Tat Mo Cauwsu Volume 01

Volume 01

POINTS of raindrops that fell heavily, splashed the entire surface of the earth around the mountainous area of ​​Bie-san. The mountain is dense with shrubs, with deep and steep ravines that are terrible coupled with bone-chilling cold air and pitch black weather, only punctuated by flashes accompanied by a scary sound of lightning like the roar of a wounded tiger, of course around the mountainous area is not a pleasant place to live. It had been raining since this morning until late in the afternoon, the water from the sky was still pouring down on the earth.

The wild beasts that inhabit the jungles of the Bie-san mountains have sought their hiding places, no one is listening to their voices, as if they are afraid of the wrath of the sky which often reflects the dazzling flashes accompanied by the explosions of thunder. Indeed, such an atmosphere is quite creepy for someone to be in that place.

But that doesn't mean that there are no people in that place, because among the torrential rains, visible on the southern side of the mountain, close to Lamhong (southern hill), there is a small figure running fast, ignoring the thunder explosions and splashing water. heavy rain. Perhaps too hasty or indeed very tired, the little figure fell several times, but he quickly got up and continued his run.

When he arrived at the surface of the small forest, regardless of whether there was a wild animal in the forest that might harm him, the figure had broken through quickly and had rushed into the forest with great difficulty, because he often fell up and down due to obstacles from the tree roots that were criss-crossed and also Even though the forest is a forest that is not so wide, the wild trees are very tall and grow very densely. In this forest the rain water is not as heavy as outside the jungle, because the raindrops are mostly blocked by dense tree leaves. The figure stopped running, he stood confused under a tree, looking around trying to penetrate the darkness around him.

Lightning flashed its bright light for a moment, then the sound of thunder broke the silence around the place.

Among the flashes of lightning that had penetrated between the leaves of the trees in the small forest, the small figure turned out to be none other than a boy between the ages of eight. Seeing a small child in the middle of the forest in an atmosphere of the ongoing ferocity of nature, has been quite an astonishing event. Because let alone a child, while even an adult will be afraid to be alone in the midst of the ferocity of nature at that time. But what was even more remarkable was the condition of the little boy. His body was thin, his clothes were torn here and there, and also on his face which was soaked by the rain, there were dried bloodstains. His left eye also swelled black, beside his cheek which was also swollen, just as the boy had suffered a blow to the face. The round eyes radiated fear as he looked around, even his small thin body was shivering to withstand the cold air.

After standing still for a moment in that place to reduce the feeling of fatigue from having run so far without getting tired, the boy has also resumed his footsteps. Even though he didn't run like he was before in the forest, his little feet were spread wide and hurried. If he doesn't run, it's because this child realizes that in the forest there are lots of wild trees and tree roots that are criss-crossed, so that he can fall if his feet trip over the roots of the trees So to prevent him from falling and getting up, this child walked carefully.

If he had been breathing hard, now his breathing is gradually getting regular as well. And it seems that this child is starting to calm his shaking heart again. When he looked behind him, where he had come from, and saw that no one was chasing him, the boy had let out a long sigh.

"Maybe they think I'm dead and don't chase anymore...!" thought the boy then with a doubtful heart.

After thinking that, the boy had dropped himself sitting down on the ground, he had been sobbing sobbing in a very sad voice. There seemed to be something that made her heart grieve a lot.

He still imagined before his eyes, how a few moments ago, tens of tall, well-built men, carrying weapons in their hands had come to his house, fiercely resembling a bloodthirsty animal, tens of big tall men had ganged up on his father And the child still remembers well, how his father, who initially resisted the crowds, who tried so hard to parry and launch a counterattack, finally had to fall to the ground helplessly again. And how savage the tens of men who had invaded stabbed their weapons into his father's body. The boy only had time to hear the shrill screams of his father, the shrill screams of death.

But this boy was helpless, he only had time to run as ordered by his father before the arrival of his father's enemies ... then this boy also ran with a heart full of fear, because dozens of tall men had chased to destroy him red. Even the boy still remembers that among the people who chased him there were those who shouted in a very loud voice: "Chase, do not escape, kill!"

"Yes, destroy it! Don't let it escape...!" shouted another.

"Slashing trees must get to the roots...!" shouted the other pursuers. "Don't let that kid escape, he is a seed of great danger...!"

But this boy didn't care, he had run with all his might up Mt. Bie-san. The boy also did not know that somehow he could have such amazing strength, where he could run so fast and so agile, forgetting the pain in his knees that often had to hit the earth due to falling. And what the child remembers is only one, he must be able to escape from the pursuit of dozens of savage pursuers who want his soul.

