Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 12

Volume XII

Suddenly Tat Mo Cauwsu has changed the way he fights, with the 'Hong Liu Cut Hay' or 'Wind Hits Yangliu into the Sea', suddenly Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands have moved very fast.

What was extraordinary was not the fast movement of his two hands, but the winds of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands that were blaring, so that the place was like being hit by the brunt of storms and hurricanes.

Keuki Takashi also seemed surprised by the change in the way Tat Mo Cauwsu had made martial arts, because as soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands moved swiftly and swiftly, he immediately grabbed the winds of attacks that kept hitting him.

Even what made him so shocked, every brunt of the attack wind launched by Tat Mo Cauwsu made his body stagger repeatedly.

But Takashi also has strength and intelligence that he   can   rely   on,   so   he   doesn't   get nervous about this kind of situation. In fact, he quickly exerted strength in both of his palms and charged violently.

Tat Mo Cauwsu realized the danger of Keuki Takashi's palm containing the power of gwakang, he didn't want to clash his hands with the other party. Indeed, he could have faced his opponent's attack power by using his lwekang power for his Yoga practice, but Tat Mo Cauwsu did not want to take such a risk. By moving his ginkang, Tat Mo Cauwsu's body flashed to dodge Keuki Takashi's attacks, while striking back with no less force.

Facing Tat Mo Cauwsu's way of fighting, Keuki Takashi was apparently surprised and curious, with agitated several times he had to dodge himself too, because once happened when Keuki Takashi ignored Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack and continued to pound the priest's chest, Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand. stopped on his chest, so Keuki Takashi's body shook violently and backed away with a pale face. While what surprised him was precisely when the edge of his palm had succeeded in pounding the back of the Indian priest, he felt his attack power seemed to disappear because Tat Mo Cauwsu used science (soft power) to accept the attack by Keuki Takashi which made his back as soft as cotton, thus Keuki Takashi's attack power vanished.

The short fat Japanese master had been silent for a while staring intently at Tat Mo Cauwsu. The result of his attack that didn't give him any results made him wonder dumbfounded, he didn't understand why the priest's back could be as soft as cotton. Usually, don't say the human body, while stone or iron can be destroyed by the onslaught of the edge of the palm of his hand, because Keuki Takashi has been practicing this knowledge for twenty-five years. Even for the past five years Keuki Takashi has been training himself under a waterfall spill containing a pushing force of thousands of catties, so that his intelligence has become even more powerful than his past.

In addition to the horses both legs became very strong, as well as a strong and solid mountain, which would not be shaken by the attack no matter how strong. But the reality he was facing now surprised him. In the first place, he attacked Tat Mo Cauwsu to no avail, the priest's back was unsuccessful.   And so also when Tat Mo Cauwsu's palm hit his chest, although it seemed that the touch that Tat Mo Cauwsu made on his chest was very slow, but managed to pound Keuki Takashi's legs on both legs, so he stumbled backwards, even feeling an incredible pain in his chest. .

Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together, he said in a patient voice: “Siancai! Siancai! Siecu has seen, not always Siecu's intelligence can be relied on to destroy and persecute fellow humans, right? Therefore, it is wise for someone to do good deeds, to cultivate a noble soul, try Siecu to imagine that intelligence without good thoughts brings disaster to fellow human beings themselves, but if thoughts without intelligence can cause disaster, Siecu thinks, if Siecu persists with actions who always indulged in the air of wrath, relying on the intelligence that Siecu now happened to possess, wouldn't that bring about no small catastrophe? Especially for fellow humans and also for Siecu himself if one day Siecu meets an opponent who coincidentally has intelligence that is much higher than Siecu's intelligence, and Siecu's opponent has a cruel and low-handed nature, wouldn't it bring great catastrophe to yourself Siecu? What's more, nothing is eternal in this world and karma will always be there, so Siecu can't always be on top, one day Siecu will accept that bitterness if she continues this bad deed...!” wouldn't it wreak great havoc on Siecu? What's more, nothing is eternal in this world and karma will always be there, so Siecu can't always be on top, one day Siecu will accept that bitterness if she continues this bad deed...!” wouldn't it wreak great havoc on Siecu? What's more, nothing is eternal in this world and karma will always be there, so Siecu can't always be on top, one day Siecu will accept that bitterness if she continues this bad deed...!”

Keuki Takashi when he heard Tat Mo Cauwsu's words did not reflect on those words, on the contrary, he became very angry. He pranced while letting out a scream that was similar to that of laughing or crying, it was terrifying and his tone contained misguidance. His left hand was lowered to his stomach, while his right hand was slowly raised, using all the core strength he had, he raised it until the right palm was above his head.

With a terrifying groan and a face emitting a murderous glow, it seemed that Keuki Takashi had jumped to strike with both hands.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also surprised when he saw the way his opponent launched such an attack, he shuddered at the sinister glow in Keuki Takashi's eyes, but as a devout worshiper, Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately chanted the great name of the Buddha, while putting his pure spirit in both hands.

The blow that Keuki Takashi did this time was impossible to dodge, because it was too fast and too strong, Keuki Takashi's body also bounced in the air when his hand launched a punch. So Tat Mo Cauwsu has stood with Tiat Lo Han (Arhad Besi), his two feet are like stuck in the earth, and he has used one of the moves from Cap-peh Lo Han Kun, the bare-handed martial arts skill that he relies on very tough.

"Bukkk!" The strike by Keuki Takashi had hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's palm, both of their bodies shook violently. Keuki Takashi had slid down with a body that was feeling achy due to Tat Mo Cauwsu's energy boost, So he was again filled with a feeling of surprise and shock, because his punch was so great, it couldn't knock Tat Mo Cauwsu down, making Keuki Takashi for a while be silent stunned looked at the priest.

Tat Mo Cauwsu stood firmly in place, as if both his feet were rooted to the ground, unmoved in the slightest by Keuki Takashi's attack power.

