The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 14

Volume 14

THEY are made up of people of various shapes, and their clothes are also very strange. Some are dressed as teachers, but carry hudtim in their hands, the speed that a Tojin usually carries. There are also those who dress as hwesio, but maintain hair. What's even strange is that there are martial arts masters who wear women's dresses, even though he is an old man with a long beard.

Indeed, they were dressed in strange circumstances. Besides that, they also carried weapons of various and strange shapes such as machetes with carvings of a dragon, with a jade hilt added.

There are also those who carry weapons consisting of short sticks which are connected to a chain. The segments of the sticks consist of several segments connected to each other.

And so did some carry a short sword with a hilt made of gold engraved with a Hong bird. There are still many strange weapons carried by these martial artists, such as fans, huncwe, sticks that tip like spears, and also many other types of weapons that certainly bring strange and interesting feelings to those who see them.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap, who saw that the martial arts jungle masters from various sects had arrived, looked at him with interest. This time it was indeed a very interesting meeting, because he could meet so many martial arts jungle masters, who generally had high intelligence.

The time before the second kentongan, this place was tired of gathering more than a hundred people, the masters whose names showed their strange nature.

But Sin Coa Tung Hiap did not see any students from figures from the university door such as Siauw Lim Sie, Bu tong pay, Kun Lun pay, Ceng-shia pay, Go Bie pay, and Thian san pay... apparently people from different sects. separately.

Among them were also some foreigners such as the bearded and sharp-nosed warriors from Persia, and several other masters such as the Nepalese.

At that time, Bun Cie Sun had opened the meeting. Many martial arts experts suggested that they immediately complain about their intelligence. But Bun Cie Sun explained that he invited all the masters and various sects to negotiate the martial arts, and while trying to form an association for them.

At first, there were many champions who opposed Bun Cie Sun's wishes, but after a while, at which time. Bun Cie Sun had explained, that his real intention was to avoid casualties and to form an association that was really very useful for the martial arts jungle, in the end the brave people were also willing to obey the rules and methods that would be determined by Bun Cie Sun.

"Indeed..." said Bun Cie Sun after seeing the brave men willing to comply with his ways and wishes, "This meeting will feature several people, where they will hold a silat match through a mere negotiation, without moving their weapons and hands, that way, we can find out how much knowledge and intelligence a person has, without the need to fall victim, And if indeed the Hohan (manly people) agree, we will immediately start...!"

"I don't agree...!" suddenly someone had said loudly, his voice thundering.

Bun Cie Sun and everyone else in the place turned to the person who was shouting, immediately they saw that person was none other than Say Ong To.

"What is Kiesu's suggestion?" asked Bun Cie Sun then.

"I've traveled here from far away in the hope of playing games to my heart's content and releasing all my intelligence but the reality is that it's very disappointing... I want us to measure each other's energy and knowledge ..!" "Yes, I also agree with Kiesu's opinion..!" someone shouted again, when everyone turned around, that person was none other than a bearded old man in a woman's dress, who was dressed in a strange way, who also carried a very wide hooded hat made of woven mats.

At that time Bun Cie Sun laughed.

"If indeed Jiewie (both masters) wants to measure energy and knowledge, fine, fine, please Jiewie start it

!” said Bun Cie Sun.

Say Ong To looks happy, he is without the shejie-shejie anymore, has jumped into the middle of the field.

"Come on, let's play to our heart's content.!" he said and along with that, he too had opened his mouth wide, making a very strong and very loud roar.

While the bearded man in the woman's dress had set his feet, his body had soared very high, posed in the middle of the air, and then alighted in front of Say Ong To.

"Sorry... sorry, I'm going to show off my martial arts skills!" said the bearded man who was dressed strangely.

Say Ong To has said: "We don't need to waste too much time talking, let's get started!"

And indeed it has become a rough character and nature, Say Ong To suddenly has moved his hands, which he stretched out to do a grip.

The bearded man dressed in a woman's dress laughed when he saw the attack, he said: "I am Liu Eng Tong, I will accept your instructions ..!" and while saying so, with a very nimble movement he had dodged from Say Ong To's grip.

Liu Eng Tong's movements were indeed fast and agile, where Say Ong To's grip had hit an empty place, because suddenly Liu Eng Tong's body had jumped from in front of him.

But Say Ong To even though he has a rough temper, but he also has intelligence that is really well trained, his knowledge is very high. Seeing the way his opponent dodged like that, he quickly launched an attack behind him, because he knew that Liu Eng Tong had jumped behind him.

The movement that Liu Eng Tong made earlier really relied on his body agility, when Say Ong To's attack arrived at a distance of three meters from his body, he had set his feet and his body jumped over Say Ong To's head and was behind his opponent.

Now that Say Ong To had struck a powerful blow towards his back, thus, the slender wind that had shot out of Say Ong To's palms had struck Liu Eng Tong again.

This time the man with the she Liu beard did not dodge from the onslaught of sangka energy launched by Say Ong To, he had raised his right hand, pushing with a fast motion, from the palm of his hand a powerful lwekang power flowed out. Thus, in an instant two violent and formidable forces collided with each other.

At that time Say Ong To felt his strength being pushed, and his body almost staggered, but as a person who has high intelligence, he can quickly control himself, and strengthen the horses on both legs! Without pulling back his hand by simply twisting his body, he has also attacked with a fast movement, where his hand has been turned and then pushed, then from the palm of his hand also flows a strong wind.

Liu Eng Tong knew that he had jumped two spears high, along with his mana, his hand seemed to have pulled out a rather long flute. Then he brought the flute to his mouth, he began to blow the flute.

When Saya Ong To made repeated attacks, it was seen that Liu Eng Tong had blown his flute while dodging here and there. His movements were so agile and agile that it seemed that Liu Eng Tong was dancing.

