that Mawar Putih must have misunderstood him. But in front of Kay-pang's figures, it is not easy to give an explanation. So he was silent about the rude attitude of the virgin towards To Kiu-kong. Although he had repeatedly signaled, but the virgin still did not care.

So did the Laughing Beggar and the Lame-right and the Lame-left. They secretly wonder why their Cousu-ya always hangs around with some crazy girls.

"Let's go there!" The White Rose continued to pull on Siau-liong's arm.

Siau-liong laughed, "Eh, do you want to go ...."

Mawar Putih peeked, “Of course to the top of Ngo-siong-nia to find To Hun-ki! Didn't you say that you also have a grudge against the man? "

For a moment Siau-liong could not answer. Indeed, in the end, he will certainly kill Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo. But not then did he have to go to Ngo-siong-nia and kill them.

Seeing Siau-liong hesitating, Mawar Putih laughed mockingly, “Hm, I think I have misjudged people. Hurry up and go to Siok-cu to visit your beloved girl! "

Habis said that the virgin continued to rotate her body and wanted to take a step.

“Miss Pek! Miss Pek ...! "exclaimed Siau-liong nervously.

But White Rose ignored. The virgin even continued to use the science of sprinting to the east.

Siau-liong worries, chases or lets it go. As long as he still hadn't made up his mind, the girl had disappeared from sight.

To Kiu-kong and his entourage gasped in surprise but did not dare to ask. And for a long time Siau-liong was still looking at the shadow of the White Rose.

To Kiu-kong looked at each other with the Laughing Beggar, then coughed, he said,

"Is that lady with Cousu-ya ....?"

The lion woke up. He quickly retorted laughing, "There is no relationship and previously did not know..."

Then he diverted the conversation by asking the purpose of To Kiu-kong and friends.

To Kiu-kong was stunned and replied seriously, "Earlier I reported to Cousu-ya that It Hang totiang, the chairman of Bu-tong-pay, had invited some martial arts figures to hold a secret meeting at the top of Ngo-siong-nia. They want to negotiate a plan to face both the evil devil, the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell. Because I couldn't find Cousu-ya, I had to sign up to accept the invitation. Luckily here we can find Cousu-ya. "

Siau-liong frowned, he said, "Are Toh Hun-ki and his entourage also present there."

To Kiu-kong nodded, “I think it's time to get there now.”

Siau-liong was surprised, he exclaimed, "Then we have to hurry there, or else..." he didn't continue his words. Apparently he felt less free.

To Kiu-kong is a person with a lot of experience. He just smiled, "It's impossible to get ahead of us to reach that peak ......" he looked at Siau-liong and then continued, "Ngo-siang-nia peak is very dangerous. Surrounding it are valleys called the Nine Circles Valley. If you do not understand, of course lost. What's more, the valley has been guarded by Go-bi-pay students and Kay-pang's men ...... "

Siau-liong nodded. But he was secretly anxious for the safety of the virgin. Thus they immediately headed to the top of Ngo-siong-nia.

In fact, the distance of twenty li can be covered in half an hour only. But because the road was difficult and To Kiu-kong was relentlessly giving Siau-liong clues about the state of the place, they walked a bit slow. It took them about an hour to reach the top.

Indeed, what To Kiu-kong said is true. The conditions of the peak are very dangerous and the road is very difficult. If you don't understand, you will be lost. On the other hand, at every bend and dangerous place, Kay-pang's men and the gray-robed priest would take care of them.

To Kiu-kong really understands the situation of the place. Along the way he relentlessly received respect from Kay-pang's men who were assigned to guard there.

Initially, Siau-liong thought that above the peak there must be a monastery or temple. But it turned out that his assumption was wrong. The top of the mountain is a dense forest.

Arriving at the edge of the forest, To Kiu-kong immediately whistled loudly. Some of the tops of the clove trees seemed to move and a moment later several figures slid down. They immediately lined up against To Kiu-kong.

◄ AND ►

It turned out that it was four priests who came down from the top of the tree, each holding a kwat-to machete. One of the ones at the front was an old priest, long beard wielding a sword.

After greeting with a nod the old head priest called out to To Kiu-kong,

"Our leader and some cianpwe have been waiting for a long time to arrive. As soon as you arrive, the meeting begins immediately. But ...... he turned to look at Siau-liong and said, “This meeting is about the importance of the martial arts world. Our chief has given an order, that those who do not accept the invitation are not allowed to attend. This brother ...... ”

To Kiu-kong quickly took a step forward and saluted, he said, “It is our Cousu-ya……”

Then he testified to Siau-liong: “These brothers are the children of students from It Hang totiang the head of Bu-tong-pay and Ki Ceng siansu the head of Go-bi-pay. Because I don't know Cousu-ya yet, he asked for an explanation. "

"It's okay," said Siau-liong.

The old priest gasped. After exchanging glances with his three friends, he looked at Siau-liong again, then took a few steps back, "Please!"

To Kiu-kong let Siau-liong walk ahead, he and the Laughing Beggar followed behind him.

The forest is as wide as dozens of spears and is so dense that it is suitable to be used as a secret consultation place.

Infiltrating as far as ten spears, suddenly the scene there was bright. Apparently, before that, dozens of tree trunks had been cut down so that there was a large open space available.

In the middle of the field, there were more than thirty people present. Consists of priests, priests and ordinary people. In general, they are over fifty years of age. His attitude is haunted.

The old priest sitting in the middle, with a white beard protruding from his chest and back carrying a hermitage, immediately rose to welcome To Kiu-kong.

"On behalf of everyone in attendance, I say welcome!" he continued to blush to greet her.

To Kiu-kong immediately introduces himself Siau-liong, as Cousu-ya from Kay-pang's party.

"My lowly name is Kongsun Liong," Siau-liong introduced himself.

It turned out that the priest whose attitude and face looked like a god was It Hang totiang, the organizer of the meeting. The chief of Bu-tong-pay sighed and forced himself to smile, he said, "Then you must be the heir of the Skull Beggar Song locianpwe?"

Siau-liong admits.

It Hang looked at Siau-liong's face in astonishment and then stepped aside to let To Kiu-kong and his entourage enter.

All the characters present there seemed to be sitting quietly. But all their eyes fell on Siau-liong. On average they are half a century old. Only Siau-liong is still young.

It seems that Siau-liong also felt the stiffness of the atmosphere there. But realizing that he was Kay-pang's leader at that time, he was forced to suppress his feelings. After entering, he continued to sit between them.

Apparently, those present there were well-known figures, among others: Chief Siau-lim-si, Ti Gong Taysu. Ki Ceng siansu Go-bi-pay leader, Ciang Bu-seng party leader Tiam-jong-pay, It-bi-cu, Sam-ki-cu, Bu-wi-cu three series from Kun-lun party. Lam Leng lodge from the Thian-san-pay party. Tan I-hong is the leader of Ji-tok-kau. Cu Kong-leng is the chairman of Tong-thing-pang. Toh Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo from the Kong-tong-pay party. Coupled with It Hang totiang the head of Bu-tong-pay and Kay-pang's men as well as some highly educated martial arts figures.

It was truly a grand and great gathering.

After To Kiu-kong's entourage sat down, It Hang totiang immediately opened the meeting, "Today the world is chaotic, the world of martial arts has various events. Some criminals reappeared. There are bloody murders everywhere. It is a disaster that has been going on for decades. reappear ...... ”

Suddenly, someone in the audience was heard coughing, he shouted, “Please please like to wait for a while. I want to ask for a little explanation about a thing."

It turned out that it was Lam Leng Lojin who was known as Thian-san it-soh or the old man from Thian-san mountain. His body was thin and small, his eyes gleamed with pride. And keep a beard like a goat's beard. He was less than a meter and a half tall, but the tone of his voice echoed loudly.

It Hang totiang stopped his speech and invited the old man from Mount Thian-san to ask a question.

Lam Leng lojin saluted and shouted. "It is a very commendable act of totiang to invite all martial arts figures to negotiate to face the threat that will befall the security of the martial arts world. This meeting is secret. Therefore, all those present must know their origins clearly. We must "Realize that the two criminals are cunning and cunning. If this meeting is leaked, it will inevitably lead to destruction in the world of martial arts. In this case, please be vigilant!"

After saying that, the short, thin man from Thia-san looked at Siau-liong and sat back down.

Although it is not clear to mention the name but Lam Leng's eye signal of the plant was immediately caught. The whole audience looked at Siau-liong.

Siau-liong also knows that. But because people did not openly offend him and he did not want to find fault, he was forced to remain silent.

It Hang totiang nodded slowly.

"Lam-heng is right, but I have made preparations. Even if there are outsiders who smuggle, he will definitely not be able to escape the observation of his friends and it is impossible to get out of the top of Ngo-siong-nia ...."

After saying that the leader of the meeting laughed coldly and looked at Siau-liong for a moment then said slowly, "Now the important thing is to come up with a plan..."

While massaging his long beard, he looked again around the audience then sighed.

"Thian and Te, the two ghosts, have large and widespread men. They have sent invitations to all martial arts to attend a martial arts competition in the Semi valley. Obviously, their intention is to net all martial arts to be destroyed. If we fulfill the invitation. Semi valley and come in the middle of the Eighth month, of course we fall into their trap .... ”

03.12. Enemy Spy Charges. . . . . . ?? !!

Suddenly there was a loud voice from an old priest in a yellow shirt who simultaneously rose from his seat, "In Loni's opinion, it's better that we attack the valley right now!"

His tone was loud and fierce. The four priests sitting behind him, both sat closing their eyes with service. Suppose the priest who opened the voice was Ti Gong taysu, the chief of Siau-lim-si.

It Hang totiang replied, “My opinion is in line with taysu's suggestion. In the science of war it is said that the tactic of science using a great army is to be able to attack accurately and quickly. Attack the enemy while the enemy is not expecting and unprepared. No matter how much knowledge of magic the two ghosts have, it will be difficult to face our strength together ...... ”

For a moment the chief of Bu-tong-pay stopped and looked at the chief of Tiam-jong-pay and the chief of Tong-thing-pang. then continued again slowly, “Moreover, brothers Shin and Cu, are skilled in the science of the ranks of Pat-kwa kiu-kiong, Ngo-heng-tin and other secret tools. We have a strong grip to win the battle. It's just ...... ”

When he returned, he frowned, stopped for a moment and then said, “It is reported that both Liong and Hou have also arrived in the southern region here. The Swordsman of the Curse has appeared several times. When the three ghosts actually appear and allied with both the ghosts of Thian and Te (Devil Conqueror of the world and Goddess of Hell), ah, we are surely in danger! "

For a moment there was silence. Everyone in the audience fell silent. Indeed, what It Hang Totiang said is true. If at that time they invaded the Semi Valley, they would still be able to face the Devil, the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell. But when the five speculations are united, it is certainly impossible to defeat.

Toh Hun-ki the head of Kong-tong-pay immediately rises. After paying his respects to the audience, he immediately turned to face It Hang totiang.

"There's still something I want to offer to you and my brothers and sisters!" he exclaimed.

"Please," said It Hang totiang.

Toh Hun-ki smiled, exclaiming, "If you don't forget, of course you still remember the events of twenty years ago. At that time the fifth Evil appeared and stirred the world of martial arts. The world of martial arts seemed to be flooded with blood and many victims fell. The five evils consist of the Devil, the Conqueror of the world with his wife, the Goddess of Hell, the Dragon and the Tiger and the Swordsman of the Curse ...... "

He paused for a moment to look for traces, then continued, “About the Swordsman of the Curse, although he was hailed as violent and cruel but his kicks were not as violent as the husband and wife of the Conqueror-world and the Goddess of Hell and both the Dragon and the Tiger. Most of those who died at the hands of the Cursed Swordsman were evil and virtuous figures. And also in the terrible battle in the valley of Lok-gan-koh twenty years ago, if the Swordsman of the Curse did not change course to be hostile to the husband and wife of the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, of course 72 magical figures deployed by Tjeng Hi totiang chief Kun-lun- pay to besiege the five evils, of course they all perish. Yes, if at that time the Swordsman of the Curse did not attack and drive away the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell,

Back Toh Hun-ki stops to investigate the atmosphere of the audience. "Therefore," he continued, "in my opinion, the Swordsman of the Curse is not a vicious specter but in fact a knight who is full of the soul of an officer and noble virtue ......"

"Do you mean that you want to glorify the name of Pendekar Laknat because of his past actions?" suddenly the chief of Siau-lim-si, Ti Gong taysu exclaimed with a tone and a grim face.

Toh Hun-ki laughed blandly, he replied, "Not only that, but recently indeed I have experienced an event that is valuable for evidence..."

Then the chief of Kong-tong-pay immediately spoke of the events he had experienced while entering the Semi Valley.

"For the sake of my soul and body and honor, I guarantee that the Swordsman of the Curse is not a vicious specter like twenty years ago. Not only does it not disturb the martial arts world if we cannot invite him in alliance, it will certainly increase our strength. At least, we will not be his enemies."

Ti Gong taysu growled like a hungry lion, “What a reckless speech! Befriending the Swordsman of the Curse to get his help in dealing with the specter of evil is truly an unacceptable step to common sense. "

The head of Siau-lim-si continued to step in front of It Hang totiang and exclaimed, "Somehow with totiang's opinion, but I refused as hard as I could!"

While massaging his long beard, the head of Bu-tong-pay It Hang totiang replied, “The Curse Swordsman is a vicious specter that belongs to the evil stream. No matter how much he has done so far, we still can't make friends. But if what Toh Hun-ki lo-hiapsu says is true, it's okay for us to get rid of the fear of the specter by not disturbing each other. After the Semi Valley affair is over, we can still be friends with him to clean up the evil in the world of martial arts. That will certainly be a blessing for all of us ...... ”

Suddenly the face of the chief of Bu-tong-pay turned silent and he said with a load, “But what is clear today is that the five evils have great power. Since hiding for twenty years, I don't know how much they have added to their magic. Whether they will ally or not, we have not been able to figure out. Therefore, I hope, brothers and sisters, to be united in facing the possibilities that arise from the five evils! "

Ti Gong Taysu laughed out loud, exclaiming, “Of course we will act that way. It is better to be broken as a ratna than to live in the mirror of a carcass. It seems that the brother's worries are exaggerated. Are there any of us present who are afraid to die? "

After saying that, the head of Siau-lim-si rubbed his eyes towards the audience. Ti Gong Taysu is indeed famous for his tough character. Even though he had been in the church since he was a child and was over sixty years old, and held the highest position in the Siau-lim-si church, his temperament

still not much has changed. Little by little, he started to bleed.

Because he already knew the character of the Siau-lim-si priest, Toh Hun-ki didn't want to serve either. He just laughed and ignored Ti Gong.

Because all the attendees did not open their voices, It Hang totiang immediately clapped three times and shouted loudly, "Then we decide tonight we will also go to Semi Valley. At midnight we attacked the valley ...... "his face turned dark and he said again in a serious voice," The life and death of the world of martial arts, determined in the battle in the valley later ...... "

Suddenly Lam Leng tojin squealed and jumped into the air and drifted down in front of It Hang totiang.

"Wait a minute," he said respectfully, "we shouldn't forget something very important ......"

While pointing at Siau-liong, the old man from Thian-san said, “His origin is still not clear. Opponent or friend? If he were the spy sent here by the two evil husband and wife, wouldn't we be devastated in the raid on the Semi Valley tonight? "

Before It Hang gave a statement, Ti Gong taysu had already stepped forward to Siau-liong and snapped in a squealing voice, "Siau-sicu, looking at his young age, your cuisine is the leader of Kay-pang's party?"

At that time, Siau-liong was still immersed in contemplation. He gets the impression that Toh Hun-ki's attitude in his speech defending the Cursed Swordsman, shows his knightly personality as a leader of a martial arts party. Siau-liong worried. After all, Hun-ki is his father's killer who must be avenged. However, if he killed him, Siau-liong felt that he had acted inappropriately towards a noble figure.

Amidst his inner conflict, Ti Gong suddenly stepped in front of him and snapped with harsh words. Siau-liong is angry.

But before he could answer, To Kiu-kong who was by his side was already ahead of the rise. Respectfully, the Kay-pang figure said, "Why did taysu ask such a question? Since Kay-pang's leadership is still held by Skull Beggar Song Thay-kun Cousu until now, Kay-pang's party has received response and appreciation from all major martial arts parties. Am I confused about our own Cousu? "

With that speech, To Kiu-kong subtly gave a slap in the face to Ti Gong. At that time, the lame man and the lame man also stood beside To Kiu-kong, looking at Ti Gong angrily.

From Gong snorted. Out of embarrassment he became angry. But just in time to act, It Hang totiang and Lam Leng lojin quickly approached.

Lam Leng lojin chuckled, dissolved in the middle of To Kiu-kong and Ti Gong taysu, he told To Kiu-kong, "This meeting at the top is secret and aims to save the martial arts world from the violence of the fifth evil. If this meeting is leaked, the result will be a disaster for the martial arts world. In order to maintain the safety and security of this meeting, some brothers have asked questions to the chairman. In that case you should not misunderstand. "

Hearing that, Siau-liong rose simultaneously. He exclaimed with a sweet laugh, "Since it has just appeared in the world of martial arts, of course you do not know me. I wonder how you can trust me? "

Lam Leng tojin turned towards It Hang totiang, he said, "Does totiang mean ...."

It turned out that the old man from Mount Thian-san himself also found it difficult to solve the problem at that time. If To Kiu-kong explained that the young man was Cousu from Kay-pang, it certainly had to be believed.

The suspicion that the young man became a spy sent by the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, is indeed difficult to investigate. Unable to solve the problem, Lam Leng lojin dumped the burden on It Hang Totiang as the meeting leader.

Realizing his position as a person in charge, It Hang immediately took a step forward and glared at Siu-liong.

"First, I asked Sicu to like to talk about Sicu's experience when receiving the legacy of knowledge from the late Song Thian-kun," he said.

Siau-liong is not happy. The request was an investigation into him. But in order to remember the audience, he had to suppress his anger and tell all the events he experienced when he met with Song Thay-kun's skull in the navel of the earth.

After listening to the end, It Hang pondered for a moment then turned to To Kiu-kong,

“As a leader, you have ordered students to appoint Kongsun Liong sicu as Cousu Kay-pang. Is your case based on the Skull badge on the young man's chest? "

To Kiu-kong replied, “Of course it's not just based on that badge. I have tested my wits and found out that our Cousu does indeed have the thay-day-and-night knack of our late Song Cousu."

First, It Hang totiang looked around the audience, then he shook his head.

"Your statement regarding the discovery of the magic of Thay-noon-ciang, still has to be verified," he said to Siu-liong, "in my opinion, the Curious Sea at the navel of the Hong-san mountain is a very hot and very cold place. Before you get out of that place and before receiving instructions from the Skeleton Beggar, isn't your intelligence yet how high. With the intelligence that you had at that time, it was difficult for you to be able to get out again from the Curious Sea. And again, why did you find the place where the Skeleton Beggar disappeared?"

Because of the message of the late Pendekar Laknat, Siau-liong was forced not to testify. Secretly he praised the sharpness of It Hang totiang for the way the research was done.

He stammered unable to answer for a few moments.

It Hang totiang laughed coldly and looked again at To Kiu-kong, exclaiming, "Looking at the behavior, the origin of this brother's chief, of course convoluted!"

To Kiu-kong furrowed his brows, he said, "Before his disappearance, our late Song Cousu had repeatedly hinted that his identifying traits were the Skull badge and the Thay-afternoon-ciang magic punch. Whoever possesses these two things is his heir. That's why I obeyed the late Song Cousu's message and didn't inquire further about our current Cousu......"

Lam Leng lojin chuckled and chuckled, “Suppose the Skull Beggar did not die in the Curious Sea but suffered a disease elsewhere and met the child. Then the boy forced him to teach Thay-siang-ciang and then snatched the badge, do you still want to make him the head of Kay-pang? "

"That can't happen!" To Kiu-kong snorted.

