Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 02

Volume 02
KIM KUT MO SAT was actually very angry, but he suppressed his anger.

"Who are you? And who is your teacher?" he scolded in a creepy voice.

“Me? You ask me? I don't mind telling you my name! My father usually calls me by the name Lian-jie (son-Lian), you can also call me by that name! But if you want to know who my teacher is, I can't tell you, later you'll hear my teacher's name, of course pissed off out of fear. "Hearing the words of this funny and naughty little girl, who mocked her openly, of course Kim Kut Mo Sat became even more irritated.

"Insolent little girl, take the attack!" he snapped savagely, for he could no longer hold on to the fury that filled his heart. He had swiftly charged forward with movements that were difficult for eyes to follow. He had launched an attack all at once, moving both hands, From both of his palms, a powerful force had flowed out, but of a different nature. If his right hand flew out with a hot attack wind, his left hand had shot out with a cold attack wind

Of course, the way to attack the creepy creature is a deadly attack, that's a kind of extraordinary science, which contains a deadly air.

But the little girl was really naughty, she didn't show any fear at all. It seemed that this little girl relied on her lightening skills, she had jumped aside while listening to his loud laughter, a laugh mixed with ridicule.

"Is that all you have to hit?" he asked in a choking laugh.

Kim Kut Mo Sat's body shivered violently as he held back his anger. Only this time in his life he experienced such ridicule, and also only this time in his whole life he was ridiculed by people face to face, even now the one who mocked him was none other than a little girl. By making a loud roar, he had released a move that he relied on, namely blows that contained extraordinary power.

Then he has moved his lweekang energy as much as four parts, to launch attacks by alternately using his left and right hands, because of that he briefly attacks using Im (cold) air, occasionally he attacks with Yang (hot) air.

That is the science commonly referred to as Im Yang Mo Sat, the power of the Cold and Hot Devil.

Of course the knowledge that he has trained for forty years is a very powerful science.

Ten years ago, he had championed the entire mainland of China, his name was very famous and feared. But one time he met a clever man, they fought for three days and three nights, finally Kim Kut Mo Sat was knocked down by the magic warrior, and since then Kim Kut Mo Sat lived a lonely life, he isolated himself because he intended to witness his knowledge more. that.

For ten years he had been training hard, with the determination to later find the magic warrior who had knocked him down, he intended to challenge him again to battle.

But now, he had met this little girl, and he had been toyed with, which in itself had made Kim Kut Mo Sat even more furious. With a loud snapping sound, he had moved his left and right hands at the same time, the blowing wind that shot out created a hot and cold air, thus pressing hard against the little girl. But none of the attacks from Kim-Kut Mo Sat managed to touch the little girl's body, because it seemed that the witty little girl, who admitted that she was usually called Lian-jie (Lian's child) had relied on her agility, her body jumped more and more. come here very quickly, so that every attack made by his opponent can always be thwarted.

In such a situation, the longer Kim Kut Mo Sat is apart of curiosity, the more he is covered by murderous lust.

He had beaten the girl several times with powerful and deadly blows, but always the funny little girl managed to avoid it.

This had proven that the little girl was not easily knocked down, so that Kim Kut Mo Sat's blood was rising up his skull due to the overflowing anger, he had repeatedly issued curious exclamations.

It was then that the little girl had said in a mocking voice: “Now this is what you want to say

? It's been proven, isn't it? That you really don't have any meaningful intelligence?! And Kim Kut Mo Sat is just an empty name. !"

Hearing the little girl's taunt of the joke, has made Kim Kut Mo Sat even more angry.

He had seen it during those few moves, that the girl's intelligence was insignificant, perhaps not a tenth of his own. Even the little girl's strength is not that great. But what is very surprising is that the little girl has extraordinary agility. By itself has made Kim-Kut Mo Sat guess who this little girl is...

He had seen and noticed the little girl's movements for a long time, but he couldn't figure out which school martial arts the little girl was using. Actually, Kim Kut Mo Sat is very sharp in his eyes, he is very experienced, almost all of the powerful experts on the mainland of China are known for their mainstay martial arts, but this girl who has very agile movements makes him so confused and can't recognize which girl she is from... ..

In such a situation, of course has made Kim Kut Mo Sat even more curious, repeatedly he roared and increased his attacking energy.

Several kinds of punches had been issued to hit the little girl. But the little girl Lian-jie, relying on the agility of her body, always managed to save herself from the threat of attacks by Kim Kut Mo Sat.

Of course Kim Kut Mo Sat was getting more and more curious, several times he hit and intensified his attacks.

The little girl herself has seen it, although she always manages to dodge the attacks launched by her opponent, but it can't last long, because if this situation drags on, of course woe to her! The little girl also realized that she was still far behind when compared to the intelligence of this scary creature, she could only escape death because she relied on her extraordinary body lightening skills. But eventually he will run out of steam anyway. And if this happened, surely he would be beaten to death by his opponent. Under these circumstances, it seemed that the little girl had also tried to stay away from her opponent, because if they fought tightly, her body movement would not be free.

He has focused his agility to stay away from Kim Kut Mo Sat and always he tries to avoid the attention of the creepy creature.

