Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 06

Volume 06

When they arrived in a forest, they saw near the root of the transverse tree there was a corpse, lying motionless.

Actually the corpse is not too unusual if there is nothing special. But the condition of the corpse was really terrible.

A pair of hands and feet and the corpse were mercilessly cut to pieces, and the face of the corpse was burnt so that its face was no longer recognizable.

“Barbaric deeds……!” Sin-kun-bu-tek hissed in an angry voice.

"Yes, who has committed such a cruel act?" muttered Sin Han with a shaking heart.

“And…… and this guy's death is hot, really really scary……!”

"This is the work of evil men who do not know humanity!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek in an annoyed voice.

“Hmm….. wait, what is that!?” and Sin-kun-bu-tek crouched down, he took something from the victim's gripping hand.

The hand, complete with the fingers, was a mere small piece, because starting from the base of the arm it was cut into six parts, and only the palm part of the hand was intact, where the fingers seemed to be holding something. And that's what Sin-kun-bu-tek took.

When the item was taken out, it turned out to be a small piece of paper, and inside the paper were four letters written,


which means "The Devil's Hand of a Thousand Flowers".

“Ban-hoa-ciang-mo!” Sin-kun-bu-tek hissed in a surprised voice, his brows furrowed deeply.

It seems that old beggar She Lo is deep in thought,

"Who is he?"

"Is that person the killer, temperature?" asked Sin Han.

"Hemmm, if you look at the situation like that, it must be Ban-hoa-ciang-mo who has committed such a brutal murder, because his victim has blocked the paper with the title of the devil …….! But who is he, who is called the "Hand of the Devil Selaksa Bunga"? He seems to be great and cruel. ”

Sin Han felt terrible, because he saw the figure of the corpse destroyed in a very terrible way.

Sin-kun-bu-tek put the piece of paper with the words Ban-hoa-ciang-mo in his pocket, then he dug the ground with the help of Sin Han to bury the body. After digging the hole he dug which was a small mound, the beggar sighed again.

"And even this person who was killed doesn't know who he is? Whether he has any relatives or relatives…… Judging by his clothes, he's clearly a martial arts expert!”

The beggar distanced himself to sit under a tree beside the new grave mound to rest. Then the beggar closed his eyes to sleep.

Sin Han saw that his teacher had been sleeping soundly, so he was very restless. He was horrified at the sight of the new burial mounds, for he imagined how the corpses in the graves were in horribly disrepair.

Not knowing what to do, Sin Han had sat not far from his teacher, and he was playing with grass sticks.

The surroundings were very quiet, no one was passing by. The wind blows lightly.

It's been a long time since Sin Han waited for his teacher to wake up, but Sin-kun-bu-tek seems to be completely rested. To fill his free time, Sin Han has been practicing some punches that Sin-kun-bu-tek has passed down.

Although it can't be used for combat, Sin Han has managed to master the ways of each of those moves. Besides that he also knew ways to launch his attacks.

While Sin Han was practicing, suddenly from a distance two figures were seen running while listening to a heartbreaking scream, approaching towards Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Sin Han was so surprised and shocked, he stopped practicing and watched in the direction of the two people who were approaching. His heart also wondered what was happening in the two people.

The two figures were running closer and closer, and when Sin Han could see clearly, he was shocked beyond measure. His heart was shaken violently and his blood was rushing, because he saw how the faces of the two people were damaged like burn marks.

The bodies of the two men were also damaged by numerous wounds in various parts of their bodies, where blood was pouring down their bodies.

After running for so long and almost reaching where Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek were, they both collapsed, rolled on the ground, roaring in a pitiful voice.

Sin Han was so confused, he had approached his teacher, whose body he had shaken violently.

"The temperature ........ the temperature wakes up!" Call him. "Something extraordinary ........!"

The old beggar she Lo had opened his eyes in a nonchalant manner. "What is wrong?" asked Sin-kun-bu-tek reluctantly and stretched his body straight. “You always disturb my sleep……!”

“Look at the temperature……. those two people…….!”

Overwhelmed with fear, horror and shock, Sin Han could not speak fluently. He had pointed at the two men whose faces were burnt and whose bodies had been severely wounded, who were rolling on the ground while howling.

Sin-kun-bu-tek looked in the direction Sin Han was pointing, and then he yawned. He didn't show the slightest bit of surprise either. He had closed his eyes again, as he said,

“Let it be, don't be nosy……don't disturb my sleep anymore!”

Sin Han gets very nervous mixed with astonishment because he doesn't understand why his teacher carries such an attitude!?

Usually, if Sin-kun-bu-tek sees an odd and unnatural affair, he will immediately act.

Because his teacher had instructed him not to disturb his sleep, Sin Han also did not dare to wake his teacher again. Although his heart was shaken hard to hear the screams of the two people who kept rolling in a very painful situation ........

The two men jerked continuously, rolling over and let out screams of pain. In addition, the two men vaguely cried,

"Excuse me ........ ouch ........ kill us ........ ouch ........ Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, excuse me ... ..... ”and the sound of their cries was only vague, because it seemed that they were really weak.

Meanwhile, Sin Han was also surprised to hear the two men mention Ban-hoa-ciang-mo.

Isn't Ban-hoa-ciang-mo the demon who destroyed the person who was buried by his teacher and him a few moments ago?