But beyond Keuki Takashi's knowledge, Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart stuttered. When he had parried Keuki Takashi's attack, he actually felt how his parrying power did not produce any results, even Keuki Takashi's onslaught seemed to make all the blood in his body churned. To that end, Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly emptied his lwekang power. Luckily he did have a lwekang that had reached its peak, coupled with the results of his Yoga strength training, he managed to destroy the power of Keuki Takashi's palm punch. But for a moment his chest still felt very sore, it proved that the power of Keuki Takashi's punch even though it couldn't knock him down but had made him battered inside.

On the outside, Tat Mo Cauwsu was calm, but inside he was a little restless, because this priest from India realized that if Keuki Takashi had launched three more consecutive attacks like this, the possibility of holding out on hold for   Tat Mo Cauwsu would not be possible, he would be injured. in the.

Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly channeled the power of his lwekang power in several of the most important blood vessels in his head, neck, chest and stomach, he channeled it quickly, and the feeling of pain in his chest gradually disappeared. Fortunately, at that time Keuki Takashi also did not launch another attack, because the Japanese master was also stunned. That was an advantage for Tat Mo Cauwsu, he could take advantage of such a situation to improve the circulation of his blood vessels which had almost been blocked by Keuki Takashi's palm blow.

In such circumstances Keuki Takashi himself thought twice about launching another attack, because he too had felt a sharp pain in his chest and stomach. His chest tightness interfered with his breathing in addition to the feeling of a stomach ache where his stomach contents were like upside down. At that time, Keuki Takashi just admitted that the Indian priest had very high intelligence, perhaps even higher than his intelligence.

But Keuki Takashi of course didn't want to show his weakness, he had a mocking smile on his face as he said, “Actually if I were to take your soul, it would be as easy as hitting that rock that was crushed to pieces...! But seeing that you have a decent amount of intelligence and of course you earned it with great difficulty and strenuous training took no time, I feel sorry if someone like you should perish under my hands. Well go, this time I want to forgive the person who came to bother me! And you are the first person, who came here and passed without a blem…” At first, before the battle, Tat Mo Cauwsu had intended to leave the place without causing a clash with the chubby short sage.

But now, after fighting and seeing that Japanese sage was extremely high, and possessed somewhat perverted traits, of course it made Tat Mo Cauwsu think too. If you let the Japanese master continue with his misguided circumstances and behavior, there will surely be a lot of other victims in the future. Now that he has such a high intelligence, maybe a year or two after this Japanese master completes his training, it will bring about a great disaster, because at that time this Japanese expert would have had much more perfect intelligence.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together, he said the words, “Siancai!” twice, then he said in a very patient voice: “Siecu has a cleverness that brings admiration in my heart. Siauwceng

admits that Siecu's intelligence is rarely matched. It would be fun if we tie the ropes of friendship, where we can exchange views on the science of silat. ”

Keuki Takashi looked at Tat Mo Cauwsu with a pair of playful eyebrows, for a moment he didn't answer, just looked with sharp eyes, until he finally waved his hand, he said harshly: "You have your own way, while I also have my own way so we as long as they don't interfere with each other, that's more than enough. !”

By saying so, Keuki Takashi wanted to say that he was also amazed by the cleverness owned Cauwsu Mo Tat, only he did not want to mention and recognize them   kept   light.   He   only   emphasized that   if   Tat   Mo Cauwsu didn't bother him in the future, he didn't want to seek business with the Indian priest either.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu was dissatisfied with the answer given by Keuki Takashi, he had said in a patient voice: “Even though we have different paths   but if we really want to tie the knot of intimate friendship and have a sense of understanding, of course there are many people we can meet. save..!”

"What do you mean?" snapped Keuki Takashi in a cold voice.

"Omitohud, in the name of the great Buddha, Siauwceng wants to ask that Siecu no longer follow his lust to harm fellow humans..!!" replied   Tat Mo Cauwsu in a patient voice, even though his opponent was being very rude.

Keuki Takashi's face changed when he heard Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, with a red face, he had said coldly: "If you talk too much anymore, your fussiness will change my attitude... and if that happens, you can't blame me if I attack you again! Better yet, hurry up and get out of here!” Keuki Takashi's voice was stiff and devoid of friendship.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu was very calm, he smiled faintly, saying: "If Siecu is still not willing to take the "Four Noble Truths", as well as the "Eight Main Paths", surely Siecu will experience many tribulations in the future, because of the law of karma. it is inevitable for those who do many evil deeds.”

Keuki Takashi's face turned bright red when he heard Tat Mo Cauwsu's words. "I'm bad or good, that's none of your business, is it?" he asked mockingly.

“True, but as a fellow human being, Siauwceng feels sorry to see Siecu take the wrong path. Moreover, if the intelligence that Siecu has later threatens the safety of many humans on this earth, then it is Siauwceng's obligation to realize Siecu from that deviant path..."

Keuki Takashi got very angry, he let out a scream that was similar to that of laughing and crying, he had pranced with anger, and then shouted angrily, "Now tell me, are you really that nosy to interfere in what I'm about to do? I told you, even though you have a fairly high intelligence, I'm not afraid! If you still don't want to leave quickly, of course I will destroy you or at least I will make you blemish...!”

Hearing Keuki Takashi's words, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said coldly: "Siancai! Siancai! Indeed, Siecu still does not want to see the bright path, and chooses a dark path..! Siauwceng really can't force it."

Keuki Takashi was furious and curious, but because he knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu was extremely intelligent, he didn't want to have anything to do with the priest. So as much as possible Keuki Takashi tried to stem the anger of his heart.

Just as the Japanese master was about to speak again, suddenly a giggling laugh was heard, the voice was very melodious, but contained a rather terrifying tone in his laughing voice.

