The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 06

Volume 6 

The real EVENT was that Khu Sun Lie, who had said goodbye to the people of Siauw Lim Sie, immediately traveled to various regions to investigate Bo Liangsiansu who was held captive by the royal people - But he did not succeed, so his heart was very irritated.

One day, to amuse himself, he had been drinking wine in a wine shop. He drank too much. And in such a drunken state, Loa Sim Hoan had actually reprimanded him, inviting him to talk.

It just so happened that Loa Sim Hoan was in that place. From the chatter given by Khu Sun Lie who was under the influence of drinking too much wine, Loa Sim Hoan knew that Khu Sun Lie was Siauw Lim Sie's friend and also Khu Sun Lie in his drunkenness had told the case of Bu Bin An is a poor child, whose parents and family have been exterminated by the government.

But indeed he was in a drunken state, Khu Sun Lie suddenly cursed Loa Sim Hoan, He cursed Loa Sim Hoan as someone who wanted to serve himself to the government, so Loa Sim Hoan became irritated to see himself being scolded like that by Khu Sun Lie, some several times he had slapped Khu Sun Lie's head, but the beggar actually resisted, and had cursed him even harder.

Outraged that Loa Sim Hoan had finally killed Khu Sun Lie, Just remembering that this person was a friend of Siauw Lim Sie's side, he cut off Khu Sun Lie's head and brought it to Siauw Lim Sie.

Besides that, he was also interested in seeing Bu Bin An, Bu Beng Hong's only son, who according to Khu Sun Lie's story, Bin An was an intelligent child and had excellent bones and talent for learning martial arts.

Because of that this has made Loa Sim Hoanjadi interested in taking the child. Indeed, in his fifties like now, Loa Sim Hoan has never accepted a student, so when he sees that Bu Bin An is really a good child, he will certainly take her as a disciple.

What's more, Loa Sim Hoan realized that as the son of a great warrior like Bu Beng Hong, of course, Bu Bin An inherited his father's talent and intelligence.

However, Loa Sim Hoan did not know at all that Bo Tie Siansu also really liked the boy, whom he wanted to educate so that he would become a mighty warrior in the future. How could Bo Tie Siansu fulfill his request?

What's more, Bo Tie Siansu suspects this guest to be someone who works for the royal side, if She Bun's child is handed over to him, won't it harm Bin An?

At that time Bo Tie Siansu had said blandly: "Well, if you really don't want to understand, whatever you want, we will comply. But what is clear is that Mrs. Bin An cannot be left to you..."

Loa Sim Hoan had laughed coldly, he also said blandly: "Okay, okay, if you really want me to take the child myself, I will do it my way"

Just now Loa Sim Hoan said that, at that time, Bo San Siansu, Bo Cie Siansu, Bo In Siansu and several other Siauw Lim Sie priests came out from inside the temple. With them, there was a little boy running over two years old, looking small and cute.

Loa Sim Hoan's eyes flashed when he saw the boy.

"Is that Bu Bin An, the bald priest?" asked the she Loa person.

Bo Tie Siansu nodded "That's right, he's a poor kid, so we beg you to look at our faces, don't bother him?"

"Good boy good boy" said Loa Sim Hoan-

Meanwhile, Bu Bin An approached Bo Tie Siansu while calling him "Taisu, who is that guest?"

Bo Tie Siansu smiled, he hugged the child, his heart trembled, because he really loved this child, and now Loa Sim Hoan came to snatch him, messing in Siauw Lim Sie. But despite how strong Loa Sim Hoan was, it was impossible for him to overthrow Siauw Lim Sie's priests, moreover, Siauw Lim Sie's side were numerous. while Loa Sim Hoan was alone.

She handed Bu Bin An by Bo Tie Siansu to Bo San Siansu, while the message was in a low voice: "Take care of Bin An well, sute"

Then Bo Tie Siansu faced Loa sim Hoan, saying: "If indeed Kie su came with good intentions, we will certainly invite you to drink tea, but if indeed Kiesu sticks with your wishes, hey sorry, we can't just sit around what we want to do Kiesu and similarly, regarding Khu Kiesu, of course it must be held accountable by Kiesu, If only Kiesu refused to take Mrs. Bin An, we will end the business until here " But Loa Sim Hoan shook his head slowly, he has been watching Bin An for a moment, then he said blandly: "At first I was still doubtful, whether her only son Bu Beng Hong was a good child, but after seeing it, my intention was irrevocable, even though how should I be able to take him."

Bo Tie Siansu was convinced that a clash with Loa Sim Hoan was inevitable, so he said in a cold voice: "Alright, we are waiting for instructions from Loa Kiesu."

