Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 03

Volume 03
WHILE the beggar remained cool, he sat down to eat grilled chicken interspersed with a sip of his wine. "Who is waiting for lojinke?" Sin Han asked after finishing the food, "Is lojinke friend?"

The beggar delayed his meal, he had laughed grinning.

"Friend? Hmm, that person actually wants my soul. !

I guess, they also came not only alone, but maybe even brought some of his friends. ! "

he said.

Sin Han was shocked.

"Then, what Lo jinke is waiting for are Lojinke's enemies!" asked Sin Han Sin

"Not wrong. !"

"Liehaykah him?" "Liehay once!"

Sin Han sighed.

"Why do people who understand martial arts love to fight?" he asked very slowly, as he asked himself.

The beggar laughed again.

"You are still too small, and do not understand the matter ......... you will see later. But remember, if my enemy has come, you can only watch from inside this room, even one step you can not come out ....... if you violate this message of mine, surely your soul will be in danger of death. ! "

Hearing the beggar's words, Sin Han was so scared, he just nodded.

His experience of watching his father being beaten and also destroyed by cruel and bare-handed people, made Sin Han often filled with fear. So now seeing the beggar waiting for his enemy who is said to have high intelligence, besides that the number may not be alone, has made Sin Han worried, he is afraid that later the beggar will be beaten and perish by his opponents..... ....

Sin Han sighed, he had laid down too.

The day passed quickly, the night began to cover the earth. Darkness had begun to envelop around the place. The place that was originally quiet, became increasingly quiet. Especially before midnight, when the villagers must have been in their respective beds......

"The enemy lojinke hasn't arrived yet?" asked Sin Han after a moment, the night was getting late.

"Yes, he promised me to meet right in the middle of the night," replied the beggar.

"She will definitely appear soon. "

But just as the old beggar Lo said that, at that moment there was a sound, like a swishing wind, but also like the sound of flowing water. Of course this has made Sin Han very surprised, he has said in a doubtful voice: "What is that voice, Lojinke?"

"He has come, remember my message earlier!" said the old beggar. "You can't leave this room. though

what's going on, you have to be quiet in this room!!"

And having said that, the old beggar with the title of the Unparalleled Magic Head had jumped to his feet, he was getting ready to go out to greet the arrival of his enemy.

The swishing sound like the wind and the flowing water was getting closer and closer. At that moment, there was the sound of something very scary roaring, like the barking of a dog or the roar of a wild animal.

That very scary roar sounded closer and closer and more sinister, even erecting the hair on the back of the neck.

Sin Han had been standing on his knees slightly trembling, his heart tensed up. Just a moment ago he had experienced a tense and frightening event, so now hearing that sinister roar that sounded closer and closer, had frightened the child beyond play.

While Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang was chilling, he said slowly: “Good! Apparently he came with five of his friends. "

Sin Han was very surprised. "How did Lojinke know that??" he asked, because Sin Han saw that the beggar was still inside, but already knew the number of people who were coming.

"From the sound of their footsteps..........!" answered the beggar in a low voice. "Shhh, they have arrived..."

Along with the end of the beggar's voice, the situation became very quiet because the sound of the wind and the sound of recognizing him had disappeared. Similarly, the once loud roar has also disappeared.

Under these circumstances, it has made Sin Han even more tense. He just listened, and at that time he didn't hear any sound. But it didn't last long, such a situation was followed by a very loud yelling voice: "Smelly beggar, come out to accept death...!" came a loud shouting voice that contained a murderous aura, the voice it was also hoarse and horrific.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang had let out a cold laughing voice.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time!" He said. "Good! Good! Apparently you brought your friends to help harass me!"

And while saying that, the beggar's hand had taken the place of his wine, a small bully, he swallowed it only that he did not swallow the wine, he knew he had sprayed it.

The wine that spewed from his mouth was like a very long line of white thread, rushing towards the gate of the temple, which suddenly shattered by the burst of the wine. And along with that, Lo Ping Kang seemed to jump with a very nimble movement, he had jumped out.

Of course, Sin Han was amazed, he could only see the beggar's body flashing, then disappeared behind the gate. And Sin Han also knew that the beggar's gush of wine was apparently to prevent his opponent from launching a sudden dark attack.

A sinister laugh was heard outside the shrine's gate, followed by the words: “These five friends of mine are eager to watch the match between the two of us, it's hard for me to refuse their wishes, so I have granted their request……! Come on! Come on! Ten years apart since I was knocked down by you, so now I want to make up for that defeat! The heartache of my Samte (third brother) who has been destroyed by you must be taken into account today!"

"Hahahaha!" Heard the long laugh of the beggar Lo Ping Kang, "This lowly human being like you should not be allowed to live on! But ten years ago I did promise you, I will not destroy you! for ten years for you to train yourself ..... so that today you can witness with a satisfied heart, that your intelligence means nothing! But remember this time I will not free you from death either, you must be heart.! "

There was an exclamation of anger, apparently the person who was the opponent of Sin Kun Bu Tek had made a shouting sound due to his overflowing anger. Sin Han is very interested to see how the old beggar's opponent looks like.

As Sin Han approached the gate of the temple, he approached the gap in the door, and peered out.

As soon as he saw it, the boy's body immediately shivered with fear.