It Hang totiang laughed, "Put what Kongsun sicu said is all true. But because the Skull Beggar had died, it was difficult to ask him for information. Yes, if the young man is an honest young man, that's okay. But if he is one of the sons of the wicked husband and wife, will you still appoint him as leader? "

Starting To Kiu-kong is really angry. But in order to hear It Hang totiang's question, his face suddenly showed suspicion. He admits, before he could never think as long as It Hang totiang asked. And Siau-liong, who felt compelled to be the son of a wicked husband and wife, was very angry.

He loudly shouted to It Hang, “With all my heart I have come here to join you in facing the evildoers. But why do you suspect and accuse me of being an enemy spy? "

It Hang Totiang replied loudly, “Frankly, the martial arts figure who entered the Curiosity Sea and was able to come out again safely, has never been there. Unless he possesses the intelligence possessed by the five evils into one. So .... ”

He stopped for a moment to look at the audience, "I'm sorry, I'm really suspicious of you, lest you have a relationship with the evil husband and wife. Unless you can honestly tell the truth of the experience while going into the Sea of Curiosity! "

Siau-liong did not think he would be urged in such a way by It Hang totiang. In any case, he has vowed to obey Koay's message (Swordsman of the Curse) not to tell the strange figure to anyone.

"Since you suspect me," he exclaimed with a cold laugh, "I can't do anything either. Well I'll excuse myself!"

Finished saying he kept stepping away.

"Hi, where are you going," Ti Gong tay-su growled loudly as he jumped to block.

Meanwhile, It Hang immediately explained to To Kiu-kong. He thought that Siau-liong must be the son of a wicked husband and wife, so he had to not be allowed to go from there.

To Kiu-kong shook his mind. Why did their Cousu (Siau-liong) not want to tell his experience? At a glance, he could accept the reason given by It Hang totiang. And he just kept quiet, even bowing his head not wanting to stop Ti Gong taysu.

Indeed, all the figures present there have surrounded Siau-liong. For the sake of It Hang had opened the young man’s mask and the young man kept about to leave, as soon as they pulled out their weapons and were ready to attack.

Because of the anger, Siau-liong's face turned pale. Then with a cold laugh, he exclaimed,

"For me to live and die, losing or winning doesn't matter, it's just..." He changed his vulnerable tone and continued his words, "Only dear, by killing each other, isn't it worth it?"

With great anger, Ti Gong Taysu snapped fiercely, "Son of a bitch, give up your soul, don't do too much."

"Wuut ...." a blow was immediately fired at Siau-liong. Which is directed at his chest.

The knowledge of the Thay-siang-ciang shot from the Skull Beggar, at that time had shaken the whole martial arts world. Apart from the origin of Siau-liong, but of course the young man understands Thay-siang-ciang's great blow so that a figure like To Kiu-kong can fully trust him and appoint him as Kay-pang's leader.

And Ti Gong realized that. He did not dare to look down. Once down his hand, he used King Pa-ong's move to push the mountain. One of the stunts of Kim-kong-ciang's savings of Siau-lim-si church. Launched by a figure like Ti Gong taysu, the blow was the power to split the rock of his terrible mountain.

Seeing how rude the priest was, Siau-liong was angry. He immediately used Toa-lo-kim-kong to greet him.

Indeed, the knowledge of the Thay-siang-ciang blow, the legacy of the late Song Thay-kun, is also derived from the science of the magic of the church. Similar to the Tat-mo-kim-kong-ciang launched by Ti Gong taysu, the Thay-siang-ciang shot played by Siau-liong also includes hard inner energy knowledge.

“Darr....” there was a loud explosion, followed by dust and wind that roared in all four directions.

Ti Gong taysu trembled. It felt like the young man's shot was great. A shot that contains energy in Soft-hard. When the science of inner energy that is hard is convinced to a high level, then the instinct changes to Semu-soft, or what is called Kong-kek-seng-ji (when Hard reaches its highest climax, soft arises)

Inevitably, the chairman of Siau-lim-si was very surprised ......

But before he could do anything, for a moment he felt his blood rushing hard and his horses were crushed. He staggered five steps backwards only to be able to stand up straight again.

When he looked up, he saw that his young opponent was still standing in his place bravely.

"I'm sorry, lo-siansu," exclaimed Siau-liong while paying respect.

Shame Ti Gong taysu is absurd. And that embarrassment provoked great outrage. Again he thought, once hit the young man would certainly collapse. But beyond his suspicion he himself had to suffer from the young man's repulsion.

Ti Gong taysu was the leader of Siau-lim-si who had a very high position and a good name in the martial arts world. But at that time witnessed by dozens of famous martial arts figures, he had to suffer defeat from an infamous young man.

Roaring like a hungry tiger, the Siau-lim-si chief wanted to attack again. But It Hang totiang quickly prevented him, "Taysu, allow me to ask for a lesson from Kong-sun sicu!"

As the highly educated head of Bu-tong-pay, It Hang knew about the young man's magic. As a meeting leader, he had to take over the responsibility of settling the young man.

Quickly the chief of Bu-tong-pay pulled out of the hurry and by stepping slowly he approached the front of Siau-liong.

"Ti Gong Taysu has received your punching lessons," he said while massaging his beard, "now that I'm old and useless, I also want to get your weapons lessons ......"

Bu-tong-pay is famous as a martial arts party that prioritizes the science of swordsmanship. Apparently the leader of Bu-tong-pay did not want to fight but wanted to challenge the gun battle. He was convinced of the greatness of his party's sword knowledge.

"Please, brother, take out your weapon and attack immediately," cried It Hang.

Unexpectedly, Siau-liong just snorted, "Please use a speeding pole, I who am lowly still want to serve with my bare hands..." For a moment looking at the audience, he continued, "Ever since I came down to the world of martial arts, even though I have a sword heirloom, but I've never used it before. And at this time, I still won't break that taboo!"

What an arrogant and big speech!

All the figures present there were shocked, shocked. They, a number of no less than twenty well-known figures, felt considered lonely by the infamous young man.

It hangs very angry. But he remained calm and smiled a knot, saying, "All right, because the sicu wants it himself, please be careful!"

He closed his words with a quick ascetic movement in the golden-bell-beating stance. The speed is played in a semi-circle in the air and then suddenly changes to a Wind-blowing-stealth-run motion, to hit Siau-liong's head.

The move played by the leader of Bu-tong-pay was very strange and moved with an incredible speed that made Siau-liong growl in surprise.

The hermitage is made of woven materials of hundreds of steel wires. At first glance, it looks like a horse's tail. but when played by It Hang, the speedway turns into a weapon that shoots straight. And because It Hang had emitted nine parts of its internal energy, then the hundreds of pieces of steel wire were perpendicular to the sharpness.

Seeing that once he intervened, the head of Bu-tong-pay had already used a fierce move, forcing Siau-liong to serve. The Raja-sky-pushing-pagoda technique, one of the techniques of the Thay-noon-bu-kek magic punch, was immediately launched. His hands were pushed forward. The right hand hits, the left hand is spread to grip the opponent's speed.

Not even a speck crossed It Hang totiang's mind that the young man had such a high level of skill in hitting Thay-noon-ciang. Compared to the level reached by Skeleton Beggar Song Thay-kun, that young man was actually superior.

Instantly the head of Bu-tong-pay felt his right arm vibrate and the speed he was holding was crushed by an incredibly powerful bouncing force. The speeding almost slipped out of his grip. The shock hasn't gone away yet, It Hang feels the young man's right hand, which is straightened in front of his chest, contains a very deadly scattering of magical power.

It Hang totiang was shocked and hurriedly took two steps back ......

04.13. Fierce of the Demon Tiger

In just two moves, Siau-liong has managed to defeat two magical figures. Ti Gong taysu and It Hang totiang so that all the figures present were shocked beyond belief!

Secretly It Hang totiang cuddled. At that time, if they did not intervene en masse, it was feared that no one would be able to defeat the young man. Ah, quietly he sighed. In order to save the world of martial arts, he had to abandon the morals of the world of martial arts.

Just as the head of Bu-tong-pay was about to give the command, suddenly from the direction of the forest the sound of people laughing loudly was heard. His voice pierced everyone's ears.

All the figures are shocked!

It hangs wide. Quickly he looked around the corner. But the four rounds of the forest were only dense trees. there is no shadow of anyone either ......

The head of Bu-tong-pay was completely blown away. In terms of security at the meeting place has been arranged so tightly. Every three steps a small post and every five steps a post. In such a tight way and the security meeting was arranged so that even people with flies or mosquitoes could not escape observation!

But what is clear is that the mysterious person was able to penetrate under the nose of such tight care. Something that really made the chairman of Bu-tong-pay stare and lose his mind ......

After stopping laughing, the mysterious person shouted loudly, “Buffalo nose It Hang, bald donkey Ti Gong, Tan Ih-hong, Sin Bu-seng, Old Lam Leng…… ha, ha! Today you guys have a big gathering….!”

From the top of a tall tree growing on the left, a human body floated down. Its movement is similar to that of an eagle swooping down from the air. But when he arrived on the ground, his movements were as light as cotton falling on the ground...

A tall old man and dressed in a striking black and white dress, stood upright looking at the audience with sharp lightning shining eyes. He was over seventy years old, his head was bald, his face was so fresh red that he seemed to be only about fifty years old.

Again the old man laughed loudly, “Ho, what do you need here……?”

And without waiting for an answer, he turned to look at Siau-liong, "Is it to insult the little boy?"

Everyone can't answer. The atmosphere is quiet. The defeat of Ti Gong taysu and It Hang totiang shook their feelings so much that they didn't know what to do.

At that moment it happened that Lam Leng Lojin was standing closest to the mysterious person. The old man of Thian-san forced himself to laugh.

"If I'm not mistaken, you must ...."

Before Lam Leng had finished his words, the strange person had already snapped at him, “What? Twenty years without seeing you, you don't know me anymore?"

"Ah, brother is still as excited as before. My eyes are not farsighted, of course I won't forget. It's just..." Lam Leng lojin laughed bitterly and then said, "In a time and atmosphere like this, your appearance in the martial world, is it not...." 

"You have no right to ask!" The man quickly snapped at him as he continued to approach Siau-liong.

Ladies and gentlemen, most of the old and well-known martial arts figures. Twenty years ago, when the five evildoers appeared to disrupt the martial world, they too took part. Of course they knew who the strange newcomer was.

May that strange person be one of the figures from the Five Durjanas, namely the Death Tiger!

Lam Leng lojin and Ti Gong taysu quickly stepped forward and yelled, "Stop!"

The deadly tiger stopped, laughed out loud and then suddenly slammed his hands into his barrier chest.

Ti Gong Taysu and Lam Leng Leng counted, the Death Tiger certainly did not dare to terrorize because he faced so many martial arts figures. But it turned out that the allegation was misplaced. It turns out that the Deadly Tiger is still as violent twenty years later. Without saying a word, he had already launched a devastating attack.

Ti Gong and Lam Leng were shocked.

The two figures quickly parried. Ti Gong uses Waterfall splitting mountains, a technique of Tat-mo-kim-kong-ciang's punching technique. While Lam Leng let out Flip the cloud overturned the rain. The two of them greeted from the side with all their might.

When there was a collision, there was a loud popping sound. The Tiger-Death body shivered slightly. Laughing loudly, he still ignored nothing and continued to approach Siau-liong's face.

Ti Gong taysu and Lam Leng lodge retreated until three new steps could stand upright. The faces of the two tokahs were pale with lesions, their bodies were shaking and about to collapse.

From Gong taysu panting, he suddenly vomited blood. Clearly he had suffered severe deep wounds.

Four priests, Siau-lim, his followers, quickly ran to support Ti Gong out of the ring.

Although there was no sign of anything at that time, but judging from his shaking body, it was clear that Lam Leng lojin also suffered severe internal injuries. He walked to the side of the court. But just four steps away, it fell seated in the middle of the ring.

It hang totiang frown. He looked nervous watching the event. He hurriedly ordered all the children of Kay-pang and Go-bi-pay who were guarding the top of the mountain as well as the other men of the party, to immediately prepare their weapons and surround the forest closely. Deadly tigers and lions must be killed under a rain of arrows and secret weapons.

In addition, It Hang invited the entire audience to attack the enemy en masse. He does not want to hold the ethics of the martial arts world anymore. The important thing is that the specter of the Death Tiger must be eliminated!

After witnessing how in a single blow, the Tiger of Death could injure Ti Gong and Lam Leng, everyone in the audience was thrilled. They no longer dared to face the scourge.

Then after receiving a signal from It Hang, they immediately pulled out their respective weapons ready to face the scourge.

But the Death Tigers did not care about the attitude of the people. As if nothing had happened with a wide step he went in front of Siau-liong, stared at the young man closely and then asked with a laugh, "Buyung, why are they insulting you?"

Siau-liong just snorted and didn't want to answer. In the young man's heart, his own contradiction arose. He did not want to clash with the figures of the martial arts party. But because of such pressure, he was forced to complain of blows to Ti Gong and It Hang.

He realized that the clash with the chiefs of Siau-lim-si and Bu-tong-pay would mean deepening the misunderstanding of all the leaders against him. That's why he was pensive.

The sudden appearance of the Death Tigers has distracted everyone. Also the knowledge of Siau-liong, Naga-keparat from Mount Kengsan and Harimau-iblis when they first appeared, has caused many bloody events in the world of martial arts. But according to a fair assessment, the second specter's kick did not include the Blacks nor the Whites. But in the middle. They act according to their own desires.

In that case, their actions are more evil. And again they once allied with the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell to destroy the world of martial arts. In this way, the martial arts have a bad effect and hate the two ghosts.

Siau-liong still continued his reflection. It was not difficult for him to leave the place. But he worries that doing so will deepen people's accusations that he is an accomplice of the Devil, the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell.

But if he stays there, he will certainly clash with the Demon Tiger (Tiger-Death). Unfortunately, he was stuck unable to issue Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic skill and could only use Thay-noon-chiang punch. I don't know whether with that punch he can defeat the Demon Tiger or not. He wasn't sure....

"Hi!" His mind suddenly flashed, "why didn't I leave here first, then reappear as the Swordsman of the Curse? Wouldn't that step he avoid fighting with the Demons and at the same time be able to prove that the good name of the Swordsman of the Curse is real. Ah, can't he 'once paddle two edges'? "

He immediately carried out his plan. But by the time he was about to use the Dragon-spinning-18-times motion, the Tiger-Demon, who had finished injuring two people, was already approaching his place.

Even though Siau-liong was angry at the Tiger-demon's arrogant attitude and speech, he could still think with a cool head. He didn't know that he could defeat the scourge with the tay-noon-chiang punch alone. So he had to suppress his anger and ignore the scourge of the question.

But instead of being angry, the tiger-demon, on the other hand, laughed heartily, “Buyung, don't be afraid. If you have a problem, just say so. I'll finish later. Don't be afraid there are too many of them…” suddenly he turned around to look at everyone, then said again: “They mean nothing to me. I hate it the most when the Strong oppress the Weak, relying on large numbers to oppress people!"

Siau-liong laughed coldly, exclaiming cynically, "How do you know, I'm afraid of them?"

The Demon Tiger was stunned and took a step back. The young man glared at him sharply. Suddenly he laughed loudly. His tone was like a roaring tiger. It wasn't long before he stopped his strange laugh.

"Good! Have supernatural powers and big guts! It suits my character. We have to be good friends......" he exclaimed.

Then he looked around again, then said again, "My appearance in the world of martial arts today will not be in vain because I can bind friendship with you. Let's go to Siok-ciu to drink alcohol! "

The Devil's Tiger kept pulling Siau-liong's shoulder to take him away.

"I don't want to be hostile to you, don't be rude!" Shouted Siau-liong as he squinted to avoid.

Of course the Devil Tiger did not want to let go of the child. With a strange yawn, he spun around the shadow of Siau-liong and as fast as lightning grabbed the young man's wrist, he snapped, "Slave, why don't you know yourself!"

Siau-liong snorted but he didn't want to dodge anymore and let people grab his hands.

That kid is smart too. Because he was not free to use Bu-kek-sin-kang in his punches, he used another tactic. So he just let his hand be blocked but secretly he channeled Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power.

In the eyes of the Demon Tiger, the Siau-liong was considered a young man who had not lost the smell of his fertilizer. He was sure, one strike would be able to block him. So he didn't do anything.

But what a shock he was when his finger touched Siau-liong's hand, for a moment he felt his finger radiated by a cluster of hot air. It hurts like a hit. He had to take a few steps back.

It Hang totiang began to be very anxious if the young man wanted to ally with the Devil Tiger. But when he saw that Siau-liong ignored the Devil's Tiger's offer and suddenly the specter jerked back a few steps, everyone was surprised.

Now all the eyes of the audience were spilled on Siau-liong and Harimau Iblis. With the magic of Thay-siang-ciang's blow, of course Siau-liong can balance the Devil's Tiger. And when the two people fight, whoever loses and wins, for all the figures present there, is an advantage. Thankfully both of them were seriously injured ......

The Demon Tiger was very surprised because his arm was tingling. He quickly channeled his energy inside. After recovering, he stepped forward again and roared angrily, “Ho, I saw it wrong! What is the name of your knowledge?"

Squinting, the ghost snapped loudly: "Tell me quickly, who is your teacher!"

"Do you have the right to ask?" Siau-liong replied blandly.

Absolutely angry Devil Tiger. His face turned dark blue and his molars clenched and he roared as loudly as he could, "I don't have the right to ask? Ho, today I will complain to you. "

After shouting, he continued to grab his shoulder. Siau-liong was ready to complain about his cleverness with the specter.

Suddenly the specter stopped its movement and laughed loudly. "Buyung, what's your name!?" he exclaimed.

Siau-liong laughed coldly, he said, "My name is Kongsun Liong!"

The ghost pondered for a moment and then said to himself, "Kongsu Liong, Kong .... sun .... Liong .... is actually an unknown name, but why ...."

Suddenly he laughed loudly, he cried, "Buyung, even though you don't want to say the teacher's name, I can guess. The knowledge of that extraordinary magic power, I am quite familiar with……” He again bowed his head in contemplation.

Siau-liong was secretly surprised. He was worried that the Devil Tiger would recognize the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang. If that is known to Harimau Iblis and heard by so many martial arts figures, it will certainly harm the good name of Pendekar Laknat and also not be beneficial for his own future.

To prevent that, he had to take a step forward and exclaim, “Old devil, take a blow. Maybe you can just think successfully! "

"Wut...." Tay-lo-kim-kong's stance was immediately thrown at the scourge.

After suffering the pain earlier, the Demonic Tiger did not dare to look down on the young man anymore. Quickly he used the According to the flow of water-pushing the boat to fend off.

That move is one of the most ferocious moves of the Hou-pik-sin-ciang punch or the Tiger-death magic punch. The hardness is absurdly high.

"Dar ...." a loud explosion was heard and the shoulders of both men trembled.

Instantly the face of the Demon Tiger changed. The blow that Siau-liong launched was far different from the magical power that was emitted on his wrist earlier. He really didn't understand.

After pulling each other's hands home, Harimau Iblis shouted, "Buyung, apparently you have at least two magic teachers. This blow of yours is very different from the previous one. I can't go wrong, tell me quickly ...... "

"Please bring out all your skills, no need to ask this and that!" Siau-liong snapped and followed with another blow to the chest.

The Demonic Tiger laughed loudly and then greeted with the Black Tiger's clawing stance.

Siau-liong had no idea that the hand movements of the specter could be transformed into fist grips. Instantly he felt like his chest was hit by a giant rock so that his heart seemed to burst and he almost fell...

The Devil's Tiger's goal was to destroy Siau-liong's body. But because his fist was not big enough, he had to point only at the young man's chest. He succeeded but he was also hit by Siau-liong. He felt his bones come off and his eyes were shining dark.

The two blows made the Demon Tiger really rage in its rage. He roared with all his might, "Really no matter in my appearance in the martial world this time, I will meet a human being as fierce as you......

He waved his right hand and shouted, "With this blow, we will decide who lives and who dies!"

Siau-liong just laughed coldly. But he has secretly channeled his magical power to ten parts. As soon as the Demon Tiger struck, he quickly struck with the magic blow of Thay-siang-ciang.

