Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 05

Volume 05

BUT Sin Han was right. What's more, now that he heard Tung Sie Cinjin mention Sin-kun-bu-tek, the old beggar who was known to be good to him, Sin Han's spirit naturally awakened. He was also happy that the beggar he was looking for could appear in this place.

So instead of letting go of his bite, he was biting harder and harder. Besides that, his hands had also wrapped his arms around Kiang-jie's waist tightly regardless of Kiang-jie's furious blows on his back.

Sin-kun-bu-tek who saw the incident had deliberately made a mocking laugh.

“Hemm, look at that stupid student of yours who can only grunt, has been howling like a trapped dog!

Even though you have taught him for many years in punching and martial arts, where is his brother's skill? Hemm, facing a child his age who doesn't understand silat, he can't stand it!

“As a teacher, what kind of teacher are you counted as? The student is so stupid, of course the teacher is also very stupid…… How can you be so angry and boast that you want to spar with me?”

Tung Sie Cinjin was teased so much by Sin-kun-bu-tek that he couldn't hold back his anger anymore. With a loud snapping sound, he had charged forward. And while jumping he had moved both hands to launch a very powerful attack in the opening move.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek wasn't afraid in the slightest either. Calmly he watched as the priest's two fists came.

When the priest's right fist almost reached his face, this old beggar had dodged by tilting his head. While his left hand was used to strike the priest's eye with lightning-fast movements.

Of course this was never expected by Tung Sie Cinjin, so he let out a muffled cry. But as a clever and highly intelligent person, he did not become nervous about such circumstances.

Quickly he pulled back his hand, and his legs suddenly kicked in succession using the 'Ban-lian-tui' kick skill (seeks chain kick). Tung Sie Cinjin's two legs seemed to have been tapping each other non-stop.

And his head had also been pushed back so that the flick of the fingers from Sin-kun-bu-tek could be escaped easily. What's more, the beggar also had to jump backwards due to the urgency of the very dangerous series of kicks.

“Haha, is this a special skill?” scolds Sin-kun-bu-tek in a mocking voice. "Well, now that you look at my attack, I want to show some stupidity!"

After saying that mockingly, it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek had moved both of his fists, which were moved rapidly. So that milling about as well as dragon snakes snatching with targets that are difficult to guess.

Tung Sie Cinjin was furious. He repeatedly let out muffled screams and jumped backwards, because both Sin-kun-bu-tek's fists had turned into a hundred fists that were rolling in front of his face, threatening to hit him.

That's a kind of extraordinary cleverness because Sin-kun-bu-tek has managed to move both his fists very quickly. This causes the fist to turn into a very large number, misleading the target it is aiming for, making it very difficult for the opponent to guard against this kind of attack, because what is certain is that the opponent will be confused about the target of the attack.

At that time, Sin Han was still biting hard and embracing him tighter, so Kiang-jie kept screaming in pain. Of course Kiang-jie's screams distracted Tung Sie Cinjin's attention. He was often startled by Kiang-jie's screams and cries of pain.

What's more, in the first move he could see that he was still inferior to Sin-kun-bu-tek's intelligence. Even though at first in this preliminary move, they did seem balanced, but if later they had fought long enough, of course it would end in defeat for him.

As a result of the breakdown of his concentration of thoughts, Tung Sie Cinjin could not fight at his best, and left him under the wind, moreover his lwekang power was still under Sin-kun-bu-tek's intelligence. But because of his shame, this priest fought fiercely and determinedly.

Then regardless of anything, he had brought out his stored wisdom. By launching consecutive attacks on Sin-kun-bu-tek, forcing the beggar to jump back several times to dodge.

Tung Sie Cinjin took the opportunity when Sin-kun-bu-tek's body was jumping backwards, he had pulled out his sword that had been tucked in his back. Then he had moved his sword, to stab with the tip of the sword vibrating.

Sin-kun-bu-tek was also surprised at the way his opponent attacked him. Because the attack moves he uses are deadly moves.

Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang quickly became more alert. He had looked with extreme caution, watching the blade that was slashing towards his chest.

As someone who has been dubbed the "Unmatched Magic Fist", of course Sin-kun-bu-tek has very high intelligence in both hands. That's why when his opponent's sword strikes, Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly moves his right hand to the right, then suddenly his fingers will pinch the body of the sword.

The movement he did was very fast and was beyond the expectations of Tung Sie Cinjin. So that made Tung Sie Cinjin let out a surprised cry and quickly pulled his sword back, so as not to be pinched by his opponent's fingers.

But Tung Sie Cinjin broke out in a cold sweat. If the sword had been clamped, of course he would have experienced no small difficulty. Besides that, he was surprised at the liehay of Sin-kun-bu-tek's hand.

Sin-kun-bu-tek again launched an attack on the priest. When Tung Sie Cinjin jumped back, the beggar's body was quickly pushed forward, he was accompanied by the onslaught of his two fists.

His movement was a bit strange, because usually when people launch an attack with a fist, of course he attacks with a direction from the front and lunges at the opponent. But instead, Sin-kun-bu-tek moved his hand in the opposite way, that is, his fist grabbed from the bottom to the top.

Tung Sie Cinjin was just so surprised. He couldn't just sink into that astonishment, because if he went a little slow, surely his chest, right in the way of his Mia-liu-hiat blood would be an easy target.

Quickly the sword in his right hand rotated like a trick, and his left hand flicked towards Sin-kun-bu-tek.

The swift movement of his sword and emitting a chill made Sin-kun-bu-tek pull back his hands. Because if he continues his attack, it means that his two hands will become the target of the sword and can stun.

