The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 07

Volume 7

A small alley located in the middle of the chiang-wie village, walked a man over thirty years old, luxuriously dressed and very fat, He took one step at a time, as his footsteps were heavy.

Behind that person followed two men who had a rather sinister face with a beard and a great beard, wearing short clothes like a busu, they also had a well-built body. Their attitude was fierce, he walked arrogantly behind the man in luxurious clothes. When he arrived in front of a shabby and poorly maintained house, the fat man had paused for a moment. He glanced at the two men in busty clothes, who were his two accomplices.

The two bouncers from the fat man grinned, they muttered in an incoherent voice, but one of them had said: "We have arrived... now of course the sweet sinona must comply with Toaya's wishes (big master) "

The fat man had laughed grinning "If he is still acting, let us take the path of violence, we just force it .." he said in a hoarse voice.

Then with his right hand he signaled to one of the men dressed in busty to knock on the door.

Not long after, the door of the house was opened, from the inside out slowly and frightened an old woman of forty years old, Her body was thin as if she had not eaten, weak and her face was pale.

"ohhh... Sie Loya... please come in please come in."

he said nervously and frightened when he saw the fat man in luxurious clothes.

But the plush fat man had shaken his head, he said: "Let me just stay here... I just want to ask your decision regarding my offer.."

"But Loya..." the old woman seemed to be so nervous and scared, in fact she was crying all of a sudden, and couldn't continue her words.

The fat man furrowed his brows, he said in an unpleasant voice: "Are you quick to say, accept my offer or not?" "We... we are difficult people, Loya... But we will try to pay off the rent for this house to Loya... but for the time being, give us a chance to raise money, because it's only been three months since my husband died. Have mercy on us, Loya... we are helpless human beings, if Loya indeed grants our request, of course we will not forget Loya's kindness "

But the fat man's face had turned into displeasure, he said in a cold voice: "Didn't I say a few days ago, that you don't need to think about renting a house, even I will give the house to you, as long as you agree with my proposal. , namely your daughter, ciu Ling was handed over to me, to be my nineteenth concubine..."

The old woman's face turned pale, she was frightened and confused. while from the inside of the house a woman's voice was heard asking: "Who is there, mama?"

And followed by the exit of a girl, who was dressed very simply, but her beautiful face was not faded by the simplicity of her clothes which looked patchy in some parts. He also seemed so surprised when he saw the fat man, that he let out a slow muffled exclamation.

The fat man's eyes, Sie Loya, had shone brightly, his savage face had turned sweet.

"Ciu Ling... you're at home...? How about Ciu Ling, you are certainly happy to accept my offer, aren't you? Am I not kind enough to want to give the house to your mother? I will also give a gift of five hundred gold tails to your mother, so that for the next time you are not difficult anymore... you yourself, if you are willing to be my concubine, will certainly be filled with wealth..." The girl's face turned pale, she was nervous and scared, until her body was shaking

"Sie Loya... we're sorry... I'm sorry we couldn't accept Loya's offer." said the girl then in a stammering voice.

"What..?" Sie Loya's face suddenly turned violent again. "You really are an ignorant girl, don't you feel sorry for your parents living in such squalor? Isn't it that if you are willing to be my concubine, your family's troubles, especially your old mother will end...?" But the girl had been shaking her head while crying.

"But Sie Loya... I... I can't accept Sie Loya's offer... thank you for Sie Loya's kindness... thank you..."

"Ignorant girl..." snapped the fat man, "Well, if you mother and child refuse my kindness, now you must pay the rent for the house that you have been in arrears for four months - quickly pay it."

The girl's face grew paler, her cries grew louder, she couldn't say anything.

The mother who saw this, while crying too and kneeling, had said: "Sie Loya, have mercy on us, give us time and opportunity for another week, at that time of course we can pay off our debt for the arrears of rent for this house."

