The Smiling Proud Wanderer

The Smiling Proud Wanderer tells the story of the battle between the so-called righteous schools represented by Wu Yue Jian Pai (Union of the Five Mountain Swords) consisting of Song Shan, Tay Shan, Hen Shan, Hua Shan, and Heng Shan with a cult led by Dong. Fang Bu Bai who turned into a fake woman just to learn advanced martial arts.

The righteous do not hesitate to kill their members if there is anything related to the cult. But is it true that what is straight is straight and what is lost is misguided? In order to achieve the goal, people from the straight line also do not hesitate to justify any means, among the leaders also have their own intrigue to become the leader of the straight line.
The main character of this story is Linghu Chong, one of the main disciples of Hua Shan, after being broken hearted by his younger brother, instead has a relationship with a cult holy girl, befriends a female rapist Tian Bo Guang but ends up in an unsolved swordsmanship school Dugu Jiu school Jian.

In his adventure, it turns out that Linghu Chong was betrayed by those closest to him.
Linghu Chong to give peace to martial arts is very difficult, in betrayal, Efforts against his former teacher, make things complicated but still fun to enjoy.

This story is also adapted to the big screen with the title Swordman 2, played by Jet Li.

Table Of Contents

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Other Tittle : Pendekar Hina Kelana, Xiaou Jianghu, 笑傲江湖