The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 12

Volume 12 

The girl's face turned red, "No.... Siauwmoay is only a friend of this cung Kiesu... and we happened to meet in the middle of the road, so Siauwmoay came all the way here..."

"Well, if that's the case, of course you don't know what the real problem is, from the start Pinto meant it."

And after saying that, Wie Lie cinjin has turned to look at his four brothers and sisters, he said: "Do you also have the same opinion as your brother?"

The four tojin agreed immediately.

Wie Lie cinjin had turned to Cung Kiang Bun again, saying: "Well, as Cung Kiesu has seen for himself, that the five of us are of the same opinion, namely the three captives consisting of the three Wie-liong-pay disciples, must sent directly to Kun Lun San first, regarding the decision to be released or not the three Wie-liong-pay disciples, it depends on the decision that will be taken by our ciangbunjin..." and after saying that, Wie Lie cinjin clasped his hands together in a respectful salute. regretful attitude he had added. "Sorry Sorry..."

Cung Kiang Bun's face became more and more unsightly, he was indeed a young man who always spoke and carried a rather rude attitude, by himself now seeing that the matter had hit a dead end like that, made Cung Kiang Bun couldn't help but be patient, he also said with a low voice: "Well... if that's the case, we too from Wie-liong-pay's side don't say anything, but with the refusal given by the cinjins, it means that the conflict between the two doors of our college will continue..."

Hearing Cung Kiang Bun's words, Wie Lie cinjin clasped his hands together again in salute.

"Unfortunately, it is difficult for Pinto to explain the truth, in fact Pinto has absolutely no desire to clash with any party, and it is indeed very exciting if a problem can be resolved properly and peacefully. But our side has difficulties that are not small, where The six disciples of Kun Lun Pay have perished at the hands of the three disciples of Wie-liong-pay..."

cung Kiaug Bun said blandly: "But with the decision you made, it has been shown that the Kun Lun Pay side of Wie-liong-pay's no good has been rejected by you just like that..."

"I'm sorry... sorry... it's our rules from Kun Lun Pay's side, every killer of a Kun Lun Pay disciple, must be sent directly to our ciangbunjin, to be tried there... and we don't have any power to break the rules there has been…”

"If that's the case, let's just excuse ourselves..." said cung Kian Bun impatiently, he had clasped his hands and twisted his body.

Hoa Lun Sian had stretched out his hand to grab Cung Kiang Bun's wrist, he said: "Don't go yet, Cung Sie-heng... let's talk slowly, I don't think Kun Lun Pay's side will take any persistent action if it is. we can give some assurance that the good intentions of Wie-liong-pay were indeed a wise move to prevent further clashes between the students of the two colleges." Cung Kiang Bun had restrained his footsteps, he glanced at Hoa Lun Sian, he said in a doubtful voice: "But they have made a definite decision that is not to release the three Wie liong-pay disciples..."

Hoa Lunsian turned to Wie Lie cinjin and the other four Kun Lun Pay disciples, "ringjin, do you still not want a peaceful path between Kun Lun Pay and Wieliong-pay's side?"

To explain the matter, Wie Lie cinjin has clasped his hands together.

"It is indeed beyond our control to release the three Wie Liong-pay disciples, therefore, if we are forced into this matter, even then it will not change our decision to send the three killers of the Kua Lun Pay disciples to Kun Lu San-"

Hearing the decision given by Wie Lie ringjin, Hoa Lun Sian had taken a deep breath.

"If indeed the Kun Lun Pay side takes a tough stance like ibi, it will certainly lead to a prolonged clash."

"But we have to obey the existing Kun Lun Pay rules" replied Wie Lie Cinjia, "I'm sorry-.. I'm sorry" and Wie Lie Cinjin stood up from her seat, she took an attitude like she was also inviting guests to leave.

Cung Kiang Bun without looking back and without saluting, had stepped out of the inner room of the temple, followed by Hoa Lun Sian-

The five tojin from Kun Lun Pay had escorted their two guests to the door of the temple.

With an annoyed attitude, Cung Kiang Bun had jumped on his red horse. Meanwhile Hoa Lun Sian after turning once again to the five tojin Kun Lun Pay, he jumped on his horse.

The two of them ran their horses, in the blink of an eye it was over twenty lie.

Cung Kiang Bun suddenly kicked his horse's Ies rope, so that his red-haired riding beast had stopped running.

"I didn't expect that Kun Lun Pay's side would take such an attitude..." he said after Hoan Lun Sian stopped his horse riding beside Kian Bun's cung red horse.

"Then what is Cung Sieheng going to do?" asked Hoa Lun Sian-

"I have been ordered by my Ciangbunjin, if indeed the negotiations that will be held between Wie-liongpay's side and Kun Lun Pay's side fail, then I must try to take any means to help and free my three brothers and sisters..."

"So...?" asked Hoa Lun Sian in surprise.

"Yes... I have to try violently to free the three Wie-liong-pay disciples who were held captive by the Kun Lun pay..." Hoa Lun Sian sighed.

"This means that the clashes that will arise will certainly be more widespread," said Hoa Lun Sian with a gloomy face.

"But there is no other way," said Cung Kiang Bun-

Hoa Lun Sian sighed again, the girl was silent for a moment. watching the sky. Meanwhile Cung Kian Bun had said while watching the girl: "Hoa-moay, are you willing to help me?"

"Help how?" asked the girl.

"Tonight we satroni the Kunlunpay people's temple..." said Cung Kiang Bun-

"But it seems that the five tojin have high intelligence, and within the shrine it's certainly not just the five of them..."

"That's right, besides the five of them, there are a dozen other Kun Lun Pay disciples." explained Cung Kiang Bun-

Hoa Lun Sian sighed.

"If you look at it that way, even the effort in this way will fail, because the two of us will certainly not be able to deal with them. If we take them captive, things will become even more complicated. pay to inform your Ciangbunjin about the current affairs   ?"

But Cung Kian Bun shook his head slowly.

"I don't think I can go back to Wie-liong-pay before carrying out our ciang bunjin message..." said Cung Kiang Bun-

"Why so?" asked Hoa Lun Sian-

"Because indeed our ciangbunjin has ordered, although what way if the peaceful path fails, I must try to free my three brothers and sisters who were held captive by the Kun Lun Pay people."

