The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 03

Volume 3

The young priest's face changed, he had looked with a pair of furrowed brows, But then he had asked again in a tone that was still not sweet: "What business do you want the hengtai (brother) to say?"

"It's a very important matter and I'm sorry, I can't tell you now, because the matter must be submitted directly to the Siauw Ciangbunjin"

At that time, Khu Sun Lie himself had started to get angry, because he saw the priest's indifferent attitude and he also saw how unkind the priest was. But as someone who has experience in the martial arts jungle, he wants to suspect that maybe this priest's attitude has something to do with the corpses that crisscross the streets he has passed, so he doesn't really take it to heart.

"Siauw Lim Sie doesn't take guests carelessly," said the young priest. "If indeed Hengtai (brother) intends to visit Siauwlimsie, you should have reported a few days earlier. What's more, Hengtai intends to meet our ciangbunjin, that's a matter that rarely gets answered, especially now that our ciangbunjin is out the door to take care of it. on some business, he is not at home and Hengtai if he really has a very important business with our ciangbunjin, please Hengtai come at another time"

Khu Sun Lie's face changed, he knew that the reason given by the priest was the one he had been looking for. Thus, Khu Sun Lie had laughed bitterly.

"Actually, this matter is about Siauw Lim Sie's safety ma I'm afraid that if I can't meet now with Siauwlim Sie's ciangbunjin, things will get even worse and be too late" After saying that, Khu Sun Lie sighed.

"In that case, let Hengtai meet with our ciangbunjin representative, Bo Tie siansu," said the priest.

"Even so, I can, the most important thing is that I must be able to tell this important news directly to the elders of Siauw Lim Sie"

Even though the young priest was still hesitating, he finally nodded. "Please come in. Hengtai" he said as he opened the door wider.

Khu Sun Lie saw the priest's behavior he could guess that there must have been an unpleasant affair in Siauw Lim Sie. So he acted more carefully, so as not to utter words that could provoke misunderstanding-

After inviting Khu Sun Lie to sit in the living room, the young priest left him in for a while, And soon he came back with two cups of tea, which were prepared for Khu Sun Lie.

Following that, appeared from the inner room appeared an old priest, who was probably over sixty years old, his attitude was very patient, his face was majestic and fresh red.

He had a fairly long beard and a bushy mustache. His eyes shone sharply, proving that this priest had a very tall Iwekang.

As soon as he saw Khu Sun Lie, the priest had clasped his hands together, he bowed in a very respectful manner.

"Is there any important business, is Kiesu (a dashing person) looking for our ciangbunjin?" he asked in a very friendly voice. "Lolap (I am old priest) Bo Tie Siansu, can you represent to receive Kiesu's message... May Lolap know who is the noble she Kiesu and the honorable title Kiesu?"

Khu Sun Lie had risen from his seat, he quickly returned the priest's salute.

"I am she Ku and my name is Sun Lie. My title is a meaningless title, namely Kim jie Sinkay" replied Khu Sun Lie.

"Oh I wish Kimjie Sinkay Khu Sun Lie Enghiong." said the priest. "Welcome Welcome to Siauw Lim Sie."

The priest, Bo Tie Siansu, seems to have heard the name Khu Sun Lie many times so that after he learned that the beggar was a well-known warrior and worked in the line of justice, he naturally welcomed him more friendly and sweet.

After a moment of small talk, they spoke. Bo Tie siansu expressed his admiration for Khu Sun Lie's actions, who he heard had done many noble deeds.

While Khu Sun Lie himself on one occasion has said: "Well, I think the time has come for me to convey this important matter to Taisu" he said.

"Yes, please Kiesu convey the message, Lolap will convey it again to our ciangbunjin. It just so happened that our Hongthio was out the door and not there, so I'm sorry for disappointing Kiesu."

Khu Sun Lie quickly told him what he knew. He had told the full story, so Bo Tie Siansu was very surprised. He did not expect such a great affair, And besides that what was very surprising was Khu Sun Lie's story about the unfortunate corpses that crossed the road leading to Siauw Lim Sie.

"This is very strange" said the priest, "It's really a business that Lolap never expected. It's really extraordinary"

Bo Tie siansu's face showed that he was deep in thought, because he really didn't expect things to be so great.

"Therefore, at first I asked and urged to meet with Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie because indeed this matter concerns the safety of Siauw Lim Sie himself, which also means the safety of the brave people in the martial jungle, because if now Emperor Eng Lok has dared to If you act like that towards Siauw Lim Sie, who is famous as the door of the oldest and largest martial arts school, where there are many powerful figures, surely at another time, Emperor Eng Lok will dare to go further to the door of other schools."

Bo Tie siansu has confirmed what Khu Sun Lie said.

"In Lolap's view it could happen, this is very dangerous, if indeed Emperor Eng Lok has started to antagonize the people of the martial jungle, of course it will cause a great event and create waves" Khu Sun Lie agreed-

Thus, the two of them had also talked about the state of the martial world at that time.

Meanwhile, Bo Tie Siansu, on one occasion, has said again, that in fact the departure of Hongthio or the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, has something to do with this incident. So he intended to give Khu Sun Lie a clear explanation.

A few days ago, six days earlier, Siauw Lim Sie had received a very strange guest, a woman over twenty years of age. The woman claimed to be named Lim Kim Giok. and brought a letter which was given to Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie.

The contents of the letter were a letter of challenge for Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie, the person who challenged Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie did not mention his name in the letter, because he had kept it a secret. west.

At first Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie did not want to take on such a challenge, and suggested Lim Kim Giok to just tell the teacher, so that the teacher would come to Siauw Lim Sie but in fact Lim Kim Giok had laughed mockingly and he said, that he did not expect Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie turned out to be a very cowardly and cowardly person, so the exclamation made Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie curious-

What's more, Lim Kim Giok has stated that his teacher once said that Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie's intelligence does   n't   mean   anything… .it's just   that   he    dared to   go to his temple so now said Lim Kim Giok. that he is new

believe the teacher's words.

And he didn't look down on Lim Sie's glare. Lim Kim Giok's words had made Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie furious, and immediately accepted the challenge given by the teacher sigadis.

In this case, actually Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie did not think that there was an extraordinary business, he only suspected that a master like teacher Sigadis was curious about the greatness of Siauw Lim Sie's name, so he intended to pit power with Siauw Lim Sie's side, to determine who was more powerful liehay.

But after meeting the girl's teacher, who turned out to be an old grandmother who was almost sixty years old, it turned out that the old grandmother did not have high intelligence, she only threatened to kill herself if Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie did not want to hand her the book of Kiu im cin Keng, He wants to borrow the book for a year."