When Sin-kun-bu-tek pulled back his hand, at that moment he felt a gust of wind from the priest's left hand, thus making him busy to fend off it.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's inner strength did win over Tung Sie Cinjin's inner strength, so when the two forces collided with each other, Tung Sie Cinjin's body staggered back a few steps.

While Sin-kun-bu-tek wasn't pushed back in the slightest from where he was standing, he stood up straight without flinching.

Sin-kun-bu-tek had let out a mocking laugh, he had said coldly,

“Where is your mean intelligence? All the skills that you put out earlier were bangpak moves that didn't mean anything! If I wanted to, in the blink of an eye, with the flip of a palm, I could send you off to meet your ancestor!”

That's a great taunt. Because the beggar wanted to mean that he could easily annihilate the priest, by sending Tung Sie Cinjin to hell to meet his ancestors……!

Tung Sie Cinjin's mustache and beard twitched with anger. He jumped up and prancing along with a frantic scream.

But just as he was about to jump at the beggar again he heard Kiang-jie had screamed in pain. Because his stomach still hasn't been removed from Sin Han's bite.

Hearing the screams of his disciples, Tung Sie Cinjin became even more furious. He quickly canceled his intention to attack Sin-kun-bu-tek, he had jumped close to his student, and the sword in his right hand was moved to slash into Sin Han's neck!

"Uhhh!" Sin-kun-bu-tek had let out a startled cry. Because he didn't expect that Tung Sie Cinjin could commit such a heinous and despicable act, wanting to destroy a child like Sin Han in such a lowly manner.

To jump to prevent Tung Sie Cinjin's intentions, obviously not anymore, because Sin-kun-bu-tek was separated at quite a distance. Therefore, he had quickly kicked a stone near his foot using the tip of the foot, the stone had been kicked towards Tung Sie Cinjin's sword.

“Tringgggg……!” The sword had been hit by a rock that was kicked by Sin-kun-bu-tek hard, so that it shook with a roaring sound, so Tung Sie Cinjin's sword target changed direction.

“Despicable priest...............!” snapped Sin-kun-bu-tek while jumping along with a kick on the pebbles.

So Tung Sie Cinjin had not yet repeated his sword stroke on Sin Han, at that time Sin-kun-bu-tek's fist had grabbed his back, forcing Tung Sie Cinjin to dodge himself by jumping four spears from where Sin Han was.

On the contrary, it seemed that Kiang-jie had screamed in pain again, she had not paid attention to the condition of her teacher who was being pressed by Sin-kun-bu-tek, Kiang-jie had shouted,

“Ohhhh….. temperature please…… temperature please! It hurts so much........ This little devil, eh toako, don't bite, let go, I will obey your orders........ Please help me don't torture me like that........ !”

While crying like that, it seems that Kiang-jie has been complaining about not hitting anymore, because she wants to ask for mercy from Sin Han.

But Sin Han still bites, and hugs tightly. He really didn't want to let go of the bite because Sin Han realized that if he let go of his bite and embrace, of course Kiang-jie would hit his face and body again like before.

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed out loud to himself seeing the state of Tung Sie Siangjin's student. He had said in a loud voice,

"Eh little buffalo now you're trying to say…….. if you really want to be the slave of that little engko, I will order the bite to be released……!”

"Want! Want! Ohhhh! Sick! It really hurts!" shouted Kiang-jie with tears in her eyes because she was enduring the incredible pain. “I will obey all the orders of this little engko……!”

"Is your promise true?" asked Sin-kun-bu-tek.

“Right…… I won't deny it!” said Kiang-jie in a strangled voice.

"Good! As a sign that you will obey every command of the little engko, now try to scold the old priest that bastard. Tell him with the greatest possible cursing. The more intense your cursing the better and the faster I will order the little engko to release its bite!!”

Kiang-jie is in excruciating pain, but hearing her being asked to curse at her teacher, she gets shocked herself.

For a moment he was stunned, but then he was huffing again.

"Why don't you curse immediately?" scolds Sin-kun-bu-tek in a mocking voice. “The longer you don't curse, the longer you will be tormented and suffer such misery! Let's hurry up and curse the old fart priest…….!”

Sin-kun-bu-tek's words were accompanied by his loud laughter. He ignored Tung Sie Cinjin who was standing with his body shaking from holding back his overflowing anger, the priest felt his chest feel like it was about to explode.

Kiang-jie can't stand being constantly bitten like that. So he uttered his cursing voice,

"Priest……. rotten priest........ I hate you can't help me!! I hate…….!"

Tung Sie Cinjin's chest seemed to explode. He even felt his ears were red hot and his mustache and beard had stood up.

"Apostate student …… .." he cursed in a trembling voice.

“That’s a pretty good swear, but not so great! Let's swear again! ” orders Sin-kun-bu-tek, the naughty old beggar.

"Sin Han, bite harder if he doesn't want to curse harder!"

Sin Han agreed, he moved his teeth, so Kiang-jie felt the bite in her stomach hurting even more. He was screaming in a shrill, shrill voice.

At that time, in fact, Kiang-jie was hesitant to eat as well, because no matter how much he respected and also felt afraid of his teacher. Then he had said with a sob,

“Better…… it's better to just kill me…… Don't torture me like this!” And when he said that, Sin Han was grinding his teeth, causing a pang in the little priest's stomach, which made him scream out loud.

Tung Sie Cinjin saw his student being tortured so much, he could no longer contain his anger. He let out a very loud snort, and had set his foot. His body had jumped very quickly towards Sin Han, which meant he would be stabbed with his sword.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek is very wary. Seeing the movements made by Tung Sie Cinjin, he had let out a mocking laugh,

“You ignorant priest……!”

And Sin-kun-bu-tek's body has moved after the priest. Even while his body was floating like that, his right hand had moved swiftly to hit the priest's back.

