Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 04

Volume 04

Bo Siong Kun's face turned red, he was very angry.

Suddenly, his mouth was squeaking slowly. The pair of eyes that glowed sinisterly was getting more and more terrifying.

And at that time a pair of white doves that had been circling in the air, had now flown closer to Bo Siong Kun. And the two white doves were hovering over Bo Siong Kun's head.

At that time, Bo Siong Kun's situation was very strange. He stood with a pair of upright legs and a face that was getting more and more creepy at once.

Bo Siong Kun quickly saw a change in himself, and from the top of his head, smoke was billowing out. And when he moved his right hand, he let out a low moaning sound.

“Oh, black magic!!” exclaimed Gunal Shing in a loud voice, apparently he was surprised.

Quickly the pastor clasped his hands together, and read the holy verses of the Buddha. He had read it in a pretty loud voice.

What made Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek so surprised was not playing, precisely at that moment in front of Gunal Shing like a figure appeared. The body of a tiger.........which is roaring and extending its front paws, is about to pounce on Gunal Shing........!

Sin Han himself let out a scream of fear and hit Sin-kun-bu-tek, while the beggar Lo Ping Kang was also getting ready to run away.

But Gunal Shing knew that his opponent was using black magic, a kind of magic. He wasn't afraid in the slightest either, because Gunal Shing already possessed perfect spiritual strength.

After reading the Buddha's holy verses for a while, and seeing that the ferocious tiger was ready to pounce on him, Gunal Shing had unbuttoned his cloak,

“Go back to where you came from…….!”

Suddenly the tiger's body burned like smoke, then disappeared! All that was left on the ground was a piece of iron shaped like tigers .............. lying still.

Bo Siong Kun's face turned bright red. She Bo's magic prodigy often uses his black magic when he is facing great heroes and is difficult to destroy.

And he always succeeded that way. Because by using his black magic, of course, it has made Bo Siong Kun very easy to destroy his opponents.

It is not surprising that in the past two years, Bo Siong Kun has managed to quickly raise his name to be very famous and feared. Because every hero who clashed with him, don't expect to be able to escape death.

That is why, Bo Siong Kun's cruelty is so famous, with the title Siang-niauw-pek-sian. Because in addition to him wearing all-white clothes, his pigeon also had white feathers, making Sin-kun-bu-tek so scared that he knew he would meet Bo Siong Kun.

If it wasn't for Gunal Shing's help, it would be difficult for Sin-kun-bu-tek to escape death. Remembering that, it seemed that Sin-kun-bu-tek was shivering because of it, he was horrified himself.

While Bo Siong Kun saw that his black art could be destroyed by Gunal Shing, he stood up with a trembling body holding back his incredible anger. He also let out a snort and began to launch attacks with both hands.

Surprisingly, Bo Siong Kun himself did not take a step forward, and his two hands were just striking the air, not aiming at the priest Gunal Shing's body at all.

But for those who know, of course they will be surprised, because the science that is being used by Bo Siong Kun is precisely a high-class black magic that is very strange and has extraordinary power. The black magic is called 'Destroy Air Fall'.

Where every time the knowledge is used, it will certainly cause a great influence. Will cause the opponent like the middle to face a great sandstorm. It is like facing an erupting volcano, making the victims of that knowledge like a madman who is afraid and panicked.

If indeed the victim had panicked like that, Bo Siong Kun would easily have killed the victim's soul with one deadly blow.

Gunal Shing was also very surprised, he even praised the greatness of the Buddha. But because Gunal Shing's mysticism was perfect, he did not become nervous facing such black art.

Though in the priest's eyes it was like seeing two large tall scary creatures, with ax weapons threatening to attack him, Gunal Shing was not intimidated. He read the holy verses of the Buddha, then exerted his inner strength. He has rubbed both his palms, he has also fought against the black art with mysticism as well.

It's strange, when Gunal Shing rubbed his palms together, it was at that moment that the two creepy creatures roared and disappeared……. Noises such as earthquakes or volcanic eruptions also gradually disappeared, and disappeared.

Of course, this kind of situation surprised Bo Siong Kun. He let out a groan.

With the extinction of the black magic that he uses, it does not mean that there are no bad consequences for him. As soon as Bo Siong Kun staggered a few steps with a pale face, he felt his chest aches and pains unbelievably.

But as a person with very high intelligence, Bo Siong Kun can still defend himself. With a pale face, he had clasped a pair of his hands, and had pointed to Gunal Shing, he said,

"Today I have received Taisu's very valuable instructions, and of course today's lesson will not be forgotten by Bo Siong Kun. If there is a mate, of course I will meet Taisu one day to ask for directions as well! ”

And after saying that, he turned his body to leave. There was still time for Bo Siong Kun to keep an eye on Sin-kun-bu-tek and Sin Han with terrifying eyes.

The pair of white-feathered doves flying in the air also seemed to know that their master had been beaten. Naturally, the pair of doves let out a loud screech, and flew towards the direction of their master to leave......... They went with them, squealing a mournful sound, as if they were saddened by the loss they had suffered. the employer..........

Gunal Shing sighed, he muttered slowly, he said,

"Dear! What a shame, such a high level of knowledge is being misused!”

And after another sigh, this priestess turned to Sin-kun-bu-tek,

"Are you not injured, sir?" he asked.

Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly approached the priest and clasped a pair of his hands outstretched in deep respect to Gunal Shing.

"Thank you for Taisu's help ......... Of course I'm the poor beggar Lo Ping Kang will not forget Taisu's kindness ........!" said the old beggar.

The priest smiled patiently, he said, "There is no virtue and kindness, there is an obligation among human beings to help each other. And it is my duty the little priest to help someone who is in pain! Thanks to the greatness of the Buddha, I managed to subdue that person's black magic……”

"Taisu's intelligence is extraordinary, Siang-niauw-pek-sian who is so high in intelligence, can Taisu subdue ..!" praised Sin-kun-bu-tek.

"That victory is not a victory of anything, because I did not succeed in awakening the person from his error! If I manage to destroy it, it will not be a victory at all.