It was clear that Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie couldn't pass it, because even though the book was no longer needed and was only stored in the Siauw Lim Sie book room, it was an heirloom book that could not be loaned to outsiders. Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie's refusal made the old grandmother very angry, she had threatened to prove her words to kill herself in front of Hongthio, so that later the people of the martial jungle would know that Hongthio Siauw Lim Sle was a person who had no compassion for others-

So this situation has made Hongthio's confusion Lim Sie go awry. To be sure, the book of Kiu im cin Keng cannot be loaned to the woman. But if he refuses surely the old woman would really prove her threat, which was suicide.

Of course, this is not what Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie wanted. But what can he say, it is precisely what makes Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie confused, the old grandmother does not want to understand even though the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie has persuaded him to abandon his   meaningless intentions.

But the old woman had actually pulled out a short sword whose blade was marked on the shaft of her neck, She threatened, as soon as Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie said his refusal, he wanted to press the knife into his neck, so that he would soon meet his death. According to his confession, it is useless for him to live in the world if he has not studied the knowledge written in the book of Kiu im cin Keng.

What makes Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie go awry is that this incident is a matter of life. that's what Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie didn't want. Even when Hongtlo Siauw Lim Sie promised to give him one or two of Siauw Lim Sie's martial arts skills, as long as the old woman didn't pressure him to see the book Kiu im cin Keng, the old woman still didn't want to. What he wanted was the book of knowledge Kiu im cin Keng.

Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie really went awry, finally Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie said: "Well, if you really want to kill yourself, please kill yourself, it's not my business. Lolap has been kind enough to give me one or two martial arts moves. you, but in fact you have threatened so and insisted on borrowing the book of Kiu im cin Keng, of course this cannot be passed, because the heirloom book cannot be borrowed from outsiders"

But the old granny actually proved her words. She had pressed the knife, so that the knife stuck in her neck, suddenly blood spurted out profusely, and it was at this time that the old woman finally lay down in front of Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie and met her death.

Of course this had made Hongthio look very sorry for Lim Sie, although how could he not accept something like this. He regretted that the old woman had taken such a short and reckless path.

He didn't even understand what the purpose of the old woman was to urge him to lend her the book of Kiu im cin Keng, which was confusing at that time the woman didn't care about her soul, proved her threat and killed herself.

Just because of the craziness, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie could only stand there dumbfounded looking at the old woman's corpse lying in front of him.

The old lady's disciple, Lim Kim Jade. had wept over the corpse of his master, He threatened Hongthio Siauw cim Sie by broadcasting the news throughout the martial jungle, so that the brave people in the Kangouw circle would know how cruel Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie was, who had watched someone's death with unblinking eyes. Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie went awry, he tried to give the girl an explanation, but the girl had run away, he didn't care about the corpse of his teacher anymore, which was left just like that. 

Hongthio siauw Lim Sie was getting more and more troubled. To give peace to his heart, he himself had dug the ground and buried the old granny's corpse.

But other matters, which Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie didn't expect, had actually arrived at Siauw Lim Sie, martial arts figures from various groups and schools. They demanded a soul change from Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie. Of course, change the soul for the death of the old grandmother who became Lim Kim Giok's teacher.

The situation was so chaotic, where they numbered more than a hundred people, Hongthio Siuw Lim Sie realized that if he allowed Siauw Lim Sie's students to clash with these people, of course there would be a lot of casualties, that's what the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie didn't want. this.

So he gently tried to give an explanation, But in fact the people did not want to understand at all. They only wanted Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie to change his soul for the death of the grandmother, who was called Sie Popo.

Situations like that have made Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie a bit confused, as well as other Siauw Lim Sie leaders. But in the end, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie declared who was leading them.

One of the group of people has stated that their leader is cu Cie Kiat, a warrior who has high intelligence. But of course Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie was not afraid of that person, only he was worried that if a chaotic battle broke out, it would cause huge casualties. That's what Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie didn't want.

So he told the group of people that in a few days he wanted to meet Cu Cie Kiat, to negotiate. And asked the people for the address.

According to the person's statement, Cu Cie Kiat lives in Po Sung's village, and they will also deliver this promise from Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie. Thus the people could be dispersed without the need for fighting-

In the afternoon, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie had left Siauw Lim Sie. This chairman refused when several elders of Siauw Lim Sie offered their services to accompany the leader to meet Cu Cie Kiat.

According to Hongthio siauw Lim sie, if they came in groups, of course it would only lead to misunderstandings, and perhaps things would be even more complicated. So this Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie only intended to go alone.

"Until now our Hongthio hasn't come back yet," said Bo Tie Siansu with a gloomy face, "And we ourselves don't know what business we will actually be dealing with. But hearing Khu Sieheng's story, of course it is related to the issue of the disappearance of the Royal seal. ."

Khu Sun Lie had sighed and nodded his head. "Maybe so but such a strange business," he said later.

"Yeah, I don't understand myself, why is now Siauw Lim Sie having to go through such a strange affair?" after muttering so, Bo Tie siansu took a deep breath. "But Taisu, the most important thing is that Siauw Lim Sie must prepare himself, just in case Emperor Eng Lok's people really attack Siauw Lim Sie." Khu Sun Lie has given his advice.

"Yes," nodded Bo Tie siansu, "That suggestion Lolap will heed," and the priest again sighed again.

"Does this matter need to be informed to other college doors, so that they can also prepare themselves, lest something like what happened to Siauw Lim Sie will happen in the future?"

Bo Tie siansu watched the beggar for a moment. then he took a deep breath, he said in a doubtful voice: "For that matter Lolap does not dare to make a decision, if Khu Sieheng doesn't mind, will Khu Sieheng stay for a few days at our temple, to await the return of our Hongthio so that a decision can be made. what action to take?" Khu Sun Lie agreed.

Thus, for two days Khu Sun Lie had been staying at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

But two days had passed, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie had not yet returned, causing anxiety among the priests.

During Khu Sun Lie's stay at the Siauw Lim Sie temple, Bo Tie siansu had ordered Siauw Lim Sie's disciples to investigate the condition of the corpses that crisscrossed the streets leading to the Siauw Lim Sie temple, and also while burying all the corpses. . this is an event that almost never happens and has never been experienced by Siauw Lim sie.

Of course, the killers of those people did it on purpose to challenge Siauw Lim Sie. that's an intentional act. Bo Tie siansu also invited Khu Sun Lie to talk, the priest had asked Khu Sun Lie, who would have committed such a cruel murder. But Khu Sun Lie himself did not guess, because the murderer carried out his murder ruthlessly, even the victims had their faces and bodies damaged.