The attack launched by Sin-kun-bu-tek was an extraordinary attack, the wind was blowing very strong.

Tung Sie Cinjin himself felt how the wind swept violently to his back. By himself, he was startled as well, because Tung Sie Cinjin realized that the attack launched by Sin-kun-bu-tek could not be underestimated.

He had undone his stab at Sin Han. Then twisting his body swinging his sword in a circular manner, will slash the stomach of the naughty old beggar.

The movement performed by Tung Sie Cinjin is one of the most dangerous moves of his sword science, because he launches the tabasan relentlessly.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek also has high agility and intelligence, so he can handle the challenge well. When the sword flashed towards his stomach as fast as lightning the old beggar had flicked the body of the sword with his index finger, causing a “Tringggg…….!” sound. very loud.

The sword in Tung Sie Cinjin's hand had soared to the side of the sentilan, and almost escaped the grip of the priest's hand. Tung Sie Cinjin himself had let out a shocked and nervous exclamation as well because his sword was almost detached from its grip and most importantly, the sword bounced and grabbed towards his own face ……!

He quickly tilted his head, so that he could dodge the strike of his sword, which almost happened to be the master's eating weapon……

Sin-kun-bu-tek had let out a mocking laugh,

"Hemmmm, indeed from the beginning I have suspected that Tung Sie Cinjin is just a stupid buffalo who is smart to insult small children ........! It turns out that my guess did not go wrong ........! ” And after saying that, the old beggar laughed and laughed in a very loud voice.

With anger, Tung Sie Cinjin attacked at once by using four moves that grabbed each other in a row, so that his sword moved with a very dangerous movement. Therefore, Sin-kun-bu-tek did not dare to play around in the face of such an attack.

He had been trying to deal with it in earnest, because he felt the blades of the sword actually grabbed at the very dangerous parts of his body. At that time, Sin-kun-bu-tek seemed incredibly fast using the agility of his body to dodge left and right in a very fast motion, besides that his two hands had also been swinging towards Tung Sie Cinjin.

His hand movements were very powerful, as a valiant warrior who was known by the nickname Sin-kun-bu-tek, the beggar's fist was automatically a fist of death. If his opponent was hit once by Sin-kun-bu-tek's fist strike, if he didn't die soon, he would naturally suffer heavy injuries on the inside…….

Again, the two of them engaged in an exciting battle.

At that moment Kiang-jie was screaming in pain again. His screams had made Tung Sie Cinjin panic too.

Even though he didn't want to pay attention to the screams from his student, but his concentration was still broken, so that every sword strike always failed.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also often laughs and taunts him, so that the calmness of Tung Sie Cinjin diminishes.

It must be known that if a master is fighting, if his composure diminishes by itself his intelligence is like a decrease in how much!!

Tung Sie Cinjin also knew the taboo, especially in fighting, that is, one should not lose one's composure. So he had tried to regain his peace of mind, always failing, because the sound of Kiang-jie's screams of pain always disturbed the concentration of his mind.

Moreover, at that time, Kiang-jie also started swearing at Tung Sie Cinjin with dirty and great words, such as,

“Bastard teacher, teacher doesn't know custom, no wonder you were beaten by that beggar…… You really have to die!

“You are a pervert priest, a priest who loves to look pretty, who is only good at insulting small children, a priest who can only eat……

“Just look at me as your student, you can't educate me to be someone who has reliable intelligence….. in fact it becomes tormented! You know this, it's better if I don't study martial arts……!”

And many more great curses that Kiang-jie hurled at his teacher. This disciple was so desperate, because he could not help feeling the pain in his stomach, due to Sin Han's bite that was getting stronger.

Tung Sie Cinjin felt his chest explode, as he felt his blood overflow to the tip of his head. But he kept trying to calm his heart, even though repeatedly his concentration failed anyway.

Statements like this have made Sin-kun-bu-tek more and more so throwing taunts at the priest to arouse his anger.

"Hahaha, that's why I advise you to train yourself carefully. If you are not sure that you have high intelligence, don't ever pretend to be a teacher and take students! Look how disappointing the results are!”

Ridiculed to go home like that, Tung Sie Cinjin could not contain his anger anymore. By uttering a loud shout, he had attacked the beggar blindly, without regard for his own safety again.

Sin-kun-bu-tek is getting happier, because he sees that Tung Sie Cinjin's attempt to anger him has succeeded. He saw that Tung Sie Cinjin began to lose his balance, because he was too concerned with his attacks rather than his own defense, so there were many vacancies in Tung Sie Cinjin.

By using his fist at one time, it appears that Sin-kun-bu-tek has launched a hand punch to his opponent's shoulder.

"Bukkkkkkkk!" Tung Sie Cinjin's body had fallen bouncing forward. At that moment, Sin-kun-bu-tek did not give his opponent another chance, he had smashed his opponent with terrible blows.

But Tung Sie Cinjin is one of the characters who has a high enough intelligence, so he can still defend himself.

"Are you going to give up or not?" snapped Sin-kun-bu-tek in a mocking voice.

Tung Sie Cinjin's face turned red. However, he can be humiliated in such a way.

With a very loud roar, his sword snapped with great force, fluttering at all four corners.

Sin-kun-bu-tek's attack was temporarily blocked with his sword.

Kiang-jie who saw that even though he had insulted his teacher, but still Sin Han's bite was not released, shouted while crying,

“Eh, you stink beggar, did you not keep your promise! Look, does this child want to obey your words ........ he doesn't want to let go of his bite yet ........ ”

“Hahahaha,” laughed the old beggar with a very loud voice, he had said in an even voice, “You just ask the little boy directly, is he willing to free you from that bite…… !”

Hearing the beggar's words, of course, made Kiang-jie so upset, that she burst into tears.