But Kim Kut Mo Sat who seemed to have recognized the little girl's weakness as well, didn't want to waste the opportunity that was presented to him, he had let out a roar that resembled a roar, and he had repeatedly launched consecutive attacks.

Every attack he launched now was more intense than before, also from his two palms emitting a different air that caused tremendous pressure on the girl.

Besides, to the little girl's surprise, she had seen Kim Kut Mo Sat's two palms turn red like blood, that was proof that this sinister creature had exerted its true power all over its palms.

As a lively and mischievous girl, the little girl did not become afraid or nervous, even though she had repeatedly let out giggling laughs, she had also moved with very agile jumps.

Suddenly, the little girl was seen making a whistling sound, suddenly her right leg was lifted and bent upwards, then standing on one leg, only her left leg, her body had turned.

The movements made by the witty little girl were so strange, that it made Kim Kut Mo Sat stunned in surprise, he had been watching silently, and had been staring at him with stunned eyes, because he didn't know what the girl was doing.

At a time like this, it was seen that the girl had suddenly jumped with an agile body away from Kim Kut Mo Sat, she had also said in a witty voice: "Well, now it is proven that Kim Kut Mo Sat's name is not worth his abilities!"

It was a mockery that made Kim Kut Mo Sat's face turn bright red and very hot, his ears also felt hot, besides his hair felt like he was standing because he was very angry. But Kim Kut Mo Sat was still trying to defend himself, he had said in a cold voice: “Hmm, you are a cunning little devil. But don't expect you to escape death at my hands!"

And after snapping like that, very quickly Kim Kut Mo Sat roared, and his body knew he had jumped into the air, he did not launch an attack on the girl, only his hands were moved.

All of a sudden the girl who was standing in amazement watching the movements of the hideous creature, had felt a kind of force grabbing her that she didn't see that was binding her body.

In an instant the little girl had realized that there was danger threatening her, she let out a muffled cry and had jumped backwards. His movements were very agile, and he tried to jump as fast as he could.

But it was still too late, Kim Kut Mo Sat's invisible force of attack had caught his leg, suddenly he jolted violently, and the girl's body slumped forward, almost falling over. But because the girl did possess amazing agility, she managed to jump to her feet and quickly rushed forward, and thus she distanced herself from the terrifying demon, thus she managed to escape from the entanglement of the terrifying creature's inner power.

Quickly the girl had also waved her hand, and suddenly had flashed some dazzling rays of light.

Apparently in such a desperate state, the girl had used Pat-kut-teng's nails, she had piled on to prevent the creepy creature from urging further.

But Kim Kut Mo Sat, who was curious, couldn't ignore the nails, using his sleeves, he shook them, so that the spikes fell to the ground, while at that time his left hand grabbed the girl's shoulder.

"Ihhhh .......!" The little girl let out a restrained exclamation, she had jumped backwards, and with a very fast motion, she had bumped twice, meaning she wanted to stay away from her opponent. But Kim Kut Mo Sat didn't want to give him a chance, he had launched another attack very quickly, the grip of both his hands had slid as fast as lightning.

In such a situation, apparently the little girl was in danger of not being light, she herself was surprised to see Kim Kut Mo Sat's hands that had turned red as if the blood had been close to her back.

Sin Han who had been standing still watching the little girl who was fighting with Kim Kut Mo Sat, didn't understand that a girl as small as that could face and serve such a vicious creature.

In his heart, Sin Han was amazed at the girl who had extraordinary agility.

“If only I had agility like that girl, of course I wouldn't be insulted by the people chasing me and I easily escaped from them… Maybe my father didn't even meet death. "

But just when he thought that, Sin Han had seen that the little girl had been pushed hard, and kept playing backwards.

And finally Sin Han also saw it, both hands of Kim Kut Mo Sat had grabbed towards the little girl's back, while the little girl didn't seem to have a chance to dodge, so out of her desire, it seemed Sin Han had let out a restrained scream, she had covered her eyes with using both his hands, because he could not bear to see the little girl's body smashed to pieces by the two palms of the creepy creature.

"Buukkk!" The little girl's back had been hit hard by Kim Kut Mo Sat's palm, hit so hard and so hard, that the girl's body was blown away far away, about four spears.

But the little girl just rolled over, she was quickly able to stand up while sounding her witty laugh!

Unlike the little girl, when Kim Kut Mo Sat managed to hit the girl's back, at first she was really happy, but in the end it made her very surprised, because when her palm hit it, she felt pain in her palm, and when she pulling his hand back while letting out a small scream, he saw that his right palm had a small hole in it and was oozing blood……

Kim Kut Mo Sat's face turned red, he quickly exclaimed in a fierce voice: "Little devil, apparently you're wearing underwear like Tiat-lu-ka (sharp anti-weapon clothing)!"

"Nothing wrong!" replied the little girl with a witty attitude. "Indeed I was wearing Tiat-lu-ka and who ordered you to look for disease hit my back! In fact, Tiat-lu-kaku was equipped with thorns."

Hearing the girl's words, Kim Kut Mo Sat became even angrier, she had howled in a terrible voice as if it would also vibrate around the place.

