Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 09

Volume IX

WHEN Sin Kun Bu Tek pulled back his hand, at that moment the beggar's wrist turned red, because his arm hit his opponent's arm very hard earlier.

In such circumstances, Sin Kun Bu Tek increased his enthusiasm in fighting. Doesn't he just need one more move to face his opponent? Nine moves have been missed, and now there is only one move left for Siang Niauw Pek Sian to clear up Sin Kun Bu Tek. "I told you, an old bastard like you is useless and can only open his mouth ..!" said Sin Kun Bu Tek in a loud voice. He said that on purpose, because Sin Kun Bu Tek intended to provoke his opponent's anger, and if his opponent has been overcome with anger, surely his opponent will lose his calm.

Sin Han, who saw the state of the two heroes who were preparing to lunge at each other, had looked at him with a very worried attitude.

In the afternoon breeze, it seemed that the two men were trying to find the weaknesses of their respective opponents.

At that time, Sin Kun Bu Tek jumped to launch an attack, because he intended to lure his opponent to launch another attack, meaning he would win. Because Siang Niauw Pek Sian had promised that if in ten moves he couldn't knock down Sin Kun Bu Tek, he would be the one who lost.

Siang Niauw Pek Sian is also smart, he doesn't want him to be devoured by the fishing rod that Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang held out, just when Lo Ping Kang's attack came, Siang Niauw Pek Sian had jumped back a few steps, then he let out a loud scream very loud.

The sound echoed deafening ears, forced Sin Kun Bu Tek to stay away from using both hands to cover his ears. When he found out that Siang Niauw Pek Sian was starting to launch attacks through his black magic, Sin Kun Bu Tek was worried too. He had emptied his spirit to calm his violently shaking heart. Hurry up, not playing, Sin Kun Bu Tek has launched another attack on his opponent!

But Siang Niauw Pek Sian didn't want to welcome him, every time a sudden attack came, he made a very loud scream.

Every time Siang Niauw Pek Sian screams in a loud voice that shrieks his ears, Sin Kun Bu Tek always has to jump back away from himself...

As time went on, Sin Kun Bu Tek became more and more curious, so he snapped: "Hey old man, do you have no shame, so you have to play magic like that, while I only use ordinary martial arts! Aren't you afraid of being laughed at by the people of the martial jungle


Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian burst into laughter and he also moved his hands which were rotated very fast.

Under such circumstances, Sin Kun Bu Tek must quickly dodge himself, because this last Siang Niauw Pek Sian attack contained extraordinary strength.

Siang Niauw Pek Sian intends to use his black magic to destroy the beggar She Lo and then destroy him. But when Siang Niauw Pek Sian was reciting his incantation, suddenly seen from his right side flash a figure whose movements were very agile, and not to mention that his two feet hit the ground, he had shouted in a very loud voice: "Aha ... it seems that Siang Niauw Pek Sian only dared to insult people who had lower intelligence than him. "

That was a very great ridicule that was received by Siang Niauw Pek Sian, because in his entire life he had never received such an insult. He had turned his head to look at the person who had just arrived, he was watching with very sharp eyes. When he saw the person clearly, an old granny between the ages of seventy, Siang Niauw Pek Sian was shocked, but he didn't show that surprised feeling on his face at all.

"Are you Ceng-ie Hujin?" asked Siang Niauw Pek Sian in a deliberately louder voice, because he didn't want to lose his bluff with the grandmother, who he knew was one of the martial arts figures who had very high intelligence.

"That's right!" laughed the old woman, who was called by Siang Niauw Pek Sian as Ceng-ie Hujin or Lady in Green. "In fact I am not happy to see   a helpless person being tortured like that by you! You can attack me with all your might."

Hearing Ceng-ie Hujin's words, Siang Niauw Pek Sian's face turned displeased, because he was very angry. Even though Siang Niauw Pek Sian was sure that the old woman in front of him was a very formidable opponent, but the insults that the old woman threw, of course, could not be accepted by Siang Niauw Pek Sian. With a very loud scream, it seemed that Siang Niauw Pek Sian had lunged forward accompanied by his two fast-moving hands containing six parts of his lwekang power.

Sin Kun Bu Tek who saw the appearance of Ceng-ie Hujin, at first he was happy, but in the end he became disappointed again, because he immediately remembered that Ceng ie Hujin was a very great martial arts jungle figure and had strange customs! Even if he had appeared now, it didn't mean that Ceng-ie Hujin wanted to help him. Maybe it's just because Ceng-ie Hujin is an old woman who likes to boast about her intelligence, where Ceng-ie Hujin never wants to give in to anyone.

At that time, the attack launched by Siang Niauw Pek Sian had almost arrived, Ceng-ie Hujin's extraordinary speed had responded to Siang Niauw Pek Sian's attack without feeling the slightest bit afraid, nor did he change the position of his two legs.

With a "Buuuk!" sound. very hard the hands of Siang Niauw Pek Sian and Ceng-ie Hujin had collided with each other.

Even though they had only fought one move, Ceng-ie Hujin could see that Siang Niauw Pek Sian's skill was not a skill for him, it was just that Siang Niauw Pek Sian's lwekang was a bit different from the usual lwekang.

Ceng-ie Hujin no longer hesitated to destroy Siang Niauw Pek Sian, with the move "Sie Bong Sie Kui" (Four demons with four tombstones), Siang Niauw Pek Sian's body had been locked up tightly by the grandmother.

This made Siang Niauw Pek Sian even more surprised, because no matter how he did not want to be crushed by the grandmother.

Quickly Siang Niauw Pek Sian had chanted some of his incantations, his mouth was buzzing incessantly, he seemed to have tried to use his black magic to destroy the formidable Ceng ie Hujin.