The old beggar she Lo had laughed again in a long voice.

"Eh rotten old priest, can't you teach students? Look, your student is no longer ashamed to worship other people and idolize the enemy to curse his teacher who is considered an empty bag ........! Where is your authority? ”

But Tung Sie Cinjin no longer wanted to pay attention to the beggar's taunts. He had shouted loudly and launched attacks with his sword in a cowardly manner.

This priest's way of fighting made Sin-kun-bu-tek finally go crazy too. Because he saw that his opponent was in such a desperate state that he no longer neglected his safety, every thrust of his sword was an attack that invited his enemy to die together.

Of course the beggar Lo Ping Kang did not want to perish with the priest.

Lo Ping Kang's haste has changed his fighting style. He jumped back a few spears, then stood on his hips to face the priest, he too had said in a cold voice,

"How? Do you want to continue this battle or are you just giving up?”

Asked so, the priest had answered bitterly,

"I'd rather die with you than give up!" he said.

And very quickly the swords had struck again in succession, so that a "Sringggg.........!" sound was heard. loud voice and the sword darted towards Sin-kun-bu-tek's throat.

Sin-kun-bu-tek jumped back and forth continuously, like a cat playing with a mouse.

Tung Sie Cinjin became more and more confused. He kept jumping around launching attacks while shouting curiously.

In terms of calm, of course the old beggar won. Because he is the one who is playing with his opponent.

But Tung Sie Cinjin has a pretty great sword knowledge, so that makes Sin-kun-bu-tek not dare to fight at close range. Because in a state of kalap and not caring for the safety of himself and his soul, of course, every attack launched by Tung Sie Cinjin is very dangerous.

At that time, Kiang-jie apparently couldn't stand the bite in her stomach that hurt excruciatingly. He had fainted.

Sin Han, who was biting Kiang-jie's stomach when he felt the person's body limp, felt powerless. He guessed that Kiang-jie must have fainted.

Then he slowly removed his arm from the body of the little priest and fell to the ground. When the little priest's body fell, Sin Han had bitten off the priest's stomach.

He saw how the little priest's stomach was covered in blood, and when Sin Han shrunk it, his mouth was also covered in blood. Sin Han shuddered to himself. Kiang-jie is worried that she'll die, that means she's the killer……

Sin-kun-bu-tek who also saw that Kiang-jie had fallen unconscious immediately shouted in a loud voice,

“Eh stupid priest, see your disciple is really useless after being satisfied with cursing you, he is sleeping soundly…… ha ha ha ha!!”

Tung Sie Cinjin became more and more angry, but he knew that his opponent had provoked his anger, to reduce his composure. He had shouted loudly and launched another stab, the moment Sin-kun-bu-tek jumped back to avoid it.

Tung Sie Cinjin did not chase after him, he stood up to regulate his breathing, to restore his peace of mind, clear his brain and also try to control his lwekangnya that began to chaotic. He is a member of the inner energy lweekhe.

By itself he has a high lwekang, so if he gets angry and forgets himself, the lwekang turns against him. Of course this is extremely dangerous, meaning that he will receive no small calamity……

When Tung Sie Cinjin was silent like that, Sin-kun-bu-tek had waved his hand to call Sin Han,

"Come here!"

Sin Han quickly approached the beggar, the child's hand was held by the beggar, then Sin-kun-bu-tek turned to Tung Sie Cinjin and said,

"Alright, now let's end this meeting here......... Next time we meet again........!"

After that, quickly the beggar stepped on his feet, his body had jumped onto the temple wall and flew away like a shadow.

Tung Sie Cinjin who realized he couldn't possibly knock down the beggar didn't chase after him, only he had shouted in a very loud voice,

“Next time I will look for you, Sin-kun-bu-tek!”

"I'm always ready to wait for your arrival," said Sin-kun-bu-tek as he ran away. In the blink of an eye the beggar's voice was heard far away. It shows that the beggar has gone far..........

Sin Han, who was grabbed by Sin-kun-bu-tek's hand, felt his body lift up and float, where the wind swept across his ears and face. The wind was blowing very hard, showing Sin-kun-bu-tek running very fast.

After running for a long time and having reached a place far away from the Tung Sie Cinjin temple, Sin-kun-bu-tek stopped running. He brought down Sin Han.

“Lojinke, I was worried about you these days!” said Sin Han as soon as his grip was released. "You just disappeared."

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed crisply, he replied,

"You sit there, we rest here first. I'll tell you later why I left you alone for these two days……”

Sin Han obeyed the beggar's orders, he was already sitting under a tree!

The beggar also sat beside Sin Han, he started to talk,

“That morning, as usual I wanted to look for food…… But unexpectedly I met a flower picking criminal……”

“Flower-picking villain?” Sin Han was surprised. "Does even flowers have a thief?"

Sin-kun-bu-tek smiled broadly,

“A flower picking criminal is a criminal who likes to disturb people's children and wives, strictly speaking beautiful women…… who are always spoiled for their chastity……”

"Destroyed her chastity?" asked Sin Han, confused again. “Was it smacked in the ass or insulted by that thug?”

Hearing Sin Han's last question, the beggar has been shaking his head while scratching his head non-itchy, he has said,

“Ah, it's so hard for me to explain, how should this be explained……?”

Sin Han laughed at the beggar's attitude.

"Never mind lojinke, continue your story. Even though I don't understand what it means to be tampered with, but most importantly now that I've gathered with the lojinke again……”

"Yes, it was a coincidence that I saw the criminal, a young man who of course was handsome entering a restaurant. I recognized him as a flower picking criminal, so with him in this city, I'm sure he must be targeting his victims as well......... so I waited until he finished his breakfast and left the restaurant.

“I followed him all the time…… Turns out he's staying at a pretty luxurious inn!