Loa Sim Hoan has pulled out his flute, he has moved his flute while saying coldly: "We'll just bet, if we fight, it will certainly damage the friendship, then we just bet to get certainty Who has the right to educate the child "

"Bet?" asked Bo Te Siansu in surprise. "Yes, we bet."

"Bet what?"

"We are complaining about the strength of the Iwekang, we don't need to fight using violence, if indeed you can receive an attack and crush your lwekang, count you as the winner, and you have the right to educate the child. bring the child, who I will take as my disciple"

Bo Tie siansu was silent for a moment, He was sure that his Iwekang had reached the pinnacle of proficiency, but instead faced Loa Sim Hoan, he hesitated. Because Loa Sim Hoan is a master who has a big name in the martial arts jungle- And also seeing his sharp eyes like the blade of a sword, of course he is not weak either. His lwekang is of course very high, because he dared to invite bets to compete against Iwekang, so Bo Tie Siansu thought twice about it.

"How ?" asked Loa Sim Hoan.

"Okay.." replied Bo Tie Siansu, "try to explain how we bet."

"I will blow a song, and if you can face the count you are the winner, But if you can't afford to listen to this song of mine, then you lose. Isn't such a gamble fair?"

Bo Tie Siansu hesitated again. He saw Loa Sim Hoan as sure as he wanted to bet using such a method,

"If you intend to blow another one, I don't mind either, I will survive" said Loa Sim Hoan-

"Okay, you just blow the song, I will face" said Bo Tie Siansu.

Loa Sim Hoan smiled sarcastically, he brought the flute to his mouth and started blowing the song.

Bo Tie siansu listened carefully to the song, the rhythm was slow and also very sad. But it's getting harder and harder.

Immediately, Bo Tie siansu found out that the song that Loa Sim Hoan sang was "Mo Thian sian Hoa" or "Heavenly devil with the Goddess of Flowers", the rhythm of the song was normal, but the more it took the time to feel the surprises of the attraction, like Also in the rhythm of the song it has a romance related charm, of course Bo Tie Siansu was surprised. Bo Tie Siansu hastily signaled to Bo San Siansu and the others to take Bin An away from him while he was already facing the song with his spirit down, he just stood still.

But his heart was very worried. The sound of the flute accompanied by a singkang had a very strong attraction and charm, which was getting stronger and stronger. Besides, the rhythm was so intimate and melodious, it had shaken Bo Tie Siansu's heart.

It's just that since Bo Tie Siansu has entered the shaving temple since childhood, he can naturally face the temptation steadfastly.

However, because Loa Sim Hoan's lwekang is very high, it makes Bo Tie Siansu have to lose his spirit, besides that he has tried to stem the shock that occurred in his heart.

For a long time the song played, for a moment it rose, for a moment the tone was low and slow, but it brought shock, like the persuasion of a beautiful woman who asked to be seduced, Bo Ti Siansu as long as he could still survive, he stood calmly again and kept his spirit, so that he would not got crushed by the sound of the flute that seduced the heart.

Loa Sim Hoan also doesn't just blow the flute up there, the tone of the song suddenly changes, so it rises, like the tone of a war rhythm song, very excited, or suddenly the tone has dropped slowly, like the whisper of a beautiful girl.

Played and tossed around by the sound of the flute, which is a moment loud and a moment soft. causing Bo Tie Siansu to finally be affected too, he felt his chest shake violently. Bo Tie Siansu quickly tried to calm the shaking of his heart and feelings.

But Bo Tie siansu failed with his efforts, he felt the flute's tone was like pounding his feelings, where the song of the flute was getting slower and slower, slower, but the attraction was strong in such gentleness.

Bo Tie siansu who realized that if this situation continued, he would surely be affected by the blowing of the lava flute, so he tried to expel his spirit with all his might.

He had exerted his strength, and succeeded in repelling the flute's influence.

But when Bo Tie Siansu was silent again, the sound of the flute took over his heart and feelings again.

Several times Bo Tie Siansu had jumped to get rid of the feelings that gripped his heart, he did manage to put up a fight, but finally the priest had started to walk slowly, every step of his foot steps following the patkwa rule, which is an octagon.

This showed that Bo Tie Siansu was exerting his wits against the flute's ever-increasing influence. And also at such a time, Bo Tie Siansu and the other Siauw priest Lim Sie were very worried, they realized that their elder brother was using the highest lwekang to deal with the sound of the opponent's flute.

Likewise, Bo San siansu and the other priests of Siauw Lim Sie felt their hearts shake violently with the sound of the flute, but they were able to regain control by moving away from themselves a few more spears, so that the sound of the flute did not overwhelm them. Meanwhile, Loa Sim Hoan's face showed a feeling of tension.

He was blowing his flute as he walked to and fro, from his tense face he could see that he too was exerting his inner strength to its peak.

Battles against internal energy knowledge actually rarely happen if they happen, they are only carried out by people who have high intelligence, who are powerful figures from the martial arts jungle.