Meanwhile the little girl had been giggling, like laughing at her opponent's stupidity.

Indeed, the little girl was wearing a spiked inner layer, which was anti-sharp weapon, and also anti-punch, so that even though she had been hit hard on the back by the palm of her opponent's right hand, only her outer garment was tossed and shattered, but she was suffered any injuries...

Circumstances like this have shown that this little girl is indeed not a random girl, because she has a gem like Tiat-lu-ka.

"Do you still have a relationship with Ceng Kak Siansu?" Kim Kut Mo Sat snapped in a fierce voice.

"Who?" Repeated the girl in a mocking voice. "I asked, have you ever been with Ceng Kak Siansu," snapped Kim Kut Mo Sat again.

"Hemm, I don't know, just don't know the person you mentioned!" said the girl in a witty voice, she didn't forget to smile mockingly.

Kim Kut Mo Sat was so surprised.

He knew very rarely who had layered underwear like Tiat-lu-ka, the mustika thing. And Kim Kut Mo Sat found out that the mustika thing belonged to Ceng Kak Siansu, a magical figure from the martial arts jungle who lived in the North.

But seeing that the girl's answer and attitude didn't lie, it was as if she didn't know who Ceng Siansu was. Of course this was very surprising and made Kim Kut Mo Sat even more curious.

I don't know which other smart person is the girl's teacher, of course that person is very powerful and very clever, because the girl at such a young age turns out to have such high intelligence.

Of course Kim Kut Mo Sat also became even more curious, even though how he wanted to destroy this little girl, to later force her to admit who her teacher was.

At that time, Kim Kut Mo Sat laughed coldly.

"I have seen, your intelligence is not one tenth of mine!" said Kim Kut Mo Sat. "You only rely on lightening your body! But if you continue to fight using such methods, of course in the end I will succeed in knocking you down.... .! Do you believe it or not?” asked Kim Kut Mo Sat. The witty little girl was really naughty, before responding, she had turned to Sin Han, at that time Sin Han was watching in awe of her.

"That kid doesn't have any intelligence. " said the girl

That naughty. "You have insulted him because he is weak. Now that you face me, it turns out that you are not able to tear me down, even though I only have a tenth of your intelligence and I am still too young! True ! Exactly all this time I heard, Kim Kut Mo Sat is just a useless creature and has an empty name who is only good at deceiving. ! "

And after saying that, this little girl was already giggling again, she had mocked unmitigated and had reversed Kim Kut Mo Sat's own words.

Kim Kut Mo Sat became even angrier, by making a grumbling sound, he had slammed into the girl.

He jumped instead of launching an ordinary attack, because this time really Kim Kut Mo Sat had launched an attack that could be deadly. He had attacked with all the might of his inner strength.

Even though he had moved both hands at once, what was used to attack the little girl was only his right hand, while his left hand was hit to the side, the force of the blow seemed to be able to turn and blocked the girl's way back.

Seeing the way Kim Kut Mo Sat attacked, the little girl was shocked as well, she let out a restrained cry because she understood the danger that was threatening her should not be made fun of. But it was true that the little girl was naughty and very tenacious, even though she knew she was threatened by no small danger, but she did not become afraid, she quickly set her feet on the ground, her body jumped agile into the air as high as two spears. , thus he managed to avoid his opponent's right hand attack, and also let the left hand attack from Kim Kut Mo Sat pass under his feet.

But to the little girl's surprise, it was precisely at that moment that an angry Kim Kut Mo Sat had changed his attack into a capture motion. Without pulling back his right hand, he had tried to grip the right leg of the little girl who was floating in mid-air, the movement he did was very fast, because he had attacked with lightning speed.

The little girl didn't expect that her opponent would change her way of attacking from punching to gripping.

By itself it has made the girl gasp as well.

But he was nimble and did not become afraid, in fact he had pulled up both of his bent legs, to avoid the grip of his opponent's hand.

His movements were very fast and very agile, but because Kim Kut Mo Sat launched this gripping attack using well-thought-out calculations, he was not surprised that the girl had bent her legs as he had expected, so he had raised his hand slightly, so instantly it was also the right leg of the little girl couldn't escape the grip of his hand. Once he stomped, then the girl's body was successfully pulled by Kim Kut Mo Sat hard, until the girl's body fell on the ground.

And without wasting the slightest time either, Kim Kut Mo Sat has jumped closer.

He had stretched out his hands again with the intention of pulling off the little girl's right leg.

Sin Han saw what would happen to the little girl, who was also his assistant, so he let out a startled scream, he jumped up and tried to hit the back of Kim Kut Mo Sat's hip.

"Bukkkk!" Sin Han's small fist did hit the hip of the creepy creature, but what did it mean for Kim Kut Mo Sat?

With a cold laugh the demon had waved its left hand: “Wuttttt. !" immediately

Sin Han's body had been pushed very hard by the impulse of his inner energy, and the boy's body had slammed down on the ground as he let out a loud scream of pain.

His whole body was in pain and it was like the bones in his body were about to fall apart.

Enduring the pain, he had crawled up to help the little girl Lian jie, but his legs were shaking and his strength was exhausted. As soon as he stood up, he fell down as well.

