The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 08

Volume 8

At that time, the yellow clothed youth appeared from inside, behind him walked a middle-aged man who had a tall, sturdy body and a haunted face.

"He's the one who said he wanted to enter the door of our college to study ..." said the young man in yellow. "Well brother, this is our Toasuko, please talk to her directly..."

Bin An approached the middle-aged man who, called Toasuko, was the eldest fellow teacher, then he clasped his hands together, bowing his salute. "Siauwte she Bu and named Bin An, hereby intends to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay..." said Bin An in a patient voice.

Toasuko's eyes, from the Tiong Pay student, narrowed sharply, he watched Bin An from head to toe, then he asked in a hoarse voice: "Have you ever studied martial arts?"

"Not yet.... siaute just often idly trains himself to move the sword..." replied Bin An-

"Hmmm, why do you want to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay?"

"After hearing the name of the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college which is very famous, then Siauwte intends to enter the door of this college to study..."

"Do you know the requirements to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay...?" asked the Toasuko again while still watching with suspicious eyes-

Bin An shook his head. "Not yet "

"Okay, you listen, I will mention the requirements to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay.." Toasuko said, "First, everyone who wants to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay, must donate five hundred tails of silver. And every month later have to pay five twenty tails of silver, are you up to the first condition?" Bin An smiled.

"But unfortunately Siaute doesn't have that kind of money   ," he said.

Toasuko's face changed.

"If you don't have money, it's clear that you can't be accepted as a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay." "But... Siauwte really wants to be a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay, Siauwte will try to train himself well, be diligent and obey the existing rules. ."

Before Toasuko answered, dozens of youths who became Cie Liong Pay's students had laughed at Bin An, some of them even said in a cynical tone: "Doesn't have money to want to become Cie Tiong Pay's students. what kind of cie Tiong Pay is this...?"

But that Toasuko had said with a hoarse voice and a firm tone: "If indeed someone does not meet the requirements and regulations that are at the door of our college, it's a shame we can't fulfill his wish"

"Why so?" asked Bin An pretending to be stupid.

"Because it has become our school door rules"

"If that's the case, surely everyone who becomes a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay are people who do have money and can pay, even though they don't have the talent and will, will be accepted as Cie Tiong Pay's students? While people who have good talents to learn martial arts but have no money, he was rejected outright without getting a chance?"

Toasuko's face changed, she said getting fierce. "Your mouth is too outrageous young man... Your words also seem to mean that we Chinese Tiong Pay students are just rice barrels, right? And that you are a prospective student who has excellent talent. Isn't that what you mean...? "

Bin An quickly smiled.

"How dare you have such thoughts..." he said quickly. But the Toasuko laughed coldly and said: "Okay, I'll see if you really are a person who has good enough talent to be accepted as a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay. If it turns out that you have good talent, without paying we will accept it..."

By saying that Toasuko actually meant bad to Bin An, because he wanted to torture this young man.

And just as the words were finished, he moved his right hand towards Bin An-An's chest.

Bin An felt a strong wind strike his chest.

And at that time Bin An purposely did not exert a bit of his energy, he just kept silent pretending not to understand martial arts, he guessed that this Toasuko of course just wanted to try it.

But what he didn't know was that Toasuko's push was an impulse that had really strong and hard energy, so there was no mercy for Bin An's body to fall backwards.

Fortunately, Bin An has a strong and well-trained sikang power, he is also very agile. As fast as lightning he can jump up too.

Bin An soon realized that he had been treated badly by Toasuko, who apparently meant nothing to him.

Meanwhile, at that time, Toasuko seemed curious because he saw that Bin An had been able to get up again without being hurt at all.

The movement that Toasuko made was actually quite strong, he used five parts of his inner strength, if it was an ordinary person who did not understand silat, of course he would fall on his back and roll on the ground.

This made Toasuko even more curious and suspected that Bin An was going to play a trick on him.

"You turned out to be a lie, you said you never studied martial arts, but earlier your two-legged horses were very strong"

Bin An tried to smile to suppress his anger, he said in a patient voice: "As I explained to the brothers, since childhood I have loved practicing alone without having a teacher and indeed Siauwte has a little strength in both Siauwte's legs. To study martial arts, Siauwte intends to study at the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college."

Toasuko, who was in a rage, ignored Bin An's reasoning, stretched out her hand again and pushed.

This time the thrust exerted by Toasuko was much stronger than before.

If indeed Bin An did not block it, of course he would be pushed to the ground, but if he parried using force, it would certainly arouse greater suspicion, as well as if he avoided this attack.

But Bin An in a situation like this had to think hard and fast. Finally he decided to deal directly with this Toasuko, without having to meet the ciangbun from the door of this college. Because if he had torn apart cie Tiong Pay's students, it was clear that eventually the ciangbunjin from the school door would show himself too At that time Toasuko's thrust had come, and Bin An raised his right hand, deflecting it.