Heard from the tone of the laughing voice which was quite melodious, of course a woman who was quite beautiful. Indeed, Tat Mo Cauwsu and Keuki Takashi didn't have to wait any longer, they immediately saw a slim figure sliding down from the top of the cliff very quickly, his movements were extremely fast, proving that his light weight was very high. His body slid like his feet didn't just touch the ground. It's no longer surprising that Tat Mo Cauwsu disappeared, a very beautiful woman dressed in red and full of jewelry, was standing in front of her with a sweet, but flirty laugh. This woman might be thirty years old, but because she was dressed like that, with her hair in a bun and covered in jewels, made her much younger than her actual age.

Keuki Takashi's face had changed when he saw that woman. He also said in a cold voice, "Ang Ie sian lie (Goddess of Red Shirt) Cie Cie Lian, are you   not satisfied with bothering me, so now you are back again?"

The beautiful woman laughed again, but this time her laugh was very soft, followed by her very flirtatious words: “My dear sister, why are you always not happy to see me coming... Am I so annoying in your eyes? Am I not beautiful enough?”

Tat Mo Cauwsu furrowed his brows and in his heart spoke of the greatness of the Buddha, because the woman was very flirtatious, her demeanor showed her naughtiness, even though her face was very beautiful and her body cut was very good.

Keuki Takashi laughed coldly again.

“I am a man, and like any other man, I am very happy with beautiful women like you! But now, I'm training myself to perfect my knowledge, so you have to understand, I can't serve you... don't bother me continuously. ”

"Disturb? Not ! I'm not bothering you!!” answered Ang Ie Sianlie in a voice accompanied by a flirtatious laugh. "I just want to always be close to you! Frankly, I tell you, my brave brother, I really like a dashing man like you! There are many men who have good faces and bodies, much better than you, but they don't have the valor like you, I just want to always be close to you, won't interfere, may my dashing brother?"

When he said that, Ang Ie Sian lie also glanced at Tat Mo Cauwsu and then he said again: "Hey, hey, is this bald priest bothering you? Let me throw it away later!”

Without waiting for Keuki Takashi's approval, Ang Ie Sianlie had approached Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Keuki Takashi didn't want to stop him, instead   he was happy to see Ang Ie Sianlie want to fight Tat Mo Cauwsu, because Keuki Takashi knew Ang Ie Sianlie had very high intelligence. Several times before, Ang Ie Sianlie had always come to disturb him, and so far Keuki Takashi had not succeeded in knocking him down, although Ang Ie Sianlie Cie Cie Lian had also failed to knock down Keuki Takashi.

After approaching more or less a spear apart from Tat Mo Cauwsu, Cie Cie Lian had let out a very flirtatious laugh. "The bald priest, don't you want to get up quickly, waiting for your sweet lady to throw you into the river?" he asked. His voice was melodious but his tone was threatening.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he spoke the greatness of the Buddha.

"Siancai! Siancai! Between us is not involved in any business or relationship, why do you seem so fierce?”

Like the fast wind, Ang Ie Sian lie knew that he had moved his left hand to grip the chest of Tat Mo Cauwsu, while he said in a sweet voice: "You go bald priest, don't talk much...!"

Indeed, Ang Ie Sianlie has a very great ginkang, as earlier he had managed to descend such a high cliff with agile movements and it seemed very easy but very fast.

Therefore, when he stretched out his hand, Tat Mo Cauwsu was also surprised because the hand flashed so fast that it could barely be seen by ordinary eyes.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want to let his body be touched by Ang Ie Sianlie's hands, he let out a calm laugh, then said: “Sorry! Sorry! Siauwceng can't serve you, miss...!” while dodging Ang Ie Sian lie's grip, Tat Mo Cauwsu looked back and away from Ang Ie Sianlie.

"Uhhh...! Ang Ie Sianlie let out a   spooky cry , he was surprised that this pious priest was able to escape from his grip, which he did very quickly. “You have quite    the intelligence of a bald priest ? Please accept my hand...!” and along with his words, it seemed that Ang Ie Sianlie had moved his hands in succession, to the chest, and stomach of Tat Mo Cauwsu.              

But Tat Mo Cauwsu was no longer surprised, because now Tat Mo Cauwsu knew that this beautiful woman in front of him was indeed a woman who was quite intelligent.

When he saw Ang Ie Sianlie's two hands sliding towards him, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't move away anymore, he just waved his sleeves. But in his heart the priest was thinking.

"It seems that this flirtatious woman's intelligence is not below Keuki Takashi's intelligence, if she came forward to launch an attack together, of course I would be more busy dealing with her..!"

The waving of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand which had tremendous power made both Ang Ie Sianlie's hands sway to the side, so that this beautiful flirtatious woman was shocked, she felt her wrists ache and hurt.

"Uhh...!" he let out a muffled exclamation again in astonishment: “Truly you have quite the intelligence. Hey my valiant brother, is this bald priest really that clever?” He asked so addressed to Keuki Takashi.

"Yes, he does have intelligence that is not below mine," replied Keuki Takashi. The answer was given, because Keuki Takashi intended to remind Ang Ie Sian Lie to be more careful and alert when launching an attack on Tat Mo Cauwsu. Of course he was a hidden hint for Ang Ie Sian Lie. Cie Cie Lian didn't launch his next attack, he stood up in a very flirtatious manner and laughed out loud.

"Very weird ! Two months ago I was surprised to meet a valiant man like my handsome brother, Keuki Takashi and now it's strange to meet a bald priest whose intelligence doesn't seem low..! A quiet place, but bustling with brave humans! Very nice! This will certainly enliven the atmosphere in this place...”

Finished with his words, it seemed that Ang Ie Sian Lie had issued a loud exclamation sound which was a very flirtatious female scream, it seemed that both his hands were being moved quickly but his hands were not aimed at attacking Tat Mo Cauwsu, only moved followed by his body movements. swaying like he was dancing, indeed his body movements caused stimulation for those who saw him, but for Tat Mo Cauwsu who had very strong faith, he looked at him with disgust and disgust.