Therefore, in the martial arts jungle there are words, that competing using internal energy is far more dangerous than a match using sharp weapons. So that it can be concluded that if two powerful figures are fighting against their inner strength, of course they will use their Iwekang to override their opponent's lwekang power.

This means that if the effort is successful, the opponent will be crushed by his inner strength, and will also cause the opponent to be seriously injured in the body, or it can also perish at that moment, which is why fighting against inner strength is much more dangerous when compared to a match using sharp weapon.

The longer Loa Sim Hoan blew his flute the stronger and higher, and Bo Tie Siansu felt like his ears were being stabbed by sharp needles, it was very painful.

But because Bo Tie Siansu's lwekang practice was perfect, he was able to defend himself so far, while Loa Sim Hoan had exerted the highest lwekang he had, and the tone of the song was getting higher and higher, and finally made the bodies of these two people, Loa Both Sim Hoan and Bo Tie Siansu, were constantly moving. which grew faster and faster, as if they were running in circles, until at last they were just flashing shadows.

By running like that, Bo Tie Siansu can indeed reduce the pressure from the sound of his opponent's flute, but for Loa Sim Hoan, who blows his flute more and more powerfully, he also runs to decompress and help mobilize his shin.

That's how the two powerful figures have exerted their inner strength, they continue to compete for half a day.

Sweat was pouring down all over Bo Tie Siansu's body, moreover the sun was starting to rise high, while Loa Sim Hoan himself was already drenched in sweat, But this She Loa person had seen that the opportunity to knock down his opponent was getting closer, so he intended to keep on top of his opponent , because he knew, by another pass, Bo Tie siansu would not be able to defend himself from the blowing of his opponent's flute.

Bo Tie siansu herself realized that, she felt her heart start to shake violently.

As an experienced person, Bo Tie Siansu quickly put all his strength into his strength, because he knew that if this situation continued, he would surely be inflicted with no small danger.

At that time, it seemed that Loa Sim Hoan had exerted even more strength, the sound of the flute was wavy, as well as in the sound of the flute there were storms and typhoons that were raging.

Bo Tie siansu felt her heart beating violently as if it was about to burst, that was a sign of danger that was difficult to overcome if she took too long to make a decision, the only way to escape from the encirclement and effect of the sound of the flute was breaking the sound of the flute.

So there was no other choice for Bo Tie siansu, he suddenly stopped running, how fast he had mustered his strength and finally he opened his mouth wide and let out a scream.

The sound of the scream was very long and undecided, and at that time, the sound of Loa Sim Hoan's flute was shaken by it, and also Loa Sim Hoan's body was shaken for a moment, because the inner energy contained in the sound of his flute seemed to be hit by the power of Bo Tie Siansu's scream.

But that's just it, because Loa Sim Hoan has managed to regain control of his spirit and control the sound of the flute.

Bo Tie Siansu still kept screaming non-stop, so the screaming and flute sounds like non-stop clashing, The two types of sound were not ordinary sounds, so violent clashes occurred in both types of sound which contained very strong internal energy.

Thus, these two people had exerted their   strength on each other to try to suppress the strength of their opponent's shin, In the blink of an eye, they had sunk into a state of worry because the two of them were no longer running around, only exerting their shins by standing with their backs to each other.

They weren't facing each other, but instead what was fighting were their voices, the sound of Bo Tie Siansu's screams as well as the sound of Loa Sim Hoan's flute, From their heads each of them had also emitted a thin white steam, which rose up from their respective heads, getting thicker and thicker. , it proves that these two people are   removing all the cassava they have.

This is dangerous, if the battle is finished without anyone getting hurt but by putting all their energy into each other, both of them can get hurt by their own inner strength. Not at all. if they fight continuously until they bring out the peak of their inner strength, both will get sick, which will only heal after one year has passed.

Bo San Siansu sighed, he didn't expect that Siauw Lim Sie would have to accept the opponent of a powerful figure like Loa Sim Hoan, not to mention the threat from Emperor Eng Lok's side.

So that the people of Siauw Lim Sie himself began to worry, if other powerful figures would reappear, of course they would be very busy dealing with it.

That is, Loa Sim Hoan and Bo Tie Sian su still continued to fight fiercely, even a bit extraordinary, their feet were getting deeper into the ground because they exerted so much force, so that the ground they stepped on collapsed and their feet fell apart. sink to the ankles.

When the situation was tense like that, suddenly a shadow had flashed very swiftly, passing beside Bo San Siansu.

The priest was surprised, knowing that Bu Bin An who was beside him had disappeared. This priest even issued a suppressed cry, the incident happened in just a few seconds, so the other priests only found out about Bin An's disappearance after hearing Bo San Siansu's shocked cry.