The parry he did was not an arbitrary parry, because he parried with a very strong force. "Bukkkk"

The sound of their hands clashing was quite loud, but instead of Bin An staggering or collapsing, it was Toasuko's body that had been bounced into the air for more   than three spears, then slid down.

In a situation like this, it seems that Bin An is using his parrying force no longer and he doesn't just work there, his body quickly and nimbly jumps into the air.

The movement was very fast, his right hand was outstretched to support Toasuko's body which was sliding down, then he gripped it while punching Tiang Hiat's blood on Toasuko's throat. And also at that time, it seemed that Bin An had thrown Toasuko's body, so that he fell hard on the ground.

With a shriek of pain, Toasuko's body was slammed on the ground, she groaned but couldn't move her body.

Cie Tiong Pay's disciples who numbered a dozen people who were in the place let out a surprised cry, they stood stunned, and finally pulled out their respective weapons. With quick and   agile movements , they had jumped up and locked Bin An-

Everyone looked at Bin An with sharp eyes that contained threats, while Bin An remained calm and stayed where he was, even with a smile he said:

"You guys better don't play with sharp weapons...

Then you will lose too."

However, Bin An could not continue his words, because at that time three of Tiong Pay's cie disciples let out shouts while moving their swords and stabbed Bin An-

while Bin An only shifted the position of his feet, he managed to dodge himself, his movements were fast and very agile.

Seeing that their stabs were unsuccessful, the other disciples of the Tiong Pay clan let out exclamations while moving their swords to surround Bin An.

Under these circumstances, Bin An did not stand still, he moved swiftly and also moved his hands repeatedly.

Thus, he managed to dodge his opponent's sword stab and also managed to make three of his opponent's sword bounce off.

Witnessing that Bin An is indeed highly intelligent, Tiong Pay's students began to tremble and they became more cautious.

At first they only thought that Bin An was just a young man who had no intelligence, so they had launched a very reckless attack. But the bitter experience they received made them behave much more cautiously.

It looks like they are starting to launch neat attacks and their swords are moving to slash or stab with beautiful movements, it's difficult to guess the direction of the target, therefore Bin An seems to be busy by them.

Bin An several times had to jump into the middle of the air, to dodge the stabs of the Tiong Pay students.

But how can the intelligence of these Tiong Pay students match the intelligence of Bin An-

When Bin An moved agilely and every attack he made was launched with force and speed, it was seen that several of the bodies of the Tiong Pay students had flown and collapsed on the ground, slamming hard.

While the others were in a state of shock, their bodies were also thrown away so it seemed that they had all been knocked down.

From inside the headquarters building of Cie Tiong Pay appeared several other disciples of Cie Tiong Pay, they heard noises outside and were surprised to see their friend experience such a thing.

Without saying a word they all drew their swords and launched stabs and slashes at Bin An-

But Bin An has high intelligence, thus they are powerless to hurt Bin An-

Even with such a swift movement, Bin An tried to knock them down with only two hits- When they moved the swords, Bin An's body flashed and there was a startled scream from them, because they were all knocked out.

Under these circumstances, it seems that Tiong Pay's disciples fell into a state of great curiosity.

At that time, Bin An stood facing Toasuko from the Chinese disciple Tiong Pay. "You tell me frankly, which of the cie Tiong Pay students injured and destroyed Lok Kie Sicng?"

"You?" Toasuko's voice sounded a little trembled, it seemed that she was surprised, even though she was in a state of shock. but he can talk.

"Do you know who the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay who destroyed Lok Kie Siong and his wife were?" asked Bin An again.

"Who are you really?" asked the Toasuko in a stifled voice in surprise.

"I'm just a nameless person, but just want to open the veil of Lok Kie Siong's suicide..." replied Bin An-

"If that's the case, surely you... you... have a relationship with Lok Kie Siong?"

"That's right... if you really say that, I don't mean to deny it. The most important thing is that you have to tell who are the five Tiong Pay disciples who must be responsible for Lok Kie Siong's death...?"

"I... I don't know"

"If indeed you are not willing to show who the five Cie Tiong Pay disciples are, then you yourself will be responsible for it ... because I will torture you."

"Really I don't know, I really don't know" said Toasuko in a stuttering voice because she was so frightened by the threat that Bin An-

But Bin An is indeed a person who is very good at managing words, he said: "If you really want to show anyone who the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay were who killed Lok Kie Siong, of course I will release you and will not experience any torture. , but if you really want to protect the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay in question then you yourself will suffer "

Then Bin An stepped forward step by step towards the Toasuko. Toasuko's face of the Tiong Pay cie disciples turned pale. "I... I really didn't know it"

"Hmmm, if you still don't want to tell it, I'll be forced to step in mercilessly again" and after saying that, Bin An stepped closer.

And at that time, the Toasuko seemed to be getting more and more scared when Bin An saw it.