“Actually at that time I intended to come back to tell you, but I think I'll lose track of him and get into trouble. Of course there will be a victim who falls in his hands.

Therefore I have canceled my intention. I had just waited in front of the inn until the sky started to get dark.

“Apparently the pervert was waiting for the time before midnight, he was sleeping comfortably when it was nearing midnight. Sure enough, from a bedroom window in the inn house had jumped out a body……”

“How did Lojinke see that shadowy figure coming out of a bedroom window?” asked Sin Han in surprise.

“Because I'm entrenched on the roof, I've been keeping an eye on every room of the inn. And it was towards midnight that I saw the flower-picking villain had come out of the inn.

“He has a pretty perfect gin-kang, since he had taken the precarious path and was running swiftly towards the north, so I immediately followed him…… At that time of course I followed him without arousing his suspicions, so he doesn't know that I'm following him I've been following along freely……

It turned out that the flower-picking criminal had headed to a fairly large and luxurious building. That's when I watched him sneak into the building through the wall and then stay beside the bedroom window.

He had snooped around and took something out of his pocket, then lit a pair of sleeping incense sticks, burned them so that fragrant smoke filled the place. At that time I was furious, and I wanted to lunge at him to beat him.

But I didn't want to surprise the owner of this building so I just kept quiet, to watch for a while. Just when the pervert wanted to act, I had piled a stone to distract him and lure him out of the building……”

“It seems that the villain became very surprised. He let out a muffled cry and has been watching his surroundings with a savage face.”

“I deliberately let out a chuckle, so he could hear it. And as I thought, suddenly the villain has set foot, he's trying to chase after me.

“I heard another loud laugh and ran away from the building. I fished him out of town. Only then did I beat him…… until he peed and begged for forgiveness……”

Sin Han laughed at the beggar's story which he thought was very funny. He had asked again,

"Then how about Lojinke?" asked Sin Han.

"But apparently the obscene criminal has a teacher, who defends him. Coincidentally, once his teacher saw that his student was urinating, he stormed in and launched an attack on me. By itself, this made me fierce and hit the teacher as well.

“But that lewd villain's teacher is quite high in intelligence. We fought one day and one night, then I managed to knock him down……

When I returned to the inn, I didn't even see it anymore, it seems that you have left the ruined temple……!”

Sin Han smiled.

“Indeed I have been waiting for Lojinke for quite a while. After spending another night, the next morning I left the shrine……!” said Sin Han then, “Then how did Lojinke know that I was brought by that evil priest?”

“Of course I was looking for you with an irritated heart, because you didn't want to wait……!” said the old beggar she Lo with a laugh.

“I really wanted to accompany you at that time…… I looked for him everywhere, and by chance I saw you fighting with that priest so I hid and watched all that.

“I had followed him to the shrine, and when I saw that you were in danger, I purposely bluffed and made fun of the priest……!”

Hearing the Beggar's story, Sin Han burst out laughing. He considered this beggar even though he was old, in fact he was very funny.

"Next time you can't wander off alone!" said the beggar then.

"Wasn't it the lojinke who left me alone?" asked Sin Han then.

“Maybe…… maybe so!” said the beggar so Sin Han responded nervously.

Sin Han laughed.

"It's still fortunate that the lojinke managed to help me, otherwise I would have been tortured to death by that tojin."

The beggar Sin-kun-bu-tek had nodded approvingly, and at that time he had said again,

"Supposedly, starting today you learn a little martial arts, so you can use it to deal with people who insult you..........!"

“But……” Sin Han was stunned when he was asked to learn martial arts.

"But why?" asked the old beggar She Lo as she watched.

Sin Han didn't answer. In his eyes he immediately recalled the tragic events that had befallen his father and himself.

His father did understand silat, and precisely because he understood silat, he ended up having an enemy with someone, so that he was finally destroyed by his enemy's men.

"Why do you seem so reluctant to learn martial arts?" asked Sin-kun-bu-tek urgently.

“I actually don't want to learn martial arts, lojinke……!” replied Sin Han.

"Eh?" Sin-kun-bu-tek was taken aback. "Why so?"

“Because…… because……”

"Because of what?" urged the beggar.

"What I have seen, everyone who understands martial arts, of course has enemies!"

"Eh, why is that?"

"Like my father, because he understood martial arts, then he was destroyed by his opponents ........ And like Tung Sie Cinjin, he understood martial arts, but in the end he was made curious and disappointed by the pressure of Lojinke ... ..... !! ”

Hearing Sin Han's words, the beggar had laughed out loud.

"Hahaha, you are so funny!" he said then. "Then what's the benefit if you don't have martial arts! Come on say it, I want to hear it……!”

Sin Han hesitated for a moment, but then he said again,

"Actually people who don't understand martial arts, of course the chances of having enemies are very small...!"

“Hemm, it's a big mistake if you have thoughts like that……!” said the beggar.

"Why so?" asked Sin Han. “Can Lojinke explain?”

"If someone doesn't understand martial arts and meets someone who is evil and cruel, so that person is tortured, will he be able to put up a fight?"

Sin Han was silent, he couldn't answer. But then in a shaky voice, he tried to answer too,

“Maybe we can as long as we don't look for enemies and opponents. Don't we really don't have martial arts!"

"It's nice of you to talk!" said the beggar, laughing again. "Hmm, one example is like before, when you were tortured by his disciple Tung Sie Cinjin and the priest himself, what if there was no me?"

Reprimanded so, Sin Han really died of fleas could not provide a response.

