The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 02

Volume 2

“Then the third person?” Khu Sun Lie heard Sam Cie Hek Hun had asked again.

"This is the most important person according to the Emperor, whom we must try to find traces of. Because according to Hongsiang's information, this person is the closest and almost every day is always beside the old Emperor. That person has the title Ang Glok Hoa, his name is Sam cu ceng. "

"Ang Jade Hoa Sam cu ceng?" asked Huangho Kiamhiap surprised, "I've never heard of this one person"

"Right." replied Sam Cie Hek Hun. "I've never even heard of that person."

Tie Lie Siannie had smiled.

“Indeed this fellow has never appeared in the Martial Jungle-But he is an extraordinary master, who was appointed by the old Emperor as the leader of his personal guard, so above and above Kim Shia Liong Bu Su and Sip Pat Mo Beng Hong.

"It's amazing, we have to face such powerful figures, this is what we didn't expect before" muttered Huang ho Kiamhiap.

"Yes but the Emperor has promised us, how much help we need, of course it will be fulfilled, as long as we manage to investigate the condition of the three people. Thankfully if we can catch them, dead or alive, of course we will receive a great boon from the Emperor." said Tie Lie Siannie.

Hearing that, Khu Sun Lie's body shuddered, this is great. Business is not an ordinary matter, but a very big business and involves famous figures.

It is true that Ang Giok Hoa sam Cu ceng has never been heard of by Khu Sun Lie, but he is sure that this person is a great character who is not under the intelligence of Kim Shia Liong Bun Su and Sip Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong, because Tie Lie Siannie himself has said that Ang Jade Hoa Sam cu ceng is the leader of Kim Shia Liong Bun Su and Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong's sip.

Thinking about those three people, naturally made Khu Sun Lie tremble too, if you saw it that way, there would certainly be riots and waves. Even the waves that will appear are not small ones, because they originate from the palace and precisely because of the actions of Emperor Eng Lok himself.

Khu Sun Lie remained silent for a long time listening to the discussions of these people.

Until finally with snooping he had left the place. But he had only taken two steps, when he suddenly heard Sam Cie Hek Hun had shouted in a rather loud voice: "Who is out?"

Khu sun Lie's spirit was like flying away from his body, he looked around for a place that could be used to hide.

But before he had time to get rid of himself, there was the sound of someone laughing coldly, accompanied by the opening of the shutters, and the leaping of a body with a very nimble movement. Even Khu sun Lie felt like behind his back was grabbed by a cold and powerful wind blow.

Khu Sun Lie desperately threw himself to shout the attack. But before he had time to put up a fight, suddenly his back was grabbed.

Khu Sun Lie used his right elbow to hit back, but failed, the cloud that was gripping his back had managed to dodge easily. And also at that time he felt the blood path of the kie-hiat pole near his back had been suppressed, so Khu Sun Lie's energy disappeared immediately.

But as a martial arts expert who has had his fill of wandering in the martial jungle, then facing a situation like this Khu Sun Lie does not get confused, he has exerted his lwekang and suddenly his body has shrunk by three inches, so that his opponent's grip is released, By taking advantage of the opportunity that only lasted a few seconds. , Khu Sun Lie had stomped his feet, his body slackening fast, to escape.

But when his body floated, he felt a sharp pain in his waist, because his waist had been hit by the buttocks, Khu Sun Lie's body was mercilessly slammed on the ground.

When Khu Sun Lie crawled up to get up, the first thing he saw standing next to him was Sam Kun, the third of Sam Sat Giok Bin, who was glaring at him.

Besides that Tie Lie Siannie, Sam Cie Hek Hun Kho Lung San Huangho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, Tang Cie and Jie Liang, They have adopted a confinement attitude, while Tie Lie Siannie has said in a loud voice "ohh, it seems you are a little thief, old beggar rotten." Khu Sun Lie's face turned red.

"I happened to pass by this place and saw you two discussing, I just wanted to hear..." replied Khu Sun Lie.

"Hmmm, despicable beggar" snapped Tie Lie Siannie in an irritated voice "Apparently you really wanted to overhear our conversation on purpose" while Jie Liang had snapped: "We have to arrest him-And Jie Liang didn't just say it, he stretched out his hand, He meant to catch Khu Sun Lie's arm.

The beggar wanted to escape. but Jie Liang's movement was very fast, no mercy. Tu-su-hiat's blood flow in his wrist was blocked, so that Khu Sun Lie immediately became weak and powerless.

“Hmmm, who are you really?” Jie Liang snapped after he caught the beggar's wrist.

"He's Kimjie sinkay Khu Sun Lie" Tie Lie Siannie informed.

Khu Sun Lie realized that he was facing a very small danger, because right in front of him now, with the exception of Tie Lie Siannie, the five of whom were experts who had high intelligence, let alone he faced the five well-known experts, while to face only one person. of the five of them, he certainly wouldn't be able to,

"What are you doing in this place? Quickly admit it frankly, or we will scar you for life," Sam Kun threatened with a savage voice.

"I'm really looking for a plate of leftover rice, I don't mean anything other than looking for food..." replied Khu Sun Lie grimacing, because he felt Jie Liang's grip getting harder, making him feel pain and pain that was not kidding.

"You look like a stubborn rotten beggar." said Jie Liang who wanted to tighten his grip. But before Jie Liang had time to tighten his grip on his hand, Khu Sun Lie had secretly acted recklessly, he put pure strength into his wrist, and suddenly he withdrew his hand.

Jie Liang was surprised because he felt how the beggar's hands suddenly became slippery-And not to mention lost his wonder, the beggar had set his feet, his body jumped to escape.

But Sam Kun who saw this didn't want to stay silent, he swung his right hand while shouting: "Where are you running...? " The wind of his attack was very strong, his body was also on the right side of the beggar when Khu Sun Lie jumped to run away. .

But Khu Sun Lie while jumping, he got ready, so he has moved his left hand back, He has the title Kimjie Sinkay (golden finger), so it's no wonder his fingers are well trained and have reliable strength-But Khu Sun Lie realized that facing someone like Sam Kun of course he couldn't deal with it recklessly, he had concentrated all of his Iwekang's energy and his parry managed to block Sam Kun's attacks.