Were these two people, whose faces were also scorched like the bodies that had been buried, the other two victims of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo?

It's just that, the difference is that they are still complete with a pair of hands and feet that have not been cut into pieces........... Sin Han is confused himself.

Several times he turned to his teacher. Then he turned to the two men who seemed to be tormented. Then he looked at his teacher and turned to look at the two people again.

The attitude that Sin Han showed was actually a sign that this child was being overcome by a feeling of extreme fear, because he heard the screams of pain and screams from the two people. Sin Han felt the hair on the back of his neck as if everyone stood up.........

The boy could only stand still.

Suddenly there was a loud shriek from a distance, very faintly.

“Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, ......... forgive us! Forgive us! ” suddenly the two men who were rolling on the ground with their burning faces, were screaming in a loud voice, apparently he also heard a shout in the distance.

Sin Han guessed, was the squealing sound in the distance the voice of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo? And this child's heart was shaken even harder.

Sin Han quickly shifted his body, he was sitting near his teacher with a pounding heart. Actually, Sin Han wanted to wake up his teacher again, because at that time wasn't a very great event taking place?

But Sin Han did not dare to wake Sin-kun-bu-tek, because before going to bed, his teacher had instructed him not to disturb his sleep.

The shriek in the distance that was similar to laughing or crying sounded closer and closer.

While Sin Han was staring at the two figures rolling on the ground, the curiosity in that place had increased with someone else!

A man dressed as a student, twenty-four or twenty-five years old stood up. His face is quite handsome and his right hand is moving the fan in his hand.

His demeanor was very arrogant, and from his handsome face, it was like a pretty terrible ray radiated. Because his eyes seemed to emit a cruel and strange light, watching the two people who were rolling on the ground.

The young student only glanced at Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek for a moment, then ignored the beggar and Sin Han. He said in a cold voice to the two men who were rolling on the ground,

"You want to die?" he asked in his voice so flat that it didn't contain any feelings.

It seemed that he was unfazed or smitten watching the two people who had been seriously injured.

"Right ......... right Ban-hoa-ciang-mo ......... forgive us. Kill us ......... Don't torture us like that! ” cried the two men in a louder voice, for they had forced themselves to speak, but in the end they groaned and rolled again on the ground.

The handsome young student had let out a cold laugh, his demeanor was so bland and he showed no signs of anything other than arrogance and rage. The fan in his right hand was already in motion.

“Hemm…… I have presented you two with Pek-kut-ciam (White Bone Needle), so it's hard for me to take and pull those nails back from your body……!”

The two of them groaned again.

“We know! We know Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, we have indeed been hit by your Pek-kut-ciam needle…… We also know that the needle is very fine.

“When you gently patted us on the back, the nail had penetrated our flesh and penetrated to the bone, causing pain like it is now…… Then help us, just destroy us…. ….can't take it anymore we have to suffer like this……!”

“To perish, it is easy!” said the young student in a cold voice. "But you have to give me an answer first to my question earlier... i.e. where does your teacher keep the book of Sin-hian-pit-kip?"

The two men grumbled in a vague voice. It seemed despite the pain but they were not ready to answer the question of the cold-faced student, whom he always called by the pronunciation of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo.

Sin Han watched with a heavy heart, because he saw that the two people seemed to be suffering more and more. Suddenly Ban-hoa-ciang-mo spoke again in a cold voice.

You can choose, suffer such pain for two days and two nights, or you mention where the storage of the book "Sin-hian-pit-kip", then I will destroy you soon, so that you are free from torment!

“You also need to know, that your teacher was destroyed, I killed him with a burnt face and dismembered body…… because he was too stubborn.

"He didn't want to say where he kept his book of silat, even though I had cut off his hands and feet. Until I cut his hands and feet into a dozen pieces, the old bastard still wouldn't mention it! So he met death in such a pathetic manner!

"Do you also want to experience suffering like that old fart?"

The two men groaned again in a very painful voice. They also begged to be destroyed by Ban-hoa-ciang-mo.

Sin Han heard Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's words, immediately guessed that the person he called the old fart whose body had been dismembered, was certainly none other than the corpse that his teacher had buried moments ago! Wasn't that corpse in a horribly mangled state, with a dismembered body?

“Hurry up and tell me, where is the book of Sin-hian-pit-kip kept……! Or I will soon leave you, so that for two days and two nights you will be tormented by such pain continuously without anyone to help you!

"My pek-kut-ciam is a special needle. There is no human being in this world who can remove the needle or reduce the pain caused by the needle in every lump of your bones ........! ”

The two seriously injured people seemed to be still hesitating, but one of them who didn't seem to last much longer from the feeling of pain, had said in a non-fluent voice,

“The book of Sin-hian-pit-kip was kept at a temperature……… it was kept at a temperature…….”

"Quickly say, as soon as you tell me I will destroy you, so that your suffering is over ..........!" said Ban-hoa-ciang-mo in a cold voice, but his eyes widened.

Because he was eagerly waiting for the information that person gave. But the person seemed to hesitate because he had been whimpering for a while too.

One of his friends had said in a cold voice,

“Hemmm, you ........! Oops! ” he could not continue his words, because again he moaned again, "Don't ......... aduhhh! Don't tell her .........! Oops! Oops! ”

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had laughed coldly, he said,

“Hmmm, you want to suffer longer? Good! I just go!” and after saying that, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had swung his stride around his body to leave.

