The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 05

Volume 5

BO TIE SIANSU and Bo San siansu who were being involved by their opponents, were very nervous, They had put up a persistent fight. But they are also very worried, when they are being involved like that, the opposite party will spread themselves to various parts of the temple to burn the temple, that's what they are very worried about.

But their hearts calmed a little when they saw that the fire in the east and west of the temple was under control and had been extinguished, so they could mobilize and concentrate all their attention on fighting the enemy.

Bo Tie Sian su quickly changed his fighting style. If earlier he had confined himself a lot with tight defenses, now Bo Tie Siansu had tried to launch a very strong and powerful counterattack.

Likewise with Bo San Siansu, he tried to pressure Ong Cit Jade. It seems that Bo San Siansu's intelligence with Ong Cit Jade seems to be balanced, because even though Ong Cit Jade is still one level below Bo San Siansu's skill, he can rely on the immunity of his skin which is like a rhinoceros skin, which is as tough as the skin made of iron.

So that every time Bo San Siansu hit Ong Cit Jade's hand, this priest felt his hand hurt, so Bo San Siansu ended up fighting while trying to avoid a clash of hands.

This is what harms Bo San Siansu himself, because by trying to avoid the clash of hands, Bo San Siansu can't bring out all his intelligence. So at times like that, Ong Cit Jade can get the air and the opportunity, to retaliate against his opponent, so that they seem even.

In contrast to the battle of Bo Tie Siansu and Pa Pa Liang, indeed their intelligence was not far apart, therefore, they had fought fiercely and relied on the strength of their lwekang power. The two of them were involved in a decisive battle, because each of them had decomposed and used   their magic power, so if they made a mistake once, of course they would be seriously injured or destroyed at the hands of the opponent.

The cold and heat that were alternately caused by Pa Pa Liang's attacks became more and more intense, even Bo Tie Sian Su felt his heart begin to turn cold, overpowered by the cold. Or sometimes it becomes hot, because it is controlled by the heat.

Overpowered by the continuous change of air from hot to cold and from cold to hot again, Bo Tie Siansu suffered no small loss.

Several times the priest tried to intensify his attacks, but he always failed to push his opponent, even though Pa Pa Liang seemed to be launching attacks with increasingly slow hand movements, his fort was still very strong.

Thus, they had fought continuously by exerting their lwekang power. Even Bo Tie Siansu had racked his brains over and over to find a way out, to subdue his opponent, and most importantly to dominate the atmosphere at that time. If this situation continues, of course Siauw Lim Sie will experience a considerable threat of danger.

At that time, while letting out a loud shout, on one occasion, Pa Pa Liang had launched an attack using his right and left hands one after another. From both Pa Pa Liang's hands, an attack wind that contained both cold and heat simultaneously grabbed Bo Tie Siansu.

The priest was surprised. Since then he had only received alternating attacks of cold and heat, and he was still able to deal with them. But now he had received an attack at once with both kinds of cold and heat rushing towards him, so that Bo Tie siansu had furrowed her brows, and she had complained: "Let me have a soul fight with him"

Then Bo Tie siansu exerted her inner strength, she channeled her shins energy into her two wrists which were clasped together, then she lifted them to parry. "Dukkkkk" the force collided violently.

Bo Tie Siansu's body shivered as he felt a cold chill seep into his body, as well as heat that had seeped into him, making the priest's body shake violently. Bo Tie siansu so complained.

But before that the formidable Siauw Priest Lim Sie was ready to receive another attack, at that time Pa Pa Liang had launched another attack, the same as before, his right hand and left hand were arranged into one and at the same time aimed at Bo Tie Siansu's chest, where The cold and the heat hit at the same time.

Bo Tie siansu complained. If the two attacks hit his chest, his heart and liver as well as his lungs would be damaged, which would be damaged by Pa Pa Lisng's heresy, which contains both cold and heat.

But as a powerful priest who has been immersed for decades only in convincing kebatinan and martial arts, at that moment Bo Tie Siansu remembered the sound of one of the lessons in Kiu Im cin Keng: "Empty can be filled, and what contains can become empty, Yang soft can become hard and hard can be made soft" and that is a very good lesson from Kiu Im cin Keng, for people who train themselves in lwekang power.

also the house is made empty so that it can be lived in, the bowl is made round with an empty middle, so it can be filled with rice to eat, what happens if the house is not empty, full and solid, as well as the bowl is full and solid?" that's one of the lessons in Kiu Im cin The Keng the priest remembered was in such a critical condition.

Because he remembered lessons from sacred scriptures such as Kiu Im cin Keng, Bo Tie Siansu's brain immediately became clear. It is true that the empty can be filled and the hard can become soft. Likewise the attack power launched by Pa Pa Liang, the cold can be made not cold and the hot can be made not hot.

Immediately, Bo Tie Siansu took a deep breath to gather his magical energy, he had concentrated on Tan-tian, his stomach. Then raised both hands and parried it.

He received the attack with an empty attitude, but also contained, Then Pa Pa Liang's attack power seemed to hit an empty place and his energy seemed to disappear somewhere, making Pa Pa Liang very surprised.

And he gasped too. At the same time, his body was suddenly repelled by a series of attack winds from Bo Tie siansu

With a startled cry Pa Pa Liang tried to jump away from himself. But too late

His body had collapsed on the ground, he rolled over twice, and then sat in meditation to catch his breath, for he had been injured inside, a second later:

"Uwahhhhh." Pa Pa Liang opened his mouth to spit out fresh blood.

Ong Cit Giok, who saw his friend's condition, was shocked beyond measure, so he let out a cry of "lhhh" and then dodged Bo San Siansu's attack while simultaneously jumping back and forth away from his opponent.

He immediately approached Pa Pa Liang, he asked in a worried voice as he crouched beside Pa Pa Liang: "Is Toako not seriously injured?"

Pa Pa Liang smiled forcefully, he shook his head, Then with such a nimble movement he had jumped up,

"The bald priest, it turns out that your intelligence is quite high. I Pa Pa Liang want to ask for your guidance again " and Pa Pa Liang got ready to launch another attack.

But Bo Tie Siansu quickly clasped his hands together, he had been desperate to salute: "Let's not plant enmity, it's useless. Didn't the Kiesu come here just to carry out orders from Lie Conggoan to borrow books? If it doesn't work, isn't Kiesu? have to go back to see Lie congoan to give a report?"

Hearing Bo Tie Siansu's words, Pa Pa Liang had a cold laugh.

"Hmmm, didn't we explain whether we got it or not. We should be able to borrow the book, we must be able to get it otherwise. We won't see Lie Conggoan again. It's troublesome for us to take responsibility for this in the face of Lie Conggoan's anger, because Siauw Lim Sie might be able to do it." will be scorched on the earth.” Hearing that, Bo Tie siansu's face turned bright red with anger. Haven't people openly threatened, who want to be pitted between Siauw Lim Sie and Lie conggoan's side, who are from the royal side?

? Isn't that the appearance of a blazing fire that will burn the atmosphere in Siauw Lim Sie?

But BoTie siansu held back. He had said in a patient voice: "We Siauw Lim Sie's side have never clashed and wronged the royal side, nor have we ever bothered to interfere in matters outside the Siauw Lim Sie temple, we thought Emperor Eng Lok also knew about it, so it's a shame why did Lie grunt take such an attitude towards us."

