The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 11

Volume 11

"If you really want to give it nicely so that I can get a chance to see the book, of course we will be good friends, unfortunately there is no friendship from the lady... so you just refuse my request, even though the request will not harm whatever you like."

The girl in the ivory dress had shook her head again. "Too bad uncle even though in what way

will be used by uncle there's no way I can lend you the heirloom book...! I Hoa Lun Sian can't break the temperature message so as not to show the book to anyone.!"

"Even to the friend of your teacher?" confirmed Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang.

The girl named Hoa Lun Sian nodded with certainty.

"Yes," he said.

"Then I'm really sorry I had to take it by force..." said Bian Tung Siang.

"It's up to uncle..." said Hoa Lun Sian while keeping a sharp eye on the old man.

Jie Pian Kiehiap looked at the girl for a moment, then he let out a soft laugh, his hands knew his waist and in both hands had grabbed two short Joan-pian sticks (weak whips).

"If you really don't want to show me the book even for a moment, I'm forced to ask you for a few moves..." Jie Pian Kiehiap said.

The girl smiled, she was not at all squeamish and she had nodded.

"Okay, I'd also like to receive instructions from uncle..." and along with his words, suddenly his right hand had grabbed the hilt of his sword and he had pulled out the sword that was on his waist, his attitude was very dashing.

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang became a bit irritated as well seeing the girl, namely Hoa Lun Sian did not show any feelings of intimidation at her, she had let out a cold laugh.

"Your skin is so smooth, while the weapon has no eyes at all, if your skin is smooth like that injured, of course it is something that must be made dear ... if you really want to think again Miss Hoa, of course you will choose the way of showing the heirloom book just a moment to me...!" said Jie Pian Kiehiap.

But Hoa Lun Sian still refused. "Please uncle open the attack ... I will accept your instructions ..!" said the girl.

Apparently Jie Pian Kiehiap had run out of patience, he moved the two short whips in his hands, and at that moment in the middle of the air there was a loud thudding sound.

Hoa Lun Sian has also moved his sword, he flicked through the air, a roaring sound was heard.

The two of them had shown an attitude of attacking each other.

As Jie Pian Kiehap moved his right hand, his whip would wrap around the girl's sword. However, Hoa Lun Sian had moved his sword downwards so that the coils of his opponent's whip did not hit his sword.

But Hoa Lun Sian also did not stay silent, as soon as he managed to get his sword out of his opponent's whip, suddenly his sword had stomped upwards, and slid to stab his opponent's chest.

"Good's not useless Liang Sie Suthay educating you..!" praised Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang in a loud voice and at the same time, the two whips in his hands moved simultaneously, the whip in his right hand aimed to wrap around the girl's neck, while the whip in his left hand slid around the girl's waist.

The two attacks on the two different targets are actually attacks that are very difficult to dodge, because in addition to grabbing them very quickly, they also contain very strong lwekang power in the two whips.

While Hoa Lun Sian himself saw that he was in danger, he put his feet, his body like a dragonfly, had soared high into the air, the movement that Hoa Lun Sian treated using his ginkang which was quite perfect.

And as he floated into the air his right hand moved in a circle and the sword slashed out very quickly, coiling around his opponent's neck.

Jie Pian Kiehiap was surprised at the way his opponent attacked that had such a strange movement, he had jumped back.

The girl she Hoa had slid down and landed on the ground. "How uncle, will the battle continue

this?" asked the girl to Jie Pian Kiehiap.

She Bian's parents became even more irritated. "Hmmm, you just have a little intelligence

well-behaved, well, let's carry on… take my attack!” And after shouting that, he had jumped up again while moving his two whips.

But Hoa Lun Sian didn't feel scared at all, he let out a long cry, suddenly his body swayed like he was about to fall swaying left or right erratically.

At that moment, Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to launch a continuous attack with his two whips, the first blow and strike failed, followed by the next.

Thus Hoa Lun Sian was attacked quickly and intensely. Sigadis has moved her sword giving a staunch resistance, where often she also stabbed and stabbed repeatedly.

Then Hoa Lun Sian used his high and dangerous swordsmanship, because he used the move of the "Sword Rolling Clouds", where the girl's sword had rolled around the two whips of his opponent, so Jie Pian Kiehiap's whip couldn't be too free to push him.

In a very short time, they had fought more than twenty moves.

The girl she Hoa also remembered, that the old man with the title Jie Pian Kiehiap had twice launched dark attacks, the first time when he sent his challenge letter, the second time when the girl arrived at the city door, thus, he couldn't stay still now when Jie Pian Kiehiap insisted on borrowing his Hung Ciang Pit-kip heirloom book.

He tightly spun his sword to defend himself and counterattacked Jie Pian Kiehiap. While Jie Pian Kiehiap himself became even more irritated because he saw that the girl was still so young, but in fact he could deal with his whipping skills well, Jie Pian Kiehiap couldn't push the girl at all.

This made Bian Tung Siang even more curious and he repeatedly increased his attack power, moving his pair of whips. where he always whips at the deadly and dangerous places in the girl's body.

Hoa Lun Sian himself saw that his opponent was getting stronger and stronger with his whip, forcing him to muster up his Iwekang, so he put up an increasingly persistent fight.

But what Hoa Lun Sian didn't understand was, why did Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang insist on borrowing an inherited book from his teacher?! With such thoughts, finally when Hoa Lun Stan dodged the whip in Bian Tun Siang's right hand, he shouted in a loud voice:

"Hold on... say uncle, why do you insist on like this to borrow Huang Ciang Pit Kip's book...?"

Jie Pian Kiehiap delayed the firing of his whip, he continued to laugh a little loudly, he said in a loud voice: "As I said, I really need that Huang Ciang Pit Kip to perfect my practice of this pair of whips... You have also seen, haven't you seen the movements of this pair of whips? My whipping technique has many similarities with the moves contained in Huang Ciang Pit-kip. Hoa Lun Sian has said aloud: "But the two arts have soft and hard power combined into one, while Huang Ciang's skill is a palm stroke that uses soft power...!"

"Hmmm, then you're still not willing to lend me a look at the book...?" asked Jie Pian Kiehiap.

"I'm so sorry, I can't fulfill uncle's request."

"In that case, let's play some more tricks." and with those words, Jie Pian Kiehiap moved his two whips again.

