Warrior Curse Chapter 01-10

Chapter 01-10

1. Navel of the Earth


Such is the question that always lives in the mind of Siau-liong, a 16-year-old boy who is studying at Doctor-magic-beard-dragon Kongsin To.

Why did his teacher forbid him to avenge his father's death...? The teacher said that the prohibition was the last message from his father, when he was about to take his last breath.

Why did his late father order that? And why did his teacher forbid him to wander back to the mountain? For 10 years, the question had gripped his mind, unresolved.

At that time the teacher was going to pick medicinal leaves elsewhere. Previously, Siau-liong had been ordered not to wander behind the mountain and to practice martial arts every day. Somehow at that time, Siau-liong's desire arose to find out what was behind the secret of his teacher's prohibition.

About the death of his father, according to the testimony of his teacher, was killed by To Hun-ki, the leader of the Kong-tong-pay party. Tong Gun-liong, so Siau-liong's father's name, is To Hun-ki's favorite student. That is the only information given by his teacher Siau-liong, about his father's death.

But why Siau-liong's father was killed by his own teacher, Kongsun Sin-to doesn't know. Siau-liong secretly, promised in his heart, would later investigate the secret of his father's murder until it became clear.

Apparently it has become human nature. The more banned the more curious. And at that age of adulthood, Siau-liong's blood is indeed hot. Simultaneously he decided to survey the place behind the mountain.

It turned out that the road at the back of the inhabited mountain was a dead end. Cut off by a steep ravine.

After being satisfied with reviewing the surroundings of the place, because it was already evening, he went home.

The next day, he came again and began to investigate. There is a cave mouth. The shape is like a cone, top narrow and bottom wide. As he watched, he was surprised. Above the mouth of the cave there are three carved letters:

"Valley of Curiosity"

Now Siau-liong realizes why his teacher forbade him to do so. But Siau-liong became more and more interested. Is the cave inhabited by people?

He was about to enter the cave. Arriving at the mouth of the cave, a cold wind blew so that he shivered. Remembering his teacher's message, he hurried out. But he was stunned when he saw on both sides of the cave door there were some carvings of letters, which read:

“The sea of revenge, hard to cover.

Whoever enters will surely die ".

For a moment he trembled but at another moment the heat of his heart rose. That person is arrogant and cruel. That is the assumption.

Suddenly he was startled by a roar of laughter. Simultaneously a strong wind sowed Siau-liong so that the child staggered a few steps backwards. He hurriedly tried to calm his rushing blood.

After calming down he looked ahead. Ah, it turns out that the cave has occupants. A spear above the mouth of the cave, there is a large hole. In the middle of the hole sat a strange old man laughing. His hand blocked a piece of flesh that was still covered in blood. He seems to be enjoying the meat greedily ....

The strange man got up and approached the cave door. Siau-liong shivered more and more. The man's appearance was very creepy. Human but resembling a demon. The devil but it turns out to be human. Maybe in the world there is no human being more terrifying than him.

And Although standing, but the stranger was only as tall as an ordinary person was sitting. His thighs are very short but his soles are very wide. A pair of his hands reached down to almost his knees. His chest was flat, his neck short and his head large. A pair of sharp shiny eyes were almost covered by her tangled hair.

"Uh, shit, it's better to just go home," grumbled Siau-liong as he was about to swing his steps.

Suddenly the strange man slapped and every strong wind hit Siau-liong until he was stranded backwards again. Her back hurts. Before he could stand up straight, the strange man was already floating in front of him.

“Ha .. ha .. ha Another new occupant! Once the King of the Hereafter comes, do not expect to be able to ask for tempo. Boy, look at my hand! "

The strange person held out a pair of hands. At first it was white but soon turned red and then pushed. The wind smelled rancid, rushing towards Siau-liong.

Siau-liong dodged to the side. Dess .... suddenly the rock that was behind, hissed like scorched fire and broke apart.

"Heh, heh..." the weirdo laughed scornfully, then unleashed four more punches.

Siau-liong was forced to retreat and without realizing it he had entered the circle of scattered rocks.

“Dar, dar, dar……,” eight more punches were unleashed by the weirdo.

Fortunately, Siau-liong can avoid. But the erratic rocks shattered and scattered to every corner!

It was clear that the strange man had no intention of destroying Siau-liong. Each time, of course, give the child a chance to escape. Siau-liong realized that too. But over time, he became angry. He secretly mustered his inner strength, ready to complain of violence.

Apparently the strange person knew what Siau-liong meant. Unexpectedly, he stopped hitting and laughed a lot....

Siau-liong is getting angry. But when he looked into her face, he was shocked, "Woe, I'm dead now!"

It turned out that in his view, the strange person had broken into four people standing in the four corners. His red hand, raised up in a smack gesture.

But the child was already determined to complain of the soul. He hit the strange man. Hi ... he's moaning. He could hardly believe what he saw. The blow hit a large pile of rocks and the rocks shattered. And the strange man disappeared.

Before knowing what happened, suddenly his right shoulder felt very hot. He quickly settles down and turns backwards. Ah. I wish that freak was behind!

"Slave, you are a devil candidate. Your death is almost here. But apparently you are still curious if you haven't even fought!" cried the strange man, grinning.

Then slowly extend your left hand. His palms were black, causing a sense of horror.

Siau-liong shivered. But his tenacity rose. Dess .... it hit. But the blow was like falling into the sea. Loss of power.

The lion was surprised. Suddenly a strong gust of wind hit him. The wind turned out to be the origin of the reflection of the blow earlier. Uh, uh, uh.... his mouth snorted as his body, bounced back a few steps. "Bluk", he fell to the ground and vomited blood.

The strange man laughed and nodded, "Slave, why are you so useless? Come on, get up! "

Siau-liong made up his mind. If he dies, he must die a knight. "Wut", once his hand pressed the ground, he bounced into the air. Hi .... he certainly feels hurt but why doesn't he feel any pain at all?

The strange man advanced closer and Siau-liong had to retreat. But by then he was desperate to reach the edge of the lake that stretched behind the valley.

"Sea of Curiosity"

Such was the sound of the three letters that stretched on the edge of the well. Siau-liong growled in surprise. He remembered the words of the strange man, "Curiosity Sea, hard to cover ...."

"Is he going to throw me into this well?" he thought.

The strange man laughed scornfully, “Hey, slave, do you want to die or not?”

Realizing that he would not escape death, Siau-liong's spirit lit up instead. He's not afraid to die. Bravely he looked at the strange man, he cried, “Old devil, do you want to die or not?”

Siau-liong's answer made the strange man laugh out loud, "Good, good, your answer is exactly right!"

Siau-liong gasped.

"Slave, you are very talented. If not, you would have been able to get hit by my blow earlier ...." exclaimed the strange man, "my blow Bu-kek-sin-kang earlier, contains hard and soft energy. If you are not a pure virgin, do not expect to be able to accept it! "

"I hate all the people in the world!" exclaimed the man again, "but today I'm really confused. In any case, you must not break the rules of this valley. Yes, you have to die once! "

Seeing that the strange person's eyes were somewhat friendly, Siau-liong's guts grew even more. the fun,

“Old devil, I hate the person who killed my father! Tell me, shouldn't I hate you too "

"Don't be sharp-mouthed!" rebuked the strange man, “I like your good manners. Don't you hear? I only told you to die once!"

"Old devil, can I die a few times?" shouted Siau-liong.

"Good! You call me old devil and I call you little slave. We are both harmless," said the strange man, "little slave, of course people only die once."

"Once dead, history is over!" exclaimed Siau-liong.

"Not necessarily," said the strange man, "maybe he has another chance at life!"

"I don't understand what you're saying." Siau-liong not happy.

The strange man pondered for a moment, then said, “First, you must plunge into the Curious Sea. Not for hoarding because I believe you can reappear. Second, I'll give you the science of punching Bu-kek-sin-kang. And third, you can't ask me who I am. And don't tell anyone about me, not even your teacher!"

"Locianpwe," seeing that the strange parents were not savage, Siau-liong changed his name to locianpwe, "the first I can accept. But the second, I can't!"

The strange person frowned and laughed out loud, "Hm, now you've changed your tone. It is not my fault that you are a useful young man. I love your honesty. I know old Kongsun is your teacher. So you are reluctant to learn from other people. Don't worry, I don't want to take your students either. But I want to give you a magic punch!"

"But that means a bond between teacher and student. Ah, don't!" Siau-liong refused.

"Good, I like your stubbornness!" cried the strange man, “I myself am a stubborn man. Now meet a stubborn slave. Isn't this his mate?"

That freak was actually a famous evil scourge. It kills the human soul like stinging mosquitoes. But strangely, when faced with a child who is brave, smart and talented, suddenly a feeling of love arises.

"All right," he said, "we leave the second condition first. Now we implement the first condition! "

Somehow, Siau-liong changed the effect on the stranger. Immediately he was about to undress.

But the strange man was quick to stop him, "Wait first. I will channel my inner energy to you first. If not, don't hope you can come ashore again! "

"No." Siau-liong refused, "Just tell me what to do in the lake. I'm going to go there right away. "

"Slave, do you want to die?" scolded the stranger with reddened eyes.

"Old devil, you really pierced my feelings. I'd rather die than be humiliated."

"Don't be in a hurry," said the strange man, "the sea is the mouth of a volcano that has been extinguished. The lava that has been frozen for hundreds of years, has emitted a source of extremely cold water. One would definitely stiffen up instantly when diving there."


"There are many virgins but rarely whose bodies contain Tun's air like yours. For you, it is not difficult to face such a place. But with the intelligence you have now, do not expect to be able to go to the bottom of the earth to take an unparalleled inheritance in the world fighting! "


"For decades I hid here, just to wait for the inheritance. A kind of scaly animal, similar to Kilin (warak) and dragon. I myself am not clear. The animal has received the essence of sun and moon, coupled with sucking the air of Im and Yang in the earth's crust. When it appears, the beast emits a dazzling rainbow, But he's so agile that I always fail to catch him! "

"Really?" Siau-liong insisted.

"Right! Have you ever seen that too?"

"Ten days ago, I saw that sheen emanating from the crater of the mountain!"

The strange person sighed, “Ah, he was too fast back then. As soon as it appears, it disappears again. Ah, if I managed to get the mustika in his mouth, in the world of course no one can match me anymore. I will destroy all the humans I hate!"

"Ah, it's better if you don't find it!"

"Why?" the strange man was astonished.

"I don't want to look for him" replied Siau-liong.

"Heh, did you forget?" The strange man growled wildly.

"Lupa apa?"

"Whoever enters this valley must die!"

Siau-liong laughed, "Don't forget at all. But it would be better for me to die alone than to swallow many sacrifices. "

"You're a little slave but your guts are huge. Alright. I give in. Get down into the sea. Get that gem or not, I won't regret you. Well, how?"

Siau-liong agrees. The strange man immediately told him to sit cross-legged. Then he put his hand on Siau-liong's back. At that moment, Siau-liong felt his whole body being exposed to the warm air. The longer the hotter until the sweat bath.

Suddenly the strange man kicked his waist. Huak .... Siau-liong vomited blood and fainted.

The strange man quickly massaged and channeled pure air to Siau-liong's body. About an hour later, it stopped. Her body was bathed in sweat, panting. Sit down he sighed.

When he came to his senses, Siau-liong was surprised to see the strange person's condition. Soon the strange man opened his eyes. He looked tired.

"In my whole life, this is the first time I have done something good. From now on, even if I die, I will not be curious," said the person slowly.

"Cianpwe, why are you?" Siau-liong wondered.

"Now go and take the mustika. Although I managed to get it, but I am not an incomparable figure in the world"

Suddenly there was a feeling of pity in Siau-liong's heart. She exclaimed, "Cianpwe, what do you mean by that?"

"Earlier, I channeled magical air into your body so that your Tok-djin's blood-path was opened. Unbelievably, I'll give you Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic too."

Siau-liong growled in surprise. For a moment he was pensive. Only then did he discover the true personality of the strange man. It turned out to be kind and noble. Immediately he knelt respectfully, "Temperature, Siau-liong will look for the mustika."

The strange man nodded in satisfaction.

Siau-liong immediately jumped into the Curious Sea, "absolutely" he shivered. If he hadn't received the strange man's channel of magic, he would surely have froze to death. The water in the lake, called the Curious Sea, is extremely cold.

First of all, his eyes were pounded by a horrible sight. Dozens of human skulls are scattered in the well .... Did they die on their own or were they thrown to the ground by the strange man?

The well was only two and thirty spears wide. But very deep once. Further down, narrower, About 100 spears in it, there was a cave. Weird! The cave is dry, there is no water at all ....

Siau-liong approached the cave. The air is very cold and there is a description. Some of the plants there live in the cave. Look at the arrangement. of course planted by people. The types of plants that grow there, are rare in the world. The leaves are greenish-blue like kumala stone. The stem is like a dragon's beard and the shape of the leaves resembles the tail of a bird of paradise. The flowers are like pearls ....

Looks like a hollow filled with clear water. It is full of emerald red objects that keep on passing here and there.

Siau-liong continue to step forward. Not far away, he arrived at another cave. he was even more surprised. Inside the cave was full of lanterns moving up and down, approaching and moving away. Siau-liong grabbed the lantern that happened to be approaching towards him. But it always expires. The lanterns are like doves. Approached, away. Stay away, get closer ....

The cave is climbing upwards. After walking for a while, he calculated, he must have been outside the Valley of Curiosity.

Suddenly a bright atmosphere lit up. He arrived in a bright room. As soon as he entered, he gasped in surprise. On a stone bed sat a figure ....... a skull. His neck was wrapped in a silver chain with a tong-pay (badge) carved with a meditative skull.

On the wall behind the skull are four letters:

"Thay-day-afternoon science."

Underneath are five lines of the painting. Then in the middle of the room, there was a large stone drum. The surface of the stone drum is full of hidden letters:

"Whoever comes in here, it's a sign of marriage. In addition to the tong-pay and the knowledge of Thay-siang ciang's shot, even on the surface of this stone grows an Im-yang-som fruit. It can increase longevity and magic energy. The fruit cannot be left alone. until cooked. It should be eaten quickly. And only for people who are really married ".

Crossed Siau-liong's mind. If you do not succeed in getting the mustika, as long as you get the magic fruit, it can also help restore the energy of the strange person.

A stone mortar weighs no less than a thousand catties. By mobilizing energy, it pushes. There was a sound of thunder shaking the earth and suddenly the door of the cave was closed tightly. It turned out that the stone drum was a tool to close and open the cave door.

Under the drum there are also some writings:

"The door of the cave has been closed. But do not be afraid. This cave is full of food supplies. Be sure the knowledge of Thay-siang-ciang to perfect, of course you can open this stone floor and get the fruit of Im-yang-som. After eating, your energy will certainly increase. Break down the cave gates and you will surely guard the world "

Siau-liong is very nervous. How long does he have to stay in that cave? But what a force. The only way, he must follow what is written in the writing.

2. Who is Bu-kek Gong-mo .....?

For 360 days, Siau-liong lived in a cave. He did not think that although it only consisted of five moves, but it turned out that the science of the Thay-siang-ciang punch took a year to convince.

Luckily, he had previously received Bu-kek-sin-kang's supernatural power from that strange person. If not, I don't know how many years he will be able to learn it.

He is now 16 years old. Big tall, healthy and strong. On the last day after exerting Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power, he bounced and threw Thay-lok-im-kong's punch. "Pyur", fell the stone floor covering the magic fruit.

The hole under the floor is only a few meters deep. It looks like an object resembling a Sian-jin-ciang tree or God's Palm. The leaves are only two, greenish-blue.

On the trunk of the tree there are two seeds the size of a bird's egg. One red, one white. The fruit emits a glorious ray and a very fragrant smell.

The red fruit contains Yang energy and the white fruit contains Im energy. Only in the place where the earth's navel is channeled, then the fruit can grow.

Immediately he picked it up and ate it. Instantly he felt his body warm and his spirit fresh. Then he sat meditating to draw blood.

Some time later, he jumped up and slammed the cave door. Dar ... the door broke and a hole opened. The joy is unbelievable.

"Temperature!" immediately he knelt respecting the skull sitting on the stone bed.

Only then did he barge out. He was surprised when he saw a creature that shone and emitted an extraordinary smell of fragrance.

Quickly he chased out. An animal slightly smaller than a horse, with scales and one horn, resembling a Kilin beast, was emerging and tapping pearls in the water.

"Wut". Siau-liong quickly swung his back. But the beast is also incredibly agile. As fast as lightning, the beast infiltrated into the navel of the earth ....

Siau-liong continued to chase until he came to a place where the walls were gleaming. But for almost half a day he circled around the place, still unable to find the strange beast.

He decided he should be able to get the beast. If he failed, the strange person who had given up his favor on him would still be miserable. Dead or alive, the animal must be caught.

With the deployment of energy he began to strike. The ice-shiny wall shattered to pieces, but before it could hit again, suddenly the strange beast appeared to continue to attack it. Siau-liong quickly dodged while grabbing the beast's horn. The beast rebelled as hard as he could. His legs twitched around the person's body.

Siau-liong had to let go of the horn and spin to grab the beast's tail. But once flicked, the tail disappeared and knowingly the beast kicked its foot into the back of the opponent's back.

The battle of a human with a strange animal in the earth's crust, has been very exciting. The beast has horns and pointed teeth. So are the legs and tail. It is a dangerous weapon. Once hit, people would destroy their bodies.

Suddenly Siau-liong came to his senses. Such a way of fighting, it is impossible for him to subdue the opponent. It turns the tide.

Suddenly he snuck under the belly of the beast and pinched the belly of the beast with his two legs. The beast was startled and struggled to escape. But can't. Finally the beast rolled itself to the ground.

But Siau-liong does not want to lose smart. Using the Fish-bouncing-into the air, it bounces into the air to step on the beast. But it turned out that the beast was unusually agile and deft. A moment later Siau-liong released his grip, as soon as he writhed up and infiltrated into the ice space ....

Siau-liong chased after him. The longer the hallway, the harder it is to pass. Ups and downs, curves. And when he almost managed to follow, suddenly the beast wagged its tail against the wall of the room.

"Pyur ....!" The wall shattered and Siau-liong had to stop running.

Suddenly the beast opened its mouth a red object slid out. The color is brilliantly beautiful!

That is the mustika that the strange man said during the day. Siau-liong rotates the brain to plan an investigation. Suddenly a swarm of hot wind and the mustika drifted towards him.

Siau-liong greeted with Thay-lo-kim-kang's move. He wanted to grab the mustika but it turned out that the thing seemed to have eyes. The impact of Siau-liong even added to the severity of the mustika which was speeding towards Siau-liong.

Siau-liong quickly replaced it with a blow. After the mustika was a bit slow, he jumped aside. "Bum ...." a pillar of the room was destroyed by Siau-liong's blow. The sky of the room fell and the strange animal jumped back.

And when Siau-liong swooped down, mustika grabbed him again. Siau-liong growled and slapped him. "Bum", mustika sinks down to hit the floor. The floor shattered with holes and the mustika bounced up and hit the Siau-liong who was still in the air.

Of course Siau-liong is hard to dodge. Quickly he struck with a Thay-siang-ciang punch. The Mustika fell hitting the floor again and bounced up again.

What a shame that strange beast. Because Mustika was hit by Siau-liong several times, the animal was neighing in pain. Quickly he sucked back his mustika and slipped out.

There was a tense chase. But in the end, Siau-liong left dozens of spears behind. The strange beast ran into the Curious Sea.

"Blung...." When Siau-liong appeared on the surface of the lake, a figure slid down into the lake.

Siau-liong was surprised because the water turned red in color. Ah, of course a martial artist is a victim of the Curious Sea hoarding!

But Siau-liong could not ignore the man's fate because from the direction of Lembah Penasaran came a scream of horror. Apparently in the Curious Valley there was a terrible battle.

"Blung"........ again a body was thrown into the sea. His corpse slid to the bottom of the water.

After his eyes were used to facing sunlight, then Siau-liong could see clearly. In the valley there were three forty martial arts masters surrounding the beast.

Among them there are priests, priests and martial arts experts. They were preparing to wait for the opportunity to ambush the strange beast. Two people who could not control their lust, immediately jumped at the ground. But the strange beast immediately stimulated him so that they were thrown into the Curious Sea.

The beast immediately ran wild in the valley. Dozens of martial arts masters were besieging with their respective weapons. All their attention was poured on the strange animal so that they did not know the presence of Siau-liong.

Suddenly the beast ran to the rock wall of the mountain. Some martial arts experts immediately use the science of creeping lizard or Pik-hou-kang. The back is attached to the rock wall and then slides up and sprinkles the secret weapon in the strange beast's eyes.

But the beast ignored it. All shurikens, bounce and fall into the water.

Two people who are great at lightening the body or ginkang, they soar into the air and try to slash the beast's tail But the beast is very agile. Once wriggled he was able to escape the encirclement. The two martial arts masters jumped into the air to slash the beast's tail.

But lapse ....

They were forced to slide down to earth again. As soon as it arrived on the ground, the strange beast had already gored it.

"Blung...." one of them fell into the pond. Curious again.

Apparently the animal is still not satisfied. It strikes again at another. Siau-liong quickly jumped from the surface of the water while hitting. Because it had been defeated, apparently the beast was terrified. He was about to run away but lost quickly with Siau-liong who had jumped on his back and hugged him tightly.

There was an uproar about the characters in the valley. They thought it was a water demon, but it turned out to be just a young man.

They came to the Valley of Curiosity, not in groups, but individually and did not know each other. They came to hunt a strange animal that has a mustika.

Seeing the Siau-liong master the beast, they were worried. The young man must be destroyed!

Eight martial arts masters immediately charged at Siau-liong with weapons and punches. Because he was hugging the animal, Siau-liong was forced to suffer bloody wounds from the attack.

