The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam

This novel tells the story of Bu Bin An, the son of one of the 3 trusted warriors of the old emperor. After the history of his death, he was then adopted by a powerful figure named Sam Tiang In who had the title Kung Kung Sian (the god's engkong). His life in devoting the knowledge he gained to defend the truth is the main part of this story.

he uses the title of Strange Swordsman from Kang Lam (Kang Lam Koay Hiap) due to the song to Kang Lam which is an area of ​​beautiful natural scenery, with its beautiful girls and the attitude and way of life of its inhabitants who are gentle and gentle, patient and friendly. Therefore, he has chosen the name of the area to use as his title, while the quote Koay hiap (weird swordsman) is used, because he does not want to be too proud of himself as Taihiap, or the great warrior.

Thus, all the dashing people who were in the place immediately heard that the tough and highly intelligent young man was none other than Kang Lam Koay Hiap.
Author:Sin Liong
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Other Tittle : Pendekar Aneh dari Kang Lam, Kang Lam Koay Hiap