Seeing that he grabbed his whips that were far more dangerous than before, Hoa Lun Sian also didn't dare to sway.

Very quickly he moved his rapidly rotating sword, so that the swirling blade rays seemed to also protect his body.

Thus, these two people attacked each other and fought for more than thirty moves.

But during that time Jie Pian Kiehiap didn't succeed at all with his attacks, because at that moment the light of the girl's sword had covered his body like a very strong fortress. The whip that Jie Pian Kiehiap was using did not break through the girl's defense at all.

Meanwhile, Hoa Lun Sian himself did not want to act recklessly by launching a counterattack when his opponent was aggressively making moves like that. He dodged several times, and when Jie Pian Kiehap was jumping backwards to catch his breath, it was at that moment that the girl's sword had sped up in a flash, stabbed into his opponent's neck.

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang was shocked beyond measure, he saw no small danger threatening him, he let out a muffled cry and quickly jumped backwards again.

The girl's sword sped away in an instant, repeating   stabs at her opponent's neck, chest and stomach.

Jie Pian Kiehiap made several exclamations, his body staggered to the ground once because he was moving too hastily.

That's when the girl's sword slashed out swiftly, whereupon it stabbed again towards Jie Pian Kiehiap's waist. His movements were incredibly fast.

But Jie Pian Kiehiap has high intelligence, he can automatically dodge the attack by shifting the position of his legs, his waist has been pulled in slightly, and that's when his whip, which is in his right hand, has moved to grab the girl's neck.

Hoa Lun Sian let out a slow cry, he drew back his sword, and avoided his opponent's whip.

The two of them stood facing each other for a moment, neither of them uttered a word,

Until finally Jie Pian Kiehiap had said: "Well, once again I ask if you are willing to lend me the book from Huang Ciang Pit Kip?" Jie Pian Kiehiap's voice sounded deep, his eyes were also very sharp. Hoa Lun Sian shook his head slowly, his demeanor was very firm when he replied: "No! no matter how the heirloom book can't be loaned to anyone, it has indeed been a message from my late teacher!"

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang had said in a cold voice.

"With the intelligence you have like this there is no way you can face my two whips... it's better for us to talk nicely than if we have to be opponents..." Jie Pian Kiehiap said in a threatening tone.

But instead Hoa Lun Sian didn't feel the slightest bitch, he smiled a little, he said. "It's up to uncle, I'm just waiting for instructions from you old man ..!"

Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to be getting irritated, he waved his two whips into the air, and said: "Well, I have to intervene a bit harder this time..." and along with those words, bJie Pian Kiehiadp had done a much harder Whip than with the previous one. And also the lwekang power he uses is even stronger.

The whip grabbed in a criss-cross motion and headed towards the girl's neck and back, where it would fold over the shoulders and the tip would stab Tiam Cing Hiat's blood trail on his back.

The moves Jie Pian Kiehiap made was indeed no small threat to Hoa Lun Sian, he let out a cry slowly and quickly moved his sword to parry.

By turning his sword, Hoa Lun Sian could save himself from being struck by the two whips, Jie Pian Kiehiap was forced to pull back the two whips. But Jie Pian Kiehiap is a martial arts figure with decades of experience and he is indeed very adept at training the two whips, thus he did not immediately stop his attack, but as soon as he pulled the two whips back, he accompanied him to do another whip with a very strange whip, i.e. the whip rolled in a circular motion like a pair of snakes swooping down on Hoa Lun Sian incessantly. The moves made by Jie Pian Kiehiap are the most formidable moves of his whipping technique.

Even though Hoa Lun Sian's intelligence was quite high, the girl was less experienced than Jie Pian Kiehiap. Thus, she was pushed back several times.

In fact, when the whip in Jie Pian Kiehiap's right hand grabbed onto his arm Hoa Lun Sian failed to dodge, because he was too late to dodge to the side.

"Tarrr....!" at once the tip of the whip had torn off his sleeve, and at that moment the skin on his arm was bleeding from being injured by the tip of the whip.

Jie Pian Kiehiap let out a small laugh, he seemed satisfied.

"How, do you still want to continue this game, miss?" he asked.

But Hoa Lun Sian was in pain mixed with anger where his arm had been injured like that. he let out a low cry, and his sword suddenly struck the bar with a swift glide.

Like lightning, a glimmer of white light struck Jie Pian Kiehiap's stomach. The stab launched by Hoa Lun Sian was a stab that contained death. But Jie Pian Kiehiap was able to dodge himself. As his body moved to jump to the side, the whip of his left hand moved again, a sound was heard. "Tarrr...!" and back Hoa Lun Sian's shoulder had been injured by the tip of his opponent's whip.

This girl immediately realized, if they were to continue fighting, it would not benefit her, because at that time she had been injured in both parts of her body, she immediately jumped back, and put her sword into her frame, then she prepared with both palms, while he said loudly: "uncle . . . I want to ask you for directions by making a Hung Ciang move!"

Jie Pian Kiehiap's face changed for a moment, he watched the girl's attitude, until he finally nodded.

"Fine, fine, but if it's my hand, don't you say that I have insulted the young ..!" and he put back his whip, which was tied around his waist.

Then with his palms open, Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to be getting ready to face the girl's palm art.

Hoa Lun Sian had moved his hands, which were crossed and then he concentrated his lwekang strength, with one footstep, he stepped closer to his opponent.

Jie Pian Kiehiap's pair of eyes took a good look at the girl, where he saw that Hoa Lun Sian's palms had turned red, as well as blood gathering on the girl's palms.

"Take care of the attack, r uncle...!" shouted Hoa Lun Siqan with a loud voice, and at the same time his palms seemed to move very fast to make a blow, so that the wind whistled very strongly.

Jie Pian Kiehiap also didn't dare to underestimate the girl's punching skills, because he understood how great   Huang Ciang was. knowledge created by teacher sigadis.

As soon as Hoa Lun Sian's hand grabbed at him, he dodged away from himself, But instead Jie Pian Kiehiap dodged not to back down, he had accompanied him with both palms, where he had hit with his right hand towards the girl's shoulder, while his left hand moved would hit the girl's waist.

Hoa Lun Sian was forced to dodge repeatedly, but because this girl also has a pretty good bare-handed punch, she is not afraid to compete with her opponent, Once she dodged herself, she immediately hit again with her two red palms.