Surprisingly, the beast has a feeling of pity for Siau-liong. I don't want him to struggle.

Siau-liong thought that the eight attackers must have intervened incorrectly. Which is in the direction of the beast but about himself. So he signaled for them to be careful not to attack him again.

Of course they don't care. Like eight tigers, they attacked Siau-liong.

"Wut ...." suddenly the strange animal rubbed its tail so that some of the attackers jumped back. There were still some people who managed to infiltrate, able to give a few stabs to Siau-liong. The blood was getting heavier, the pain was unbelievable.

But he was a hard -hearted child. Instead of letting go, he instead hugged the animal's body tighter. His mouth bit the horn. Apparently the beast was angry. He wants to defend Siau-liong. Violently, he attacked the herd of attackers.

Siau-liong is angry too. He mobilized Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic. As soon as he raised his red palm. Suddenly all the heroes shouted, “Bu-kek-sin-kang! Bukek-sin-kang .... ”

Siau-liong surprised himself. He did not expect the blow to be so severe. Nine body figures plunged into the well!

Siau-liong was amazed. Wasn't that when he fought the strange beast earlier, he didn't have that powerful blow yet?

Indeed it happened beyond his knowledge. When facing the attack of the martial arts masters earlier, he was forced to face down and hug the animal tightly. To maintain the balance of the body, his mouth bit the horns of the beast. Unknowingly, he had sucked the blood of the beast's head.

The blood is called Ceng-hiat. It is an amazing medicine found in the world. The benefits can add energy-in.

After all the attackers fled, Siau-liong remembered something. Quickly he slid off the beast's back. The strange beast immediately slid into the Curious Sea again.

Supposedly Siau-liong remembered the temperature Koay or the strange man who had unofficially become his teacher. He hurried to the cave where the stranger lived.

But when he crossed the stone mounds scattered in the cave yard, he was surprised to see a terrible sight. Stones covered in blood, scattered here and there small pieces of human flesh and a body stretched out on the ground....

"Temperature!" Siau-liong screamed in unison.

He lay down in front of the corpse which turned out to be the strange man called Siau-liong as Koay temperature.

Siau-liong sobbed. Her heart is very sad. If Koay's temperature hadn't channeled Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical energy to him, he certainly wouldn't have run out of energy and the enemy would certainly not have been able to kill him. Thus even he who did not intervene to kill but indirectly, was the one who caused the death of the stranger.

Satisfied with the tears, Siau-liong checked the condition of Koay's body temperature. On the part of his chest was destroyed, a large hole to the back.

Only Ngo-ci-tong-joang's magic blow or deadly grip is capable of leaving such a wound!

"Hm, already isolated in a secluded cave like this, it turns out that people are still chasing and killing him violently. It's really unforgivable that act," Siau-liong growled.

And his regret for killing a few people earlier disappeared instantly.

It buried Koay's corpse a good temperature. After paying his last respects in front of the temperature Koay grave, he swung his steps with rounded determination. It will surely retaliate for the death of Koay temperature.

First he went to Koay's temperature cave to pack the temperature relics. On a stone bed, there are two masks made of human skin. As he was about to pick it up, he suddenly saw on both sides of the wall, there were some strokes of letters that read,

“Son! For the first time in my life, I did a good deed to bring down the magic power of Bu-kek-sin-kang to you. But it also hurts you. Because you will never come back. Does God really not allow me to do good ...?

Son, I see your face is not an unlucky person. But, ah, I've been waiting for almost a year, your body isn't floating on the water. But I still believe you will not die. In the last few days I have been wandering around this place. Death has apparently visited my cave ... "

Then Siau-liong read the writing on the left wall,

“Son, I have a feeling that my death is coming. If I die, you must carry out my three messages:

First: don't tell anyone about me. And you have agreed.

Second: Kill everyone I hate and you hate!

Third: Tomorrow next year on the eve of Tiong-Chiu, go to Mount Bu-san, represent me in battle. Old Kongsun appeared several times at the top of the mountain, apparently he was looking for you…”

Until there, no further writing. Apparently the enemy had arrived and the strange man had to stop his writing.

Siau-liong's tears welled up in memory of the strange person's kindness. Suddenly he was startled by a loud popping sound. The valley felt loud. Siau-liong was very surprised when he looked out of the cave. The valley had turned into a sea of fire. The loud explosion that followed was deafening.

Immediately he ran out. It turned out that the martial arts figure who failed to catch the strange beast earlier had poured out his anger. From the top of the valley they threw pieces of tree trunks for fire bait. The piece of wood was getting closer and closer to the cave.

Siau-liong was surprised if the mouth of the cave was covered with fire, it was impossible for him to come out again. Quick he acted. Grabbing a piece of Koay's temperature relic shirt, it kept pounding out. Once he jumped, he landed on a tree. With a shirt, it repels fire. Then he floated over a concave reef and for the last time, he floated to the top of the valley ....

The martial arts masters who were at the top of the valley, were surprised to see that the child was able to break through the sea of fire. They stopped throwing logs and turned to rain on the boy and the secret weapon.

Siau-liong is floating upwards. There was no way he could have avoided the attack. In his nervousness he twisted Koay's shirt — the temperature was like a spin. Unexpectedly, the rotation of the shirt evokes energy that can slap down dozens of secret weapons.

He was very angry with them. As soon as his feet stepped on the edge of the top, he threw his shirt and threw a blow that was covered with the magical energy of Bu-kek-sin-kang.

Seeing that the child's palm was red hot, everyone screamed in surprise and ran away. The six people who ran late screamed in horror and fell lifeless. The rest fled into the forest.

Siau-liong took off his face mask. He sighed. He regrets having killed people. But he could do nothing else because of his anger at the actions of such violent figures.

After a while of contemplation, he finally returned to his place of residence. For almost a year, he did not meet with Kongsun Sin-tho. He felt homesick for that temperature.

"Temperature!" immediately he, for disregarding, exclaimed in regret to his temperature's advice not to walk behind the mountain.

But what a surprise when he found the cave was empty. Some still think that the temperature must be out to look for it. Suddenly he saw some scratches of letters on the cave wall. Obviously it's the temperature writing that reads,

“Liong-ji, I've been home for a few months. I'm looking for you everywhere. I am also more worried because nowadays the world of martial arts has been rumored that your mother has reappeared. The martial world is in danger of another bloodbath. I decided to go down the mountain looking for you, all to find your mother. Success or not, half a year later I will definitely come back here"

From the date listed below, it is clear that Kongsun sin-to's departure was just over 10 days ago. Siau-liong packed up to find the temperature.

The next day, he went to his father's grave to excuse himself. While he was kneeling to say a prayer, he suddenly heard the sound of someone talking. Mount Hong-san is rarely visited by people. And yesterday's bloody events, caused Siau-liong to be careful of people. He quickly hid himself.

Not long after, four old people appeared from the forest. One of them said,

“In your opinion, which one is really Bu-tek Gong-mo? The old man who killed Soh-beng-kiu-su or the man who emerged from the Curious Sea? "

Hearing that, Siau-liong almost screamed. Suppose the strange person who lowered the magical power of Bu-kek-sin-kang is Bu-Kek-Gong-Mo or the famous PENDEKAR LAKNAT. And the one who killed him was Soh-beng Ki-su!

"Maybe both, maybe not all," replied his friend.

"You mean?" the first person to speak affirmed.

"Indeed, the old man who was killed is similar to the Swordsman of the Curse. But strangely he does not have the magic of Bu-kek-sin-kang. While emerging from the sea, his movements do not resemble the Swordsman of the Curse but can release the blow of Bu-kek- So my conclusion is, both may be Swordsmen of the Curse but maybe not all, "replied the second person.

From that discussion, Siau-liong concluded that the characters who came to the Curious Valley did not know for sure about the death or death of the Evil Warrior.

Peering from the blemishes of his hiding place, Siau-liong was startled. The four parents were standing upright in front of their father's grave.

"Uh, why are they standing in front of dad's grave? Are they dad's friends?" Siau-liong asked in his heart.

The child's allegation is correct. The four old men were the teacher's uncle from Tong Gunliong, Siau-liong's father.

The oldest is called Tang Siau-seng. Second, Se Ki-su. Third, Lam Kek-ong. They are known as Kong-tong Su-lo or the four old figures of the Kong-tong-pay party.

They stood upright in Tong Gun-liong's grave with questions. Why Tong Gun-liong, their nephew's student died. Who was the killer and who made the tombstone there? Is Siau-liong, the son of Tong Gun-liong, still alive?

Tong Gun-liong's wife, who is called Coa-sik Se-si or the poisonous beauty of Se-si, reappears in the world of martial arts. When the woman finds out that her husband has been murdered and buried at the top of Hong-san, of course, she will take more revenge on the Kong-tong-pay party.

Suddenly the four old roosters turned and their blood splattered instantly. A few steps behind them, stood an old man with a very hideous ugly face. Her hair extends to her shoulders. A pair of thick eyebrows furrowed together. A red nose, a pair of eyes bulging out. The mouth is bleeding. Dressed in a tattered large-sleeved robe.

Although only a spear behind the four old masters, but they did not know the arrival of the strange person. This is what surprised Kong-tong Su-lo!

"What's your name gentlemen!" suddenly the bad-faced man was paying his respects.

The first figure from Kong-tong-pay, Tang Siau-seng tried to calm down for a moment and then replied with a loud laugh, "We are the low Kong-tong Su-lo and who is this master?"

The bad -faced man's body shivered. The two hands that were raised to pay their respects earlier, were released downwards. Suddenly a sharp wind grabbed Kong-tong's four cocks.

3. The Story of Father and Mother

Kong-tong Su-lo is shocked to see the bad-faced person being hostile. They are ready to face it en masse. Suddenly the fist of the bad-faced man who was ready to be thrown was pulled back. Spinning his body he roared and ran down the mountain!

The four Kong-tong Su-lo are shocked. Who is that bad -faced person? Why would the stranger want to attack them?

There was no way the four old geezers couldn't figure out the strange man's secret. Because they certainly didn't think that the bad-looking person was actually just a 15-year-old boy. Yes, that's true. It was Siau-liong who disguised himself as the scary-looking old man.

Seeing the four parents standing in front of their father's grave for a long time, Siau-liong wanted to know who they were. He immediately put on his Koay-temperature mask and relic clothes and stepped out.

When he got the answer that they were Kong-tong Su-lo, Siau-liong's anger immediately overflowed. He had already mobilized Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic to consume them.

But suddenly his eyes hit the mound of his father's tomb .... For a moment he remembered his father's message delivered by Kongsun Sin-tho. He had to cancel his shot. To vent the lust of anger that had burned his chest cavity, he roared and ran down the mountain ....

Why did his father forbid him to retaliate against the enemy who had destroyed him? Of course there is a secret hidden behind his father's ban. He decided to go down the mountain and travel in the world of martial arts. He wants to find his mother. He wanted to ask his mother for an explanation. He also wants to find Kong-tong Sin-tho, a virtuous teacher who has cared for and educated him for decades.

Yes, only in this way can he break the revenge of anxiety that always grips his heart.

◄ AND ►

HONGSAN MOUNTAIN is located at the headwaters of the Kim-set-kiang river. The waves of the river were so strong that no boatman dared to cross. So the waters there are rarely visited by people.

For days Siau-liong walked along the river bank. If tired he sat by the river. As he pondered the rapid current of the river, his mind drifted. He remembered his fate, remembered human life. Life does not change like a river. Flowing, continuing to flow without knowing what it will face ....

When it comes to the daydream then it is effective at a conclusion. Without obstacles, water will not exert its power. Without the notion of obstacles, human beings will not be strong inwardly. That conclusion is a valuable lesson for Siau-liong.

Suddenly he heard the footsteps of people. Then a figure collapsed to the ground and a painful groan sounded. It came from the forest not far from the place. He quickly jumped up and ran into the forest.

It wasn't long before he saw a girl lying on the ground. Beside him there was a sword, Siau-liong quickly approached. Just as he picked up his sword and lifted the girl's body, he suddenly heard the footsteps of people running closer. He guessed they must be enemies who wanted to chase the girl. Without hesitation, he took the girl away.

About ten li away, he saw a small monastery. The girl paled her face and closed her eyes. Siau-liong knew that he must have suffered serious injuries. Need help ASAP.

He quickly ran away from the little hermitage.

The front room of the monastery is very narrow. Siau-liong had to go to the back cavity. But even there is not enough for two people. What can be done, Siau-liong put the girl on his lap.

While participating in Kong-sun Sin-tho, apart from martial arts.... Siau-liong also received lessons in medicine. According to the examination, the girl's blood path was no longer normal. He provided the elixir of pills but he was afraid that they would not cure the lady. The only way to cure that lady. The distribution must be done four times. Each time it takes four hours. During treatment, people should not be disturbed.

Just a little disturbed, that lady would be crippled for life. It could even be, both of them die!

In order to help the lady's soul, Siau-liong ignores all risks. He took 9 pills, slipped the lady's mouth. Because the lady's mouth was buttoned, Siau-liong had to put his lips into hers and blow the pill.

After successfully inserting the pill into the lady's mouth, Siau-liong began to massage all the blood vessels in the lady's body. Fortunately, at the age that has reached maturity, Siau-liong does not yet understand about the relationship between women and men. The point is, it is genuine and reasonable.

Not long after, the lady realized. He squirmed and whimpered softly.

"Don't be afraid, I hope you muster the spirit. I will help you treat your wound," Siau-liong hastily explained.

At that time the lady was still very tired. He couldn't speak but snorted. And Siau-liong immediately put his hands on the lady's stomach. He started channeling pure energy into the lady's body.

Because the lady's blood circulation was not normal, Siau-liong had to work hard. For two hours, he managed to combine the lady's blood with his pure energy and he managed to restore the lady's blood circulation.

Suddenly the lady screamed, a sign that her feelings were alive again. Siau-liong increasingly harden the distribution. Two hours later he stopped the distribution. By then it was getting late. The lady's condition is getting better.

"What is the name of the noble lady?" now Siau-liong began to talk.

In a weak voice, the lady replied, "My name is Tiau Bok-kun, sir who ...."

Siau-liong realized that now his mother had reappeared in the martial world. If he gave his real name, he was afraid of unwanted trouble. So he answered casually, "My name is Kongsun Liong, just call me Siau-liong?"

While they were talking, suddenly people stopped in front of the monastery. Siau-liong was shocked ... He looked at the door intently.

Soon, five parents appeared, the four, Siau-liong recognized as Kongtong Su-lo. But one, he doesn't know.

Apparently the five men ended up having an exciting battle. Their breaths were panting, their foreheads full of sweat. Once inside, they continued to sit and meditate. Apparently they want to return the energy to face the enemy again.

By then it was getting late.

Siau-liong was shocked. He found that the lady's blood circulation had started to run normally. Of course, the lady was disturbed by the arrival of the five people. If left unchecked, the lady's soul would be threatened. Siau-liong hurriedly signaled for the lady to calm her mind. Meanwhile, he immediately channeled pure energy again.

An hour later, the five old people opened their eyes. In the dark room, their eyes seemed to shine very sharply.

"Suheng, Tang Gun-liong who was thrown into the Hok-liong-koh valley, must have died or been severely wounded. But someone helped him and took him to Hong-san mountain. Now he has died and is buried at the top of Hong-san and Siau- His son's lion is somewhere, "said Tang Siu-seng, the first champion of Kong-tong Su-lo.

The fifth parent, who did not know Siau-liong, was heard answering, "If Gun-liong is dead, his son must be dead too."

Because Tang Siu-seng calls the person suheng, Siau-liong suspects that the person must be the temperature of his father named Toh Hun-ki called Kian-thian-ih-soh!

From his tone, it is clear that Kian-thian-ih-soh Toh Hun-ki is not at all saddened by the death of Tang Gun-liong and the disappearance of Siau-liong. Even though Tang Gun-liong is his heir's student. Toh Hun-ki should investigate or at least mourn the death of the student.

Indeed Toh Hun ki is not evil. It was because he was so fanatical about prestige that he demanded the death of Tang Gun-liong and injured his student's wife.

Kong-tong-pay is one of the biggest martial arts parties. Coa-sek Se-si Ki Ih, Tang Gun-liong's wife, comes from across the sea. The woman likes to kill, causing clashes with other martial parties.

And before officially marrying Tang Gun-liong, she had given birth to a child. As the head of Kong-tong-pay, Toh Hun-ki is ashamed of his student's actions. He had to kill Tang Gun-liong and injure his wife.

Who knows, the action has caused a huge misunderstanding. Not knowing the problem, of course Siau-liong took revenge for his father's death, but because his father had ordered him not to demand revenge, Siau-liong did not want to hold Kong-tong-pay party accountable.

After two hours, Siau-liong stopped the internal energy supply. He suspects that Miss Tiau Bok-kun must be killed by Toh Hun-ki and Su-lo from Kong tong-pay.

He didn't know what the problem was but what was clear was that Kong-tong-pay's characters acted cruelly against a lady. Immediately, Siau-liong's anger erupted against the party. Debt the soul, pay the soul. Such is his determination. But because his anger overflowed. His blood churned violently. So for a while he could not continue his treatment to the lady.

Looking at the front door, Siau-liong gasped in surprise. Somehow, a thin man appeared on the doorstep. His face was like the face of a horse, guarding the pigtails. His clothes are like a priest not a priest, an ordinary person not an ordinary person. His back was carrying a weapon.

"Ho, ho," the man laughed, "Toh old man, quickly hand over the item you want to sell. Remember under Ki-su's hands there are no more living beings! "

Kian-thian-it-soh Toh Hun-ki still sat quietly.

"Old devil, aren't you Soh-beng Ki-su? If you want souls, here are five pieces available. But if you want merchandise, don't dream!"

Soh-beng Ki-su or the hermit of death laughed dryly, “If you didn't remember you were the head of the martial arts party, I would have taken your life. If you don't want to give up that thing, don't blame me for being a savage!"

Soh-beng Ki-su is the one who has killed Koay temperature or Bu-kek-gong-mo.

Siau-liong wanted to rush out and beat the man. But because he was calming his turbulent blood, he had to be patient.

After all, Su-lo's fourth Hun-ki immediately got ready. They plotted Ngo-heng-tin's lineup to take on the ferocious figure.

Ngo-heng-tin, is a tight line, terrible and unpredictable movement of change. In attacking, even guarding. In defending, also attack.

But Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo moved, Soh-beng Ki-su was already ahead of him and grabbed Toh Hun-ki. But he also knew the greatness of the line. Suddenly his grip was pulled halfway as he had to protect himself from the attacks of the five enemies. Thus, the battle went exciting and fierce. The little monastery seemed to be thrilled by the wind blowing them.

Siau-liong was shocked when Tiau Bok-kun was heard moaning. He quickly hugged the lady's mouth. But it's too late. The fighting figures have heard it.

Soh-beng Ki-su jumps out of the siege, He laughs strangely,

"Very nice. The slave girl turned out to be here. If you still don't want to hand him over, of course I'll kill him immediately. Get half first, then we can talk again."

With a loud growl, the five Kong-tong-pay figures jumped in line in front of the monastery, blocking Soh-beng Ki-su. But by fighting face-to-face, the fifth position of the Kong-tong-pay figure is more unfavorable.

Soh-beng Ki-su listens to his laughter which is similar to that of an owl moaning in the middle of the night. Suddenly he raised both his fists. The bones of his fingers are long pointed, similar to the claws of an eagle.

For a moment there was a hissing sound. His fingers seemed to emit cold smoke. It turned out that the strange character had put forth the science of power in Pek-kut-kang. As fast as lightning he hit his five enemies.

"Dess...." the five Kong-tong-pay figures hit in unison to parry. There was a clash of internal forces and the result was immediately known who was superior. Soh-beng Ki-su remained calm but the five Kong-tong-pay masters muffled groans. It was obvious they were suffering from a great deal of pressure.

"Tring, tring ....," the weapon rang. The five Kong-tong-pay masters have drawn their swords.

"Good, good, let's go everyone!" Soh-beng Ki-su laughed neighing. He also pulled out the weapon that was on his back.

Strange people, strange weapons. Similar to a blade, similar to a flying knife. Once swung, the weapon shot into the air. And once his hand was raised, the weapon slid back into his hand. The battle with weapons soon took place excitingly. Luckily they were fighting outside, if inside the small monastery would have collapsed.

At that time the day began to light up the ground. Because it's been two hours, Siau-liong stopped the power supply inside. He sighed. Tiau Bok-kun's condition has improved a lot. He was about to raise his head but Siau-liong stopped him and asked the lady to rest again.

"Old man, this front room is very narrow. Let's just fight outside.... If you win, you can take half the slave girl. But if you lose, hm, hm, five pieces of your soul will be mine!" cried Soh-beng Ki-su.

The five figures of Kong-tong-pay immediately followed Soh-beng Ki-su out.

Because it still takes four more hours, then Siau-liong immediately began to channel energy again. Because he was able to receive distribution, Tiau Bok-kun immediately distributed it throughout his body.

From the sunlight that seeped through the walls. then Siau-liong saw the girl's face clearly. A lady who has a beautiful and cheerful face.

Tiau Bok-kun also had time to look at his assistant. A brave and honest young man. Suddenly a pair of the girl's cheeks turned red and she quickly turned away.

"In-jin," after a while Tiau Bok-kun was able to exclaim softly. In-jin means one who gives up his mind.

"Miss Tiau," replied Siau-liong.

Only two words slipped from the mouths of the two young people. Yet it already exceeds a thousand meaningful words……

Once outside, Soh-beng Ki-su fights again with the five Kong-tong-pay figures. The clinking of guns clashed, startling the two young men. He looked out. The five swords were seen mixed with the rays of the cempuling.