"In fact, victory will come if only it succeeds in making that person aware so that he returns to the straight path away from being misguided..."

Sin-kun-bu-tek was in awe of this manly and friendly priest despite his calm and patient demeanor. The moment the priest had turned to Sin Han, the priest's eyes suddenly lit up and he smiled compassionately,

“This little brother seems to be in trouble…… what is it that has troubled and troubled little brother?”

Sin-kun-bu-tek quickly replied,

"He's in the middle of a big disaster. His father had just been killed, he himself was being chased by his father's enemies and also wanted to be destroyed. It's a good thing to meet me who can repulse those enemies……”

Gunal Shing took a deep breath, he said,

"Hostility! Revenge! Murder! What does it mean?

"Fright? What does that mean?

“Avoiding danger and suffering? What does it mean?

“The most important thing for a human being, must be serious in facing this life in the right ways, in the right ways…… must know the key to the secret of life…….!”

Sin Han was very interested to hear the pastor's words. After saluting, Sin Han still had time to ask,

"Taisu, what does Taisu mean by the key to the secret of life?"

The priest smiled patiently, he replied,

"You're still too young. You can't possibly understand that. So, later when you are an adult, I will peel and provide an understanding of your question.

"The most important thing is, you don't have to be chased by fear, you don't have to look for what doesn't exist yet. Most importantly, you have to run what you have right now. You must strive to live in a good way, covered with compassion and virtue.

If you can avoid the demands of your little heart, the demands of the body. Of course you will taste a quiet, peaceful and happy life ........! ”

Sin Han really couldn't understand the priest's words, he just kept quiet. But unlike Sin Han, Sin-kun-bu-tek had nodded in admiration, even saying,

"Taisu is right, I am Lo Ping Kang trying to live the right way, to be able to follow Taisu's advice!"

“That is not advice, awareness must come from the bottom of one's heart……!” Gunal Shing said. “It cannot be forced, but we must open our eyes, ears and hearts. Only then will we know what the meaning of life is........! Do you understand, sir?"

Sin-kun-bu-tek nodded as he leaned back to express his gratitude and admiration.

Just then it seemed Gunal Shing had smiled again, he said patiently,

"Well, I think we've been talking for a long time now, on another occasion if there is a mate, we will meet again ........!"

Just as he finished his words, the priest suddenly disappeared from before Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek.

Sin Han was amazed, he guessed that the priest understood the art of removing the body.

He asked Sin-kun-bu-tek, the beggar laughed, he said,

"Not! Not the science of eliminating the body! But that is precisely the science of lightening a body that has reached the pinnacle of perfection, so that once it moves, it can flash swiftly, as fast as the wind. And in the blink of an eye he has managed to reach a place far away,” explained the beggar in a voice bouncing off the feeling of great admiration.

While talking, Sin Han and Sin-kun-bu-tek continue their journey.

Suddenly Sin Han has asked,

“Lojinke, who is the evil man dressed in all white? Why is he called Siang-niauw-pek-sian and carrying a pair of white doves, which seem so tame to him? ”

Asked that, Sin-kun-bu-tek took a deep breath, his face became gloomy.

"Indeed, he is an evil man whose evil is greater than any other devil. His hands are also very hot, and his nature is not playful.

“Because he is always being chased by the desire to kill as many people as possible……. Therefore, with the appearance of a human like him, the world of martial arts will undoubtedly be in chaos and face no light threat.

"Hi! Hi! Too bad, too bad! I don't know how many masters have fallen and perished in his hands……!”

And after saying that, the beggar sighed a few times, it seemed that he was really grieving a lot.

For half a month, Sin Han accompanied the beggar on a journey from one village to another. Not infrequently they stopped at a restaurant.

Sin-kun-bu-tek loves to eat delicious food. But all that was never bought, because relying on his intelligence, knowledge of lightening his very tall body, he always stole it.

While joining Sin-kun-bu-tek, Sin Han also always gets joy, because he can eat delicious food. Also he cruises to beautiful places, where Sin-kun-bu-tek has invited this child to visit very beautiful places.

Like enjoying the beauty of the Tai-ouw lake. Also visit places that are famous for their beauty, as well as very busy cities.

Because Sin-kun-bu-tek is a beggar, Sin Han's clothes that have been torn and broken are not noticed by him. He also never recommended Sin Han to change the clothes, even the beggar also never remembered to buy clothes for Sin Han.

At first, Sin Han was a bit awkward with his tattered clothes, in a filthy and dirty state. But after half a month had passed, he had finally gotten used to it as well.

Circumstances like this have made Sin Han to ignore his unkempt clothes. He seems like just a small beggar, in the same state as Sin-kun-bu-tek.

“Am I forever going to be a beggar like him?” thought Sin Han one night, when he was lying in the hall of an old temple with Sin-kun-bu-tek.

This child's mind has been wandering thinking about his fate, where he remembered his father who was destroyed by his opponents, so that he ended up having to be abandoned like he is now….. The boy had secretly shed tears.

"Why are you crying?" suddenly Sin-kun-bu-tek's voice startled Sin Han.

This child quickly shrank back tears, he replied slowly, "I remember my father, lojinke!"

"Hmm, why think about the dead?" said the beggar in an even voice and had closed his eyes again.

Sin Han had also closed his eyes pretending to sleep, because he didn't want to be too fussy about the old beggar's words. While Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't go to sleep right away, even though he said in his mouth,

"Why think about the dead?" and his attitude was very bland, but in his heart the beggar thought,

“This kid is really kind…… Turns out he doesn't really think about his own interests. Pity his luck is too bad, at this small age he already has to suffer the loss of his parents! I don't know who his enemies were, who had destroyed his father!

“Actually I want to take him as my disciple, but I'm afraid he refuses! Regarding the appointment of teachers and students, of course there should be no element of coercion……!”

And after thinking so, unintentionally the beggar had let out a deep breath, he seemed to be grieving a lot.

Secretly too, the beggar was reminded of him. Since childhood he had lost both his parents, who at that time were stricken with some kind of infectious disease, and both of his parents who were infected with the infectious disease met their end.

