The Book and the Sword

The Book and the Sword is a wuxia novel by Jin Yong published in 1955.

There are three major storylines intertwined in this novel. The first plot relates to Bun Thay Lay, a member of Hong-hwa-hwe who was captured by the Ceng soldiers, and the efforts of his fellow gang members to free him. This plot and its sub-plots take up almost half of the story.

The second plot is Hong-hwa-hwe's involvement with the Uighurs. This tribe appears quite early in the story, while trying to reclaim the tribe's heirloom Qur'an which was stolen by the Ceng army. Hong-hwa-hwe helped them to establish friendship between the two groups. In the later part of the story, Hong-hwa-hwe comes to the Uyghur territory and helps them face the attack of the Ceng forces.

The third plot is the mystery surrounding the identity of King Kian Long, which actually links all the other plots. It was because of this identity that Bun Thay Lay was captured by the Ceng army. In search of evidence of this too, Hong-hwa-hwe went to the Uighur region, then to Siao-lim-si. Taking advantage of this too, Hong-hwa-hwe dares to penetrate the king's palace and meet with Kian Long to determine the future of the country.
Author:Jin Yong

Table Of Contents

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Other Tittle : Puteri Harum dan Kaisar, Pedang dan Kitab Suci, Su Kiam In Siu Lok, 書劍恩仇錄