I see, the two of them hit each other and hit with dozens of moves. Finally, after fighting for a long time, Jie Pian Kiehiap, who has far more experience than the girl, has seen the weakness of the punching skill even though liehay, the lwekang power that the girl transmit still has many weaknesses.

Therefore, it seemed that Jie Pian Kiehiap had exerted his lwekang strength more strongly than before.

In succession he had repeatedly hit so hard that it forced Hoa Lun Sian to always have to dodge.

At that time Hoa Lun Sian also started to feel the pressure of the strength of his opponent's energy, where the girl began to move unsteadily. Thus, it was clear how much inner strength the girl possessed was still a level off, compared to Jie Pian Kiehiap's lwekang.

Several times Hoa Lun Sian had let out an exclamation of surprise, because he was almost attacked by   his opponent, But by relying on his agility, Hoa Lun Sian could still put up a fight.

But one time, when the girl was dodging to the left, it was at that time that Jie Pian Kiehiap saw that Jie Pian Kiehiap had struck with his left hand towards the girl's chest. The movement was a mere threat and when the girl dodged herself, Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to take her hand back and carry out the real attack. with the right hand.

The move turned out to be successful, as Hoa Lun Sian's shoulder was hit hard.

"Bukkk...!" Hoa Lun Sian's body staggered a few steps back, And also the girl's face turned pale.

While Jie Pian Kiehiap didn't want to stay there, he let out a loud shout, and attacked again.

Hoa Lun Sian managed to dodge himself several times, but while he was busy dodging here and there, his body was suddenly hit by a tremendous internal force, because at that time Jie Pian Kiehiap had struck with both hands simultaneously.

Hoa Lun Sian couldn't dodge anymore, let out a muffled scream mixed with pain in his chest, and then fell to the ground.

At that moment Jie Pian Kiehiap had let out a loud laugh. "Are you going to continue this match?" he asked.

The girl crawled to her feet, with a slightly pale face and slightly reddened, she said fiercely: "Even though how can I lend you Huang Ciang Pit-kip's heirloom...!"

Jie Pian Kiehiap let out a cold laugh, then said: "Well, if that's the case, I'll take it by force...!" and after saying that it seemed that Jie Pian Kiehiap had stepped closer to the girl.

Meanwhile, the girl Hoa Lun Sian, watched Jie Pian Kiehiap by being ready to receive another attack, even though she realized that it was impossible for her to match the intelligence and strength of the lwekang possessed by Jie Pian Kiehiap, but she was still determined not to give up the heirloom book that was wanted by Jie Pian Kiehiap. Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang.

Jie Pian Kiehiap had stepped closer to the girl in an attitude of readiness to launch an attack. At that time they had looked at each other for a moment, preparing to lunge at each other again.

Jie Pian Kiehiap also laughed in a serious voice: "Are you really not going to lend me the heirloom?"

The girl she Hoa just shook her head.

"Okay," said Jie Pian Kiehiap, and at that moment his body crouched slightly, his hands raised up to the level of his head, he prepared to strike with his lwekang power.

The she Hoa girl was also getting ready to receive the attack. But when the girl was in danger, suddenly a shadow flashed with a very agile movement. At that moment, the right hand of the shadowy figure was also extended to grip Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang's shoulder.

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang was startled when he felt the wind rushing behind his back. Immediately he dodged to the side.

But the hands of the newcomer had changed following the movement of Jie Pian Kiehiap's shoulders, gripping Jie Pian Kiehiap's back.

Of course this surprised Jie Pian Kiehiap, because even though he had moved very quickly to escape from his grip, it couldn't be helped that the winds of the attack from the figure could be followed quickly.

But as an experienced silat expert, Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to move very quickly, he turned his body slightly, his right hand had moved to block the body's hand, like lightning that had struck Jie Pian Kiehiap's hand and had been hit hard by the wrist of the figure. the body, made a very loud noise, and Jie Pian Kiehiap had let out a scream of pain, his body was also bouncing, as if being pushed by an extremely strong force.

Jie Pian Kiehiap's body that soared in the air as high as three more spears, tried to squeeze his body so as not to crash on the ground. But his efforts failed completely, because his body had slid fast and slammed hard on the ground, the dust was billowing.

Under the moonlight, Jie Pian Kiehiap's face turned pale when he stood back up, and Jie Pian Kiehiap also seemed to be suffering from incredible pain, because when he was slammed, it was his back that had been slammed first.

Thus, Jie Pian Kiehiap immediately realized that the intelligence of this figure is very high, because he, who has high intelligence, can actually be made to bounce like that in just one move.

But apart from being surprised, Jie Piao Kiehiap also seemed very irritated, because he had been crushed in such a way. he felt ashamed, and from shame finally became angry.

He opened his eyes wide watching the figure that was standing in front of him, immediately he saw that the figure was a person wearing a mask on his face, his face was covered by a red cloth.

"You..." Jie Pian Kiehiap hissed in surprise when he saw clearly the condition of the newcomer.

The person in the red cloth mask let out a soft laugh, but his voice contained an unpleasant tone and said: "Do you recognize me ..?"

"Are you the one with the title Sin Coa Tung Hiap?" Jie Pian Kiehiap asked in a stuttering voice.

The person with the red cloth mask on his face nodded.


Jie Pian Kiehiap's face turned pale, he had looked at it again for a while, finally he clasped his hands together. "I'm so happy to meet a Hqohan like Sirn Coa Tung Hiap.... this is a very good fortune for me...!"

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap had let out a cold laugh, he said in a bland tone: "If you really knew what I meant by coming to this city, you would certainly say that this meeting was not pleasant..."

Jie Pian Kiehiap's heart was throbbing, he had seen the hole in the red cloth shining very sharply. Hearing his words, of course Sin Coa Tung Hiap meant that he was indeed what Sin Coa Tung Hiap was looking for.

"Okay, is Kiesu really looking for me, she Bian's old man?" asked Jie Pian Kiehiap at last.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold voice, he nodded.

"I never thought that Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang was just a lowly human who could only insult a weak girl...!" he said.

Jie Pian Kiehiap's face turned red, he had forced himself to laugh.

"But I have my own business with that lady, so I never meant to insult her...!" said Jie Pian Kiehiap then.

