The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 04

Volume 4

BO SAN SIANSU thought for a moment. Seeing that things have come to this, indeed what Khu Sun Lie said seems to be true, And also under these circumstances the enemy people seem to have started to infiltrate Siauw Lim Sie. So he couldn't keep quiet. He had to act decisively. Then this priest had a cold laugh.

"Please Siecu convey to Lie Conggoan, that Lie Conggoan's request unfortunately cannot be fulfilled by us, no one can borrow the heirloom book, so we are very sorry that we can't fulfill Lie Conggoan's request and wish," said Bo San Siansu in a cold voice. .

Ong Cit Giok's face changed, he had said with an irritated and cruel face: "Is it true that Lim Sie doesn't want to give face to Lie Conggoan? Do you know who Lie Conggoan is?"

Bo San siansu clasped his hands together, he was imprisoned with a patient attitude.

"Siancai Siancai We really don't know who Lie Conggoan is, we don't mean to know either. Even if anyone, of course it's impossible to borrow our heritage books like Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang..."

The priest's voice was patient, but Ong Cit Giok had responded by saying: "If that's the case, you also want to mean that Emperor Eng Lok who borrowed it also you won't give it?"

When asked that, Bo san Siansu answered very carefully: "We think, as an Emperor, of course the Emperor has no interest in martial arts. And also Kiu Lok sie Pat Ciang's punching is just an ordinary punch, nothing special. "

Just now Bo San Siansu said that, Ong Cit Jade had burst into laughter with a loud voice, he laughed while exerting his inner strength, so that the situation in the place seemed to be shaken by the tone of his laugh.

"Okay," said Ong Cit Jade then.

"Now you hear, I will tell you what Lie Conggoan is actually not just anyone, he still has a small rank and power that is not as great as Peng Po Siang Sie (War Commander), but Lie Conggoan is the son-in-law of Hongsiang (Emperor). So from that, with Lie Conggoan's request being rejected, of course you know what the consequences will be if Lie Conggoan is offended "

Bo San Siansu sighed with a heavy heart, because he realized that, those were threatening words for Siauw Lim Sie's side. And seeing what happened, Bo San Siansu also realized that Ong Cit Giok was deliberately looking for business with Siauw Lim Sie's side, precisely now it is the duty of Siauw Lim Sie's priests to avoid clashes with these people, because if only they were provoked, wouldn't they? business began to be linked and associated with Emperor Eng Lok ?

Didn't Ong Cit Giok say that Lie Conggoan was Emperor Eng Lok and in his words was a serious threat?

Despite being irritated and angry, Bo San Siansu suppressed his feelings and still smiled patiently. He said in a not so loud voice: "We siauw priest Lim Sie are people who are always busy with liamkheng and bokkhie wood, so we don't mean to interfere in matters outside our temple. The book that Siecu asked to borrow is our heritage book which has never been lent to anyone since generations, I hope that Siecu is willing to convey our apologies to Lie Conggoan " while saying that, Bo San Siansu has clasped his hands he is respectful to Ong Cit Jade.

But that is not a reckless salute, while bowing to the ground, Bo San siansu has also put his inner strength into his hands, so when he is juggling, from both of his hands, a tremendous lwekang power has flowed out.

Ong Cit Giok is a master who has a cunning nature, before coming to Siauw Lim Sie he has also carefully considered his position, As a master who is well acquainted with the situation in the martial arts jungle, Ong Cit Giok also knows what party it is Siauw Lim Sie, and how great the Siauw Lim Sie priests are. Then everything was taken into account. Also now, he felt a rush of attack from Bo San Siansu, he quickly dodged to the side saying:

"If you really don't allow us to borrow Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang's book, don't use violence" and while saying that, Ong Cit Giok has raised his hand, then Bo San siansu's attack power is extinct.

Priest Siauw Lim Sie's face was red, indeed he had intended to test the intelligence and skill of this uninvited guest, but Ong Cit Giok did not want to serve him, so Bo San   Siansu was still guessing how high this opponent's skill was.

And what Bo San Siansu thought more about, was how many of Ong Cit Giok's people had wandered around and locked up the Siauw Lim Sie temple. It was all still dark for him. However, to cover his annoyance, Bo San Siansu had smiled again, his attitude was very patient.

"Please Siecu leave this place, maybe if there are Siauw Lim Sie's students who don't really understand the rules, Siecu will get in trouble..."

Those words were patient and friendly, which seemed to contain kindness for the guest, but behind that was hidden a subtle warning for Ong Cit Jade. But Ong Cit Jade had a cold laugh, he carried a haughty attitude, and he didn't show any fear at all.

"Indeed, we from Lie conggoan's side don't have the courage to clash with Siauw Lim Sie's side who has a big name in the martial arts community, who doesn't know that Siauw Lim Sie is the oldest university door and is the leader of the martial jungle?"

Bo San Siansu was also happy to hear Ong Cit Jade's praise, but at that time Ong Cit Giok had continued his words in a cold way: "But precisely because it is very famous as the oldest school door and has so many famous and very intelligent experts, it naturally has attracted the attention of Lie conggoan's heart to get one or two lessons from Siauw Lim Sie. That's why Lie conggoan has   ordered us, can we or not, we must be able to borrow the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang, the famous book of Siauw Lim Sie's punching "

Ong Cit Giok intentionally said yes or no, then it was a subtle coercion, which was pressed on Siauw Lim Sie's side, Bo San siansu also felt that kind of pressure. The priest's brows had furrowed deeply, and then he said: "Okay, Siecu, if you really don't want to understand our predicament, Bell can't say anything."