In a situation like this, Sin Han saw how Kim Kut Mo Sat's moving hand would pull the little girl's broken leg. Of course, such an act is a frightening and cruel act.

Before Sin Han knew what was going to happen, just at that moment it was seen that the little girl Lianjie had pulled her right leg, she had made a loud scream, and at the same time she had kicked with her left foot towards the blood path of Pu-tiang-sie-hiat. near his opponent's stomach.

Circumstances like this have forced Kim Kut Mo Sat to let go of his hand first, because if the girl kicks his blood path, it means death for him, or at least he will be disabled, because the blood path is a very important blood path.

It was in this state that the girl managed to escape, she jumped to stand two spears apart from the demon Kim Kut Mo Sat.

His success was due to the help of Sin Han as well, because earlier Sin Han had hit the hip of Kim Kut Mo Sat, so that Kim Kut Mo Sat had moved his left hand back.

The time, which was only a few seconds, actually meant a lot to the Lianjie girl. Using that opportunity, the girl had taken her deadly kick into Kim Kut Mo Sat's blood path.

Kim Kut Mo Sat was roaring loudly, his body seemed to jump launching great attacks on the girl.

The girl herself seemed to be so tired, she was complaining too.

He had just escaped from danger and it had shocked his heart, and that feeling of shock had not yet disappeared, instead his opponent had launched another attack which was no less formidable.

But as a naughty girl, the little girl Lianjie was not afraid, by uttering a very loud shout she had jumped back to stay away, though she realized that it was impossible for her to escape the attack launched by her opponent.

At that moment, it seemed that Kim Kut Mo Sat had launched an attack with both hands clasped, the inner energy that he used was an incredible attack. In his rage he had expended all his skill to launch very fierce attacks, and he had launched attacks as if he were facing a very tough opponent, where he seemed to want to complain about the soul.

In a situation like this, it seems that Kim Kut Mo Sat has indeed worked hard to break up the girl.

While the little girl was completely helpless to avoid the attack which was not only fast but also very terrible.

To pit hard power against hard, it is clear that this little girl will not win even she will meet her death, because her inner strength is still very far away from this scary creature.

Circumstances like this have made the girl have to deflate and muster all the strength she has, she has issued a loud cry, and has launched an attack at will, while in her heart she has thought: "I'm done this time. ! " The attack power launched by Kim Kut Mo Sat was getting closer and stronger . !

But even in such a pinched and desperate situation, it seems that the little girl is still trying to escape from Kim Kut Mo Sat’s attack.

He quickly clasped his hands together, to stare at his opponent's hand, then by borrowing the energy of the pressure, his body wanted to jump floating as well.

But Kim Kut Mo Sat also did not want to let the girl he had been able to control escape his attack. With a nimble movement he had let out a snapping sound, accompanied by that, it seemed that the pair of his hands, which were driven by the little girl's fist, he struck. But if the blow is usually done inwards, but unlike what Kim Kut Mo Sat did, he has actually pushed his hand, both left and right at the same time.

Of course, the movement made by Kim Kut Mo Sat made the little girl so shocked, she made a muffled scream and this time it was really difficult for her to escape from the looming disaster.

With a small muffled scream, the little girl had her hands caught.

But when Kim Kut Mo Sat wanted to exert his inner strength to pull the bone off the girl's hand, suddenly a voice that was patiently reprimanded: "Why should you torture a helpless little girl?" And not only that reprimand that Kim Kut Mo Sat heard. , because suddenly from his right side had grabbed the force that shot into his skull.Kim Kut Mo Sat was surprised, because he realized that, if he continued his intention to pull off the hand of the girl whose bones he wanted to remove, then that would mean that his head would become a target from the palm of the person who launched the attack from behind.

In such short seconds, Kim Kut Mo Sat quickly had to make a decision, he was forced to release his grip on the little girl's hand, along with which he had flicked his right hand back before his body turned, then the wind of the attack had disrupted the launch of the onslaught people behind him.

"Bukkkkkk!" Kim Kut Mo Sat's hand had hit the attacker's hand hard, because apparently the attacker didn't want to take his hand back. And the sound of the impact was very loud.

The end has made Kim Kut Mo Sat so shocked in addition to the pain, because his hand that hit his attacker's hand was like hitting iron, he felt the bone of his hand like wanting to break causing a feeling of pain that is not playful.

And he was even more shocked when he found out that his body had fallen and rolled on the ground, causing him to become like a ball. Even though Kim Kut Mo Sat tried to defend himself by exerting his inner strength, he couldn't help but roll over like that. In his entire life, this was the first time he had been knocked down by an opponent in just one move.

Incredibly fast with the 'Lee-hie fish licking' stance, Kim Kut Mo Sat's body has jumped to its feet while turning his body to face the person who attacked him. The assailant turned out to be an old man, perhaps sixty years old, standing in front of him and looking at him with piercing eyes.

"Don't you once again do despicable deeds like before, always oppress the weak and helpless young people! If I want, one move is enough to send your soul to hell. ! "the man said

with a slow and patient voice, but the tone of his voice contained authority.

