The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 13

Volume 13

The STICK had a rather odd shape. The stick's body was slender, and on one end was engraved with the head of a tiger. The wand was dark brown in color, with a circle the size of a thumb, and when the wand was moved by Sin Coa Tung Hiap, it emitted a strong howling wind.

Sun Cia Piang saw his opponent take out his weapon, so he looked up with sharp eyes.

"I'm sorry, I had to use my weapon, please take out your weapon .." said Sin Coa Tung Hiap with a small laugh, his attitude calm. And once again he moved his strange wand, making a buzzing sound due to the loud thud of the wand in mid-air.

Sun Cia Piang laughed coldly, then said in a bland voice: "Okay, okay we've played around with our bare hands enough, now let's play with guns...!" and after saying that, it looks like Sun Cia Piang groped his waist, he released his waist belt, where quickly the angkin (belt) was moved to entangle the tip of Sin Hoa Tung Hiap's stick.

Quickly Sin Coa Tung Hiap had to jump backwards, to save the tip of his stick from Sun Cia Piang's entanglement.

But Sun Cia Piang did not stay silent when his windswept failed to reach the tip of his opponent's stick, like a snake swaying to and fro, the wind seemed to move very fast grabbing various parts of the body of Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

However, Sin Coa Tung Hiap, who has the title as the Stick Swordsman, seems to have a very clever ability to move his stick weapon, because when he saw his opponent's angkin grabbing fast, it was at that time that he seemed to be circling around by turning his stick.

The agility of the stick in Sin Coa Tung Hiap's hand was not at all inferior to the agility of Sun Cia Piang's wind, so it seemed that they were swayed by the light of Sun Cia Piang's stick and wind.

The two masters who have the same high   intelligence, have brought out their intelligence, to push their opponent.

Sun Cia Piang, who was really curious at that time, stomped his feet, his body jumped lightly into the air, and his wind was twisted.

Like a dancer, the wind was rolling very fast.

By making moves like this, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's attacks can be thwarted. Sun Cia Piang not only parried, at that time he accompanied again by moving his right hand, which was pounded and channeled by the power of his lwekang, then suddenly the limp angkin became erect and stiff, as if it had turned into a very long stick.

What's even more extraordinary is that at that time the stick that had been snatched from the wind would strike the ribs on the right side of Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

The moves used by Sun Cia Piang are deadly moves. If only the tip of the angkin which had stiffened like the tip of a spear managed to pierce Sin Coa Tung Hiap's ribs, instantly the ribs of Sin Coa Tuog Hiap would be crushed.

Seeing the perfection of his opponent's lwekang, Sin Coa Tung Hiap, shocked beyond measure, he used his stick to parry.

"Tukkk!" it sounded very loud, Dan Sin Coa Tung Hiap felt Iinu's wrist, where his palm was also like a pain, dhampir just his short stick fell off.

This shows how strong the energy of the sangka that surrounds the stiff angkin like a stick is,

Sin Coa Tung Hiap quickly concentrated his lwekang power on his palms.

But Sun Cia Piang had already started to attack again, his wind stiff like a stick moving rapidly and repeatedly.

Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap only dodged the next three strokes. And on the fourth hit by Sun Cia Piang he just blocked it with his stick. Because Sin Coa Tung Hiap had also exhausted all of his Iwekang strength, thus his stick   had managed to vibrate his opponent's wind, and he was just about to smack his fist into Sun Cia Piang, something had happened that surprised him.

Because Sun Cia Piang's angkin, which was originally stiff like a stick, suddenly turned limp again, and suddenly the end of the angkin had involved Sin Coa Tung Hiap's short stick.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap broke out in cold sweat, and stomped his wand, trying to prevent his wand from being caught by a stronger force than his opponent's wind, his move was unsuccessful, because his opponent's angkin had really caught his wand.

From Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body had emitted a kind of steam as well, and he concentrated all his inner strength, They became attracted to each other.

Sun Cia Piang herself was sweating profusely. Her face turned pale for a moment, then turned red.

These two masters had pitted against each other the strength of high-level lwekang, so a match with such internal power was actually far more dangerous than a match using sharp weapons.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who watched the two champions were tired of doing such a high-level power struggle, they just stood watching with their bodies still and their eyes wide open.

It is known that Cung Kiang Bun was a student of Wie-liong-pay who had received orders from his leadership to try to free his three comrades who were held captive by the priests of Kun Lun Pay.

Thus, Cung Kiang Bun was one of Wie-liong-pay's students who had high intelligence where his ciangbunjin had entrusted the task to him.

But now that he has watched the match between Sun Cia Piang and Sin Coa Tung Hiap for so long, at once this young man knows that his intelligence does not mean anything.

Thus, it was immediately apparent that Cung Kiang Bun was observing the course of the battle much more closely, to see how great every move and move of the two masters was.

And also when Sun Cia Piang and Sin Coa Tung Hiap were battling the power of their lwe kang, that's when he noticed how the breath of the two people was rushing irregularly, indicating that the two of them had put all their inner strength.

Likewise, the beads of sweat that filled the two people's bodies showed that soon both of them would feel tired and run out of energy,

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian watched all this with worry and affection, I was afraid that one of the two masters who had my intelligence so high, would be seriously injured or destroyed.

It's a shame, because they really don't have high intelligence so they can't help the two people, separating them from the involvement of this very decisive match. Meanwhile, Sun Cia Piang himself found that the power of Sia Coa Tung Hiap's lwekang is getting more and more entwined with him, where he seems to be moving slowly and will be attracted to the future.

Sun Cia Piang desperately concentrated his strength and he was trying to defend himself. The Aagkinoya he had pulled slowly too, and in that time, he had shortened his winding distance with the stick.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap believes that he can overpower his opponent, if only Sun Cia Piang did not have time to shorten his angkin, because when the wind was stretched long, of course Sun Cia Piang's lwekang power could not be gathered at the end of the wind.

But once Sun Cia Piang succeeded in shortening the wind, of course, the stronger the energy of the angkin gathered at the end of the wind.

Thus Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not want to remain silent, he made a sound of exclamation and moved his wand.