But when Siang Niauw Pek Sian had shouted with a very loud voice and the path of the attack wind rushed   to   his opponent,   Ceng   ie   Hujin   had   laughed coldly, he also said: "Hmm, bad black magic like this how can you use it to knock me down?

?" and finished saying, it seemed that Ceng ie Hujin made a shouting sound and had pushed his two palms towards his opponent, so that the black magic of Siang Niauw Pek Sian had been knocked back and turned against himself.

Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian did not expect such a thing to happen, where the power of his black magic had turned against him, because Ceng ie Hujin did have a very high intelligence and perfected lwekang.

But Siang Niauw Pek Sian did not become nervous at all, with a small sound, he had thrown himself to the right side rolling on the ground.

Indeed, the black magic that turned against him because the old granny Ceng-ie Hujin's lwekang rebuke had been successfully evaded by Siang Niauw Pek Sian, so that he could escape death or be seriously injured, but by jumping aside and rolling on the ground, Siang Niauw Pek Sian's self-defense be vacant.

So Ceng-ie Hujin who saw the opening of an opportunity like this, he did not want to waste it and had jumped while swinging his left palm, hitting Siang Niauw Pek Sian's back, to pound the piepe bone (collarbone) on Siang Niauw Pek Sian's shoulder.

Apparently Ceng-ie Hujin's attack could not be avoided by Siang Niauw Pek Sian, so he could only feel his piebones hurt and crumble. Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian was powerless to counterattack either. "Hmm," snorted the grandmother slowly. "I told you you have no intelligence...! How can you fight me? Look, only four moves, you have succeeded in destroying me! Your piepe bones have been broken and shattered, so your martial arts skills have been largely destroyed! If you take good care of yourself, maybe five years later your intelligence can only recover! Go! I'm sick of seeing you. !"

While saying that, Ceng ie Hujin's grandmother had clapped her right hand, as ordered Siang Niauw Pek Sian to pass.

A pair of white-feathered doves, kept by Siang Niauw Pek Sian, have been circling above their master's head ever since, because they seemed to be saddened to see that their master had been crushed by their opponent.

In such a state, Siang Niauw Pek Sian was seen crawling to his feet, he felt his ribs hurt terribly and his back seemed to have been crushed. He let out a groan, so that he could stand up using the help of the rest of his strength.

At that time, it seemed that Ceng ie Hujin had said again in a low voice: "You are a bad-hearted person, so I think the reward I have given you is quite appropriate. !"

Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian's face turned bright red, he snorted, then he said: "Thank you for the lessons you have taught me. but someday

we will meet again ! Even though how I want to ask for more teaching from you. !"

And after saying that, Siang Niauw Pek Sian turned his body to leave. Meanwhile, Ceng ie Hujin seemed to ignore the threat of Siang Niauw Pek Sian, he only turned to Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han, who at that time had woken up from his fainting, because Sin Kun Buk Tek had followed his blood path, when Siang Niauw Pek Sian was involved by Ceng-ie Hujin.

Sin Kun Bu Tek approached Ceng ie Hujin, he had fallen into despair, he said: "I thank you for the help given by Hujin (Mrs.)."

But Ceng-ie Hujin's face didn't emit any feelings either. He didn't seem to care about the thanks, at that time it seemed that Ceng-ie Hujin was not paying attention to Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han, but his eyes had been watching his surroundings where the thousands of snakes were still caged with their heads raised and tongues sticking out.

"Hey, Mo Coa!" said Ceng ie Hujin as if he was talking to someone else. "Come out and show yourself! I beat up your husband earlier, aren't you curious? Why do you always hide yourself?"

Ceng ie Hujin's words were so loud that the voice echoed, because it was accompanied by perfect lwekang power.

From the direction of the small forest there was a sound of a slow laugh, then followed by his words: "Hidding the tail of your words? Well, I don't want to meet face to face with Siang Niauw Pek Sian, that ignorant old fart."

"Now you go out, and order your snakes to retreat first, so that we can bring out our respective intelligences. There was another laughing voice from the people in the forest, who was called by Ceng ie Hujin as Mo Coa or Snake Devil.

"Ceng-ie Hujin, now indeed you have succeeded in insulting my husband, but I will also make you feel what if your body was eaten by my snakes!"

And as those words finished, from the depths of the forest stepped one foot in action, a woman who was in her fifties.

At that moment, a row of poisonous snakes seemed to separate themselves, so that the woman who had just emerged from within could walk quietly.

Ceng Ie Hujin laughed mockingly, saying, “Mo Coa, you have done so many evil things so far. Hmm, now it's a coincidence that I came to the Kanglam area for the purpose of meeting some martial arts figures, so by taking this opportunity, I intend to first take care of bad humans like you and your husband..."

Mo Coa's face turned bright red, he had said in a very cruel tone.

"Well, if indeed in this case you feel you have a very high intelligence, that's too bright! Who doesn't know that Ceng Ie Hujien is the most carefree demon. Don't you scapegoate us, by pointing out we are bad people! If it is measured and weighed, it is the same as eight catties!" replied Mo Coa in a very mocking voice. Sin Kun Bu Tek saw that Mo Coa had a beautiful face, but all over his face and hands were scars.

As a famous figure who has traveled for decades, of course the beggar knows clearly who Mo Coa is. It has been a long time since Sin Kun Bu Tek heard about Mo Coa who always keeps snakes that he can tame, therefore, many martial arts masters fall easily in his hands. Mo Coa is also known as a bare-handed demon, everyone who is not liked will be destroyed. So that Mo Coa is not liked by both the white and black groups, but now Sin Kun Bu Tek sees it for himself, that Mo Coa is not as scary as what is told by the dashing people on the mainland of China, only the one who stands out a bit out of the ordinary in the eyes of Sin Kun Bu Tek, namely the woman This is very good at keeping and controlling his snakes.