Kim Kut Mo Sat did not dare to show off in front of this highly intelligent person, because in one moment he had realized that the person in front of him had a much higher intelligence than him, maybe two levels above his intelligence.

"Wh...who are you?" he asked in a doubtful voice. "Why are you interfering in my business?" while asking so, Kim Kut Mo Sat has been looking at with cruel eyes, he tried to suppress the feeling of surprise, because he felt curious about being knocked down so easily.

The old man had said slowly in a patient voice: "

"Lo Eng? Are you……you…..Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie

??" asked Kim Kut Mo Sat with a trembling voice. He asked the title of people as Lo Eng Sian which means God of the Old Eagle.

The old man had nodded with a smile.

"It's not wrong, that's my bad title. "

he said. "And you hear, one move is enough to send you to hell if you still commit such a disgraceful act."

Kim Kut Mo-Sat drowned a pair of knees, knowing he had clasped a pair of his hands, he saluted.

"Supposedly Bun Locianpwe ..................." he said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't know that the one in front of me was Pak Tauw's star from Kang-ouw"

And he stabbed up to four times because he was shocked to know that the hero in front of him was a very famous magical figure in the jungle. Bun Tai Cie, nicknamed Lo-Eng Sian is a mighty warrior who annihilates the enemy. But it has been twenty years since this big-name jago disappeared from the jungle, so that his haunted name began to be forgotten by the Liok-Lim jago2 (green jungle, the criminals). But who knows, right now he knows that this magical old man has appeared before him. Although Kim Kut Mo Sat has high intelligence but he does not dare to play crazy in front of this magic swordsman. What else did he feel, in just one moment he had managed to be demolished very easily.

"I'm sorry to say goodbye!" said Kim Kut Mo Sat without waiting for an answer from the old geezer he had turned his body and had stepped to leave quickly.

Lo Eng San Bun Tai Cie did not stop him, he only let out a cold laugh to accompany the departure of the scary creature.

Sin Han and the little girl Lianjie when they saw the creepy creature was gone, quickly approached the old man, Lianjie had jumped four times, while Sin Han had knelt down and said: "Thank you for the help of the lojinke. ! "

The old man had ordered Lianjie not to do much, he had waved his left hand a little, knowing that Sin Han's body had been pushed by an unseen force, so that the boy's body had been lifted up, and made him stand up unwillingly.

Then Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie turned to the little girl, his eyes emitting a rather strange light, he asked: "Earlier you had used martial arts from Lian Hoa Ie Ie (The Fall of the Lotus Flower), the stored knowledge from Cung Sie Hoa . ! Is there still a connection

between you and the woman warrior? "

Lianjie was shocked, her face changed and her heart was thinking: "How sharp this old man's eyes are ...." Then he quickly replied: "Cung Sie Hoa In-su is Boanpwee's teacher ...." he spoke to Cung Sie Hoa by the title of Insu, 'virtuous teacher', and refers to himself as boanpwe, which means from the lower or younger levels.

"Her beautiful face, at your age you already have the intelligence like now, hemmm, hemmm not disappointed Cung Sie Hoa has a student like you..." praised the old man with the title Lo Eng Sian.

Lianjie's face turned red, it looked like she was very sticky.

"Actually, I only learned less than a tenth of the temperature, so I almost got insulted by that creepy creature," said Lianjie.

Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie had nodded with a smile, his attitude was not as cool as before he said: "Indeed Kim Kut Mo Sat, an evil creature with bare hands, actually a human like him deserves to be exterminated...... but to eradicate such a human it is impossible. I stepped in myself!!"

What Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie said was true, because he didn't want to destroy Kim Kut Mo Sat with his own hands, because according to rank, he was several levels higher than that terrifying creature. So if he intervened to destroy Kim Kut Mo Sat, it would mean that the old man insulted the young... that's what Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie didn't want, he still maintained his honor.

Then after a moment of silence, Bun Tai Cie watched Sin Han, he had a rather sharp gaze, which made Sin Han lower his head deeply, because he couldn't resist the old man's intense gaze.

"Son," he said later. "You don't understand martial arts, but why wander in the bush like this? Aren't your father and mother looking for you later?"

Hearing the question of the powerful old geezer, Sin Han couldn't stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks, he was sobbing.

“Ihhh…..!” She Bun's parents seemed surprised. “Are you lost and don't know your way back to your house

?” he asked patiently, extending his hand to stroke the emaciated boy's head.

Treated so sweetly by this magical old man, Sin Han, so sadly, he cried more and more.

"Yes!" Said Bun Tai Cie, "What are you sad about ...... let me take you back to your house, later I will give understanding to your father and mother so that they do not punish you!"

But Sin Han still shook his head, he couldn't speak, he was still crying, it was because he was too sad.

The old geezer Bun Tai Cie had sighed, but then he had laughed.

"Why do you have to cry like a daughter?" he asked. "Did you run away from the house? Did your father or mother get angry?"

"Not. ! ”Sin Han was finally able to answer as well.

"Then why don't you want to go back to your parents?" asked Lo Eng Sian in surprise and watched the child.

"I i. Sin Han stuttered.