It turned out that outside the temple stood Lo Ping Kang facing six men whose cut was short and of uneven height. And what's amazing is their faces are all strangely scary.

The one standing in front of Lo Ping Kang who was talking, was a man with a chubby body, was looking at Lo Ping Kang with very sharp eyes with eyes wide open, because he did have very scary eyes. once. Her lips were thick, her face was rectangular, and her hair was only slightly above it was rolled up in a small bun. The scary thing is that his fingernails are allowed to grow long.

The five friends of this creepy human also each have a scary body shape. One was tall and skinny as a pole, with long oval eyes, a hooked nose and a slender, bald head, with a pair of slanted eyes. His arms are also rather long, past his knees. The others also have a sinister shape, with each carrying a sharp weapon that shines on his waist.

At that time it seemed Lo Ping Kang had laughed coldly as he said: "Now get ready! Do you want to advance alone or in six at the same time? Please, even if there are six of you, I will serve him...!" And after saying that, it seemed that Lo Ping Kang had taken a ready stance, he seemed to be waiting for his opponent's attack. Under these circumstances, it was clear that Lo Ping Kang had also prepared his knowledge for against his six opponents.

The fat person who was impacted in front of Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang had shouted angrily: "Facing me alone doesn't mean you can serve more than ten moves.

! You accept my attack! The spirit of Samte (third sister) Su Siang Hoat must witness tonight death take your life!!"

And that person didn't just say, his hands suddenly lifted, with his outstretched fingers and his long sharp nails, he gripped Lo Ping Kang's face. But Lo Ping Kang had laughed coldly.

"Su Cie Pan, it is useless for you to study and train your science for ten years, I see you have no other advantages, your science has not progressed at all. ! "and saying so, quickly

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang had dodged his opponent's attack, his body flickering unusually fast, so that the fingers of Su Cie Pan's hand which was meant to be gripping towards his face but had gripped the empty spot.

Of course, Lo Ping Kang didn't keep quiet, he didn't just avoid it, because he knew that Su Cie Pan's hands had been grabbed very hard, the movements made by Sin Kun Bu Tek were very fast and difficult to be followed by ordinary people's eyes.

Su Cie Pan was surprised, but he realized it, during the past ten years Lo Ping Kang must have trained himself and made much faster progress than before, of course he was getting more and more liehay. So Su Cie Pan didn't let his hand hit by Lo Ping Kang's hand, he hurriedly pulled his hand back.

In just these few moves, the two opponents had each known their skill level. Su Cie Pan saw that even though he had trained himself for ten years, he was still one level short of the beggar's skill. Lo Ping Kang seemed to have a much higher lwekang than him.

But Su Cie Pan was sure that the knowledge he practiced, namely the "Poisonous Ten-Finger Grip" where all the tips of his fingernails had been trained with various types of highly effective poison, could be relied on to destroy Lo Ping Kang. Even that old beggar when he saw how to attack his enemy, he felt Su Cie Pan's lwekang power was not above his inner strength, his grip was also unable to suppress him, only that made Lo Ping Kang worried and his heart gasped, precisely from the ten fingers of his opponent's hand. it had given off a very fishy smell, that of a very strong poison.

Lo Ping Kang automatically realized that he should not be attacked by his opponent. Once a part of his body was injured by the grip of Su Cie Pan's poisonous fingernails, then he would be destroyed because Lo Ping Kang realized the poison used by his opponent was a very powerful poison.

As such, Lo Ping Kang has relied on the agility of his body to avoid the attacks launched by his opponents.

Every attack launched by Su Cie Pan, he can always repel or avoid.

Suddenly when Su Cie Pan was launching an attack with the grip of his fingers, that's when Su Cie Pan appeared to let out a surprised scream, because he knew that Lo Ping Kang's right hand finger would grab Po-ma-hiat's blood path on his back.

Of course, Su Cie Pan did not want to let the dangerous blood path in his body be grabbed by his opponent, because once he was grabbed, it would be death for him.

That was why Su Cie Pan had crouched down and twisted his body slightly, he had moved his right hand with the intention of gripping his opponent's hand back. And it turns out that his opponent's hand has been grabbed by him. But just as Su Cie Pan was about to squeeze to thrust his nails into the flesh of his opponent's wrist, that's when Lo Ping Kang had waved his hand, from his palm flowed a gentle breeze of attack, then his wrist turned slippery like an eel, somehow. , knowing that his wrist had managed to escape his opponent's grip.

As soon as Lo Ping Kang resumed his attack, his hand slapped Su Cie Pan's skull as fast as lightning.

The fat man with a stout body was startled, he let out a long whistling sound, knowing that he had thrown himself to the left, when he stood up his breath was still a bit ragged.

Only a few moves, they have been able to measure their respective intelligence.

Su Cie Pan is getting angrier considering that his opponent is his brother's killer. He had indeed decided, tonight, the night they had promised ten years ago, was the night that would determine, where Su Cie Pan wanted Lo Ping Kang’s death.

Meanwhile, Lo Ping Kang himself believed that in this battle he could not be knocked down by that one opponent. But what made him really worried was actually Su Cie Pan's five friends, judging by the look in their sharp eyes, of course the five people were not weak human races.

