The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 09

Volume 9

The morning sun seemed to have just emitted its light which was not yet so strong. And at that time on the Sie-cung road between the city of Ming-kwan and the city of Miu-te, there was a very long convoy of troops from the country's army, for their number was probably close to a thousand.

In front of the line was a warlord who was dressed in very dashing war clothes, riding a yellow horse, walking calmly and his haunted face showing that he was not a weak commander, because of course he had significant intelligence and strength.

At the very front of the line, five spears apart from the warlord, was a soldier carrying a banner, which read "Royal Army."

With this flag, it is to be understood that the criminals who often do trading work without capital, do not interfere with the royal line.

At that time one of the country's soldiers who was walking outside the line, had run towards a   horse carriage they were escorting, which was in the middle of the line.

This soldier, who was dressed simply held out a machete. looks dashing and from the actions of his feet, he has no low intelligence.

He opened the window curtain of the carriage, he looked inside, and smiled with satisfaction, because apparently the contents of the carriage were still intact.

The soldier returned to his place at the back of the carriage, while the line continued in a long procession. And at that time, it seemed that the line was about to be divided into two groups, because indeed they were guarding in case of disturbances from robbers who wanted to seize their chariots. After arriving at a fairly wide bend in the road, the line split itself into two parts, some of which circled the carriage, while others followed from behind, and a small part went ahead.

This was taken by the warlord, because this place is indeed often the case of robbery.

Meanwhile, the soldier who had opened the window blinds of the horse-drawn carriage, had walked beside the carriage with his hands ready to grip the rod of his machete, which was ready to be pulled out and used in case of danger.

Judging from the attitude of the royal line of soldiers, it seemed that the carriage they were escorting was a carriage that had very important contents. And besides that, it seems that the carriage is the transportation of goods that they really prioritize, where the line is a very long line of state soldiers.

While the warlord who was dressed in armored armor, was more alert, his calm demeanor like before was no longer seen, because his pair of eyes had been watching his surroundings by darting here and there with a wary attitude.

Circumstances like this show that the royal army is apparently preparing itself from the dirty hands of the robbers. although they were not sure that any of the Liok-lims would dare to clash with their ranks, they did not dispel such vigilance, because they were afraid that they might fail to escort the train, which could result in them receiving severe punishment from their superiors.

This royal line has passed a fairly sharp bend in the road. At that time, from a distance ahead of them, ran a horse with white hair, which came very fast.

On the horse's back, there was a young man over twenty years old, dressed all in white, like a siaucai (student).

"Open the road ... open the road ..." shouted the young man in white as he continued to run his horse very fast.

The royal troops who saw this became suspicious, they immediately alerted while getting ready to face something. some of them did pave the way, but they were quite far from the train they were escorting

The white horse passed very quickly, and when he passed the line, the young man dressed in all white let out a slow and cynical laugh, his eyes also glanced at the carriage that was being escorted by the royal army.

Seeing this, the warlord who was not that old, so suspicious, he said to his subordinates who were nearby. "We have to be careful, it seems that the young man in white is an envoy from the Lioklim clan..."

His subordinates immediately conveyed their leader's message to the other troops.

Immediately they got ready to guard the carriage, and also by that time they had partially pulled out their weapons, to get ready.

The journey continues.

But they had only walked two more lies, and back from the front they ran another horse. The horse had dark brown hair, and the rider was a girl of twenty years old, dressed quite luxuriously. While escaping her horse quickly and rapidly, the girl shouted: "Open the way... open the way..."

the warlord who was the leader of the line became very angry, because he immediately believed that this woman too was a spy from the Lioklim people who was watching and investigating the strength of the royal army line.

But since the girl had indeed run her horse so fast, it naturally couldn't be restrained. also the ranks of the kingdom have paved the way.

The girl when passing beside the carriage had turned to the carriage and let out a cold laugh.

In fact, if the warlord had ordered his men to surround the girl, he could have restrained her, but instead he was worried that clashes with the Lioklims would be more violent and difficult to overcome. So he let the girl go, vanishing on her horse.

Meanwhile the royal convoy had made their way again. In this case, they are more alert.

Not long after, several horsemen passed by again, with the same attitude, which was always watching the chariot being escorted while making a sweet laugh.

also not infrequently people who have passed it back again from behind the line.