"I, Ong Cit Giok, only take orders and I will of course convey what is said to the Taisu. Regarding Lie conggoan's wish, to borrow for one month the Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang book, if Siauw Lim sie really objected to borrowing it, I don't have the courage to force him it's up to Lie conggoan himself what the decision will be." Bo San siansu and the priests of Siauw Lim Sie became irritated to see Ong Cit Giok's behavior, because they knew that was the embers that the she ong people had begun to spread.

"ong Siecu, don't let us insist on each other unruly, convey to Lie conggoan our feelings of regret, as people who have hidden themselves from the crowds of the world and only busy themselves with liamkeng and bokkhie, it is not implied in our hearts that we want to have trouble with anyone Moreover, Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang's book is an ordinary punch science, which of course doesn't mean much to Lie conggoan "

Not to mention that Bo San Stansu was finished with his words, instead Ong Cit Jade had said in a cold voice "Then it's fine that I lowly Ong Cit Jade can only return to report to Lie Conggoan Taijin" and Ong Cit Jade has been eager to salute,

Just like what Bo San Siansu had done earlier, he also deployed his lwekang, hitting the priestess with an empty air punch silently.

Bo San siansu knew the danger that was targeting him, he also felt a strong attack wind, so he had contracted his stomach, concentrating his strength on his stomach. He received Ong Cit Jade's attack with his stomach, which remained silent, without trying to dodge,

How shocked Ong Cit Jade was when he felt the power of his punch hit his opponent, and he saw Bo San Siansu still standing upright in his place without being shaken in the slightest, his strength seemed to be completely welcomed, even Ong Cit Jade's body was shaking, if only he didn't rush to exert himself. lwekang power on his legs to strengthen the stance of his two legs, of course his body will fall backwards or at least stagger backwards.

Ong Cit Giok secretly admits that Bo San Siansu's intelligence is very high, and is still above his own level of intelligence.

But Ong Cit Giok was very brave, he didn't show his shock, he laughed out loud as he said: "Taisu, has Taisu thought through Taisu's decision? to borrow the heirloom book"

"I'm so sorry that Suhengku wasn't there because he was taking care of a problem," said Bo San Siansu, getting tired of Ong Cit Giok.

"So, it's the same as meeting him directly at the Suhengku or being represented by me, because it is clear that the Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang book is an heirloom book that cannot be loaned to others"

"Thank you for the instructions given by Taisu," said Ong Cit Jade. "And with Taisu's words it means that such a decision was taken by Siauw Lim Sie's side, don't you think?"

Bo San siansu grew sick of seeing Ong Cit Jade's attitude. he hesitated to answer, and just nodded.

When Ong Cit Giok wanted to say more, just at that time from a distance there was a whistling sound, twice long, once short.

Ong Cit Giok's face beamed with joy, he replied to the whistling sound, twice long, once short. Then not long after, a figure flashed swiftly and stood beside Ong Cit Jade. Even the words have been heard: "May you be here, ong Taijin" said the man. "Apparently you're conferring with those bald-headed priests..."

Bo San siansu furrowed her brows, she had glanced at the person, it turned out to be a person who was between sixty years old, had a thin beard and mustache, but his body was emaciated. He stood with a grinning mouth exposing his cunning nature and soul.

His eyes flashed a very sharp light, that surprised Bo San, It's quite extraordinary the eyes of this newcomer, he shows that he has a kind of knowledge that he has studied deeply, a somewhat perverted knowledge, can be seen from the glint in his eyes.

Ong Cit Giok had shouted: "Good" then while pointing at the person, the she ong person had said to Bo San siansu: "This is my friend, Sam Hun ciu (Three spirits of Arak) Pa Pa Liang"

Bo San siansu's face changed, it's been a long time since she's heard of Pa Pa Liang's big name. He is a cruel ghost who roams around the Kangse area, but strangely enough, now that a demon who is famous for his cruelty can appear in the Siauw Lim sie temple, it even seems that this demon has enslaved himself into a servant of the kingdom.

"Hopefully the very famous Pa Pa Liang Kiesu" said Bo San Siansu with a grin and trying to smile, "It's really lucky that today our temple has received the arrival of a magic jungle martial artist like you" Pa Pa Liang was grinning, he raced his sleeves.

"Wutttt" the hurricane hit Bo San Siansu so hard, that the priest's body seemed to have been lifted two meters off the ground.

But great is Bo San Sian su, he still doesn't stop in such a state of anguish, his body slides down in a state of anguish, because a strong internal force blocks the surge of energy from Pa Pa Liang.

Try other people who have low intelligence, once they receive such strong speed and strength, they will certainly fall behind.

"Great" praised Pa Pa Liang with a haughty manner, "You can accept the speed of my sleeve, it shows that you have decent intelligence. What is your title?"

It's no joke that Bo San Siansu is annoying, because   Pa Pa Liang's attitude shows that the devil is from the old level who is rebuking the young level.

But Bo San siansu managed to control her temper, she still carried a patient attitude and smiled:

"The bell is Bo San" he said, "And can Bell know what the need is for Kiesu to visit our temple?"

Pa Pa Liang let out a mocking and arrogant laugh, he pointed at Ong Cit Jade.