Hoa Lun Siang sighed again until he finally said: "We'll see tonight, we will discuss again first, what action we will take to deal with those Kun Lun Pay people."

cung Kian Bun was finally given some understanding and he had said yes—That's how they got their horses off again quickly.

Time to meet a resident's house. they have asked permission to ride rest.

While resting, they also negotiated what action they would take.

By that time it was already evening. And at that time it seemed the sky was cloudy and it was going to rain.

Cung Kiang Bun remains with his decision, to visit the temple of the Kun Lun Pay people, where he will risk himself and his soul to fight with Wie Lie cinjin's side and Tojin's fellow teachers.

However, Hoa Lun Sian was worried that they would not be able to face them, even though they went to the temple secretly, but if they were caught, of course they would not be able to escape again.

"How about we just try our luck?" asked Cung Kiang Bun who couldn't help but be patient.

Even though Hoa Lun sian didn't agree with Cung Kiang Bun's proposal, he couldn't oppose it anyway. So he just said yes.

"Okay," he said later, "we approach them secretly, but we must be careful what we do, so we don't catch them. Siauwmoay can tell you frankly, seeing the state of the five tojins, it seems that they have high intelligence, and of course they are also not an easy opponent, even if we both advance simultaneously, of course we will not be their opponent.." Cung Kiang Bun agreed-

Thus, they also said goodbye to the host they were riding in to rest, their two horses were rushed back to the temple which was at the door of the Wieliucung village.

When they were still more than ten lie apart from the temple they were going to, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lunsian had dismounted from their respective horses. Their horses have been tethered, tied to a tree that is in that place. Using ginkang, the two of them were running fast.

In the blink of an eye, the temple where Wie Lie ringjin and his fellow teachers were located, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian carefully approached the temple.

The temple had its doors shut, it was very quiet and desolate.

By assuming lightening their bodies Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian had jumped over the walls of the temple.

They sneaked into the room in the temple, and saw that the fire of light in the temple was still burning.

The time had not yet come for the second kentongan, and apparently there was still a tojin reading Liamkeng.

Cautiously, it looks like Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian have entered the temple and in a back room they almost run into a tojin. Luckily they had keen eyes and they had quickly hid themselves. After seeing the tojin who was over twenty years old passed, they came back out of their hiding place, With light steps, they investigated around the temple,

But when Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lunsian arrived at the spacious room behind the temple, where they saw that it was deserted and not a single human could be seen, suddenly a voice rebuked me patiently: "You seem to have come to visit again, sorry we didn't welcome you because We weren't notified beforehand."

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun were taken aback by surprise, they swiftly turned their bodies around, while their hands gripped the hilts of their respective swords.

In front of them stood Wie Lie cinjin, Wie Sin cinjin, Wie Lie cinjin, Wie To cinjin and Wie Lin cinjin- The five priests had stood with their lips smiling patiently. There was no sign of their anger.

Cung Kiang Bun, who saw themselves being seen in such a manner, had said in a very bold manner:

"This afternoon we conveyed the wish of Wieliong-pay, that this matter be resolved in a good way... but you refused, therefore now I will complain, even though how I want to free the three brothers and sisters.. " and after saying that, it seemed that Cung Kiang Bun had moved his sword, he was getting ready to launch a stabbing attack on Wie Lie ring-

The attitude shown by Wie Lie cinjin remained calm, he didn't show any signs of wanting to fight against souls, With a patient voice, he also said: "Don't take such actions, cung Kiesu... because it will not bring a settlement good..." "But no matter what, the three brothers and sisters of mine must be released..."

"We have promised that if our cianbunjin decides that the three Wie-liong-pay students are innocent and freed, then they will be released. But to release them now, of course we can't pass right-."

While saying that, Wie Lie cinjin had clasped his hands together, he said: "Please cung Kiesu don't be too pushy to cause clashes too..."

Cung Kiang Bun had let out a cold laugh.

"In this case, it is clear that we, Wie Liong-pay, don't want to be treated arbitrarily by Kun Lun pay...?"

"We do acknowledge the good intentions of the   Wie-liong-pay school door ... but regret very much, as pinto said, that we cannot violate the rules contained in our college door. So, now we strongly request that cung Kiesu returns to your place, to convey everything to your ciang bunjin, later if indeed our ciangbunjin declares the three Wie-liong-pay students released, we will release them "

"But if your ciangbunjin won't release him

?” asked Cung Kiang Bun while looking intently at Wie Lie ringing-

"We also can't say anything"   replied Wie Lie cinjin, "We still don't know for sure, and also regarding the decision that will be taken by our ciangbunjin, we still can't confirm. Therefore, if Wie- Liong-pay wants the affairs between the students of our two colleges who are fighting each other to be resolved peacefully, so you have to be patient until later we will send word to Wie-liong-pay "

But Cung Kiang Bun apparently couldn't hold back any longer. With a loud exclamation sound, out of the blue, his sword slashed towards Wie Lie's chest.

The tojin seemed to be standing quietly in his place, he watched as Cung Kiang Bun's sword grabbed, when the blade drew close, he knew that the tojin had moved his wrist which he was shaking slowly. But the slow speed turned out to have a very strong resisting force.

Cung Kiang Bun's body had staggered a few steps back, and he almost tripped over.

Likewise, the palm of his hand felt very painful, his sword almost slipped from his grip.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that Hoa Lun Sian could not remain silent. Quickly he pulled out his sword, moved very swiftly, stabbed towards Wie Lin cinjin, Hua Lun Sian's movements were indeed fast and his sword grabbed swiftly, like a snake coiling its way towards the neck of Wie Lin ring-

But wie Lin cinjin remained calm, just like with Wie Lie cinjin, he had flicked with his index finger on the girl's sword.

"Tranggg ..." heard the sword, he managed to flick it very strongly, And as a result of the flick, Hoa Lun Sian's sword bounced, almost slipped out of his grip. Hoa Lun Sian was startled, quickly jumped back with a face that turned pale, But this girl was also curious that in just one attack she was successfully repelled by Wie Lin cinjin with just a flick of her index finger.

By issuing a cry- Take care of the attack, again his sword has grabbed and will slash the neck of Wie Lin cinjin.

