Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 07

Volume 07

BUT Cin An Cinjin also has high intelligence. He had indeed foresaw that his sword attack would be annihilated.

So as soon as his sword was struck by his opponent's golden machete, he let out a shout as he lowered his sword. Then cheated up, slapping him to slit his opponent's chest.

Such a movement is of course a very dangerous movement. If it hits the right target, it will inevitably cause the opponent's chest to be torn by the flick of the sword's edge.

But Kim-to-ong-san really has an incredible agility. Although his opponent's sword point snapped very quickly, but he was able to dodge the attack easily. He tilted his body to the right, then his mustache machete made of gold had sliced ​​towards Cin An Cinjin's waist.

Cin An Cinjin became shocked, he traced his body clumping twice in the middle of the air. But by the time his body slid down, he had felt the blow of the machete again.

This is because Kim-to-ong-san has launched three attacks in a row, so in a row Cin An Cinjin must avoid himself by jumping away from the mustika machete attacks. The yellow rays from Kim-to-ong-san's golden machete kept flashing at Cin An Cinjin's deadly body parts.

But Cin An Cinjin has managed to keep going and then on one occasion, when Kim-to-ong-san withdrew his weapon to be used to attack as well, that's when Cin An Cinjin accompanied his attack which had been channeled by his lwekangnya energy. Because he wanted his opponent to step back to give him a chance to improve his position.

Kim-to-ong-san also doesn't want to push too hard on his opponent who shows such determination, while shouting 'Hemmm! " he jumped backwards, to get ready for the next attack of his opponent, his mouth had also asked while accompanied by laughter,

“How are my skills? Is it enough to overwhelm your skills? ”

Reprimanded like that, instead of playing with Cin An Cinjin's anger, he snapped,

"Hemmm, try to feel this sword!" and the priest had twisted his sword with a very swift motion like a step. Then by issuing his sword attack has made a series of stabs several times.

Kim-to-ong-san has also seen the danger that threatens her. Because in some of these moves he knew that Cin An Cinjin's skill was quite high, only one level different from his skill.

It's just because Cin An Cinjin attacks himself with cowardice and determination, so that for a while Kim-to-ong-san can't subdue his opponent by force. Because if he is forced to push Cin An Cinjin too much, there is a possibility that they could get hurt together.

That's why Kim-to-ong-san doesn't want to be as determined as his opponent, to avoid his opponent's attacks that come in a row. It seems that Kim-to-ong-san is only playing tricks, and his machete is occasionally used to repel.

In the blink of an eye, Cin An Cinjin had launched an attack of up to a dozen moves, but because his opponent's intelligence was still one level above his own, he did not succeed in urging his opponent. Even little by little he had fallen under the wind.

Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han, who witnessed the battle, saw that the two men did have great skills. But unlike Sin Han, Sin-kun-bu-tek has been able to distinguish that Cin An Cinjin is actually still inferior to his opponent.

And attacks that constantly urge his opponent, can bring down Cin An Cinjin himself. Because Kim-to-ong-san faced him calmly and was looking for the weak parts of this opponent.

Amidst the gusts of wind of attack that came, Kim-to-ong-san seemed to start to change the way he fought. He didn't pay much attention to his opponent's sword attacks.

He stood with a pair of upright legs moving the machete to the left and to the right to protect his body. On one occasion, Kim-to-ong-san was seen mobilizing his left arm while snapping,

"You collapsed ........!"

The attack made Cin An Cinjin's body sway hard, as Kim-to-ong-san shook it with a powerful lwekang (inner energy).

Seeing Cin An Cinjin's condition, Sin-kun-bu-tek sighed.

"This Tojin had the same fate as me ........ he fought with kalap. Try to calm him down a little, of course he can face Kim-to-ong-san much better …….! " said the beggar in a low voice.

"But the temperature ......... several times the tojin was attacked and desperate by Kim-to-ong-san, it seems that the tojin's intelligence is still below his opponent's intelligence!"

"It's true what you said .........." said Sin-kun-bu-tek. "But if only the tojin wanted to calm down, it is not certain that he could be overthrown by Kim-to-ong-san in a short time, because he was calm and forgot his calmness, by himself he was attacked so badly ....... .! ”

Seeing the fighting situation like that, the nineteen friends from Cin An Cinjin showed concern and anger. They were worried that the priest might be harmed by Kim-to-ong-san, because they fought with sharp weapons.

Angry because they believe that Kim-to-ong-san will win. And as friends of Cin An Cinjin, they were of course angry to see the friend so desperate.

If they didn't remember Cin An Cinjin's message not to help him when he fought Kim-to-ong-san, they would have come forward to help.

Such a fact has made the nineteen friends of the tojin whether they like it or not, they must abide by the message. Because if they stepped forward to surround Kim-to-ong-san, it would certainly offend his friend.

Cin An Cinjin himself knew that his opponent's skill was above his skill. But because he was overwhelmed with anger, he no longer cared about his own safety.

He attacked his opponent with great determination. Each time his sword moved, he launched deadly attacks.

Kim-to-ong-san also realizes that his opponent is very curious, so he repeatedly laughs coldly. It's to provoke his opponent's anger so that the opponent becomes more aggressive, so that he can easily tear it down later.

Sin Han saw how quickly the sword and machete were flashing, showing that the intelligence of the two men who were fighting had reached a very high level.

Kim-to-ong-san at that time had said in a loud voice,

"I think we've had enough this time around .........!"

And along with that word, it appeared that the golden machete that had snatched came very quickly towards the neck of his opponent.

Cin An Cinjin so issued a restrained exclamation. He had swung his sword to fend off and quickly backed away in some action.