Sin Han, who was watching from behind the gate of the temple, was shaken. He saw that Lo Ping Kang's opponents were all people who had hideous builds and didn't seem to have any weak intelligence, Lo Ping Kang certainly faced no light threat. However, seeing the attitude of the old beggar with the title “Unmatched Magic Fist”, who was calm and smiling, was somewhat comforted by Sin Han's heart.

Su Cie Pan suddenly let out a very loud scream, he had spread his arms out in an encircling motion, grabbing from the left and right of the old beggar, so Lo Ping Kang was pushed from two directions.

If you parry, it will be very dangerous, because Su Cie Pan has also been prepared, once his opponent parries, then Su Cie Pan will not bang his wrist but he will use his fingernails to grip his opponent's hand.

Of course Lo Ping Kang knew the danger, he could also guess what his opponent meant. So the only way is to jump back.

But Su Cie Pan still overshadowed him by jumping forward and continuing his attack with his fingernails.

What a great way to attack Su Cie Pan, because he launched his attacks recklessly without thinking about his protection and safety, he was eager to destroy his opponent.

But Lo Ping Kang had bent his legs, he stood in a half crouch, then as fast as lightning his right leg kicked across in a semicircle.

The beggar's kick was a deadly attack, because he was targeting the weakness of Su Cie Pan, namely the groin part of his opponent, if the kick hit the target it would definitely kill the She Su person.

Su Cie Pan was very surprised at the way his opponent attacked.

He let out a muffled exclamation and had leapt back rapidly.

Then, accompanied by five of his friends, he looked fiercely at Lo Ping Kang.

"Smelly beggar, it turns out that you have made a lot of progress ..........!" He said in a mocking voice.

And the five friends of Su Cie Pan have jumped forward to face the beggar she Lo. They show a very threatening attitude.

"Who are these five friends of yours?" asked Lo Ping Kang with a mocking smile. "I don't think I know them yet."

Su Cie Pan laughed coldly, then he said in a loud voice: "Hmm," he said. “They are very famous in the martial jungle with the title Ngo haw Siang-kiam! They are warriors who have extraordinary intelligence. !"

Su Cie Pan when he mentioned the title of the fifth man, which was called Ngo Hauw Siang Kiam (Five tigers with a pair of swords), he seemed very proud.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang's heart was also gasping, because he often heard the great name of these five tiger warriors. They have very high intelligence, besides that they are also very well known as people who are not determined in their stance, often standing on the white road, but not infrequently standing on the side of the black road, namely the criminal group.

So it is very difficult to place them in the white or black line, because they have a stance that is difficult to guess, where the contents of their hearts are difficult to touch.

"Aha, apparently I am this dirty dirty, have a very big fortune to meet the five masters who have big names, what are the clues for me?" And while asking that, it seems Lo Ping Kang has been staring with very sharp eyes. , his attitude was very challenging.

The five warriors with the title of Ngo hauw Siangkiam did not respond, they just remained silent, watching the beggar very sharply.

Meanwhile, Su Cie Pan replied with a very savage attitude: "I actually received a helping hand and help from these friends, to exterminate a filthy dog ​​like you from the surface of the world! Therefore, be prepared to accept death.” After saying that, Su Cie Pan then let out another exclamation sound, knowing that his body had jumped with great agility and his hands again grabbed Sin Kun Bu Tek's left.

Lo Ping Kang has been thinking hard, because he knows that his opponent is very intelligent, he can't face it playfully, especially now that his opponent is assisted by five very famous experts like Ngo-houw Siang Kiam, of course they are opponents which is very tough.

However, Sin Kun Bu Tek did not show his worried feelings, he had watched the attack of his opponent's attack, he quickly brought out his main skill, namely his Magic Fist, suddenly the hand of this beggar had flown towards Su Cie Pan's shoulder. The movement was difficult to predict, because it seemed to be grabbing towards the right, but the real target was the left.

Su Cie Pan saw how his opponent began to release his stored knowledge, he had flicked with his fingernails, to protect himself.

While Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang didn't want to be irresponsible anymore, he stretched out his hand and brought out his intelligence with eight parts of his lweekang power channeled into his fist. When it hit Su Cie Pan's wrist once, there was a loud 'crack' sound.

Of course the impact made Su Cie Pan so sick and shocked.

Luckily he was moving really fast, and had jumped while pulling his hand away.

If he was late, of course his wrist would be broken, or it could also happen that his wrist bone would be crushed.

At that moment, with a loud shout, two men from Ngo Hauw Siang Kiam jumped near Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang, knowing that their hands had touched each other's handles, they had pulled out a pair of their swords. As fast as lightning their swords had snatched towards Lo Ping Kang.

The old beggar named Sin Kun Bu Tek was not afraid to face his opponent's attack, he was just stuck in his heart, because no matter how his movement was a very dangerous movement, that is, his body was stuck between the blows of four swords, plus the threat of his deadly finger Su Cie Pan.

The movement caused a very strong vibration, a very powerful vibration and had pushed back the two opponents, because the palms of Sin Kun Bu Tek's hands had been channeled by the power of an extraordinary powerful internal energy.

In the blink of an eye they were engaged in a very exciting battle and they were like shadows that were just flickering. Sin Han himself could no longer recognize, which Sin Kun Bu Tek which his opponents were. Sin Han's eyes became blurred watching such a battle, this child's heart was shaken so hard, he was worried that the beggar would be hurt by his opponents.