With the way they were pacing like that, of course, made the warlord and his ranks even more suspicious and wary. While this royal line has arrived at the mouth of a valley. Immediately the warlord who led the line gave his orders, to adjust the shape and position of the line, so that if something happened, they could protect the carriage they were escorting.

And the lineup had been split into eight layers, they had prepared themselves to receive the brunt of any Liok lim clan, With eight layers like that, it was obviously very difficult for people to lunge into the circle of the protected carriage. Moreover, the front row is equipped with arrows.

But in the valley nothing happened

, there was no visible human other than the line of the royal army convoy.

In the silence of the valley, there was the faint sound of a flute playing a graceful song, a love song.

Hearing the sound of the flute, the warlord's face changed, he was already quite experienced and before entering the royal army, he was a Kangouw (river of the lake) figure who had a lot of experience.

Hearing the sound of the flute, he knew that the robbers were about to start work.

So he ordered his subordinates to prepare even more strictly, and forbade them to sleep, all of them must be in a state of readiness.

Towards midnight, in the valley, where the royal army was resting, it seemed very quiet and desolate, the only sound was the neighing of the horses who were raging or eating grass.

At that time, the wind was very cold, the night was getting late and dark. Many royal soldiers have lit fires, to illuminate the surroundings of the place, but the light of the fire is not enough to illuminate the wide valley.

So that some places are still pitch black and no human can be seen either.

Suddenly the sound of the flute came back louder and louder. The rhythm of the flute is still a love song-

Thus, the warlord   leading the line knew that the Lioklims who were eyeing their chariot were getting closer and they might soon intervene.

Not to mention that he had finished managing his men, just at that time it was seen how two horsemen had come running to him

And at that time, one of them shouted in a loud voice: "If you really want to leave this valley alive, leave the carriage..."

The warlord did not answer, only raised his hand to signal some of his subordinates, then it appeared that several horsemen from the royal troops ran their horses after the two people, who had turned their horses running in the direction from which they came.

After chasing for a long time, dozens of the country's soldiers lost track and they returned to their troops to report- It looks like the warlord has slammed his feet. "Looks like we really have to deal with the robbers..." he said then-And immediately he ordered all his men to prepare their weapons.

Their chariot escorts were tightened and had also been carefully guarded, it was difficult for a single mosquito to break through the guard.

After holding a guard for a long time, finally some horsemen came quickly.

Separated from a considerable distance, they shouted loudly: "If you still want to live out of this valley, you must leave that carriage..."

But when the ranks of the country's soldiers gave chase, they had fled their horses quickly.

This situation made the country's soldiers curious and pursued them continuously.

But in the end they lost track and were forced to return to the main army-Because if they continued to chase, they were afraid that they would be attacked on the back by the robbers.

The warlord became even more annoyed, he was sure that the robbers would work tonight.

So by holding a tight guard, he was willing to accept the attack from the robbers.

Circumstances like this finally made the warlord along with his troops guard with great concern. Because if they get caught off guard and the troops of the robbers who are certainly people with high martial arts skills, they will attack easily.

In the silence of the night, the sound of the flute grew clearer, And from the top of the cliff, a figure stood on the edge of the cliff, with his clothes fluttering in the wind, his demeanor was majestic, in the dimness of the night, the person seemed to be wearing clothes like a siucai, but his face could not be seen clearly.

The sound of the flute disappeared. The student on the cliff moves the flute held in his right hand. while he said in a loud voice: "Listen carefully, if you really want to leave the valley safely, you must leave the carriage. I give you the opportunity to leave the valley before dawn."

That person's voice sounded clear word by word, as if echoing in the valley, even though he was separated in a far and high place, but because he spoke with his Iwekang power, so it could be heard clearly.

The warlord sounded a loud laugh, he replied: "I Khuang ciu Hun did not know that Tai-ong (robbing king) lives in this place so he has not come to pay respects, hope our attitude is forgiven-.. of course after completing our duties, I, Khuang cau Hun, will report all of Tai-ong's goodness to the Emperor."

The student on the cliff gave a loud laugh, he said: "You don't need to show respect to me anymore, but the most important thing is that you leave this valley without taking a horse-drawn carriage with you... even that is more than enough because we only want the horse-drawn carriage. .." "But Tai-ong..." Khuang ciu Hun in a wavering voice.

"Well, there's no need to say much, if you leave the valley too late by dawn, you will all perish... in the whole valley I have installed eighty explosive devices."