"And if you keep your mouth shut, I will cut some of your blood, later you will be blemished and suffer"

Hearing the threat that Bin An gave, Toasuko's body trembled, because she imagined, if the most important blood path in her body was to be tattooed by Bin An, it would certainly make her crippled for life,

"I... I... really don't know... you can ask our ciangbun directly..."

When Toasuko was saying that, from inside the house that was the headquarters of the Tiong Pay cie, dozens of Tiong Pay's students came out. And they walked slowly towards Bin An in silence, with weapons drawn in hand, then they too had launched a strong stab and slash. Bin An heard the sharp and fast rush of the attack wind, he dodged lightly.

When Bin An's hands moved, the bodies of the Tiong Pay students bounced so hard that they seemed like dry leaves that flew in the air, then fell to the ground.

Circumstances like this made Toasuko's heart shrink, because at first she expected the Tiong Pay students to succeed in helping her by launching a butt attack on Bin An- But she became disappointed, because in fact all the Tiong Pay students had been blown away by Bin An -

While Bin An himself had confronted Toasuko himself, he said in a threatening voice, "Tell me quickly, did your ciangbunjin really know about this matter?"

The Toasuko nodded. "Right..." he said.

Bin An kicked his right leg into Toasuko's waist, opening her stiff veins.

"You go and report to your ciang bunjin and ask him to come out to meet me.... if what you say is true, then I will free you from the deadly stroke, but if you are lying, then the bruises that are still in some of your blood paths are not I will open it, apart from myself opening it, of course no one else can open it "

The Toasuko was so shocked, with fear she ran into the headquarters building of Cie Tiong Pay and then reported everything to her ciangbunjin.

Not long after he came out again accompanied by an old man who was old, but his body was still dashing and his face was still bright red, even though he was old.

When he arrived outside, the old man clasped his hands together, he was eager to salute.

"Kongcukah looking for me the old man?" he asked. Bin An nodded his head.

the old man, who became the Ciangbunjin of the Tiong Pay cie smiled.

"I am old she Bun, very surprised to see that you are looking for me, what important business do you want to convey-...?" asked the old man again, his voice quite patient.

"Hemm, I just wanted to ask who the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay who destroyed the Lok Kie Siong husband and wife were?" the old man had clasped his hands together again.

"Who really is Kongcu and what relationship do you have with the Lok Kie Siong family?" he asked in a still patient voice.

"I don't have any relationship with the she Lok people, I just want to uphold justice because they husband and wife have been cruelly abused to the point of death, according to your chief disciple, he said you knew it..."

ciangbunjin of cie Tiong Pay carried a calm demeanor.

"That's right... it's Lohu who knows about it and in this case Kongcu certainly doesn't understand and doesn't know what the real problem is."

"Try to tell me, I'll consider it later," said Bin An- "If you really know what the problem is, of course you won't blame our side..." said the chairman of the Tiong Pay cie, his attitude remained calm. Bin An watched him.

"What's really going on between you two?" asked Bin An- "And why did the Tiong Pay people lower their hands so cruelly on Lok Kie Siong and his wife?"

"We actually didn't mean to put a cruel hand on him, but unfortunately they both did not want to understand and did not want to return our heritage books, so we were forced to lower our hard hands on them, then our heritage books could be taken from their hands. ."

When he said that, the old man who was the chairman of the Tiong Pay community watched Bin An with a sharp look in his eyes, Bin An smiled.

"But it is precisely according to the confession given by Lok Kie Siong, that it was you who wanted his heirloom book and seized it with violence and cruelty..." he said.

Hearing this, the she Bun person who became the ciangbunjin of the Tiong Pay society smiled.

"Indeed things can be turned back ..." he said

"But what is certain is that the Tiong Pay people lowered their hands too hard and cruelly on Lok Kie Siong and his wife....can't the heirloom book still be taken by another, wiser way...?"

"Hmm, young man, you still don't understand how important our heritage book is..." said the She Bun person "If that's the case, I'm sorry, I just wanted to tell you who the five disciples from Cie Tiong Pay lowered their hands so cruelly on Lok Kie Siong and his wife "

The ciangbunjin of cie Tiong Pay said with a cold laugh: "Too bad, I can't fulfill your request..."

"If that's the case, of course you are willing to bear everything..." said Bin An.

"Lohu will gladly bear all of that, and indeed Lohu also doesn't understand, why have you torn apart my students?"

"I just want to know which of the students of Cie Tiong Pay lowered his cruel hand to Lok Kie Siong, nothing more than that..." replied Bin An-"Well, if you really don't mind to endure all that, then I'll be the one to do it. young man was forced to ask for a lesson from you old man......" While saying that, Bin An took a defiant attitude.

She Bun, who became the ciangbunjin of Cie Tiong Pay, let out a soft laugh and said: "Young man, won't you regret interfering in matters that are not yours?"

Bin An shook his head.

"I will not regret, for the sake of justice I stick with my stance," said Bin An.