At that time Ceng-ie Hujin had said in a cold voice: "Take your weapon!"

Mo Coa smiled mockingly. "Hemm...." Mo Coa snorted in a cold voice. "In all my life, I've never used a weapon, it's a shame this pair of hands are too acting, where my hands are not willing to hold a weapon when facing an opponent!"

Mo Coa's words were great, he wanted to mean that with just that pair of hands he could knock down his opponent.

Even in his very clear words, Mo Coa seemed to want to state that he was more perfect in his knowledge with his bare hands, than using weapons. Then Mo Coa had said again, “Come on, you start attacking! I just follow what you want! We can fight here or anywhere else!"

Ceng-ie Hujin laughed coldly. "Hmmm, apparently you are too arrogant and stubborn! Later if I make a mistake in hurting you, don't blame me!!"

After saying that, it seemed that Ceng-ie Hujin had rubbed his palms together for a while, which made Mo Coa surprised, because instead of attacking him, Ceng-ie Hujin had rubbed his palms together.

"What are you doing?" Mo Coa scolded in a very loud voice, "Do you want to just play clapping."

Ceng ie Hujin did not serve his opponent's ridicule, it was quickly seen that Ceng ie Hujin had stopped rubbing his palms. The palms were a little red as if they were oozing with profuse blood, the reddish glow from both Ceng-ie Hujin's palms was enough to shock Mo Coa.

"How great this old lady looks..." thought Mo Coa. "I have to be careful with her, she is not a random person."

Thinking so, Mo Coa was prepared to receive his opponent's attack, his demeanor was very calm, he didn't show any change on his face even though his heart was shocked to see his opponent's two palms turning so red.

Suddenly, Ceng-ie Hujin let out a loud scream while spreading his arms. From both of his hands came a very strong attack wind, so that Mo Coa felt his body shaking violently. Fortunately, he has a fairly high lwekang, so he can face his opponent by relying on his ginkang and lwekang, so Ceng-ie Hujin's attack is pushed back before his attack power reaches its target. And at the same time Mo Coa also moved his hands with the "Cie Hoa Ie Thian" or "Rain of Flowers from the Sky" stance, and his attack did match the name of the move, because all of his fingers were like rain from the sky had encircled Ceng-ie Hujin's body with a smack. which is dangerous.

When Ceng-ie Hujin saw his opponent move so fast, he thought hard, because Mo Coa's attack was a deadly attack.

Ceng-ie Hujin also didn't stand still, he quickly corrected the position of his legs, he let out a groan and Ceng-ie Hujin's face became even more sinister.

The current state of the battle was a tense moment, because Ceng-ie Hujin had put his inner strength into his palms, so that they only turned red with blood. With   Ceng-ie Hujin's palm getting redder, his attack power also increased.

While Mo Coa has been watching his opponent with very sharp eyes that contain curiosity and hatred.

So that the two people who want to fight are like two lionesses who will lunge at each other and destroy each other.

Apparently Ceng ie Hujin realized that this time he met a formidable opponent. Mo Coa does have a very famous name in the martial jungle. The real name of the Snake Devil is Bwee Sian Jade, but because his name has been rarely used for decades, the people of the martial jungle consider him dead, and also his name is   starting to be forgotten, because the Kangouw people only know that he can tame a large number of snakes, even his snakes. it could be ruled by him, which was why Bwee Sian Jade was given the title of Snake Demon.

Ceng ie Hujin had also often heard of Mo Coa, who was highly intelligent, and also had a pair of extremely poisonous hands.

Sin Kun Bu Tek, who saw the way the two fought, was stunned.

He opened his eyes wide, and took a deep breath. Finally, he thought: "Ha, it's true what the saying goes, there are still high mountains that are much higher."

Sin Han has a different attitude with Sin Kun Bu Tek, this child just sits quietly watching the battle between these two extraordinary women. Sin Han was interested to see the hands of the two women who were fighting each other moving incredibly fast.

Under these circumstances, Sin Han also couldn't stand too close to the battlefield, because the attack winds from the two women who were fighting each other emitted very strong winds, if it was knocked out just once, the child would be bounced hard. But to get out of the battle arena, he couldn't either, because they were all trapped by Mo Coa's pet snake line. The only way for Sin Han was to move his body closer to his teacher, Sin Kun Bu Tek.

The two women who were engaged in a decisive battle had attacked each other with their formidable knowledge, so the winds of attack from the two men roared so loudly that even the dust was scattered.

One time Mo Coa saw an opportunity for his opponent, where Ceng ie Hujin was launching an attack by using both hands joined together, then his body leaned forward, along with which it appeared that Ceng ie Hujin had attacked using his fist towards his opponent's left chest.

The attack launched by Ceng-ie Hujin was indeed very powerful, therefore if it was not avoided by his opponent, of course he would meet a terrible death, with the breastbone shattered and the heart and heart would also be crushed. This is what is called the "Hud-couw San Ciang" or "Buddha with One Hands" stance, an attack like this relies on the perfect power of the lwekang.

If earlier Ceng-ie Hujin was just rubbing his palms together until they turned red, it was because he wanted to use only part of his lwekang power. But now seeing that his opponent has a really high intelligence, of course it makes Ceng-ie Hujin have to use all his intelligence to destroy Mo Coa.

Indeed Mo Coa himself gasped when he saw such an attack coming, but as an experienced expert, Mo Coa was able to deal with the attack by using his ginkang, he jumped   back,   then   jumped   again   to the   left, then also jumped behind Ceng ie Hujin. All this he did very quickly, because before the first jump was finished, the tips of his feet had moved again.

This situation surprised Ceng-ie Hujin too, because at that time he had not been able to stand up straight, and had not yet had time to draw back his attack power.