Since then the beggar lived as an orphan. He has been trying to survive by begging, but the misery he suffered was too heavy, humiliated by people, beaten and also shunned from society, by itself had made the beggar when he was eleven years old, intending to spend himself by jumping into a cliff in the mountain Heng-san.

But who would have thought, precisely at that time Lo Ping Kang was helped by a powerful hermit on the mountain, who then took him as a student and taught martial arts. By having high intelligence, of course, then no one can insult him just like that, even the name Lo Ping Kang became famous in the martial world for his actions that always eradicate falsehood and evil.........

Despite having high intelligence, Lo Ping Kang did not become arrogant, in fact he was very happy to help people who were in trouble. Besides that, to commemorate his suffering in the past, where he was once stranded and lived as a small beggar, Lo Ping Kang has dressed as a beggar, even forever he demands a living as a beggar.

In fact, if Lo Ping Kang really wanted to live a luxurious and happy life, he could have obtained all of them, because by having a very high intelligence like him, of course he could easily take money from rich wealthy people, and he too could dress luxuriously. made of expensive materials as long as he wants.

But Lo Ping Kang didn't want all of that, he still dressed as a poor beggar who was very battered, tattered and torn. If one day he stole the money of an evil rich rich man, of course the money was distributed to the poor and needy people.

With his deeds the name Lo Ping Kang, with his title Sin-kun-bu-tek, became increasingly famous and respected.

But the character and nature of the beggar is very strange. He always disappeared without leaving a trace. Wherever he likes, he comes, and never stays anywhere for more than a month.

Therefore, no one knows where the trail of this wandering beggar is. Lo Ping Kang has made many friends. Because while traveling, he likes to visit well-known silat masters and with them have exchanged ideas and views on silat.

But in addition to having many friends, the beggar is also his enemy. Because as long as he does noble deeds to defend the weak from the oppression of the evil but strong, then he has planted a rope of enmity with some figures from the black road .........

Remembering all that, the beggar she Lo remembered the words of Gunal Shing, the foreign pastor,

“What is suffering? What is fear? What is misery?”

And it was at this moment that the beggar realized that what the priest was actually saying was very true.

He should not know suffering, if he considers his life and living pleasant. And he doesn't need to feel miserable if he just accepts what is in him.

The most important thing is like what the foreign priest said, which is to know the good ways of life, must also know the key to life which is still shrouded by a secret that is difficult to penetrate.

If only a human being has known the secret of the key to life, that person will naturally live a calm and happy life, so that he can follow the good way of life, which is filled with compassion and benevolence. . . . . . .

Thinking that way, Sin-kun-bu-tek's admiration for Gunal Shing only increased.

"He has extraordinary martial arts skills, amazing spirituality and a very wide knowledge ........!" thought Sin-kun-bu-tek.

“He really is a formidable martial artist, because Gunal Shing easily and only a few moves managed to overthrow a master as powerful as Siang-niauw-pek-sian……!

"Hi! Hi! Hi! Who exactly is Gunal Shing? And what is the purpose of his coming to this mainland of China? If you hear his name, of course there is no mistaking that priest from India…….!”

Thinking that way, Sin-kun-bu-tek sighed again. His eyes had been watching in awe at the ceiling of the shrine room where he was.

Sin Han, who pretended to be asleep, actually still couldn't fall asleep, because his mind was wandering thinking about his fate in the future. Despite how Sin Han tried to sleep with his eyes tightly closed, he didn't succeed either.

That's when Sin Han heard that old beggar Lo Ping Kang had repeatedly sighed and seemed to be grieving a lot. Sin Han opened his eyes and stalked him. He saw the attitude of the beggar, naturally he was surprised.

“I don't know what that old man is thinking……!” thought Sin Han in his heart. "Hi! Hi! It seems that Lojinke is also grieving, there must be something troubling her……!”

But Sin Han didn't dare to ask, because he was afraid that he would be sprayed with curses, so Sin Han closed his eyes and tried to sleep again...


WHEN Sin Han woke up from his sleep the sun had risen high, because the sunlight had penetrated into the dirty temple room.

Sin Han looked around him, but he didn't see Sin-kun-bu-tek. The boy immediately guessed that the beggar must be out looking for good food…… just like the previous days.

Every morning Sin-kun-bu-tek would go around, from one restaurant to another, not to beg, but to steal good food........ And every time he came back, of course he would bring - a variety of delicious and savory foods.........

Sin Han patiently sat waiting for the beggar's return. He had imagined that soon he would be eating well. But waiting until near noon, Sin-kun-bu-tek didn't show up either.

Sin Han is getting restless, he has been waiting for a while, and his anxiety is getting more and more as the time before the old beggar's lohor Sin-kun-bu-tek still hasn't appeared. Surprised that Sin Han had left the temple, he looked around the place.

He saw quite a lot of people passing by in front of the temple, because in front of the temple it was a road that was quite busy. But Sin Han didn't see the beggar. This makes Sin Han very worried.

So after waiting for a long time, Sin Han finally decided to look for the beggar. He had left the temple and circled the town of Po-siong-kwan, circling from one street to another.

And what Sin Han noticed once was every restaurant he found. He always stood for a long time in front of the restaurant he found, to see if in the restaurant there was the old beggar who was quite naughty .........

But by late afternoon, Sin Han's efforts were still in vain, he did not succeed in meeting the old beggar.

When it was late at night, Sin Han returned to the ruined temple, his heart was disappointed when he saw that inside the temple there was still no shadow of the old beggar.

“Did the lojinke run into a hitch?” thought the boy then. “Was when he wanted to steal food he got caught so he was ganged up……?

“Or does he really not want to invite me……? He purposely left me while I was still sleeping soundly……?”

Various thoughts filled the child's mind.

Annoyed and sad, Sin Han looks forward to Sin-kun-bu-tek's return to the temple. By midnight, Sin-kun-bu-tek still hadn't come back, and finally because he was too tired, Sin Han had fallen asleep again.

The next morning, still he did not see the beggar, it showed that the beggar had not returned to this temple.