They had raised their heads, looking behind them. There was no one, But Bo San Siansu's watchful eyes, had seen above the roof an old man, wearing a wide hooded hat, and wearing a shirt that fluttered a little loosely, beside him was Bin An-

The old man, who had a rather long mustache hanging down, sat cross-legged on the roof with a smile on his lips, his demeanor very calm.

Bo San Siansu let out an angry cry, he stamped his feet, his body had jumped up on the roof while extending his right hand towards the person in the wide hat.

But the person wearing the wide-brimmed hooded hat gave a small smile, he had grabbed his sleeve.

Not to mention that Bo San Siansu's body can perch on the roof, he has felt a very strong blow of the attack wind, No mercy his body slides back down, Fortunately Bo San Siansu is skilled at lightening his body, so he can twist and fall on the ground with both feet first. first and don't crash.

With a red face, Bo San Siansu stood in surprise and watched the person above the roof, he saw that Bu Bin An was being grabbed by that person's hand.

"Who is he? His movements are so agile like a demon, he can take Bin An and beside me without me knowing in advance, and his shank power is so incredible.-"

Bo San Siansu was naturally curious, he had let out a shriek as he floated himself up again, and before his body landed on the roof, he had reached into his shirt pocket, throwing out three bwee flower seeds, a secret weapon in the shape of a bwee flower, which flew very fast at the old man. who was sitting in the middle on the roof. But easily, the strange old man had flicked the three bwee flowers, so that the three secret weapons fell to the ground, And Bo San Siansu accompanied him by throwing three seeds from the prayer beads, he aimed at the deadly part of the person's body.

But just like before, the three beads of prayer beads were successfully flicked to the ground. while Bo San siansu used the opportunity to land on a precarious position. This priest has clasped his hands, he saluted: "Who is this brave man who had visited our temple...?" he asked kindly, holding back his irritation.

Bo Cie Siansu has also jumped up on the roof, standing beside Bo San Siansu. Bo Ie and Bo Kin Siansu, getting ready below, They also saw that the light sitting on the roof was a very extraordinary person.

Bo Tie siansu who was fighting was shaken to see that Bin An had been snatched by that person. But   because he was exerting his power lwekang. his shaken feelings could harm him. So he quickly focused all his attention on letting out another scream,

By then the old man, who wore a wide hood over his head, had laughed in a patient voice.

"You guys come back down," he said, tugging at the sleeves of his robes.

Bo San siansu and Bo Cie siansu felt the gust of the old man's hand, they intended to fend off with violence to survive standing on the precarious position. But to their surprise, it was as if their bodies had been hit by a force that could not be controlled by them, they were no longer mercilessly knocked down.

Luckily they had time to adjust the glide of their bodies, so they didn't have to crash on the ground.

While the old man wearing a wide hooded hat was laughing loudly, he stood holding Bin An's body- His body suddenly slid down, then jumped on the other side of the temple precarious, He had run like a shadow just as fast.

"Don't run... catch it!" shouted Bo San Siansu in surprise. And the priests had been after him.

But the old man who wore a hooded hat on his head had a very high ginkang, he had been running on the roof very nimbly, in the blink of an eye he had run, far away and left Bo San Siansu and the other Siauw Lim Sie priests.

Bo San Siansu and the others chased outside the temple, but as soon as they jumped over the temple walls, they lost track of the old man wearing the wide-brimmed hat.

They searched around the place curiously, but the shadows of the parents with Bin An had not been able to find them.

Weakened and mixed with curiosity, they had returned to the temple room, seeing that Bo Tie Siansu was still pitting the lwekang's power against Loa Sim Hoan-

By that time Loa Sim Hoan had stopped blowing his flute, his body leaping four spears further away from Bo Tie Siansu. Likewise, Bo Tie Siansu, has stopped screaming, for a moment Bo Tie Siansu regulates his breathing by staying where he is. Then he only moved two steps pulling his feet from the ground.

"Let's just finish our bet, we have drawn, no one loses and no one wins" said Loa Sim Hoan.

Bo Tie Siansu nodded.

"Moreover, the boy we bet on has now been taken away," said Loa Sim Hoan again. "It's useless if we keep fighting." Bo Tie Siansu furrowed his brows.

"I thought that person was your friend, you really wanted to lure us into a battle and it was your friend who worked to kidnap Bin An"

Hearing Bo Tie Siansu's accusation, Loa Sim Hoan laughed heartily, he had said in a cold voice: "Hmmm, I've always worked alone, instead I ended this battle, because I intended to chase that person to snatch the boy from his hands"

Bo Tie siansu saw people talking with a serious face, not the slightest hint that he was lying, So the priest wanted to believe Loa Sim Hoan's words.