Circumstances like this of course make it difficult for them to find traces. Also, the victims were killed with sharp weapons, so no trace of the killer could be found, because there was no distinct characteristic of the blow.

"According to Lolap, this murder has a pretty great background, because if that person was just committing a murder for something unimportant, of course they wouldn't have arranged the bodies of their victims so neatly, besides, did this incident happen?" to do with the disappearance of Emperor Eng Lok's Royal seal?"

When he said that, Bo Tie siansu seemed to be talking to himself, he was really faced with events that confused him, so this priest did not know what to do to investigate this matter.

Khu Sun Lie sighed, he asked: "How about we go after Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie to Po Sung village, The journey from Siong San to Po Sung village takes two days, of course by going there they can investigate more clearly the situation of Hongthio Siauw Lim That Sie, has perfect intelligence and is very high, but what is worried is that Bo Liang Siansu will be tricked by people who claim to be Cu Cie Kie's subordinates."

Bo Tie Siansu after considering the suggestion for a while, he finally agreed, And Bo Tie Siansu also prepared Bo San Siansu, Bo Lie Siansu and Bo Siung Siansu, to participate.

That afternoon the five of Bo Tie Siansu with Bo Lie, Bo Siung, Bo San and Khu Sun Lie, had left the Siauw Lim Sie temple. They headed for the village of Po Sung.

in two days they were able to reach the village. But the situation in the village was quiet and desolate, with very few inhabitants. Of course this aroused suspicion in the hearts of Bo Tie and the others.

Especially when Khu Sun Lie asked one of the residents. Where does Cu Cie Kiat live, no one knows.

Bo Tie Siansu and the others started to panic, because they were so worried about Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie's safety.

Such a complicated affair, naturally made Khu Sun Lie himself not dare to give too much advice. In the martial arts jungle, although Khu Sun Lie has a fairly high intelligence, his level is not on par with Bo Tie and the Siauw Lim Sie priests from the Bo class.

Therefore, Khu Sun Lie listened more to Bo Tie Siansu's opinion, what steps they should take.

"This is the difficulty, before leaving, Hongthio said he wanted to go to Po Sung to meet a person named cu Cie Kiat, and according to Hongthio he would be back in five days. But now it's been eight days since Hongthio left, but Hongthio hasn't come back yet, right? -I really don't understand, where did our Hongthio go?" Bo Tie siansu was really confused, so were Bo San, Bo Lie and Bo Siung, they discussed for a while. but they couldn't decide what course of action they should take to find their Hongthio who had vanished without leaving a trace.

Khu Sun Lie as a beggar, he has been around the village, he investigated about Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie and the person who claimed to be named cu Cie Kiat to the villagers.

But Khu Sun Lie was not able to get any information about the two people at all, because all the villagers he contacted did not know who Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie was and who was the person named cu Cie Kiat.

Thus, Khu Sun Lie was five with Bo Tie siansu, Bo San, Bo Lie and Bo Si ung. so having trouble finding traces of Bo Liang Siansu, Hongthio Siauw Lim sie.

Finally the Siauw Lim Sie priests had returned to Siongsan, while Khu Sun Lie stated that he would still be staying in Po Sung's village, to carry out an investigation for a few more days.

Khu Sun Lie also promised that if the traces of Bo Liang siansu were found out as soon as possible he would return to Siong San to inform Bo Tie the priests of Siauw Lim Sie agreed, then the four of Bo Tie siansu returned to Siauw Lim Sie.

After parting with Siauw Lim Sie's priests, Khu Sun Lie first looked for an inn- But when this beggar asked for a room, there was another commotion with the innkeeper- Due to agitation, Khu Sun Lie finally did not intend to stay at the inn, he had gone to the village door, looking if he could find an old and unkempt temple.

But apparently in this Po Sung village there is no temple either. Khu Sun Lie's heart became more and more angry. He sat on the side of the road, watching the people passing by.

Suddenly there were three men who were walking not far from where Khu Sun Lie was while they heard loud laughter. When one of the three saw Khu Sun Lie, that person had said to his friend:

"Poor old beggar, his body is emaciated, apparently he hasn't eaten since this morning...." and this person had reached into his pocket and took out half a tail of silver, tossed it at Khu Sun Lie.

This beggar is a bit annoyed that he sits on the side of the road not expecting someone's alms, but because that person gave with good intentions, he has expressed his gratitude.

But at that time Khu Sun Lie had seen the eyes of the three people shining very sharply, showing that they were not ordinary people, at least they had quite high lwekang (internal energy) knowledge, so Khu Sun Lie became suspicious, after that person walked quite a bit. far away, Khu Sun Lie quietly followed the three people from a certain distance.

While the three were completely unaware that they were being followed by Khu Sun Lie, they had entered the inn that Khu Sun Lie had clashed with his servant earlier.

Khu Sun Lie did not enter the inn, as he prevented any further commotion with the maid of the inn, who belittled him because he was a beggar. And if there was another commotion, of course the three men who had been following would recognize him, this is what Khu Sun Lie didn't want.

He waited for the night to come to spy on the three, who he assumed were highly intelligent. To pass the time, Khu Sun Lie had circled the village,

It was getting dark. Khu Sun Lie returned to the inn and jumped over the back yard wall of the inn.

The situation at the inn was getting quieter as the night wore on. Khu Sun Lie easily managed to find the three men's room, in fact the three people were conversing in a bustling voice punctuated by laughter. They seemed very happy.

By using his lightening skills, Khu Sun Lie approached the bedroom window, he used the tip of his tongue to punch a hole in the window paper, then he peered.

The three men were apparently eating and drinking in their room very happily. For a moment they laughed loudly.

Even one of them, the man who had given alms of half a tail of silver to Khu Sun Lie, was saying: "If indeed we can carry out this task, then our lives will be happy and happy, because we will be bestowed with high rank and position. by the Emperor"

"Exactly what you said," said the other man.

"But we must remember," said the third man in a slightly hoarse voice and took a swig of wine. "This task is not an easy task. We have to deal with Siauw Lim Sie's people who certainly have high intelligence "

"That's not our problem, it's not us who are facing them fighting, we're just investigating how Siauw Lim Sie is doing, and giving the news to the Emperor. After that, if Siauw Lim Sie is successfully annihilated, of course we will be listed as one of the savers. " after laughing then this man took another sip of his wine.

Khu Sun Lie was surprised to hear the conversation of the three of them, especially when he mentioned "Siauw Lim Sie", and also "Emperor",

With a slightly pounding heart, Khu Sun Lie had been listening steadily. He heard one of the others at that time saying in a maintained voice: "Shhh, did you know, now that Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie has been captured by the Emperor's men?"