The Demon Tiger had already decided to end the battle. Then the punch was launched with full power, There was a loud explosion followed by sand and dust scattered. In the thick cloud of dust, the two heroes both staggered five or six steps and then collapsed...

Because he didn't want to expend Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power, Siau-liong only used Thay-siang-ciang's magic blow. Apparently his strength is balanced with the magic blow of the Demon Tiger. The contents of the two men's chests felt great turbulence, blood splattered on the spines. As soon as they fell, the two immediately closed their eyes to calm their blood.

Seeing the ending was happy It Hang totiang is absurd. He thought, "They are like fish in a net. If we do not use this opportunity to eliminate them, it is impossible to save the world of martial arts ...... "

The head of Bu-tong-pay immediately approached the place of the Devil Tiger. But before it could get close, the two Demon Tigers suddenly opened their eyes, "Buffalo's nose, even if I have to die but won't die at your hands!"

It hang totiang stunned. But at another time he laughed, "Old devil, as long as I swing the hand of your soul it will float!"

“Not necessarily!” snorted the Demon Tiger.

It hangs out. Doubts arose as to whether the specter was really badly injured. As the famous leader of Bu-tong-pay and at that time the leader of dozens of martial arts figures, if he killed an opponent who was suffering from wounds and could not fight, even if the one he killed was a great criminal, but the act would still be cracked and his name tarnished. .

The chief of Bu-tong-pay turned towards Siau-liong. He saw the young man also sitting to catch his breath. But his face was fresh red like a healthy person. To Kiu-kong, Tio Tay-tong's Laughing Beggar, a pair of lame beggars approached Siau-liong's place. They looked at Siau-liong anxiously.

Ti Gong taysu and Lam Leng lodge, after doing the breathing, at that time it was no less and stood up again. But their attitude seemed hopeless and embarrassed. The defeat suffered by Siau-liong earlier, was very embarrassing for the two figures.

While all the figures, stood in silence around the place. It hang totiang looks confused. Finally he summoned twenty archers to besiege the Devil Tigers and Siau-liong.

Apparently It Hang does not want to take the risk of losing its reputation. It will wait for other people to intervene to kill the Devil Tiger and Siau-liong.

Suddenly from outside the forest a flute sounded. The flute is for conveying news. After the Demon Tiger managed to infiltrate the tight guard, It Hang ordered all the guards at the outposts to go to the top and scattered to guard the four corners of the forest. The ominous flute signaled that an enemy had arrived near the forest.

As soon as the sound of the flute stopped, there was the clatter of guns clashing. Of course the enemy was fighting with the forest guards there. Then, not long after, a horrible scream was heard. Of course some of the guards had demolished the man.

When they looked in the direction of the sign of the flute, all the martial arts figures saw a tall woman with a black hood on her face, running through the forest.

The woman wielded a shiny sword. For a moment looking at all the fighting figures there, suddenly this woman continued to attack Toh Hun-ki, the leader of Kong-tong-pay.

All of the characters were shocked when they found out that the woman was none other than the Snake Goddess Ki Ih.

After all, Hun-ki dodged to the side, drew his sword and fought the woman.

Seeing that the attack launched by Ki Ih was terrible and dangerous, the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay had to draw their swords and continue to attack the Snake Goddess.

It Hang still felt reluctant to jump into the battlefield. But he remained agitated because he knew that the woman had a bloody revenge against Kong-tong-pay. Of course they will fight to the death and forget about the solution of Harimau Iblis and Siau-liong.

It is true that Harimau Iblis and Siau-liong, when awake, will be bombarded with arrows by a herd of snipers, but it is difficult to predict other changes.

In channeling that breath, Siau-liong never lost his attention to the people who surrounded him. In fact, he only suffered minor injuries that were not harmful. When he found out that Ki Ih was furious with the post guards, he was shocked and very happy.

He hastily breathed again. After feeling healed, ignoring the row of arrows that were still ready to aim, he suddenly soared into the air and flew towards the place where Ki Ih fought Toh Hun-ki.

But the besiegers are the champions of choice from each party. They are sharp -eyed and agile to move. As soon as they saw Siau-liong jump up, they immediately rained arrows.

"Cres, cres ...." because he was in a hurry to get his mother, Siau-liong did not care about his own safety. He was careless and his right arm was hit by two arrows. In a rage, he pulled out the arrow and then he retaliated with Thay-siang-ciang's blow.

04.14. The Secret of the Black Riding Hood

There were several screams of horror, followed by the fall of seven or eight bodies of the men of the archer line.

It hangs in shock. Quickly he jumped in pursuit followed by Kun-lun Sam-cu, Shin Bu-seng chief Tiam-jong-pay, Tan I-hong chief Ji-tok-kau, Ti Gong taysu and Lam Leng lodge.

"Very nice! This time there will be a lively show!" Suddenly the Demon Tiger burst into laughter.

All characters are surprised. There were some who ran to the scourge.

About two hundred students from Gobi-pay, Kay-pang and other parties in charge of guarding the forest immediately fired arrows and at the same time the situation became chaotic.

Siau-liong let go a few more strokes. After being able to withdraw It Hang totiang and his entourage, he was immediately able to approach Ki Ih's place.

The woman fought valiantly. The attack became more and more devastating. Although it will not lose to To Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo, but it is difficult to grab the victory.

Simultaneously, the Siau-liong shouted loudly and continued to jump towards To Hun-ki's encirclement and stood beside his mother. What a shock when he found out that his mother had actually been injured. His whole body was covered with blood spots.

Siau-liong's heart seemed to be sliced. After unleashing three blows towards To Hun-ki, he immediately grabs Ki Ih using an 18-circle Dragon-spinning motion, he leaps through the rain of arrows and runs out of the forest, then down the hilltop.

Suddenly he heard the voice of Ti Gong taysu, the chief of Siau-lim-si who rebuked To Kiu-kong, “Omitohud What is the true origin of your chief? Why does it have a relationship with Ki Ih? "

Following that came a loud laugh from the Demon Tiger. And a few moments later there was a cacophony of sounds of people fighting. Surely the Demonic Tigers had already started fighting against the brave men.

But the Siau-liong paid no heed. Most importantly, he had to save his mother. Several guards who tried to block his escape, could be hit to pieces. And a few jumps he managed to break out of the forest.

He ran on his feet. His heart was full of sadness and joy. Finally he also met his biological mother. Thus, the longing for revenge from the mother and child, who have been separated for a dozen years, will be fulfilled.

Indeed, he was furious at the arrogance of It Hang totiang, Ti Gong taysu and those who accused him blindly. He felt frustrated and hopeless at their attitude. It seems that he is no longer willing to interfere with the emergence of some ghosts who want to destroy the world of martial arts.

He thought, “After venting his hurt feelings, he wanted to ask his mother to find a quiet place and live in peace. He wants to dedicate his life to return the favor. "

Although the Kiu-hui-koh valley was very strange and winding its way, but thanks to the clues it had received from To Kiu-kong, it was able to get out.

Since being picked up by Siau-liong, Ki Ih has been silent. Not a word was said. Apparently he let himself be carried away by the boy for a run.

It was past noon. Siau-liong loosened his run.

Suddenly he saw not far above the slopes of the mountain, there was a hut made of thatched roofs. He decided to rest first so his mother could nurture. So he immediately headed to the hut.

The hut turned out to be quiet. Repeatedly knocking on the door, then heard the footsteps of people walking slowly. It turned out that the one who opened the door was a woman in her 40s. Wearing black shorts. A pair of eyes gleamed sharply.

Siau-liong was stunned. He wondered why in such a quiet place there was a woman wearing such a dress? But he guessed that the woman must have been a hunter's family. For hunters, wearing simple clothes is common. He immediately stated the purpose of his arrival.

The woman in black looked calm, looking at Siau-liong who was holding a woman covered in blood on her clothes. Without asking anything else, the woman nodded and invited Siau-liong in.

The furniture in the hut is very simple. Except for the wooden halls and tables and chairs, there are no other appliances yet.

After bringing her guest into the room, without saying anything, the woman also stepped out, heading backwards.

For a moment hesitating, Siau-liong then placed his mother on the hall. Her heart was very sad, a few tears dripped out.

Not yet a hundred days old he was separated from his mother. Then as an adult, he always remembers his mother. He longs for a mother's love. And then, his wish had come true. Even though he had never seen his mother's face, he knew that her mother was a woman named Dewi Snake Ki Ih, the woman who was lying in front of him.

After the overflow of sadness subsided, he began to examine his mother's wound. It turned out that some of the wounds suffered by his mother were only insignificant external wounds.

Suddenly he gasped. His mother was clearly not seriously hurt. But why seem like an unconscious person?

Before he could get an answer, suddenly the woman who owned the hut came in with a sip of hot water. Shy, Siau-liong greeted. He washed his mother's wounds.

The owner of the cottage gave him a bottle of yellow powder, he said, “This powder can stop the bleeding. In just a few hours the wound would have healed."

While welcoming, Siau-liong asked, “Does this cianpwe belong to the hunting family. In this house ......? "

Since the owner of the house was a middle-aged woman, in his honor, Siau-liong used the name 'cianpwe' for her.

The owner of the cottage shook his head, "I'm only staying here temporarily."

Siau-liong was surprised but he hesitated to urge further.

Suddenly there was a warm call, "Ma ......"

A figure broke in and a fresh -faced virgin appeared. His clothes are green, he is between fifteen and sixteen years old. He was shocked to see the situation in the room. He saw Siau-liong and Ki Ih lying on top of the halls, then ran into the back room.

The woman in the black dress just laughed sweetly and told Siau-liong to quickly smear her mother's wounded puyer. After that he went out to the back.

Siau-liong was stunned for a moment and then applied the medicine to his mother's wound, as well as the wound on his own arm that was hit by the arrow. After wrapping, he immediately revealed the black silk that covered Ki Ih's face.

The overflowing excitement of meeting his mother, who had been separated for almost twenty years, had made Siau-liong very excited. While opening the veil, at the same time his mouth exclaimed with trembling, "Ma ...... don't you know your own son ......?"

Suddenly a giggling sound was heard, "Hi, hi, hi, who do you call that mama?"

Siau-liong was startled like hearing thunder sound in the middle of the day. And when he looked at his mother's face, ah ...... he almost fainted!

It turned out that what was wrapped in a black veil was a beautiful face shining from the virgin across the ocean, the White Rose!

After looking around for a while, Siau-liong became kalap. He slammed the girl's shoulder, he snapped, "I wish you! Why are you pretending to be my mother? You ...... ”

Longing for revenge that had been hidden for a dozen years, and at that time it was thought to be fulfilled, it turned out to be shattered like a cloud blown by the wind ......

Siau-liong's condition at that time was like crazy. His eyes glazed over, his face flushed red and his hands clenched as hard as they could. It was as if he was about to swallow the virgin.

Seeing Siau-liong's condition like that, Mawar Putih was a bit scared. He stepped back and exclaimed, "Are you crazy? Who pretends to be your mother? "

Siau-liong angrily looked at the virgin, he exclaimed, "In the world of martial arts, who doesn't know that you are the Snake Goddess Ki Ih? The clothes you wear and the Lightning-Sword knowledge as well as Hwe-hun-tui's secret weapon as well as your actions are hostile to Toh Hun-ki to avenge the hurt. No one doubts you, of course Ki Ih ...... ”

He stopped for a moment and continued angrily, "Hm, that's why you're wearing a black veil to cover your face, I guess ...... ah! You ...... have made my heart miserable! "

White Rose laughed coldly, she said, “In what way did I harm you? What I like to wear, I just wear. Want to enjoy wearing a veil, whoever forbids it?"

After saying that, the virgin continued to jump down from the halls, then said, “My knowledge of the Lightning Sword and the secret weapon of Hwe-hun-tui is my teacher's teachings. I want to kill Toh Hun-ki, also to avenge my teacher's hurt! "

Siau-liong terlongong could not answer.

Mawar Putih looked at the young man for a moment and then cleared his nose, snorting: "Last night I didn't kill you in the monastery and this morning you helped me from the top of Ngo-song-nia. That way we don't have any more debts and assume we haven't have known each other. "

Finished saying the virgin continued to step out.

At that time, the tension of Siau-liong had begun to subside. He quickly chased and blocked the girl, he said, "Your lady ......"

White Rose glared at her eyes, “I want to go! Why are you blocking me!"

Siau-liong blushed. He had to hold back his anger, “I was rude earlier, please forgive me. But I want to ask you about some important things. "

For a moment the virgin rolled her eyes. He seemed amused to see Siau-liong's unchanging state like a monkey kissing a terrace. But he tried his best to hold back the amused feeling. So deliberately, he pretended to snap fiercely, "Quick say! I have no time to serve you. "

Siau-liong sighed, he said, “My biological mother's name is Ki Ih. Since I was born less than a hundred days, my family has been hit by a disaster. My father died horribly and my mother was scattered somewhere……”

"Uh, your history really touches people," said White Rose with a grin.

Siau-liong continued, "Every lady wants to kill Toh Hun-ki, of course the lady changes her dress, wears a black veil and plays the science of lightning swords and Hwe-hun-ti's secret weapon. That way, everyone in martial arts thinks that the lady is my mother who reappeared in the world of martial arts again ...... ”

White Rose frowned unresponsively.

"Judging by the lady's actions," said Siau-liong, "I dare to confirm that your teacher must be my own mother. Would you please tell me the real name of that lady's teacher?"

White Rose plunged her feet into the ground, crying out, “Didn't I tell you that my teacher's name was. Amina Pattalia. So far, no one has ever called my teacher by another name!"

Siau-liong sighed, he also asked, "Did your teacher ever say that he has a grudge against Kong-tong-pay?"

Mawar Putih shook her head, “My teacher didn't want to say and I never asked. It is enough that the grudge of enmity does, indeed exist! Otherwise, my teacher's cooking day and night will never forget it."

Siau-liong had begun to believe that the virgin's teacher must be her own mother, Dewi Snake Ki Ih. So he continued to ask questions to get clearer evidence.

After pondering for a moment, he also asked, "Before going to China here, did your teacher not say anything else."

White Rose pondered. Suddenly he exclaimed, "Eh, how old are you now?"

"Sixteen years old!"

Suddenly White Rose clapped her hands, she exclaimed, “Ah, that's probably true. Indeed, my teacher once told me to investigate someone. If that person is still alive at the age of sixteen……”

He paused for a moment to stare at Siau-liong's face a few times, then said, “Your face is indeed similar to my temperature. But the person I will be looking for should be called Tong Siau-liong not Kongsun Liong……”

“Ah……” Siau-liong stomped his foot, “actually my name is Tong Siau-liong. Since being adopted as a disciple of the great Physician Kongsun Sin-to, I have replaced she with Kongsun so that people don't know my origins……”

White Rose laughed coldly, “Oh, what an unexpected encounter! If you don't fight, you don't meet!"

Siau-liong really doesn't understand why the girl is always cold. He had known her so far and secretly Siau-liong knew that the girl was in love with him, but he was cold.

Even then after finding out that the virgin teacher was his mother, something that should strengthen their relationship. But why does the virgin's attitude remain so cold?

But he did not have time to find out why. Simultaneously he leaned in front of the virgin and exclaimed, "Miss ...."

"Tell me, Why are you like a man of strength?" exclaimed the White Rose.

"Please take me to see you. Or just tell me the location of the island where she lives, I can certainly find there!"

Still in a cold tone, the White Rose said, “Of course! As long as you are really the son of my teacher, of course I will take you there. But ... "-he suddenly changed with a snort," I just can't believe your statement! "

Siau-liong took a step back in surprise, exclaiming, "In what way will you be able to trust?"

"Unless you can bring here the head from Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay!"

Siau-liong frowned, "But my mother is in pain ......"

"In this world there is no medicine that can cure my teacher's illness except the five heads of the Kong-tong-pay people...!" said White Rose. He stared at the young man's face for a moment then he sighed.

"Of course, because I met the son I missed day and night, my teacher must have been very happy. But, I had already sworn in front of the teacher. If I didn't bring the five heads of that man, I wouldn't go home!"

Silently Siau-liong was ashamed in his heart. Mawar Putih is only a student, but she desperately tries to avenge her teacher's hurt. Was he, as a prince, defeated by the act of the virgin?

But he remembered his late father's message not to take revenge. Ah, which one should he join? His father's message or his mother's wish?

And again Toh Hun-ki turned out to be an old figure full of heroism and noble character, he was confused to decide the choice!

Seeing the young man pondering, Mawar Putih laughed, "I guess you don't have the mind to repay the hurt. I really don't need your help either. Sooner or later, I can kill that Kong-tong-pay man. It's just ...... ”

Suddenly he spun around and continued to cover the halls and cried, “You don't even hope to see your mother! He certainly does not want to have a prince like you. I ...... I can't take you there either. "

Siau-liong is very difficult. For a moment he couldn't say anything.

"Krakkk ...." Suddenly the door opened and the girl in the green dress came in carrying a buffer. Glancing at Siau-liong and Mawar Putih, he laughed and grinned, he said, "Please eat!"

Siau-liong thanked. While the White Rose quickly wiped away the tears. It turned out that the buffer contained some dishes and white rice.

While serving food on the table, the green clothed girl smiled, “Mother said that in the forest here can not provide delicious food. Just this rough food and tasteless tea, please don't refuse."

After saying that the virgin continued to walk out. Because he didn't eat for a whole day, Mawar Putih, who had still not lost her childish character, immediately approached the shirt and asked Siau-liong to eat.

After lunch, it was almost evening. Siau-liong was restless. Several times, he asked to speak but Mawar Putih did not pay attention. He likes to sleep on the halls.

The hostess didn't show up again. Only the green dress girl who came with a candle holder and packed the dining utensils on another table came out again.

Siau-liong still couldn't think of who the two mothers and children in the hut really were. But he believes they must be a self-isolating martial arts family.

The day is getting late. Under the swaying light of the candle, the White Rose slept soundly.

Siau-liong more and more restless. Finally he sat down in the chair meditating. I don't know how long he fell asleep.

Suddenly every mountain wind blew from the window, waking Siau-liong from his sleep. He saw that Mawar Putih was still sound asleep. Siau-liong secretly clung to his heart. Why did he go to sleep too. If both the mother and the child of the owner of the hut are ......

But he breathed a sigh of relief when all that could be heard around the corner were the sounds of grasshoppers and grubs. He secretly laughed at his self-suspecting self. Even if people say that the martial world is dirty, vile and full of evil, but he should not measure the owner of the cottage who has provided the accommodation and food so lowly.

Looking up at the sky, it was estimated that it was already midnight. He got up and paced the room. Suddenly he clenched his fists and took a deep breath. Apparently it has decided.

Quickly he approached the table, took a pen and ink tub and wrote:

"Little Rose,

I've decided to take Toh Hun-ki's head and the fourth Su-lo Kong-tong-pay. In three days it would be over. Wait at Siok-ciu's inn. "

After hesitating for a moment, he wrote his name "Tong Siau-liong" on the back of the paper and placed it next to the White Rose. Then he extinguished the candle and stepped out. He used the science of running fast to the top of Ngo-siong-nia.

He doesn't know if Toh Hun-ki and his entourage are still at the top. About an hour later, he arrived in the siong tree forest from the top of Ngo-siong-nia again.

But the field in the forest was quiet. What appeared to be only two kwat-to machetes and a few drops of blood stains. He suspected that the battle between the ghost of the Devil Tiger against the group of brave people led by It Hang totiang would have been terrible. I don't know who won and I don't know where they went.

He had to go down the summit again. Suddenly he remembered that It Hang totiang was about to plan to invade the Semi Valley at night. Are they implementing his plan?

Yes, except for the trail, there was nothing else he could follow. So after pondering for a while, he immediately headed to the Valley of the Springs.

Even though he still remembered the road from behind the valley, he was still afraid to face the very dangerous row of flower trees. He did not dare to try and was forced to take the road from the mouth of the valley.

04.15. Back to Death Valley

The road leading to the mouth of the valley was paved with oddly shaped stones. Cautiously he made his way forward.

He has decided to kill Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo so that he can meet his mother as soon as possible. Even though his late father had given a message. But in making a choice, he finally chose to obey the will of his mother who was still alive.

