The Return of the Condor Heroes

This novel is the second part of the Condor Trilogy. Occurs approximately 20 years after the story of the Legend of the Eagle Swordsman. The Mongolians at that time were attacking China. Kwee Ceng and his wife, Oey Yong, desperately try to save the city of Shiang Yang from falling to the Mongolians.

Although Kwee Ceng and his wife, Oey Yong play an important role in this story, the real character of the second part of this trilogy is Yo Ko, the orphan of Yo Kang (friend/enemy of Kwee Ceng). Yo Ko had a difficult childhood. He then meets a beautiful young woman, who is older than him, named Little Dragon Girl (Siauw Liong Li), who teaches him silat. They fell in love, but due to inevitable circumstances, they had to wait 16 years to finally be together.

In a period of 16 years, Yo Ko waited under the guidance of the powerful Condor to learn and develop his own very great swordsmanship. With his prowess, heroic spirit and heroic nature, Yo Ko and his warriors succeeded in driving out the Mongol army from the city of Shiang Yang.
Author:Jin Yong

Table Of Contents

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