The Strange Swordsman of Kanglam Volume 01

Volume 1

The night was dark, the moon shone only half, in the shape of a crescent moon, the frozen wind did not blow, because it was the sixth month, the hot air was not playing, so the weather at that time was not a pleasant weather. When the second gong sounded by the night watchman, the city of Lim An was quiet, because the night was so late, The highway seemed quiet, no one was seen passing by, Just like the weather at that time, the city was like a dead city that was not inhabited.

But to the west of the city, a figure flashed across the roof running on the roof. His movement was light, so he could jump from the roof of one house to the roof of another. The shadow figure wearing a black short-sleeved shirt, he ran towards the eastern part of the city, In the blink of an eye the shadow figure wore a black short-short shirt, he ran towards the eastern part of the city. In the blink of an eye the shadowy figure had passed hundreds of houses. Only occasionally did he stop on the roof of the house to look around him, as if he was looking for something.

When he arrived on the roof of a two-story house, the shadowy figure stopped and was silent for a moment, he seemed to have doubts. And after looking left and right, he jumped down the flower garden of the building. He slipped behind the rock of the fake mountains and looked around the place.

It was very quiet, the windows in the building seemed to be closed and there was no lighting fire that radiated out. Apparently all the occupants of the building were asleep in their sleep.

After making sure that there were no guards in that place, the shadowy figure jumped onto an umbrella, hooked his legs on the umbrella and hung there peering into the house. It was quiet and no one was seen in the room.   With a very agile movement, he jumped in. and crept closer to a window, his demeanor very careful, as well as this shadowy figure wanting to do something, Using the tip of his tongue, he had punched a hole in the window paper, and peered in.

But only darkness could be seen, he couldn't see anything, because the light in the room was extinguished.

Judging from his actions, it seems that this shadowy figure has quite good body lightening knowledge and martial arts skills.

He didn't give up, he quickly jumped into the second window and took another look. And just like before, apparently he couldn't find what he wanted.

He had been stalking five rooms, until finally the shadowy figure ran out of patience. He had used his index finger to tap on the window frame, making a fairly loud "Tukkk, tukkk," several times.

"Who?" a voice shouted from inside, apparently the occupants in the room were very surprised. Also heard someone jumping down from above his bed.

The figure of the body let out a cold laugh that was quite clearly audible. He really meant to lure the people in the room to get out. And the shutters quickly opened.

"Who's outside?" another voice asked, followed by a middle-aged man's head sticking out with a sleepy face, because he had just woken up from his sleep. But when he asked that, he suddenly felt a pain in the neck, suddenly his body had been pulled out of his room. Before he could even make a scream, his face had been slapped several times.

"Don't make a sound, even if you make a little noise, I will consume your soul ...." threatened the figure with a savage voice.

He grabbed the middle-aged man's shirt by the neck and pulled it out. Now he too has held the wrist of the middle-aged man, so that the man felt his strength disappear and he became weak.... it was not surprising that the middle-aged man was surprised.

"You...?" he said in a voice filled with fear. He had also raised his head, seeing that what captivated him was a handsome young man, aged between twenty years, Wearing all black clothes, Ya-heng-ie clothes, clothes for people who often wandered the night.

"Who are you? "

The young man dressed in all black had let out a cold laugh.

"You don't need to know who I am," he said viciously, "now tell me, where is Phang Siu Hong's room?"

"Phang Taijin's room, I... I..." the old man couldn't continue his words.

"Don't make it difficult for yourself, just say-.. Just once you lied. Don't you regret if I put my hand down hard..." Hearing that, the old man became even more scared, what's more, the young man looked at him with very cruel eyes. .

"Phang Taijin's room is in the main room.. the second room..." said the old man in a voice trembling with fear-

"Hmmm, I'll go take a look, but once again I reiterate, if you lie, I will come back here to destroy you" after saying that, the young man's hand moved to touch the "Sie-kie-hiat" blood path near the armpit and the blood path "Lu -su-hiat", so that at once the old man was limp and could not move. Likewise, Ah-hiat's blood path, his gagu vein has been punched, he too can't make a sound.

The old man's body had been dragged and placed under the bedroom window, while the black clothed youth had stepped on his feet, his body sped up fast towards the main room of the building.

The place called the main room of the building turned out to be a very large room. Rows of rooms are on the right, there are five rooms.

But the young man had approached the second room. He stood beside the window, then he bravely prying open the window with a small knife, he jumped into the room through the window.

It was very dark in the room, because there was no lighting fire. But the young man was so brave, he took out a fire seed, and lit it. He looked at the bed.

When he saw the bed, this young man's face   changed. He looked disappointed. It turned out that the bed was empty, no one was sleeping, the base of the bed also looked smooth and flat, indicating that the bed had not been slept in. There is no human in this room.

But after controlling himself, this young man was angry mixed with anger, he intended to get out too by jumping over the window. But before he did that, he heard the sound of people laughing bitterly from the direction of the bedroom door, followed by the words: "Welcome to meet... I'm sorry I didn't welcome your visit earlier. There is a need, are you looking for me?"

And before the voice had finished speaking, the door to the room opened, and it seemed to be stepping in a man dressed luxuriously as a nobleman, accompanied by three people dressed in Busu, all of whom were between the ages of forty.

The man who was dressed as a noble was between the ages of thirty and had a clean and slender face, although not particularly handsome, His demeanor was arrogant and displayed a regal demeanor. He didn't show any fear or worry.

The black clothed youth was shocked and looked stunned for a moment. but then he said in a cold voice: "She Phang people, I was just looking for you to take your soul .." and before he finished his words, the black clothed youth had set his feet, he moved the short knife in his hand to stab the heart of the she Pang people that.

But Phang Siu Hong, that Phang Taijin, had let out a mocking voice. he stepped aside, then two Busunya people had jumped forward to block the intentions of the black clothed youth. With his right hand, a Busu intended to grab the young man's wrist, but the young man in black had pulled his right hand back to cancel the attack.