"Okay now I want to talk about my business!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap later. "I came to this city actually to look for you, Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang I just happened to be able to meet you in this place so I can just finish my business here ..!"

"What kind of matter does Sin Coa Tung Hiap Kiesu want to take care of? Jie Pian Kiehiap then asked. "If I really am she Bian's old man, I can help of course I am willing to help you."

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Ping An had said in a cold voice: "If you say so, my business will be done without any trouble." His words were followed by his feet who stepped closer to Jie Sin Coa Tung Hiap said again: "Okay, I need to explain now that I came to ask you for something."

"Ask me for things? Is Kie Su short of travel expenses? Just say it, I'll order my people to prepare all Kiesu's needs!" said Jie Pian Kiehiap.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap shook his head several times.

"I don't need money, all I need is your pair of whips!" Sin Coa Tung Hiap's words were closed with eyes that emitted a very sharp light.

At that moment, Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang changed his face, he said in a stuttering voice: "This... how can this happen... I... I'm so sorry I couldn't grant Kiesu's request!"

It must be known, that the weapons relied on by a martial arts warrior, are items that are highly valued. If indeed the weapon he uses is lost or taken by someone, it means that the name of the expert in question will fall.

Thus Jie Pian Kiehiap could not give his weapon even though he had to go through a battle between death and life, of course Jie Pian Kiehiap would not give up his whip. Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold laugh, he said in a bland voice: "Well, if you really don't want to give me your pair of whips, I'll take them myself...!"

Hearing Sin Coa Tung Hiap's words, Jie Pian Kiehiap's face changed, he forced himself to smile.

"Kiesu, this meaningless item is an inheritance from my teacher, and there's no way I can give it to you, especially this inherited item is also a weapon that I usually use to protect myself, so I hope Kiesu doesn't insist on asking for it, because I think these things This worthless means nothing to Kiesu!" after saying that, it looks like Bian Tung Siang bowed his body while clasping his hands together, he dared to salute.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap let out a cold laugh.

"If you still insist that you don't want to hand over the thing I asked for, don't be sorry if I act rudely to take it myself!" he said.

But it was Jie Pian Kiehiap who was so desperate, so impatient.

"Fine, fine," he said later, "If Kiesu is still insistent on taking these two whips that I rely on as my weapon, I'll also be forced to take the courage to take instructions from you...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap gave a cold laugh, he had said in a cold voice: "Well, take good care of your pair of weapons, I'll take them!" Accompanying his words, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body moved very fast, suddenly he was in front of Jie Pian Kiehiap, and also his right hand was stretched out to poke Jie Pian Kiehiap's eye.

Seeing such a threat, Jie Pian Kiehiap was really surprised, because he knew that Sin Hoa Tung Hiap's fingertips were already in front of his eyes, only a few feet apart.

At that time, he tried to dodge away from the point of the finger, saving the apple of his eye.

But before he could move, he just tilted his head, suddenly he felt a chill in his waist, and Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not continue his strokes, Jie Pian Kiehiap quickly touched his waist and his face turned pale.

It turned out that his two flagship whips were no longer on his waist.

When he was trying to avoid the finger of Sin Coa Tung Hiap that threatened the eyeball, it turned out that Sin Coad Tung Hiap had used his other hand to quickly grab Jie Pian Kiehiap's pair of whips, so Jie Pian Kiehiap didn't know how to do it at all. Sin Coa Tung Hiap took the pair of whips.

With such an incident, Jie Pian Kiehiap just stood there dumbfounded, while Sin Coa Tung Hiap had played with the two whips he had just taken with both hands.

"Good whip... good whip!" he praises several times. Meanwhile, Hoa Lun Sian had watched all of this with admiration, because he had seen how clever Sin Coa Tung Hiap really was.

In this way, he was saved from Jie Pian Kiehiap's insistence on forcing him to ask for Huang Ciang Pit Kip's heirloom book, which he said he wanted to borrow.

Again Sin Coa Tung Hiap said in a bland voice: "Hmmmm, now I have managed to have these two whips... and in the absence of these whips, I just hope you don't do things outside the Gie line (good manners), I have heard enough how Pai Nam Kiesu's side, which has quite a number of students, often does things that oppress the weak...!"

Jie Pian Kiehiap's face turned red and he was furious because his flagship weapon had been taken away by Sin Coa Tung Hiap. However, because he realized that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had high intelligence, thus he did not dare to act recklessly.

In a voice that contained annoyance he said: "Sin Coa Tung Hiap you are too much... give me back my pair of whips and I'll finish my business here-!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed coldly.

"You don't seem happy with me taking this whip?" he asked, "Then what are you going to do?"

So Jie Pian Kriehiap became more and more converted.

"If you don't return my whip, let me pit my soul against you...!" replied Jie Pian Kiehiap. At that time Sin Coa Tung Hiap sounded a loud laugh, he laughed while lifting his head to look at the moon And after laughing enough, he said: "You want to pit souls with me? Fine, fine, I just want to see, how high is Jie's intelligence? Pian Kiehiap Ban Tung Siang...!"

"Give me back that pair of whips, I'll show you that Ban Tung Siang...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap made another cold voice. "Hemm,     hem, it     seems     you are     curious    and

think that intelligence is very high ..!" said

Sin Coa Tung Hiap. "Okay, okay, I also really want to see, how high is Jie Pian Kiehiap's whipping skill... you accept this...!"

And after saying that, Sin Coa Tung Hiap seemed to move his hand, he had thrown a pair of whips that were in his hands.

The two short limp whips grabbed Jie Pian Kiehiap very strongly.

Jie Pian Kiehiap quickly extended his hand, he accepted the two whips,

But when he grabbed the two whips, he made a muffled cry, because he felt a sharp pain in his palms.

As it turned out, the strikes of the two whips had such shocking power that even though the whips had been blocked by Jie Pian Kiehiap who was in such a position where he had promised to fight Sin Coa Tung Hiap with his whipping skills, he could not take back his words.

"Let's just start now, I give you the opportunity to launch an attack of ten moves, and during that time I will not counterattack," said Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Jie Pian Kiehiap let out a snort, curiously he had concentrated all of his shank power into his palms and channeled it into his two whips.

The movement he did then was very fast where the two whips had been grabbed very strongly towards the body of Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap can always dodge agilely.