Say Ong To has made repeated attacks and failed every time.

When Say Ong To was filled with curiosity and anger, while he was intensifying his fighting power, Liu Eng Tong began to stop blowing on his flute and used his flute, which turned out to be made of iron, to strike various parts of Say Ong To's body.

The movement of Liu Eng Tong's flute was so fast that it was difficult for the human eye to follow it, because the tip of the flute was snatching up very quickly.

Say Ong To, who witnessed his opponent using his flute to deal with the blow of his palm, let out a scream that resembled a roar, then his right hand pulled out a machete that had been shining on his waist. "Come, let's play with weapons, but you have to be careful, because sharp weapons have no edges, if you are careless a little, you can be destroyed!" Say Ong To said.

Liu Eng Tong laughed coldly, he spun his flute accompanied by the exertion of his Iwekang, his body as if being protected by the light of his flute.

Thus, even though Say Ong To had slashed his machete several times, he always failed to hit the target, blocked by Liu Eng Tong's flute beam.

Say Ong To became more and more curious, he let out a roar several times and accelerated his slashes. Every move of the machete is also accompanied by a very strong shinning power, so it can be seen that the longer the two people who are fighting are getting more involved in the match risking their lives

Liu Eng Tong realized too, that he could not underestimate his opponent, Say Ong To's attacks could really kill him, if only he acted carelessly and was hit by his opponent's attacks.

All the brave people who gathered in the place were very interested.

They all consist of people whose life is only practicing martial arts, So now when they can witness such an exciting fight between Say Ong To and Liu Eng Tong, naturally makes them very happy.

And their spirits are also awakened.

Suddenly one of them, has jumped into the middle of the field.

"I also want to play a few moves, who wants to accompany me?" the man asked. Everyone was watching him. He was a middle-aged man with a sturdy build and a thick beard, with a very sharp nose. This person turned out to be not Chinese, if not from Nepal of course from Persia. His hair that grew curly like that also showed that he was a foreign master.

Kwang le Liu himself had witnessed the match between Say Ong To and Liu Eng Tong, so he was interested and awakened his spirit. Seeing the stranger, his hands were itching and had set his feet, his body immediately slapped in front of the stranger.

"I'm Malengku, asking for instructions from the valiant people of the Chinese mainland, of course it's very exciting to play a few moves...!" said the stranger.

"Yes, I will accompany you..!" said Kwang Ie Liu with a laugh.

Bun Cie Sun, who witnessed this, sighed, "If you look at the current developments, it seems that things will be chaotic, where the experts who have gathered in that place will compete with each other for their knowledge and intelligence.

But Bun Cie Sun couldn't stop it either, he just watched.

At that time, it seemed that Malengku had moved his two very large muscular arms and seemed to be very strong.

"Are we playing with our bare hands or are we using sharp weapons?" asked Malengku then.

"It's up to you...!" replied Kwang le Liu. "Let's just play with our bare hands first," he said

Malengrku,   his voice   hard,   and   he   was   giving   as well with hand gesture followed by the words: "I will soon begin!"

He is a wrestler from his country, therefore his way of attacking is also not to hit, but to block and slam. His movements are very agile, where both hands have the strength of well-trained Gwa kang (external power).

Kwang le Liu laughed slowly, facing a Gwa kang expert like this Malengku of course he did not use violence, he used his soft power and agility, In a short time he had dodged three moves from Malengku's grip.

Meanwhile, Malengku himself was curious. With a loud snapping sound, he had repeated to grab Kwang le Liu's wrist.

Malengku's hand slapped from the left and right of Kwang le Liu's body, and at that time Kwang le Liu had shifted the position of his two legs. With a very light movement, he wanted to jump behind Malengku to beat the nape of Malengku.

But at that time Malengku turned out to be just a mere bluff grip, As soon as his opponent dodged, his feet immediately moved to catch Kwang le Liu's legs, and his two hands quickly pushed Kwang le Liu's back hard.

Kwang le Liu did not expect to receive such an attack, he was too late to dodge and at that time his back was pushed very hard, and his legs were also caught by Malengku's feet, immediately his body fell and was about to fall forward.

Luckily, Kuangle Liu had an advanced ginkang, so relying on his ginkang, he didn't fall to the ground. With his body staggered two steps, Kwang le Liu managed to control his body not to fall.

But at that time Malengku had stretched out his two hands again intending to use the   opportunity to grip Kwang le Liu's arms. His movements were very fast, his hands stretched out nimbly.

Kwang le Liu made a cold snort because he was so irritated that he almost fell over from the push of my Maleng's hands.

Now seeing Malengku attack him again with both hands, Kwang Ie Liu didn't want to waste any more time either.

With his skillful ginkang, his body was spinning and fast, his hands were moved around both of Malengku's wrists.

The movement contained immense strength, therefore, as soon as Malengku's hands were hit, Malengku immediately felt how his wrists were about to break.

Before Malengku had time to pull his hands back, Kwang Ie Liu had shouted loudly: "Hmm. If I can't knock you down, I'm not Kwang le Liu!" and after saying that, suddenly his hands were moved in succession and hit Malengku's body.

His movement brought forth a very strong onslaught of wind.

"Bukkk....!" Malengku's body was hit very hard by the energy of the cassava launched by Kwang Ie Liu.

Malengku's body had bounced into the air and let out a startled scream. When his body hit the ground, he rose quickly.

As a wrestler, of course Malengku can control the fall of his body so that it doesn't hit the ground hard.

My Malengku quickly let out a scream as he rushed forward as well.

Kwanbg Ie Liu heard a cold laugh, and he moved his hands again to face Malengku's attack with his ribs. When Malengku's attack arrived, Kwan Ie Liu dodged and his hands were pushed in front of Malengku's body.