But Ang Ie Sianlie is not just dancing, it's punching moves that contain tremendous power. If the contortions of his body that aroused excitement and excitement were simply because he wanted to distract his opponent, and after circling seven times around Tat Mo Cauwsu, suddenly Ang Ie Sian Lie launched an attack that was extremely fast, striking and gripping.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also surprised to see a beautiful woman like Ang Ie Sian Lie Cie Cie Lian could have such high intelligence, even though she was still so young. And judging by the way she launched her attack, the woman used martial arts from the North in the mainland of China. Mo Tat has twice met with the flow Cauwsu   science   silat   from the   North   that,   since   the time   he entered the mainland Tionggoan when he often met with the candidate who has a very high intelligence.

Ang Ie Sian Lie when he saw the attacks he launched did not hit the target properly, even Tat Mo Cauwsu by shifting his legs a little managed to annihilate his attacks.

Naturally, Ang Ie Sian Lie was surprised and curious at the same time. The longer the movement of the two hands that launched the punch and grip the faster, he has been targeting the dangerous body parts of the priest. If his grip hits the target, surely one of the important blood pathways in Tat Mo Cauwsu's body will be destroyed by it, which can inflict heavy injuries on him, while the fists launched by Ang Ie Sian Lie also have terrible prowess, because what his fingers are aiming for is important blood path in Tat Mo Cauwsu's body.

"A woman like this turns out to have a cruel heart and bare hands, her fists always target the deadly parts! If by chance the one who encounters him is a person of mediocre intelligence, won't that person be wretched in his hands?" thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Thinking so, very quickly Tat Mo Cauwsu had let out a loud cry as both sleeves of his robes flew towards Ang Ie Sian Lie's face. The movement was not just any movement because it was accompanied by a very strong lwekang power, right at the face of the beautiful woman She Cie.

Cie Cie Lian let out a surprised cry but he didn't get surprised or nervous by the attack of the two sleeves of Tat Mo Cauwsu's robes, because he did have a    high intelligence ,    so    he    could    dodge it    by jumping back and destroying the energy that was grabbing at him.

Only his astonishment was because he didn't expect that Tat Mo Cauwsu had intelligence that was beyond his expectation.

While laughing again with a flirtatious attitude, it looks like Cie Cie Lian has jumped high into the air at Tat Mo Cauwsu, his arms stretched out, as if he wanted to embrace and hug Tat Mo Cauwsu.

This Indian priest was shocked. That woman is indeed a very flirtatious woman, and Tat Mo Cauwsu has purified himself, so Tat Mo Cauwsu doesn't want to touch his hands, let alone the body with that flirtatious woman.

The movement made by Ang Ie Sian lie is indeed a provocation, he wants to embrace his opponent, because usually men are rarely strong enough to face the temptation of lust if he is hugged, so that it can bring Cie Cie Lian an opportunity to knock down his opponent easily.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu with the 'Lee Ie Ta Teng' or 'Lee Ie Meletik Fish' stance, his body quickly jumped back and forth twice, sliding with both feet down first to the ground.

Ang Ie Sianlie let out a giggling laugh at Tat Mo Cauwsu's behavior.

"Are you disgusted by being hugged by me?" he sneered, "Don't you want to feel how tender and warm it is to be embraced by a woman as beautiful as me?"

Being rebuked like that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had clasped his hands together,    he said    :    “Siancai!    Siancai    !    Miss has high intelligence, your face is also beautiful, why are your hands and your heart so wet…?”

Ang Ie Sianlie's face didn't change in the slightest, instead he giggled in a much more flirtatious manner.

“Indeed! It's true for people I don't like, they can break their skull in one hit! But for brave people who have high intelligence to bring admiration to me, of course I don't have the heart to destroy it, or lower my hands cold and cruel... didn't I just want to hug you?" and again Ang Ie Sian lie giggling with a very coquettish voice, he has also taken another two steps forward to approach Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The priest was getting sick of seeing the attitude and behavior of this beautiful but flirtatious and delinquent woman, he had backed away from Ang Ie Sian Lie, then he quickly said, “Omintohud! Don't push Siauwceng too hard to lower his hand


But Ang Ie Sian Lie had stepped closer to Tat Mo Cauwsu so that the priest had to step back several times.

"Come here!" said Ang Ie Sian Lie in a low, hissing voice, but his voice was very strange, containing the power of pulling and squeezing, because he used traction (a kind of hypnosis in modern times), so that Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart was shaken.

But this pastor does have a very strong faith, unwavering. He had repeatedly mentioned the greatness of the Buddha and managed to overcome the turmoil of his heart. Meanwhile, Ang Ie Sian Lie when he saw that he had not succeeded in controlling the priest, had again issued his hissing words: "Come here... come closer dear, come here!" his voice made Tat Mo Cauwsu's body shudder. Despite how the influence of those words shook this pastor's heart.

Tat Mo Cauwsu realized that this flirtatious woman had used the magic of attraction to master him. If the intelligence of Tat Mo Cauwsu's lwekang is not strong, of course he will be influenced and will approach, so it is easy for Ang Ie Sianlie Cie Cie Lian to drop the decisive hand.

Indeed, many times before, Cie Cie Lian has used this pulling skill to dominate his opponents, and usually it is very satisfying, so he can easily knock down his opponents. But he failed when he used it on Keuki Takashi.

And this time too Ang Ie Sianlie had failed again, because he had not succeeded in mastering Tat Mo Cauwsu.

This situation made Ang Ie Sian lie angry and curious. He saw that Tat Mo Cauwsu, instead of approaching, had jumped backwards away from him.

Ang Ie Sianlie refocused his attention and called out too, "Come here dear... come here!" and as he said so, he had moved his contorted hands and body, giving rise to arousal.

How can Tat Mo Cauwsu be mastered with such absorbing skills? Because the priest's faith is very strong, besides that since childhood Tat Mo Cauwsu has indeed been involved and purified himself from the world so that knowledge has no meaning at all for him. After trying twice and always failing, Ang Ie Sian Lie Cie Cie Lian has issued a shouting voice, and he said: "Well, it seems that your faith is very strong. I want to see if you can't be knocked down by using martial arts!"