The movement the girl made this time was very fast and the lwekang power that was channeled into her hands and sword was much stronger than the first time. The attack wind was very sharp.

However, wie Lin cinjin only slightly raised his head and he had his sleeves up again, so this time Hoa Lun sian's attack again failed to hit its target.

Meanwhile, Cung Kiang Bun himself did not remain silent even though he had been knocked back almost to the brink by Wie Lie cinjin, but his horses were able to be strengthened again.

He had let out a loud cry, his sword struck again towards Wie Lie's stomach ringing-

The moves he uses are quite amazing moves, because the sword strikes at once in three directions, the move is usually called "Sam Peng Kiam" or "Three Ice Sword".

Seeing Cung Kiang Bun's way of attacking, Wie Lie cinjin smiled patiently.

With agile movements, Wie Lie cinjin suddenly dodged from the blade of Cung Kiang Bun's sword, his body tilted to the left, then without any visible movement of his body, he had turned and at that time Cung Kiang Bun's sword had flashed swiftly by his side.

Cung Kiang Bun was furious to see that his stab with his sword did not hit the target, even though he had used such a powerful move. Thus, he became curious and before pulling back his sword along with his stab.

But Wie Lie cinjin is a priest who has high intelligence, so he can serve his opponent's sword attacks with ease, not a single Cung Kiang Bun attack hits his target.

At that time, Hoa Lun Sian himself was busy attacking wie Lin cinjin, the girl's body flashed like a shadow, her sword was also flying with the wind howling. But as with Wie Lie cinjin, Wie Lin cinjin also has high intelligence, he can deal with the stabs and stabs launched by Hoa Lun Sian very easily.

Thus, the four of them were moving here and there doing a rather odd battle. Because during that time Wie Lie cinjin and Wie Lin cinjin served Hoa Lun Sian and Cung Kiang Bun empty-handed, and the priests also always avoided themselves, apart from playing around, they never counterattacked-

And what was amazing was that the two priests' intelligence was very high, so that Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian did not succeed at all in urging them, let alone to gain victory.

The longer Cung Kiang Bun realized that his intelligence with Hoa Lun Sian did not mean much to Wie Lie cinjin and wie Lin cinjin, if only the two tojins made a serious attack, of course in a short time they would be able to be knocked down - As for Wie Lie, Wie Sin and Wie To cinjin, the three of them just sat in silence, watching the ongoing match. Besides that, it seems that they are also calm, because they are not worried for their two brothers and sisters, whom they have witnessed are indeed of much higher intelligence and Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian-

When the endless battle between Wie Lie cinjin and Cung Kiang Bun and Hoan Lun Sian and wie Lin cinjin was taking place at that time there was a slow, but sharp hissing sound.

As a martial artist with high intelligence and trained hearing, the slow and strange voice had caught their attention. In fact, Wie Lie cinjin had glanced in the direction of the hissing sound.

Instantly his face changed, because he saw from the   door sliding in two large snakes, the size of a human arm circle, the two snakes that had made the hissing sound.

Cung Kiang Bun who looked back, after he failed to launch a stab with his sword, he saw the two snakes, Hoa Lun Sian also saw the two snakes. They jumped apart from each other.

Wie Lie cinjin furrowed his brows, he mumbled in a voice containing the utmost astonishment: "Strange... where did these snakes come from?"

Wie Lin cinjin himself had jumped near the snakes, he used his index finger to flick towards the heads of the two snakes. The flick he did was overcome by a fairly strong lwekang power.

As a result of the flick, the bodies of the two snakes bounced.

And by that time, the hissing sound had disappeared. But not long after, the sound of his slow but sharp hissing came again.

And when everyone looked towards the door, just at that moment they saw five snakes as big as the two snakes, crawling into the inner room.

The bodies of the snakes have yellow spots like a golden shimmer, and the color of the snake's body is greenish-green.

So Wie Lie cinjin when he saw the snake's body clearly, so his face changed.

"Kim Tok coa (Golden Poison Poison)" he called out in a voice that choked his throat.

Indeed, in the martial arts jungle known a kind of snake that is very poisonous, namely a snake that has yellow spots like gold. And this type of snake has an extraordinary "venom", where if someone is bitten and poisoned by the "venom" of the snake, no more than a meal of rice, it will certainly perish with a black-scorched body.

And the Kim Tok coa type snake is a snake that is feared by everyone in the martial jungle, because many such snakes are indeed kept by a very famous martial arts progenitor, namely Kim Coa Tok Kun (Blowing the Golden Snake) Sun cia Piang.

Everyone in the martial jungle knows that Kim Tok Coa's snakes are kept by Sun cia Piang to be used as weapons or as a line of poisonous snakes that is used to surround his opponent. Now that the snakes had appeared in his temple, of course, Wie Lie cinjin and the other priests were shocked.

While Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lunsian themselves, although they are young warriors who have not been in the martial arts jungle for so long, they have also heard about Sun cia Piang.

In this way they also realized what it meant for the appearance of the Kim Tok coa snakes.

The five snakes were tired of crawling all the way to the room where Wie Lie cinjin and the others were, And the five snakes had made a continuous hissing sound. In that room, there was a fishy smell that was unpleasant for the nose.

Wie Lin cinjin stomped his feet, his body had jumped up nimbly, he was moving the fingers of his right hand repeatedly. So the five snakes had been sent flying out of the room again.

The five snakes made a loud hissing sound, because it seemed that the snakes were suffering from pain from the joints with fingers covered by the power of the Iwekang.

Thus, as soon as the five snakes fell on the floor, they immediately circled and emitted a much stronger hissing sound.

But at the same time, several of the same snakes appeared to have crept into the room.

Seeing all this, Wie Lie cinjin and the others changed their faces. And it was at that time that Wie Lie cinjin had waved his sleeve and his body jumped into the vestibule- His movement was very nimble. While the other tojins had also set foot, their bodies jumped lightly once in the blink of an eye they were standing behind Wie Lie ring-

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian had also jumped out, They were each still gripping their swords.

With keen eyes, Wie Lie cinjin and others have been watching the surroundings. From where they were, they were indeed in contact with the temple grounds, so they could see freely around them.

However, at that time it was very quiet, not even a human could be seen.

But what was seen was a   rather surprising sight , namely under the Siong tree that grew in front of the temple, lined up with rows of Kim Tok coa snakes, which may number more than a hundred.