"He invited me, I don't know what he meant by bringing me here. If he says go home, I'm going home, but if he says I have to beat up the head lumps of Siauw Lim Sie priests, I will knock one by one"

Bo San Siansu's face turned red, he was very angry, So he said with patience that was starting to lose: "What does jiwie kiesu really mean to disturb us? If you look closely, of course the arrival of jiewie kiesu here has the intention of starting a fire at the Siauw Lim Sie temple. ' said the priest firmly, because his heart was starting to heat up. What is meant by the flames, does not mean burning the Siauw Lim Sie temple, but instead it will cause riots at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

While Pa Pa Liang had laughed again with a mocking and belittling attitude towards the Siauw Lim Sie priests, he had replied arrogantly: "Hmmm, you rotten priest. Your mouth is too ugly. You dare to be too careless to accuse us of being unreasonable."

"We are not accusing," objected Bo San Siansu.

But his voice had not yet finished, just at that time Ong Cit Giok had said: "Taisu, don't accuse us too easily. Didn't I tell you earlier that we came here just to borrow the Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang book? to give, that's Siauw Lim Sie's right, and even then I meant to say goodbye. But why did Taisu issue false accusations, that we wanted to burn Siauw Lim Sie's temple."

Bo San Siansu's face turned red with anger, he had said: "Okay, now let's speak frankly. Aren't you two one of the many people who have wandered around Siauw Lim Sie temple for the past few days? We already know everything and we think We don't need to use small talk anymore."

Hearing Bo San Siansu's words, Pa Pa Liang had said in a low voice: "Okay, okay, indeed I prefer an open conversation... And now I emphasize, we want the Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang heirloom book, Does Siauw Lim Sie's side want it? hand it over?"

"No" replied Bo San Siansu firmly.

"But we have received orders, whether we can or not, we must return with the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang... so before Siauw Lim Sie grants our request, we dare not go home to Lie conggoan "

Bo San siansu couldn't hold back his patience anymore, Pa Pa Liang explained he meant it was a violent challenge.

At first Bo San siansu intended to control himself to avoid clashes. as ordered by Bo Tie Siansu, as far as possible priest Siauw Lim Sie should avoid clashes and commotions with government officials, so that the royal party cannot accuse Siauw Lim Sie with the excuses they are looking for.

But Bo San felt like his stomach was about to explode. now he couldn't contain his anger and rage at the sight of Pa Pa Liang's antics, so he replied: "Now what does jiewie Kiesu want? We think Siauw Lim Sie is certainly willing to be a good partner to accompany jiewie Kiesu's wishes "

Pa Pa Liang laughed so hard that his body shook violently. He also said after laughing enough: "Those are the words spoken by the priest Siauw Lim Sie, so if we take the hard enough path, don't blame us as people who don't give face. to Siauw Lim Sie. We have behaved quite well, acted leniently. and gave a bright face to Siauw Lim Sie, but the truth is that you are all bulls who cannot be treated with tenderness and compassion, you are still buffalo that must be treated harshly "

Bo San Siansu and the other priests blushed, the priest's heart shook violently with anger. He was just about to respond to those words, to accept the challenge, just at that time Bo San Siansu and the others had heard loud shouting sounds, which came from their right, and several figures seemed to be moving agilely, embracing a body that was move here and there with no less agile. Apparently that person was being beaten by these people.

What made Bo San Siansu even more surprised, was at that moment he recognized that the person being beaten was Khu Sun Lie, the beggar who became their best friend.

At that time, Khu Sun Lie was in a state of great urgency. Since Ong Cit Giok left him and handed over the beggar under the guise of ten intelligent people as the royal army, all of whom turned out to have no low intelligence, Khu Sun Lie tried to put up a fight, but still Khu Sun Lie was pushed hard.

Moreover, the ten people used tactics to be able to attack and dodge alternately. If indeed Khu Sun Lie was pressing one of them, then the others immediately attacked Khu Sun Lie, but when Khu Sun Lie launched a counterattack, the people jumped back and some of them attacked from behind the beggar. Such a situation that continued to make Khu Sun Lie very worried and very nervous.

He was worried because he realized that he could not escape the involvement of the ten people, while Ong Cit Giok had left this place and entered the depths of SIAUW LIM SIE TEMPLE, and the priests of Siauw Lim Sie had not yet known the presence of these enemies.

Restless, because for so long Khu Sun Lie had not succeeded in knocking down any of his ten opponents. Unfortunately, the number of enemies who ganged up on him was too many and they also had not low intelligence, of course over time it made Khu Sun Lie overwhelmed too.

When he was surrounded, the beggar had thought of trying to cause trouble so that the people of Siauw Lim Sie would know that the enemy was starting to invade.

The only way for the beggar is to fight while shifting his position as he enters the interior of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, but because his opponents all have intelligence that is not low, Khu Sun Lie also can't move fast, only whenever there is a chance, he certainly jumps to a higher position. deep into the temple.

By rolling or jumping by relying on his agility, Khu Sun Lie can shift his body position, Moreover now Khu Sun Lie is not in the mood to counterattack, he only often bully his opponent and when the opponent retreats, and the others have not had time to counterattack, Khu Sun Lie was always on his feet, his body leaping away from his opponents.

By fighting using this method, finally Khu Sun Lie was able to reach the place where Bo San Siansu and the others were.

While the ten opponents of Khu Sun Lie felt like they were being toyed with by the beggar, the longer he launched the attacks that were getting stronger and harder, urging this beggar, making Khu Sun Lie completely unable to retaliate.

Also, at that time Khu Sun Lie's breath had been ragged, because he felt very tired, had used too much energy and he didn't have the slightest chance to rest. Bo San siansu who saw Khu Sun Lie's condition, had let out a muffled exclamation, because he realized that the enemy had begun to infiltrate the Siauw Lim Sie temple in large numbers, So he glanced at one of the hweshio who was nearby, and the hweshio Understanding what Bo San Siansu wanted, he turned his body to go inside to announce the arrival of the enemy to Bo Tie Siansu and the others.