But the two of them were very frightened, they were screaming and screaming,

“Don't…… don't go…… I say…… I will say……!”

And having shouted as soon as one of them had said again, groaning,

"Sin-hian-pit-kip is ........ under bed ........ aduuhh ........ temperature ........!"

Hearing that, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo laughed as he flicked his closed fan, then said,

"Thank you. Well, I'm going first! If indeed your statement is true, I will return here to destroy you, so that your suffering does not prolong! But if it turns out that your statement is a lie, hem, hem, of course your suffering will be many times heavier……!”

And after saying that, it looks like Ban-hoa-ciang-mo stamped his feet, his body jumping about to pass.

But that's when a stone had shot past in front of his face, followed by the words,

"Do not go yet!"

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was so shocked, he stopped walking while twisting his body. In front of him stood the beggar whom he had seen sleeping soundly.

"Hey, you want to meddle in this business, poor beggar?" he asked in a cold voice, “Apparently you were playing dumb by sleeping dogs……!”

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed coldly.

“You are still so young, but your heart is more cruel than a wolf ........! Of course, people like you will ask for much more victims, so if they are not eliminated, it will bring great danger ........! ”

"Hemm ........!" laughed the student named Ban-hoa-ciang-mo in a cold voice, containing annoyance, "You are not afraid to suffer like them …… ..?"

"Eradicate falsehood and evil why should be afraid of suffering?" answered the old beggar She Lo with a furious voice as well, "It's the werewolf-hearted humans like you who must be removed from the surface of the earth..."

And after saying that, it looks like Sin-kun-bu-tek is getting ready to launch an attack while continuing his words.

"Now then, begin!" Ban-hoa-ciang-mo laughed coldly, and he said blandly.

"No need to rush to accept death!" he said mockingly.

"Hemmm, later after you taste the deliciousness of my Pek-kut-ciam needle, you just understand, how important an apology and forgiveness to Ban-hoa-ciang-mo is ……"

But Sin-kun-bu-tek is not afraid at all, he is getting ready to launch an attack.

While Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had fluttered his fan which he reopened, moved with an attitude like a person who was fanning.

After that, his left hand was raised up to the front of his chest, he also smiled in a mocking manner, he said,

“Too bad that today I have to deal with a disgusting filthy beggar like you…….. go ahead.”

Sin-kun-bu-tek doesn't hesitate anymore. Earlier he had witnessed how Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was indeed a very cruel demon. Besides that he also saw one of his victims, his body had been dismembered.

So now he launched an attack without hesitation. He had channeled his lwekang power into both of his fists by eight parts......... so his attack was extremely dangerous, because if it had hit a rock, it would have been crushed to pieces......... .

But Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was not at all frightened by Sin-kun-bu-tek. He waited for his opponent's fist to arrive, then he moved his hands in a very strange way, namely his left hand which had been raised in front of his chest was swung forward and the fan was used to point at Sin-kun-bu-tek.

There was a very strange event that made Sin-kun-bu-tek shocked. Because suddenly his body was hit by an invisible force, and his body had rolled on the ground.

"Black magic!" exclaimed Sin-kun-bu-tek in a muffled voice.

As a well-known swordsman in the world of martial arts, who has extensive experience, Sin-kun-bu-tek knows that his opponent's attacks are not using internal energy, but using some kind of black magic.

So before his body arrived near the student, he felt like he hit a thick layer of strong wall that made him bounce.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had laughed mockingly.

"How?" he asked, moving his fan in a nonchalant manner disparaging the beggar.

"Hemm, black magic like that can indeed scare small children, but not for me!" shouted Sin-kun-bu-tek instead of standing still.

He jumped and launched another attack using both his hands at once. In a state of anger and rage, he launched an attack using the knowledge of the Eagle's Blow.

The move made by Sin-kun-bu-tek apparently surprised Ban-hoa-ciang-mo as well.

He saw the beggar as if he was no longer afraid of his black magic, so this student realized that his opponent had quite strong spiritual knowledge and lwekang practice.

So Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had acted cautiously. He let out a loud snarling sound and had pierced it with his fan.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek this time has been wary. He knows that his opponent has black magic that can be used to paralyze the opponent, so the beggar musters his lwekang and focuses all his attention.

When Ban-hoa-ciang-mo snapped, “Fall!” The beggar stomped his head to dispel the influence of the black magic, which belonged to a type of sorcery as well.

With a bang like that, Sin-kun-bu-tek managed to eliminate the influence of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's knowledge, so that the powerful attack has continued to strike rapidly.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo became even more furious to see his failed attempt to overthrow the beggar. He quickly jumped to the side, his mouth was squeaking when he managed to escape from Sin-kun-bu-tek's onslaught, then he swung his fan in succession.

His movements were really strange. Because the movements do not resemble martial arts movements, but hand movements filled with magical influences.

Even though Sin-kun-bu-tek launched a heavy attack, none of his attacks could hit the target. So that makes Sin-kun-bu-tek even more curious and surprised.

He didn't understand, every force of his attack was almost on Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, always the attack turned and disappeared, as if around Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was protected by an invisible wall layer.

The old beggar she Lo knew that it was a very powerful black magic because the vicious student protected himself tightly. With overwhelming curiosity, it seems that Sin-kun-bu-tek has moved his hands again, he has waved repeatedly with his fists, to attack Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's defenses.