Also in his invasion of the Semi Valley it also contained a noble purpose. A couple of ghosts, the Devil, the Conqueror of the world, and the Goddess of Hell, are a danger that threatens the safety of the martial arts world. If he can eliminate them, even if he also kills Toh Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo, but still he also serves the world of martial arts.

With services to make amends. It seemed that his father's spirit who was nurturing him in the afterlife would certainly be able to forgive his actions.

Arriving at the mouth of the valley, he was startled. Several bodies lay on the ground. Among them there are two priests, three priests and five or six beggars. Judging from the blood on their frozen wounds, they must have been dead for a long time.

It was past midnight. From the statements of some of the corpses, it is clear that It Hang totiang must have carried out his plan to invade the Semi Valley.

He listened to the situation. But in the valley there seemed to be silence. He wondered, "Have the party leaders also been victims of the violence of the Devil, the Conqueror of the world?"

Siau-liong secretly put a splash on It Hang totiang and a group of brave people. Simultaneously his attention arose to think of their safety.

Ah, his goal in that valley was to kill Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo. But he was also worried about the fate of the martial arts figures. Finally he decided. No matter what, he must invade Spring Valley to eradicate the evil world-conquering Demons, the Goddess of Hell, Soh-beng Ki-su and the mistress of the valley's owner.

Immediately he stepped into the valley. At that time he had arrived at the river where he had previously fought with a large snake which turned out to be just a man -made snake.

The snake he had crushed was no more. All he faced was an ordinary tributary. It's not hard for him to cross.

But before it moved, suddenly from the direction of the face, people were heard laughing, “Aha, you can predict very accurately. It's true that there are people who come to deliver the soul! "

Following that, two figures emerged from behind a large rock. Because the dark night can not be seen how their faces. But Siau-liong didn't hesitate anymore. Those two must have been the minions of the world-conquering Devil.

"Eh, why did only one come?" said one of them, swinging his hand. A flash of blue flame slid into the air. Apparently a sign to report into the valley.

Siau-liong quickly jumped to catch the two people. But they can move very swiftly. They jump to another stone. Using the Golden Rooster-standing-one-leg stance, the person spun around. Immediately there was a loud booming sound.

Siau-liong was forced to stop to pay attention to the changes that were about to occur. The stones that seemed to be flat, suddenly rose up until they were a spear high. The bottom part of the stone is a machete weapon with a very sharp tip and both eyes are very sharp.

The two men in black jumped forward and scattered on a large rock. Back they spun the bodies and the rocks there as well as the ground, disappearing instantly.

When the two people jumped again to another place, the place they left behind appeared dozens of poisonous beasts. Apparently the animals were starving. They bite each other and kill themselves.

The moment the two black-clothed people leapt onto the other side of the rock, the abandoned place emitted poisonous water as high as two spears.

Thus successively the two men have jumped to move from one place to another. Apparently they always move the secret tools. To the last, both sides of the valley's coral wall fired dozens of poisonous arrows. It was as if the streets of the valley were full of death. There's no way anyone can cross it.

Although this did not surprise Siau-liong, he secretly admired the sight of the valley owner who had installed such tight and deadly secret tools.

Siau-liong ignored all that. With a loud growl, he floated himself drifting into the valley.

Suddenly from behind came a scream. When Siau-liong turned around he sighed in surprise, "Woe ....!"

Supposedly the one screaming was the White Rose in her disguise as Ki Ih. Siau-liong had to float back beside the virgin.

"Why are you ...."

"Why don't you invite me!" said White Rose.

"I don't want you to come with me in danger!" replied Siau-liong.

White Rose snorted, "You think I'm a greedy person afraid to die!"

Siau-liong blushed and bowed his head, unable to answer.

Mawar Putih looked at Siau-liong and laughed and grinned. Suddenly he threw a package at her, "Accept it!"

When welcoming, Siau-liong is not a surprise. It turned out that the package contained the clothes and face mask of the Curse Swordsman. Ah ...... of course when he slept, White Rose had taken it. Secretly he regrets himself being so negligent.

"Miss..." he stuttered.

White Rose pouted her lips laughing, "You should have told me first!"

Siau-liong did not answer. Secretly he considered entering the Semi valley in disguise as the Cursed Swordsman, it was even better. Quickly she changed her makeup as the specter.

White Rose laughed amused seeing the capable young man suddenly turn into a scary old scourge. Siau-liong himself was amused.

At that time, the two men in black had disappeared. Looking towards the valley, Siau-liong frowned, “The valley is full of secret tools? which is very dangerous. Please wait first. After I destroy the tools, then I will take you there! "

"No! You must want to leave me!" White Rose refused.

"I didn't mean that, I hope you ......"

"Then let's raid together!" the White Rose continued to step into the valley.

Siau-liong is anxious. It is true that the virgin has inherited martial arts from her mother. But if you were to cross a valley full of secret tools, it would be impossible.

But the lady was so hard of character, pampered, that she could do nothing to prevent it.

What to do. Finally he decided on a plan. He grabbed the virgin's body and took it to jump into the valley ......

◄ AND ►

The lions floated on the large rock where the two men in black were. He wanted to investigate the changes that took place there.

Indeed, with the Dragon-circular motion-18 times, Siau-liong can drift further and there is no need to investigate the situation first. Just as his feet were about to step on the rock, he suddenly sighed in surprise.

It turned out that the stone seemed to have disappeared and his body slid down, falling to the end of three machetes. Luckily he had been on guard beforehand. He quickly slapped his hand in the air and borrowed the power of the slap, he bounced back up again.

On the second trip, the poisonous animals were unable to harm the soaring Siau-liong until he could cross safely. Also on both sides of the reef that sprayed the poisonous arrows and secret weapon, Siau-liong was ready. The Cursed Swordsman's cloak that the mob could be used to slap the resistance.

The secret tools prepared in the valley by both the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, are actually to net the entire martial arts figure.

The third layer consists of a fountain containing poison. In addition to the vicious poison, the fountain is very high. Once hit, the flesh and bones would melt into a liquid.

Tengah Siau-liong pondered for the way to be done in crossing the third obstacle, suddenly he looked down and saw the poisonous beasts squirming protruding upwards. He was shocked and at the same time laughed out loud, exclaiming, "Wild slave, your fate is not destined to die. There is a way! "

In the grip of Siau-liong, Mawar Putih felt safe. He wondered why Siau-liong shouted so. He was quick to respond and exclaimed, "Old curse, your mistress was never afraid of death!"

Siau-liong deliberately used the probe to confuse the hearts of the people of the valley who were hiding around the place. They must have been surprised and wondered why the two ghosts were able to come together to their valley.

Besides that, Siau-liong made sense. As long as they are not injured, the venomous animals are not dangerous. So he decided to use a very unusual but very dangerous method.

Suddenly he floated down and landed right on the back of a big lizard. As soon as he stepped on, he was simultaneously with an upward blow. With the force of that stomp and punch, his body immediately soared high into the air.

Mawar Putih was surprised to see the courage of Siau-liong to take such a dangerous way. If he hadn't disguised himself as Ki Ih, he would have screamed in horror.

When Siau-liong's body was about to slide down, he suddenly threw the girl's body forward. The White Rose also writhed using the Bird-swallow-break-cage-cage motion. Beautiful and flexible, the virgin's body writhed floating on the spray of poisonous water.

The men of the Semi Valley who watched from the top of the mountain, were speechless as if they saw an extraordinary thrilling acrobatic show.

White roses in front and Siau-liong behind. Like two swallows, the two youngsters glided through the air, beyond the poisonous jet of water.

It was only after the two young men had almost finished crossing the obstacle that the Semi Valley men came to their senses. They quickly rolled up blocks and stones and sprinkled secret weapons.

Siau-liong was shocked. No matter how lihaynya, but attacked from above and below so violently, of course it will be a disaster as well.

Siau-liong quickly used Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power to hit the attack from the top. Then he squirmed next to the White Rose.

"It's really dangerous," complained the virgin when she saw arrows and secret weapons milling beside her. But under the protection of Siau-liong, the virgin remained safe. Instantly her guts arose again.

When there were only two or three spears left he would be able to cross the barrier, and the attack of the secret weapon from above had begun to subside, he suddenly fell into a state of shock. It turned out that the White Rose had started to run out of energy so that her body began to slide down.

In his shock, Siau-liong whistled loudly and dived down to grab the virgin.

Fortunately the virgin soon realized. With all her strength, the dove wriggled forward again until two or three spears.

Just as the White Rose was about to escape from the poison water shower, suddenly a large rock floated down from the top of the peak. Exactly the stone will fall on the head of the virgin.

By that time, the White Rose had run out of energy. Even though he knew about the danger, he couldn't dodge it anymore. If it was hit by the rock, his head would be crushed to pieces falling down.

Of course, Siau-liong was very nervous. In the moments that did not take him to think anymore, he was desperate to slide and hit the rock with his head.

"Pyur ...." an explosion was heard and the stone shattered and fell down. Succeeding in destroying the rock, Siau-liong quickly grabbed Mawar Putih's body and continued to be carried away.

The men of Semi Valley who witnessed the magic of the Swordsman of the Curse, both licked their tongues. Then they immediately fired a signal fire to signal danger to his friends in the valley.

At that time he had to face the fourth layer which is the Sea of fire.

The science of lightening the body of the 18-circle-turning-Dragon, had exhausted its strength. If he didn't stop at a rock, surely he and the virgin would be in danger of falling into the lake of fire.

In his calculations, he was still able to transcend the fourth obstacle of the Ocean of fire. But if the valley was still far away, and he could not find a place to rest, he would certainly run out of energy.

But like a person riding on the back of a tiger, Siau-liong can no longer retreat. Finally he made it through the fourth obstacle and came to a level passage of the river.

Just as he put the girl's body to the ground, suddenly there was a loud booming explosion, like an earthquake. The explosion came from the sound of a drum. I don't know where it's from.

"Dong...... Dung......!"

The sound of the drums shook the whole valley. The heart of the White Rose also felt like it had slipped out. He hurriedly leaned on Siau-liong's body.

Siau-liong mobilized his magical energy to repel the attack of the deadly drum sound. He was getting ready to wait for whatever the people of the Semi Valley wanted to do.

The drums stopped simultaneously. Instead, the wind roared, rocks and sand flew and the water churned in the air.

Siau-liong and Mawar Putih felt that what they were stepping on at that time was not the ground, but a clump of sea waves.

Siau-liong realizes that the wave that shook the earth is a strange magical power of Ki-bun-tun-kang who uses some dozen Semi Valley men.

Combined into the magical powers of Thay-kek-bu-wi-kang and Thay-im-ki-bun-kang. The impact from the current of magical energy is what makes the earth shake as if struck by an earthquake.

Siau-liong hugged the White Rose to channel Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power. Then he developed soft magic to withstand the current of the attack.

The battle for magic power lasted for some time. Gradually the fog and sand washed back and the ground he stepped on became ordinary earth again.

But the cloud of fog stopped at a distance of a few steps. It was as if some other force had stopped the mist from dispersal. Again there was a great battle between magic power. The fog can't go back but it can't float forward either.

After some time, suddenly there was a loud bang. The fog dispersed and disappeared and the situation in the river seemed normal again.

The White Rose was amazed at the magic of Siau-liong. He looked at the young man with a smile and laughter. Then the two stepped forward hand in hand.

They felt like a pair of young people walking friendly. But in the eyes of the dozens of Semi Valley men hiding around the place, the two young men were a bad -faced old man with a veiled woman.

Just taking two or three steps, suddenly both of them heard the drum beats three times. His voice was terrible. For a moment the scene unfolded ahead, changed completely.

Around the corner is full of icebergs and ice rocks. There are towering like pillars supporting the sky. Some of them flashed dazzlingly, the tops were flat, but the bottoms were pointy and the snow covering the mountains melted and flowed down like a flood. These are all horrific sights.

Siau-liong still hugs Mawar Putih and helps the virgin with the distribution of magical power. He knew that the scene in front of him was only an artificial one created by the world-conquering demon and the goddess of hell.

Again he used the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang which is hot to destroy the iceberg.

Soon the mountains and ice corals melted and flowed into water into the river. The scenery in the valley is back to normal.

When Siau-liong and Mawar Putih looked at each other in surprise, suddenly the lady owner of the valley appeared accompanied by twenty beautiful virgins.

"I was ordered to represent father and mother to welcome the arrival of the two of you!" said the lady respectfully.

Siau-liong only answered briefly. Then the lady of the valley owner waved her hand. He and his twenty companions immediately disappeared behind a line of boulders.

Siau-lion weighed. Since the lady of the valley owner had already come out to greet her herself, of course there was no longer any obstacle to the secret tools. Immediately he invited the White Rose to step forward.

After exiting the valley, turn left and follow the road. Turning again, they came to a stone door on which hung two boards inscribed:

"The martial world is united as one

The Valley of Spring bury the brave."

In the middle of the two boards was another board that read,

"Cruise to the valley while attending the big magic contest."

The lion was surprised. It was still a long time ago with the match day to be held in the middle of the fall season. But why have the preparations been done in such a way.

Ah, of course the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell have already taken into account the possibility that It Hang totiang will invade before the day of the match. So he has made preparations first.

In the middle of Siau-liong, worried about the safety of It Hang totiang and a group of brave people, suddenly the gate opened and out of nowhere, the lady owner of the valley appeared along with the twenty virgins who accompanied her earlier. They greeted Siau-liong and let him in.

Siau-liong snorted. Pulling White Rose's hand away, he stepped inside. He laughed loudly and then snapped loudly, "The invitation to compete in intelligence, set for later in Tiong-jiu day but why ....?"

The mistress of the valley owner laughed scornfully, “Human calculations are often wrong. So simultaneously by sending invitations, father and mother continued to prepare everything..." He paused for a moment to look at Siau-liong and Mawar Putih and then said, "All the brave people in the martial world have been caught. Now it's just the two of you alone!"

Habis said he continued to pull a red silk cloth that covered a board of red kumala stone. The stone board was as tall as a spear but there was no writing on it.

With a laugh, the lady took a pit or pen and wrote on the blackboard.

Cruises to the Semi Valley

Although only a pit, but when written, does not change like the tip of a sharp knife. The writing is engraved on marble as deep as two or three dims.

And after being placed again, the pit remains straight as if it had not been used.

Siau-liong was very angry. He took the pen and scribbled on the table until the end of the pit, which was made of feathers, became a mess. After that the pit is dipped into the ink tub.

White Rose was surprised to see the young man's behavior. As the lady of the valley owner did earlier, it was easy. It channels its energy into the end of the pit until the pit turns as hard as a knife. But why did Siau-liong dip the tip of the pit into the ink. Wouldn't the pit be limp because it was wet. And if it's wet, won't it be difficult to channel the inner energy?

04.16. Death Valley Owner Test

At that time Siau-liong was ready to write. The frantic end of the pit was now straight again. So he began to write:

"Knight Warrior

Appearing in the world

Eradicate evil

Securing the martial arts."

The lady owner of the valley gasped in surprise. The writing of the Swordsman of the Curse of Siau-liong scratched his writing up to half an inch into the stone board. The writing is clearly black.

After writing, Siau-liong laughed. He threw the pit towards the stone door. "Bluk", the pit fell right in the middle of the door.

When the owner of the valley returned, he was surprised to see the cleverness of Siau-liong, whom he considered to be the Swordsman of the Curse.

Then Siau-liong used his finger to scratch under his writing earlier:

Impressions of the Knights Swordsman.

By changing the name from Bu-kek-gong-mo or Pendekar Laknat to Bu-kek-sin-kun or Pendekar Kesatria, it is clear that Siau-liong means. He declared that the Swordsman of the Curse was now no longer a vicious specter as before but a Knight who wanted to defend the truth, uphold justice, eradicate evil and eradicate tyranny.

The owner of the valley immediately stepped inside.

Siau-liong took the White Rose following behind. Along the way, nature, the scenery is very beautiful. There is not the slightest sign that such a beautiful valley is a place of vicious human slaughter......

After two or three turns, they arrived in a large room that resembled a palace paseban.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell are waiting there. Seeing the Curse Swordsman come with Ki Ih, they grinned cynically. In front of the table next to his face, dozens of gold glasses were prepared.

Siau-liong knew that the devil was about to have a fight to drink alcohol. But wonder, why prepare so many cups? What's the point?

Suddenly there was a strange, creepy laugh. The Goddess of Hell immediately lifted the bottle of wine then with a special motion, the wine gushed out towards dozens of cups. In just a few blinks, the dozens of cups were all full.

Then the Goddess of Hell showed further ingenuity. He opened his mouth and the wine in the dozens of cups slid out, into the woman's mouth again.

Although the ability to press with the hands and suck with the mouth, it is not a surprising skill, but because the Goddess of Hell can fill and suck wine from tens of large and small bowls, Siau-liong is secretly amazed too.

Siau-liong looked at the White Rose for a moment, gave a smile and then walked forward calmly.

The World Conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell were waiting intently.

With both hands Siau-liong blocked the bottle of wine. Instantly from the pot slipped out ten small showers. The ten showers gushed upwards and then splashed into dozens of cups of wine. Not a drop spilled on the table.

Of course the show shocked the Goddess of Hell and the world-conquering Demon. But they tried to be calm.

Siau-liong sat cross-legged. Once he opened his mouth, he sipped the wine from five cups. At once, he had sipped five cups of wine. Then he repeated it again. Each time he always sipped five cups of wine.

By the time the show went on until all the cups had been sucked out, no one dared to breathe.

After that it was the turn of the World Conquering Demon. The demon raised a large wine pot. So large that it is more appropriate to call it a vessel or jar.

After the large urn was blocked, he used the most difficult internal science to convince, namely the ATTITUDE. The large wine bowls were immediately attached tightly to each other. Once bowed, tens of cups of wine were immediately filled with wine. And once the demon pressed his lips to the biggest cup, the wine immediately slid into his mouth.

At first glance, that's how to drink, it's not surprising. But when you look closely, people will certainly be surprised.

Suppose the wine drunk from the big cup, never runs out. But the dozens of small large cups attached to the large cup, the contents overflowed up and poured into the cup next to it and the cup overflowed and spilled into another cup. With a chain overflow from one cup to another, it finally spilled the large cup that the Devil the Conqueror of the world had drunk. That is why the wine in the big cup is inexhaustible.

Then the world-conquering demon opened its mouth facing upwards. Once he lifted the great cup, the water shot up into the air up to a spear high. The water slid down right into the mouth of the world-conquering Demon!

After drinking, the demon immediately used his magical energy to line dozens of cups on the ground. The distance with Siau-liong is about two meters. The small cup was at the front near Siau-liong while the large cup was at the back, about a spear away from the young man. If Siau-liong wanted to take the big cup, of course he had to get up. Something that reduces his temperament.

Siau-liong did not want to show weakness. He also uses magic power to suck up the ranks of the cup. Like a snake, the ranks of the chalices that are still attached to each other, move toward the place.

Witnessing the cursed swordsman's prowess in the science of internal energy to suck it up, the world-conquering demon secretly broke out in cold sweat. He did not think that the current cursed swordsman had reached such a great level of internal power.

In the meantime, after pulling the line of cups, Siau-liong immediately lifted up. Simultaneously dozens of small large cups rose horizontally on the ground. Then he poured the wine filling all the cups. Once he massaged the most facial cup, then the wine and the small large cup, one by one slid into Siau-liong's mouth.

After drinking, he pulled out a row of cups that were attached and sprinkled towards the wall of the room made of marble.

"Crek ....... crek ......" a series of cups infiltrated into the wall, exactly forming several letters that read:

"The effect of the Knights Swordsman in a drinking contest."

Siau-liong got up, cleaned his clothes and laughed out loud ......

The Devil the Conqueror of the world can do nothing but chill. He immediately got up and stepped out. Siau-liong and Mawar Putih followed.

After turning two or three bends, they arrived at a strange forest. It is said to be strange because the forest has a nameplate that reads:

Forest of Lust!