But when the priest turned around, Pa Pa Liang, who had very sharp eyes, had let out a cold laugh. It was hard to see his movements, knowing that his body had missed the side of the priest who wanted to go in to give the report. In fact, Pa Pa Liang's right hand had reached out to smash the hweshio's head, the wind of his attack was flying very fast.

The hweshio was taken aback, he was sure he couldn't possibly face and parry such a powerful attack, he could only let out a shocked cry.

Bo San siansu saw the threat, he didn't stay still. his body was fast, but because he was far enough apart, Bo San siansu had used Pek Kong ciang (empty air punch), the wind of his attack had slid into Pa Pa Liang's stomach.

Pa Pa Liang was surprised, because he felt the attack wind launched by Bo San Siansu had very great power, if he didn't dodge himself and his stomach was the target of the attack, I'm sure the contents of his stomach would fall apart, at least he would be injured inside. .

There was no other choice for Pa Pa Liang, he had pulled back his attack power and quickly removed several spears to dodge the attack. But even so, it was inevitable that the priest who had been attacked by Pa Pa Liang staggered back a few steps, because even though Pa Pa Liang's attack power had been pulled back, some of them had grabbed him. But he wasn't hurt inside, only his face had turned pale.

Bo San siansu laughed coldly with annoyance, but and did not launch another attack, whereas Pa Pa Liang had let out a loud laugh, he said in a mocking voice:

"Good Good. I hope it's not useless Siauw Lim Sie has a name that is quite famous in the martial arts jungle, apparently it has content too." And after saying that, Pa Pa Liang laughed again and laughed.

While Khu Sun Lie was busy evading several times from the attacks carried out by his gangsters, but now his heart was a bit calm when he saw Bo San Siansu's entourage, Apart from that the priests would be able to provide assistance to him, of course the people of Siauw Lim Sie knew that the enemy started sneaking into the shrine, so they could make strict preparations.

With a calm heart, Khu Sun Lie is now fighting not only defending himself, he repeatedly begins to counterattack on his opponents, while concentrating all the strength he still has on him as well as releasing his stored skills.

Bo San siansu has clasped his hands together, the priest exclaimed in a loud voice:

"Stop it. Stop it. What's the matter, gentlemen, have come to our temple...?" rebuked the priest in a voice that remained patient, suppressing his resentment. Khu Sun Lie had launched an attack with his right hand on an opponent who was on the right, then when his opponent dodged, and not to mention the other opponents had time to launch an attack, that's when Khu Sun Lie had set his feet, his body quickly jumped close to Bo San Siansu. In the blink of an eye, the beggar was beside Bo San Siansu.

"They came to mess around, they are also She ong's men" and while saying that, Khu Sun Lie pointed to Ong Cit Jade.

Bo San Siansu's face seemed to change to show displeasure, He had said: "Hmmm, it seems that you are deliberately visiting our temple to make trouble" the priest's voice was cold.

Ong Cit Giok, who saw that he could no longer carry out his pretentious attitude, had let out a sneer. He was indeed cunning, so he could carry a calm demeanor without showing any feelings on his face.

"Yes, as we said earlier, our arrival is to convey Lie conggoan's message to borrow the Kiu Lok sie Pat ciang book, well, Taisu, look, those ten people are Lie conggoan's people who were ordered to come with us, maybe Lie conggoan is   worried if we play around at work"

Bo San Siansu let out a groan, he realized that those words had the same meaning, that Ong Cit Giok did not dare to hit Siauw Lim Sie, but that the orders from his superiors, which he called Lie conggoan, had to be carried out with all the consequences, meaning that clashes were already inevitable. The priest who had been attacked by Pa Pa Liang had continued his steps to go inside to inform Bo Tie siansu and the other Siauw Lim Sie priests.

"Okay, we'll wait for the arrival of my suheng, if later my suheng, Bo Tie Siansu, allows Lie to borrow Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang's book, then I can't say anything else"

But Ong Cit Giok is a cunning, he laughed as he said: "Taisu doesn't need to procrastinate just waiting for the arrival of a large number of friends....

We know, Taisu certainly wants to use the large number to oppress the few"

Hearing Ong Cit Jade's sarcasm, Bo San Siansu's face turned red. He actually intended to look forward to Bo Tie's arrival, and if Siauw Lim Sie's other elder brothers and priests had arrived, he intended to confront these people. But Ong Cit Giok can read his heart's content, he becomes irritated and embarrassed.

Seeing Bo San siansu being cornered like that, Khu Sun Lie laughed loudly, then he represented the priest replied: "You lowly dogs... you want to compare yourself to a hohan (strong warrior), hem, hem, I'm an old beggar of course will laugh until you die You don't have to act like a brave person, because you are just shameless rats. If you really have shame, of course you would have left early when your request to borrow the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang was rejected by Siauw Lim Sie, but the reality is now ? You're just like mange dogs who can bark constantly "

Ong Cit Giok's face had turned red, he was furious when he heard the beggar's curse, he said with anger: "If we don't look at Siauw Lim Sie's bright face, of course you are a poor beggar, we will tear your mouth and stomach off." if indeed you can do it " said Khu Sun Lie defiantly to warm the heart of Ong Cit Jade. because Khu Sun Lie was also annoyed earlier that he had been ganged up by Ong Cit Giok's friends. who is now standing behind the she ong person.

Just as Ong Cit Giok wanted to curse again, at that time from the inner room of the temple had rushed over to a group of priests Siauw Lim Sie. They came very fast.

