Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 13

Volume XIII

"HE is a criminal who has extraordinary intelligence, and his intelligence is several levels above the intelligence of Kiong Siang Han, the leader of the region. And if now he was sneaking in disguised as an ordinary member of Kaypang in the area, it was because he was avoiding his highly skilled opponent and was chasing him. His opponent is also a demon who has a very cruel and ruthless nature, he is hunting for Auwyang Siung Bun, because they have enmity...! By disguising Auwyang Siung Bun as a member of Kaypang, wouldn't that bring great havoc to Kaypang? Wouldn't it if the demon who was Auwyang Siung Bun's opponent knew Auwyang Siung Bun as a member of Kaypang, wouldn't it? means it will also cause many members of the kaypang to become free from the demon. This has been heard by the head of the center, who received a tip from one of his friends who happened to know about this matter, so the head of the center took the necessary steps."

"Then, if the central pangcu letter can be received by the regional pangcu, it means that Auwyang Siung Bun can be arrested and handed over to his opponent?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"That's more or less what our pangcu meant, but the implementation is not easy..." replied Wie Siu Bun.

"Why so ?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Because on the way, I have been confronted several times by masters who have no low intelligence! Apparently Auwyang Siung Bun has quite a number of friends and subordinates and all of them liehay-liehay. And finally when I arrived in this village, I was actually injured in such a way, seeing this situation actually made me think, maybe Auwyang Siung Bun's intention was not just to disguise himself as a member of Kaypang, he even had certain intentions! And before I got hurt like this, I just happened to know the secret, the most terrible secret, the most barbaric plan..! Unfortunately I have been injured, so I can't go back to the center to tell Pangcu that all the actions taken by giving orders to Kiong Siang Han are of no use at all,

Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised and surprised, he didn't expect things to be so unexpected.

"What terrible affairs and schemes do you know, brother Wie ?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu then.

“Auwyang Siung Bun's plan is a true plan

very scary.. will bring black fog and disaster to our Kaypang...! Hi! Hi! Too bad I got hurt like this, if I met death, it meant that Auwyang Siung Bun's evil plan would forever be shut down and Kaypang faced   disaster   without   knowing. "

Tat Mo Cauwsu became more and more interested in hearing Wie Siu Bun's statement when he was there, he said: "If Siauwceng can help, of course Siauwceng is willing to defend Kaypang. While traveling in mainland China, Siauwceng has heard a lot about Kaypang's actions in defending justice and the weak side." Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, the she Wie beggar believed Tat Mo Cauwsu. If earlier he was still indecisive because he didn't know the position of this priest.

"Alright Taisu, Auwyang Siung Bun's evil plan is to take over Kaypang. Try to imagine Taisu, recently I just found out that Auwyang Siung Bun actually has a lot of followers, numbering thousands of people and all of them generally have very high intelligence, so it's strange if he is willing to just avoid his opponent, he has to hide in the Kaypang line as an ordinary member...! At least in order to face his opponent, he could still muster his men and his followers, to face him together….no need for him to have to disguise himself as an ordinary member in Kaypang. At first it didn't occur to me but after this incident happened, then I realized it.     after all of course Auwyang

Siung Bun did have a plan that was for his benefit.... I know it was from the mouth of two of his followers who managed to hurt me. At first when I was exposed to Kim Tok's poison, I had fallen unconscious, but in the end it turned out that after the two of them passed, I was still able to defend myself by using lwekang, so I didn't perish.    That's a big mistake

by the two followers of Auwyang Siung Bun. Of course they received orders from the she Auwyang people that I should be destroyed, but in the end they mistakenly thought that I had been destroyed by their poison, thus keeping their business in my hands! Unfortunately the working power of the poison is indeed very powerful, so that if I don't meet Taisu, maybe in an hour or two I won't be able to hold on anyway and perish. "In an impatient voice, Tat Mo Cauwsu had asked Wie Siu Bun: "Actually, what evil plan is Auwyang Siung Bun trying to do to Kaypang?"

“The plan was to take control of Kaypang, destroy the pangcu at the center and then appoint himself as the pangcu Kaypang with the support of his followers, who turned out to have infiltrated many Kaypang branches in the regions as members of the beggar party..! Well, try to imagine Taisu, isn't that great? Meanwhile, the regional head of Kaypang, namely Kiong Siang Han, had been successfully persuaded by Auwyang Siang Bun to cooperate, of course, besides persuasion, it was accompanied by pressure, because Kiong Siang Han's intelligence was several levels below that of Auwyang Siung Bun. If indeed I did meet Kiong Siang Han and hand over Pangcu's letter, wouldn't it be the same as opening the veil to the enemy that the central Pangcu had found out about Auwyang Siung Bun and myself would be like sending myself to death?

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed.

"I understand, of course what you mean by the words that there will come and the fall of disaster on Kaypang's side and will cost many lives, of course if there is a war within Kaypang itself, between two groups, namely loyal followers of Pangcu Pusat with followers of Kiong Siang Han and Auwyang Siung Bun, right?”