Siau-liong secretly regretted the way the five people fought. Obviously the five Kong-tong-pay figures are inferior in strength to Soh-beng Ki-su, why do they dare to complain about violence?

Siau-liong suddenly remembers something and asks Tiau Bok-kun, "What did Soh-beng Ki-su say?"

Suddenly, the lady blocked Siau-liong's left hand and put it on her chest, she said,

"Rabahlah Jade-pwe this."

Apparently the lady kept a Jade-pwe or Lencana-kumala on her chest. Touching the lady's chest, look at Siau-liong's face. He hurriedly withdrew his hand.

"What's that thing for?" he asked.

"I don't know, I don't understand myself. But what is clear is that I keep half of the part and the other half belongs to Toh Hun-ki. Then they want to take what is mine!"

"In that case, whichever of them wins, doesn't benefit you?"

Tiau Bok-kun just snorted.

"Who hurt you?" Siau-liong asked as well.

"Soh-beng Ki-su....”

How Siau-liong wanted to go out at that time to kill Soh-beng Ki-su, the person who had killed Koay's temperature and injured the lady. But he could not leave the lady alone.

He looked out. The figures are still fighting hard. But the distance of the battlefield grew farther and farther away from the monastery.

"Hopefully they keep fighting," Siau-liong secretly hoped.

Now for the last one, he had to give another inner power distribution. When he looked at Tiau-Bok-kun, he was surprised. The lady's face was red. In that case, when he was given the channeling of inner energy, his face was not so red.

"How's your wound?" he asked anxiously.

Tiau Bok-kun hissed softly.

"Why you, Miss Tiau?" Siau-liong asked.

The lady was getting redder in the face and blushing and bowing her head.

"We ... it's like water meets a lake. This ..." he exclaimed slowly and without further ado.

"How's this?" urged Siau-liong.

After the wound gradually improved, the lady's consciousness began to return again. Sitting close to an unknown young man, inevitably as a girl who is still pure, Tiau Bok-kun feels very embarrassed.

"I'll explain tomorrow," said the lady.

"But what do you want to say?" Siau-liong urged again.

Tiau Bok-kun hastily looked away. After resting enough, Siau-liong also channeled energy into the body of the lady. Distribution is the last treatment. Therefore it is a dangerous moment.

Suddenly the figures who fought earlier, sounded outside the monastery door again. With his keen hearing, Siau-liong could calculate that they would certainly be able to fight for another two hours.

But he realized that at any moment, the battle would undergo a change. So he increased his vigilance to face all possibilities.

During the exciting battle, Tiau Bok-kun's condition also improved. His face began to glow more and more fresh like a flower blooming in the morning.

Suddenly Siau-liong was startled by a horrified scream. When he looked outside, he saw that the sword light was starting to get messy. It was clear that Kong-tong-pay's figures were already in danger. As long as one of them falls, their line will fall apart.

"Tring ....," came the clatter of weapons clashing loudly. Simultaneously with a burst of sparks, a sword had bounced down into the monastery.

Of the four Su-lo, the two jakni Lam-kek-sian and Pak-kek-ong are already sitting meditating on the ground. Of course they were hurt. Surviving are two people, Su-lo and Toh Hun-ki.

In the meantime, Siau-liong still needs another half hour to channel the energy inside. As long as half an hour can last without interruption, Tiau Bok kun will definitely recover completely. But if he was disturbed, his sixteen hours of hard work were in vain.

Suddenly there was another horrible scream!

"Woe! Kong-tong-pay lives alone .... Of course he can't survive anymore," Siau-liong secretly complained.

Tempo is very valuable. In a hurry, it mobilizes all the energy inside to speed up the flow of energy inside. But what a surprise when he heard Soh-beng Ki-su laughing out loud ....

At another time, there was the sound of weapons falling, followed by the sound of people holding in pain.

"Alas, I've been working hard for a day and a night," Siau-liong complained.

Supposedly the man's voice came from Toh Hun-ki. His sword came loose and his chest received a blow then the head of Kong-tong-pay fell to the ground ......

Seeing that with a roaring roar like a frog, Soh-beng Ki-su's sharp fingers gripped Toh Hun-ki....

At the moment when death was about to take the head of Kong-tong-pay's soul, suddenly a loud voice shouted, "Old bastard, look at my weapon!"

"Hi, aren't you Coa-sik Se-si ...!" Soh-beng Ki-su shouted in surprise.

4. Cousu-ya Beggar Party

Siau-liong was shocked to hear that. He really wanted to call his mother but because he was treating the lady he had to hold back.

Indeed, the newcomer is Ki Ih or what people call Coa-sik Se-si (the venomous beauty of Se-si).

"Ah, I hope you're not senile yet. You should have known that the five old bastards from Kong-tong-pay are my great enemies. Why do you dare to be so presumptuous as to kill them? Let them rest and recover their strength and then I'll turn them into headless demons! while they rest, let's fill this void to clear up our calculations first!"

"Good, indeed I'm not satisfied with just plucking five people. Demon girl, look at my attack!" cried Soh-beng Ki-su.

The rays of the sword scatter, the wind roars. The battle this time was more terrible than before. The two figures grew farther and farther away from the monastery and finally their voices were no longer heard.

At that time, Siau-liong managed to complete the distribution of power in the latter. He hurriedly gave the pill to the lady, "Drink and after resting for some time, your energy will certainly recover .... See you again, goodbye ...."

"In-jin ....!" Tiau Bok-kun called. But the young man was gone. The lady burst into tears. He wanted to follow the In-jin or his Helper, but his energy still did not allow it.

As soon as he left the monastery, Siau-liong ignored the five Kong-tong-pay figures who were still sitting meditating. He ran towards his mother's place. But a hundred li has been taken, still he did not manage to find his mother and Soh-beng Ki-su.

For two days Siau-liong wandered around looking for his mother. Because he forgot to eat, forgot to sleep and finished channeling his inner energy to the lady, Siau-liong felt very tired, so when he arrived in the city of Siok-ciu, he immediately looked for a restaurant. The plan is, after eating he wants to buy new clothes.

The atmosphere in the city is bright, the house is decorated with colorful tenglong lights. The street is full of cruise people. Ah, suddenly he remembered that that night was the night of China or the middle of autumn. Full moon-sidhi. Houses make offerings with Chinese kuweh-jiu-pia.

As he walked, a group of boys immediately swarmed around him, cheering and throwing ropes and teasing him.

Siok-ciu includes Su-jwan region. According to the customs of the area, on the night of Tiong-ciu children are given the freedom to have fun and even fight. They use ropes and bandringan. It was heavy but it didn't hurt.

Siau-liong grabbed a rope thrown by a child. The boy immediately pulled as hard as he could but until his face turned red and he cried, he was still unable. Because he wanted to continue his journey quickly, Siau-liong let go of the rope.

"Uh, uh....," the boy stumbled to the ground. His head hit the ground and he groaned...

Seeing that, a herd of naughty children immediately surrounded Siau-liong. Siau-liong is irritated. If silenced, they become wilder.

Siau-liong doesn't want to look for things. He just kept quiet and finally the children were upset themselves. At that moment, Siau-liong kicked the two children and broke out. Despite not using energy, the Siau-liong movement made the two children fall.

"Hu, hu, huuu....," they cried.

"Catch the criminals! Catch the criminals!" the hustle and bustle of the naughty herd screaming while chasing.

But Siau-liong is far away. He spared the harassment of naughty children but he failed to buy food and clothes.

At that time he was sitting on a rock in the forest. Releasing his tiredness, he rubbed the Skull badge on his chest with a grin. The badge comes from the neck of the Skull which was in a cave during the day.

Siau-liong pondered his fate. If another person on that full moon night sat enjoying the Tiong-ciu-pia cake, it was he sitting alone in the forest!

But his stomach groaned for content. Looking far ahead, at the foot of the mountain was a large building with bright lighting. Immediately he headed there.

Arriving at that place he was shocked and hesitant to enter. The nameplate hanging on the door of the house reads Tay-hud-si or the great Buddhist church.

On the two sides of the catwalk in the churchyard, four men stood upright without clothes. Around their necks were necklaces of Skull Badges.

Seeing them shirtless, the shame of Siau-liong whose clothes were torn camping disappeared. Without much thought, he immediately climbed the ladder ....

In fact, the four guards must have seen him but somehow they just kept quiet. And Siau-liong didn't care about them either. He kept stepping into the door.

Behind the door turned out to be a large courtyard. At the end of the courtyard there is a large building. Hundreds of people filled the courtyard and the building. Apparently there was a big banquet being held there.

What surprised Siau-liong was that everyone present there was wearing the same shirt and wearing the same skull badge. In general, they are emaciated, have dirty pants and smell bad.

Siau-liong doesn't care who they are. Most importantly, he wants to sit down to eat. Suddenly two lame men appeared. Holding on to the stick, they approached Siau-liong. Their faces are dirty, their hair is tangled and their bodies are very thin. Only his eyes shone sharply. The one with a lame left leg. One, his right leg is lame.

"Slave, where are you from?" reprimand them.

Siau-liong gasped. He did not know who they were and what place it was. He briefly replied, "Hong-san!"

The two lame men were stunned. Their eyes twinkled at Siau-liong, he asked, "Where are you going?"

"Looking for ...," Siau-liong was about to say 'Looking for mother', he felt relieved and quickly replaced it with the words, "Towards the destination."

The two lame men gasped in surprise.

The first question, answered incorrectly. But the second question is answered correctly.

"Where did you get the clue?" they asked.

"From the depths of the sea!"

"When is susou-ya coming?" they asked again.

Siau-liong was annoyed to hear that meaningless question. He quickly exclaimed, "I don't know! I'm hungry, don't ask again! "

"Please!" unexpectedly the two crippled men turned around and walked first.

The beloved shoots of the fish arrived. Hungry stomach, even invited to eat. That is the assumption of Siau-liong. Immediately he followed the two lame men towards the big building.

All in attendance were silent. Hundreds of eyes poured towards Siau-liong. Arriving at the end of the second room, the lame man knelt in front of an old man whose hair and eyebrows were all white. His beard was shiny like silver, reaching to his stomach. But his face was still as fresh as a child's.

"A wild boy has smuggled in disguised as our member. Please the chief's father check it out," said the man with a lame left leg.

The old man, called the chairman's father, snorted. The two lame men got up and stood beside him.

The old man's eyes twinkled at Siau-liong. But when his eyes hit the Skull badge that wrapped around Siau-liong's neck, he gasped in surprise!

Simultaneously he rose slowly. Holding a green kumala stick, he approached Siau-liong. The young man gasped. The old man is estimated to be 80 years old but still handsome.... But why is his attitude so hostile?

So close, the old man immediately turned his wand. Instantly, the body of the Siau-liong was imprisoned by thousands of shimmering green rays.

The whole audience was shocked. They don't understand why the chief's father suddenly attacked a wild boy with Ciong-lo-ban-jio's magic move?

Again Siau-liong was shocked. But secretly he felt quite understanding also about the attacking stance. In the scattering of rain of stick rays, he can find out where his weaknesses lie. So he moved with a strange step and knew he had broken out of the circle of stick beam.

The old man was stunned for a moment. But at another moment he launched two more devastating attacks. But again Siau-liong was able to escape.

Now everyone in the audience is really shocked. After three failed attacks, suddenly the old man bowed to salute Siau-liong. Then let him into the big room.

Suddenly the old man waved his kumala stick and all the audience knelt in service.

"Cousu-ya has come! Happy! Happy!" shouted the old man loudly.

"Greetings! May you live long!" The building and courtyard rumbled at the old man's statement.

Suddenly the old man knelt on the ground. The atmosphere was quiet for a moment. No one dared to look up.

Clutching the kumaia stick with both hands, the old man shouted, "Party leader Kay-pang from Kanglam, Silver-beard-beggar To Kiu-kong and all the students, sorry for not knowing about causu-ya's visit!"

Treated with such respect and touted as causu-ya or the teacher's grandfather, it is absurd to surprise Siau-liong. Her cooking is considered the causu of Kay-pang or the party of the beggars!

But in vain Siau-liong wanted to give an explanation. They certainly do not believe. What can be done, he had to shout, “Wake up! Get up! "

The silver-bearded beggar To Kiu-kong turned out to be the chairman of the Kanglam branch of the Kay-pang party. He saluted and got up. He announced to the audience that Cousu-ya from the Kaypang party, who had not appeared for decades, was now visiting.

Immediately, the audience's response was heard, cheering with a thunderous roar ....

But secretly they are less confident. Is it true that the cousu-ya from Kay-pang's party who is glorified is just a young man who is only a dozen years old?

The banquet went on. The silver-bearded beggar sat with Siau-liong. The two lame beggars were introduced to Siau-liong. The lame one with a left leg named Tio Thou is called Thiat-koay-co or the left-iron-stick. While the lame one with his right leg named Li Ji is called Thiat-koay-yu or Right-Iron-Stick. Both served as general managers

Kay-pang party of Kanglam region.

After the dinner, To Kiu-kong spoke about the situation and turmoil in the martial arts world over the years. Especially the development of the Kay-pang party.

Kay-pang includes Ceng-pay or the White party. It is a party whose fame is in line with other martial arts parties.

Kay-pang was founded by Kiu-ci-sin-kay or The beggar-magic-finger-nine Ang Jit-kong at the end of the Song ahala. But then the party split in two. One is in the southern region and calls itself Kanglam Kay-pang. The one in the northern region by the name of Kangpak Kay-pang.

The two Kay-pang parties clashed and were hostile to each other. Finally, an agreement was reached, proposing a candidate for chairman. Every three years they meet at the top of Lok-gan-hong Mount Hoasan, to compete for the position of Kay-pang leader of Kanglam and Kangpak. The loser must submit to his orders.

The first figure to serve as the head of Kanglam Kay-pang was Song Thian-kun called Ko-lo-sin-kay or the Skull-magic Beggar. In the match in Hoasan, he managed to defeat the candidate from Kangpak Kay-pang named Yong Jim.

The title of Skull-magic was given to Song Thian-kun because his body was as thin as a bone wrapped in skin. After serving as the general leader of the two Kay-pang party factions, he made a skull badge as a mark of identification. The identifier badge is allocated when it issues announcements, calls meetings, calls a party manager and others that concern the interests of the Kay-pang organization.

Thanks to his prowess, Song Thian-kun has succeeded in defeating the candidate from Kangpak Kay-pang three times. That way, he can serve as general chairman for 9 years.

In the second year of his third term as the general leader of the Kay-pang party, in the world of martial arts, five great criminals appeared. The martial arts world calls them in short terms: Thian, Te, Liong, Hou and Bu-kek-gong-mo. The five are hostile to well-known martial parties.

"Huh, the fighting parties that pride themselves on being White are nothing but hordes of rotten people!" so was the mockery of the five evildoers.

At a time when the big parties are overwhelmed by the interference of the four evils Thian, Te, Liong, Hou, suddenly Bu-kek-gong-mo or the Swordsman of the Curse appears!

This cursed swordsman is even crazier. He likes to kill. The human soul is considered like the soul of a chicken. Because they were unable to cope, in the end the big parties were unable to act anymore. They closed themselves in, each guarding the safety of his own place.

Only the Skull-magic Beggar Song Thay-kun is the only figure who dares to oppose the vicious herd of villains. He sought out the Swordsman of the Curse and fought for three days and three nights. But still no one wins and no one loses.

The advantage of the Curse Swordsman lies in the science of Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic. While the beggar-skull-magic is special in the science of the magic Thay-siang-ciang blow.

Finally, due to his carelessness, the Skeleton-supreme Beggar was swept away by a blow from the Evil Warrior. But even that evil stabbed a blow from the Skeleton-supreme beggar.

Both are equally badly injured!

Since then, the Skull-magic Beggar Song Thay-kun disappeared .... While the Cursed Swordsman was reportedly robbed by the four criminals Thian, Te, Liong, Hou. But the four villains failed to kill the Cursed Swordsman. They suffered wounds and hid.

In remembrance of the services of the Skull-magic Beggar. Song Thay-kun, the Kay-pang party of Kanglam province has perfected its organizational structure. According to the high and low position, each member wears a Skull badge of a different shape. Specify secret question passwords for strangers.

The question was asked by the two lame beggars when they greeted Siau-liong. And when he saw the boy wearing a skull badge, To Kiu-kong immediately recognized him, as a sacred relic of Song Thay-kun's Skull Beggar. Then to test whether the child is really the heir student of Song Thay-kun, To Kiu-kong has used Ciong-lo-ban-jio to attack him ........

The disappearance of Song Thay-kun's skull-magic beggar from the world of martial arts, along with the disappearance of Thay-siang-ciang's magic blow, which is the pride of Kay-pang's party in Kanglam. Now only the science of the Ji-thau-ciang hwat stick is taught among students from generation to generation


The Ciong-lo-ban-jio jutsu or Thousands-elephants-stepping, is the most special jutsu in the science of Ji-thau-ciang-hwat or Beggar-ask-for-sticks. But the move is still superior to the Thay-siang-bu-kek move, one of the moves from Thay-siang-ciang's magic blow.

So just now he was attacked, Siau-liong immediately knew the opponent's movement and continued to use the Thay-siang-bu-kek move. He could easily dodge To Kiu-kong's three attacks.

It was only then that the silver-beard-beggar To Kiu-kong really confirmed that Siau-liong was the heir to cousu-ya Kay-pang. That means the powerful Skeleton Beggar Song-thay-kun reappears.

Joy To Kiu-kong is hard to describe!

This year Hoasan will hold a competition to grab the position of General Chief of Kay-pang. So all the important figures from the students of Kay-pang in the Kanglam area gathered.

They want to discuss and determine the champion to be submitted to Hoasan. To prevent the smuggling of outsiders, every member who comes must take off their clothes and wear a necklace with a skull insignia.

Thus To Kiu-kong ended his speech.

At that time, Siau-liong was really gripped by various feelings. Surprise, shock, joy, sadness, anxiety mingled filled his heart cavity.

He became the heir of the Skull-magic Beggar Song Thian-kun. But also be a disciple of Koay temperature or the Cursed Swordsman. Even though the two figures during his life, were hostile to each other.

He also turned out to be the son of the beautiful woman Ki Ih who was hostile to the fighting parties. Then as the heir of Song Thay-kun's magical Skull Beggar, he is considered the head of the Kay-pang party of Kanglam district. He was friendly with the fighting parties and hostile to the Kay-pang party of Kangpak district.

But as a disciple of the Cursed Swordsman and a prince of Ki Ih, he must be hostile to all human beings in the world!

Ah, how should he act ...?

To the Kay-pang people, he claims to be named Kongsun Liong. He also narrated his experience of entering the belly of the earth and acquiring the knowledge of the magic blow of Thay-siang-ciang .... Only about his meeting with Koay the temperature of the Cursed Swordsman, he did not tell them.

Now all members of Kay-pang realize that their leader, the powerful Skeleton Beggar Song Thian-kun, is dead. And also believe that the young man really received the knowledge inherited from Song Thay-kun. Thus the Kay-pang party of the Kang-lam area will be victorious again. They have found a new successor!

There had never been a Kay-pang member gathering party for the Kanglam region in years, as lively and joyful as it was then. The frenzy of joy reverberated far beyond the monastery....

Suddenly from outside the door of the monastery there was a burst of laughter. A distinctive tone.

"Ah, he's coming," To Kiu-kong laughed.

"Who?" Siau-liong asked.

"One of the members of our party's general manager is Siau-kay To Tay-tong."

Siau-kay or the laughing Beggar Tio Tay-tong steps in and pays his respects to To Kiu-kong then suddenly exclaims, “The world is in turmoil! The world is in turmoil. "

"I really thought you brought some amazing news. Come on, hurry up and pay your respects to cousu-ya first!" exclaimed To Kui-kong.

Looking at Siau-liong, the beggar-laughing growled. But when he saw the skull badge on Siau-liong's chest, he quickly knelt down to pay his respects.

Siau-liong felt awkward. He asked not to be called Cousu-ya or grandpa teacher. But To Kiu-kong said that the title was indeed given to the late Magical Skeleton Beggar. Because Siau-liong was considered as his successor, he had to accept that title.

Then To Kiu-kong asked Beggar-laughing for an explanation, “What do you mean, saying the world is in chaos earlier?”

Beggar-laughing Tio Tay-tong laughed loudly, he replied, “With Cousu-ya's appearance, it will definitely be even more crowded!”

"Hurry up and say it!" tukas To Kiu-kong.

"All the same wrestlers are reappearing. The wrestling world will definitely be flooded with blood! Isn't the world in chaos?" exclaimed the beggar-laughing.

Everyone was shocked. Some even shivered.

"It is said that the beautiful-poisonous Ki Ih appeared in the Siok-ciu area. The five great criminals in the 20s, namely Thian, Te, Liong, Hou and Pendekar Laknat appeared again. Kay-se Thian-mo and Te-gak Lo Keng-san Siat-liong and Hou-pik Kau-hun, demonstrated in Se-pak. Then the Cursed Swordsman appeared on Hoa-san's mountain. According to the news, the Cursed Swordsman appeared twice. a blow alone has destroyed a dozen lihay figures. Try to say, won't the world be in chaos? "

"Hongsan? Didn't Cousu-ya also come from that mountain? Did Cousu-ya know about that?" To Kiu-kong asked Siau-liong.

"This... because I have been under the mountain for almost a year, I have never heard anything," answered Siau-liong.

The merry-go-round atmosphere of the banquet, abruptly turned into a tense, anxious anxious. In the middle of all the restless people, suddenly in the air echoed again a very loud laughter.

Everyone is shocked. They looked around the corner but saw nothing. Siau-liong and some Kay-pang figures immediately stepped out.