It turned out that the one walking in front was Bo Tie Siansu, who was accompanied by Siauw Lim Sie's priests who came from various levels.

Ong Cit Jade seeing this just let out a cold snort with a haughty manner, he wasn't the least bit spooked, Pa Pa Liang himself had mumbled in a cold voice: "Hmmm, now I have the opportunity to kill quite a number of geek toads from Siauw Lim Sie, my hands are indeed itchy"

Bo Tie siansu who received the report that the enemy had begun to infiltrate the temple, had rushed out, he was also surprised to see that Bo San was facing off against a dozen opponents.

Witnessing that among the opposing group there were people dressed in royal army uniforms, Bo Tie's heart turned cold, he knew that the clash that Emperor Eng Lok had deliberately sought was indeed difficult to beat.

And also now Bo Tie Siansu has completely trusted the story previously given by Khu Sun Lie about the problems that Emperor Eng Lok caused to Siauw Lim Sie.

As soon as he arrived in front of the people, Bo Tie Siansu immediately clasped his hands together he was imprisoned in a patient manner, his face calm even though his heart was a little restless. "Is there any need, gentlemen, to visit our shrine at night like this?" asked Bo Tie Siansu.

Simultaneously with that question, the bell on the top of the temple rang loudly, to signal the other Siauw Lim Sie disciples to get ready for their respective posts, Because before leaving, Bo Tie Si Ansu had ordered his disciples to inform them of the approaching danger.

Before Ong Cit Giok answered, Pa Pa Li ang had replied: "We want to kill the frogs in the Siauw Lim Sie temple"

Bo Tie Siansu carried a calm and patient attitude, he didn't show any displeasure at Pa Pa Liang's words. Only he was surprised to see the state of Ong Cit Giok whose face and skin were scaly like a rhinoceros, and also Pa Pa Liang's eyes that shone very sharp, showing that this person has a very tall shin, although in the light of his eyes it looks misguided.

"Siancai, siancai, don't be too light-handed to kill, even if it's a frog. But still frogs are soul animals." The priest was very patient who didn't care about the taunts and innuendos from Pa Pa Liang.

Bo San Siansu was sad to briefly inform Bo Tie Siansu of what had just happened, and this representative of Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie had nodded his head. He had indeed seen it, though how a clash with these people was inevitable.

"Okay," said Bo Tie siansu then with a still patient voice, "We need to explain to you, gentlemen, we are very sorry that we had to refuse Lie conggoan's request to borrow our Kiu Lok Sie Pat ciang heirloom book, because the heirloom is indeed never been loaned to outsiders, please later convey our regrets to Lie Gonggoan " Ong Cit Jade laughed heartily.

"But do you Siauw Lim Sie's side not at all want to give a bright face to Lie conggoan?" he asked coldly. Again, Bo Tie Siansu has been imprisoned with a very patient attitude.

"Indeed, we are very sorry that we can't grant Lie conggoan's request-."

"Are Siauw Lim Sie's people so big-headed that they don't want to look around them anymore?" reprimanded Pa Pa Liang in a cold voice,

"Hmmm, I think in the martial jungle it's not only Siauw Lim Sie who has reliable knowledge"

"Indeed," replied Bo Tie Siansu patiently, "Indeed we Siauw Lim only study liamkeng and knock bokkhie, we are not that interested in interfering in matters outside the temple, regarding martial arts, it's just to keep the body healthy..."

Pa Pa Liang laughed mockingly. he apparently intended to provoke Bo Tie Siansu's anger.

"Alright, if I want to play a trick or two with priest Siauw Lim Sie, will it be well received?"

Bo Tie Siansujadi's face changed, because he knew that it was a bright challenge, despite how patient Bo Tie Siansu was, after all he was a priest who had a big name in the martial arts jungle- Siauw Lim Sie had also long been known as the oldest university door and had unofficially been recognized as the leader of the martial jungle-

Therefore, he couldn't just keep quiet, even though these people had bad intentions for Siauw Lim Sie and came to mess around.

"Okay Kiesu," he said then- "Apparently Kiesu is really too interested in martial arts. We only study the science of training ourselves to be healthy, so don't let the gentlemen laugh at us if we show our ugliness later "

Pa Pa Liang laughed loudly, he said in a voice that was also loud: "You don't need to twist my words, bald ass I know, you mean that we certainly can't win you, and we will only be a laughing stock"

Bo Tie siansu had clasped her hands together, she was furious, "How dare we have such thoughts. What we put out of course all comes from the heart"

"Hmmm" Pa Pa Liang laughed coldly, apparently he was impatient, so while snorting like that, he had stretched out his right hand to catch Bo Tie Siansu's wrist that he wanted to grip.

But not to mention that Pa Pa Liang's hands had gripped Bo Tie Siansu's wrist, instead the priest had lowered his hand a little, he easily dodged his opponent's attack, so that his opponent's grip fell into an empty place.

Pa Pa Liang became curious, he didn't take his hand back, he just twisted his palm, which suddenly moved up, he would grip the left chest of Bo Tie Siansu. This situation made Bo Tie Siansu and the other priests of Siauw Lim shocked and angry, because the attack carried out by Pa Pa Liang was a very reckless and cruel attack. If it came to Bo Tie Siansu's left chest, he would be grabbed. meant that this priest would face death threats, or be seriously injured.

But Bo Tie Siansu is not just a priest and he has high intelligence. If he had only been calm and patient since then, it was not because he was angry or afraid to deal with people like Pa Pa Liang, in fact he had for decades had training to control feelings, so even though his heart is angry, he can still be patient.