It is precisely such a movement that is expected by his opponent. Kim-to-ong-san had channeled his lwekang energy in both his hands then he pushed it until Cin An Cinjin's body seemed to be attacked by a very terrible force, by uttering the sound of "Bukkkk!" Cin An Cinjin's body had been thrown as far as several spears.

Kim-to-ong-san's movement isn't just up there, as his right hand has slid to snatch the priest's sword. Cin An Cinjin's wrist had been pierced, so that his sword came loose from its grip.

And when the sword slid down and fell, Kim-to-ong-san quickly reached out to grab the sword. In the blink of an eye, the priest's sword had moved hands.

"Well, now we know that our skills are balanced ........ do you want to continue this game?" Kim-to-ong-san asked as he returned his opponent's sword.

Asked so, of course Cin An Cinjin became more angry. After taking his sword from his opponent's hand, he resolutely re-launched the stabs into Kim-to-ong-san's body, ignoring his own safety again.

Kim-to-ong-san certainly doesn't want to complain about dying along with his opponent. He twisted a few times and wanted to snatch Cin An Cinjin's sword again.

He had returned the sword with the intention of the priest ending their enmity. But who suspected that the priest actually launched his attacks again.

When Cin An Cinjin's sword snatched quickly, then Kim-to-ong-san had twisted, and as he twisted he then stabbed his opponent's ribs with the movement of "Heron Out of the Cave", then immediately Cin An Cinjin had collapsed on the ground.

In a situation like this, Cin An Cinjin has tried several times to channel the power of his inner energy to open his butt, but to no avail.

Kim-to-ong-san takes his opponent's sword which is then handed back to the tojin.

"I hope you want to understand, that the enmity between us does not need to continue ........!"

But Cin An Cinjin rolled his eyes wide with a hostile attitude, he had said coldly,

"Even if I have to perish, I will still complain to you! Why are you so cunning and contemptible? Why are you playing totok? Quickly open your totokan ........ Let's fight again! ”

And after saying that, it looks like Cin An Cinjin is spitting, he hates Kim-to-ong-san so much.

But Kim-to-ong-san is impatient. He had just wanted to say, or from a group of friends Cin An Cinjin had jumped closer to a hweeshio aged between forty years. His face was wide and his nose was big, he had heard a loud bang,

"Kim-to-ong-san, you really have a high level of intelligence, Cin An Tosu has managed to bring you down! Let me Bong Siu Siansu this time try to study with you! ”

And after saying that, it seemed that Hweeshio was getting ready to launch an attack. His attitude showed that he was an expert in inner energy, because he was trying to channel the power of his inner energy in both his palms, and then the skin of his palms had turned red like blood.

In a situation like this, Kim-to-ong-san has to face the hweshio who seems so fierce, he has said,

"Hemmm, I really thought that you came with the tojin because you want to play keroyok ........!"

It looks like Kim-to-ong-san has thrown his tojin sword to the ground, then he said in a sweet voice,

"Well, get ready for us to try to measure intelligence."

Hweshio did not use a sharp weapon, he faced Kim-to-ong-san with his bare hands. When challenged like that by Kim-to-ong-san, the hweshio waved his right sleeve while jumping forward, knowing that his left hand had been stretched out to grip it very hard.

Every move the hweshio made, the hissing wind was so strong, that Kim-to-ong-san staggered back a few steps and had destroyed his lwek's strength, because he intended to fight hard.

"Bukkk ........!" there was a very loud banging sound. The collision has caused their bodies to stagger backwards.

But the Hweshio, who admitted that he was called Bong Siu Siansu, had attacked again while launching a series of attacks. In just a few moments, he had launched a dozen attacks.

Kim-to-ong-san's name is really dashing. His opponent he attacked with his attacks so strong, in fact he was able to deal with it well.

In the midst of such a barrage of attacks, Kim-to-ong-san's golden machete seemed to flutter with a mighty movement, grabbing the upper, middle and lower body of his opponent.

And as a result of the attack, Bong Siu Siansu had to reduce his insistence. He had to retreat several times, as the attack threatened the safety of his soul.

Kim-to-ong-san himself at that time was shocked because he had seen that Bong Siu Siansu's intelligence was almost as good as his own. By itself, it has made him think so hard to find the weakness of his opponent, he intends to finish the battle as soon as possible.

Using the "Kim-to-siang-niauw" or "A Pair of Golden Joking Birds" movement, the machete fluttered over his opponent's bald head, because just like the machete, it had really turned into a bird, threatening the shell. the head of his opponent.

The wind from the attack that emerged from Kim-to-ong-san's machete forced the hweshio to temporarily retreat from the original distance, to find a chance to counter his opponent's attacks.

But Kim-to-ong-san doesn't want to waste any more time. His machete flashed violently, and also the attacking energy all diluted the bloodstream of "Mie-hong-hiat 'and' Pan-cie-hiat 'from his opponent, who were each on the shoulder and arm of the hweshio.

Bong Siu Siansu was furious. Suddenly both his palms were brought forward, he tried to catch his opponent's machete with the fingers of his right hand, while his left hand was used to pound his opponent's chest.

Under such circumstances, of course Kim-to-ong-san could not play around with his opponent's attacks. He had repeatedly pulled his machete out of his opponent's grasp.

In addition, the blow of the opponent's left hand on his chest was faced with the force of the lwekang that had been channeled in his chest, so that when Bong Siu Siansu's hand touched his opponent's chest, he felt how his hand was like hitting his chest hard as steel.

Bong Siu Siansu let out a startled cry and quickly pulled back his left hand.

But at that time, Kim-to-ong-san didn't stay still. He had let out a loud snort and his left hand replied to Bong Siu Siansu.