Hearing the student's words, using his iwekang, Khuang ciu Hun replied: "Are you not afraid of the Emperor's wrath, where you dare to disturb the royal line.

"Don't say that, it's no use, we can't be bullied by you by selling your Emperor's name- We want the chariot. Period. And you must leave the valley before dawn. It's up to you, if you want to live on and enjoy yourself." the natural beauty of this earth, you must leave the horse carriage, but if indeed you are tired of living, please take the carriage with you, but if that happens, it is clear that none of you will live "

Hearing such a threat, obviously made Khuang ciu Hun angry.

He also has high intelligence, so when   he entered the ranks of the royal army, he immediately obtained a high position, now he is one of the palace guards that the Emperor most relied on.

With his high intelligence, he was given the task of leading the convoy of the chariot guards.

"Okay," said Khuang ciu Hun. "If that's what you want, tell me, what do you want and who you really are, from which class and what relationship do you have with the person in the horse carriage.." And after asking that, it seemed that Khuang ciu Hun was watching with sharp eyes. . While the student on the cliff said in a loud voice:

"All that you don't need to know, you definitely have to leave this valley before dawn" Khuang ciu Hun laughed coldly-

"Aren't you worried that you will receive punishment from the kingdom?" he asked in a cold voice.

"You don't need to frighten us with such a bluff. Because we have thought it through before working very carefully, it is impossible for us to work if we really scream at your Emperor "

Hearing that person's words, Khuang ciu Hun said fiercely: "Okay, let's go down, let's talk first"

"No need," replied the man. "Most importantly I have explained the situation, if indeed you have not left the horse carriage and passed from the valley before dawn, our souls are difficult for us to account for"

"When he said that, the student on the cliff raised his flute, he began to blow it, singing a love song-

The rhythm of the flute is so soft and comfortable in the silence of the night, but in   such a soft tone there is a tone of violence, containing a murderous desire.

Khun ciu Hun stood dumbfounded for a moment, judging from the movements and words of the student, it seemed that the band of robbers had built up a great force, because they didn't seem frightened to face the royal army of more than a thousand people. Immediately Khuang ciu Hun summoned the people he trusted, namely five soldiers who occupied a fairly high level and especially those who had decent martial arts skills.

Each of them are martial jungle people who enter the ranks of the country's army in order to gain strenght and wealth.

Meanwhile, at that time it seemed that at the top of the cliff there was a very high and thick smoke rising, followed by red flames. Khuang cie Hun's face changed.

"They got to work, .." he said.

At that time it seemed they were getting ready to accept the brunt of the robbers.

But what Khuang ciu Hun was worried about was the threat given by the student who said that explosives had been installed in the valley.

Thus, Khuang ciu Hun had to think twice about forming a strong guard to defend the valley.

But as an experienced Kangouw, he guessed that the student only wanted to use a bluff, because if indeed the student and his people had strength that could match the strength of the royal army he led, they would have invaded and not threatened like that. With force they will rush to seize the chariot.

Circumstances like this made Khuang ciu Hun finally decided to continue to stay in this valley. Because once they came out of the valley, their defenses would be weak, because the mouth of the other valley was not so wide, meaning that the troops had to travel in convoys, so the chariots were escorted only two layers.

All the royal troops had prepared their weapons and looked around them with caution, because at any moment the Lioklims could appear from an unexpected place and would attack them. Time is ticking... and the dawn will soon come.

While some of the country's soldiers who were subordinate to Khuang ciu Hun always took turns opening the window curtains of the carriage to see if the people in the carriage were still there, after seeing that there was nothing lacking in the valley, they smiled with satisfaction, even though they were still overwhelmed. tension, because it seemed at that time that a fierce battle was about to take place, as soon as the band of robbers launched an attack.

Time passed steadily and surely and on the eastern horizon a red glow showed that it would soon be dawn. Just then, from a distance, a loud explosion was heard. It surprised Khuang ciu Hun and his subordinates, they watched his surroundings.

In those seconds, from the four corners, hundreds of bodies appeared with rapid movements, some descended from high cliffs, some jumped out and dark places, they all used sharp weapons and carried out attacks, their voices were very noisy.

In the blink of an eye there has been a battle, the light of sharp weapons flashed very quickly, and also in a short time there have been   quite a lot of casualties . Screams and screams were heard over and over again with great commotion.