At that time, none of the snakes made a hissing sound, only silenced by lifting his head, the fishy smell that spread very widely around the place.

Wie Lie ringjin had let out a low voice, he muttered: "How strange... did Sun cia Piang really appear in this place?"

Not to mention that Wie Lie cinjin finished muttering like that, at the same time there was a sound of bursting laughter from quite a distance away.

And the laughter was long and uninterrupted. This shows that the person who makes the laughing sound has a strong and perfect shank.

The faces of Wie Lie cinjin and the other tojin who heard the laughing voice changed their faces, because in the laughing voice contained a terrible tone Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian themselves shuddered at the sound of laughing, because they felt their ears like being stabbed in pain by the vibrations of the laughter.

Thus immediately the situation in the temple became quiet, because Wie Lie cinjin, Wie Lin cinjin and wie sin cinjin, all silently stared at the door of the temple, while Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian gripped their swords tightly.

It took a long time for the long laugh to be heard, until it finally disappeared.

The situation became quiet and quiet again, while the line of snakes still remained in their place without moving and without hissing.

At that moment, the silence was torn again with the voice of people saying: "Priests of Kun lun pay come out... meet me, if you are stubborn you will become my snake's food."

Wie Lie cinjin and others were thrilled, that person's voice was like the collapse of a mountain, until the precariousness of the temple seemed to shake.

This proves that the lwekang people shout is very high. And once they heard about Wie Lie cinjin and the others, they knew that that person's lwekang was far above theirs.

"Surely Sun cia Piang has appeared in this place" murmured Wie Lie cinjin in a slightly trembling voice.

Datuk Datuk Sun cia Piang is indeed the scourge of the people of the martial jungle because the She Sun has a very vicious and terrible attitude. Never was his opponent left intact, if he didn't meet death at his hands, of course he would be crippled for life, But because the situation had been like this, and also Wie Lie cinjin didn't know what Sun cia Piang was looking for, he had justified himself, by mobilizing Finally, he said: "Is it Sun cia Piang Enghiong (manly man) who visited?"

The sound of someone snorting was heard again accompanied by the sound of loud laughter.

And suddenly a body figure was already in the courtyard of the temple.

"You priests don't know yourself. I gave you the opportunity to come out to greet me, but you still stand like statues there, so now even if you ask me for forgiveness, I still won't give-"

And while saying that, the figure had let out another terrifying laugh, its body shaking violently:

Wie Lie cinjin and the others had been watching the person, immediately they saw clearly a human with a ghastly face- Because the person's face was like the face of a skull. very damaged, with flaw marks in various places, such as nose, eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin and other parts. And the defects on his face are like the defects of snake bites.

Although he had often heard of Sun cia Piang's name and ferocity, the other Wie Lie cinjin had never met the martial arts progenitor face to face. And now that they saw Sun cia Piang's face, they shuddered themselves.

Likewise with Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian, they looked fixated on the she sun martial arts progenitor. Wie Lie ringing quickly clasped his hands together in salute, he said in a voice that tried to show his composure: "Welcome to our temple, Sun Enghiong... surely Sun Enghiong's arrival has something to do with us?"

But Sun cia Piang as soon as he stopped laughing said in a hoarse, sinister voice: "If I have nothing to do with you, why would I step foot here?"

"What necessity caused Sun Enhiong to visit our hut?" asked Wie Lie ringjin again.

"I want your heads-." replied Sun cia Piang.

"Our chief?" asked Wie Lie cinjin surprised.

Sun cia Piang nodded in a very arrogant manner, he had also granted his right hand into the middle of the air.

"Yes, I want your heads-" said Sun cia Piang. "You Kun Lun pay people are acting too much. I gave you the opportunity to come out to greet me but you were too acting up and didn't want to come out to greet me. So now I want your soul-..."

When he said that, Sun cia Piang's face looked cruel and cold, especially with his horribly disfigured face.

Wie Lie cinjin sighed he said in a doubtful voice: "We have never met Sun Enghiong, nor have we done anything wrong to Sun Enghiong, why is Sun Enghiong against us from Kun Lun Pay's side? "

Asked that, Sun cia Piang rolled her eyes. "I want your heads, no bargaining, And you don't have to ask why either," he replied.

Wie Lie cinjin smiled bitterly, and then said again: "If that's the case then fine, is there any hint from Sun Enghiong?"

Sun cia Piang nodded.

"Yes, here are my instructions" and after saying that, suddenly Sun cia Piang's body jumped very nimbly, his movements were lightning fast and difficult to see clearly by the human eye. At which point his right hand had reached out to pull Wie Lie's head in a ring.

Even though Wie Lie cinjin's heart was hurting to deal with Sun cia Piang, but because he was pushed so hard, he was forced to dodge and move his right hand to hit with lwekang force passing from his palm.

The movement made by Wie Lie cinjin can indeed help himself. Sun cia Piang's grip on the hand, because it seems that the fierce martial arts progenitor has pulled back his fist.

"You've got pretty good wits, huh?" said Sun cia Piang.

And along with his words, he jumped again nimbly. This time his hands were in a circular motion, and when Wie Lie's ring was deflected, there was a loud crash.

What's amazing is that Wie Lie Ringjin's body was thrown hard in the middle of the air, and then collapsed on the ground with a bang.

Wie Lin, Wie Sin, Wie Lie and Wie To cinjin who saw what their fellow teachers were going through, let out a surprised cry, simultaneously they jumped to lock up Sun cia Piang.

Their movements were light, and neither did they confine themselves to silence. Because as soon as they locked up, four pairs of hands moved swiftly to hit Sun cia Piang.

Datuk martial arts Sun cia Piang who saw the onslaught coming at him, has shifted the position of his feet, he stands on his left foot, his right leg is lifted, with an attitude similar to the "Kim Kee Tok Pit" or Golden Chicken Stand on Single Legs, his body rotates quickly once like a tirade and that's when both his hands were moved then from his palms a very strong wind came.

The onslaught of Wie Lin cinjin, wie Lie cinjin, wie To cinjin and wie Sin cinjin have been repelled back to their owners and the bodies of the four tojins have bounced very hard, slamming on the ground.