"Okay, we will immediately pursue that person to take Bin An back from his hands"

"Hmmm, we now have to compete, who will succeed in snatching the boy first," said Loa Sim Hoan. And without saying a word to say goodbye, he had set his feet, and his body had soared into the air. In the blink of an eye Loa sim Hoan has left the Siauw Lim Sie temple, his shadow is no longer visible.

while Bo Tie Siansu had sighed, he signaled to Bo San sian su and the others, he himself had also run very fast, to give chase to the old man in the wide-brimmed hooded hat.

But even though they had chased and searched for him to the foot of Mount Siongsan, they still couldn't catch up to this strange and ignorant old man.

Bo Tie Siansu and Siauw Lim Sie's people continued to search until midnight, then they returned to Siauw Lim Sie's temple with nothing.

Their faces were gloomy, showing grief and anger mixed together. With Bin An's disappearance, they have received an inner blow that is not light for their feelings.


BIN AN, who was in the arms of the old man wearing a wide-brimmed hood, felt the wind brushing his face incessantly. He also felt how the person holding him was running so fast, it was as if he was flying.

Bu Bin An closed her eyes because she was horrified to see that everything they went through seemed to fly so fast.

In a very short time, they had left Siongsan Mountain. It turned out that the knowledge of lightening the old man's body was really very great, less than two meals of rice, he had managed to leave Siongsan Mountain and headed straight to the east. Until finally Bu Bin An couldn't take it anymore, she felt dizzy because of the incessant lashings of the wind.

He pinched the old man's waist, while shouting a bit loudly: "Uncle stop first!!"

the old man, who was wearing a wide-brimmed hat, was a sacred figure from the martial jungle- As is known, his arrival was so easy and unexpected, even when he took Bin An from Bo San Siansu, the priest only found out after this old man and Bin An sat down above precarious.

And then when the old man brought Bin Anpergi, the people of Siauw Lim Sie and also Loa sim Hoan couldn't catch him, because of his perfect ginkang.

But right now what Bin An pinched was the waist near his stomach, so he gasped in surprise with amusement, and quickly restrained his footsteps. He put the child down, saying: "You are very naughty little one, dare to tickle me"

Bin An looked at the old man in surprise.

"Uncle, where do you want to take me?" asked Bin An then.

"I want to take you to a place, to teach you martial arts, so that later you can become a warrior who has very high intelligence "

"Who is uncle?" asked Bin An again.

"You're still too young, even though I told you you wouldn't know," replied the old man, "When you're already a teenager, then I'll explain who I am."

"But uncle-..." Bin An looked doubtful. "Why ?"

"I... I was taken by uncle by looting, I haven't even asked permission from the priest uncles of Siuw Lim Sie who have a lot of respect for me."

"Hemm, you don't need to hang out with humans like that, they are just too selfish. They want to find their serenity. Look, the priests of Siauw Lim Sie just live in his temple without paying attention to what has happened in the martial jungle, they are based on , as long as they are not disturbed and do not accept difficulties, they do not want to interfere in the affairs outside the temple. Isn't that a self-interest that is too big and far-fetched? Well, as warriors, we must immediately intervene if we are concerned with matters that not fair Hi, hi, you are still too small, so I can't explain it at length, because you can't possibly understand "

And after saying that, the old man sighed again and again, his face looking a bit gloomy.

Meanwhile, Bin An had said again: "Uncle, but I am indebted to the priest's uncle, if you really intend to invite me, even then you must first ask permission from the priest's uncle, we can't just go away"

Then Bin An put on a serious face. "And uncle, I'm not necessarily willing to come with you, haven't you asked me whether you agree or not to come with you?"

Hearing Bin An's words, the old man laughed quite loudly, he seemed amused.

"Son. You are very kind," he said later, "unfortunately you have come with the priests. Hmmm, if indeed you live in the midst of the circle of priests, of course later you will only be able to know very little about the real world situation, because will be affected by them

"Why so uncle?" asked Bin An-

"Because you will be force-fed by various advice, if your right cheek is touched, give your left cheek to be slapped again. But have you ever seen, if a priest is slapped on his right cheek, he is not angry and instead gives his left cheek to be slapped? And also you still don't understand son, a priest who is not given alms if he asks for it, of course will mumble uncomfortably and curse people who don't want to give alms to him. That's not a good trait. But I'm sure, you certainly don't receive bad upbringing from Siauw Lim Sie, it's just that, it's not very broad for your future outlook on life.. That's why I'm interested in taking you to be my disciple"

"Become your disciple, the old man?" asked Bin An- "But..."

"Why? You don't want to?"

"Not unwilling, but what kind of student do you mean, uncle to study what?" asked Bin An again.

"Of course a lot. Learn martial arts, letters and learn about the character of humans who live in this world "



"Can uncle take me to meet the priestess uncle first?"