Since this move was a move that threatened the hweshio's safety, the hweshio had to release his finger on Kim-to-ong-san's machete.

As soon as his machete slipped from his opponent's grip, Kim-to-ong-san quickly retaliated with his machete until it emitted a glittering golden glow.

"Ihhh!" Bong Siu Siansu exclaimed restrained. He had moved quickly to avoid the strike of the machete, and by the time he escaped the danger, it was remarkable that Bong Siu Siansu had launched a shot with one of the “Pek-lui-ciang” or Geledek Hand Shots.

Pek-lui-ciang is a science similar to Pek-kong-ciang, but the difference is that the Thunderbolt can destroy iron and stone, making it much stronger and more powerful.

But in such a situation, Kim-to-ong-san happens to be whipped once. He twists his golden machete which has managed to raise his name to the top in Kang-ouw's world.

The other eighteen of Cin An Cinjin's friends were apparently very curious to see that Bong Siu Siansu was so far away that he still couldn't knock down his opponent. Then, with a loud bang, some of them jumped forward.

“Just surround!” one of them shouted in a loud voice.

"Yeah, just destroy it!"

“Kim-to-ong-san must be destroyed, he is too dangerous to be allowed to live on!”

And some of the people, shouting that way, pulled out their weapons. Some drew swords, some wore machetes and so on. Simultaneously they have stormed to besiege Kim-to-ong-san.

The attacks they unleash are also very powerful. Because the average martial arts was only one level below Cin An Cinjin's skill, in the blink of an eye, Kim-to-ong-san was in great desperation.

"Apparently they are masters who have quite high intelligence!" Kim-to-ong-san thought in his heart with a feeling of surprise also seeing his opponent's way of attacking which always went to the dangerous parts of his body.

Kim-to-ong-san at that time had thought too,

“If I keep fighting like that, of course I'll eventually run out of strength, and I'll be able to easily take them down…….. I'd better take the quick way to knock them out since there are still a lot of his comrades who haven't joined yet. attack........!"

Thinking so, Kim-to-ong-san had changed his way of fighting, the cleaver he had swung in an eight-way motion.

That is one of the moves from the science of Pat-kwa-to (Science of the Eight-Point Golok) which is his flagship science which he is very proud of. This knowledge will not be used if he is not facing a formidable opponent.

“Sreenggg….. tranggg tranggg……!” several times the sound of the machete clashing with the opponent's swords and machetes, causing a loud sound that hurts the ears.

Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek who were standing watching from the outskirts, so worried for Kim-to-ong-san's safety, because they saw that Kim-to-ong-san's opponents had fairly high intelligence. .

With these Pat-kwa-to moves, Kim-to-ong-san managed to force his opponents several times to jump backwards to avoid his machetes that lashed out from eight directions. The longer Kim-to-ong-san's opponents find it increasingly difficult to move, because Kim-to-ong-san's machete is like a shadow always blocking his opponents' movement from eight directions.

"Tranggg ........ aduhhh!" there was the sound of a sharp gunshot followed by a scream of pain from one of Kim-to-ong-san's opponents, whose body staggered backwards and then collapsed.

While Cin An Cinjin's other friends were shocked, they let out a shocked exclamation mixed with anger. Then they surrounded Kim-to-ong-san even more closely.

Bong Siu Siansu himself had moved his palms to target the piepe bone (collarbone) of his opponent who was beaten with a devastating blow.

Simultaneously, two of Kim-to-ong-san's other opponents also attacked simultaneously using their weapons, one stabbing and the other slashing Kim-to-ong-san's leg.

The attacks caused a strong wind to blow towards Kim-to-ong-san.

Kim-to-ong-san also realized that he shouldn't mess around with this. Because the slightest bit he moves slowly, it will cause him to be destroyed or seriously injured at the hands of his opponents.

When Kim-to-ong-san was thinking hard to knock down his opponents, it was then that Cin An Cinjin was freed from the stunt, because a friend of his dressed as a student had opened the stunt.

Then Cin An Cinjin along with the rest of his friends who had just stood watching, jumped in to join Kim-to-ong-san.

Jutsu after jutsu has passed them by but Kim-to-ong-san's situation has really been desperate. And he was so busy avoiding every attack launched by his opponent, the number of which was very large.

Sin Han, who witnessed the battle, became even more worried. While Sin-kun-bu-tek was even more surprised, because as a high martial arts expert, of course he could see it, maybe in a dozen more moves Kim-to-ong-san would soon fall in the hands of his opponent.

It was then that Sin-kun-bu-tek made a quick decision. He had let out an exclamation as he jumped into the middle of the ring.

"Kim-to-ong-san, don't worry, I'll help you deal with those lowly humans!"

And while shouting so, Sin-kun-bu-tek has also moved both his hands quickly. He is called Sin-kun-bu-tek, by itself his fist has a very powerful lwekang power, so for a while he managed to urge his opponents to jump away to avoid themselves.

"Sin-kun-bu-tek!" Cin An Cinjin snapped when he recognized the beggar. “You are so naughty, huh? Hemmm, we actually have a private affair with Kim-to-ong-san but you as an outsider apparently want to interfere in this affair !! ”

Hearing that shout, Sin-kun-bu-tek replied while continuing to launch attacks on one of his opponents who was on his right,

"Cin An Cinjin, apparently you are a lowly human being who is not shy. Earlier you said these friends of yours just wanted to watch you fight complaining of ingenuity with Kim-to-ong-san, but now the reality? Hemm, you're the one who tried to seduce Kim-to-ong-san! ”

Cin An Cinjin's face turned a deep red. He let out a snarl as he stabbed his sword into Sin-kun-bu-tek's self.