"That's still okay, of course there are lots of loyal followers from the central pangcu, because so far the central pangcu has led very well, and the Auwyang Siung Bun problem can be solved even though there will definitely be many victims! The great and terrible, Kiong Sian Han for Kaypang's name has sent a letter of challenge to the demon who is Auwyang Siung Bun's opponent, challenging him to meet at Kaypang's headquarters, because in the letter it is explained that the Central Pangcu wants to fight with the devil! Kiong Siang Han's letter also said that Auwyang Siung Bun had become a member of Kaypang, all his affairs became Kaypang's business. So now the demon must have killed the Kaypang members he met,who really doesn't know anything...!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed at such a statement. This is what the priest did not think before, at first he thought there was only betrayal in the beggar party, but in the end it made Tat Mo Cauwsu shudder to himself, because he could imagine the disaster that would befall the beggar party.

Indeed, Kaypang is a very large association and has an extensive network throughout the mainland of South and North China, whose representatives combine all the beggars on the mainland of China.

But being such a large association, the Kaypang of course had a lot of issues and affairs in it and all of these had to be handled by the regional pangcu2, who were officially representatives of the central pangcu, and they usually controlled a certain area.

However, if there was a clash within, and one of the regional pangcu on behalf of the central Pangcu had been fishing for fish in the murky waters by luring also the demon who became Auwyang Siung Bun's enemy , with the intention of pitting him against the central Pangcu, Kaypang would surely face a disaster that was not small.                   

"Who is the devil who is the enemy of Auwyang Siung Bun?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu after mentioning the name of the great Buddha.

"I don't know it clearly myself, but from the story of the two followers of Auwyang Siung Bun, the intelligence of the demon against Auwyang Siung Bun is much higher than that of Auwyang Siung Bun himself. Then you can imagine, how the devil is a very tough opponent…” replied Wie Siu Bun.

Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded a few times, then with a sigh he had asked Wie Siu Bun: "Now, what is Siecu's plan?"

"Go back to the center and quickly inform Pangcu of this, so that Pangcu can take the necessary steps, to save the lives of innocent Kaypang members, who are most likely to become victims of the demonic rage against Auwyang Siung Bun. ."

"Yes, such a step is very good. But...of course on the way to the center you will meet many obstacles from Auwyang Siung Bun's followers..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu. "If they really know that you are not perishing, of course they will immediately give chase to keep your mouth shut, to protect your secret. don't let them open prematurely...!”

"Exactly Taisu! That's what I was thinking! So I was so presumptuous that I wanted to make a request to Taisu, which Taisu could or could not agree to?" "What request?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"If Taisu really wants to help, is Taisu willing to visit the center and tell this to our Grandfather, tell us about Kiong Siang Han's betrayal and also about the next development of this matter... of course if Taisu goes there, Taisu will escape the attention of his people Auwyang Siung Bun... while I will also go to the headquarters... fortunately if I can arrive safely but if not, of course there will be Taisu representing, even though I have to perish in the hands of Auwyang Siung Bun's followers, but I can die with my eyes closed...!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed.

"In that case, it would be better if Siecu traveled together with Siauwceng, so that if Siecu faced a threat of danger, surely Siauwceng could provide more or less protection..."

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, Wie Siu Bun's face brightened.

"Do..., doesn't Taisu feel disgusted to have to travel with a poor beggar like me?" asked Wie Siu Bun then.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had smiled.

“All humans are born naked and all are equal... therefore, clothes, possessions and conditions in this world are only as ornaments. Above all is the glory of a piece of heart in the chest, that is the most precious jewelry for a human being...!"

Hearing the words of Tat Mo Cauwsu, Wie Siu Bun was moved and amazed. He quickly knelt down bending his legs nodding four times. Tat Mo Cauwsu was busy waking the beggar, he avoided Wie Siu Bun's salute.

"Don't practice too much like that, because culture actually binds people to other things...!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu. "We must act in the right way, with consideration of the right conscience through the "Four Noble Truths" and the "Eight Main Streets". That's the most important thing, if people have understood and can practice it, later he will be free from the misery of the world, get eternal luck and can face all kinds of problems in this world calmly and steadfastly... whether pleasure or pain, it's all the same, only how humans accept and deal with it!"

"I will remember the lesson that Taisu gave today," said Wie Siu Bun after he finished paying his respects. "And may Kaypang receive the light of the Buddha ..!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled in satisfaction.

"Let's go..." But just as Tat Mo Cauwsu had said that, at that moment, two figures flashed by, who suddenly appeared in front of Wie Siu Bun, one of them even shouted: "Rotten beggar , apparently you are strong enough to survive Kim Tok's attack! Ha, now don't expect you to live any longer..!"

Wie Siu Bun's face turned slightly pale, he recognized the two people who had just arrived were none other than the two people who had injured him with Kim Tok's poison.

A few moments ago when he was not injured, he had not succeeded in dealing with the two people, who had higher intelligence than him, moreover now he was in a   state of   injury   and Kim Tok's   poison had not been completely expelled from his body so that it had made Wie Siu Bun was complaining.       

Tat Mo Cauwsu calmly turned his head and saw that the two men who had just appeared were none other than two middle-aged men who each had a ruthless face and a stiff demeanor. Judging from their body movements, it seems that the two people do have quite high intelligence.

Wie Siu Bun at that time had forced himself to say, “It seems that Thian really wants Kaypang to face quite a tough test...! You humans, evil and humble humans, have used all kinds of cunning and poison to injure me! Hmm, if today I can escape death, I will not forget the two of you, one day when Kaypang's business is finished, of course I will look for you.." From his voice it could be seen that Wie Siu Bun was desperate and angry, his voice was also thrilled.