“That Lojinke certainly won't be able to return to this shrine again….. If he encountered an obstacle, he must have dealt with a danger that might not be small…… Or if he really intended to leave me, he must have gone a long way...

“I'd better continue the journey alone! But……where will I go? Where am I going? And what should I eat tomorrow? Money doesn't exist, and intelligence can't….. At least I'm just doing begging……!”

And after thinking so, Sin Han sighed again with a heart of great sorrow. He felt his stomach was very hungry, because since yesterday morning until this morning there was still not a piece of food that had entered his stomach......

With languid footsteps, it seemed that Sin Han had left the temple. He walked aimlessly, there was little hope in his heart, that he might meet Sin-kun-bu-tek.

His stomach was very hungry, but to ask the waiter for food. Sin Han didn't dare anymore, because his experience a few moments ago had made Sin Han unwilling to experience this unfortunate event.

After walking around the city and the day was approaching noon, Sin Han was already tired. Finally, unable to contain his hunger either, Sin Han had approached a not-so-good-looking house at the door of the city.

He saw that near the yard of the house, which grew a lot of flower trees, stood a middle-aged man who had a long mustache and beard. Sin Han approached, he was already imprisoned as he said in a very respectful manner,

“Sorry lojinke…… I want to ask lojinke for something……!” said Sin Han then.

"What help?" asked the old man while showing an attitude of displeasure after seeing that the one who rebuked him was a small beggar, whose clothes were tattered and dirty and very dirty.

“I want to find a job, lojinke……” said Sin Han.

"Find a job?" asked the old man, glancing cynically.

“Yes Lojinke…… There is no need for lojinke to pay my salary, as long as lojinke is willing to provide food and shelter for me!” said Sin Han then.

The old man smiled sarcastically.

“Little devil, your body is so emaciated, what work can you do? Without paying and without even feeding I do not want to! Hemm, will only pollute my house!

"Go, hurry........! You just ruin the beauty of the scenery! Being young is already lazy…….. only good at dressing up as a beggar and asking people for mercy……”

Seeing the old man instead of agreeing, had even cursed and kicked him out in such a rude manner, of course, had made Sin Han offended.

“Lojinke, I'm not asking for food from you, I'm only offering my labor to work for Lojinke with only payment for lojinke enough to feed me……! If Lojinke does object, that's fine too…… As long as Lojinke doesn't curse and treat me so harshly……!”

The old man's face turned red with anger and anger.

"Eh, you dare to advise me?" he shouted in a bitter voice. "Hurry up, before I order my maid to beat you up and rip off your impudent mouth!"

And after saying that, the old man had been watching Sin Han with savage eyes, glaring wide.

Sin Han got scared too, even though he was very annoyed at the old man's attitude. This child could not help but remain silent and has turned his body, he has left the old man.

This child's heart is very sad, because Sin Han does not understand. Why would humans like that middle-aged man have to treat him so cruelly.

Wouldn't it be that if the old man didn't want to accept his offer to work, in a good way he could have turned it down? There's no need for him to curse and kick her out like that?

Sin Han while walking with languid footsteps, has sighed repeatedly. In his heart, he was thinking hard, somehow how to deal with this situation like this. His stomach was also starving.

While walking Sin Han had also looked down at his clothes, he saw the tattered clothes. And he sighed again.

“Perhaps it's these tattered clothes that make everyone accuse me of being a petty beggar and they hate me……!” he thought in his heart.

“And…… I should try to get a rather good piece of clothing! But what is the best way? How can I get a decent and decent piece of clothing? Isn't it just to fill this hungry stomach that I don't have the money to buy food……?”

Because he was so confused, Sin Han burst into tears while swinging his footsteps. Without realizing he was at the door of the west city.

Without a goal, Sin Han has been walking on. He had come to the edge of a small forest that was near the hill beside the town, which was six to seven lies apart.

Then Sin Han sat pensively watching the sun begin to set in the western horizon ........ soon the night will come. At that moment, suddenly Sin Han saw someone dressed as a priest, walking very fast.

The priest's condition was neither strange nor extraordinary. But what was rather surprising was the behavior of the priest, who was walking carrying a very heavy water jug ​​on his head.

Perhaps the large water jug ​​weighed nearly two hundred catty more. But the priest could walk very fast.

As he passed the place where Sin Han was watching him, the priest who was in his mid forties had stopped his footsteps, he had looked at Sin Han with deep eyes.

"Son, why are you alone in this place?" he scolded.

Sin Han saw that the priest's face was cruel, but his tone was gentle and friendly, so that his fear disappeared somewhat. “I…… I don't know where to go, I don't have a home……!” said Sin Han somewhat confused.

"Hmmm, so at this young age you have been doing begging work?" asked the priest, and his tone turned unpleasant to hear.

“N…… no……!” replied Sin Han. “I happen to not have the money to buy more appropriate clothes, so many people accuse me of being a beggar……!”

The priest's face had changed.

"Hmmm, still this small you have dared to lie!" he said in a displeased voice. “Did you expect me to just believe what you said?

“Hem, if it's just to buy clothes that are decent enough for you, it's really easy, as long as you want to work, and then earn money, then buy it……! Maybe you are very lazy, just want to get an easy one……!”

Sin Han shook his head and he was grieving immensely, because his heart was sad to hear the priest's words like cornering him and accusing him of being lazy!

“Not a pillar…… it's not like that! I have tried to work, but no one will use my strength!” said Sin Han.

"Hey, you're lying again! You little curmudgeon who is good at lying! It's really little beggars like you who are very good at lying!"

And having said that, the priest had said again while pointing into his vase, “I am the one who is willing to accept you as my maid! Are you ready? But your job is to carry this jar……!!”

"Carrying the jar?" asked Sin Han surprised.

“I…… I…… mana strong?”

The priest had laughed coldly.

“Indeed I had guessed beforehand!” said the priest. “Indeed you are a lazy child……!!”

And the priest has swung his footsteps again will pass.

“Wait a minute, pole……!” said Sin Han as he approached him.

"What else do you want? Asking me for money or food?” asked the priest in a mocking voice.