“Rotten beggar, you want to test the sharpness of my sword, don't you? Please accept!” and while yelling so, the blade aimed at Sin-kun-bu-tek's throat.

The beggar was empty -handed, it was impossible for him to respond to such a great attack.

By tilting his body to the side he avoided the attack. Then from the side he made a shot with his right fist towards his opponent's stomach.

Tojin was so breathless, but he didn't get nervous. Quickly he had dodged his opponent's onslaught and used his sword to slash so that the beggar had to pull back his fist to jump backwards.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't stand still. While jumping back, he had used the opportunity to attack his opponent who was to his left.

His movements were so fast and unpredictable, that his fists landed right on his opponent's shoulders. "Bukkkk!" the voice sounded very loud, and his opponent's body had collapsed.

Sin-kun-bu-tek had heard a giggling sound, then said,

"Hahaha, you are indeed lowly human beings ........ accept my attacks!" And Sin-kun-bu-tek again launched a series of attacks with his fists.

The moves made by Sin-kun-bu-tek this time were far more powerful than the previous attacks.

In the blink of an eye, the attacks had spread violently towards the deadly parts of the opponent's body. Because Sin-kun-bu-tek is really serious this time to be able to destroy his opponents.

Meanwhile, when Kim-to-ong-san saw the help of a brave man like Sin-kun-bu-tek, his spirit was awakened again. He let out a loud laugh, followed by the words,

"Thank you brother Lo Ping Kang, you came on time! Let's eradicate these lowly human beings together! ”

Then, Kim-to-ong-san looked dashingly dashing consecutive attacks using his golden cleaver which he rotated quickly and with great power. And from his golden machete came a howling wind that came crashing down on his enemies.

Under these circumstances, Kim-to-ong-san's opponents did not dare to push too hard because they were afraid of being struck by their opponent's heirloom cleaver which seemed very sharp.

Sin-kun-bu-tek has shouted,

“Kim-to-ong-san, we have to exterminate them since humans like this are shameless, let's work together!”

And while saying that, Sin-kun-bu-tek repeatedly launched his powerful punches, making his enemies even more desperate.

Kim-to-ong-san also didn't hesitate to intervene hard. He had deployed his golden cleaver with moves that were extremely dangerous to his enemies.

His saved moves have also been taken out and used, so that his opponents are just getting more desperate.

Cin An Cinjin and his friends became more and more curious. They had put all their intelligence into trying to knock down the two opponents.

Sin Han, who was standing beside watching the battle, was shaken hard. Because he realized that Sin-kun-bu-tek and Kim-to-ong-san were in considerable danger.

But to help, it's clear that Sin Han can't, because he doesn't have any intelligence yet, only a few moves that have just been obtained from his temperature.

Circumstances like this make Sin-kun-bu-tek also realize that this cannot be allowed to drag on. Because if it was allowed to continue, of course he himself and Kim-to-ong-san would be in danger.

It seemed that Kim-to-ong-san had also become angry. With a roar, he deployed his machete in a cross manner. There was the sound of the screams of three of his enemies staggering backwards, for their arms had been pierced by Kim-to-ong-san's golden machetes.

Sin-kun-bu-tek doesn't want to be left behind either. Very quickly he had managed to knock down four of his opponents were knocked down hard due to hit his fist.

Just when Cin An Cinjin wanted to launch another stab with his sword. It seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek stretched out his fist boldly, which made Cin An Cinjin excited because it could cause the old beggar She Lo's hand to be injured or cut off.

But it seems that Sin-kun-bu-tek's movement is just a bluff. Because he had kicked his hand to the side when the blade nearly hit its target.

And when the sword slipped past his shoulder for three meters, his fist quickly hit Cin An Cinjin's skull.

Although Cin An Cinjin's head was not crushed and smashed, her body had bounced hard and fell on the floor.

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed as he said,

"What now? Shall we continue this match?”

When asked that, Cin An Cinjin was furious. But he realized that his two opponents were so sloppy, so there was no way he could knock them out.

Immediately he sprang to his feet, then said to his comrades,

"Let us forgive the souls of the two rotten humans today, later we will look for them again........!"

And after saying that, Cin An Cinjin had turned and glared at Sin-kun-bu-tek, then accompanied by his friends they left.

Kim-to-ong-san didn't mean to prevent those people from leaving, because he also understood that it was pointless for him to block them. Because of course it will cause him to be involved in a long battle again.

By that time Sin-kun-bu-tek had approached Kim-to-ong-san, he had fallen into despair while saying,

“Apparently we are matched so today we meet again..........! But I have come to understand that there is no need for the stalemate between us to continue……!”

Kim-to-ong-san laughed. “I thought so too…….!” he said.

"And indeed even now I have not yet expressed my gratitude for your help, brother Lo!"

Sin-kun-bu-tek was overjoyed to hear Kim-to-ong-san's words, because then the enmity between them had ended.

Sin Han had approached Kim-to-ong-san and his teacher. He had also been desperate to pay his respects to Kim-to-ong-san without being ordered by his teacher again.

“Tecu pays homage to Locianpwe..........!” he said then.

Kim-to-ong-san quickly grabbed Sin Han's shoulder, he prevented the boy from saluting, he said,

“Nice boy! Good boy! You must be the disciple of that old beggar she Lo, right?”

"Right!" Lo Ping Kang had answered on behalf of his disciple, he continued his words with a laugh, “Sin Han is a good student, he has good bones and talent.”

“Yes, I see that too,” said Kim-to-ong-san, nodding.

