Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 08

Volume 08
“TECU is very embarrassed, it has been a long time since Tecu has received a lesson from temperature, but in reality, Tecu (student) can't hold back and catch up with temperature, even though the temperature is just normal. Tecu really has to train himself even harder," replied Sin Han with a serious attitude.

Sin-kun-bu-tek smiled patiently, he said.

“My student, you are actually a good student and have good talent. That's why I'm willing to accept you as my disciple, as long as you're willing to practice yourself diligently........!

"Regarding the intelligence you now have, it's not a problem, you can't learn high knowledge in a short time... You have to practice a lot and also have to be tenacious in learning every move I give you......!"

"Thank you temperature ........!" Sin Han said quickly, "The words given by the temperature will Tecu remember well."

"Very nice! Let's continue our journey too," said Sin-kun-bu-tek.

This time Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang didn't run as fast as before. He only loosened his footsteps slowly, so that Sin Han could walk parallel to him.

In the late afternoon. Sin-kun-bu-tek and his students have arrived at the surface of Liang-sie-cung's village.

The village is very small and the population is also not very dense. Meanwhile, on the surface of the village which is so quiet, not a single human is seen either.

“Let's just rest here……!” said Sin-kun-bu-tek after standing for a while watching the surface of the village.

"We first look for the old temple for us to spend the night. But if there is no old temple in this village, then we have to spend the night in an inn ......... ”

Sin Han agreed. He himself didn't know why after becoming a disciple of Sin-kun-bu-tek, he liked sleeping in old, neglected temples instead of having to stay in crowded inns.

And of course they will also get cynical treatment from the servants of the inn. Aren’t they just dressed modestly with full patches as beggars?

Sin-kun-bu-tek took his students around the village, but they couldn't find him. It is also possible that this village does not have a temple.

"Hi!" Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang took a deep breath, then said, “It's really bad luck today, why doesn't this village have a temple for us to spend the night?! I hate it the most when I have to stay at inns……”

Sin Han smiled, then said, "Temperature don't say that, it's the same anywhere to stay, right? If this village didn't have a temple, we could just cultivate in the open………!”

The old beggar she Lo nodded with a big smile.

"Right!" he said then. “It's true what you said……! Let's find it again for a while, if there really isn't a temple in this village, let us sleep on the overhang of people's houses, it won't be a problem……!”

The teacher and the student circled the village once more. They only once met one of the villagers.

But the old temple that Sin-kun-bu-tek was looking for really didn't exist, so Sin-kun-bu-tek had invited Sin Han to practice near the overhang of a pretty grand house. Apparently this luxurious house belongs to a rich tycoon.

Sin Han saw his teacher was sitting with his legs stretched out near the door of the building. He had closed his eyes tightly.

Sin Han followed what his teacher was doing, curled up beside Sin-kun-bu-tek to sleep. But when Sin Han was sleeping comfortably in his sleep, the child was startled by a loud yelling sound,

“Who dares to tease me?” and Sin Han recognized that it was the voice of his teacher, Sin-kun-bu-tek.

When Sin Han opened his eyes, he saw that his teacher had left to watch around him.

Sin Han quickly jumped up, he immediately asked, "What's the matter, temperature?"

“Hemm, there was someone who teased us…… well, you see, what is that thing…… near the doorway?”

Sin Han turned his head to watch the place his teacher pointed to. Sin Han so let out a muffled scream, because of shock and horror.

Near the steps of the stairs, there were two pairs of hands, complete with fingers. The hand is only an elbow, of course the two owners of the hand have had a great disaster.

“Hand…… whose hand is it, temperature?” asked Sin Han in a trembling voice.

“Hmmm, I told you, there is someone who wants to play a trick on us……!” and after saying that, it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek had exerted his inner strength, channeling his lwekang. Sin-kun-bu-tek has said,

"Who wants to play with me, the old beggar Lo Ping Kang. Show yourself so we can get to know each other …….! ”

“Hehehe, I didn't expect that old rotten beggar of bangkotan like that……..!”

Following those words, a figure appeared to have jumped out from behind the wall with a very light movement. He was a man in his forties.

But the cut of his face was very rough and awful. Because his left eye was blind and his lips were thick, so that his condition was not pleasant to look at.

Only his body shape is good, which is tall and well-built. On his waist hung a joan-pian (limp whip), which was rolled up in several rolls and hung not very visible unless one looked closely.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's face changed when he saw that person, it seems that Sin-kun-bu-tek was very surprised.

"Suppose you are, Tiat-sim Sianjin (Iron-Hearted Mighty Man)," Sin-kun-bu-tek said in a low voice, after carefully observing the man's condition.

"Right! Nothing wrong at all! I am Tiat-sim Sianjin Su Hong Sin," replied the short-eyed person, "I want to count with you regarding the insult to my student."

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed softly, he had said in a mocking voice, “You want to find a reply for your student .........? Who is your student? ”

Su Hong Sin's face became increasingly unpleasant to look at. He had waved his right hand very hard, causing a very strong gust of wind.

Sin-kun-bu-tek is not afraid to face such an attack. He had been watching her with a very sharp gaze looking towards Su Hong Sin's hand. When the wind of attack was almost over, that's when Sin-kun-bu-tek appeared to quickly dodge to the side.

Situations like this make Su Hong Sin even more curious. He was called Tiat-sim Sianjin, so that opponents and friends felt embarrassed about the science of 'Tiat-sim-ciang or the Beat of the Iron Heart'.

With a loud snapping sound, he has jumped again with a very strong lunge, using one of the moves from Tiat-sim-ciang's science.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't get nervous when he saw his opponent had launched such a powerful attack.

Sin-kun-bu-tek has also released his great moves. He greeted Tiat-sim-ciang's attack with violence, so much so that Su Hong Sin was shocked.