Under the light of the full moon, there was a strange man standing on the top of the house. The person is wearing blue clothes. His face was covered with a black cloth.

Siau-liong quickly jumped to his feet followed by To Kiu-kong, Beggar-laughing, Tio Thau's left-iron-wand, Li Ji-right-iron-wand and others.

Siau-liong was surprised to see the mysterious immigrant. By the time he was about to reprimand, suddenly the strange man had launched two blows at him. The left hand strikes with a Toh-beng-han-kong or life-taking-cold-rays. The right hand hits with a Kian-gun-it-biat move or a World-Melting shot!

Siau-liong was forced to take a step back, Seeing that the attack was so great, he guessed that this person was certainly not a random figure. He wanted to say hello but again the person attacked him again.

Two of his hands followed after throwing blows with strange and powerful moves. In an instant, nine chain punches and six kicks had been struck.

Siau-liong didn't have time to ask again. It sticks once to the reliability of the person. Immediately he retaliated with the Gun-go-ciang blow knowledge taught by his teacher Kongsun Sin-to which consists of 36 moves.

But that mysterious person has amazing agility. His strokes are very strange, full of unpredictable changes.

Just about an hour after being crowned as Kay-pang's leader, Siau-liong has already undergone a severe test. He secretly admired the man's magic.

But he is secretly ashamed of Kay-pang's men because they have fought a hundred moves and still can't defeat their opponents. The embarrassment aroused Siau-liong's anger ......

5. Skull Row

TO KIU-KONG gasped.

In the past, the science of the Thay-siang-ciang blow played by the late Pengemis Tengkorak, was not as terrible as that launched by Siau-liong at that time.

But the magic of the veiled person is not as if it were. Indeed, when faced with Thay-lo-kim-kong-ciang's sprinkling, he staggered back three steps. But after that, he leapt forward again.

Siau-liong is angry. Quickly he soared into the air. After turning around, he dived and was ready to launch the second move: Siu-lo-pan-cha.

Upon seeing a pair of shiny red Siau-liong palms, To Kiu-kong and his friends shout in surprise: Bu-kek-sin-kang!

Actually, Siau-liong doesn't want to use Bu-kek-sin-kang's punching science. Because it will cause him to be known to people. But because the enemy was too powerful, he was forced to issue a blow of the magic power.

To Kiu-kong was surprised. He thought the hooded man must have been crushed. But unexpectedly, the mysterious person laughed shrillly, avoiding the side and meeting Siau-liong's punch from the side.

"Dess....," again there was a clash between hard magic power versus soft magic power. And the blow of the Siau-liong dispersed....

Siau-liong more surprised. How clever that person is! Siau-liong secretly seemed to have known that person's laughter and movements. But somehow, he forgot. And what particularly fascinated Siau-liong was the soft-force that this person possessed. Truly he had never seen.

To Kiu-kong and his entourage are shocked to see Siau-liong stunned in silence. But before they could act, the stranger had already thrown himself a few spears back. Then with three locatans, it had already escaped.

Siau-liong quickly chased.

To Kiu-kong stuttered. It was dangerous to let their leader go after him alone. Immediately he invited his men to follow. But despite infiltrating the forest across the mountain, they couldn't find their leader and the strange person.

Suddenly from the southeast there was a loud scream. To Kiu-kong and his men immediately headed there. They arrived at a small temple at the foot of the mountain. The surroundings are full of cypress trees and bamboo forests. The people called it Thing-si-poh or the temple of the Coffin Keeper. The suit was clearly from that temple.

By that time the moon was leaning west. The atmosphere around the temple, very scary. Even a prodigy like To Kiu-kong, secretly shivered in his heart.

But that sense of dread soon disappeared when he realized that the loud whistle was clearly from a silat expert who had a powerful lwekang. To Kiu-kong immediately approached the temple. And when snooping into the temple, To Kiu-kong and his men almost fainted.... Soh-beng Ki-su who looked like a corpse, was circling between the coffins because he was about to pounce on the beautiful virgin Tiau Bok-kun !

In the temple room there are no less than two hundred coffins. Tiau Bok-kun is famous for his magical body lightening knowledge. That's why the martial arts praised her with the title of Goddess of Lightning.

Somehow at first Tiau Bok-kun was chased by Soh-beng Ki-su in the temple. Fortunately, thanks to her magical ginkang, the lady was able to sneak between the coffins until Soh beng Ki-su roared like a hungry lion.

Should To Kiu kong not be able to hug his hand watching the lady be threatened by Soh-beng Ki-su who is famous as Hwat-giam-lo-ong or Giam-lo-ong alive (King of the Hereafter). But the Kay-pang leader also realizes that if one blow can't destroy Soh-beng Ki-su, the consequences are dangerous. Kay-pang will certainly add to getting a vicious enemy.

Soh-beng Ki-su seems to be furious. His ten fingers that were pointed like eagle's claws, hissing out the smoke of Pek-kut-kang or the magic of Tulang-putih began to be launched!

Under the scattering of Pek-kut-kang's magic, Tiau Bok-kun used to suffer wounds. Fortunately at that time he met and was helped by Siau-liong.

Tiau Bok-kun's face turned pale.

"Cress ....," Soh beng Ki-su suddenly grabbed. And at the same time, To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar immediately want to jump to help Tiau Bok-kun. But, uh ... they had to stop moving.

It turned out that Soh-beng Ki-su's grip was not aimed at Tiau Bok-kun but to a coffin on his right.

"Crack ....," the wood of the crate's lid melted flying to the four corners ....

It seems that Soh-beng Ki-su's only goal is to show off how powerful his grip is so that the lady just gives up. That's what To Kiu-kong suspected. But it turned out that the assumption was wrong.

After smashing the lid of the crate, Soh-beng Ki-su's fingers keep emitting a flow of magical energy into the crate. Suddenly the corpse in the coffin woke up.

In a temple in the middle of the forest containing two hundred coffins, it was enough to make the guts fall out. Moreover, a corpse can get up and sit. To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar almost fell silent....

Out of fear Tiau Bok-kun screamed. But because Soh-beng Ki-su was blocking his way, he was forced to slip back behind two coffins.

Soh-beng Ki-su raised his hand and the skull stood up and jumped out of his coffin.

Hi! Does Soh-beng Ki-su have magic?

No! That science is called Pek-kut-kang magic power or White Bone science. The science is based on the practice of inhaling the phosphorus of corpses that have become skulls. With that training, Soh-beng Ki-su can move the corpse and be ruled according to his will. Among other things, he was told to fight and attack people!

Soh-beng Ki-su turned on the skulls and ordered them to surround Tiau Bok-kun. Among the corpses that were revived, there were several skull skeletons whose flesh had not yet been destroyed. In addition to the horrible ujut, it also smells not absurd .... 

Tiau Bok-kun shivered. His jaw twitched hard. Clenching his fists and holding his sword tightly, he got ready.

After reviving the skulls, Soh-beng Ki-su immediately shouted to give orders. A skeleton figure immediately played with his two bones attacking Tiau Bok-kun. The lady was not afraid. He wielded his sword in a whirlwind. But just as the pair of skull arm bones were about to be slashed, Soh-beng Ki-su suddenly moved his left hand and shouted in command, "Si-heng pian-yap..."

The skull on the left, whose flesh was still attached, immediately attacked Tiau Bok-kun. The foul smell filled the room.

Great and horrible! Under the command of Soh-beng Ki-su's hand movements, the still fleshy skull was able to attack with Pek-kut-kang's great punch skill.

The lady did not rush to parry. Luckily he has a great ginkang and a sharp brain. Suddenly he bent backwards until his back was level with the ground. The sword is crossed to guard the body. Then with an extraordinary movement, he bounced forward and broke through the encirclement, through the gap of the two skull figures.

But the lady's efforts did not help much. Only a few seconds he could breathe a sigh of relief or he was surprised to find behind him was a temple wall. There's no way he can jump back. While the five skulls with only two or three jumps, are already lined up to block Tiau Bok-kun. Although the skulls were no longer eyed, but their faces, which were aimed at the lady, did not change like people who could see.

When Tiau Bok-kun was being cornered, Soh Beng Ki-su was also actively destroying the lids of several more coffins. Dozens of skulls jumped out of their respective crates. There are those whose faces are crushed but their noses are crooked but the mouth is still attached with a long beard. In short, anyone who witnessed the scene at that time, would surely faint or die!

Dozens of corpses and skulls that were incoherent, swarmed around Tiau Bok-kun. No matter how great the lady's ginkang knowledge was, it was unlikely that she would be able to escape the siege of the Si-mo-tin line or the Tengk-rak line.

To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar had the same plan. The only way to help the lady. only by apprehending Soh-beng Ki-su.

But both realized that even if they both advanced in unison, they would not necessarily be able to defeat Soh-beng Ki-su.

To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar really tormented his mind. Doesn't help, doesn't bother. But even helping doesn't necessarily work. And that failure had big repercussions for the Kay-pang party.

But can they just hug? Ah, that act is contrary to the soul of a knight!

But before the two act, suddenly five shadow figures float in from the top of the wall and line up behind Soh-beng Ki-su. They are none other than the chief Kong-tong-pay To Hun-ki and the fourth Kong-tong Su-lo.

Simultaneously Soh-beng Ki-su turned around, “Oho, heaven is wide open, you chose to go to Hell instead. Old bastard, give up your soul!"

Soh-beng Ki-su or the Life-Destroyer Hermit moves a pair of his pointed fingers. Suddenly thousands of white claws scattered towards the five figures of the Kong-tong-pay party. Kui-ing-tong-tong or Shadow-of-the-devil-passing-by, is the trick played by the crazy hermit.

Tiau Bok-kun doesn't want to waste such a good opportunity. When Soh-beng Ki-su was busy dealing with the five characters of Kong-tong-pay, the lady immediately played the sword in Sip-hong-sip-u or Ten-wind-ten-rain to break the siege of the commandless skeletons.

But the lady's gesture did not escape the vicious hermit's supervision. As eyes grew on his back, Soh-beng Ki-su immediately gave the order to the Skull line, "Cui-si-kui-gok."

Hearing the command of Cui-si-kui-gok or the demon-crying corpse, the line of Skulls immediately attacked Tiau Bok-kun again. And strangely, the skull that pioneered the attack was able to dodge when Tiau Bok-kun cut it. They remain stimulating forward.

Tiau Bok-kun is getting nervous. He plays Hong-u-put-thou or rain-invincible to protect himself....

In the meantime, To Hun-ki and the four Su-lo, with difficulty can avoid the vicious hermit's attack. But before he could retaliate, Soh-beng Ki-su had already attacked him while giving command to the Skull line. But because his attention was somewhat divided in giving command and attacking himself, mala lessened the severity of the attack by the Skull line and Soh-beng Ki-su himself. That way Tiau Bok-kun can survive for a while.

As mentioned in the front page, when facing the beautiful woman Ki Ih, Soh-beng Ki-su was forced to retreat and flee into the temple. In fact he was about to prepare a line of Skulls to kill the woman. But unexpectedly, Tiau-Bok-kun steps inside. Seeing that, he continued to pounce on the lady ....

The lady's late father had left a Jade-pwe or Pending Kumala. The lady had no idea that the Jade-pwe was actually an heirloom storage place. To Hun-ki has already got half the share. If he could snatch the half of what belonged to Tiau Bok-kun, surely he would be able to find the treasure chest. If successful, not only Ki Ih's beautiful woman, even the five famous criminals can be subdued.

In order to build the prestige of Kong-tong-pay's success and the fate of the martial arts world, To Hun-ki works hard to obtain the Jade-pwe. When the object fell into the hands of the Life-Taker Hermit, the consequences were horrible. Soh-beng Ki-su is like a tiger growing wings.

But Tiau Bok-kun also desperately defends his parents' legacy. Then there was an exciting chase event.

The battle between Tiau Bok-kun against the Skull line and the five figures of Kong-tong-pay against the Life-Destroyer Hermit, lasted until several dozen moves To Hun-ki could not win and Tiau Bok-kun could not run away. Is To Hun-ki unaware of his position?

No! To Hun-ki knows that he can't win. But he still fights in order to give Tiau Bok-kun a chance to escape. When the lady escaped, she would still have a chance to grab Jade-pwe.

To give the lady a chance to run, To Hun-ki lures the opponent to compete outside the temple. But the vicious hermit did not want to be tricked. He laughed scornfully and kept stimulating the five Kong-tong-pay figures.

To Hun-ki remembers the tempo of fighting alone against the hermit, he can survive up to 30 moves. Immediately it made a decision. The four Su-lo are told to help the lady escape from the siege of the Skull line. While Soh-beng Ki-su wants to face it himself.

But dealing with slippery humans like Soh beng Ki-su, To Hun-ki really died. Before he could carry out his plan, Soh-beng Ki-su had pushed the five Kong-tong-pay figures vigorously and led them into the ranks of the Skeletons.

Seeing the atmosphere of the battle, To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar could no longer remain silent. But before they could act, again a woman in a white shirt appeared, wearing a black veil and wielding a San-tiam-kiam sword.

"Ki Ih the beautiful Snake!" At the same time, everyone screamed in shock. Only Tiau Bok-kun doesn't know who this strange woman is.

Before the woman stood up straight, her sword had already rushed towards the row of Skeletons. Two or three skull figures, shattered....

Soh-beng Ki-su quickly pulls out his piau or passer-shaped weapon to greet.

Ten years ago, the science of the San-tiam-kiam sword or the Lightning Sword of Ki Ih was already famous. Now, after 10 years, it is definitely much better. Swordsmanship is always the opposite of ordinary swordsmanship. An empty movement turns out to be a real movement and a movement that seems real seems to be empty.

A wave of sword rays and a terrible roar of wind increasingly dominated the rays of Soh-beng Ki-su's weapon. But the hermit is not a soft opponent. With Pek-kut-kang's knowledge, he was able to order the Skull line to break up into small groups to enclose each opponent. With the help of the Skull line, Soh-beng Ki-su is able to improve his desperate position.

Ki Ih is indeed lihay but no matter how she is a woman. Faced with very creepy skulls, his heart was also horrified so that his sword game was a bit slow.

Seeing that Ki Ih's swordplay was not so steady anymore, Soh-beng Ki-su immediately intensified his attacks and managed to master the opponent's game.

Ki Ih was desperate but there, Tiau Bok-kun and the five Kong-tong-pay figures managed to knock down seven eight skull figures.

Soh-beng Ki-su was getting worried. If Tiau Bok-kun escapes, his plans will be ruined. Thinking of that, his attention was somewhat divided. This situation cannot be separated from Ki Ih's observation. With a few attacks he can change his position. From being attacked to being an assailant.

Soh-beng Ki-su is really nervous. He hurriedly flung his claws towards the row of coffins. No less than 30 coffins had their lids smashed and the corpses in them immediately jumped out to attack the enemy.

The life-destroying hermit laughed in horror and the line of Skulls then roared, crying like a demon moaning ....

With the emergence of the aid line, Ki Ih and the Kong-tong-pay entourage are desperate again. They are more defensive than attacking ....

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter. As everyone gasped, a figure in a mob robe, floated into the space. The movement is agile and doesn't make a sound.

Everyone was shocked and the most surprised herself was Soh-beng Ki-su. He could hardly believe what he saw.

"Ah, no way! Didn't I beat him to death in Hong-san's mountain valley? It's impossible for the dead to come back to life," he argued in his heart.

"Who are you, hi!" he rebuked harshly to calm his trembling heart.

Wut.... the weirdo replied with a thump of his sleeve. A flash of red light flashed and two and thirty skulls immediately shattered into ashes….

"Swordsman of the Curse!" exclaimed Soh-beng Ki-su in surprise.

"Hm, right! Indeed the person you killed didn't die!" said the strange man.

"Then who died?"

The strange man was stunned for a moment, he replied, "an innocent old man!"

Soh-beng Ki-su is getting scared. Finally he shouted, "What do you want to come here?"

The strange man laughed loudly. The shrine room trembled.

"I want to avenge the old man's death!" he said as he pushed with both hands. A roll of hot air hit and destroyed the remnants of the Skull line ....

Tiau Bok-kun doesn't want to waste the opportunity. Quickly he slipped out. To Hun-ki and the fourth Su-lo follow to escape. Seeing the head of Kong-tong-pay run away, Ki Ih quickly chases ....

To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar who watched over the temple wall, silently wondered. It used to feel that the Swordsman of the Curse was not that tall. But if you look at the science of Bu-kek-sin-kang's punch that was launched, it is true that Pendekar Laknat.

Indeed, this was understandable because the two beggar figures certainly could not have imagined that the Evil Swordsman who appeared at that time was none other than Siau-liong himself.

That was the second time he disguised himself as the Swordsman of the Curse. And for the second time he met his mother. Unfortunately, he did not know that the woman with the veil was Ki Ih, his own mother. But if he knew, he would not be free to talk because he was still disguised as the Swordsman of the Curse.

After they left, only then did Siau-liong gasp. He was suspicious of the hooded woman's movements. Quickly he decided, first kill the Life-Winning Hermit, and then chase after the veiled woman who he assumed must be his mother.

He attacked Soh-beng Ki-su with the Sin-liong-thay-san or Dragon-mighty-mountain-Thaysan stance. But the Hermit was not a weak character. He did not want to use a weapon but with his hands that resembled the claws of an eagle. He measures the opponent's blow with ten fingers that are channeled with the magical power of Pek-kut-kang or Bone-white.

Siau-liong still can't control Bu-kek-sin-kang's lwekang. He only knows how to use that magical energy in a hard way. As a result he suffered. He staggered back four steps. His blood was turbulent.

Soh-beng Ki-su also took a step back. Only his suffering was less than that of the opponent.

After calming down, Siau-liong set up a strategy. His body moved to the right and left and then his hands settled down. Suddenly his hand was reversed slapping his left. Ah, it turns out he launched a Flip-the-sky shot. From eight corners, a hot wind blew towards Soh beng Ki-su ....

Soh-beng Ki-su quickly retreated. He knew that Pek-kut-kang's punching skills were useless against the Evil Warrior. Immediately he used the Yang-kek-im-seng or Eve-positive-turned-Negative stance. That move is one of the great moves of the Thay-im-ki-bun-sip-pat-hoan stroke which consists of eighteen moves.

There was a loud explosion when two blows of opposite nature collided with each other ....

The slap from the left didn't work, Siau-liong quickly replaced it with a slap from the right. The gusts of wind blow even more violently. Indeed, the left slap is different in nature from the right slap. Stronger and heavier.

But Soh-beng Ki-su still used one of the moves from the science of Thay-im-ki bun-sip-pat-hoan to repel the young man's attack.

Siau-liong is angry. He clasped his hands and pushed forward. That's called a To-sia-san-ho punch or Upside-down-mountain-and-river. The changes are the most and the consequences are the most devastating.

But Soh-beng Ki-su can still fend off.

Finally, Siau-liong realized. Only offset by the science of the blow of Thay-siang-ciang the teachings of the late Skull Beggar Song Thian-kun. Only then did Bu-kek-sin-kang's lwekang-sakti blow really expand its awesomeness. But, ah, if he used the Thay-siang-ciang shot, of course he would be known as To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar hiding outside the temple. Even though he didn't want that.

Because of that reluctance, even though he had fought dozens of moves, he was still unable to defeat Soh-beng Ki-su. But he did not want to forgive the enemy who had killed the temperature Koay or the Skull Beggar.

Eventually it made sense. Deliberately he pretends to lose and retreats, when he retreats to the doorstep, Soh-beng Ki-su hits him with a pair of terrible blows and Siau-liong allows himself to be hit by the wind of the opponent's blows. As soon as he descended outside the temple, he quickly pulled the sleeves of his robe towards To Kiu-kong and the Laughing Beggar. Of course, the two beggar figures were shocked beyond belief. If they didn't run quickly, their bodies would have been scorched by Bu-kek-sin-kang's hot lwekang. Once the two figures jumped, they ran away.

Just as they were running, there was a horrified scream and the temple walls fell. But the beggar figures did not dare to look away. They ran away.

Siau-liong's strategy was successful. After being able to drive away the two Kay-pang figures, he immediately released Thay-siang-ciang's blow accompanied by lwekang Bu-kek sin-kang. Siau-liong's chosen move is the Siu-lo-pan-cha move. The most devastating and precise move to destroy all sorts of cursed demons including a great villain like Soh-beng Ki-su.

6. White Roses from Beyond the Ocean

The hermit screamed in horror. He was badly injured The temple wall behind him collapsed. But as an old rase, even in a wounded state, it can still use intrigue. The blood that is about to spray from the mouth is pressed as hard as possible. And he still served the Siau-liong attack calmly. As soon as he got the chance, he suddenly sprayed his blood on the opponent.

Siau-liong was shocked. He did not expect to receive such an extraordinary attack. The blood sprayed from Soh-beng Ki-su's mouth was far more dangerous than all kinds of secret weapons. If hit, Siau-liong's face would have melted!

The young man quickly jumped away.... Simultaneously, Soh-beng Ki-su escaped from the ruins of the wall. The lion chased after him.

Seeing that he was seriously injured, of course Soh-beng Ki-su couldn't escape. But the basis is not destiny to die. After crossing the mountain, the hermit infiltrated the forest. Thanks to the dark night and dense forest, the hermit was able to disappear. Siau-liong was forced to stop his pursuit.

He walked sluggishly. Suddenly he remembered when he helped Tiau Bok-kun in the monastery, outside the monastery he heard Soh-beng Ki-su shouting, "Hi, Ki Ih, what do you need to cover your face ....

"Hi!" Simultaneously, Siau-liong realized that the woman with the veil on her face must have been her mother. But, ah ... again he missed a good opportunity to meet his mother.