In just a few seconds, Tang Cie saw Tang Cie move his hand and hit the beggar right on the back.

No mercy Khu sun Lie's body bounced and rolled on the ground, because he did not rush to dodge Tang Cle's attack. Quickly the beggar tried to jump up to continue his escape, He failed Huangho Kiamhiap had let out a mocking snort, then he waved with his hand, so once again Khu Sun Lie had to roll on the ground.

In a situation like this, it seems that Tie Lie Siannie also intends to participate in launching the attack, he has moved his hudtim, speeding to hit the beggar's head with his hudtim's feathers.

But even in such a pinch, Khu Sun Lie did not want to stand by to accept death, by holding back the pain in his back from Huang ho Kiamhiap's attack. he mustered his strength and rolled away from Tie Lie Sian nle, so that Niekouw's attack fell on the empty spot.

But Sam Kun became curious to see the beggar several times managed to dodge their attacks. So seeing that she Khu beggar was screaming from Hudtim Tie Lie Siannie's onslaught, he had attacked again with his right hand, this time he attacked much stronger than he had ever done, because he had used six parts of his lwekang power.

The beggar who had the title Kimjie Sinkay was shocked, but he also understood that he was in no small amount of danger. Regardless of anything else, with the courage he had set his feet on, his body had soared over the wall.

But Sam Kun's attack had arrived, so there was no mercy on Khu Sun Lie's thigh, causing a lot of pain, but by holding back the pain Khu Sun Lie continued to jump outside the wall, and tried to escape.   His six formidable opponents couldn't let him escape. At the same time they had jumped out too, Tie Lie Siannie who was the lowest in intelligence of the crowd jumped last. Khu Sun Lie complained seeing this.

"It's hard for me to escape from them, my soul is exhausted this time" thought the beggar, By holding back the pain in his thighs he tried to run away.

But Huangho Kiamhiap cung Lu Goan and Sam Cie Hek Hun had arrived before him. blocking his path.

“Give it up, bad beggar,” snapped Huangho Kiamhiap in a cold voice. "Don't you force us to take such harsh actions that torture yourself"

Khu Sun Lie saw that there was no way   to escape, with a grimace he said: "You famous brave people, I didn't think that today you have stepped in to gang up on me like this, this action will ruin your own good name? "

Sam Cie Hek Hun let out a mocking laugh. he said: "Do you think that by fighting one of us you will be able to face him?"

Khu Sun Lie was silent. He did admit, even if he faced one on one, there was no way he could win. And before he had time to answer, instead, from inside the building, Phang Siu Hong came with several of his accompaniments.

Apparently this Tie koan heard a commotion and had followed out, Go easy on Khu Sun Lie. With the increase in the number of enemies, even though Tie koan and his people didn't mean much to him, at least the number of enemies grew.

"Okay, if you really want to kill me, kill it" said Khu Sun Lie then despaired.

"You have to speak frankly and honestly, what are you doing here," said Sam Cie Hek Hun Kho Lung San- "if you lie just once, hmmm, we will rip your mouth, will stab your body"

Khu Sun Lie laughed coldly, he had been desperate because he realized he couldn't possibly escape from these opponents.

But before he answered, suddenly something unexpected happened. From the cluster of trees seemed to flash like a round white object, which grabbed at Huang ho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, the swordsman from Huangho quickly dodged the white object, he tilted his body and weave it. He managed to brush the object—hard and the white thing rolled on the ground.

All eyes turned to the round white object, and their hearts trembled with surprise. The round white object turned out to be a pack of white human skulls glittering in the moonlight...

Huangho Kiamhiap's face. Sam Sat Giok Bin and Sam Cie Hek Hun changed instantly, it seemed that they had become restless after seeing the human skull. So did Tie Lie Siannie, whose heart was shaken.

Khu Sun Lie himself was initially excited to think that someone would help him but after seeing what grabbed it was a human skull, his heart was also shaken. It wasn't the human skull that caused the people who were in the place to feel shocked and shaken, but they knew what the chunk of the human skull meant.

"Pek Kut Mo (White Skull Devil) Lo Thang" muttered Tie Lie Siannie with a slightly trembling body and his back felt very cold, Niekouw's face also turned pale.

Khu Sun Lie himself was no less shocked, his hope of survival was extinct. Besides he was facing five formidable opponents, coupled with Tie Lie Siannie, so it was hard to expect to escape from their hands, now a vicious demon has appeared again martial arts jungle-

Khu Sun Lie has often heard who Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang is, the demon king who is most feared by the people of the martial jungle, both from the white group and from the black group and Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang is a demon who never does nothing. cruel and evil, even very ruthless. The appearance of the demon of course had made everyone in the place very shocked.

Meanwhile, Phang Siu Hong, who was not very familiar with the state of the martial arts jungle, only assumed that the people were feeling trepidation when they saw chunks of human skulls. Like him, his face was pale and his body shivered with horror at the sight of the skull. So he was not afraid because   of the appearance of the person with the title Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang.

From the grove of trees came the sound of people laughing very slowly, Then a figure appeared out with slow and indifferent steps. The eyes of all the masters who were in the place were already looking at the figure with heart palpitations. The newly emerged person took a calm, one step at a time, And after coming close, everyone could see the person clearly. He was a man in his fifties wearing a red skullcap, his face was so cold that it didn't reflect feelings.

Also maintains a thin mustache and beard. His clothes are Thungsia clothes, long clothes, which are yellow. In his hand he carried a small fan which was opened and closed slowly as he stepped closer, his attitude was as if he did not look everyone in the eye at the place.

Sam Cie Hek Hun, who often heard about the greatness and ferocity of Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, had never met the demon. Likewise the others, They only heard that in the martial jungle there is a demon king who has very great intelligence, his martial arts is difficult to match, is good at writing beautiful letters, has great knowledge of the state of the place and also the science of counting stars.