Instantly my Maleng had bounced back into the air again, collapsing on the ground rolling three spears away, now Malengku was a bit slow to stand up, and he was groaning in pain.

Kwang Ie Liu laughed.

"Are we going to continue this game?" he asked, still laughing.

Malengku had risen with a face turning red with anger and curiosity. And he didn't answer Kang Ie Liu's question, but instead he jumped up and grabbed Kwang Ie Liu's waist.

Seeing the way the wrestler did Kwang Ie Liu's lunge, he laughed coldly.

He stomped his feet, his body soared into the air. At that time, it seemed that Malengku had butted under his feet.

Taking this opportunity, Kwan Ie Liu had used both of his legs to kick Malengku's back. "Bukk..!" Immediately, Malengku's body fell.

And at that moment, it was immediately seen, as soon as he fell, Malengku's body coiled around while making a groaning sound, because he was suffering from excruciating pain.

Apparently the kick taken by Kwan Ie Liu fell right on the path of Tan bo-hiat's blood on his back.

Seeing this event, all the brave people who gathered in the place gave out loud cheers, many of them praised Kwang Le Liu's greatness.

At that time Bun Cie Sun had sighed.

"Already...already..." he shouted. "Didn't we agree that we would not use violence in negotiating silat affairs?"

But at that time, the valiant people who had witnessed the battle between Kwbang Ie Liu and Malengku and also the battle between Say Ong To and Liu Eng Tong, some of them became excited.

In a short time, there had been six people who jumped into the center of the field, and they split into three pairs, who fought each other to spar for intelligence.

Malengku himself after groaning for a while, then returned to the edge of the arena, because he realized that if his battle with Kwang Ie Liu continued, the one who would suffer losses would be him. Therefore, the wrestler has stepped aside.

Kwang Ie Liu himself was about to return to his place, but just then a shadow had jumped up with a very nimble movement. "Kwang Ie Liu Kiesu, I want to ask you for a hint. !"

and as soon as those words were finished, in front of Kwang Ie Liu a person stood.

When Kwang Ie Liu watched him firmly, then immediately recognized him.

"Tang Hujin.. you?" asked Kwang Ie Liu.

The person who jumped in front of Kwang Ie Liu was indeed Tang Hujin, when he heard Kwang Ie Liu's words, Tang Hujin laughed.

"Yes, I Tang Siu Moay want to ask for some pointers from you. !" he said with a nod of his head.

Kwang Ie Liu smirked, saying: "However... I have no joy in   messing   with   you,   Tang Hujin. !"

Tang Hujin's face turned red.

"Do you consider me unworthy to be your opponent?" Tang Hujin snapped in a cold voice containing anger. "Do you feel yourself as the smartest person and have the highest intelligence, so you don't want to look down on me?"

"It is not like that...!" Kwang Ie Liu said quickly. "But we, as old friends, would be happy if we had to measure each other's knowledge and intelligence in this piebu way, even more so if one of us were to fall as a victim!"

Tang Hujin let out a displeased snort, he said: "In this matter of fighting knowledge and intelligence, there is nothing to discuss or weigh, We are indeed old friends, and of course we compete in science and not to destroy each other. why

You have to say that?" Kwang Ie Liu who heard Tang Hujin's words, had nodded as he said: "Well, if Tang Hujin really said that, of course I can't say anything more, other than obeying Tang Hujin's orders to complain."

Tang Hujin snorted, "Hmmm, you really don't look down on me, okay... well, later after we complain about intelligence, then we'll see, whether your intelligence is higher or my intelligence is above yours...!"

After saying that, Tang Hujin seemed impatient, he had stretched his hand around his waist and pulled out his sword.

"Sringgg...!" The sword light that glittered in the moonlight, had shot towards Kwang Ie Liu's shoulder.

Kwang le Liu was also surprised to see Tang Hujin as soon as he drew his gun and immediately stabbed him.

But Kwang le Liu had keen eyes, he had seen the sword light coming, he quickly dodged to the side.

"If we play around using sharp weapons, of course we can endanger ourselves," said Kwan le Liu, "We'd better play with our bare hands...!"

"Don't say much more, draw your weapon!" when Tang Hujin

Kwang le Liu let out a chuckle, then said: "Alright...!" and his hands had gone to his waist knowing that he had pulled out a limp sword which had originally been entangled in his waist. The sword is certainly a mustika sword made of various metal alloys that have tremendous strength, because besides the limp sword it can be involved at the waist, the sword has extraordinary sharpness, it can cut through ordinary swords or ordinary metals with ease.

Seeing Kwang le Liu possessing such a mustika weapon, Tang Hujin's eyebrows rose.

"Hmmm, by relying on the mustika sword, of course you want to crush me ..!" said Tang Hujin, "But I'm not screaming...let's get started, guard my attack."

And without the slightest trepidation, Tang Hujin seemed to have moved his sword, which flashed back and stabbed at Kwang Ie Liu's shoulder.

Tang Hujin's sword flashed as fast as lightning towards Kwang le Liu's shoulder.

But Kwang le Liu remained standing in his place without moving, he waited until his opponent's weapon had come close, then he moved the sword in his hand to block it.

Tang Hujin couldn't let his sword hit by Kwang le Liu's mustika sword, so as soon as the two swords almost collided, he pulled his sword back, then just made the next stab.

Every move used by Tang Hujin was very fast and dangerous, it seemed that the old lady had very high and good kiam-hoat (swordsmanship).

The wind stabbed his sword violently and silvery white light flashed here and there in a very fast motion.

Kwang Ie Liu, who had been bombarded by Tang Hujin's consecutive stabs and slashes, couldn't stand still and stay where he was, he had also turned his sword properly and then jumped back and forth while stabbing back.