"He wants to be killed by someone!" suddenly a voice said, accompanied by a giggling laugh. "So he ran away to save his little soul!"

Lo Eng Sian was surprised to hear the voice, but his face did not show any change. He had said again: "Hem, which mange dog is barking behind me?"

Even though he said that, Lo Eng Sian couldn't help but be surprised and thought in his heart: "It's strange, which smart person wants to joke with me? It's very strange, I didn't hear the sound of his footsteps... of course that person has very high Ginkang (Science of lightening the body)."

“How arrogant! How arrogant! Eh, old bald eagle without hair, you are getting older and more arrogant!" came a voice that answered, and accompanied by a cheerful laugh, a body seemed to flash, and suddenly someone else was added near them.

"Ah, you're a mange dog who claws dirt!" Said Lo Eng Sian when he saw the newcomer, he knew in front of him was an old man dressed like a beggar, "Apparently you, old Li Lo mange!"

Indeed, the newly emerged beggar was none other than Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang, he had let out a loud laugh.

"Hmm, hmm!" he snorted with a cold laugh. "Apparently you already want to have grandchildren, so little kids like them are being coaxed!"

"You bastard, mange dog!" Bun Tai Cie snapped in a fierce voice that seemed to be very annoyed. "This child seems to be lost, I intend to take him home to his parents. ! "

"Hehehehe, you don't know, his father has been snarling at bad people!" Said the beggar, with the word snorting, his hand was stretched around his neck, meaning he had been killed, it turned out that his attitude was a joke. "Even the killer had chased the children. Luckily I helped him drive the stray dogs away, but this boy is really ignorant, in fact he has insulted me as a poor old man who has nothing! So if you help him, It's just free. Come on, boy

savvy like him why are you being helped?"

Sin Han was shocked to hear the old beggar's words, while Bun Tai Cie was stunned for a moment, then he had laughed. "Ah, you're so old like a sheep, it still seems that your bad traits that like to joke have not disappeared! Don't play, don't incite me to hate this boy! "

"Eh, I'm talking seriously," said the old beggar Lo Ping Kang with a serious face. "You ask the kid, am I lying or not."

Bun Tai Cie turned hesitantly at Sin Han, but he didn't ask anything. Sin Han gets clumsy and nervous not knowing what to say to explain the real problem.

The old beggar she Lo seemed dissatisfied with Bun Tai Cie's attitude, he was more than happy to see Sin Han just standing around.

"Let me ask the question!" said Lo Ping Kang a moment later in a loud voice. "Eh, boy! Quickly say it, you are a child who knows kindness or a child who does not know favors. Watch out, if you say you are a a child who knows how to repay a favor, I will slap your mouth to shreds!"

Strangely the old beggar, he asks if the nephew is virtuous or not, but he forbids Sin Han to state he is virtuous, and threatens to be beaten with his mouth torn!

Of course Sin Han got flustered, he had a confused look.

Bun Tai Cie laughed amused at the beggar's attitude, he had said: "You old dog Lo turned out to be crazy and could not choose good words! How can you scare a child this big? Aren't you ashamed? Hemmm, how can this child answer well if you have threatened him first? ”The beggar Lo Ping Kang had chilled.

"What is certain is that he is a child who is not virtuous

!" he said in a loud voice. "I saved him from his pursuers whom I chased away, so I felt sorry for his condition. So I gave him a piece of kueh, but he refused. He said that he was not hungry, but from the light of his eyes. I know that he is disgusted to see my cake, maybe dirty and cracked.....

Hemm, isn't a child like him not one who doesn't know kindness?"

Hearing the words of the beggar Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang, Bun Tai Cie laughed loudly.

"No! It's not that this child is not virtuous, but maybe he is confused and not hungry, how can you force him…?” said Bun Tai Cie later.

The beggar's face changed to such displeasure he had also been slamming his feet in an irritated manner.

"Are you defending him?" he scolded fiercely, "Well, indeed we have not met for almost twenty years and during that time we have never tested each other's intelligence again! Now is the time for us to determine who is smarter between the two of us."

"Patience!" said Bun Tai Cie. "Now is not a good time ... I want to take this child back to his house first, we promise, next year we will meet at this place, to determine which of us will superior and clever. !”

“Hmmm, the boy himself said that his father had been destroyed! how can you take him back to his house anyway? While he was being chased by dozens of people who wanted to destroy him too, if it wasn't for me, hmmm, hemmm, his skull would have been above the ground!"

Sin Han is silent, he's gone awry. But at that time Bun Tai Cie had laughed a little, he said in a patient voice: “Let... I will take him home, I want to see who it is who killed his father. !"

"That's a nosy name. " said the old beggar Lo.

"Let it be, it's the humans who play crooked and kill like that that must be exterminated. " said Bun Tai Cie.

At that time the little girl Lianjie had said. "I want to go too. my teacher is probably waiting for me!” and after

said so, the little girl had paid homage to Bun Tai Cie and Lo Ping Kang, then she turned her body with a few footsteps, her body had jumped very nimbly, disappearing from the eyes of the people.

Sin Han just stared at him blankly, he was in awe of Lianjie, who was still so young, but already possessed such high intelligence.