But the fat man who was called Sie Loya (Big Master Sie), had let out a disdainful laugh, he had said: "I'm tired of the promises you gave. You've missed your promises several times now my patience is running out, you can choose, pay the rent for the house or I will kick you out too.” “Sie Loya,…” the old woman's voice was hoarse between her sobs.

"There is no need for you to beg for pity from me, because I will not pity humans like you, so you quickly pay off your house rent arrears. or

do I really need to order my men to throw you?"

While the two bouncers Sie Loya had stomped their feet on the ground, carrying a very disdainful attitude, they were grinning as if preparing to carry out their master's orders.

"It's better for you to accept our Sie Toaya's kindness, won't if your girl becomes Sie Toaya's mistress, you mother and daughter can live comfortably, and earn enough money?" said one of them trying to persuade.

the mother and daughter became confused, but instead the girl had shook her head.

"I'm sorry Sie Loya. . . no matter what, I can't accept Sie Loya's kindness on that one . . . " he said with sobs between his tears. Sie Loya's eyes narrowed wide, it seemed that he was really angry.

But before Sie Loya spoke, one of the busu of the two bodyguards said in a cruel voice containing anger- "You mother and daughter have caused a lot of trouble for our Sie   Loya   .

which will act as Sie Loya   we   have   exhausted   patient. "

While saying that, the busu showed a fierce attitude containing a threat. ciu Ling and her mother were so scared, they were mother and daughter crying to each other without knowing what to do.

The busu continued to walk towards   them, but Sie Loya had restrained him saying: No, let them make a decision first. Then Sie Loya watched ciu Ling with sharp eyes.

"Are you not willing to help your mother out of trouble? Wouldn't by being my concubine, you mother and child will be able to live happily and have a lot of wealth? Why do you seem so cruel not willing to help your mother who is in trouble?"

Hearing Sie Loya's words, ciu Ling took a deep breath, then said between her sobs: "Sie Loya, we are poor people, we are poor and destitute, don't be too pushy Sie Loya. About the house rent arrears, of course we will settle and pay it off, if we already have money.

If indeed we are now expelled and we have no shelter anymore, where should we live? Does Sie Loya not feel sorry for us mother and child. who doesn't have a husband or father anymore?"

Sie Loya laughed, he carried a slightly sweet demeanor. not as ruthless as before, he said: "If indeed you realize this place you will have no shelter, you better just obey my wishes ... won't you and your mother not be difficult, and you will even live happily? Isn't it? And dozens of women have turned out to be my concubines, why did you turn them down, sweet kiss Ling?"

The hairs on the back of the neck of ciu Ling stood up hearing Sie Loya's seduction, As a pure girl and had never faced such trials, she didn't know what to do, As a girl who saw her mother being threatened by Sie Loya, she actually intended to help her , but he did not have the strength to help her.

As a woman, ciu Ling has no power. But to become Sie Loya's concubine, she didn't want to, because she didn't want to be married off by a man like Sie Loya who was a basket case.

At that time, ciu Ling's mother said in a voice accompanied by sobs: "Sie Loya, if Sle Loya really feels sorry for us, give us a chance for a few more days, later we will go to borrow from the neighbors, maybe they are willing to lend us money. , to pay the rent of the house that we have been in arrears..."

Hearing the words of ciu Ling's mother, Sle Loya laughed bitterly. "Your neighbors are also poor people

and    destitute,    how can    they help you       

by lending them money?" he said.

ciu ling's mother turned to her daughter, she seemed confused and didn't know what to do and also asked her daughter's opinion.

ciu Ling had racked her brains looking for a way to solve their problems. But so far, he still didn't know what to do but cry.

Sie Loya seems to have run out of patience, he said in a cold voice: "Are you still with your stance that you want to live in poverty and misery?" ciu ling's mother shook her head several times, she said: "That's not what we mean, that's not what we mean..."

"Then why did you reject my offer?" asked Sie Loya, "My daughter actually objected to being Sie's mistress

Loya" replied ciu ling's mother.