Tang Hujin did not stop there, when he saw Kwang Ie Liu trying to rely on his mustika sword, he also took another attack tactic, he now besides launching a stab, often his sword was used to stab Kwang Ie Liu's right wrist, to force Kwang Ie Liu let go of his mustard sword.

Every time Kwang Ie Liu pulled his hand to dodge the stab, Tang Hujin again launched consecutive stabs to various parts of Kwang Ie Liu's body.

In this way, it seems that Kwang Le Liu is starting to be very busy dodging here and there, because he always tries to keep his hands away from Tang Hujin's sword stab.

Tang Hujin who saw his efforts pay off, immediately intensified his sword attacks which always aimed at Kwang Ie Liu's wrists.

If indeed Tang Hujin launched his stabs at various parts of Kwang Ie Liu's body, of course Kwang Ie Liu could have used his mustika sword to fend off, and the one who would suffer the loss would be Tang Hujin himself.

But at first glance Tang Hujin's moves always launch his stabs quickly and consecutively towards the wrist, thus, Tang Hujin repeatedly forced Kwang Ie Liu to dodge his wrist without being able to block it with his sword.

The movements and moves of the two people are high-level swordsmanship, they always use moves that can be deadly. Thus, it seemed that they were indeed trying to knock down their respective opponents. Especially Tang Hujin, who was eager to launch a stab to knock down his opponent.

Kwang Ie Liu after dodging his wrist, his hands were a dozen times from the sight of Tang Hujin's blade, he had changed his martial arts style. now he was no longer waiting for Tang Hujin to launch a stab, he was the one who preceded to do the stabs pressing Tang Hujin.

"Sorry Tang Hujin, I was forced to make an attack like this..." Kwang Ie Liu said as he moved his sword swiftly.

Every move that Kwang Ie Liu uses is a very strange swordsmanship move where his limp mustika sword moves around here and there, slashing and attacking.

If Kwang Ie Liu exerts his Iwekeng power, then his sword instantly becomes stiff and can be used to stab. but also Kwang Ie Liu often used soft force to loosen his sword which could be used instead of a joan-pian, namely a limp whip, to entangle Tang Hujin's sword.

Seeing the way Kwang Ie Liu moved his sword to urge him. Tang Hujin is getting hit so much more pressure

But as a lie-hiap (female swordsman) who has high intelligence and extensive experience for decades of traveling in the martial jungle, of course Tang Hujin did not want to give up losing just like that. Suddenly he had changed his way of fighting again. Now more of his sword grabbed towards Kwang Ie Liu's thighs. Tang Hujin's sword flashed very quickly towards Kwang le Liu's thigh, if Kwang le Liu's thigh was stabbed, it would certainly make his fight not free.

Kwang le Liu let out a loud laugh, when one time Tang Hujin's sword was snatched up,   that's when he had moved his mustika sword.

"Trang...!" The sword instantly slashed and broke. Tang Hujin's face turned pale.

"Well, Tang Hujin," said Kwang le Liu as he clasped his hands together, "I'm sorry I intervened a little hard ..!"

Tang Hujinr's face turned from pale to red again, and without saying a word, he took his broken sword and returned to its place.

While Kwang Le Liu had re-involved his sword at his waist, he came back out of the arena standing near Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

"Kwang Kie su has great intelligence," said Sin Coa Tung Hiap in praise.

"It's just playing with bad moves," said Kwang le Liu condescendingly.

At that time, there were dozens of good pairs who were fighting each other's intelligence and they were attacking each other, the longer the number of them increased.

Although there were also many victims who fell, but they were generally only injured because so far no one had been killed.

Bun Cie Sun, who witnessed this, was silent, because he really couldn't control the situation anymore, the gathering of these valiant people was still going on loudly by the sound of their weapons clashing, and the night was getting late...

Let's leave for a moment the battle of these brave men, we look at Bu Bin An, who was in the Tang-ko-ceng village at that time.

Because the village is small and has few inhabitants, besides it is not crowded with people who cruise, so the village does not have an inn either, Bu Bin An has spent the night in a resident's house, the owner of the house is an old man aged sixty years, only living alone, without children or wife, living alone.

From the owner of the house, Mrs. Bin An heard that recently a lot of foreigners had stopped in the village. And judging from their clothes, according to the owner of the house, that these people were people who used to wander in the martial jungle.

The owner of the house also said he heard the people talking about the meeting at Hoa-san. But as a villager who does not understand martial arts, he does not know much about the intentions of these people.

Bu Bin An, who heard the story of the owner of the house, became interested. Indeed, Tang-ko-cung village is only thirty lie from the foot of Mount Hoa-san in the east.

When Bin An was also tired he decided he wanted to go to Hoa-san.

After spending one night, the next morning Bu Bin An continued his journey again, he took the road to the west to reach Mount Hoa-san. The location of the Tang-ko-cung village which is separated in the east is blocked by a hill, so Bu Bin An has to travel around the hill and he has to travel for one day, where in the afternoon he arrives at the foot of the mountain.

Because he did not have important business, then Bin An traveled slowly, he enjoyed the view of the beautiful mountains. On his way up the mountain, Bin An-also often ran into some martial arts people, whose clothes and circumstances were quite strange, but Bin An ignored them, and only looked at them for a moment, then ignored them.

Bin An knows of course the people are heading to the top of the mountain, to attend the meeting in Hoa-san.

When he arrived at a mountain lamp, Bin An had fallen resting under a tree, and he intended to maintain his strength.

But towards midnight, dimly, Bin An heard the sound of a sharp weapon hitting him, he jumped out of his bed and looked around.

The sound of sharp weapons clashing faintly and slowly, Bin An quickly remembered that maybe the smart people who had gathered in Hoa-san started to have a match.