When asked that, Pa Pa Liang's face turned violent, he said again: "This is all only because of Siauw Lim Sie's own behavior, isn't Lie grudgingly just wanting to borrow Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang's book? Why don't you give it? And you like challenging Lie Conggoan, refusing to give him a bright face? If indeed Lie Conggoan mobilized ten thousand troops of his war army, was it Lie Conggoan's fault, even though in the end Lim Sie's soul had to be wiped from the surface of the earth, only because of a single book.-"

Bo Tie Siansu was pressured in such a way that he was cornered, "The reason the opponent put forward is the reason they are looking for, but still the royal side can do anything to Siauw Lim Sie by looking for something like that. This is what has troubled Bo Tie Siansu's heart. Not to mention Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie's affair, namely Bo Liang Siansu's traces can be clearly seen, in fact now a new problem has arisen, where Lie conggoan begins to wreak havoc at the Siauw Lim Sie temple. As for the life and death of Bo Liang Siansu, who is said to have been taken prisoner by Lie conggoan's men, he is still not clear about it.

Bo Tie Siansu sighed, he furrowed his brows with a gloomy face.

Secretly this priest has made a decision in his heart, he will face these enemies, even if it has to use violence.

So finally Bo Tie siansu said in a firm voice: "So the kiesu still want to use violence to force the kiesu's wishes on us?" he scolded.

Pa Pa Liang laughed coldly-

"You have lowered your hand hard on me, I have been injured too, but you know, that is a wound that doesn't mean anything, we stick with our stance, if we haven't had the opportunity to borrow the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang, we don't want to go back to face Lie conggoan -"

That is a firm decision, that the opposing side will continue to use force. At that time, it seemed Pa Pa Liang had turned to Ong Cit Jade. he said: "If it is necessary, we will pit souls with them..."

Ong Cit Giok smirked when he heard his friend's words, he said: "Yes. Yes. It's true that I don't want to go back to Lie Conggoan before the task given to us can be carried out properly."

that's how they got ready to start another attack.

While Bo San Siansu and Bo Tie Siansu were also prepared to receive attacks from the opposing side, so were the other Siauw Lim Sie people, where the priests were preparing to fight to the death, while ten of Pa Pa Liang's friends were also preparing to launch their campaign. attack, Then the situation began to become tense again.

At that time, it appeared that Pa Pa Liang had also raised his two hands, namely his left and right hands, which were arranged to launch an attack, But when the two groups of people, the Siauw Lim Sie people and the people from Pa Pa Liang, would mutually combat, at that time there was a loud shout: "Hold on"

Everyone turned their heads and were shocked, because they saw Khu Sun Lie appear in his arms carrying someone.

What was more surprised was Ong Cit Giok. because he immediately recognized his disciple who was being held captive by the beggar.

With a face that turned violent, Ong Cit Giok had snapped: "Smelly beggar, why did you take my student captive?"

The shout was followed by his body wanting to move to lunge at Khu Sun Lie

But Khu Sun Lie had laughed: "IHaha-haha, it's easy for you to talk. Your disciple is a stupid dog that roams around in people's temples, moreover a holy temple like Siauw Lim Sie, how can a dog like this be allowed to wander around erratically looking for food rotten


At that response, Ong Cit Jade's face turned red with anger and embarrassment. He jumped up and swung his right hand to attack Khu Sun Lie.

Khu Sun Lie is indeed no match for him, the beggar realizes that. So he had quickly gotten out of the way by jumping to the side, but his hands were still clutching the captive.

When Ong Cit Jade charged forward to launch another attack, Bo Tie siansu had shot up nimbly and stretched out his hand, he represented Khu Sun Lie to ward off that person's attack.

Ong Cit Jade had staggered back two steps. whereas Bo Tie siansu's body didn't stagger backwards, she was just shaking

"Don't disturb our guest, Khu Lo enghiong is our guest" said Bo Tie Siansu patiently.

At that time Ong Cit Jade's face had turned red, and greenish, then he said fiercely: "Free my disciple"

Khu Sun Lie again laughed mockingly, he carried a brave attitude, the beggar didn't even show any feelings of anger, he even deliberately wanted to play the she ong person.

"It is not easy to free your disciple, you have caused a riot in Siauw Lim Sie with your friends, and it has caused no small loss to Siauw Lim Sie, if this disciple of yours as compensation, with his two hands taken, blinded and scraped off the insides, of course it won't hurt you too much-..."

And after saying that, Khu Sun Lie actually stretched out his left hand while concentrating his strength, he intended to break the hand of the third disciple of Ong Cit Jade.

Seeing Khu Sun Lie not just bluffing and wanting to prove his threat, Ong Cit Giok was shocked. His face also turned pale, although in his heart he was furious - "Wait a minute" he said Quickly, "Don't torture my student"

"Why ?" reprimanded Khu Sun Lie in a mocking voice.

"My student doesn't know anything, he only came with me because he was invited by me, if you want to take everything into account, you can deal with me"

"Hmmm, it's the same with your students," said Khu Sun Lie. "He is not a member of Siauw Lim Sie, he can carry an attitude outside of the culture and as he pleases."

"But" Ong Cit Jade's voice started slowly, not as loud as before.

"But why ?"

"I ask you to release my student, and we will resign to leave this place"

"It's good for you to talk," said Khu Sun Lie. "Do you know, this disciple of yours has actually exposed all your secrets, who came here in numbers of more than five hundred people, all of them were martial jungle people, only a hundred people were actually royal soldiers. Lim Sie. Doesn't he deserve to be punished? I'm not a Siauw Lim Sie, if in the future you want to be held accountable, you can look for me "

By saying that the beggar wants to mean that the one who will intervene to beat the third student from Ong Cit Giok is not Siauw Lim Sie, so if later the Lie conggoan people intend to take revenge, he can look for this beggar, not the Siauw Lim Sie people.

Apparently Ong Cit Jade couldn't hold back anymore, he said coldly: "Well, if you really want to harm my student, go ahead, but the consequences of course are also very big, I Ong Cit Giok won't want to just get there" while saying that.

ong ot Jade glanced at Bo Tie Siansu, meaning that he wanted Bo Tie Siansu who ordered Khu Sun Lie to release his student.

But Bo Tie Siansu himself, who was drowning in doubt, had remained silent, because this priest was actually worried about the safety of Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie, namely his suheng, Bo Liang Siansu. Just then Khu Sun Lie had said again in a cold voice:

"Okay, I will release your disciple, I will not torture him .. but you must answer my question properly." Ong Cit Giok nodded.


"I want to know where you have hidden Bo Liang Siansu, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie who you have taken captive.

?If you are willing to tell us of course your student will be released, because it's useless if I ask for a bolster, you will object, because the price of Bo Liang siansu is far more valuable than this stupid dog... Just as long as you tell me where you are holding Bo Liang Siansu."

Ong Cit Giok is a cunning person, every thing he does is always well considered. Hearing Khu Sun Lie's words, he showed a look of astonishment.

"Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie? Bo Liang Siansu? Instead we came here to see Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie, how can we find out where the old priest is?"

Hearing such words, Khu Sun Lie did not lose his mind, he made a mocking laugh as he said: "Well, if you really don't want to say it. I will ask your disciple to say it."

"Please, if he knows of course he will answer honestly" said Ong Cit Giok slyly. He was sure that his disciple would not say anything, didn't his disciple really not know anything about the capture of Bo Liang siansu?