However, as a powerful figure who has very high intelligence, it seems that Ceng-ie Hujin doesn't really care about his opponent's attacks, with strange footsteps he managed to escape to attack his opponent.

Under these circumstances, it seemed that Mo Coa had dodged while blocking Ceng ie Hujin's hand.

But apparently Mo Coa's movements weren't that fast, so his body had bounced off while deflecting Ceng-ie Hujin's attack.

Ceng-ie Hujin also didn't want to waste the opportunity, with a loud scream, Cengie Hujin hit and pounded Mo Coa with his fists.

Ceng-ie Hujin's attack had a very powerful lwekang.

Mo Coa at that time was being pushed and staggered before he could improve his position, and now had grabbed Ceng-ie Hujin's attack again, causing him to gasp, because Mo Coa realized that such attacks could be deadly. And he didn't want to waste any more time, he tried so fast, he also rolled over to get away from Ceng-ie Hujin. When Ceng-ie Hujin's attack had arrived, Mo Coa couldn't think any further, he moved his hand to fend off a profit....


EXACTLY Ceng-ie Hujin didn't want to continue his attack when he saw his opponent was trying to parry, he changed his attack method. While pulling his right hand back, his left hand quickly worked, hitting his opponent's chest once.

Mo Coa actually wanted to fend off and dodge the attack, but there was no chance, and finally when his hand was raised and his chest was vacant, at that moment Ceng ie Hujin's hand had grabbed it.

"Bukkk!" The sound of the impact was very loud and very strong.

With a groaning sound, Mo Coa had been slammed on the ground near his snakes even two or three snakes had been occupied by him. Very quickly Mo Coa had jumped to his feet again with a bright red face.

“If today I Bwee Sian Jade doesn't manage to destroy you and breathe your blood, I   swear I won't live much longer.”

Hearing Bwee Sian Jade's words, Ceng-ie Hujin had snorted mockingly. "Hmmm, don't dream that you can knock me down, while your intelligence is not that high! Let's start playing again to determine who is above and who is below. !"

Then Ceng-ie Hujin had taken a step forward, his right leg bent slightly, and while making a very loud exclamation, it seemed that Ceng-ie Hujin had moved his left hand, then followed his right hand in preparation if his left hand was about to be blocked by Mo Coa. That's how Ceng-ie Hujin had attacked each other so quickly.

On that occasion, Ceng-ie Hujin had drawn two advantages for him, namely in the first place Mo Coa had not yet had time to straighten his two legs, and he was also injured inside due to Ceng-ie Hujin's punch earlier, of course, was severely attacked like that made Mo Coa so confused.

But without waiting for the attack to arrive, Mo Coa had already set foot, he had leapt backwards swiftly past the line of snakes.

Ceng ie Hujin became furious, he had made a very loud yelling sound while jumping over the heads of the snakes.

Mo Coa saw his opponent overtook him, this demon had laughed loudly: "Hemm...!" Mo Coa said angrily. "Do you mean to fight souls? I deliberately relented, but why are you pushing me too much? If indeed you are not want to finish this business let me will mobilize my army of snakes to surround you..."

Ceng-ie Hujin wasn't frightened by Mo Coa's bluff and instead charged forward to jump in and make a formidable attack.

Mo Coa Bwee Sian Jade also realized it, if he was still serving Ceng-ie Hujin, of course he would receive disaster, so he tried to stay away from his opponent,

Sin Kun Bu Tek also witnessed how the two people had fought with their respective talents, and every attack made by one of the two people who were fighting, did have a power that could kill the opponent. Meanwhile, Sin Han, who still didn't know the depth of martial arts, looked stunned, he really couldn't see clearly the two people who were fighting, because Ceng ie Hujin and Mo Coa Bwee Sian Giok were moving very nimbly like shadows.

Ceng ie Hujin who saw that he had not yet succeeded in knocking down his opponent, became even more angry.

Suddenly Mo Coa has whistled with a very loud voice. The whistling sound seemed to also mention the line of snakes, so it was very clear that the army of snakes had rushed to approach their master.

Ceng ie Hujin was very surprised, he understood, once an army of thousands of snakes and of various types managed to confine him, woe to him!

Paying no heed to his opponent, Ceng ie Hujin had jumped running several spears away, to dodge the snakes that were approaching him.

"Hahahaha," laughed Mo Coa with a very loud voice, then he mocked: "Where is your intelligence that you excel at? Hmm, now you don't expect to be able to escape from my pet snakes. !"

Again Mo Coa let out a long whistle, and the snakes, which were his pets, had slid closer to Ceng ie Hujin with the intention of biting them with their poisonous mouths.

Ceng-ie Hujin was also frightened to see that the reptile had approached him. Ceng-ie Hujin had put his pure energy into his palms, where both his palms turned into a white glow, like hands made of silver. This science is called Pek Kong Ciang or Empty Air Blow Science. Quickly he had moved a pair of hands, hitting the snakes closest to him. Without touching the snakes, Ceng ie Hujin had managed to destroy dozens of snakes that were crawling nearby.

Mo Coa's face turned bright red with anger,   he had said: "Even if you have Pek Kong Ciang's knowledge, don't expect you to escape my army of snakes..." And finished saying that it looked like Mo Coa had let out a long whistle.

The army of Mo Coa's snakes that had been walking slowly swayed, when they heard Mo Coa's whistling sound, the snakes seemed to have gone crazy, they had shifted towards Ceng ie Hujin.

What was even more extraordinary were the two green snakes that were the size of a human index finger, which had jumped swiftly and crashed into Ceng ie Hujin's wrist.

Ceng ie Hujin was very surprised, because he saw how the snake lunged and bit him, so that in the blink of an eye, the flesh of Ceng ie Hujin's arm had been pierced by the snake's teeth.

Pain and blood covered Ceng ie Hujin, he had also scrambled his hands several times to get the snake to release its bite.