She Bun people sighed.

"Alright, Lohu will play some buzz with you," and the She Bun man had prepared himself with both arms outstretched. Seeing that people were about to launch an attack, at that time Bin An had also focused his shanks on his palms.

The movements carried out by She Bun's people did not end there, accompanied by a quite loud yelling sound, then his left and right hands moved together to grip. Bin An immediately dodged.

Three times Bin An dodged the grip of She Bun's hand. Every movement made by Ciangbun is indeed quite dangerous and can be deadly,

but Bin An besides having a tall ginning, he also has a pretty shrewd ginkang.

Thus he can move very agilely, repeatedly breaking through left and right.

She Bun's man was surprised too, because he saw Bin An's movement was so fast, beside his body which was flashing very lightly.

Every grip of ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay is indeed strong enough, but Bin An relies on his agility he can dodge to and fro agilely.

She Bun's man became more and more curious, because he saw several times his attempts to be able to grip his opponent failed

He has changed the way he attacks him, now his hands are moving to touch some blood paths in Bin An-An's body.

But like before, Bin An still moves swiftly and is not easy to be knocked down - Thus they have fought a dozen moves, But so far Bin An is mostly just dodging, because he wants to see first how high the real intelligence of the people is. Bun who became the ciangbunjin from the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college.

After fighting for a while, Bin An had decided that he had to use his energy to fight back.

When the She Bun man was launching another attack, Bin An did not dodge.

only when the energy of his opponent's attack was almost there, Bin An slapped him using his shin, and he managed to dispel the attack power launched by ciangbunjin from the Tiong Pay cie.

Every movement made by them, apart from being equally fast, also contained an equally formidable cascade power.

But after fighting another twenty moves, it was finally seen that the person, She Bun from the Tiong Pay clan was pressured by Bin An- Not infrequently the she Bun person was almost hit by Bu Bin An-

She Bun's people desperately exerted their strength, but due to Bin An's higher level of energy, finally, She Bun's parents became overwhelmed as well.

Gradually, the situation had changed rapidly, and the She Bun person was a few hooks jumping back restlessly.

Toasuko of the cieTieng Pay disciples who saw the state of her ciangbunjin, watched the course of the battle with a restless heart. This was because he was sure that his ciangbunjin would soon be torn down by Bin An, while at that moment the pressure was so great that the She Bun people had to try several times to stem the force of Bin An's attack.

"You'd better tell and show anyone among the cie Tiong Pay students who killed Lok Kie Siong, so that they can be held accountable for their actions..."

But as a ciang bunjin of a college door, how can the she Bun person name his students? Even though he was pressed continuously, he still maintained not to open his mouth.

The condition of the She Bun man was really in danger, because the longer Bin An launched the stronger the attack.

One time, by jumping into the air, Bin An's body convulsed as he slid down, his right foot kicking the She Bun's back.

The kick went so fast that the She Bun guy couldn't dodge at all. "Bukkk"

She Bun's body tumbled down and rolled on the ground, he let out a scream of pain. When he got up again, he vomited fresh blood twice.

She Bun's face turned pale,

"" he said in a stuttering voice.

Bin An smiled as he said: "Are you still not going to tell anyone the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay who have persecuted and destroyed Lok Kie Siong and his wife?" "Hmmm, you destroy me, I will not open my mouth" replied the She Bun person

Seeing the stubbornness contained in the ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay, Bin An laughed coldly, he said in a bland voice: "Hmmm, okay, I want to see if someday you will open your mouth or not"

And along with those words, Bin An's body seemed to move very fast, he moved his hands in a cross manner like scissors, while his legs were slightly bent.

From the palms of Bin An's hands, a tremendous amount of energy flowed out, causing the She Bun people to be pushed back four steps.

Then this young man followed again with the point of his fingers. But with all his might, the She Bun people were able to escape from Bu Bin An-

Now, the ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay also does not remain silent. Several times he moved his hands and replied refusing to come forward-

The power he used was not as strong as he could to resist Bin An, but he managed to stem the lwekang Bin An who was attacking him.

In such a situation, it can be seen how much Bin An is trying to stifle the resistance of ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay, because later he wants to extract information from the mouth of the she Bun person.

But as a ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay, it seems that She Bun is really stubborn. At that time it was seen, how the energy used by ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay was getting weaker and slower, while the attacks carried out by   Bin An were getting faster and stronger, his energy was screaming non-stop.

Bin An tried several times to subdue the She Bun person by using gentleness, which meant to persuade him to just give him the information he wanted.

But in fact, the She Bun person is too stubborn, he never wants to give up and continues to fight even though his strength is running out because he has drained too much.

Bin An, who tried several times unsuccessfully to persuade him, finally because he was fierce and his blood overflowed when he saw the ciangbunjin cie Tiong Pay's stubbornness, he slapped him with the palm of his right hand.

This time, Bin An mustered six parts of his lwe-kang.