"I have heard it from Lie conggoan-" answered the two men almost in unison.

Those words were indeed simple for the three people, but for Khu Sun Lie it was like hearing the sound of lightning at his ear, he was shocked beyond play, If Khu Sun Lie didn't remember that he was eavesdropping on the conversation of the three people, of course he would have issued an exclamation. shocked. Luckily he was still able to restrain himself.

The three men in the room laughed loudly again, "Congratulations. Congratulations. With the capture of Hong-thlo Siauw Lim Sie, of course it's easier for Hongte's people to displace Siauw Lim Sie. Hemm, since the first   Siauw Lim Sie's people have always been arrogant and arrogant, they always declare themselves to be the oldest university door in the mainland of China-.. now if Hongsiang really manages to finish them all, ha, ha, ha, of course they will not dare to open their mouths too   big again"

The three of them laughed a little louder again, it seemed they were very happy. And have drunk their own wine.

Khu Sun Lie's body trembled with anger in his heart, besides that he was also very surprised, Siauw Lim Sie is the oldest and largest university door in mainland China, also has very high-skilled figures.

Like Bo Liang Sian su as Hongthio from Siauw Lim Sie, actually no one dares to play crazy with Siauw Lim Sie. Not to mention Bo Tie, Bo san, Bo Siung, Bo Lie and other priests Siauw Lim Sie who have very high intelligence.

Therefore, if Emperor Eng Lok was indeed hostile to Siauw Lim Sie, of course the Emperor would not easily achieve his goal of destroying Siauw Lim Sie's people. Strictly speaking, Emperor Eng Lok would not be able to destroy Siauw Lim sie.

So far, Siauw Lim Sie has always taken the soft path and has never used violence against people who are against him. If he can still be advised, of course Siauw Lim Sie will try to give advice, but if it fails and people are pressing Siauw Lim Sie too much, then when only then will Lim Sie face violently-

But of course the violence perpetrated by the people of Siauw Lim Sie is generally violence accompanied by wisdom not accompanied by an air of murder- That does not mean that Siauw Lim Sie is easily insulted.

Siauw Lim Sie also has many friends in the martial arts jungle. Almost all of the champions who take the path of whiteness and justice, naturally respect Siauw Lim Sie. So if Siauw Lim Sie wants to be destroyed by Emperor Eng Lok. surely there will be strong opposition from the people of the martial jungle who will definitely help   Siauw Lim Sie's side.

It also means that in the martial jungle there will be a great upheaval, and no small waves will arise

At that time Khu Sun Lie couldn't think further, because one of the three men had said again in a rather loud voice: "You must know, Emperor Eng Lok lost the Royal seal - According to the Emperor's message it must be kept secret so as not to cause turmoil in the kingdom. government, because without the Royal seal means that Emperor Eng Lok's position as Emperor is illegitimate, this is a good opportunity for us to do work that can please Emperor Eng Lok.   who stole and kept the seal of the Kingdom. If indeed we succeed, surely our rewards and services will not be small"

"That's right," replied his comrade sitting   on the right, "Emperor Eng Lok has also mobilized the palace troops to arrest the suspected people. According to what I heard from Lie conggoan, there are actually three martial arts people that the Emperor suspects, namely Kim Shia Liong Bun Su , the Golden Heretic who has extraordinary intelligence, Besides that there are also Pat Mo Bu Beng Hong and Ang Giok Hoa Samcu ceng, The three of them are people that Emperor Eng Lok really cares about, and are currently being investigated for their traces "

"Then regarding the door of Siauw Lim Sie's college, what has this got to do with the matter of the disappearance of the Royal seal? Does Emperor Eng Lok also have suspicions about the people of Siauw Lim Sie?"

"No-" replied his friend.

"It is impossible for Siauw Lim Sie to keep the Royal seal   , because Siauw Lim Sie's priests may not want to have the Royal seal. However, the Emperor does not want to see Siauw Lim Sie spread his wings wider. If one day Hongthio, or the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, held a gathering of brave people, of course Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie's every word would be obeyed by the people of the martial jungle, this was what the Emperor was worried about.

He was worried that later Hongthio was sick and Lim sie would be against him. With various ways and reasons, the Emperor ordered Lie Conggoan to seek business with Siauw Lim Sie's side, so that the Emperor had a reason to break the door of the school "

Hearing the conversation of the three people up there, Khu Sun Lie shuddered to himself. Siauw Lim Sie's business is not a trivial matter, it also concerns the safety of the people of the martial jungle.

If it were to happen that Lim Sie's temper was provoked to have an error on the part of the Kingdom, of course Emperor Eng Lok had a strong reason to crush it. It could be that Emperor Eng Lok gave the reason Siauw Lim Sie wanted to rebel. then it was crushed, this was an undeniable reason and the people of Siauw Lim Sie would certainly face great difficulties. Khu Sun Lie had taken a closer look at the three men. He saw that they were around thirty-five years old, and their looks were also quite majestic. They were apparently not ordinary people, at least they were certainly government people disguised in ordinary clothes.

Khu Sun Lie racked his brains trying to figure out how to deal with this matter, the most important thing for him was to report immediately to Bo Tie Siansu about what he heard.

The most important thing is the matter of the capture of Bo Liang Siansu. Somehow the way in which Bo Liang Siansu was caught by the Emperor's people is still unknown to Khu Sun Lie, because the three people did not talk about it.

The beggar only suspected that Bo Liang siansu was taken prisoner by the Emperor's people, of course by using a cunning trick. Especially Bo Liang Siansu was a compassionate person, of course he didn't want to cause any casualties.

Therefore, he had simply given up, but the result of the capture of Bo Liang Siansu by Emperor Eng Lok's men, would lead to a very dire and big affair.

So the problem can't be played around. By conveying the news to Bo Tie Siansu, of course the priest would be able to determine what course of action they should take.

By that time the three men had continued to eat and drink, their conversation also turned to women's issues, their conversation was very dirty.

After listening for a while and being sure that the three of them would not discuss such an important matter, Khu Sun Lie left the inn, Using his ginkang he had trotted out on a journey to Siong San-

He wanted to arrive at the Siauw Lim Sie temple as soon as possible, to tell the important news to Bo Tie Siansu and the other elders of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, the   matter that seemed to only concern the Siauw Lim Sie temple, turned out to have great consequences.   for the martial world.

If Siauw Lim Sie is destroyed by Emperor Eng Lok, surely the door of other martial arts schools will be exposed to the sap, where Emperor Eng Lok can act arbitrarily to crush the people of the martial arts jungle.