The first and second moves have passed without success as well as the third and fourth moves that did not hit the target.

This made Jie Pian Kiehiap even more curious, several times he launched the method of not using it again strongly.

At the time of the ninth move, Sin Coa Tung Hiap had just dodged with his body tilted to the left and Jie Pian Kiehiap had accompanied another lash.

However, Sin Coa Tunghiap actually has a very high intelligence, he is also very agile to save himself from being struck by his opponent's whip.

Until finally arrived the tenth move.

"Now it's my turn to strike back... you have to be careful Jie Pian Kiehiap...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a loud voice, and at the same time, it seemed that he had been moving his hands, turning his palms quickly, and his body was also jumping to and fro with very agile movements. Jie Pian Kiehiap himself who saw in ten moves did not succeed in attacking his opponent, so he was worried too. And now seeing Sin Coa Tung Hiap getting ready to launch a counterattack, made him carry a more cautious attitude.

At that time, it seemed that Jie Pian Kiehiap had to jump back two more spears, the first attack from Sin Coa Tung Hiap had struck his chest.

Even though Sin Coa Tung Hiap hit him with the palm of his hand, in fact the power of his punch was very strong and could be deadly.

Under these circumstances, Jie Piban Kiehiap, while dodging his whip, tried to entangle Sin Coa Tung Hiap's wrist.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not want to let his wrist be caught by his opponent's whip, he pulled his hand back together he had beaten with his other hand.

The force of the blow from the palm of his hand was so strong, because just as Jie Pian Kiehiap was about to parry with his whip, his body was pushed back by an invisible and powerful force.

Just as Jie Pian Kiehiap let out a startled cry, he felt his body lighten up and float in mid-air, then crash onto the ground.

"How ?" asked Sin Coa Tung Hiap in a bland voice: "Would you like to hand over your pair of whips?"

But Jie Pian Kiehiap had crawled to get back up, he was getting ready to attack again, without answering Sin Coa Tung Hiap's question, he stared intently at his opponent. Hoa Lun Sian, who witnessed this, stood still. he saw how smart Jie Pian Kiehiap was, if only Sin Coa Tung Hiap had not come in a hurry, maybe now he would have been seriously injured in the hands of Jie Pian Tung Hiap. And now he saw that Sin Coa Tung Hiap's intelligence was far higher than Jie Pian Kiehiap's intelligence.

The girl secretly sighed, as she said in her heart: "Hmm, it's true what it says that intelligence has no limits... Jie Pian Kiehiap's intelligence, which seems to have been so high, turns out to have no power to face the masked person's real intelligence. nya, who is this masked person?"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap had said: "You have to be careful, Jie Pian Kiehiap because I will take your pair of whips."

Jie Pian Kiehiap gripped his pair of whips firmly, he was sure that if he was careful and put up a vigilant fight, it would be impossible for Sin Coa Tung Hiapb to attack his whips.

At that time Sind Coa Tung Hiap said in a bland voice: "I will start right away, you be careful!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body has moved swiftly, he approached Jie Pian Kiehiap with an incredibly fast movement, Jie Pian Kiehiap only saw Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body flashing and he felt a pair of cold hands.

It turned out that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had seized the two whips in Jie Pian Kiehiap's hands, and at that time, he took it using only his left hand, with his right hand he pushed Jie Pian Kiehiap's chest. No mercy Jie Pian Kiehiap's body has been thrown and collapsed on the ground, while a pair of whips have moved into the hands of Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

At that time Jie Pian Kiehiap seemed to have groaned in pain, he crawled to his feet.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap stood up and played with the pair of whips.

"For the second time I managed to take this whip from your hands," said Sin Coa Tung Hiap, "Are you still curious to complain about your intelligence again!"

But Jie Pian Kiehiap, who realized that he could not match the intelligence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap, had been silent for a moment, then he clasped his hands together in a salute.

"Okay. This time I'm Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang, my name falls in your hands, I accept your teaching this time, and I hope you will return my whip...!"

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap has shaken his head.

"I already said, I want this pair of whips...!"

"Hemm, if you really don't want to return the whip, it means you really want to inflict revenge on my side...!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed loudly he said in a bland voice: "I put my lightest hand on you, I didn't destroy your intelligence and only took this pair of whips. But it seems that you have a grudge for this. Fine, fine, if this is the case. does not please your heart, q at any time I will accept your arrival later to take all this into account...!" Jie Pian Kiehiap's face turned red, he was furious, but remembering that he would be powerless to reclaim the whip, he just kept quiet, and then after turning his head to look at Hoa Lun Sian for a while, he turned his body, walking away from the place .

After seeing Jie Piarj Kiehiap leave, Sin Coa Tung Hiap approached Hoa Lun Sian.

"Is the lady injured badly enough?" he asked in a patient voice.

Sigadis was initially stunned, but then shook her head.

"No, only hurt on the outside!" he said, "Thank you for the help given by inkong (master helper)


Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed.

"Don't say that, Miss," he said, and he reached into his pocket, pulled out a small vial, and pulled out three dark brown pills.

"This pill," said Sin Coa Tung Hiap again, "is a pill for wounds that is quite effective. Swallow one, tomorrow morning you swallow another one and in the evening another one, your wound will heal!" and Sin Coa Tung Hiap handed over the three   pills.

Hoa Lua Sian accepted the pill while expressing his gratitude, he immediately swallowed the other pill with the help of his saliva.

"And this pair of whips I present to you, lady...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap back while handing him the two Jie Pian Kiehiap whips he had taken earlier.

The girl was stunned again, but then laughed. "Thank you... I guess, those two whips mean nothing to me, since I only know a little bit of swordsmanship!"

"Just accept it as a gift...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap while still handing out the two whips.

The girl hesitated for a moment, but then as she stretched out her hand, she greeted the two whips, which then entangled her waist. he then clasped his hands together, bowed respectfully, saying: "Thank you for the help and giving this gift, Inkong," said the girl.

The person in the red cloth mask who had the title of Sin coa Tung Hiap had stepped aside, he didn't want to accept the girl's respect.

"Don't practice too much, don't practice too much," said Sin coa Tung Hiap later. "May I know she and the name of the noble lady?" The girl was stunned again, but then she said she and her name.