He wanted to withdraw his attack but was not in a hurry anymore, therefore, he quickly continued his attack by increasing the strength of his lwekang power.

"Bukkk!" there was a very strong sound of impact, as well as the situation around the place was about to be an earthquake.

The sound of snaps and the sound of a very loud wind had awakened the occupants of the building from their sleep. They wondered, I don't know what had happened to make such a loud sound and vicious shouts.

The occupants of the building did not dare to go out when they found out that outside the door of the building there were two people who were complaining about their intelligence.

Sin Han, who had been standing there watching, was filled with worry. And also he had seen how much his master tried to knock down his opponent, but Tiat-sim-ciang his opponent was quite formidable.

Sin-kun-bu-tek is the fiercest if he can't knock down his opponent, even though this beggar knows that his opponent is a very formidable opponent. Therefore he had put all his strength lwekang.

Suddenly Sin-kun-bu-tek is spinning in a semi-circle. Very quickly the hands of the old beggar She Lo had launched successive attacks.

Su Hong Sin himself saw this so he thought hard. He really wanted to avenge the hurt of his student, who had been knocked down by the beggar and made disfigured. Therefore, now he is trying to be able to knock down Sin-kun-bu-tek.

At that time, it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek was working tirelessly. As soon as the two attacks were avoided, in a very short time the beggar followed with another attack.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's lwekang strength is actually one level higher than Su Hong Sin's, as well as when it comes to his intelligence. Su Hong Sin couldn't match Sin-kun-bu-tek yet.

But there was one advantage for Su Hong Sin, because he had used Tiat-sim-ciang's punching skills, which had a very strong network.

Because Su Hong Sin's two hands that fought using Tiat-sim-ciang seemed to turn into dozens of pairs of hands. In addition, the pair of hands also looked like they were enclosing and trapping Sin-kun-bu-tek's body.

Such a situation has made Sin-kun-bu-tek twist his brain as hard as possible, he exerts all his ingenuity to push his opponent.

The moves made by Sin-kun-bu-tek are quite powerful and deadly attacks, forcing Su Hong Sin to jump back several times to move attacks that strike very quickly.

Sin-kun-bu-tek at that time had thought,

"Hemm, if the opportunity when he was pressed I didn't take advantage of it, surely in a while I'd have a hard time knocking him down!"

Thinking so, it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek was intensifying his attacks.

So much so that Su Hong Sin became desperate. He tried to give a persistent resistance, but still Su Hong Sin did not succeed in retaliating.

Sin-kun-bu-tek at that time had said mockingly, he said in a loud voice,

"Hemmm, it turns out that your skill is just like that ..........!"

As soon as his voice ran out, Sin-kun-bu-tek's hand immediately launched an even louder strike.

Su Hong Sin also apparently has been irritated mixed with curiosity. He let out a moan, and slammed into the beggar. It means wanting to complain of the soul with its opponent to die together.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek wants to be as determined as his opponent. Quickly the old beggar she Lo made a loud vibrating sound, at the same time both her palms were advanced to launch the attack using all her pure strength.

It just so happened that Su Hong Sin had jumped and charged forward as well. And so on that occasion, where Su Hong Sin didn't have a solid and tight defense, Sin-kun-bu-tek had managed to hit his chest.

"Bukkk!" not playing great impact power. Because in that instant, Su Hong Sin's stout body had been flung high, then rolled on the ground several spears.

Su Hong Sin let out a moaning voice and had crawled to his feet.

“You are indeed great, old beggar! I admit I fell at your hands now, but remember one day I'll be looking for you again!"

And after saying that, it looks like Su Hong Sin turned his body, walked away quickly. With just a few footsteps, his body had disappeared from Sin-kun-bu-tek's sight.

The old beggar she Lo had taken a deep breath, she had said,

"Fortunately I managed to knock him over. If he uses all of his Tiat-sim-ciang knowledge, I may not be able to subdue him," explained the beggar to his students.

Sin Han nodded, then asked in a hesitant voice,

“But Suhu, earlier I saw that the temperature had been shocked and the temperature's face changed when I saw that person's appearance……. Why is that, temperature?”

Sin-kun-bu-tek took another deep breath.

“You do not know, my student! Su Hong Sin, who is called Tiat-sim Sianjin, is a very good person and also has a strong hand. Try to see those two pairs of hands that have been swollen, that's the result of his actions ..........! "

Saying so, Sin-kun-bu-tek pointed to the two pairs of hands lying near the steps of the building.

Sin Han secretly shuddered in horror.

"Hmmm, it's okay to be scared yet!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek to his student. “It's just two pairs of slashed hands, there are still many terrible things that lowly human does!

"Actually, our skills are balanced. But because he carried the custom and followed his temper, it had made him less defensive of his fortifications, so he had to swallow a bitter pill made to bounce by me ..........! ” back the beggar had sighed several times.

Then the old beggar she Lo had advised Sin Han to continue his sleep, while Sin-kun-bu-tek himself had laid himself down near the steps.

The owner of the building and his servants did not dare to come out. What's more, they had witnessed Sin-kun-bu-tek succeed in knocking down his opponent, proving that Lo Ping Kang's intelligence was really great, how could they dare to throw him out?

Meanwhile, the host had ordered his servants not to be nosy or disturb the sleep of the she Lo beggar and his student. Also the rich tycoon had ordered his servants not to open the door before Lo Ping Kang left.

Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han fell into a deep sleep, until they woke up the sun had already risen quite high.

“Little devil, you!” said Sin-kun-bu-tek laughing while tapping Sin Han's shoulder.

Sin Han was startled and had jumped to his feet, he asked, “Where is the temperature going?”

Sin Han asked that, because he saw the beggar had stood up and straightened his patchwork clothes.