"Do you think being my mistress is a low position?" asked Sie Loya getting angry.

"Absolutely not.... how dare we have such thoughts?" said ciu Ling's mother who was sobbing again.

Sie Loya was really impatient, he gave a signal to the two busu who were his bodyguards.

The two busu stepped forward towards the mother ciu Ling and the girl in a threatening manner, the mother and daughter became frightened-

"You guys have to leave this house right now, Si Loya kicked you out and doesn't want you to live in his house..."

The faces of ciu Ling's mother and the girl turned pale, they looked at Sie Loya with a sad heart asking for pity.

But the rich man had turned his gaze in another direction-

Samira, one of the busu has said again: "If you really don't want to go up yourself, let us throw you-"

ciu Ling's mother quickly bent her knees in front of Sle Loya, she said: "Have mercy on us... don't let us be kicked out..."

Sie Loya smiled. "Hey, you guys are looking for it yourself," he said. "Why did Sie Loya have the heart to throw us out, didn't we promise to pay off our arrears in the near future?"

"I don't want to see you guys anymore, I will sell this house, let's go."

"Then where will we live?" asked ciu ling's mother while crying.

"That's your business, I don't want to know." cried Sie Loya. "Loya."

But before the mother ciu Ling finished speaking, it seemed that Sie Loya was moving her right hand, ordering her two bows to drag the mother and child.

Roughly the two busu carried out the orders given by their masters. Both of them with a hard and cruel attitude dragged the mother and child out of the yard.

"Sie Loya.... even though we were expelled, but we need to clean up our things first" chirped Ling's mother.

"I confiscated your valuables in exchange for paying arrears for the four months you didn't pay the rent for this house."

The hearts of the mother and daughter were so shocked, they were also sad, besides that, ciu Ling's mother almost fainted, because she was very sad.

ciu Ling saw her mother stagger like that, so she bumped into her and hugged her. But he couldn't do anything but cry.

Sie Loya did not want to look at them and ordered the two busu to go into the house, to clean the house. "Ciu Ling, from this moment on we no longer have a home and no shelter anymore... sorry for you son, you are still so young, but you have to suffer such a heavy life. If only your father was still alive, of course we wouldn't have died. humiliated in such a way..."

Ciu Ling nodded in agreement in her tears, "They mother and child really don't know what to do anymore,

But at that time, near the house passed a young man. This young man was not yet twenty years old, had a good and well-built body. besides his handsome face, with his clothes made of rough materials, but not reducing his valor. On his back seemed to be blocked by a long sword.

When the young man saw the mother and daughter who were crying like that, he crawled to stop walking.

After supervising mother and child. then turned to Sie Loya and the two busu, this young man approached ciu Ling's mother, he asked in a patient voice: "Pohpoh (grandmother), I'm surprised to see you all crying like that... is Pohpoh facing a difficult problem to solve? Or is it? May I know your predicament, if I can help..."

Mother ciu Ling who was in a state of despair, when she saw this young man, a bright light appeared on her face, with tears still flowing, she said: "We are mothers and children who have very bad luck... we have no money to pay the rent, so that for four months we are in arrears, But we are willing to pay it as soon as we have the money, because we have just died the father of my child ... but Sie Loya, the owner of this house does not want to be patient, he drives away us… because we didn't fulfill his request, to take this ciu Ling, my daughter, to be his mistress…” The young man's eyes flashed.

"Ohh, bad rich man..." said the young man "If he throws you out without a specific purpose, he still deserves to do it, because you don't pay the rent. But evict with an unattainable purpose, then take action this kind of violence, he is a very evil tycoon"

After saying that, the young man turned his body, he looked at Sie Loya with sharp eyes: "Are you the one who kicked the madam and her child away?"

Sie Loya looked back at the young man with an angry attitude, he said in a cold voice. "You don't need to meddle in our business..."

"Hmmm, even though how unfair things have to be meddled with..." said the young man.

