The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 10

Volume 10

LIU CUNG KIAT clasped his hands together with the blade of the sword down towards the earth, he said quickly with a serious attitude:

"In this case it's not only about my income, but also about the good name and responsibility that the kingdom has given me. If I hand this prisoner over to Toako, then it's difficult for me to return to the king's city... because if I return, of course my superiors will drop severe punishment for my mistakes and sins...!"

"Hmmm, so you are still burdening your position? And you don't want to look at my face?" asked the student. "I, Cun Liong lo, have always been lenient, but if you insist on such a head, and don't want to listen to my advice, of course you will suffer the loss yourself!"

Cung Kiat's face changed when he heard Cun Liong To's words, he said with a patient attitude: "Indeed, Siauwte dared to ask Toako for kindness and generosity, so that he would forgive and allow me to escort this chariot to its destination. have handed this prisoner to the superiors, then it's all up to Toako, want to work at that time I will not interfere again!

But now it is precisely the responsibility of this prisoner's success or failure to arrive at his destination on my shoulders, and I have been ordered many times, that this prisoner is very important and must arrive at his destination, so that such a great responsibility obviously I dare not neglect!"

Cun Liong To's face turned red and he seemed very irritated, he said fiercely:

"Well, I want to see to what extent you want to show your teeth to keep the captive, even though your intelligence is high, but I think by yourself alone like this, of course you will not succeed in keeping this prisoner!"

"But Toako...!"

"That's it, you say firmly, do you want to side with us or the kingdom ..?"

Liu Cung Kiat was so confused, he just stood there and didn't say anything.

But at that time, two subordinates of the student She Cun said fiercely: "Just brushed it, Toako... let us take care of it ..!"

But the she Cun student rubbed his hands, he said patiently: "Don't ... let this matter be resolved by me ..!"

And after saying that, the she Cun scholar turned to Liu Cung Kiat and asked: "How? Do you accept my proposal?"

However Liu Cung Kiat shook his head.

Toako is a pity. This task demands responsibility

That's tough... and I'm really sorry that I didn't know that we were going to face each other as opponents." The She Cung man moved his flute while laughing bitterly, he asked: "Are you willing if our friendship is destroyed just because of this affair?"

Liu Cung Kiat clasped his hands together, he said earnestly: "In fact, by looking at our past friendship, I hope Toako is generous to me, let me finish this task to the destination, after that Toako will work, At that time I promised I will let go and not interfere anymore, because it is no longer my obligation...!"

The student She Cun's face turned bright red because the longer he became impatient and became angry, his flute had been flung several times as he said: "Well... if you really insist on your decision like that, I also can't say anything.. But for sure, we must succeed in seizing the prisoner... We don't want to give you a bright face, but we really have to, because in this matter there is a big and very important business, I'm sorry... forgive me...! "

When he said that, the she Cun student clasped his hands together, he hesitated to salute.

Seeing the attitude of the she Cun student, Liu Cung Kiat immediately realized that the she Cun student would immediately act.

Thus, he became prepared.

In such seconds, they looked at each other for a while, then he said in a patient voice: "Toako, are you really not willing to give me a bright face?" "Unfortunately, in this matter, I can't act alone, this matter is my personal business, so that means I can't decide on my own. As you can see, hundreds of friends have gathered here, thus, it means a joint decision to be made for the benefit of all! I'm very sorry, I have to sacrifice my personal feelings and have to try to carry out my duties. Just like you have duties and responsibilities. then

I'm on duty and responsible!"

Liu Cung Kiat's face showed an apologetic expression, he said in a cold voice: "Is it true that our friendship has to be broken just to this point?"

Cun Liong To sigh dalam2, by showing the attitude of regret he said: "All right,    all right,

If that's the case, let's just start making decisions!"

Liu Cung Kiat laughed bitterly, he said in a slightly low voice: "Is it really that Toako doesn't want to give me the slightest face..?"

Cun Liong To shook his head slowly, he said: "I'm really sorry I can't grant your request to just let you go with your "merchandise", therefore, if your side doesn't want to give us an understanding, how can we also give you some leeway? for you! the friendship that we have cultivated for so long, if you really want to look at that friendship, of course you will not stop us from taking the carriage to save the prisoners who are in the carriage."

Liu Cung Kiat smiled as he endured impatiently, he said: "Okay Toako, what's the clue for me?" "Perhaps during this time you have made rapid progress in your martial arts, so I want to play a few moves with you...!"

"Good...!" said Liu Cung Kiat who had no other choice, "If that's the case, I can no longer refuse and have to accept Toako's instructions!"

After saying that Liu Cung Kiat clasped his hands together in a respectful gesture, he was aimed at the ground, the blade vibrated and it turned out that Liu Cung Kiat had channeled his lwekang power into his sword,

While Cun Liong To was getting ready to do battle using his flute, he was getting ready to receive a blow from his opponent, who was once his best friend.

"Please launch an attack...!" said the student she Cun.

"Sorry..!" said Liu Cung Kiat, and knowingly his sword had moved towards Cun Liong To's chest rapidly, he intended to stab with a movement that was really difficult for ordinary eyes to follow.

But Cun Liong To does have high intelligence, he is not afraid of such stabs, his flute has been raised to be used to parry. The movement he did was no less fast, where his flute rolled and quickly grabbed his side and kept hitting his opponent's ribs.

Liu Cung Kiat let out a shout, he shifted his foot position, his sword slashed to the side, and slid into Cun Liong To's waist.

Cun Liong To was forced to jump again away from himself. "What a skill you have attained!" praised Cun Liong To.

But Liu Cung Kiat didn't answer, his sword lashed out very fast.

Cun Liong To also served with his flute, so they lunged at each other with very fast movements, under the light of the sword and the flute that rolled like a flurry of confinement between them both.

The wind from the two weapons also whistled loudly, so that dust flew, proving that the lwekang power they used was quite high.

Cun Liong To's people watched the battle as they stood outside the arena, they just watched in silence with an attitude of readiness to rush forward, if only Cun Liong To was really pushed by Liu Cung Kiat.