"What for ?" "I want to tell them what uncle means first"

Hearing Bin An's last words, the broad hat old man laughed loudly, then he said: "Obviously they won't let you come with me."

Bin An looked confused, He is still small, but he doesn't want to offend the Siauw Lim Sie priests who have treated him well all this time.

Even though he was young, his mind was long, which made the old man like him even more.

At that time, the old man had said again: "You saw earlier, didn't you, the Siauw Lim Sie priest fighting with the person who blew the flute?"

Bin An nodded.

"Well, what was all that for? To defend yourself, you were asked by the person who blew the flute, but the Siauw priest Lim Sie didn't want to give it up, so they became noisy and quarreled, then fought "

Bin An nodded, he didn't understand the business yet, but what this old man said he understood a little.

"Who is the one who blew the flute, uncle? Is it your friend?"

The old man had been shaking his head slowly with a smile.

For a moment he did not answer, just looked around him, they were in front of a forest, around that place did not see a resident's house.

Then with a smile, the old man just replied: "Okay son. Sweet child, are you willing to come with me?" "Now that I have been brought by uncle to this place, if I am not willing to come with uncle, how can I return to the temple?" asked Bin An showing a confused face. the old man smiled.

"Do you really still want to return to the Siauw Lim Sie temple?" he asked, "Aren't you interested in becoming a mighty warrior?"

Bin An sighed, then he replied: "I'm confused uncle, I'm very confused"

"Why should you be confused?" asked the old man. "You come with me, and all matters are settled, it is impossible for anyone to insult you, and I will teach you high-class martial arts, so that later you can become a valiant warrior, using the intelligence you have. you can help and help the weak from their troubles How, are you available to come with me?" Bin An looked confused.

"You will become a warrior, sweet child" Bin An finally nodded.

"Okay uncle" he said.

The old man smiled happily, he clapped his hands a few times. Then very quickly he grabbed Bin An's waist, who was carried away again very quickly.

The movement of the bag was agile, in the blink of an eye they had passed dozens of lies.

And Bin An in the old man's arms just closed his eyes, because he was not strong enough to accept the harsh wind blow on his face, he felt himself like floating floating - He is in the middle of the air.

The old man wearing a wide-brimmed hat is a powerful figure in the martial arts jungle - He is a powerful figure who is feared by the black group, but in recent years the old man has never appeared in the martial arts jungle -

He is named Sam Tiang In, and has the title Kung Kung Sian (Engkongnya God), This is due to his very high and extraordinary intelligence. Both his swordsmanship, barehanded and barehanded punching, had reached the pinnacle of proficiency.

Therefore, as long as Kung Kung Sian Sam Tiang In wanders in the martial jungle, he rarely gets a match.

To that extent, even though he had reached a little over sixty years of age, he still didn't want to take a disciple. He was never married, so he had no children. Originally, Kung Kung Sian Sam Tiang In intended to live alone until the end of his life and bring his intelligence to the grave. That was because during that time he had never met a child who matched his taste.

But when he was walking in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, he heard a commotion, he became interested, and had a chance to witness the strange match of Bo Tie Siansu against Loa Sim Hoan- But when he saw Bin An, he became interested and immediately grabbed it .

Now that the child is near him, even the cute little boy is willing to be his student, making the heart of the powerful old geezer very happy, He also has high intelligence so he believes Bin An can certainly inherit all his intelligence, because he saw that the boy had always had good talent, also his bones were very good.

That too was a fortune for Bin An, because he had been appointed as the sole disciple of the magician even though if there was someone who was willing to become a disciple of Kung Kung Sian Sam Tiang In, even though that person was bowing his head a thousand times, he begged to be accepted. become his disciple, the geezer will definitely reject him.


BU BIN AN was invited by the magic old man to run until dawn again. It means that they have traveled a full night and Mrs. Bin An, who often falls asleep in the company of this extraordinary grandfather, does not know how far they have traveled and how far the magic grandfather has managed to travel.

Only when he opened his eyes did he see that all around him was a mere moor of meadows, where the grass was growing profusely, yellowish green-

"Where are we, uncle?" asked Bin An then when the magic grandfather stopped running.

Sam Tiang In smiled, he said in a patient voice: "Are you still calling me uncle?"

Bin An did not understand he was asked that, so he asked back: "Then what should I call uncle?"

"Haven't you become my disciple?" asked She Sam's parents. "You should call me as Suhu (teacher)"

Bin An nodded. "Okay Temperature, where are we, temperature?" asked Bin An again.

"We are heading to Kang Lam, it may take a month's journey" explained the teacher patiently, "we are now in front of Pu-chiang village, and we will rest there while filling our stomachs" Bin An nodded.

That's how the teacher, a powerful figure, has taken his students on a trip. Every day he is surrounded by Bin An and the teacher does not use horses as his vehicle at all, he only uses his ginkang, where he can run very fast, so that in half a month, had been able to reach the city of Mong-ciu, they rested two days in the city.