He immediately ran to find the veiled woman earlier. But he lost his way and did not know his way out of the mountains. Finally he ran to the east. Soon he was faced with a dead end. Far below the rock, lay a road that stretched into the forest. He was forced to descend the steep rock.

When they reached the bottom, from the forest next to the face, there was the sound of gunfire. He quickly ran to hunt. What a shock to see Ki Ih being robbed by To Hun-ki and To Kiu-kong's group of nine people.

Ki Ih managed to catch Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay. In fact she could kill her husband's enemies. Unfortunately To Hun-ki and the three Beggar figures appear.

Kay-pang has a good relationship with the fighting parties. And Ki Ih is not liked by people. Apart from coming from the other side of the ocean, the woman also had a lot of animosity with the militants in China.

To Kiu-kong, the Laughing Beggar, the lame left Tio Thau and the lame right Li Ji, immediately help attack Ki Ih. The position immediately changed. Ki Ih who had once won the wind, now turned desperate.

But the magic woman did not want to give up. He wielded his sword more vigorously. One of the techniques of Lightning Sword called Thunder-and-thunderbolt-striking, immediately hunted down the nine attackers. They screamed and had to back off. Ki Ih used this opportunity to sow nine Hwe-hun-tui secret weapons towards To Hun-ki and the four Su-lo.

Hwe-hun-tui or Cloud-of-Fire, is a secret weapon that has raised the name of Ki Ih. When the five people perish, it is easy for him to clean up the four beggar figures.

To Kiu-kong is shocked but doesn't rush to help the five Kong-tong-pay figures. When death was about to take the souls of the Kong-tong-pay figures, Siau-liong suddenly appeared in disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse. Jumping into the air, he unbuttoned both sleeves. Two waves of red light hit and nine of Hwe-hun-tui's secret weapons were destroyed.

True to its name, the Cloud-of-fire secret weapon emits hot air. Only Bu-kek-sin-kang's hot magic can destroy the secret weapon. And save the souls of the five figures of Kong-tong-pay!

Everyone is shocked. In addition to not anticipating the appearance of the Curse Swordsman, they also wondered why the crazy figure helped the people of Kong-tong-pay.

And Ki Ih was no less surprised. Facing the nine enemies earlier, he was overwhelmed. What's more plus a Curse Swordsman. Quickly the woman fled.

As it slid down to earth, the Siau-liong spun around and unleashed a mighty blow towards the nine thugs!

Crazy! Didn't the cursed swordsman destroy Ki Ih's secret weapon? Why did he now turn to attack the nine figures who ganged up on the woman?

The nine masters dodged to the side and attacked Siau-liong. But Siau-liong is faster. Immediately he launches a second blow which is To-sia-san-ho or Reversing mountains and rivers.

The nine heroes bounced back four steps. They turned around and ran into the forest.

Suppose Siau-liong really meant to drive away the nine people. Then he would face his mother and apologize. He wanted to explain that he was his son who was separated for 16 years!

But when he turned around, what a shock. Ki Ih the hooded woman is gone!

Siau-liong was stunned. For sixteen years he was separated from his mother. Twice he had the opportunity to meet but twice he did not succeed in talking to his mother. The young man's tears welled up. Finally he sat down to meditate to regain his energy.

When he opened his eyes, he was surprised. In the forest far ahead, a woman's body flashed. Suspecting that it was his mother, he quickly jumped up and ran over to... Ah, he almost screamed with joy when the shadow was right Ki Ih. But at another moment he was stunned when he realized that at that time he was still disguised as the Evil Warrior. There's no way her mother would believe it!

Just a few seconds he was stunned. the woman had disappeared from view again. Siau-liong quickly chased but to no avail. Finally he took off his mask and disguise. Then he sat exhausted by the river.

"Mom, do you know that your son Siau-liong is still alive and now he's this big? Ah, mom, how much I miss you ..." in a pensive recollection of his fate, he cried mourning his mother.

Then he asked himself, "Mom, do you agree with my actions? Mom, if you know what I mean, of course you can agree ... hi! "He suddenly shouted in surprise.

The eyes that were looking at the surface of the water, suddenly hit a girl's face. Quickly he turned back and ah ... the beautiful Tiau Bok-kun.

"Miss Tiau!" he cried, wiping away the tears.

But the girl remained silent. Siau-liong repeated his reprimand but there was no response. Siau-liong looked at him intently. And he was fascinated ....

The lady really looks like Tiau Bok-kun but not Tiau Bok-kun!

"Who are you?" finally the lady scolded.

Siau-liong gasped. The lady's tone was reasonable but fierce. He was dissatisfied with the lady's rude attitude.

"What do you care who I am?" he said.

"Who called Tiau Bok-kun?"

"I was wrong," Siau-liong's face turned red.

"And why are you crying?"

"Because I like to cry!" said Siau-liong in a tone that was no less brittle.

The virgin wanted to draw her sword but it didn't happen. While laughing and giggling, he bragged in Siau-liong's face, "Ih, don't be angry, man. I really can't speak softly but I want to get to know you. Mind? "

"You're too cruel, I don't like acquaintances."

"Hm, if we refuse, we'd better fight.

"Maybe I'm not afraid either!"

Just as Siau-liong said so, the fierce lady had already stimulated with both her hands towards Siau-liong's chest and stomach.

Siau-liong felt awry. Fighting with a girl, in fact he is ashamed. But if you are silent, the virgin attacks wildly. He had to just dodge. Two moves later, the thought arose to escape. He considered it useless to fight with an unknown girl.

After successfully forcing the virgin to retreat, Siau-liong continued to run away. He headed for the riverbank. But when he turned around, ah ... the lady kept chasing him. Siau-liong jumped into a canoe, continued to slide to the middle towards the city of Siok-ciu.

Gosh .... even then the virgin jumped into a boat and chased. He has a great lwekang so that his boat can slide fast.

But no matter what, Siau-liong still won quickly. Once on the beach, he continued into the city and looked for an inn. After eating, he went straight to sleep.

Towards sunset, he just woke up. Just then, two maids came in with a set of clothes and a tray of dishes.

"Master, the lady who is in the next room, sent these clothes to the master," said the maid.

Siau-liong snorted. He was embarrassed to say he didn't know the lady ... After the waiter left, he worried himself. Accept the gift or not.

He peered in the window. The room next to the front looked deserted. He sat back down, looking at the dish. Ah, maybe she misunderstood. Obviously he didn't know her. Finally he got up and walked out. But just as he pulled the curtain open, a figure burst in. Because he didn't rush to pull his hand back, he was touched by two soft objects......

Blushingly he retreated to the side of the door. A virgin stepped in with a sob. Siau-liong was taken aback. That's the lady who chased after him earlier.

“You insulted me! You insulted me! "While crying, the lady's two hands searched for Siau-liong's chest.

Suddenly the lady's hand pierced the blood path in her chest. Siau-liong was surprised but kept quiet.

The lady screamed in surprise and pulled her hand back while clasping her left hand with her right.

"Satan, you are really evil!" The lady punched Siau-liong's chest.

Apparently in the silence earlier, Siau-liong mobilized lwekang Bu-kek-sin-kang next to him. That's why the lady screamed in pain. If you don't pull home quickly, of course the lady's hand will be deformed.

Laughing, Siau-liong recoiled and saluted, "Please don't be angry and forgive my mistake!"

"Huh, why don't you let me in!"

"The dish is a gift from Miss, please, Miss eat it," said Siau-liong.

"Didn't you accept it?"

“Without any merit, unworthy of a reward, I……”

"Ah, what is the meaning of such a dish?" said the lady.

Siau-liong still refused. But the lady still forced him. He continued to step in, sit down and told Siau-liong to sit down as well and then invited him to eat.

While eating they talked. The lady said she was from across the ocean. Its name is Pek Ciang-wi or White Rose. Indeed, he likes to dress in all white.

He further explained that his teacher had instructed. When in Tiong-goan district so find a good friend. When he met Siau-liong, he thought that the young man was a good man who should be made a friend. So the more Siau-liong sells expensive, the more the lady chases after him.

To Siau-liong's question, the lady gave a beautiful answer, “My house is across the ocean, under the mountain of Gods. The mountain lies in the wind. Eh, do you need to know the name of that place!"

And when Siau-liong asked about her teacher, the lady shook her head. Siau-liong did not want to press. He himself did not want to tell anyone about his teacher.

When they first met, Siau-liong was not happy to see the lady's wild behavior. But somehow, now he didn't feel angry with the madam's wild ways. Maybe that's because he's the son of Ki Ih who also comes from across the ocean.

To the lady, Siau-liong claimed to be named Kongsun Liong and asked the lady to call him Siau-liong.

White Rose gasped. He looked at the young man intently, from the tip of his toes to the top of his head. He shook his head and shouted softly, "Siau-liong ...."

The call really touched Siau-liong's heart. In her attitude of propriety, honesty and wildness, Mawar Putih has a friendly Motherly nature. For the first time in his life, Siau-liong felt the beauty of life ......

They ate and drank happily. After eating, Mawar Putih told Siau-liong to change the clothes that were sent earlier.

After changing into new clothes, Siau-liong looked more capable and manly. The lady laughed happily. They headed to the back garden, enjoying the pond that decorated the garden.


“Nona Pek!"

The lady squirmed, "Ugh, what an odd call you call,"


"Just call me White Rose"

"Rose.... White," Siau-liong's voice was a little hoarse. He couldn't continue his words because at that moment the lady leaned against his chest.

Siau-liong is a virgin who has never been so intimate with girls. Since childhood, he only hangs out with green trees and forest birds. Of course he was stunned to see the behavior of the White Rose. When his nose was mixed with the fragrant air from Sidara's body, Siau-liong's spirit seemed to float....

Suddenly, the sound of footsteps came rushing over. The two quickly straightened their seats and watched the newcomer. Ah, it turned out to be a hotel maid.

"Sir, there are guests looking for you!" he said.

Siau-liong quickly returned to his room. He was surprised to see some of Kay-pang's men crowding the foyer of his room. They looked tensed.

"Cousu-ya come!" Kay-pang's men shouted in unison when Siau-liong appeared.

White Rose was taken aback. He had no idea that the young man named Kongsun Liong was actually a leader of the Kay-pang party.

To Kiu-kong emerges from Siau-liong's room and lets Siau-liong in. Siau-liong was shocked when he saw Tiau Bok-kun lying on his bed in a state of unconsciousness. His clothes were torn and covered in blood.

Luckily the lady wasn't badly injured. Siau-liong immediately took a few pills in the lady's mouth.

Seeing Siau-liong paying so much attention to Tiau Bok-kun, at the same time, there was a feeling of unhappiness in Mawar Putih's heart. He guessed that the lady must have been called Siau-liong when they met by the river this morning.

After examining Tiau Bok-kun's harmless wounds. Siau-liong asks To Kiu-kong for evidence.

Supposedly after escaping from Siau-liong's attack as the Curse Swordsman, To Kiu-kong and To Hun-ki's entourage then split up. In the evening, To Kiu-kong receives a report from Kay-pang's men, that Siau-liong is staying at Gun-hian-can's inn. To Kiu-kong is asked by Toh Hun-ki to invite Kongsun Liong to help Kong-tong-pay's party. face Soh-beng Ki-su, Ki Ih and the Curse Swordsman.

In order to eradicate that evil, first you have to get Pending Kumala which is in the hands of Tiau Bok-kun. Pending Kumala is the key to obtaining a sacred heirloom that can save the martial world from destruction.

That night, To Kiu-kong and some Kay-pang heroes went to look for Siau-liong to Siok-ciu. But in the middle of the road they come across Soh-beng Ki-su who manages to injure Tiau Bok-kun and capture Pending Kumala.

To Kiu-kong and friends immediately attack the hermit. But the hermit was too magical for them. Soh-beng Ki-su manages to escape and To Kiu-kong can only help Tiau Bok-kun.

When he could still be asked, Tiau Bok-kun mentioned Kongsun Liong's name, so To Kiu-kong immediately took him to the inn's house.

"Where is To Hun-ki now?" Siau-liong asked

“At the Ji-long-bio monastery on Pit-ka-san mountain,” To Kiu-kong explains.

Because they were ignored, Mawar Putih felt humiliated. While Siau-liong was contemplating, the lady quietly slipped out.

After To Kiu-kong and his men asked to leave, only then did Siau-liong find out that the White Rose had disappeared. But it doesn't matter. It's more important to massage Tiau Bok-kun's blood-path. It didn't take long for the lady to wake up.

But before the lady really realized, Siau-liong took her old clothes and slipped away ......

◄ AND ►

Mount Pit-ka-san is located upstream of the Kim-sat-kiang river. The mountain has three peaks. Both peaks on the right and left, can be reached by people. But the peak in the middle, straight sloping like a celestial pillar. The four corners are surrounded by steep ravines. If you do not have a high knowledge of ginkang, it is impossible to reach that peak.

At the top there is a flat piece of land the size of ten spears. Behind the flat land, a monastery called Ji-liong-bio was established. The head of the monastery Liau Liau taysu, a priest from the Go-bi-pay party.

While massaging Tiau Bok-kun, Siau-liong's mind swayed. After getting half of the Pending Kumala that the lady had, Soh-beng Ki-su would certainly look for To Hun-ki to get the other half of the Pending Kumala. So he had to hurry ahead to Pit-ka-san. Soh-beng Ki-su will definitely come there.

Siau-liong returned to disguise himself as the Swordsman of the Curse.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain, the Ji-liong-bio monastery was brightly lit, full of people. He hid himself. Soon, several people appeared. Small groups of two or three people, then a group of seven or eight people. They are powerful martial arts heroes. This is evident from their very agile movements when jumping to the top.

Moments later, from the top came the sound of people fighting. Siau-liong was shocked. Were To Hun-ki and the Kong-tong-pay people attacked by the enemy? Who is the enemy?

Because of his attention, Siau-liong was about to approach the top. At that time the moon was dim. Around the dark corners. It uses the Bird-hong-facing-the-sun motion.

In three or four soaring, he could reach half of the top of the mountain. But just as he was about to float up again, he was suddenly attacked by a great wave of wind. And in that instant it slid down again. He was very surprised and tried to grab the branches of the trees that grew here and there. But to no avail.

Due to the intelligence he had at that time, there was no way he would have to suffer such an accident. True, indeed it wasn't an accident, but a dark attack from someone at the top.

Gliding from the height of the 60's spear, of course, melted away. But fortunately Siau-liong already has a ginkang called Naga-circular-18 rounds. It spun around and drifted to the reef on the right side of the peak. By borrowing pressure energy on a tree branch, it soars again over the top. After calculating to have reached the height that was supposed to be the hiding place of the dark attacker earlier, he continued to drift to the reef on the left. It wants to find the attacker.

It turned out that the dark assailant was Soh-beng Ki-su himself. Exactly what Siau-liong suspected, Soh-beng Ki-su was looking for Toh Hun-ki. And he arrived at Pit-ka-san mountain first. But when he saw the fighting going on at Ji-liong-bio monastery, he canceled his plans. As he floated down to the middle of the mountain, he saw the Evil Warrior rushing up the hill. Immediately he threw a powerful punch. After Siau-liong sank to the bottom, he fled.

That's why Siau-liong couldn't find Soh-beng Ki-su. Finally the young man continued his ascent again to the top. It hides behind a rocky mound. When looking at the battle on flat ground, the shock was unbelievable.

Supposedly more than six men and women, vertically lined up in front of the monastery. And who fought on the flat field was Ki Ih against the fourth Kong-tong Su-lo and Liau Liau taysu with four of his students.

Siau-liong thought his mother would want to find revenge on Toh Hun-kin and the fourth Sulo. Secretly she is proud and happy to have a mother who is loyal to her husband.

Ki Ih is indeed magical. Facing the onslaught of a dozen magical heroes. he was fearless, the science of the lightning sword, played like a dragon snake writhing on the surface of the sea. Fast as lightning strikes and nimble like a snake infiltrating into a hole.

But Siau-liong still worries about his mother's safety. It turned out that the group of priests lined up outside the monastery consisted of famous martial artists. Among others, Ki Ceng is the head of Go-bi-pay. It Kiau is the chief of Tiam-jong-pay, the figure of Kun-lun Sam-cu of Kun-lun-pay. Thian-san It-soh from Thian-san-pay, the magic priests from Siau-lim-pay and the figures of Bu-tong-pay and Hoa-san-pay ......

In the face of the five Durjanas and Ki Ih, the martial parties have sent their formidable champions to look for heirlooms that have spread widely in the martial world. Only by obtaining the inheritance can the five vices and Ki Ih be eradicated.

At that time they faced Ki Ih. Considering that Ki Ih is a woman, the masters hold the same prestige. They don't want to gang up on them, but only propose a few champions.

Siau-liong was confused as to how to act. If he appears as the Swordsman of the Curse, dozens of martial artists will certainly attack him. Besides being difficult to help his mother, he himself was in danger.

7. Spring Valley

If he emerged as the chairman of the Kay-pang party, he would have to be hostile to his mother, because Kaypang was on good terms with the martial arts parties.

While he has not been able to decide what action to take, Ki Ih's condition is getting worse. Suddenly To Hun-ki pushes and grabs the woman's waist quickly and unexpectedly. Siau-liong was shocked and almost shouted. Luckily before opening his mouth, with a Lightning-splitting-thunder move, Ki Ih was able to wipe out the deadly attack.

Siau-liong broke out in cold sweat. Before he could take a breath, suddenly Ki Ih was in danger again. Because they were dodging To Hun-ki's attack, the nine opposing figures immediately charged. Ki Ih turned his attention to repel the attacks of those people but it was too late. Now he was overrun by the nine enemies and unable to launch a counterattack.

Although the change in the woman's face could not be known because she was covered with a veil, but from her shivering body, it was clear that her condition was getting worse. There are signs he is about to escape.

After all, Hun-ki and his friends know that woman's plan. They pushed harder so that the woman's body was like being sprinkled with sword light. The four Su-lo from Kong-tong-pay kept laughing mockingly.

At another time Ki Ih screamed loudly. His left shoulder was hit by Toh Hun-ki's sword. Blood soaked his sleeves ....

The woman mobilized her whole spirit. At the same time he launched three devastating sword attacks, specifically aimed at opponents who turned their backs on the abyss. Let him urge the man to step back and fall into the abyss! But if the person knows the danger and just avoids .... Ki Ih wants to use the opportunity to jump into the abyss. He would rather die at the bottom of the abyss than die at the hands of his hated enemies!

In the blink of an eye, three hundred moves had taken place. Thanks to his desperation, Ki Ih was able to approach the edge of the rock. Two or three more moves, he will certainly be able to repel the enemy that is in front of him and an opportunity will be opened to escape.

But to achieve that goal is not easy. The three hundred moves had completely exhausted his strength. His body was covered in sweat. He forced himself to exert the remaining strength he still had. But it turned out to be exhausted. His sword started to slow down, his body shook and his eyes sparkled. At other times there were screams of horror mixed with mocking laughter. After all, Hun-ki preceded his friends and stabbed the woman in the chest.

At the second death was about to take Ki Ih's soul, suddenly a body in a black robe floated in the air. And simultaneously with that a wave of red light hit and suddenly the weapons of the ten figures who were ganging up on Ki Ih fell scattered to the ground......

Siau-liong drifted down and looked around. Seeing the Cursed Swordsman appear, Ki Ih immediately sheathed his sword and sat meditating to regain his energy.

Knowing that his mother was not hurt, Siau-liong did not want to disturb him. Now he faces dozens of martial arts masters who at that time both took up arms and approached.

"Hey, devil of Curse, you helped me but why help that vicious woman!" says Toh Hun-ki.

Siau-liong was secretly excited. He wanted to buy time. So he laughed out loud.

"It's your fault, old man. Should have called me a crazy Evil Warrior. Crazy, yes indeed! Do you need to know my reasons?" he exclaimed.

Siau-liong laughed again, "I can help, I can kill you. I can help Ki Ih, but I can kill him too. Not the crazy Curse Swordsman if he doesn't act like this! "

Suddenly he spun his body and "bum ...." four students of Liau Liau taysu who attacked from behind, were greeted with a blow.The bodies of the four people were thrown into the abyss.

Everyone was shocked to see the magic of the Swordsman of the Curse which was far more powerful than twenty years ago. Liau Liau taysu though angry, but unable to do anything.

"Swordsman of the Curse why do you terrorize people so cruelly? Are you sure you can come down from this Pit-ka-san mountain?" snapped Toh Hun-ki, the chief of Kong-tong-pay.

Siau-liong laughed coldly, “Attacking in the dark, do you think that is right? I'm free to come and go. Are you sure you're blocking me? Hmm, don't be rash!"

The figures who had met the Swordsman of the Curse twenty years ago, were secretly amazed. Why is the tone of the ghost's laughter now so squeaky and so different from the old Swordsman's laughter? His attitude and words were not as straightforward as before.

"Suheng, don't be fooled by his time -consuming tactics!" suddenly the fourth Sulo from Kong-tong-pay exclaims to Toh Hun-ki.

Together with Liau Liau taysu, the four Su-lo immediately advanced to attack. Toh Hun-ki quickly prevents the four Su-lo but is not in a hurry to stop Liau Liau taysu. Angered at the loss of four of his students, Liau Liau taysu attacked very quickly.

But Siau-liong was indifferent. He did not want to serve the priest's attack in earnest.

But Liau Liau taysu is getting darker. the first attack expires, it is followed by a second attack launched with full force.

Indeed, Siau-liong used his inner energy to suck up Liau Liau taysu's attack. When the priest attacked a second time, at the same time, Siau-liong re-fired his powerful straw. Suddenly there was a loud explosion Liau Liau taysu staggered a few steps. His mouth sprayed blood and he fell to the ground. His face was pale from the lesion. He hurriedly closed his eyes to regulate his blood circulation.