Thus the four tojin also let out a cry of pain, and they quickly jumped back to their feet. But they did not immediately attack again, because they had seen in that one strike, that they were indeed not from Sun cia Piang.

Sun cia Piang has also let out a cold laughing voice.

"As I said, I want your heads..." and after saying that, Sun cia Piang's body moved again quickly and her hands moved to the body of the tojin Kun Lun Pay.

Wie Lie ringjin five saw that their opponent's body was moving around them and felt a fierce onslaught of wind, quickly the five tojin tried to concentrate their lwekang power and parry it with all their might.

However, as soon as they parried, it was their own bodies that had bounced and collapsed on the ground, thus, their bodies were crushed by the power of lwekang sun cia Piang.

Even when the five tojin tried to get up, they had vomited fresh blood.

The faces of the five tojin turned pale and they stood on their legs shaking and shivering, just as they were about to stumble back down.

Cun Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who saw this situation looked pale, because they saw how smart Sun cia Piang was.

But secretly they also rejoiced, because inadvertently and indirectly Sun cia Piang as their master helper.

Doesn't it mean that the five tojin were injured, meaning that they won't have any more trouble, to free the three Wie-liong-pay students who are Cung Kiang Bun's fellow teachers

Wie Lie cinjin that time had clasped his hands together, he had approached his mouth, suddenly whistling with a loud voice.

From inside the temple, a dozen tojin jumped out of the very agile, all of them carrying swords as their weapons.

"Sun Enghiong, we have no enmity with you, but you have lowered such a harsh and cruel hand on us... thus, of course we are also forced to deal with it the way we can." Sun cia Piang let out a cold laughing voice.

"What do those ten Kun Lun Pay disciples mean... they would easily be annihilated but all I need is the skulls of the five of you." and after saying that, Sun cia Piang's body moved swiftly to lunge at Wie Lie cinjin, and he also moved his hands to attack as well.

Wie Lie cinjin realized it, if he parried by using force of course he would be hurt inside.

Therefore, very quickly Wie Lie cinjin without waiting for the opponent's target to arrive, he had dodged to the side and his right hand suddenly moved to pull out his sword, which was moved to slash towards Sun cia Piang, so the martial arts progenitor was forced to cancel his attack.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that Sun cia Piang also only retreated for a moment and had lunged back towards Wie Lie ring-

Even though Wie Lie cinjin uses a sword as his weapon, it seems that Sun cia Piang is not at all afraid.

Kun Lun Kiam Hoat or the swordsmanship of Kun Lun Pay is a formidable swordsmanship and is difficult to match, but in the eyes of Sun cia Piang, he does not look down on the swordsmanship at all. He bravely charged forward.

At that time, when the sword of the Wie Lie ring grabbed towards his waist, at that time he had moved his left hand, clamped the sword with both fingers, together with the palm of his right hand it hit hard. Wie Lie cinjin who at that time was trying to draw back his sword, so he didn't have a chance to dodge anymore.

"Bukkk..." came a very strong voice, and Wie Lie's body was thrown into the middle of the air.

What happened to Wie Lie cinjin was really sad, because his chest had sunk and his sternum was broken in two, due to the strong attack by Sun cia Piang, as soon as his body slammed on the ground in the temple grounds, he suddenly fainted unconscious.

Wie Lie cinjin's classmates were shocked to see what happened to Wie Lie cinjin-

At that time, Wie Sin cinjin had jumped up to Wie Lie cinjin, he checked the condition of his fellow teacher.

Meanwhile, Wie Lie, Wie Lin and Wie To cinjin jumped to lock up Sun cia Piang. They realized that even though there were three of them, they were still no match for Sun cia Pian. risked their souls to face Sun cia Piang.

Sun cia Piang let out a boisterous laugh and he had looked savagely at the three lodges that had locked him up.

"You must be taken care of too..." he said in a terrible voice.

Without waiting for the three priests to say a word he had jumped up again to launch his attacks.

However, dozens of lojin who became the younger brother of Wie Lie, the five-member group, had stepped forward to help surround the martial arts progenitor, who had such ferocious hands.

Their swords also flashed to stab and slash the she Sun's martial progenitor.

But Sun cia Piang is really a liehay, because he can quickly deal with such a situation with agile body movements.

When his hands moved, the seven bodies of Wie Lie cinjin's younger brother had bounced and collapsed on the ground, in a state of unconsciousness, in fact two of them immediately breathed their last due to the powerful force of Sun cia Piang's attack.

Thus, wie To cinjin and wie Lin and Wie Lie cinjin, could no longer remain silent, they let out a roar that contained anger, their swords had moved very swiftly and tried to stab Sun cia Piang's limbs which could be deadly-

Sun cia Piang was forced to escape several times.

The clanging of the swords of the Kun Lun Pay disciples clashing was very loud, And it was also seen that Wie To cinjin himself stumbled backwards with a pale face, because his thighs had been battered by the blow of Sun cia Piang's palm. That's it, the chaotic battle that has taken place is very exciting.

However, Sun cia Piang really has a lot of talent and intelligence, so he can deal with the tojin2 from Kun Lun pay well.

And five moves later wie Lin cinjin had bounced and also slammed on the ground quite hard, causing a high billow of dust. The night wind that blew cold as if it also contained a very horrible killing air, And also Wie Lie cinjin who at that time had not been attacked by Sun cia Piang tried to put all his sword skills to stab and urge Sun cia Piang, assisted by the rest of his other classmates. .

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian, who witnessed such a battle, stood still.

In fact, Hoa Lun Sian had pinched Cung Kiang   Bun's arm .

"Cung Sieheng, we better find your three brothers and sisters, to free them, isn't this a good opportunity for us?"

Cung Kiang Bung seemed to have come to his senses and had agreed- The two of them immediately moved to enter the interior of the temple.

But Sun cia Piang's eyes were very sharp, even though he was being locked up by the disciples of Kun Lun Pay, he could see the movements of Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian-

"Don't move, stay where you are," snapped Sun cia Piang.

But Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Siao had turned their bodies to enter the inner room of the temple.

Seeing that his shouts were not served by the two young people, Sun cia Piang became very angry.

While dodging from the sword stab in the neck by Wie Lie cinjin, it looks like Sun cia Piang has moved his hands, the wind rushing towards the backs of Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian- The two young people were shocked when they felt their backs blow against the strong wind once. They tried to dodge.