The two men had fought fiercely and fiercely, with rather strange movements. Because one uses the power of lwekang with ordinary punching techniques, while the other uses black magic, which is strange and difficult to be digested by the beggar's common sense.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo is not without worry either. He was surprised that his black magic had no effect on the beggar.

He had several times channeled his black magic with very tight and strange movements. But in reality it always fails.

The beggar can destroy all the effects of his magic by biting his lip or tongue. The pain on his tongue and lips is what has made Sin-kun-bu-tek difficult to be influenced by the magic power of his opponent.

When Sin-kun-bu-tek launched a hard attack and blast.

Suddenly Ban-hoa-ciang-mo has let out a fairly loud shriek, the tone is very strange and Sin-kun-bu-tek's ears are red hot, his heart is shaking violently, his blood is swishing and his heart is pounding hard.

The old beggar Lo Ping Kang was shocked, he felt a change in himself. What surprised him even more was when he saw that Sin Han, who was standing under a tree, had fallen to his knees when Ban-hoa-ciang-mo screamed like that.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek realized that he should not be distracted.

Little by little he was affected by his black art Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, of course he would face no small accident. As soon as Sin-kun-bu-tek exhaled his pure spirit, he bit his tongue hard enough to cause pain.

But the influence of black art did not disappear, it still affected him, so that this beggar felt his heart shake violently, with a hot face convulsing.

"Woe!" complained Sin-kun-bu-tek in a restrained voice.

At that moment, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo also shouted again as before, his hands were moved. Then came an event that further shocked Lo Ping Kang, because he felt how the attack of his two hands always changed direction.

If he meant to attack Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's head, then his hand had slid to hit the side of the violent student's waist. If he dilutes the target on Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's chest, then he is actually attacking his opponent's stomach.

Sin-kun-bu-tek realizes that he has fallen under the influence of the student named Ban-hoa-ciang-mo (the Devil's Hand with Flowers).

Sin-kun-bu-tek's heart became wrinkled. He has been trying to keep his spirits up.

But when Ban-hoa-ciang-mo screamed for the third time while moving his left and right hands like a person rowing, Sin-kun-bu-tek's body movements became more and more uncommon. He felt the pair of his hands as if they had been overpowered by his incredible strength.

The beggar complained and worried. Ban-hoa-ciang-mo let out a loud laugh,

"Hemmmm, soon you will certainly beg for forgiveness from me ........ but at that time, hahahaha, of course you will feel good Jarum Pek-kut-ciam ku !!"

And after saying that, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo shouted for the fourth time, his shout resembling the sound of laughter and the sound of crying. He channeled his black magic through his shouts, to influence his opponents.

Sin-kun-bu-tek immediately felt a pair of his arms become weak as if he had no energy, as well as a pair of his knees as if he had no strength anymore, so without mercy the beggar had collapsed on his knees on the ground!

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo laughed out loud.

"Look!" he said in a very creepy voice. "Thus, the time is near when you will feel the greatness of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo. But I really want you to perish and suffer slowly !! ”

Apparently Ban-hoa-ciang-mo is not joking. He doesn't want to torture Sin-kun-bu-tek like his other victims.

He also took out his Pek-kut-ciam poisonous needle. He had snapped loudly with a screaming voice earlier, his body was knowingly twisted and both his hands had been moved by him.

Sin-kun-bu-tek who felt all her energy as if she had jumped to her feet, then danced.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's heart was shocked and agitated, because her hand was moving against her will, she kept dancing. The beggar tried to suppress the vibration of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's shout with a nod of the head and sniffed his pure spirit and lwekangnya, but always failed ........

Even though he had bitten his tongue hard enough, until he bled, the influence of black magic from his opponent still could not be eliminated ........ His hands and feet were still moving beyond his heart's desire.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo finished his hand movement with another shout. Sin-kun-bu-tek's body seemed to be kicked by a very strong force, and bounced backwards and collapsed with a painful scream ........!

Sin-kun-bu-tek's condition shows that he has been affected by the power of his black magic Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, because out of his desire, when he stumbled and collapsed at the same time he laughed ........ Although in fact, he felt his whole body ache.

"I'm finished this time ........!" thought the beggar in his heart. He is also powerless to give resistance to his black art Ban-hoa-ciang-mo.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo laughed out loud, he had glanced at Sin Han who was lying on the ground in that unconscious state.

"Hemm, the child is lucky, he has fainted, so he did not hear my terrible screams ........ so he will not be affected in any way. Because in a state of unconsciousness of course he did not hear anything either. "

And after muttering so, it seems that Ban-hoa-ciang-mo has looked at the old beggar Lo Ping Kang again, he said in a cold voice,

"Now is the time for you to suffer from me, because of your impudent mouth and your rude attitude!"

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's mouth twitched again slowly, he moved his right hand, and stomped upwards,

"Wake up!" he snapped loudly.

Strangely, Sin-kun-bu-tek's body seemed to be controlled by a strange force that forced him to jump to his feet. The movement of his body is like a robot that has just obeyed Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's orders.

Although under the influence of black art, but because Sin-kun-bu-tek is a hero who has a very high lwekang, then the consciousness of his mind has not disappeared.

He has been thinking hard to fight the influence of black art. Only unfortunately a few times the effort failed.