With a loud scream, She Bun's body was blown up into the air as high as four spears

Toasuko from Tiong Pay's cie student who saw her ciangbunjin body sliding was about to slam, trying to respond.

But when his ciangbunjin's body fell in his arms, they both rolled on the ground. Bin An smiled.

"Are you still not willing to tell anyone that the five Chinese disciples of Tiong Pay committed the cruel murder?" The She Bun person with both hands that felt powerless, stood up and took a deep breath. he glanced at Toasuko, his head disciple, and then said to Bin An-

"If we really want to talk about it, we're really experiencing curiosity-..." he said in a voice that contained regret and curiosity-

"Why so...?" asked Bin An-

"Because we have been slandered and in fact you are stronger than us, instead you have suppressed us"

"Hmmm, but I think the issue of the contested heirloom book is not that important when compared to the murder of Lok Kie Siong and his wife..."

"However, we will indeed stick with our stance, will not serve you because you are not related to the Lok family... while the book we are fighting over is indeed our heritage book."

"If that's the case, I am forced to take violent action, because of that I will use various means to force you to speak."

"Unfortunately I'm not willing to open my mouth, even though as a ciangbunjin, obviously I have to protect cie Tiong Pay's disciples, who are my disciples" and after saying that, the she Bun person sighed repeatedly.

While Bin An laughed coldly-

"Okay, if that's the case it's up to you, but I'll try to continue to unmask Lok Kie Siong's self-killing in my own way... guard my attack" and while saying that, Bin An moved his right hand with his body thrust forward- Incredibly strong wind The attack that struck the She Bun person, so that without a chance to parry it, the She Bun person's body bounced very hard and slammed on the ground. She Bun people got back up.

"Are you still not going to tell me who the five disciples of Cie Tiong Pay who killed Lok Kie Siong and his wife were?"

She Bun's man was watching Bin An with sharp eyes, but his face was pale.

"Kill me..." he said in a not so clear voice.

"Why are you the ones who must be destroyed by those who commit crimes and negligence are your five disciples, then they must be held accountable for their actions..."

"Hmmm, if that's the case, why do you have to press me like that, isn't Lok Kie Siong's business done..."

"It is true that they are finished, they have perished, but in this case of course they are curious and must seek revenge against their killers, at least it must be known who has been so cruel to him and also why."

The She Bun person sighed again.

"You're too nosy to meddle in other people's business," he said,

"True, but this is precisely for the sake of justice. So if you want to defend justice, you have to show who the five cie Tiong Pay disciples are who lowered their hands so cruelly on Lok Kie Siong and his wife..." She Bun's face grew paler. . "Well," he said then, "I need to explain, even if my body is destroyed, I will not tell who   they are, because they all did it on my orders, so that means I have to take responsibility for it "

And after saying that, the she Bun person puffed out his chest, he said again:

"Well, if you really want to destroy me, kill me"

But Bin An laughed mockingly.

"I'm not going to kill you that easily," he said, "now I really want to force you, even though how do you have to tell which of your five disciples did the murder."

And before the words were finished, Bin An moved his hand.

"Wutttt" from the palm of his hand grabbed a very strong wind.

She Bun's man tried to dodge himself, but failed, his body bounced back.

So several times, he bounced and got back up, but he still wouldn't open his mouth.

Bin An was also overwhelmed by the stubbornness of the ciangbunjin Cie Tiong Pay.

"If I have to, I will use other means to extract information from you," Bin An threatened. The ciangbun bun sighed.

"It's a pity that you are hostile to Cie Tiong Pay without knowing the real business," he said, "And of course this time's business won't be just ended by Cie Tiong Pay's people." But Bin An was not frightened by this bluff, he said: "I deliberately came here to meet as the head of cie Tiong Pay, but unfortunately you as a ciangbunjin from a school door do not have understanding and wisdom, therefore no matter what, I will face whatever will happen.. "

She Bun's face showed seriousness.

"But you will face the elders of   Tiong Pay, who happen to be absent right now... so don't you open up the opportunity to cause chaos?" Bin An smiled.

"In fact, I want your own understanding. If you really want to mention who the five Tiong Pay students are, and are also willing to punish them with the rules contained in the door of your college, I will not interfere in this matter again "

Hearing Bin An's last words, the She Bun thought for a moment, his face gloomy. But finally he replied:

"Okay," he said. "If that's the case, I will comply with your wishes..." and after saying that, he asked again: "You mean, that we Cie Tiong Pay should punish our students? And also in this case of course you will also not interfere in our business.   again ?".

Bin An nodded.

"Exactly... if only the Tiong Pay college did take action for justice and also punish its students with the rules contained in the door of this college, of course I, Bin An, will not interfere in this matter again, I leave everything to you or your school door ...". The She Bun sighed again, he said in a cold voice: "Well, you will see how later Cie Tiong Pay judges his five disciples."