“Well son, you have experienced it yourself, even though you don’t mean to be hostile to people but the evil people in this world are too many. If you do not equip yourself with high intelligence, eventually you yourself will be their monthly, played and even persecuted ........! ”

After saying so, the beggar sighed again. Apparently he was also reminded of his own experience as a child when he didn't have any intelligence……

Sin Han himself was silent, he was contemplating the words of the beggar, until he nodded hesitantly,

"Well lojinke, it seems that martial arts is quite important for our provision to maintain our safety........ If indeed Lojinke doesn't mind, I want to learn it too........!"

“Hahaha, that's good of you to say, little boy!” said the beggar. “To learn martial arts, you must have a teacher. And a teacher can't be obtained just like that, it must be accompanied by an appointment between teacher and student…… you understand?”

Sin Han nodded, he had risen to his feet, knowing the boy had knelt before the beggar, he had nodded his head three times, as he called out,

"Temperature, please respect tecu."

The beggar was beaming, he seemed to be overjoyed, he said,

"A good child! A good child!" he said. "You have to study well every martial art that I teach! Wake up my student ........

“From now on you are my disciple, Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang. And as long as you are my student, you must also carefully obey the rules of the college door!"

And after saying that, the beggar outlined the taboos for a student from the door of his college, namely prohibited from doing evil work, prohibited from robbery, prohibited from following in the footsteps of criminals, prohibited from doing actions that directly or indirectly help the evil to oppress the weak.

“Tecu (student) will try his best to be a good person, Lojinke……!” said Sin Han then gave his promise, which was similar to an oath. "If I do break my promise, let me die later with an incomplete body slashed by a thousand machetes!!"

Sin-kun-bu-tek was happy to hear that, he had clapped his hands while exclaiming,

"Well done my student! Good job my student!”

Then there are also many revelations and advice given by Sin-kun-bu-tek to Sin Han. Especially about the lives of people in the jungle.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also tells about the rules in the martial arts jungle, because of that Sin Han is now starting to understand a little bit about the characteristics of the Bu-lim people. Primarily what Sin-kun-bu-tek emphasizes is that loyalty to the herd.

Sin Han also promised, if he has succeeded in learning martial arts, of course he will behave well and not carelessly defend bad people. Sin-kun-bu-tek was very happy, because this has shown that Sin Han is a good seed in the future.

Sin-kun-bu-tek also believes that if Sin Han gets good guidance, he will certainly become a good warrior, which can be expected that Sin Han will stand in the line of justice.


Thus, from day to day Sin Han has been invited to travel by Sin-kun-bu-tek, almost two months have passed without realizing it. And during that time, Sin Han received training from his teacher, namely the basic sciences for martial arts.

What Sin-kun-bu-tek prioritizes is to train in the science of internal energy. And also he has tried to give confidence to Sin Han, by studying the science of internal energy (lweekang) of course one can regulate his breathing well.

By receiving such basic lessons, of course it will be much easier for Sin Han in the future to learn the science of sharp weapons or, above all, learn the art of punching from Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Sin Han turns out to have a very intelligent brain, because he can easily accept the lessons given by Sin-kun-bu-tek. During those two months, he had managed to learn to the degree of regulating breathing that was stopped for half an hour.

And actually the lesson is not an easy thing, but Sin Han can do it well. He had managed to close his breathing for almost half an hour!

Of course, Sin-kun-bu-tek, who witnessed the results that his student had achieved, was excited and surprised. Because even though how he was surprised to see that his student could have such good talent, and also have intelligence that quickly managed to catch every lesson that was given by him.

So Sin-kun-bu-tek is getting eager to educate Sin Han. He has tried to train this boy to be a mighty warrior.

For almost two months, Sin Han had seen how fair and wise his teacher was. Because Sin-kun-bu-tek always does a lot of noble deeds, helping the weak oppressed by the strong but evil.

It was not uncommon for Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang to be involved in a fierce battle with tough criminals, but during that time Lo Ping kang generally managed to knock his opponent down.

Sin Han was amazed, he had seen how his teacher did not think of his own interests. It seems that Lo Ping Kang's priority is to help the oppressed.

That morning Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek arrive at Liu-ho-cung village, a not-so-big village. But the population of the village is quite dense and crowded.

The first thing that Sin-kun-bu-tek was looking for was a restaurant. Using the agility of his body, he had taken the path of jumping over the back wall of the diner.

He had stolen several kinds of vegetables, dried food and fruits. Then the beggar had taken Sin Han to a ruined temple at the mouth of the village, they had eaten greedily.

“Look at Sin Han, I always steal food from people who are well-off and capable! When it comes to money, I will certainly steal it from a rich tycoon……

“They have a lot of money, but are not necessarily willing to help the weak and the poor. As for food, the restaurant certainly has a lot of food…..!

"Try to ask nicely, of course they won't give it, they will even curse, maybe beat you! Then it's better if we just steal……! That's the reward for miserly and evil humans like them……!”

While chewing the dried meat, Sin Han nodded smilingly.

“Correct temperature…… Back then I still didn't know. I'm guessing that by asking nicely, they'll certainly have mercy on us and give us a bit of extra food……

But I too have experienced it several times…… had a bitter experience. They didn't give, they even purposely chased and cursed me……!”

"That is generally the nature of stingy human beings ........ So I myself always take it at will ........ because if I ask, of course they will not give it!"

And having said that, the beggar had laughed out loud in a very loud voice, it seemed that he was very happy. While Sin Han had continued to eat, after being full, the boy slept soundly in the corner of the temple room.

Apparently, Sin Han had been accustomed to the beggar's way of life, who had never been surrounded by anything, who only ate and slept happily, without wanting to be covered by any unimportant issues. During those two months, Sin Han's body was fatter than in the past.

But just as Sin Han had fallen asleep for a moment, he was suddenly startled by the sound of something banging so loudly in the temple room. Sin-kun-bu-tek who was collapsing near the prayer table was also shocked.