"Slap his own face ten times," Ban-hoa-ciang-mo ordered in a fierce voice.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's heart refused the order, precisely because his right hand had been raised beyond his will, and moved to slap his own face ten times. Until he made a very loud "plaque plaque" sound, because he had hit it so hard that his face was swollen.

But he was not in pain, even beyond his desire he had laughed out loud. His attitude is like that of an insane person.

Very quickly Ban-hoa-ciang-mo snapped again, "Your claws ........."

Out of his desire again, Sin-kun-bu-tek's hands had scratched his face repeatedly, until his face was lined with scratches and shed quite a lot of blood.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo laughed heartily,

"Nice! Nice!" he said in a loud voice. "Hmm, apparently you're a person who obeys the orders of a dirty beggar!"

And after saying that, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo squealed again, wanting to order the beggar Sin-kun-bu-tek to torture himself with the influence of his black magic.

But the moment Sin Han regained consciousness from his fainting, he had seen the state of his teacher's blood -stained face, so that the boy was shocked, he shouted,

"Temperature ........ why you?"

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo who was reciting his spells immediately turned to Sin Han. And in that moment of just a few seconds, when Ban-hoa-ciang-mo stopped reciting his spell, Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly stretched out his right hand.

He had inserted his index finger, the tip of which was bitten so hard, that the tip of the finger was bleeding. And the bite on the tip of his finger had actually caused Sin-kun-bu-tek to suffer from the pain that brought to his mind, so that he was free from the influence of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's black magic.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also realizes that the salvation of his soul only depends on that time which is only a few seconds. If he did not use it as best he could, of course in the future it would be difficult for him to escape the influence of his black art Ban-hoa-ciang-mo.

With an angry shout, Sin-kun-bu-tek slammed his fists into Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's chest. He hit using all the lwekang power he had.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo is so surprised instead of playing. He let out a restrained shout because he didn't think that Sin-kun-bu-tek could escape from the influence of his black art and he was not ready, so he hurriedly wanted to avoid the onslaught.

However, because his attention was divided on Sin Han, he did not manage to avoid Sin-kun-bu-tek's sudden attack. The beggar's fist had pounded the chest of the vicious student and possessed the black art, until he heard the sound of "krekkkk", because there was a broken sternum.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had let out a scream of pain, his body bouncing and slammed to the ground, rolling several spears.

Sin-kun-bu-tek doesn't waste any chances. Because Sin-kun-bu-tek knew that if the vicious student had time to influence himself with his black art, his hope of escaping would be gone.

Back he slammed as he delivered a blow with his fist that had been channeled by his sinking energy.

The movement brought in a very strong gust of wind, so that the original Ban-hoa-ciang-mo meant to recite his spell again, so cancel and quickly avoid it.

Sin-kun-bu-tek insists on continuing without giving his opponent a chance even for a second, in a row he launches deadly attacks. Because Sin-kun-bu-tek is determined if he can he wants to destroy his opponent.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, who saw his opponent's stubbornness, quickly reached into his shirt pocket. Because he was sure that if he had to face Sin-kun-bu-tek's blows with a normal fist, he would not be able to.

Because lwekangnya's power is still below the level of Sin-kun-bu-tek. As soon as his hand was pulled out of his cloak pocket, he had slammed something on the ground, immediately a loud explosion was heard.

Sin-kun-bu-tek, who was leaping forward, was shocked, what's more, along with the sound of the explosion, it also blew thick black smoke around the place, blocking his eyes. He did not manage to see where Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was.

With a heart that shook violently, Sin-kun-bu-tek jumped back to escape from the roll of black smoke, then stretched his eyes wide. He watched around the place looking for Ban-hoa-ciang-mo. But the violent student had disappeared, apparently he had escaped.

After believing that Ban-hoa-ciang-mo had passed, Sin-kun-bu-tek's body fell limp and powerless, but he could breathe a sigh of relief.

Sin Han quickly chased after his teacher, to see him take him down a lush tree.

“Dangerous! Dangerous! ” complained the beggar in a trembling voice, for he had just escaped a truly terrible danger.

If only he did not succeed in escaping the influence of Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's magic, it would surely make him suffer, and meet death miserably.

Ban-hoa-ciang-mo is violent and has very violent hands. Meanwhile, the two people who had been screaming in pain by rolling on the ground, at that time were no longer tickling, were silent without breathing anymore, because their souls had drifted ...........

“That human is really dangerous !! He's really like a scary demon! Far more frightening than Siang-niauw-pek-sian Bo Siong Kun. That student is really violent ........! ”

Sin Han looked at his teacher in amazement, he said in a hesitant voice, “Now ........ now how is the temperature? Should wounds in the face of temperature be cleaned with water? Let me find water around this place ..........! ”

The beggar nodded, he gave a piece of cloth to his student, and Sin Han ran to find the river, to wet the piece of cloth.

It so happened that in a separate place not so far away, this child came across a river with clear water. Immediately Sin Han soaked the cloth, and took it to his teacher to shrink the blood that was pouring from his face.

After putting some kind of medicine on his wound, the beggar took his student away quickly. Because he was worried that Ban-hoa-ciang-mo would reappear……

Until the two people who had fallen into corpses were no longer buried by Sin-kun-bu-tek. Because even this beggar was chased by a feeling of horror at the thought that he had been affected by Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's black magic.