After tidying up his clothes, Bin An used his Ginkang to run towards the sound of the sharp gun clashing coming.

After running around like drinking tea, they arrived at a large grass field, where a large number of martial arts people gathered.

However, because at that time the martial arts people who were gathered in the grass field were busy watching the ongoing battle, Bin An's presence did not attract their attention.

Bin An had joined the people who were standing gathered outside the battle arena and watching the matches that were   taking place from these people.

But someone noticed Bin An's presence.

He was none other than Sin Coa Tung Hiap.

Since the appearance of Bin An in that place, Sin Coa Tung Hiap has been secretly watching him, because he saw Bin An coming quickly and very swiftly, where the ginkang is also very high. So he was willing to suspect that this young man must have come to take part in this meeting in Hoasan.

"He's still young, but he seems to have very high intelligence.!" Sin Coa Tung Hiap Gu Ping An secretly thought "Dau judging by his ginkang, apparently he is not under my ginkang skill!"

Thinking so, Sin Coa Tung Hiap had turned to Kwang Ie Liu, he said in a low voice: "Kwang Kiesu... have you seen that young man?"

"Which youth?" asked Kwang Ie Liu in surprise.

Sin Coa Tung Hiap had pointed to the place where Bin An was standing among the people gathered to the right of the battle arena.

Kwang le Liu had turned his head in the direction that Sin Coa Tung Hiap was pointing at. Immediately he saw Bin An.

"What's wrong with that young man?" asked Kwang Ie Liu then. "He seems to be extraordinary, earlier he came with a very skilled ginkang, his body also seemed to fly without stepping on the ground.

Hearing the words of Sin Coa Tbung Hiap Kwang die Liu smiled.

"He's still so young, how could he have such high intelligence...?"

"But I've seen him have ginkang which is really really amazing."

Kwang Ie Liu got curious, he nodded and said: "Okay, let me try him to see if he has high intelligence or not..!"

Sin Coa Tung Hiap also agreed with Kwang Ie Liu's intention to test Bin An.

Meanwhile, Bin An at that time was engrossed in watching the ongoing match between dozens of people who competed for strength and knowledge in the middle of the arena. And he was only surprised when he felt a cold wind near his waist.

As a young man who has high intelligence, Bin An did not become nervous, he just flattened his stomach and tilted his waist slightly, so the dark attack that was about to hit his waist was dodged.

And Bin An did not act until there, as soon as he managed to dodge the blow, he had waved his right hand, his five fingers spread out, he intended to grip the attacker's wrist

But the grip of his hand fell into an empty place, for his assailant had quickly pulled his hand back. At that time, it seemed Bin An quickly turned his body to look at the person who was behind him.

Immediately he saw a bearded old man dressed in a strange dress, a woman's dress. The people who were close to the old man were engrossed in watching the game in the middle of the arena, so Bin An could confirm that it was this old man who had done the dark-blooded blow to him.

"Lopeh (uncle), why are you doing dark points to me?" asked Bin An.

The person who was reprimanded by Bin An was indeed none other than Kwang Ie Liu, had smiled.

"You really have a pretty high intelligence...!" and having said that, he has moved his hand, while he said: q "Try to accept one more move ...!"

Bin An was surprised to see the old man stretched out his fingers spread wide to grip his chest. The movement made by Kwang Ie Liu is more similar to the movement of Eng-jiauw (the science of gripping the eagle's hooves), where if someone's chest is gripped, it will burst apart. Thus, Bin An could not remain silent.

He quickly shifted his body position to escape.

However, because of the sudden speed of Kwang Ie Liu's attack, he couldn't just dodge himself. Bin An's right hand also moved very fast, he had stretched it out to poke the old man's elbow.

The movement made by Bin An was a strike that could sever the connection of the elbow bone, so Kwang le Liu who saw the young man's counterattack came, canceled his attack and pulled his hand back again.

"You really have a lot of intelligence." said Kwang le Liu, "Did you come here to take part in fighting intelligence?"

Bin An was standing still and after watching Kwang Le Liu intently he shook his head, saying: "No... just by chance I passed by this place, and saw there was this crowd, I meant to see it..."

"Hmm, who is your teacher?" asked Kwang Ie Liu as well, "Seeing your high intelligence, of course you are a student of a famous person..."

Bun An quickly clasped his hands together in a salute.

"I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time telling who my teacher is..."

"Hmm, who is she and your name?" asked Kwang le Liu. Hearing Kwang Ie Liu keep wondering  like   that,

  Bin   An's heart is   starting to   be   displeased,   he   has   forced himself

to smile, he said: "I'm she Bu and named Bin An..."

"Hmmm, Mrs. hiante, you have high intelligence, of course you want to take part... I mean in this gathering of smart people in Hoa-san... just as I was the old Kwang le Liu who did take part too , with your coming here, of course you have added to the splendor of this gathering...!" Bin An quickly replied: "I only have one or two martial arts skills... Therefore, I don't dare to mess with brave warriors..."

"Hmm, you're being too self-deprecating." said Kwang Ie Liu.

At that time Sin Coa Tung Hiap had also approached them, while laughing Sin Coa Tung Hiap had said a bit loudly: "Hiante, your intelligence is really high, apparently my eyes are not wrong ..!"

Bin An's face turned red.

"Kiesu is too praising...!" he said quickly, "I only understand one or two moves ..!"

"I'm She Gu and my name is Ping An... my friends in the martial jungle call me Sin Coa Tung Hiap...!" said Sin Coa Tung Hiap introducing himself.

"Siauwte she Bu and named Bin An...!" said Bin An as he returned Gu Ping An's respect.

Thus, they became acquainted and conversed. talking about the people who were competing, guessing who would emerge victorious.