And vanished his flirtatious laugh. His attitude became serious, he had jumped to attack with full strength in both hands, Ang ie Sian Lie was indeed a woman who was difficult to match today!   He was actually a disciple of a magician who had gone into exile.

But after graduating from college door lessons, Ang Ie Sian Lie has wandered in mainland China, quickly making a name! But year after year, because no one has ever been knocked down and he always wins every battle, it makes Ang Ie Sian Lie even more arrogant and arrogant, until finally he has a very reckless nature.

When he was twenty-five years old, Ang Ie Sian Lie Cie Cie Lian had met a handsome young man named Siangkoan Hu, a young man who had very high intelligence. After cultivating their love and relationship for two years, Siangkoan Hu had left him just like that and rejected Ang Ie Sian Lie's love, so that Cie Cie Lian became heartbroken and hurt by other people of his kind. Furthermore, Ang Ie Sian Lie has done many acts of toying with men. The higher the intelligence of the man he met, the more excited Ang Ie Sian Lie was to toy with the man. Naturally, the longer Ang Ie Sian Lie was respected, he was also feared.

Under these circumstances, many men act cautiously against Ang Ie Sian Lie. Indeed, the older he gets, the more beautiful Ang Ie Sian Lie seems, the more mature and attractive he seems.

Now seeing the failure for the second time against Tat Mo Cauwsu, because the first time he tried to master Keuki Takashi, Ang Ie Sian Lie became curious.

The moment he let out a loud snapping sound, his hands began to launch very powerful attacks because Ang Ie Sian Lie had put all his strength into his hands.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also felt that the attack he received from Ang Ie Sian Lie this time was stronger than before, so Tat Mo Cauwsu acted cautiously.

For dozens of moves, Tat Mo Cauwsu always played around with every attack of his beautiful opponent.

Keuki Takashi has been keeping an eye on the battle between Tat Mo Cauwsu and Ang Ie Sian Lie, because he saw how perfect Tat Mo Cauwsu's knowledge is, there are no weaknesses.

By paying attention to that, it was precisely Keuki Takashi who intended to find out the weaknesses of Tat Mo Cauwsu and Ang Ie Sian Lie.

If he fought alone it was difficult to see and look for the opponent's weakness. But now, by watching from outside the arena, it should be easier for him to find his opponent's weakness. But Keuki Takashi encountered difficulties when looking for weaknesses in the Indian priest. Likewise, he only encountered a small part of Ang Ie Sian Lie's weaknesses. He saw that Cie Cie Lian had a ginkang that might be above himself but the woman's lwekang power was still below her own lwekang power.

This may be because the martial arts studied by Ang Ie Sian Lie is a skill for women, so they rely on agility and pay less attention to violence.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu was rather busy, also dodging himself repeatedly from the attacks by Ang Ie Sian Lie.

If the opponent of this Indian priest was a male opponent who had intelligence as high as Ang Ie Sian Lie, maybe Tat Mo Cauwsu would not be so troubled, because now what was in front of him was a very flirtatious and coquettish woman.

Several times actually Tat Mo Cauwsu saw vacancies from the guard of Cie Cie Lian's hands.

When Tat Mo Cauwsu launched his attack towards the dangerous blood path near the chest of this flirtatious beautiful woman, Cie Cie Lian deliberately didn't dodge, while puffing out his plump chest, Cie Cie Lian had cried out with a laugh: "Yes, rub it gently. , my dear...!"

It's just that Tat Mo Cauwsu was shocked to death, until he quickly pulled his hand away. And such an opportunity has been used as well as possible by Ang Ie Sian Lie, he has accompanied by launching a very strong attack. Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack failed halfway, and he pulled back his hand. The movement takes a few seconds. But a few seconds from the distance pulling his hand was accompanied by Cie Cie   Lian's attack , then it made Tat Mo Cauwsu so confused he had to quickly dodge himself to adjust the movement of his two legs.

Indeed, Tat Mo Cauwsu managed to dodge himself, but events like that always happened again, where indeed Ang Ie Sian Lie always used cunning ideas to deliberately provoke Tat Mo Cauwsu's attacks to fall on certain parts of his body, which made Tat Mo Cauwsu always dare not touch him. and repeatedly had to cancel his attacks by pulling his hand back.

Seeing the way the priest was dealing with him, Ang Ie Sian Lie immediately caught the weakness of this priest.

One time when Tat Mo Cauwsu jumped back to get away from Ang Ie Sian Lie, that's when it seemed that Ang Ie Sian Lie had laughed coquettishly as his hands held both the edges of his shirt on his chest. Suddenly he opened his shirt, so that two smooth and round white breasts could be seen, which made Tat Mo Cauwsu stunned and shocked.

This priest quickly closed his eyes while chanting the name of the Buddha.

But Ang Ie Sian Lie didn't just stay silent, instead he didn't waste the opportunity, with his feet, his body had jumped very high and hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's slick round skull.

The wind of his attack was very strong, because Ang Ie Sian Lie launched his attack with all his heart and exerted his full strength. Tat Mo Cauwsu himself did not dare to open his eyes, because if he opened his eyes, it would mean that he would see an unpleasant sight again, where he would see the two breasts of the flirtatious beautiful woman who had been opened dangling defiantly.


BUT because Tat Mo Cauwsu really has a very high intelligence, besides that he also has very sharp and trained hearing, so when he heard the sound of the attack wind that grabbed his head strongly, the priest had speeded up the sleeves of his robes while concentrating his lwekang power.

Ang Ie Sian Lie's hand was successfully involved, so that the offensive power of the woman who was flirtatious and determined to expose part of her body to seize the   victory, had completely failed.

But Ang Ie Sian Lie didn't stop there, he made a shouting sound while pulling his right hand along with his left hand launching an attack.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was forced to face this woman with his eyes closed.