In fact, the last time Ban-hoa-ciang-mo was pressed by the fierce attacks of the beggar who had the title of Unmatched Magic Fist. He saw that it was pointless to deal with Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Because he was investigating the book "Sin-hian-pit-kip", which according to the confession of one of the two victims, it was placed under the teacher's bed of the victim.

This is what makes Ban-hoa-ciang-mo want to end the battle with beggars. And he intends to first take the heirloom book which seems to be of utmost importance to him.........

Otherwise, even if Sin-kun-bu-tek has twice as much intelligence as now, surely the beggar will not escape the influence of his magic.

Sin-kun-bu-tek invites Sin Han to leave in a hurry to get away from that place. After traveling dozens of lies they arrived at the surface of a small village, namely Ban-hoo-cung.

The beggar invites Sin Han to look for an inn, because Sin-kun-bu-tek needs to rest besides treating his wounds. He also had to train his lwekang which had been crushed, because he had used it more than the proper dose.

Sin Han saw his teacher sitting in meditation practicing his lwekang in the room of the inn. He knew in such a situation his teacher would not want to be disturbed.

So Sin Han just kept quiet watching his teacher who was training his lwekang, and this child's heart was so sliced ​​when he saw the scratches on his teacher's face. Sin Han was secretly thinking hard, Ban-hoa-ciang-mo's intelligence is really great, and this kid doesn't know who can control that cruel-hearted human..........

After sitting in meditation for almost two hours, finally the beggar jumped down from the bed, he said to his disciple,

“Fortunately I wasn't hurt inside……”

"Is Ban-hoa-ciang-mo really that great, Suhu?" asked Sin Han.

The teacher nodded slowly.

“His martial arts skills are not much, but he has black magic that resembles magic, so he can overpower his victims at any time. On his own, he could affect his opponent without strength, and cause the opponent to be easily knocked down……!!”

Sin Han just didn't understand, because he didn't know what the difference was between silat and black magic, which according to his teacher was almost similar to magic......

That night they slept restlessly. Especially Sin-kun-bu-tek, because this beggar is worried that Ban-hoa-ciang-mo will appear at any time suddenly.

Meanwhile, Sin Han fell into a restless sleep, because he often saw his teacher jumping from his bed and listening carefully as if he was listening to something.

This teacher's situation made Sin Han even more worried and uneasy. But as an immature child, of course Sin Han also didn't know what to do, apart from being confused.

The next morning, Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek dined in the front room of the inn.

At that time there were not many people eating in the room, only four people were seen at a table to the right. They also dress as ordinary citizens, not from among Kang ouw.

When Sin Han and his teacher were eating, suddenly at the door of the restaurant there was a man in his fifties. His clothes as a farmer, but strangely enough on his waist he carried a machete. His face was long and thin, but with thick eyebrows and sharp eyes, he looked very manly.

He called a waiter in the diner and ordered that four tables be prepared with forty expensive dishes. All the price of the order he immediately paid by handing two goan-po to the waiter.

"You can take more!" he said to the waiter.

Of course the maid was overjoyed, the remainder of the payment was probably ten tails more. Never in his life had the servant received such a large gift, so he had thanked him many times.

While the man dressed as a farmer had taken a seat at the western table, by the window, he was watching outside.

When the man in peasant clothes stepped into this dining room, Sin-kun-bu-tek had already bowed his head deeply. He also said to Sin Han in a very low voice,

“Don't look at him……. we have to hurry up……!”

However, because the man dressed as a farmer was sitting at the west table, which was close to Sin-kun-bu-tek's table, the beggar was not free to take his student away.

If he had stood up to leave the table, surely the man dressed as a farmer would have seen them and would have noticed him, for the man had not been preoccupied with his unserved food items.

Therefore Sin-kun-bu-tek has continued to eat with his head bowed deeply and he is silent.

Sin Han, who saw the teacher's attitude, was amazed, he was just watching. Although Sin Han intended to ask why his teacher was behaving like that, but because he saw his teacher's condition like that, Sin Han canceled his intention.

He just continued his meal slowly with his heart filled with question marks, his mind also at work,

“The people of the martial jungle apparently have a lot of strange problems……. During this time, in just a few months I have seen and experienced many strange events……. ...”

After seeing the person dressed as a farmer bothering to eat and drink wine, Sin-kun-bu-tek signaled his student to leave. He had waved his hand at a waiter, and paid for it without waiting for the waiter to mention the price of the meal.

"You take the rest!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek in a low voice.

The waiter was stunned. When Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han came to spend the night yesterday, they were disdainful and even disgusted. But Sin-kun-bu-tek had paid the room rent in advance, so they couldn't refuse this beggar and his student.

And now he was rewarded with quite a lot of change, maybe almost a dozen taels of silver. The servant was shocked and excited, until he wanted to suspect that this beggar was a rich man disguised as a beggar.........

Without saying anything, Sin-kun-bu-tek stood up, pulling Sin Han who he wanted to take back to his room. It was then that the man in peasant clothes had raised his head.

He looked towards Sin-kun-bu-tek and from his mouth came a low cry. But then the man had bowed his head again, he continued to eat without minding Sin-kun-bu-tek.

When Sin-kun-bu-tek heard the man's low voice, the beggar's face turned pale, it seemed that he was shocked and seemed frightened.

Sin Han was even more surprised, he just obeyed his teacher's invitation to return to their room. After locking the bedroom door, Sin-kun-bu-tek took a deep breath.