Khu Sun Lie while laughing coldly tightened his grip on the nape of the third disciple of Ong Cit Jade. caused the enemy disciple to scream in pain and his eyes turned to his teacher for help-

But Khu Sun Lie had asked: "Listen, if   you don't answer correctly, I will tighten this grip, so that your spine is crushed, meaning you will be scarred for life."

Ong Cit Jade's disciple didn't answer, he neither confirmed nor refused.

While Khu Sun Lie had said again: "Now you say right, did you come here to destroy the Siauw Lim Sie temple?"

Asked that, Ong Cit Jade's disciple looked at his teacher for a moment. It was then that Khu Sun Lie tightened his grip on his hand, and he gasped in pain, so he hastily replied: "Right... right" he stuttered.

"And... and now that you've set me free... didn't I speak the truth?"

"My questions are not finished," said Khu Sun Lie. "You still have to answer some of my questions."

"Yes, yes, I will answer it, but ... ouch,   you don't hurt me." "Hmmm, when you have finished answering all my questions I will set you free" said Khu Sun Lie.

"Now tell me, who has led you to come here?"

"GU... my teacher" replied Ong Cit Jade's student.

"And you said earlier, four hundred silat experts have disguised themselves as royal people, is that true?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

Ong Cit Jade's disciple hesitated, but he finally confirmed it too.

"And you also said earlier, that they all intend to destroy the Siauw Lim Sie temple, looking for trouble with Siauw Lim Sie, is that right?" asked Khu Sun Lie.

"T... right..."

"Hmmm, now you say right, where is Bo Liang siansu being held?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

At that time, Ong Cit Giok's student was actually in great pain, because Khu Sun Lie was gripping harder and harder.

"I... how do I know?" exclaimed the Ong Cit Jade disciple, stammering in pain.

"You don't know?" Khu Sun Lie laughed coldly, "You told me earlier that Bo Liang Siansu had been lured in and taken captive by Lie conggoan, wasn't that right?" asked Khu Sun Lie in an urgent voice. And at that time, Ong Cit Giok's disciple was so surprised he was silent for a moment with the intention of denying it.

But it was Khu Sun Lie who had expected the attitude of his enemy's disciple, he had hardened his grip. So that Ong Cit Jade's disciple screamed in pain, and then he said: "Right....true...." he simply replied casually.

This has made Ong Cit Giok very angry, he knows his students and he are being played with. It was true that Bo Liang siansu had been taken captive by Lie's conggoans, but he was certain that this was not told   by his students.

And if at that time the disciple confirmed Khu Sun Lie's question, because he was tortured by the pain in his spine, so he just confirmed every beggar's question.

With a ragged breath and a bright red face, Ong Cit Jade seemed to have stepped closer to Khu Sun Lie.

The beggar had seen it, he shouted   loudly: "Hold your steps One more step you go forward, then your disciple's spine will be crushed" while saying that Khu Sun Lie has hardened his grip, so that Ong Cit Jade's disciple screams in pain-

It's true, the threats given by Khu Sun Lie are not empty threats, if the beggar musters his strength to crush Ong Cit Giok's spine, the student will be destroyed, meaning he will be paralyzed forever that's what Ong Cit Giok didn't want.

"Rotten beggar. What do you really want?" asked Ong Cit Jade then while holding back the anger in his heart, which he buried deep inside.

"I just want the same as you. Listen, what do you mean by coming to mess in this Siauw Lim Sie?"

Responding like that, it's not like Ong Cit Giok's anger is overflowing, but because his student is under the control of the opponent and the soul and safety of his student is under the influence of the opponent, Ong Cit Giok does not dare to vent his anger. He was just about to say, at that moment a shadowy figure flashed. Very quickly.

It turned out that Pa Pa Liang had secretly approached Khu Sun Lie, and they were a few spears apart, that's when he quickly stepped on his feet, his body leaped swiftly to launch an attack with both hands, the direction he was aiming for was the head of the beggar.

He launched an attack using a very strong internal energy. The intelligence of Pa Pa Liang is above that of Ong Cit Giok. while Khu Sun Lie himself is not a match for Ong Cit Jade, So how can the beggar receive Pa Pa Liang's attack, To dodge is no longer in a hurry, then the only way is so that his head is not crushed, Khu Sun Lie releases his grip on the nape of Ong Cit's pupil Jade, he had used both his hands simultaneously to parry.

"Dukkkk" Khu Sun Lie's body was blown away by five more spears. Luckily he had a fairly high ginkang, his body didn't fall, he posed in the middle of the air and fell on the ground with both feet first.

Ong Cit Jade also jumped at that time, he grabbed his disciple, who he saved first.

Bo Tie Siansu, seeing the threat to Khu Sun Lie, quickly jumped up to Pa Pa Liang.

Pa Pa Liang actually wanted to attack again when the beggar was helpless and not ready.

But when he saw Bo Tie Siansu was near him, Pa Pa Liang canceled his intention to attack Khu Sun Lie, because if he continued his attack, it would mean that the guard behind his body would be empty and the lying Bo Tie Siansu could attack the empty space like that. .

The situation became filled with extreme tension, Ong Cit Jade had laughed coldly after successfully saving his disciple, which was handed over to the two of the ten people who were dressed in uniform as royal soldiers-

"Okay, we will say goodbye. But remember, Siauw Lim Sie's side has treated us badly, besides that my student has also been humiliated in such a way, so if one day we have to face Lie Conggoan, and Lie Conggoan is angry, you will bear all that " After saying that, Ong Cit Giok signaled to Pa Pa Liang and the others.

They retreated very quickly, in the blink of an eye in the garden there were no outsiders other than the priests Siauw Lim Sie and Khu Sun Lie.

Bo Tie Siansu sighed, but Be San Siansu had warned him, that they immediately get ready to organize themselves, because soon there will be enemies, from Lie conggoan-.. And they of course with the reason Siauw Lim Sie has refused Lie conggoan's request, in addition to the recent clashes as an excuse to confront Siauw Lim Sie.

Bo Tie Siansu was also aware of the danger, so he immediately arranged for Siauw Lim Sie's disciples to guard the most important places in the temple, Khu Sun Lie himself was on guard.

THAT NIGHT it was very quiet at the foot of Mount Siong san, and the chaos that had just occurred in the Siauw Lim Sie temple didn't seem to affect the place either, a figure was running around, intermittently the sound of sobbing was heard.

After running for a long time, the figure finally rolled down on the ground, it seemed that he was very tired. In his hand he carried something, which he held tightly to his chest.

When the body fell, the figure hugged the sling tightly, and there was a shrill cry from a baby.

With great difficulty, the figure tried to get up, and finally he continued his journey to climb Mount Siongsan with a limp.

It turned out that she was a woman, aged between twenty-two years, her face was beautiful, it's just a shame that at that time her condition was very dirty, her hair was loose and her clothes were torn here and there. The situation was very pathetic, the shrill sound of a baby's cry also tore the silence around the place.

After running for a long time, the woman suddenly stopped her footsteps. She saw a group of people descending the mountain. They were none other than the group of Ong Cit Giok, Pa Pa Liang and others, who had just come down the mountain from Siauw Lim Sie. The woman stood stunned watching them.

Meanwhile, Ong Cit Giok's group also saw the woman in lewd clothes holding a baby who was only a few months old. However, they suspected that the woman was a village woman at the foot of the hill, who happened to be there.