One time because Ang Ie Sian Lie's attacks came from two directions, from above and below, the priest was a bit confused, because by closing his eyes he didn't know what movement Ang Ie Sian Lie was making. He opened his eyes, but Tat Mo Cauwsu forced to call the greatness of the name of the Buddha several times while cepat2 closed his eyes again, because just as soon as he opens his eyes, immediately he saw the chest Ang Ie Sian Lie very challenging   once,   which   separate   the distance is   not   far away with him, because the coquettish flirtatious woman launched an attack on the Indian priest's chest by taking a close range.

Ang Ie Sian Lie's attack had rushed to Tat Mo Cauwsu's body who was no longer in a hurry to fend him off, because the priest was actually shocked to see the open chest of the coquettish woman who was not far apart so it looked very clear and firm, making Tat Mo's heart Cauwsu was shaken violently. Meanwhile, at that time, Ang Ie Sian Lie's attack had landed on his stomach and chest. Tat Mo Cauwsu's stomach was kicked by the flirtatious woman's left leg and his chest was hit by Ang Ie Sian Lie's right hand. 

Tat Mo Cauwsu's body staggered a few steps, he let out a pained groan.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu did not dare to open his eyes again, he also realized that if he fought with his eyes closed like that and only relied on his ears to hear the attack wind, he could face no small danger, because his opponent was not a light opponent.

As soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu had made up his mind, he let out a cry and had dropped   his body sitting cross-legged on the ground. His hands were swiveled around.

In this way, Tat Mo Cauwsu had forced Ang Ie Sian Lie, who was about to launch another attack on him, to jump backwards away from him, because the swiftness of the Indian priest's sleeve brought a strong wind.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that Ang Ie Sian Lie had jumped behind several spears. Tat Mo Cauwsu still didn't dare to open his eyes, he still sat cross-legged with his eyes tightly closed. Tat Mo Cauwsu has decided to deal with Ang Ie Sian Lie's attacks using only self-defense, this way is easier, because he is cross-legged, meaning that Ang Ie Sian Lie's range of motion is also very limited.

At that time Ang Ie Sian lie had laughed giggling and said in a very flirtatious tone, "O good and pious priest, why do you close your eyes like that? Don't you know that if you fight using such means you are endangering yourself? Meanwhile my attacks will be even more powerful!”

Tat Mo Cauwsu did not serve Ang Ie Sian Lie's words, he just sat in meditation while taking out his lwekang and reading liamkeng very slowly.

Ang Ie Sian Lie laughed mockingly with a very coquettish tone, he also said again, "Well if you are forbidden to see something inappropriate, will you run away if I take off all my clothes in front of you?"

Hearing Ang Ie Sian Lie's threat, Tat Mo Cauwsu whined with worry and he was also afraid that these flirtatious and coquettish women really proved his threat. Wouldn't it be very dangerous if the shameless Ang Ie Sian Lie took off all his clothes and launched fierce attacks on him while Tat Mo Cauwsu couldn't even open his eyes?

Realizing his threatened situation, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said: “Omitohud!” several times he read Liamkeng far aloud again, then prepared himself for the attack from the flirtatious woman. But Ang Ie Sian Lie deliberately wanted to play with this priest, he had been quietly watching Tat Mo Cauwsu without launching an attack.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised because the attack did not arrive and there was no wind blowing from the hands of the beautiful and flirtatious woman. But to open his eyes Tat Mo Cauwsu did not dare, because he was afraid that if he opened his eyes he would not only see the defiant chest of the woman who was fully exposed, but would also see a coquettish woman who was naked in front of him because he took off all her clothes... such thoughts were what had made Tat Mo Cauwsu not dare to open his eyes.

Keuki Takashi who watched the battle unfold like that, was laughing out loud.

“Hey, bald priest!” said Keuki Takashi in a somewhat stiff Han language. "By fighting with your eyes closed, you can't possibly win against Ang Ie Sian Lie Cie Cie Lian! He has a very high intelligence, not under my intelligence! Just open your eyes, and you attack him with your great martial arts moves, even though your eyes will already see the scene that your religion has forbidden! Won't you be able to pray for forgiveness after the battle is over?"

Hearing Keuki Takashi's words, Tat Mo Cauwsu became very angry, because he knew very well that Keuki Takashi was mocking him. But in such a state Tat Mo Cauwsu was really helpless and did not have the courage to open his eyes, he just kept quiet and read on and on liamkeng incessantly. Ang ie Sian lie had giggled in a tone that was disgusting to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Bald priest, if you keep your eyes closed like that, I will take off all my clothes and hug you," threatened Ang Ie Sian Lie.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was very surprised.

"If you get close, I will launch a serious attack that can be deadly..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu in shock and nudged him!

"If it attacks, I dodge again..!" said Ang Ie Sian Lie who was so happy to be playing with the priest.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was getting overwhelmed too, he complained. In his heart he thought, did he just leave this place?

At that time Ang Ie Sian Lie had said again, "Well, you see, I'm starting to take off my top...!"

Tat Mo Cauwsu's heart became restless and in the end it was his decision, no matter how he had to run away from this place. He fled not because he was afraid of his opponent's cleverness but because he was fed up with the coquettishness and coquettishness of this lecherous opponent.

After remaining silent for a while, Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped up.

Ang ie Sian Lie guessed that the priest intended to launch an attack, he was prepared to deal with it.

But who knows Tat Mo Cauwsu has turned his body and opened his eyes, then without saying anything Tat Mo Cauwsu has spread his legs wide, running away as fast as possible using his ginkang.

Ang Ie Sian Lie when he saw Tat Mo Canwsu's behavior, laughed out loud because he found this event funny and pleasing to his heart.

Likewise, Keuki Takashi laughed out loud because he thought Ang Ie Sian Lie's actions were outrageous, but caused a lot of humor for him, moreover Tat Mo Cauwsu seemed to be a bit stupid facing this coquettish woman.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu had been running without caring for the two people laughing at his behavior, he was running fast, so that his body seemed to float as fast as the wind.