Witnessing the incident, Toh Hun-ki and his entourage groaned. And that's when Ki Ih jumped up and continued to run away in the darkness of night!

Siau-liong was shocked. Secretly he was ready to render aid to his mother when the enemy was about to intercept. But he was also very disappointed. The opportunity to meet his mother, again lost. Now he pours out his anger on those people. As it mobilized its inner energy, it advanced closer to them.

After all, Hun-ki, the chairman of Kong-tong-pay, realizes that a deadly battle will break out at that time. A battle that will shake and have a big impact in the world of martial arts. He took a position in the middle. The other figures simultaneously lined up behind him.

Knowing how important the battle was, Toh Hun-ki did not dare to act recklessly. After first urging his beloved student, Tong Gun-liong to commit suicide, the head of Kong-tong-pay is very sorry. Because the death of Tong Gun-liong has aroused the anger of the beautiful Ki Ih. If at that time there was another Swordsman of the Curse, ah .... the Kong-tong-pay party would have been destroyed ....!

Secretly, the head of Kong-tong-pay had prepared a plan, he exclaimed, "Swordsman of the Curse, is your appearance now to terrorize ....... kill ....... and slaughter people?"

Siau-liong did not answer. He loses track of how to resolve the revenge of his father’s death as well as the late Koay’s message of temperature.

Toh Hun-ki didn't waste that opportunity. The chairman of Kong-tong-pay continued, "All the leaders of the martial arts party and the pole-lo who are here, invite you to come down the mountain."

Habis said the chief of Kong-tong-pay paid his respects by bowing his body. All the figures followed his actions.

Those moments were very tense. All figures do not know whether the offer of peace will be welcomed by the Evil Warrior.

Suddenly Siau-liong whistled loudly and bounced high into the air. Clumped twice and then slid down and slid down the mountain. In an instant, it vanished into the darkness.

Siau-liong wants to follow his mother. But the woman was gone. In just a few blinks, he had run a dozen li. Suddenly, three black shadow figures appeared floating on the surface of the Kim-sat-kiang river.

When close, Siau-liong's shock was absurd. The three black shadow figures are Tiau Bok-kun who is being attacked by Soh-beng Ki-su, the ascetic who kills. And the other one, not another Ki Ih, Siau-liong's mother.

Apparently, after realizing, Tiau Bok-kun still needs to meditate to recover his energy. After recovering, he immediately went out to look for jongos accommodation. From the servant's description, only then did he know that it was Siau-liong who helped him. But he wondered, why did Siau-liong leave himself in the inn there?

Then after hearing the waiter's statement that Siau-liong was with a lady who was staying in the next room, Tiau Bok-kun immediately felt jealous. Ah, Siau-liong has forgotten himself for being attracted to another girl!

Immediately Tiau Bok-kun ran towards the Kim-sat-kiang river. He did not look for Siau-liong and snatched it again from the girl's hand. With the knowledge of fast running, Tiau Bok-kun arrives at the foot of Pit-ka-san mountain. Just then, Soh-beng Ki-su came down from the mountain. And the two met.

Even though he realized that he could not compete with Soh-beng Ki-su, Tiau Bok-kun still wanted to reclaim half of the part of Pending Kumala that the hermit had confiscated. After two or three battles with Soh-beng Ki-su, Tiau Bok-kun already has experience. He must develop his strengths in ginkang, to make up for his shortcomings in internal energy.

On the other hand, Soh-beng Ki-su is not eager to fight. He was worried that he would be chased by the Curse Swordsman or Ki Ih. But because he was not enthusiastic, on the contrary he found it difficult to escape.

And indeed what was worried, it was proven. At that moment, Ki Ih appeared who continued to attack him. Thus Soh-beng Ki-su was even more confused. While imagining the possibility of the Evil Warrior appearing, Soh-beng Ki-su's spirit grew even more chaotic. It just keeps playing backwards.

The retreat tactic was meant to stay away from Pit-ka-san and avoid the Curse Swordsman. But unexpectedly, because they ran aimlessly, Siau-liong instead caught them.

Siau-liong very excited. One woman is her own mother. And the opponent is Siau-liong's big enemy. Secretly he made up his mind to apprehend the hermit.

Immediately he looked for a tool to glide on the water. He managed to get two pieces of wood. Standing on the piece of wood, he slid to the battlefield.

Seeing the appearance of the most feared person, Soh-beng Ki-su's spirit seemed to fly. The only safest way, is to escape.

At that time, Siau-liong was only three or four spears apart. He had prepared the death blow. Ascetic

it must have melted away. But all of a sudden the three people who were fighting disbanded and ran away, Ki Ih slid to the river bank.

"Mother!" Siau-liong secretly shouted in surprise. Between the two choices: mother or enemy, it turned out that he chose mother. And he immediately rushed after Ki Ih.

But the woman was surprised that the Curse Swordsman chased after her. He canceled his run to the riverbank and turned around, heading for the middle of the river again. He is from Overseas, his ability to walk on water, is impressive. On the surface of the sea with big waves, it can run like on flat land. Moreover, only the surface of a river.

But Siau-liong was adamant. He did not want to miss the opportunity to meet his mother.

Ki Ih uses tree branches, while Siau-liong uses pieces of wood. One was a veiled woman. One, a bad -faced old man. They chased each other on the surface of the Kim-sat-kiang river.

Finally seeing his pursuer getting closer, Ki Ih spun around and attacked with his Lightning Swordsmanship.

Siau-liong was shocked. However, he did not dare to fight his own mother. But the Lightning Sword attack was really incredibly fast. He had to float his body above his mother's head. But with that action, the piece of board that made the footing earlier, was stranded in water and sank.

Fortunately, Siau-liong was still able to use his body lightening skills when he slid to the surface of the water, so he didn't drown. But when he looked up, his mother had already slid far away. Suddenly he saw the pieces of his tread board being carried by the current. Quickly he hunted and put it on again.

When he was about to chase, his mother also ran away. But the woman did not want to run far. It stands with one foot on a tree branch so that it can glide fast. He kept pacing along the surface of the river for fear for Tiau Bok-kun's safety. If the lady lost she immediately helped him.

Clever walking on water, Siau-liong lost far to his mother. Siau-liong was secretly amazed to see that his mother could slide with one foot.

The young man forgot that at that time he was still disguised as an Evil Warrior, so his mother fled. Siau-liong imitates stepping on a wooden plank with one foot chasing.

Soh-beng Ki-su should have escaped. But it turns out he's still fighting with Tiau Bok-kun. Clearly he certainly has a plan.

Just as Ki Ih managed to escape from Siau-liong's attack, suddenly Tiau Bok-kun screamed. Soh-beng Ki-su's shoulder got knocked on the lady's shoulder. And as quickly as she fell, the lady's body continued to be grabbed and carried away by the hermit.

Hearing the scream, Siau-liong turned away. Seeing what happened, he let go of his mother and continued to chase after Soh-beng Ki-su. But when he arrives on land, it turns out that Soh-beng Ki-su has almost reached the mountain area. Quickly Siau-liong continued to chase.

Soh-beng Ki-su is really a slick old man. He used a probe to infiltrate there, sneaking here until Siau-liong lost track.

I don't know how long they chased after that, suddenly the sun was starting to tilt to the west again.

Because of squeezing people's bodies, Soh-beng Ki-su was finally tired so he ran less fast. Seeing that, Siau-liong sped away.

At that time, Siau-liong had almost managed to catch up but suddenly Soh-beng Ki-su jumped into the bush and disappeared!

Siau-liong uses the Dragon-circling-eight-times to jump in the air and float to the place where Soh-beng Ki-su disappeared earlier.

It turned out that nearby there was a two li-wide aqueduct. The river channel leads to a jump between the clusters of rocks scattered along the channel. And the moment was almost at the end.

Siau-liong was happy because the end of the channel was dead end. He quickly floated his body onto a large pile of rocks. But he was surprised when suddenly the rock moved .... Quickly he jumped back to where it was.

The boulder fell, scattering the mud into the air. After the mud disappeared, Siau-liong's shock was not an absurd reed. It turned out that the stone he had stepped on was the head of a large snake.

The beast raised its head up and attacked the Siau-liong. But Siau-liong can avoid. After two or three unsuccessful attacks, the snake got angry and spouted a plume of poisonous smoke.

Siau-liong screamed in surprise. While channeling energy into Bu-kek-sin-kang's palm, it collided with the Dragon-rotating-18-times motion, released the blow and slid over a tree on the left.

But Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic blow was not able to drive away the poisonous steam that kept floating to Siau-liong's place. Siau-liong was more surprised. There was no way he could avoid another place.

Finally he was determined, float the body floating on the body of a giant snake. But suddenly the snake's scales scattered attack him. Each strand of scales, is like a thin badik.

Fortunately, Siau-liong was able to drive away the deadly scales. Then it swarmed to attack the snake's back. Apparently the snake was a jerk as well. While attacking with its head and tail, the beast was ready to flee.

Siau-liong's shock got bigger. It turned out that the giant snake was not a real snake but an artificial snake propelled by a tool.

Upon finding out the secret, Siau-liong immediately launched a great attack with his right and left hands. There was a terrible explosion and the snake was shattered to pieces.

Siau-liong let out a loose breath. Looking around, only coral and scattered stones sprinkled the entire surface of the river. But when you look closely, you find that the stones are neatly arranged by people.

Siau-liong is pensive. He has to help Tiau Bok-kun but the situation there is very mysterious and dangerous. Suddenly out of nowhere, water overflowed and flowed very fast and quickly soaked the rocks on its surface.

The river overflows, no matter. But he worries the stones are a dangerous secret tool. Finally he used the Dragon-rotating-18-times motion to hover over the side of his face. But as soon as his feet stepped on the reef, he immediately sighed, "Woe!"

The protruding rock receded in and along with it from both sides, poisonous arrows and various secret weapons were scattered.

Luckily, Siau-liong wasn't nervous. He used Cian-kin-tui's body weight, sliding to the surface of the water below. But soon he realized that his art of lightening the body had not yet reached the level of being able to walk on water.

But he did not despair. Quickly he can find reason. Hundreds of arrows and other secret weapons that float on the water, can be used as a means of walking on water. And it turned out to be true.

By stepping on hundreds of arrows, he can slide into the mouth of the river channel. Arriving at the end of the channel, he quickly jumped over to the side of the reef. As the end of the channel slid down, it was a waterfall tens of lances high.

"The hermit must have taken this path," he thought as he surveyed the small path on the rock. He hesitated for a moment. He continued to walk forward. Walking a few steps, he heard a clump of rock fall. After calming himself down, he took another step. for a long time, he did not get any more interference.

The end of the road, is a valley. There was a giant stone door covered in the letters Jun or Spring. He did not realize that at that time he was in the valley of "Ban-jun-koh or the valley of Spring. "

Siau -liong doesn't care about anything. It keeps moving forward. Ah, it feels like he's entering a new world. A world full of spring beauty. Full of blooming flowers, green grasses and radiant fresh nature. A gentle breeze brings the smell of flowers, making the spirit of Siau-liong delicious and fresh.

The Valley of the Spring was the result of an earthquake so that the reefs and their rocks, the unfortunate stream of water crossed like a cobweb.

Siau-liong is very happy. After taking off his wet clothes, he walked down a small path in the middle of a field of flowers. Suddenly he heard people singing the song ‘Beauty of Nature and Life’ He was shocked and quickly looked around. But found nothing. 

He stopped. It was clear that the singing voice came from a woman.

The song came back again. His voice was high-pitched like someone moaning.

Siau-liong gasped.

Suddenly a large parrot appeared. And almost Siau-liong jumped in surprise when the bird could shout like a human, "There are guests! There are guests ...! "

Before Siau-liong took any action, a black crow suddenly appeared flying in the air and sounded several times.

Siau-liong blinked and instantly remembered that at that time he was chasing Soh-beng Ki-su.

Quickly he swung his steps again. But the road ahead was full of small waterways that circled like cobwebs. The forest became so thick that it lost its direction.

Suddenly the parrot jumped on the tree branch and flew forward slowly.

Instantly the thought of Siau-liong arose. If the bird can talk, it must be a pet bird. He decided to follow the direction of the older brother's flight.

It turned out that the scenery in the valley was getting more and more amazing. Full of flower trees and green grass and the swish of water flowing in the channel. The wind gave off a sweet smell.

After twice turning the corner and crossing several forests, suddenly the elder brother flew fast, into the dense forest.

Siau-liong was stunned. At that moment he arrived at the face of a narrow valley. A large rock knelt in the middle of the mouth of the valley. Similar to a door.

In the middle of his suspicion, suddenly the sound of the song was heard again loudly from inside the valley.

"Is that song the sound of a parrot?" he secretly hesitated after hearing clearly the song being sung.

It continued forward into the mouth of the valley. But what lay in front of him, really startled him absurdly.

Inside the valley turned out to be a flat land the size of ten spears. In the middle there is a pond. Above the pond is covered by white smoke resembling a cloud. In the white mist, twenty or so beautiful women could be seen with their hair flowing down to their shoulders. They were playing in the pond. A virgin who was leaning on a liu tree was singing a song. May the song earlier, is the virgin who sings.

Siau-liong was staring at the scene there.

"Kongcu is coming!" Suddenly a beautiful girl in a yellow dress shouted.

The group of virgins who were playing on the dam were simultaneously stunned. Quickly they disbanded in two entourage and stood up with service.

Not long after that, eight girls emerged from the forest with some kind of shawl. They approached the pond and stood in two groups.

8. Beautiful Woman Owner of the Valley

A moment later a very beautiful woman appeared, in a glorious dress. Simultaneously, the line of girls also stood to pay their respects.

For a moment the beautiful woman looked around and asked, "Where's Siau-jui!"

A bachelor guarding the side, immediately shouted, “Siau-jui! Siau-jui ...! "

From the direction of the forest came the sound of shouting. And an old parrot immediately flew hovering and perched on the beautiful woman's shoulder. Ah, maybe the parrot that Siau-liong followed earlier.

Laughing, the woman stroked her older sister's head and handed it to a bachelor. Then he undressed to take a shower.

"No! Don't bathe with strangers!" suddenly the old brother made a loud noise.

The beautiful lady was stunned. He didn't undress. And Siau-liong was surprised. Quickly it hid but too late. Two bachelors screamed in surprise.

"Back off!" snapped the beautiful lady as she jumped into the mouth of the valley.

Because he was caught, Siau-liong was forced to show himself once. He saluted and explained, “Because I lost my way. I entered here wrong. Please miss pardon!"

The surprised beauty took a step back. He stared at Siau-liong sharply. Siau-liong's tangled hair unraveled his shoulders, big eyes, wide nose and mouth as well as a dirty face, making the beautiful woman laugh.

“Miss laughed at me……”

For a long time the beautiful lady laughed. Then he exclaimed, "If I'm not mistaken, you must be the most famous Swordsman of the Curse in the whole world?"

Siau-liong gasped. He realized that at that time he was still disguised as the Evil Warrior.

So he admitted.

The lady was also stunned. Apparently he was surprised to see the change in attitude and speech of the Cursed Swordsman.

Apparently Siau-liong realized. He hurriedly changed into a hoarse tone like an old man,

"If I'm not mistaken, you must be the owner of the valley this Spring."

The beautiful laughed and giggled, "You guessed right. It is said that locianpwe is known for being arrogant, arrogant and violent. But the fact is locianpwe is a very friendly person! "

Called 'locianpwe' Siau-liong had to just grin and then laugh out loud.

The beautiful girl played with her beautiful eyes a few jokes, then said, “It is said that locianpwe has been isolated in the mountains for twenty years. Somehow locianpwe suddenly visited this lonely valley ...... ”

Siau-liong was about to answer but the lady quickly led the way again, “It is a great honor for us to be willing to visit here. Please go into the valley. We want to honor by offering just a drink! "

The lady then stepped aside to welcome her guests. Siau-liong had to go into the valley. It has two reasons. First, the possibility that Soh-beng Ki-su must have had an affair with the lady. Second, he wanted to know what the spring valley was really called!

It turned out that in the middle of the forest there was a clean road, leading to a large and magnificent building. The door was painted gold and decorated with beautiful carvings.

Four bachelors quickly greeted the lady's arrival with respect. The lady told them to go. Then he invited Siau-liong in and sat at a table full of food and drinks. Soon, a melodious harp sound was heard.

Siau-liong gasped.

Suddenly the lady arose and handed a cup of fragrant tea to Siau-liong, "Please have a drink."

Siau-liong laughed welcomingly but he put it again on the table. The lady's sleeves trembled and every fragrant air sprinkled Siau-liong's nose. Suddenly Siau-liong's blood rushed, lust flared up. Turning towards the owner of the valley, he found the lady in the middle with a sweet smile, her eyes kissing the rays of obscenity ......

At that time, Siau-liong was almost unable to restrain himself anymore. He wanted to hug the beautiful lady. But all of a sudden he gasped when his ears felt like they heard a snap, "Don't!"

He quickly calmed his mind, he said: "I'm old, maybe I can't live up to Miss's expectations!" He secretly radiated Bu-kek-sin-kang's magic power towards the lady.

The lady was startled and staggered back 5-6 steps.

"I treat you like a cianpwe, but you ......"

“Ha, ha,” Siau-liong retorted with a laugh, “Don't talk too much. I will go!"

As Siau-liong stepped forward, twenty girls appeared with their swords drawn. Siau-liong laughed, "If you know who I am, why tell the girls to take the soul?"

The beautiful lady sighed and told the girls to get away. Then he said to Siau-liong, "If locianpwe want to go, please ...." suddenly his tone changed cartilage. "Apparently we can't get out of this valley!"

"Why?" Siau-liong was shocked.

Again the lady sighed, "Ah, do not locianpwe not know? The whole year the valley has a warm climate like the Spring. The water source here is boiling hot. This is due to the hot air from the earth's crust. And the land of this valley contains sulfur mines. We who have lived here since childhood. have a different physique to most people. When we came out of

This valley, in a year alone, all our knowledge would be gone and we would die! "

Siau-liong was moved.

"Do you want to leave this valley?" He asked.

The lady wrinkled her forehead, “As martial arts women, we want to gain experience and do good deeds. Of course we want to get out of here."

Siau-liong nodded, "Then in what way are you going to get out of this valley?"

Suddenly the lady knelt down and burst into tears, "That's why we want to ask locianpwe to help."

"Ah, but I'm a useless person," Siau-liong blushed.

The lady cried, “Locianpwe is an incomparable magician. If we don't help, we'd better die! "

"Later," Siau-liong hastily prevented, as long as I can, I'll certainly want to help!"

"As long as locianpwe wants, of course he can help us," the lady laughed. He saluted, got up and sat down at the table.

Siau-liong-pun had to sit down again.

“We have enlisted the help of Soh-beng Ki-su to find the heritage map. With that heritage map we will find heritage storage. Among them is a kind of Hian-ki-tan pill that is nutritious to make our bones look like they are just growing again. That way we can have a body like ordinary people. Half of the map was captured by Soh-beng Ki-su. But the other half is still in locianpwe. So let locianpwe give it to us, according to locianpwe's willingness to help us earlier! "

Siau-liong was shocked when he heard the lady's words. It turns out that the allegation is true. Soh-beng Ki-su is hiding in the valley. But he was a young man with a compassionate heart. It's a pity for the fate of the girls.

"But that thing is not for me. The rumors in the martial arts world are not true ......," he said.

Immediately the lady's face changed. He laughed cynically, "True, indeed half of Pending Kumala is in the hands of the head of Kong-tong-pay .... But locianpwe has repeatedly fought him. Looking at the magic of locianpwe, of course the map is already in locianpwe's hands .... "The lady stopped for a moment and said again," When the two maps are combined, of course it is easy to find the inheritance. Frankly, the heritage is stored in this mountain. I only want Hian-ki-tan pills. The rest I leave to all locianpwe! "

"But that thing really doesn't belong to me. If you don't believe me, whatever!"

But the lady became more and more stubborn. "Locianpwe has been in exile for twenty years. If it weren't for that legacy, there's no way locianpwe would have reappeared! "

It was only then that Siau-liong realized that Giok-pwe or Pending Kumala was the cause of the big commotion. And he also remembered the words of the Laughing Beggar at the Kay-pang meeting at the monastery the other day. The beggar said that the world was in chaos. The four evil Thian, Te, Liong and Hou appear in the martial world. Of course they were also captivated by the heritage map.

Siau-liong was stunned.

"Then what is the purpose of locianpwe chasing Soh-beng Ki-su?" The lady asked as well.

"To help Miss Tiau Bok-kun!"

"Not to help Pending Kumalanya?" The lady sneered.

Siau-liong growled, he said, "Yes, think so because it's his family's heritage."

The lady laughed mockingly. Suddenly his face turned violent and shouted, "Old deer, I know your cunning."

Siau-liong gasped. Women are weird. A few moments later still whining called locianpwe. Now turn to swearing!

"There's no need to stick your tongue out to cover your point. I'm a big liar. There's no way you can fool me!" Then suddenly the lady burst out in mockery.

"That's the truth, what should I say? If you don't believe it, I will hand over half of the Jade-pwe that is in Toh Hun-ki but you have to let go of Miss Tiau!"

The beautiful lady was stunned. He wonders why now the Evil Warrior has turned into a human who upholds kindness?

But he did not easily believe, he exclaimed, "If you want to help Tiau Bok-kun, do you want to meet him? She's here! "

Before Siau-liong could answer, the lady had clapped three times. The walls of the room, which were originally green marble, suddenly cracked and a door opened. A large tall grandmother, propped out a girl whose hair was tangled.

Siau-liong was shocked. The girl is Tiau Bok-kun. Looking at her face and her melancholy spirit, it must have been that the girl had been cursed by her blood. Simultaneously Siau-liong was about to approach.