One more day Khu Sun Lie traveled fast he had run using his ginkang, so he could travel very quickly, But along the way, he saw a lot of state soldiers roaming around the mountainous area of Siong san

This has made Kau Sun Lie's heart even more restless, Because with the sight of the many government people running around, there is Gie Lim Kun, and Kim ie Wie, the palace troops, Emperor Eng Lok naturally has begun to lay siege to Siauw Temple Lim Sie.

It's just that they carried out the siege without launching a strong attack, only spreading all over the government troops, so that when the time came, of course, the government troops would easily   carry out a siege.

After arriving at the Siauw Lim Sie temple, Khu Sun Lie told what he had heard and seen in his investigation, Bo Tie Siansu was a priest who had very high intelligence, this priest rarely used his intelligence, he only studied and deepened his martial arts skills to perfect self.

Therefore, Bo Tie never used his intelligence to do battle with the martial jungle people. But hearing the threat to the Siauw Lim Sie temple, Bo Tie Siansu and the other Siauw Lim Sie elders were confused too.

If there really was a battle between the Siauw Lim Sie people and the court soldiers of Emperor Eng Lok, there would surely be a lot of casualties, as people with noble and compassionate hearts, of course the Siauw Lim Sie priests did not want that. occur.

If there is another way out, of course the Siauw Lim Sie priests will choose another way to settle the matter. But what made Bo Tie   siansu and the others so shocked and worried was the news of the capture of Bo Liang Siansu, their Hong Thio, who had been captured by Emperor Eng Lok's people- Bo Liang Siaosu's safety was their first thought.

"Our HongThio's intelligence is high and perfect, both in lwekang and in martial arts, but with Hong Thio's arrest, we are actually worried if something happens that we don't want," said Bo Tie Siansu.

Khu Sun Lie had nodded his head, he also understood the predicament that Siauw Lim Sie's priests were facing.

"Does Taisu think it's unnecessary to gather brave men in the martial jungle?" asked Khu Sun Lie. "For what? It will only make matters more complicated, because there will be even more victims... Besides that, Lolap thinks that if the brave people in the martial jungle find out about this matter, there will be an even bigger wave. "

And after saying that, Bo Tie siansu sighed again and again, his face gloomy, proving that this priest was wracked with worries and heartaches that weighed heavily on him.

"Then what action does Taisu want to take?" asked Khu Sun Lie.

"We'll see what happens in the next two days. Also, we can't send envoys to the Emperor's people, because we haven't received clearer news yet, who has taken our HongThio captive. We also want to do an investigation, we want to wait for the actions of Emperor Eng Lok's people, of course they will also send couriers to talk about it, they won't be silent later."

When he said that, Bo Tie sian's face was already the other elders of Siauw Lim Sie also turned gloomy, they were really sad, Therefore Khu Sun Lie also didn't dare to talk too much, he was worried that he would say something wrong.

Bo Tie Siansu has also ordered three of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples from the Sun level to descend the mountain to go to Po Sung's village, to conduct a more thorough investigation.

Although in front of him the Siauw Lim Sie priests tried to be calm, Khu Sun Lie could also see that they were very nervous. You can imagine how worried they would be with the arrest of their Hong Thio by the Emperor's men if this matter exploded. Of course the battle between the people of Siauw Lim Sie and the heroes of Emperor Eng Lok was inevitable.

Moreover, Emperor Eng Lok was very happy to gather experts in the martial arts jungle who could be persuaded with wealth and rank, So Bo Tie Siansu and Siauw Lim Sie's figures also realized that Emperor Eng Lok's champions were not haphazard at least good. Emperor Eng Lok's master is also a champion who has high intelligence.

Regarding Huangho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, Sam Cie Hek Hun Kho Lung San and Sam Sat Giok Bian, the three of them had devoted themselves to Emperor Eng Lok. This is quite surprising news for Bo Tie Siansu and other Siauw Lim Sie priests, they realized that these masters were experts who had quite high intelligence, not to mention the many other masters.

For two days Khu Sun Lie had been staying at the Siauw Lim Sie temple. during that time Khu Sun Lie was able to witness how busy Siauw Lim Sie's priests were. Besides spreading people to conduct investigations, Bo Tie Siansu has also placed people of various levels of intelligence in places that would be the target of Emperor Eng Lok's champions.

And also Bo Tie Siansu has placed his people in Siauw Lim Sie's library room, because in that room there are lots of Siauw Lim Sie's heirloom books, so that if there is chaos, Bo Tie Siansu is worried that someone with long arms will steal the heirloom book.

During those two days Khu Sun Lie also helped to investigate the vicinity of Mount Siong San - He saw that there had been a large number of state soldiers gathered in groups around the foot of the mountain. The only thing that surprised Khu Sun Lie, those people generally have high intelligence, It can be seen from the actions of their feet and the light of their eyes, So the country soldiers gathered around the foot of Mount Siong san are not ordinary soldiers, at least they have high martial arts skills, and The martial arts masters who had been successfully recruited by Emperor Eng Lok also disguised themselves as state soldiers.

Khu Sun Lie secretly complained too. He thought that in such a short time the developments had changed so quickly, where the danger that was in front of the eyes of the Siauw Lim Sie priests was getting more and more threatening.

Meanwhile, the news about HongThio Siauw Lim Sie has not yet been discovered by Siauw Lim Sie's priests, because the Siauw Lim Sie priests who were sent by Bo Tie Sie to carry out an investigation have not succeeded in finding out where HongThio siauw- Lim Sie is.

The priests of Siauw Lim Sie who had returned to the temple only said that around the foot of Mount Siong San was full of state soldiers wandering around. In fact, they have seen that among the country's soldiers there are many Kangouw figures who have high intelligence.

"Indeed they disguised themselves by dressing as ordinary state soldiers, but their movements proved that they had very high intelligence," reported one of Siauw Lim Sie's students.

"Let us wait for further developments.." said Bo Tie Siansu who finally took decisive action, "For the time being, as long as our HongThio has not returned, I will represent the leader here first, gather all Siauw Lim sie students, to listen to my explanation..." Instantly There was a copper bell on the highest peak of Siauw Lim Sie's temple ringing loudly for several times, it indicated that Siauw Lim Sie was facing a dangerous threat and was gathering Siauw Lim Sie's disciples in the Kiu-hoa-tong room (nine-flower room).

Although Khu Sun Lie was not prohibited from attending, this beggar knew that what would be discussed was a household matter at the university door, so he did not join the gathering in Kiu Hoa Tong's room.