After running dozens of lies, and sure that he had managed to get away from Ang Ie Sian Lie, Tat Mo Cauwsu just stopped running, he sighed while repeatedly chanting the greatness of the Buddha.

After standing for a while to rest, Tat Mo Cauwsu continued on his way. During the journey, it was getting darker, because the night had covered the earth. After walking some more distance, then Tat Mo Cauwsu was poised on the trunk of a tree, he had slept soundly. The next morning when the sun began to shine, Tat Mo Cauwsu had woken up from his sleep. That night he slept under a tree sitting in meditation, so as soon as he opened his eyes, he immediately jumped to his feet.

Because last night he slept soundly once his body felt refreshed. He squirmed for a moment then continued on his way. For one day, Tat Mo Cauwsu traveled by stopping twice at the two villages he passed. During that time he did not encounter any significant events, but in the afternoon, again Tat Mo Cauwsu was involved in a business that made him have to deal with it seriously, because that afternoon he faced an unexpected business.

Actually, that afternoon, Tat Mo Cauwsu arrived in front of Liu khe cung village, a small village founded by the she Liu people. The entire population of the village was she Liu, because when the village was founded by several members of the she Liu family, they had decided that they would not accept anyone from another she (clan) to become a resident of this village. But after going through several generations, now in the village there are one or two different families.

Tat Mo Cauwsu intended to spend the night in this village by asking one of the residents to be willing to accept the night at his house, but when Tat Mo Cauwsu was walking into the village door, his eyes accidentally saw an old beggar whose hair grew a bit long in an irregular arrangement, sitting with body curled up and let out a slow moaning sound.

Actually, if Tat Mo Cauwsu at that time didn't want to know about the beggar's condition, he wouldn't have been involved in the affairs that ended up making Tat Mo Cauwsu have to deal with rather heavy business and required him to face some strange problems.

Compassion make Cauwsu Mo Tat old beggar approached, he saw besides there patched patched clothes here, the clothes also very dirty, shabby and had dirty   not   play.   Beggars   old   was   pale   pale   face, his bony, so the clothes are like bones wrapped envelops the skin.

It seemed that the beggar was suffering from quite a lot of pain, because he was moaning continuously with both hands holding his stomach.

"Omitohud.... is there anything Siauwceng can do to ease Siecu's suffering?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu in a friendly voice.

The old beggar, who was originally groaning with his eyes closed, had been surprised and raised his head to stare for a moment at Tat Mo Cauwsu but after seeing the one who rebuked him was a foreign hweshio he shook his head.

"Thank you... ouch... it's useless you can't possibly help me who is suffering" said the beggar

the old man in a desperate voice.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was sure that at least he could help this beggar, so he said: "Although Siauwceng doesn't know what suffering Siecu is suffering from, but Siauwceng thinks, if Siecu really explains, of course Siauwceng can help a little bit of that suffering."

"It's useless, you might be able to help me, if only ... if only .." the beggar could not continue his words he had been moaning again.

"If only. why, Siecu?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu so

interested. "Try to explain."

The old beggar didn't answer right away, because he was still moaning a few times.

Sweat seemed to fill his face, and his pale face seemed to endure something that was not light. "Honey, you are a priest.. try you are a healer, maybe you can help me.. and even then maybe..." said until here, the old beggar was again crying again with a sad voice, it looks like his stomach   is really suffering from pain. extraordinarily great.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised, he had asked: “Although Siauwceng is not a healer, but if Siecu really needs a healer, can't Siauwceng help call him. ?”

asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The beggar groaned again a few times, but for a moment his eyes lit up when he heard Tat Mo Cauwsu's words.

"That's right," he said later. “There might be a healer that taisu can look for… but… but it's a shame, too bad, there's no way a mediocre healer can heal my wound. ”

"Wounds? Is Siecu injured? If only to treat a few wounds, Siauwceng thinks he can still treat them. ”

The beggar has been wailing, for a moment he seems not to serve Tat Mo Cauwsu, because at that time he was wracked by a feeling of intense pain, his body sat hunched over with a pair of hands holding his stomach, he seemed to also feel excruciating pain in his stomach. that stomach.

Tat Mo Cauwsu who saw this felt pity and pity for the beggar.

"Which part of your body is Siecu injured?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The beggar still groaned several times until    he finally    said    :    "Not    hurt,    but    me.    I was poisoned,     with a     poison     that     worked     great   ....

ouch... didn't I say earlier that it wasn't just any healer who could treat my wound, because the poison used by my enemy was really very powerful the way it worked.   !” and said until there si

the beggar has moaned again in a very pitiful voice.

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the face of the old beggar which was pale and also covered in sweat, it seemed that this beggar was holding back a feeling of extreme pain.

"If Siecu was only attacked by poison, maybe Siauwceng has a suitable medicine as an antidote," said Tat Mo Cauwsu then as he reached into his robe pocket.

"The antidote?" asked the beggar, glancing and moaning again.

“Yes, Siauwceng has the “Cut Sie Tok Wan” pill, a pill to fight poison, no matter how great the poison, it can usually be eliminated by swallowing these three pills, which are made from dew essence and Soat lian, mixed with several different kinds of potions. has a high efficacy," and while saying that Tat Mo Cauwsu had taken out his green bottle of medicine from his robes, he had also opened the cap of the bottle, so that immediately around the place there was a fragrant smell that was fragrant from the medicine.

The beggar's eyes have shone with hope again, he has said: "Is.. can the medicinal pill also eliminate Kim Tok's snake venom (Golden Poison)?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu was shocked. Although he comes from mainland India, Tat Mo Cauwsu has been traveling in mainland China for quite a long time. Tat Mo Cauwsu secretly knew how powerful Kim Tok's snake venom was, because once it was hit, of course the victim would be destroyed in no more than a pair of incense.