Indeed, the devil is known as a very intelligent person. But so far they have never met face to face, it's just that the name of the demon lord has shaken the martial jungle so much, and the signs that a demon will appear are always preceded by the appearance of a human skull, that's why the masters who were in that place immediately guessed at Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang when the human skull appeared in their midst.

But they didn't expect that the demon lord who was feared in the martial jungle was apparently just an old man who looked like he was sick with a face that didn't reflect any feelings. Huangho Kiamhiap who had mastered himself, quickly, had rebuked: "May it be our great honor to meet Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang"

"Hemm," laughed the old man in a cold manner, "I didn't come to see you."

Seeing that old attitude that carried his songs arrogant and not looking at the eye, of course Huang Kiam was always angry, because in the martial arts jungle he too was a character who had a very famous name. But he held back. Then he asked: "What does sieheng (brother) mean to come here?"

"I told you I wasn't looking for you..." replied Pek Kut Mo in a bland voice, "Why are you fussing like that...?" Kiamhiap's blood overflowed from that Huang ho. he laughs grinning

"It's been a long time since I've heard of the greatness of the name Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, therefore today I happened to be able to meet you, so I want to learn to know"

And without waiting until his words were finished, it seemed that the clumsy Tu Goan had come forward while clasping his hands together, Judging by his attitude, he wanted to stand up to pay respects. But actually he was launching an attack with the Pek Kong ciang (Empty Air Punch) skill.

In a state of rage and feeling like that, Huangho Kiamhiap launched the attack in addition to testing Pek Kut Mo's intelligence, he also wanted to hit the demon down one time.

But Pek Kut Mo carried a calm demeanor, as well as not looking into Huangho Kiamhiap's attack. he also carried an attitude like he didn't know that he was being attacked, just said: "Don't be too civil like that, we don't know each other...." and his right hand that was holding the small fan was slowly swung.

At that time, the lwekang power that Huangho Kiamhiap was channeling had shot out very hard, but due to the flick of the Pek Kut Mo fan, it took Huangho Kiamhiap by surprise, because he felt how his attack power seemed to hit an empty space and disappeared.

Fortunately, Hoangho Kiamhiap did have high intelligence, so he could quickly control himself, by steadying his two legs, otherwise he would of course fall.

But even though he didn't suffer embarrassment, Huangho Kiamhiap was very surprised. "This demon is really tough"

And yet he had time to say anything, at that time Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang had said coldly as he turned and glared at Tie Lie Siannie: "Niekouw, hand over Emperor Eng Lok's order to me if you still want your head attached to your neck"

Tie Lie Siannie's face had turned a little pale, he said in a nonchalant voice: "That warrant...that..."

Pek Kut Mo's eyes flashed fiercely, his face was cold.

"Do you want to give it up or not. or do you want to deliberately stall for time?" he asked in a voice no less cold, devoid of any feelings whatsoever.

"Hmmm," snorted Sam Cie Hek Hun suddenly in an annoyed manner. He was a demon who was feared by the people of the martial jungle, but now that his presence in that place seemed to be not underestimated by Pek Kut Mo, his blood was overflowing.

"You came here and wanted to show your influence. But we think the name Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang is being exaggerated by the martial arts jungle people, even though it's not as great as what we heard."

Pek Kut Mo had turned to Sara Cie Hek Hun with a very sharp look in his eyes he snorted slowly, suddenly his body seemed to fly and his feet seemed not to touch the ground, had jumped to Sam Cie Hek Hun.

Pek Kut Mo's movements were so fast, that before Sam Cie Hek Hun knew what had happened, Pek Kut Mo was already beside him. And just as he was about to turn his head, it was at that moment that he felt a cold wind strike him on his back.

Sam Cie Hek Hun is not a random person, in the martial jungle he is a master from the black circle who has a big name, where does he want to let his back become the target of people's attacks? By making a "Hmmm," he meant to dodge by dropping his shoulders.

But before he could do so, his back had been grabbed and his body was thrown into the air, slamming into the ground.

Of course, this has taken everyone by surprise, that's what they didn't expect, where Pek Kut Mo could move so fast. while Sam Cie Hek Hun was surprised, but quickly he was wrapped in poses in the middle of the air, so that when his body slid down, he didn't need to be slammed, he went down with both feet first. An incident like this has made Sam Cie Hek Hun so shocked to death. He didn't expect Pek Kut Mo to do that so easily. Very few people can match him, so you can imagine how high Pek Kut Mo's intelligence is, which is very difficult to test.

Sam Sat Jade Bian also stood up hesitantly. They had also often heard that in the martial jungle there was a demonic master who had very high intelligence and was difficult to measure, but they did not expect that Pek Kut Mo was such an illegitimate master.

Khu Sun Lie saw the progress, was overjoyed, because it seemed that the appearance of Pek Kut Mo would make the heroes pay attention to the demonic master and he could escape by taking advantage of the atmosphere around the place.

So when he saw Pek Kut Mo standing looking at Tie Lie Siannie, Khu Sun Lie quietly shifted his feet slowly, he wanted to run away.

But he only took a few steps back, at that time Pek Kut Mo without looking back said in a cold voice: "Where are you going? Stay where you are"

Khu Sun Lie's spirit seemed to fly from his body, he was shocked beyond measure- The beggar didn't dare to continue his steps and he stood still.

Meanwhile, Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang kept an eye on Tie Lie Siannie with a sharp look in his eyes: "You have accepted the emperor Eng Lok's word, but now you are trying to deny it, if indeed you are still not quick to hand over the word to me, don't blame me Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang will be tough on you"

Tie Lie Siannie's face turned paler, he was trying to suppress the shaking of his heart, he said in a not so smooth voice: "Pienie did receive an order from Emperor Eng Lok, but I kept it in my bundle which was hung on my horse's back, And the beggar had let go of my horse. , so Pienie lost the horse and all Pienie's belongings" while saying that Tie Lie Siannie had pointed to Kimjie Sinkay Khu Sun Lie.