When he was closing his eyes enjoying his sleep with a full stomach, he suddenly felt a very strong wind grabbed him. And from above, the roof of the roof had struck down a very large rock, about to fall on him.

As a martial arts champion who has high skills, of course Sin-kun-bu-tek can move very fast. He had jumped to his feet and dodged to the side, until the rock fell where he had slept with a loud thud.

Sin Han, who woke up with a start, still had time to see how Sin-kun-bu-tek was moving so fast. As soon as his feet hit the floor, he immediately set his feet and his body had also jumped up with a very light movement.

He had lunged in the direction from which the boulder had fallen. Immediately followed by the sound of very loud shouts from the beggar, who had launched an attack on someone.

Sin Han quickly jumped up and rushed towards the prayer table. He shuddered to himself. Try the stone fell on him, can't he dodge? And will die because of it.

Because of that thought, Sin Han didn't dare to get too close to the rock because the boy thought that another big rock might fall on him.

Sin Han ran out of the temple. He raised his head to look at the temple tile, he saw two figures were moving quickly fighting each other.

Sin Han recognized that one of the figures was none other than his teacher. While the opponent was a man in his fifties, with a sinister face, who was yelling at that moment,

“Today is the day of your death, rotten beggar! I've been looking for your trail for three years, only today I managed to find it! ”

And repeatedly both his hands had launched violent attacks. But Sin-kun-bu-tek has a high level of intelligence, which is easy for him to be beaten so. Repeatedly the beggar had avoided the attacks of his opponents, and not infrequently he also retaliated by launching an attack while making a mocking laugh.

"Ciang Ko Sin, four years ago I once forgave your soul, but today you deliberately delivered your soul again!" said the beggar in a loud voice. "So, evil people like you, today can not be allowed to live on ........"

And Sin-kun-bu-tek accompanied his words by moving a pair of his hands to launch a counterattack. The movement made by Sin-kun-bu-tek was very terrible, every hand was moved, of course it brought a very strong gust of wind urging his opponent.

The man called Ciang Ko Sin had tried to destroy Sin-kun-bu-tek's attack by retaliating by attacking as well. He has said again,

"Three of my younger siblings have perished in your hands, so if today I can't destroy an old beggar like you, let me not live on...!"

And as he finished his words again he launched very fast attacks, using his bare hands too. But he did it only a few moves.

After a dozen moves, knowingly his right hand took the machete that was at his waist, using the sharp weapon to launch a series of slashing and slashing attacks towards Sin-kun-bu-tek.

The beggar let out a cold laugh when he saw that his opponent had used a sharp weapon. He also said mockingly,

"A lowly man like you, who wants to attack in the dark with that big rock, where do you deserve to be served by me?"

And while saying so Sin-kun-bu-tek let out a very loud exclamation, knowing that both his hands had been crossed and pushed forward.

Ciang Ko Sin was shocked. He felt his body being struck by an invisible force, he staggered and his weapon was almost out of his grip.

And yet he knew nothing, suddenly Sin-kun-bu-tek's right hand had moved breaking forward slamming his chest. Our beggar did not stop there, he also moved his left hand, staring at the blood of Kiu-ho-hiat and Ping-cie-hiat from his opponent, immediately his body slammed to the ground!

Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't try at all to stop his opponent's body from rolling. He just stared with a cold smile, then he followed by jumping down.

Gripping the shirt on Ciang Ko Sin's back, the beggar took him to the center of the temple, throwing Ciang Ko Sin's body on the floor. Although in a state of shock, but Ciang Ko Sin did not show any fear, his eyes looked at him with a fierce attitude.

"I have fallen back into your hands, you want to kill me, please kill, I'm not afraid!" said Ciang Ko Sin in a loud voice, he did not show the slightest fear.

Sin-kun-bu-tek chilled, he had mocked,

“You asked to die? Hemmm, it's not that easy! Don't expect you to die so easily! ”

Then the beggar sat next to Ciang Ko Sin's body, watching with a very funny face, to make fun of Ciang's person. The beggar's hand had also waved to call Sin Han who was just standing watching.

"Come here, Han-jie (Han's son)!" Call him.

Sin Han quickly approached him, and the beggar ordered his student to sit next to him.

"Sin Han!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek for a moment. "Today I will teach you the art of hitting ........!"

"Good temperature!" Sin Han nodded.

The first move must be done with a slow movement, the science of this punch relies on patience and calmness, called "Sin-kun-eng-jiauw" or "Eagle Punch". When your Sucouw (teacher's grandfather) invented the science of punching, he saw a pair of eagles fighting.

"He saw how to grip a pair of eagles, and how the animals moved their wings fluttering and beating each other. Until finally, Sucouwmu has a similar memory to create a kind of punch science that is extracted from the way a pair of eagles fight.

So by itself the science of punching is also given the name "Sin-kun-eng-jiauw", which is the science of eagle punching, which is combined from the way of grasping and hitting by using its wings. So you have to pay close attention, this is the first move ........! ”

And with the completion of his words, the beggar's hand moved towards Ciang Ko Sin's ribs very quickly, and a voice was heard "Dukkk!" which is quite loud.

Ciang Ko Sin's ribs, which were the target of the attack, were of course hit hard, and she Ciang's people were in tremendous pain. But with a stern face, he stared at the beggar, not at all screaming.

"This is the second move ........!" said Sin-kun-bu-tek again.

He twisted his hands in the middle of the air, then slid to grab towards his opponent's chest, so that a series of sounds "Bukkk! Bukkk! ” which is very hard.

So that even though Ciang Ko Sin was determined not to scream, the person she Ciang did not stop screaming because she was in too much pain.