But it's really great that this beggar can survive for so long, and only his stomach hurts, even though every victim of Kim Tok's poison, of course his whole body will be charred black. Seeing this, Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately realized that this beggar was certainly not a random beggar, at least he must have a very strong lwekang that has been used to fight and restrain the spread of Kim Tok's snake venom to his heart, once the poison managed to spread to his heart, surely The beggar's soul could no longer hold on, even though he later obtained medicinal pills from the gods.

"When did Siecu get poisoned?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu then in a voice that contained interest to know.

"Approximately seven hours ago...." answered the beggar in a voice that struggled and faltered.

"It's been so long..?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu dumbfounded. “Yeah, I tried to fight him… fight him with

My lwekang, but I think in an hour, my strength will be exhausted, and the poison will quickly spread to my heart ... so by that time there is no hope for me to live any further! Actually right now I am having a very heavy and important task, I am very sorry that I have to be injured like this, so that the task I am carrying will be neglected because of it..."

Saying that, the beggar had moaned again in a pitiful voice. He had stooped down with both hands holding his stomach tightly, it seemed that it was in his stomach that he was suffering from great pain. Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly took out his six medicinal pills, he handed it to the beggar.

“Try    siecu    swallow this 'Cut Sie Tok Wan'    pill . Actually, with just three points, you can offer                   

ordinary poisons, but because Kim Tok's poison is quite powerful and works hard, try siecu swallowing six pills. ”

The beggar had looked at him in doubt for a moment, but since he knew that soon he would not be able to withstand the attack of the poison and would perish, he had no hesitation in swallowing the medicine.

If indeed the hweshio who gave the medicine meant evil to him and gave him the poisoned pill, at least he would have died anyway, even sooner and his suffering ended even faster.

After swallowing the six pills, his moaning gradually diminished, until finally he was no longer moaning, because his stomach was not as painful as before, although the beggar still felt in his center (navel) a throbbing throb that was quite painful, like his intestines were about to burst. cut off by some force in his stomach.

"Thank you Taisu, your medicine is very effective," said the beggar with trembling lips trying to smile. "I'm sorry I can't be honest about expressing my gratitude, because my whole body is still very weak."

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't answer because at that time there were two middle-aged men who passed by on the road on their way to the village. Both men were just silent and glanced at the beggar and the monk,    they    have    to continue    step    foot   they, like what happens it does not interest them.

Tat Mo Cauwsu patiently said: “Actually the six pills are not necessarily able to eliminate Kim Tok's poison, because unlike usual, Siecu doesn't seem healthy, so at least the pills can prolong Siecu's life. Siecu said earlier that he had important business, go Siecu and finish it, and take this twelve pills "Cut Sie Tok Wan", if later on the way you feel the poison start to work again, then at that time you can swallow six pills too."

The beggar had welcomed the twelve pills, stuffed them into his dirty shirt pocket, while expressing his gratitude.

"I am the poor beggar Ciam Kiam Sin Kay (sword magic beggar) Wie Siu Bun will not forget Taisu's kindness. May I know the fragrant big name of Taisu?”

Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately spoke lowly words, then he just said: "Actually the name is Siauwceng Gunal Sing, but in mainland China Siauwceng is always called Tat Mo Cauwsu..!"

"Tat Mo Cauwsu?" cried the beggar with a surprised voice and a slightly strange face.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also surprised.

"Why? Is there something strange?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu when he saw the person's attitude.

"It's been a long time since I, the poor beggar Wie Siu Bun, have heard of the great teacher's name...!" said the she Wie beggar   .   He   called the   Tat   Mo   Cauwsu   as   a great teacher because of what it can mean Cauwsu also a great teacher, which means almost simultaneously with Taisu words.

"Actually, big names have no meaning at all, the most important thing is our behavior ..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu modestly. "And while traveling in the Chinese area, during that time there is nothing I can do..."

Wie Siu Bun was laughing with his lips spread wide, he quickly said: “Taisu is too self-deprecating….

In fact, the name Taisu has spread widely in the mainland of China. Maybe for the Bulim people in mainland China to begin to know who Taisu is and have heard of how incredibly intelligent he is! By meeting Taisu here, it means that I am the poor beggar who is still protected by Thian, because I really met a helping star..."

Hearing the beggar's words, after chanting the great name of the Buddha several times, Tat Mo Cauwsu then uttered humble words.

"Taisu, like I was the poor beggar she Wie had said that I had very important and heavy business, so I was so presumptuous to ask Taisu for help, can Taisu help me?" asked the beggar.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently and kindly, he said: “Siancai! Siancai! Problems and assistance that Siauwceng can do, of course, Siauwceng will do! Say Siecu, don't be shy like that. ”

The beggar hesitated for a moment, but then he said in a somewhat cautious manner: “This matter is very important Taisu, it concerns the safety of several hundred human souls. Now it was Tat Mo Cauwsu's turn to be surprised, because he was surprised to hear that this matter involved the safety of human souls, especially in such a large number.

“What important business is Siecu doing that could involve the safety of so many human souls?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu then.

The beggar Wie Siu Bun hesitated, until he finally said: "Yes, if you want to tell a long story, maybe Kim Tok's poison that is incubating in this body can't be contained for too long and will work again so that it will cause death for me. So let me tell you briefly so that Taisu knows it..!”

“Yes, if siecu doesn't mind, tell me! If it's a matter of right and justice, Siauwceng would be willing to help…” said Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly.

Wie Siu Bun sighed again, then he just said: "Actually I am carrying a letter from Pangcu in the center, to be delivered to Kiong Siang Han, the regional leader in power around Souwciu. The contents of the Central Pangcu's letter were very brief, only ordering the Pangcu in the She Kiong area to arrest a criminal who had snuck into the ranks of Kaypang who was under his control, and that person..." said until there Wie Siu Bun hesitated, did not continue his words, he had stared at Tat Mo Cauwsu for a while, only then said: “That person is she Auwyang and his name is Siang Ban.”