In his heart Sin Han had been praying that the old beggar would succeed in facing his opponents.

The other three Ngo Hauw Siang Kiam did not come forward, apparently they believed that their two comrades, plus Su Cie Pan, were more than enough to take on Sin Kun Bu Tek.

Since their appearance, Ngo Hauw Siang Kiam has not spoken much.

In the martial arts jungle, they are known as the quiet masters, and never talk much. The eldest was named Miang Khu Lie, while the second was named Miang Khu An, the third was named Man Siang Ha, the fourth and fifth were Man Su Liong and Man Tia Lu. The five of them are not descended from one lineage, but from two family clans, namely the Miang and Man families. They are indeed a martial arts school, so after they feel compatible with each other, that's when they have trained themselves together, and then every time they face an opponent they are always five. Circumstances like this of course have made them very famous, because their intelligence is very high and it is very difficult to find a match.

At that time, it was Miang-Khu Li, the two brothers of She Miang who had been involved in ganging up on Sin Kun Bu Tek. They relied once on a pair of swords each.

Every attack launched by Miang Khu Lie and Miang Khu An is a very powerful stab and stab that can be deadly, because it always goes to the deadly part of the opponent's body. Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang himself became very angry, he had issued a 'magic fist' which was the intelligence he relied on the most, his hands alternated moving to launch a very powerful attack.

The wind was blowing the dry leaves and dust in the courtyard of the temple, even at that time it seemed Miang Khu An and Miang Khu Lie were a bit pushed by Sin Kun Bu Tek's fist.

Only Su Cie Pan was still able to launch an attack without being desperate because Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang did not dare to push too hard, because no matter how Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang was still tired if he was hit by poison on the fingernails of his opponent.

The movement that Su Cie Pan made was getting faster and faster and more determined, because Su Cie Pan was determined, no matter how he intended to complain to his opponent.

In such a situation, suddenly Sin Kun Bu Tek has changed the way he fights.

Between the roar of the wind that attacked the two powerful fists, his body had jumped left and right, he knew he had managed to grip the clothes on the backs of Miang Khu Lie and Miang Khu An.

With a stomping motion, he had thrown his two opponents to the side. And along with that, without wasting the slightest time, he knew that his right fist had slipped into Su Cie Pan's care, and that Su's chest had been attacked by him.

"Bukkkk!" The She Su man's chest was hit hard, his body staggered, and not to mention he was able to stand still, that's when he vomited fresh blood twice from his mouth.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang wanted to continue his attack, but he was attacked by his three opponents, namely Man Siang Ha, Man Su Liong and Man Tia Lu. These three people when they saw that their three comrades had suffered defeat at the hands of the She Lo people, and saw that Su Cie Pan's soul was threatened with death, they immediately drew their respective pairs of swords and charged forward to launch a great attack.

That's why Lo Ping Kang had to cancel his intention to continue his attack on Su Cie Pan, because he had to save his soul from the threat of the six opposing swords snatching at once. But Sin Kun Bu Tek is really a formidable hero, because he can deal with the attacks of his three opponents well. He had exerted all his lwekang strength and both his hands had been moved in succession, and the great thing was that from both his fists came a powerful wind attack that struck the six swords that were grabbing at him.

Sin Kun Bu Tek took the opportunity to jump back, he was already preparing for the next attack from his opponents.

"Come, come, all of you forward!" said Sin Kun Bu Tek in a very loud voice, he also let out a mocking laugh, like underestimating his six opponents.

Su Cie Pan, who was almost hit by Sin Kun Bu Tek's attack and became more angry and determined, he first wanted to jump to launch an attack on the old beggar she Lo. But only then did his body want to move when the silence of the night was broken by a very loud scream, a scream that resembled the scream of a wounded eagle.

Then followed in the middle of the air flying around in circles a pair of doves, which circled about ten times.

The faces of Su Cie Pan and the others had also turned pale. Likewise their bodies will shiver.

"Afternoon Pek Sian!" they shouted. Siang Niauw Pek Sian means a pair of white-clad divine birds.

Su Cie Pan's voice when he mentioned the title also trembled, showing that he was very scared, then regardless of Sin Kun Bu Tek, he had twisted his body and set foot, running very fast to leave the place. It seems that Su Cie Pan is very scared. Similarly, Ngo Hauw Siang Kiam who had turned pale on their faces, then without uttering a word, they jumped to escape as well.

The scream was heard getting louder and closer, very quickly the transfer of the voice, which at first sounded far and faint, finally became so close.

Meanwhile, the pair of white-feathered doves were still circling above Sin Kun Bu Tek's head.

When he saw the dove, Sin-Kun Bu Tek was scared too, his face had turned pale, just like Siang-niauw Pek Sian was a human or a very scary creature. He had twisted his body and ran so fast into the temple, he almost bumped into Sin Han.

"Let's run quickly. run fast," he said, holding out

In his hands, he had grabbed Sin Han's waist, which he had embraced and the child's body had been carried away quickly leaving the place.

In the blink of an eye, Sin Kun Bu Tek had run tens of lie, when he reached the south door of the village, the old beggar had stopped running, he calmed his pounding heart, and straightened his breath.

Sin Han was surprised to see the attitude of the old beggar She Lo who was very scared.