However, Pek Kong ciang Sun cia Piang's punch could not be dodged by the two young people, they were pushed down on the floor.

This shows that Sun cia Piang's lwekang power is indeed very high, because from such a large distance apart he is still able to knock down Hoa Lun Sian and Cung Kiang Bun. Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun sian quickly crawled up.

Sun cia Piang while dodging from the stab of the two Kun Lun Pay disciples had shouted again: "If you dare to leave this place, I will destroy you too."

Hearing Sun cia Piang's threat, Hoa Lun Sian and also Cung Kiang Bun became silent and stood frozen in their place because indeed they had witnessed how high Sun cia Piang's intelligence was and there was no way they could match him.

Thus, the two young people stood still watching the battle that was still going on.

Sun cia Piang moved very fast, when he stopped his hands, the three Kun Lun Pay disciples were blown away again with a strong force.

The Kun Lun Pay students tried to tightly surround the martial arts datuk, but in fact Sun cia Piang is a master who has very high intelligence,

Wie Lie rings who saw this, so despair, because the one who has not been injured is himself. The four classmates who had the same intelligence as him were injured, finally Wie Lie cinjin became desperate.

he quickly turned his sword and charged without regard for his own safety.

Sun cia Piang let out a cold laugh, when the sword of the Wie Lie ring was thrusting towards her, she had flicked it with her index finger. That flick is great.

Because as soon as the sword was flicked, Wie Lie's sword suddenly broke in two.

Thus, Wie Lie Ringjin's face immediately turned pale and he immediately jumped back to stay away from Sun cia Piang.

Meanwhile, Sun cia Piang, who was trying to knock down the remaining two Kun Lun Pay disciples, had moved his right foot to kick Wie Lie cinjin, while his two hands managed to grip the shoulders of the two Kun Lun Pay disciples who were still stabbed at him.

With a loud yelling sound, it could be seen that the bodies of the two Kun Lun Pay disciples had been successfully thrown out by Sun cia Piang.

Meanwhile, Wie Lie cinjin who was kicked tried to dodge, but Sun cia Piang's legs also seemed to have eyes, because as soon as Wie Lie cinjin moved, he had changed the direction of the target of his attack.

No mercy anymore, Wie Lie cinjin's body bounced because his thigh had been hit by the kick.

With a loud scream, Wie Lie Cinjin's body fell to the ground. Thus, the five tojin from Kun lun pay, who actually had quite high intelligence, had been successfully destroyed by Sun cia Piang in a short time.

Besides that, dozens of other Kun Lun Pay disciples had also been knocked down.

After all of his opponents were defeated, Sun cia Piang stepped closer to Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian-

With a very sharp eye he looked at the two young people, then in a hoarse voice he said in a cold voice: "Hmmm, you are not Kun Lun Pay students, why are you here?"

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun sian quickly clasped their hands together in salute after inserting their swords into his frame.

"We are here to help three of our fellow teachers who were taken prisoner by the Kun Lun Pay people, with the arrival of Locianpwe it means that we will not be troubled again by the Kun Lun Pay people," answered Cung Kiang Bun.

Sun cia Piang laughed coldly, then he said in a bland voice: "I didn't come here to help you-.. but instead just to take the five skulls of the Kun Lun Pay priests... now here you happen to be the two of you, then by doing so, your knowledge and intelligence must also be annihilated..."

Hearing Sun cia Piang's words, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian's faces turned pale, These two young people realized that if the martial arts progenitor lowered his hard and cruel hand on them, of course they would both be powerless against it. "Get ready you guys..." said Sun cia Piang in a cold voice, "You have to be exterminated for your intelligence..." and after saying that, Sun cia Piang walked over to Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian both, with a threatening attitude. once,

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian's bodies shivered with horror seeing Sun cia Piang's scary face-

But knowing that the martial arts progenitor wanted to destroy their intelligence, of course Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian did not want to remain silent at all.

When Sun cia Piang got close to them, both of them got ready to put up a fight

Sun cia Piang laughed softly, but the tone of his laugh was terrible.

"Even though you put out all your intelligence, you want to fight for nothing..." said the martial arts progenitor, who had very fierce hands.

At the same time, Sun cia Piang's body moved, he stretched out his left hand to punch Cung Kiang Bun's body and his right hand moved to hit Hoa Lun Sian's body.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun sian who saw the coming of danger, did not want to remain silent, they quickly jumped to the side, to get away from themselves four more spears.

The moves made by Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian were indeed able to escape from this threatening danger.

But at the same time, Sun cia Piang became irritated and accompanied him to attack again.

This time it was much faster than before, his hands flashed to grip the backs of Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Luu Sian. Cung Kiang Bun complained, desperately trying to dodge. This time he failed, the clothes on his back had been grabbed.

With a "Breett" sound his clothes on the back were torn off, and Cung Kiang Bun's body rolled on the ground.

Cold sweat instantly filled Cung Kiang Bun's body.

Likewise with Hoa Lun sian he tried to dodge from Sun cia Piang's grip. Hoa Lun Sian's movements were faster than Cung Kiang Bun's, so before he grabbed his clothes, the girl had thrown herself onto the floor.

The movement of the two young people who were able to save themselves from his grip made Sun cia Piang even more irritated.

"You're trying to fight back, huh?" he reprimanded with a face that turned more violent and unsightly.

At that moment, Sun cia Piang's body moved very fast and repeated the movement of his hands again. But now he didn't mean to grip, he just punched him with both palms.

However, Sun cia Piang's punch was not an ordinary punch, because the punch contained the power of a lwekang that could actually crush a large mountain rock. Because of that, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian didn't dare to walk

With a loud cry, they threw themselves away and rolled on the floor away from themselves. Sun cia Piang became more and more curious, his palm had hit the temple wall so hard, that the wall broke.

At that time, it seemed that Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian were trying to stand up.

But Sun cia Piang had launched an attack as well by deploying his lwe-kang power.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who realized that they were no match for Sun cia Piang, quickly set their feet, their bodies had soared high into the air against the walls of the temple.

Again, Sun cia Piang's attack hit an empty place, namely the wall of the temple, which was again broken by Sun cia Piang's lwe kang attack.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun sian didn't want to waste any more time, as soon as their feet hit the walls of the temple, they immediately set their feet again, then their bodies were like dragonflies hitting the surface of the water, having soared out of the temple.