But judging from the way the two people fought, it has been shown that they are indeed evenly matched, where their intelligence is as high and the same as liehay.

After fighting more than thirty moves, Cu Liong To seemed to play his flute even faster, where he repeatedly punched, struck and moved his opponent's sword. The movements he did were very fast, and contained a truly formidable lwekang power.

Liu Cung Kiat did not dare to play around, because the lwekang used by his opponent was strong and his movements, besides being strange, were very fast.

He also spun his sword rapidly, so that the blade's rays rolled like a fortress that was once powerful around his body. Thus, his opponent's flute couldn't break through to his defense.

The two of them did have the same high intelligence, so it was very difficult for them to   push their respective opponents.

After fighting for a long time and they were still evenly matched, finally Cun Liong To had changed his way of fighting, his flute was not spun like before, but he was striking with unexpected movements, briefly left and then right, so that it was quite confusing for him.

And when Liu Cung Kiat was confused to dodge the punch made by his opponent, that's when Cun Liong To had used the opportunity to jump very high into the air, his body danced with both hands stretched out, then slid down with his flute that grabbed very fast.

The flute's fast and powerful strike really made Liu Ceng Kiat not dare to sway. Very quickly he let out a shout while concentrating his lwekang power, And at the same time his sword had stabbed while slashing to the side.

"Wutttt....!" The wind of the attack sounded very clear, where it seemed that the silvery white light from Liu Cung Kiat's sword had struck fiercely threatening Cun Liong To's stomach.

At that time Cun Liong To's body was sliding down with a very fast movement, so that he was in a not so good position, where his opponent had time to attack where the weakness existed at that time, so the only way was to use his Iwekang on his feet, and the tip of his flute was then stepped on by the tip of his foot, knowing that his body had bounced up again.

The movements that were carried out were truly amazing because he had shown ginkang or perfect body lightening skills, where his body soared like a leaf in the wind, so that Cun Liong To was saved from being struck by Liu Cung Kiat's blade.

That is, they both have fought with strange moves, and every move they use is a move that really contains death, once they are sure and late to avoid being stabbed or punched, then they will be harmed

The sword and flute attack winds had been whistling endlessly, until finally Cun Liong To moved his flute and slashed it sideways in a transverse motion, then Liu Cung Kiat's sword had been hit by a strong thrust, it almost flew off and grabbed his hand.

Liu Cung Kiat jumped back two steps with a change of face, while Cun Liong To had also jumped backwards with a swift movement as he said: "Hold on..!"

Liu Cung Kiat had gripped his sword tightly and was watching Cun Liong To with a sharp look in his eyes, then said. "Toako, do we have to be more hostile towards each other!"

"This isn't a personal matter... it's a matter of duties and responsibilities where we both have different duties and responsibilities   . You are in charge of guarding the prisoners in the carriage, while I am trying to seize the prisoners... Thus, we will continue to be involved in endless troubles, but if Liu Hiante really intends to rejoin us, surely this matter will be settled well...!"

Hearing Cun Liong To's persuasion, Liu Cung Kiat smiled bitterly and then said: "Unfortunately I can't do it, the trust that has been given to me... this task I am carrying out must be completed as well as possible...!"

Cun Liong To's face changed slightly, but then he said with a smile: "If that's the case it means we have to fight each other endlessly, until finally one of us is injured or destroyed!"

"I myself do not know what method to use other than that way?" said Liu Cung Kiat, "And of course I want to ask for mercy from you Toako, so as not to be too harsh and lower your hand too cruelly on this brother of yours!" and after saying that, Liu Cung Kiat prepared to receive another attack.

"Are you really not willing to give up one bit to us?" asked Cun Liong To in an even voice.

"I'm so sorry Toako...your sister is forced to defend the task that has been given and entrusted to your sister!"

Cun Liong To gave a sharp look, then sighed, he slowly inserted his flute into his belt, then said: "Okay, I'll try to serve you with my bare hands!"

Liu Cung Kiat showed a tense attitude because he realized that with bare hands, like Cun Liong To would be much more cunning, because of course he would use his signature punch technique called "Bian Hun Ciang" or "Spirit Face Punch".

This punching technique is an empty palm punch that is very difficult to fight, because indeed Cun Liong To has mastered the martial arts jungle by relying on his bare hand punching skill.

Liu Cung Kiat was about to keep his sword, but Cun Liong To had said: "You may continue to use your sword..!"

Liu Cung Kiat smiled faintly.

"Thank you for Toako's generosity...!" he said.

And he waved his sword until he heard a buzzing sound.

Both of them were ready to fight again, where the sword would match the bare palms, but Liu Cung Kiat himself was worried that he would not be able to match the skill of Cun Liong To's mainstay, namely Bian Hun Ciang.

Cun Liong To has raised his palms up to his chest. His movements are very slow, but those of the martial arts forest who have high intelligence will know that the movements he does contain tremendous lwekang power. Thus, every punch of the palm of the hand will have a very heavy impact on the opponent.

Liu Cung Kiat had also crossed the line, preparing to receive opposition from his opponent.

After watching for a long time, finally Cun Liong To let out a loud shout, his body seemed to jump with a very nimble movement, and while lunging like that, his two palms had struck successively using the power of "Im" (soft) and "Yang" (hard). ).

Watching his opponent attack using a force that contained two different elements, Liu Cung Kiat was much more cautious. His sword had also been raised a little higher, and when Cun Liong To's attack came, he used the sword to threaten Cun Liong To's stomach.

So Cun Liong To had to quickly dodge and cancel his attack.

The moves passed very quickly, and at that time, it seemed that Cun Liong To's movements were getting faster and faster, and the wind from his palms was also getting stronger and stronger, thus making Liu Cung Kiat busy jumping here and there to dodge, because the sword in his hand now seems powerless to counterattack or push his opponent.

Remarkably, even though Cun Liong To only used both bare hands, he could match Liu Cung Kiat's swordsmanship, which he insisted on continuously, thus making Liu Cung Kiat have to rack his brain very hard, in order to find a way to match and compensate for his opponent's blows.