Along the way, Bin An was treated well, but during that time Sam Tiang In never lowered his intelligence, because he did consider this small child not worthy of martial arts skills. The only thing that is necessary is education and galvanizing the basics first.

After resting for two days in the city, they continued their journey again.

Bin An doesn't know what kind of place he wants to be, he only knows that he will be invited to Kang Lam. as a child who is just over two years old, of course he does not know the shape and what is called the Kang Lam area, he only knows of course Kang Lam is the residence of this magical figure.

After traveling for another ten days, they arrived at the Kang Lam border.

It was nearing spring, so the situation in the Kang Lam area was very beautiful, where the trees were thriving and the flowers were blooming very beautifully.

Bin An has enjoyed the natural beauty that is around him, because Sam Tiang in is not running as fast as before, so the wind that hit the child's face is not so hard, and he can enjoy the natural beauty around him.

That night Sam Tiang In took Bin An to rest in a temple, and the next morning, after filling their stomachs, they continued their journey again. After running for almost noon, they arrived at a valley. The valley was full of beautiful flowers, but it was quiet and not a single human could be seen.

It turned out that the valley, which was named Hong-sian-kiok (valley of the divine Hong Bird) was a valley that people rarely visited. Also, in the valley there are many steep cliffs.

A beautiful place like this valley has been used by Sam Tiang In as a place to live. He has been living alone for several years in the valley with a very beautiful panorama.

But it was a coincidence that he came out of the valley and traveled, that he arrived at Siauw Lim Sie and met Bin An, whom he had finally taken as his disciple.

"This is our soul mate" Sam Tiang In often said that.

And the day since they arrived in the valley,   where Sam Tiang In took Bin An to a cave that he had arranged and equipped with all kinds of furniture such as tables and chairs and beds, they had carried out the words of appointment of students and teachers. At that time Bin An was still too young, but he just obeyed the words taught by Sam Tiang In-

So the two of them, Sam Tiang ln, a powerful figure, and Bin An, a child who was not yet three years old, had settled in the valley.

Bin An himself was very happy to be in this valley, because in addition to the cool and comfortable air, the beauty in the valley was very captivating.

The years have passed, and during this time Sam Tiang ln has passed down his intelligence to the boy. Ten years had passed without realizing it… during that time, Bin An, who was already thirteen years old, trained himself diligently.

Besides that, what pleased Sam Tiang in was the intelligence possessed by the child. Each move is enough to only be taught once or twice, then Bin An already understands

Therefore, it is not too surprising that Sam Tiang In is also increasingly eager to educate this child. He slowly lowered his savings skill. Even Sam Tiang In had thought, if Bin An's age reaches fifteen years, then he will pass on his extraordinary sinkang (sakti) training, now he has only passed down ordinary intelligence to Bin An. ,   because such a small child could not possibly receive a training that is too heavy, so he educated him gradually.

In such a situation, even though he received ordinary lessons from Sam Tiang ln, Bin An's intelligence is already extraordinary. Only martial arts experts who have ordinary intelligence will not be able to face him.

At the age of thirteen like this, Bin An already has a fairly high body lightening knowledge. He often played alone around the valley, up and down cliffs and also often ran to a village not far from the valley, to play marbles or other children's games.

Bin An was also often advised by his teacher as that morning Sam Tiang In had said: "My good student, you listen to remember well, if indeed you have gone abroad and wandered in the martial jungle, you must do good indiscriminately, who only those who need your help, you must help them. But you must also remember, you must treat criminals indiscriminately too.

They must be punished, those who commit crimes that are too severe, you punish with heavy penalties too, but those who commit crimes because they are forced and also evil deeds that are not so significant, you are rewarded by giving punishments that are not so severe, you must also be wise in determining, Which humans should be severely punished and not... Regarding matters of material possessions or worldly glory, it can't be used as a benchmark, sometimes there are many humans who live in abundant wealth and wealth, but they have bad qualities. often oppressing the weak is what you must remember carefully - you must consider every issue with a cool heart and head."

In addition, a lot of advice given by his teacher, and Bin An always accepted the advice well, he remembered and kept it in his heart. Indeed, during his time as a student of Sam Tiang In, he had been a good student, always obedient to his teacher's orders. Sam Tiang In himself saw that his student was indeed a good child and had a noble character, happy to help the weak.

Often Sam Tiang In witnessed this student having to fight with children who were older than him, to defend other children who were insulted, but of course the winner was Bin An, because even though his opponent was older than him, he could knock him down with easy.

At times Sam Tiang In also often pays attention to the behavior of his students, he often orders Bin An to buy something in a village close to the valley. He then followed him, and saw how his disciple always followed his orders well, never straying away from playing games or disturbing the other children.