Sin coa Tung Hiap laughed. he also said: "I myself am she Gu and named Ping An-Friends in the martial jungle give a playful title with the nickname sin coa Tung Hiap"

"Siauw Moay has heard quite a lot about the name and nickname of Inkong.... It seems that Inkong is a very well-known martial arts figure in this Hunan province..."

Sin coa Tung Hiap sighed, "actually I only do what I can do-.. and I always try to do something that can bring happiness to my heart, namely justice and kindness-." said Sin coa Tung Hiap. "However, if Siauwmoay is not mistaken, many inkongs" but the girl didn't continue her words.

"Do what ?" asked Sin coa Tung Hiap while watching the girl.

"Not infrequently, inkong is said to have done something quite shocking, namely to make enemies from Pekto street..." Hearing the girl's words, Tung Hiap's sin coa laughed.

"It's not always that people on Pekto Street are clean and straight, they are human and have many faults, therefore, if I ever clash with people from Pekto Street, that's normal. And so are people on Hekto Street (black/criminals), no all of them are evil, sometimes in the Hekto group there are true warriors who have noble and noble souls.

So with such a stance, many people in the martial arts forest think that I don't have a stand on which way and which group, because indeed I often clash with the Hekto and Pek-to groups, but most importantly, I always try to act in the way of virtue. ."

Hoa Lun Sian took a deep breath, he said admiringly: "Okay," he said in a voice that contained a feeling of joy. "Being able to meet inkong and get acquainted with inkong directly, is really a fortune that is very difficult to get Siauwmoay ... really very happy."

Sin coa Tung Hiap laughed, he had turned his body and said: "See you next time-." And before his voice was finished, his body had disappeared from Hoa Lun Sian's eyes. "What a skillful Ginkang..." praised Hoa Lun Sian unintentionally, because he was very impressed.

After staying in that place for a while longer, Hoa Lun Sian finally left the place and returned to the inn.

But the next morning when he woke up from his sleep, Hoa Lun Sian always remembered the person in the red mask, namely Sin coa Tung Hiap who had given him a pair of Whips belonging to Jie Pian Kiehiap which he had stolen.

After breakfast, Hoa Lun Sian headed to the building where Pai Nam Kiesu was, to meet Jie Pian Kiehiap. he had returned Jie Pian Kiehiap's pair of whips.

Bian Tung Siang, who received back his pair of whips, was so happy and moved to the girl, he expressed his infinite gratitude, and also stated that his business with Sin Coa   Tung Hiap ended only there.

Likewise with the Huang clang heirloom, Bian Tung Siang stated that he did not want to force Hoa Lun Sian to borrow it.

After conversing for a while with Bian Tung Siang, the girl excused herself to continue her journey.

Hoa Lun Sian left the city of Pai Nam towards the southwest, he headed for the city of Liu-cing. On the way to Liu-cing city, you have to pass through a fairly wide meadow. As far as the eye could see, only grass that grew tall stretched out in front of the eye.

Hoa Lun Sian traveled without riding a horse, he only walked. Because being in a comfortable place like the meadow, has made Hoa Lun Sian travel slowly, he also saw many birds flying nimbly above the meadow.

While Hoa Lua Sian was walking slowly while singing, at that time he heard from behind him the sound of horse hooves.

Hoa Lun Sian looked back, he saw a horse with slightly red hair approaching quickly. The horse's movements were very firm, and on its back was a large backpack and its rider was a thirty year old man.

When the horse galloped rapidly, the large pack stirred.

Judging from the large pieces of the horse, Hoa Lunsian knew that the horse was a Mongolian horse which was famous for its valor. And the young man who was on the horse also had a well-built body.

When the horse came near Hoa Lun Sian, he could clearly see the young man's face, which was overgrown with a fairly thick and rough beard.

When he arrived near Hoa Lun Sian, the young man had pulled his horse's leash so that the beast stopped galloping.

"I'm sorry I wanted to ask a little, which way to go to Liu-cing-kwan?" asked the young man   his voice was big and his tone harsh.

Hoa Lun Sian looked at the young man for a moment, he also looked at the large package that was locked behind the horse's back. Then this girl pointed towards the front: "Just take a straight direction, later you will arrive at the place you are going..." "Thank you..." said the bearded youth in a still large voice, and without saying much more he had pulled the leash of his horse's lessons, so that the horse galloped and galloped very fast.

Hoa Lun Siang watched the young man leave, and he went on a journey as well. Because he traveled on foot, it was not until late afternoon that he arrived at Liu-cing city.

This She Hoa girl is looking for an inn, and she has seen that in this big city there is only one big enough inn. When the girl was about to enter the front door of the inn, she saw a red-haired horse tethered in front of the inn, in the section where the horses of the guests who visited the inn were tethered, at once Hoa Lun Sian remembered the young man with the bushy beard.

When Hoa Lun Sian stepped into the living room of the inn house, a servant who was originally sitting leaning behind a pole, had jumped up to greet him.

"Does slocia or miss need a room?" asked respectfully. Hoa Lun Sian nodded.

"Give me a clean room," he pleaded.

The maid worked quickly in a short time she had prepared and tidied up a room that was quite good for the girl which was located on the right side of the inn house building.

It seems that although Liu-cing city is a big city, it is rarely visited by people who want to cruise, so even though there is only one inn, it is still not very crowded with guests. After cleaning his body and copying Hoa Lun Sian's clothes he headed to the dining room to order several kinds of food to flatten his stomach.

While waiting for the food he ordered at that time from the stairs that connected the lower room to the upper level, a young man with a beard came down. When he saw Hoa Lun Sian, the young man nodded with a smile.

"Apparently you came to this town too, miss?" he said, his voice still big, though he seemed to have tried not to sound harsh or stiff.

Hoa Lun Sian nodded.

"Yes, apparently we have the same goal-" he said, "How long have you been here?"

"This afternoon "

Thus, the bearded young man sat down at the table with Hoa Lun

They also talk. Since the bearded youth was also a wanderer in the martial jungle, they quickly became compatible. where they talked about the recent developments in the state of the martial world.

"Did you come Cung Sieheng (She Cung's brother) to Liu-Cung City to do some important work?" asked Hoa Luu Sian-

A moment later the bearded youth, whose name was Cung Kiang Bun, nodded.