In his heart Liu Cung Kiat also praised Cun Liong To's great Bian Hun Ciang punch, because he was amazed at how Cun Liong To pushed himself repeatedly.

The longer the attacks carried out by Cun Liong To the stronger, where he used almost eight parts of the strength of the lwekang he had. The wind that rolls from the moves he uses is the wind of death for his opponent.

Once Liu Cung Kiat failed to dodge or parry his opponent's attack, it meant that he would be seriously injured or dead.

With this, Liu Cungb Kiat had to focus all of his attention, in order to put up a persistent fight, his sword was tightly gripped and he took out his mainstay swordsmanship, namely Tui Hong or Swordsmanship Chasing the Wind.

A hundred moves had passed, and they were increasingly engaged in the decisive battle between life and death.

But when the two of them were fighting fiercely, in the distance there was a sound of people exclaiming in surprise and then a figure who was moving very quickly came over.

The figure moved so agile and very agile, in the blink of an eye it had passed Cun Liong-To's people, then arrived in the middle of the arena.

And the person who had just arrived didn't want him to stay silent, he moved his hands, which he knew had managed to grab Cun Liong To's hand with his right hand, and Liu Cung Kiat's hand with his left.

"Stop..!" said the figure in a loud voice, "don't continue this battle...!"

Cun Liong To and Liu Cung Kiat were very surprised, because they felt that when their hands were grabbed by that person's hand, their wrists seemed to be clamped tightly.

And when their bodies were pushed apart from one another they also felt a force so strong that they stumbled backwards.

Thus it has been proven that the strength of the lwekang that the new arrivals have is indeed higher than theirs.

It wasn't an easy job to separate two heroes who were fighting and each of them had high intelligence, but the new person who appeared seemed so easy to separate them. This made the two people, Cun Liong To and Liu Cung Kiat, both shocked and amazed.

And they were even more astonished and surprised when they saw clearly that the person who separated them was none other than a young man, not more than twenty years old.

Cun Liong To immediately mastered his feelings, he clasped his hands together.

"Who is Kongcu... may we know she and your noble name?" he asked.

Liu Cung Kiat just watched with a puzzled heart, for he could hardly believe that a young man this young could separate those who were in battle using such high intelligence.

While the young man who had just arrived and had separated the two people who were fighting, had looked with a sweet smile, he said in a patient voice: "Siauwte she Bun and named Bin An."

"And..." said Cun Liong To. "There is a need whether Kongcu has separated us?"

The question was sweet, but contained a rebuke to the young man, who was none other than Mrs. Bin An. Bu Bin An clasped her hands together in salute, she said in a patient voice: "Sorry. no

Siauwte was about to interfere in your business, but Siauwte just   happened to pass by this place and saw that you were fighting in such a way, as if you were risking your life to kill each other... there is no problem that cannot be solved, so if you really want to take the middle path, Of course everything can be solved!"

Hearing Bu Bin An's words, Cun Liong To smiled faintly.

"But our business is actually quite an important matter and must be decided by both of us, where one of us must be defeated in this battle, in order to determine whether we really deserve to get the carriage ..!" while saying that, Cun Liong To pointed at the carriage that was indeed being fought over.

Liu Cung Kiat, who had been silent for a long time, had joined in saying: "In that chariot there is an important prisoner of the kingdom... and... and this friend is about to seize him, So I am forced to defend, because of the duties and obligations that have been entrusted to me, I must carry it out and take good care of it!"

"If that's the case fine...!!" said Mrs. Bin An. "May Siauwte know who is in the carriage... Siauwte means the prisoner in the carriage?"

Liu Cung Kiat looked doubtful, but Cun Liong To replied: "The prisoner locked up in the carriage is a martial jungle character who had the bad luck of being trapped by lowly humans using cunning sense, where he was taken captive and mistreated. . then we intend to help him!" Liu Cung Kiat watched with a displeased face.

Meanwhile, Bu Bin An had said again in a doubtful voice: "In this matter, of course, it is a matter of the martial jungle, and indeed Siauwte does not know each other from you from both groups, thus of course Siauwte has no right to interfere. But if indeed Siauwte see, just to fight over a prisoner, but you guys have to fight to the point of causing casualties, shouldn't that be a pity


Liu Cung Kiat nodded.

"Yeah... if there really is an understanding from Cun Toako's side, of course we won't even cause things to involve ourselves in this meaningless fight...!" said the she Liu.

Cun Liong To had let out a cold laugh.

"Well, if that's the case, it's clear that you still want to continue our battle, don't you?" he said.

"But Toako...!" Liu Cung Kiat's voice had not yet finished, at that time it seemed that Bu Bin An had cut in: "What if the captives were released?"

"Freed?" asked Liu Cung Kbiat while furrowing a pair of eyebrows.

"Well.. with the release of the captives, won't the business be finished?"

"But how will I be responsible for everything to my superiors?" Liu Cung Kiat asked, "I'm sorry... sorry, I don't want to give face to Siauwhiap, but in this matter, of course I have my own difficulties..!"

"If that's the case, of course there must also be understanding from Cun Toako's side..!" said Bin An again.

But Cun Liong To shook his head slowly while making a cold laugh.

"We have determined to seize the prisoner, surrendered or not, we will still stand by our decision, the prisoner must be captured by us to be released ..!"

Bu Bin An watched Liu Cung Kiat and Cun Liong To for a while, until finally she said, "Okay, what decision do you guys want?"

"We will continue to fight to determine who has the right to get the captive ..!" replied Cun Liong To excitedly, because he believed that Liu Cung Kiat was no match for him.

"What if we just take the middle way, that is, each of you faces three attacks from me, if indeed you are able to deal with Siauwte's three attacks, then that person should be declared as the person who deserves the prisoner."

"But if we can both take your three strikes?" asked Liu Cung Kiat in a cynical voice, for he felt offended, as if belittled by the young man, who challenged in just three attacks.

"Even though this young man seems to have great intelligence, there's no way in three moves he can knock me down...!" thought Liu Cung Kiat in his heart.