When he stopped running, the old beggar was already looking around him. When he saw that no one was chasing him, he just breathed a sigh of relief.

"Lojinke. ' said Sin Han later.

"Shut up, don't talk yet. we have to get out of here quickly

once we are late, our souls will be difficult to save as well. ! "and saying so, the beggar ran-

run again quickly.

After running continuously for almost fifty lies, only then did he stop his running while exhaling his ragged breath.

"We are safe!" He said later while releasing his hug on Sin Han's waist.

Sin Han looked confusedly at the old beggar who had dropped himself sitting near the bottom of the tree trunk that was there.

"What's the matter with Lojinke?" he asked then. "Who is Siang Niauw Pek Sian?" asked Sin Han not understanding. "If I'm not mistaken, Lojinke's opponents also mentioned that title. "

"Yes, the master of the two white doves! That's Siauw Niauw Pek Sian!" nodded Sin Kun Bu Tek.

"But why do lojinke and lojinke opponents seem so scared?" asked Sin Han again.

"Scared? of course scared! if we are a little late in leaving, surely our souls can no longer be protected

!" and while saying that the beggar looked like his sweat had shrunk, he sighed. "Fortunately I still managed to escape, if not ..... ihihih ....." and at the end of his words Sin Kun Bu Tek has issued an exclamation sound like someone who was terrified.

“Is Siang Niauw Pek Sian really a very scary human being, Lojinke. ?” asked Sin Han again.

"It's not just scary, but very violent and cruel

! "replied Sin Kun Bu Tek.

"Is his intelligence higher than Lojinke's?" asked Sin Han again.

"Silly child ......!" snapped Sin Kun Bu Tek irritably. "If his intelligence is below me, of course I don't need to scream at him! Never mind...... go sit there to relax, after resting for a while and my breath has stopped. no more hunting, we have to quickly get out of this place……!” and after saying so, Sin Kun Bu Tek closed his eyes to rest.

Sin Han sat not so far from the beggar. He was very surprised, lately he has found so many experts who have very high intelligence where according to the beggar, Siang Niauw Pek-Sian is a person who has extraordinary intelligence. Seeing the attitude of Sin-Kun Bu Tek and his six opponents, who were so frightened, even though they had just heard a scream from Siang Niauw Pek Sian, proved that Siang Niauw Pek Sian was an extraordinary skill.

Sin Han sighed.

"Father understands a little martial arts, but in the end because of martial arts he had to meet a very sad death and I had to be abandoned like this........!" thought Sin Han unintentionally, from the corner of his eye tears were flowing clear "If father didn't understand martial arts, of course a disaster like this would never have befallen us." And Sin Han had taken a deep breath.

Suddenly, Sin Kun Bu Tek jumped to his feet with a very fast movement, his eyes wide open, this magic beggar was also watching around him.

"What's the matter, lojinke?" asked Sin Han in amazement. "Did...did you not hear that voice?"

asked Sin Kun Bu Tek in a very tense manner.

"Sound.......? What sound, Lojinke?" Asked Sin Han surprised, he adjusted his hearing carefully, and that's when he faintly heard a scream that was similar and the same as the one he had ever heard, namely the scream of Siang Niauw Pek Sian.

Without wasting any time, and without saying anything, Sin Kun Bu Tek had grabbed the waist of Sin Han who was hugging him and he was running again very fast, this time his movement was much faster than before, even the beggar seemed to be getting scared. “He's after me…. he doesn't seem to want to let me go!” muttered the beggar as if to say to himself.

Sin Han was silent because he knew the beggar was being chased by an extraordinary feeling of fear, Sin Han was also silent so he thought, if until Sin Kun Bu Tek managed to be chased by Siang Niauw Pek Sian who he feared, he would not escape the disaster, which of course will be destroyed by Siang Niauw Pek Sian as well.

Thinking so, Sin Han shuddered.

Meanwhile, Sin Kun Bu Tek has been running very fast. He seemed not to think about anything else, because for him the most important thing at that time was escaping death, escaping from Siang Niauw Pek Sian who was apparently chasing him.

The scream finally disappeared and was no longer heard. But Sin Kun Bu Tek didn't dare stop running, he said

He continued to stretch his legs using his ginkang, because he was afraid that later Siang Niauw Pek Sian would be able to catch up with him.

Among the wind that was milling in his ears that was slamming loudly, Sin Han also became afraid, if later afternoon Niauw Pek Sian managed to catch up to him......

But when Sin Kun Bu Tek was running comfortably, he suddenly made a muffled cry, and his footsteps stopped.

Sin Han felt how Sin Kun Bu Tek's hands around his waist trembled, just as Sin Kun Bu Tek witnessed something great. Sin Han tried to lift his head and look ahead.

Apart from five more spears in front of them, stood a figure, who was wearing all white clothes, his robes fluttering in the wind.

"You. ?” Sin Kun Bu Tek's voice trembled when he rebuked


The figure dressed in white didn't answer, just kept quiet.

Sin Han tried to look at the man's face. A man in his thirties, with a thin mustache and a smooth, clean face, appeared to be standing in front of them. The man in the white robe was watching Sin Kun Bu Tek with a cold look in his eyes but in the look in his eyes he emitted a terrible ray.

Sin Han himself secretly shuddered when he saw the light in that person's eyes.....

“Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian, I have no enmity with you

!” said Sin Kun Bu Tek finally after he managed to calm the shaking of his heart.

"Hmmm.....!" Only that cold mocking snort was heard by the figure dressed in all white.

Sin Kun Bu Tek became even more frightened, his body was shaking.

"Siang Niauw Pek Sian ....." he said later in a trembling voice.

“There's no need for you to say much…….give your soul. "

The overall white robed person's voice was extremely cold, terrifying. "What. What did I do wrong ? I'm innocent, aren't I?" he asked

Sin Kun Bu Tek in a voice that trembled with extreme fright. "I've never met you, I've never done anything wrong to you, but. Why

You must will my soul?"

"Needless to say, I want your soul, and don't be fussy!" Replied the man in the white robe.

At that moment, in the middle of the air there was the sound of a dove squealing.

Soon, a pair of pigeons were seen flying around over Sin Kun Bu Tek's head.

Seeing Siang Niauw Pek Sian's cold and scary attitude, and seeing that it was impossible for him to escape death, Sin Kun Bu Tek automatically became desperate. Because there was no turning back for him. He was determined to try to put up a fight.

Releasing his grip on Sin Han's waist, and the boy had moved to the side, he had seen how Sin Kun Bu Tek faced the white -clad man with a hesitant attitude2.

"Do you want to have a match?" Sian Niauw Pek Sian's voice was very cold, he rebuked with a horrible look in his eyes.

Sin Kun Bu Tek is still full of doubts. For the past two years, he had indeed heard about Siang Niauw Pek Sian, an unrivaled master who has demon-like ruthlessness even more than demons. Indeed, almost all the people of the martial jungle were afraid to meet the masters of the two doves, because there had been rumors that many martial arts masters had died horribly when Siang Niauw Pek Sian came. This has made Sin Kun Bu Tek hesitant to face his opponent, but he has seen how ginkang Siang Niauw Pek Sian is really great, because Siang Niauw Pek Sian can catch up with him very easily.

Even though Sin Kun Bu Tek had run with all his ginkang, but in reality he could still be chased by the Siang Niauw Pek Sian. By himself, he had already been able to gauge that Niauw Pek Sian's ginkang Siang might be above him by several levels.

At that time Siang Niauw Pek Sian was still standing with a stiff attitude and a cold face, only his right hand had reached into his robe pocket, he took out a dry leaf.

Moved his hand and "Serrrr" the dried leaf had snatched coming to Sin Kun Bu Tek.

The dry leaves are very light, and the distance between Siang Niauw Pek Sian and Sin Kun Bu Tek is quite far, but strangely, Siang Niauw Pek Sian can throw the leaf well, grabbing it straight and lightly, then it falls right near Sin's feet. Kun Bu Tek.

"That's a gift from me..." said Siang Niauw Pek Sian in a cold voice.

Sin Kun Bu Tek shivered even more, he had taken the leaf, he looked at it, and saw how the leaf was painted with a picture of a dove, which he must have made with a knife or some other sharp object.

That's the gift of death! Indeed, it has been circulating in the martial arts jungle for the past two years, every potential victim from Siang Niauw Pek Sian will receive a gift of a dry leaf with a painting of a dove on it.

By accepting the dry leaves, it means that he is also a potential victim of Siang Niauw Pek Sian.

Realizing that it was difficult for him to escape from Siang Niauw Pek Sian's hands, of course, made Sin Kun Bu Tek even more desperate.

He had torn the leaf he said with a bright red face.

"Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian, I don't have any problems with you at all, but you push me too much! Good ! Good ! I'm forced to take the courage to welcome some of your moves...." And after saying that, Sin Kun Bu Tek prepared to receive his opponent's attack, he had put most of his strength into his two fists. Lo Ping Kang was famous as the "Magic Fist Without The match'' is Sin Kun Bu Tek, by itself his two fists are very powerful. So in the face of danger from a formidable opponent like Siang Niauw Pek Sian, he has put all his strength into fighting to the death. Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian has taken a step towards Sin Kun Bu Tek. Even though he didn't show any threatening attitude, but his cold face,

Sin Kun Bu Tek became more and more shaken hard -hearted.

Sin Han who was watching from the periphery also stood up trembling. This child even felt his knees go weak when he saw Siang Niauw Pek Sian's cold eyes and did not emit the slightest light. Suddenly at noon Niauw Pek Sian had waved his sleeves, as he shouted: "You don't want to attack yet?"

And in such a pinched state, and Sin Kun Bu Tek had not seen his way out yet, he had let out a very loud shout, and desperately once he strode forward. He had moved both his fists, his movement was extraordinarily agile, the two hands he moved had also snatched crosswise, so great was the end, the force of the attack which seemed to have the strength of thousands of cats, snatched to Siang Niauw Pek Sian.

But Siang Niauw Pek Sian didn't show any movement at all, he still stood straight with his cold demeanor, by puffing out his chest he had received the onslaught of both fists from Sin Kun Bu Tek.

"Bukkkk! Bukkk!" The power of Sin Kun Bu Tek's attack was unbelievably strong, hitting Siang Niauw Pek Sian's chest.