Their movements were fast, but Sun cia Piang's movements were even faster, because with just a footstep, Sun cia Piang's body seemed to have flown through the wall and suddenly stood before Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian-

Thus, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian's path of escape was blocked, and they had no chance of escaping.

Cung Kiang Bun became desperate, filled with anger mixed with fear he had said: "We have nothing to do with you or the tojins of Kun Lun Pay, why are we also hostile to you?" But Sun cia Piang had said in a cold voice. "Three times you were able to dodge from me, that is indeed quite an amazing thing. Generally it is rare for people to escape from my three attacks... Now you have to take another three of my attacks, if you still escape, that prove that Thian protects..."

Hearing Sun cia Piang's words, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian started to complain, because they realized that there was no way they could deal with three attacks from this martial progenitor.

Because if they had been able to escape and save themselves from Sun cia Piang's three attacks, it all happened by chance and their luck was still good. First of all because Sun cia Piang at that time did not really launch his attack.

Now if they really had to avoid Sun cia Piang's three attacks, of course they would fail completely, because Sun cia Piang would certainly attack seriously.

Thus, there is little hope that they can escape from Sun cia Piang.

"Are you guys ready?" rebuked Sun cia Piang in a cold voice.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lunsian just kept quiet. They just watched Sun cia Piang with curious eyes, because they realized that they couldn't possibly match the prowess of this martial arts progenitor.

At that time Sun Cia Piang, regardless of the attitude of these young people, had started to move his right hand, to attack.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian, who were in despair, immediately drew their swords. "Alright, we will pit our souls with you..." said Cung Kiang Bun in a voice that contained a lot of resentment.

At that time, Sun cia Piang had been moving her hand continuously, the attack wind that shot from her palm was very strong.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian simultaneously stabbed with their swords regardless of Sun cia Piang's attack.

But the blows made by Sun cia Piang contained a strong lwekang power because before the   tips of Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian's swords managed to hit Sun cia Piang's body, it was at that time that their bodies seemed to have been repelled very hard and rolled on the ground.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian groaned in pain, as they felt their whole bodies being crushed and their bones seemed to be falling apart.

Accompanied by a very vicious scream, it seemed that Sun Cia Piang had jumped to attack as well.

Seeing this, Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who had been injured internally complained, because they believed that this time they would surely meet death, or at least would be seriously injured.

Thus, they have no power anymore, because they are also unable to escape, just lying on the ground and resigned to accepting their fate, watching how Sun Cia Piang's attack has come very close, will hit their skulls. But in a very dire situation and worrying for the safety of the souls of Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian, suddenly a shadow flashed, accompanied by a loud shout:

"Hold on...!" and the hand of the figure had repelled Cia Piang's hand, at that moment it seemed that a very strong collision had occurred, where two very high lwekang forces had collided and pushed each other.

Sun Cia Piang's body shook violently, it seemed that he was surprised that he had been repelled by such a powerful force, where his attack power seemed to be suppressed.

Even the body that had just arrived did not think at all that the attack power of Sun Cia Piang was so formidable, it almost made the horses' legs shake.

When Sun Cia Piang managed to stand still and watched the figure, he could clearly see that the person who had just arrived was none other than the person wearing the red mask.

Hoa Lun Sian, who saw the masked man, shouted with joy: "Sin Coa Tung Hiap!"

With the arrival of the red masked man, Siu Coa Tung Hiap, Hoa Lun Sian had the hope of escaping from Sun Cia Piang's hands, because Hoa Lun Sian knew how intelligent Sin Coa Tung Hiap was.

While Sun Cia Piang had stood up with a straight body and eyes that flashed a very sharp light, then he said in a cold voice: "Who are you?" Sin Coa Tung Hiap laughed bitterly, then he replied with his laughing voice: "I'm Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Piang An...!"

"Hemm, Sin Coa Tung Hiap who has recently shocked the martial arts jungle with his actions?" asked Sun Cia Piang in a sarcastic voice.

And then he continued his words with a stern attitude: "And I, Sun Cia Piang, will not allow people to act in front of me... you have been so presumptuous to interfere in my affairs and dare to interfere with my intention to destroy the intelligence of these two people, so you must take responsibility for your actions. .!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap was very calm, he had said in a cold voice: "If that's what   you mean then I won't refuse to play some tricks with you...!" and it seems that Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not look Sun Cia Piang in the eye, although he had heard a lot about himself and the state of Sun Cia Piang, as a well-known martial artist.

Even though Sin Coa Tung Hiap showed a calm demeanor, he was wary, as a person who has very high intelligence, just one move, when they had complained about the strength of Iwekang's power, Sun Coa Tung Hiap knew that Sun Cia Piang's lwekang was not under the power lwe-kangnya.

Sun Cia Piang, who saw Sin Coa Tung Hiap's attitude, became irritated without saying a word, he had moved to do a very strong blow.

The blow he did was an extraordinary blow, because it had the power of an extraordinary power. Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap, who had been prepared to see the attack coming, had jumped and parried by using a very strong force, so that it seemed that the two lwekang forces had hit hard and both of them had staggered.

That way it seems they do have a balanced sine power strength.

Seeing that his attack failed again, Sun Cia Piang had already hit it hard.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap always managed to dodge or fend him off, that it was not uncommon for Sin Coa Tung Hiap to attack back.

That's how they had fought for more than twenty moves.

But for Sun Cia Piang, it was already a rare event because up to twenty more moves he still had not succeeded in squeezing his opponent.

After failing to attack Sin Coa Tung Hiap once again, it appeared that Sun Cia Piang had reached into his pocket, he took out a long, skinny snake, approximately half a spear.

The snake is blackish in color and hideous, with its long, reddish tongue sticking out at first sight that it is a very poisonous snake.

With a hissing sound, the snake was thrown from Sun Cia Piang's hand, whereupon it grabbed Sin Coa Tung Hiap's back very quickly.

The snake's movement was indeed very fast, for once it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap would certainly be successfully knocked down by Sun Cia Piang. But as a warrior who has high intelligence, of course Sin Coa Tun Hiap does not stand still. He swiftly waved his right hand.