Khuang ciu Hun himself using a machete has gone berserk.

In a short time he managed to knock down nine of his opponents, who fell down covered in blood.

Like a wounded lion, he rages on with his machete.

The robbers who invaded were generally people of the martial jungle who had high intelligence, thus making the battle an arena of competition that caused a lot of casualties and a flood of blood in the valley.

The battle continued for quite a long time, both sides defending themselves, the other side trying to seize it, taking control of the escort carriage.

The battle claimed the lives of hundreds of people, what was severely damaged was that the country's army troops generally only understood the science of war and did not understand silat.

The robbers who numbered in the hundreds managed to knock down hundreds of the country's soldiers.

Khuang ciu Hun saw, if indeed this battle continued, it would be bad for his troops.

He issued orders to just defend himself around the chariot, with a line of archers in front of him.

They had divided themselves into eight layers of circular shapes around their chariot. Thus it had made it difficult for the robbers to break through to approach the carriage.

While the battle was still going on, every arrow released by the troops of the country's army, of course, could be repelled by the weapons of the robbers.

But there were also some robbers who were injured by arrows, so they couldn't move their weapons anymore.

The victims were still falling and at that time the situation was really serious for the kingdom-

If such a battle continues, of course the ones who will be damaged are the kingdom, where more and more victims are falling. Moreover, the invaders were indeed silat people, each of whom had quite high silat skills.

In this precarious situation, immediately Khuang ciu Hun issued an order to establish a three-tier fortification, namely the first fort to protect the horse-drawn carriages, while the second defense was to guard the outside of the carriage, and the third line must try to stem the attack of the enemy.

In that way, Khuang ciu Hun tried to leave the valley with the horse carriage with him.

It seems that Kbuang ciu Hun's efforts were noticed by the robbers.

So that some robbers have been shouting signaling to their friends and they are chasing and pressing on, it seems that the robbers really intend to seize the horse carriage.

"Get out quickly... get out quickly..." shouted Khuang ciu Hun in a loud voice. Meanwhile, from among the group of robbers. looks like the student playing the flute, he shouted: "Keep surrounded, don't escape ..." Along with his screams, his body seemed to jump into the air.

In the blink of an eye had arrived before Khuang ciu Hun. While moving his flute hit. the student said: "You better give up..."

Without saying a word Khuang ciu Hun moved his machete, he launched a swift and powerful slash.

The student saw the blade of the machete grabbed at his waist, he dodged to the right and quickly struck with his flute.

Khuang ciu Hun had to pull his machete back, because if he continued his attack, the student's flute would surely hit him correctly. If he gets stuck. I'm sure it will fall down and move no more.

The only way is to pull the machete back and then avoid the hammer.

Then Khuang ciu Hun retaliated with a slash of his machete at once with three moves. In the blink of an eye, he had succeeded in driving the student back.

The student had to dodge several times, because he did not want to let his opponent's machete hit his body. He quickly spun his flute, to parry Khuang ciu Hun's machete. so there was a loud banging sound several times, making both Khuang ciu Hun and the student have to jump back and separate themselves.

"Who are you really?" on one occasion Khuang ciu Hun asked fiercely.

"I am me, you don't need to know. But if you and your men really want to be safe, leave the horse carriage ..." His words were accompanied by the movement of his flute, he launched a very fast pounding. The flute's eyes grabbed strongly, accompanied by its iwekang power.

You can see how the student's flute is like dancing to the left and right incessantly.

The tip of the flute was always aiming for the deadly blood path, making Khuang ciu Hun powerless to block it, he just dodged himself here and there in a frenzy.

In this case, it is very clear how clever Khuang ciu Hun is still one level below his opponent.

The longer they fight, the clearer it becomes, how much the opponent's weapon is more powerful than the machete,

Suddenly, as he was turning his machete, the student's flute eye stabbed him in the ribs.

Khuang ciu Hun let out a pained sound as he   stumbled backwards with a pale face.

Meanwhile , the student 's breath began to catch on because he was getting tired too .

Khuang ciu Hun desperately replayed his machete, because if he did so, he would undoubtedly make him an easy target for his opponent's flute again. Attack after attack has passed, dozens of moves have taken place as well.

