Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 10

Volume X

On the way to the west door of the city, Tat Mo Cauwsu had remembered Sin Han.

“That child is good material ! I hope things will be over quickly, and managed to knock down Koko Timo, so that I can guide the boy. !!" thought Tat Mo

Cauwsu in his heart. And he was smiling.

It seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu was really impressed with Sin Han. He saw that Sin Han had a good personality, good bones, besides his outstanding talent. That's why Tat Mo Cauwsu is really serious, if he can solve his business with Koko Timo, then he will look for Sin Han, to teach him various high-class martial arts....

Thinking that way, Tat Mo Cauwsu suddenly felt that someone was stalking him behind him. Even though Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't look back, he knew from his heart that someone was secretly following him.

"Who is he...?" thought Tat Mo Cauwsu in his heart. "Hearing   from the   sound   of   his feet   ,   this person   has a very high ginkang... what does this mean that this person is following me secretly?"

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu saw that there was a bend in front of him. He had turned the corner, then he peered in the direction from which he had come. It turned out that a young man in his thirties, in elegant clothes, was in a hurry to run because he was afraid of losing track of Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But when the young man turned the corner, suddenly there was a big and strong hand gripping the shirt on his shoulder, accompanied by very patient words: “Why did Siecu follow Siauwceng? What does siecu mean?"

When his clothes were grabbed and he heard the question, the young man was so shocked that he let out a surprised cry and struggled to release the grip that was made by Tat Mo   Cauwsu.

But even if he struggled to channel his strength into his arms, he still couldn't free himself from his grip.

The young man was even more shocked when he recognized him   that the one holding him was none other than Tat Mo Cauwsu who was being followed by him, so suddenly cold sweat ran down his face and body.

“Let go! This afternoon you want to insult   people, huh?" snapped the young man after successfully suppressing the shock of his heart.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had indeed released his grip on his hand, he said patiently: “Why is siecu stalking secretly...? Who is Siecu?" Hearing the words of Tat Mo Cauwsu who was patient and did not show the slightest anger, the young man became calmer, he had deliberately shouted: "Who is willing to follow you? Hemm, you are playing accuse people this day! Do you think I am have enough time to follow you?”

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently, he also said: "Siancai! Siancai! I'm sorry! It's also possible that Siauwceng mistakenly thought....please Siecu continue Siecu's journey, forgive me for the rude actions that Siauwceng did earlier."

Hearing the words of the priest, the young man actually wanted to curse again. But because this young man also realized that this Indian priest had very high intelligence, he didn't want to fuss anymore, he immediately turned around and walked away with wide footsteps.

Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath, he mumbled: “Hmm, apparently that person was ordered by someone else. But who is he? Is it Koko Timo?"

Muttering that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had taken another step down the alleyway, and he had arrived at the west door of the city.

Around the place it was very quiet, only a few guards at the city gate were also sitting drowsily.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had walked out of the city, down a grassy lane.

On his way, he only occasionally met people who wanted to go to the city. Mo Tat Cauwsu but   less   so   pay attention,   because   this priest was thinking hard to find a trace of Koko Timo, the champion of Persian.

But when he passed another person, who was walking with his head down, Tat Mo Cauwsu was hit on the shoulder, until his body seemed to shake, because the impact that occurred was a very strong impact, as well as accompanied by lwekang power.

As a priest who already has a strong spirituality, Tat Mo Cauwsu's body only swayed slightly, while his two legs remained standing in place without changing the position of the horses' legs.

The person who nudged Tat Mo Cauwsu was a man in his sixties, maintaining a thick and long mustache, still black in color, even though he was already in his sixties.

Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately turned around, his hand grabbed the person's back accompanied by the words: "Wait a minute, friend!"

The person was also surprised when from the direction of his back a strong attack wind struck so that his back became sore and cold.

Knowing the grip of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand was very strong, the man did not dare to doubt it, he had rolled forward, somersaulted that was a twist several times, escaping his opponent's attack.

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu was also shocked. But his grip managed to grip the person's body, but the person's body was as slippery as an eel. It shows that the person has a kind of weduk knowledge, the knowledge of being immune to sharp weapons attacks. With very sharp eyes, Tat Mo   Cauwsu had been watching the person. While the sixty-year-old man had swung his steps to run away from the place. Tat Mo Cauwsu moved very quickly, with a voice exclaiming, “Wait a minute friend, let's have a good talk first. !"

Tat Mo Cauwsu was very patient, but while shouting that his hands were working, he used his right hand to grip the pipe bone on his opponent's shoulder, while his left hand had slid to strike the path of Lu Hie Hiat's opponent's blood. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

His attack was very fast, if his opponent was hit by the grip of Tat Mo Cauwsu's right hand, he would be crippled for the rest of his life....or if Tat Mo Cauwsu's finger was to hit the right path of Lu hie hiat's blood, half of his body would die. and paralyzed

..and the person seemed to be aware of the danger that was threatening him, so without thinking anymore he rolled back to stay away from Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But before he could stand up, Tat Mo Cauwsu was already in front of him and stood up straight while watching him with very sharp eyes.

The sixty year old man had stood up with an attitude.

"Why. why did you attack me? Is it daytime?

on a day like this you want to rob? Aren't you afraid of being punished if I report this to Tiekwan?"

Being reprimanded like that, Tat Mo Cauwsu laughed bitterly, then he said, “Well, if you want to report to Tiekwan, go   ahead   !   But   now   ,   before   you explain what you mean by hitting Siauwceng's shoulder with your inner strength, and also wanting to knock down Siauwceng with your pure strength, don't expect you to be able to escape from my hands."

That person's face turned pale, even though he had heard before that Tat Mo Cauwsu had very high intelligence. He also realized that this priest from India was not an easy opponent, but now he was in the priest's hands.