His movement was also very fast, he immediately followed up with another attack, where his blade gleamed at the She Phang person as well.

However, the Busu who were escorting Phang Taijin seemed to have quite high intelligence, they quickly surrounded the black clothed youth. So when the young man in black launched another attack at Phang Taijin, a Bu Su quickly stretched out his right hand, suddenly he had punched the young man's ribs, and in one go the young man's "Bin-kohiat" blood was hit. hit.

No mercy the young man fell, and the other two Busu had hit and grabbed him, the other grabbed the young man's short sword.

Phang Siu Hong let out a boisterous laugh. He looked at the black clothed youth in a mocking manner.

But the black clothed youth did not show any feeling of fear, he instead returned Phang Taijin's gaze with a look of hatred in his eyes.

"Young man, why are you wandering around my building at night like this?" Phang Siu Hong said in a cold voice.

“Puiiii” spat the young man defiantly, “You have violently snatched my wife, now you are pretending not to recognize me?” Phang siu Hong burst out laughing again. then he said: "Oh, then you are that She Wang person? Kiu-jie's husband?"

"I will risk my life tonight to kill you..." snapped the black clothed youth.

“Hahahaha, kill me? while now you are in a state of captivity like that? really funny Really funny Now, Pie Sam, now you teach him a very good lesson."

The person who was called Pie Sam was one of the Busu of the three Busu, who had a rough beard and mustache, so his face was scary.

He had also answered "Okay" and had moved his right hand, suddenly he had bent the right hand of the black clothed youth, so that a "Crack" sound could be heard. and the bones of the young man's hand had been broken.

But the young she Wang didn't make a scream, he just grimaced in pain.

"How is it, isn't it delicious?" asked Phang Siu Hong with a mocking attitude, "Hmm, I want to see, what can you do to me"

The she Wang youth, holding back the pain, was trying to struggle. But the power of the three Busu is very strong, they have made the young She Wang so helpless.

In fact, Pie Sam had hit the young man's leg again, so that the young man roared in pain, because his thigh bone had been crushed. the pain pierced his heart.

Phang siu Hong has let out another roar of laughter, as he seems to be happy. But just as he was about to speak again, suddenly he heard a voice   say slowly: "cursed act, very evil"

Following those words, a shadowy figure flashed into the room. And when the shadowy figure moved its hand vigorously, instantly the three Busu that had been holding the She Wang youth were blown away, while the body figure had grabbed the She Wang youth's back shirt, which he was carrying and jumped out again through the windows, then disappeared into the darkness.

Phang Su Hong, was initially shocked, but after waking up from his shock, he became furious.

"Chase" he shouted, And the three Busu had jumped out in pursuit. But outside, he didn't see a single human. The three of them searched for him until the flower garden beside the building, but the person who ran away the young She Wang couldn't be found either.

It turned out that the figure that helped the young man dressed in black iju had escaped from the Phang Siu Hong building quickly and nimbly.

In a short time he had run far above the roof of the residents' houses, and arrived at the south door of the city. He stopped running when he saw that there was no pursuer and threw the black clothed youth under a tree while he himself was sitting beside the black clothed youth under the same tree trunk.

The black clothed youth was shocked when his body was carried away by his rescuer, where he only felt the wind rushing against his face.

He wanted to see the face of his helper, but because the helper was running as fast as flying, he couldn't see it clearly, now that he was in that place, only then did the young man in black managed to see clearly, that the helper was a man aged over forty years, wearing patchwork clothes. , and his condition was very much like that of a beggar. Behind his back seemed to be carrying a hioloo, a cup of wine.

And, the beggar had also laid down like he didn't want to care about the black clothed youth anymore.

Enduring the pain in his broken right hand and the pain in his thigh, the young she Wang had crawled up to sit up.

"Thank you for Enghiong's help..." said the young man with a very respectful attitude, he used the word "Enghiong" for the old beggar, which means a brave person. But the beggar was laughing amusedly, he seemed very funny.

"Enghiong? Ah, you are still a child, son, in this world there is no manly man... because being gallant has no benefit. It is better for you to live happily and peacefully. I have indeed seen you running over the precarious population. and I was suspicious, so I followed to see what you would do.

You don't know that you only want to act bravely, wanting to kill people is a stupid act, the proof is that now you are the one who suffers."

The young She Wang's face turned somber, he lowered his head deeply, he said in a low voice: "But the She Phang people are my great enemies.".

"Your big enemy? So you want to destroy him?" asked the beggar who laughed again while watching the young man, "The proof now? You have been injured by his guards I know that She Phang person is a young Tiekwan who reigns in Lim An, so be a fool if you want to If you're dealing with a human like that, it's a   good thing that I rushed to help you, otherwise many of the heroes will come to surround and make things difficult for us."

The she Wang youth sighed, he said: "Indeed what Injin (rescue master) has said is correct... but unfortunately my grudge against the she Phang people is very big."

"A very big grudge? Can you tell me, why can you hold a grudge against Phang Siu Hong?" asked the beggar, as if interested in knowing the she Wang youth sighed again before starting with the story, he raised his head to look at the beggar, then said her: "He has run away my wife by force"

"W... what?" The beggar looked surprised and looked deeply at the She Wang youth.

"She Phang people have kidnapped my wife, who was taken by force, I was helpless at that time, So tonight I came secretly with the intention of destroying her"

The beggar was silent for a moment. but then he had sighed as he said: "Akh, that's usually what happens when the dignitaries like Phang Siu Hong commit a lot of crimes and oppression to the defenseless commoners." and after saying so, the beggar said again: "try to tell me something clearer."

The young she Wang's face was gloomy. "I am She Wang and my name is Po Liang. I have only been married to my wife, Sie Kiu for two years. And we have just been blessed with a son who is not yet one year old. But unfortunately, my wife seems to be living happily and richly, so that when Phang Siu Hong saw her and was attracted by her beauty, my wife was killed by his persuasion, He had an affair with that she Phang person.I can know that because one day I caught their meeting.