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed, "If this kid really has good fortune, he will certainly receive a gift from you, Siangkoan Heng-tai (Sangkoan's brother)." The beggar called Kim-to-ong-san a Siangkoan Heng-tai, because Kim-to-ong-san was actually called Siangkoan Lu.

“How cunning you are, old beggar she Lo!” said Siangkoan Lu, laughing too. "You helped me, but behind that help you actually wanted something...!"

“But not for me……. I also say that if this student of mine has bad luck, it means he gets nothing…….!”

“Don't worry, old beggar Lo, I'll be gifting some moves to this kid.........! What is your name?" asked Kim-to-ong-san.

Sin Han said his name.

“Quickly say your thanks…….!” said Sin-kun-bu-tek to his student.

Sin Han also knew that he would receive a priceless gift. Because by getting a few moves from Kim-to-ong-san's knowledge, he can have additional skills, in addition to the skills that will be passed down by his teacher.

Therefore Sin Han quickly bent his knees. He had paid his respects to Kim-to-ong-san, saying, “Thank you for the kindness and gift of locianpwe.........!”

Kim-to-ong-san has waved his hand, he exerted a bit of his strength, so that Sin Han's body was lifted by the wave of his hand.

Sin-kun-bu-tek had waved his hand to call for a servant, the maids were in a group of fear, they approached with a hesitant attitude.

"Don't be afraid, there's no soul business going on here, right? Then you don't have to be afraid..........! Prepare a table for us to eat, complete with delicious vegetables……!”

The waiter came over, he did very quickly all orders Sin-kun-bu-tek.

In a short time the waiter had prepared a table complete with eight kinds of vegetables, as well as wine.

Sin-kun-bu-tek had invited Kim-to-ong-san to be entertained, and Siangkoan Lu seemed very pleased with the friendly attitude of the beggar, because then their hostility or resentment had ended there.

Sin Han only listened more to the conversations of the two old men, who talked about various issues in the martial world.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also asked Kim-to-ong-san, why did Kim-to-ong-san clash with Cin An Cinjin's entourage.

"Actually, it's ridiculous to tell!" he said then, saying so Kim-to-ong-san had taken a sip of his wine, and then continued his words.

“And that incident also happened by coincidence! Cin An Cinjin has two brothers and sisters who are quite intelligent. They're just not very good.

“They have been trading without capital, that is, carrying out robberies. If those who were robbed were rich and stingy rich people, it still wouldn't be a problem........ But they don't care about anyone being robbed, they will certainly be robbed.

"Therefore, being in such a state has made me not happy to hear it. One day, by chance, I caught them looting, so I kept bumping into them.

“The two of them also put up a fight. Actually I just wanted to beat them to death, but they put up a persistent fight, until I ended up destroying them in the wrong hands.........!

“That is why Cin An Cinjin has been looking for me to take revenge. Two years ago he met me and we fought. But in fact he managed to knock him down and he ran away.

“Just before leaving, Cin An Cinjin had promised me to meet again two years later to test my intelligence….. And we promised it was precisely this restaurant! What happened next you have seen.”

Hearing that, Sin Han had cut in,

"Has Cin An Cinjin made enough progress in the past two years, Siangkoan Locianpwe...?"

Siangkoan Lu nodded, before answering he took a piece of meat with his chopsticks, then while chewing slowly he said,

"It's true that maybe for two years he has trained hard. Because earlier I felt how his intelligence has made very rapid progress, so that even if I had to fight again with him in the next two or three years, it would be difficult to destroy him too!"

"But brother Siangkoan, your intelligence is perfect, it's hard to find someone like you! Frankly speaking, I have given up on defeat and do not dare to fight with you again, Siangkoan brother,” And after saying that, Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed out loud.

Kim-to-ong-san also laughed along, he quickly spat out low words.

In this matter, Sin-kun-bu-tek admits that Kim-to-ong-san's intelligence has progressed a lot compared to the past. If in the past Kim-to-ong-san had succeeded in knocking him down, then now even more so Sin-kun-bu-tek can't stand it…….

After finishing the meal, Sin-kun-bu-tek took Kim-to-ong-san to his room. And in his room, while the beggar was sleeping, Sin Han actually received instructions and teachings from Kim-to-ong-san, namely bare-handed martial arts, which has very strange and great changes in moves.

Sin Han trains himself diligently, because he really intends to be able to master the martial arts handed down to him. At that time, Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't see what Kim-to-ong-san was teaching, so he had fallen asleep with his back to the wall.

Sin Han trains himself continuously, so he can quickly master the moves he receives. Even though it doesn't contain the power that can knock down its opponent.

"I think that's enough!" said Kim-to-ong-san after giving the boy more instructions, so that Sin Han had understood correctly. "As long as you train yourself diligently, of course those moves are enough to face third and fourth level masters!"

Sin Han quickly said his thanks.

Kim-to-ong-san jumped up onto the other bed he lay down to sleep.

Meanwhile, Sin Han continued his training diligently, because he wanted to continue to train until he could properly master the martial arts technique he had just received.

At that time Sin-kun-bu-tek had jumped down from his bed.

"Done?" he asked Sin Han.

The student nodded. "It's really great the stunts that Siangkoan locianpwe revealed ........!" said Sin Han later.

"Hmmmm, it seems that Siangkoan Locianpwe has a lot of other skills, because he said earlier that if I ever meet him again, he will be given four more martial arts skills, namely the science of controlling the airway, swordsmanship, machete and barehanded art. ……!”

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed, he turned to Kim-to-ong-san who was collapsing with his eyes closed.

"Brother Siangkoan, you are really great! Look, my students admire you ........! ” exclaimed Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Kim-to-ong-san opened his eyes and laughed a bit loudly.