Meanwhile, Cun Liong To immediately agreed to Bu Bin An's proposal. "Fine, if that's the case, that's a good suggestion!" he said. "Who started?" asked Mrs. Bin An.

"I wasn't even a problem ..!" replied Cun Liong To excitedly.

"Babik... guard the first attack!" said Mrs. Bin An.

And Bin An while saying that he has moved his right hand will grip towards the piepe bone of Cun Liong To. And in a very short time his five fingers were only a few inches apart from his shoulder.

Cun Liong To was surprised, because he did not expect that Bu Bin An's movements were so fast and strange.

But as a master who has high intelligence, of course Cun Liong To does not stand still.

Incredibly fast he knew he had crouched and his left hand was used to parry, the movement he did used a move from Bin Hun Ciang which contained an element of counterattack.

Bin An had pulled his hand back before Cun Liong To's parry managed to touch his hand, Together with his other hand he slid and gripped Cun Liong To's chest.

For the second time Cun Liong To was surprised, he was squatting, and at that time Bin An's attack struck.

But again, Cun Liong To defended himself with his flagship science, Bian Hun Ciang mixed with Kim Na Ciu's movement, namely the capture movement, he tried to grab Bin An's wrist.

For the second time Bin An pulled back his hand,   And at that time he said: "This is the third attack ...!" And for the third move, Bin An stretched out both hands at once, to grip Cun Liong To's shoulders.

Cun Liong To had time to stand up and he was sure, if he parried using Bian Hun Ciang's moves, of course he would be able to ward off the attacks and that would mean he had received three attacks from the young man.

With a happy heart he raised both hands, and used them to fend off.

"Plakkk....!" their hands met and hit each other making a very loud sound, but as soon as the two forces of the two pairs of hands hit each other Cun Liong To's face turned pale, he let out a muffled cry, his face also turned bright red, and turned pale again his legs staggered backwards, then saw his body shaken hard and kejengkang.

"Uwah...!" from his mouth had vomited fresh blood.

Mrs. Bin An was surprised.

"Ahh, sorry... sorry... Siauwte has used excessive force...,!" he said as he jumped towards Cun Lion To.

But Cun Liong To didn't say anything, he had sat down together with his eyes closed, to regulate his breathing.

At that time Bu Bin An had also placed both palms on Cun Liong To's back, he channeled his inner strength, to be channeled to Cun Liong To, helping Cun Liong To to recover his inner strength and also smooth his breathing path. In a moment, Cun Liong To's pale, greenish face finally turned red again, apparently he had managed to recover his breathing.

Meanwhile, Liu Cung Kiat watched everything with a slightly shaken heart.

He wondered, why the young man was so strong and so tough. If he saw that in three moves Cun Liong To could be knocked down, even injured inside like that, this is really a matter that is not playing anymore, because it is judged by the strength of the lwekang power that the young man has. , it was likely that Liu Cung Kiat himself was no match for him.

With such thoughts, finally Liu Cung Kiat began to hesitate to accept the three attacks from the tough young man if he initially believed he would be able to face the three attacks launched by the young man, now he began to hesitate.

But considering that Cun Liong To had been successfully knocked down by the young man, of course the opportunity for him to still be able to guard the prisoner's carriage was even greater, If only he managed to face the three attacks of the young man, wouldn't he finally be entitled to the prisoner in the horse carriage that ?

Thinking so, Liu Cung Kiat's spirit was awakened, Dan had put his Iwekang power into his hands.

The sword he was gripping shook, and at that moment it seemed that he was ready to receive three strikes from Bu Bin An.

After feeling enough to help Cun Liong   To recover his airway, Bin An jumped to his feet: "Shall we start now...?" Liu Cung Kiat nodded.

"Yes... may I ask Siauwhiap for guidance in terms of Kiamhoat's intelligence?" asked Liu Cung Kiat.

Bu Bin An nodded with a smile.

"You can... of course it's very exciting if you really want to play three moves by using swordsmanship...!" and after saying that, Bin An had set his feet, he soared high into the air instead of pulling out his sword, but his hand grabbed a branch of a tree that was nearby, he broke the branch.

"Siauwte will accompany you to play three moves by using this branch instead of a sword...!" said Bin An.

Liu Cung Kiat's face turned displeased, he felt so slighted.

"If so, if I ever make a mistake in my hands, of course I will make my heart uneasy...!" said Liu Cung Kiat.

Bin An smiled.

"If it turns out that Siauwte can't get victory in three moves, it means that victory is for Heng-tai (brother)...!"

"Alright," said Liu Cung Kiat with a wry smile, "please open the attack!"

Bin An said: "First attack...!" while moving the branch in his hand, where the twig grabbed in a circular motion.

The movement of this first move took Liu Cung Kiat by surprise, because the branch rotated so it was difficult for him to determine which part of his body to target the branch.

But because he has a fairly high skill of swordsmanship, namely Tui Hong Kiam Hoat's swordsmanship, which has great and strange changes, where throughout his life he can recognize the martial jungle with his swordsmanship, thus he is not afraid to ward off it.

When the branch in Bin An's hand moved around, it looked like the sword in Liu Cung Kiat's hand was deflecting it by breaking through, the movement he did was very fast and very brave.

Liu Cung Kiat dared to make this move, because he believed that his sharp sword, which was a real sword, would be far more victorious than a sword made of tree branches.

But Bin An seemed calm, he moved the branch in his hand with a fast motion, and at that time he deliberately hit the branch in his hand against Liu Cung Kiat's sword.

But the ending was extraordinary. Liu Cung Kiat's sword shook.

"Hi..!" shouted Liu Cung Kiat in surprise, he felt his palms shaking and the skin of his palms stinging, If he had not gripped his sword tightly, his sword would have slipped out of his grip.

It seems that the twig in Bin An's hand already contains the power of a truly formidable cassava energy, so that even though it consists of tree branches, being enveloped by such slang power, of course, makes the twig strong. Between the collisions that occurred, Liu Cung Kiat had jumped backwards, and used his sword to stab again after he fixed the grip on the hilt of his sword, meaning to go ahead to finish the second move.