At that moment, it seemed that by contracting his chest and expanding his stomach, Bo Tie Sian su had managed to escape from the grip of his opponent who was only more than a meter apart.

Kali Bo Tie siansu also did not remain silent. He knew that the enemies who came to Lim Sie's hush must have high intelligence, if indeed he didn't show a bit of intelligence, wouldn't his opponents be even more impudent?

When Pa Pa Liang's hand passed beside his chest, before Pa Pa Liang had time to draw back his attack power, Bo Tie Siansu was already speeding slowly with the sleeve of his robe.

Bo Tie Sian su's movements were very slow, but the effects of the speeding were extraordinary, because the power that spewed out from his sleeves was extremely powerful.

At that time Pa Pa Liang had not yet had time to draw back his attack power, and he was shocked when he felt his breath hitched and his chest ached from being squeezed by an invisible force. The shock had not yet disappeared, his body had been shaken.

If he bounces off it will certainly make him hurt inside. It should be noted that attacking using internal energy is a very dangerous attack, far more dangerous than people who attack using a sword or other sharp weapon.

Because if the attack accompanied by lwekang's power hits the target, of course, apart from being able to damage the bones and contents of the body, also the person who was hit by the attack if he doesn't die will certainly be seriously injured.

As a highly intelligent person Pa Pa Liang was aware of the danger threatening him, he had dodged himself quickly. However, Pa Pa Liang could not help but take two steps back, only then could he stand still again.

In that breakthrough alone, as martial arts figures who have high intelligence, Bo Tie Siansu and Pa Pa Liang have known that their intelligence is balanced, only Pa Pa Liang's inner strength is still one level below Bo Tie Siansu.

Pa Pa Liang didn't show his surprise,   he was laughing coldly, as he said in a bland voice: "Very good. Attractive Siauw Lim Sie's intelligence is quite valuable to play with."

And having said that, Pa Pa Liang prepared to start launching attacks.

Bo Tie Siansu saw that this situation had quickly soured, he said: "I'm sorry, let's not continue this game, because if Kiesu gets hurt in Lim Sie's side, we will certainly feel bad." Bo Tie Siansu said that, because he wanted to emphasize , if Pa Pa Liang still pressured him by launching an attack, of course he would intervene even harder and surely Pa Pa Liang would not be able to deal with his attack.

But it was precisely Bo Tie Siansu's words that made Pa Pa Liang's heart so hot and very curious, he had issued a loud yelling sound as his right hand moved to hit Bo Tie Siansu's head, while his left hand slid to grip the priest's solar plexus.

Bo Tie Siansu saw Pa Pa Liang's formidable attack, he didn't flinch. What is worried is that if Pa Pa Liang gets injured in his hand, of course Emperor Eng Lok's people can use excuses to antagonize Siauw Lim Sie, that's what always makes Bo Tie Siansu hesitate. But people are pushing too hard on his part, and he too can't keep quiet.

Seeing that Pa Pa Liang had launched another attack ruthlessly and recklessly, Bo Tie Siansu also roared at this person. as he had seen that in Pa Pa Liang's eyes flashed a gleam of misguidance, so he saw the attack launched by his opponent was a misguided attack and contained a very dirty air of death, in addition to being extremely cruel.

This has forced Bo Tie Siansu to not be able to underestimate the attack, With a low utterance: "Siancai", Bo Tie Siansu's body has moved swiftly towards  beside him, he had exerted his lwekang strength to fend off Pa Pa Liang's attack by moving his two hands which were folded upwards, that was Siauw Lim Sie's self-defense skill which was very strong and difficult to penetrate even by the strength of the enemy. But Pa Pa Liang is a powerful figure in the martial arts jungle who has somewhat perverted intelligence, so he launches an attack in a somewhat perverted way. He did not continue the attacks from both hands, but with a very agile movement once his hands had changed direction, he had lowered his right hand to grip Bo Tie Siansu's right wrist, while his left hand was used to pound the priest's stomach.

This Siauw Magic Priest Lim Sie was very surprised to see the way his opponent attacked, he felt the attack wind that slid from his opponent's hand contained tremendous power, so Bo Tie Siansu couldn't underestimate the attack power of his opponent. If he got hit by that attack, he would at least be crushed and injured on the inside.

But Bo Tie siansu also didn't mean to let himself be attacked just like that, he had shifted the position of his right foot, then with one of Lo Han Kun's movements, which was called the "Lo Han clasping hands together in the wind", suddenly his two hands were joined together. Swept from left to right, the movement was a bit circular so it was the same as sweeping both Pa Pa Liang's hands at once.

Pa Pa Liang did not expect that his opponent could defend himself in such a manner, he did not have time to pull his hands back, so their hands had clashed.

It was great in the end, because the two profoundly high internal forces, had clashed violently against each other. Besides a loud clashing sound, it was also seen that the two of them took two steps back each. Pa Pa Liang didn't want to waste any time, once he was able to stand still. he immediately stepped forward to launch another attack.

Thus, the two of them fought fast and excitingly, in a very short time, they had missed a dozen moves-

Meanwhile, Bo San Siansu, Khu sun Lie and the priest Siauw Lim Sie watched the battle as they prepared to await an attack from their friends, Pa Pa Liang.

Ong Cit Jade himself watched the battle progress with a smile, he didn't seem worried at all. He also frequently comments:

"Ha, honey baby"

The ten people who were dressed in uniform as royal people, had been quietly watching the battle with great attention- Their eyes flashed a very sharp light, it seemed that they were really interested and wanted to pay attention to the course of the battle as best they could.