"It's not like that, totiang, I really want to work, if totiang has a job that I can do, I certainly want to work........ do anything........ as long as it fits my power... ……!”

The priest had laughed coldly.

"You talk smart!" said the priest mockingly. "With the original words according to my strength, it means that you mean light work, right?

“And the work which you say is heavy, is not according to your strength! Hemm, hemm, talkative little kunyuk! Your tongue is so clever!!”

Sin Han's face turned red, he was annoyed that the priest always called him 'little kunyuk who is good at talking'. He said in a displeased voice,

“If Totiang really objected to giving me work, such as tending the shrine or sweeping the shrine grounds, that's fine……!” and this child has turned his body, he intends to pass.

"Wait a minute!" snapped the priest in a loud voice, “Don't go yet……!”

Sin Han restrained his footsteps, he had turned to the priest, he asked, "Is Totiang willing to help me give me a job that matches my strength?"

"Yes! But you have to promise, any job you have to accept……!”

Sin Han's brows moved, frowning deeply. Because he was worried that he would comply with the priest's request and agree to do anything, that was a huge burden.

Because once he agreed and the priest again ordered him to carry the large and heavy water jug, wouldn't that be an impossible job to do? And so Sin Han had shaken his head.

"I'm sorry totiang, I'm asking for a job as a sweeper or a job taking care of the temple grounds. To lift heavy things like that water jug, I can't afford……!”

“If that's the case, you can endure that hunger of yours as well……!” said the priest. And he had turned his body too to leave.

“Evil priest……!” muttered Sin Han in a low voice, because this kid was so irritable, he felt like he was being toyed with by the priest.

Even though Sin Han mentioned the words, “Evil priest!” it was very slow, but the priest's hearing was very sharp. He had suddenly twisted his body in an angry manner and had asked in a voice that contained anger,

"What are you saying? You're saying I'm an evil priest?"

Sin Han became nervous, he didn't answer, just lowered his head.

"Answer quickly! What do you mean accusing me of being an evil priest!” snapped the priest. "Do you want to be beaten to death with this jug of water, heh?"

Threatened like that, of course, Sin Han was terrified. He broke out in a cold sweat, and the moment he had twisted his body, he intended to run away.

But the priest had laughed coldly, suddenly he waved his left hand, moving the sleeve of his oversized robe. From the sleeves of his robes, a strong wind hit Sin Han's back, causing the boy to be in pain.

Until he let out a cry of pain mixed with shock. To his surprise again, his body had also tumbled and fell down kissing the earth!

Of course this had made Sin Han so angry, in his heart he had said that this priest was really evil, because he intended to hurt himself. Crawling up and rubbing his bleeding nose, Sin Han said angrily,

“Totiang, I am a helpless little boy! If totiang doesn't mean to give me a job and help me, why should totiang hurt me ........? ”

Reprimanded like that, the priest seemed to get even angrier. He had moved his left hand again. And this time Sin Han was propelled back by a strong gust of wind instead of playing, so that he suffered from pain.

What's more now that the impact was his chest, so that the child became convulsive and his head hit the ground causing excruciating pain. Until his eyes became dark.

“You bastard! Little squirrel who doesn't know himself! How rude and rude your mouth is! ” and having said so, the priest moved his hand again.

Sin Han was so scared, he thought the priest wanted to hit him again. But strangely the priest instead of hitting Sin Han even held the jug of water that had been brought over his head, thrown into the middle of the air, so that the heavy jug of water was thrown easily, just as the priest did not use his energy at all.

At that moment, it was quickly seen that the priest had jumped up nimbly, his hand stretched out, he had grabbed Sin Han's back.

"Take a shower there!" he said in a loud voice.

And Sin Han's body was thrown too, so that the child's body was thrown and went into the jug of water! When the jug slid down with the water splashing out, the priest had rebuffed the jug of water with his head!

That was a very extraordinary way, showing that the priest had very high intelligence. Sin Han who fell into the water jar couldn't do anything, he was afraid to move, because the jar was on the priest's head.

This child is worried that if he makes strong enough movements, the jar will fall and he will fall too.... so he just stays in the water bath of the jar.
Only his head popped out with a pair of hands holding the jar's edge......... The priest was walking again as if nothing had happened, carrying a jar of water that had added a child's contents.... .....

After walking for so long, the priest had arrived in front of a temple. At that moment, Sin Han's heart was pounding so hard, he did not know what punishment the priest would inflict on him. But being treated like that by the priest, Sin Han automatically hated the priest.

As the priest pushed open the gate he was greeted by a little priest, who had immediately saluted him with a bow,

"The temperature has returned?"

"Hmm!" the priest just replied, he had stepped straight into the temple.

Arriving at the temple grounds, he threw the water jug, so that Sin Han let out a small scream, because he was sure the water jug ​​would fall down with him.

But strangely, the large water jug ​​seemed to be controlled by an invisible force. It was true that the water jar fell on the ground, beside the cluster of flower trees, but the jar didn't slam down hard, nor did it cause the slightest shock.

Sin Han quickly crawled to get out of the jug of water. But the priest had closed his eyes, he had said,

“One time you step outside, I will punish you!”

"But totiang ........" Sin Han made the priest angry.

“What but, but?” snapped the priest in a savage voice. “Hemm……. Look, once you come out, I will beat you with a very heavy punishment!”

But in infuriating him, Sin Han was not afraid anymore, he was determined. Quickly the boy had stepped down from the jug of water.

The priest so changed his face, he had jumped up and held out his hand. He picked up Sin Han's shirt, then put the boy back in the jug of water.

However, Sin Han had also emerged from the surface of the water jug ​​and intended to step out of the water jug ​​as well. The priest had pressed his back, so that the boy was drowned again in the water.

Sin Han struggled, until he gulped down quite a lot of water, and it was hard to breathe. But the priest didn't want to let go of the pressure either. After Sin Han went limp and almost fainted, only then did the priest release his pressure.

Sin Han quickly emerged from the surface of the water, he had taken a deep breath, his face was pale and his body was drenched.