Then the Bun person ordered his head disciple to go get some kind of medicine. Not long after that the head disciple came out again with some kind of pulung medicine, which was given to his teacher, which the She Bun person immediately swallowed.

This medicine is indeed to reduce pain from   internal injuries, where he was repeatedly attacked by   Bin An's palms-"Come with me inside..." said the She Bun person to Bin An- Bin An nodded and followed the ciangbunjin from behind.

When he arrived in the inner room of Cie Tiong Pay's headquarters, Bin An saw a luxurious and spacious room, where two tables were neatly arranged. Even when She Bun's person who became Ciang Bunjin, Cie Tiong Pay ordered that the dishes be prepared on the two tables.

During that time, Bin An just kept silent and had been watching everything, because he was sure that the She Bun people would not want to judge the five students.

After the dish is ready. She Bun people invite Bin An to eat.

At that time the She Bun person said in a voice that contained regret and curiosity: "Supposedly, at the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college there were no outsiders interfering in the affairs of the door of our college, but because I have already agreed to try the five students of Cie Tiong Pay who committed the murder of husband and wife Lok Kie Siong, I am willing to invite Kongcu to witness it, what is Kongcu's full name?" "I'm She Bu and my name is Bin An-" explained Bin An without trying to hide she and her name.

"Mrs. Kongcu, our five disciples are all from the seventh level," said the ciangbunjin in an even voice. Bin An nodded.

"I've known it, indeed all five of them are Tiong Pay's seventh-level cie disciples..."

Hearing this, the She Bun person seemed surprised, his face also flashed a very surprised look, until finally he asked: "How did Mrs. Kongcu know about this... did any of our students tell Mrs. Kongcu?"

Bin An shook his head.

"No, it was not Cie Tiong Pay's disciple who told me but Lok Kie Siong himself told me..."

"ohhh..." and the she Bun man sighed, until finally he said: "If that's the case, well...let's get started..."

"Wait a minute, Bun ciangbunjin... who are the five Tiong Pay students who killed Lok Kie Siong and his wife?"

"Those occupying the seventh level all use the word cit in front of their names, they are named cit Lung Kie, cit Bun, cit Liang and cit Kong. It is these five students that I have ordered to take our heritage book from the hands of Lok Kie Siong, but with the message that they tried their best to seize the book as best as possible, that is without causing casualties, but that doesn't mean I won't allow it, if indeed they are in a state of urgency. They may commit murder in self-defense... so all the responsibility on them is borne by me everyone.." Bin An smiled.

"Well, have the five Chinese disciples of Tiong Pay provided a complete report on their results?" asked Bin An then the sheBun nodded.

"Yes... indeed they have informed them that they managed to seize the heirloom book by injuring the husband and wife, but... they did not report that the husband and wife had perished in their hands."

Bin An smiled again, his demeanor very calm.

"Indeed they were destroyed in a very sad way, where they were seriously injured and their bodies were full of wounds... thus, of course this caused Siauwte's heart to feel incomprehensible, why Cie Tiong Pay's disciple could do such a cruel business.. "

And while saying that, Bin An had swept his eyes over the Tiong Pay people gathered there, while Bun Ciang Bunjin had sighed as he said: "Okay, let's get started.."

Immediately, the She Bun turned to his head disciple, Toasuko from Tiong Pay's cie disciple, saying: "Go call the five of them..."

Toasuko from Cie Tiong Pay's students agreed, and had passed very quickly. Not long after, he returned with five other Cie Tiong Pay students, whose names were   mentioned earlier as cit Lung Kie, cit Bun, Git tiong-sie, cit Liang and cit Kong.

The five of them were five people around the age of thirty, their bodies were stout and seemed very healthy, but instead their demeanor showed a feeling of worry. Then the five people knelt down to pay respects to their ciangbunjin.

The She Bun man smiled, saying: "Well, you have reported to me that you injured Lok Kie Siong and his wife, managed to snatch our heritage book... but why didn't you tell them that they were destroyed?"

The faces of the five disciples of Cte Tiong Pay were pale and scared.

"We... we were forced to lower our hard hands, because they both put up a persistent fight. Therefore, we thus let go and lowered our hard hands to them."

Meanwhile, the She Bun said in a cold voice, "You are not entirely to blame, you just didn't report that you had already destroyed the two people... this matter should be my responsibility, because I have sent you-.. but unfortunately now I am unable to protect you, I am forced to comply with Bu Kongcu's request to prosecute you"

The faces of the five cie tiong Pay students turned paler,

"Bun ciangbun... in this case... we. we

carry out orders from mere Ciangbun... and... we..."

But before they had finished, Bin An said in a cold voice, he said: "If you really had a good heart and character, you certainly wouldn't have lowered your hand so cruelly.

because indeed the five of you have bad and cruel traits, without hesitation you have lowered your hand so cruelly on Lok Kie Siong and his wife, therefore you also have to take responsibility for your actions-..." When he said that, Bin An showed a fierce attitude , from his eyes that emitted a sharp light hitting the five pairs of eyes of the five Tiong Pay disciples.