If earlier that person deliberately nudged his shoulder against Tat Mo Cauwsu's shoulder, it was because he intended to test the strength of the priest from India, whose name had been very well known.

As soon as he hit, even earlier he had felt pain in his shoulder, because his shoulder was like hitting a very hard iron bar.

And now, he too seemed unable to escape his opponent.

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw that the man was silent and hesitant, so this priest had asked patiently: "Hmmm, don't you want to speak honestly, so you want me to use violence?"

Being rebuked like that, the person who was in his sixties, became frightened too.

He had seen it, Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence was above his own, if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu launched a serious attack he would surely perish.

"I. I accidentally touched your shoulder

said the person trying to divert the problem. "And I'm sorry, really I accidentally bumped your shoulder. !" Hearing the person's words, and seeing his sly face, Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he said again: "Siancai! Siancai! It seems that you really are difficult to talk to well! If siecu (you) is not willing to talk well, then Siauwceng will use force."

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his left hand, he used two parts of his inner strength, but in the end made the sixty year old man stumble backwards onto the ground. That proves that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence is truly extraordinary.

Even the man in his sixties not only fell to his knees, because he had screamed in pain, then he crawled to his feet, but his body was still wobbling, and his face was also very pale.

Tat Mo Cauwsu said again in a cold voice: "Give Siauwceng the truth, after that Siauwceng will let Siecu leave..."

The old man's heart was shaken, he was in doubt.

"What is siecu's name?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu, when he saw that the person was silent.

"I'm Bong and my name is Lap Hin," replied the person.

"Who ordered you to seek business with Siauwceng?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu again.

"I... I accidentally bumped Taisu's shoulder... I really didn't mean to...!" answered the She Bong     man     in a     voice     trying     to make sure     that his nudge was just an accidental nudge.

"Hemm     !" snorted the priest from India, his attitude

Keep patient. "Good! If indeed Siecu persisted in not wanting to admit the truth, Siauw Ceng could not force him either.     therefore, go!!”   then

Tat Mo Cauwsu slowly sped up the sleeves of his robes, right at that moment the She Bong's body had bounced hard.

Bong Lap Hin's body rolled on the ground, he felt his chest constrict and several bones in his body seemed to be broken.

But he was so stubborn, he tried to crawl to his feet, because he knew that Tat Mo Cauwsu couldn't possibly go back on his words, which was to free him. Bong Lap Hin immediately intended to run away.

Just as that person was about to leave, Tat Mo Cauwsu had said

: "Remember well by you, the path of your Tu liang hiat and Tat cie hiat blood has been destroyed by me! If in three days you do not get the right medicine, then your soul is threatened with death, or you will be crippled for life.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has been patient, as with matters involving the soul, it is seen as light.

Bong Lap Hin's face changed instantly, turning pale.

"What... what did Taisu say?" he asked in a surprised voice and trembling.

"Try to take a deep breath, channel your lwekang into the blood path of Tan Tian Hiat, later you will find out what has happened to your body. !" Bong Lap Hin followed the instructions given by Tat Mo Cauwsu, he took a deep breath of air, then channeled it into the blood path of Tan Tian Hiat, instantly he felt how the blood path of Tu Liang Hiat and his Tat-ciehiat was itching mixed with a little pain!

Bong Lap Hin's face turned as pale as chalk, knowing that he had bent his legs to his knees in front of Tat Mo Cauwsu while crying.

"Taisu... please forgive my soul... indeed I meant badly to Taisu, but it was all ordered by someone, I only received wages...!" splice Bong Lap Hin.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently, he had said: “Good! Very nice! You seem to still love your soul, siecu! I will give you medicine that can heal the wounds in your body, but you must first explain what actually caused you to accept someone's request to seek business with Siauw Ceng??"

Bong Lap Hin seemed to hesitate, but then he also said: “Actually… actually the person who ordered me to harm Taisu was…… was Tan. Ahhh!"

Just now Bong Lap Hin said until the words 'is Tan....', he already let out a very loud scream, because his back had   stabbed a knife that pierced his heart, his body suddenly twitched for a moment, then fell silent. Bong Lap Hin was out of breath with his eyes wide open.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also taken aback, he quickly bent down to check on Bong Lap Hin's condition. He saw that She Bong had lost his breath, so he took a deep breath. The secret weapon is in the form of a short sword, which is poisoned, because from the wound, thick black blood flows out.... Maybe the poison used is a poison that can work fast, besides that it hits the right target, namely the direction of the heart, then it has made Bong Lap Hin instantly exhale without being able to be helped anymore.

Sighing, Tat Mo Cauwsu had stood up, he looked around, but there was no one around the place. Earlier, Tat Mo Cauwsu had seen him grab the sword from behind a very large tree. But Tat Mo Cauwsu did not rush to save the she Bong man from his death.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also saw a shadow jump from behind the tree trunk, but Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want to chase him, because he wanted to first help the victim of the dark attack, namely Bong Lap Hin.

After sighing once more, Tat Mo Cauwsu then dug the ground, he buried Bong Lap Hin's body.

“Bong Siecu, it's a pity that you became a victim of someone's violence... rest easy in your   new world. !"

Then Tat Mo Cauwsu had recited some of his incantations.

With slow steps Tat Mo Cauwsu has resumed his journey.

He learned from Bong Lap Hin that the person who was against him was She Tan. Who is the She Tan person? What does it mean to hate him? Various questions arose in Tat Mo Cauwsu's mind. By that time it was getting close to evening, and the air was getting colder and the sky was getting darker, where on the western horizon the rest of the sunlight seemed to be turning red very beautifully.