The entanglement of the angkin still involved the tip of the stick, but the impact of the shock caused the angkin of Sun Cia Piang to be lifted up.

And taking advantage of that opportunity, Sun Cia Piang immediately pulled back his wind.

However, without Sun Cia Piang realizing it, he actually pulled back his angkin which was a big mistake for him. As soon as the wind is pulled, immediately Sin Coa Tung Hiap accompanies him by moving his stick, as if attracted by Sun Cia Piang's wind, the stick slides towards the chest of Sun Cia Piang, will stab Mie-so-hiat's blood path next to the chest three inches from the armpit. But Sun Cia Piang also has high intelligence, he doesn't want to take the attack for granted, even though he has to jump while posing, he does it also by moving his wind to hit his opponent's eyes, This movement can actually destroy his inner strength and make him  wounded inside, because at that time all the strength of the shin that he thought had not been withdrawn, and now he had stooped in the middle of the air, causing all of his veins and shins to be pounded. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

But it was forced to do by Sun Cia Piang. he managed to dodge the deadly blow of Sin Coa Tung Hiap, but when his feet hit the ground, he vomited fresh blood twice, because he had been injured inside by his own energy when he was poking in mid-air.

Seeing Sun Cia Piang spitting blood like that, Sin Coa Tung Hiap resisted the attack that was about to be re-launched earlier, he had a sharp look, then said in a cold voice: "Are we going to resume our match...?"

Sun Cia Piang had looked at Sin Coa Tung Hiap with sharp eyes, he was silent, because at that time he was concentrating his energy on his shins, to be channeled to restore his respiratory tract.

Then it was seen that Sun Cia Piang vomited fresh blood twice, because he was unable to stem the wounds in his body.

Suu Cia Piang's face turned paler.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed bitterly, he put his cane tucked into his belt.

"Well, since you've been seriously injured like that, I don't think there's any need for us to continue this match... if at another time you want to play with me again, any time I'm willing...!" and after saying that as soon as Sin Coa Tung Hiap turned around, he approached Cung Kiang Hun and Hoa Lun Sian.

"Let's leave this place...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

"Wait a minute Inkong...!" said Hoa Lun Sian, "There are still three friends who need to be released from the captives of Kun Lun Pay's people!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap looked at Cung Kiang Bun. then he asked: "Where are the three people?"

Cung Kiang Bun immediately clasped his hands together in salute.

"They were captured and held in the temple of the Kun Lun Pay people..!" explained Cung Kiang Bun.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap immediately approached Wind Lin Cinjin, then he said while clasping his hands together.

"Hope Cinjin doesn't make things difficult for our three friends, and free them ..!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a patient voice.

Wie Lin Cinjin looked at Sin Coa Tung Hiap who was wearing a mask made of red cloth, and he clasped his hands together in salute, as he said. "Indeed there is something that makes it difficult for us to free our three captives... they have destroyed six of Kun Lun Pay's disciples...!"

"But... if Cinjin really doesn't want to release them, it means that he will be involved in a prolonged affair..." "Regrettably, it is precisely what determines whether or not our three captives are released or not can only be determined by our ciangbunjin... and already our obligation to bring the three captives to Kun Lun San, to be tried by our Ciangbunjin..."

At that time, Sin Coa Tung Hiap had heard a loud laugh.

"If indeed Cinjin is willing to give Siauwte a little face   , I'm very sorry if Siauwte has to free the three people using the method Siauwte took...!"

But Wie Lin Cinjin looked patiently and calmly at Sin Coa Tung Hiap, then he said in a patient voice: "If indeed Kiesu can't understand our predicament... we don't even know what to do, but what is clear, no matter how , we will send the three captives to Kun Lun San... it is our duty, to obey the rules of our school door...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap heard Wie Lin Cinjin's words so he let out a soft laugh, he nodded a few times, then said: "Now this is it, Cinjin, if Cinjin really has such difficulties, I want to understand... but frankly, I can't refuse my friend's request to free their three friends. What if Cinjin played ten moves with Siauwte if indeed Cin Jibn could serve ten moves from my attack, of course Cinjin wouldn't have any more trouble from us, the fate of the three captives is ours. leave it in the hands of Cinjin..!"

Wie Lin Cinjin's face changed, she had seen Sin Coa Tung Hiap earlier fighting with Sun Cia Piang. Thus, of course they are Kun Lun Pay figures who have high intelligence, Wie Lin Cinjin knows that Sin Coa Tung Hiap's intelligence is very high, exceeding his intelligence.

That way, if they were to compete, it was clear that Wie Lin Cinjin would not be a match for Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

However, Wie Lin Cinjin also couldn't refuse Sin Coa Tung Hiap's request which was a challenge for him, he was finally forced to nod.

"Good..!" he said, "if Kiesu insists on that, Pinto can't say anything other than accepting the offer given by Kiesu..!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed softly, then he got ready to make his first attack.

"Be careful Cinjin, Siauwte will soon start with the first move...!" he said.

Wie Lian Cinjin had also gotten ready. he had fought with Sun Cia Piang earlier, so he had expended considerable strength to be able to defend himself, and finally he was knocked down as well. Thus, all the lwekang power is not collected.

But after honing his breathing control when Sin Coa Tung Hiap fought with Sun Cia Piang, now his lwekang strength has recovered as usual, So seeing Sin Coa Tung Hiap starting to get ready to start with the first move, he immediately channeled the air of Tan. tian, which is pure air from the center, and then channeling his lwekang into his two hands, he was ready to receive Sin Coa Tung Hiap's attack.

At that time Sin Coa Tung Hiap had issued a voice shouting: "Watch the attack!" his body seemed to have lunged forward, and his arms were also moved. The movement of his two hands was not too fast, he hit with his left hand first, towards the shoulder of the priest, then followed by a movement of his right hand, where he tried to grip the priest's chest.

Seeing Sin Coa Tung Hiap's way of attacking it seemed that Wie Lin Cinjin had quickly dodged to the side, he took a step back.

By the time his opponent's hands were near his chest, he knew he had flicked his sleeve.