Of course I'm angry, but the She Phang people have many accomplices who have high martial arts skills, I myself only understand a little, when there was a battle they had crushed and tortured me, while my wife was taken by force. Even though my wife when she saw that I was badly injured, she hesitated, but Phang Siu Hong and his people just dragged my wife and child, who were brought to the building.”

“Woe is a deed” murmured the beggar. “What a stinking deed”

"Yes, it is indeed a very evil deed, But because I realized, I do not have the strength to seek revenge openly, for half a year I have been training myself, After that tonight I intend to destroy him in the dark. But who knows, my arrival has been caught by the she Phang people."

"So now how is your wife? ' asked the beggar.

"He's been living with that She Phang guy."

"Then your wife is not a good person, why are you fighting again? Never mind, there are many other women, you don't need to think about such women"

The young she Wang's face turned somber, he lowered his head deeply, then said in a low voice: "It's true what Enghiong said, but what comes to my mind is my son being brought with him."

"Hmmm, so you intend to take your child home? The She Wang youth nodded.

"Yes." he said.

"Then I can do it to help you." "But Enghiong, it is precisely now that I have bargained for

live on..."

"You mean?"

"I want to ask for Enghiong's help if Enghiong can get my son, please Enghiong take care of him, of course by being educated by Enghiong who has high intelligence, my son will someday become a master who has predictable intelligence." The beggar looked surprised.

"Oh, how can this happen...? I can't even take care of myself, how can I take care of such a small child."

The young she Wang's face became even more gloomy, he had said: "If Enghiong really accepts my request, how grateful I am. Of course I will not forget it.

Enghiong's immense kindness."

And after saying that, suddenly that young she Wang, namely Wang Po Liang had raised his left hand which was gripping his short sword, he stabbed straight into his neck.

The beggar was so shocked, he shouted: "Hey, what do you want to do?" and the beggar's hand waved to prevent the desperate act of the desperate young man. But the movement made by the beggar was too late, because the blade had pierced deeply into the young She Wang's neck, and blood spurted profusely, Po Liang's body writhed for a moment and then fell on the ground.

The beggar was so confused, he quickly tried to poke some blood on the young man's neck, to prevent more blood from splattering out.

But the beggar's efforts did not bring much benefit, because the young man's breath was tight and difficult, he could only force himself to say: "I beg-.. so that Enghiong does not refuse my request, my son's name is An-Wang An-"

Seeing that the young man was in such a state, the beggar finally sighed.

"Okay" he said, "Calm your heart, I will take your child and take care of him."

Wang Po Liang's lips moved slowly, smiling. But then a snoring sound came from his neck and then he squirmed and writhed for a moment, then fell silent. Silence forever, because his breath has been cut off. The beggar sighed.

"Poor young man" muttered the beggar, and he had dug the ground, to bury the young man's body.

Finished burying the young man's corpse, the beggar had been silent there long enough,

He seemed to be deep in thought, but finally he sighed as he babbled to himself: "Come on, I want to see what this young She Wang's son looks like. The only name he mentioned was An, so his name is Wang An-Hai Hai. I don't know now that I'm entrusted with such a heavy responsibility to take care of a small child, hey Hai " and after taking a few breaths the beggar set his feet, running back into the city.

His destination was Phang Siu Hong's house.

He lightly jumped over the wall entering the building. He has a very high intelligence, so unlike Wang Po Liang, he can move freely. This beggar is heading to the back of the building and he has checked the rooms around the back of the building.

But coincidentally at that time he heard the sound of a baby crying. Then he approached a room that still had a light shining on it. Through a hole in the window pane, he saw a young woman cradling a child, instantly he knew that the child was Wang Po Liang's child he was looking for, because at that moment the mother was saying: "Shut up An-jie... shut up."

Without hesitation the beggar moved his right hand against the shutters until it burst open, his body also shot in. When the young woman was shocked, she took the child together. And the young woman woke up with her hands tired empty, while the beggar had jumped out again and disappeared into the dark night.

The woman let out a loud shriek when she realized that her son had disappeared.

When Phang Siu Hong and his men flocked to visit, it turned out that the beggar had disappeared and had gone somewhere. Even her shadow could not be seen. The woman, who turned out to be Kiu-jie or Sie Kiu, had been crying and screaming. "My son ... my son." But his son had disappeared, kidnapped by the beggar who had high intelligence.


Quickly and nimbly the beggar ran out of Lim An, and in his arms was holding a child who was over a year old, who was crying loudly. But the beggar didn't slow down, he kept running away from Lim An, because he was sure, Phang Siu Hong would order his people to give chase-Therefore, the further he left Lim An, the better.

After running around for a long time, finally the beggar had left Lim An for over a hundred lies. He stopped resting under a tree to catch his breath. while the baby in her arms had stopped crying, probably exhausted herself and had fallen asleep.

While resting, the beggar watched the baby's face, whose name he knew was Wang An, sweet and plump. This poor child, he became a victim of the actions of his mother, who was so greedy and rich in wealth, thus destroying his own household and also causing Wang Po Liang, the father of this baby to meet death in such a tragic way.

The beggar in the jungle martial arts actually has a fairly well-known name, he is Kieu Sun Lie, whose title is Kim jie Sin kay (Golden-finger magic beggar). He did many charitable and good deeds, so many martial arts people respected him.

But there is one favorite of the beggar, he is cheerful and very naughty, often teasing someone he likes, his nature is very funny. But precisely because he has such a witty nature, it is not uncommon for Khu Sun Lie to often clash with martial arts champions. Now that he had succeeded in snatching his son Wang Po Liang, he was confused. How could he possibly take care of a baby who was just over a year old like that. So with doubt Khu Sun Lie has been watching the baby doubtfully and racking his brain to find the best way possible.

"Shall I take this baby to Lie Pai Sian's place?" thought the beggar. "She's a female warrior, of course she knows better how to take care of this baby..."