"Ah, humans in this world always have to be involved in an upheaval for the continuation of their lives! Just as I had purified myself, I finally had to involve myself in the events happening on the mainland of China! But even though a noble task like this has to face the most terrible events, it must be faced with steadfastness..! Siancai! Siancai!" After saying that Tat Mo Cauwsu praised the greatness of the Buddha, he also sighed a few times.

Gunal Sing or who is known by the experts on the mainland of China by the name of Tat Mo Cauwsu has continued his journey. His determination to find Koko Timo is getting bigger and bigger, he is trying to arrest Koko Timo, and destroy him, if indeed the demon does   not want to wake up from his misguided actions.

After traveling a few more lies, then Tat Mo Cauwsu arrived at the village of Liu-in-cung, as a not-so-big village.

Tat Mo Cauwsu looked for an inn in the village, and he found out that there was only one inn in the village, and besides, it was not clean and very dirty.

There were very few visitors to this inn, at   that time only one person stayed at the inn, there were still seven empty rooms.

Tat Mo Cauwsu got the farthest room, which was at the back of the inn. Being a bit tired from traveling for half a day, Tat Mo Cauwsu had put his pauwhok (bundle) on the table, then he asked the waiter to prepare water for washing his face.

After giving birth, Tat Mo Cauwsu came out of his room, he went to the room to eat and ordered several kinds of vegetables without meat.

Immediately the order of Tat Mo Cauwsu was prepared and the priest asked for extra rice. At that time when the waiter was preparing a bowl of rice too, Tat Mo Cauwsu's sharp and observant eyes had seen someone stepping into the inn which doubled as a restaurant as well. But when that person had just stepped in the doorway, he had seen Tat Mo Cauwsu. It seemed that the person was surprised and his face also turned pale, he quickly turned his body to leave without entering the restaurant. He was a young man who was probably only twenty-five years old.

Although Tat Mo Cauwsu knew that the young man had bad intentions towards him, but this priest did not pursue him, he continued his meal.

After paying the price for the food, Tat Mo Cauwsu returned to his room.

"Hmm, that young man's attitude was very suspicious...

I thought something would happen tonight...!” thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The priest from India has gone up to his bed, he is sitting in meditation. This priest then read Liam Keng, the sacred verses of the Buddha's teachings. Approaching the second gong in the middle of the night, Tat Mo Cauwsu was still sitting in meditation, as if he was waiting for something. Because his lwekang was already high and had reached a perfect stage, this priest could not sleep, and only meditating for a few hours was able to restore his health.

Suddenly, Tat Mo Cauwsu's very sharp hearing had heard the sound of something on the roof, a very light sound, like the fall of a dry leaf on the roof.

Of course, the voice indicated there was a night 'guest' visiting.

"The ginkang is quite good, although he still makes that very low sound in his footsteps but it has proven that this guest is not an easy opponent."

While thinking so, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained seated in meditation unmoving from his seat. He was silent, only ears plugged properly.

Not long after, heard the sound of feet slowly on the roof again.

"Shh....!" came a low voice, apparently the first person to have signaled to his newcomer not to make any noise.

Three more times, the sound of footsteps landed on the roof tiles.

"There are five of them..." thought Tat Mo Cauwsu after not hearing another footstep for a long time. "What do they mean and who are they?"

Even though his heart was wondering, but Tat Mo Cauwsu continued to pray. At that time it was heard that one of the five uninvited 'guests' had said in a very low voice, barely audible: “He is meditating…. Toako, should we just lunge in? Or should we lure him out of his room?"

"Let's see first, how it will be done! Actually, seeing the situation like this, the intelligence of this Indian priest is not so good and not as high as what the martial jungle people are talking about….. the proof is that the five of us came to be unknown to him. "

"Who are the gentlemen who came to visit this dark night to visit me?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu suddenly in a cold and patient voice. "Please just enter through the door, Siauwceng will receive and welcome you with a happy heart."

The five people who were above the precarious were shocked, they were momentarily stunned.

At first they thought that Tat Mo Cauwsu did not know of their arrival, but instead they just found out that Tat Mo Cauwsu had known of their presence.

After successfully calming the shaking of his heart, the person called Toako, had said in a mocking voice: "Rotten priest, come out to receive your punishment!"

The voice was very loud, it sounded very loud, but Tat Mo Cauwsu faced it very calmly, he replied in a patient voice: "The five of you came to visit to meet Siauwceng, why should Siauwceng come out to meet you?"

Again the five people who were above the precarious were shocked,    besides    that    they were    also very    amazed    at    the sharpness of the priest's hearing. Because without looking, Tat Mo Cauwsu had managed to name the number of uninvited “guests”.

“Tat Mo Cauwsu, we Ngo Liong Tang Hay have come to hold a reckoning. !” exclaimed the Toako in a

who rose to show his anger. "Come out, let's talk outside."

And finished saying, it sounded like the five uninvited 'guests' had jumped down one after another.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also got off his bed, with a very calm demeanor, he stepped to the door, patiently opened it. This priest did not show any feelings of apprehension or fear at all.

As soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu opened the door to his room and stepped into the back of the inn, he saw that in the courtyard of the inn had stood five people whose bodies were uneven, some were short, some were tall and some were of the same size as his body.

Those five people who declared their titles as Ngo Liong Tang Hay, or Five Dragons of the Tang Hay sea, had looked at Tat Mo Cauwsu with a ghastly and cruel face. Almost in unison they said: "Let's take into account the heartache of our Liokte (sixth brother) who has perished in your hands..!"