And Sin Han thought, if he has that kind of intelligence, of course he too can fight against his father's enemies.

"Let's go!" Said Bun Tai Cie to Sin Han. Sin Han was so nervous that he shook his head.

His heart was very afraid to return to his home, because he did not want to meet his father's fearful killers. Thoughts of the terrible events with the murder of his father still had not disappeared, now how did he dare to come to the place where his enemies gathered? Although Bun Tai Cie seems to be lying, but only by himself, Sin Han is afraid that Bun Tai Cie will be powerless to protect him. So Sin Han shook his head and said quickly: “Thank you lojinke. I don't want to go back there! What

what Lo Lojinke said is true, my father has been killed, they even want to destroy me!"

Bun Tai Cie's face changed when he heard Sin Han's rejection, he hadn't said anything yet, it looked like Lo Ping Kang was laughing, then followed by his words: “What did I just say? Isn't this child ignorant? "

Bun Tai Cie just sighed, while Sin Han saluted as he said: "Thank you for the help given by jiewie lojinke and now I want to go anywhere, to stay away from the bad guys ......!" And he had twisted his body with a sad heart, he stepped away from the place.Bun Tai Cie didn't stop him, while Lo Ping Kang kept laughing as well as laughing at Bun Tai Cie.

Sin Han walked on and out of the bushes, he saw the rain started to subside, only the soil was wet and a lot of it was flooded with water, Sin Han walked on, he didn't really have a goal, so he walked towards the West without knowing where to go. .....

After walking far enough, Sin Han felt his body very tired, he approached a tree, and lay down there to sleep.

He felt very hungry, indeed when he ran trying to escape from his pursuers he did not bring any money or goods. And also since last night haven't eaten anything either. By enduring that hunger, Sin Han was finally able to fall asleep, and the next morning when he woke up, the sun was already high, the sunlight was blinding his eyes.

At that time he saw that there were several villagers passing by on the street, apparently they wanted to go to their respective places of work.

Seeing a small child with dirty dirty clothes lying asleep under a tree, it seemed that they did not pay attention and did not feel surprised, because they suspected that the child was just a small beggar…….

Sin Han felt very lethargic, but his heart was a little comforted because by looking at the people passing by, of course there were villages near this place, and there Sin Han could ask for food to relieve his hunger.

With quick footsteps he had walked down the road. After walking for about an hour, he arrived at the surface of a village, a large and very crowded village, where there were many traders who were trading their wares.

Sin Han entered the village, he looked left and right, the crowd of the village did not attract his attention, because Sin Han was looking for a restaurant to ask for food later.

After passing through many people's houses and many shops at the mouth of the village, Sin Han finally saw that on the right side of the road there was a restaurant busy serving and receiving guests that filled the inner room. The smell of food and cooking that emanated from inside the restaurant made Sin Han's stomach growl so loud he felt his stomach ache. He quickly approached the restaurant, approached a waiter who happened to be near the door.

"Uncle. " he called.

The waiter turned quickly, but his eyebrows were instantly raised when he saw a child with tattered camping clothes, a dirty face and bruises, even blood stains near his face, standing in front of the door, when he showed his displeasure.

"What do you want?" he said in a displeased voice.

"I'm so hungry uncle, please give me some food...!" said Sin Han in a non-fluent voice, because he was a little embarrassed when he said those words.

"For food?" asked the waiter, showing an increasingly unsightly face. "You think this restaurant was owned by your ancestors, so you just want to ask for food! Hurry up and go! Let's go!"

Being scolded so viciously, Sin Han stood stunned for a while, but then he sighed and walked away.

His stomach felt even more sore, because he was really hungry. He had no idea how cruel the servant was.

And at that time Sin Han also regretted, if he had brought money when he wanted to run away from his house, it would not be as difficult as now to get food.

When Sin Han was walking with a sluggish and limp body, not so excited, he suddenly bumped into a big tall man who was walking very fast.

The impact had made Sin Han who was stumbling about to fall, and at that time the big tall man also restrained his footsteps. His face turned red when he saw that his clothes were dirty from the collision with Sin Han, whose clothes were so dirty.

“You little devil… don't you have eyes, walk with a slant? Look, my clothes are dirty because of it. "

said the big tall man in a loud voice containing great anger.

Sin Han quickly said: “I'm sorry uncle. I do not

sengaja. "

"Accidentally?" snapped the big tall man, and he not only snapped, but had stretched out his hand, and had grabbed Sin Han's chest shirt, which he grabbed hard, then his left hand had floated around Sin Han several times, "Your clothes it's too dirty and dirty, little devil. intentionally or not, you

It's not appropriate for us to be on the road together. "

Sin Han felt his face hurt a lot, and not to mention he knew what his body had been pushed to the ground.

Meanwhile, the big tall man had left the place with an incoherent mumbling sound.

Sin Han crawled up with a dizzy head and a sore cheek due to the fierce man's hard sting, while the people who passed by the place did not feel sorry or help, they just looked indifferent with the look in his eyes that radiated disgust.

Sin Han walked away with a languid body. He didn't understand why people were cruel and treated him so fiercely. Even this child doesn't seem to see the good in the surrounding community....