"Wutttt...!" a strong lwekang wind wafted through the hem of his robe.

The parry was actually only able to force Sin Coa Tung Hiap to cancel his attack, after that Sin Coa Tung Hiap jumped to launch a punch with a second move.

But Wie Lin Cinjin was determined, she would only defend herself from this opponent's attack, because she believed that in ten attacks of her opponent she would be able to deal with it.

The second blow made by Sin Coa Tung Hiap was much stronger than the first, because he had launched an attack with both palms, his Iwekang power was screaming loudly and snatched the stomach from the priest.

The lwekang wind rolled so hard that Wie Lin Cinjin couldn't move anymore, she let out a slow exclamation sound, while stomping her feet, where she carried the "Stork Through the Clouds"   move, her body twisted in mid-air, and she had floated while moving her hands as well to encourage. The driving force was so strong, because Sin Coa Tung Hiap immediately staggered back two steps. "Great and wonderful science!" praised Sin Coa Tung Hiap while hearing his laughter. "And take care of this next attack..." and he had accompanied his words by making a very nimble movement   , his arms stretched out, as if he was about to embrace Wie Lin Cinjin.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap's movement is a dangerous move for his opponent, because if both Sin Coa Tung Hiap's palms hit the target, the opponent's body will definitely be injured.

At that time Wie Lin Cinjin also didn't want to get himself hit by Sin Coa Tung Hiap's attack, he dodged again quickly, by twisting using the "Moon Dropping Gem" move his body was also like a circle in a circle, his palms were revealed and he had pushed again .

Thus, the fourth, fifth and sixth moves were quickly passed.

In the seventh step, it appears that Sin Coa Tung Hiap who is starting to be curious has not been able to knock down Wie. Lin Cinjin begins to launch a much stronger attack.

Wie Lin cinjin dodged it very lightly, because his two feet suddenly stepped wide and then his body was pushed back, slamming it like that, and the hit by Sin Coa Tung Hiap hit the empty space again.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap who saw that he now only had two moves left, had issued a loud exclamation, he said: "Accept this attack, Cinjin accompanied by his words, he bent the five fingers of his right hand, and had pushed with a smack gesture. , he also did a slash with the edge of his other palm, thus he had performed the attack move "Slashing the moon pushing the mountain.

Kicks like this are very difficult to learn. It turned out that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had indeed managed to learn the science well so that the attack power he launched was truly extraordinary.

Wie Lin Cibnjin, who received an attack like that, was very surprised, this priest made a very loud scream, and tried to hit the power of this attack with his energy.

"Bukkkk...!" The impact was so strong, that Wie Lin Cinjin's body seemed to be bouncing hard into the air.

Meanwhile, Sin Tung Hiap's body staggered back a few steps.

Wie Lin Cinjin had floated back down to the ground with a limp body, she almost fell to the ground kissing the ground.

Fortunately, the priest did have high knowledge, soon he could control himself by doing the "Iron a thousand times stuck in the ground" movement, and his body like an iron bar, suddenly straightened up again.

However, Wie Lin Cinjin's face turned pale, because she   had been battered inside, although not badly.

While Sin Coa Tung Hiap had said in a cold voice: "Only one move left, please Cinjin be more careful...!"

And after saying that, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap stretched his legs apart, and he had moved his right hand, to bring it close to his chest, with a long whistling sound, suddenly his legs were kicked, and he had struck with his left hand, followed by the movement of his right hand.

The energy of the synkang that he used had two waves that struck very strongly, where the power of the first wave of energy had not yet hit its target, the power of the second wave of energy had grabbed and followed quickly.

Wie Lin Cinjin turned pale, because she realized that with such an attack, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had really exerted most of his lwekang strength.

While at that time Wie Lin Cinjin had been injured internally, there was no way he could face the attack with force, he had sucked in the air deeply, then he shifted his foot position, trying to dodge.

However, the attack power of Sin Coa Tung Hiap grabbed so fast and also seemed to be following him, thus it seemed that Wie Lin Cinjin did not have time to dodge his opponent's onslaught.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap was also confident that he would succeed with his attack. In this way he has emptied his spirit and increased the strength of his lwekang power. And it was apparent how much Wie Lin Cinjin had staggered trying to contain the power of the attack, all her lwekang power had been channeled into her hands to withstand the onslaught of her opponent.

However, the onslaught of Sinkang's power by Sin Coa Tung Hiap was truly formidable, forcing Wie Lin Cinjin to endure to the death.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap stomped while yelling: "Close...!", he shook his hands together at the same time. Wie Lin Cinjin felt her chest as if it had been hit by a thousand catty force, and it seemed that Wie Lin Cinjin's body had been thrown into the air, then the priest's body had slid down and slammed back on the ground.

"Bukkk..!" Wie Lin Cinjin's body had collapsed violently.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap saw that his attack on the tenth move had succeeded in knocking down Wie Lin Cinjin, so he let out a laugh so loud that his body wobbled.

Wie Lin Cinjin crawled up in a very slow motion because the priestess had been injured inside.

Wie Lin Cinjin looked like she was trying to sit back down, meditating on channeling her rib strength to regulate her breathing.

However, because his energy had been crushed and shaken violently, he naturally did not succeed in quickly recovering his energy and freshness, especially to restore his breathing path.

Sin Coaq Tung Hiap patiently waited until Wie Lin Cinjin finished his meditation, he just watched the priest with a calm demeanor.

After a few more moments, Wic Lio Cinjin had opened his eyes, looked at Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian alternately and then he turned to Sin Coa Tung Hiap, with a sigh, he said. "Well, Pinto has fallen in this match, and Pinto will not break Pinto's promise... the three students from Wie-liong-pay will be released soon..."

After saying that, it seemed that Wie LinCin-jin had risen from his bed, he had turned to the two Kun Lun Pay disciples who were in front of the temple as well, he said: "Go free the three Wie-liong-pay disciples, bring them here...! "

The two disciples of Kun Lun Pay agreed. And they immediately entered the temple, not long after having brought three young men who were dressed in short and carrying swords at their waists.

Cung Kiang Bun who saw the three people immediately let out an excited cry: "Sute...!"