But just as the beggar was thinking so, he suddenly heard the sound of a flute in the distance. At dawn, accompanied by the sound of such a melodious flute, it creates a pleasant and beautiful impression. But as soon as the sound of the flute disappeared. from a distance seemed to come very quickly a figure.

"Old beggar she Khu, what are you dreaming about? Want to get married soon?" reprimanded the shadow figure before he arrived in front of the beggar.

Khu Sun Lie had jumped up exclaiming with joy, "You are Tang Bun Han" he rebuked in a happy voice.

That person, who was called by the name Tang Bun Han, had arrived quickly. He was a man in his fifties and his face was kind and compassionate. He wore a long gray shirt. On his back seemed to be blocked by a long sword.

"It seems that you are facing a business that you cannot solve on your own, old beggar she Khu?" said the newly arrived man, Tang Bun Han.

"It's true, I'm busy thinking about how to take care of this baby" replied the beggar, "It just so happens that you are a white man who has a wife, so I want to leave this baby to be cared for by your wife." Tang Bun Hanjadi's face changed. "Whose illegitimate child is that?" he asked.

Khu Sun Lie laughed out loud. "You don't talk carelessly" he said, And as soon as he told what had happened to Wang An's parents-Hearing that, Tang Bun Hanjadi was silent for a moment. he had been contemplating like he was thinking.

"You have been married for more than twenty years without having children. So wouldn't it be nice if you took this child as your adopted son?" asked Khu Sun Lie again.

Tang Bun Han had nodded.

"That is indeed very good, but whether my wife is willing or not" replied Tang Bun Han-Hearing Tang Bun Han's answer, the beggar looked radiant, because   with that answer Tang Bun Han had   agreed to his proposal, So he handed Wang An to the man . Tang Bun Han greeted hesitantly, "What if my wife refuses?" he asked then,

"It's up to you, whether you want to continue to take care of him or want to hand over the baby again to a female warrior who will take care of him."

Tan Bun Han sighed, but he finally nodded his head.

"But you must visit him often, old beggar she Khu..." said Tang Bun Han when the beggar she Khu wanted to leave the place.

"Sure... of course, once a year I will come to visit your place" replied Khu Sun Lie, who had turned around and quickly left the place. Tang Bun Han was a swordsman who had a name as famous as him. By being educated and cared for by a warrior like Tang Bun Han, of course the child will be able to develop well, moreover Tang Bun Han has a wife, of course his wife also wants to take care of him, because they have been married for twenty years without having children.

After being freed from his duties, Khu Sun Lie could breathe a sigh of relief. He ran that morning nimbly to the village of Po-siang to ward off his hungry stomach, because knowledge lightened his light body, so Khu Sun Lie could travel quickly.

In a very short time he had arrived at the mouth of the village of Po-siang. He saw that a wine stall had just opened, so he ordered two kati of wine. which he put in his dried hioloo, then asked for two more kati of wine to drink   there. Also Khu Sun Lie had finished two pieces of bakpauw.

The beggar is eating. suddenly he heard the sound of a horse running towards the wine stall. Quickly a horseman had arrived in front of the wine stall. The rider is a niekouw aged between thirty years and over, his face is attractive and beautiful, but unfortunately his eyes shine with a sharp light, as well as this niekouw has a cruel nature.

When Niekouw jumped down from his horse, and tied the saddle rope to the wood that was there, he saw Khu Sun Lie watching him, so the priestess' eyes widened.

"You dare to look at me insolently like that, do you want to scrape your eyeballs out?" scolded the niekouw in a cold voice. Khu Sun Lie didn't want to look for business in the morning like that, he didn't serve the nie kouw, he just lowered his head and continued to eat, while the nie kouw had stepped in and ordered tea and two bakpauw.

While eating, this kouw often sits pensively, as if something is bothering him, while Khu Sun Lie also often steals glances. Knowing that Niekouw's behavior was like he was having a dizzying business, he wanted to play with him.

Didn't he just stare, but was fiercely shouted at by the female priest? Then a naughty intention arose to toy with the nikouw.

The beggar had finished his meal, he paid the price for the two bakpauw and the wine. then he stepped out. But when he passed beside the horse that Niekouw was riding, a horse with golden yellow hair and big height, the beggar's hand had quickly pulled open the saddle, he had also patted the horse's back, which was neighing because He was in pain and then fled towards the west very quickly, while Khu Sun Lie laughingly ran away from the place.

“Hey!” shouted Niekouw who was startled, and ran out. When he found out that it was Khu Sun Lie, he had set his feet to chase after Khu Sun Lie.

It turns out that Niekouw has a very high body lightening skill, because he can catch up very quickly. His body is like flying.

Khu Sun Lie himself was surprised to see the fact that nikouw had the ability to lighten the body was not below his intelligence. Khu Sun Lie quickly mustered up his strength and ran even faster. However, the niekouw was able to keep up, so the beggar could not escape.

With this situation, Khu Sun Lie was very curious, He had restrained his footsteps and stood waiting for the niekouw.

The niekouw quickly arrived in front of the beggar, they looked at each other with sharp eyes.

"Crazy beggar, why did you let go of my horse?" snapped sinikouw in a fierce voice.

"No wonder he is so fierce. He doesn't know he has a high enough intelligence" thought the beggar in his heart, But he had replied: "To compensate for your yelling I was yelled at by you, even though I didn't have anything wrong, in return you lost your horse, Isn't that appropriate enough?"

After saying that, the beggar laughed jokingly, he didn't feel the slightest bitch to deal with this niekouw. Niekouw's face had turned bright red, he was furious.

"Do you know who Pinnie is? Pinnie Tie Lie Siannie, won't go easy on someone as impudent as you"

Then the niekouw has approached with wide footsteps.

Meanwhile, Khu Shun Lie had let out another laugh, which he deliberately made louder.