"Hmmmm, you cunning beggar again, you want to use your cunning to drain my skills for your student, so you've slapped me !!"

The next morning, after another night Kim-to-ong-san spent the night in the beggar Sin-kun-bu-tek's room, he said goodbye. Actually, Sin-kun-bu-tek wanted to keep him from being invited to exchange ideas about martial arts.

But in reality Kim-to-ong-san had rejected him, because Siangkoan Lu had suggested that he still had important business to attend to.

So they finally parted, and before leaving Kim-to-ong-san had instructed Sin Han,

“You should properly train yourself under your master…… Your master old beggar she Lo's skill is quite high. In the martial arts jungle his name is very well known, so if you can pass down half of his intelligence, you will surely be able to serve quite high-ranking champions!"

Sin Han promises to learn as best he can all the lessons given by his teacher and ever given by Kim-to-ong-san.


Sin-kun-bu-tek has invited his students to continue their journey as well.

For a month they wandered from one village to another and they have done a great many noble deeds by helping the oppressed.

For one month and even then Sin Han continued to study all the martial arts that he had acquired, so that he could master well the moves he had.

So with this one month, even though Sin Han has not been able to be equated with the heroes among the Kang-ouw, but to face a normal adult, he is unlikely to be defeated .........

That morning, Sin-kun-bu-tek and his students had arrived at the edge of Sin-ouw lake. They rented a boat to play in the middle of the lake.

That day it seems that Sin-kun-bu-tek was very happy. He had sung in a very loud voice, reciting the poem Cing-siu-sie, a poem that praised the beauty of nature.

Sin Han pedaled slowly, the boat glided calmly in the lake water. But when the teacher and student were playing with the boat, suddenly from the front they slid a small boat very quickly.

On the boat were two middle-aged men. They didn't care about Sin-kun-bu-tek's boat, which seemed like they didn't see it, so the fast-gliding boat would collide with Sin-kun-bu-tek's boat.

Of course, this made Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han very surprised, they were teachers and students until they made muffled exclamations.

Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly grabbed hold of the two shores of the boat. He put the power of the lwekang into his hands, accompanied by a very loud scream.

He had kicked it, so the boat had leapt sideways two spears as if lifted by an invisible force.

Sin-kun-bu-tek though had managed to save his boat from the collision, yet indignantly non-playing, he had turned around with squinting eyes.

Meanwhile, the boat, which was carrying two middle-aged men, continued to slide rapidly. They also seem to not want to ignore that just now their boat almost collided with Sin-kun-bu-tek's boat.

“Hmmm, you people don't know the rules!” snapped Sin-kun-bu-tek in a loud voice.

And he didn't just say that. As the boat of the two middle-aged men slid past the side of his boat, Sin-kun-bu-tek's right hand quickly grabbed the paddle stick in Sin Han's hand, he was speeding with the stick.

The two middle -aged people on the boat were shocked. They even let out a restrained shout of annoyance.

They seem to have a high level of intelligence and considerable agility. As the time of the paddling stick grabbed their heads, the two men quickly bowed their heads, so that their heads were saved from the attack of the paddler.

To his annoyance, the boat of the two middle -aged men would speed further. That's when Sin-kun-bu-tek channeled the power of his inner energy through the paddle stick.

He had swung it and hit the tail of the boat so hard that the oarsman broke because of it. But the boat of the two middle-aged men did not suffer any damage, because their boat seemed to be hit by a very powerful force.

By making a “krekkkkk!” sound. very hard, the tail of their boat was crushed. And the boat had actually bounced up like it was about to capsize.

The two passengers on the boat seemed shocked and angry. Before their boat capsized and sank, they had set their feet, and leaped swiftly with light movements.

Borrowing the bouncing power from their legs, the bodies of the two people had bounced and landed on Sin-kun-bu-tek's boat, beside Sin Han.

Even one of them had reached out his right hand with the intention of grabbing Sin Han's shoulder, whom he wanted to throw out of the boat.

Sin-kun-bu-tek is furious because he understands the dangers threatening Sin Han. The kid doesn't have any meaningful intelligence yet, with that grip, Sin Han certainly can't give any resistance.........

Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly flicked his sleeve. Because to jump to his feet he was no longer in a hurry, so he had to use his lwekang to parry his opponent's hand.

Although his hand did not reach the hand of the person who was about to grab Sin Han's shoulder, no doubt the man's hand had changed direction not to hit his target.

Sin Han jumped forward to approach his teacher.

"Why are you being so nosy and presumptuous of destroying our boat, heh?" snapped the two of them in almost the same voice. "Who are you, stinky beggar?"

Hearing that shout Sin-kun-bu-tek had let out a mocking laugh. He had also said in a cold voice.

“You are the one who is so impudent to want to bang your boat against ours……! Luckily only your boat that I beat was destroyed! Let's see if it's you who I destroy……?”

But before Sin-kun-bu-tek finished uttering his words, one of the two men drew his sword, uttering the voice “Sringgg ……. Sringgg! ” very loud, in his hand was stuck a gleaming sword.

"Rotten beggars, we are the ones who will beat you!"

And after saying that, that person quickly moved his sword very fast. He had stabbed into Sin-kun-bu-tek's chest with a Ma-hong-sian, or Wind Horse through the Wall.

The move he did was really very dangerous, because the blade had just crossed, the tip had stuck to Sin-kun-bu-tek's shirt. It has shown that the intelligence that this person has is very great.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was also taken aback when he saw that person's manner, because he had felt a strong wind of attack strike him. Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't dare to play around anymore, he quickly let out a loud exclamation.