After saying that the five people, namely Ngo Liong Tang Hay, had jumped up agilely, locking Tat Mo Cauwsu in the middle.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't flinch in the slightest, he had looked at the faces of the five Tang Hay sea dragons one by one. He asked, then patiently: "What do you mean   that   the truth?   Liok-te   of you   who   named  Wu Sung Cie did die a natural death, he was very evil and did a lot of work that is not commendable! As a criminal, what is the need to regret his death? Hadn't he also tried to use his intelligence before perishing at the hands of Siauwceng? Didn't Siauwceng kill him by using cunning wits or stealth attacks? So Siauwceng thinks, there is no need for you to investigate and deal with the matter anyway, because it is meaningless! Now you want to prolong your affairs, Siauwceng is not afraid of you, there is no way you can win Siauwceng and also there is no way you can destroy Siauwceng yourself, because your intelligence is not perfect enough! It's better for you to live in seclusion to practice your martial arts skills, to be more perfect, and to live well as you deserve. !"

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's words, it seemed that the five uninvited guests were furious, they exclaimed in almost the same voice.

"You don't need to advise me!" said the Toako in a loud voice, overlapping the voices of his other friends, and he had also been watching Tat Mo Cauwsu with very sharp eyes.

At that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had said again, "Siancai! Siancai! Siauwceng just wants to awaken you, to give you guidance on the compassion and love of the Buddha, then if you really don't care, why should Siauwceng be so insistent on forcing you to live decently? Isn't that the same? inappropriate, every human being has the right and can determine his own life."

Toako's face, the man with the beard, turned bright red, he was a man in his fifties, his age was younger and his facial   features   looked   scary.   Viewed   from  the state of his body, perhaps he is an expert on Gwa-khe (external energy). With an angry attitude containing anger, it seemed that Toako had said: "Now the most important thing is that we don't need to talk much, we have to do some calculations first...!" Then the Toako spread his right sleeve to signal his friends. And gestures that was followed by his comrades who jumped to lock Tat Mo Cauwsu closer. They had also drawn their respective weapons, namely a sword. Armed with swords they were indeed not light opponents. The Toako who had drawn his sword, with a loud shout, he launched an opening stab at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

But this priest from India stood quietly in his place, making no attempt to dodge his opponent's attack.

"Be careful siecu, Siauwceng Gunal Sing actually doesn't want to have enemies, because Siauwceng wants friendship and brotherhood..." the priest's voice was patient. And at that time the Toako's attack had reached very close to the priest's chest.

In this state, with movements that are difficult for eyes to follow, it seems that Tat Mo Cauwsu shifts his left foot, he has changed his body position while raising his right hand, he has managed to dodge the attack of his opponent's blade, which grabbed by the side of his armpit.

And at that moment Tat Mo Cauwsu quickly lowered his hand, clamping the sword using his armpit.

The Toako was so shocked, his face also turned bright red. He had said in an angry voice: "Quickly let go of my sword. You are being a little manly, don't just talk and pinch this!"

That was a mockery for Tat Mo Cauwsu, but this priest from India was actually very patient and calm, he just said: "You scream yourself...!"

And before the words were finished, suddenly the four Toako's comrades rushed forward to attack Tat mo Cauwsu with various movements, some of them stabbed and others slashed. Their movements are deadly, because they target the most dangerous parts of the Indian priest's body.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had let out a slow and patient laugh, he said, "You guys are really pushing too hard Siauw ceng!"

And while saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had jumped up, squirming over the heads of his opponents. Toako's sword came loose.

"Keep attacking, we have to destroy him, don't let him escape. !" said the Toako in a voice that

very hard.

The five of them, Ngo Tang Hay are martial figures who have championed for decades around the Tang Hay sea. They are more like living as pirates. They used to be known as Liok Liong Tang Hay, but a few years ago their sixth adopted brother, Wu Sung Cie, had perished at the hands of Tat Mo Cauwsu, so they took the title Ngo Liong Tang Hay.

The Toako's name is Lim Cung Liang. Jite (second brother) of Ngo   Liong   Tang   Hay   was   named   Tang   Pao   Liang,   Samte (third younger brother) was named Yu Hui An. The Siete (fourth brother) of Ngo Liong Tang Hay's group is named Ho Sui In, and Ngote (fifth younger brother) of Ngo Liong Tang Hay is named Bun Tai Lui, of course the five of them do have quite high intelligence because for decades they have lived across the ocean Tang Hay, never met a match.

But just once, when the sixth brother of Ngo Liong Tang Hay, whose name was Wu Sung Cie, was committing a crime, he was caught by Tat Mo Cauwsu who had given him a pretty harsh reward. But Wu Sung Cie was too stubborn, he didn't give up and had fought the Indian priest with no thought for his own safety. Therefore, it is not surprising that in a short time of only four moves, Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand mistake had hit him right on the head, so that his head was smashed and crushed.

At that time Tang Pao Liang together with his four adopted brothers had jumped and moved their respective swords to do stabs from various directions towards the body of the priest from India.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was also heartbroken, because he saw that the intelligence of these five opponents was far superior to Wu Sung Cie's, especially now that Ngo Liong Tang Hay was five, so each of his attacks was far more powerful than Wu Sung Cie's intelligence.

What made Tat Mo Cauwsu act even more cautiously, was because he saw the cohesiveness of the five Ngo Liong Tang Hay people, who could work well together. If one is being pushed by Tat Mo Cauwsu, then the other four people attack simultaneously. Of course, this situation made Tat Mo Cauwsu have to bring out his intelligence as well. If at first he underestimated the five Ngo Liong Tang Hay, considering that Wu Sung Cie could be knocked down easily, now it seems that Tat Mo Cauwsu has issued the Cap-sah knowledge of Lo Han Kun (Eighteen Arhad). His body moved with steady footwork, every sleeve of his robes was sped up and brought with it a gust of howling wind.

Tat Mo Cauwsu's opponents were very surprised to see that Tat Mo Cauwsu had not only been able to evade their simultaneous attacks, he had also managed to counterattack with incredible force.