“Ordinary…….!” said Sin-kun-bu-tek with a big smile. "I want to ask the restaurants for food rations!"

Hearing his teacher's joking words, Sin Han laughed as well.

“You just wait here, don't go anywhere!!” Sin-kun-bu-tek also ordered while swinging his feet to take his share from the restaurant in this village.

Sin Han obeyed his teacher's message, he remained sitting on the overhang of the building again.

Sin Han sat while pulling the small grass that grew a lot in front of the building, biting slowly.

At that time, it was quite noon, so many people were passing by in the place.

But all the people who passed in front of the building, and saw Sin Han sitting alone, they ignored him. Because they thought maybe Sin Han was a lazy little beggar.

But when on the road a tojin passed by, who was wearing a green robe and was speeding slowly his Hud-team, he was stunned to see Sin Han.

The Tojin had delayed his footsteps, he looked at Sin Han again for a moment without saying a word.

Sin Han was so awkward being noticed that way by the tojin. As soon as the child rose to embrace a pair of his hands, he had sworn to pay his respects.

“Is there something Tootiang wants to tell me?” very friendly when Sin Han asked that.

The Tojin carried an indifferent attitude, he was still watching Sin Han with very sharp eyes.

"Why are you a little beggar?" suddenly the tojin had rebuked in a cold voice. "Isn't it a pity that at such a young age you no longer have the determination and ideals, just rely on people's compassion ........!"

Sin Han's face turned red.

"True totiang, what totiang said is true. But it just so happens that I have a teacher from Kay-pang's party, so I can't not follow the rules in Kay-pang ........! ”

The Tojin seemed surprised too.

“You ........ are you a student of Kay-pang? Who is your teacher? ” the tojin asked quickly.

“Sin-kun-bu-tek…… His name is Lo Ping Kang!” replied Sin Han, after he hesitated for a moment.

“Uhh…….!” exclaimed the tojin in a muffled voice, his face also showing surprise. "You're Lo Ping Kang's disciple, that old fart beggar?"

"True!" Sin Han nodded quickly. "Insu is looking for food ........!"

"Hmm," snorted the tojin, it seemed that he was really irritated and fierce when he found out that Sin Han was a disciple of Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang. “What a coincidence that we got to meet you here!”

"What does Totiang mean ........?" said Sin Han as he stared at the tojin.

“Hmmm…… we haven't seen each other for a dozen years, and here it seems that I won't fail to search either.

"Which will definitely not be in vain to get tired of me to look for it, and practice knowledge ......... Hahahaha .........!" and at the end of his words, the tojin had laughed out loud in a loud voice.

At moments like that, Sin Han immediately realized that this Tojin must have had something wrong with his teacher. Judging from his attitude and face that radiates violence, it certainly shows that Tojin is angry.

"Totiang ........" said Sin Han.

But before his words were finished, the tojin had gripped the shirt on Sin Han's back. Then thrown slammed on the ground!

This movement seems very light. But in reality, Sin Han was slammed hard, until the child seemed to fall off all the bones in his body.

Unwillingly by Sin Han, because he was too sick, he screamed in a shrill voice.

The Tojin apparently did not act until there. He had swung his left leg, then Sin Han's body was thrown into the middle of the air quite high, approximately five spears.

That is unusual kicking power, because the kick is accompanied by a very powerful lwekang power.

As soon as Sin Han's body bounced off with a tremendous speed, the priest had moved his right hand. He had managed to grip the shirt near Sin Han's back.

That way Sin Han didn't get hit too, the Tojin then threw Sin Han to the ground.

"Where is your teacher now?" reprimand the tojin.

“Temperature……… temperature……” Sin Han got flustered.

"Say it quickly!"

"I myself do not know, because what I know is a permanent job for my teacher, which is to find the food he likes."

"Hemm, you got a teacher like Lo Ping Kang, so from that, you will not be a good human being …….! Then it is better that you just be destroyed ........! ”

Hearing Tojin's words, Sin Han's body trembled in shock.

"Hemm, your face is so pale, of course you're scared, aren't you?" asked the priest again, "You do not need to be afraid, I will not persecute you as long as you are willing to take me to your teacher …….!"

After saying that, the priest had stretched out his right hand, he grabbed Sin Han's left hand. Then invited to go look for Sin-kun-bu-tek.

But Sin Han doesn't want to obey Tojin's will, he has struggled. But even though Sin Han struggled with all his might, he couldn't help but hold his hand tightly and he couldn't let go.

Situations like this make Sin Han so determined.

"Evil Tojin, I didn't bother you, why do you want to bother me now? Quickly release this handhold of yours........!"

Hearing Sin Han's words, it seemed that Tojin had laughed out loud, he said later,

"Hemm is already in such a situation, you are still disobeying my orders, then later after I cut your finger, you are willing to take me to meet your teacher.

"That is a wise action, ......... But if you disobey, I do not care about the words, The old man insults the little one, I will torture you ........"

Sin Han was so scared again, he had said in a choked voice.

"Hemm, you forced me in such a way, aren't you afraid of being laughed at by the people of the jungle? Besides, I don't know where the temperature is right now. "

Hearing Sin Han's words, the tojin had said again,

"Hemm, you are a child who is too stubborn! The most important thing now is that you come with me, later if we have met your teacher, Sin-kun-bu-tek, then I will set you free. But if not hemm, hemmm .......... ”

Sin Han is also aware of the danger to himself if he continues to disobey. So he had said in a cold voice,

"Hemm you kill if you really want to destroy me…….!"

"Don't pretend like a Hohan, while your heart is thinking of a way to escape from my grip, right?"

Sin Han is smart, he knows, if he fights the tojin with his stubborn attitude, it will surely cause the tojin to be angry and he may also be mistreated by the tojin.