The two of them let out a mocking laugh, both of them had simultaneously pulled out a tube from each of their waists.

Wie Siu Bun's face had turned paler and more desperate.

"If you both have a strong character, of course you won't use poison to win!"   said the beggar in a very loud voice. "But you are rotten humans so you always use poison to make victory...! if you really are brave, keep your poison canister and face me with your cleverness..even though I have been injured by your Kim Tok poison, I will face you until my death arrives. !” But the two middle-aged men, whose faces were extremely sinister, had let out a cold, mocking snort.

"Dare? why should care about valor? What matters to us is the victory and death of you fools who don't know the south! Try if you really work for the benefit of Auwyang Siung Bun Locianpwe, maybe you can still enjoy the pleasures of living in this world with all the luxuries. !"

"Who are you?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu suddenly in a patient voice.

"You bald ass want to interfere in this matter too? Do you know, this matter can't be solved with only your holy prayers?" mocked one of the two middle-aged men.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu did not get angry.

"Siauwceng asked, who are you?" repeated Tat Mo Cauwsu with his question.

"If you bald ass want to hear the great names of your two masters, be careful not to faint because of it! Listen carefully, my name is Tiang Koan Lu, and this is the one big master named Cing San and she Wu. Well, you've heard, haven't you? We are both masters who have never been defeated and are two of Auwyang Siung Bun Locianpwe's ten confidants!"

How arrogant when Tiang Koan Lu said in such a loud voice, he had also slowly lifted the poison tube in his hand, thus making Wie Siu   Bun very worried. Once the poison canister is used to attack him, his history is over, because from that tube, Kim Tok's poison will spit out again. Wie Siu Bun expected Tat Mo Cauwsu to act quickly, but instead the priest seemed to be calm and watched the two of Tiang Koan Lu with a very patient attitude.

"Omitohud! Don't you realize that evil deeds will eventually break down and receive unsatisfactory karma? If you plant cucumber seeds, you will get cucumbers as a result and if you plant watermelon seeds, then you will receive the results later watermelons too...! Why are you now planting the seeds of evil? Will you not get the results that bring misery?"

But the two followers of Auwyang Siung Bun instead of admitting the truth of Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, instead burst into laughter.

“Bad ass !” said Pole Koan Lu in a loud voice. "I told you earlier, it's useless your holy prayers, will not be able to deal with this business!"

Wu Cing San had also let out a loud and haughty laugh, instead he had raised his Kim Tok poison tube which was ready to be sprayed at Wie Siu Bun.

"Don't use cunning to rely on poison to win...!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu when he saw Wu Cing San's attitude.

But Wu Cing San didn't care, he had thinned the tube to spray on Wie Siu Bun.

The beggar became desperate and very worried, with the remaining strength he intended to attack the person to claim the soul by using the opportunity that was still there, because once the tube spewed its poison, it would surely cause his soul to fly away.

Wu Cing San didn't care about Tat Mo Cauwsu's attitude and words, he had pressed a button on top of the poison jar. From the top of the tube a gush of poison gushed towards Wie Siu Bun.

“What a wicked and cunning thing to do !” muttered Tat Mo Cauwsu, he didn't just say anything, but his right hand was accelerated with a very fast movement, so that the wind from the rush of his sleeve had washed up and hit back the poison liquid that had originally shot towards Wie Siu Bun so it hit Wu Cing San's own face. !

Immediately, there was a shriek and Wu Cing San's body rolled on the ground as he continuously let out a terrible scream. And the poison was apparently Kim Tok's very powerful poison, because it worked quickly in such a short time that Wu Cing San's body and face had turned blackish blue.

Pole Koan Lu who witnessed the fate of his comrade was stunned for a moment. Besides being shocked and angry, he still remembers to help his friend.

He quickly jumped beside Wu Cing San and took out Kim Tok's antidote. Put it in Wu Cing San's mouth.

Then after that Tiong Koan Lu jumped up and got ready to spit out the poison in his savings with caution, because he didn't want something like what happened to his friend, namely the poison had to be slapped upside down and hit himself. But Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a cold voice: "You are apparently human beings who do not have a good heart if forgiven is also useless, in the future it will only bring danger to the weak!"

and Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't finish his sentence, because he saw how much Polan Koan Lu was getting ready to spit poison from his secret tube.

Suddenly Tat Mo Cauwsu's body flashed beside Pole Koan Lu, then his right hand quickly moved to pat Koan Lu's back before she Tiang had time to notice that the liehay priest was beside him.

"Bush...!" Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands slowly clapped, but the ending was so great for Tiang Koan Lu, he let out a loud scream, his body had fallen to the ground and splattered and then fainted! Apparently what was slapped by Tat Mo Cauwsu was the important blood on the back of the she Tiang, and after that it was seen that Tat Mo Cauwsu also didn't act just there, because his hands quickly moved to pat on several parts of Tiang Koan Lu's body. After that, Tat Mo Cauwsu said to Wie Siu Bun, who was standing there staring in amazement: "I have destroyed his martial arts skills, Siauwceng deliberately forced him to cripple, because humans like this endanger public safety...!" very calm those words as well as nothing happened in that place.

"What a coincidence that they reappeared, so you can get Kim Tok's poison-killing medicine, siecu!!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu. "Swallow this medicine...!"