Sin Han just watched the way his teacher launched attacks with his new moves, where Sin Han saw the movements and moves were very simple. But apparently has a movement powerful enough to break through the enemy's defenses.

Although this time the enemy could not move, but from the movement that almost covers around the opponent's body, of course the opponent is very difficult to avoid. Because at the time of launching the second attack, the beggar had already twisted his hands first, he had stormed by sliding down.

“Have you understood? Can you catch the movement of those moves? ” Sin-kun-bu-tek asked after the second attack.

Sin Han nodded. "Can the temperature …….!" he replied.

"Try to do ........!" The beggar ordered.

Sin han obeyed, he had followed the hand movements as Sin-kun-bu-tek had done earlier and launched an attack on the body part of Ciang Ko Sin.

But Sin-kun-bu-tek has shook his head.

"Not like that! If you attack in such a way, the movements are fast but without the regulation of your breathing, of course your attack does not mean anything ........ It cannot destroy or injure the opponent .........! It should be so! ”

And the beggar has given some more clues.

Thus, teachers and students have trained with Ciang Ko Sin's body as his training material.

The longer Ciang Ko Sin became, the more surprised he became. Because he soon realized that the targets in his body were actually the most dangerous parts, the most important blood vessels.

So if this continues, where some of the most critical parts of the bloodstream are hit, it means he will suffer severe injuries. At least it will be crippled and destroy his martial arts.

Apparently Sin-kun-bu-tek did that, because he deliberately wanted to destroy the martial arts of the she Ciang people. He had trained his students with the martial arts of Pukulan Rajawali, but the main purpose was to destroy Ciang Ko Sin's entire skill.

After realizing the danger that could threaten him, Ciang Ko Sin was finally overwhelmed with fear. Because if he became clearly disabled it was much more tragic than death, then finally in a hushed voice, Ciang Ko Sin had said,

"I ........ I beg you to just kill me ........ I am ready to perish ........"

Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed coldly.

"Hemm, it's nice of you to talk!" he said. "It's not easy to die …….!"

"But ........ but the beggar smells, you don't torture me like that ........!" said Ciang Ko Sin again.

“Hemm, torturing you? No! I'm not torturing you, I'm just training my students ........! ”

"But with the Tai-cie-hiat bloodstream, Su-kie hiat, Lian-po-hiat, Cung-tie-hiat and some other most important bloodstreams in my body being beaten constantly. It means you're killing me slowly!

“That is the act of a coward! Opponents who are helpless, you are tormented to perish slowly !! ”

Hearing Ciang Ko Sin's last words, Sin-kun-bu-tek laughed out loud, he also showed a very cool face.

"She Ciang, you listen!" he said then in a loud voice. "Four years ago I once freed you from death, even though you should have been rewarded with death at that time. Because you did the accursed thing by killing innocent girls, raping and also many other accursed deeds you did!

"Then you once said that you had been looking for me for three years! Hahaha, now you've seen it haven't you? That I won't let you escape anyway!

"I really want you to be disabled for life, destroy all your martial arts ........ And for the next you will be a useless disabled human being, so that dealing with only one human being you will not be able to! Do you understand? ”

Ciang Ko Sin heard the beggar's threat.

"In that case, you just destroy ........ I beg you to kill me," said Ciang Ko Sin in a wailing voice, he seemed very scared.

"Haahaahaa, I told you, it's not easy to perish, it's not easy to ask to die," Sin-kun-bu-tek said in a cold voice, "People like you are not easy to live and not easy to die ........ .

“The best gift is to give you a disability and destroy all your martial arts! Later I will set you free ........! ”

Then the beggar turned to Sin Han, he said again, "Let's start practicing again!"

And finished saying the beggar had given a few more examples. Ciang Ko Sin lost his hope of escaping from Sin-kun-bu-tek's hands.

It should be known, that a martial arts expert is most afraid if he must be deformed and his martial arts knowledge destroyed. Every martial artist who has trained himself, of course, will try to improve his skills, because they also have many tough opponents.

With the destruction of martial arts, they will ruin their lives. That is why, why Ciang Ko Sin is so scared and he is more willing to die, than to destroy his martial arts.

Sin Han had performed the stunts taught to him. And he did the strokes with the magic tricks of the Rajawali with vigor.

Although the blows that Sin Han launched were not as hard and his attack power was not as great as that of Sin-kun-bu-tek, but because the target of his blows took the most important parts of the bloodstream in Ciang Ko Sin's body, then Ciang Ko Sin is in excruciating pain.

Until finally he fainted when some of his most important blood vessels had been destroyed due to the vibration of the science of the Eagle's Blow. Sin-kun-bu-tek taught Sin Han the tricks until late in the afternoon, Ciang Ko Sin had fainted three times.

After seeing quite a lot of rupture of the most important blood vessels in Ciang Ko Sin's body, then Sin-kun-bu-tek invites Sin Han to pass away from the temple and Ciang Ko Sin who lay unconscious on the floor of the temple.

"In three hours he will wake up on his own, but at that time he has turned into a disabled human being and all his martial arts have been destroyed. In the future, evil people like him can't commit crimes anymore ........ ”explained Sin-kun-bu-tek.

That is how Sin-kun-bu-tek has instilled the virtuous qualities of a martial arts warrior from among the Kang-ouw. Every crime must be eradicated .........

That morning, Sin-kun-bu-tek and his two students had arrived at the edge of a not-so-big forest. They were on their way to the city of Souw-ciu, because the beggar wanted to take Sin Han to meet a friend he had not seen for a long time, a well-known martial artist Goan Tie, who now lived quietly alone in Souw-ciu, did not interfere in the affairs- the affairs of the martial arts world.

"Goan Tie susiok (Goan Tie's uncle) is a good friend, when we were both young, we always worked together to eradicate evil ........!"