But Bin An also moved quickly, and the branch in his hand was twisted, and when he shifted his foot position, he stabbed using the tip of the branch to strike, slipping between the blades of Liu Cung Kiat's blade.

Liu Cung Kiat, who didn't expect to receive an attack like this at all, was so shocked and let out another scream while trying to jump behind two spears away.

But Bin An did not stop there, he had jumped forward together, two steps using the twig in his hand to jerk and engage Liu Cung Kiat's sword.

The moves made by Bu Bin An were extremely fast and hard to dodge, even though Liu Cung Kiat intended to pull back the sword, avoiding Bin An's sticks, but he failed.

He knew that his sword had slipped out of his grip and was thrown into the air, where it had plunged into a tree in one fell swoop.

Liu Cung himself stood still with his heart pounding, because he didn't expect to experience the end of the battle in such a way.

Bin An laughed as he threw a twig in his hand and said: "You two have given up a lot to Siauwte!" and after saying that Bin An clasped his hands together to salute Liu Cung Kiat who was still standing still and also to Cun Liong To who had stood up at that time because he had managed to restore his airway.

"I'm sorry... sorry!" said Bin An again.

Liu Cung Kiat and Cun Liong To's faces turned pale, while Cun Liong To's men watched with sharp eyes, they were ready to rush forward if Cun Liong To gave the order to attack.

At that time, Cun Liong To sighed.

"Both of us have been successfully knocked down by Siauwhiap, which means that neither of us has won. Siauwhiap's decision is eager to hear...!" said Cun Lion To.

"Yes," said Liu Cung Kiat, "to whom should the prisoner be handed over?"

Bin An smiled.

"The wisest way, liberated...!" said Bin An. "Freed?" asked CunLiongTo, his face flashing

joy, because precisely he and his men tried to seize this prisoner to free the prisoner from the hands of the royal people.

While Liu Cung Kiat's face turned gloomy, he said in a not-so-fluent voice: "In this case... in this case..!"

But before he finished his words, Cun Liong To had said: "We as Hohan of the martial jungle, of course we have to keep our word, once we speak, we will not be chased even by a thousand horses...!"

Hearing Cun Liong To's words, Liu Cung Kiat seemed to sigh. "The prisoner who was in the carriage was a very important prisoner," said Liu Cung Kiat later. "If only this prisoner was released and there was a misunderstanding, it would certainly cause a big business, which involved safety and many martial arts masters...!" said Liu Cung Kiat later.

"Why so ?" asked Bin An in a curious voice.

Liu Cung Kiat sighed again, he then said in a low voice:

"Because... because the prisoner inside the carriage is... is...!" and Liu Cung Kiat did not continue his words, he turned his head and looked at Cun Liong To.

Bin An watched and looked at the She Liu people, he just kept quiet.

"Because the prisoner in the carriage is... is ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie...!" forward Liu Cung Kiat.

"Ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie?" asked Mrs. Bin An with a look of surprise mixed on her face.

Liu Cung Kiat nodded.

"Yes," he said with a sigh, "That prisoner is indeed Siauw Lim Sie's old ciangbunjin, namely Bo Liang Siansu..."

Bu Bin An's face changed.

"So... the martial jungle figure in the carriage is Bo Liang Siansu?" asked Bin An then.

Liu Cung Kiat nodded with a sigh. "That's right, then the prisoner in the carriage is a very important prisoner," replied Liu Cung Kiat.

"But..." said Mrs. Bin An then in a hesitant voice. "If indeed the prisoner in the carriage is Bo Liang Sian su Locianpwe, this must be resolved amicably, because... no matter how Siauwte will certainly stand on his side...!"

Liu Cung Kiat's face changed. "So... so...!" the words are not fluent. Mrs. Bin An smiled.

"I have received a lot of kindness from the side of Siauw Lim Sie... now that I know that the prisoner in the carriage is Bo Liang Siansu, Locianpwe who disappeared long ago, was taken prisoner by the kingdom, then I was forced to must help those who want to free him...!"

Liu Cung Kiat sighed again, it seemed that he was desperate.

"Well if that's the case...!" and he had clasped his hands together, then saluted Bu Bin Abn and also Cun d Liong To.

Seeing the pamitabn, Cun Liong To was overjoyed, he returned the salute from Liu Cung Kiat, as well as Bin An who had returned the salute from Liu Cung Kiat.

After saluting, Liu Cung Kiat stomped his feet, his body swaying very high, leaving the valley. Meanwhile, Cun Liong To and Mrs. Bin An had approached the carriage, and Mrs. Bin An herself had removed the window curtains from the carriage.

Inside the carriage there was indeed a person sitting with both hands behind his back and also with a neck worn by a fairly wide board.

This shows that the person is indeed a prisoner, his head is bald and does not have a single hair, he is a hwesio, his beard and mustache have grown long until his chest is white.

Cun Liong To had clasped his hands together, he saluted and said: "Boanpwe Cun Liong To saluted and he also said: "Boanpwe Bu Bin An salute Bo Liang Siansu Locian pwe. !"

The priest, who is none other than Bo Liang Siansu, dalam2 sighed, her face very patient, he said, "... Sian cai Siancai ....! In fact you do not need to risk    life    to    repeatedly help with    Lolap,      because

Of course there have been a lot of casualties...! if Lolap tried to escape, since the first can be done by Lolap ...   but   it   Lolap   do not   want   to do it     if

indeed in this case something unpleasant happened, such as a large number of casualties, of course this will make Lolap's heart uneasy!"

Cun Liong To sighed, he said: "We have planned for a long time to free Locianpwe from the hands of the kingdom... therefore, several times we have tried to seize Locianpwe from the hands of the royal people, only now have we succeeded. Surely Locianpwe's ciangbun will be happy once we get freedom like this... so that ciangbun Locianpwe can go back to leading Siauw Lim Sie as it was before... we are just trying and doing what we can do...!!"