Wie Siu Bun was beyond excited, he had thanked Tat Mo Cauwsu several times. Immediately he swallowed the two Kim Tok antidote pills. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu also gave him a bottle of medicine which still contained about a dozen pills for the antidote to Kim Tok's poison. "Save it, maybe someday you will need it...!"

It's unbelievable that Wie Siu Bun was amazed to see that in just a move so easily Tat Mo Cauwsu could knock down these two opponents who actually had not low intelligence. Seeing this, Wie Siu Bun immediately believed that Kaypang could be saved from disaster, because Tat Mo Cauwsu was a very powerful and intelligent person, so Wie Siu Bun was eternally grateful.

Ignoring Wu Cing San and Tiang Koan Lu who were still lying unconscious, Tat Mo Cauwsu had invited Wie Siu Bun to continue their journey to leave that place.

Their goal is Pakkhia, the king's city, to meet the chief beggar at his headquarters...

X dw X The king's city of Pakkhia has its own buzz, as the king's city and the center of government of mainland China by Emperor Ming Ti of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it is clear that the king's city has many advantages over other cities. Besides in this king's city, there are many buildings that are built in storied, also generally luxury is more conspicuous, where wealth has played a role in the king's city, and everything is always accompanied by luxury, as if the residents are competing to accentuate success in their efforts to accumulate wealth.

In addition to luxurious high-rise buildings, spacious and beautiful attic restaurants, there are also many shops that sell their wares excessively, until they are piled up outside the shop door. There are so many conditions in this king's city, everyone who goes back and forth without making decisions has their own interests.

In front of a large and two-story restaurant with a "Ciu Sing Touw" sign on the front door with the inscription of golden water on it, it looks very classy, the visitors who come are very crowded and innumerable, from morning to night without making decisions. From people who want to entertain acquaintances and friends to people who stop by from their trips to fill their stomachs. The sound of plates and bowls colliding with chopsticks and spoons sounded lively, in addition to the sound of applause from several guests who called for the waiter and the laughter of the guests who were eating, it was very crowded, punctuated by the room which indeed had the smell of wine and wine. various kinds of smells of food.

But beyond the front of the house ate it, rows of beggars, young and old, middle clustered holding out his hand for     twelve     sorry     from    waitress     to get leftovers or on the guests who want to go into the house to eat and go out after a meal, in order to give a little charity of one or two tail to them.

Indeed, the situation in the king's city is very crowded and full of bustle.

And at that moment a fat man with a healthy flushed face and luxurious clothes filled with ornaments that proved he came from a rich family or rank, was stepping into the door of the restaurant, greeted with respectful bows from two people. waiter who was deliberately waiting at the door to receive guests.

When the haughty fat man who seemed to be walking with his chest outstretched and slow footsteps passed the line of beggars, he glanced slightly, then reached into his pocket to take out a dozen tails, which were tossed on the ground.

"Take it for you guys, for the average..." he said in a nonchalant voice.

The beggars who numbered dozens of them were fighting each other with a very boisterous voice, a servant had chased them away, to restore calm   in the diner. While the other waiter had escorted the fat man to an empty table. The restaurant has a very spacious room, which can accommodate more than fifty tables. The guests at that time were very crowded, even though it was almost evening. And the fat man to the table on the inside, next to the door that will lead to the kitchen. He had sat down with a very arrogant attitude, while the waiter had served him with a very respectful attitude, where the fat man mentioned    one    by one the    food.   what he wanted. Soon the waiter was busy preparing various dishes and wine.

With a regal and slow demeanor, the fat man began to eat.

His majestic and arrogant demeanor seemed to be ignored by the other guests, just as they were indeed not nosy with other people's affairs, because they were concerned with their respective stomachs, enjoying delicious meals for them.

But while the fat man who came from a wealthy family and was between the ages of thirty-five was enjoying his meal, from the outside had stepped in a fifty-year-old tojin, well built with a long mustache and beard, and in his right hand holding a stick. slowly moved hudtim.

Tojin's (priest) eyes had looked around the dining room, he watched it carefully, until finally he saw the fat man who was on the table in the corner of the room. The priest had stepped over to the fat man's table.

"Ang Toaya...!" said the tojin in a fairly   loud voice as he almost arrived at the fat man's table.

The fat man Ang Toaya had delayed his meal, he raised his head to look at the tojin.

"Oh you, Po Liang Cinjin?" he asked surprised mixed with joy. "Come! Come sit and eat with me!"

The tojin did not refuse, he pulled a chair in front of Ang Toaya (the big master Ang), he had sat down and immediately the waiter prepared all the cutlery for the tojin. "Any news?" Ang Toaya asked the tojin as he lifted his cup of wine, and drank it slowly, while his eyes watched the tojin.

"There is something that Pinto wants to report to Ang Toaya, something strange and quite suspicious," replied the Tojin after glancing around. "As soon as Ang Toaya finishes eating, Pinto will submit the report...!"

"Regarding what's the problem?" asked Ang Toaya, who did not show any change in his face, very calm attitude, even though Ang Toaya knew that the tojin had come, it certainly brought less encouraging news.

"Regarding Auwyang Locianpwe's business..!" replied the tojin. "There are.... there are two followers who have been injured and disfigured by someone who has extraordinary intelligence..!"

If earlier Ang Toaya had been very calm and arrogant, hearing the words of the tojin like that, his face immediately changed for a moment, but he could control himself, only his voice became very slow when he asked: "What happened?"