Pek Kut Mo glanced briefly at the beggar with cold eyes, then he looked again at Tie Lie Siannie, he said in a voice that was no less cold:

"Are you not speaking lies?"

"Don't Pienie dare mess with Sie-heng." replied Tie Lie Siannie.

"Well, if that's the case you must have both your hands broken, because you are a person who can't do a good job, so that important item disappears in your hands."

Pek Kut Mo's voice is so cold when he says that, it creates a feeling of dread for   everyone who hears it."

Tie Lie Siannie's own face had turned pale, he was shocked and scared- Because he knew what Pek Kut Mo's words meant.

Phang Siu Hong, who had been watching all this time, could not contain himself, he had come forward saying: "She people, you don't ever act rude to the Emperor's envoy, you know that..." But did not wait for words Phang Siu Hong finished, suddenly Pek Kut Mo LoThang's body had jumped close to him. The movement of this demon lord was so fast, that Phang Siu Hong only saw a lump of yellow approaching him and suddenly his cheeks hurt, his body fell with two teeth falling out.

It turned out that Pek Kut Mo had slapped, Phang Siu Hong's face twice, until the Tiekoan fell and rolled on the ground. After slapping, Pek Kut Mo didn't serve Phang Siu Hong, he just turned to Tie Lie Siannie.

"Are you ready to have your hands broken?" he asked blandly.

Tie Lie Siannie's body trembled, his heart sank, his back felt cold. Where is he willing to have his hands broken by Pek Kut Mo? But this man was so liehay, there was no way he could fight him. So with a grimace on his face, Tie Lie Siannie had said with fearful hesitation: "But... but what does the Emperor's letter have to do with you?"

"You don't need to know about that matter. I just want an order from Emperor Eng Lok, if you can make it happen, I will release you. But if you don't, hmm. hmmm, both of your hands must be broken-"

"But I am innocent in this matter." said Tie Lie Siannie.

At that time Phang Siu Hong was crawling awake, he apparently did not know the south, because while crawling he had been cursing: "You impudent man, are you not afraid of punishment? By insulting the government, you are a big sin, I will judge you... "

Pek Kut Mo's face was so cold, he had said in a cold voice: "What is there to be afraid of a human like you? Hmmmm, you really need to be beaten again."

And while saying that, Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang had jumped near Phang Siu Hong, to beat up that Tiekoan again.

Since earlier Huangho Kiamhiap has suppressed his curiosity to see Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's attitude which seems not to look at all of them, So now seeing Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang wants to beat up Phang Siu Hong too, Huangho Kiamhiap doesn't want to be slow, he has made a sound shouted: "Hold" as his hand pulled out his longsword.

Pek Kut Mo held back his footsteps, he glanced at Huangho Kiamhiap with a bland attitude.

"You want to play with me?" he asked in a cold voice, "Are you the one with the title Huangho Kiamhiap?"

"It's not wrong, but now I want to ask for your guidance," replied Huangho Kiamhiap, who couldn't hold back his patience.

"Hmmm, playing with weapons is not good, later weapons will eat you," muttered Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang.

But Huangho Kiamhiap became even more irritated because with his words, Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang seemed to underestimate his intelligence.

"Okay, if I can't face you ten moves, count me lose" said Kiamhiap with overflowing rage.

"Ten moves?" asked Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang in a mocking voice, ""Hmmm, I think in just three moves if you can deal with my attacks, that will be very good." That was a very heavy insult for Huangho Kiamhiap to accept. In the martial jungle he was always respected and feared by people from the white and black groups, but now Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang seemed not to look him in the eye at all.

He waved his sword, saying: "Please, I'd like to receive some hints from you, Locianpwe." because he was too angry and irritated mixed with curiosity, Huangho Kiamhiap had called Pek Kut Mo as Locianpwe, an older tier, to mock.

Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's face did not show any feelings of anger, pleasure, anger or other feelings, he still looked coldly at Huangho Kiamhiap. "Are you ready?" he scolded.

"Yes, draw your weapon, let's play a game. If it's true that in three moves I can be knocked down by you, henceforth I will not appear in the martial jungle-..."

"That is too heavy a promise you should not say, because you will regret it. I too will face you with my bare hands, because humans like you are not worth dealing with with weapons."

Huangho Kiamhiap could not contain his anger, he quickly moved his sword to stab Pek KutMo Lo Thang's chest, while shouting: "Watch out for the attack"

Because Huangho Kiamhiap realized that the opponent he was facing was a formidable opponent, once he attacked he didn't dare to play around, as soon as he attacked he unleashed the greatest skill of his swordsmanship. The blade that struck Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's chest flew very fast, but Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang didn't dodge at all, he just watched the sword coming, and when the blade was about to hit him he had dodged by shifting his right foot and his body suddenly   jumped beside Huangho Ki amhiap.

This surprised the swordsman so much, he let out a cry of surprise and quickly drew his sword back, which was accompanied by a slashing motion. He meant to slash Pek Kut Mo's waist, he had snapped: "This is the second attack."

But Pek Kut Mo was really agile, he dodged this attack with moves that were difficult for the human eye to see, because he moved very fast, his right hand stretched out to flick his opponent's sword and also his left hand was used to attack Huangho Kiamhiap's eyes.

Huangho Kiamhiap let out a shocked cry, He desperately pulled back his sword and intended to jump away.

But Pek Kut Mo LoThang's left hand, had changed direction, he suddenly grabbed the piepe bone on Huangho Kiamhiap's shoulder. He had squeezed it too.

Huangho Kiamhiap felt his spirit fly from his body in shock, he desperately threw himself backwards but couldn't help but get grabbed on the shoulder. Fortunately, he still managed to do a quick dodge, so that his piebones didn't get crushed, otherwise, if they were torn apart, he would be a crippled human for the rest of his life. But even then it did not fail to make Huang ho Kiamhiap wince from the feeling of excruciating pain beside his body almost falling.

"How?" asked Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang in a cold voice, his attitude was very mocking.