"Good!" said Sin Han then. “Hemm, with the situation like this of course we have to look around this village……”

“No problem……!” said the tojin in a loud voice. “Hemm…… in this matter, the most important thing is that you have to come with me! If indeed that old beggar she Lo is trying to get away from me, then you will replace him……!”

Sin Han's face turned red with anger and resentment. This tojin is neither rain nor wind, it has cruelly tortured him.

"All right!" said Sin Han later with a feeling of nonsense. Then he said again while looking at the tojin,

"But you have to remember, if it fails, then you don't blame me."

"The most important thing is that we have to search until we get to that old beggar Lo Ping Kang...!" said the tojin in a cruel voice.

Sin Han didn't want to refute it any further. He just nodded his head and followed the tojin who took him everywhere to surround the village.

But after a full day, they still haven't been able to find Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang.

Such a situation made the priest so grumpy. Several times the tojin had thumped his team's Hud feathers on Sin Han's head.

"You don't make fun of me!" snapped the tojin with his loud voice containing a very great rage.

Because he seems really curious. He had also grabbed Sin Han's hand, which he had grabbed so hard, that it caused an incredible feeling of pain.

"Wow ......... don't hold your hand so hard, totiang, it hurts so much!" groaned Sin Han.

"Do you want to show or not where your teacher is hiding?" snapped the priest. "If you stay stubborn, hmm, just once I grip you harder, of course your arm will be destroyed, so that later it can't be used because it will be blemished."

Sin Han took a deep breath, then said as he shook his head a few times.

"Totiang, I really don't know exactly where my teacher went, because it has become his habit to look for food in the morning .........!"

The priest had been standing for a long time, finally loosening his grip.

"Well then, let's find that old beggar she Lo too.... There's no way he can disappear into the earth," said the tojin again in a cold voice.

And he pulled Sin Han's hand to go around the village.

And some time later they were tired, because almost a day they searched here and there with no results. At that time, the tojin seemed to have been getting more and more angry and for a moment, he had stopped and released his grip on Sin Han's hand.

That's when it seems the Tojin has been watching Sin Han cruelly. His face was bright red with anger and rage.

"If you don't want to tell me where your teacher is, then let me find him myself!

“But now you have to represent your teacher! If in the future I fail to find that old beggar she Lo, then I reckon I have vented some of my heartache!"

Sin Han now realizes that this Tojin is his teacher's enemy. And Sin Han regrets why he told him that he was a student of Sin-kun-bu-tek.

But that regret meant nothing anymore, because he had been held captive by the tojin.

But as a smart kid, Sin Han quickly said,

"Wait a minute, totiang. Talk about death I'm not afraid but you yourself.

“Isn't it a shame to be ridiculed by the Kang-ouw people for accusing the old man of insulting the little one? Hem about my teacher, if he has arrived in front of the building where I was, totiang can meet him. "

"Hemmm ........!" the tojin snorted coldly. "I already said, if you don't want to tell where your teacher is hiding, then you have to represent him ........!"

And after saying that, this tojin had let go of his grip. Sin Han, who was confused and panicked, knew that Tojin had high intelligence, with just one hit on his head, of course he would perish right away.

Therefore, Sin Han did not want to waste the opportunity. As soon as the tojin released his grip, Sin Han quickly turned his body, he had run with all his might.

But how can Sin Han escape from the hands of the gallant Tojin? With a cold snapping sound,

"Where are you going to run to?"

The tojin's body seems to have moved very fast. And as soon as he stretched out his hand, immediately Sin Han's back was grabbed by the tojin, then he lifted Sin Han's body up high.

When the shirt behind his back was blocked by the tojin, Sin Han felt his spirit like flying away from his body. And he was even more shocked when his body was thrown into the air and then fell to the ground, accompanied by the sound of his screams.

The Tojin had laughed mockingly while moving his Hud-team (speed for the priest).

"I told you, you must not have unreasonable thoughts. Don't think about escaping from my hands!

"Hemm, even though you have the knowledge of running fast ten times from now, you will not be able to escape from the hands of Kiang An Cinjin ........" And after saying in a mocking voice like that, the tojin laughed out loud again .

Sin Han was horrified to see the face of the tojin which seemed quite scary.

At that time, Sin Han had also crawled up with his face covered in blood. Because earlier the tojin had thrown him, so that he fell hard, with his face first kissing the earth, so that immediately from his nose there was a torrent of fresh red blood.

When Sin Han was able to stand still and touched his face, he was shocked to see the blood splattered on his palms. Immediately, Sin Han became desperate, he had shouted cursing at the tojin bravely,

“Shameless buffalo nose, hemm! Apparently you are really a low and despicable tojin! ”

Hearing the word, the tojin looked at Sin Han with a very sharp look in his eyes, emitting very cruelty. And the tojin did not remain silent.

With a loud exclamation it seemed that he had moved his index finger. But the consequences were great for Sin Han, because as soon as his face was touched by the fingers of the tojin's hands, Sin Han immediately felt an incredible pain.

Besides his nose that was leaking fresh red blood, he also felt his eyes getting very dark. After turning three times, Sin Han appeared to fall on the ground.

“Smelly buffalo nose! You are too mean!” shouted Sin Han who was desperate. “I will fight souls with you…….!”

And after saying that, Sin Han seemed to make a loud exclamation. He had launched an attack with that small pair of his hands.

In fact, the moves revealed by Sin-kun-bu-tek is a great science and quite extraordinary.

When Tojin saw Sin Han hit, he calmly accepted the attack. He had fixed his chest, so that his chest was hit hard as well.