The three young men looked overjoyed, they called out "Suheng!" The three youths were immediately introduced to Hoa Lun Sian.

Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap turned to Wie Lin Cinjin and clasped his hands together in a salute, saying: "Thank you for understanding Cinjin!"

And after saying that, Sin Coa Tung Hiap invited Cung Kiam Bun, Hoa Lun Sian and the three Wie-Iiong-pay disciples to leave the place.

It was time to leave that place, at that time Sin Coa Tung Hiap had glanced at Sun Cia Piang who was still sitting in meditation to regulate his breathing.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap had said in a low voice: "See you next time...!"

The Kun Lun Pay priests who witnessed their departure could only sigh.

Sun Cia Piang after meditating for a long time finally jumped to his feet he moved his hands, then the snakes had crawled away from the temple, Sun Cia Piang himself had turned his head to look at Wie Lin cinjin and other Kun Lun Pay priests, then left. Actually he still wants to destroy the five Kun Lun Pay priests, as he said a moment ago, he wants the five skulls of Wie To Cinjin, Wie Lin Cinjin, Wie Lie Cinjin, Wie Lie Cinjin and Wie Sin Cinjin.

But his defeat at the hands of Sin Coa Tung Hiap made him finally cancel his intention, where Sun   Cia Piang wanted to return to his residence, to deepen his lwekang skills.

SIN COA TUNG HIAP together with Hoa Lun Sian, Cung Kiang Bun and the three brothers and sisters of Cung Kiang Bun, had traveled together.

But two days later after they had gathered, Sin Coa Tung Hiap separated himself, because he wanted to take care of an issue.

Hoa Lun Sian together with Cung Kiang Bun and the three Wie-liong-pay students have expressed their gratitude for the help that has been done by Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Piang An.

After parting with Cung Kiang Bun and the others, Sin Coa Tung Hiap continued his journey using a sturdy horse. he rode his horse to the city of Bon-Liangp, in the province of Souwciu.

The journey to the city of Bon-liang takes two months on horseback. And indeed Sin Coa TungHiap travels quickly, not infrequently, even though it is late at night, he still continues his journey without resting it seems he is chasing time.

After traveling for a month, finally Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Piang An arrived at a valley located at the foot of Mount Hoa-san, although not as high as Mount Thian-san, but the beauty of the mountain is not inferior to the beauty of any mountain, especially the Siong trees. which grows a lot on the mountain.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap has seen, in the valley there are many Bwee and Sin-tan trees that grow very fertile.

At that time it was approaching sunset, and Sin Coa Tung Hiap intended to rest in the valley. At that time, Sin Coa Tung Hiap had jumped down from his horse, he tethered his horse to a Siong tree, then with slow steps Sin Coa Tung Hiap circled the valley, he got a very interesting sight.

After enjoying the view of the valley, Sin Coa Tung Hiap returned to the Siong tree and lay down under the tree.

By using his arms crossed under his head instead of a pillow, it appears that Sin Coa Tung Hiap closed his eyes to sleep.

But not long ago he lay down under the Siong tree, at that time he had heard the faint sound of 2 horses' footsteps approaching.

Because Sin Coa Tung Hiap had sharp hearing, he immediately knew that there were two horses that were coming.

Quickly, immediately Sin Coa Tung Hiap jumped up and looked at the mouth of the valley.

Indeed, what Sin Coa Tung Hiap suspected was correct because not long after, two galloping horses came rushing over. On the backs of the two horses sat two tall men with very thick beards. They drew machetes at each other's waist and were galloping away their horses violently.

But when they saw at the mouth of the valley there was a strangely dressed man with a red cloth mask covering his face, the two of them were holding back their horses, immediately they jumped down from their respective horses.

While Sin Coa Tung Hiap stood in his place watching the two of them silently, he didn't show any surprise at all.

One of the two bearded men, who was probably almost forty years old, had stepped closer to Sin Coa Tung Hiap, he said in a harsh voice: "Who are you? Why are you wandering around in this valley?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a laugh. "This valley is public property, so it's not your private property, so

anyone who wants to use this road, they have the right to use it!" replied Sin Coa Tung Hiap. "And what does this have to do with me in this valley with you!"

The bearded man's face was red with anger, he didn't expect to get such an answer. In a harsher voice he said again:

"You are like a demon whose face may be crushed so badly, that you use a mask like that to protect your face. Open the cloth covering your face... we want to see your face...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap gave a cold laugh, he said: "I wear a mask on my face no one can stop it whether I'm willing to open it or not, it depends on my own decision... we never know each other and don't have no matter what kind of relationship, then you can't play orders like that on me!"

The bearded man became even more angry, because he wasn't usually opposed like that. Quickly his hand gripped the hilt of his machete, then he said in a cold voice: "Do you want to feel the sharpness of my machete?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold laugh.

"Don't bluff like that... and you shouldn't play with sharp weapons, because if it's the weapon that doesn't have an eye on yourself, of course you will suffer..!"

"Ohh, insolent human..!" shouted the bearded man "Apparently you don't know who the two of us are, huh?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold laugh.

"Hmm, why do you know you?" asked Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a cold tone, "I don't think there's any need for me to get acquainted with humans like you!"

The answer given by Sin Coa Tung Hiap made the two bearded men even more angry, they had pulled out their respective machetes at the same time.

The man with the beard who had rebuked Sin Coa Tung Hiap had shouted again: "Did you know that we are Jie Tiauw Kim To (a pair of Golden Bladed Eagles)?"

"I don't want to know if you humans have a golden sword or indeed have a mute blade... but most importantly I don't want to be bothered by you. Well, now I'm still giving you two a chance to leave, if later, I think it's difficult for you to leave. ..!" Hearing the words of Sin Coa Tung Hiap, the two bearded men, whose title was Jie Tiauw Kim To. So they let out angry screams, their machetes suddenly slid towards Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body.

The movements made by the two Jie Tiauw Kim To, each of which grabbed a yellowish-colored machete like it was made of gold, were indeed very fast and agile, but Sin Coa Tung Hiap's movements were even more agile, his body was like a shadow, when the two sticks The machete grabbed his body very quickly. Sin Coa Tung Hiap had jumped to the side, with an incredibly fast movement, knowingly he was behind the bodies of the two bearded men.