But Lim Cung Liang, the Toako, had let out   a loud shout, and changed his fighting style. If earlier he had launched an attack with his stabbing sword, then now he was attacking with a sword that was spun around like a shimmering rainbow.

While Tang Pao Liang, the Jiete, had moved his sword very fast, he concentrated all the power of the lwekang power into his palm, then channeled it into his sword!

The attacks of the two Ngo Liong Tang Hay did affect Tat Mo Cauwsu's movements, because the priest had to repeatedly dodge left and right, avoiding the circle of the pair of swords.

The attacks of Yu Hui An, the Samte, and Ho Sui In, the Siete, had launched attacks as well in such a circular manner. Only the fifth younger brother of Ngo Liong Tang Hay, namely Bun Tai Lui, did not twist his sword, he just stabbed. But although only stabbing, precisely the principal power in the group Ngo Hay with science Liong Tang   sword   me-lingkar2   it   is   in the hands of   the   brother   of the fifth, because Bun Tai Lui holds the most important role. The four brothers only obscured the attention and eyes of the opponent, while it was Bun Tai Lui who launched stabs in vacant places.

Tat Mo Cauwsu exclaimed: "Sianca i! Siancai!" he was very impressed with the intelligence of these five people, who were certainly not easy to train in such a short time, for their cohesiveness was evident. "It's a pity that such high intelligence is used by evil humans like them.      If it could be possessed by a virtuous and

have a responsibility, of course this intelligence means a lot.....

for justice in eradicating falsehood. !"

Thinking so, and also that his five opponents had surrounded him tightly, Tat Mo Cauwsu couldn't think too long either. Quickly, from Lo Han Kun's Cap-Peh movement, he changed his hands that were shaking like this priest was prostrating before the Buddha. It was just that his two hands, which were clasped together, had trembled violently.

Seeing Tat Mo Cauwsu's somewhat extraordinary method, the five opponents were stunned for a moment, and they watched what Tat Mo Cauwsu was going to do, because they were still guessing what knowledge Tak Mo Cauwsu wanted to use.

But Tat Mo didn't care about the attitude of the five opponents, he had made a very loud shout, knowing that his pair of hands had been stretched and rounded.

As soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand was lifted, from the palm of his hand slamming violent winds at once to his five opponents, the power of Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack was like the collapse of a mountain. Of course, the five people of Ngo Liong Tang Hay were shocked. They mustered up their lwekang strength to parry with their respective swords, but the striking force of the attack was too powerful. Without them being able to control it anymore, their bodies had been thrown hard and rolled on the ground!

When the five Ngo Liong Tang Hay tried to crawl to their feet, they had each vomited fresh blood, some twice, some three times spit out a horrible red liquid.

"Omitohud!" praised Tat Mo Cauwsu in a low voice, as if containing regret. "Siauwceng had to use a hard hand on you, because it seems that you are difficult to awaken with the words of the Buddha alone. "

The faces of the five masters of Ngo Liong Tang Hay were bright red, it seemed that they were very angry.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has said again: "Go ... this time Siauwceng only used five parts of Yang-kang's miraculous fire power (which later after the construction of the Siauw Lim Sie temple by Tat Mo Cauwsu, Yang-kang's move was named Kiu Yang Cin Khe) .... but if in the future you meet Siauwceng and are still not aware of the crimes that have been committed by you, hmmm, hemm, Siancai! At that time Siauwceng can no longer be light-handed, of course you will be taken care of, to save the public from the calamity of your evil hand."

And after saying that Tat Mo Cauwsu had turned his body, with calm footsteps it seemed the priest from India had jumped over the wall and returned to his room, lay down and slept soundly. Ngo Liong Tang Hay saw the reality of knowledge possessed by Tat Mo Cauwsu, only now to admit that the priest from India was very ignorant and it was very difficult to match the intelligence of the Indian priest. Whereas Tat Mo Cauwsu only used five parts of his Yang-kang power, if the priest was cruel-hearted, and launched an attack with eight parts of his Yang-kang power, it would undoubtedly cause Ngo Liong Tang Hay's body to be crushed to pieces.

With a sluggish body, Ngo Liong Tang Hay had left the grounds of the inn, because they realized that, even if they trained as hard as they could, they could not expect victory to defeat the Indian priest. The intelligence possessed by Tat Mo Cauwsu is indeed a miraculous skill that is rarely possessed by other masters in mainland China.

The next morning Tat Mo Cauwsu woke up feeling refreshed. The priest had prayed Liamkeng for a while, then just came out of his room to order the waiter to prepare his breakfast with only vegetables and no meat.

Finished eating, Tat Mo Cauwsu came out of the inn, he looked around the place, quite a lot of people passing by. Indeed, Tat Mo Cauwsu intended to spend two or three nights at this inn, to see the situation around the place. In fact, Tat Mo Cauwsu came to China to spread Buddhism.

And thus, while traveling on the mainland of China, this priest from India has also seen which areas are good for building temples, to serve as centers for the spread of Buddhism.

So far, Tat Mo Cauwsu still hasn't found a place that fits his expectations.

After looking around the place for a while, Tat Mo Cauwsu had walked slowly, he walked while enjoying the beauty of the village.

Even though at that time he was in a not so big village, Tat Mo Cauwsu saw the true beauty of nature, the life and the villagers who seemed to be in harmony and friendly, he admitted that life in the village and in the city was very different. Humans who live in big cities generally have a livelihood that is rather close to living in a small village. Wherever people who happen to live in cities, especially in big cities, they become people who are too ignorant of their surroundings and are also always chased by the need to satisfy their mere outward appearance where money and wealth play a role, in whatever way they pursue wealth, and they justify what is forbidden.