Sie Loya's eyes flashed, then he said in a cold voice: "Do you know who you are dealing with?"

"I don't want to know who I'm dealing with, but I certainly don't like to see someone as weak as that madam with her daughter, being chased away in an inhumane way"

"Then what do you want?" asked Sie Loya while watching intently.

"I just want to ask that you change your decision and give them a chance to pay off their rent arrears..." Sie Loya's face was unsightly, she glanced at her two busts.

Meanwhile, the two busu, who are tall and big, have indeed stood with a fierce attitude. As soon as they saw their master's glance, the two immediately knew what they had to do.

Without saying anything, the two of them stepped forward, reaching out to grab the young man's arm that he was about to throw.

But the young man still stood quietly in his place without moving an inch. But when the two dumb hands almost hit him, he snapped slowly, and then moved his hands.

The movement he did was very fast, knowingly he had grabbed the hands of the two busu, while stomping. the two rotten bodies were thrown into the air, collapsed on the ground with a bang, and let out a scream of pain.

Sie Loya who saw this looked on with a pale face and was very worried.

The two bows rose very quickly, pulling out their respective machetes

"Young people don't know themselves, you are looking for death huh?" and while shouting so, simultaneously their machetes flew at the young man,

But the dashing young man apparently didn't feel the slightest bitch, he just moved his hands, using his fingers he clamped the machetes of the two bows.

And when the two bows wanted to draw their weapons, they couldn't do it because the machetes were like being pinched by strong iron pins, not moving at all.

"You evil humans.." said the young man, just a little bit he mustered his inner strength, the machetes of the two busu were broken. Even the bodies of the two beasts were thrown up again very high, almost three spears, then slammed on the ground very hard.

At that time, Sie Loya stood pale, he saw that the young man was indeed not an ordinary young man, he seemed to have high intelligence, Therefore, they had to be careful with him, especially the two busu who had to try their best to deal with the young this.

If the two busu fail to face the young man, of course Sie Loya will face no small difficulties

The two busts immediately got back up, but their faces were smeared with fresh red blood that was pouring from their noses, where when their bodies slammed down, their noses hit the earth hard.

Sie Loya gave encouragement by shouting: "Catch that troublesome young man..."

Because their machetes had broken, the two bows threw their machetes away, then using both bare hands, they lunged again.

Like before, as soon as the two busu lunged forward, the youth immediately moved their hands, their bodies flew back into the air and slammed heavily on the ground, until they let out screams of pain, this time they were slammed much harder than before. Sie Loya became even more frightened, he said in a loud voice: "Come on...let's go catch that young man..."

The two busu got up again, but they hesitated because they, had seen how high this young man's intelligence was, therefore they did not dare to lunge carelessly again.

Because the two dumb people who work for Sie Loya, they actually have martial arts skills, but in front of this young man, they are like two puppets that have no meaning, instead they have been slammed repeatedly without   him being helpless at all.

After watching the young man for a while, one of the two busu turned out to be in an angry voice: "Who are you, a presumptuous young man who wants to interfere in our business?"

"I am she Bu and my name is Bin An..." replied the young man "I ask that you be wise by giving the lady leeway, to be able to settle the arrears and not have to be expelled like that. Without having shelter, how can the madam find money to pay the arrears...?"

"We didn't expect the payment of the money that was in arrears, because as long as the mother and child left this house, it was more than enough, because this house will be sold by me..." Sie Loya, who had been silent for a long time, answered.

Bu Bin An smiled, she said blandly: "Eng you are a rich person who has a short-sighted mind, you have enough wealth, what does this bad house mean?


"But they always play with me, with promises they will pay off their debts, but every time they are billed, they always procrastinate. We have given them a chance for a long time to pay off the arrears of rent for this house, but so far they have not succeeded in fulfilling their responsibilities. they.."

"If that's the case, how much is the arrears for the rent for this house?" asked Mrs. Bin An then.

"Three hundred tails .." replied Sie Loya.