In the Forest of Lust there are no less than two hundred tree trunks whose leaves glitter like kumala and golden-colored branches. Each tree trunk, hung ten Jade-pwe as belonging to Miss Tiau Bok-kun. Both the shape and carving of its development, resemble once. It is possible that the lady once came there, then the Giok-pwe badge was imitated and made as much as possible.

At the edge of the forest was a wooden board that read:

"On every fragrant tree

Must distinguish genuine fake

Jade-pwe is offered!

Of course it will not disappoint.

But if it doesn't work

It's your own fault.

You're on fire

The bones are reduced to ashes. "

In front of the board was a table and on the table was a Kim-ting or Golden Vessel full of a handful of sandalwood.

Siau-liong took into account. If you light the sandalwood, it only lasts until at most a cook of rice. In that time of a rice cooker, it is impossible to tell which one is genuine Jade and which one is fake!

At the other end of the forest, there was a hole as deep as a spear. The pit was full of firewood and dry twigs and other fuel.

While around the Lust Forest is fully guarded by the men of the Semi Valley who are very strict. Once the ghost couple gave the signal, they would immediately attack.

As Siau-liong pondered the way he would take it, the White Rose suddenly grabbed his arm and whispered, "Stupid, it's all fake!"

Siau-liong was stunned. But quickly it can realize. The original jade-pwe costs the same as a city. Everyone struggled to get the thing. There was no way the ghost couple wanted to hang it on a tree and tell people to look for it.

Feeling cheated, Siau-liong was angry. Once the hand was swung, the vessel on the table shattered to pieces.

Seeing that, the Goddess of Hell was very angry. Whistling loudly, he jumped out to attack, yelling, "Damn Devil, you're looking to kill yourself!"

The movement of the stick caused the roar of a terrible wind that hit Siau-liong. Siau-liong calmly repulsed with his hands.

The Goddess of Hell is getting angrier. His devastating attack can be repelled precisely by the opponent. Suddenly he pushed his body to float on a tree. As he stepped on the top leaf of the tree, he grabbed Siau-liong, "Hi, Swordsman of the Curse, for these twenty years, how high has your magic. Come on, let's battle it out at the top of this tree! "

Siau-liong for a moment turned to give a smile to White Rose. That means ask the lady not to worry.

White Rose nodded.

Once on the ground, Siau-liong's body slid into the air and landed on the top of a tree standing on one foot.

The Goddess of Hell was secretly shocked to see the knowledge of relieving the Swordsman of the Curse so great. He would be even more surprised to know that the specter of the Swordsman of the Curse who stood in front of him was only a young man of a dozen years.

The Goddess of Hell came into action. Immediately he used Thay-im-ki-bun-kang's supernatural power that he had been convinced for decades to spin his wand. The sprinkling of the sticks scattered a wind of internal energy that knocked the kumala leaves scattered around his body. The scattering of the kumala leaves made a sharp sound like a loud whistle. At first glance, it looks like thousands of flying machetes that flash scary.

The right hand plays the stick, the left hand of the Goddess of Hell moves up and down. Suddenly the scattering of kumala leaves sticks long, becoming a kind of dozens of jwan-pian stems or ruyung whips that attack Siau-liong.

Siau-liong laughed shrilly. He was ready to welcome Bu-kek-sin-kang with magic power. But he calmly waited for the attack.

The Goddess of Hell was shocked. The ruyung attack from the kumala leaves seemed to be pierced by an invisible piece of manure wall. And not only that, even when the Goddess of Hell moved her hand to pull back the leaf ruyung, it was not easy. The rustling of the leaves seemed to be sucked in by a very strong air.

The Goddess of Hell increased her magical power, looking very tense. His forehead was full of grains of sweat. After exerting all his energy for a while, then he managed to pull back the ruyung leaves.

Suddenly the kumala leaves clumped together and formed themselves into sixteen lotus flowers. After lining up into a pair of rows of "Pa-kwa-tin", then they began to move to attack Siau-liong.

It turns out that the Goddess of Hell has used energy science in Thay-im-ki-bun-kang and the black art of Pek-lian-kau religious teachings, to form a row of Lian-hoa-pat-kwa-tin or a row of lotus flowers in the shape of pat-kwa .

This time, if Siau-liong still uses Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic, of course he will be damned.

It turns out that the specialty of the Lotus flower row is that it is fought with power. Once struck by the force, however small the impact force was, the Lotus array would break apart scattering all over the blood pathways on people's bodies.

Something that Siau-liong could not possibly keep.

Indeed, Siau-liong did not know that. But he also did not want to use Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power to repel. Instead, he spread the sleeves of his robe here and there. With that movement, he was able to release the Lotus line from the power of the hand of the Goddess of Hell.

The Goddess of Hell was shocked. Hastily pulling his hand more vigorously. With that effort he was able to take back the power of the Lotus flower. But it only lasted for a short time, a few moments later the Lotuses escaped from his control and went round and round in the Siau-liong sleeves.

The Goddess of Hell was even more curious. He refocused his dance and managed to master the Lotus flower but a few moments later, let go again.

Thus the displacement occurs several times. After reaching the displacement of up to eight times, the Siau-liong can master the lotuses for quite a while. The Goddess of Hell bathed in sweat struggling to seize. But it seems he can't anymore......

Seeing his wife suffer defeat, a pair of world Conqueror’s eyes gleamed with fire. His mind began to wander to use a very violent tactic.

On the other hand, Mawar Putih was beaming with joy at Siau-liong's victory.

At that time, the Siau-liong was about to turn around and jump down from the top of the tree. Suddenly the White Rose screeched loudly, "Watch out!"

Siau-Jiong snorted coldly. Quickly it spins again and unleashes the Overturn-back-mountain-river shot.

The world-conquering Devil was convinced that his attack from behind would certainly succeed in destroying the Swordsman of the Curse. Then he uses the Destroy-mountain-Hoa-san move launched with lightning. He didn't think at all that the Curse Swordsman could move faster. If there is a violent confrontation, of course both will be equally injured.

See the day when in the valley, he once fought with Siau-liong and suffered. He did not want to suffer a second time. He quickly withdrew his hand and jumped to the side.

Siau-liong laughed mockingly, "Ho, I hope you're also just a bunch of dogs who like to attack from behind ......"

Not finished cursing, the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell have invaded him. Siau-liong inverted both his hands with Tay-lo-kim-kong's blow.

Thus the three men fought on the tree. A battle that is only carried out by masters who are already highly skilled at lightening his body.

Siau-liong was attacked from the face and back by the two evil husband and wife. In one scene, Siau-liong manages to use tactics. When the world-Conqueror Devil struck from behind and the Goddess of Hell struck from the face, Siau-liong leaped into the air.

Both husband and wife were shocked. They hastily tried their best to pull back the blows so as not to hit each other themselves.

At that moment, Siau-liong used Siu-lo-pan-chia's blow to hit them. The young man was really clever. If it was just Siau-liong's blow, of course the two demon husband and wife would not have suffered danger.

But the couple was pulling home the shot. At that moment, Siau-liong followed with a blow. The two criminals were stranded backwards for a dozen steps and staggered to fall.

But the couple are two of the Five Doomsday most feared in the world of martial arts. Their ingenuity does not seem to be great. Siau-liong's blow didn't make them lose.

When the body swaying about to fall, they even pushed his body into the air while releasing a blow to Siau-liong's head. An unexpected and extraordinary move.

Seeing that the White Rose broke out in cold sweat. He was shocked and almost screamed because he thought that Siau-liong must be hurt.

But it turns out that Siau-liong has a special move in the science of Thay-siang-ciang punches. The magic blow taught by the late Skull Beggar Song Thay-kun has a move called God-suffering-wandering. Thus in a dangerous situation, the move can develop its awesomeness.

The young man seemed to be writhing like someone who had almost drowned in water. All of a sudden he's already cast a special move God-suffering-wandering......

For a moment the wicked husband and wife felt their blood boil hard. They were shocked. In a hurry they slid a spear away and landed on a branch. Obviously they have run out of energy.

But the two demonic husbands and wives, in addition to being cunning and cunning, also have a high level of Black knowledge. The Devil the Conqueror of the world preceded the leap down to earth while challenging. "Hi, Curse. Fighting on the tree has already acknowledged your skill. Come on, let's fight down again!"

At that time the Goddess of Hell followed down and stood beside her husband. While waiting for the Siau-liong, they quickly took the opportunity to channel the blood, returning strength.

Siau-liong laughed out loud, exclaiming, "Guests must follow the wishes of the host. It's up to you to choose any event. "

After channeling the blood, the power of the world-subduing demon was refreshed. He smiled, "Old curse..."

"No, call the Swordsman a knight!" Siau-liong quickly opened it.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world laughed, "Ho, it doesn't matter if you're the old idiot, this idiot is also crazy ......"

After pausing for a moment he continued, "Do you remember the old rule when we fought for fifty moves first?"

Of course, Siau-liong didn't know. But he didn't want people to know. While laughing blandly he replied, "I'm not senile yet, I forgot!"

“Good!” cried the World Conqueror Devil, “now you are following the old rules again. Take my fifty attacks first, then we'll talk again!"

How slick that old demon is. With that rule, he is free to attack Siau-liong up to fifty moves without giving Siau-liong the right to counterattack.

Siau-liong provoked. Embarrassed to say that he doesn't know about the old rules between the Evil Swordsman and the World Conquering Demon, he immediately laughed disdainfully, "Go ahead, I'm ready to await your attack!"

The world-conquering demon didn't want to say much anymore. He quickly launched the Five Mountains on his head. And at the same time the Goddess of Hell moved her wand, brushing the Siau-liong's waist in an Earth-breaking-mountain-erupting stance......

The attacks of the two evildoers are a combination of matching attacks. The awesomeness is absurd. The most powerful figures from any party, if they face the attacks of the two evil husbands and wives, they will surely be crushed!

The two wicked husbands and wives secretly noticed that the power of the cursed swordsman now far exceeds that of twenty years ago. Afraid of losing, the world-conquering demon then resorted to that cunning method.

Siau-liong was shocked. He was still unfamiliar with the attacking moves of the two demons. So it happened very carefully. More self -defense than attack.

So fast that the attack had already gone ten moves. Suddenly the two ghosts changed their attack style. They struck as hard as the rain poured down and as the storms struck.

Seeing that, the White Rose was very nervous. like ants on a hot iron board. To the extent that he did not dare to breathe because his mind was very tense. He secretly prayed that Siau-liong would survive the fifty attacks of the two demons.

All the virgin's attention was poured out on the course of the battle. He counted each move very carefully. Every move, made his heart pound hard. When he reached the number of forty, secretly his heart broke with joy.

"Forty moves already, only ten moves left, ah, he made it safely," he thought.

But, ah ...... when he started counting the forty-first move and the forty-second move followed, he secretly complained.

From the forty-first move, the second movement of the devil suddenly became slow. Only his movements seemed slow but his ferocity and ferocity as well as his change, really never had such an attack science move, in the history of the martial arts world for the last twenty years.

Twenty years ago, the Swordsman of the Curse did fall under the ten attacks of the demonic husband and wife. Despite having an extraordinary fortune, drinking the blood of an old man, eating the fruit of Im-yang-som and being energized by the temperature Koay or the Curse Swordsman, Siau-liong became a whole young man.

But in the experience of fighting against such powerful figures as the devil husband and wife, he is still lacking. Therefore, at that time he was overwhelmed and pushed under the wind.

Starting from the forty-first move, whether the movement of the demon husband and wife uses heavy or light energy, it still makes Siau-liong groggi or sway. Her head was dizzy, her eyes were wide and her blood was churning. It's like a drunk who doesn't know the direction of the corner anymore ......

White Rose was really confused. His heart was like being slashed with a knife and his tears were pouring down....

But the virgin could not do anything. In the rules of the martial arts world, in every clever fight, even in a way that is unfair, other people cannot interfere to help. That’s why it’s like a gagu with a stiff back. I know it hurts but I can't express and do anything ......

At the forty-fifth move, suddenly Siau-liong screamed in surprise. The White Rose gasped in surprise and broke out in cold sweat.

The forty -fifth attack was a very dangerous deadly attack. Siau-liong was shocked and screamed in surprise. He used Thay-siang bu-kek-poh-hwat's moves to evade the deadly attack. Ah ...... he managed to escape from the needle hole. Her body was drenched in sweat!

Since coming out of the navel of the earth and getting the magic knowledge from the Skull Swordsman Song Thay-kun and the Cursed Swordsman, it was the first time that Siau-liong faced a battle that made his spirit feel like flying!

The demon's husband and wife did not forgive anymore, They launched another deadly attack. The forty-sixth move can be faced by Siau-liong safely. But in the forty -seventh move, he was desperate again and lost his temper ......

05.17. Underwater Battle

THE LAZY ASS ROLLS, this is the move used by Siau-liong when being attacked from four corners by both the husband and wife of the World Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

By falling and rolling on the ground, Siau-liong was able to save himself from the forty-seventh attack. His robe was torn in several places.

When the violent husband and wife launched an attack on the forty -eighth strike, the White Rose virgin could no longer resist. He no longer cares about all the rules of the martial arts world. As soon as he drew his sword, he continued to jump forward to help the young man.

Fortunately, Siau-liong was able to escape from the opponent's attack. The young man only suffered from shortness of breath due to the wind pressure of the demon husband and wife.

The forty-ninth move made Siau-liong's body drenched in sweat. It immediately mobilized pure energy to hit the enemy siege walls.

"Dess ...." there was a rumor of a very strong wind blowing as it launched a Thay-siang-ciang blow. He used the rest of his energy in that shot. The horror was so unbearable that dust and sand were scattered all over the four corners.

But dear. Because his inner energy had been used up to face forty -eight deadly attacks from the demonic husband and wife, even though the blow was still pointed at the instinct, it was empty. The Devil-Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell only retreated two steps. But Siau-liong is still trapped in the inner circle of energy emitted by the demonic husband and wife.

In the fiftieth or last move, the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell have used all their magical energy to launch Thay-im-ki-bun-kang's deadly blow. Two kinds of magical energy are combined into one in a simultaneous attack.

Siau-liong had run out of energy to repel the attack. He felt like he was being hit by a collapsing Himalayan mountain! Inevitably, he must have melted away ......

But thanks to the good bone materials of Siau-liong, moreover, having eaten the fruit of Im-yang-som and sucked the blood of ancient animals in the navel of the earth, the more he was caught in danger, the more he could radiate magical energy. The spirit of wanting to live, further intensifies the power of its energy.

In the pinch of two kinds of magical energy flow from the demon husband and wife, suddenly the young man slashed into the air until two or three spears high. Squirming he floated alight on a tree, then sat down and closed his eyes to catch his breath.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell were literally speechless at this……

The attack of fifty moments earlier, for both husband and wife, is the most reliable storage knowledge. And surprisingly, Pendekar Laknat faced him with a new martial arts game. Supposedly, if the Swordsman of the Curse continues to use the same moves as in the previous battle, it is not possible for him to reach such a point of departure.

Of course, the two husbands and wives did not know that the Evil Warrior they were facing at that time was not the Evil Warrior twenty years ago, but only a young boy who was only in his twenties.

Of course, Siau-liong did not know how to deal with the fifty husband and wife attacks. Because he still lacks combat experience, let alone being attacked by two powerful enemies, he is in a state of panic. His blood was churning violently. Even though he was able to save himself from the fifty attacks, he needed rest to calm his blood.

But the world-conquering Demon and the Goddess of Hell considered the Evil Warrior as a mortal enemy that became a thorn in their eyes. They quickly jumped up to attack the Siau-liong again.

Siau-liong has taken care of that possibility. As soon as the boxing and stick attack arrived, suddenly it disappeared. He knew he was standing in front of the White Rose.

The couple is getting hotter. They flew down and while growling continued to approach Siau-liong.

Siau-liong is ready. Suddenly the White Rose slipped in front of the young man. He thought Siau-liong must have suffered a wound. Regardless of anything, the virgin continued to protect him.

The lion was surprised. He knew the White Rose could not possibly be able to withstand the attacks of the two scourges. The intelligence of the virgin is still not sufficient.

At that time the World Conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell had already started to blow their blows with all their might.

"Woe ....!" Siau-liong is nervous. To move forward to protect the virgin's face, it was clear that she was no longer in a hurry. The only way, he pulled the virgin's waist and dragged her away!

The two demons roared through the space and chased after him. By then it was already light. The situation in the valley became clearer. Suddenly Siau-liong not far ahead there was a large pond as wide as a hundred shoulder spears. Until it resembles a large lake.

Siau-liong thought, the two ghosts live in mountainous areas, they are certainly not good at swimming in water. So the young man quickly chopped two tree branches. After being thrown into the well, they floated themselves perched on the branch, gliding into the middle of the well.

As soon as they arrived, the two demons also imitated the actions of Siau-liong, using tree branches to glide on the surface of the water.

Siau-liong calm down. Holding hands with the White Rose they slid freely, swaying to the right and left.

The calculation is correct. The science of the waters of the two scourges is not the same as on land. After several rounds of chasing, they screamed like ragged breaths.

Finally the two demons made sense. They don't want them to chase together but scatter themselves. The world-conquering demon continued to chase in the water while the Goddess of Hell rose to land and ran around the lake.

As soon as the two young people ran in any direction, the Goddess of Hell quickly jumped into the lake to block them. That way the two demons can take advantage of the way of the pursuit.

The situation in Siau-liong is getting more and more dangerous. The two demons were able to narrow the circle of Siau-liong's movement more and more.

A few moments later, suddenly Siau-liong felt a gust of wind hit behind him. It turned out that the two ferocious husband and wife could not wait anymore. From a distance they have then sent a blow.

At a time when the situation became more dangerous where the two husbands and wives were getting closer, Siau-liong quickly opened his outer robe so that in his simple underwear, his body looked strong.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell were amazed to see the behavior of the Cursed Swordsman. Why does he need to take off his robe?

Afraid that the enemy would run away, the two demon husband and wife immediately accelerated their attacks. Every chance the punch could reach, they immediately threw a punch!

While holding the White Rose, Siau-liong slapped his robes to fend off. The cloak has a dual function or two kinds of utility. First, to parry. And second, by borrowing the power of the slap, Siau-liong can move quickly.

When the demon husband and wife returned, they exploded. For a moment they lost consciousness. How to rotate the robe to borrow energy to speed up the movement of the body, it is a very clever way.

The two demons were confused. They did not dare to press forward but did not want to let go of their cages. Because once off, it's hard to get a chance like that again.

Why don't the two demons want to imitate Siau-liong's actions? Ah, I think the intentions of the two parties are different. Siau-liong just wanted to escape by circling on the surface of the lake. While the two demons intended to kill. If they use a method like Siau-liong, of course their blow energy will be reduced.

The chase went on for quite a while. Suddenly out of consciousness, the two of Siau-liong have placed themselves in the circle of the opponent's ability to hit him. Instantly the two demons slid off laughing. At other times they hit suddenly.

On the surface of the lake, two mounds of terrible waves soared upwards at a very high level. Then it fell down on Siau-liong and Mawar Putih.

A figure in black robes was washed up and at another moment the Siau-liong and the White Rose vanished.

"Rude, he disappeared into the well!" grumbled the world-conquering Devil. He and his wife retreated. But around the corner there was no shadow of Siau-liong and Mawar Putih.

The Devil-Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell could hardly believe what he saw. They wondered why the Curse Swordsman and Snake Goddess Ki Ih were able to escape so quickly. They certainly dive into the water or hide behind rocks.

Quickly they dived into the water and inspected the mound of rocks at the bottom of the well. Although they have a very sharp sense of sight but because they are in the water, they can not see clearly.

Suddenly the world-conquering demon saw behind a boulder, two figures crouching.

He quickly attacked her.

Pyah, Pyah. pyah.... loud rippling water and waves splattered upwards.

Siau-liong and White Rose excel in water. They quickly met the demon with a punch. The world-conquering demon was forced to stop and parry it with both hands.

But the devil was defeated in the water. The waves of water on which the horse ran slapped him so that he had to use the knowledge of Cian-kin-tui or Kaki-seribu-kati and close his eyes to defend himself.

