The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber

This novel is the last part of the Condor Trilogy, although the main characters are not directly connected to the previous two chapters. Taking the background story approximately one hundred years after the story of the Return of the Eagle Swordsman.

Tells the story of the two greatest weapons in the world: the Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Cleaver, which were forged by Kwee Ceng and Oey Yong from Yang Guo's Xuan Tie Jian sword, before the fall of the city of Shiang Yang. It is said that when the two weapons are combined, the two weapons can give the owner unparalleled power, so that he can liberate China from Mongolian colonialism.

The main character in the story of the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber is an orphaned boy named Thio Bu Ki, who gains great knowledge from the Book of the Nine Suns and the book of the Nine Sacred Scrolls. He becomes the leader of the Ming Sect, and in the end, allows one of his subordinates, Cu Goan Ciang, to become the founder of China's new dynasty, the Ming dynasty. Meanwhile, Thio Bu Ki went to meet the sunset with Tio Beng, a Mongol princess who became his lover.
Author:Jin Yong

Table Of Contents

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Other Tittle : To Liong To, Kisah Membunuh Naga, 倚天屠龍記