At least it can increase their knowledge and experience, because the two people who are fighting are two figures who have very high intelligence.

Bo Tie Siansu himself felt that Pa Pa Liang's attack power was getting lighter and slower, but every blow of Pa Pa Liang's attack wind contained an air that was as cold as ice, which slowly penetrated into Bo Tie Siansu's heart. Surprised, he quickly expelled the pure spirit and air in his body, to dispel the cold, so as not to overwhelm him. But when the cold was overpowered by him, and he began to be able to counterattack against Pa Pa Liang as well, that's when the wind of Pa Pa Liang's attack had changed too, became hot,

"Demon knowledge-.. really perverted" thought Bo Tie siansu in his heart, He also tried to stem the heat like fire, by providing persistent resistance.

But it happened again and again, for a moment as cold as ice, then as hot as fire. Of course as a priest who had righteous knowledge and had reached a high level, Bo Tie siansu realized what that meant.

If he drags on and continues to be controlled by alternating cold and hot air, of course he will be the one who can be harmed, because his inner strength will be in two positions to block the two types of attacks.

While Pa Pa Liang had launched his attacks more and more slowly, but the coldness that radiated from his palms grew colder, as well as the heat that only grew hotter.

Therefore, in this situation Bo Tie siansu tried to shut herself up for a while, she only tried to stem the cold and heat from taking over her, but she didn't try to retaliate at all. Once he retaliated, meaning he had broken his inner strength, it would be to his detriment.

Bo San Siansu, who was watching the battle, looked worriedly, He saw that his elder brother, who was also the leader, was in no small amount of danger.

It is true that Bo Tie Siansu's lwekang exceeds Pa Pa Liang's lwekang, the priest is one level above him, but Pa Pa Liang's lwekang power is a perverted lwekang power, that's troublesome, because the attack power can emit cold and hot air alternately, so made Bo Tie Siansu's entire body feel as if it was affected by the two kinds of attacks.

If the cold and heat were to sneak into his heart, it would definitely make Bo Tie Siansu seriously injured. if that were to happen, at least Bo Tie Siansu would have to treat himself for five years of confinement, and his lwekang strength would be reduced to a large extent.

Khu Sun Lie furrowed his brows too, he was worried for these lousy priestesses of Lim Sie. He saw that Pa Pa Liang's intelligence was very high and he himself was clearly no match for him, Neither had he tried Ong Cit Jade, whose intelligence was beyond him.

So Khu Sun Lie was worried that outside the Siauw Lim Sie temple there were still strong people gathered who were the henchmen of Emperor Eng Lok. that was no small danger for Siauw Lim Sie.

And at that very moment Bo Tie Sian su was already sweating cold and hot alternating due to the pressure of the attack power launched by Pa Pa Liang. If it drags on and Bo Tie Siansu can't control himself, of course this will endanger the priest's life.

While Khu Sun Lie was thinking so, he suddenly saw a red light on the east side of the temple. And then he saw a fire burning.

"Fire.." exclaimed Khu Sun Lie.

All of Siauw Lim Sie's priests had turned their heads in the direction Khu Sun Lie was pointing. Bo San Siansu's face turned bright red with anger, he could guess who had spread the fire to burn Siauw Lim Sie's temple.

"Evil beasts" said Bo San siansu, while stamping his feet, his body has jumped and lunged very fast at Ong Cit Jade.

He has also emptied his inner strength and launched an attack with agile movements accompanied by his annoyance, So Bo San Sian su's attack was also powerful. while at that time Ong Cit Giok was smiling happily when he heard Khu Sun Lie shouting there was fire, he knew that his people who were ordered to infiltrate other parts of the Siauw Lim Sie temple had managed to break through to burn the temple, and spread the fire.

But suddenly he felt a very strong attack wind, as a master who has high intelligence, Ong Cit Jade is not afraid to face Bo San's attack, only he is surprised to see this priest like crazy. So Ong Cit Jade did not dare to look down on the attack, he had already lost his enthusiasm to parry.

“Bukkkk” the two great profound strength forces had collided with each other.

Bo San Siansu's body shook, so did Ong Cit Jade's body. they had each retreated two steps back.

But Bo San siansu who had been overcome with anger at the sight of these people's crimes, launched another attack without waiting for his body to stand still.

He had exerted a very strong internal force, because Bo San Siansu realized, if only people like Ong Cit Giok and Pa Pa Liang had time to cause chaos in this place, they would have no chance to help the Siauw Lim Sie disciples who were guarding the eastern part of the army. the temple.

At first ten of Ong Cit Giok's comrades intended to join in on the battlefield, to gang up on Bo San Siansu and Bo Tie Siansu.

But Siauw Lim Sie's disciples, numbering no less than thirty people, had also taken a prepared stance.

If the ten people also intervened, then the thirty Siauw Lim Sie disciples would immediately   intervene to be able to confront them.

Seeing the number of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples, which were not less than thirty, had made the ten of Ong Cit Giok's friends to abandon their intentions. Everyone was silent, just watching the battle between Bo Tie Siansu and Pa Pa Liang and Bo San Siansu and Ong Cit Jade.

The attack winds of the four people who were fighting were very strong, and the attacks were non-stop, forcing Siauw Lim Sie's disciples from lower levels and also not so high in intelligence to retreat to avoid the pressure of the attack winds of the two pairs of people who were in the middle. compete it.

Meanwhile, at that time, Pa Pa Liang had accelerated his attack, so that the cold and the heat was very strong, forcing Bo Tie Siansu to repeatedly jump back to dodge and catch his breath.