If the attack fell on an ordinary warrior, of course his breastbone would be crushed and the victim of a blow from Sin Kun Bu Tek's magic fist, would meet death

But it's strange that Siang Niauw Pek Sian doesn't seem to feel the slightest pain, he even has a sinister smile on his face.

His very calm demeanor showed that he didn't feel any pain at all, in fact he had smiled with his sarcastic and murderous demeanor.

Then Siang Niauw Pek Sian also said: "Now is the time for you to surrender your soul!" and Sin Kun Bu Tek felt his fist stuck to Siang Niauw Pek Sian's chest tingling, he made a surprised cry and tried to quickly pull his fist , to get rid of Siang Niauw Pek Sian's patch, but it's too late!

He couldn't retract his fist, so he let out a loud shout, and concentrated his inner strength by pulling out and pulling even harder. But again he failed, so Sin Kun Bu Tek became confused himself.

But as a master who has a high level of intelligence, Sin Kun Bu Tek did not become nervous, he had quickly issued a loud yelling sound, and kicked with both legs with successive kicks, threatening Siang Niauw Pek Sian's stomach.

And Siang Niauw Pek Sian is really a strange person and has a high intelligence that is difficult to explore, he just stays silent, only his left hand is lifted and lightly waved.

The end was very great, because at that moment, Sin Kun Bu Tek's body had bounced hard, fell on the rolling ground while making a terrible scream.

After lying down for a while, Sin Kun Bu Tek crawled to his feet, but not to mention he was able to stand still, from his mouth he had vomited fresh blood.

Lo Ping Kang's face was pale, his body was shaking. It seems that Siang Niauw Pek Sian's waving of hands was truly extraordinary, because Lo Ping Kang felt a sharp pain in his chest. From this incident, Sin Kun Bu Tek was able to guess how high the intelligence of his opponent, who was several levels above his intelligence.

So much so that Sin Kun Bu Tek became more frightened, no matter how he could not escape from the hands of Siang Niauw Pek Sian, because apart from the intelligence of his opponent was much better than him several levels, also now Sin Kun Bu Tek has been injured in just one move from Siang Niauw A slow Kut pack like that. Unwillingly, Sin Kun Bu Tek sighed in despair, he tried to exert his energy on his knees, to strengthen his legs.

Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian had approached him with a horrifying face because beside his eyes that watched him very coldly without moving his eyeballs, his face was like a piece of paper that did not emit any feelings.

At a time like that, Sin Han also watched with worried eyes, because even though he knew Sin Kun Bu Tek had high intelligence and Sin Han did not understand martial arts, the child realized that in terms of intelligence, of course, Siang Niauw Pek Sian was above the beggar. . With just one wave of his hand, the beggar was able to be made so powerful by Siang Niauw Pek Sian.

Sin Han silently prayed that Sin Kun Bu-Tek would not be crushed by his opponent, at least Sin Han hoped that Sin Kun Bu-Tek would be able to escape death at the hands of Siang Niauw Pek Sian.

Sin Kun Bu Tek was quick to channel his lwekang power, but because he was seriously injured, as soon as he released his inner strength, he immediately felt the blood in his chest churn, and he couldn't hold it in any longer and he vomited fresh blood... .

Situations like this have made Sin Kun Bu Tek stand up with a pale face, his hopes of escaping from his opponent's extraordinary threat are gone.

Siang Niauw Pek Sian had approached very close to him, grinning slowly: "Now you surrender your soul." And his right hand was raised, to pat Sin Kun Bu Tek's skull.

Sin Kun Bu Tek sighed in exasperation; he closed his eyes, he surrendered to accept death, because Sin Kun Bu Tek knew it was useless for him to fight, there was no way he could escape death at the hands of this extraordinary formidable opponent.

Siang Niauw Pek Sian's hands had been sliding steadily, and Sin Han closed his eyes not daring to watch Sin Kun Bu Tek get hit like that.

However, when Siang Niauw Pek Sian's palm almost hit its target, the skull of Sin Kun Bu Tek, that's when a very slow cry was heard, followed by the appearance of a body with very agile movements. The movement resembled a shadow, and not to mention that Siang Niauw Pek Sian's palm had hit the skull of Sin Kun Bu Tek, the shadowy figure that had just appeared had stretched out his right hand, so there was a loud crashing sound.

"Bukkk!!" Siang Niauw Pek Sian's body staggered a few steps, his face changed greatly, because he was shocked beyond play. As a master who had knocked down hundreds of well-known figures in mainland China, during that time, Siang Niauw Pek Sian had never met a match that could make him back that far. And this is the first time he staggers like that. Then at once in Siang Niauw's heart

Pek Sian had guessed, surely this person who had just appeared was someone who had perfect intelligence.

With sharp and cold eyes, Siang Niauw Pek Sian looked at the person who had just appeared and was standing tall beside Sin Kun Bu Tek.

That's a priest with a bund head, and a rather odd outfit, not the Han way of dressing. Judging from the face covered with mustache, beard and also a sharp nose, if not a Tibetan, of course the priest is from India.

"Who are you....? How dare you seek death by interfering in my affairs?" shouted Siang Niauw Pek Sian in a cruel voice, his face did not emit any feelings but was very scary.

The foreign priest had smiled in his patient manner, he had clasped his hands in the manner of a Buddhist follower.