He avoids his opponent's attack by shifting his right leg slightly, then he speeds with the sleeve of his cloak to roll his opponent's sword. Sin-kun-bu-tek's movement was done quickly and agile, but his opponent had hurriedly pulled back his sword, so that Sin-kun-bu-tek's sleeve did not roll up.

At that time, Sin-kun-bu-tek's opponent appeared, another of whom had made an exclamation while pulling out his sword as well. He has launched attacks at once twice in a row.

Of course the movement he did was just as great as the move earlier. Because precisely his attack was targeting the blood path of Cu-ti-hiat and the blood path of Ma-lian-ho-hiat, which is located at the waist, at the fourth level of the beggar's rib.

Such attacks have forced Sin-kun-bu-tek to retreat to the end of his boat.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's two opponents didn't seem willing to stop there. With a loud yelling sound, it seemed that the two of them had charged forward using their two swords.

The move they made was really a very urgent move. Because there is no way to get rid of Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Therefore, understandably, Sin-kun-bu-tek was forced to deal with violence. He had to deal with the attacks of the two opponents by exerting the power of the lwekang power on his ten fingers, he bravely gripped his opponent's swords.

Such an act was so daring that he seemed to be risking the safety of both his palms. Because if indeed he squeezed the sword and his opponent drew their respective weapons, surely Sin-kun-bu-tek's hand would suffer a minor injury.

But it turns out that Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't mean to grip his opponent's swords. He only pressed down a little, then in an instant he had jumped into mid-air, leaping over the heads of his two opponents.

The two opponents let out a startled shout and quickly avoided Sin-kun-bu-tek's foot kick.

Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't just stop there. He had resumed his kick to the backs of the two men.

The kick that was made was so powerful that the two people's bodies staggered backwards without mercy. And one of them had been kicked into the lake water.

Of course, the other friend was shocked and quickly reached out his hand to give help to his friend who was upset.

But when he bent his body out with his hands out, at that moment it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek had issued a loud yelling sound and had kicked again until the body of his opponent, which was the only one left, had been thrown and plunged into the pond water..... ...

Sin-kun-bu-tek was standing cross-legged facing his two opponents who had swam closer to his boat. Sin Han was clapping happily.

“Good temperature! They are indeed fierce human beings who need to be punished. ”

Sin-kun-bu-tek has also laughed. He said in a cold voice to his opponents who had been swimming closer towards his boat.

“You don't hope to be safe! You must also feel immersed in the lake water! ” shouted one in a voice containing curiosity.

Then he was slipped into the water. Of course, his opponent's actions surprised Sin-kun-bu-tek, because he could immediately guess what his opponent wanted to do.

Amidst the rustling of the cold wind in the middle of the well, the small boat was shaking, making Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han shocked. The beggar's face had turned pale.

Quickly, Sin-kun-bu-tek exerted his inner energy to step on the bottom of the boat. He tried to balance his boat, so that it could not be overturned by his opponent.

But because the opponent also used the power of lwekang to turn the boat upside down, by itself has made the boat upside down without being prevented again.

Sin Han let out a restrained scream. He couldn't swim and even then Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't have time to grab him, because he himself had been thrown and plunged into the lake water.

At that moment, one of his other opponents had greeted Sin-kun-bu-tek with his fist attack, he hit him in the back.

"Bukkkkk!" so hard not to play the attack, so that in the blink of an eye, Sin-kun-bu-tek's back was hit terribly, so that Sin-kun-bu-tek let out a cry of pain.

When his body was thrown and splashed into the lake water, at the same time it was seen that his opponent had swam closer to him, to launch his attack again.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was upset, his opponent was cunning. He had let out an angry exclamation as he flipped his body in the water, and his hand snatched towards the distant piece of wood he had moved to strike at his opponent.

His opponent was startled by a restrained shout, quickly diving into the water.

The water in which he had dived had actually been hit by the squirt and scattered everywhere.

Sin-kun-bu-tek doesn't want to stay still, he has dived and swam quickly looking for his opponent.

Precisely their distance was not so far apart, so he quickly swam and chased after her, while his oars were used to launch an attack with a stab. It's a great way of attacking, because in such a situation, the wood slides very hard even when they are in the water.

That's because Sin-kun-bu-tek launched an attack using his lwekang power as many as seven parts. His opponent who was in the water was also very shocked, he had mobilized his lwekangnya to snatch the wooden slingshot.

Sin-kun-bu-tek is so curious. He wanted to launch an attack, but at that moment he saw Sin Han who was drowning.

To save his son, Sin-kun-bu-tek could not continue to launch attacks on his opponent. He had slid swiftly swimming closer to Sin Han, whose shirt on his back he had clasped and dragged upstairs.

Sin Han stammered, but after successfully appearing on the surface of the water, he was able to breathe again.

The boy took a deep breath because his body felt like it was about to explode and he had swallowed quite a bit of water. Try if he is not in a hurry to be helped by his teacher, it will inevitably cause him to suffocate unable to breathe.

But the opportunity was taken advantage of by his opponent, to the two of whom had swam closer towards Sin-kun-bu-tek. They have also launched a strong attack.

The attack was quite dangerous. Just once about Sin-kun-bu-tek, even being in the water, will inevitably cause him to get hurt inside.

But as a person with high intelligence, of course Sin-kun-bu-tek does not become nervous. He had used both of his legs to kick to both of his opponents.

When he kicked, the beggar had kicked to both fists of his opponent, so that by borrowing the energy of his reflection he had sped away swimming away from both of his opponents. Along with that, it looks like Sin-kun-bu-tek has swam to the edge of the lake.

Although the distance to the shore of the lake is quite far, but he can swim very fast. And he could reach the edge of the lake safely.