"Totiang ........ you ........ you are so evil!" cursing Sin Han recklessly. "If you really want to kill me, kill me! Don't torture me like that! ”

“Hmm, destroy yourself? Do you think it is appropriate to have my hands stained with the blood of a liar like you?” snapped the priest.

"But ........ but totiang is only brave to a small child like me ........ Try if I have the skills, of course I will fight your treatment! I am a helpless child, is totiang not ashamed to insult me? ”

The priest's face turned red, it seemed that he was very upset. "Nice! Apparently you are really good at tongue fighting! ” he said. "You are dissatisfied and think that I have insulted you!

"Good! Good! I will order my student who is the same age as you…… I want to see, what can you do with a child of your age, to prevent you from calling me the old one insulting the little one!”

And having said in such an indignant tone of voice, the priest had waved his hand to call the little priest, he had said,

"Come here!"

The little priest, who was probably eight years old and the same height as Sin Han, had walked over with a salute. He also asked,

"What's the temperature command?"

"You fight that kid, you beat him!" the priest ordered.

The little priest was stunned.

"Temperature........?" he asked not understanding.

“I order you to fight that kid and beat him to your heart's content……. He thinks that he is very clever, and if you fight with a kid of his age, you will surely win……!”

Hearing that, the little priest just understood, he immediately replied,

"Okay temperature ........!" and the little priest had confronted Sin Han who was still in the jar,

"Little Engko, let's play ........!"

Sin Han was very weak, he too had been tortured by the priest drowned in the water jar, he naturally ran out of energy. And now that he is being challenged like that, he is also very worried, because Sin Han can't fight.

But seeing the rays of the priest's eyes that was watching him with a squint, Sin Han became determined. Not wanting him to show his weakness in front of this priest whom he considered evil, he stepped out of the jug of water, then confronted the little priest.

“Okay…… but I can't fight!” said Sin Han. “How to fight……”

"It's up to you, little engko!" replied the little priest laughed. “You can attack me first, because aren't you a guest……?”

Sin Han was so confused, not to mention he knew what to do, the priest had snapped at his disciple.

“Kiang-jie hit him! Give a lesson, so that next time he will not be big -headed and his lying nature will disappear ........! ”

The little priest seemed to be afraid that his teacher would upset him, he immediately agreed, and took one step closer to Sin Han. And while swinging that hand, he had moved his right fist.

The movement is very fast. And not yet Sin Han managed to see the coming of the little priest's fist, he suddenly felt pain in his nose. Because his nose had been hit by the blow done by the little priest's fist.

Sin Han's body staggered and fell sitting on the ground with his nose dripping with fresh blood. His eyes were dark and dim.

At that time the old priest had said in a loud voice,

“Hemm, hemm, the spirit of tempeh! Where is your skill? ”

And the taunt made Sin Han's ears turn red. Holding back the pain, he had risen to his feet. Despite how Sin Han was very annoyed and hated the priest.

The little priest waited for Sin Han to stand, then quickly his right hand moved again.

"Bukk! Bukk!” Sin Han's shoulders and chest had been hit hard by him.

Sin Han was in excruciating pain. But he didn't want to let out a scream, just as loud as he could, knowing he bumped and hugged the little priest's hand, then Sin Han bowed his head and took hold of the little priest's hand.

The little priest was so shocked, he pulled his hand back, but couldn't.

"Beat him, Kiang-jie!" the old priest commanded in a loud voice. "Why is it like a girl who plays with handles like that?"

Being yelled at, the disciple seemed to be scared. He has quickly mustered his strength, while pulling his hand, he grabbed Sin Han's leg, so that Sin Han fell backwards with his arms open, the little priest automatically pulled his hand back.

Sin Han crawled up again angrily, this child became more determined. He has crashed and will hit the little priest, Kiang-jie, using both of his fists. But which of Sin Han's blows has the same energy as Kiang-jie's?

Kiang jie was the priest's disciple. By itself he understands martial arts and is used to training himself, so every punch contains a decent amount of power in addition to the tactics of the fighting moves that he has mastered.

So, before Sin Han's hands arrived, that's when Kiang-jie greeted Sin Han's right hand with a left hand wave. Then Kiang-jie's right hand shot through Sin Han's face again.

Back Sin Han had to stumble and suffer from pain. Her battered cheeks had also been somewhat bluishly swollen. But Sin Han became increasingly determined.

“Ever since father met his death at the hands of his enemies, I have also suffered from being humiliated by people! Let it be! Today even if I have to die, I must fight this little priest, to prove that I am not easily insulted!

“Even if I have to die, I must put up a fight with all my might…… If I die, that's fine, I can reunite with father, so that in the future no one can insult me ​​either! After all, living with people being insulted all the time, what's the point?”

Thinking so, then Sin Han so desperate. When he crawled up, without waiting for him to be able to stand still, and before Kiang-jie could launch his attack again, Sin Han had bumped into Kiang-jie's legs and hugged him.

Then he pulled it so hard that Kiang-jie's body tumbled together with Sin Han on the ground.

Kiang-jie let out a restrained exclamation, he became indignant at Sin Han's actions which he considered cunning. Quickly both his hands hit Sin Han's head.

“Bukk! Bukk! ” Sin Han's head hit hard, but he didn't scream. He just hugged both of Kiang-jie's legs getting stronger.

Then resolutely he bowed his head. His tofu teeth had sunk into Kiang-jie's leg which he bit very hard.

Kiang-jie screamed in pain. He became frantic and tried to push Sin Han's shoulder, so that the boy let go of his leg.

But instead of letting go of his hug, Sin Han hugged him even harder. He also bites straight with his teeth moved, causing Kiang-jie to feel unbearable pain, until this little priest has been screaming while crying.

"Ouch! Ouch, Suhu, please... he's cheating!” shouted Kiang-jie in a pained voice. His hands were still on Sin Han's back, trying to push as hard as he could.

The priest who became Kiang-jie's teacher turned red. He was so irritated and furious, he had jumped forward and grabbed Sin Han's back, which he pulled hard to throw.

But to the priest's surprise, when he lifted Sin Han's body up, Kiang-jie's body also rose, because Sin Han was desperately embracing Kiang-jie's legs, which he continued to bite harder and harder.