"I hope Tie Lie siannie, it's okay to be so fierce I have often heard your name being mentioned by the people of the Martial Arts Forest, didn't know Tie Lie Siannie is a very fierce Niekouw" Just when Khu Sun Lie shut his mouth, Tie Lie Siannie grabbed the handle of his Hudtim which was tucked at his waist, then he rushed his hudtim towards Khu Sun Lie-I's head. The hudtim's blow was indeed great, because the hudtim feathers had been channeled by Iweekang's energy, which is a very strong internal energy, that way, if the hudtim feathers hit Khu Sun Lie's head, the skull will burst apart.

Khu Sun Lie also knew the danger that was threatening him, so he did not stand still. With a chuckle, he dodged by tilting his head to the left, and at the same time his right hand grabbed Niekouw's eyeball, that was Khu Sun   Lie's threatening attack , which surprised the Niekouw who had quickly withdrawn. go home hudtim.

But just as the nikouw was about to launch another attack, suddenly Khu Sun Lie said loudly.

"Tie Lie Siannie, you are a champion of the South, but why are you wandering around this place?" said Khu Sun Lie.

Niekouw canceled his attack, he glared at Khu Sun Lie. Finally he had said in a doubtful voice: "I am carrying out the task assigned by the Beng government, now you want to play with me, it means that you have not only sinned against me, but you have also done something against the great Beng kingdom... With the disappearance of my horse, this task I am currently carrying out can be delayed, and that sin is certainly your sin." Khu Sun Liejadi's face changed.

"You say that you are carrying out state duties?" asked Khu Sun Lie somewhat surprised. "Aren't you joking?" "Hmmm, I'm actually carrying out the Emperor's orders to do something very important, something very decisive for the Beng kingdom." Khu Sun Lie laughed loudly.

“Hahahahaha, very funny, apparently a holy and great niekouw like Tie Lie Siannie is willing to become a servant of the kingdom to just pursue rank. Do you want to experience the fate of Miss Check Thian."

Tie Lie Siannie's face turned bright red, his body trembled with anger, Miss Check Thian was, an Emperor's concubine who became a niekouw and eventually owned the Tong kingdom, so that Emperor Lie Sie Bin's lineage was cut off in the middle of the road, with Bu Check Thian making herself Emperor woman.

"Your mouth is too bad a rotten beggar. Indeed, your eyes must be scraped and your mouth must be ripped out" Tie Lie Sienie snapped in a fairly loud voice, and he launched another attack with Hudtim.

But this time because he knew the beggar was not a weak opponent, he attacked very carefully, his Hudtim grabbed from the right to the left, then with an unexpected movement, suddenly Hudtim's feathers had been snapped up at the end, will hit the path of Pai-the-hit's blood under the beggar's armpit.

Khu Sun Lie let out a mocking laugh. he moved swiftly, dodging the attack. But to his surprise, when he jumped back, at that moment from Hudtim's fluffing feathers, suddenly dozens of needles appeared that grabbed the left, top, bottom and right sides of Khu Sun Lie's body.

"Woe" shouted the beggar in surprise, while twisting, He could also dodge the fine needles, but it didn't stop him from sweating coldly too. "You evil and lowly demon niekouw" cursed Khu Sun Lie.

But Ti Lie Siannie didn't care about the beggar's cursing, he quickly joined in launching another attack. This time the beggar has run out of patience. With the movement of stretching both hands, he intends to hit Niekouw's hudtim while launching a fist attack towards Niekouw's chest.

Khu Sun Lie's movement was something that Niekouw didn't expect, he let out a shocked scream and changed his hudtim movement, which was used to ward off Khu Sun Lie's attacks. Khu Sun Lie's wrist was blocked with HHudtim's handle, so the beggar felt a sore and sore wrist.

But because he realized his opponent was a niekouw who had high intelligence, Khu Sun Lie didn't dare to dare, With a mocking laugh. Khu Sun Lie has launched another attack.

That's how they fought until a dozen moves. But their intelligence seemed balanced, no one was pushed or won the upper hand, They became involved in a long battle.

But at that time, Tie Lie Siannie seemed to remember something, he jumped back to dodge Khu Sun Lie's attack while shouting "woe" and turned his body, to leave the beggar.

Khu Sun Lie was also surprised to see Niekouw's attitude, but basically he was witty and mischievous, so he had jumped in front of the Niekouw, saying: "Where are you going? We are not finished fighting yet "and while saying that, it looks like Khu Sun Lie accompanied by attacks left fist, right hand reached out to grab hudtim si niekouw.

However, that Nikouw had dodged with an uneasy attitude.

"This time I don't have much time to serve..." he said, "Next time I will certainly accompany you to fight a thousand moves.."

"In fact I want to play with you right now, sweet niekouw... how I'm very interested to see your beautiful face..." Khu Sun Lie teased.

"cissss..." the nikoUw had spat in an annoyed manner, he was also forced to serve Khu Sun Lie's two attacks. He had tried several times to escape from Khu Sun Lie's attacks, he failed and failed.

Even at that time Khu Sun Lie himself had deliberately launched a fierce attack, forcing Tie Lie Siannie to serve him.

"I see you look very nervous..." Khu Sun Lie teased again. "I want to let you go, as long as you fulfill my conditions..."

Niekouw's face was red with anger because he knew the beggar was playing with him.

"Try to say your terms.." said Tie Lie Siannie holding back his anger.

"I want you to kneel in front of me while calling grandfather, if you do, of course I will let him go without disturbing you again..."

Hearing the beggar's words, Tie Lie siannie's anger exploded, his body trembled with his anger, and he had shouted while attacking with his Hudtim, his Hudtim was flashing towards Khu Sun Lie.

Because Khu Sun Lie only wanted to play with this niekouw, so he didn't try to ward off, always just dodged himself, while once in a while he uttered his teasing words, making Tie Lie Siannie even more irritated helplessly.

He launched a fierce and powerful attack, but he couldn't knock out Khu Sun Lie, therefore even though he was angry and very nervous, he still couldn't escape the beggar.