"Wu Cing San and Pole Koan Lu have been injured and disfigured by someone..." replied Tojin. "This matter seems to be causing Auwyang Locianpwe's plans to be hampered!"

Actually, the fat Ang Toaya was in the mood to eat, but since the arrival of the tojin, his appetite has been exhausted, let alone hearing that there are events related to him which are certainly less than happy.

Ang Toaya put a pair of chopsticks beside the bowl of unfinished rice, he stood up. "Okay, let's go!" he said, turning to the waiter. "Count everything and you will bill the payment at home...!"

The waiter said yes repeatedly while thanking him, because he knew that Ang Toaya was a rich man who was famous in the king's city for his open hands, which always gave quite a large percentage for the waiter who collected the payment for his meal in his building.

Followed by Tojin, it seemed that Ang Toaya had left the restaurant.

The beggars in front of the restaurant who put their hands up for gifts from the generous big master were ignored by the fat man, who was now walking rather hastily and his footsteps were very fast. They followed several paths between the people who were going back and forth, while the Tojin followed Ang Toaya with his eyes constantly darting around as if he was looking for something.

When he arrived at a large building, Ang Toaya was greeted by two housekeepers and with broad steps and a slightly gloomy face, Ang Toaya headed for the living room. After passing through a garden full of colorful flowers, it seemed Ang Toaya arrived at a room that had very luxurious and expensive furniture. He sat on a chair and pointed to the other, indicating that Tojin should also sit down.

A small servant had come to prepare tea for Ang Toaya and the tojin and some snacks to accompany the drink. "Po Liang Cinjin, what news exactly do you want to convey?" asked Ang Toaya after taking a sip of tea in his cup.

Po Liang Cinjin had sighed. Actually, Auwyang Locianpwe's plan went smoothly, the envoys from the Kaypang central pangcu had been successfully paralyzed by Wu Cing San and Tiang Koan Lu, injured by Kim Tok's poison, only they made a few mistakes, because originally they had succeeded in destroying Wie Siu Bun, the central Kaypang envoy ! but the fact is, the she Wie person can survive with a fairly high lwekang and he also happened to overhear the conversation from the two of Tiang Koan Lu, so he knew the whole plan from Auwyang Locianpwe...! That was the unforgiving mistake of Tiang Koan Lu and Wu Cing San for being careless and careless in their actions! When Wu Cing San and Tiang Koan Lu both found out the beggar had not been killed,

Ang Toaya's face has changed, she has snarled slightly hitting the edge of the table in a very irritated manner.

“Ha, why should something like this happen?? If indeed Wu and Tiang Koan Lu succeeded in destroying the central Kaypang envoy, surely Auwyang Locianpwee's plan would go smoothly! What now ?"

The Tojin had also sighed. “If you look at it that way, it certainly can bring trouble to our side, because of course Wie Siu Bun will report everything to Pangcu in this center, and Kaypang will definitely prepare himself! We do know that Kaypang has heroes who have very high intelligence. Besides that, many of our people have sneaked into Kaypang's body.     but,

Thus, the clash that will occur will definitely be detrimental to us, because Pangcu Kaypang can prepare everything as well as possible if the report submitted by Wie Siu Bun has been successfully heard! During the journey, many of our people have confronted Wie Siu Bun and that foreign priest....but...

The foreign priest's intelligence is truly extraordinary....

with one or two strokes our people have been hurt, even many have been disfigured! Worse yet, it was precisely our people who had been injured who were forced to give information, so that now many of our secrets are known to Wie Siu Bun! Tonight the foreign priest and Wie Siu Bun will arrive.... what do you think of Ang Toaya? Do we block them outside Pakkhia city, or let them arrive at Kaypang's headquarters without any disturbance, in order to convey everything to Pangcu Kaypang, and when Pangcu Kaypang is panicking, we launch an open attack... of course we can win, because the people Kaypang sure isn't ready yet...! It's just a shame, so we failed to pit Kaypang against the demon It Cie Sin Mo (The One-Fingered Devil) Kwee Bo In.

The Ang Toaya repeatedly sighed.

He also frowned, he seemed to be deep in thought. But under these circumstances, it seemed that he could not immediately make a decision.

“This matter is none of our business, if we launch an open attack by ordering our people who   have managed to infiltrate into Kaypang to kill and attack, then everything will become clear… if we fail, we are wretched and Auwyang Locianpwee will also be furious. because the plan will most likely fail...!” said Ang Toaya later, as he said to himself.

Tojin had nodded several times, he was also a bit confused to find a way out in his business which was considered very big and important.

After being silent for a while, Ang Toaya sighed, as he said to Po Liang Cinjin, "Prepare some of our people, we'd better confront the foreign priest and Wie Siu Bun outside the door of Pakkhia city....if we can try to annihilate them both! It's just strange who is that foreign priest? Why did Wie Siu Bun get such a strong backbone?"

Po Liang Cinjin had also shrugged his shoulders with a sigh.

"Yeah, I don't know who the foreign priest is?! If the foreign priest didn't appear, of course we would easily finish Wie Siu Bun...... but now the change has happened so unexpectedly... then this time we have to prepare people -There are enough people, don't fail again! If you fail this time, it's certainly difficult to set everything up again...!"

Ang Toaya had nodded. Si Tojin then said goodbye to prepare his people, while Ang Toaya was walking back and forth with a deep frown, it seemed that he had racked his brain for a good idea for his plan...