The five cie Tiong Pay disciples lowered their heads, they didn't dare go against Bin An-An's eyes.

"Well, we start with cit Lung Kie, you who at that time acted as the leader... therefore everything must be accounted for by you... of course the punishment you will receive is much heavier than your four classmates..."

cit tiong kie's face turned pale, but he had nodded his head while kneeling, he said: "TeCu (student) is waiting for ciangbunjin's orders .."

"Well, since the five of you have eliminated two human souls, you must receive a sentence of imprisonment for two years and cannot leave the confinement room... while your four brothers and sisters, namely cit Bun, cit tiong Sie, cit Liang and cit Kong, must languish in detention for a year and a half..."

Hearing the mention of the punishment that the five Chinese disciples of Tiong Pay will receive, Bin An burst out laughing.

"Ohh, what a good play, what a good play," he said then-She Bun's face turned red.

"Why did Mrs. Kongcu say that? Was the punishment I handed down to our disciple Cie Tiong Pay not severe enough..."

"What's the use of that punishment if it's just to be locked up for killing two human souls? Of course such imprisonment is meaningless, because of this, right now I'm the one who will punish them."

Bun Ciangbun's face changed, he said: "In all his life Lohu Bun Shang Lie has never been humiliated to this extent... if indeed you have pushed me, hemm, hemm, I certainly can't continue to accept your wishes. These five of our disciples are more than worthy, considering that the heirloom that he took was our inheritance."

Bin An laughed bitterly.

"I can't believe your words and actions, Bun ciangbun-.. you are one-sided in imposing punishment- So I just want to ask you to be given the opportunity to punish the five of them in my way..."

She Bun's face changed. "How can that be?" he said.

"It's up to Bun ciangbun.." said Bin An- "If indeed Bun ciangbun objected to my request, of course our business would drag on."

"Hmmm, if that's the case, I can't accept your wish."

"If there really was a conflict between us, this would obviously make both of us uncomfortable..."

But the she Bun person smiled.

"I have given in quite a lot. I always obeyed Mrs. Kongcu's wishes... but in fact Mrs. Kongcu always made excessive demands."

Thus, a debate arose which led to another quarrel. While Tiong Pay's Bun Shang Lie's face turned bright red, he had given up a lot. and as he deserves, he is to be respected. And according to her feelings, the actions taken by Mrs. Bin An were excessive actions that were too urgent for her. Bin An then said again:

"If indeed Bun ciangbun can't agree with my proposal, I'm forced to take my own path again" said Bin An and then continued: "Wouldn't Bun ciangbun be sorry if one day there were cie Tiong Pay students who had to fall victim-..?"

And hearing Bu Bin An's words that contained such threats, Bun Shang Lie seemed even more displeased.

Maybe because of his anger, he suddenly moved his right hand, he had hit the table hard, so the cup and bowl flew up.

"Bu Kongcu is outrageous," he said later, "By urging us all the time like this, it means that Bu Kongcu didn't really want to give us face, Cie Tiong Pay's side."

Bin An laughed.

"I thought it was actually Bun Ciangbun himself who was looking for trouble, so in fact if Bun Ciangbun wanted to give a proper punishment to the five students, Cie Tiong Pay, I certainly wouldn't give any opposition to your side. Now, try to imagine the five the killers were cie Tiong Pay's disciples who did carry out your own orders, and now that you are the ones trying them out, it's clear they've received a lot of leniency. -


Bun Shang Lie apparently couldn't hold back his patience any longer, he said angrily: "Then what action did Bu Kongcu want?"

"Of course, so that the five murderers receive a proper punishment.." replied Bin An-

"Was the punishment I handed down inappropriate?" asked Bun Shang Lie.

Bin An shook his head, "Yes" he said.

"If so, what does Bu Kengcu want?" asked Bun Shang Lie as well.

"I want to judge them..."

"What punishment are you going to impose on the five students...?"

"Destroy their martial arts ..." replied Bin An in a firm voice.

"Destroy their martial arts?"

Bun Shang Lie's face turned red and pale alternately, as he then said in a voice containing anger.

"If that's the case, of course Mrs. Kongcu is going too far"

Bin An smiled faintly.

"For the safety of the people. So that these five bare-handed people don't commit crimes again," replied Bin An-

"Why does it have to be, isn't it by punishing them, being locked up in a detention room for two years, that is enough lesson for them? Then surely he will not commit another crime in the future?"

"Hmmm, I just don't want to believe it, what I want is to destroy their intelligence, so that one day if they intend to do evil deeds too, they may not be able to do it "

Bun Shang Lie's face became gloomy, he was confused as to what decision he should make, because precisely to fight Bu Bin An, he already had no ability, while he couldn't even oppose Bin An's decision, because the battle was about to happen, meaning they will suffer serious damage. To accept Bin An's proposal he did not want to, because he felt sorry for the five students.