"That's right . . . I have some very important business to attend to—" he said, "And you . . .?"

Hoa Lun Sian nodded with a smile. "If the siauwmoy only wanders to seek experience," he said later "then the Siauwmoay has no specific purpose... wherever the siauwmoay's legs take, then that's where the siauwmoay will arrive..."

The bearded young man smiled.

"If so, you can certainly see a crowd, if only you want it miss..." said the young she cung.

"What crowd?" asked the girl then interested. "I came to this Liu-cing town to take care of something

quite a strange matter, namely matters concerning the safety of dozens of human souls..."

Hoa Lun Sian furrowed a pair of eyebrows, he looked at the young man rather sharply, "What business is that?" asked the girl too.

The youth hesitated for a moment. but then he said also in a voice that was slower than before: "Did you see the big parcel I carried on my horse's back a moment ago, when we were in the meadow?" Hoa Lun Sian nodded.

"Yes... the package is huge. What's in it?" asked Hoa Lun Sian-

"A human, a silat warrior who I have managed to capture-.. and also, he is the one who will determine the success or failure of this endeavor of mine..."

"A human ?" asked Hoa Lun-Sian in a slightly surprised voice, "So... the contents of the package are a human


Cung Kiang Bun nodded quickly. "Yes... he is a student of Kun Lun Pay who I have taken captive, and he is the one who will determine whether the Kun Lun Pay experts I will contact will understand and sort out our affairs. I used to meet the masters of Kun Lun Pay..."

Hoa Lun Sian's heart became interested, As a girl who likes martial arts, of course every crowd is very pleasing to her. Especially now that he is invited to meet with the figures of Kun Lun Pay who he has long heard that the people of Kun Lun Pay have very high intelligence, especially for his swordsmanship. Without a second thought, Hoa Lun Sian had nodded.

"Okay... but may Siauwmoay know what business is between Cung Sieheng and the Kun Lun Pay people?"

"Ordinary business, matters concerning the safety of the lives of dozens of people, actually I am from the door of the Wie Liong-pay college, where our college has clashed with several Kun Lun Pay students, but it was precisely because of these clashes, which could actually be reconciled, the masters of Kun Lun Pay has drawn this issue for a long time, we ended up getting involved in an increasingly long and convoluted affair, thus attracting the attention of other martial arts figures.

We from Wie-liong-pay's side intend to take a peaceful path with Kun Lun Pay's side, even though a Kun Lun Pay disciple has secretly come to our place, intending to commit murder in the dark. failed, and we managed to catch it.

We don't torture or punish him, we will only bring him to meet the Kun Lun Pay people, where we will state our intentions, so that the endless problem can be solved..." Hoa Lun Sian listened with interest.

"Then what does Cung Sieheng mean by saying that this matter concerns the affairs of dozens of human souls?" asked the girl. Cung Kian Bun took a deep breath.

"If this matter drags on and there are endless clashes and battles between the two groups, namely Wie-liong-pay and Kun Lun Pay's side, it will cause quite a lot of casualties. It is from our side, namely Wie-liong-pay , trying to prevent more casualties, wouldn't it be wiser if we could take a peaceful path for both sides?"

"But if Wie-liong-pay's good intentions are rejected by Kun Lun pay's people?" asked Hoa Lun Sian-

"That's how it's going to be... because right now, aren't we from Wie Liong-pay's side yet also not aware of the stance of the Kun Lun pay people?"

Hoa Lun Sian nodded, he said again: "Are the Kun Lun pay people involved in the clash with your wie-liong-pay party known by their chairman in Kun LU San?"

Cung Kiang Bun shrugged his shoulders and said slowly- "I don't know... but Kun Lun pay's side is pushing us too much. Three disciples from Wie-liong-pay they have taken prisoner, if indeed they intend to take the peaceful path, of course with the return of their disciple who attempted to assassinate in our place, they will of course settle the matter by returning the three Wie-liong-pay students..."

"When will cung sieheng leave?" asked the girl. "Maybe tomorrow morning, from Liu-cing it will still take a day's journey to reach the gathering place for the Kun Lun Pay disciples."

At that time the waiter had brought what they ordered, both of them had eaten it voraciously.

finished eating Hoa Lun Sian chatted with Cung Kiang Bun until late into the night. And finally they separated to return to their respective rooms.

The next morning Cung Kiang Bun got up first from Hoa Lun Sian, when the girl finished copying her clothes and left her room, Cung Kiang Bun was already waiting in the dining room.

They have breakfast together. After eating, they went on a journey to leave Liu-cing. Because Cung Kiang Bun used his red horse on his journey, Hoa Lun Sian had also bought a pretty good horse in the city, for two hundred taels of silver.

By traveling on these mounts, they could reach a considerable distance, during the day they had passed almost a hundred lie more.

Cung Kiang Bun's red horse is a very good choice, in fact in one day it can travel more than five hundred lie. But because Hoa Lun Sian's riding horse was an ordinary horse, Cung Kiang Bun deliberately ran his red horse not too hard.

In the afternoon, they arrived in the wue-liu-cung village, a not-so-big village, Cung Kiang Bun did not invite Hoa Lun Sian to enter the village, only went straight to an old temple located in front of the east door of the village. Cung Kiang Bun had also explained to Hoa Lun Sian, that the disciples of Kun Lun Pay gathered at the temple.

They had dismounted their respective horses and approached the door of the temple.

Cung Kiang Bun knocked hard enough on the temple door, because he grabbed the iron bracelet that was on the door, to bang it with the door leaf,

It wasn't long before the temple door opened.

From inside the temple came a tojin (a priest who maintains hair, To religion), who looked at them suspiciously. Moreover, when the tojin recognized that the guest was a young man he did know.

"Aha, apparently it's cung Kiesu (the dashing person she cung) who has visited..." he said in a voice that didn't contain friendship. Cung Kiang Bun had bowed slightly in respect.

"Siauwte came here to deliver a news, which was entrusted to us by our Ciangbunjin Wie-liong-pay."

Tojin who opened the door was a tojin who was around forty years old, but his face was still fresh. When he heard Cung Kiang Bun's words, he nodded slowly, saying: "Please come in... come on in."