Wasn't she in such a lewd state, with a dirty face and tattered clothes. So the presence of a woman holding a baby in her hands did not attract Ong Cit Giok's attention. Moreover, At that time Ong Cit Giok was indeed wheezing a lot, long and short he had cursed Siauw Lim Sie with dirty words.

After Ong Cit Giok's group was nowhere to be seen, the woman carrying the baby continued her journey up the mountain.

Judging from the path he took, of course he intended to go to Siauw Lim Sie. The only thing that is surprising is what this woman meant, at night and almost before dawn, in the dark like that, walking alone carrying her baby in her arms, even her own condition was not as bad as it was?

With great difficulty the woman managed to climb on and on, until finally she arrived in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple. Apparently the woman was too tired, so that when she arrived at the door of the temple, she sat limp and the baby cried a loud shrill.

The woman tried to persuade the baby to silence the baby's cries, but the baby continued to cry.

Khu Sun Lie, Bo Tie siansu and the others, who were waiting anxiously that Ong Cit Jade would return with a larger entourage and number, had heard the sound of the baby's cry.

All the brave people looked at each other, they were very surprised, I don't know whose baby is crying in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple when dawn will soon break? Bo Tie Siansu ordered a priest to look outside,

The young priest who received the order opened the door carefully, because he was afraid that the baby's high-pitched sobs were an inducement from the enemy. But after he looked outside, he didn't see anyone, other than a woman who was not in a bad state with her right hand holding a crying baby, the woman was sitting in front of the temple, the priest was surprised, but immediately he went back inside to report to Bo Tie Siansu.

Everyone was surprised to hear the report, a woman who was not in a good condition with a baby in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple? What do you want that woman to carry the baby in this cold morning?

Followed by Khu Sun Lie, Bo Tie Siansu along with several other Siauw Lim Sie priests immediately came out.

They saw the exhausted woman, busy coaxing her baby to stop crying, but the baby was still crying.

And the sound of the door opening and the appearance of Bo Tie siansu together with other priestess Khu Sun Lie, had shocked the woman.

But when she saw clearly that it was the elderly priest, his patient face and many other priests, the woman beamed. she immediately knelt before Bo Tie Siansu, while still holding the baby.

"Forgive Siauwlie (I am lowly) disturbing the peace of the Losuhu" said the woman, crying tears of joy. "Actually Siauwlie has very important business"

Bo Tie Siansu quickly told the woman to get up from her knees, But the woman whose clothes were in tatters was still on her knees, even she had continued her words: "Can Losuhu bring Siauwlie to Hong Thio Taisu from Siauw Lim Sie, namely Bo Liang Siansu?" Hearing the woman's last question, had shocked Bo Tie Siansu and the others.

"What do you mean Hujin (madam) wants to meet our HongThio?" asked Bo Tie Sian su after his astonishment disappeared-

"There is important business that Siauwlie needs to convey, will Losuhu notify Siauwlie's arrival... Siauwlie only needs to meet briefly to convey an important message "

Bo Tie siansu sighed, she was so sad, because she remembered her suheng who to this day is still unknown, But earlier from Khu Sun Lie she had known everything, that Bo Liang siansu had really been detained by Lie conggoan, so people Siauw Lim Sie's people are also considering whether they will accompany Lie conggoan to free Bo Liangsiansu.

But precisely now there has been an incident of this strange woman, who asked to meet with Bo Liang siansu.

Bo Tie siansu sighed, then said in a soft voice.

"Unfortunately the rain didn't come on time, our HongThio was out the door" explained Bo Tie Siansu.

Hearing that, this strange woman's face turned pale, and suddenly she burst into sobs.

"Will the misery of these few months not end and will destroy us?" mumbled the woman in a very heartrending voice between her sobs.

Bo Tie Siansu and the others were amazed, even Bo Tie Siansu had asked patiently: "Actually, what difficult business is Hujin going through?" he asked.

"It's free, it's free," said the woman.

"If indeed I don't manage to meet Bo Liang Siansu, of course the business will end in destruction, endless curiosity, no justice can be served" murmured the woman as she continued to sob. Bo Tie siansu furrowed her brows.

"But even though our HongThio is out the door, for the time being Lolap is representing him, so if Hujin doesn't mind and needs our help, tell us about Hujin's trouble, maybe we can help."

Hearing Bo Tie Siansu's last words, the woman's eyes lit up again, her face also didn't turn as pale as before, it seemed that she had gained enthusiasm.

Still holding the baby in his arms, he knelt down again before Bo Tie Siansu. He said: "Actually I'm carrying a curious business where our family has been exterminated by the emperor's people, so we want to ask Siauw Lim Sie's help to protect the only descendant of the Bu family"

Called the "Bur family", Bo Tie Siansu remembered someone.

"Did hujin mean Bu Beng Hong with the title Sip Pat Mo?" asked Bo Tie siansu while watching the woman.

Again the woman's cries became louder, she nodded.

"That's right, the baby I'm carrying is the only son of Bu Enghiong" explained the woman. "This is the son of Bu Beng Hong Eng hlong, whose name is Bu Bin An. Only this baby can be saved while Bu Loya has been destroyed by the evil people of Emperor Eng Lok's envoy. His entire family, wife and relatives"

Khu Sun Lie shuddered to hear that. Indeed, he had heard that Bu Beng Hong was the one being suspected by Emperor Eng Lok, because Sip Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong was one of the mainstays of the former Emperor.

But he didn't expect that Emperor Eng Lok worked so quickly, that Bu Beng Hong's entire family was exterminated and the only thing that could be saved was the baby in this woman's arms. which according to his confession was his only baby from Bu Beng Hong.

"With this baby, Siauwlie also brought Mrs. Loya's letter, because at the time of the raid, Mrs. Loya had ordered Siauwlie to escape from the back door with a letter that Siauw Lie had to hand over to HongThio Siauw Lim sie along with Bu Loya's only son, namely Mrs. Siauwya is "

Saying that, the woman had taken out a scroll, a very short letter, which must have been written in a very hasty manner.

At that time, everyone had also heard the woman's story. It turned out that she was a servant in Mrs.'s family, only she and her little master managed to survive death, while Mrs.'s entire family had been destroyed by the masters sent from Emperor Eng Lok.

This maidservant put herself in hiding in a horse stable, and after Emperor Eng Lok's people had passed, then she fled. What saddens her, she saw her master and the entire Bu family lying lifeless.

It was unbelievable how sad Bo Tie Siansu and the others heard the woman's story. Soon this woman and her baby were brought into Siauw Lim Sie. When they were in the living room, where the baby had been given milk and tea was provided for the woman, Bo Tie Siansu said: "Actually, we, Siauw Lim Sie, are facing threats from Emperor Eng Lok, but we believe that we will be able to take care of the son. only Mrs. Enghiong, I hope that Mrs. Enghiong can be closed in peace in the afterlife." said Bo Tie Siansu.

"Yes, we will take good care of him..." said Bo San siansu.

"And Siauwlie will say goodbye to Siauwlie's success in reaching this place and handing over the son of Mrs. Loya, calm down Siauwlie" the woman had asked herself.

But Bo Tie Siansu held her back, he suggested that the woman should rest for a few days at the Siauw Lim Sie temple, and then continue her journey.

The woman also thought the suggestion was quite good, so she accepted it while expressing her gratitude.