After walking for a long time, Sin Han saw a restaurant as well, he was standing in front of the restaurant, without daring to ask the waiter for food in front of the restaurant. Sin Han just watched how many guests were eating in the restaurant, and also the food they were facing seemed delicious and tasty, so that Sin Han's taste buds, which had swallowed his saliva several times.

Sin Han stood in front of the restaurant for a long time, until finally one of the servants saw this child, immediately rolled his eyes and chased him away.

"Smelly demons, just disturbing the view!" he said in an irritated voice and at that time the servant seemed to have waved his hand telling Sin Han to leave.

Sin Han sighed and left the restaurant without saying anything, he did not dare to ask for food from the waiter of the restaurant.

After walking for a long time, Sin Han finally stopped at an old temple that had been damaged. The situation around the place was very quiet, rarely there were people passing around the place.

Sin Han sat crying near the stone steps in front of the temple gate, regretting his fate. The feeling of hunger that is not playing makes this child so hold a stinging feeling in his stomach.

While Sin Han was crying like that, he suddenly heard someone's voice say softly: "Is it good to stay hungry?" And the voice was also accompanied by a laugh that contained mockery.

Sin Han was shocked, he shed tears and looked inside the temple.

In the middle room of the temple, which was dirty and disorganized, under the random prayer table, a beggar was seen watching him, laughing. The beggar's hand was holding the roasted duck's thigh, which was being slowly eaten with a good attitude.

Sin Han's heart tightened, he recognized that the old beggar was none other than Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang.

Knowing that the old beggar was naughty and often teased, Sin Han just nodded while asking: "Lojinke, you are here." And Sin Han had turned his body with the intention of leaving the temple.

"Hey stop, come here!" Sin-Kun Bu Tek suddenly shouted with a loud voice.

Sin Han heard the speech, not daring him to walk on, he restrained his footsteps and had approached ragu2 to the beggar.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang was watching him laughing, he handed him a piece of grilled chicken thigh.

"Want??" he asked.

Sin Han was already hungry, besides that, he also felt that his stomach was very sore, the smell of the roasted chicken made his stomach rumble. With his face turning red, he greeted the roasted chicken thigh. While saying thank you and then eat the chicken thigh.

"Isn't it delicious? Aren't you disgusted by the food given by smelly beggars like me?" asked Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang while laughing teasingly at the child.

Sin Han shook his head slowly.

“Thank you Lojinke, you are very kind……” he said then.

"Hemmm, you don't steam up my ass!" said the beggar with a laugh. "Now you can praise me for getting grilled chicken thighs too, can't you?"

Sin Han's face turned red, he shook his head slowly.

"Thank you Lojinke, even this is enough!" said the child


"Now you just know, not just any person

ready to give you food ....! Weren't you just chased away by the waiter? and have your request for food been denied? "

Sin Han's face turned red again, he was viscous, but besides that he was also very surprised, why this beggar knew all that. He suspected that the beggar must have followed him silently.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang apparently sensed that he had teased this kid enough, so he laughed as he said: “Never mind! I'm just kidding! But you must know, that's the nature of society....! If we are weak, it is rare for anyone to be willing to help us, even if we are oppressed. That's why we beggars never want to ask for their mercy, we prefer to choose and take our own food that we want……!” and after saying that, the beggar had laughed a little loudly.

Sin Han was silent, he had finished his food, then he threw the chicken bone aside.

"Want more?" asked Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang with a laugh, this time he offered it seriously because he had seen that this child could not be teased, because Sin Han had a stubborn nature.

Sin Han hesitated for a moment, but then he nodded.

The beggar gave another piece of grilled chicken, and was eaten by Sin Han quickly.

When the beggar offered again, Sin Han had said thank you, he had said enough.

"After from this place, where do you want to go?" asked the beggar after they were silent for a moment.

Sin Han shook his head slowly he said: “I don't have any goals… I don't know where to go myself. !"

"If that's the case, wouldn't it be better if you came with me?"

Sin Han hesitated, but finally he nodded.

"Okay lojinke, as long as it doesn't bother and trouble lojinke...!" said Sin Han thanking him.

The beggar seemed so pleased with Sin Han's statement, he had clapped his hands several times in a joking manner. a “If you come with me, I guarantee you will never go hungry again. ! "he said. Sin Han's face turned red, he was sticky


Then the beggar said again: “But we can't leave this temple now, because I'm waiting for someone……! You go to sleep and rest, tomorrow morning we will leave, after tonight I finish my business."

Sin Han nodded. His stomach was now full, so he lay down in the corner of the room and then grinded into a deep sleep. The beggar also closed his eyes, he had fallen asleep too.

When Sin Han woke up from his sleep, it was already late in the evening. Nearby, there are several kinds of food, there is roast duck, there is a chicken claw vegetable which is famous for being expensive, and several other kinds of vegetables. The beggar was sitting at the foot of the prayer table, busy eating grilled chicken thighs.

"Eat!" said the beggar. "I have taken it for you....it is the most delicious food."

Sin Han is now not shy anymore, he has brushed the food. In a moment, all the food had moved to his stomach. So that the child is full.