Huangho Kiamhiap cung Lu Goan had grimaced in pain, he replied with a pale and red face alternately from irritability, anger and shame mixed into one: "Okay, today I fell in your hands, but next time I will certainly look for you to take all this into account. "

Pek Kut Mo LoThang laughed mockingly. he was no longer serving Huangho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, but instead he turned to Tie Lie Siannie, who was standing at that time in a garbled manner.

Escape he did not dare, because this niekouw realized he would be caught again. But staying there would also be difficult for him too . So the niekouw went awry and didn't know what to do.

Moreover, now that he had seen Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's intelligence was indeed a skill that was very difficult to resist, making him stand up with a frightened heart and pounding very hard, now that Pek Ku Mo Lo Thang had looked at him, his heart was even more shaken.

"Come here," called Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang in a cold voice.

Like being bewitched, Tie Lie siannie had stepped towards the side of the demon lord, his heart shook violently and his legs were shaking. "Stretch your hands out" Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang ordered again. Tie Lie Siannie's spirit flew.

"This... this..." her voice was nervous and terrified. "Stretch your hands out" snapped Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang

in a colder voice-

The pale muku niekouw, but not to mention he stretched out his arms, in the moments he faced terrible danger, where both his hands wanted to be broken at that time Sam Sat Giok Bian, namely Tang Cie Jie Liang and Sam Kun, had jumped to lock Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang.

Likewise, Sam Cie Hek Hun Kho Lung San, has joined in confining Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang. They think there are a lot of them. there was no way they could fail to face this demonic master. although they have seen Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's intelligence is indeed very high and difficult to deal with, but relying on large numbers. they certainly can still surround and defend themselves.

Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang had said blandly when he saw Sam Sat Giok Bian and Sam Cie Hek Hun shut him up: "You guys are looking hard for yourselves."

"Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, we want to ask for your guidance" said Sam Kun in a careful voice. "We have heard your name for a long time, and now it is a coincidence that we meet you, so we take this opportunity to ask for your guidance."

"Hmmm, actually I have nothing to do with you" said Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang in a cold voice, "But you guys are really looking for your own disease" and after saying that, he waved his hand towards Sam Kun, from that wave came a whirlwind an extraordinary force that pushed Sam Kun to his feet. But since earlier Sam Kun and the others had indeed been prepared, because they realized that their opponent was a very formidable demon lord, now that it was shaken, Sam Kun dodged quickly, and he managed to dodge himself.

Tang Cie and Jie Liang saw their brother being attacked, neither of them would stand still. how quickly they launched a simultaneous attack.

The moves made by Tang Cie and Jie Liang contain very strong power because they have high knowledge, it is rare for anyone to be able to deal with them. Both of them believed, by working together, of course Pek Kut Mo would not be able to do much for them.

But Pek Kut Mo, who failed to attack Sam Kun with a flick of his hand, saw the attack of the two people, he let out a cold laugh, while bending his body, suddenly his left hand hit Tang Cie's chest, and his right hand slapped Jie Liang's shoulder.

The two people from Sam Sat Jade Bian groaned in pain, they stumbled backwards.

Seeing that Sam Kun was surprised, he quickly rushed to launch an attack on Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, but his attack was dodged by Pek Kut Mo, who then grabbed Sam Kun's shoulder.

The tug seemed to be slowly coming, but even though Sam Kun had tried to dodge himself, he still got hit by the tug on his arm, causing excruciating pain, even though the attack didn't hit the target properly. Sam Cie Hek Hun witnessed this, his heart was shaken. He saw such a person liehay. But because it was a tense moment, he was forced to also launch an attack with a blow with his right fist.

What Sam Cie Hek Hun is after is the right rib from Pek Kut Mo. He struck by exerting eight parts of his inner strength. But what made Sam Cie Hek Hun Kho Lung San was very surprised to know that his opponent's body had disappeared from before him and his body lost its balance he fell forward, Suddenly he also felt his back being patted by KutMo.

The clapping was slow, but it was enough to make Sam Cie Hek Hun's stumbling body roll down on the ground several times.

While Sam Kun saw that they had no chance to push Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, he became discouraged and his courage shrunk. even so, he had launched another attack with his left hand, he attacked recklessly without thinking about guarding himself.

The movement was not underestimated by Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, he tilted his body slightly, then grabbed Sam Kun's hand and pulled him with a stomping, while his mouth shouted: "Go away"

Sam Kun's body soared into mid-air and slammed into the ground without him being able to recover himself   again.

This is an extraordinary event. Sam Cie Hek Hun and Sam Sat Giok Bian are experts who have very high intelligence. In the martial arts jungle he is the character that makes people afraid to deal with them, but now, in the same day and time it turns out that they have been ridden by Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang so easily, so that besides them sulking, they also become discouraged, and broke his courage.

Khu Sun Lie, who was watching from the side, looked at him with wide eyes. He didn't expect that in the martial arts jungle there could be intelligence as great as Pek KutMo's, an intelligence that he had never imagined before.

Besides that, he was also surprised, why today can be consecutive in this place, in the Phang Siu Hong building, can gather martial figures who each have such high intelligence, so Khu Sun Lie wants to guess, whether all this is the beginning from the big waves that will appear in the martial jungle?

Tie Lie Siannie himself was really scared, especially seeing Sam Cie Hek Hun and Sam Siat Giok Bian and Huangho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, completely helpless against Pek Kut Mo, making him even more scared, his body sweating coldly.

When he saw Pek Kut Mo being ganged up by Sam Cie Hek Hun and Sam Sat Giok Bian, Tie Lie Siannie intended to use this opportunity to run away to save his hand which Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang was about to break.

But just as Tie Lie Siannie moved to run away, at that moment Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang had shouted: "Where are you going?"

Following that shout, Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's body had shrunk and suddenly was beside the niekouw, his right hand shook violently, so that the niekouw's body rolled on the ground for three more spears. This is extraordinary, even though Tie Lie Siannie tried to defend himself. , but he failed, he had fallen because the strength of his legs was gone and his horses were hit hard.

This proves how high Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang's intelligence is, an intelligence that is difficult to measure.