It was ridiculous that Kiang-jie was wailing in pain and crying, because the little priest felt like his flesh had been bitten off by Sin Han. Kiang-jie's teacher quickly hit Sin Han's shoulder, so that the boy felt like his shoulder bone was about to break. He was in excruciating pain, and let out a scream.

Screaming caused the bite on Kiang-jie's leg to come off. And while Kiang-jie was rubbing her bitten leg, she was angry and in great pain.

The priest who was Kiang-jie's teacher had thrown Sin Han's body, so that Sin Han rolled on the ground a few spears away. And the slam caused Sin Han to be in great pain too.

So the priest has broken his own promise. He had pitted the two children, which he said wanted to see if Sin Han was able to knock down his disciple!

But in fact Sin Han had used the biting method, so that the priest's disciple had lost. Because he had been crying and groaning helpless to escape from the bite of Sin Han. Sin Han gets angry and gets more desperate.

“The priest is evil! The priest is not shy! You said you wanted to let us fight, but why did you, the old priest, intervene? ” And while snapping so, Sin Han had crawled up to stand.

The priest's face turned red, with anger he snapped, "Cunning little squirrel, you have fought in a deceitful way!"

“Cheating? Hemm, you cheaters! Your student has trained himself to learn martial arts, while I have not!

"By relying on all that, because you believe your student can torture me, then you dare to advance your student to compete with me! The reality?

"Hemm, hemm, even though your student has martial arts skills, it turns out that empty barrels are useless! Aren't in a battle we are free to use any means, as long as we can knock down the opponent……?”

Considered so, the priest became very angry.

"Kiang-jie!" he called to his disciple in a loud snapping voice. “You fight him again, you have to reward him! If you get knocked down by him again, hem, hem, I will punish you severely!”

Hearing his teacher's threat, of course, Kiang-jie was so scared, she started to complain slowly. And then has stepped up to Sin Han with a bright red face.

"You can't bite anymore ........ You can hit me at will, but you can't cheat on bite like a girl ........!" said Kiang-jie.

He had said so, because he was worried that Sin Han would bite him too. Because if he gets bitten too, of course he will experience pain that is not light and pain that is not half-hearted.

Sin Han had scoffed at him,

"In a fight, we are free to use any means ..." Sin Han said later. “Why should you be afraid of bites? Don't you also have a free hand to strike? And do you also have teeth? You can bite too. ”

Sin Han answered that, Kiang-jie's face turned red. As long as he studied with his teacher, he had been trained hard to learn martial arts, how could it be possible in a fight he bitten like Sin Han?

Wouldn't that make the teacher's name fall? After all, biting like Sin Han is an act that he considers cowardly. But Kiang-jie was afraid and worried that later Sin Han would bite again, because on her feet there were still traces of Sin Han's teeth, which were deeply embedded in the flesh of her feet.

Seeing his disciple hesitating, the priest had snapped,

“Kiang-jie, do you want me to beat you? Hurry up and hit that boy! Watch out, if you lose again or cry, I will punish you severely! ”

That was the second threat from the teacher, if he still hesitated, the teacher would immediately punish him. So, fearing that the teacher would be angry, Kiang-jie had forced herself to approach Sin Han, but her eyes were fixed on Sin Han's mouth, at the boy's teeth that could be seen faintly from between his lips.

Kiang Jie's heart was shaken. He had waved his hand, but his eyes continued to stare into Sin Han's mouth.

Seeing the little priest start hitting him again, Sin Han shifted himself to the right side, he had avoided the attack.

But Kiang-jie had studied martial arts under the tutelage of a teacher like the priest who seemed to have very high intelligence. So as soon as Sin Han dodged to the right, Kiang-jie quickly moved his left hand again to try to grab Sin Han, while his right hand slammed into Sin Han's chest.

"Bukk!" Sin Han's body had tumbled and fell on the ground, so Sin Han let out a muffled cry while holding back the pain in his chest.

Kiang-jie stood still where she was. He didn't chase to attack again, because he was afraid that his leg would be hit and hugged again by Sin Han. If that happens, split him, because his feet will certainly feel the teeth of Sin Han..........

Seeing the attitude of his student, the priest became indignant.

“Kiang-jie……why are you silent?” he snapped in a vicious voice.

Kiang-jie was surprised, she quickly replied, "I'll attack again soon, temperature!"

And really Kiang-jie has progressed, but now he happens to be very careful. When he was near Sin Han who was still lying on the ground, when Sin Han stretched out his hand to hug Kiang-jie's legs, then the little priest had jumped to avoid the hug.

Even as his body slid down, Kiang-jie's feet had landed on Sin Han's back, causing Sin Han to scream in pain.

Not to mention Sin Han knew what had happened, Kiang-jie's right leg had grabbed kicking his face again. His movement was so fast, that Sin Han could not avoid it. At that moment, Sin Han's eyes became dark and he rolled on the ground several times ........

Then Kiang-jie moved her right hand. He had grabbed Sin Han's hair. He lifted the child's head, so that Sin Han's face was turned upwards, and at the same time his left hand struck Sin Han's face several times.

Despite suffering from pain, Sin Han did not let out a scream. He just stretched out his hands trying to block Kiang-jie's hand.

But this time Kiang-jie was very wary. He didn't give Sin Han a chance to hold his body, so Sin Han failed several times to grab Kiang-jie's hand.

Even Kiang-jie continuously hit Sin Han in the face, until the boy's face was battered.

What's more, Kiang-jie also remembered how Sin Han had bitten his leg earlier, causing a feeling of excruciating pain, until he cried, and even embarrassed his teacher. So Kiang-jie became more and more eager to launch a beating at Sin Han.

Sin Han, who was in so much pain, felt his eyes darken, he almost fainted.

In such a stressful situation, Sin Han became cowardly and determined. He had struggled as hard as he could to hit Kiang-jie, no longer paying attention to the pain in his hair that Kiang-jie had, he had also stretched out his hands.