Overwhelmed by anxiety, Khu Sun Lie and Bo Tie Siansu had conferred on the situation that would happen at the door of Siauw Lim sie's college.

as well as other elders of Siauw Lim Sie, have also sat in the negotiations. They are talking about Bo Liang Siansu, And they are trying to make a decision, whether they will visit Lie conggoan's headquarters, to release Bo Liang Siansu or just wait for a while. Wouldn't the enemy soon appear on his own to riot at the Siauw Lim Sie temple? "If we patrol Lie conggoan's headquarters, it's certainly not easy for us to move freely, moreover we don't know the exact place where Bo Liang Siansu is being held." said Khu Sun Lie expressing his thoughts. "Besides, most importantly, of course we will face a lot of heroes who have high intelligence, who must all gather there. It's better, we'll just have to wait a few days. We'll see what's progressing."

Bo Tie siansu and the others looked hesitant, but they had no other choice, so they finally agreed to the proposal.

While waiting for the developments that will occur and the passage of time, Bo Tie Sian su has ordered a young priest to take care of the baby who is the only son of the late Bu Beng Hong. Sip Pat Mo during his life was a great warrior, who had high intelligence and a good heart.

Many noble deeds were carried out by the late, besides when he was sitting as a personal guard for the old Emperor, he was also a warrior who prioritized virtue, that is why, many martial arts people respected him.

The same is true for Siauw Lim Sie. Now the warrior is only in name, because his family was exterminated by Emperor Eng Lok who mobilized his chosen champions, and the only thing saved was his only baby son, perhaps not yet one year old, named Bu Bin An-

So Bo Tie Siansu has determined, no matter how he intends to educate this child, so that one day he becomes a mighty warrior. At that time, he had made a decision, if in the future Siauw Lim Sie was to experience an inevitable threat, the most important thing he had to save was Bu Bin An, the boy, so that one day he could be educated to become a great warrior and take revenge for his parents.

As a priest who has tender feelings, Bo Tie Siansu does not agree that the child will be used as a tool for revenge, besides that he also does not agree that in the future Bu Bin An must use his intelligence to take revenge on his enemies, Because as a pious priest, of course he will oppose the words of revenge. What really made Bo Tie siansu hurt, was that Emperor Eng Lok   did a lot of outrageous things and actions.

Where he has eradicated well-known martial arts masters, chasing after martial arts masters who have lived in seclusion, and Siauw Lim Sie who never interfered in matters outside the temple, yet he is still exposed to the sap, where all Siauw Lim Sie priests want to be exterminated. with the dispatch of Lie conggoan to find trouble with Siauw Lim sie's side. And now also HongThio Siauw Lim Sie, namely Bo Liang Siansu, has been taken prisoner by Lie conggoan, making Bo Tie Siansu really hate Emperor Eng Lok. And his hatred is not against the Emperor himself, but rather his evil deeds and actions

That is why Bo Tie siansu is determined to educate Bu Bin An to become a great warrior, so that in the future this child can determine what is called evil and what is called good.

The priests of Siauw Lim Sie had been waiting for three days with great suspense, but still nothing special happened. Ong Cit Jade and his people never showed up.

This made the priests Siauw Lim Sie be surprised, They guessed whether the Lie Conggoan party had spent their business just getting there?

Of course, this made Bo Tie Siansu and the rest of the Siauw Lim Sie priests wonder, I don't know what Lie's cocky people would do.

Two more days have passed.

Still nothing significant.

The situation inside Siauw Lim Sie remained calm and unshakable.

Even Bo Tie Siansu had ordered several priests to repair the partially burnt temple, namely the east and west. ten days have passed, things have remained calm. Khu Sun Lie himself was astonished-

"Are we going to keep silent all the time like this?" asked Bo Tie siansu in the end. He seemed very sad.

Khu Sun Lie knows, what is thinking and making Bo Tie Siansu's heart difficult is the matter of Bo Liang Siansu, the priest's older brother who is still in the hands of the enemy, meaning that his fate is also not known clearly, about his life and death they can't know.

But Khu Sun Lie himself is also confused, he can't give the best advice, if they leave Siauw Lim Sie to guard Lie's building, and Siauw Lim Sie's temple is empty, then an invasion comes, who can protect him?

At least only the low-ranking priests and Lim Sie's Siauw Temple would be destroyed and ransacked by the Lie conggoan people. Of course if that happened, it would be the Siauw Lim Sie's people who would be more miserable.

Bo Tie Siansu himself had such difficulties, he realized that they could not leave the temple like a tiger leaving its cage, because it would be very detrimental to them.

But to keep silent, is also not a wise decision.

Khu Sun Lie suggested that they try a way to divide their strength and power, some of which were still guarding the Siauw Lim Sie temple, while others were trying to attack Lie's headquarters.

According to Bo Tie Siansu, who responded to the suggestion, if this was done, it would be more dangerous, where their strength has been fragmented, while the enemy consists of heroes who have high intelligence, and most importantly on the side of the enemy, there are experts who gather. there are so many, as happened to Bu Beng Hong, he is a great warrior in this era, and has very high intelligence. But after all he can still be destroyed by the people of Emperor Eng Lok.

The brief letter that Bu Beng Hong had entrusted to his servant who had escaped and saved his only son was very brief, that is, he only asked for help from Siauw Lim Sie to take care of his son, so that he would become a person of significant intelligence.

And he also briefly stated his difficulties, He also said in his letter, he only believed in Siauw Lim Sie because the door of this college is the door of a very big and well-known college, many brave people were born by the door of the college, so he believed If only her only son could be cared for by the people of Siauw Lim Sie, surely later Bu Bin An would have acquired perfect intelligence.

Therefore, Bo Tie siansu could not waste the trust given by Bu Beng Hong, a very well-known expert, to Siauw Lim Sie's side. Bo Tie Siansu was determined, even though how he intended to educate Bu Bin An to become a meaningful human being in the future. become a great warrior who has high intelligence and also has a patriotic soul.

But the child is still too small, not even a year old. Moreover, Siauw Lim Sie himself is currently experiencing a threat that is not small. However, seeing the condition of the baby, Bo Tie Siansu realized that the baby did have talent and good bones. to learn martial arts.

That's what made Bo Tie Siansu happy, because he saw that Bu Bin An was a good talent and a seed that he could rely on in the future to become a strong young man.

Two more days have passed.

Still nothing happened. It's been almost half a month since Ong Cit Giok and his people messed up the Siauw Lim Sie temple, and up to that point nothing had happened.

So this has made Bo Tie siansu and the other Siauw Lim sie priests surprised too. They don't know what tactics Lie's people are using.

And what made Bo Tie siansu and the people of Siauw Lim Sie more and more restless, the more the days passed, of course the longer their Hong Thio was detained by Lie conggoan- Of course the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie would receive bad treatment, which means would also cause him misery.

Often Bo Tie Siansu sighed deeply when he thought about the situation of his elder brother.

However, as a priest who has been educated and trained both physically and mentally, this priest is naturally more able to restrain his feelings, in contrast to several other young priests of Siauw Lim Sie who have shed tears for their HongThio fate.

After twenty days and still nothing happened, finally Bo Tie Siansu made a decision. He sent Bo San siansu and Bo Cie Siansu to go down the mountain to investigate the condition of his people. Lie conggoan-

The two of them, Bo San siansu and Bo Cie siansu were assigned to try to find a place for Bo Liang Siansu to be held captive.

The two priests swore, if they could not find the hiding place of Bo Liang Siansu, of course they would not return to Siauw Lim Sie first.