But the snake still bites, so its body hangs in the arms of Ceng ie Hujin. Ceng ie Hujin was so angry that he caught the snake with his other hand and pulled it with a stomp.

It really hurt at that time, but the snake bite could be pulled apart along with a piece of flesh from Cengie Hujin's arm. In a huff, Ceng-ie Hujin smashed the snake to pieces, because of the severity of the slam he did.

Mo Coa's face brightened, Bwee Sian Jade was very happy to see that one of his snakes had managed to bite him. "What a great medicine after all, you won't be able to destroy my snake venom after all! You know, this snake is commonly called Ceng Coa, a green snake. But this green snake is not the same as an ordinary green snake, because if the pieces of an ordinary snake's body are rather large, but this Ceng Coa of mine actually has a difference. Well, before ten hours pass, your body will disintegrate into liquid... ! Hehehehe!!"

Ceng-ie Hujin's face turned bright red, he seemed very angry. In this state, it seems that Cengie Hujin has shouted loudly: "It seems that you are indeed a cunning human! Quickly take out the antidote!"

"You're good!" said Mo Coa Bwee Sian Jade in a mocking voice: "Was my medicine made by your grandfather and father?"

"Good! I have already been exposed to your snake venom, so let me pit my soul with you, to die together!"

And while saying that, Ceng-ie Hujin repeatedly moved his right and left hands very quickly, again he used Pek Kong   Ciang's punching skills...... as soon as his hands moved, several snakes were immediately destroyed.

Because Ceng-ie Hujin is a person who has perfect lwekang skills, he can quickly hit successive strokes using his lwekang power. Pek Kong Ciang's punch not only paralyzed the snakes, but also crushed the snakes' bodies.

Mo Coa was so angry, he let out another whistle, which was very high and very strong. And this army of snakes seemed to have snapped out of it as well, they had jumped several spears at Ceng-ie Hujin. Apparently Mo Coa's last whistle was an order for the snakes.

But Ceng-ie Hujin has an amazing ginkang, he managed to dodge the attacks of these venomous snakes.

Even with successive Ceng-ie Hujin again used his palm to hit the head of this snake, which was crushed instantly.

Mo Coa, who witnessed the incident, let out a very loud laugh, he then said: "Hmm, try to bring out all your intelligence, I want to see if you are able or not to face this snake of mine ..!"

Again Mo Coa let out his loud laughing voice, when he ended his laughing voice, Mo Coa Bwee Sian Jade whistled in a very sharp voice.

The movements of the snakes changed again, because they seemed to be influenced by the voice of Mo Coa, their master.

As if the snakes were furiously rushing towards Ceng ie Hujin, the movement of the snakes, which were so numerous, was quite terrifying as well as Ceng ie Hujin.

Ceng ie Hujin was in a panic and tried to knock down the snakes that hit him. He also has protected   himself   with the   move   "Ceng   Kong"   or   "Thousand statues" where he has twisted his hands like a tittir.

So that in the blink of an eye Ceng ie Hujin had destroyed hundreds of snakes and had also protected himself with the science of "Ceng Kong", and indeed for the time being Ceng ie Hujin was still able to face the brunt of the hordes of snakes. It's just that in his heart he thought: "If I continue to fight with the army of snakes, of course my strength will run out! If I am not destroyed by the bite of the snake, surely Mo Coa Bwe Sian Jade will be able to take that opportunity to destroy me."

Thinking so, it seemed that Ceng-ie Hujin had accelerated the movement of his palm strokes, again destroying dozens of snakes.

"Mo Coa, you cunning human, relying on this army of snakes of yours, you want to seek victory from me! Hemm, don't dream, even if your snakes have to be caged, I'm not afraid at all!"

And while saying that, it looks like Ceng ie Hujin has stepped on his feet, he has jumped into Mo Coa's direction.

When his two feet almost hit the ground, that's when Ceng-ie Hujin seemed to move his right hand that wanted to hit Mo Coa's eyes.

Circumstances like this made Mo Coa unable to fend him off. Because he was at that time not too far away, had also made hasty preparations that he couldn't dodge.

At that time, Ceng-ie Hujin seemed to have pulled his hand back, then followed with another hand movement, because Ceng-ie Hujin intended to destroy his opponent. Mo Coa didn't stay still either, he had let out an angry yell and his left hand reached out to grip the chest of his opponent.

Ceng-ie Hujin wasn't afraid to face such a harsh threat, he dodged while tilting his body, then he quickly slashed out with his palm. The palm slash was carried out with such force, there was a loud 'bukkk' sound, and the two people, namely Ceng-ie Hujin and Mo Coa had stumbled back a few steps.

Then it looks like the two are getting ready again to launch attacks on each other.

Ceng-ie Hujin was not afraid to face Mo Coa, instead what he was afraid of was the serpent army of the Serpent demon.

Mo Coa had smacked his mouth giving orders to his snake through his whistle again.

But Ceng ie Hujin didn't want to give Mo Coa a chance to whistle, he kept pestering Mo Coa so he wouldn't have time to whistle.

So that Mo Coa stopped whistling, because he had to pay close attention to the attacks that would be launched by his opponent.

Seeing that Ceng-ie Hujin's two hands had snatched away, Mo Coa quickly blocked it using soft force.

Against such softness, Ceng ie Hujin's attack seemed to be swallowed up by Mo Coa's power.

Ceng ie Hujin was shocked to feel his attack power seemed to disappear without a trace. "Ugh!" exclaimed Ceng-ie Hujin in a muffled voice, because he was shocked.

That time Mo Coa had let out a cold laughing voice

: "Now that our match is over, because I have other business to attend to, we will postpone it until the next three years meeting at Tiang-lo-kwan in Souwciu. Then we can play to our heart's content."