At that time, people who were careless complaining about each other's intelligence had numbered more than before, because they each felt that their knowledge and intelligence were superior to the people who were in that place, so each of them tried to highlight their intelligence.

Suddenly a person wearing a patch here and there like a beggar, had jumped into the middle of the field he faced Bun Cie Sun while saying: "She Bun people, you have organized this meeting, of course you have intelligence that can be relied on by daring to issue invitations to friends. -friends of the martial jungle. I'm Kim-hoa-ie(Golden Flower outfit) Liang Cun would love to play some tricks to get a hint from you she Bun people..!"

Bun Cie Sun sighed.

"But actually I meant to invite the friends of the martial jungle not to fight like this, I meant to negotiate martial arts while forming an assault group and looking for a leader among us...!"

"Well, even so, we as the people of the martial jungle, of course, who are engaged in training ourselves for the martial arts every day, will not be separated from the business of fighting. Now I Liang Cun invite you She Bun people to give me instructions...!" and after saying that, Liang Cun clasped his hands in salute.

But both his words and his demeanor showed that Liang Cun was actually urging Bun Cie Sun, whom he challenged to compete for knowledge.

Bun Cie Sun also couldn't deny it anymore. Moreover, he in the martial jungle has a very famous name, now being challenged in such a way, forcing him   to accept it, then Bun Cie Sun had no other choice, just jumped into the middle of the arena, standing opposite Liang Cun, the person who was dressed in patches. .

Kim-hoa-Ie Liang Cun had laughed.

"Very nice...!" he then said, "Please guide me..." Bun Cie Sun patiently replied: "I will take three attacks from Kiesu without replying, please attack!"

Liang Cun's face turned red.

"Ohhh, how arrogant you are she Bun..." he said, "Fine, fine, this is your request... accept my attack!" and after saying that, Liang Cun's body swiftly charged out and dealt a powerful blow to Bun Cie Sun. his attack is very difficult to dodge, because he has moved his hands with a very strange move, which is like an eagle that is pounce on its prey,

With his left hand gripped towards Bun Cie Sun's head, while his right hand was reached out to squeeze the stomach of the She Bun person.

But Bun Cie Sun remained standing quietly in his place, he didn't move at all from where he stood, only watching the coming attack with cold eyes, he had seen how the blows and grips made by his opponent possessed the inner strength of his opponent. His opponent had quite a strong internal power.

But as a martial arts figure who does have very high martial arts skills, Bun Cie Sun has taken lightly the way he attacks his opponent. When Liang Cun's grip and hand squeezed almost hit his clothes, it was at that time that Bun Cie Sun just moved with a light body towards the right side, then he had grabbed his right hand, then at once Liang Cun's body was seen staggering two steps, just like himself had been struck by a mighty force. Liang Cun was not kidding, but he was only stunned for a moment, because as soon as he managed to control his body, he didn't stagger again, incredibly fast he attacked and jumped again!

This time the grip he did was much more intense than the first grip or squeeze. Kim-hoa-ie Liang Cun does have a high intelligence and is well trained, because of that in an instant he has been able to stagger like that, making him curious.

Thus this time he used his inner strength no longer he had moved eight parts of all the power that was in him.

While Bun Cie Sun let out a cold laugh, and then had dodged again from his opponent's lunge, he said "The second attack, only one more move, I will immediately retaliate ..!"

Liang Cun was furious, he had twice failed to attack his opponent. Therefore when he attacked for the third time he had already moved his hands with all the strength of his Iwekang power.

Bun Cie Sun snorted again, just as he still didn't look down on his opponent's attack, he had let out a loud snapping sound, his hands were moved to push the opponent.

And at that moment from the palm of his hand flowed out a powerful gust of wind, crashing at Liang Cun.

"Bukkk..." Liang Cun's onslaught was repelled by Bun Cie Sun, where their energies collided violently, Bun Cie Sun's body shook violently, while Liang Cun's body was thrown by two more spears. It was at that moment that Bun Cie Sun let out   a long laugh, followed by his words: "Now that three moves have been exhausted, and it is my part to retaliate against you, because I have given up all three moves..."

Along with those words, Bun Cie Sun's body was like a shadow, flashing here and there very agile, a pair of hands were also moved, it was like the wind from his blow that encircled his opponent's body.

Liang Cun's surprise was unbelievable, because he felt his chest tighten and his breath hitched very hard, because his whole body felt like it was being crushed by an invisible, but powerful force.

With a loud roar, Liang Cun tried to rotate his hands alternately, The move was to concentrate all his inner strength, to be channeled into his two hands, where he tried to provide resistance to the pressure of the opponent's power.

There were repeated sounds of clashing of the two profound forces, and so did Liang Cun's body repeatedly stagger. And until the ninth move, Bun Cie Sun quickly moved his right hand which was extended towards Liang Cun, then he bent his left hand to his chest. And the inner power that it transmits is truly amazing.

"Bukkk...!" Liang Cun's body was no longer merciful, bouncing in the middle of the air and then sliding down to the ground with a very loud thud, accompanied by a scream of pain from Liang Cun. Bun Cie Sun stood in his place with a very calm demeanor, he just smiled and did not chase his opponent either.

"I think that's enough...!" Kafa Bun Cie Sun when Liang Cun was crawling to his feet, "And you go back to your place!"

Liang Cun looked fiercely at Bun Cie Sun, he said fiercely. "I haven't lost yet, take my attacks back...!" and while yelling so, he too was moving again, his body rushing towards Bun Cie Sun, regardless of his safety either.

But Bun Cie Sun as a martial arts figure who has high intelligence, of course, does not want to remain silent, he channeled his lwekang power to fend off the onslaught.