"Bukkk!" it was not Tojin who was in pain, it was Sin Han himself who was in pain, and quickly pulled his hand away. The Tojin had laughed seeing Sin Han in such pain, he had said in a mocking voice,

"Hemm, do you want to feel more torture from me? Come on, show me where the old bangka she Lo is! ”

Seeing the tojin's attitude and also before he had felt the consequences of a hand grip or being slammed hard, made Sin Han not dare to be too stubborn again.

"Totiang, I really don't know where the temperature is now!" said Sin Han. “But of course I don't mind going around this village to find my teacher! But to be sure, where the temperature is at the moment I don't know at all! ”

Sin Han spoke with a stern demeanor. But the tojin seemed dissatisfied, he slowly unbuttoned the sleeves of his cloak, he said aloud,

"Hemm, you don't need many reasons! The important thing now is that you have to show where your teacher is, the old bangka she Lo is, so that you will not receive tortures that are much greater than mine .........! ”

Sin Han sighed. He had left the place to wander around the village.

Si Tojin watched from behind, he didn't want to walk in front, only followed Sin Han from behind.

Meanwhile, Sin Han often thought. Did he try to run away too, or did he just follow the tojin's orders.

While walking Sin Han had been thinking hard. And he didn't know what to do. Because if he ran away, of course the tojin would easily be able to catch up with him, because the tojin had very high intelligence.

But if he remained silent under the control of the pastor, of course he would be bound. Chances are he will be tortured and hurt by the priest.

The Tojin also apparently knew that Sin Han, who had become his prisoner, was thinking and trying to find a chance to escape.

That is why the tojin follows with a distance not too far. Although he did not lead Sin Han, he remained vigilant.

If the boy intended to run away, the intention would be quickly canceled, because the distance was not so far, making it easier for the tojin to catch and punish Sin Han again.

At that time, Sin Han saw that there was absolutely no chance of escape.

But this child is intelligent and very clever mind. That's why for a while Sin Han didn't show the attitude of wanting to run away.

He just obeyed every word of the tojin. And if he does meet his teacher later, he too can be free again.

However, where is the teacher to be found? Sin Han still doesn't know where to look for his teacher, while the Tojin has made several mocking and insulting voices to him and also to Sin-kun-bu-tek.

It's true that Sin Han's heart is not playing. He tried to suppress his irritability and it didn't show on his face. It was just that Sin Han had been secretly thinking in his heart,

"When you meet my teacher later, you will find out that Sin-kun-bu-tek is a mighty man."

“Quickly show me the hiding place of that old fart beggar She Lo! If you deliberately take me around the village hem, hem, I will break both of your legs!”

Hearing the words of the tojin, Sin Han shuddered. Because it is not impossible that the priest will prove his threat. Moreover, the tone of the priest's voice showed his anger and cruelty.

"I really want to find my teacher!" said Sin Han after being stunned for a moment. "With my teacher, of course you won't insult me ​​anymore......"

“Hmm, so you mean your teacher is a mighty warrior who is unmatched? Hmmmm, hemmmm dear old beggar bangka she Lo is not here, if later we have managed to find her trail, I will show you how real the rotten beggar is. "

Sin Han didn't say anything, he just kept walking. The tojin also no longer nagged, just followed behind Sin Han.

This Tojin has seen that Sin Han is not lying, because from his movements it can be seen that this child is indeed looking for his teacher too.

But after a long time, they still couldn't find Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang, so the tojin's anger flared up again.

"Hmm, never mind!" said the tojin in a very loud voice. "Even though I couldn't find that old beggar bastard, who can play hide-tail, then let you represent him......"

And having said approached Sin Han. The tojin's eyes had emitted a vile beam, he likewise had raised his left hand, to launch an attack on the child himself.

Although to pat Sin Han's skull hard enough, the tojin only used two parts of his inner strength. The attack winds roared, and Sin Han's heart constricted in shock.

“How could he parry or dodge from that attack?”

So finally Sin Han just gave up, he kept quiet with his eyes closed.

At the same time the palms of the Tojin only separated a few dim from the skull. Suddenly a shadow appeared to have flashed very quickly.

Tojin's hand movements were already fast, as he attacked with a strange punch. But the person who had just appeared was even more agile, because when he swung his hand, he managed to block the tojin's hand.

So that makes the tojin so angry not playing. He had jumped back a few steps back with a bright red face.

"Hmmm, it looks like you?" asked the tojin, looking at the person who appeared. He also continued,

"I've been looking for you for a long time. Apparently you were hiding on purpose and now you're just showing yourself!"

Sin Han, who had just closed his eyes, has opened his eyelids again, and how happy he was when he recognized the person who had just appeared to help him.

"Temperature........!" he shouted.

The person who had just appeared was indeed none other than Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang, who at that moment was standing facing the tojin in a mocking manner.

"Buffalo nose, why are you insulting my disciple?" he asked then.

The priest who was called "buffalo nose" was furious. He had looked with sharp eyes as he said,

“Sin-kun-bu-tek, I came here to make a meeting with you to determine who loses and who dies……!”

But Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang greeted the tojin's words with a very cold attitude.

"Hmm, you want to complain intelligence? I advise you, that in fighting intelligence, one of them wins, and one loses!

"So if later you come out victorious, of course you won't get anything... But if in this case you lose, won't you suffer the shame of being laughed at by the people of the martial jungle?"

Asked that, the tojin laughed mockingly, he too had said in a cold voice,

“You don't need to advise me! Know that some of my brothers and sisters have fallen into your hands!

“Even our third brother, you have been destroyed! In this case besides me fighting intelligence, I also want to reckon with the revenge from a dozen years ago!!” Finished saying the tojin had raced the Hud-team in his hand.

From Hud's speed his team grabbed a very strong wind, because the tojin realized that Sin-kun-bu-tek was a formidable opponent.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang just stood quietly where he was. He just watched the attack coming.