Ang Toaya was indeed a rich man in the city. His full name is Ang Bie Tin, and he is a man of wealth and intelligence, because he is the first disciple (chief disciple) of Auwyang Siung Bun, even though his body is fat, his agility is extraordinary.

Rarely do people know that he has very high martial arts skills, only people in the king's city consider Ang Toaya as a very rich man.

Not long ago his teacher, Auwyang Siung Bun, had indeed conveyed to him that he, who was in charge of the king's city, supervised the development of his kaypang and pangcu. Because the teacher intends to do something that has been carefully planned.

Therefore, if it is successful, of course in the future the teacher will become Pangcu Kaypang. Auwyang Siung Bun intends to seize the position of Pangcu Kaypang, because Kaypang is a very   strong association , all of whose members are spread evenly across the mainland of China, if Auwyang Siung Bun succeeds in seizing the position of Pangcu, of course he can press and make an announcement that he is a master without match, because her main goal is to become Mrs. Lim Tel, the number one expert in the world of martial arts.

With the support of Kaypang members, he is sure that he will succeed with his goals and aspirations.

For starters, he had disguised himself as a member of Kaypang, so that in the future if there was a riot in the center of Kaypang, as a member he could also appear. At that time, he will appear and take care of these matters, so that he will surely replace the position of the old Pangcu Kaypang. In preparation, he had ordered his followers numbering in the thousands to infiltrate the Kaypang members.

Ang Toaya himself had been promised by his teacher, if his teacher's efforts were successful, of course he would be given the position of deputy Pangcu Kaypang.

Therefore, Ang Bie Tin desperately tried to be able to monitor the movements of this central Kaypang, he had also prepared many intelligent people, who were his friends. With the power of his money, he buys smart people from several factions who work for him....

But the change that had taken place had left him both astonished and irritated. Surprised because he did not expect a foreign priest to appear who almost thwarted his teacher's efforts. And annoyed, because the appearance of   the foreign priest meant he had to work even harder. In fact, without the appearance of the foreign priest, he could work lightly, because he had sent some of his men to follow the movements of the central Kaypang envoy and he was also ordered to destroy him.

With the leak of Auwyang Siung Bun's secret plan, it means that the teacher's plan will also be threatened with failure.

After walking back and forth for a while, he saw that Po Liang Cinjin had rushed in quickly.

"Everyone is ready at the city's eight doors. They

would block the foreign priest and Wie Siu Bun ten lie from the city door. will Ang Toaya come along?" The fat man nodded.

"If all else fails to face the priest, then let me deal with it!" said Ang Bie Tin in a low voice with a gloomy face.

Po Liang Cinjin exclaimed, "Good!" because he knew that Ang Bie Tin did have high intelligence and the priest also knew that Ang Bie Tin's intelligence was far above his intelligence.

So he was sure, with the intervention of Ang Bie Tin, of course foreign priests whose names or titles were unknown to them would be successfully dealt with.

Thus, with wide footsteps, Ang Bie Tin and Po Liang Cinjin had left the building, they rushed towards the king's city.

“For contact with one another, air fire (fire arrows) have been prepared which are used as signs! Our group who saw and confronted the foreign priest and Wie Siu Bun, had to release fire arrows, so that we could immediately merge into one....because until now we have not been able to confirm whether Wie Siu Bun and the foreign priest took the same doorway to the city. where..!” explained Po Liang Cinjin.

Indeed, the city of Pakkhia as the capital city has eight city doors, namely on the west, east and other parts.

Therefore, Po Liang Cinjin had arranged for his men to keep watch at each of the city's doors.

And the group that was divided into eight had to unite when they saw the fire arrows released by the group   that blocked Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun. Po Liang Cinjin and Ang Bie Tin were at the north door of the city, they were waiting impatiently.


IF the people of Po Liang Cinjin and Ang Bie Tin were busy getting ready to confront Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun, then the Kaypang side seemed to be busy as well. Among the hustle and bustle of the king's city, and also among the tranquility of the king's city which is tightly guarded by the security forces, it seems that beggars in front of various restaurants have also been very busy. Because several small beggars had been running in the king's city, from one restaurant to another, whispering something to the beggar group who was in front of the restaurant.

In a not so long time, before it got dark, all the beggars had disappeared from the front of the restaurants in the king's city. They had passed away, vanished without a single human being seen either.

Actually, this situation is a rather odd occurrence, because usually every day until late at night in front of the restaurant in the king's city is filled with beggars. Even if there are beggars who are tired at night, they often sleep lying on the side of the restaurant.

Because groups of beggars are not very liked by people who eat their disappearance, they are not very noticed. Not a single beggar was seen wandering the streets or in front of the restaurant, all had disappeared without leaving a trace.

This turned out to be because along the way Wie Siu Bun had ordered the beggars he met   to   go   to   the   king's city   to   report to the central Pangcu to gather all the beggars that night to gather. Indeed, the beggar association has a very tight network, so the news of Wie Siu Bun's return quickly arrived, which brought the bad news to Kaypang's ears.

Immediately the head of the Kaypang center had ordered several small beggars to take home beggars who were carrying out their duties to beg.

However, among the beggar members, Auwyang Siung Bun's men had indeed entered, so this news quickly reached the ears of Po Liang Cinjin, who reported it to Ang Bie Tin.