And without waiting for an answer from Ceng ie Hujin, this Snake Demon had twisted its body to leave.

Meanwhile, Ceng-ie Hujin didn't stop him, because he really didn't want to have anything to do with this Snake Demon.

Ceng-ie Hujin wasn't afraid to face Mo Coa, but it was his army of Snakes that terrified him.

Meanwhile Mo Coa had gone far and without looking back he had let out a very loud whistling sound, just as he gave orders for his Snakes to leave the place. The reptiles that numbered in the thousands shuffled after their master, Mo Coa, leaving the place with a loud hissing sound.

Ceng ie Hujin shuddered at the sight of Mo Coa's snake army. This Ceng ie Hujin imagined, if only he was attacked by Mo Coa's snake army, it would be very difficult for him to avoid the bite of one or two Mo Coa snakes.

Sin Kun Bu Tek pulled Sin Han's hand and invited him to stand up and salute to say thank you for the help of Ceng ie Hujin.

But when Sin Kun Bu Tek froze saying, "Thanks for the help Liehiap..." that's when Ceng ie Hujin snorted coldly. "Who is willing to help you?" said Ceng ie Hujin in a cold voice, his face also unsightly. "I'm taking care of my problem, it has nothing to do with you guys!"

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang and Sin Han were stunned to hear Ceng ie Hujin's words. Especially Sin Kun Bu Tek, he didn't expect that Ceng-ie Hujin would utter such harsh words.

"Lihiap..." said Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang while looking at Ceng-ie Hujin.

"Know that what was done earlier is my business, not to help you! I do have a problem with Siang Niauw Pek Sian and his wife, namely Mo Coa! Hmm, I just wanted to kill them to solve my problem… it's a shame Mo Coa is too tough with his snake army.”

And after saying so, Ceng ie Hujin had taken a deep breath.

Sin Kun Bu Tek had stared again at Cengie Hujin for a long time, then said. “Although Liehiap didn't mean to help me, the facts show that our souls were saved because of the indirect help that Liehiap gave. Otherwise, how could we have lived until now? I can't even face Siang Niauw Pek Sian, let alone have to face his wife. "

"Never mind!" said Ceng-ie Hujin with a bland voice and an unhappy face, apparently he was filled with a lot of rage. "Don't you add to my annoyance! Go!!" Ceng-ie Hujin's words were, of course, harsh words, making Sin Kun Bu Tek offended, his face turning red.

"Too bright and arrogant this old woman!" thought Sin Kun Bu Tek in his heart, but he also said: "Well, thank you for the help that liehiap gave earlier!"

Ceng-ie Hujin just snorted, then he turned his body, just a few jumps he had disappeared from the sight of Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han.

Sin Kun Bu Tek also invited his students to pass. Two days they traveled, and arrived at the outskirts of the city of Lam ciu-kwan, a densely populated city, because to the outskirts of the city a lot of people were passing by.

Sin Kun Bu Tek has invited Sin Han to stop at a wine shop. There were already many visitors, but there were still a few empty tables, so Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han were free to choose a table near the window.

The waiter who saw this guest was an old beggar and a small beggar, so he looked cynically. But Sin Kun Bu Tek quickly took out a mouthful of five tails of crushed money, he gave it to the waiter: "Prepare some kinds of food and you can take more. "

An incident like this was unexpected by the waiter so he looked stunned for a moment, and then hurriedly went behind to prepare a meal for Sin Kun Bu Tek. When the waiter prepared the cooked food, he was very respectful.

Sin Tek Bu Kun had Dining with pant, because   he   saw   sayur2   who   served   a   vegetable lezat2. Likewise with Sin Han, usually the teacher steals food from the restaurant, and now he and his teacher are eating at the restaurant, obviously he has more taste.

But while Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han were eating, suddenly someone heard a voice outside the door of this wine shop: "Did you see a man in his fifties, with a thin mustache and no beard, wearing a green shirt?" the voice was very patient and friendly.

"No...!" the maid outside the door replied. "Perhaps the person Taisu is looking for doesn't pass through this town...!"

There was a sighing voice from the questioner earlier, it seemed that he was thinking for a while, until finally he said again: "Okay, prepare a table for me complete with vegetables without meat ...!"

"Okay Taisu, please come in..!" said the waiter with whom he had spoken.

Sin Kun Bu Tek and Sin Han had turned towards the door, at that time a priest was walking in with a slung dress, keeping a short, but bushy beard and mustache. Her hair was in a bun, her nose was sharp, and her cheeks were red, shining fresh. He is a foreign priest, as well as a priest from Lhasa, Tibet or also a priest from India, as it is known that the Hweshio (priest) of Buddhism in China always shaves his hair and has a smooth bald head, but Indian priests generally keep their hair even though they are adherents. Buddhism, because the transition between Buddhism and Hinduism still has equal power in India.

"Temperature. Isn't that Gunal Sing?" asked Sin Han when

saw the priest from India. Sin Kun Bu Tek was also very happy, he got up quickly to greet the priest.

"Gunal Sing Taisu ....!" he called in a cheerful voice. "It turns out that we are destined to meet again here."

Saying that, the beggar Lo Ping Kang has lost his respect to Gunal Sing. While Sin Han has also paid respects to the Indian priest.

Quickly Gunal Sing asked the teacher and students not to be too much of a custom.

"Let's have dinner together, Taisu!" said Sin Kun Bu Tek. "This meeting is certainly very happy, I am the poor beggar who invited Taisu to be treated.    " Gunal Sing smiled patiently when he heard Sin Kun Bu Tek's words, he had sat down on a chair others, this meal for the priest was also brought by the waiter to the SinKun Bu Tek table.

"I'm sorry Siauwkeng (little priest) doesn't eat soul goods...!" said Gunal Sing after the waiter finished preparing his meal.