Under these circumstances, Bun shang Lie was truly filled with doubts. Bin An laughed.

"How about Bun ciangbun, do you agree with my opinion?" asked Bin An-Bun. Shang Lie watched Bin An-Bun.

"Hmmm, to destroy all the intelligence of our five students, which they have studied and trained with difficulty, is an outrageous affair... if Mrs. Kongcu really wants to act wisely, of course I will not mind obeying..."

"How wise...?" asked Bin An then-

"It would be wiser to impose a much lighter sentence- . . . because they too are less sinners."

"Hmmm." Bin An snorted.

Bun Shang Lie and Tiong Pay's cie disciples watched Bin An with sharp eyes. while the five cie Tiong Pay disciples watched timidly. Bun Shang Lie had said in a patient voice: "Would Bu Kongcu be willing to impose a lighter sentence on them?"

Bin An shook his head.

"I'm sorry, it's a shame I can't change my decision...".

Bun Shang Lie's face changed.

"So Bu Kongcu will still destroy their martial arts?" he asked.

Bin An nodded.

"If that's the case, fine..." said the She Bun person, "If Mrs. Kongcu doesn't want to give me the slightest bit of face, let us take any way to settle this matter." Bin An smiled.

"Wouldn't Bun ciangbun regret it?" he asked.

Bun Shang Lie smirked. "Why regret?" he said.

Bin An kept smiling.

"If that's the case, I too will have to go my own way."

They stare at each other.

For his old clan in this room, there was absolutely no sound, if there was a needle that fell to the floor, of course his voice would be heard.

"If so, fine in what way Bun ciangbun wants"

"In fact, we can't make a decision, because our side from Tiong Pay has made a decision that we think is quite fair, only Bu Kongcu's side doesn't understand yet." Bin An laughed.

"If that's the case, I'm still with my decision to destroy their intelligence, although not to the point of eliminating their energy, all their intelligence must disappear"

"We will protect them," said the chairman of the Tiong Pay cie.

"Let's see who succeeds, me or indeed you who want to protect him"

Meanwhile, the five Tiong Pay students who are being questioned, have been watching with a state of readiness, because they actually realized that in this case their souls were threatened, And also if their intelligence were to be eliminated wouldn't that be a pretty big incident for themselves?

Bu Bin An looked at the five people, then asked "Are you guys ready?"

The five Tiong Pay disciples said almost in unison:

"If Mrs. Kongcu doesn't have a relationship with Lok Kie Siong husband and wife, why is Mrs. Kongcu urging us so badly?"

"Precisely for the sake of justice-."

"Well if that's the case, we can only defend ourselves to the best of our ability."

"Hmmm, if this is a small matter that doesn't mean anything, of course I won't press all of you, but precisely because this matter is a matter of the soul of the Lok Kie Siong husband and wife, I can't just stand still."

finished saying Mrs. Bin An burst out laughing, while the Chinese people watched with worry,

At that time Bun Shang Lie had put his Iwekang power into his palms. Suddenly, Bu Bin An jumped into the air, her body flashing like a shadow. When he was flying, he knew that his body was spinning in mid-air.

And that's when his two hands worked so that the five students of Cie Tiong Pay were all bruised, drooping and not having any more energy.

The five Chinese disciples of Tiong Pay were lying down, making loud groans.

Bun Shang Lie and the Tiong Pay students who wanted to help were not in a hurry anymore. They haven't had time to move yet. Bin An has returned to his seat.

Everything that happened was so fast, and also at that time Bin An had noticed his extraordinary knowledge, Only in a rush he managed to hit all five of Tiong Pay's students at once.

With that stroke, the five disciples of Tiong Pay were crushed by their veins and blood vessels, so that their intelligence was destroyed, because their pure energy had been crushed.

Such a state caused a feeling of pain so intense all over their bodies, that they all groaned in pain-

Bun Shang Lie who saw that his five disciples had been punched and was powerless to protect him, he sighed and with a gloomy face he just looked at Bu Bin-An with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Now my business is done and Siauwte intends to say goodbye..." said Bin An as he rose from his seat.

Bun Shang Lie also got up from his seat before he had time to say, just at that time Bin An said again: "If, indeed, this matter is not pleasing to Tiong Pay's side, Siauwte is willing to take responsibility..."

"Well, actually what Bu Kongcu did was outrageous, but looking at the death of Lok Kie Siong and his wife, we want to end the business until here..." and after saying that, Bun Shang Lie put his hand, inviting the guest passed.

Bu Bin An laughingly clasped her hands in salute, then she turned her body and left the room, this young man has continued his journey.

When he arrived at the door of the city, he saw there was an inn so he spent the night there because it was already late at night.

The next morning, then Bu Bin An continued his journey to wander as well.

That is, every time he arrives at a place and encounters an unfair incident, Bin An always tries to settle the matter