If he gets hit by the cold or heat of his opponent, surely his body will be injured inside, that is what Bo Tie Siansu does not want. most important all over his body. In this way, he can still survive the onslaught of the two types of very cold and hot air.

The fire blazing east of the temple seemed to be getting bigger. Likewise, the noisy voices of the priests of Siauw Lim Sie, who were apparently struggling to put out the fire, were heard very loudly by Bo San Siansu and Bo Tie Siansu.

Not to mention that the fire that was blazing in the east of the temple was extinguished, and even the fire was getting bigger, at that time on the west side of the temple there was another fire that rose high, apparently Ong Cit Giok's men had started to burn that part.

Of course Bo Tie siansu and Bo San siansu got a bit clumsy and restless, because they were being involved by Pa Pa Liang and Ong Cit Giok by themselves they couldn't provide assistance to the other Siauw Lim Sie students who were trying to extinguish the fire that was licking two parts. the temple.

Khu Sun Lie had no other choice, with his feet, his body leapt swiftly towards the west, where the fire towered higher, he intended to help Siauw Lim Sie's disciples to extinguish the fire.

When he arrived at the west side of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, the fire was indeed burning red and very high marong, licking the walls of the wuwungan temple, Khu Sun Lie saw dozens of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples trying to extinguish the fire by carrying buckets water. Without asking further, Khu Sun Lie asked for two buckets, and joined the watering the fire that was rising high. If it's too late, of course the temple building in that section will be burned and destroyed.

Therefore, Khu Sun Lie worked very fast, he had run to get water and returned to the place to douse the fire.

In a long time, finally the fire can be controlled and then extinguished. as well as the fire that had been blazing in the east, was no longer visible.

However, the Siauw Lim Sie disciples couldn't breathe a sigh of relief, because they were afraid that in other parts of the fire there would also appear, spread by Ong Cit Giok's people. So they have a very strict guard.

Khu Sun Lie, whose clothes were all soaked, was also on guard. He had been running here and there using his ginkang to keep a guard, Therefore, he had inspected the entire temple with a watchful eye.

When Khu Sun Lie was running in the back room of the temple, he suddenly saw a figure flashing swiftly, intending to jump over the walls of the temple.

But Khu Sun Lie was agile, with a shriek, his body had slackened after him, and his right hand had been stretched out when he came behind him.

The figure wanted to turn around to look, but it was too late that the clothes at the nape of his neck were grabbed by Khu Sun Lie, who once lifted him up and slammed him hard. "Bukkkkk" the person's body was slammed hard, and he let out a scream, because Khu Sun Lie stepped on his thigh quite hard.

The man roared in pain and amusement, but Khu Sun Lie continued to stomp, and finally he snapped: "You are Ong Cit Giok's men?" the person was clamoring and did not want to answer.

Khu Sun Lie grew fiercer, he added strength to his feet and stomped even harder.

The person screamed even louder, because he was in pain and tingling, where Khu Sun Lie's foot stepped on his thigh while being moved, so that the person, who was dressed as a royal soldier, was amused to death, besides feeling pain in his thighbone.

Khu Sun Lie ignored the person's attitude, he continued to stomp.

"If you don't want to admit the truth, I will stomp on your thigh bone, so that for the rest of your life you will be a crippled human," threatened Khu Sun Lie.

Then Khu Sun Lie added his strength he stomped harder.

The royal soldier became more and more in pain, finally in a stammering voice he said: "Okay... fine I'll talk."

"Tell me first, are you the men of Ong Cit Giok, who was ordered to burn down the temple?" snapped Khu Sun Lie.

"That's right," replied the man with pain. "Hmmm, how many of you in total?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

"Five... five hundred people more"

"Besides Ong Cit Giok and Pa Pa Liang, who else was the good guy who was brought here?" snapped Khu Sun Lie in a savage voice. A lot... a lot, I don't know all of them"

"How many masters are there?" snapped Khu Sun Lie.

The person who was dressed as a royal soldier didn't reply, he just moaned.

Khu Sun Lie was so irritated that he put more force into his legs, and stomped harder.

It's just that the royal soldiers roared in pain- "All... all of them are experts in the martial

who   was ordered   to wear   clothing   uniform   kingdom   "

Finally the person responded with pain.

"So, none of you are actually royal soldiers?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

"Just a few, less than a hundred people." replied the person.

"Whose student are you?" asked Khu Sun Lie again. "I... I'm the third disciple of ong... ong Suhu."

"What do you mean Ong Cit Jade?" snapped Khu Sun Lie.

"B... right"

"Hmmm, evil humans. What do you mean by burning the Siauw Lim Sie temple?" asked Khu Sun Lie again. "All these orders from Lie Conggoan .." replied the third student of Ong Cit Jade, actually he has a pretty high intelligence. As a disciple of a powerful figure like Ong Cit Giok. Of course he received a very high education and decent intelligence, it's just a shame he met Khu Sun Lie who has intelligence far above him, after all Khu Sun Lie has managed to control himself by stepping on his thighs firmly.

If this person tries to get up or uses both hands to hold Khu Sun Lie's feet, then this beggar has moved his right hand to hit the head of his captive.

So that person, the third disciple of Ong Cit Jade… was helpless.

"Hmmm, now how many people have infiltrated the Siauw Lim Sie temple?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

"Almost ... almost all of them" replied the person. "Almost everyone has attempted to enter this shrine from kuil

various majors"

"Hmmm" Khu Sun Lie snorted coldly, he stretched out his right hand to poke the stiff tendon, then he had grabbed the man's shoulder, and also grabbed the shirt at the nape of the captive's neck, which he lifted to carry away