Lingjadi's mother's face turned pale, she said: "No... not that high..." she said in a trembling voice.

But Mrs. Bin An smiled with a calm demeanor, she said: "If you really want to sell this small and ugly house of yours, at least it will sell for a little over two hundred tails. How is it that the rent for a house that is only a few months arrears can be worth that much high?"

Sie Loya let out a cold laugh, he said displeasedly: "All of that follows from the interest in the arrears on this house's rent..... Therefore, if I use this money for trading, I will certainly get even greater results."

Hearing Sie Loya's words, Bu Bin An's face turned displeased.

By seeing how this rich man did such an arbitrary act, he became increasingly disliked this Loya.

"Judging from the actions taken by you, you are not a good person. In fact, you need to be beaten."

Sie Loya rolled his eyes.

"You dare to persecute me? Or are you really not afraid of Tiekwan's punishment?" he said threateningly. "Hmmm, Tiekwan's business is now the most important thing now that humans like you must be beaten first..."

And before Bu Bin An's words were finished, he suddenly jumped up and stretched out his hand, Sie Loya only saw Bu Bin An's body flashing and suddenly he felt his chest being grabbed and his body lightened up, floating in the air.

Sie Loya let out a scream of pain as his big fat body slammed down on the ground, he almost fell unconscious-

Like a dog being slaughtered, Sie Lo ya screams out his orders to his two busu to help him.

The two busu were also shocked when they saw the body of their master, who was fat big and heavy, floated in the air and slammed hard like that. They stood stunned for a moment. But after looking at each other, and hearing Sie Loya's screams, the two busu jumped very fast, their movements were very agile and light, then he let out a shout as he lunged forward.

But just like before, they were powerless against Bu Bin An, they were easily slammed down again and again. Even now, Bu Bin An applies even harder, slamming harder. Finally, he also punctured the blood of Mie TU Hiat on the bodies of the two busu, so that the two foams instantly became like being stabbed by thousands of blades,

Immediately, the bodies of the two busu were floundering on the ground while making endless screams. Sie Loya, who saw the situation experienced by the two bodyguards, looked with wide eyes emitting a feeling of fear.

Bu Bin An stepped closer to Sie Loya she said in a threatening voice: "And you evil humans also need to be punished like your two bodyguards..."

Sie Loya was even more scared, earlier he had slammed really hard and had felt unbelievably painful now if his body was also slammed by Bu Bin An, wouldn't he be in pain again...?

Thinking so and also afraid, Sie Loya finally bent his knees, he saluted Mrs. Bin An while saying: "If you really want to forgive me, I will not sell the house and will give it back to the madam. ..."

But Bu Bin An laughed in a cold voice: "If you are not a cruel person, of course I want to believe your promise ... but unfortunately you have shown that you are not a good person, then I can't believe your promise like that. ... it's better if I give you an eye for a memento .."

Hearing Bu Bin An's words, Sie Loya realized what this young man meant, he trembled and said with a sense of fear: "Don't Siauwhiap...don't you hurt me again... I will keep my promise to give the house to mother and the child and won't bother him anymore...they don't have to pay the rent either, because I'll give the house to them"

Hearing Sie Loya's promise, Bu Bin An smiled, saying: "Well, if that's the case you must make a letter stating that this house is tired of being given to the madam..." and after saying that, Bu Bin An turned to the madam the old man, he said, "Please get me a piece of paper and a writing utensil..."

Mother ciu Ling quickly ran inside, and soon came back with the stationery furniture.

With trembling hands Sie Loya wrote the handover letter for the house to ciu Ling's mother,

Finished writing, he handed the letter to the mistress.

"Remember," said Mrs. Bin An later in a serious manner. "If later you break your promise and still disturb the mother and child, also by using cunning ideas to harm or abuse the mother and child, I will come looking for you... even if you have ten legs or run to the end of the sky, I will look for you"

Sie Loya who had been frightened immediately agreed repeatedly, while the two busu who were his bodyguards, who had been slammed down by Bu Bin An stood dead and didn't move.