Such a situation has taken place quickly, among the calm that is in the king's city, it turns out that tensions are going on between the two powers...

Tat Mo Cauwsu who was traveling with Wie Siu Bun had arrived near the west door of the city, still about a hundred lie apart. They estimated that tonight the two of them could arrive at the Kaypang headquarters.

Therefore, considering the close distance, these two people did not intend to rest even though it was getting late, they had continued the journey.

But while they were on their way, some fifty lies apart from the door of the king's city, from before them a great troop of horsemen galloped away, who rode away with great speed.

There were about a dozen of them and all of them wore simple clothes and carried sharp weapons. Very quickly the dozen or so horsemen had arrived before Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun, all of them jumping down in an unhappy manner, because each of them showed a ruthless attitude.

It appears that one of the horsemen has raised his hand, so a fiery arrow shoots out, which raises his voice.

When it arrived in mid-air, the fiery arrow had exploded, and emitted a gleam of light in the darkness of the night.

Wie Siu Bun and Tat Mo Cauwsu did not know what the intentions of the people who had blocked him, even locked him up.

One of them had been watching Wie Siu Bun who was dressed in patchy and dirty clothes, that person had a square face, with deep sunken eyes exuding his cunning nature. He was laughing as he said: "Aha, surely this Kaycu (beggar's brother) whose name is Wie Siu Bun, right?"

Wie Siu Bun quickly agreed. Although his heart was surprised, but he knew the customs of politeness, so even though he did not know the person, this beggar She Wie Siu had been very respectful.

“That's right, I am the poor beggar named Wie Siu Bun. What business do you have, gentlemen, meet us?" asked Wie Siu Bun.

The man had laughed again, his laugh was not good. "We are     precisely     ordered     Pangcu     Kaypang to

pick you up ... according to Pangcu that Wie Kaycu has

managed to do a good job!" And when the beggar and Tat Mo Cauwsu were astonished, that person just said that, knowing that his hand, which had been holding the head of his machete, had been pulled out very quickly, and "sringggg...! " The machete had grabbed Wie Siu Bun's neck.

The movement he did was the same move as a butt attack.

"Ihh..." Wie Siu Bun moved quickly to dodge. Since he was already unaffected by Kim Tok's poison, he managed to move so swiftly, that person's attack fell on empty space.

But dozens of his other friends had pulled out their respective weapons. Some are armed with swords, some are armed with spears, machetes, samcio and others. There are also armed with Poan Koan Pit, a pair of pits made of iron.

They took a confinement stance and prepared to launch an attack. Of course their attitude contained hostility.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together, he said: “Siancai! Siancai! The gentlemen came by saying they wanted to welcome us, but the attitude of the gentlemen seemed to be against us! What do you really want!!?"

"Both of you souls!" shouted the people almost in unison, even at the same time they had launched an attack with their weapons, some slashed, some stabbed, some stabbed.

Wie Siu Bun was surprised, he saw that the number of opponents was very large, he was worried that he would be attacked. But on the contrary, Tat Mo Cauwsu still carried a very calm demeanor.

If Wie Siu Bun was too busy dodging, Tat Mo Cauwsu had moved very calmly to dodge every attack of his opponents.

The moves made by Tat Mo Cauwsu have extraordinary agility, in a very short time, he has managed to dodge every attack made by his opponent. In fact, every time Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand moved, a scream could be heard from one of his opponents, who if he didn't fall down, his weapon would be released from his grasp.

So it is not surprising that at times like this it has made his opponents so afraid to press Tat Mo Cauwsu further.

But Wie Siu Bun was so busy trying to escape his opponent's attacks.

Various weapons had been shooting towards him in a very fast motion.

In such a state of urgency, Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped close to him and moved his hands to help Wie Siu Bun from the pressure of his opponents. The Indian priest managed to knock down people he didn't know with ease.

But at that moment, from various directions, several groups of horsemen were approaching, a group of people dressed in officer uniforms were running their horses quickly, and had jumped down. Their clothes are made of iron, so they are not afraid of sharp weapons. With agile movements, each of them has joined in confining Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun.

Tat Mo Cauwsu initially thought that the country's troop was a security tool in the city, who wanted to separate them from the siege of the unknown people. How surprised and surprised he was when he saw that the army of the country had actually launched a barrage of attacks on him with very great movements, so it seemed that the country's soldiers were not ordinary people, they certainly came from martial arts people who had quite high intelligence. Moreover, after several battles took place, other groups of people from various directions had also arrived.

The total number of people was in the hundreds and had launched a siege with various threats of sharp weapons.

Among them, it seemed that the last to arrive were two horsemen, who had been sitting on the beasts watching the course of the siege. They were a tojin and a fat man because it was none other than Po Liang Cinjin and the fat Ang Bie Tin.

Tat Mo Cauwsu could immediately guess that these people did not mean well to him and Wie Siu Bun.

At that time, it was also seen that Wie Siu Bun was very busy to fend off and dodge every attack launched by his opponents.

Wie Siu Bun had used a sword that he had captured. With his sword, Wie Siu Bun was able to defend himself for a while. But if this situation continues, it will undoubtedly cause the She Wie person to be injured or destroyed at the end of his opponent's weapon.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had also seen the predicament his comrade was in.