When the tojin's left hand was about to grip the chest shirt, Sin-kun-bu-tek just responded with a shampoo. Hud-tim's speed is extraordinary in the hands of the tojin, so if it was hit on the target it would surely cause him to be seriously injured or perish.........

But Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang did have a high intelligence. He didn't get nervous when he was attacked by the tojin's hand strokes mixed with his team's Hud.

Circumstances like this made the tojin even more curious. He had put all his strength into attacking Sin-kun-bu-tek.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek does have a gin-kang and intelligence that is quite high, he has responded to the tojin attack with violence as well.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was sure that he would be able to knock down this tojin. So even though the Tojin had launched a very strong attack, he had accompanied it with his foot kick.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's foot kick was so fast that the tojin gave a startled cry.

A while ago he had been searching for traces of Sin-kun-bu-tek. His heart was sure that he would succeed in subduing Sin-kun-bu-tek in just a few moves.

But now, once they fought, at that moment the tojin felt that the strength of the lwekang and the intelligence of the beggar were not beneath him.

But filled with rage and anger, the tojin had moved his hands again with a very strong movement. Mana attacks have made Sin-kun-bu-tek temporarily have to dodge first.

Tojin was overjoyed, he had launched a far more powerful attack. The tojin's spirit woke up when he saw Sin-kun-bu-tek starting to get pressed and at that moment it was seen how busy the beggar was trying to escape.

So the tojin repeatedly made a loud cry, while his hands were moved, where Hud-his team had grabbed like a dragon and also used his hands to grip.

Sin-kun-bu-tek knew he couldn't fight in such a manner. So with a loud snapping sound, suddenly his two fists, which were very strong and tough, had snatched one after another to the deadly parts of the tojin's body.

Of course the tojin had to dodge while pulling back his attack. But not to mention that the tojin managed to improve the position of his two legs, it turned out that the old beggar She Lo had launched another aggressive attack.

Lo Ping Kang is famous for his nickname, which is an unrivaled magic fist. Therefore you can imagine how great his two fists are.

However, as a martial artist with high intelligence, the tojin did not become nervous. He had turned his Hud-team very fast, his Hud-team circle protected his whole body from being hit by Sin-kun-bu-tek's fist.

At that time, Sin Han just watched from the side with his heart praying for his teacher to win, because the tojin had become very evil and had tortured him.

Sin-kun-bu-tek and the tojin have engaged in a very exciting battle. Each has brought out their hidden knowledge.

Si Tojin himself, using his team's Hud, seems to be getting stronger and stronger, so it is not easy for Sin-kun-bu-tek to knock down his opponent.

At that time the Tojin also did not remain silent, he had thought,

“The beggar is tough and strong, but…… Hemm, see if I can subdue you or you can knock me down!

“Our wits are almost evenly matched, and the beggar only wins by a draw from me! So if I can involve him using the Ban-hoa-ie (Rain of a thousand flowers), of course I can destroy this rotten beggar……!”

Thinking so, it seems that the tojin has intensified his attack, with Hud and his team the tojin actually wants to engage Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Sin-kun-bu-tek thought, “This priest's skill is not below me……! Hemm, he doesn't seem easy to knock down…..!”

Sin-kun-bu-tek just thought until that point, precisely at that time he had seen the Tojin change his attack method, so the beggar was surprised too. He had tried to concentrate all the strength of his inner strength to counterattack.

Circumstances like this have made it a bit difficult for the tojin to launch an attack that binds the beggar. Because it was Sin-kun-bu-tek that apart from relying on his high lwekang, both his legs took alternate kicks, making it a bit difficult for the tojin to dodge the attacks.

One time Sin-kun-bu-tek saw an opportunity where the tojin was lifting his team's Hud, to attack, while the distance between the two was very close.

So when the tojin raised his team Hud, the defense in his chest opened, making Sin-kun-bu-tek so happy. How could he waste this opportunity?

By exerting his lwekang power in both his fists, his left hand had launched an attack towards the chest. Then he used his right hand to pound Tojin's stomach.

The ending was great, because with a loud voice, “Bukkk! Duck!” Tojin's chest and stomach got hit hard.

As soon as it was hit by the beggar's attack, the tojin let out a very loud scream, his body had bounced very hard.

Sin-kun-bu-tek had approached the body of the tojin who was rolling on the ground.

Actually Sin-kun-bu-tek wanted to launch another attack. But when he saw the tojin crawl to his feet and then vomit fresh blood three times, the old beggar she Lo had canceled his intention to attack the tojin again.

"Now that you've seen, a buffalo-nosed man like you can't match Sin-kun-bu-tek, can he?" mocked the beggar.

At that time the tojin had managed to stand up with a staggered body and he had been watching Sin-kun-bu-tek with a sharp look in his eyes.

"Hmm, I won't forget this gift!" he said in a slightly hoarse voice, because at that time the tojin had vomited fresh blood three times.

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed out loud.

“Hemm, if you want revenge, I can't say anything. But right now if I really wanted to, then it would be easy for me to annihilate you here……”

Tojin's face turned red.

“I will not let you pass so comfortably, because earlier you have insulted and tortured my disciple! Well, now you try to feel my hand!”

And after saying that, Sin-kun-bu-tek's pair of hands had moved to launch another attack. But the tojin who was turning to see Sin-kun-bu-tek's attack, then he was able to dodge it. Without attacking or cursing back, it seemed the tojin had jumped to leave.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was satisfied toying with the tojin.

Sin Han quickly approached his teacher, where Sin-kun-bu-tek had used a piece of cloth to clean the student's wound.

“That Tojin's intelligence is quite high, not below me……. So if we really fought, it would be hard for me to take him down!

"Fortunately the tojin earlier made a move that emptied his chest defenses, so I managed to launch an attack on him and hurt him inside….. If the tojin acts calmly, of course it's hard for me to knock him down!"