But for the people in the villages, especially in the villages that are small and have very few inhabitants, the lives and livelihoods of the people in the villages are more peaceful, calmer and more harmonious, because they are generally more able to understand the feelings between each other. The pursuit of wealth is almost non-existent, because generally they are satisfied with what they have obtained, which has been examined by Thian, and therefore they are not enslaved by various ways to pursue wealth and wealth.

Mo Tat Cauwsu sigh of time to think up there,    how    does    the pastor    have    for    traveling on land Tionggoan, he had seen such a vast difference.

When Tat Mo Cauwsu was walking down a small alley, where there was rarely only one house and the distance was quite far, this priest's eyes had noticed something rather strange. He saw on a mountain rock that was beside a tree, there were scratches that looked like a skull head painting.

After being near Tat Mo Cauwsu watching carefully, his heart was surprised too, because the skull head painting in stone was a very deep and large carving.

Tat Mo Cauwsu stretched out his index finger, exactly where the carving was from his index finger, when Tat Mo Cauwsu moved his index finger along the path of the carving on the stone, he immediately knew that the carving must have been made by finger carving.

What surprised Tat Mo Cauwsu was not the carving of the skull head in the rock, because he too could have done just that. But what really surprised him was that in such a small village could there be a martial artist who possessed such perfect lwekang skills? And who is that extraordinary master? After all, why did he leave the skull head carving on the rock? What is he going to do?

"Omitohud ....!" praised Tat Mo Cauwsu to the greatness of the Buddha. He had folded his hands in front of his chest, to calm his heart, because seeing the painting in the shape of a human skull head, then of course the person who carved the stone was quite a cruel heart. When Tat Mo Cauwsu was praising the greatness of San Buddha, that's when the sound of a flute being blown was heard very slowly, playing extraordinarily soft, his voice was smooth and the lyrics of the sound of the flute were taken from the very famous poem of the poet Ban Tiong Gie entitled "Sin Sin Po Ling". Thus, the flute player must be a very well-educated person, it is rare for people to be able to recite Sin Sin Po Ling's rhyme because the rhyme contains a lot of difficult words from stock,'One Thousand Chinese Words', so if there is someone who is able to carry the poem from beginning to end without any misspellings, that person is certainly a very learned person.

At that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had looked in the direction where the sound of the flute came.

Separated by about a dozen spears, a man appears to be slowly approaching a rather fat man, wearing a long yellow shirt, with his red student skullcap, which is very bright and has a very noble attitude. He may only be forty years old, but because he does not have a mustache and beard, his face is much younger than his age. At that time he came over while continuing to blow his flute he approached Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Just as they were about two spears apart, the student had finished blowing his flute in the last words of Sin Po Ling's poem.

"How about Taisu, it's quite melodious that my flute is blowing

?" asked the young man, he seemed very happy, his face was bright and when he finished asking, he had smiled, so that the rows of his brilliant white teeth were clearly visible. Tat Mo Cauwsu had said: "Siancai! Siancai! So sweet! Hengtai seems someone who is Bun bu Coancai (learned has the knowledge of letters and martial arts)."

Hearing the priest's words, the student's face has changed, the cheerful attitude has faded, and his face shows surprise.

"How did Taisu know I have martial arts skills and letters?" he asked then, looking at him with probing eyes.

"Ha, apparently Hengtai doesn't want to show that you also understand a fairly high level of martial arts besides your perfect lettering skills..." said Tat Mo Cauwsu with a laugh.

"Even though Hengtai disguises himself in any way, but with that kind of eye, of course people can recognize that Hengtai is actually not a real student, because Hengtai must have quite high intelligence, because your sharp eyes show that you have a very good lwekang. high....! It's those eyes that can't be hidden...!"

The student had moved the flute in his hand while laughing widely.

"It turns out that Taisu's eyes are very sharp, so when you just met, you can already know that I understand martial arts in addition to mastering letters! Very nice! Very nice! Apparently Taisu is a good friend to talk to! If you look at the way Taisu dresses, and the state of Taisu's face, surely Taisu is not a Han nation, at least if he is not from India, of course Taisu is a priest from Tibet or Persia...!” “Hengtai (brother)'s eyes were very sharp, indeed Siauwceng from India. Only since childhood Siauwceng has enjoyed learning the Han language, because Siauwceng's foreign uncle is from China and lives in India, so Siauwceng can master some Chinese."

The student laughed.

"We've only just met, but we're like two old friends who just met...! it seems like there is a match between us...!" said the student again while moving his sparkling flute, it turned out that the flute was made of white steel, smooth and sparkling beautifully.

"Yes, indeed Hengtai seems so friendly and polite that Siauwceng is amazed at Hengtai's cheerful attitude..." nodded Tat Mo Cauwsu. "It is indeed difficult to find true friends, so we have to travel from one end of the world to the other to see , seek and obtain that true friend. Even though there are words that say, the humans on this earth are our brothers and sisters, but it is not impossible that among them there are humans with despicable and low-spirited character, they only care about their personal interests, and even then that is still good, as long as they don't harm each other for their personal interests...! However, to find an opponent, it is as easy as turning the palm of the hand. “Hear the words

Tat Mo Cauwsu, the student has raised the thumb of his right hand.

"Exactly!" he half exclaimed with a big smile. "It's true what Taisu said, so let's tie the ropes of friendship, so that we will become friends later!" “Since earlier, Siauwceng has considered Hengtai as a friend.... Similarly, if Siauwceng confronts anyone, Siauwceng immediately considers him a friend. If the person concerned considers Siauwceng as an enemy, that is their business, because for Siauwceng, they are friends! And if someone becomes hostile to Siauwceng, that is their own personal matter, not a problem for Siauwceng himself, because Siauwceng will still consider him a friend..... as much as possible Siauwceng will realize them for all the mistakes they have made, but if they refuse our helping hand,

Hearing the words of this priest from India which is quite long, suddenly the student has laughed out loud while holding his flute in his armpit and he has clapped his hands hard.