However, Bo Tie Siansu advised them not to make such a decision, because Siauw Lim Sie actually needed their strength, as Siauw Lim Sie's elders whose intelligence was on par with Bo Tie Siansu's.

Finally Bo San and Bo Cie siansu can be awakened too, they regret that they have indulged their emotions, So finally they promised to only go investigate according to the abilities they have, and will return as soon as possible to Siauw Lim Sie.

As soon as Bo San Siansu and Bo Cie Siansu left, Bo Tie Siansu also ordered Siauw Lim Sie's disciples from the second, third, fourth and fifth grades to keep a tight guard around Siauw Lim Sie, watching around the Siongsan mountains.

At that time there were many Siauw Lim Sie priests who had been wandering around in the Siong San Mountains, pretending to go to ask for alms from one village to another, because they were actually fixing their eyes on whether Ong Cit Giok's people were still wandering around the Siongsan Mountains.

But in reality, they didn't see the people they suspected, so Bo Tie siansu was even more surprised, thus meaning that Ong Cit Giok and his people had resigned from Siongsan-

"Are they using tiger fishing tactics?" Khu Sun Lie who is still living in Siauw Lim Sie, one day gave his guess.

"What do you mean Kiesu?" asked Bo Tie Siansu.

"They may have deliberately withdrawn and gathered at Lie Conggoan's headquarters, because they wanted Siauw Lim Sie's own people to visit them." Bo Tie Siansu just realized.

"That's right," he said a bit harshly, "instead they relied on Bo Liang Suheng, forcing us to take them under his wing. Isn't that so, if we mess with Lie conggoan's headquarters, it means we are trying to make a riot and they then have a strong reason to eradicate everyone Siauw Lim Sie using excuses like that?" Khu Sun Lie nodded.

"They are really evil" he said angrily, because Khu Sun Lie had witnessed how many of Emperor Eng Lok's men had committed crimes - What made Khu Sun Lie's heart ache, was the death of Bu Beng Hong. The master is a top class master, a powerful figure in the martial arts jungle. Moreover, his actions are always concerned with justice, thus making everyone respect him.

But now Bu Beng Hong and her family have been exterminated by Emperor Eng Lok's masters. that's what really hurts the beggar's heart.

Fortunately, the descendants of the Bu family were not cut off by saving the soul of Bu Bin An-

Now the problem is, can the baby be educated as well as possible?

Will he have a great interest in becoming a silat expert? But given that his father was a great warrior, Khu Sun Lie and the people of Siauw Lim Sie were sure that Bu Bin An would also have a great interest in silat.

Bu Bin An is a sweet and cute baby. He is also a very witty baby, besides that his body has returned to curvature, because he received good care from Siauw Lim Sie's side.

Time went by quickly, another half month passed.

Bo San and Bo Cie siansu have returned to Siauw Lim Sie.

They reported that they encountered no small difficulties.

Lie conggoan's headquarters are always moving, not staying around the foot of Mount Siongsan- That's what makes it difficult for them to investigate-

"The chatter seems to be using tactics," said Khu Sun Lie. "He carries an attitude like he has no business and doesn't care about Siauw Lim Sie's side. But they are actually winning the wind now, because HongThio Siauw Lim Sie is in their hands, and that can't be proven clearly, of course we can't tell this to the brave people of the martial jungle, they will doubt our statement, because we don't have real evidence "

Bo Tie siansu became gloomy, he was silent for a moment. and then he said: "And what makes it difficult for us as well, is that we can't keep the conggoan in check. If we get to the conggoan, we're sure he'll easily brand Lim Sie's siauw as a rebel. And by relying on that excuse, they'll beat him up. - all out on Siauw Lim Sie.

If they had obtained that reason, of course Emperor Eng Lok would also send a thousand troops to destroy Siauw Lim Sie without worrying that the people of the martial jungle would join forces against him. This is a matter that is not easy, and we must solve it to find a way out "

After saying so with a mournful face, Bo Tie Siansu sighed repeatedly.

Bo Tie Siansu was indeed in trouble. He could have gathered the brave men, but he had no proof, that HongThio Siauw Lim Sie was held captive by Lie conggoan-

If Bo Tie siansu gathers brave people, then Lie grudgingly denies it, won't it make the martial arts people's view of Lim Sie's side look bad? And even then, if you want to gather the brave men of the martial arts jungle, if indeed Siauw Lim Sie is facing a big and difficult matter to deal with on his own. Isn't Siauw Lim Sie the oldest and most respected school door, besides being very big? So if it comes to HongThio's matter, they are caught by Lie Conggoan and they are powerless to free him, isn't that a shameful affair, which will become the laughing stock of the brave?

Khu Sun Lie had stated to Bo Tie siansu, if within a week there was still no change, he intended to go down the mountain, to go investigate Lie's condition by the way.

Khu Sun Lie was sure that, in the future, by disguise, he would be able to investigate Lie Conggoan's condition and also investigate Hong Thio Siauw Lim Sie's condition. But what made him wonder, so far he only knew the name of Lie, but he didn't know the full name of the bullshit.

As a person who has experience in the martial arts jungle, this matter is not too heavy a matter, he might catch Ong Cit Jade's subordinates later. and threatened him, until the man spoke. Day after day had passed, and indeed nothing else happened.

Just as the problems that occurred in Siauw Lim Sie, caused by Ong Cit Giok, have simply disappeared and now the days are passing quickly, A week later, Khu Sun Lie also said goodbye to Bo Tie Siansu.

Since Khu Sun Lie's departure, Bo Tie siansu has been busy caring for and educating Mrs. Bin An- The baby, who is less than a year old, has been bathed every day with jinsom herbs and several kinds of plant roots that can strengthen the body.

Bu Bin An's body development was indeed fast, while being treated in Siauw Lim Sie, she became curvaceous and healthy. Bu Bin An is also a fresh, lively child. Every day his movements are very funny, it can comfort the grief of the Siauw Lim Siu people a little with the presence of this boy.

Day after day passed, in just half a year, Bu Bin An's body grew healthier.

During that time Bo Tie siansu had not been tired of looking for various tree roots and the most effective medicines, to "boil" the child in the stew, so that his body became strong and healthy.

By receiving such special care, of course this baby will grow up healthy.

By the time he was two years old, Bo Tie Sian su had educated the child on the basis of martial arts, so that the child could train himself with various light strokes, run every day around the temple and had also begun to practice breathing-

He was still young, only two years old, but this boy was showing signs of a very intelligent talent. He could take the hints that Bo Tie siansu gave well.

Because indeed as a small child, Mrs. Bin An's receptivity was very long and required patience so Bo Tie Siansu had to take care of her with great patience-

As a child who was loved by all the inhabitants of the Siauw Lim Sie Temple, it made the boy very happy to live in the temple. If you exercise in the morning, and in the afternoon practice breathing-

Bo Tie Siansu himself didn't pass down heavy lessons, he only gave light training, no matter how clever, but a child who was only two years old like that, obviously couldn't take much. what's more, just talking can only be broken one or two.

As an intelligent child, Bu Bin An shows abilities that exceed children her age. She has been able to sit down to practice her breathing held in her stomach, and can also do hand-to-hand martial arts, even though her movements are just inconsequential, as a sport.

But it was enough to cheer up Bo Tie Siansu, because that's exactly what Bo Tie Siansu wanted to instill in this child a love of martial arts. If indeed at such a small age has been familiarized with the exercises even though Bu Bin An accepted it carelessly, yet it has been seen that the child is very happy "exercise".