"Who is the evil tojin temperature?" asked Sin Han after the teacher had cleaned the bloodstains on his face.

The beggar shrugged his shoulders.

“This is the first time I've seen him myself, I don't know who he is and from which college. His martial arts skills are quite great because it's hard for me to guess which school the tojin is from……”

“But that tojin is so mean, geez, he has tortured me without mercy anymore……!” said Sin Han then in a spoiled manner.

"Never mind, didn't I repay your annoyance by knocking out the buffalo nose tojin? Hasn't he also vomited fresh blood?"

Sin Han nodded, apparently this child is satisfied to see his teacher has succeeded in playing the tojin.

At that time, the weather seemed to be getting closer. From behind his shirt full of patches, the beggar had pulled out two pieces of grilled chicken and several kinds of cakes and other vegetables.

The teacher and student immediately filled their stomachs. Sin-kun-bu-tek invites Sin Han to continue his journey again after resting.

"We're going to Kang-lam, it's a very beautiful area, and full of tenderness. For the air in the south is very good and the soil is fertile!

"Do you know, out of amazement, some poets have written poetry which reads as follows,

“Kang-lam is heaven on earth……!”

From those words alone you can already imagine how beautiful Kang-lam is.”

Sin Han was overjoyed, he clapped his hands a few times.

“Of course there I can play around to my heart's content……!” said Sin Han in a cheerful voice.

Sin-kun-bu-tek smiled at the student's words, he said slowly,

"My student, although the area there is incredibly beautiful, you can't just play around, your martial arts training must be practiced so that you can master it well........!"

“Yes, tecu will also always remember and keep all temperature advice……. But by being in a scenic area like Kang-lam, it means that I can witness an amazing beauty……! Regarding the practice of martial arts such as temperature, see for yourself, haven't I never been negligent?”

Again Sin-kun-bu-tek smiled patiently, he had been stroking Sin Han's head affectionately. After resting again for a while, the beggar jumped to his feet saying,

"Let's go!"

Sin Han has also risen to his feet. But just as they were about to swing their footsteps, suddenly Sin Han's eyes opened wide.

Likewise his teacher, Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang, whose eyes were wide open, was watching somewhere under a tree.

It turned out that under the tree there was a group of snakes of erratic size, some were long and some were short, the colors also varied, some were green, some were red and brown.

The number of snakes of about a hundred tails was sliding on the ground. The tongues of the snakes stuck out and they hissed in a terrifying sound.

"Very weird!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang in a muffled voice. “Where did those snakes that consist of various types come from…. It's amazing how they can gather into one like that……!”

Sin-kun-bu-tek couldn't continue what he was saying, because the snakes had been sliding toward them.

"Let's go.........!" invite Sin-kun-bu-tek who wants to stay away from the snakes. "We don't need to fight such creeping beasts, even though our intelligence is high and our level is perfect, but if we have to face such a large number of snakes, how can we escape?"

Sin Han just obeyed his teacher's invitation. Indeed, this child was frightened and disgusted by the large number of snakes.

But when they had just turned four steps, from the front they came upon a swarm of snakes of various kinds. So strictly speaking, they are like being trapped by a line of snakes.

When Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek turned their heads in the other direction. In two places left and right, they also saw rows of very scary snakes sliding towards Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han.

Sin Han was so scared to see that there were so many snakes, he approached his teacher, as if he wanted to ask for protection.

Sin-kun-bu-tek himself was confused to face such a line of snakes, because if he really used his gin-kang (the science of lightening his body), he would not be able to jump up to six or seven spears, while the number of snakes was very large and lined up very long, up to a dozen spears.

Sin-kun-bu-tek so complained.

He is strong and has high intelligence. But facing this line of snakes he was helpless and did not know what to do.

He is also disgusted. The line of snakes had come closer and closer, so that Sin-kun-bu-tek and his disciples were trapped by the line of snakes.

But while the snakes were enclosing Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek in the form of a spiral of a spear, suddenly in the middle of the air a pair of pigeons passed by, which let out a series of shouts.

Seeing the dove, Sin-kun-bu-tek's face changed.

“Afternoon-niauw-pek-sian!” cried Sin Han in a choked voice, because he knew that the presence of the pair of doves meant that Siang-niauw-pek-sian's master was also present.

Sin-kun-bu-tek has also been thinking,

“Just dealing with these snakes is already difficult because these snakes seem to be very well trained! I don't know who owns it........! And now coupled with the emergence of Siang-niauw-pek-sian, of course things are getting more complicated.”

The sound of the dove's screech had caused the snakes around the place to lift their heads with their tongues outstretched, it seemed that this reptile was facing something it respected.

Not long after, in the distance a faint scream was heard. And at that moment, Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han looked around, because the person who made a shriek that resembled the sound of laughing and crying was getting closer and closer.

Sin-kun-bu-tek knew that it was none other than the demon character Siang-niauw-pek-sian. But so far, no one has been seen.

The snakes that numbered in the thousands, when they heard the terrifying screech, had bowed their heads. The attitude of the snakes was as if they were waiting for the person who issued the shriek to pay their respects.

The two white doves, whose feathers were smooth and beautiful, had swooped down in unison, snatching up a not-so-big snake.

The snake that was snatched by the pigeon did not writhe or hiss at all, just remained silent.

The two doves had flown high again, they had pulled the body of the snake, then broke the body of the snake. The two doves flew down again and stood on a large enough rock, then pecked at the snake, to be their food!

Seeing that Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek had looked on in surprise. Because they did not understand why such a poisonous snake could submit and silently be destroyed by the two doves.

So much so that a feeling of horror had covered Sin Han's heart, and so had Sin-kun-bu-tek. The old beggar was also shocked, but he was able to defend himself to suppress his horror at the thousands of snakes.