"Old beggar, you don't play around... I do have a very important task, if you hinder me so that I fail the work I am doing, of course Emperor Eng Lok is not afraid to understand your behavior..."

The beggar she Khu wasn't afraid at all, in fact he was laughing as he said: "Hmmmm, why should I be afraid of Emperor Lok? Didn't I do any offense to the country...?" and after saying that, the beggar again launched an attack-Even now he has released his halo, he takes a sip of his wine while avoiding Tie Lie siannie's attack, but as soon as he manages to escape from Niekouw's attack, the beggar quickly spit out the wine in his mouth towards Tie Lie Siannie's face, Niekouw just went crazy, he quickly dodged it, but he couldn't help but hit his face with the splash of wine too.

With an angry shout, it seemed that Tie Lie Siannie had launched an onslaught using his Hudtim. Hudtim's feathers were scattered around Khu Sun Lie's body, targeting the beggar's deadly blood trails. The hudtim's feathers had become stiff as steel because they had been channeled by Tie Lie Siannie's strong lwekang power.

Khu Sun Lie is really naughty. When he managed to catch that hudtim nikouw, he stomped forward, and when Tie Lie's body stumbled forward was about to fall, at that time the beggar had made his face, his mouth swelled, he wanted to kiss the cheek of nikouw...

Tie Lie Siannie's spirit seemed to fly away from his body, he was shocked beyond measure. For a niekouw chastity is something that must be properly guarded, so that if he was successfully kissed by the beggar, wouldn't his chastity have been tarnished?

So by not thinking about his safety, when his body slumped forward, the niekouw had tilted his body. With her movements like that she lost her balance mercilessly again she tumbled and rolled on the ground. But basically, Niekouw has high intelligence, by itself he can jump up quickly.

As soon as he managed to stand on his two feet, his face was bright red, and he quickly cleaned the dirt that had stuck to his clothes. At that time Khu Sun Lie had let out a mocking laugh.

"You have seen that Kim-jle Sin Kay Khu Sun Lie's intelligence is not someone who can be easily scratched, right?"

"Hemm, so you are the old beggar with the title Kim jie Sinkay Khu Sun Lie?" scolded siniekouw while opening his eyes wide.

"Really, are you surprised?" asked the beggar mockingly.

Siniekouw was just about to answer when suddenly from a distance came the sound of horses' footsteps. You can hear from the sound of the horse's footsteps, maybe dozens of horsemen are running their horses, because the sound of the horse's croaking can be heard very clearly.

Khu Sun Lie and Tie Lie Siannie turned their heads immediately, siniekouw's face turned radiant, while Khu Sun Lie looked on in amazement, "Dozens of horsemen are indeed approaching very quickly.

At the front was a man dressed as a royal soldier, aged between fifty years and over, with a machete gleaming at his waist, galloping off his horse swiftly.

Behind him followed dozens of state soldiers, all of whom wore Kim-in-wie-like uniforms, gold attire. Obviously, the army of this country is the army of the king's palace.

Khu Sun Lie was surprised himself, while the niekouw Tie Lie Siannie had shouted: "Good" and without wasting any more time he had picked up his Hudtim who was lying on the ground, then launched an attack on the beggar.

Very quickly the group of horsemen had arrived, and they had also stopped their horses while jumping down. The army of over fifty years old, who was apparently their leader, had shouted: "Tie Lie Siannie, don't worry, we are coming to help" And the soldiers of the country had drawn their own machetes, besieging Khu Sun Lie.

"Good, Po Taijin, you have come." Tie Lie Siannie said. "It's okay this beggar... I want to take care of the task given by Hongsiang "

"Yes" replied Po Taijin. Then at once dozens of machetes flashed towards Khu Sun Lie, while Tie Lie Siannie had been trying to escape, he ran towards the horse troupe from the army shouting: "Po Taijin, I borrow your horse"

And without waiting for an answer, he stomped his feet, his body already leaping onto the horse.

Khu Sun Lie growled unbelievably, "Tie Lie Siannie, you are a very cowardly niekouw" he shouted in a loud voice. But Khu Sun Lie couldn't keep cursing, because at that time the sharp weapons of the country's soldiers had snatched up, even his machete from Po Taijin had grabbed his neck and forced Khu Sun Lie to dodge himself by jumping backwards away from himself.

Khu Sun Lie found out that the country's soldiers, including Po Taijin, were not experts who had high intelligence and were not underestimated by this beggar. However, their number is quite large. so that makes the beggar must be careful.

He still wanted to toy with Tie Lie Siannie, but that niekouw had actually run his horse Po Taijin quickly out of the place.

After fighting a few more moves, Khu Sun Lie managed to knock down two soldiers who rushed forward, he threw the bodies of the two soldiers with very fast movements, so that their bodies slammed on the ground hard.

Taking the opportunity when the soldiers along with Po Taijin were shocked and looked on in awe, Khu Sun Lie had turned his body and ran away from them. Kho Sun Lie thought there was no need for him to serve the soldiers, just a waste of energy.

Khu Sun Lie also took the east direction he took the direction taken by Tie Lie siannie.

Khu Sun Lie meant, he wanted to chase the niekouw, to play with him, but because the niekouw fled on horseback on a good and strong horse, by itself it had made Khu Sun Lie far behind, even though this beggar chased him by exerting his ginkang strength, knowledge run fast.

After running for a long time, Khu Sun Lie finally stopped at a wine stall. on the surface of a village, He rested and drank wine slowly while the wine stall waiter from the beginning served him indifferently, because he saw this one guest was a beggar.

But when Khu Sun Lie gifted him two silver tails. the servant was stunned and amazed, even at once he treated the beggar with a very sweet and respectful attitude.

After resting for a while. Khu Sun Lie continued his journey. He saw that if he continued forward, it would mean that he would reach Lim An again. But because earlier that nikouw took the road in this direction. Khu Sun Lie continued his journey without changing direction.