Without uttering a word, Sin Coa Tung Hiap took out both of his hands, he had gripped the backs of the two men, suddenly Jie Tiauw Kim To felt their backs hurt terribly.

And not to mention Jie Tiauw Kim To knew what had happened, at that moment it was seen how their bodies had been thrown into the middle of the air, the two of them only felt them float and then slammed on the ground, causing them both to suffer excruciating pain.

Apparently Sin Coa Tung Hiap after gripping Jie Tiauw Kim To's back, he threw it hard.

Jie Tiauw Kim To had jumped up in anger, and the two bearded men had let out an angry cry, as their machetes were swung again at Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap has said. "Hold on...!" with a loud voice. Jie Tiauw Kim To held down their machetes, and glared fiercely.

"Hmmm, you don't seem to have sensed our ingenuity, and you seem to really want to feel how sharp our machetes are... Jie Tiauw Kim To never messes with talking, if we say you have to die, then you must die..."

Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed coldly, he said coldly: "Don't push me like that...don't force me to lower my hand hard on you...! now you guys go...!"

But Jie Tiauw Kim To seems to be in a state of extreme anger, they emit a very vicious yelling sound, suddenly two yellow lights have flashed again very quickly at Sin Coa Tung Hiap, where the two machetes from Jie Tiauw Kim To grabbed Sin Coa's body. Tung Hiap.

However, Sin Coa Tung Hiap looked down on the two opponents. With a cold laugh, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's hands moved to grab the wrists of his opponent.

The move made by Sibn Coa Tung Hiapd was indeed successful, because both wrists of the two people had been successfully blocked, and at that time it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had stomped very hard.

No mercy anymore, the bodies of the two Jie Tiauw Kim To's were pulled and their heads hit each other very hard.

Their eyes also suddenly became cloudy as they let out a groaning sound and their bodies both slumped to the ground unconsciously. Sin Coa Tung laughed coldly again, then while shaking off his clothes, he returned under a Siong tree, next to his riding horse which was tethered there, he patted his horse's ass, saying: "Well, now we can rest in peace without being disturbed by two the bunny!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap lay back down to rest without paying attention to the two Jie Tiauw Kim To who were unconscious not far from where he was.

Meanwhile, Jie Tiauw Kim To had awakened from his stupor after drinking tea.

They felt that their heads were still in terrible pain, then they rubbed their aching heads.

When they turned towards the place where Sin Coa Tung Hiap was, they saw their opponent sleeping on his back with his eyes closed.

Jie Tiauw Kim To looked at each other, and they were silent for a moment, then took out their respective machetes. with snooping steps they approached the place where Sin Coa Tung Hiap was lying on his back.

Jie Tiauw Kim To intends to launch a butt stab at Sin Coa Tung Hiap who is suspected by them to be asleep.

In fact, Sin Coa TungHiap heard the footsteps of the two people. but he kept silent, he kept his eyes closed and wanted to see what Jie Tiauw Kim To wanted to do.

At that time Jie Tiauw Kim To had stepped very close to Sin Coa Tung Hiap, they each raised their machetes ready to strike. At that time, in fact if Sin Coa Tung Hiap wanted to jump to attack them, of course Jie Tiauw KimTo would be able to bounce back. However, Sin Coa Tung Hiap remained silent, his eyes still closed.

Suddenly the two machetes from Jie Tiauw Kim To flew towards Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body. Jie Tiauw Kim To's movements were very fast, where they also slashed with all their might.

The slashing wind was very strong, but Sin Coa Tung Hiap still didn't move from where he lay.

Jie Tiauw Kim To was overjoyed when they saw this they thought that their attack this time would be successful, because they believed they would be able to buttress   Sin Coa Tung Hiap, who they assumed was   fast asleep.

Quickly they gave up their spirits, the yellow blades flashed stronger, the wind also howled louder.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap when he felt the wind grabbing it with a very fast movement, his hands had moved.

Using his index finger, his left and right hands had clamped the two machetes, he put his shank on his index finger, and a "Tranggg...!" sound was heard. The two machetes instantly broke in two.

And Sln Coa Tung Hiap didn't just stop there, his legs quickly kicked his two opponents.

Jie Tiauw Kim To, who saw their machetes being broken like that, and seeing Sin Coa Tung Hiap's two legs grabbing them immediately jumped around in surprise. But when they dodged, Sin Coa Tung Hiap was like a stinging snakehead fish, his body had jumped up and his hands were at work.

He had managed to grip the chest of the two Jie Tiauw Kim To, where he had let out a shouting sound: "Go..!"

The second body of Jier Tiauw Kim To suddenly floated in the middle of the air.

No mercy anymore, for the umpteenth time Jie Tiauw Kim To has been slammed hard on the ground.

Dust also suddenly billowed high.

Sin Coa Tuug Hiap has stood up straight while sounding his laughter.

"You lowly humans who dare to only attack in the dark...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a cold voice. "Now, you really should be taught a lesson...!"

And after saying that, he had jumped up and stretched out his hands again, where the two bodies of Jie Tiauw Kim To which were still lying on the ground, he had picked up and again slammed heavily on the ground.

Jie Tiauw Kim To let out a scream of pain, because their hips had hit the ground, so the dust billowed high.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap again stretched out his hands clutching Jie Tiauw Kim To's chest, but now that Jie Tiauw Kim To's guts had been broken, they had screamed in fear: "don't... forgive us...!" they shouted in unison. Sin Coa Tung Hiap restrained the movement of his hands so that Jie Tiauw KimTo's body hung in the middle of the air.

"You really deserve to be beaten so that you don't do evil acts like that... we don't know each other, and we don't have any business either. But you have intervened so ruthlessly and cruelly... so humans like you really need to be get what they deserve...!" and Sin Coa Tung Hiap moved his hands to prepare to slam the bodies of the two Jie Tiauw Kim To.