Sin Han's attempt was successful, because he was able to put his arm around Kiang-jie's waist! This of course took Kiang-jie by surprise, she was prancing around with a cry of surprise and fright.

But Sin Han was like someone who drowned in a river, so now he got the waist of someone he could embrace. It's like he got a crutch.

He hugged her tightly and wouldn't let her go. Even though Kiang-jie had grabbed her hair hard and pulled Sin Han's head hard so that Sin Han couldn't get close to her mouth to Kiang-jie's stomach.

But Sin Han was really determined, regardless of the pain in his head, because his hair was pulled hard. Sin Han tilted his head, and “Cepp!” His mouth was already in Kiang-jie's stomach, instantly his teeth sank into Kiang-jie's stomach!

Kiang-jie screamed loudly. She screamed as she squatted, and had also shed tears of pain. Because the stomach is a sensitive part, it is now bitten so hard by Sin Han.

By itself, Kiang-jie was in excruciating pain. Both of his hands were also shaking and couldn't hold Sin Han's body anymore.

“Geez…… Geez, don't bite! I lose! I lose!" shouted Kiang-jie forgetting her shame and fear of her teacher. He had given up, hoping that Sin Han would release his bite.

But Sin Han kept biting.

“Temperature…… ohh temperature, help me temperature…… he…… he's playing bites again……!” shouted Kiang-jie frantically.

The priest frowned, because he was indignant. He had approached and fiercely he had pulled Sin Han's body.

But Sin Han still hugs Kiang-jie's waist tightly. He also bit as hard as he could, not wanting to let go of the bite on Kiang-jie's stomach.

“Let me be beaten to death by this evil priest, I won't let go of my bite later……!” thought Sin Han with a determined heart.

Of course it was Kiang-jie who was suffering from great pain. Because he felt excruciating pain in his stomach, what was bitten by Sin Han was getting harder and harder.

At that moment it seemed that Sin Han had been sweating, but he kept biting. The priest who was pulling the disciple's body was also helpless, because as soon as he pulled, Kiang-jie immediately screamed with a limp. Because when Sin Han's body is pulled, it means that the bite is pulled, and Kiang-jie's stomach that was bitten is also attracted.

It naturally causes an infinite amount of pain…… making Kiang-jie burst into tears continuously.

“Oh temperature, help me…… ouch, temperature, please hurry…… the bite is getting harder……!” shouted Kiang-jie in a strangled voice.

The priest was confused too. Indeed, he could have smashed Sin Han's skull, destroying the child, thus he could help his disciple. But, is it just a small matter like that he has to destroy Sin Han?

Finally the priest had sighed he gave up too.

“Alright, stop biting your teeth, I give up, that student of mine is an idiot……!” said the priest then in a voice that was not as violent as before.

But Sin Han still biting, he shook his head. Maybe he meant he wanted to say that he didn't want to let go of the bite.

It was crazy that Kiang-jie started screaming even more. Because as soon as Sin Han shook his head, it meant that the bite in Kiang-jie's stomach was also moving, causing a feeling of pain that his bones ached.

"If you don't want to let go of your bite, I'll have to beat your skull to pieces!" said the priest heard a very cruel voice.

But Sin Han didn't care.

"Even if you hit my skull, I will no longer obey your words, rotten priest !!" Sin Han thought in his heart.

Even Sin Han had embraced Kiang-jie's waist getting stronger. He was afraid that the priest might drag him away from Kiang-jie.

Kiang-jie was still screaming in pain, she was so freaked out that it confused the priest too. He thought hard about separating his disciple from Sin Han.

"Good!" said the priest very irritated, with an angry heart. "Since you don't want to let go of that bite of yours, let me beat your skull apart...!"

And after saying that, the priest moved his palms, he intended to hit with calculated force, namely with a blow that would only knock Sin Han out, not crush the child's head.

But Sin Han is really determined. Even though he had seen the priest swing his hand to hit his head, Sin Han still didn't want to let go of his bite on Kiang-jie's stomach, who had been crying out in pain.

The priest's palm had slid swiftly into Sin Han's skull, and was only a few feet apart.

Suddenly there was an amused laugh accompanied by the words,

"Evil priest ........ don't insult a child!"

Along with the end of the word, from behind a tree a figure jumped out, with a light movement, knowing that the priest's back had been patted.

But the priest was also not weak in his knowledge, he heard the rustling of a sharp attacking wind. It's just that he's gasping for breath. Quickly he canceled his attack on Sin Han, and then he twisted his hand, which went on to repel the dark opponent's attack.

"Bukk!" the two hands had collided violently with each other. The priest's body shook and it seemed that the person who launched the attack made a muffled cry, and had jumped back laughing.

“Great! Great! Indeed, the name Tung Sie Cinjin is not empty ........! ”

The priest, who was indeed Tung Sie Cinjin, became very angry. He released his grip on Sin Han and turned his body to watch the newcomer.

It turned out that a beggar in his sixties, whose clothes were tattered, was standing in front of him, smiling as if mockingly.

“Sin-kun-bu-tek Lo Ping Kang?” reprimanded the priest, "Apparently you are nosy with my business!!"

"Oh, not nosy, but you who have cheated, who want to insult a helpless child through the hands of your student ......... But you failed, your student is too stupid and stupid, like a sack of rice that every day can only shake, so from that, you yourself who finally want to insult the child, hurt him!

"If this matter gets out in Bu Lim's circle, aren't you afraid that you will become the laughing stock of the valiant people?"

Reprimanded by the beggar, Tung Sie Cinjin's face turned red. He was angry mixed with embarrassment, so that his body was trembling to hold back his anger.

"Good! Well Sin-kun-bu-tek, I have indeed heard of your very famous name for a long time! And also we have met twice.

“But sadly we don't have a chance to measure intelligence! This time really is an excellent opportunity, to see who is more intelligent between the two of us……!”

But just as Tung Sie Cinjin had said up there, Kiang-jie had been screaming in a very loud voice,

"Ouch! Temperature…….help me first……temperature……. temperature…… ouch help me first temperature…… she bites really hard……”

And while screaming and crying, Kiang-jie also swung her hands to beat Sin Han's back.