Hearing Cun Liong To's words, Bo Liang Siansu's face did not change, he was very patient when he said: "But while being held captive by the royal party, Lolap was treated very well... Lolap thought, you don't need to bother like this. It's not that Lolap doesn't know nobility, but with today's incident, of course the kingdom will send its people to recapture Lolap, which means there will be a disaster again in the martial jungle ..!"

And after saying so, Bo Liang Siansu sighed a few times.

Bu Bin Aa immediately said: "During the disappearance of Locianpwe, then the leadership of Siauw Lim Sie has been held by Bo Tie Siansu Locian pwe... and of course Bo Tie Siansu Locianpwe will be very happy to see Locianpwe has been liberated..."

Bo Liang Siansu took a deep breath.

Then easily, the iron chain that was wrapped around his wrists was pulled and broken into three pieces. As for the thick board that was wrapped around his neck, it had been broken by just shaking his head. It showed that Bo Liang Siansu's lwekang had reached the perfect level.

Bu Bin An and Cun Liong To looked in awe at the old priest who had such a tall shank.

Bo Liang Siansu, having freed himself from the iron chains and planks that wrapped around his neck, slowly got out of the carriage.

Cun Liong To and Bu Bin An had stepped aside, they paved the way for Bo Liang Siansu who had stepped about five spears away from the carriage.

Cun Liong To's men had all knelt down to pay their respects to Bo Liang Siansu.

This patient old priest had been rubbing   his hands.

"Thank you for your help, and also Lolap can't forget your kindness... and don't be too much of a custom like that... wake up!"

After saying that, Bo Liang Siansu took a deep breath, he turned to Cun Liong To, he said again: "Thank you for the help you have given Lolap will go to Siauw Lim Sie to meet my fellow teachers."

Cun Liong To nodded while clasping his hands together, he said: "Congratulations to Locianpwe, hope you arrive at Siauw Lim Sie without any trouble...!"

Bo Liang Siansu nodded and turned to Bu Bin An.

"And you, young warrior... do you want to travel together with Lolap?"

Bu Bin An nodded quickly.

"If Locianpwe doesn't mind, of course Boanpwe will be delighted to be traveling with Locianpwe..."

I see, under the supervision of Cun Liong To and his men, the leader of Siauw Lim Sie and Bu Bin An had left the valley.

Along the way, Bo Liang Siansu asked Bii Bin An a lot about the development of the martial world, Dan Bin An explained everything carefully, what he knew, while Bo Liang Siansu had also given Bin An a lot of advice and advice, so that this young man could really take advantage of his talents. possess it to do good works and commendable deeds, to defend the weak and the righteous, from the strong but wrong actions.

Bin An always expressed his gratitude for the advice given by the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie. Indeed, Bo Liang Siansu has been in the hands of the kingdom for a dozen years, where he has been detained and has always been under strict and strict control.

Besides that, Bo Liang Siansu was never given the opportunity to meet anyone, because it was considered dangerous, where if the people of the martial jungle knew about the affairs of Bo Liang Siansu's imprisonment, of course the brave warriors of the martial jungle would move and cause big waves in the martial jungle.

That's why Bo Liang Siansu was always under strict guard, and the place where he was detained was always changing, uncertain and moving around.

Bo Liang Siansu also explained to Bin An, if he really wanted to escape, even though he was escorted by royal people who had high intelligence, he could do it easily.

What Bo Liang Siansu said was not arrogant or big talk, because Bo Liang Siansu's intelligence had reached a very high level.

Thus, Bo Liang Siansu could have escaped, but this old priest was worried that later the kingdom would vent his anger on other martial arts warriors. So Bo Liang siansu just let himself be a prisoner of the royal party. They traveled for more than a month until they finally arrived at Siong-san, and they arrived at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

Bo Tie Siansu and Bo Liang Siansu's brothers and sisters, who saw Bo Liang Siansu's return, healthy and fit, were overjoyed.

Bo Liang Siansu explained to his comrades, so as not to cause waves by looking for business on the royal side, because the position of ciangbunjin Siauw Lim Sie was still left to Bo Tie Siansu, because Bo Liang Siansu intended to purify himself and not interfere in other matters anymore, he wanted to train himself and pass his old age by increasing his energy and also lessons about his Buddhist religion.

Bu Bin An stayed in Siauw Lim Sie for seven days, where he received many instructions from Bo Tie Siansu regarding various martial arts matters contained in the martial jungle. Bo Liang Siansu also gave many instructions to Bu Bin An.

Thus, after staying in Siauw Lim Sie for a long time, on the eighth day Bu Bin An said goodbye and wanted to go on a trip to seek experience.

Bu Bin An has received a lot of advice and advice from the Siauw Lim Sie priests, he is determined to truly devote himself to goodness and justice. And he will travel to increase his knowledge and experience.

Before Bin An left Siauw Lim Sie, Bo Liang Siansu had a message, that Bu Bin An really train his gizzard, because the young man has really good talent and seeds, where he has very good bones to have a high gizzard. Thus, if only Bin Bn wanted to train himself well, of course he could get very high energy.

Bo Liang Siansu has also passed down several kinds of intelligence that he has, so Bik An has a lot of additional intelligence.

While traveling, Bin An also never forgot to train himself, so he made very rapid progress.


The world of martial arts is the world of people who understand martial arts and have their own hobbies where they are separated from the Bun people, namely people who specialize in studying letters, in general, martial arts people always travel to various places.

At that time, girls and women who studied literature were mostly "secluded" at home and rarely left the house to show themselves. However, for female warriors who have trained in silat, they generally like to wander, live freely and rely on their silat skills to keep themselves safe.

And for someone who has trained in silat, of course, they will never be satisfied with the intelligence they have, they will certainly try to acquire a much higher skill and continue to train themselves diligently.

Not infrequently, there are misunderstandings and clashes between the people of the martial arts jungle, retaliating, collapsing, fighting each other for knowledge, and finally causing enmity. It does happen a lot.

Between groups that clash with other groups, it is also not uncommon in the martial arts jungle. Between the doors of other martial arts schools there are often clashes that drag them eventually to an endless grudge.