At that time, Mrs. Bin An said to the old lady: "Pohpoh... you mother and son now have this house, so you can stay here and don't have to pay rent anymore... in half a year I will come visit come here, if this Sie Loya does the slightest disturbance to you, hmmm, hemmm, for whatever reason, I will punish him without mercy anymore..."

Mother ciu Ling and her daughter immediately bent their knees, they knelt down to pay respects to Mrs. Bin An while expressing their gratitude for the help of this young man. While Bin An quickly stepped aside he did not want to receive the respect of the mother and daughter.

At that time Sie Loya had quickly turned his body to leave with his two bodyguards.

Bu Bin An just watched without stopping him. He didn't mean to hold the rich tycoon anymore.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that the mother and daughter were overjoyed, they had witnessed Sie Loya being so afraid of Bu Bin An, so they were sure that in the future they would not have any more trouble from Sie Loya.

After chatting for a while with ciu Ling's mother and the girl, Bu Bin An excused herself to continue her journey.

During the trip, Mrs. Bin An shook her head while smiling constantly remembering her previous experience. Indeed, dealing with someone like Sie Loya is not difficult, but what she is still worried about is that if she leaves, Sie Loya will do something bad to the mother and child.

But he believed that Sie Loya would not dare to do anything reckless, because he had been threatened that in the next half year Bu Bin An would visit the madam again.

After traveling for almost half a day, Bin An arrived at the village of Kui-cung.

This village is quite busy and densely populated, in this village there are also quite a lot of tea shops.

Bin An stopped at a tea shop and ordered a drink for him and some dry food, he had his stomach cuffed, and then continued on his way again. When the day was approaching evening, Bin An arrived at the foot of Mount Ciu-san, a mountain that was not so big or high, but the situation at the foot of the mountain was very quiet, no people were seen passing by.

Besides that, the silence made Bin An even more happy to enjoy the beauty of the mountain, even though Mount Ciu-san is a mountain that is not so big, but has an interesting view.

The trees grow thick and diverse, overgrown with flower trees that are very beautiful and colorful.

At that time, Mrs. Bin An, who witnessed the beauty of the scenery in that place, sang slowly with an open heart. So calm the atmosphere around the place.

But when Mrs. Bin An was singing slowly while walking casually, suddenly her eyes saw something, she became hunched over and stopped walking, because there was something interesting behind the flower tree.

Immediately Mrs. Bin An approached, she saw near the flower grove there was a pool of blood that had frozen, and drops of blood that went into the clump.

Bu Bin An's brows furrowed, she wondered whether this pool of blood was the blood of a human or an injured animal.

Immediately Mrs. Bin An exposed the flower tree, but what she saw really shocked her.

At that time it seemed that in the grove lay two bodies, a man and a woman, whose clothes were torn here and there, because their bodies were full of wounds that were not small, even their chests had been torn apart by sharp weapons. Bu Bin An immediately noticed that the men seemed to be still breathing, while the women had stiffly turned into corpses.

Bu Bin An quickly approached the man, he squatted down and checked his condition.

The man was unconscious. but Bin An quickly took out his water bag, drank the water a little in this person's mouth, then wet his face, And Bin An worked continuously to massage this man so that not long after the man woke up from his stupor.

As soon as he woke up, he immediately groaned with a voice containing pain and pain the sound of his moaning was also very slowly.

Bin An immediately asked in a voice containing pity: "Who has injured you, lopeh?" he asked, he asked so and called the person lopeh, namely uncle, because this person was more than forty years old.

The man who was seriously injured and dying, seemed to be trying to endure the pain in his body, he opened his eyelids to look at Bin An with weak eyes that did not shine.

"We... were harmed by five people... they were from the door of the college... the college... cia Tiong Pay..."

"What are their names...?" asked Bin An again.