So after knocking down two of his closest opponents, it appears that Tat Mo Cauwsu has made a long whistle and moves his right and left hands quickly, every movement of his two hands contains   extraordinary strength , because Tat Mo Cauwsu has used his lwekang power to knock down his opponents. .

Indeed, the opponents of Tat Mo Cauwsu and Wie Siu Bun were all people with no low martial arts skills, but now that they were facing a divine being like Tat Mo Cauwsu, their intelligence would be meaningless.

When Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his hands, then at that moment dozens of people who were nearby had bounced and scattered on the ground like dry leaves that were blown by a strong wind.

As soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu grabbed his sleeves, dozens of people had fallen backwards.

Even worse, the dozens of victims from the gusts of Tat Mo Cauwsu's sleeves couldn't get up quickly.

Therefore, although his friends were very large, they did not dare to push the priest too much.

They devoted more attention and siege to Wie Siu Bun. It was clear that Wie Siu Bun, who was not as intelligent as Tat Mo Cauwsu, was getting overwhelmed.

He had unleashed all his wits by twisting his sword, defending himself against every attack of his opponent.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also saw the danger that was   lurking in his best friend's soul.

With a cry of "Omitohud! Don't be afraid Wie Siecu!" it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped beside Wie Siu Bun.

When he jumps, his hands have worked many times quickly, namely grabbing the back of his opponent, then throwing him into the air.

In the blink of an eye dozens of people had fallen to the ground.

And when Tat Mo Cauwsu was by Wie Siu Bun's side, he had mobilized his lwekang, then rushed his sleeve to knock down a dozen others.

What Tat Mo Cauwsu has done is truly extraordinary.

He had discouraged his subsequent opponents from being too pushy and had jumped back.

Ang Bie Tin and Po Liang Cinjin who witnessed all of this from their horses were shocked too.

Even Ang Bie Tin had jumped off his horse with a loud exclamation.

Even though his body was fat, his movements were very agile, he landed on the ground without making the slightest sound. Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the movement of the fat She Ang, he was secretly surprised too.

Why now can there appear so many people who are against him with Wie Siu Bun?

But not to mention Tat Mo Cauwsu had the chance to rebuke him at that time Ang Bie Tin had shouted: "Everyone get out of the way!!"

The dozens of people who surrounded Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped backwards while Ang Bie Tin had faced Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Po Liang Cinjin also did not stay still on his horse.

This priest had jumped off his horse with a light motion.

With a few jumps, he was in front of Wie Siu Bun.

Ang Bie Tin at that time had said in a cold voice, "foreign priest, why are you interfering in the affairs of kaypang? Have you known the real business, so that you stand on the side of kaypang?”

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together.

"Siancai! Siancai! In fact, Siauwceng and Wie Siecu have nothing to do with it...! If now Siauwceng is standing on Wie Siecu's side, it is to defend and save the lives of humans who are threatened...!"

"Hmmm, do you know that Kaypang intends to rebel against the government, so the government has taken action to eradicate it ..?" said Ang Bie Tin as well.

"Hah ?" Tat Mo Cauwsu was taken aback, he had glanced at Wie Siu Bun. Seeing the attitude of Tat Mo Cauwsu who was shocked and hesitant like that, Ang Bie Tin had said again: "As a person who has lived a purification life, then you must not interfere in Kaypang's affairs, because it will involve betrayal of the government! If you defend blindly, of course you will be exposed to the sap!"

The words were spoken by Ang Bie Tin in a voice not as loud as before, he also tried to persuade the priest not to interfere in this matter.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a patient voice: "If this matter is indeed a matter of rebellion, of course Siauwceng does not dare to interfere.

...but it seems that in this matter there is something rather odd..."

"What do you mean ?" asked Ang Bietin.

"During the trip, Wie Siecu was always hostile to people he didn't know, so Siauwceng tried to protect him."

"Hmm, did you see them?" asked Ang Bie Tin, pointing to his people who were dressed as state apparatus.

"Yes!" nodded Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"They are envoys from the government to ask for our help in arresting all members of the Kaypang members in this king's city," said Ang Bie Tin again.

Naturally, those words also affected Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart.

"Then..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu doubtfully. "I will take Wie Siecu to meet with the Kaypang central pangcu...if in the future the Kaypang party intends   to hold a rebellion against the government, Siauwceng will resign."

"By then it must have been too late!" said Ang Bie Tin no less cunning. He had said again: "And at that time if you really want to resign and withdraw, you also can't, because you have dealt with rebellion!"

Hearing those words, Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together.

"Person! Person! Siauwceng has absolutely no desire to interfere in such matters..! And Siauwceng came to mainland China only to spread the teachings of Buddhism and martial arts. Had not the Emperor himself sent a messenger to find out the Buddha's teachings to the land of Hindustan. ?”

"That's right...!" nodded Ang Bie Tin in a loud voice. "And at a time like this, of course you still have time to withdraw from the beggars. I will also finish this business until here! But if later of course everything is too late ..!"

But Tat Mo Cauwsu had shaken his head. "Can't Siauwceng leave Wie Siecu like that

course. Siauwceng had promised him to protect him until he met Pangcu the center of   Kaypang. !"

At that time, Wie Siu Bun himself had repelled Hudtim Po Liang Cinjin's attack that had begun to rain down on him.

Wie Siu Bun had also shouted in a very loud voice   :   "Don't   believe   what he said   , Taisu,   it's just a tale of him...! They must be people who are followers of Auwyang Siung Bun...!"