By sneaking into the thickets, and entering the small forests that are indeed abundant in Mount Bie-san, this child can mislead his pursuers. One more advantage of this child, he has a small and skinny body, so he can slip freely into places that are difficult for adults who have a tall, sturdy body to reach. At first the child could still hear the screams of his pursuers, but in the end the voices disappeared completely ...... and indeed now he is alone in the middle of the small forest, crying with his heart filled with sorrow regretting his bad fate..... .

It was still raining heavily, but the rainwater was not as heavy as it was falling into the forest. Only the sound of rain water splashing the leaves of the trees sounded quite noisy, coupled with the explosions of thunder.

While the child was sobbing, suddenly a voice rebuked him: “Child, why are you so sad, just like you are experiencing the death of your family. ? "

The voice was something that shocked the child. He was afraid of being chased by dozens of people, and was also worried that one of his father's enemies would succeed in chasing him and destroying him. Then hearing someone reprimand him like that, the boy felt his spirit like flying away from his body, he had strengthened his heart and jumped to his feet, then without looking left or right again, he ran as fast as he could.

But after only a few steps the boy ran, he felt a chill on his back, and before he knew anything, someone tapped him on the shoulder. “Son, you haven't answered my question.....

why do you want to pass in such a hurry? "a reprimanding voice was heard, hoarse but friendly.

The boy's body was so trembling with fear, he turned around, but to his surprise he did not see a single human either.

Back the fear crept into his heart, a fear far greater than before, for now he had thought it might be possible for him to meet the ghost of the forest guard? Didn't he just feel how someone patted his shoulder? But why now does he not see a single human around him? Wasn't it very clear that he heard the voice of the person who had rebuked him?

Thinking so, the boy let out a low, indistinct groan, groaned in fear, and he had twisted his body to run again as hard as he could.

But after running a few more steps, someone patted his shoulder, accompanied by a similar question as before: "Son ... you heard my question earlier, didn't you?" You have not yet answered my question. ! "

The child's body was shivering violently, he was already shivering without strength, because his spirit had drifted as if leaving his body, a pair of knees felt weak and powerless, without being able to defend himself the child had fallen sitting on the ground, among the dry fallen leaves scattered around the place. .

"Si. who are you?" asked the boy in a trembling voice

for fear. “Why.. why can't I see you

?" Again came the voice, which was hoarse but very slowly, punctuated by a patient laugh: "Son, you seem scared and sad, what exactly have you been through?"

"I...I..." the boy couldn't continue his words, he looked around him with eyes that darted to find the person who had spoken to him. Because he was so scared, he couldn't continue his words.

"What's your name sweet child?" asked the voice again with a patient voice.

"I... I'm Sin Han...." replied the boy. "My name is Sin Han."

“Sin Han! Good name! Sweet name! You're a sweet kid, but why do you seem so scared as if you're chasing something. ”

Sin Han was so scared, he couldn't speak anymore, he quickly bent his legs to his knees regardless of where the person he was talking to was.

“Forgive me….. I didn't enter your place on purpose, lojinke (old man).…I'm being chased by bad people. who wants to kill me!" said Sin Han with a voice

shaking. This kid looks really scared. If earlier the child was afraid because he was being chased by wild humans who knew no humanity, who had brutally destroyed his father and wanted his soul too, but now Sin Han is afraid that now he is dealing with the ghost who guards the forest. If he calls you Lojinke (you old man), that's because he hears the person's voice hoarse, the voice of an old man. There was a soft laugh, a very patient laugh.

“Sin Han, you are still young, you are so young, but why would anyone want to kill you? That's so weird! And what mistakes or sins have you committed, so that you are being chased like that?"

Hearing the last question from the invisible person, Sin Han sobbed. For a while he could not give his answer.

Again there was a patient laugh from the old man, a very subtle laugh, just like the invisible person who wanted to comfort him and did not mean to scare him.

"Stop it Sin Han, don't cry. Tell me your troubles. ! ” said the man again, his voice patient.

The patient voice of the invisible person has actually given Sin Han peace of mind. Gradually his fears disappeared, and he was convinced that the person who spoke without showing his form was a good person. And his courage recovered.

Suddenly Sin Han has bent his legs, kneeling while nodding his head four times: "My fate is bad, my father has been killed by dozens of vicious and inhumane people... I don't know why my father was beaten by them, but before father confronted them, have ordered me, to escape as much as possible from their hands, to avoid death ... but they have been chasing after me, it seems that they really want my soul. " "Oh, evil humans, to a little child like you, they are so cruel! Poor! Poor! Then?" heard the old man's voice again.

Sin Han couldn't continue his story, because he was already sobbing. But after a long time, his sadness lessened, this child has said again: "And ... and I have run without knowing what place I came, the most important thing is to escape from their pursuit. !"