In order to calm his sluggish heart, Khu Sun Lie had taken a walk around the flower garden behind the temple building. And Khu Sun Lie was also thinking hard, who knows what would happen if Emperor Eng Lok's troops launched an attack.

While the beggar was pensive, suddenly he heard a rustling sound next to the front of the temple wall, Khu Sun Lie swiftly jumped up the wall, to look outside.

In the darkness of the night, he saw a figure moving swiftly beside the temple wall, apparently preparing to jump over the wall. Khu Sun Lie stepped on his feet, his body had jumped beside the person. "Stop." he snapped.

The person was surprised, he turned his body quickly, but when he saw the beggar, the person let out a cold laugh. Without saying a word, he had reached out his hand to grip Khu Sun Lie's shoulder.

The beggar she Khu was shocked, the attack was carried out suddenly and very quickly, besides that it was also very vicious, targeting the piepe bone, the piepe bone of a human is very important, because if the piepe bone is grabbed and crushed, it is certainly the person who the person concerned will suffer minor injuries, or his hands will become paralyzed.

But even though he was surprised, Khu Sun Lie didn't get nervous, he had dodged the moment the person's grip was about to work, and parried with his right hand that was moved against the person's hand.

The impact was so loud, and Khu Sun Lie's body took three steps back, he almost fell backwards, Luckily Khu Sun Lie was able to quickly control himself by strengthening his two legs, so he didn't have to fall to the ground. while the opponent was only thrilled and did not stagger back like a beggar. But he couldn't help but let out a slow "lhhh" sound, he seemed surprised and surprised.

In such a short time that Khu Sun Lie had managed to see the face of this uninvited guest, his heart trembled again. He saw the face of this person is terrible, with facial skin like scaly. as well as the skin of his hands, looks scaly too, rough, like rhinoceros skin.

That person had let out a cold laugh, he snapped: ""Who are you... you are not Siauw Lim Sie's priest?"

Khu Sun Lie who had mastered his feelings, laughed coldly in return, he said in a mocking voice: "You didn't ask, I should have asked you..."

"Hmmm," the person who had skin like that of a rhinoceros had snorted coldly, he also said: "I want to meet HongThio Siauw Lim Sie, there is an order that needs to be conveyed to him"

But Khu Sun Lie was laughing coldly again, he had guessed who this person was. You must have been sent by Lie conggoan… don't you think

?” asked Khu Sun Lie.

"Uhhhh" the man let out another surprised cry, he looked intently at Khu Sun Lie, then in a cold voice he asked: "How did you know?"

"You didn't come to see HongThio   Siauw Lim Sie, because HongThio Siauw Lim Sie is already in your hands, captured by you-..." said Khu Sun Lie boldly.

But his brain was working hard, because he was sure that around the Siauw Lim Sie temple at that time there must have been a lot of this person's friends hanging around.

"You are only pretending to be looking for HongThio Siauw Lim Sie, to seek business with Siauw Lim Sie's side."

The man's face turned red, but only for a moment, because his face had turned angry. He had said in a furious voice: "Well, tell me who you are, stinky beggar? Do you want to meddle in this business?"

At that time Khu Sun Lie was looking for a way to signal Siauw Lim Sie's priests on the arrival of this uninvited guest, hearing someone's question he laughed coldly, he said: "Although I am not a Siauw Lim Sie, but this old beggar She Khu not willing to witness the arbitrary actions of humans like you"

Saying that, Khu Sun Lie was already getting ready. since he knew his opponent was formidable he obviously couldn't face him carelessly.

What Khu Sun Lie guessed was true, because the person who had skin like a rhinoceros skin had let out a loud yelling sound, he had moved his right hand while exclaiming loudly: "I Ong Cit Giok will not let a dog beggar like you live on. to hold the mouth " while attacking, knowing that his right foot has been used for kicking.

What a great kick he did, because it was not less powerful than his right hand. The wind of his attack was milling about. And that's when it seemed that Khu Sun Lie was having a hard time, he was attacked from two directions, from below and above, if he warded off the hand attack of the person who called himself Ong Cit Giok. of course his foot strike would arrive, But to parry both attacks at once was certainly impossible.

But being a highly intelligent person, Khu Sun Lie didn't get nervous, he had twisted his hand like a circle around his opponent's right hand, then tilted his hips while lifting his left leg in a "Kim Kee Tok Pit" or "Golden Chicken stands on single leg" stance. he quickly dodged his opponent's kick.

However, when Khu Sun Lie's hand hit Ong Cit Giok's hand, at that time he almost bounced for that he tilted his body backwards with a Tiat Poan Ko or Iron bridge movement, so that his body did not stretch. But to his surprise, his hand hurt unbelievably, his bones seemed to be broken.

Ong Cit Jade did not continue his attack, he just shouted in a cold voice, his voice slowly: "If you are not Siauw Lim Sie, you better leave quickly, I am willing to spare your soul."

But despite knowing the liehay people, Khu Sun Lie did not become afraid. Shutting his mouth without saying a word, while his opponent was speaking like that, Khu Sun Lie seemed to jump up, and his hands were moved in a very fast motion, the attack winds roaring loudly, because he launched an attack using both hands at once.

At that time Ong Cit Jade was not prepared, he was surprised to see his opponent attack suddenly like that. But he did not try to avoid Khu sun Lie's attack, which he met with violence.

Khu Sun Lie's hand hit the she ong person's hand which had skin like scaly and hard, so that it brought a feeling of pain for Khu Sun Lie. So then Khu Sun Lie only insisted, but always this beggar tried to avoid a clash of hands with his opponent.

They fought very fast, had passed a dozen moves. But under such circumstances, Khu Sun Lie had seen that Ong Cit Jade's intelligence was indeed on his side.

He became much more careful, because if he were to fall at the hands of this Sheong man, not only would the people of Siauw Lim Sie not know of the arrival of this dark enemy, he could also be seriously injured, or at least lightly injured, that would be certain, because any attack launched by Ong Cit Jade was an attack that contained very strong power, causing a roaring attack wind.

Ong Cit Giok himself when he saw his opponent was still able to defend himself even though they had fought a dozen moves, he started to panic. His restlessness began to show, in addition to the attacks he launched it grew stronger.

After four more moves and Ong Cit Jade still unable to knock down his opponent, he has issued a less loud whistling sound, two long whistles, one short whistle.

And from outside the walls of the temple flashed several figures who jumped in. Judging from their light movements, it shows that all of them have a fairly high ginkang.

Khu Sun Lie's heart gasped. After dodging one of his opponent's attacks by tilting his head, he glanced, and saw that the people who had just appeared were probably ten in number and dressed in the uniform of a royal soldier.