"I... I only know they are seventh grade students... and they are also highly intelligent... but they are so evil, because they pushed us until we finally had no strength to put up a fight-.. they wanted our item... that is... our heirloom machete..." the man's voice gradually became slower and fainter.

"What's your name-peh..?" asked Bin An again, watching intently.

"I... I'm she Lok and my name is... Kie Siong.." and after saying that, the man's voice gradually grew fainter and disappeared. because his breath had stopped.

Bin An held the person's hand, held his pulse, didn't knock anymore, Bin An slowly got up with a deep breath.

"Poor to this person... he perished with curiosity apparently... who are the disciples from Cie Tiong Pay?" think Bin An-

After standing for a while watching the two badly injured bodies, Bin An then used his sword to dig into the ground. it works fast, because by using its sink, it can dig a big hole in a very short time. And he has raised the two bodies that he buried into one.

Finished burying the two bodies, Bin An continued his journey.

Only he didn't know the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college was which college door and where it was located, so Bin An didn't have time to ask.

But Bin An promised in his heart that he would try to find the door of the Tiong Pay college, to investigate this case.

At that time, Bin An said in his heart: "Five Tiong Pay people of the seventh level... they seem to be ruthless humans who have intervened ruthlessly against their two opponents."

And Bin An sighed again, he was sure he would succeed in investigating it where the gathering place of the Tiong Pay cie college students was, if necessary he would go to the door of the college directly at his headquarters.

After traveling again for a long time, it was getting dark and night, Bin An rested and slept on a tree branch.

The next morning when he woke up from his sleep, Bin An looked for a river to wash his face.

He also issued dry food to grip the stomach. Only then continued his journey.

In such circumstances the air was quite cold and caused Bin An to be more refreshed, especially when he saw the scenery around the mountain, the flower trees were blooming in various beautiful ways.

Towards noon, Bin An arrived at the foot of the eastern mountain, at the foot of the mountain there was a not-so-big village

Bin An saw in front of a house sitting an old man who was sharpening a knife. Immediately approached. "Sorry Lopeh, I'm disturbing," said Bin An-

The old man raised his head to watch Bin An, then said: " Kongcu where from and is there any need with me the old man?"

Bin An nodded with a sweet smile.

"That's right Lopeh, I want to ask for some thirst quenching water, will Lopeh share it?" asked Bin An- The old man nodded. he immediately took drinking water into his house, when he came out, he had brought a jug that was quite large.

He gave a cup to Bin An who then drank four cups and then expressed his gratitude.

The old man put the water jug beside his seat, then asked, "Where are you going?"

Bin An sat near the old man, then replied with a sweet attitude: "Actually I'm wandering and don't have a fixed goal. May I rest here, Lopeh?"

The old man nodded. "Please," he said.

So, Bin An had a conversation with the old man and he asked the old man if he had ever heard of the name of the Cie Tiong Pay college.

The old man thought for a moment. then he said hesitantly: "I'm old she Kang as if I've heard the name of the school door... but somewhere... I don't remember remembering it..."

Bin An was overjoyed, he immediately asked:

"Does the school door have enough students, Lopeh?"

"As far as I know there are quite a lot of Tiong Pay's students, I'm the old She Kang, I forgot where the headquarters of the college door is. Wait a minute, maybe I'll remember later . . . "

And after saying that, the old She Kang seemed to be thinking hard, But finally he patted his right foot, saying, "Ahhh, why am I being so forgetful like this? Isn't the Cie Tong Pay college door in the southeastern city door of Liu-cie city? ?"

"Where is Liu-ci city located, Lopeh?" asked Bin An happily.

"Not far from this village, only a few tens of lies apart" answered She Kang's parents, "Kongcu must take the road to the west from the door of this village, and after walking a dozen lies, Kongcu will meet a crossroads with three forks, At that time Kongcu took the middle fork of the road, walked straight, later Kongcu would arrive in that city, I think all the residents of the city know where the headquarters of Cie Tiong Pay is "

"Thank you Lopeh..." said Bin An Quickly.