"Blukkk...!" Liang Cun's body had bounced back, and at that time he was also groaning in pain. because both his wrists have been broken!

Many martial arts people praised Bun Cie Sun's prowess when they saw the way She Bun's men took care of his opponent.

Bu Bin An herself who witnessed the battle praised her in her heart, because she saw that Bun Cie Sun's intelligence was of a high level, where it was rare for people in the martial arts forest to have such inner strength.

Bun Cie Sun himself had smiled with a calm demeanor, saying: "If you insist on continuing to fight with me, hmm, I thought you would only harm yourself...go away!"

Embarrassed Liang Cun had crawled up and then slipped among the group of other strong people, he had left the place, he had broken both his arms, meaning he could not fight any further. Also earlier, the attack by Bun Cie Sun had damaged his internal energy, which disappeared by three or four parts.

Thus, without full internal strength and broken wrist bones, how could he compete with other masters? while he didn't have the ability to destroy Bun Cie Sun.

But Liang Cun left with a grudge against Bun Cie Sun, he was also determined to learn more advanced martial arts in the future, and if he had attained higher intelligence, he wanted to find Bun Cie Sun to reckon with this hurt.

Meanwhile, Bun Cie Sun had returned to his seat. But just as he was about to speak, at that time a figure jumped into the center of the field again, with a very light movement.

The man's body was short, but his voice sounded like a shattering bell as he said: "Bun Cie Sun, I Kuo Lin Siang want to ask you for instructions too...!"

Everyone when they saw the short person jumping into the middle of the field was shocked. Because they immediately recognized that Kou Lin Siang was a devil who was poor across the Ho Pei province and had no small name.

In addition to his high intelligence, he is also indeed bare-handed, so that every opponent who fights with him, if not flawed, will certainly be destroyed. His name has also thrilled the hekto (black road) circles of the martial jungle.

Now that Kuo Lin Siang had appeared at the venue and had also challenged Bun Cie Sun, thus, naturally a great battle could not be fought anymore. Bun Cie Sun himself immediately recognized the short demon, he nodded with a smile.

"Yes, earlier I had already served the people of She Liang, that means it would be unfair if I now reject your challenge, Kuo Kiesu (the brave person of She Kuo)...!"

As he finished his words, his body immediately jumped to the center of the field, with a light movement he jumped close to Kuo Lin Siang.

But Kuo Lin noon was indeed a devil with a ruthless heart and bare hands, without waiting for Bun Cie Sun to stand still, his right hand had been moved in a powerful and deadly attack towards Bun Cie Sun's chest.

Bun Cie Sun's brows furrowed because when he saw the attack method of the short demon She Kuo, he realized that the attack was a cruel and deadly attack. So without waiting for the onslaught to arrive, he quickly waved his right hand to parry it.

The strike launched by Kuo Lin Siang contained the power of a lwekang that could crush even a large boulder, because the wind from that   strike alone had sounded so thunderous and had also hit Bun Cie Sun's chest with great force.

However, Bun Cie Sun also has high intelligence, the swiftness of his right hand has made Kuo Lin Siang's attack fail to hit him.

The short devil didn't want to waste time, as soon as his first attack was thwarted, it's amazing how fast he has launched a second attack, even now he is attacking with both hands at the same time, where both his hands are moved simultaneously and the onslaught winds violently. once.

Bun Cie Sun realized that his opponent this time was far more intelligent than Liang Cun, he didn't dare to doubt it anymore, besides dodging quickly, he also stretched out his hand, gripping Kuo Lin Siang's shoulder tightly.

Bun Cie Sun's movements were very fast, in fact it was rare for anyone to escape from that grip, but the short demon Kuo Lin easily dodged by simply bowing his head and tilting his shoulders slightly, so Bun Cie Sun's grip had hit an empty spot.

And indeed the short demon Kuo Lin Siang was evil and cunning, he had used this opportunity to launch a deadly attack towards the left side of Bun Cie Srun's body.

Undoubtedly, Bunq Cie Sun was surprised, at   that time his body was tilted and his hand was in the middle of the air, he couldn't immediately pull it back, while Kuo Lin Siang's attack almost hit its target.

But in fact he is a martial arts figure who in addition to having high intelligence, is also very experienced, he has issued a loud shout accompanied by one leg, namely his right foot, to kick towards the groin of his opponent.

This movement forced his opponent to jump backwards to dodge the kick, and also meant Kuo Lin Siang's attack failed to hit Bun Cie Sun's ribs.

Now it was Bun Cie Sun's turn who didn't want to waste any more time, when Kuo Lin Siang jumped back, even Bun Cie Sun who had jumped close to the She Kuo person, he had moved his hands, using his palms he lunged forward, the wind from the two inner energies that were channeled through his palms, had thundered towards Kuo Lin Siang.

Kuo Lin Siang was so shocked that he let out a muffled sound and quickly lost his enthusiasm. And when he dodged like that, suddenly his right hand was moved to strike the path of "Lu ciehiat" blood on Bun Cie Sun's body.

But the stroke failed. And they had jumped back and forth away from each other.

The two looked at each other, for a moment they stopped fighting.

Kuo Lin Siang had laughed coldly, he said in a haughty manner: "Hem, She Bun person, apparently you do have quite a high intelligence! Alright! Alright! Now let's play with sharp weapons!" and without waiting for Bun Cie Sun's approval, Kuo Lin Siang's hand had reached into his pocket, suddenly he had pulled out a short dagger but with a three-pronged tip.

That is a kind of strange weapon that is the mainstay of the short demon, while he has also moved the short blade into the air, the weapon emits a strange roaring sound, even though it is short in size, but the knife is an heirloom knife, which is the mainstay of the short demon. , where he got the knife in a lake in the Hoan kouw area.