He had thrown Sin Han so that the boy was slammed on the edge of the lake, but he did not suffer any pain, because the beggar threw him using the force he calculated.

At that moment the two opponents of Sin-kun-bu-tek were hunting to swim to the edge as well, their faces had radiated a great deal of cruelty. It was clear that the two men were very angry with Sin-kun-bu-tek.

As soon as they approached, the two had attacked simultaneously. Sin-kun-bu-tek also does not remain silent. Earlier, the two people who had been looking for a problem, for no reason wanted to hit the boat.

So when he saw these two middle-aged men launch an attack, Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly stretched out his arms. In a very short time he has launched a series of counter -attacks.

Both of Sin-kun-bu-tek's opponents are shocked to see Sin-kun-bu-tek's attacks like that. But since they were also two members they quickly changed the position of the position of both legs respectively.

In doing so, they have also retaliated by launching attacks. It's great how to attack the two middle -aged people, because the other one is from the left.

Their movements were unusually fast, and the wind of attack was also very strong.

Sin-kun-bu-tek became angry and added mendelu. He had made a punch to the path of Lu-tie-hiat's blood from both of his opponents.

The blood vessel was located on the left side of the stomach, and the attack made by Sin-kun-bu-tek could destroy the contents of his opponent's stomach, so that both opponents became desperate. What's more Sin-kun-bu-tek launched his attack with all his might.

With a restrained shout the two men jumped to the back of the boat away from Sin-kun-bu-tek as far as three spears. Their eyes emitted a very fierce beam. Said one of them,

“Rotten beggar, who are you really? Why are you trying to deal with me? ”

Hearing the man's question, Sin-kun-bu-tek let out a cold laugh, then said in a sweet voice,

"I should be the one to reprimand you, who do not rain or wind want to hit our boat ........! Hemm! Hemm! Now you say, who are you two? Why do you want to hit our boat so often? ”

The two men seemed hesitant as they looked at each other. After standing in silence for a while, finally one of them said,

"Hemm ........ actually we don't want to be bothered by you beggar butut, because we still have a lot of business! However, all right!

"Because you asked who we were, there was no obstacle for us to tell him. We are both students of Ceng-hay Kiehiap (Brave Swordsman from Ceng-hay) Khu Tiong Beng ........

"My own name is San Cie Liang, and this is my classmate She Hiu and named Kiu Eng. Well, now try to tell me, what affair ever happened between you and us? Why did you destroy our boat? ”

Sin-kun-bu-tek was also shocked to hear that these two people were students of Ceng-hay Kiehiap, because Khu Tiong Beng was a brave warrior at that time. But Sin-kun-bu-tek was able to calm his heartbreak again, he had said coldly,

"Hemm, if you do not bother us, obviously we will not hit you. But the fact is, Hemm, hemm, you really want to hit our boat with your boat! ”

The two men, San Cie Liang and Hiu Kiu Eng, laughed heartily.

"Even though you said you didn't want to fight me, but you did deliberately want to find trouble with us, that is, you have been drowned due to the beating of your oarsman! Hemmm, even that little boy must feel good punishment from us! ”

Sin Han was shocked to hear the man's words. Because he knew that his two teacher opponents did have a very high level of intelligence.

And if his teacher was overthrown by his two opponents, he would not be able to escape death at the hands of those two people.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek had a sweet laugh again, he said in a sweet voice,

"Hemmm, by just having that kind of skill, you both want to protect and act arbitrarily? Try to accept my attack again ..........! ”

And while saying so, the beggar had stretched out his right hand, bent slightly, and his elbow had fallen near his chest while his left hand had been shaking.

Suddenly Sam Cie Liang and Kiu Eng had felt a strong blow from Sin-kun-bu-tek's hand so that the two men had to step back and strengthen their leg position. But this time Sin-kun-bu-tek launched an unbearable attack, almost all the lwekang power he had was deployed and used.

Both of Sin-kun-bu-tek's opponents realize that if they continue to fight, it means that they themselves will collapse.

As soon as they changed the way they fought, San Cie Liang shouted loudly, "Big wave .........!" meaning asking his friend to run away.

Hiu Kiu Eng also understood the meaning of his classmate. He noticed the movement and the way of attacking the beggar, then he had launched a vigorous and powerful attack, so that Sin-kun-bu-tek's body staggered backwards with two spears.

Using such an opportunity, it appeared that San Cie Liang and Hiu Kiu Eng had jumped back with a nimble movement and then twisted their bodies to escape.

Sin-kun-bu-tek just laughed, he didn't want to chase her at all. Indeed, Sin-kun-bu-tek did not want to seek enmity, he thought that the two men were just stupid, because for no reason the two middle-aged men wanted to seek business with him.

Sin Han sighed with relief, he had seen that his teacher was really smart and managed to drive away his two opponents with just a few moves.

"Let's go.........!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek after a moment of silence. "Hemm, those two lowly humans might want to do something, we'll just go later ........!"

And Sin-kun-bu-tek had pulled Sin Han's hand to ask him to pass from the place.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's movement was a bit fast, he was half running. While Sin Han followed him by running hard.

Sin Han's breath hunted hard but Sin-kun-bu-tek who often glanced and saw the condition of the student, remained silent, he also continued to run fast. And at that time it seemed that Sin Han was bathed in sweat on his forehead, face and body.

But Sin Han is tenacious and resilient, he can continue to follow his teacher, using the knowledge of fast running that he has acquired in recent months from his teacher. At that moment, Sin-kun-bu-tek stopped his footsteps, he turned to Sin Han.

"Tired?" he asked.

Sin Han shook his head slowly with a changed face.