By the time he opened his eyes, the Curse Swordsman and Ki Ih had disappeared again. But he heard the water next to his face rippling hard. Of course Pendekar Laknat and Ki Ih are being chased by the Goddess of Hell. He quickly slid forward. Just three or four spears swimming, it looks like his wife is fighting with the Curse Swordsman and Ki Ih. As fast as lightning he immediately grabbed the wrist of the Curse Swordsman.

The battle had caused the water to ripple like it was stirring so hard to injure the opponent. The only way is to grab the hand of the Cursed Swordsman.

But Siau-liong remained silent. It was only when the demon's hand almost touched his wrist that he immediately tracked down the opponent. But the world-conquering Devil is also magical. He quickly settled down and used his fingers to cover Siau-liong's soles.

To avoid the threat, Siau-liong bounced up, clashed and struck with both hands. After being able to repel the two opponents, he quickly pulled the White Rose and like an arrow, they slid forward.

The couple hurried to catch up. But only five or six spears, they had lost track of Siau-liong and Mawar Putih. The two demons had to glide on the surface of the water again. They decided to use the probe to ‘keep the rabbits out of the bush’.

Their calculations were correct. No matter how good at swimming, but Siau-liong and Mawar Putih certainly cannot continue to dive in the water.

With that reckoning, the world-conquering Devil awaits in the water, the Goddess of Hell on land.

This method kills Siau-liong and Mawar Putih. The two of them tried to stealthily approach the shore. He thought, when the two demons were off guard, they kept trying to jump to the ground and escape.

But the moment it popped up to the surface of the water the world-conquering Demon was quick to notice. The two young men hastily dived into the water again.

Angry at being toyed by Siau-liong and Mawar Putih, the two demon husbands and wives immediately jumped into pursuit to the bottom of the lake.

Siau-liong was shocked to see the two demons use the Barisan-two-face probe to intercept. Because it was difficult to penetrate, Siau-liong pulled the White Rose to his side and was ready to face the enemy.

Mawar Putih wondered why Siau-liong was silent. He had wrongly guessed that the young man was about to give up.

At that moment, the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were getting closer. Suddenly Siau-liong launches Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power. The hot air that radiates from the magical energy is able to heat the water and cause large waves.

The world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were shocked. Their haste stopped and rolled out channeling the energy inside.

The inner energy of Thay-im-ki-bun-kang of the world-conquering Devil and the inner energy of Thay-im-bu-wi-kang of the Goddess of Hell simultaneously radiated together. The hot lake water immediately cooled again.

In this way, neither party gains any profit. But for Siau-liong it is not profitable. He had to quickly find a chance to escape.

Before long, the two demons could no longer stand submerging in the bottom of the water. The world-conquering demon immediately soared to the surface of the water. With that the attack was dispersed.

Using this opportunity, Siau-liong quickly pulled the White Rose and invited him to slide to another place. In an instant the two of them had reached 7-8 spears away. They also need to breathe.

But as soon as the two appeared on the surface of the well, the demonic husband and wife who had already been on the surface of the water quickly chased after them.

Siau-liong let go of Mawar Putih and was ready to hit Bu-kek-sin-kang. Even if not dead but at least the two demons will definitely suffer.

With a loud growl, suddenly Siau-liong soared into the air and unleashed the blow of the suffering-in-wandering God.

The world-conquering demon and the Goddess of Hell recoiled one spear and then leapt onto the piece of wood and charged again with sticks and punches. They prevented Siau-liong from approaching the White Rose again.

Indeed, the White Rose did not win against the Goddess of Hell. But thanks to his high swimming skill, he was able to surpass the two demons. Even won compared to Siau-liong.

As soon as she saw the Goddess of Hell advancing, the virgin suddenly disappeared.

When Siau-liong slid down into the water again, he was surprised not to see the White Rose. But he did not have time to look for her again because at that time the Devil-Conqueror of the world had attacked him. In his anger, Siau-liong retaliated by hitting the opponent.

Moments later, Siau-liong suddenly heard the sound of gunfire. He thought that Mawar Putih would have fought on land with the Goddess of Hell. She is anxious. Although we will not lose but Mawar Putih is certainly not strong enough to fight for a long time. Nervously, Siau-liong whistled loudly and jumped into the air again.

Fearing the opponent would throw another magic blow, the world-conquering Devil rushes into the water. Siau-liong used the opportunity to float two or three spears away. As soon as he reached the water, he quickly swam ashore.

But before Siau-liong reached the land, the White Rose had slid into the water again with a cut of a tree branch. Apparently, the virgin was also worried about Siau-liong's safety. After successfully escaping from the attack of the Goddess of Hell, he quickly jumped into the lake again.

Siau-liong shouted at him and the maiden immediately threw two wooden branches. Siau-liong jumped on a tree branch and glided with the virgin.

The devil's husband and wife lasted once. They use probes to attack from the face and back. Siau-liong had to face them. In just a few blinks, they had fought for dozens of moves. But still no one has won or lost.

Apparently Siau-liong can't wait anymore. Suddenly he shouted loudly, "Stop!"

The demon husband and wife were stunned and stopped their attack.

Siau-liong laughed loudly. At the moment when the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell were stunned, Xiao Liong quickly pulled the White Rose by the hand and slid ashore. In just a few steps, the two of them had already reached twenty spears away.

The Goddess of Hell whistled loudly. As he tossed the stick, he was about to chase. But her husband prevented, "Stop it, let them escape!"

"Stupid! Are you crazy? They've almost lost why did you let go again?"

◄ AND ►

The World Conquering Demon laughed.

"My wife, do you see the direction they're running?" he asked.

The demonic woman's pair of eyes darted around, she exclaimed, "What does that have to do with that person?"

While massaging his knee -length beard, the short demon said happily, “They are heading towards the Strait of the Seven Dead which penetrates to the dead end. Earlier, I told our students and daughters to get ready there. Even if the gods come down there, it is impossible to escape the catastrophe of destruction! "

The Goddess of Hell stuck her wand and laughed scornfully, “Heh, heh, I am indeed a dazed granny. But that damn old man still carries half the Jade-pwe, if……”

"Don't worry, my wife," the world-conquering demon retorted, "within three hours I will bear that it will fall into our hands intact!"

The husband and wife looked at each other. At once they laughed out loud.

Then the Goddess of Hell said with a happy smile, "As long as the thing falls into our hands, we will control the world of martial arts!"

Again the two devil husband and wife laughed loudly.

"But before that thing falls into our hands, I'm afraid the two humans will appear to get in the way of this business!" suddenly the world-conquering Demon exclaimed.

"Do you mean the Dragon-Curse and the Tiger ......"

"The Dragon and the Tiger the two demons only rely on courage. We don't need to worry!" The World Conqueror Demon quickly retorted.

The Goddess of Hell squinted her eyes and scolded her husband, "Don't sell! Tell me who the man is! "

With a serious face, the World Conqueror Demon said, “What I'm worried about is none other than the dragon beard magic healer Kongsun Sin Tho from Hong-san Mountain and Sin-li-hong peak Busan Mountain……”

"Fool!" The Goddess of Hell retorted with a laugh, "why do you get older and have more guts? Are you afraid of the doctor who sells herbal recipes and the widow who doesn't dare to meet that person? Ha ha......"

The world-conquering devil removed his hook-like nose, he said, “That's right, the old healer Kongsun Sin Tho is only famous in medicine and during that time people have never seen his martial arts skills. People think he has no meaningful martial arts knowledge. But really only I know. Twenty years ago when at Tong-pik-san mountain, I once suffered a defeat to that person. The skill of that healer……” — he stopped sighing.

"Far above the two of us," he said later, "and about the widow living at the top of Sin-li-hong, it's even harder to deal with."

The face of the Goddess of Hell changed instantly, she said, "Then we have to let go of old Jong Ling to face them!"

The Devil-Conqueror of the world ponders. A few jokes later, he said, “Letting go of Jong Ling is beneficial but it will also be dangerous ...... ah, but maybe I'm the one who has a lot of anxiety. So far the two people have never interfered in other people's affairs. It is possible that in our business, they will not deviate from their customs. "

The Goddess of Hell glared at her, "Fool......" she suddenly laughed scornfully. It sounded like an owl cursing in the middle of the night.

The Devil, the Conqueror of the world, looked at his wife, then laughed out loud: At that time, ho, at that time no human in the world was able to fight me and you! "

While the two demon husband and wife were talking, Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady of the valley owner with her men appeared. With a spoiled attitude, the lady fell to the chest of the Goddess of Hell, asking, "Mom, have you and your father drowned them in the water?"

While stroking her daughter's hair, the demonic woman said, "Silly child...." then she laughed scornfully. The right hand gripped the stick, the left hand grabbed the lady's shoulder, she stumbled towards the valley.

After looking at the direction of Siau-liong and Mawar Putih, he ran away. The World Conqueror Demon immediately summoned his disciple, Soh-beng Ki-su.

"Quickly cut off all roads that connect to the strait of the Seven-Dead. Then tell the men in the valley to gather to wait for orders!"

Soh-beng Ki-su admits and continues to leave.

The World Conquering Demon was still stunned at that place. His face was a moment of restlessness, a moment of joy. After Soh-beng Ki-su disappeared, then rushed after his wife.

05.18. Changing Appearance. . . . . .

On the other hand, after running a mile away and not seeing the two demons chasing, then Siau-liong and Mawar Putih stopped.

White Rose's breath panted. He sat on a large rock and took a deep breath. Siau-liong looked around for a moment. Silently he furrowed his brow.

The four corners are tall, sloping reefs, full of ferns (moss) so that it is impossible to climb. Next to the face, there is a small road that resembles a paddy field, with circular curves. And looked up at only the blue sky. It seems that the valley has not been exposed to sunlight all day, nor has anyone ever visited ......

The end of the mouth of the valley strait, penetrates into the lake. That's it, there's no other way.

Siau-liong secretly thought in his heart, "It seems that this strait is still within the Semi Valley. The son of the second student of the devil husband and wife is probably hiding around there. Ah, I have to be careful. Except for the great secret tools, the husband and wife are very violent and have a lot of tricks ...... ”

The skills of the world-conquering Devil and Hell Goddess belonging to the Black sect have attained high conviction. Inevitably, Siau-liong had to admit that this was the first time he had met such a formidable foe. Moreover, the two husbands and wives attacked in unison to complement each other. When fighting for a long time, of course it is dangerous.

Silently, Siau-liong's heart trembled. His entry into the Semi valley, although intended to exterminate the world Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell, but the important thing is to kill Toh Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo. That way he could ask the White Rose to take him to see his mother out of the ocean.

But it turns out that Toh Hun-ki and his entourage are invisible. All there is is a violent husband and wife. Silently Siau-liong sighed.

"How are we now?" Mawar Putih got up from her seat and approached Siau-liong.

Siau-liong pondered. He said a moment later, “In my opinion, Toh Hun-ki and the four Sulo must have joined It Hang totiang's entourage to attack the Semi Valley. Ah, what will happen to them, it's hard to predict ...... ”

Then he turned to look towards the well, he added, “First we have to find a hidden resting place. Let me return to explore the valley. When Toh Hun-ki and his entourage have perished at the hands of the demon husband and wife, I will still cut off his head and bring him here! "

The White Rose pondered for a moment. "Siau .... liong," the girl exclaimed softly.

Siau-liong was surprised, "Is there something?"

White Rose smiled, “Unmask that you, ah, disgusting…… so much!”

Suddenly Siau-liong came to mind. If he and Mawar Putih changed their appearance and were no longer the Swordsman of the Curse - Ki Ih, the demon husband and wife would certainly be confused.

Immediately he pulled the hand of the virgin behind the clumps of reeds. The reeds were as tall as people, trailing along a winding road until a few spears away. A great hiding place.

After looking around for a while and making sure no one was there, the two young men took off their masks and disguise clothes. After that they walked along the end of the small road. About an old tea drinker, then they came out.

Now they arrive at a strait surrounded by reefs and giant rocks. After looking around, Siau-liong invited Mawar Putih to walk along the ridge road in the middle of the strait.

Reefs on both sides of the road are very dangerous. Soaring high with slopes and full of ferns. It's impossible for people to climb.

"The more you walk the less you can see the road. Where are you going?" Finally, unable to stand it, the White Rose asked.

“Please speak slowly. This rock valley can reflect sound echoes as far as two li," said Siau-liong.

Indeed, he was devoting all his attention to observing the situation around him and the small road he passed. So it is not clear what the White Rose said.

White Rose snorted and had to shut up.

Fearing that the strait might contain another secret tool, Siau-liong was forced to walk slowly. So almost as old as the old rice cooker, they were only a li away.

The road to the valley strait is straight ahead. Seen at the end of the road next to the face, towering a mountain peak. In fact when it has reached the end of the road, there will be another path of penetration. But out of ignorance, Siau-liong stopped in the middle of the road.

As he pondered whether to continue his journey again or not, suddenly Mawar Putih screamed in surprise. Quickly he turned away. Ah, it turned out that the virgin was swinging her sword to cut a large snake 6-7 meters long.

After all, the White Rose is a girl who has a little guts. Even though he had slashed the snake lice, his face still looked scared.

The snake has a green body but a red tail. Its head has a black perch. His imprisoned body was still squirming incessantly. Obviously the beast must be a very venomous snake.

Siau-liong doesn't care. He considered the snake to be a common animal in the mountains. Immediately he pulled the girl's hand again to be invited to walk to the end of the road.

Arriving there, on the left collided with a rather wide mountain strait. It is a field that is several shoulders wide, surrounded by a row of neatly lined mountain peaks. Withered trees, impressing the view of the languid fall. It is very different from the nature of freshness in the Spring Valley.

Siau-liong walked ahead. He walked carefully. Suddenly the White Rose behind him screamed in surprise again. The scream echoed a voice that echoed a few miles away.

When he turned around, Siau-liong saw dozens of large snakes crawling towards him. The White Rose prepared Hwe-hun-tun's secret weapon and continued to be sprinkled towards the herd of snakes. The beast writhed after death.

Only now did Siau-liong realize that the swarm of snakes was not a coincidence, but rather an enemy trap that was deliberately prepared.

He looked further. Seen in the crevices of the rocks in a mound of grass, full of twisted objects. In addition to venomous snakes, there are also lizards, centipedes and other venomous insects.

Siau-liong quickly told Mawar Putih to walk in front of him and he protected behind him. He cuddled. If he uses the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang or Thay-siang-ciang, of course he will be known.

Eventually he had to use common sense. Hitting quietly channeled Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical energy slowly. Although the method of hitting had to use only three parts of energy so that it could not destroy the animals completely. But the hot air that radiated from Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical energy forced the herd of animals not to dare to move forward.

That's how it was with the maiden, Siau-liong remained ready to guard the herd of poisonous animals. Then he asks the virgin to keep Hwe-hun-tui's secret sword and weapon.

White Rose misunderstood and glared at the eyes: “Why? Is it because my intelligence doesn't match yours?"

Siau-liong laughed blandly, "Right now you are not as Ki Ih, don't make people suspicious."

"Uh, I'm such a moron!" The virgin laughed and then did Siau-liong's orders.

Arriving at the clearing, the four corners were surrounded by rocks so high that the place resembled the bottom of a well.

The place was tens of shoulders wide. In the middle there is a grove of jungle overgrown with a dozen pine trees. It really is an excellent hiding place.

Siau-liong took Mawar Putih quickly to the pine forest. They were surprised to find two men in the jungle. A man in his fifties, with long hair reaching to the shoulders. Wearing ascetic clothes, not as a priest nor as an ordinary person. He sat cross-legged holding a hermitage rod. His mouth twitched as if he was memorizing.

While the other one, an old man with a tall, thin body. Sharp shining eyes. As soon as he saw Siau-liong and Mawar Putih appear, he was shocked and spread Kim-kut-san's fan or gold-framed fan. While Siau-liong was not yet standing upright, the old man quickly attacked his chest with the Drive-wind-hunt-cloud move.

Siau-liong remembers forgetting the parents. He seems to have met but somewhere. He was angry because the old man was so rude. He quickly deployed Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic energy to his arm. As soon as Kim-kut-san's fan floated, he immediately greeted her. 

Apparently the parents were aware of the danger. As fast as the two forces collided, he continued to recede back.

Siau-liong didn't want to hunt but shouted at him, "Are you two the devil's accomplices?"

The man who was sitting cross-legged on the ground for a moment turned and looked at Siau-liong and Mawar Putih, then continued memorizing again. Meanwhile, the old man who blocked Kim-kut-san's fan rolled his eyes a few jokes and asked Siau-liong, "Are you not Cousu from Kay-pang's party?"

Siau-liong observed the two parents again and he remembered that they were the figures who attended the meeting at the top of Ngo-siong-nia led by It Hang totiang.

“Brother with the world-conquering Devil and the Goddess of Hell……”

Before the old man finished asking, Siau-liong laughed, "Me and my two uncles, one stronghold is that they don't want to live in the world of martial arts with the two demonic husbands and wives ......"

Simultaneously, Siau-liong remembered the attitude of It Hang, Ti Gong taysu, Lam Leng lojin and other people towards him during the day. Suddenly his anger overflowed, "But because It Hang totiang and other people suspected me, I had to go with this lady alone into the Semi Valley ......"

The parents who held the fan hurriedly saluted, “First I will represent It Hang totiang and some relatives, to apologize to you. I like you with open chests ...... ”he stopped for a moment, he also said,“ I am Cu Kong-leng who is called Im-yang-san by the martial arts world (the Fan of Positive and Negative energy), thanks to the trust of the friends of the gathering Tong-thing-pang, has been appointed as the leader of the assembly ...... ”

Then he pointed to the man sitting meditating on the ground, saying again, "And that brother is Tan Ih-hong, the leader of the Ji-tok-kau group ...... he was treating his wounds from the bite of a poisonous animal!"

The man sitting cross-legged or Tan Ih-hong kept mumbling. He doesn't care about people.

Siau-liongpun did not care. He asked Cu Kong-leng again, “Did you join the It Hang totiang entourage to invade the Semi Valley? Do you know where Toh-Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay are? "

The chairman of Tong-thing-pang sighed, he said, "Yesterday after you and the Snake Goddess Ki Ih left the peak of Ngo-siong-nia. The Devil Tiger reappears and fights fiercely against It Hang totiang and friends. Eventually the head of Go bi-pay Ki Ceng siansu and Lam Leng of the plant suffered severe injuries. Because we had to, we all raided it and then the battle was balanced. But if the battle lasts long, both sides will surely be equally crushed. Fortunately, the Haram Dragon appeared ...... ”

"You mean the Haram Dragon and the Kengsan mountain?" White Rose snapped.

Cu Kong-leng admits.

White Rose sneered, “It is said that the Demonic Tiger and the Haram Dragon are actually two brothers. If he shows up, you'll be in luck because he won't help his brother the Demon Tiger?"

Cu Kong-leng didn't know who the White Rose was. He was not happy because the virgin had a rough tone of voice. But remembering that the virgin was Kongsun Liong's friend (Siau-liong), he was forced to nod, "True, but the appearance of the Haram Dragon at that time did not bother the group of brave people. In fact, he even suggested not to be hostile to the group of dashing people. After exchanging conversations using Voice Infiltration, they immediately left the mountaintop……”

Cu Kong-leng paused. He looked around the corner and said, “After the commotion from your brother and Ki Ih and then Harimau Iblis, the brave people who were present at the top of Ngo-siong-nia were almost disbanded. Fortunately, It Hang is firm. He still insisted on making a raid on the Semi Valley, finally the brave people supported the decision of the head of Bu-tong pay and at midnight they arrived outside the Semi Valley ...... "

Cu Kong-leng stopped to sigh. A moment later he said slowly, “The group of brave people is divided into two groups that will enter from the front and back of the valley. Because me and the chairman of Tiam-jong-pay, Shin Bu-seng's brother, understood a bit about Ngo-heng's science, we were both placed separately in the two groups. I belonged to the group of Ti Gong taysu, Kun-lun Sam-cu and Tan Ih-hong who entered from behind the valley. While the head of Tiam-jong-pay Shin Bu-seng was placed in the second group consisting of the head of Kay-pang To Kiu-kong the head of Kong-tong-pay Toh Hun-ki and It Hang totiang who entered from one side of the face ..... . ”

Cu Kong-leng stops to investigate the effects of Siau-liong and the White Rose.