“Siancai! Siancai! I'm the little pastor Gunal Sing, I'm not impudent in interfering in your affairs, but what is your fault that you seem to want to destroy it? "Replied the pastor in a patient voice, his attitude was also very calm, he did not show the slightest fear of Siang Niauw Pek Sian. His face looked very cruel. "If I were the little priest, what is the name of the noble lord?"

Afternoon Niauw Pek Sian's face turned bright red with anger, usually if someone confronted him, they would be frightened as if they were dealing with a god of death. But now this priest showed a very calm demeanor. “Listen, I still want to give you a chance, just this once, to get off your feet quickly. !"

said Siang Niauw Pek Sian. “I Siang Niauw Pek Sian Bo Siong Kun will not hesitate to take you to see Giam-lo-ong the king of the hereafter. "

Hearing the words of Siang Niauw Pek Sian, the priest's face did not change, he even smiled very kindly.

"Don't be so fierce, brave man!" He said then in a patient voice. "I see you have a very high and perfect intelligence. Isn't it a pity if that high and perfect intelligence should be taken to the wrong path?"

"What do you care about me? You seem to have wasted your opportunity, a bald priest and you seem to be deliberately looking for business with me! Good! I want to see, how high is the intelligence of a priest like you, a foreign priest who does not know the south and does not know the way of life!"

"Siancai, don't be angry, sir..........!" Gunal Sing said in a very patient voice. good! Regarding the problem of the master with the beggar lord, I don't even know the end of the root, but I believe, of course that is not an affair that should cause casualties.

The foreign pastor had just said that up to there, Siang Niauw Pek Sian had laughed with his loud voice, his laughter was like shaking around the place.

Of course, Gunal Sing knew that Siang Niauw Pek Sian's laughing voice contained a very strong lwekang power, because the laughter was surging, the more and more it shook around the place. But Gunal Sing still carried a calm and patient demeanor, he didn't show any feeling of fear or nervousness at all.

"Okay!" Said Siang Niauw Pek Sian after laughing out loud for a long time. "Apparently you are really a bald donkey who doesn't know himself ....... well, you accept my attack !!" and while saying with a creepy face, Siang Niauw Pek Sian had stepped his left foot half a step, his right hand had been bent slightly, his left hand was protruded forward, then his body was slightly bent forward. Along with that, he had shaken.

From Siang Niauw Pek Sian's right hand flowed out a powerful amount of magical power, but Gunal Sing remained standing in his place without trying to dodge. Sin Kun Bu Tek who saw how to attack Bo Siong Kun was very surprised, because Sin Kun Bu Tek realized that the attack made by Bo Siong Kun was a very powerful attack, more than his attacks on Sin Kun Bu Tek himself.

"Taisu, be careful........!" shouted Sin Kun Bu Tek in a trembling voice.

But before the warning sound was heard, the storm launched by Siang Niauw Pek Sian Bo Siong Kun had swept away.

Gunal Sing remained standing upright without moving, he saw how Bo Siong Kun attacked with great passion, and launched a blast with very terrible force.

With a slow, but agile motion, knowing the pastor was moving his left hand, he pushed slowly. The urge was not strong, but the end made Bo Siong Kun, the demon king who was famous for his violence, so shocked, he gasped when he felt the onslaught hit a soft and empty place. And before he could pull the attack, he felt a very strong push on his chest, quickly Bo Siong Kun exhaled, he tried to stand still to resist the force pushing Gunal Sing, but in fact his body staggered a few steps back.

This experience was the first time for Siang Niauw Pek Sian Bo Siong Kun, because for the first time he failed to launch an attack and even he himself stumbled like that, while the foreign priest seemed to be calmly standing in his place without flinching at all.

“You……” cried Siang Niauw Pek Sian Bo Siong Kun in a choked, choked voice, he seemed shocked and furious.

“Patience sir, your attack earlier was a very cruel attack. then if in this case the person who welcomes

the attack lacked any meaningful intelligence, of course the victim would have been destroyed by it….!” the priest's voice was patient, even though he spoke in a voice that contained a rebuke.

Bo Siong Kun became even angrier, he let out a very loud shout, and knew that without saying a word, his hands alternately launched vigorous attacks.

His hands were twisted in a small circle. But in the ten fingers of his hand he had channeled the power of his lwek's energy, so that when he moved it, the force of his attack caused a strong wind and once he pushed, it was as if an earthquake struck the foreign pastor.

Gunal Sing did not become nervous or scared at all, in fact he had smiled patiently. Slowly, but his movement was able to balance the movement of Bo Siong Kun's hand, he had unbuttoned his sleeve.

Bo Siong Kun was pushed back, making him even angrier. With a very loud and fierce voice, several times Bo Siong Kun launched great attacks, but always failed.

Meanwhile, Sin Kun Bu Tek, who witnessed this incident, stood stunned in his place.

Since the first time he met Bo Siong Kun, Sin Kun Bu Tek was really scared, because he too had felt how intelligent Bo Siong Kun was, several levels above his intelligence, and his soul almost floated in the hands of the She Bo.

But now, the fact is that Gunal Sing can serve him well, calmly and patiently, and without the slightest urgency as well. On the other hand, Bo Siong Kun was very busy launching a series of attacks without getting any results.

After passing through a dozen moves, it seems that Bo Siong Kun was annoyed that his attacks didn't give any results.