His heart was so wry, Facing Ong Cit Jade alone still didn't allow him to win the upper hand,   now she ong's friends appeared who all seemed to have quite high intelligence.

Silently he complained, because if those people gang up and launch a simultaneous attack. doesn't that mean he will meet no small danger

But just as Khu Sun Lie was thinking that, the attacks of the two new arrivals on his right, had struck fast, Khu sun Lie mustering up his strength to parry.

Ong Cit Jade himself had set foot, his body jumped back, his movement was very fast, he had distanced himself from Khu Sun Lie.

"Take the beggar, or if you need to destroy it, don't let him loose." Ong Cit Jade gave his orders.

The ten men, dressed as royal soldiers, had advanced to surround Khu Sun Lie, who was attacked with various blows.

Ong Cit Giok himself had run into the temple leaving them, Khu Sun Lie was complaining, the people of Siauw Lim Sie did not know the enemy was coming, and he was surrounded by Ong Cit Giok's men. Of course, Khu Sun Lie became restless. He desperately needed to use his intelligence to face his ten besiegers.

Ong Cit Giok ran very fast, he had arrived at the east of the temple, where the lighting in that place was a bit blurry, because only a distance from the room window in the temple emitted light.

Ong Cit Jade had jumped behind a tree, he looked around the place. The place where Ong Cit Giok is located is a park, which is quite spacious, a garden full of colorful flowers and also well maintained, The situation in the place is quite calm and serene

When he saw that the situation was calm and there was nothing suspicious, Ong Cit Giok had jumped to the right of the room. He crouched near the payon, peering into the room.

He did not see a priest, because at that time the priests were gathered in the Kiu-hoa-tong room, listening to the statement of Bo Tie Siansu, who temporarily took over the reins of leadership from the old HongThio, namely Bo Liang Siansu, which until then was still unknown. the news.

With a cold laugh, Ong Cit Giok stretched out his right hand, attached it to the shutters, It was easy for the shutters to be opened by the slight exertion of Ong Cit Jade. he jumped in and checked the situation in the room. Apart from the priest's clothes, nothing else was found. He was just about to get out of the window, suddenly heard the sound of light footsteps outside the room, Following the door opened,

Ong Cit Giok jumped to get out through the window, but a priest Siauw Lim Sie, the owner of the room, who had opened the bedroom door, saw Ong Cit Giok's body flashing swiftly.

"Who ?" he snapped in a fairly loud voice, he didn't just yell, his body had jumped very nimbly, following rapidly.

Ong Cit Jade who realized that it was impossible for him to erase the traces, had twisted his body and let out a sinister laugh.

Siauw priest Lim Sie, who is over forty years old, has looked up in surprise and surprise when he saw Ong Cit Giok's hideous face whose skin on his face and hands were scaly like rhinoceros skin.

He looked up not long, then clasped his hands together and said: "omitohud, what is sicu (master) looking for in the pinceng room?"

Reverend Siauw Lim Sie, this one has the title Lo Kiang Siansu, he is a fifth-level student, his intelligence is also quite high, because he is a priest who controls the Tat-mo-tong room. So, although seeing the face of the uninvited guest was quite gruesome and strange, Lo Kiang siansu did not become spooked.

Ong Cit Giok had said coldly: "I want to meet Bo Liang Siansu, Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie ^ Lo Kiang Siansu's face changes.

"Siancai... siancai," he said patiently, "Unfortunately our Hongthio isn't there. Say what you mean, I'll let you know when our Hongthio has returned." Lo Kiang Siansu still carried a sweet and patient attitude, even though he was suspicious of people. This of course came with bad intentions.

Ong Cit Giok laughed lightly and said: "I, Ong Cit Giok, have a significant interest in Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie, so please Siansu convey my wish, so that HongThio Siauw Lim Sie will accept my arrival."

"Unfortunately, it's true that our Hong Thio is not there. So if Siecu really has such an interest, come at another time"

Ong Cit Jade laughed coldly, he carried an unfriendly attitude even he said again: "Actually I came here to borrow something"

"Borrowing something?" asked Lo Kiang Si ansu while watching his guest intently.

"Yes" nodded Ong Cit Giok "I want to borrow something from Hongthio Siauw Lim Sie"

"Siancai Can siecu say it to pinceng? Maybe pinceng can help siecu's wish?" asked Lo Kiang Siansu.

Ong Cit Giok laughed bitterly, then said: "I intend to borrow the Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang book."

"W... what?" asked Lo Kiang siansu surprised, "Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang's heirloom punch book?"

Ong Cit Jade nodded in approval, he too had laughed in an unsympathetic manner, even he had said coldly:

"I really need that book, I hope Taisu will ask Hongthio siauw Lim Sie to lend it to me" Lo Kiang Siansu's face has changed, he laughed forcefully.

"Unfortunately Siecu's wish will not be fulfilled," said the priest in a patient voice, but secretly Lo Kiang Siansu was also on alert, because he realized that this guest meant no good.

"Why won't it be fulfilled?" asked Ong Cit Jade in a cold voice.

"Unfortunately, the book that Siecu is about to borrow is our heirloom book, which cannot be loaned to anyone."

"But I really want to borrow the book Kiu Lok sie Pat Ciang .. " said Ong Cit Giok in a cold voice. "Allowed or not. Still I want to borrow it"

"Hmmm, if so, of course Siecu will get into trouble" said Lo Kiang Siansu.

"What did you say, bald priest?" asked Ong Cit Jade in a cold voice.

Called a bald priest, at that time Lo Kiang siansu's feelings were not good. but he still endured. Seeing the situation, Ong Cit Jade. Lo Kiang Siansu can also guess, of course Ong Cit Giok is one of the opponents who tried to sneak into Siauw Lim Sie, wasn't he already caught when he entered his room?

Lo Kiang siansu clasped his hands together, he said: "Siancai Siancai It's a shame that Siecu's arrival was not on time. that." Ong Cit Giok laughed coldly, he realized that it was the priest's ploy, to inform the other Siauw Lim Sie priests, of the arrival of this uninvited guest. while at that time Lo Kiang Siansu had turned his body, he wanted to leave this uninvited guest, to return to the Kiu Hoa Tong room, where his comrades were gathered.

But Ong Cit Jade didn't want to waste any more time, when the priest turned around, he had put his feet on his feet, his body quickly jumped up and grabbed him while holding out his hands, he intended to grip the priest's neck.

Lo Kiang siansu felt a strong and sharp blow of the attack wind, he realized he was being attacked with a pretty powerful grip. He turned his body while tilting to the right, with his left leg bent slightly, his right hand speeding up trying to engage his opponent's hand.