Of course the teacher was happy, because despite how he had seen Bin An was quite different from the children his age.

That is why, Bin An is also the hope of his teacher to inherit all of his intelligence, where Sam Tiang In intends to pass all his intelligence to his student.

Bin An himself knew that his teacher treated him very well, He also learned that his teacher had inherited all his intelligence.

So, automatically Bin An always trains himself diligently, he has studied every move that was handed down by his teacher diligently and attentively.

By the time Bin An was sixteen years old, his body development had experienced an astonishing certainty, as apart from being very healthy, he was tall and well built. And most of all, he has inherited all the intelligence of his teacher, both the knowledge of lightening the body, as well as the intelligence of the teacher.

Now Bin An has become a strong young man, but still lacks experience because during that time he had never been out of the valley to mix with the people of the martial jungle, his little experience could not be used to face society.

When he was sixteen years old like that, Sam Tiang In had often invited him to travel, because the teacher wanted Bin An not to be clumsy anymore if he later wandered alone, because what Bin An currently needs is only one, namely experience-

If when they are traveling and meet an unfair event, the teacher leaves the matter to Bin An to solve it, to defend the weak but innocent from the oppression of the evil but evil.

Bin An can always finish his business well, even his teacher is very impressed, Bin An never acts hard.

Although he often beats criminals with an iron fist, the attacks used by Bin An are always not deadly attacks, it shows how kind and pure the heart of this young man is, who is starting to grow up.

That's it, one morning Bin An was called by his teacher. When Bin An entered the door of his teacher's room, he saw the teacher was watching out of the cave wall looking at the many flowers growing around the place.

"Teacher...." called Bin An while kneeling in respect. "Student has come to face" Sam Tiang ln turned his body, he smiled and ordered his student to get up.

They were teachers and students then sat facing each other, this morning Sam Tiang In's face was very friendly and gentle, more than usual.

"My student, you are seventeen this year, aren't you?" asked Sam Tiang In-"And you have been educated by me for more than fourteen years so now I think it's time for you to wander alone, I order you to wander in the martial jungle, to start doing sacred tasks and start practicing your intelligence. You must often do deeds noble to help people who are in trouble- And one more thing I ask, that you go visit Siauw Lim Sie on Slongsan mountain, to pay your respects to the priests of Siauw Lim Sie."

Bin An heard the teacher's words so surprised, he had asked in a non-fluent voice: "Temperature, can't the temperature command be postponed for a few more years. I still... still want to accompany the temperature for a while" The teacher has smiled ^

"Student, you listen," he said in a very patient voice, "You must realize it, it is really hard for me to part with you, but the task that awaits you is a lot, you now have high intelligence, so that intelligence needs to be used to help people who are in trouble, you have to travel, to see the current situation in the martial jungle. Recently from a friend, I have heard that the situation in the martial jungle is very chaotic, because Emperor Eng Lok is looking for the stamp of the kingdom that has disappeared.. Many martial arts masters were used by Emperor Eng Lok to be given rank and wealth... and those masters have acted arbitrarily in their duties, so that many weak people are curious...And now it is your duty to go wandering, if you encounter an unjust and unjust incident, you must intervene to help the weak from the oppression of the elbow..." Bin An bowed his head.

It has been ten years since they have met teachers and students and during that time they have had a very good relationship, as affectionate as father and son.

So now Bin An is very hard to leave this teacher alone in the valley.

But the task given by his teacher is also a very meaningful task. Besides he will gain experience, he can also do good to people who are in trouble - therefore, it is difficult for Bin An to refuse his teacher's orders.

But finally Bin An asked his teacher to accompany his teacher for another month, but the teacher still refused.

Sam Tiang In still ordered Bin An tomorrow morning to leave the valley and start wandering to do noble deeds, In fact the teacher had said: "Tomorrow if you want to leave, you don't need to say goodbye to me either, you don't need to see me, because you say goodbye like that only adds to the heaviness of parting..."

With a gloomy face and a sad heart, Bin An has returned to his room, He packed up his things and sleeps restlessly tonight, because tomorrow is the time when he will part with his teacher. And his teacher was considered his father, Didn't he have parents or relatives? But his teacher's orders could not be denied and indeed tomorrow he had to leave this valley, the valley that had raised him.

As soon as dawn began to show itself, Bin An had departed from the valley. He obeyed his teacher's orders not to say goodbye again, because Bin An himself realized that if he saw his teacher again, of course they would be saddened by this separation.

Wearing a set of all-white clothes, and riding a horse, Bin An had left the place. He only brought two sets of clothes, all of which were all white.

And also he had brought a little money provided by his teacher, his horse had run aimlessly, because Bin An did not know which way he should go, started this odyssey. So he just let his horse run as he pleased