Meanwhile, it was midday, and Khu Sun Lie was walking slowly among the crowds of people passing by. Khu Sun Lie's heart secretly thought about the niekouw who had the title Tie Lie Siannie.

That nikouw is very strange, he has intelligence that is not next to his intelligence, but the nikouw actually states that he is carrying out the task given by Hongsiang, namely the emperor. Of course this is a very strange and strange affair. What task did Emperor Eng Tok give. who was ruling in mainland China at that time, to that niekouw? And what kind of business is the problem, so that an Emperor like Eng Lok Hongte has to intervene himself to give orders and secret tasks to Tie Lie Siannie? problems that make him dizzy.

"That Nikouw must be doing something extraordinary... whether it's a matter of the Martial Arts people or not?" thought Khu Sun Lie.

As a beggar who took the straight path, of course Khu Sun Lie always acted on a just line.

He often defends the people from the oppression of those who have power and rely on that power. To oppress the weak. Because of that, now that he heard that Tie Lie Siannie was carrying out the Emperor's duties, Khu sun Lie became suspicious, lest it would involve the safety of the people of the martial jungle - because at that time there were many people of the martial jungle who were displeased with Emperor Eng. Lok, who had amassed wealth, showed abundant power. Even though the people at that time were living in quite a state of suffering, As a result of the war with the invaders, the kingdoms on the mainland of China were not as prosperous as before, and now Emperor Eng Lok is also pursuing many heroes. the former who had supported the Beng government,

The emperor generally sent his champions to destroy the people he did not like, with the excuse of wanting to rebel. So that Khu Sun Lie was very interested in investigating what Tie Lie Siannie was doing with the Emperor's duties.

It seems that niekouw is also not a good human being, because he is fierce and has bare hands. As before, only being looked at by Khu Sun Lie, the niekouw has threatened to pick the beggar's eyes.

"Hmmm, although how should I investigate what that nikouw actually did" thought the beggar.

Having made up his mind, Khu Sun Lie went back down the road to Lim An-it is a very big city. It was even used as the capital, when the army of the Song kingdom was being pressed by Kim's army.

So no wonder the city is so big. When Khu Sun Lie arrived in Lim An, it was not easy for him to find and investigate Tie Lie Siannie's tracks.

"Half a day until dusk, Khu Sun Lie looked for traces of the niekouw, but still he did not succeed. Finally Khu Sun Lie had been staying at a small inn located at the door of the city.

At first there was a fight between Khu Sun Lie and the maid of the inn, because the maid did not want to serve her and stated that the room was full, nothing was empty.

Of course Khu Sun Lie got angry, because he knew that the servant was telling the reason it was because he looked at his patchwork and dirty clothes.

So he took the servant away, and the cashier of the inn came out when he heard a commotion. At that time Khu Sun Lie had handed over five tails of silver to the cashier, the cashier's cashier became friendly and blamed his servant who was scolded for not having decency and not knowing customs.

He also ordered his servant to prepare a clean room for Khu Sun Lie, and even ordered him to treat the beggar well and politely.

After resting until close to midnight, Khu Sun Lie came out of his inn, He walked aimlessly- The air was quite cold, the night was late, It was also quiet.

After being satisfied with walking around the city, he intended to return to his inn, but by chance he took the road that passed through Phang Siu Hong's building, which in the town of Lim An had the rank of a young Tiekoan.

For a moment this beggar stopped in front of the Phang Siu Hong building, he remembered the incident that had happened to Wang Po Liang, I don't know how the condition of the She Wang's child, namely Wang An, is now in the hands of Tang Bun Han.

After standing for a long time, the beggar sighed and intended to leave, because he saw that the building was very dark, indicating that the occupants must have fallen asleep in their sleep.

But when he wanted to turn his body, his sharp eyes saw a figure flashing on the roof of the young Tiekoan she Phang, Instantly Khu Sun Lie refused to leave the place, even nimbly he slipped behind the wall beside him, watching the shadowy figure running around on the roof of Phang Siu Hong. The movement of the shadow was quite agile, he had jumped out of the Tiekoan she Phang building, then ran towards the east. Judging from his movements, the lightening knowledge of that person's body wasn't low. Even from the shape of her body the shadow was certainly a woman.

For fear of losing track. Khu Sun Lie quickly followed the shadow, he had followed a certain distance, so that the person he was following would not know he was being shadowed.

After running for a long time, the shadowy figure arrived at a large and luxurious building. He stopped and clapped three times anyway.

"Is there Tie Lie Siannie?" a voice inside asked in a low voice.

"Yes," Tie Lie Siannie had replied in a low voice too, the nikouw had jumped down and slipped into the building.

Khu Sun Lie quickly jumped towards the building, he lightly jumped over a fairly high wall, then hooked his legs on the roof of the house. He looked around him.

It turned out that the room to the west was still bright and in the window of the room there were several shadows of people, as well as the sound of laughing, It seemed that a meeting was being held in that room- With caution Khu Sun Lie had approached the room, he peered inside, But when he saw people- the person in the room, his heart was shaking violently, cold sweat was also pouring down his forehead, he felt his neck very cold.

It turned out that in the room there were five people gathered, the six of them with Tie Lie Sian nie. The five men were of various shapes, they sat around the table laughing and discussing something. What surprised Khu Sun Lie, he actually recognized who the five people were. The one sitting in the middle of the chair at the head of the table, he was known as Huang ho Kiamhiap cung Tu Goan, a swordsman who was very famous in the Kangouw circle, even a figurehead. who shook the martial jungle   with his swordsmanship.

What surprised Khu Sun Lie was that this skill was above him, having twice or three times his intelligence. The one sitting next to Huangho Kiam hiap (Huang ho's Swordsman) cung Tu Goan, was a emaciated man, his face was bare bones, with high cheekbones and deep-set eyes.

He is also recognized by Khu Sun Lie as an extraordinary hero, who holds the title Sam Cie Hek Hun (Three Fingers Black Spirit).