And while saying that, with an attitude of welcoming his guests into the temple, the tojin's eyes also glanced sharply at Hoa Lun Sian-

At that time Cung Kiang Bun had also introduced Hoa Lun Sian: "This is my friend Liehiap this is a female warrior who has high intelligence, she is she Hoa and her name is Lun Sian" The Tojin clasped his hands together, he said a few words praising Hoa Lun Sian's name - As is known, in the martial arts jungle, even though they have not yet met each other, if they meet and are introduced to another warrior, of course they will express their feelings of admiration and pleasantries stating that they have long heard of the person concerned

Meanwhile Hoa Lun Sian had also humbled himself with a few words, then quietly followed Cung Kiang Bun into the temple.

The Tojin had led them to the living room. its clean and quite spacious.

After inviting the two guests to sit and wait, he excused himself to tell his brothers and sisters.

Cung Kiang Bun sat quietly waiting for the other students of Kun Lun Pay, not at all agitated, even though he knew that he would soon face many opponents and each of them possessed high intelligence.

The large package, which according to Cung Kiang Bun contained a disciple of Kun Lun Pay who had been captured, was placed on the floor, beside the chair where he was sitting. Hoa Lun Sian had also sat on a chair beside Cung Kiang Bun-

The girl looked around the room, enjoying the beauty of the room, which was decorated with many wall paintings depicting the beauty of the mountain panorama.

At that time, they heard the sound of footsteps from several people from the interior of the room, followed later by the appearance of five tojin who had opened the door for them. Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian immediately rose from their seats.

The five tojin clasped their hands together in a salute, to which Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian responded.

"We didn't think that Cung Kiesu would visit our place..." said another tojin, "Apparently Cung Kiesu did bring some very important news to us..?"

"Yes.... siauwte brought a message from our ciangbunjin, to convey something to your side, and also of course the Cinjin will not accept this matter with a hasty attitude, it would be wise if the cinjin accepted all of this, which Siauwte will convey with to ring-"

"Something? Is cung Kiesu going to deliver something for us?" asked the old tojin again. Cung Kiang Bun nodded.

"Yes, it was a coincidence that we managed to thwart the bad intentions of someone who wanted to commit murder in an embezzled manner... we have captured the assassin, and upon inspection, it turned out that he was a disciple of Kun Lun pay"

"Ohhh," exclaimed the old tojin. "Then ?" "Our ciangbunjin from the Wie-liong-pay side has sent

Siauwte to convey the Kun Lun Pay student to all of you... so our hope is that you will receive this Kun Lun Pay student well..."

After saying that, Cung Kiang Bun pointed to the large package that was on the floor.

"So the disciple of Kun Lun Pay was taken prisoner and wrapped in that package?" asked the old tojin. Cung Kiang Bun nodded "That's right..." and after saying that, Cung Kiang Bun squatted down, he untied the package, immediately saw a tojin in his thirties, tied up, and his mouth was gagged

Judging from his face, it seemed that the tojin was very tired and must also have been tied up for quite a while.

At that time the faces of the five tojins changed, they had already shown the faces of the bound Kun Lun Pay disciples.

Then the old tojin had clasped his hands together in salute to Cung Kiang Bun, katava

: "Thank you for the kindness of Wie-liong-pay who brought our student back alive..."

"That's because we also want a way of peace between us... where our problems can be resolved properly. With the return of this Kun Lun Pay student, we hope that Kun Lun Pay's side will also return three students from our college door... "

The old Tojin furrowed his eyebrows, he then sighed.

"Indeed, the problem in the clash between Wie-liong-pay and Kun Lun Pay was only due to a misunderstanding from the students of the two schools of silat, so in that case, there really was no need for a much bigger clash to occur. Thus, it seems that Wie-liong-pay's side meant well by taking a peaceful way to resolve the issue and the clash... we will consider it as best we can..." And after saying that, the old tojin invited Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian to sit down. back at their place.

The five Kun Lun Pay tojins turned out to be each with the title Wie Lie cinjin, Wie Sin cinjin, Wie Lie cinjin, Wie To cinjin and Wie Lin cinjin- The five tojins were five students of Kun Lun Pay from the third grade. Their intelligence is also very high, especially their swordsmanship which is very difficult to match.

Wie Lie cinjin, the eldest tojin, is a patient tojin, and has the highest intelligence of the four classmates. is the one who always appears to resolve disputes between Kun Lun Pay students and other college door parties.

Wie Lie cinjin has also asked Cung Kiang Bun, the problem that Wie-liong-pay wants to solve must actually be taken in a way and how, Cung Kiang Bun explained if only Kun Lun Pay handed over three prisoners consisting of students Wie-liong-pay then the Wie-liong-pay will end the business until here.

"But to free the three Wie-liong-pay disciples who had destroyed six of Kun Lun Pay's disciples is not too easy a matter because the three prisoners will be sent directly to Kun Lun San where later our ciangbunjin will decide what punishment is appropriate for them." handed down to the three Wie-liong-pay disciples..."

Cung Kiang Bun's face changed.

"In that case, it turns out that Kun Lun Pay's side has absolutely no understanding," said Cung Kiang Bun- "Didn't the disciple from Kun Lun Pay who tried to carry out an illegal murder we have captured, instead we have returned him, by delivering him directly to Kun Lun's side. Pay...?"

Being reprimanded like that, Wie Lie's face changed, he looked down for a moment. and then just said in a slow and cautious voice.

"Cung Kiesu, I'm very sorry, we have not been able to grant Wie-liong pay's request, because we have to obey the rules contained in the door of our college, namely the killers of Kun Lun Pay students must be sent directly to Kun Lun San, for later trial directly by our ciangbunjin... thus, if in the future our ciangbunjin declares that the three disciples of Wie liong-pay deserve to be released, then we can't say anything other than releasing them... who killed six Kua Lun pay disciples ..."

Cung Kiang Bun's face turned even more unhappy, he had looked very intently at the five tojin from Kun lun pay.

At that time it seemed that Hoa Lun Sian had joined in the conversation: "I'm sorry if Siauwmoay joined in the conversation," he said. "Actually, it is not known what the origin and cause of this problem are, but if Siauwmoay sees from Cung Kiesu's story and words, then Wie-liong-pay's side has indeed shown good intentions. ."

Hearing the girl's words, Wie Lie cinjin had clasped his hands together and he had said in a patient voice: "Is Miss also from the door of the Wie-liong-pay college?"