But the lady of the valley owner threatened him, "One more step you dare to go forward, I will certainly destroy that lady!"

Siau-liong was stunned.

“Give it up!” the lady laughed.

"What should I give up?" Siau-liong wondered.

"Do not pretend! Hand over the Jade-pwe."

"Don't you believe me?" Siau-liong asked.

"Why should I believe?"

Siau-liong snorted, "Ho, I think you're a liar too."

The lady laughed mockingly, “Just lied now, change change. Half of the Jade-pwe can be exchanged for the soul of this lady Tiau. How do you want "

For a moment Siau-liong lost his mind. Finally he laughed, "Aha, we're both playing a play. You deceived me, I deceived you. I want to deceive your Jade, you want to deceive my Jade ...... ”

"Now you speak the truth!" snorted the lady.

Siau-liong shook his head, "This question has nothing to do with the fate of Miss Tiau. In my opinion, let's bet. Whoever wins, will get both pieces of Jade-pwe. Agree? "

The lady pondered. It's true. Killing Tiau Bok-kun has nothing to do with the interests of the Curse Swordsman.

"Old deer, tell me how is the bet?" He said.

"A man will not fight with a woman. Old people will not insult young people. Let's bet on each other's skills and not fight each other. "

"How?" the lady asked.

The Laknat swordsman proposes to contest the skill of throwing the mound into the bowl. The lady was forced to realize because she felt that she did not win with the scourge.

The lady provided 4 round objects and a bowl. After placing the objects on the table, Siau-liong let the lady throw it first.

Secretly the lady laughed in her heart. He is sure he will win. In a beautiful style, he tossed the four mounds into a bowl. Gundu swirled and circled to form a pair of ji (two) letters.

"Win!" shouted the lady.

"Later, I haven't," exclaimed Siau-liong, taking the gundu and throwing it into the bowl. The gundu spun around and then stopped in the form of the letter Liok (six).

"Ha, ha, I'm the one who won!" he exclaimed.

"No, no! My mound can spin faster." shouted the lady.

"But my mound can form a larger number!" Replied Siau-liong.

"All right, you win. But there are still two more contests, "finally the lady admitted. She picked up the mounds and threw them again. The mounds stopped lined up neatly in the middle of the bowl.

The lady laughed proudly.

"Don't laugh first," said Siau-liong as he picked up Gundu and threw him into the air.

"Klotek".... The mounds fell and suddenly stopped in the middle of the bowl.

"You lost again!" He exclaimed.

Suddenly the lady pointed at Siau-liong's face and cursed, "Ho, your trick is really good, old fox! You deliberately challenged me to lose this match. No! If you don't want to give up half of the Jade, don't hope you can get out of this valley! "

Siau-liong laughed mockingly.

"If with intelligence, you are able to beat me, of course you will not refuse. But your way is not honest. If you win, you ask for Jade-pwe. But if you lose, you look for this reason. Indeed, if I had died here, of course I could not get out. But to kill the Cursed Swordsman is harder than climbing a ladder to heaven! "

The lady was angry and embarrassed. His face was a little pale and a little red. At the same time he drew his sword. With the Ferris wheel-closing-sun. he stabbed Siau-liong's chest.

Siau-liong settles and recedes back, the group of girls consisting of twenty people simultaneously broke up to form a line. Then they drew their swords and advanced toward Siau-liong.

Having not harmed the girls, Siau-liong recoiled.

The first attack failed, the valley owner girl followed again with a second attack in a Snake-white-tongue-sticking move. He stabbed Siau-liong's chest as hard as he could.

At that time, Siau-liong had retreated about two meters away from Tiau Bok-kun's place. Nimbly, he grinded and kicked the lady's hand. The lady quickly changed the movement of her sword.

But unexpectedly, Siau-liong's kick was just an empty threat. As soon as the lady dodged, as fast as lightning the young man spun beside the old lady and covered her back. And simultaneously with the closing movement, his left hand grabbed Tiau Bok-kun's shoulder. He was about to break out of the siege.

"Slippery old body!" The lady of the valley owner shouted as she attacked and signaled for the girl's line to join in the attack.

In such circumstances, Siau-liong was forced to defend himself. A swing of the left hand, made the three girls fall backwards, vomit blood and lie on the ground......

Siau-liong was shocked. He realized that the swinging blow was the teachings of Song Thay-kun's Skull-magic beggar. A very powerful Thay-siang-ciang blow!

"Ha, ha, don't send souls in vain!" he shouted warningly.

When the lady owner of the valley was stunned, Siau-liong unleashed another blow. The lady was startled and quickly jumped to dodge. The opportunity was not wasted Siau-liong. With the Tiger-savage-leaving-the-mountain motion, while pinching Tiau Bok-kun's body, he jumped out the door.

But the door was closed. Siau-liong hit him with Bu-kek-sin-kang's blow.

"Bum ...." there was a loud explosion but the door was nothing short of amazing.

Meanwhile, a group of girls led by a beautiful lady had arrived. But it seems that the lady of the valley owner was terrified of the Cursed Swordsman. He did not dare to attack immediately but cursed from a distance.

Siau-liong quickly decided. If he couldn't get through the front door why wouldn't he try to break through the back door?

While supporting Tiau Bok-kun, he jumped up into the large room. It turned out that behind the room, was a dense forest. The lion broke through into the forest. He thought, the end of the forest must be a back road out of the valley. But as it turned out, the forest was very dark. Passing here and there, he was still just circling in the forest alone.

Siau-liong restless. He looked around carefully. As far as the eye could see, only the flower trees could be seen. The distance between the trees is almost the same, it is difficult to distinguish.

For a moment stunned, Siau-liong began to walk again slowly. Each of the three tree trunks is marked. After more than forty trees, he had reached two li away. But ah ... it turned out that he was back on the road again or the first tree that he had marked earlier.

Finally he sighed, put Tiau Bok-kun down and leaned against the tree. The lady was still in a daze, her three blood vessels were cursed by people. Even though Siau-liong had helped her, the lady was still not aware. Siau-liong had to massage him. Some time later, the lady opened up and came to her senses.

As soon as she saw Siau-liong, the lady screamed and struggled to run.

"Miss Tiau, why are you here?" Rebuked Siau-liong.

With a pale face, the lady recoiled, "You... you are not a Lak warrior...."

"Don't worry, I won't hurt you!" Siau-liong hurriedly shouted after realizing that he was still a Cursed Swordsman.

Tiau Bok-kun stopped, looking around the corner. Laughing, Siau-liong sat down and said, "Please sit down, miss."

Hesitantly, lady, she sat down. Suddenly he remembered, he exclaimed, "I was cursed by Soh-beng Ki-su .... locianpwekah who helped?"

Silently Siau-liong amused. He said, "True, I did help you. But today we are still immersed in the ranks of the enemy. Whether or not we can get out of this valley! "

Tiau Bok-kun hurriedly thanked him, he said, "Ah, I hope locianpwe is a virtuous person. The rumors in the martial arts world are not true! "

"What rumors?"

"It is said that twenty years ago, locianpwe was very violent, fond of killing, arrogant, cold, disliked and very cruel ......"

"Do I fit the rumors?"

Tiau Bok-kun chuckled and bowed his head. "I ... I don't think it's appropriate. Locianpwe is a good person. I don't believe what that man is saying! "

Silently Siau-liong felt happy. As thick as the forest in the Spring valley, his heart felt so thick that he could not speak.

After a while, Tiau Bok-kun felt his energy recover. Seeing the Cursed Swordsman silent, he asked, "Locianpwe, aren't we leaving again?"

"Maybe we should spend the night here," Siau-liong laughed blandly.

Tiau Bok-kun growled. He wondered why such a powerful, helpless figure came out of the forest.

Suddenly there was a loud laugh. And there was a fierce shout from the lady owner of the valley, "Old fox, as clever as a squirrel at jumping, occasionally slips as well. No matter how powerful you are, but this time don't expect to be able to get out of this valley! "

Tiau Bok-kun turned to look at the whole corner, But he could not determine the direction of the voice.

Siau-liong murka. With a loud bang he scatter five shots of Bu-kek-sin-kang to the fourth corner. The trees crackled and broke their branches. Scattered twigs and leaves.

"Old Ibiis! A tree with two thousand trunks. Unless you are able to hit it all, then you will be able to get out of this valley. But there are still Tiger Fences, Lion Fences, Poisoned Stingrays and others ...." suddenly heard a squeaky voice like a moaning ghost.

Tiau Bok-kun was pale, Siau-liong was stunned. That was the voice of Soh-beng Ki-su, the man he hated. But what a force. It's just pensive.

By then it was getting late. Suddenly, a thick cloud of mist drifted over. The longer the thicker, the smell contains sulfur. Obviously not a proper fog but sprinkled by people.

"Locianpwe, they put out the fire!" Tiau Bok-kun exclaimed more anxiously.

But Siau-liong laughed calmly, "Fire doesn't matter, but this ......" he couldn't continue his words because his cough was attacked by the smell of sulfur.

Tiau Bok-kun also coughed.

"Old devil! Don't take too long, hurry to Hell!" exclaimed Soh-beng Ki-su too.

Siau-liong laughed loudly, he exclaimed, "Ha, did you know that half of the Jade-pwe is in my hands?"

"Good, after you die, of course we can take it!" exclaimed Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady owner of the valley.

Siau-liong laughed mockingly, “Ho, in the world there is nothing as good as your imagination! If I die, of course I will destroy that Jade-pwe first……”

Siau-liong's words turned out to have an effect. Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady owner of the valley are silent. But in the meantime the fog thinned and finally disappeared completely.

If Siau-liong hadn't used the tactic earlier, he and Tiau Bok-kun would have perished.

The day is getting late. The forest is getting darker.

Suddenly Tiau Bok-kun staggers and barks, "Locianpwe ......"

"Miss Tiau, why you!" Siau-liong was shocked.

Tiau Bok-kun collapsed ......

9. Demon Family

Siau-liong was surprised but the girl had already collapsed. He rushed to help her. The lady's forehead furrowed darkly, her limbs limp and her lips trembled.

Siau-liong realized that the sulfur fog must have poison. Because he has got the pure energy channel from Koay-temperature the man from the cave and drinks the blood of strange creatures and eats the Im-yang-som fruit then he has an immune resistance to the poisonous mist.

Unlike Tiau Bok-kun who is lower in intelligence so that he can't stand being attacked by the fog.

Since childhood, he has followed his teacher, the magic healer Kongsun Liong, Siau-liong also understands the science of medicine. Because he didn't have medicine, he couldn't cure the lady.

In the end, he could only do massages to suppress the poison in the girl's body so it wouldn't expand.

It doesn't take long for Tiau Bok-kun to wake up. Looking at Siau-liong, the lady complained, "Locianpwe, I hate ......"


Tiau Bok-kun took a deep breath, “I hate this unfortunate me……”

Siau-liong laughed then sighed.

"Locianpwe," said the lady as well, "with magical ingenuity you can certainly get out of this valley. Not because of me, you will get in trouble ......"

Siau-liong laughed, "People call me the Swordsman of the Curse. My passion is taking care of things that aren't fair. Once I intervene, I will never back down. "

Tiau Bok-kun shook his head, “My fate is unfortunate. My life has always been filled with sorrow and despair. If I can get out of this valley, it would be useless for me to live in this world!"

Pausing for a moment, the lady also said, "Locianpwe, do you want to approve my request?"

Siau-liong hurriedly admitted.

For a moment, Tiau Bok-kun seemed hesitant but finally he also said, “There is a brave young man named Kongsun Liong. Do locianpwe know him? "

Siau-liong's heart pounded. He quickly replied, “He is the leader of the famous Kay-pang party. I don't know what to eat? "

Tiau Bok-kun sighed.

"Please locianpwe like to hand over this letter of mine to him. Say., .... say, that I have died. Thanks to his help to me, forced later in the next drip, I can only reply!"

Finished saying that the lady was sobbing. Siau-liong had to shed tears. Fortunately because it was dark, no one knew the situation at that time.

Indeed, Siau-liong had repeatedly wanted to reveal his mask so that Tiau Bok-kun would be pleasantly surprised. But each time, it nullifies his intentions.

Only now does he know how much Tiau Bok-kun loves him. Siau-liong's mind began to hover away ......

From the testimony of his teacher, namely the magic healer Kongsun Sin-tho, Siau-liong knew that his father's killer was the chairman of Kong-tong-pay named Toh Hun-ki and the four old and party figures. And Toh Hun-ki was actually Siau-liong's father's teacher.

During this time he had several opportunities to kill his father's enemy. But every time he remembers his teacher's message that his late father left a message not to reply to the hurt. Siau-liong was forced to let go of his enemy.

As for his mother, Siau-liong has met several times but each time he has lost the opportunity to talk.

Then Siau-liong's mind drifted away to the strange man of the Curse Swordsman who gave him the science of magic. According to the Curse Swordsman's message, he must hate all human beings in the world. When he can't fulfill the message, at least he should be able to kill Soh-beng Ki-su, the hermit who owes the blood of the Curse Swordsman.

Then there is another one, Ko-lo-sin-kay or Song Thay-kun's Skull Beggar. Although the figure is only a skull, but from his guidance he can learn the magic of Thay-siang-ciang-hwat, eat the fruit of Im-yang-som and drink the blood of the dragon snake.

And now that he has been named Cousu-ya or chairman of the Kay-pang party, in order to repay the Skeleton Beggar's favor, he must try hard to make the party's name proud.

These events passed through Siau-liong's mind. He realized how heavy the burden that lies on his shoulders. Now he has various magical abilities. But so far, none of the burdens he has yet succeeded in carrying out. How it will be, is still dark for him.

Ah…… the duties of duty are still piling up. Why should he plunge himself into the snare of romance? Thus he daydreamed.

While he was lost in his thoughts, suddenly a soft voice whizzed through the air and grabbed him behind him. Siau-liong was surprised, he quickly used two fingers to clamp the dark weapon. Ah, it was a great surprise when he thought that what was pinned was not a secret weapon, but just a folded piece of paper!

Great! Only an expert blocked the bloodstream from afar, capable of flicking the letter to him. Quickly he got up and looked around. But except for the gentle rumble of the twigs and the leaves blown by the night wind, nothing else appeared.

He had to sit back and quietly sighed, "Ah, it's true, on the mountain there is still a high sky. The magical is still more magical. That person's magic is not under my skill ...... "

Tiau Bok-kun just stared at Siau-liong. But the young man did not have time to testify because he continued to open the folded letter. And read it:

"Martial arts has no limits. Must understand the outer-inner energy, the science of punches and weapons, know the ranks of Pat-kwa-kiu-kiong, Ki-bun-ngo-heng, the science of medicine, astrology and the use of poison, then he can master the world of martial arts. Your intelligence is high but less experienced and less careful to get stuck in a row of flowering trees. Remember and be careful! The world of martial arts is full of vicious intrigue ...... ”

Siau-liong was shocked. Clearly the man warned him. Although the tone is arrogant but the meaning is good. Siau-liong continued reading again,

"Soh-beng Ki-su is a disciple of the world-conquering Devil. And the lady owner of Semi Valley is the daughter of the Goddess of Hell. The Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell, is a couple who always get together and get divorced. At this time they entered the valley. Leave this place quickly! "

Because there is no sign of who the author is, Siau-liong is confused.

"Locianpwe, is that letter ......" Tiau Bok-kun asked, Siau-liong quickly replied, "Ah, from a friend forty years ago!"

Just as Siau-liong said that, suddenly someone laughed coldly from behind and at another moment a black shadow jumped into the clump.

Siau-liong was shocked. Suppose that person is none other than a man dressed in black who has fought with him for days. He quickly asked Tiau Bok-kun to leave. But the lady refused,

"Please locianpwe go alone, don't care about me."

Siau-liong doesn't want to talk much. He quickly grabbed Tiau Bok-kun and ran after the man dressed in black.

The person infiltrated right and left. About two li away, he had already made his way out of the row of flower trees. Inevitably, Siau-liong had to admire that person. Secretly he decided to reveal the secret of the black shirt. Once pushed, he bumped into the person while yelling, "Who really is this brother!"

But apparently the mysterious person had already taken that into account. By the time the Siau-liong moved, it had soared into the air and with a Swallow-through-the-cloud motion, it floated behind a large rock.

Outside the area of the row of flowers, is an open field. And not far from the face, is a steep mountain slope. Due to pinching Tiau Bok-kun's body, Siau-liong's movement was less free.

Just as he was about to fly after the strange man, he suddenly saw several people stumbling and running on top of the mountain lamps. Very quickly they were approaching the place of Siau-liong.

Although the night was dark, Siau-liong could tell that the herd of people who came was the leader of Kong-tong-pay, namely Toh Hun-ki along with the four elders of Kong-tong-pay or Kong-tong-su-lo.

Looking at their clothes and condition, apparently they lost the battle and were being chased by the enemy. They hurried towards the row of flowering trees. In a state of fear they did not see Siau-liong.

Seeing the group of Kong-tong-pay people, Tiau Bok-kun looked jealous. It screamed softly and quickly hid behind Siau-liong. Hearing the scream, Toh Hun-ki's entourage stopped. They are stunned to see Siau-liong in disguise as the Swordsman of the Curse, outside the forest.

Siau-liong's molars creaked in anger. Never for a second did he forget the grudge of his father's death. Secretly he has mobilized Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power.

But in another flash, his late father's message that he should not demand retaliation also resonated. Moreover, seeing Toh Hun-ki's condition at that time, the young Siau-liong was not happy to intervene.

"Swordsman of the Curse ....!" exclaimed Tok Hun-ki.

Siau-liong glanced at the man. It looks like his clothes have holes in some of the gunshots. The body was full of blood stains, the tangled hair was unraveling on the chest. The fourth Kong-tong su-lo was behind him with his head bowed.

"Attacking a person who is injured is not the behavior of a knight. I can still find another opportunity to take revenge on him," Siau-liong silently whispered in his heart. And Bu-kek-sin-kang's magical power was appeased.

"This time I will spare your souls. But when we meet again, don't expect you to have this kind of mercy again!" he exclaimed.

Although surprised by the actions of the Curse Swordsman, but Toh Hun-ki does not want to waste any more time. He thanked her and ran into the woods.

"Hi, are you really looking for death!" suddenly Siau-liong exclaimed as he swung the blow. A roaring wind blocked the flight of the group of Kong-tong-pay people.

Toh Hun-ki is shocked. It’s about the Curse Swordsman changing the decision.

"That forest is a row of flower trees from the Valley of Spring. I almost got hurt myself, what else are you guys!" exclaimed Siau-liong with a cold laugh.

Toh Hun-ki stops and looks towards the forest. He was very grateful for the ghost's warning. As a leader of a martial arts party, he was highly educated and had extensive experience. What the Swordsman of the Curse said was true. Secretly he was ashamed of himself and a sense of awe arose to the specter.

Moments later, a dozen gunmen appeared. They want to chase Toh Hun-ki's entourage. But was shocked to see the Cursed Swordsman was there. They did not dare to act arbitrarily and just broke into the siege.

Siau-liong laughed.

It turns out that the herd of chasers is Soh-beng Ki-su and the girl who owns Semi Valley herself with her men.

It was because the Curse Swordsman used a tactic to destroy half of the Jade-pwe in his hands, so Soh-beng Ki-su and the girl who owned the valley were forced to stop their attack with a poisonous mist. The jade is the property of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell. They had better wait for the arrival of the teacher and the teacher's mother.

Soh-beng Ki-su and the girl who owns the Valley of Spring know that their teacher and teacher are difficult to touch. But they were sure that in a few days, the two figures would certainly return to the valley again.

The arrival of Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo is nothing but to follow Siau-liong who is chasing Soh-beng Ki-su. The chief of Kong-tong-pay never gave up his desire to get half of the Giok-pwe that Soh-beng Ki-su had snatched from Tiau Bok-kun's hand. Half of it is already in his hands.

When you manage to get half of Soh-beng Ki-su's hands, you will complete the map to find the heritage book that contains the knowledge of magic that is unparalleled in the world. Thus the Kong-tong-pay party can certainly elevate itself and dominate the world of martial arts.

With that hope, Toh Hun-ki dares to enter the tiger's nest or the very dangerous Semi-Eternal Valley.

But Soh-beng Ki-su and Siau-liong's movements are very fast. They disappear from Toh Hun-ki's view. And the head of the Kong-tong-pay lost direction eventually straying back into the valley. There they were ambushed by Soh-beng Ki-su and the woman owner of the Semi-Eternal Valley continued to be attacked.

After all, Hun-ki is the chairman of the Kong-tong-pay party and the four Su-lo are the powerful champions of the party. But Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady owner of the Semi-immortal Valley are disciples of the world-famous Devil and Goddess of Hell.

The science of Pek-kut-kang (white bone) from Soh-beng Ki-su and the science of Yong-kut-kang (bone marrow) from the woman who owns the valley, is a very violent magic science. So soon, Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo are injured and escape.

Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady owner of the valley lead his men in pursuit. When Toh Hun-ki's entourage could be led into the row of flowering trees, the Curse Swordsman suddenly helped.

"Old devil, you seem to have a long life!" cried the lady of the valley owner while laughing mockingly at Siau-liong.

Siau-liong is very angry. Soh-beng-ki-su is the killer of Koay's temperature. The hermit's kick was also very violent. The lady owner of Semi Valley, obscene and violent. If the two humans were not eliminated, the world of martial arts would suffer.

Siau-liong laughed loudly as he stepped forward. Because he had suffered several bitter pills from the Evil Warrior, Soh-beng Ki-su was afraid and quickly mobilized Pek-kut-kang's magical power. From the hermit's finger came a white light that attacked Siau-liong.

The young man ignored him. He was still laughing out loud. His tone resembled a roaring lion.