And at that time, in the martial jungle, a very strange martial character appeared, where his appearance had shocked the martial arts forest because his intelligence was very high.

Incredibly, although the appearance of this strange person in the martial jungle had not been for a year, he had already acquired a very famous name.

This highly intelligent person named Gu Ping An has the title of Sin Coa Tung Hiap (The Magical Snake Stick Swordsman), because that person is armed with a short stick, the end of which is in the shape of a snake's head.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap always wore a mask made of red cloth, so that no one had ever seen his face. His name is so well known and feared by the people of the martial jungle in Hunan province, and it is also very difficult to trace him, because he always appears in unexpected places.

The characteristic of its appearance is always preceded by an identifying symbol, namely a painting of a bat which is painted by very strong carvings on the walls of the house using his index finger.

The people of the martial jungle also don't know that Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Ping An actually stands in the Hek-to (black/criminal) world or does stand on the Pek-to (white/straight) street, because during that year he always did various things and action that is very difficult to predict.

It happened that five strong warriors from Mount Lauw-san had been destroyed by him, so that the five brave warriors who were famous for having high intelligence finally became flawed and no longer had intelligence, that is, their intelligence was destroyed.

But not infrequently Sin Coa Tung Hiap did good deeds by eradicating highly intelligent criminals and controlling several cities in the province. With his actions, Sin Coa Tungt Hiap has attracted the attention of the people of the martial jungle. And what really stands out is because of his high intelligence and during that year he has not met his match.

About the age of Sin Coa Tung Hiap also no one knows for sure, because his face always wears a face mask. But judging from the shape of his body, it shows that the age of Sin Coa Tung Hiap is certainly not more than thirty years old.

Like that morning, on the wall of the biggest restaurant in Pai nano city, there was a painting carved into the wall, in the form of a bat spreading its wings.

At first the owner of the restaurant together with the waiters who saw it, thought it was just the act of a mere nosy, and they did not pay much attention, they even liked the carvings which were beautifully carved.

But after noon and the restaurant began to be crowded with guests, consisting of people from various backgrounds, and many people from the martial arts forest, there was a lot of talk about the painting engraved on the walls of the restaurant, namely the bat,

"Sin Coa Tung Hiap will appear in this city...!" whispered some people of the martial jungle.

"Yes... Sin Coa Tung Hiap will appear... this is a sign that there will be a crowd in this city...!" said the other martial arts. Immediately, the news of the emergence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap in the city spread widely.

There are many conjectures regarding the presence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap. I do not know who will be satronied by Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Because the name Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Ping An is very famous, it will be his presence in this city, causing many martial arts people in the city to wonder whether they will be satronized by Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Thus, almost all the people of the city's martial arts jungle who have been prepared to make preparations to welcome Sin Coa Tung Hiap, if only   they were targeted by this strange person.

In the city of Pai-nam, there are two doors of silat colleges, each of which has quite a lot of students studying martial arts at both doors of the college.

One school door is named Pai Nam Kiesu (Gave Warrior Pai Nam), led by a martial arts expert from Bu Tong Pay's school door, named Bian Tung Siang, with the title Jie Pian Kiehiap (Two whips swordsman), where his main weapon is a pair how to make a short book that is very liehay.

Meanwhile, the other school door is called Tiang Sun Hiap Tam, led by Thang Pole Su, a student of Kun Lun Pay.

The two doors of the college are equally famous and they have the same number of students. It is not uncommon for clashes between the students of the two schools to occur, but they can be resolved peacefully, because the two silat teachers who lead the two schools are indeed quite good friends, so that they can always reconcile their disputing disciples. Apart from the two doors of the silat college, there are still many doors of other silat colleges, generally having not so many students, only a few people.

With the image of bats engraved in the restaurant, the silat schools in the city of Pai-nam have been busy guessing, whether the door of their college will be overseen by Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

As the day approached, more and more people were talking about the emergence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap in this city.

That afternoon, on the street of Wie-ho walked a girl with a slim body and wearing an ivory yellow short dress. On her waist, a sharp sword appears, causing the girl to look very dashing, she also wears wide-sized shoes, showing that this girl is indeed a female warrior who wanders in the martial arts jungle.

When he arrived in the city of Pai-nam, he had indeed heard the conversations about himself from Sin Coa Tung Hiap, but the girl was not very interested, so he had continued on his journey.

But when he passed in front of the school door from Pai Nam Kiesu, he actually saw many students from the college door gathering in front of the building, also discussing the issue of the emergence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap in this city.

Thus, the girl's attention became greater, now she had a desire to know who the much-talked about Sin Coa Tung Hiap was. The girl has approached the students from Pai Nam Kiesu, she clasped her hands together, eagerly saluting.

"I'm sorry, if Siauwmoay (sister) heard correctly, you seem to be worried about the emergence of Sin Coa Tung Hiap... may Siauwmoay know who the real Sin Coa Tung Hiap is...?" asked the girl in a friendly voice.

Pai Nam Kiesu's students looked at the girl with probing eyes, then one of them asked: "Who is siocia... and what is the relationship with Sin Coa Tung Hiap..?"

Sigadis shook her head.

"Siauwmoay just happened to pass by this city and heard a lot of people talking about Sin Coa Tung Hiap, then Siauwmoay became interested. If indeed the Siehengs (brothers) don't mind, would you like to tell me who Sin Coa Tung Hiap is!"

The disciple from Pai Nam Kiesu watched the girl with his eyes still inquisitive, until he finally replied: "Sin Coa Tung Hiap is a martial arts figure who has very high intelligence, and also has unpredictable moves, thus , we also don't know, whether Sin Coa Tung Hiap will really appear in this city or not... but usually, after the picture of the Bat appears, of course Sin Coa Tung Hiap will appear... and this city has actually appeared the picture of the bat ...!"

Sigadis nodded with a smile.

"Liehay, how clever is Sin Coa Tung Hiap?" asked the girl.

Pai Nam Kiesu's disciples nodded. "What we heard, Sin Coa Tung Hiap's intelligence is extraordinary, he has very high intelligence.... for a year he has appeared in the martial jungle, no one has been able to match his intelligence...!"