"Is Kongcu their friend..?" asked the old man, watching with a probing light.

Bin An just nodded.

"Yeah, that's right, I'm looking for a disciple of Tiong Pay, and is my best friend I haven't seen for a long time..."

"If that's the case, Kongcu must bring a supply of drinking water, along the way there are no people selling water and also there are no people's houses... let me prepare water supplies for Kongcu..."

Bin An was very grateful to this kind old man. When he said goodbye, Bin An gave him two silver tails as a token of his gratitude. Then Bin An continued his journey.

At that time, Bin An did see that along the road there were no houses or places for people to sell drinking water. By following the instructions of the she Kang, Bin An finally arrived at Liu-cie city. The city is neither big nor small, quite densely populated, but this is quite an important matter, to investigate the murder of Lok Kie Siong, so without looking for an inn again, Bin An immediately investigated where the door of the Cie Tiong Pay college was.

It turns out that the door of the college is the door of a college that is quite influential in the city. Bin An easily got clues from the townspeople, who showed him where the headquarters building of Cie Tiong Pay was located.

While the Cie Tiong Pay building is a large and luxurious building, and outside the building gathered a dozen youths who were dressed concisely, of course they were students of Cie Tiong Pay.

Seeing Bin An approaching them, the Chinese disciple Tiong Pay watched Bin An with suspicious eyes-

Bin An quickly clasped his hands together respectfully, he said in a friendly voice: "Is this where Cie Tiong Pay is?"

The dozen or so youths did not immediately respond, until one of them, who was wearing a concise yellow shirt, nodded. "That's right... is there any need for you to meet us?" he asked.

Bin An smiled, then said: "I want to meet with Ciangbunjin cit Tiong Pay, can you tell your Ciangbun?"

"For what purpose are you looking for our ciangbunjin?" asked the man again with his eyes looking suspiciously at Bin An- "Siauwte comes from a faraway place who deliberately came here to study and wants to become a disciple of Cie Tiong Pay, because Siauwte has long heard of Cie Tiong Pay's big name..."

The dozen youths looked at each other, then the one in yellow showed an attitude of greater suspicion towards Bin An, he pointed to the sword stuck on Bin An's back.

"You carry a sword, of course you have intelligence- Did you really come to study at the door of our college, or just want to cause chaos?"

Bin An smiled, he said: "I've been doing silat moves and playing with swords since I was little, so when I grew up, I always carried a sword with me. Apart from putting up stunts so that ordinary criminals wouldn't dare to disturb me, it also seemed more manly. .. actually Siauwte has no intelligence and has never learned any meaningful silat, this is why when he heard of Cie Tiong Pay's big name, Siauwte intended to enter the door of the college, become a student of Cie Tiong Pay to study..."

The yellow clothed youth watched Biu An for a while, until he finally nodded.

"Well, if you really want to study at the door of our college, you can't meet our ciangbunjin, because it's enough to meet our Toa suko, whether or not you are accepted as a student of cie Tiong Pay, only decided by our Toasuko..."

Bin An quickly fell into despair: "I'm sorry, in fact Siauwte doesn't know the rules... if you really have to meet Toasuko from Tiong Pay, that's enough, the most important thing is that Siauwte can be accepted as a disciple of Tiong Pay and have the opportunity to learn Chinese science. The famous Pay is very liehay..."

Bin An said that, because he was indeed trying to meet with ciangbunjin Cie Tiong Pay, to discuss the issue of the murder of Lok Kie Siong.

The yellow clothed youth nodded. he said: "You wait, I'll call Toasuko first..."

Bin An patiently waited, while a dozen other youths were already conversing while laughing occasionally. They laughed at Bin An, who he considered a village youth who wanted to learn martial arts.

But Bin An did not ignore their ridicule and innuendo, he remained patiently silent and also did not ignore the attitude of the dozen young men.