While eating, they chatted happily. Especially Sin Kun Bu Tek who repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Gunal Sing for helping him.

"Actually..." said Gunal Sing on one occasion. "The arrival of Siauwceng to mainland China, wants to spread the teachings of the Buddha. Besides, Siauw-ceng also often hears that in mainland China there are many Kangouw warriors who have high and perfect intelligence. in martial arts.. Siauwceng is very interested in seeing all that,.. Siauw-ceng deliberately has traveled a long way to see with his own eyes the martial arts in mainland China...! south) has moved Siauw-ceng's heart to see it."

Sin Kun Bu Tek laughed at the priest's words, he had said, “Perhaps the person who told Taisu everything was just exaggerating! The proof is, when Taisu helped my soul, Taisu's intelligence was many levels higher than mine and the intelligence of the person Taisu killed!"

The priest smiled patiently.

"Siancai! Siancai!" he said then in a calm voice.   "But   now   Siauw-ceng has   indeed   been   lucky to be able to witness for himself how clever the warriors in China are, only they lack training. If there is an opportunity, Siauw-ceng also wants to build a temple. and give guidance to those who have good talent and perfect bones!"

Sin Kun Bu Tek was very happy to hear the priest's words, he said in a cheerful voice. "Taisu, if that's what Taisu means, maybe this disciple of mine is well suited to receive the good fortune of being educated by Taisu." then the beggar Lo Ping Kang signaled to his disciple.

Sin Han also understood the meaning of the gesture from his teacher, he quickly got up and kneeled down and nodded his head several times to the priest Gunal Sing.

"Oh sweet child, don't be too much curing..." said Gunal Sing in a soft and patient voice, he also held Sin Han's shoulder, which he was about to lift up.

How can Sin Han be stubborn? Gunal Sing's pulling power is very strong! and because Sin Han remained on his knees, he was lifted up in a kneeling state.

"Stand up, sweet boy...!" said Gunal Sing with a happy smile, "In the future, if we are destined to meet again, then I will reduce my inner strength skills that come from the knowledge of Yoga mixed with the breathing exercises that I got on the mainland of China   while I was wandering, which I have succeeded in combining the two quite different kinds of practice."

Sin Han was overjoyed, he had straightened his legs, so he could stand in front of the priest while he said: "Thank you Taisu... Taisu's virtue will certainly   not   be   forgotten.!" Gunal Sing has said again: “Actually I was chasing someone! That person is a very

cruel and dangerous to the heroes on the mainland of China. He comes from mainland Persia and has a very high intelligence that is difficult to subdue. It's   not that I really admire the devil's intelligence, in fact he is a really tough demon and has high intelligence besides that it is also very strange. That's why, thinking about the safety of the people on the mainland of China, Siauwceng was forced to give chase. Siauw ceng intends to eradicate him, because he has committed too many sins."

Sin Kun Bu Tek looked interested, he asked: "Then now, does Taisu know the traces?"

Gunal Sing shook his head.

"Two days ago I managed to meet him, caught when he wanted to rape a girl, where the father and mother as well as the sister of the girl have been destroyed in a cruel way, namely in addition to their heads being beaten apart, their bodies have been damaged by which is really terrible! Of course this made Siauwceng feel heartbroken and regret why there can be a wolf-hearted human in this world, even more cruel than the wolf itself. had fought three days and three nights without end, so that finally we were both tired, and sat back and stopped the fighting. While the devil has used the opportunity to escape! Indeed, the devil's intelligence is still one level below the intelligence of Siauw-ceng but to destroy it is not easy. With his successful escape, it meant that Siauw Ceng had to follow in his footsteps again. This is what is difficult. "

"What is the Persian demon's name, Taisu?" asked Sin Kun Bu Tek very interested.

"In Persia he is indeed a champion that is difficult to match. Her name is Koko Timo, her intelligence is similar to that of Siauw Ceng's, because apparently she has also studied the flow of Yoga practice so that her lwekang has reached the perfect level! But if Siauw Ceng does not succeed in knocking him down and destroying his intelligence, surely the safety of the heroes on the mainland of China will be threatened by no small danger, besides that the wives and children of good people will be threatened with honor. !"

After saying that, Gunal Sing sighed again and again, his face gloomy and he seemed very irritated.

"Taisu, if Taisu really needs help, just order it, I will certainly carry out Taisu's orders without a second thought, I'm sure Taisu is standing on the right side to eradicate falsehood! Even if I have to plunge into the fire, of course I, the poor beggar Lo Ping Kang, will do it willingly, as long as Koko Timo can be destroyed. !"

Gunal Sing smiled patiently, his gloomy face had disappeared, now he looked radiant.

"Thank you ! Thank you!" said the priest after a long time. "Although it is not easy to destroy Koko Timo, he will not be able to destroy Siauw Ceng. What is most important is how Siauw Ceng looks for his weakness, to destroy him and destroy his knowledge! now in his fifties, wears a green shirt and maintains a   thin mustache   without a   beard.   He is   easily   recognizable,   because   he is a foreigner to mainland China...! Most importantly, Siauw-ceng must be able to find traces of him...! "

Sin Kun Bu Tek nodded slowly, then he said again in a very careful tone: "Taisu ... can we together Taisu look for the Persian?"

Gunal Sing smiled patiently, he said, “thank you, you are very kind, thank you! But Koko Timo's intelligence is very high, he has the perfect lwekang, which is how to regulate breathing combined with breathing from other countries! so by having breathing exercises from several streams, Koko Timo already has extraordinary intelligence! I can't necessarily knock it down myself. "

After saying that, Gunal Sing had paused for a moment, then he continued only very slowly. “And I think it will be more flexible, if Siauwceng (I am a small priest) is looking for him. "

Sin Kun Bu Tek understands, that's a subtle refusal. "Well Taisu… good luck with Taisu's efforts!" said Sin

Kun Bu Tek.