Seeing that, Son Beng Ki-su is more scared. He intensified Pek-kut-kang's magical power to several parts.

Indeed, in the laughter earlier, Siau-liong had secretly mobilized the magical energy of Bu-kek-sin-kang. When Pek-kut-kang's white light arrived, Siau-liong shouted loudly and released Tay-lo-kim-kong's blow, a move from Tay-siang-ciang's powerful blow.

There was a loud roar when the two types of magical energy clashed with each other. The results are immediately known. Pek-kut-kang's white light disappeared and Soh-beng Ki-su staggered back a few steps. He was hurt.

"Give up your soul, damn it!" Siau-liong advanced closer and wanted to hit him again.

But the lady owner of the valley immediately invited her men to raid.

Siau-liong just hates Soh-beng Ki-su and the lady who owns the valley. He did not want to sacrifice many innocent souls. Dozens of men, consisting of men and women, seemed to ignore Siau-liong's blows. They are like lifeless statues. Siau-liong was not happy and had to pull home his blow.

After hitting the left hand towards the lady who owns the Siau-liong valley, her body soared above the heads of the people and then flew towards Soh-beng Ki-su.

Soh-beng Ki-su who had suffered the wound was getting more and more scared. His face turned pale for a moment.

Siau-liong didn't care and kept trying to hit him.

"Hold on!" suddenly from the side there was the sound of someone yelling and a gentle gust of wind slapped against his back.

Siau-liong was startled as he quickly jumped to dodge. When he turned around, he saw a pair of grandparents standing a spear away. The arrival of the two men was completely silent.

Siau-liong gasped.

Both grandparents are elderly. Their foreheads were full of wrinkles, but their faces were still radiant. His eyes shone sharply.

The man is tall but has a stooped back. His beard hung down to his knees. Her white hair fell loosely over her shoulders. His eyebrows were so long that they almost connected with each other. A crooked nose like a cuckoo bird. His mouth is strange, because the upper lip is wide but the lower lip is small so that the rows of white teeth appear. At first glance it resembles a forest person.

While the female, small short body. The height is only as high as the grandfather's stomach. His eyebrows were thick, his eyes large and his nose wide, overshadowing his large mouth. The grandmother blocked a Liong-thau-ciang stick or the Dragon's Head stick. The stick is taller than the man.

Siau-liong was stunned to see the condition of the two strange humans.

"Temperature," suddenly Soh-beng Ki-su shouted with joy as he ran over and knelt before the old man who looked like a forest man.

"Father, mother ...!" The lady of the valley owner shouted and ran to hug Kate's chest.

While stroking her daughter's hair affectionately, Grandma Kate comforted, "Don't be afraid, my son. Your mother will surely crush your curiosity!"

Then the grandmother stepped forward. It was then that Siau-liong realized the warning letter from the man in black who said that the two ghosts of the couple had come into the valley. Make no mistake, they must be the husband and wife of the Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell.

The grandmother of the Goddess of Hell stopped five steps in front of Siau-liong and looked at him fieryly. Suddenly the Goddess of Hell laughed and chuckled.

"Heh, heh, old devil Bu-kek, why haven't you met for twenty years, you're getting taller now ......" he rebuked.

Siau-liong remembered that the two wicked husband and wife were the arch-enemies of Koay Temperature or the Swordsman of the Curse. Several times Koay's temperature was lost by the two ghosts.

Secretly he cuddled. Although now he already has the magical power of Koay temperature and understands the science of Thay-siang-ciang blow from the Skull Beggar, but the two ghosts must also be much more advanced in their magic. So Siau-liong did not dare to look down. As he mobilized his magic, he laughed out loud.

"Even if it's only three days apart, we have to research again. During these twenty years I have managed to learn some kind of magic. I can stretch my body down and down, thin and fat according to my heart's desire. Also I can extend my life to a thousand years!" said Siau-liong.

The Goddess of Hell was shocked. But quickly it calmed down again. He said, "It's just a pity the older you are, the more shameless you are. The proof is, why aren't you ashamed to insult these two of my students? "

The grandmother shook her wand as if about to attack. But the Demon Conqueror-world quickly leaps to prevent. Then he said to Siau-liong, "Old devil Bu-kek, I congratulate you on remaining young and tall!"

"Ho, no need to praise!" Siau-liong laughed sweetly.

The Devil the Conqueror of the world and the Goddess of Hell look at each other. Apparently they were suspicious of Siau-liong's attitude and words.

The World Conqueror Devil furrowed his brows, laughing sarcastically, “Twenty years without seeing you, you've changed a lot. You say you have a new knowledge again?"

"Powder-eat-wood only, cooking is worth being proud of," Siau-liong laughed.

While massaging his beard, Iblis Penaluk of the world said, “My wife has invited all the knights of the martial arts world to come to this valley to complain about their ingenuity. Apparently you are the most honored guest of my wife! "

"If your wife invited me, there's no reason I didn't come," said Siau-liong.

The devil laughed sarcastically, “Whether or not you can attend, depends on how your belief has been for these twenty years. Maybe from now on, the world will lose a scourge called the Evil Warrior!"

Suddenly the old demon closed the words with a thrust of both hands towards Siau-liong.

10. Crossroads …….

Siau-liong had already suspected that possibility. It is also ready. Quickly he pushed both his hands to meet.

Formerly the world-famous Conqueror demon for his Thay-kek-bu-wi-kang magic blow. After deepening again for twenty years, of course, his magic power is more perfect.

Dess...... there was a loud explosion. Several meters of dust and stones, scattered in all four directions ......

The magical energy of Bu-kek-sin-kang and the knowledge of Thay-siang-ciang's blow launched by Siau-liong are based on terrible violence. While the magical power of Thay-kek-bu-wi-kang from the demon Conqueror of the world prioritizes soft energy.

Both use the most eight parts of their energy. In the end, they were both shocked. It turns out that both magical powers have disappeared. No one loses and no one wins.

The World Conqueror Devil forced a laugh, “Old devil Grandpa, in these twenty years, your progress has been great!”

In saying that, the Conqueror-world demon kept radiating magical energy towards his hand and attacked.

"Good, good," exclaimed Siau-liong as he turned his hands to greet.

They compete with each other through a pair of hands. Until an old tea drink, the two remained motionless. Suddenly the world-conquering demon roared loudly. It's eye -popping. The bones of his body crackled and he added more energy to his inner supply to urge Siau-liong.

It seemed that Siau-liong couldn't hold on. His arms were already hanging down and his body began to lean back.

Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo and Tiau Bok-kun watched the deadly battle with a pounding. They are worried about Siau-liong's condition. If Siau-liong loses, they will not escape from the deadly hands of the demon Conqueror-world.

Suddenly they were startled by the laughing sound of Siau-liong. The body of the Curse Swordsman is upright again and can even push the opponent backwards.

After drinking his old tea, the devil's face, which was originally bright red, began to look pale. His forehead was wet with sweat. It was clear the figure was almost exhausted.

Because he was wearing the disguise of an Evil Warrior, the change in Siau-liong's face could not be seen. But clearly, he too fought desperately to survive.

Suddenly there was a thunderous tremor and suddenly the World Conqueror demon and the Siau-liong both retreated seven steps. Dust and sand scattered violently.

The two enemies stood upright no less. Moments later, the demon Conqueror of the world exclaimed, “Old Satan Bu-kek, twenty years later, you are hindering my ambition to control the world of martial arts. Now twenty years later, you are still my main obstacle ...... ”

It paused for a moment. then, “But the situation now is different from before. As long as you dare to come to the battle in the valley, I have a way to bury you! "

Siau-liong laughed loudly, “In my life I have never been afraid of any human. I certainly came."

Suddenly the body of the World Conqueror demon leaned forward as if it was about to collapse but immediately straightened up again. After laughing giggling for a while, he took the Goddess of Hell and his daughters and disciples into the valley. Before long they were out of sight.

It was almost midnight. Siau-liong looked at the sunken moon. He took a deep breath.

"Locianpwe ...." Tiau Bok-kun ran closer.

"Swordsman ... Curse," Toh Hun-ki and the four Su-lo approached Siau-liong.

Siau-liong ignored. He sat on the ground and closed his eyes.

Toh Hun-ki, Tiau Bok-kun and the four Su-lo do not dare to interfere. They know the Curse Swordsman is a strange man. It's hard to touch his kick. Although he had helped earlier, he did not necessarily turn away.

Some time later, Siau-liong suddenly raised his head and vomited blood.

"Locianpwe, are you hurt ......" Tiau Bok-kun exclaimed anxiously.

Siau-liong admitted, "Yes, but the devil of the world is heavier than me!"

Toh Hun-ki hurriedly took two red pills and handed them to him, “This pill is made by the Kong-tong-pay party. has the properties of restoring peace of blood and pure air ...... ”

"Plaque ...." Siau-liong suddenly slapped the pill down and snapped, "Who is willing to eat the pill you gave me"

Yet Hun-ki gasped in surprise. With the four Su-lo, he took a few steps back. He guessed that the scourge must have gone mad.

Tiau Bok-kun thought so. He also took two steps back.

It wasn't long before Siau-liong was heard sighing as well.

Hearing that, Toh Hun-ki saluted while thanking, "Giving the pill was based on our infinite gratitude to you."

"Go away!" snapped Siau-liong, “I don't need your thanks. If you weren't hurt by now, you'd probably be dead!"

"You can say whatever you want. But because I feel accepted, I can't leave you injured," said Toh Hun-ki, continuing to sit on the ground followed by the four Su-lo.

Siau-liong closed his eyes. Moments later he snapped fiercely, "Toh Hun-ki!"

The chief of Kong-tong-pay admitted.

"I want to ask you to investigate someone's news ......"

"As long as my energy is capable, of course I will do it," said Toh Hun-ki.

Siau-liong nodded, he said, "Did you know a man named Tong Gun-liong in the last ten years?"

After all, Hun-ki growled. Gun-lion's barrel is buried on Hong-san mountain. And it turned out that the Cursed Swordsman was hiding behind the mountain. Could it be that the body of Tong Gun-liong was the Cursed Swordsman who buried him? Thus Toh Hun-ki began to imagine anxiety.

But the Swordsman of the Curse is a mad and vengeful demon. He doesn't have a single friend either. There's no way he had anything to do with Tong Gun-liong. It's impossible for him to bury Tong Gun-liong's body.

"Just say it, know it or not!" Siau-liong repeated his question.

"Tong Gun-liong is my student ......" Toh Hun-ki stammered and sighed. While counting his fingers, he also said, "But a dozen years later, he perished in the Hok-liong-koh valley in Mount Hong-san. "

"Why?" Siau-liong held back her tears.

Toh Hun-ki took a deep breath, “It was my fault that I didn't know that Tong Gun-liong had secretly fallen in love with Ki Ih. From an illicit relationship, they gave birth to a son and…”

After all, Hun-ki was forced to stop his statement because Siau-liong suddenly burst out loud and vomited blood.

"Go on!" shouted Siau-liong.

Toh Hun-ki was forced to say again, “In order to maintain the rules of the college, I decided not to recognize the marriage. But unexpectedly Ki Ih got angry and raged in Kong-tong-pay……”

He paused to reminisce and continued, “At that moment, the snow began to fall heavily. The mountain roads are covered in snow. In confusion, Gun-liong took his son, who was less than a hundred days old, and fled. But he slipped down a steep reef and perished. Ki Ih followed and ran away and the news was not known anymore ....... ”

"The appearance of Ki Ih to the Tiong-goan area, of course, is seeking revenge on you, isn't it?" said Siau-liong.

"Right," Toh Hun-ki replied. Simultaneously he remembered the events of the Tay-lian-san mountain during the day. Together with Kay-pang's figures, Toh Hun-ki's entourage succeeds in besieging and injuring Ki Ih.

But suddenly at that moment the Swordsman of the Curse appeared to help Ki Ih. Silently Toh Hun-ki stared at Siau-liong in surprise.

Siau-liong growled, "If the prince of Tong Gun-liong is still alive, should he demand revenge from you?"

Toh Hun-ki nodded, "Of course..."

Suddenly Siau-liong raised his head and laughed loudly, "Toh Hun-ki, you have killed someone's soul. Don't you regret what happened sixteen years ago? "

Chief Kong-tong-pay sighed, “As a teacher and student, of course I am sad. But in my position as a headmaster who keeps the rules, I have no regrets at all! "

The tone of the answer pointed to his authority as a leader of a famous martial arts party.

Siau-liong pondered silently. After sighing, he turned towards Tiau Bok-kun, “That Miss Tiau is suffering from poison. Right now I don't have time to take care of her……”

"Leave it to me to treat it," Toh Hun-ki quickly responded.

"No! I can take care of myself....they... might kill me!" Tiau Bok-kun quickly shouted.

Siau-liong laughed blandly, "They can't and can't possibly dare to do so ......." turned to Toh Hun-ki, Siau-liong said further, "As long as you take the lady to Siok-ciu city and can heal his wounds, then I think you have reciprocated my kindness earlier .... ”finished saying Siau-liong continued to get up and walked away.

Suddenly tears flowed from Tiau Bok-kun, he exclaimed, "Locianpwe ...."

Siau-liong stopped and asked.

"Is your wound okay?" the lady asked anxiously.

Siau-liong forced himself to laugh, "Dead or alive is a letter of destiny. Please, lady, don't worry ...... ”he said until there, the feeling of sadness in Siau-liong's heart overflowed until his tears almost flowed out. In a hurry he turned his face and walked again.

"Please wait a minute, I still want to talk to brother," after only a few steps Siau-liong walked, Toh Hun-ki was already blocking him.

Siau-liong was stunned.

Toh Hun-ki took out a small package of blue cloth, he said, "This package contains half a piece of Jade-pwe, an heirloom that belongs to Kong-tong-pay..."

He stopped for a moment, glanced at Tiau Bok kun, then continued, "And half of it belongs to the lady Tiau .... But unfortunately Soh-beng Ki-su has been taken away. At this time, of course, it has been handed over to his teacher, the demon Conqueror of the world. When the two Giok-pwe are united, it will be a secret map of heritage storage that has been chased by the martial arts ...... "

Then he paused for a moment and continued, "The inheritance is a treasure trove and a book of priceless inheritance."

"Ants die for sweets, humans for treasure. I don't want the world's treasures at all!" Siau-liong laughed contemptuously.

"I myself do not care about property," Toh Hun-ki explained hurriedly, "but in the storehouse of the heirloom, there is a book. It is said that the book is the work of Tio Sam-hong Cousu. which is great and can eradicate the evil herd, help secure the world of martial arts ...... ”

The chief of Kong-tong-pay stopped for a moment, looked at Siau-liong and then said, "Frankly, I can't afford to get half of the Giok-pwe that Soh-beng Ki-su took. So I want to give you half of the jade-pwe ...... "

"In return for kindness?" said Siau-liong.

"I live for the benefit of mankind and work for the cause of my fellow martial arts. Please reappear in the martial arts world to save the bloody disaster!" finished saying he dropped the package containing half of the Jade-pwe to Siau-liong.

But Siau-liong did not want to rush to greet. He laughed, “Do you believe me? Why are you sure I won't hurt the world of martial arts? "

While staring at Siau-liong, Toh Hun-ki laughed out loud, "Eyes are not blind. I fully trust that you will not disappoint the sacred task of this world of martial arts! "

But Siau-liong is still skeptical. If he accepts the gift of Toh Hun-ki, his great enemy who killed his father, it will be difficult for him to take revenge. But Toh Hun-ki's speech really caught his attention.

He doesn't care about all the treasures. Only if the heirlooms fall into the hands of ungodly humans, the martial world will certainly be threatened with catastrophic destruction! After hesitating for a while, he finally accepted the gift.

"May you be blessed with safety and a safe journey!" Toh Hun-ki's chest felt open after Siau-liong wanted to accept.

He paid his respects and hugged Tiau Bok-kun who was still unconscious and continued to leave. The four Su-lo follow behind.

Siau-liong stood up pensively. Her heart was very tight. Wish he shed tears to loosen the congestion of his chest. Several times he met Toh Hun-ki but each time he could not get revenge. And a few times met with his mother but of course separated again .......

He felt that his intelligence was now high. Who knew in the battle with the demon Conqueror of the world, he had suffered severe wounds.

And he also remembered the strange man in black clothes. If that person doesn't show up give help. he was probably dead by then in the confines of a row of flower trees.

Siau-liong looked behind the large rock. After seeing nothing, he walked down the mountain slope. Crossing the slope of the mountain, he arrived at a flat land. A creek flows out of the mountain. It follows the flow of the small river.

Moments later, he suddenly remembered. He hurriedly unveiled his face as the Swordsman of the Curse and his black cloak. At that time, he became Kongsun Liong again, the leader of Kay-pang's party.

Approximately two hours, dawn began to arrive. All that could be seen in the four corners were only mountain ranges. It turned out that he had lost his way and could not get out of the wilderness. The wounds in his body started to work. He almost couldn't stand his staggering body. Several times almost collapsed.

Suddenly he saw a monastery at a distance of ten spears next to his face. With a staggering step he headed for the monastery. It turned out to be a broken monastery. On the board hanging above the door there is the inscription Ke-beng-si or Chicken-crow monastery.

The monastery is full of gelagas' nests. Cracked walls and statues were scattered at the end of the room. The situation is pathetic. Siau-liong must quickly channel blood to treat the internal wound. If it's too late, it will be permanently disabled.

But Siau-liong hesitated. The monastery is only ten li separated from the Semi valley. The two evil husband and wife could always look for him there. When the enemy finds out where he is hiding, woe to him.

In a sudden uneasiness Siau-liong saw an appropriate place to hide. It's in the side room. Half the wuwungan side room collapsed. But the back half is still intact. Covered by crumbling walls and wuwungan, at the back of the room there is a triangular hole.

Convinced that people would find it difficult to guess that the place was used as a hiding place, he immediately infiltrated, covering the hole with pieces of planks and cracked walls. After the meeting, he began to sit meditating to draw blood. Thanks to his strong inner energy base plus drinking the blood of dragons around the earth and som fruit, in just an hour, his turbulent blood can be calmed.

Eight hours have passed quickly. In four hours, his wounds would heal. It was evening. The wind subsided and it rained. It wasn't long before he suddenly heard gentle footsteps entering the room. He guessed it must be the hunter in the shade. As soon as the rain stopped, the man would leave.

Unexpectedly, after pacing for a while, the person exclaimed in surprise and continued to head to the side room. The man's footsteps drew closer and closer and into the side room. Siau-liong was very surprised.

At that time the distribution of his internal energy was reaching the peak of tension. In such circumstances, just an ordinary person, one push can certainly knock down Siau-liong. He will be disabled and even die.

Finally he gave in to fate. If you are destined to die, what can you do? With that determination, he calmed down and started the blood channeling again.

The newcomer seemed stunned and laughed softly as he approached the place of Siau-liong.

Siau-liong also felt that the person was behind him.

"Tring..." The person drew the sword. Suddenly, there were pieces of planks and walls splattered by swords.

"My story is over ..." Siau-liong quietly complained.

At that time he could not do anything. He just resigned himself to fate, but was surprised. So far, nothing has happened. Apparently that person canceled his intent to kill.

About an old tea drinker, Siau-liong heard the man sheathe his sword again. And then came the sound of a woman's pants sitting not far from her place. The tension of Siau-liong subsided. Clearly the immigrant meant nothing evil to him.

Four hours later, the Siau-liong distribution was completed. The wound almost healed completely. As soon as he opened his eyes, he first wanted to know who the immigrant was. Quickly he turned and ...... gosh! That person is gone.

After taking a deep breath, he got up. Apparently the rain has stopped. The room was full of water, his body was full of dirt and dust. Suddenly his nose smelled of fragrant grilled meat.

He turned quickly. On the prayer table, there was a pile of fire that had not been extinguished. On the fire was a lump of venison. Because he didn't eat for a whole day, his saliva dripped out.

When about to take the venison, suddenly a slender figure broke in. Siau-liong's joy is unbelievable. That person is none other than Pek Ciang-wi or the White Rose. The virgin was carrying an incense burner filled with water. Siau-liong hurriedly approached and greeted him, "Ah, I hope you ...."

"Already recovered?" asked the wench.

Siau-liong admits.

"Why are you hurt?"

Siau-liong tergugu could not explain. When fighting the demon Conqueror of the world, he disguised himself as the Swordsman of the Curse. But now it is back to being Kongsun Liong again. It was difficult for him to narrate the event. Because he was not used to lying, the young man's face turned red.

Fortunately, the virgin did not want to push him. Pointing to the tip of Siau-liong's nose, he said, "It's so big you know. If it wasn't me last night ...... of course your soul is floating! "

Siau-liong smirked. He hastily changed the subject to ask about grilled venison.

"How?" White Rose smiled sweetly.

"It's so fragrant! It doesn't matter how good you are at cooking," Siau-liong praised.

Apparently the virgin was happy. He immediately invited Siau-liong to sit at the table and enjoy grilled venison. Siau-liong ate greedily. After eating, it was dawn.

The White Rose looked at Siau-liong then looked at herself. then laugh out loud,

"Ah, you're Kay-pang's leader, of course an old beggar. But I ...... ”

Presumably because of accompanying Siau-liong to eat and chat until half the night, the face and clothes of the virgin are covered in dirt.

"Eating grilled meat and drinking dirty water is not a beggar but of course a wild human race ......" Siau-liong laughed.

Suddenly he remembered something and hurriedly turned away. White Rose laughed. Suddenly he also stopped laughing and took a deep breath.

Of course Siau-liong was surprised, he rebuked, "Why are you suddenly gloomy?"

Looking at Siau-liong for a moment, the virgin shook her head, "Ah, I remember that my temperature has come. For ten years I have never parted with him. Now don't know when I'll be able to meet the temperature again..."