Phang Siu Hong, who saw his masters being rendered helpless in such a short time by Pek Kut Mo, became afraid. He had just realized that Pek Kut Mo, not just any skill, because like Huangho Kiamhiap and the others, all of whom had very high intelligence and whom Emperor Eng Lok relied the most on as masters who would investigate the disappearance of the royal seal, apparently could not do much about it Pak Kut Mo Lo Thang. So Phang Siu Hong was silent, he was scared too.

Tie Lie Lie Siannie had crawled to get up, he was crawling with his face and clothes dirty with dirt and dust. His face was pale, his heart was terrified.

"Come here" Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang called in a cold voice, although his voice was slow, but in fact the shout made Tie Lie Siannie's heart feel like it was about to burst, Niekouw with a timid attitude had approached as well.

"Now that you speak the truth, where do you keep the words of Emperor Eng Lok?" snapped Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang.

"I... Pienie has spoken from the truth, if you don't believe it, ask the beggar" Tie Lie said Siannie while pointing at Khu Sun Lie.

Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang glanced at the beggar, he had asked in a bland voice: "Rotten beggar. Is it true what this nikouw said?" Khu Sun Lie didn't dare to mess with Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang, because no matter how he realized the demon was quick to anger, and if he got angry, once he moved his hand, his soul was exhausted. although he is witty, he does not dare to joke.

"Right." he said while nodding "I was fierce to see Niekouw's fierce behavior, so I purposely let go of the horse, so that he could not continue his journey. Regarding his belongings I don't know anything?"

Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang laughed coldly, he had said to Tie Lie Siannie. "Now tell me, what does the word say?" he said.

"I don't know... I never opened it, because the word only has to be conveyed to these five EngHiong" While saying that, Tie Lie Siannie had pointed at Huangho Kiamhiap. Sam Cie Hek Hun, and Sam Sat Giok Bian were five.

"So you really don't know the sound of the word?" asked Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang in a cold voice. Tie Lie Siannie nodded.

"Yes indeed I have never read it, I am not lying" and after saying that, Tie Lie Siannie looked grim, because he was afraid that later Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang because he was too angry would lower his cruel hand on him.

But Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang just kept quiet, he seemed to be thinking then he sighed, "Okay, I want to believe what you say, but if   later it turns out you are lying, hmmmm, at that time I will lower my hand very hard.... " finished saying, Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang had bent down to retrieve his human skull. Tie Lie Siannie heaved a sigh of relief, because he didn't expect Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang to spare him. He had just watched what Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang was doing, but when the devil flashed, Tie Lie Siannie suddenly felt his head was cold, like being blown by the wind, he quickly touched his bald head, he was shocked, because instead his head was covered. had flown somewhere, so that his head just popped open...

That's great. if indeed Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang intended to destroy him, of course it would be as easy as that demonic bastard did to his headgear, where he could have launched an attack on that dangerous blood path in Niekouw.

Sam Sat Jade Bian Sam Cie Hek Hun, Huangho Kiamhiap and the others just stared blankly as the liehay demon disappeared in a short time.

Khu Sun Lie also didn't want to waste the opportunity, when everyone didn't pay attention to him, he had stamped his feet and ran as hard as he could to leave the place, even though his thigh was still sore, but he held it in.

Sam Cie Hek Hun saw the beggar She Khu running away, he snapped: "Where are you going?"

But Khu Sun Lie had managed to slip through the darkness of the night and disappeared.


KHU SUN LIE ran as hard as he could with the pain in his thigh. He tried to stay as far away from Lim An as possible, because Khu Sun Lie was sure that, if he were to be overtaken by Sam Sat Giok Bian and the others, he would become their target, even though Khu Sun Lie's intelligence alone was insignificant in comparison. with the cleverness of these masters.

While Khu Sun Lie was running like that, he felt his thigh only getting worse. Bracing himself, he ran on, but in the end he couldn't hold himself any longer, his body had fallen to the ground, because his thigh hurt so bad and his right leg could no longer be used to walk.

Khu Sun Lie groaned for a moment, but then he looked around him, When he saw that no one was chasing him, Khu Sun Lie could breathe a sigh of relief.

Mustering the rest of his strength, Khu Sun Lie had shifted his body to the side of the road, he stayed there to rest to recover his spirit and energy, as well as to reduce the feeling of pain in his thighs.

Khu Sun Lie sat pensively, his heart unsettled. Because he was thinking about the issue of the missing Imperial seal of Emperor Eng Lok. If the problem was to continue to spread in the martial arts jungle, the waves that had arisen would not be small.

Wasn't it just that one night that Khu Sun Lie had met Huangho Kiamhiap. Sam Sat Jade Bian Sam Cie Hek Hun, all of whom have quite high intelligence? Indeed, he didn't pay much attention to Tie Lie Siannie, but he was actually the Emperor's intermediary, of course he also played no small role.

What's even more amazing is that tonight, a demonic leader has appeared who is very much feared by the people of the martial jungle. Therefore, Khu Sun Lie's heart became restless. Whether due to the disappearing Royal stamp, how many other masters will appear.

Not to mention Kim Shia Liong Bun Su who was mentioned by Tie Lie Siannie, as a suspect by the Emperor, And so was Sip Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong. They are very well-known warriors in the martial arts jungle, have martial arts skills that are difficult to measure in height, seldom are masters like Kim Shia and Sip Pat Mo appear in the martial arts jungle

What Khu Sun Lie thought again was the Ang Giok Hoa Sam cu ceng mentioned by Tie Lie Siannie, it seems that even that person is not a random person because according to Tie Lie Siannie Ang Giok Hoa Sam cu ceng is the person who is the boss of Kim Shia Liong Bun Su and Sip Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong.

So, if all those highly educated people reappear, won't the world of martial arts be in chaos? Not to mention the clever experts from other universities.

Khu Sun Lie took a deep breath. If you look at all that, it's useless for me tens of years to train myself. because it turns out that my intelligence is meaningless. To face just one of Sam Sat Giok Bian, I may not be able to match his intelligence. Hey IHai, I'm also an idiot, I can't learn a high level of martial arts."