And also that short knife has the ability to cut iron or gold easily, as well as cutting tofu. That proves how powerful and sharp the short knife is, while the triple fork on the tip of the short blade, whose left and right ends are curved like a hook, to grab the opponent's weapon, to seize the opponent's weapon by turning it and snapping it.

During the cross in the martial jungle, Kuo Lin Siang is indeed the most respected if he has issued this strange weapon, because there is almost no expert who can match him. .

Bun Cie Sun who saw his opponent had pulled out his weapon, looked at him with a cold face, he said: "Kuo Kiesu, with piebu using a sharp weapon, means that we will be involved in a battle that can endanger each of our lives, besides that it will also make us happy. risking the soul, where sharp weapons have no eyes..!"

Kuo Lin Siang laughed coldly, he said in a mocking manner. "Hmmm, even without weapons earlier we have been involved in a battle that could be deadly... why do we have to continue fighting with our bare hands if it is not endless? Isn't here we can determine who is higher in intelligence and by using sharp weapons like this we can end the content battle in less time, Draw your weapons...!"

And after saying that, Kuo Lin Siang waved his strange weapon, which made a loud buzzing sound.

Bun Cibe Sun sighed.

His right hand had reached his back, he pulled out his sword and when the sword was removed from his frame, gleaming brightly, it showed that this sword too was a special sword and an heirloom weapon.

"Alright Kuo Kiesu...!" said Bun Cie Sun then "I will accompany you to play some moves with sharp weapons...!" and after saying that, he showed an attitude of being prepared for an attack.

Indeed, Kuo Lin Siang never wanted to waste time, as soon as he saw his opponent pull out his weapon, he put his foot down, his body was like a ball that flew fast, lunging at Bun Cie Sun.

And what is very dangerous, is the stab of his strange weapon, where he has stabbed while vibrating, so that the weapon is very difficult to guess which way it is going to target its target, especially with its two forks, which can be used at any time to hook the opponent's weapon.

Bun Cie Sun also didn't dare to make a move, he didn't block it, just dodged to dodge.

Kuo Lin Siang saw that his first stab failed, he had already launched another stab this time he stabbed at once three targets aiming at the three dangerous and deadly parts of Bun Cie Sun's body.

This time Bun Cie Sun couldn't just dodge, because his opponent had launched such consecutive stab attacks, he was forced to parry them.

"Trangg..!" There was the sound of the clash of the two weapons meeting each other in the air, then two more clashes followed. The two then jumped back to inspect each other's weapons.

Each of their weapons were special weapons, so even though they clashed fiercely and strongly in the air, it didn't damage the weapon.

Meanwhile, the people who witnessed the battle between the two martial arts figures had looked at it with tension and concern.

Moreover, Ms. Bin An, she saw that the intelligence of the two people was really very high, but when she saw Kuo Lin Siang's way of attacking, she realized that the demon did have perverted knowledge where every attack always used a perverted stance.

In addition to having a proficient lwekang and also a powerful weapon, Kuo Lin Siang's stabs are a method of a cult or a cult martial arts school, which contains an evil aura that can kill his opponent with a vengeance.

Unlike Bun Cie Sun, who fought using Kiam-hoat (swordsmanship) from a straight line and had also reached a fairly perfect level.

Every move he uses is not only beautiful, but also targets his opponent fiercely, but cannot kill him immediately, because the target he is aiming for is a non-lethal part of the body.

With just one look, all the brave people immediately knew that Bun Cie Sun did not want to harm his opponent as much as possible, but if the battle lasted longer, of course every attack or stab performed by Bun Cie Sun would be even more powerful, the longer the more intense. dangerous.

And if Kuo Lin Siang continued to urge him, surely Bun Cie Sun would finally bring out all his skills to knock down his opponent, that is pure swordsmanship from the Iurus school, which initially opened only with light moves, but the longer it took. heavier and can be deadly. What is preferred by a swordsman of the straight line is self-defense from the opponent's attack.

Thus, Bun Cie Sun and Kuo Lin Siang had fought fiercely regardless of their surroundings. Kuo Lin Siang repeatedly tried to grab his opponent's sword but failed, because Bun Cie Sun's sword was like a dragon that flashed to and fro agilely and had also counterattacked with sweet stabs and could force the opponent to retreat, stretching their distance.

The longer Kuo Lin Siang became more and more curious, he had issued a loud snapping sound and attacked more vigorously than before.

His fork blade had been flashing rapidly around Bun Cie Sun's body. Although the short knife in Kuo Lin Siang's hand is a short weapon, it is far shorter in range than Bun Cie Sun's long sword, but because the short forked knife is in Kuo Lin Siang's hand, a demon who has very high intelligence, the size difference is not a problem.

In fact, the short knife had grabbed him violently, in all directions targeting all parts of the body that could be deadly to Bun Cie Siang.

The movement of the fork knife in Kuo Lin's hand was also very strange because it sometimes grabbed to the right, then suddenly switched to the left, By attacking like Kuo Lin Siang launched a stab and stab with his short forked knife with moves that were difficult to predict and he managed to make Bun Cie Sun was a bit confused as well.

If the short knife forked Mu grabbed the right side of Bun Cie Sun's limb and the she Bun savage parried it, suddenly the direction of the stab had changed to the left. And vice versa.

This way of fighting, even though the short blade in Kuo Lin Siang's hand was much shorter than the sword in Bun Cie Sun's hand, in fact he could match every move of Bun Cie Sun's swordsmanship.

The two masters who each have high intelligence have flashed in a very exciting and decisive swordsmanship match, if they act carelessly a little, they will surely be injured by the opponent's weapon.

The two of them had moved so agilely, that their bodies were flashing like mere shadows, only the clumps of color from their clothes were visible, which flashed here and there lightly.