While the troops of Khuang ciu Hun and also the robbers had attacked each other and attacked blindly and also the battle that occurred was very chaotic, because they were the same number of opponents. But the ones who seemed to suffer the most were the royal soldiers, because it was clear how many of them had fallen victim-

At that time, the student several times jumped into the air, he made a few strokes, then one day he brought the flute to his mouth.

Soon there was a melodious song from the flute, while blowing the flute he danced here and there. At first glance, it is indeed a dance, but in reality the movement is a movement that is very difficult to guess and follow by the eye, because every machete slash from his opponent he always manages to dodge easily.

Several times Khuang ciu Hun tried to launch a barrage of attacks, because he wanted to win when his opponent was blowing his flute, but all the attacks fell on empty space did not meet the target This situation made Khuang ciu Hun really curious.

Just as he was getting ready to concentrate his iwekang energy, it was at that time that the student could see how the student was   blowing his flute in a high pitched voice, piercing his ears, surprising Khuang ciu Hun.

As someone who has had his fill of wandering in the martial jungle, of course he knows what such a rising tone means, namely the sound of a flute accompanied by a very strong lwekang power, where time can also see how the attack of the lwekang power has the power to really destroy people. without touching the person's body

Gradually it seemed that some of the royal soldiers led by Khuang ciu Hun had been affected by the sound of the flute. They danced and then fell limp by themselves.

Seeing this Khuang ciu Hun was very busy, he knew that if he let the student blow the flute continuously, his troops would be severely damaged.

Immediately Khuang ciu Hun concentrated his Tan Tian energy (energy from the heart), then he opened his mouth wide to scream.

With the sound of his screams, Khuang ciu Hun managed to drown out the sound of the student's flute so that he managed to help some of his leading soldiers.

Between the sound of the flute and the screams of Khuang ciu Hun, it seemed they were still engaged in a desperate battle.

Likewise, the men of both parties launched their attacks without being afraid and worried, they moved their respective weapons.

The two sides actually suffered no small amount of damage, the victims who fell were also not small, because they fought quite chaotic and very difficult to manage.

Moreover, for the royal troops who do not understand martial arts, they only understand how to fight normally, naturally many of them fall quickly as victims of their opponents' weapons.

Their movements were generally slow, only understanding tactics, but instead the robbers had quite high martial arts skills, so the robbers quickly managed to master the battlefield, while the royal army troops could only survive, and they were in a short time of course. couldn't defend himself anymore. Khuang ciu Hun repeatedly shouted with a loud voice, he also tried to suppress the sound of his opponent's flute.

Unfortunately, Khuang ciu Hun's voice gradually became slower and hoarse, because his Iwekang strength was getting weaker and weaker, while the sound of the student's flute continued to play loudly.

At that time, the student said coldly: "If you really want to live, there is still a chance, you invite your troops to pass from this valley by leaving the horse-drawn carriage, We will let you go without any trouble"

Khuang ciu Hun let out a scream filled with anger that was ridiculous-"If you really are too desperate. Even if we have to risk our lives, it won't mean anything to us, but in the future the Emperor's side will certainly pursue you-."

After saying that, Khuang ciu Hun moved his machete to attack the flute student himself.

Apparently the student finally ran out of patience to finish blowing his flute and let out a long laugh.

At that time the machete of Khuang ciu Hun was snatching up, the student seemed to be moving his flute to speed up his opponent's machete.

"Tranggg ..." there was a strong and very loud crash. Suddenly the knife from Khuang ciu Hun had been thrown from his hand.

Khuang ciu Hun's face turned red and pale alternately, he quickly jumped back a few steps back. because he realized that if he was even a little late, his soul would surely float on the tip of his liehay opponent's flute.

The student let out a cold laugh, his body moved to launch another punch, but again failed, because Khuang ciu Hun managed to dodge back.

That's how, Khuang ciu Hun always tried to dodge and dodge incessantly, besides that he also thought hard to find a way to deal with his opponent, because if this situation continued like this, of course he would also be in danger.

The student let out a long exclamation sound several times, and also his flute was strumming incessantly.

Khuang ciu Hun complained in his heart that when he came in such a state of urgency, three of his assistants had rushed over. The three people from Khuang ciu Hun were three soldiers who had quite high intelligence, but they were all easily repelled by the scholar who had the intelligence of liehay, and his very agile flute always tried to punch the most important blood path of any opponent who was close to him. .

But with the help of the three aides, Khuang ciu Hun could breathe a little, he could put up a more meaningful fight.