) Kho Lung-san. Even this champion is a master who is tired of shaking the martial arts jungle for more than twenty years with his actions.

Judging from his title alone, it can be seen that he is a master of the black sect, that is, he often commits crimes and cruelty - His name is not below Huangho Kiam hiap cung Tu Goan.

This is what makes Khu Sun Lie very surprised, because the two famous heroes can be together in this place. And what shocked Khu Sun Lie even more were the three other people. They were known as Samat Giok Bin (Three Kumala Faced Demons), who were named Tang Cie Jie Liang and Sam Kun respectively.

The three of them are heroes who are poor across Kanglam, the southern region, so it's really strange that these three demons can gather with Huang ho Kiam hiap   and Sam Cie Hek Hun. And what's even weirder is that the five extraordinary masters were able to get together with Tie Lie Siannie, a niekouw who actually has the intelligence below the five masters.

Khu Sun Lie himself became much more careful. because he knew once he made a mistake, he could be caught by the five liehays. Indeed, towards Tie Lie Siannie, here, Khu Sun Lie is not afraid, what really makes him angry are the five great people.

Terrified, Khu Sun Lie held his breath, not daring to take a deep breath.

"Tie Lie Siannie, it's good that you have arrived," said Huang ho Kiamhiap, breaking the silence in the room. "We have been waiting for your arrival for two days..."

Tie Lie Siannie quickly clasped his hands in salute to the five masters, as he said with a laugh:

"I'm sorry siauwmoy, Pienie is actually late because of an obstacle. In fact....the precious thing that Pienie brought has been carried away by Pienie's horse"..." and the niekouw had told about the meeting with Khu Sun Lie. The five masters listened intently. cold face.

"That ugly, nameless beggar dares to act... if I can find him, I'll beat his hands to pieces..." said Sam Cie Hek Hun in a cold voice.

"Yes, indeed the beggar is acting too much, even though his intelligence doesn't mean anything..." replied Jie Liang, the second demon. "That's why Piennie is a bit late..." Tie Lie Siannie said again. "I hope you will forgive" the nikouw returned to bow to salute.

"Never mind Tie Lie siannie, we don't need to bring too much customs" said Sam Kun. the third demon of Sam-sat Jade Bin impatiently. "What we want to know is Hongsiang's message...?"

"Hongsiang only ordered that we try to find the Royal seal among the martial arts warriors- Maybe there are also heroes who were accomplices of the past Emperor, keeping the Royal seal."

"Hmmm, this is difficult, because we don't get a clue to whom we should look for the Royal seal " said Huangho Kiamhiap. "We are like in a sack, we can only grope ..." Tie Lie Siannie nodded.

"True, but this kind of task is not easy, Hongsiang has also given me a message, to be careful, lest the matter of the disappearance of the Royal seal be spread among the people, because if it were to be widely spread, the Emperor's position would be shaken."

“Hmmm, I see, surely Hongsiang meant that this task is a task that is at stake with our souls, right? if we fail to obtain and find the Royal seal, that, of course we will be punished"

"I don't think Hongsiang has thought that far, but we also have to understand the difficulties that Hongsiang faces, because indeed if the Royal seal has not returned to his hands, it means that the royal position will be shaken, he will not be legitimate as Emperor... More importantly, we have to find the three experts that the Emperor suspects. They are all people who have close relations with the old Emperor. But in fact the three of them are also humans who are difficult to trace, because the three of them are powerful figures in the Martial Arts Forest. -..:"

Sam Cie Hek Hun's brows furrowed deeply, he didn't seem happy that Tie Lie Siannie was praising the three people they were going to look for.

"Who are those three people who seem to make Siannie so angry...?" asked Sam Cie Hek IHun-Don't worry, isn't the six of us gathered here, meaning if we work together, there's no way anyone can do anything to us. .."

Tie Lie Siannie realized that this demon was not happy because of those words, but he had continued his words: "But Piennie speaks from the right thing, Has Kiesu (the brave man) ever heard of Kim Shia (the pervert with the golden light) Liong Bun su"

"What?" asked the five masters in surprise, their faces had also changed.

Khu Sun Lie himself who was eavesdropping on their conversation was no less surprised, Kim Shia Liong Bun Su was an extraordinary expert at that time.

Who doesn't know Liong Bun Su, a heretic who has very strange customs and habits? Khu Sun Lie's back was so cold, he almost moved to take a deep breath, luckily he immediately remembered that he was in a tiger cage - Tie Lie Siannie was smiling.

"Well, like Pienie said earlier." he said again, "Aren't we going to face a formidable opponent?" The five good guys seemed to have mastered himself, then Huang Ho Kiam always asked: "Then who are the other two people?"

"They are also extraordinary heroes, because if I said their names, you would know them."

"Try to explain-" Sam Cie Hek Hun urged impatiently. "The second champ we have to look for is Sip Pat Mo." "What?" exclaimed the five masters who were surprised again

“You mean Sip Pat Mo (Eighteen Tones) Bu Beng Hong?”

“Exactly” nodded Tie Lie Siannie, “He is the second master we should look for.”

“But didn't Sip Pat Mo die ten years ago? "

"Not yet." replied Tie Lie Siannie.

"According to the results of the investigation carried out by the Emperor's people, Sip Pat Mo's death was actually a hoax, deliberately broadcast. But actually Sip Pat Mo had hidden himself on an island. Sip Pat Mo, he kept it"

Khu Sun Lie was again surprised that Sip Pat Mo is a master who has extraordinary intelligence. No one from the Kangouw dares to do wrong to Sip Pat Mo, because once he makes a mistake, he will stop being a human forever, aka be destroyed by Sip. Pat Mo.

And for thirty years Sip Pat Mo has been criss-crossed in the martial jungle, he has never had a match. His name is not under Kim Shia's name, although no one in the martial jungle has ever heard of these two champions fighting, so far no one has been able to confirm. , which of Kim Shia and Sip Pat Mo is more intelligent.