"Very nice! Very nice ! Since I was born until now, this is the first time I've heard such kind words!! Well Taisu, are you willing to tie a friendship with me? I'm usually called by friends or foes with the nickname Gin Tok Siucai (Student shouting silver), my name is Cie Hok below and above the Tang letters. May I know the title of the fragrant Taisu?”

"Is it fragrant? What is glory? Everything is empty! The most important thing is that we know ourselves first, know our personalities and then we can open our eyes, look around us, to see, get and maintain them....! If indeed a person can be separated from the stimuli and desires of the world, he will succeed in tasting a happy and peaceful life ..!"

"Hi! Hi! Again Taisu said words that made me have to lift my hat because of it...!" said Tang Cie Hok in a cheerful voice. "Well, if Taisu really doesn't like small talk, I can also ask directly. Can I find out Taisu's title?"

"Actually, Siauwceng is named Gunal Sing, but while traveling in mainland China, Siauwceng is called Tat Mo Cauwsu."

“Tat Mo Cauwsu? Ohhh, yeah...wait a minute, I feel like I've heard that name before... but, too bad I forgot

! Maybe in the conversation of some friends the name Tat Mo Cauwsu was mentioned. But what I do remember is that the name Tat Mo Cauwsu made a good impression and was a shocking name to criminals, didn't it?"

Gin Tok Siucai Tang Cie Hok is a single thug who has very high intelligence, he has very powerful totokan martial arts. During the fifteen years of learning the silver flute, he has been criss-crossing the mainland of China, during which time he has not had a match.

Thus arose his arrogant attitude and always looked at his opponents very lightly, because of that he was always arrogant. His attitude is indeed cheerful, because he feels and believes that he is the number one champion in the Kangouw world. He always laughed and underestimated his opponent.

But when he met Tat Mo Cauwsu, instead he had been given a meal of such words of advice, it was strange that he felt that the strange attitude of Tat Mo Cauwsu was not under him. Indeed, Gin Tok Siucai always carries a strange attitude, and if he wants to destroy his opponent this student often shows inappropriate behavior, he laughs to his heart's content, or he scares his opponent first with a terrible face and scary threats. After his opponent was terrified, then he consumed his opponent's soul. However, facing Tat Mo Cauwsu whose face was haunted and majestic, he became numb. Moreover, the priest always offered words that had very broad meanings, therefore the silver-hooting student naturally couldn't bring out his reckless attitude.

Seeing that Tat Mo Cauwsu's somewhat strange way of dealing with him, who had just met had spoken so freely, Gin Tok Siucai was overjoyed! He felt that he had met an opponent worthy of him.

While moving his flute, it seemed that Gin tok Siucai had said in a loud voice: "Taisu, surely Taisu has extraordinary intelligence which is amazing, right?"

"What is admiration? What's so extraordinary?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu with a patient smile. "I've told you before, what is still related to the world, of course will bring disaster! Therefore, if someone has managed to escape from the demands of the world, then that person can live in an orderly and peaceful manner, as it is in the present moment that must be done, without thinking about the past and the future...! But as a human being, of course, you have to think long and broad, precisely to understand the current moments that are often forgotten In general, humans are often thrown into fantasies that are too far away, so that they drag them too into a realm that has not yet materialized."

The silver flute student had been shaking his head while laughing.

“Taisu, your knowledge of livelihood seems to be far and wide compared to what I have seen

! It seems that Taisu really lives up to all of that. Now let's talk about martial arts! According to   what I have seen and in my opinion, of course, Taisu is no ordinary person. By daring to wander alone from India to come to mainland China, of course Taisu already has provisions, especially your martial arts skills....! So according to what Taisu has experienced, what is Taisu's view of these heroes on the mainland of China...?" asked the silver fluted student.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled.

"Everything is great, it's just that they have not been able to curb their passions and emotions, they are too complacent and do not train themselves with full sincerity, because the feeling of self-esteem and complacency that is too fast like that, makes them end up being left behind by the young, the generation that future. !"

Tat Mo Cauwsu tried to give a fairly broad explanation.

"Very nice ! very nice ! Taisu's opinion agrees with what I've been thinking. ! So is my opinion,

Indeed, there are many well-known silat masters and have high intelligence, but after obtaining the fragrance of their name, they are immersed in the fragrance of their name, forgetting to practice hard, lazy to improve their intelligence, their hearts rejoice in the abundance of respect and fame of mere names, so that ten or so Twenty years later, they were surprised and realized that they were left behind by young people. !"

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled too.

"Hengtai talking about martial arts, is there something Hengtai wants to say?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu while watching the silver fluting student with very sharp eyes, because Tat Mo Cauwsu as soon as he saw this student immediately felt in his heart that Gin Tok Siucai Tang Cie Hok is not a good human being, in fact he is very cunning. That is why Tat Mo Cauwsu opened his words in relation to words that contain advice.

"This is Taisu," said Gin Tok Siucai Tang Cie Hok while laughing with a cheerful face, "As earlier, Taisu already knew that I was called friends and   foes with the nickname "Gin Tok Siucai", that is, the student shouted silver, so I wanted to show my intelligence. My flute, to be used to strike the opponent, later after seeing the ugliness of my punching skill, please Taisu give me a hint!"

And after saying that, Gin Tok Siucai did move his flute, he wanted to demonstrate his cleverness in front of the priest, because he was sure that Tat Mo Cauwsu would be surprised later after seeing his flute skill. So he began to silat with his flute, with powerful and very fast movements. Every move of this silver flute student can indeed be followed, but   every move he shows contains very complex movement changes and endangers his opponent.

The flute moves in circles and every stab or stab at the tip of the flute will surely hit a very dangerous place on the opponent's body.