Even though the battle is still raging between Khuang ciu Hun's men and the robber's men, it seems that it is indeed difficult to end the battle, because the victims have been falling continuously.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that the robbers had the upper hand, as they managed to keep the royal guard lined up, which was guarding the horse-drawn carriage. Even the number of Khuang ciu Hun's men is getting smaller and smaller as they can only form a defensive line and can no longer launch pressure on the group of robbers, each of which is indeed highly intelligent.

Khuang ciu Hun while fighting had also seen that the number of his men was getting smaller and smaller, besides that it seemed that his men would soon be able to be destroyed by the band of robbers.

Khuang ciu Hun's heart became restless by itself, if this situation was allowed to continue and they did not resign, it was clear that they would eventually be crushed,

But if he and his men pulled away, running away from the carriage, of course they would get punishment from their superiors, for having done a completely failed task, even though the horse carriage was very important, in which there was indeed a prisoner who was very urgent.

With this thought, Khuang ciu Hun became very nervous, and he tried several times to push the student who was his opponent, as well as the three subordinates of Khuang ciu Hun tried to urge the student.

On one occasion, Khuang ciu Hun tried to pick up a machete that was scattered on the ground, then by using the machete he intensified his attack on the student.

However, in a few more moves, the machete in his hand was repelled again, accompanied by the release of the machete, which bounced and fell on the ground, even though Khuang ciu Hun had been pressed continuously by his opponent, with the tip of the flute pounding. Fortunately, even though Khuang ciu Hun was tired, he could still move swiftly to dodge the blows of the student's flute. Seeing that it was impossible for him to face the student, even though he was assisted by his three friends, he finally shouted: "Back off .." while his body jumped very fast, he tried to escape.

Khuang ciu Hun's men who heard the screams of their leader, seemed to have jumped from the valley, they were scattered in all four directions, to save their own souls.

Seeing the other side withdraw, the robbers didn't go after him, because they didn't mean to harm Khuang ciu Hun with people.

for them the most important thing is the chariot.

After all the people of Khuang ciu Hun had left, the student who was apparently the leader of the robbers, gathered his men. They then headed for the chariot.

The student ordered one of his men to open the window curtain of the train, to see if the contents of the carriage they wanted were still there.

But when this man lifted the curtain of the carriage window he could lift it up, he suddenly screamed as his body bounced back, collapsed on the ground and was crushed with a neck that was bleeding profusely fresh blood.

The student's face changed when he saw this, his men also let out a surprised cry, They looked stunned at the horse carriage.

The student while moving his flute   which he played using his Iwekang power, jumped up to approach the window curtain of the train.

With his right hand still playing the flute, his left hand stretched out to open the curtain, At the same time as he seemed to snatch a sword from inside the carriage towards the flute student's throat.

But because he had prepared himself, this student, who was also highly intelligent, could not be butted. His flute quickly beat the sword, so that the impact made a "Tranggg...!" sound. loud one.

But the sword only vibrated and held the flute for a moment, after which it moved down again and grabbed the student's chest.

The student did have high intelligence, he was not afraid to face the opponent's sword that was in the carriage.

Among the whistling winds of attacks that were lashing incessantly, this student seemed to be trying to block the sword with his flute. The movement he did was indeed a high-class swordsmanship move, even though he used a flute, but it could be used instead of a sword, besides he could do full-blooded.

Move after move has been going on quickly, but the person in the carriage is still not seen by the student.

If the student approaches and uses his left hand to open the window curtain of the carriage, the sword strikes him.

But if he stayed still, the sword stopped attacking, as if waiting. During that time it was not seen who the shrewd person was, hiding in the carriage.

Finally, after moving the flute twice, it appears that the flute student jumps backwards, he clasped his hands together, then fell deeply, he said: "Siauwte Cun Liong To salutes, hope people in the carriage come out and show themselves." he said.

"Hmm..!" heard the sound of people snorting in   a very cold voice. Besides that, it was also seen how the window curtains were swaying slowly, apparently the person in the carriage was peering out.

"May Siauwte know the she and the noble name of the shrewd warrior who was in the carriage?" asked the student.

But still the person in the carriage did not make a replying sound, he only made a "Hmmm!" course.

When the student's patience ran out, he again jumped to the window of the train.

But before he reached out his left hand to open the curtain of the carriage's window, from inside the carriage came a mighty gust of wind, thundering against the student's chest.