The development shown by the child made Bo Tie Siansu's heart amused. Even though the news about Bo Liang Siansu, HongThio Siauw Lim Sie has not yet been heard, yet this child can be used as solace as well.

At the age of two years, like other children, Mrs. Bin An has indeed begun to speak well, but her words are still often sprained, so that often causes laughter and joy.

What's more, this child also has a healthy body thanks to the care provided by Bo Tie Siansu, who often bathes the child with very rare herbs and is also known for its properties, has made this child's development very satisfying.

At all Bo Tie siansu and the priests of Siauw Lim Sie did not expect, that actually Lie conggoan who led Ong Cit Giok and the other masters, had abandoned their intention to attack Siauw Lim Sie, because they had seen Siauw Lim Sie was indeed a school door. strong, besides that there is no strong reason for them, destroying Siauw Lim Sie the only way for Ong Cit Giok and his friends is to wait for Siauw Lim Sie to make mistakes-

For the time being they only pursued the heroes suspected by Emperor Eng Lok, such as Bu Beng Hong, whose entire family they had exterminated. Regarding the escape of Bu Bin An, the only child of Bu Beng Hong, they did not know.

But Ong Cit Giok was sure, with HongThio siauw Lim Sie as their prisoner, of course one day Siauw Lim Sie's side would do something wrong to them. So they were just waiting. Sie they will be able to destroy, after first destroying the people that Emperor Eng Lok suspected,

And of course, in addition to pursuing the heroes who were hated by Emperor Eng Lok, they had also nurtured the power of many powerful figures who were recruited and persuaded by the kingdom with wealth and rank.

So, for the time being, Siauw Lim Sie was not disturbed by Emperor Eng Lok's people. And so also Siauw Lim Sie's side did not dare to take careless decisions, even though their HongThio was still being held captive by the Emperor's people but because they did not know for sure where Bo Liangsiansu was being held,

They also didn't dare to take any action, they just sent Siauw Lim Sie's disciples to go down the mountain to investigate various areas.

The management of the Siauw Lim Sie temple was temporarily taken over by Bo Tie Siansu, who represented as long as Bo Liang Siansu had not returned, because so far the death and death of Bo Liang Siansu was still unknown.

But the people of Siauw Lim Sie have also decided, if in the future they know for sure that Bo Liang siansu was harmed by Emperor Eng Lok's people, they will certainly take revenge. Of course revenge was not revenge, only to uphold justice.

But that morning, Siauw Lim Sie had received a guest. It was still early in the morning, the sun had just risen and it wasn't that high. Someone knocked on the door of the Siauw Lim Sie temple. When a totong (hweshio in his teens) opened the door of the temple, he saw an old man in his fifties, with a thin mustache and beard and also wearing a long green thungshia shirt, beside him wearing a triangular hat, standing quietly . In his right hand he seemed to be carrying a small package.

"Early in the morning loya has come, do you intend to pray?" asked the totong respectfully.

The person looked at the totong, he showed a cold attitude, not sympathetic at all. Then in a deep voice he said: "Call out Bo Tie Siansu,..."

The totong's heart stuttered in shock, because he saw the attitude of people who were not friendly, but because since childhood he had served at the Sia uw Lim Sie temple, he had acquired the training to be respectful to every guest. He had smiled.

"Is there any need Loya wants to meet our HongThio?" asked the totong then in a patient voice, he didn't show any displeasure at all. The man's eyes narrowed, he watched intently at the totong. "Are you deaf? I told you to call Bo Tie siansu out to welcome me. Say, ceng-le Siucai (student in green) Loa Sim Hoan wants to meet you."

The totong watched for a moment at this guest, then he nodded. he asked his guest to wait for a while, as he intended to inform Bo Tie Siansu of this person's arrival.

When Bo Tie Siansu received a report that someone wanted to meet him, and that person's title was ceng ie siucai, he was shocked.

"Loa sim Hoan?" muttered Bo Tie Siansu as he got up from his seat on the round mat and followed the totong to the outside.

While walking out, Bo Tie Siansu couldn't stop thinking, because instead he knew who Ceng ie Siucai Loa Sim Hoan was, a very well-known magical figure in the martial arts jungle.

Therefore, Bo Tie Siansu didn't dare to think anything of it, because he suspected that there must be something important enough that the well-known expert She Loa needed to visit Siauw Lim Sie.

Loa Sim Hoan laughed sarcastically when he saw Bo Tie Siansu come with the totong earlier, not to mention the priest rebuked him, and just as Bo Tie Siansu clasped his hands together to punish the guest, the man dressed in all green said in a cold voice: "Bo Tie Siansu I brought a deposit to deliver to you"

"Welcome to our temple, Brother Loan" said Bo Tie Siansu, "Come... come please come in." But Loa Sim Hoan has slowly shook his head, no smile on his face.

"I haven't been here for long, I just need to convey this gift to you, you accept it" while saying that, Loan Sim Hoan had handed over the package that was blocked in his right hand.

Bo Tie Siansu hesitated, but finally he had asked: "What kind of gift is that, Loa Kiesu? And also who is it from?"

Loa sim Hoan has smiled with an unsympathetic attitude "I don't know who sent this gift, just in the middle of the road I met a young man dressed as a mountain person, he asked me to deliver a parcel to Siansu, accept it "

Bo Tie siansu watched the parcel, he saw that it was not that big, Finally after hesitating for a while. Bo Tie Sian su turned to the totong and signaled for the totong to accept the parcel.

But when the totong wanted to receive the package, accidentally the grip was released, so that the package fell to the ground and the wrapping cloth was opened. From inside the package rolled out the head of a human, who was covered in blood.

Bo Tie Siansu's face changed, he looked closely at his guest, asked him: "What does all this mean. Loa Kiesu?"

Loa sim Hoan still showed a calm attitude, he did not at all show that what happened was an extraordinary business.

"According to the information given by the young man who entrusted it to me, the human head is a friend of Siauw Lim Sie" explained Loa Sim Hoan in a cold voice.

In just an instant, Bo Tie Siansu was able to see the face of the disembodied head firmly, Bo Tie Siansu gasped in surprise, that's the head of Khu Sun Lie, the beggar who was kind-hearted, who recently said goodbye to him.

"This is Khu Kiesu's head, Khu Sun Lie" said Bo Tie Siansu in a not very clear voice, this priest's face also changed to show anger-

"Brother Loa say, what do you mean by a post like this? And- what do you mean coming to our temple here?"

Loa sim Hoan doesn't show any feelings on his face, he shows a cold attitude, he doesn't think it's extraordinary at all to his strange post.

"I only entrusted the item to you, and it's only right that I convey it to the address, no

?” he said in a cold voice, “Also, I did not expect any reward for my labors to reach this place. I just want to ask something from Siauw Lim Sie to repay my tiredness, whether Siauw Lim Sie's side is willing to grant my request or not?"

Bo Tie Siansu suppressed the anger of his heart, he had asked in a slightly trembling voice: "Say, what is Loa Kiesu's wish?"

"I don't want money, possessions or things and didn't Siauw Lim Sie's side not long ago also receive a deposit, namely a child named Bu Bin An?" Being asked that, Bo Tie Siansu's heart was shaken, he began to suspect. But holding back his feelings, he nodded approvingly, because he didn't usually lie.