"Why can we meet him?" asked Sin-kun-bu-tek as if to himself.

"You saw the one dressed as a farmer, didn't you?" asked Sin-kun-bu-tek to his student.

Sin Han nodded.

"Yeah, the one that took the table beside us right?" asked Sin Han.

"Right," nodded Sin-kun-bu-tek, and again he sighed again. “But it would be a shame to miss this opportunity……!” said Sin-kun-bu-tek again, as if muttering to himself.

"What does temperature mean?" asked Sin Han in surprise.

“I mean that person who is dressed as a farmer. He is a very intelligent person, maybe in the martial jungle it is difficult to find someone as great as him....

“That person has the title Kim-to-ong-san (King of the Golden Cleaver Mountain), while his name is not clearly known, because no one knows what Kim-to-ong-san's real name is…… .."

"Then what does the temperature mean by saying it's a pity if you let go of the opportunity......" asked Sin Han.

Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang did not immediately answer the student's question, because he played with his index finger which was injured by his own bite when facing Ban-hoa-ciang-mo, who by that time had started to move closer.

“Actually I was thinking of an opportunity for you! If you can study with Kim-to-ong-san, of course you can get high-class martial arts lessons. Isn't this an excellent opportunity?"

And when he said so Sin-kun-bu-tek watched his student then he took a deep breath and continued his words again,

“Unfortunately, I have clashed with him. I even knocked him down and vowed never to live alone with him in this world…….”

"If that's the case, surely there's animosity between temperature and that Kim-to-ong-san?" asked Sin Han.

“You could say that……” nodded the beggar quickly. “But the proof until now is that the two of us are still in this world……!”

"What enmity exists between temperature and that person?" asked Sin Han curiously.

“Actually it's all due to my bad temper and quirks as well…… I'm too nosy, often make fun of people and especially when I'm young. Twenty years ago when I heard that someone was brave, I came and asked them to complain!

“And at that time I heard that Kim-to-ong-san had high intelligence and was respected by both friends and foes, so I looked for him. And when I met him I provoked his wrath by seducing him, so that he became angry and fought with me.

"We had a great battle, I have used all my intelligence, but the facts show that he is indeed superior and far superior in intelligence. Finally he managed to knock me down easily.

"At that time, I vowed to study more diligently high-level martial arts. And also vowed not to live alone with him on this earth.

"But my oath did not come true, although I have studied diligently to cultivate various great skills, in fact I have always been defeated by him. Twice I confronted him and challenged him, but both times I had knocked him down.

"So soon I knew, forever I couldn't possibly knock down Kim-to-ong-san, because the more I train myself and acquire a much higher intelligence, so will Kim-to-ong-san, who will naturally train and His intelligence has progressed very rapidly.

"Therefore, forever I could not match his intelligence, and I became ashamed, I did not want to see him again. When we met him earlier, he seemed surprised when he recognized me, but he also didn't want to look for business……”

Sin Han nodded in understanding.

“In that case, surely that locianpwe has very high intelligence……!” he said.

“Yeah, such a good opportunity would be a shame to pass up…… If only I didn't have any issues with him, couldn't I just ask him to accept you as his disciple? Thus, it is clear that you will later become a good student……”

But Sin Han shook his head.

“Not temperature, no matter how I still don't want to part with temperature. Even though Kim-to-ong-san has high intelligence, but that's not the reason why I should feel lucky if I can make him a teacher……”

"Hemm," Sin-kun-bu-tek just snorted with a dreamy thought, while at that time he had thought too. “This kid has a good heart, he is not greedy and greedy for intelligence…….!”

And after that the old beggar Lo Ping Kang lay down on the bed to rest.

Sin Han also lay down on the other bed. This kid is still thinking about his temperature earlier.

Sin-kun-bu-tek has very high intelligence. Sin Han was sure that if he could pass on his master's intelligence, that would be more than enough for him.

Thinking as soon as Sin Han had jumped down from his bed, he started practicing the moves his teacher had taught him. He had quickly practiced twenty moves, and his breath was a little ragged.

“Temperature says, I only understand the blossoms of these moves….. It's impossible to knock people down! Then I have to train harder and also train my inner strength…….”

When he thought that, Sin Han immediately thought of his deceased father. And so he imagined, if only he had been able to have high intelligence, of course he could find his father's enemy to take revenge.

And Sin Han trained himself again with several other moves, so that he finally felt tired and stopped practicing and lay down to rest.

Suddenly Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang was laughing, apparently he didn't sleep earlier.

"Very nice! I have seen you train yourself well! Your spirits are high and you have learned all the moves that I passed down well! Now let me teach you some more moves."

And the beggar Lo Ping Kang began to pass on some new moves to the boy.

Sin Han had paid attention to every statement of his teacher and then trained him. There were several mistakes he made, and he had received more instructions from his teacher, until finally Sin Han managed to master the moves.

But when Sin Han wanted to repeat his exercises, that's when Sin-kun-bu-tek's face seemed to have changed.

"There have been a lot of guests in the dining room!" he said then. “Probably the ones Kim-to-ong-san has been waiting for!”

Sin Han was surprised.

“How did Suhu know? Isn't the temperature in the room?" asked the boy.

"But I hear from the sound of their footsteps, which shows that there are very many of them," replied Sin-kun-bu-tek.