Of course, Jie Tiauw Kim To was very scared, because earlier they had felt how the slams made by Sin Coa Tung Hiap made them suffer from incredible pain.

At that time it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had said in a loud voice: "You lowly mariusia must be rewarded accordingly...!" and the body of Jie Tiauw Kim To was floating in mid-air.

"Bukkk...!" Jie Tiauw Kim To's second body fell to the ground, they groaned in pain and that's when Sin Coa Tung Hiap said: "If you really want to feel my hand, you wake up!"

Jie-Tiauw Kim To had crawled up, but soon they were on their knees.

"Forgive us... we have eyes but cannot see the height of Mount Thaysan...!" they said almost in unison

Sin Coa Tung Hiap has said in a deep and earnest voice: "I have seen, even though you are humans in a rough form, but you are not really a very bad human being... as long as you promise not to do evil deeds and stay away from cruelty, I will spare your souls...!" Jie Tiauw Kim To has been nodding their heads repeatedly.

"We will listen carefully to Taihiap's advice....

We will treasure every advice given by Taihiap... and we will not do evil deeds to throw away our cruel nature..!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold laugh.

"Keep your promise, if one day I meet you and if it turns out that you are still committing crimes and light-handedly killing innocent humans, then I will give you a much harsher and merciless reward!"

"We will always remember Taihiap's advice... hope Taihiap believes in us, we don't let down evil hands either... and also, we won't do anything that could harm other people. !"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap snorted, and then said: "Earlier you guys have carried out such a vicious attack, if it wasn't me, and coincidentally the person who was attacked was a weak person and lacked intelligence, isn't that a very curious matter. .!"

"We admit our mistakes... we admit our mistakes...!" said Jie Tiauw Kim To while nodding their heads repeatedly still on their knees

At that time, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had waved his sleeves, he said blandly. "Now you guys go."

"Thanks for Taihiap's generosity...!" said Jie Tiauw Kim To as he saluted and took their machetes, then approached their horses. However, before Jie Tiauw Kim To jumped onto their horses, at that time Sin Coa Tung Hiap had shouted: "Wait a minute...!"

Jie Tiauw Kim To's face turned pale, they thought that Sin Coa Tung Hiap must have changed his mind and his decision to harm them.

With his face still pale, one of them had clasped his hands together in a salute: "What other advice would Taihiap give?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap asked in a cold voice: "I want to know, what do you mean by being in this valley?"

"We...we..." and the person seemed to be hesitating, while his single comrade had been silent with his head down.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap who saw the condition of these two people, became suspicious, they seemed to have a certain purpose, and certainly not a good intention.

"Hmmm," Sm Coa Tung Hiap had let out a cold laugh. "You have to be honest, tell me, what do you mean by coming in this valley...?"

One of Jie Tiauw Kim To finally answered: "Actually... we really want to rob the rich She Bun who lives in the Kiang-ku-cung village, at the western foot of this mountain. More than twenty lies apart from this valley...! "

Hearing the words of Jie Tiauw Kim To: immediately Sin Coa Tung Hiap made a loud laughing voice.

"Hmmm, do you still want to do your job now?" asked Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a cool voice. Jie Tiauw Kim To shook his head in unison, they had replied immediately: "We... we have realized, and we will not continue our intention!"

"Okay, but remember, if one day I hear that you are committing a crime again, then that time I will punish you without mercy!"

And while saying that, Sin Coa Tung Hiap has been making grunts repeatedly.

Jie Tiauw Kim To has clasped his hands together by expressing their gratitude.

After that both of them passed to their respective horses and left the valley.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap saw Jie Tiauw Kim To had left, and lay down again under the Siong tree trunk.

At that time, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's riding horse was eating grass and was also growing literate, apparently the horse was also about to rest.

But just as Sin Coa Tung Hiap rested his head on the cross of his hands, a voice spoke loudly enough: "It's really interesting... where two rotten chickens have been beaten and made aware of their mistakes...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap was surprised, he did have high intelligence and sharp hearing. And now there is someone who is in that place without knowing when he came.

So this, of course, has taken Sin Coa Tung Hiap by surprise, because it shows that the person who said that must have very high ginkang. Thus, it was immediately seen that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had jumped up and looked around.

But Sin Coa Tuag Hiap did not see a single human around the place.

"Who's playing around?" he asked in a loud voice.

"I... I was joking!" answered the loud voice, followed by jumping out a body that moved very nimbly from the bunch of Bwee trees.

At that time. Sin Coa Tung Hiap saw that the figure had a slightly slender build, and was also a bit short, Under the moonlight that started to shine in the sky, it seemed that the person was a fifty year old man.

But it was precisely his slender and short body that if one did not pay close attention to his face, he looked like a boy of eleven or twelve years old.

Sin Coa Tnng Hiap clasped his hands together in a salute.

"Who is the master?" he asked.

The short man had laughed, his voice very loud.

"I'm She Kwang and my name is Ie Liu," replied the person. "I coincidentally witnessed where a swordsman who had a very high intelligence, had beaten two rotten chickens to death!"

Hearing that, Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed and said: "Actually, Siauwte doesn't have any intelligence... just happened to have noticed them...!" "But that is a commendable act...!" said Kwang Ie Liu. "If I may, I would like to know what is the name and she of this stupendous warrior?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap had clasped his hands together and said in a patient voice: "Siauwte she Gu and named Ping An!"

"Don't you have a nickname, judging from your extraordinary way of dressing like this, wearing a red mask to cover your face, it seems that you are quite a famous name in the martial jungle..."

"Friends in the martial jungle of course give Siauwte a toy nickname, namely Sin Coa Tung Hiap..."

"Hmmm, Sin Coa Tung Hiap?" asked Kwan le Liu in a surprised manner.

"Why, is there something wrong with Kwan Kiesu?" asked Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Kwan le Liu had shook his head several times, then said: "It's worth it... it's worth it...!"

"Why, Kwan Kiesu?"

"No wonder you have such high intelligence... apparently you are a martial arts figure whose name has stirred up the martial arts jungle...!"

"Kwan Kiesu is too praising..."

"But indeed I have heard about Sin Coa Tung Hiap who has shocked the martial arts jungle recently, where his intelligence is indeed very high...!"