The wind blowing by Sin Coa Tung Hiap's hand was very strong, the body of the snake that was about to grab his back had been thrown.

But the snake is a snake that is really strange, so it can be seen how the snake, even though it managed to bounce, has jumped back at Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

As a person who holds the title Sin Coa (Serpent Magic) and Tung Hiap (Sword Warrior), of course Sin Coa Tung Hiap understands the nature of snakes.

After seeing the snake being made to bounce and suddenly the snake that was floating in the middle of the air instead of grabbing towards Sin Coa Tung Hiap's body instead had grabbed it down, down on the ground and then dancing!

This state of affairs shocked Sun Cia Piang, so that she let out a muffled exclamation.

Under such circumstances, Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not stop his whistling, which continued to whistle loudly, as the snake danced.

And it wasn't just the snake that danced, because hundreds of snakes that had been dwelling in the courtyard of the temple, had danced with it, affected by the whistling sound.

This situation made Sun Cia Piang really go crazy, he had made a sound of yelling to control the line of snakes.

But his efforts seemed to have difficulty because at that time the snakes seemed to be more obedient to the whistling sound of Sin Coa Tung Hiap. Seeing this, Sun Cia Piang seemed to be in a rage, with a huff he let out a shout and his body leapt swiftly towards Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

In a row, it seems that Sin Coa Tung Hiap must exert his energy, because he does have difficulties if he has to whistle continuously, where his inner strength will be solved.

Thus, his whistling was forced to stop and he moved his hands in resistance.

In times like that, Sun Cia Piang didn't want to give Sin Coa Tung Hiap a chance to breathe, he repeatedly launched his attacks.

Thus, the two men, each of whom possessed the same high lwekang power, in dozens of moves seemed to have engaged in a decisive battle.

Sun Cia Piang as a martial progenitor who had a very famous name for decades ago, became even more curious after seeing fifty moves just pass by without being able to push his opponent.

Thus, he has increased the power of his shins and made a stronger attack. The attack winds of the two people who were fighting were very strong, roaring loudly and dust had flown violently into the middle of the air.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who had managed to get up, stood with shivering bodies in pain because at that time they had been badly injured by Sun Cia Piang's attack. While Cung Kiang Bun himself standing like that, he had adjusted his breathing and he tried to restore his breathing.

Between the rushing winds of attacks from the two people who were lunging at each other, it seemed that Sin Coa Tung Hiap had several times to try to avoid being bitten by poisonous snakes who always obeyed Sun Cia Piang's orders.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap really has a very high intelligence, he did not get nervous even though he was attacked repeatedly by Sun Cia Piang.

Some of the Kun Lun Pay priests seemed to have been able to stand up.

Wie Lie Cinjin also woke up from fainting, he sat in meditation to regulate his breathing.

Likewise, Wie bLie and Wie Lind Cinjin, have left the temple, to witness the ongoing battle between Sun Cia Piang and Sin Coa Tung Hiap, the match between the two people is indeed getting more and more exciting, because the energy they use is getting stronger. .

Thus, both Sin Coa Tung Hiap and Sun Cia Piang, were equally vigilant while always concentrating all their strength on pressing their opponents.

Sun Cia Piang himself was surprised to see how Sin Coa Tung Hiap could defend himself for so long from his attacks. They had fought over a hundred moves.

Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap, who has wandered in the martial jungle and has never met an opponent or rival, is now unable to press Sun Cia Piang, where they can only parry each other or launch counterattacks without success, the two seem to be evenly matched.

"Apparently this martial progenitor does have a name that is not empty!" thought Sin Coa Tung Hiap in his heart and he acted more and more cautiously.

Cung Kiang Bun and Hoa Lun Sian who witnessed the battle stood dumbfounded in their respective places, because they themselves were amazed to see how these two people who had such high intelligence competed so extraordinary.

And Cung Kiang Bun himself realized that he still did not have significant intelligence, because compared to the intelligence of the two people, it was clear that he was nothing more than his intelligence nor was he one tenth of the intelligence of Sun Cia Piang and Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Hoa Lun Sian had grabbed Cung Kiang Bun's arm the girl said in a very low voice, like a whisper: "Let's use this opportunity to escape ..!"

Cung Kiang Bun shook his head. "Not..!" he said.


"We can't just leave our rescuers behind...!"

"But if Sin Coa Tung Hiap is brought down by Sun Cia Piang, of course we will have trouble too, even though at that time we wanted to escape, of course we could!"

But Cung Kiang Bun still shook his head and he still wanted to watch the battle of the two martial arts figures who had high intelligence. Meanwhile, Sin Coa Tung Hiap at that time felt himself starting to be pushed by Sun   Cia Piang's coils of energy, which began to attack with a stronger cassava force than before.

Slowly Sin Coa Tung Hiap got busy, apart from dodging and fending off Sun Cia Piang's attacks, he was also busy dealing with the bites of Sun Cia Piang's pet snakes.

Thus, the battle was really tiring for Sin Coa Tung Hiap, while Sun Cia Piang himself still continued to carry out attacks containing the strength of Sinkang that never relaxed.

Thus, the never ending match continued, Sun Cia Piang also believed that if he fought in such a way, with the assistance of his army of snakes, it would certainly make Sin Coa Tung Hiap finally out of breath, and tired by himself, at some point. that of course he can knock down his opponent.

But Sun Cia Piang also realized that this opponent was not a weak opponent, where his intelligence was indeed balanced with his intelligence, even though he insisted on constantly, every attack was always calculated carefully.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap who saw himself starting to fall under the wind, tried several times to urge Sun Cia Piang not to push him too hard.

Thus it was immediately seen that they had regained their balance, but the disturbance from Sun Cia Piang's pet snakes which kept biting him, made Sin Coa Tung Hiap's attention often resolved, this was very detrimental to him.

"Good intelligence..!" praising Sun Cia Piang once Sin Coa Tung Hiap jumped into the air dodging Sun Cia Piang's fist, and both legs were moved, hitting the heads of two snakes which were immediately crushed by the toe of Sia Coa Tung hiap's feet. But while praising so, Sun Cia Piang has also moved his hands, urging Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

When his body had fallen to the ground, and also Sun Cia Piang's attack was about to arrive, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's right hand touched his waist, he had pulled out a very short stick.