"It was also decided that at approximately one o'clock in the evening that the two groups should meet in the valley. If there is an intercept by the devil's husband and wife and their men, to release arrows that sound to give news. ...”

Again the chairman of Tong-thing-pang paused again to catch his breath.

Apparently Mawar Putih was impatient, he reprimanded, "Hey, why are you so lazy? Can you speak fluently? "

Cu Kong-leng frowned, coughed and then continued, “After entering from behind the valley, along the way we did not find any obstacles. Because I was somewhat knowledgeable about all kinds of traps, our group was able to get through some enemy preparations. But when he almost reached the middle of the valley, the chairman of Siau-lim-si Ti Gong taysu because he was not careful had accidentally touched the button of a secret tool ...... "

White Rose snorted, "Uh, again that old priest!"

Cu Kong-leng laughed and grinned, he said, "Fortunately at that time Ti Gong taysu and I were able to quickly face the change. Before we fall into the trap, we can dodge. But woe to the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell immediately finding out about our arrival. Soon there will be an exciting battle ...... ”

For a moment of contemplation, Cu Kong leng continued his narration again, “Even though at that time the World Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell did not appear, Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady of the valley owner led his men to attack. Because they understand the state of the place and there are more numbers because……”

Cu Kong-leng sighed again, then said, “Our intelligence is not enough to face their demonic knowledge, so not long after fighting, we were divorced. Brother Tan Ih-hong and I were desperate to retreat into the valley strait here. Previously, we had released the suitan arrow, but from the It Hang totiang group, no reinforcements appeared either ...... ”

"After all Hun-ki and the four Su-lo are dead or alive!" shouted the White Rose impatiently.

Cu Kong-leng looked at the virgin with a misunderstood look, he said, “Since desperate into this strait, we have lost contact with friends. We are not clear yet how they are. But in my opinion ...... ”

For the umpteenth time, Cu Kong-leng sighed again, "Including It Hang totiang, To Kiu kong, Shin Bu seng and a few other figures will most likely have bad luck!"

At the same time, Cu Kong-leng secretly wondered why Kongsun Liong and the virgin, who was considered wild, cared so much about Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from the Kong-tong-pay party.

Mawar Putih staggered and scolded Siau-liong, "How do we do it? Go or break up the Semi Valley? "

Siau-liong also lost his mind. For a moment he hesitated.

Cu Kong-leng coughed, then said, “At first we wondered why the people of the Semi Valley did not chase the kesitu. But after checking the condition of this place, then I realized ...... ”

"How?" said the White Rose as well.

Cu Kong-leng laughed wryly, he replied, “This place is a dead end. Even though I understand secret tooling and marching skills, I really don't understand their ranks!"

Siau-liong looked around the corner. It is true. The reefs that surround the place rise high with a single slope or vertical. Hard to climb. Even if you can climb up, it is feared that on the reef, tools or a line of Semi Valley men have been prepared.

The siong tree forest was in the middle of a dead end. Apparently it was made by the people of the Semi Valley. The high reefs are also completed with cave holes equipped with secret tools and hidden rows.

Tengah Siau-liong contemplated the situation of the place, suddenly Mawar Putih screamed in surprise and quickly hid behind him while pointing at Tan Ih-hong, the leader of Ji-tok-kau's group, "Look, he ......"

When Siau-liong turned around, Ji-tok-kau's head looked like he was slapping a hud-tim race. From the hud-tim's culture, a fine white powder spewed out. While his left hand gripped a venomous snake and put it in his mouth, “Kresss……” The snake's head was crushed and he chewed and swallowed it into his stomach. Blood gushing from the mouth dispersed a very sick rancid smell......

But the head of Ji-tok-kau or the Poison Eater group, ate greedily. It was chewed by a poisonous snake half a meter long, like a person eating a piece of cake or a propeller.

Siau-liong, White Rose and Cu Kong-leng seemed to have their hearts sliced with horror......

"Tan Kaucu used to eat poisonous snakes. He founded the Poison Eaters Association. His influence was enormous in the Diving area," Cu Kong-leng explained.

In a few moments, Tan Ih-hong has eaten the snake. After gasping twice while wiping his mouth he got up.

"I have treated the herd of poisonous snakes with amulets (tumbal). It is impossible for them to dare to come again. But if the people of Semi Valley who are skilled in controlling the snakes order the poisonous beast to attack again, I will not be able to do anything!" said the head of the Snake Eater group.

The Serpent-Eating Chief kept his hair long to his shoulders. His face is dark green. Of course it was because he liked to eat poisonous snakes. His clothes were tattered, feet bare and dirty. Hermits are not, not beggars.

The Chief Snake Eater ignored Siau-liong and Mawar Putih. But it seems that he is also jealous of the two young men. He walked around and headed to Cu Kong-leng's place, he exclaimed, "How? Can you find a way out of this valley? "

Horrified to see Tan Ih-hong's demonstration of eating the poisonous snake earlier, White Rose was still shaking and hiding behind Siau-liong.

At that time, even in the bushes that were outside the siong tree forest, there was still the rustling sound of a swarm of poisonous snakes, but they did not dare to move. Apparently what the Snake Eater chief said was true.

"This line is very strange indeed. Until now I have not been able to find out the name," said Cu Kong-leng, chairman of the Tong-thing-pang association.

Hearing that, Tan Ih-hong was angry, he snapped, "Ho, you cheated on me! I've eaten and subdued the swarm of poisonous snakes but you can't figure out such a simple line! Uh, how much do you know about the science of the line ...... ”

He paused for a moment and then said further, “You know, even if you are confined here for 28 years, you will not starve to death. I can eat snakes. But what about you guys? Isn't it true that if you don't eat for half a month, you won't be strong enough? Especially that swarm of venomous snakes……”

He glanced at Siau-liong with a grim look and did not continue his words.

Cu Kong-leng laughed coldly, “Absolutely I didn't trick you into getting rid of the poisonous snake. Please know that although for now I can't figure out their lineup, but I have dived a bit into the movement of the changes. Maybe soon I'll know the secret of their line. Even if you can live by eating poisonous snakes, this place is full of secret deadly tools. It's true that the two devil husbands and wives didn't chase here, but if I don't show you the way, one wrong step will surely result in death!"

Apparently the head of the Snake Eaters association was very short -sighted. Hearing Cu Kong-leng's protest, he became silent.

Then Cu Kong-leng pointed around the corner and said to Siau-liong, “Even though my knowledge is meager, but I have been convincing for decades about the science of secret tools and lines. Of the two hundred kinds of lines I've studied, none are the same! "

05.19. The Seven Deadly Sins

According to the direction that Cu Kong-leng pointed, Siau-liong saw the row of tall rocks resembling the shape of eight pointed horns.

Cu Kong-leng said, “According to the state of nature, it is clear that their line contains the element of Pat-kwa-kiu-kong change. But ...... ”

He pointed to the large caves, small and high and low at the foot of the reef, and then said, “What I do not understand is about the seven caves that are scattered in the four corners. The six, clearly natural caves. But one must be made by people ...... ” - he stopped and stared.

"It is said that the demon husband and wife are skilled in using deception to trap people. Maybe this place does not have any secret tools. They did deliberately make cave holes to arouse people's suspicion!" said Siau-liong who couldn't wait.

But the head of Tong-thing-pang shook his head, “The place is very dangerous and is a creation of nature that resembles the shape of the Pat-kwa-tin line. Of course the two demons will not waste it. If you don't believe, try to find the path that you took when you came here earlier. Will you be able to find it again or not! "

Siau-liong was shocked. Quickly he carried out the order. Ah, indeed the situation of the four corners is almost the same. And the dozen trunks of siong trees that grew in the middle of the forest were almost all the same so it was difficult to find from which way he had entered.

No wonder Siau-liong was shocked. His arrival in the forest was to find a hiding place. After regaining his energy, he wanted to go out to fight the demon couple again. Then look for Toh Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo.

So it started ignoring Cu Kong-leng who was studying the situation there. But after doing what Cu Kong-leng said earlier, he became restless. He really couldn't find the path he had just entered.

"If Pat-kwa's line is combined with the change of the Seven-Star line, it's really an incredibly great line. People have never done that before. Given that the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell have great intelligence, it's not impossible that they can unite the two forms of the line. Except ...... "

"Plaque," suddenly the head of Tong-thing-pang slapped his own cheek, "Right! Ah, certainly not the creation of the two demons themselves. The man who created the line, for daring to force it against the calculations of nature, must have died in the line! "

Siau-liong and Mawar Putih half understand and half do not. But looking at Tong Thing-pang's chief's attitude, it was clear that he was really brainwashed.

At that time, it seems that Cu Kong-leng has found bright spots. Immediately he stepped forward to Siau-liong, “If the person who created the line had not been killed by the demon husband and wife, he was a brilliant thinker. But most likely, the person must have died in the line that he created himself ...... ”

He sighed, he also said, "Because he created this line is too violent, in the seven holes of the line is not given a door of life at all. Therefore, even if he is able to get back out of the line, of course he will also get a curse ...... ”

Siau-liong just nodded his head.

"Your judgment is correct," said Siau-liong, "but there must be another reason why that person would want to create this kind of line!"

"You mean?..."

Siau-liong laughed, “That person must be in a daze or he's already mad!”

Suddenly the chairman of Tong-thing-pang clapped his hands, “Good! Your opinion is great. Indeed, people who are absent-minded or crazy often highlight their intelligence. Judging from the creation that is so vicious, only a madman can do it. But……” he looked down in thought again.

A few moments later he said, “The figures who are experts in the arts of secrecy and secret tools, mostly I know. But strange, why can't I find out who the creator of the line is?"

Tan Ih-hong paced back and forth supporting hands. Suddenly he pulled Cu Kong-leng's body, he cried, “Those swarms of venomous snakes will be wild again in an hour. Hurry up and find a way out!"

Cu Kong-leng shook his head, “This place is a dead land. There is no way out at all ...... ”

But the head of Tong-thing-pang still made an assessment. Suddenly he pointed to the largest cave, exclaiming, “If we have to, we can just use this road to get out. But whether the cave penetrated out or was still in the valley part, I dare not ascertain. Also, maybe in the cave there are many poisonous snakes and insects ...... ”

"Don't worry, leave the herd of poisonous beasts to me!" shouted the head of the Snake Eaters.

Cu Kong-leng laughs, “Except for poisonous animals, there may still be water and fire hazards and trap holes that we can't anticipate. If there is only one person, the possibility will certainly perish ...... ”

"All threats of secret tools and other traps, be your responsibility!" Shouted Tan Ih-hong.

Then Cu Kong-leng asked Siau-liong's opinion. The young man looked at the White Rose for a moment and then replied, "Instead of waiting here for death, it's better if we try to take danger!"

Just as Siau-liong said so, suddenly the voice of people whistling was heard softly. Of course everyone was surprised. The whistle was like the sound of a flute but also similar to a tree trunk that crackled in the wind.

Following that, the reef that surrounded the four corners, scattering a thin mist. Carried by the wind, the fog became thicker and thicker and slowly gathered in the middle. At that time, the nature around the corner seemed to be dim and unclear.

The sound of the whistle also sounded lower in tone so that it was difficult to know what it came from. His voice was like a herd of demons moaning in the middle of the night.

The atmosphere in the forest in the middle of the deadlock was more and more scary.

Immediately, Cu Kong-leng's face changed, he said, "It seems that their ranks have started to move. Please brothers and sisters follow me, don't move alone!"

Suddenly Tan Ih-hong shouted, “Watch out! The swarm of venomous snakes started attacking again!"

It is true. From around the corners of the forest, thousands of snakes and venomous animals crawled in unison. While moving his hudtim speed left and right, Tan Ih-hong recited a prayer.

But apparently the herd of poisonous beasts has come under pressure from stronger magic. They ignore Tan Ih-hong and continue to attack.

Because his speeding didn't work, Tan Ih Hong was confused too. Suddenly he grabbed a large snake and was bitten on the head. After drinking the snake's blood, he immediately sprayed around the corner.

The special attack forced the herd of poisonous animals not to dare to advance. But they kept wandering around the forest.

In the meantime, the fog is getting thicker so that it is difficult for the eyes to look forward. And even more surprising. Suddenly a dozen trunks of siong trees vibrated! The longer the harder it is like an earthquake.

The four of them seemed to be in a boat that was being hit by a storm. Their heads are dizzy, their eyes are dizzy...

Cu Kong-leng exclaimed nervously, “This place is the center axis of the line. If there was a change, everything here would be completely destroyed. Come with me!"

Again, Tan Ih-hong grabbed a large snake and was bitten on the head. After that, he spat out the snake's blood in the direction Cu Kong-leng pointed. The herd of venomous animals that were in that place immediately got out of the way.

Cu Kong-leng walks first, the other three people follow behind him. Several times Cu Kong-leng stopped to do research. That way the road is very slow.

Fortunately, during that time, Tan Ih-hong was able to bite to death seven or eight large snakes and each time he would spray the snake's blood to pave the way. Thus their journey is safe.

About an ounce of old rice. Cu Kong-leng suddenly exclaims, "It's here!"

"Until where?" Tan Ih-hong asked tensely.

Cu Kong-leng laughs blandly, "There is no more appropriate name for the place unless we refer to it as the Door of the Hereafter."

When Siau-liong watched ahead, it turned out that what was called the Door of the Hereafter by the head of Tong-thing-pang was the largest cave that Tan Ih-hong had designated. The cave was as high as a spear, four to five meters wide. On the dark side, nothing was visible.

At first glance the cave looks like a natural creation. A clump of reed grass growing at the door of the cave, almost as tall as a person. Cobwebs and galaxies filled the doorway. Gives the impression that the cave was never visited by humans.

Siau-liong looked closely at Cu Kong-leng. Secretly, the young man began to doubt Cu Kong-leng's statement.

Meanwhile, Tan Ih-hong looked into the cave and squeaked, "Hm, obviously a cave that humans have never stepped on, why do you say it's a way out?"

"My eyes aren't nearsighted yet. I'm sure I won't see it wrong!" replied Cu Kong-leng.

Tan Ih-hong did not object but did not dare to rush in.

At that time a thick fog had evenly enveloped the clove forest. Only the shaking sound had stopped.

After listening, Cu Kong-leng said, “If my judgment is not wrong. This cave is half of nature's creation but half of it is also man-made. I believe our movements must have been watched by the enemy!"

"How do you know?" Exclaimed Tan Ih-hong unsatisfied.

"Earlier the line had clearly moved. If we were still in the forest, it would have died by their hands..." said Cu Kong-leng, "that then the line stopped, indicating that they knew that we had left the forest. !"

Then, pointing to the cave, the head of Tong-thing-pang said, “Although I believe the cave is the only way out. But I did not dare to confirm whether we would be able to get out safely or not. Because the cave is full of deadly danger! "

Because he did not understand the science of ranks and the knowledge of all kinds of secret tools, Siau-liong remained silent. Likewise with the White Rose.

Cu Kong-leng steps into the cave. A few steps later, he called for the three people to come in quickly.

When the three Siau-liong entered, it turned out that the cave was a natural tunnel. But the floor and ceiling as well as the walls of the cave there are traces made by humans.

Again Cu Kong-leng expressed his belief that the cave must be the only way out. But he still didn't know what secret tools were installed in the cave.

They moved on. The further into the cave passage the narrower. Also the rays of light, the darker. If the four of them did not have a high level of martial arts, they would not be able to see the situation around them.

About ten spears away, they arrived at the end of the cave. After probing here and there, Cu Kong-leng finally pointed at a green rock protruding on the left, "That's the secret plane propulsion device......"

The chairman of Tong-thing-pang seemed convinced of his discovery. After looking alternately at Siau-liong, White Rose and Tan Ih-hong, he also said, “If you turn the tool, two possibilities will occur. First, it will open a way of life. And secondly there will be an unexpected change……”

"Snakes and venomous beast attacks?" asked Tan Ih-hong.

Cu Kong-leng shook his head, “It's hard to be sure. The spray of fire could be a water disaster or it could be a mountain eruption and maybe we will sink into a dungeon of earth! "

Tan Ih-hong is surprised, "Isn't there another propulsion plane?"

Pun Mawar Putih also urged Cu Kong-leng to check more carefully.

The chairman of Tong-thing-pang complied. He looked around the place carefully. But still can't find anything.

"Ah there is nothing but that!" He said.

Siau-liong can't say anything. So did Mawar Putih and Tan Ih-hong.

"We will just follow what brother Kongsun Liong says," said Cu Kong-leng, looking at Siau-liong.

Since it involved the safety of the four of them's souls, Siau-liong did not dare to make a rash decision. For a moment he looked at the face of the White Rose but even that virgin did not have any opinion. He was stunned silent.

"Right now the enemy has been observing our movements. Even if we stay here, they will still attack. Instead of dying silly, we'd better turn the tool around. Good luck, maybe disaster maybe freedom!" finally Cu Kong-leng agreed.

Because the White Rose was silent and the head of the Snake Eater was also just looking around, finally Siau-liong agreed.

Cu Kong-leng started to raise his right hand. His hands trembled slightly, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. His heart was tense.

Suddenly Snake Eater chief Tan Ih-hong sighed softly and pulled his cloak full of patches up to cover his face.

Meanwhile, Cu Kong-leng's hand was shaking harder. After pausing for a moment, he finally touched the green stone and pressed it.

The green marble was only the size of a bowl. Once pressed it continues to recede in.

The four people held their breaths to wait for what would happen. Suddenly there was a loud shaking sound so that the ground in the cave shook.

White Rose screamed and hugged Siau-liong's chest. In such a tense situation, the virgin forgot all morals and shame.

But until a while, nothing happened. The shaking subsided even more. Apparently it came from outside the cave. After that there was a crackling sound. Ah, the cave wall on the front suddenly cracked and a wide road opened.

Cu Kong-leng sighed loosely and exclaimed happily, “Hello, the danger has passed. Let's go out "

White Rose let go of her hug. With a red blushing face he looked at Siau-liong and then turned his body.

Tan Ih-hong opened his face and quickly followed Cu Kong-leng's steps.

Cu Kong-leng steps very carefully. Siau-liong quickly pulled the White Rose to follow the she Cu person.

The passageway was getting wider and brighter. About three spears away, was a large cavern resembling an underground chamber.

After looking around Cu Kong-leng said, “My judgment was wrong a lot. The creator of that line was not a vicious person because it still gave way to life……”

It seems that Cu Kong-leng is very happy. The fan was inserted in the back again and then massaged the beard, he also said, “Now I am clear about the shape of this line. Nothing but a combination between the ranks of Pat-kwa and Thay-kek. Not at all as I said earlier is the line of the Seven-Dead ...... ”

Pointing to the two sides of the cave wall, he explained that as long as it didn't touch the wall, the line wouldn't move. Then he came to the face of the cave wall and pointed to a rock protruding the size of an egg, he exclaimed, "This is the opening device of the way out!"

With a laughing face, he immediately pressed the stone. Siau-liong and Tan Ih-hong have begun to trust Cu Kong-leng. They feel relieved.

After the stone was pressed, from underground came the sound of a buffalo barking. With a smirk, Cu Kong-leng turned around, "The voice came from the change between Pat-kwa and Thay-kek. Once the transition is complete, the exit door will certainly open ......"

Just when he said that, suddenly there was a terrible explosion. The two walls of the cave crackled. The rocks fell like pouring rain so that the four men could not stand up straight.

"Line of Seven Deaths ...." Cu Kong-leng shouted loudly at the same time.

But he could not continue his words because at that moment from both sides of the broken cave wall, a flood wave hit violently. The four of Siau-liong helter-skelter could not stand up straight. Several times Siau-liong tried to maintain his balance but always failed. The flood carrying rock shards hit him so violently that he almost fainted.

Vaguely he still heard Mawar Putih screaming at him, "Siau .... liong .... Siau .... liong ...."

But the virgin's screams were swallowed up by the waves of the raging flood. There is no way Siau-liong can approach the White Rose. All that could be heard was Cu Kong-leng's shout that was still screaming like a madman, "The Line of Seven Deaths .... wretched door .... flood ...."