This time what grabbed the student was not a sword, but a strong lwekang force, rolling towards the student.

The shrewd scholar also realized that the attack wind was far more dangerous than the opponent's sword, because precisely this attack wind was accompanied by the power of shinkang, so that if it hit the target, it would undoubtedly make the victim of the attack break his bones and hurt inside.

To dodge himself from the strong attack wind, the student stabbed with his flute, and then his body rotated in a semi-circle, so that his body was standing on its side with both legs bent.

With such a move, he managed to annihilate his opponent's attack power.

There was also a muffled scream from inside the carriage.

Apparently the person in the carriage was surprised too, he was surprised why his attack was so fast and had such great strength, the student could also dodge it.

Meanwhile, the student, who had mentioned his name as Cun Liong To, returned to his low-pitched laugh, accompanied by the following words:

"If indeed the smart people inside the carriage don't want to show themselves, we will   take action according to our own way and way. Come out and show yourself...!"

When he said that, the student watched the carriage with sharp eyes.

But from inside the carriage again came the sound "Hmmm." Of course, without the slightest sound of words being heard, it seems that the person in the carriage did not intend to serve the student's words at all. The student's patience runs out, he makes a whistling sound, his hands are thrown into the air.

Together with his men jumped to lock the carriage, while the rest, which amounted to still hundreds of people, just stood still watching.

But even so, they were all in a state of readiness, each hand gripping their weapons, With sharp eyes all watched the carriage. "Are the smart people in the carriage still unwilling to show themselves?" asked the student.

And while asking like that, it looks like his flute is being lifted into the air, preparing to launch an attack.

This situation made the person in the carriage think twice, he understood the danger that was threatening him.

Finally the voice of someone who answered, his voice was very hoarse:

"If indeed you are brave warriors who work for justice, not like other robbers who only need loot, let us go!" heard the person's voice say in a calm voice.

"We can talk about that later!" said the student, "The most important thing is that you come out first and show yourself!"

"Hmmm, can you guys be trusted?" asked the person in the carriage.

"If you really don't want to come out too, after all we will immediately force you out using our own way ..!"


"Come out...let's talk one-on-one...!" sipeIajar said.

That's a very good offer, because it shows that the student did not mean to bother him.

Finally from inside the carriage came the sound of sighing, and a figure had jumped out by pulling the curtains of the train window. The figure was a man of big height, had a very thick beard and in his hand was gripped by a very sharp sword. His eyes shone sharply, watching the student with a very wary attitude.

While the student when he saw the person, he sounded a muffled cry.

"You...?" he said in a choked voice in his throat.

The man smiled.

"Yes Toako... indeed I am Liu Cung Kiat...!" replied the person.

"Why are you in that carriage...?" the student then asked while keeping a sharp eye on the person named Liu Cung Kiat... but then his words carried a displeased tone:

"Are you working for the kingdom to protect this chariot?"

Liu Cung Kiat's face turned red, he seemed very embarrassed.

Finally he nodded too, he said. "That's right Toako... I was forced to work on-the-kingdom, in order to obtain a few steady quests..!"

"But you want to betray us?" asked the hollering student.

The man quickly shook his head.

"Absolutely not, Toako... I was only paid to help protect this chariot, which contains important captives from the royal side...!" "Well, considering our long and quite good friendship, surely you don't mind handing the captive over to us ..?"

Liu Cung Kiat's face turned red, and he stood undecided.

But finally with a face that showed he had a hard time, he shook his head.

"Unfortunately I can't fulfill Toako's wish... because in this matter there is a heavy responsibility!"

The student's face changed, he let out a cold laugh.

"Don't you see that all the royal people have fled and you are the only one left? If indeed you insisted on protecting this chariot, surely you would face so many kani, even though we haven't seen each other for four years, and you You can train yourself well so you have a higher intelligence than before, I think you still can't possibly face our large number of us!"

Liu Cung Kiat's face turned red and pale again and again, he did agree with the student's words, but quickly said:

"And Toako, looking at our friendship, I just hope Toako will be kind to me, don't turn my rice bowl over."

"Hmmm, if that's the case, let me give you some advice...!" said the student.

"What advice Toako. ?"

"If you are really worried that you will lose your job if you hand over the captives who are in the carriage, it's better if you join us again, won't you then not lack anything. I'm sure, will be able to provide you with a sufficient life... "