After saying that, Kwan Le Liu looked at him with a serious attitude, then asked again: "Does Gu Kiehiap's arrival in this place have any business?" Sin Coa Tung Hiap shook his head.

"No, Siauwte just happened to pass by this valley, because Siauwte was on a journey...!" replied Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

"If indeed you do not have business that is too urgent, will you witness a very interesting business, because soon there will be a very interesting business!"

"What business is that, Kwang Kiesu?"

"I guarantee that the matter that is about to happen will surely interest Gu Kiehiap and it will happen in the middle of the night when it's time for the second gong!" replied Kwang le Liu.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap was silent for a while actually he was chasing time to reach Souwciu but hearing from Kwang le Liu's words, something interesting would happen, he wanted to know. So he immediately decided to take a look.

"Okay," said Sin Coa Tung Hbiap finally while nodding "Siauwte is also interested to see the business mentioned by Kwang Kiesu...!"

Kwang le Liu seemed overjoyed to hear Sin Coa Tung Hiap express his approval of the invitation, he had jumped up several times, emitting cheerful shouts, and his demeanor was very witty, even though he was already over fifty years old.

Thank you... it seems that Gu Kie-hiap is willing to give me a little light face..." said Kwang Ie Liu. And then after he was satisfied, he said again: "Let Gu Kiehiap come with me...! "

And after saying that, it looks like Kwan le Liu has set his feet, his body has jumped very nimbly. Just one look, Sin Coa Tung Hiap already knew that the ginkang that Kwang le Liu had was not a random ginkang, and was not on the bottom of the ginkang.

After glancing at his horse for a moment, it appeared that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had put his feet on it too, and he had jumped up lightly, his horse was left tethered to the Siong tree trunk.

Kwang le Liu does have a very good ginkang, he can run very fast. Because indeed Kwang le Liu already knew that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had high intelligence and intelligence, he was not worried that Sin Toa Tung Hiap would be left behind, he continued to run very fast.

At that time, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had to lose his strength and enthusiasm, to run faster, and in a short time he was on the side of Kwang Ie Liu.

They were running in tandem and in a very short time, they immediately saw a grassy field that was quite thick and wide. Kwang le Liu immediately stopped running, looked around him, half muttering he said:

"This place will be used as the arena of an interesting show ..!"

Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap looked around as well.

he did not see anything special in that place, where apart from the grass, there were no trees or other sights to be seen.

Kwang le Liu has said again: "Later in a really good place the martial arts masters and the issues   they will discuss are even more interesting, apart from martial arts, they will also negotiate the formation of an association of truly brave people. have high intelligence... With Gu Kiehiap present in this place, this is a rare affair to find in the martial jungle?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap had asked in a doubtful voice: "Which datuk2 of the martial jungle will be present in this place?"

"That's quite a lot, let's see later ..!" replied Kwang le Liu.

At that time, suddenly there was a very loud roaring sound, once from a distance and suddenly a figure came running as fast as it flew.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap's ears were hurt by the roaring sound, because the roar of a wild animal has a very skilled sinkang power.

Thus, Sin Coa Tung Hiap immediately knew that the person had very high intelligence.

In the blink of an eye the person was in front of Sin Coa Tung Hiap and Kwang le Liu.

"I have come..." he said in a very loud voice, as soon as the roaring stopped.

At that time Kwang Ie Liu had laughed: Say Ong To (Lion King's Machete), you came too early, the meeting time is still far away.!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap just looked at the man, who was clothed with a scrap of animal skin on his body and kept very long hair, his attitude was also very rude, with a sturdy body and also how big the muscles in his arms were. But from his rude attitude, it can be seen that Say Ong To's character is a man with a strong character, when he heard Kwang le Liu's words, he immediately said:

"Hmm, I have taken the time to be here from afar, but after I arrived, it turned out that the other people weren't here yet, really annoying...!"

And having said that, he had put his hands on his waist, with such a departure from the waist, he opened his mouth wide and there was a very loud roar, because he roared using a very strong ring.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap who heard the roar   from a close distance, felt his ears ringing as well as deaf, because the roar was loud, vibrating around the place.

Soon Sin Coa Tung Hiap together with Kwang le Liu had deployed their lwekang, to cover their ears from the brunt of that very strong roar.

After roaring in a long voice Say Ong To then silently watched Kwang Le Liu with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Is the number of martial arts figures who will be present in this place numbering more than a hundred people?" asked Say Ong To then.

Kwang Le Liu nodded.

"Probably more... if all the invitees were present, of course the number would be more than a hundred, but if some of those who received the invitation were not present, the exact number I can't mention yet...!" Sin Coa Tung Hiap himself began to feel displeased with Say Ong To, because he saw that Say Ong To was also showing off his intelligence and others.

After Say Ong To no longer roared, Sin Coa Tung Hiap quietly concentrated Tan-tian's energy on his neck, then exerted his shins, and at that time he made a long, high-pitched whistling sound.

The whistling sound, which contained the power of slang energy, echoed around the place, and although the sound was long and shrill, it was not as jarring as the roar of Say Ong To, in fact the whistling sound was no less thrilling to the heart and the heart.

Say Ong To seemed surprised, so he looked at Sin Coa Tung Hiap with sharp eyes. And that's when he saw that the person was wearing a red cloth covering his face, so he could not see Sin Coa Tung Hiap's face.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap's whistling sound took a long and long time, while Kwang le Liu himself had tried to block his hearing by concentrating his lwekang energy so that his heart and heart as well as his feelings were not affected by the whistling sound that was heard by Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

"Skillful Lwekang..!" praised Say Ong To in a loud voice.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap's whistling sound still echoed for a moment, and finally it faded.

"Sorry, Siauwte has shown Siauwte's stupidity...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap then clasping his hands together in salute.

Kwang Le Liu laughed. "As I have said, Gu Kiehiap's presence here is indeed a very good thing, because of course we will be able to witness Gu Kiehiap's extraordinary intelligence in the future..."

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a laugh. “Kwang Kiesu is too praising… too praising,” said Sin

Coa Tung Hiap.