While Khu Sun Lie was thinking so, suddenly he heard the sound of a child crying, The child's cry was very loud, because before dawn like that it was very quiet. The cry was about five spears apart from where Khu Sun Lie was. Out of curiosity, Khu Sun Lie, holding back the pain that still lingered in his thigh, had approached the direction of the crying sound. After he passed through the grove of trees near the side of the road, he saw a boy between ten years old crying over a body lying on the ground.

Khu-sun Lie had approached. He saw the figure lying down was a woman in her thirties, She had died with a face full of blood, The boy was probably crying over the corpse.

"Child." called Khu Sun Lie as he approached the boy, "What happened?" The boy looked shocked and frightened, his cries grew louder. But after Khu Sun Lie persuaded him, and also because he saw Khu Sun Lie's gentle attitude, the child's tears subsided.

"We were robbed, my mother was killed by them," said the boy.

"You were robbed?" asked Khu Sun Lie, furrowing his brows.

The boy nodded "We are on our way to go to Susiok's house because we want to live there. But in the middle of the road we were robbed and their mother killed them "

"Your father?"

"Since I was three years old, I don't have a father anymore, my father has gone abroad and never came back"

"Poor fate, son," said Khu Sun Lie. "So now what do you want to do?"

"I don't know what to do, beggar uncle, I... I'm afraid" Khu Sun Lie took a deep breath. "Let's bury your mother's body first," said Khu Sun Lie. The boy just said yes, And Khu Sun Lie had dug the ground to bury the woman's body, assisted by the boy, finished burying the body of the boy's mother, Khu Sun Lie sat on the side of the road, next to the child, who sat pensively silent . The morning sun began to appear.

"Now where do you want to go, son?" asked Khu Sun Lie breaking the silence between them.

"I... I want to go to Susiok's house... but I don't know the way-" said the boy.

"Hmmm, how about I walk you?" asked the beggar, "You know what village your uncle lives in, don't you?"

"Tung Cie Village."

"Okay," then you come with me, I'll take you to Tung Cie's village later," said Khu Sun Lie.

The boy says thanks, He takes the bundle.

But when the bundle was lifted, the ties were untied, And from within the package came a sword and a roll of stationery, beside two pieces of children's clothing.

"Who's that?" asked Khu Sun Lie "Are you so young to have carried a sword?"

"This sword is inherited from my father and also this scroll is a will left by my father asking me to convey it to Susiok.

"Hmmm, fine. Then we go now, what's your uncle's name?" asked Khu Sun Lie. "Bun Kwang le," answered the child.

"Bun... Bun Kwangie ?" asked Khu Sun Lie in surprise. The boy had nodded.

"Yes, my father is a martial arts expert, and Susiok is also a martial arts expert. Therefore, by staying at Susiok's house I can learn martial arts, so that when I grow up I can wander to find my father. But now mother has died, died at the hands of robbers. Oh, what a pity for the mother..." and the child was crying again.

"What's your name, son?" asked Khu Sun Lie while comforting him.

"Bun Siok Han-" replied the boy.

"Your father's name?" asked Khu Sun Lie again: "Bun Kwa Siang," replied the boy.

"Oh, he's a warrior in the martial jungle-" said Khu Sun Lie. "I have often heard your father's name, as a warrior who often did much good- But why was he not responsible for leaving his wife and children?"

"My father used to say before he left that he wanted to visit Kan Giam to do an assignment, but since then he has never appeared again."

Khu Sun Lie was silent for a moment. He thought it would be better if he took this child, because he intended to stay away from Lim An, because if he was still wandering around the place, the possibility of meeting one of Sam Sat Giok Bian, Huang Ho Kiamhiap or Sam Cie Hek Hun, was indeed possible. just happened. So by moving away to Tung Cie, a village thousands of lies apart from Lim An, he was able to get rid of his traces, the upheaval in the martial jungle does seem to be increasing. Hearing the disappearance of the royal stamp, of course the martial jungle will be messed up by government people

Thus, Khu Sun Lie had accompanied the boy, Bun Siok Han, on a trip to Tung Cie. They had traveled for five days and had made it through more than five hundred lie. Perhaps to reach Tung Cie still takes a dozen days of travel.

Along the way Khu Sun Lie was actually very happy with Siok Han, but he thought that his intelligence was not so sure that it was useless if he took the child as his disciple, of course it would only disappoint the child. Wasn't it not too long ago that Khu Sun Lie himself was almost harmed by people of such high intelligence?

After traveling for a dozen days, they finally arrived at the surface of the Tung Cie village. By asking the villagers, they were able to find the house of Bun Kwang Ie, the house of She Bun's son's uncle.

Bun Kwang Ie turned out to be a silat teacher in the village, he was a middle-aged man who had a healthy and strong body. His face was flushed healthy, he warmly welcomed the arrival of his nephew.

After hearing Siok Han's story, Bun Kwang le had sighed and expressed his gratitude to Khu Sun Lie.

The beggar was invited to stay with them for a few days, And those days were passed by Khu Sun Lie to exchange ideas about martial arts, Bun Kwang le's name was quite famous in the martial jungle-

It's just that, because he is old, he intends to live alone, to pass his fad, he has accepted students to be taught martial arts. While talking. Khu Sun Lie often mentions the issue of the missing Royal seal. He told what had happened.

Bun Kwang's face changed when he heard Khu Sun Lie tell the story, especially when the beggar told Huangho Kiamhiap. Sam Cie Hek Hun and Sam Siit Giok Bian have clashed with Pek Kut Mo Lo Thang.

"This is a great business," said Bun Kwang Le. Precisely five days ago I also heard of a very important matter. At first I doubted it, but after hearing Khu Sieheng's story, then I believe it is true."