The screams of the Tong-thing-pang chief were interrupted by another terrible explosion. The ground of the cave space immediately plunged down. The four men were like people thrown into the abyss. Siau-liong who has great magical power, still unable to do anything.

◄ AND ►

Siau-liong felt that he must die in the ranks of the Seven Deaths. From a height of twenty spears, he was blown away by the waves of the waterfall. He felt his joints crumble and at other times he couldn't remember anything anymore……

I don't know how long he was in that state of fainting. Only when he opened his eyes did he feel his bones break and his energy disappear so that he was not strong enough to lift his hands.

His brain was still so bright that he couldn't remember what had happened to him. He didn't even know where he was at that time.

Moments later, he suddenly heard the footsteps of people walking towards. He was shocked. He quickly jumped up. Uh ...... his legs and arms don't feel like bones anymore. He struggled and tried to wriggle up but to no avail.

At another time he felt his forehead had been stroked by a soft hand. A light sigh was heard and Siau-liong's nose was simultaneously engulfed by a sweet, fragrant smell.

With all his might he tried to stretch a pair of eyes looking ahead. But his eyes were still dim, unable to see clearly except for a shadow of various flowers.

Not long after, the footsteps of the people were heard as well. Obviously the one who came was certainly not the only one.

The delicate hand touched his forehead again and a gentle voice was heard, "Be careful you lift him up!"

Siau-liong felt his back being lifted by two smooth arms to sit on. Because he was still weak in strength and mind, Siau-liong just let himself be lifted up.

Then his mouth opened like a man's hand and then a pill was inserted. He couldn't help but swallow the pill too.

"Take care of him! If you're conscious, call me," said the person who said earlier.

Siau-liong lay down again on the bed. There were people leaving the room. Several times the man stopped. It seems like he can't bear to leave Siau-liong.

The pill radiated a flow of energy throughout Siau-liong's body so that he felt his spirit and energy recover. He quickly took a breath and channeled pure energy. Thanks to having a solid base of inner strength, it wasn't long before his inner strength returned. He immediately stopped channeling his internal energy and opened his eyes.

Ah...... I wish he was in a beautiful bedroom and lying on a bed that smelled good.

The bedroom certainly belonged to a girl.

He was very surprised. He wondered why he was suddenly there. He hastily calmed his feelings to reminisce about what had happened. Finally he managed to remember all the events.

He secretly bit his own tongue so that the consciousness of his mind brightened. Ah, it turns out he's not dead. But at the same time, his mind was chaotic, his heart was very anxious. Where are those two people?

Siau-liong's anxiety was not only because of his ever-closer relationship with the White Rose, but also because he needed the virgin's power. If Mawar Putih were to die, wouldn't she forever not meet her biological mother, Dewi Snake Ki Ih?

05.20. Candidate In-Law Owner of the Valley of Death

He quickly inspected his clothes. Ah, it turns out that the equipment to disguise himself as the Swordsman of the Curse is still in the shirt. Similarly, half of the Jade-pwe given by Toh Hun-ki, is still there.

After calming down, Siau-liong then jumped up. The room was quiet. Under the bed there were two maids sitting cross -legged. As soon as they saw Siau-liong jump off the bed, the two bachelors were shocked. They were embarrassed to greet.

Siau-liong still did not know where he was at that time. But he suspected that he must have been helped by the owner of the bedroom.

Seeing the two bachelors approaching, Siau-liong immediately saluted, "Who has helped me?"

The two virgins were only fifteen—sixteen years old. Her hair is in a ponytail, wearing a leaf green shirt and pants. His waist is a dark green silk belt.

The two young virgins laughed and shouted in unison, "Of course our mistress!"

Siau-liong growled, "Is that your grandmother ......"

"Later you will know for yourself!" said one of the maids.

Siau-liong did not want to ask further. He was more concerned with the safety of the White Rose and the two men. So the two maids were asked about it.

"Stupid! Why does our lady need to help other people? The only important thing is to help you!" the two maids giggled.

Siau-liong was secretly surprised. Of course White Rose and the two men were in danger.

One of the servant girls immediately asked her friend out. It wasn't long before they accompanied a lady wearing a fiery red dress. Her makeup is very luxurious, not like a palace princess.

When Siau-liong watched closely, he gasped in surprise. The lady in the red dress is none other than the girl of the owner of Semi Valley or the only daughter of the husband and wife of the world-Conqueror Devil and the Goddess of Hell.

When she saw Siau-liong was standing in front of the bed, the lady laughed happily, she exclaimed, "Eh, you still have to rest first, why get out of bed?"

Silently Siau-liong mobilized his energy in ready to be hit. The lady was shocked. But at another time he laughed, “Eh, how are you? With good intentions I saved your soul, why do you look at me so creepy? Is ...... ah, I'm a fool, "the lady patted her own forehead," maybe your mind is still shaken by the line of the Seven Deaths. But don't worry. You are now safe and no one dares to disturb you here ...... ”

The lady took a step forward and asked Siau-liong's name. Siau-liong was about to explode in anger. Fortunately at that time he realized that he was no longer a Swordsman of the Curse. He should have acted like he didn't know the lady. Similarly, he must be aware of his position at that time.

The White Rose has not yet known its fate. If he was still alive, he would have been a prisoner of the Semi Valley people. Similarly with the group of brave people led by It Hang totiang. Their fate is not yet known!

Considering their fate, Siau-liong immediately felt the burden he was carrying was getting heavier. Not only taking revenge on Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo, restoring the good name of the late Swordsman of the Curse, looking for his mother. Even now, add to the task of eradicating the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell in order to save the world of martial arts.

Siau-liong's thoughts arose simultaneously.

He had to use a ploy to pretend to be nice to the lady of the valley owner. Slowly he will wait for the opportunity to act.

Seeing the young man pensive, the lady interpreted Siau-liong must still not lose his heartbreak due to the catastrophe of the Seven Deaths.

He took two more steps forward, pushing Siau-liong, “Eh, why are you here? Are you still scared? "

Siau-liong was shocked. He hurriedly took a step back, "Ah .... no .... na ...."

The lady who owns the valley giggled and asked, "What's your name?"

"Kongsun Liong!"

With eyes beaming with love, the lady looked closely, she said, "Uh, you really are like a dragon ... a beautiful dragon."

Suddenly the lady put her arm on Siau-liong's shoulder. The young man was surprised and took another step back with a flushed face.

"Eh. Are you shy?" The lady laughed.

He kept turning and told the second bachelor to leave. After that he pulled the sleeve of Siau-liong's shirt, "Let's sit and talk."

Siau-liong had to obey.

"Do you know what my name is?" The lady asked with a close look.

Siau-liong forced himself to laugh, "That's what I want to ask."

The lady pursed her lips in laughter, “My name is Po Ceng-in, the owner of this Spring Valley. This Semi Valley was a gift from my mother and father. Those two rarely come here!"

Siau-lion just nodded.

"Because I like to wear red, my parents like to call me Siau-hong ......," said the lady in a spoiled manner and then came closer and put her hand on Siau-liong's shoulder, "If you like, call me Siau-hong only...."

"Hm, all right!" Siau-liong replied forcedly.

While kissing the tail of her eyes with a flirtatious demeanor, the lady insisted, "Well, call me ......!" he kept his body close to Siau-liong's body.

Because of being urged twice, Siau-liong was pushed to the side of the bed and could no longer dodge. To stand at the same time, he hesitated. His heart was confused at that time. To that extent, he had never sat so close to a girl.

Siau-liong's face turned red, his mouth felt like it was locked and he couldn't say anything.

Unexpectedly, Siau-liong's shy attitude even made the lady's lust even more intense.

"Call ......" he urged with a look full of love.

"Siau ... Miss Siau-hong ..." finally Siau-liong forced himself to call.

The lady giggled.

"Siau-hong is enough Siau-hong alone, you don't need to wear a lady. Why is your tone so awkward?"

For a moment he rolled his flirtatious eyes and asked how old Siau-liong was.

"Seventeen years!" replied Siau-liong.

"Ugh, the same age as me...." the lady suddenly turned red and didn't continue to say anything.

Siau-liong was secretly restless. He was worried that the lady would ask this and that so he came to a question that he could not answer. It occurred to Mawar Putih, she quickly changed the subject.

"May I know how the lady has helped my soul?" he asked.

"Actually not helping in the truest sense. It would be more correct to ask you from my father's hand!"

Because he was not free to directly ask Mawar Putih himself, then Siau-liong asked in a roundabout way, "Besides me, who else can you help!"

The lady giggled, “You alone are enough. I don't care about anyone else!"

Because he was unable to ask Mawar Putih himself, Siau-liong also asked, "Besides me, there are several other people who fall into that line. Somehow they are now……”

The lady snorted blandly, “Hm, in one day and last night, four and fifty people were caught. Who are you asking that? "

Siau-liong had to explain as well. "One is Cu Kong-leng the head of Tong-thing-pang, one is Tan Ih-hong the head of the Snake Eater and there is still another girl named ......"

Instantly the face of the lady owner of the valley changed, she said, "Why do you pay so much attention to them?"

He looked at Siau-liong's face tightly and then asked, "Did you come with the girl? you ...... ”

"I just met in the middle of the road. Before that I didn't know anyone!" Siau-liong hurriedly opened it.

The lady of the valley owner nodded in satisfaction. But his face remained cold, he said, "Even if the girl with the two heads of the association did not die, but they were thrown by my father into the Valley of Death. Whoever doesn't want to be your father's subordinate, of course will suffer that fate!"

Getting the information, Siau-liong was a little upset. The origin of the White Rose has not died, it still has hope to help.

Again, the eyes of the owner of the valley gleamed, she exclaimed, “Since now we meet, of course in the past we were indeed destined to be. As long as you don't antagonize my parents, we certainly can..."

Even though the lady is a lewd and shameless girl, but when it comes to marriage matters, she still seems clumsy.

When he returned, he gave a wink to Siau-liong and said in a happy tone, “Today, my fathers have ruled the world of martial arts. Our future is certainly full of fun. No human in the world dares to bother us! "

Siau-liong did not answer freely but his heart was very sick.

At that difficult moment, suddenly the sound of footsteps stopped in front of the door. After coughing, the person called out, “Miss, the big madam is coming!”

Siau-liong was shocked. What is meant by the great mistress is of course the Goddess of Hell, the mother of the lady who owns the valley. Secretly he was restless.

The lady of the valley owner laughed cheerfully, “Ah, mother is coming……”

Just as he said that, an old woman appeared into the room.

"Ma ......!" The lady quickly shouted as she approached. She also signaled to Siau-liong, "Hurry up, welcome my mother!"

For a moment Siau-liong didn't know how to act. To bow down to pay homage to the Goddess of Hell, he was disgusted. But if he didn't pay attention, he was afraid that it would arouse people's suspicion.

Eventually he had to pay his respects shyly and say a few words that did not pass.

Since entering the room, the Goddess of Hell paid close attention to Siau-liong. He stared at the young man's face closely, then turned to his daughter, "Do you really like him?"

The lady replied in whispers, "If you don't like it, I'll ask her to be released ......" - then in a rather loud voice, she exclaimed, "As long as mama approves, we will ......"

"Well, mama doesn't mind, as long as ......" suddenly the Goddess of Hell approached Siau-liong and hit the young man's head with Hoa-san's Hitting-mountain move.

No wonder Siau-liong was shocked. The move was not a terrible play and was launched at close range unexpectedly.

But fortunately Siau-liong is very smart. He quickly realized what he meant. So not only did he not dodge or parry, he even pretended to be surprised and staggered back a few steps.

"Mom, why are you here? Is ......!" as fast as lightning, the lady owner of the valley jumped in the middle.

The Goddess of Hell had already stopped her hand. He stroked his son's hair as he laughed cursingly, “Silly child! I just want to know where it came from!"

Leaning her head on her mother's chest with a pampered attitude, the lady of the valley owner said, "Ah, but mama almost shocked people to death, really ......"

The Goddess of Hell looked at Siau-liong again. Suddenly he took out a small bottle given to his daughter, "mama will not interfere in your personal affairs, but ......"-Suddenly the face of the Goddess of Hell turned cold, "She is with a group of people who are our enemies. Must be given to drink a pill first ...... "

"No mom!" The lady refused, “I don't want him to be stupid and confused. I'm the one who bears that one day he will certainly not be hostile to father and mother again!"

The Goddess of Hell loves her daughter very much. So he could only shake his head and sigh and put the bottle away again.

Just as he was about to say anything, suddenly the sound of drums rang out.

"Ah, your father is looking for me. Of course he has received a report about the trail of the Cursed Swordsman and the Snake woman ......" he finished and left.

After the Goddess of Hell left, the lady said with a smile, "Don't be afraid of my mother who has a scary face. Indeed, he is kind. "

Siau-liong admits. Then he said in the softest tone possible, “It's been a long time since I've heard people's stories about the Curse Swordsman appearing in the martial arts world again. I really want to see how the specter is embodied. Just now because your mother said she had found the tracks of the Cursed Swordsman and Ki Ih, do you agree that we should secretly follow your mother to see her? "

The lady frowned. A moment later he replied, “Eh, why did your guts suddenly turn so big? In fact, the Evil Warrior is nothing but a disgustingly bad old man!"

Siau-liong complained but fortunately at the same time the lady followed up with the words again, "But it's okay. This is your first request to me. Of course I can't refuse. "

The lady pulled Siau-liong's hand and asked her to come out. Siau-liong had entered the Spring Valley twice. But the places he passed at that time, he had never visited.

After crossing three streets up and down and several rows of residential buildings, they arrived at a large courtyard. During the trip, Siau-liong always paid close attention. He secretly marveled at the buildings created in the valley.

Suddenly the lady pulled the sleeve of Siau-liong's shirt and told the young man to walk slowly first. Siau-liong was shocked. Immediately he stopped his step. From inside the large room came the sound of people laughing.

"That's my father," the lady whispered in Siau-liong's ear. On the other hand, Siau-liong already knew about it.

"Ih, I don't think they're talking about Pendekar Laknat and Ki Ih," said the lady as she tiptoed over to the back window.

It was late afternoon. The back room is full of lil trees. Siau-liong carefully followed the lady who was already peeking through the window.

It turned out that there were several people in the building. Except for the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, there were also two guests. When looking at the faces of the two guests, Siau-liong's shock was not absurd. It turned out that the two guests were none other than the Demon Tiger and the Cursed Dragon.

At that time, the Cursed Dragon was heard saying, “Your appearance into the world of martial arts, apparently has no intention of being hostile to the two of us. But ...... ”

The Cursed Dragon, who was tall and thin and wearing a yellow robe, his waist tucked into a drowning ruyung, for a moment glanced at his brother, the Devil Tiger.

Then he looked at the host with greedy eyes, "As long as you like to share the inheritance with us, we will certainly help your ambition to dominate the world of martial arts!"

The world-conquering demon simultaneously got up and walked back and forth while supporting his hands. His sinister face looked even more sinister.

"It's not difficult to divide the estate," he finally replied. After coughing for a while, he continued, "But ......" he forced a laugh and grin.

"But how do we divide the book of Tio Sam-hong's legacy?"

Uncle Sam-hong is the founder of the Bu-tong-pay party. If the inheritance book is really the work of Tio Sam-hong, it must be a book that contains the science of the magic sword. It is a legacy book that has no equal in the world of martial arts!

The Devil's tiger, who had been silent for a while, suddenly shouted, "Each one gets half a share, is it difficult?"

Instantly the world-conquering Demon's face changed. His anger almost exploded but at another moment he was able to suppress his emotions again. He smiled but said nothing.

Is the Goddess of Hell who simultaneously arose and said in a cold tone, "If we are currently negotiating on how to divide the inheritance, it feels still too early ......"

Glancing at her two guests for a moment, the woman continued, “Half of the Jade-pwe is still in the hands of the Evil Warrior. If we can't find a trace of him, there's no way we can talk about the division of the treasure. It's like people seeing the moon in water, aka bullshit!"

Suddenly the Cursed Dragon laughed, "Aren't the Cursed Swordsman and Snake Goddess Ki Ih already trapped in the line of the Seven Deaths of this valley? Does their cuisine have wings flying into space? "

The world-conquering demon shook his head: “Speaking of that incident the two of you would certainly not believe it. Even the two of us husband and wife really don't understand!"

For a moment he paused and continued, "Every corner, every corner and every end of the line of the Seven Deaths we have inspected and investigated, but the two men are missing without a trace."

Hearing that the Demon Tiger just laughed coldly, “Ho, what an impossible thing!”

Suddenly the Devil the Conqueror of the world laughed, "Once the Cursed Swordsman and the Snake Goddess disappeared but among the many martial figures captured, there was a young man and a girl!"

Hearing that, the Cursed Dragon and the Demon Tiger arose simultaneously.

"Who are those two young men?" asked the Cursed Dragon as he looked at the host sharply.

The world-conquering demon laughed, “If I told you, the two of you would certainly be disappointed. The two of them are nothing more than young children who are still running noses!"

The Cursed Dragon snorted and sat down again. While the Demon Tiger appeared to stare and said to himself, “Ah, but this time cannot be compared to twenty years ago. Among the young, there are also those who are magical ...... ”

"Where are they now?" he asked the Devil-Conqueror of the world.

The world-conquering Devil replied, "The woman has been put in the Valley of Death and the man ......"-suddenly he waved out the window and shouted loudly, "Hey, come in!"

Hearing that, Siau-liong gasped in surprise. But since his footsteps were already known, what could be done, he had to step inside. The lady owner of the valley immediately followed behind him.

"Is there any need for you to call us both?" The lady immediately called out to her father, the Devil-Conqueror of the world.

The eyes of the world-conquering Devil glistened at Siau-liong. Seeing that, the lady became restless. He hurriedly called out to his mother, the Goddess of Hell, "Ma ......"

The Goddess of Hell smiled, “Stupid slave! Mama is here, why are you worried? "

The Cursed Dragon jumped from his seat and approached Siau-liong he observed the young man from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. Then he laughed: "Ho, we don't know if you have a son-in-law ......"

The Cursed Dragon turned his gaze to the lady owner of the valley and exclaimed in a mocking tone, "Miss Po, your knowledge of self-care is truly amazing. Even though you are over forty years old, but it looks ...... like a girl who is only in her twenties. Really worth being a partner from this little engkoh ...... ”

Suddenly the face of Po Ceng-in, the lady owner of the valley, changed.

"Who told you my age?" he shouted shrilly.

The Cursed Dragon laughed out loud, “I remember when I first came to this valley, you claimed to be twenty years old. Now that I've been here twenty years, is it wrong for me to say you're forty years old? "

Red fade as wide as Po Ceng-in's face. He looked at the Cursed Dragon with fiery eyes and a trembling body. As if about to swallow it ......

The Goddess of Hell stood up simultaneously. plunged his wand into the ground. His face was iron. But when he took two steps, he snorted to suppress his anger. He pulled Po Ceng-in's body to his side and comforted him, "Come here my son, don't mind that old demon!"

The Cursed Dragon quickly raised both his hands to apologize to the couple while laughing, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

Suddenly his face hardened and he turned to scold Siau-liong, "Slave, what is your name? How old are you now? "

In order to save the situation, Siau-liong had to suppress anger several times. But this time because of being treated so by the Cursed Dragon, he couldn't hold himself back any longer.

"Even though I'm only a teenager, I'm an adult. Who do you call a 'slave'!" he retorted.

The Cursed Dragon is a fierce and arrogant specter. Maybe some of the fighting figures have fallen into his hands. Of course he could not accept the treatment appointed by Siau-liong, a young man whom he thought was still snoring.

He looked at Siau-liong with a cold laugh, “I am eighty-eight years old. If you have grandchildren, of course they are even bigger than you. Also, in my position among the fighting, it is not an insult if I call you a slave! "

Habis said he immediately slapped Siau-liong's shoulder. It seems that the slap was very slow and at first glance just a warning from the parents to the young. But indeed the applause was a terrible Dragon-magic-clawing motion.

Siau-liong stood up in doubt ......