At that time Gunal Sing had said again: "Actually, Siauw-ceng's situation has not allowed him to win him, but Siauw Ceng is trying to stem the crimes he usually does!"

Sin Kun Bu Tek nodded while uttering praises for the priest.

Gunal Sing smiled, he said in a patient voice: "What is the meaning of flattery and praise? Empty, everything does not contain. What also means insults and swearing, all of that is empty. running smoothly."

Sin Kun Bu Tek quickly expressed his gratitude. “Taisu has given very meaningful advice, and

I will never forget Taisu's advice...!" said the beggar Lo Ping Kang.

"During half a year of traveling on the mainland of China, there were many Han people who did not know who Siauw-ceng was, so they always gave me a name as Tat Mo, and such a title did not burden Siauw-ceng, only the embellishments were there, namely the words Cauwsu behind from Tat Mo, is an empty compliment that is too high to inflate Siauw-ceng, so Siauw-ceng is worried that later the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is just an empty name...!"

Those are the humble words of Gunal Sing or Tat Mo   Cauwsu who don't want to be praised and extolled too much.

But Sin Kun Bu Tek has clapped his hands and said: “Good! Indeed, intelligence like Taisu is hard to find! Taisu already has an unusually high intelligence and also a perfect lwekang. So the name Tat Mo Cauwsu is indeed the right name for Taisu."

Gunal Sing spoke lowly words. After talking for a while longer, Tat Mo Cauwsu or Gunal Sing had excused themselves to continue their journey.

Time rose from his seat, Gunal Sing has turned to Sin Han: "If one day I have a chance destined   to meet   again   with   you,   children   are   sweet,   of course Siauw-molasses will reduce some kinds of knowledge cleverness for you!"

Sin Han was smart, he immediately knelt down to express his gratitude: "Taisu's virtue will not forget (disciple)...!"

Gunal Sing quickly returned Sin Han's respect, he said: "It doesn't mean I'm your teacher, son! Later I'll just give it away, because right now I don't intend to accept students anymore, because there are still many problems that Siauw-ceng has to solve...!"

Sin Han thanked him once again, then said: "Okay Taisu, but please accept my thanks..."

And this once Sin Han had paid his respects without kneeling, he simply simply bowed his head.

Tat Mo Cauwsu or Gunal Sing, didn't shy away from the salute, he just grabbed Sin Han's shoulder to lift him up so the boy wouldn't salute further.

To Sin Kun Bu Tek, Gunal Sing also said with a smile: "Lo-heng (Lo's brother) your student has talent and good bones, he is a very good material, so you must educate him well."

Sin Kun Bu Tek nodded quickly!

"That's right Taisu," he said with a laugh, "What Taisu said is true! However, if this child received guidance from me, a shabby teacher who has no intelligence, it's a shame that such a good talent was wasted, fortunately Tai- Su had promised on one occasion that he would pass down his martial arts skills to him, so that later I would not have to swallow the bitterness of the words of those who say that Sin Kun Bu Tek's students are useless!" "Siancai! Siancai! Siecu (you) is too humble! And also it seems that Siecu's tongue is very clever, that by saying that Siecu has bound me with this promise of mine...!"

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu had burst out laughing. Sin Kun Bu Tek laughed in an excited voice.

When Tat Mo Cauwsu had passed, Sin Kun Bu Tek sighed while shaking his head: "That's the name of a very high mountain, there are still higher ones, as well as martial arts skills! At first I thought that my intelligence was quite high and rarely could match him, but after meeting Tat Mo Cauwsu, I immediately felt that my intelligence was not yet one tenth of his... ! That's why I have to realize this reality, several times I fought with Siang Niauw Pek Sian, Mo Coa and others, but apparently I was powerless against them! Therefore, it is clear that I really have to train myself again… !”

Sin Han watched his teacher attentively, he too had asked: "The temperature ...!" he said later. "Is the intelligence of the priest really extraordinary?"

"That's the way it is, how clever he is! But that doesn't mean he doesn't have an opponent who has as much intelligence as him, it's just that there are rarely people who can match his intelligence! Then you, Sin Han, then you have to study hard, and later if you are still in a mate so you can meet Tat Mo Cauwsu, then you can have even higher intelligence. !" "Thank you temperature, this is all thanks to the help and kindness of the temperature as well...!" said Sin Han. “I swear I will study and train myself as best I can, so as not to bring shame to the temperature. !"

Sin Kun Bu Tek seems overjoyed to hear his student's promise, he has said: "Good! Very nice! Tomorrow I will start lowering the moves using sharp weapons, besides that I will also teach you the science of regulating breathing!"

Sin Han thanks him again.

Not long after, the teacher and student had left the wine shop to continue their journey.


TAT MO CAUWSU or Gunal Sing, as soon as he leaves the wine shop, has taken the road to the west, he intends to continue his journey by taking the west, where once he exits the city door, he can take the south, because his destination is Phung- sie kwan a town that is not so big and not so densely populated. According to his investigation, Koko Timo was hiding in exile in the city, to practice some kind of knowledge from the book of mustika that he obtained in Persian land.

In the pursuit of Koko Timo, Gunal Sing or Tat Mo Cauwsu has traveled many long distances, but because Tat Mo Cauwsu really intends to eradicate falsehood, and he also feels that pursuing Koko Timo is not an easy job besides he has to investigate , also when they meet each other later, they will collide in a very exciting battle, because Koko Timo does have extraordinary intelligence, almost equal to his own intelligence.

Only one advantage of Tat Mo Cauwsu as a person of worship, he has a much stronger faith and Koko Timo, besides that he also has kebathinan knowledge besides his perfect Lwekang.