Tat Mo Cauwsu himself was choked up, but the priest didn't show the surprise on his face, he just smiled and watched.

After performing twenty-one moves of his flute skill, each move containing eight movement changes, Gin Tok Siucai stopped with the flute lowered to his thigh, as was the closing move. "How is Taisu?" asked Gin Tok Siucai with a big smile, "Are you able to distinguish between weak and imperfect movements in the flute moves?"

Tat Mo Cauwsu has said: "Siancai! Very few people can have intelligence as great as Hengtai. That's quite perfect intelligence...! Only a few flaws, each stroke does not contain a steady lwekang power where Hengtai changes the flute moves that seem the more complicated the more powerful, try if Hengtai really accompanies it in a moment with the distribution of a strong lwekang, surely Hengtai will be even more perfect.”

Gin Siucai's face changed, showing a feeling of displeasure and curiosity.

At first he expected the priest to praise him to the heavens, as he often did. But now on the contrary the priest has expressed his weaknesses, although what Tat Mo Cauwsu said is the truth but in this case it has made Gin Tok Siucai less happy. It is known that his character often plays with opponents, so now he is reproached, even though his gentle words and not directly criticizing at least made Gin Tok Siucai Tang Cie Hok curious.

"Perhaps what Taisu said is true. "

said Tang Cie Hok then with a smile, a slightly cynical smile, unlike earlier bright and cheerful. "But does Taisu want to play some of my flute moves, to open my eyes?"

"Siancai! Siancai! Siauwceng has no significant intelligence     ,     surely     it     ca n't be     compared     to Hengtai's high and perfect intelligence? How dare Siauwceng argue with Hengtai...?"

"Don't be so humble, Taisu, I know that Taisu has perfect intelligence! Come on Taisu, let's play some tricks to pass the free time..." Tang Cie Hok said urgently.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled again, "Okay!" he nodded patiently. "But I just hope Hengtai will be generous to Siauwceng, don't lower  his hand   hard!"

Gin Tok Siucai laughed, he moved his right hand to launch an attack with an opening move. He moved the flute straight ahead, to punch the path of Pa-tie Hiat's blood beside the Indian priest's right chest.

The movement is not very fast, it can be seen that the flute is snatching, but it is precisely the changes in the attack that are complicated and will confuse the opponent, so the flute can change directions very quickly in one attack.

This made Tat Mo Cauwsu think to himself, "This student's intelligence is quite high, his lwekang power is decent and his striking ability is very great, but unfortunately he can't break himself between channeling his lwekang power into his flute! That's his weakness. !"

Tat Mo Cauwsu not only thought like that, but he had dodged his opponent's attack with a very swift movement, he tilted his chest without changing the stance of his horse legs. The flute passed beside his chest only two meters apart, and by that time Tat Mo Cauwsu had stretched out his left hand, he threatened the path of my Liong's blood near Tang Cie Hok's wrist, which he was about to grab.

Tang Cie Hok when he realized that his attack failed and hit the void, had successively continued with the second, third, fourth and so on in succession.

Each attack is getting stronger and stronger and crushing the opponent's space.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also felt the effect of the flute's pressure, so he also felt that he couldn't just dodge.

When it came to the twelfth move, Tat Mo Cauwsu said patiently: "Sorry, Siauwceng must thwart this attack!"

At that time the flute Gin Tok Siucai Tang Cie Hok was sliding down to hit Tat Mo Cauwsu's neck. Quickly saying that, the priest had tilted his head, so that the flute failed to hit its proper target, passing by the side of the priest's neck a few yards away. And Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't just move there, his right hand moved so fast that he managed to clamp Gin Tok Siucai's flute!

The priest's movements were very difficult for the eye to follow, so the attack had taken Gin Tok Siucai by surprise, because this student was unable to pull his flute back. Tang Cie Hok quickly exerted his lwekang power that was channeled into his nine palms, he pulled hard while letting out a loud scream.

At that moment, with a very strong vibration, the flute moved slightly, but it did not escape the grip of Tat Mo-Cauwsu's index finger which clamped it like steel claws.

Tang Cie Hok became very curious, he mustered his pure strength again and tried his best to pull the flute.

Still the flute clamped by Tat Mo Cauwsu's index finger didn't budge.

"Is that enough, Hengtai?" asked Tat Mo Cauwsu in a patient voice.

Tang Cie Hok's face turned bright red, he was angry and curious.

Once again Tang Cie Hok had pulled the flute,   but still to no avail.

Finally Tat Mo Cauwsu let go of his index finger, he said in a patient and friendly voice: "Come on Hengtai, what else do we have to do just to get that win or lose word? Everything is empty and meaningless. Let's just end this business until here, then we will tie a close friendship rope....! Wouldn't that be much better?"

Tang Cie Hok had looked at Tat Mo Cauwsu with a face that turned red with embarrassment and curiosity, but he admitted that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence was truly extraordinary and could not be matched by his intelligence. If Tat Mo Cauwsu had intended to cast an evil hand   on him   or   injure him, of   course   it   could   easily be done. But apparently Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't mean anything bad.

The silver flute student had folded his hands together in a jubilant salute to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Thanks for the instructions Taisu...that way I can open my eyes and my mind that above the mountain there is still a higher mountain.....! Thank you Taisu for Taisu's generosity in not lowering a hard hand on me! As long as I have wandered through the world of martial arts, there has been no one I have looked up to and respected but now my eyes have just opened, that there is someone who has a noble and noble soul like Taisu, who has very amazing intelligence."

Tat Mo Cauwsu has said again: “Hengtai praises too highly! Did Hengtai know that praise that is too high can eventually harm the person concerned? The person who is praised and adored, if he receives something that is not desired, in the same way he falls from a very high place causing excruciating pain. So it would be wise if only we could be careful in this matter as it is. "