Even Sin-kun-bu-tek wanted to see the next development. To get out of the circle of the snake line, obviously they couldn't.

But you can't just keep quiet. Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly thought of finding a way out. By that time, the terrifying shriek from Siang-niauw-pek-sian, had sounded even louder.

And not long after, that person appeared, Siang-niauw-pek-sian who had scary eyes and face.

When he arrived at that place, Siang-niauw-pek-sian had seen Sin-kun-bu-tek and his student, then Siang-niauw-pek-sian made a mocking voice, he said in a cold voice,

"We are apparently married ........ now we have met again !!"

And after saying that, Siang-niauw-pek-sian laughed heartily. He swung his legs to step into the ring where the line of snakes filled in without the slightest opening either.

But strangely, when Siang-niauw-pek-sian stepped in past the line of snakes, it was the snakes that moved aside.

Sin-kun-bu-tek has replied,

“I never thought, that this world is too small, so that we can meet each other again……!”

“Hmm, you see, not a line of snakes. Those snakes are my wife's toys......... If my toy is that dove, which obeys my every command.

“In fact, my wife keeps this many snakes to help me, so that my pigeons don't starve.........! Every day the dove can eat snake meat!!”

Back Siang-niauw-pek-sian had laughed heartily again.

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed coldly, he had said,

“You are indeed a shameless lowly human! Hemm, this proves that you raised your name among Kang-ouw not relying on your intelligence, just relying on your pigeons and snakes……!”

Siang-niauw-pek-sian was so annoyed that he let out a loud shout. Which call has made Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han feel like their ears are deaf.

If Sin-kun-bu-tek could maintain the vibration of the sound by channeling his inner strength, Sin Han, who still had low intelligence, had fallen to the ground.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was startled, he quickly squatted down to wake his student. He had also punctured several blood vessels in Sin Han's body, so that his student had regained consciousness.

Siang-niauw-pek-sian let Sin-kun-bu-tek help his student, but at that time, he also couldn't stop making a very loud scream, which was accompanied by the strength of his lwekang power.

As soon as he woke up, Sin Han fainted again due to the very strong sound vibration from Siang-niauw-pek-sian.

Sin-kun-bu-tek became even more irritated, he even cursed Siang-niauw-pek-sian, his heart was also thinking,

“Let Sin Han faint first…… I have to face this wolf-hearted human……”

Hence Sin-kun-bu-tek placed his disciple's body on the ground, while he himself had jumped to his feet with a face radiating intense annoyance.

"Siang-niauw-pek-sian!" exclaimed Sin-kun-bu-tek in a voice that contained annoyance. “You are so outrageous! Do not do cunning deeds by borrowing the power of magic or the reptile .........

"If it's really Hohan, of course you will face me with your martial arts......!"

Siang-niauw-pek-sian stopped screaming, with a very red face like a boiled crab, for he was very angry. It was then that he said in a voice that contained the air of murder,

"Smelly beggar, you don't have to talk much!" he said then, "If you really feel I'm playing cunning, I invite you to attack me.... we will honestly pit our intelligence, so that your heart is satisfied……!”

Lo Ping Kang laughed coldly, he had said in a bland voice,

"Good! Good! But a Hohan's promise is like a horse that's been whipped and running........ You can't deny your words anymore........! Now then, order the snakes to leave…… so that we can fight more freely.”

Siang-niauw-pek-sian laughed mockingly at the words of the old beggar She Lo.

“The snakes are kept by my wife, so how can I order the snakes to leave? What's more, my dove hasn't eaten its fill yet.........! Let's just fight here……!”

Hearing the words Siang-niauw-pek-sian, Lo Ping Kang was still hesitant. he had been keeping an eye on the line of snakes that were lined up.

"Why? Are you worried that later after I was pushed by you?”

"Right! Precisely!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek then in a hesitant voice.

"Hemmm ......... I won't be that insulted!" said Siang-niauw-pek-sian angrily. "I also know, by having intelligence like you now, no more than ten moves you have been able to break down!"

“Alright,” said Sin-kun-bu-tek with a small chuckle mockingly. "Let's prove that word!"

Siang-niauw-pek-sian was naughty, he had let out a scream with his eyeballs turning red.

Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't dare look into Siang-niauw-pek-sian's eyes, which seemed to contain supernatural powers. Therefore, while glancing, he only looked at the very dangerous parts of his opponent's body.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also realized that once he fell in the eye circle of Siang-niauw-pek-sian, he would surely fall into the grip of Siang-niauw-pek-sian.

This situation has made Sin-kun-bu-tek act very cautiously, because Siang-niauw-pek-sian has tried several times to overpower his opponent with the power of black magic (a kind of magic).

However, since Sin-kun-bu-tek is not a weak person, he can deal with it by trying to calm himself down as best he can.

It seems that Siang-niauw-pek-sian is annoyed and very curious to see Sin-kun-bu-tek can last so long. While currently eight moves have been made, there are only two remaining moves for Siang-niauw-pek-sian to knock down his opponent.

"Come out all your intelligence, I can't believe you can knock me down by relying on ten moves," said Sin-kun-bu-tek in a very cruel voice while remaining alert to the attacks of the strange Siang-niauw-pek-sian- strange move!

But Siang-niauw-pek-sian also has extraordinary intelligence, so in a state of urgency and pinch like that, Siang-niauw-pek-sian quickly parried by pushing Sin-kun-bu-tek's palm.

When their hands collided with each other, Siang-niauw-pek-sian had made a very loud shriek.

But the screaming sound that Siang-niauw-pek-sian gave off could not knock Sin-kun-bu-tek down, even though it had a very strong lwekang vibration, because Sin-kun-bu-tek had put in his inner strength to block his hearing. Both of his hands had been pulled back while jumping back one step back.