"Right" he said, "Then what does Loa Kiesu want?

And what has that got to do with the kid?"

"In fact, I want Siauw Lim Sie's side to hand over the child, Mrs. Bin An to me..." replied Loa Sim Hoan in a cold voice.

Bo Tie Siansu laughed at Loa sim Hoan's words, "Laughing is not a happy laugh, but a laugh because he is too irritated and angry.

"Loa Sim Hoan, you have visited our temple to deliver this extraordinary gift, it is a matter that cannot be finished here, because you certainly have something to do with the death of Khu Sun Lie Kiesu,

Hmmm, now you say you want to ask us for a child named Bu Bin An. It's obvious that request, though how could we possibly not grant it"

When he said that, Bo Tie Siansu was already prepared. because he had guessed, there must be something undesirable with the presence of Loa Sim Hoan, this person is certainly not a good human compatriot. And the death of Khu Sun Lie Uga must have something to do with this She Loa person.

While Loa Sim Hoan had laughed bitterly, then he asked: "Bad old priest Bo Tiep, you really don't want to give me a little reward for being tired of delivering this parcel to you?"

When asked that, Bo Tie Siansu was overflowing with blood, he said in a firm voice: "Indeed we ourselves also want to know from you who has destroyed Khu Sun Lie Kiesu? You have brought here Khu Sun Lie Kiesu's head, of course you are also involved in this. this business"

Loa Sim Hoan's face turned more and more unsightly, he did have a cold face like a corpse, didn't emit any feelings at all, now that he was reprimanded by Bo Tie Siansu, of course he was angry, his face became even colder.

"It really doesn't miss the words of the friends of the martial jungle that the people of Siauw Lim sie are people who don't know the mind." he said. "I'm tired, now I'm even accused of being the person involved in the murder of the She Khu and you Bo Tie, you have to take responsibility for your words"

Bo Tie Siansu laughed coldly, he saw that this She   Loa person had come on purpose to seek business with Siauw Lim Sie's side. Judging by his movements and demeanor, indeed Loa Sim Hoan wants to find business with Siauw Lim Sie's side, so Bo Tie Siansu has laughed coldly, he said in a cold voice:

"Good!! If indeed you are not happy with our welcome, please come back here with your friends Isn't it not long ago that Ong Cit Jade, Pa Pa Liang, your friends, have come here?"

Hearing the mention of Ong Cit Giok and Pa Pa Liang's names, Loa Sim Hoan laughed loudly, he also then said: "What do Pa Pa Liang and Ong Cit Jade mean? They are not as close as my fingernails."

"Then what is your relationship with Bu Bin An, that child?"   asked Bo Tie siansu while watching with probing eyes. "I want that child, isn't he the son of a great warrior Bu Beng Hong? Ha, ha, ha, I already know everything about the child's history, so you don't need to hide the origin of the child..."

Bo Tie Siansu's face changed. this is great. Bu Bin An's secret was discovered by Loa Sim Hoan. And what's even worse is if the secret is leaked out and known to Emperor Eng Lok's people. would certainly put Siauw Lim Sie in a less than happy position-

Can't the royal side find excuses based on Bu Bin An, the son of Bu Beng Hong, who is branded by the kingdom as a rebel? By holding the child in the Siauw Lim Sie temple, of course the royal party would easily accuse Siauw Lim Sie of cooperating with the rebels.

But Bo Tie siansu quickly got over herself, she had said in a cold voice: "Too bad we have sent the child somewhere" Bo Tie siansu had to lie, because otherwise. of course there will be fussiness.

"I'm not a snot that you easily fool" said Loa Sim Hoan-"Obviously, I want the child, if you give it up voluntarily, I will be grateful, but if you really don't want to give it up, I have to take it violently-"

Those are words that are threatening, and also contain outright violence. thus leaving Bo Tie siansu with no recourse-

"Looks like it's hard to dodge a battle with these She Loa people" thought Bo Tie Siansu in his heart. And he's keeping an eye on the she Loa guy. He saw that the sage had a body that was neither too big nor too thin. There was nothing too extraordinary about this She Loa person.

Only his cold face never showed any somewhat horrifying feelings, plus his eyes flashed with a sharp gleam like the blade of a sword, indicating that this person was not a reckless person-

What's more, Loa Sim Hoan has planted a name in the martial jungle for decades, where he is a powerful martial artist. However, Bo Tie Siansu actually suspected that this person had committed himself to the royal side, so he was very careful.

After all, Bo Tie Siansu has often heard that Loa Sim Hoan is a valiant warrior, his every action always defends the weak, but there is one flaw, he always acts as he pleases.

His custom is also a bit strange, because what is wrong can be   justified and what is right can be blamed on him... it all depends on how his heart and feelings are at certain times.

Because of his behavior, Loa Sim Hoan cannot be classified in the black or white groups, he is a master who cannot be placed in a group, and always works alone.

But now strangely enough, Loa Sim Hoan insists on wanting his son Bu Beng Hong, namely Bu Bin An and strangely enough he finds out that Bu Bin An is in Siauw Lim Sie, where he also clearly knows that Khu Sun Lie is Siauw Lim Sie's best friend. What became a question mark in Bo Tie Sian-su's heart, was Khu Sun Lie really destroyed by Loa Sim Hoan?

At that time Loa Sim Hoan had asked in a bland voice: "Bo Tie Siansu, I respect you as people from the door of the great college who always work based on justice and virtue, so don't force me to act in an impudent way. ".

And after saying that, he watched Bo Tie siansu with a very sharp look in his eyes, then he said in an increasingly cold voice: "Quickly you guys leave Mrs. Bin An to me... I want to go again quickly...".

Bo Tie clasped his hands together, he suppressed the feeling of irritability, as he said: "Kiesu try to explain first, who killed Khu Sun Lie Kiesu?"

"Hemm, you want to say that the one who destroyed the beggar she Ku was me, right?" asked Loa Sim Hoan, "If it was me, what would Siauw Lim Sie do? If not, then what would you say?"

When asked that, Bo Tie Siansu's face turned displeased, because this priest was already bleeding, he guessed that it was Loa Sim Hoan who killed Khu Sun Lie.

"Khu Sun Lie Kiesu is a warrior with a noble heart, he is also our best friend, so now Khu Kiesu has been destroyed in such a sad way, however, as friends, we want to know clearly where the problem is and also want to know who the person who has done this is. cruelly destroyed Khu Kiesu.-" Bo Tie Siansu's voice was firm. Loa Sim Hoan laughed coldly, then said in a cold voice: "I have destroyed it"


"Yes he is too impudent" "What has he done?"

"He has dared to insult me, he is too stubborn ... and I think he deserved his death..."

"You..?" Bo Tie Siansu's body trembled to contain his anger, fortunately he was a priest who had purified himself and practiced kebatinan, so he managed to suppress his anger.

Loa Sim Hoan was laughing loudly in a loud voice, he seemed to laugh at the attitude shown by Bo Tie Siansu, he said then: "And now, what do you want to do? Want to take revenge on that she Khu person? I will certainly accompany him"

Bo Tie Siansu had said coldly: "She Loa people, what did Khu Kiesu really do to you?"

"It's quite annoying that he has drunk and abused me, that's why I have taken his soul, closed his mouth so as not to continue babbling" said Loa Sim Hoan-

"But it's certainly not a mistake that is too big, so you need to destroy it in that way .." Loa Sim Hoan laughed coldly.