Say Ong To, since his arrival, has not spoken much, and now he is also silent, while Kwang le Liu Sin Coa Tung Hiap is talking about the development of the martial world.

More or less a meal of rice, a figure was seen running very nimbly to the place where they were.

When the figure arrived in front of them, it turned out that the person was a middle-aged woman, aged forty years and over, with her hair tied in a bun and wearing a white dress.

"Tang Hujin..!" called Kwang le Liu when he got to know the woman.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged woman had let out a small laugh. even though she was at such a high age, the remnants of the beauty she once possessed were still evident.

"Apparently I came not too late?!" he said then.

Kwang Le Liu nodded. "As Tang Hujin saw for himself, that this place has not gathered the friends who have been invited ..!" replied Kwang le Liu.

Tang Hujin who is the middle-aged woman, has turned to Sin Coa Tung Hiap which she is watching closely, Then she said: "You are wearing a cloth covering your face, is his face like Jade so that people cannot see it?"

Hearing Mrs. Tang's sarcasm, Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a laugh.

"If indeed the madam saw my face, perhaps the madam would be shocked as much as ..!" replied Sin Coa Tung Hiap "Therefore, I deliberately wore this face covering!"

Tang Hujin let out a cold laugh, he was annoyed at Sin Coa Tung Hiap's answer but he remained silent, Kwang le Liu who witnessed this situation, had sounded his laugh and then said: "While waiting for the arrival of other friends, then we better talk discuss martial arts..!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap nodded in agreement, while Tang Hujin just snorted and Say Ong To didn't answer, his attitude was very stiff, and only looked at the vast grass field.

"Indeed, the meeting that we will be holding is a meeting that rarely happens in the martial arts jungle because apart from we will compete for knowledge and discuss each other's skills, negotiate martial arts, we will also try to form an association of brave people who really have very proficient intelligence and very high,

Thus, with a gathering that is held like this, of course there must be a leader, so we must also look for someone who really has perfect intelligence, to be our leader, where he will give instructions and ways so that we know what we should do. ...!"

Tang Hujin had let out a cold laugh. "But if the friends who are present in this place compete for each other's position as leaders of the brave people, what will happen later?" he asked.

"That's why in this matter we must try to negotiate martial arts as best we can so that we don't choose the wrong person who will be our leader...!" replied Kwang le Liu.

"But in my opinion, in this way, of course, there will be a lot of victims ..!" Tang Hujin said. "Each of us has high intelligence and also of course each of us will not want to give up, so there will be matches that will surely cost victims... I think this method is not quite right, because it can cost a lot of lives . "

"Then what is Tang Hujin's view?" asked Kwang le Liu.

"I think it's better if we just tattle Bun. Because of science

"bun" (literary) is a less dangerous thing. "

"But all the warriors who live in martial arts, of course only know martial arts, where this knowledge is far more important than all other sciences, Tang Hujin's proposal is very difficult to accept. !"

Tang Hujin laughed loudly, he nodded a few times.

"That's right... that's right," he said, "It's true what you say... not all martial arts people study letters!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap at that time had sounded his laughter. "It's funny, we martial arts jungle people are encouraged to complain about letter knowledge... a very funny thing..." and after saying that, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap was laughing again.

Tang Hujin had turned his head with a red face looking at Sin Coa Tung Hiap, his eyes widen.

However, Sin Coa Tung Hiap deliberately looked away, not serving Tang Hujin's glare.

Say Ong To himself just watched Tang Hujin and Sin Coa Tung Hiap alternately and then let out a very loud roar, a roar that was more like the roar of a tiger, where the roar was like shaking the meadow.

"What a skillful Lweekang...!" said Tang Hujin then After roaring so loudly Say Ong To came back


But just as the roaring stopped suddenly a loud and long scream was heard, followed by a figure running around very nimbly.

At first in a very small form, but quickly arrived before Say Ong To, Kwang le Liu, Sin Coa Tung Hiap and Tang Hujin. The man's movements were very light, showing that the ginkang he had was a really well-trained ginkang, because when he ran to the four masters, it was as if his legs had not stepped on the grass, his body seemed to float very lightly.

"Aha, we meet here again, Bun Cie Sun...!" he said. The newcomer, who was called Bun Cie Sun, had laughed as well.

"Yes... yes...!" he said then. "I didn't think that we would meet again here...!"

Kwan le Liu himself had said in a laughing voice: "Bun Cie Sun Kiehiap... you came a little late, we have gathered here...!"

"But the others haven't gathered yet, have they?" replied Bun Cie Sun.

"But you as the person who invited us, should be the host, you came earlier than us ..!" replied Kwan le Liu.

Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap and Say Ong To just kept quiet.

Bun Cie Sun had turned and looked at Sin Coa Tung Hiap, then he let out a muffled cry, his face also suddenly changed.

"If I'm not mistaken," he said later in a doubtful voice, "it seems that you are the one with the title Sin Coa Tung Hiap... don't you think so?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap quickly clasped his hands together in salute, saying: "Exactly... indeed Siauwte Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Ping An... how did Heng tai know this?"

Bun Cie Sun smiled, "Lately it's in the martial jungle... because of that, it's very interesting if you can meet the person with the title Sin Coa Tung Hiap... now it turns out that I have managed to meet Sin Coa Tung Hiap whose name is Sin Coa Tung Hiap. so famous!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap immediately uttered condescending words. While Bun Cie Sun had turned to Say Ong To, he asked while watching with a sharp look in his eyes.

Say Ong To only made a "Hemm!" Of course, he didn't answer anything.

"It seems that friends from various circles will indeed gather, which is a great honor for me, Bun Cie Sun, who has been lucky to meet the figures of the martial arts jungle... I hope that all friends who accept the invitation are willing to attend this place."

Kwan Ie Liu laughed.

"Who wouldn't immediately leave to come to this place once he received an invitation from Taihiap Bun Cie Sun whose name is very frightening in the martial jungle?"

Hearing Kwan Ie Liu's praise, immediately Bun Cie Sun laughed.

That's how successively there have been many other martial arts experts.