The girl expressed her gratitude and then excused herself, continuing on her way again, Pai Nam Kiesu's disciples just watched with eyes filled with admiration for the beauty of the girl.

While the girl had been walking on, until finally she entered a restaurant that was quite large by people who were busy with their respective jobs, while the restaurant where the girl stopped was also still receiving a lot of visitors.

The girl in the ivory dress, had taken the local from a table near the window, she ordered several kinds of food.

While waiting for the food she ordered, the girl had been watching the people in the restaurant's room.

It was quite noisy, the laughter and the voices of conversation from the guests of the restaurant, they consisted of people who were dressed as students, traders and people of the martial jungle.

"I have heard that Pai Nam is a bustling city, and apparently those words are not wrong..." thought the girl in her heart.

But when he thought up to that point, it was precisely at that moment that a cold wind was blowing behind his back.

The girl was surprised, but she had such keen hearing that she knew she had snatched the secret weapon against her back. Without looking back, the girl had tilted her body to the left, so the secret weapon that had grabbed her back had snatched past and stabbed into the table with a loud sound.

Sigadis furrowed her brows, what stuck on the table turned out to be a long needle that was almost similar in shape to a Bwee Hoa Ciam needle, only the difference was that the needle was longer and smoother in shape.

Carefully the girl in the ivory yellow dress stretched out her right hand, without touching the needle stuck on the table she took the paper containing the writing.

It turns out that in the writing, there are words of challenge for the girl, which sound as follows:

"I am waiting for you, the second drum comes at the door of the southeastern city, there I will ask for your guidance....

Don't come, I will state the reasons for my request."

And the letter has no signature nor is there the name of the sender.

The girl in yellow did not know who sent the letter, she looked around, but there was no one who showed signs of sending the challenge letter.

At that time the waiter had delivered what the girl ordered, he immediately ate it quickly.

The needle that was used to send the letter was left stuck in the surface of the table, only the challenge letter had been put in his pocket. After eating, the girl left the restaurant and looked for an inn where she rested waiting for the second kentongan.

The day was crawling on, and the second kentongan was approaching.

The girl in the ivory dress had straightened her clothes and checked the sword on her waist, then left the inn by taking a path through her bedroom window, she jumped on the roof of the roof, and headed towards the southeastern town.

When he arrived at the door of the city, the situation around the place was very quiet, not a single human could be seen.

Sigadis did not know the place where she had to meet the sender of the letter, because it did not say the exact place, only that she was expected at the door of the southeastern city.

But when she looked around her as if searching, that's when she heard a strong wind rustling from behind her, Sigadis did have high intelligence, she heard the swishing sound and quickly waved her hand, you know, her index finger had managed to flick a needle long enough to fall to the ground.

The girl moved very quickly, while flicking she immediately looked back, she saw a figure dressed in all black, had jumped down from the top of a tree outside the southeastern city door.

That body figure moved very nimbly and was also accompanied by his words: "You really came to fulfill my request...!" the person's voice sounded deep and hoarse, indicating that the figure was a person of high age. The girl opened her eyes wide, immediately in the dim night under the moonlight she could see a patient and calm face, with a black mustache and beard growing.

"Who are you, uncle?" asked the girl with a salute, "Any clues did you invite me here?"

The girl asked patiently, actually she was not very happy to be treated like that by the old man, because twice he had been attacked by dark needles that were quite dangerous. If he really doesn't have high intelligence, isn't he the target of the needle attack?

The old man laughed.

"In fact, I invited you here, miss, I wanted to ask for directions from you ..!" said the old man.

"I want to know if the book "Huang Ciang Pit-kip" is in your possession?" asked the old man.

Hearing the mention of "Hung Ciang Pit kip", which is the book of Red blows, the girl's face changed, she had looked sharply at the old man.

"Who is the real uncle, why do you know about the book?" asked the girl in a vacillating and suspicious voice.

The old man smiled, his attitude was very patient when he replied: "Aren't you the only student of the old niekouw with the title Liang Sie Suthay?"

"Right... how did you know that?" asked the   girl.

"Liang Sie Suthay is my best friend, and we haven't seen each other for a long time....but from the few single disciples of that old nie-kouw.... Also, I have heard the sad news about the passing of Liang Sie Suthay three years ago, it's a shame I couldn't attend his funeral, after Liang Sie Suthay died, you as his only disciple would receive the inheritance of Huang Ciang Pit-kip's heirloom, right?"

The girl's face changed, showing a feeling of displeasure.

"It's true what uncle said, the heirloom book is in my hands, then what does uncle want?" asked the girl.

"I'm Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang, who leads the door of Pai Nam Kie su College," explained the old man, "And I actually learned about Miss's arrival in this city from my students. and the contents of the book...!"

The girl smiled bitterly, she said: "That's the cleverness of our university door, of course it can't be given to others ..!"

"But Miss... I really need instructions regarding the contents of the book Huang Ciang Pit-Kip, to perfect my whipping skills. Even though that skill is an empty-handed skill, the movements contained in Jie Pian and Huang Ciang's knowledge are almost the same .

Back when I was friends with your teacher, at that time we had created knowledge together, and finally we separated, where we have created our own knowledge, namely Jie Pian science and Huang Ciang science. If only Miss would give me the opportunity to borrow the book, of course it would be very happy and I will not forget Miss's kindness...!"

But the girl in the ivory yellow dress shook her head slowly.

"Unfortunately uncle... the heirloom book cannot be loaned to anyone."

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang's face showed displeasure.

"Wouldn't just showing the book to me won't harm Miss?" he asked.

The girl in the ivory yellow dress shook her head again slowly.

"Uncle, it's a shame that I have to refuse uncle's request, even though I can't lend the heirloom book to anyone."

"But if you really don't want to grant my request, I'm really sorry I have to force you ..!" said Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang in a cold voice.

"Uncle... you said that you used to be my teacher's friend, but now why do you force your friend's student in such a way...?"

Jie Pian Kiehiap Bian Tung Siang has let out a cold laugh.