However, Ong Cit Giok had calculated his attack. When Lo Kiang siansu wanted to parry it, he pulled his right hand back, but his left hand moved very fast, hitting the big vein in the back of the priest.

That big vein, called Ciu-ting-hiat, is a blood path that can paralyze, where would Lo Kiang Siansu allow himself to be attacked. He quickly grabbed the sleeves of his robes. But unfortunately his body was tilted, in such a position to fend off attacks accompanied by very strong energy, of course it did not benefit Lo Kiang Siansu, so he almost bounced.

Ong Cit Giok saw his opponent's body stagger, he rushed forward very quickly to launch a vigorous attack, while using both hands to attack alternately, Lo Kiang siansu was very busy parrying.

But on one occasion Lo Kiang siansu's left hand had reached into his pocket, he took out something he threw up, and when he got to the top, it emitted an explosive sound and a fairly bright fire.

Ong Cit Giok actually intended to prevent his opponent from throwing the object, but he was too late, so that the object was thrown by Lo Kiang Siausu, Ong Cit Giok also realized what it meant, as a signal to call friends. Ong Cit Jade was secretly surprised and intensified his attacks. "Before his friends arrive, let me destroy him first" thought Ong Cit Giok.

And he wasn't just thinking, because he had launched an attack very quickly with the palm of his right hand, which contained a tremendous amount of power. Lo Kiang siansu parried it.

A loud "Dukkk" was resisted fiercely, Lo Kiang Siansu almost let out a muffled scream, because he felt his opponent's hand hard as iron, causing intense pain in his hand, as well as his hand about to break.

When Lo Kiang Siansu was in pain like that, Ong Cit Giok had accompanied him to launch another attack, this time he attacked using both hands,

He really didn't want to give his opponent a chance to breathe, the attack power he used was also much stronger than before.

Lo Kiang Siansu who felt the rush of the fierce attack wind, he did not dare to look down on it, especially now that he also realized that the skin of his opponent's hand was hard as iron.

Quick and agile, Lo Kiang Siansu tried to jump back to dodge the attack, not wanting to be met with a parry or brute-

But when the priest's body was floating in the middle of the air, Ong Cit Jade had made a loud yelling sound, he had pulled back his attack power.

Lo Kiang siansu was shocked, his heart went cold, Because he felt his body like being sucked in by something very strong.

It seems that Ong Cit Giok used the power of pulling and stretching, a skill that was quite extraordinary when he saw Lo Kiang Siansu, that the priest could neither back down nor go forward.

In such a state, Lo Kiang Siansu did not lose his mind, he just twisted his hands while exerting his inner strength. He confined himself very tightly, it was to protect his body from the attacks of his opponents.

But Ong Cit Giok turned out to be a staunch master, seeing the priest closing himself off like that, he let out a cold snort, then stomped his hands, which were pulled forward, then Lo Kiang siansu seemed to be pulled by an invisible force, even though Lo Kiang siansu Kiang Siansu had concentrated all his strength on his two legs, yet he couldn't help but fall forward, as an expert who had skill and practice for a long time, Lo Kiang Siansu didn't try to hold back his slumped body. he just followed, even his body rolled over. Thus he had eliminated the attraction of his opponent's strength. If Lo Kiang Siansu tried to restrain him by concentrating his strength, resisting with violence, his body would surely fall to the ground.

Seeing his opponent still managed to save himself, Ong Cit Jade became very curious, he had let out a low moan out of curiosity, and jumped up to launch another attack.

But at that time, someone shouted, a shout that had an impact: "Hold on"

Ong Cit Giok had restrained his strength, he went down to the ground while turning his body, It seemed in the distance several figures were approaching, judging by the clothes and condition of the people, of course they were priests, Siauw Lim Sie.

While Lo Kiang Siansu used the opportunity to jump up, his face was a little pale, because he was almost injured.

It turned out to be the priests of Siauw Lim Sie, who had seen the danger signs that Lo Kiang Siansu had thrown earlier.

The priest who ran ahead was a priest in his sixties, he was Bo San Siansu, Behind him followed the priests of the fourth tier, They arrived quickly.

Bo San siansu has clasped his hands together, he is in awe, but his eyes stare intently at Ong Cit Jade.

"Who is Siecu, why cause a commotion in our temple?" he said, his voice soft but firm in his demeanor.

Ong Cit Giok laughed coldly, he said boldly: "I meant to borrow the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat, Ciang, but the Taisu had actually said rude words so I thought it deserved to be punished."

Bo San siansu's brows furrowed. This uninvited guest stated that he wanted to borrow the book of Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang, the book of punching that became Siauw Lim sie's heirloom. How could that request be granted? And also this guest has turned the issue around, it is impossible for Lo Kiang Siansu to treat him impolitely, because in the temple Lo Kiang Siansu is known as a priest who is friendly to anyone, has never been harsh.

After a moment of silence. Bo San siansu smiled forcefully, he also said patiently: "Siecu came to our place at such a time, which we thought was not very appropriate, And also siecu intends to borrow one of our heirlooms, that is impossible- So if it is Siecu has nothing else to do. Siecu, please leave our temple well."

Ong Cit Jade's eyes were wide open, he had said in a cold voice: "I will not leave this place until my request is fulfilled" he said.

"Why is that ?" asked Bo San Siansu still patiently.

"I don't dare to go back to my place, because if I don't manage to get a loan of the Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang heirloom book, of course I will get a severe punishment from my superiors"

"Siecu said Siecu's superior, so what's the real problem..?" asked Bo San Siansu while furrowing his brows.

"My superior, Lie Conggoan, has ordered me to come to Siauw Lim Sie to borrow for a moment, only for one month, the Kiu Lok Sie Pat Ciang book. Therefore, if I can't borrow it from Siauw Lim Sie, doesn't that mean I will get into no small trouble?"

Hear the words of Ong Cit Jade. Bo San siansu had let out a cold laugh.

"Unfortunately, it's a pity that Bells think who, don't know the envoy from Lie Conggoan-" said Bo San Siansu, "Actually, what is the book for Lie Conggoan? Isn't punching science not related to the science of warfare?"

"Lie Conggoan is fond of martial arts, since he was a child, he has trained himself to be healthy," said Ong Cit Giok in a contrived and nauseous manner, because he carried an attitude such as not looking at the priests, Siauw Lim Sie. "Therefore, not long ago there was a friend who conveyed to Lie Conggoan, that Siauw Lim Sie had a copy of the heirloom book from Kiu Liok Sie Pat Ciang's punch, at that time Lie Conggoan had ordered me to go here, to borrow it. From all of you "