"What question did Bun Sieheng hear?" asked Khu Sun Lie interested

"Regarding the lost royal seal..." replied Bun Kwang Ie^ "Five days ago, it was still early, as usual I wanted to eat at the restaurant at the west door of this village. But when I was eating, three people arrived. people dressed as courtiers, namely Kim le Wie, troops in gold clothes from the king's personal bodyguard, as is known Kim le Wie will not leave the palace if he is not doing something important, but in fact these three Kim le Wie people have been in this Tung Cie village , thus aroused my suspicions. I overheard their conversation. I vaguely heard them mentioning the issue of the Royal seal, and also they said during the conversation that a special force had been formed to attack Siauw Lim Sie."

At that time my heart was shocked, but immediately I thought, it is impossible, Siauw Lim Sie is the oldest and largest university door, besides that it has sacred figures who have very high intelligence, it is impossible for Emperor Eng Lok to seek business with priests from Siauw Lim Sie, I don't pay much attention to this issue.

However, now that I have heard Khu Sie Heng's story, I am sure that what the three Kim le Wie said is true and I am very worried that the Siauw Lim Sie temple burning incident will happen again, as happened during the reign of the kingdom Boanciu."

When he said that, Bun Kwang le showed a feeling of extreme worry-Khu Sun Lie himself was shocked beyond measure.

"If this is indeed the case, we must immediately inform Siauw Lim Sie, so that he is prepared to face an unexpected possibility." said Khu Sun Lie. Bun Kwang le nodded his head.

"Well, then I can't stay here for long, Bun Sieheng, I have to immediately travel to Siauw-sit-san to tell Siauw Lim Sie about it. I'll just excuse myself" and the beggar said goodbye.

Because he considered business very important, the beggar had traveled quickly. If he wasn't too tired, of course he wouldn't have rested, he traveled day and night. Even Khu Sun Lie had bought a horse, by riding a horse he could travel faster.

Along the way, Khu Sun Lie investigated the conditions in the martial jungle - He heard a lot about the problems of the brave people of the martial jungle who had been arrested by the government people, Even many brave warriors who had perished under the hands of the court champions of the emperor Eng Lok. This made Khu Sun Lie so sad. He sighed. "The kingdom is being afflicted by the catastrophe of poverty, where the people live in poverty, but Emperor Eng Lok has created no small business, he has opened the gulf of hostility between the government and the champions of the martial arts jungle...

But what was very dangerous was the way that Emperor Eng Lok persuaded and attracted to his side very well-known and highly intelligent champions, whom he would use to face the champions in the martial arts jungle...

After traveling for almost a month, that afternoon Khu Sun Lie finally arrived at the foot of Mount Siong san. He breathed a sigh of relief, because soon he would soon arrive at the Siauw Lim Sie temple. At least it only takes one day...

But when he arrived at the foot of Mount Siong San this Khu Sun Lie had faced a truly great event that chilled his heart. Because that morning, he was running his horse rather slowly, because his destination was near.

When he was running his horse on a small winding road, which on his left and right grew a tall tree, suddenly this beggar saw a figure in front of him, lying in the middle of the road.

The beggar furrowed his brows, I don't know who it was this morning that was lying on the road this morning. He continued his horse, But the time was near, immediately Khu Sun Lie's heart became uncomfortable, because he saw the figure of the body not moving then he guessed something.

Sure enough, when he got closer, he saw that the body was that of a human corpse. In fact, to Khu Sun Lie's surprise, the corpse was dead with a broken body like it had been slashed in several places.

Khu Sun Lie jumped down from his horse and examined the corpse. His heart was so sliced.

"I don't know who the ruthless killer is?" thought Khu Sun Lie.

He sighed, then hopped onto his horse and continued on his way again.

But not yet after ten lie, he saw a human body across the middle of the road again. But because he had experienced such an event, he suspected that   the body was the corpse of a human.

And after being approached closer, sure enough, that was the figure of a human body that had not breathed whose face could no longer be recognized, because that person's face had been disfigured and his body was also disorganized, slashed by sharp weapons, like the body of a human. it has been chopped.

It's just funny that Khu Sun Lie was shocked, besides being annoyed.

"What a rotten person who killed this person" thought Khu Sun Lie. “Surely the killer is the same as the corpse killer earlier.” After thinking so, Khu Sun Lie took a deep breath.

He rode back on his horse, but when he had just ridden his horse a few lies, again he found a corpse similar to the one before.

"Ahh, this is a ruthless massacre on a large scale-.. how many people were killed" thought Khu Sun Lie. This time the beggar did not dismount from his horse, he continued his journey and had just traveled a few more lies, he again found the body of a human who died in a terrible way, that is as if it had been chopped up.

Therefore, Khu Sun Lie who saw this had guessed, of course the killer of those people was a demon who had very high intelligence. What's more, did he see it, the clothes of the corpses proved that they too came from the martial jungle. -

But what makes Khu Sun Lie so surprised, who knows who is the person who became the ruthless killer.

After running his horse along the path, Khu Sun Lie had found a dozen more bodies, who had met their deaths in the same way. The only thing that made Khu Sun Lie so surprised was why these people met his death by being lined up one by one, as if the corpses were deliberately placed in the middle of the road.

"Do all the killings have anything to do with Siauw Lim Sie's priests?" thought Khu Sun Lie. This beggar thought so, because he knew the Siauw Lim Sie temple was at the top of this mountain.

And the corpses that cross the middle of the road are endless. After continuing to travel, he has found again some human corpses, so the number has been more than twenty human corpses which he found in a state that was heartbreaking.

Khu Sun Lie sped up his horse, and by noon he had arrived at the gates of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, which was majestic and haunted. But a dozen lie when he had not arrived in front of this temple, Khu sun Lie no longer saw human corpses.

Quickly and quickly Khu Sun Lie jumped down from his horse, he had approached the tightly closed temple door, then knocked, banging the iron bracelet on the door quite hard.

It wasn't long before the shrine door opened, very slightly, and also at that time only the head of a hweesio appeared.

"who are you looking for ?" asked the priest, a young hweshio, maybe twenty years old, not sweet in his demeanor.

Khu Sun Lie clasped his hands together, he saluted.

"Siauw Suhu, I would like to meet with ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie, to convey a very important news related to the safety of this Siauw Suhu temple..."