"Oh, how sharp is the hearing of temperature..." said Sin Han in awe.

"Let's go out to see!" invite Sin-kun-bu-tek to pull Sin Han's hand, which he wants to take out.

Sin Han just obeyed his teacher's invitation, he had followed his teacher out of the room.

When they arrived at the dining room, there were already a large number of people gathered in different ways of dressing, some tall and some short. They generally carry sharp weapons, and judging by the way they dress, it seems that they come from the martial world.

At that time, Sin-kun-bu-tek had let out a muffled cry, and muttered quietly,

"Why here can gather so many famous heroes?"

And after muttering that, Sin-kun-bu-tek took Sin Han's hand, who he invited to stand behind the pillar in the doorway of the restaurant, to take a closer look.

Kim-to-ong-san seemed to have stood up from his seat and was saying,

“You seem to have kept your promise to also visit me……!” his voice was loud and loud.

He also had welcomed the arrival of the people, the number of which may have reached twenty people, with a pair of hands clasping his hands in a salute.

But the twenty people looked at him coldly, they just kept quiet and didn't return Kim-to-ong-san's respect in the slightest.

One of them, who was dressed as a tojin, had come closer to Kim-to-ong-san, he had said,

“Are we going to decide here……?”

“Don't,” Kim-to-ong-san said quickly. “It is precisely me who is lowly wanting to entertain you. We'll just finish the business two years ago……!”

And after saying that, Kim-to-ong-san had waved his hand for a servant, who was rushing over to him.

"Are the food items I ordered ready?" asked Kim-to-ong-san then.

“Already Loya……!” replied the waiter. “And everything is still warm…….!”

"Very nice! Prepare for these gentlemen……!”

Then Kim-to-ong-san had turned to the people who seemed to be his opponents, he said,

“Come, gentlemen, please eat first…… This time I'm Kim-to-ong-san who will be the host……!”

Immediately he invited the brave people to sit at several tables that had been prepared complete with a variety of food items.

But the person who was dressed as a tojin had said in a cold voice,

“We didn't come to eat, we wanted to solve our problems as we promised……! If you really don't want to make the determination in a place that is spacious and separate from the crowd, let us just take a place here……!”

Then the tojin turned to the waiter who was waiting for his guests to take a seat. He had reached into his pocket and pulled out a goan-po which was thrown at the servant, he said,

“Take it for you and get rid of the tables, make a notice board that there is no guest today……!”

Seeing that the tojin was difficult to talk to, Kim-to-ong-san was laughing, very patient.

"Good! It seems that the gentlemen are impatient! Please cuwies determine the method, how do we want to complain about intelligence?"

"It's up to you! We just obeyed!” replied the Tojin in a voice that was colder, and somewhat crueler.

“But you came in very large numbers, while I was alone…… Moreover now that I am the host…… then please gentlemen who first propose ways its good for us to squabble our wits!!”

Si Tojin seemed to be annoyed at Kim-to-ong-san's words, he had said in a bland voice,

"Even though I'm Cin An Cinjin, I come with quite a lot of friends, but of course I won't be that low in playing gangs and cowardly... They come just to witness, to be witnesses, which of us will be which is far superior!

“Two years ago, two of my fellow teachers perished at your hands. I think it's because his knowledge is not high and that's why now I want to see it, whether by having intelligence like now I can destroy you……”

When Cin An Cinjin said that, he had such a savage attitude, he had said it with great pride. In the blink of an eye he had emitted a hostile attitude getting ready to start fighting.

The tojin comrades had moved aside. They stayed silent with a cold demeanor and their eyes looked at Kim-to-ong-san with hostility.

But Kim-to-ong-san remained calm, not at all frightened or frightened by their attitude. He had clasped his hands together and was eager to salute.

"Please........!" he said in a low voice.

“Please…… I am willing to wait for your teachings……!” and finished saying, it seemed Kim-to-ong-san stretched out his arms to receive the attack.

“Sreenggg…….!” Cin An Cinjin has drawn his weapon, a sword.

He had waved it off and prepared to launch an attack. Then this priest looked at Kim-to-ong-san with a sharp gaze as he said,

“If I were to launch an attack on you unarmed, that would not be a valiant act, take out your golden cleaver……!”

Kim-to-ong-san did have a weapon made of gold in the shape of a machete, which was why he was nicknamed Kim-to-ong-san. Hearing his opponent's words, he laughed mockingly then said in an even voice,

"You asked me to use a weapon, fine! Now please open the attack!” And while saying that, Kim-to-ong-san had pulled out his golden cleaver, a short sword made of gold mixed with other mixed materials, gleaming brilliantly.

At that time Cin An Cinjin let out a shriek,

“Watch the attack……!”

His sword had flashed swiftly. He had launched very fast and agile attacks.

His sword was like that of a dragon that flashed with splendid movements. His every move was very dangerous, because the blade had targeted the dangerous parts of Kim-to-ong-san's body, such as the neck, eyes and stomach.

But Kim-to-ong-san tried to dodge his opponent's attack. He just watched how the opponent's sword swooped down with the blade vibrating as the attack was about to arrive.

Kim-to-ong-san nimbly moved his golden cleaver, he had parried it so hard that a voice sounded,

“Tranggggg…….!” so loud!

The tojin's sword had been successfully stabbed with force, until it tilted to the side.