But when Sin Han had just reached there, it was at that moment that loud shouts were heard in the distance. "Of course the little demon is around this place! Keep chasing! We have to destroy him, don't let him get away! "

“Yes, look, these are the footprints leading into the forest, these are the small footprints! That little demon is definitely hiding around this place…..! Keep looking !! Don't let it escape!! I'll chop him up later!" came another voice.

Of course Sin Han got scared, his face turned pale, because he recognized the savage screams were the voices of his pursuers. The boy's body was shivering, and he had quickly got up to run too to get away from himself...

"Don't be afraid, sweet child ... shut up there, you don't need to go, later I will help drive away the evil people ...!" The man's voice that did not show his form was patient.

For some reason, that person's patient voice had comforted Sin Han's heart. And like a drop of dew that makes his heart calm. So that Sin Han doesn't run anymore. He had stayed where he was and ignored the screams of his approaching pursuers. Although his heart was still pounding with fear, he was now much calmer than before. In fact he has become desperate: "Let it be! Let me fall into their hands and be savagely destroyed! Doesn't death only happen once? Wouldn't it be that if I died the suffering and misery would end? I ran around trying to escape from their pursuit, for what? What for ? If they finally keep chasing and finally catch me, they will destroy it?"

Thinking so, then Sin Han remained calm in his place.

"Good!" came the disembodied voice. "You just shut up, believe me, they can't possibly touch you

.....!” And the person who said those words also seemed to want to give faith to Sin Han.

"Good ..... good lojinke," Sin Han replied in a voice that was not very smooth.

At that time the sound of the pursuers screaming was heard getting closer, apparently they had started to enter this small forest. Of course this has made Sin Han even more excited.

But he was sure that the 'ghost' of the forest ranger, who spoke to him without showing the form would help him, so he believed he could be spared from the savagery of his pursuers.

"Well there he is .....!" a voice shouted loudly, apparently at that time one of the pursuers had seen Sin Han.

"True ... don't let him escape either .... he should be destroyed with his body mutilated so that he knows how much he has made it difficult and made fun of us ...! That's the right reward for him! Don't let him get away! Kill! Kill! "

And dozens of tall, well-built men, with scary faces, have stooped towards Sin Han, wielding sharp weapons in their hands. Their demeanor was extremely frightening, because from their faces each reflected a cruel, murderous radiance that thirsted for a pool of fresh blood……

Sin Han's heart was shaking violently, his body was weak and powerless.

But because he was desperate, he just kept quiet, just closed his eyes with a whispering heart: “Father, your son will soon follow you….we will gather in peace. "

At that time dozens of tall, large men were only four spears apart from Sin Han, there were several people among them who had moved sharp weapons in their hands to launch attacks that would cut off the child's neck. Their attitude is very cruel, the swinging weapon has also issued a sharp and violent wind.

The rain was still pouring down, the sound of thunder at that moment had broken the silence, superimposing the frenzied sound of the screams of the people who were filled with killing intent.

But when the sound of thunder had just finished, suddenly followed by loud shouts from some people who were swinging the sharp weapon at Sin Han, their bodies bounced hard into the air, then fell to the ground hard. Their screams of pain were heard again, while the rest of Sin Han's pursuers, for a moment stood stunned, apparently surprised together. But as soon as they woke up, they quickly let out fierce shouts as they moved their sharp weapons to attack Sin Han's neck again, their attitude was covered with a horrible air of murder.

“Kill this little devil! Don't let him get away! Rotten beast! He should be sent to hell...!" and several shiny sharp weapons swooped towards Sin Han.

But just like earlier, the six of Sin Han's attackers had bounced back quickly, crashing to the ground hard. Even after letting out a scream of pain, the four of them had collapsed unconscious again…

The rest of Sin Han's pursuit, which was approximately eight people, had stood stunned.

Angrily one of them had rebuked Sin Han: "Little devil, what kind of stealth are you using?"

Sin Han had opened his eyes when he heard the screams of the fallen people, he too was surprised, and being rebuked like that of course made Sin Han even more surprised. He didn't understand why a dozen of his attackers had died for no reason...?

Seeing that Sin Han was silent with his frozen attitude, the eight people became even more curious. Cautiously they approached Sin Han, and simultaneously they had moved their sharp weapons towards Sin Han.

"My soul is finished this time....!" Sin Han complained in a desperate voice. He saw how the sharp weapons, glittering swords and machetes had grabbed his head, neck, chest and stomach. As soon as one of the sharp weapons hit his his body, his soul is gone

But just as the sharp weapons flew, Sin Han suddenly saw how the eight bodies of his attackers had been thrown backwards like dry leaves, slammed hard on the ground until they made a shrill sound of pain, their weapons had also been released from each other's grasp.

Even one of them who was late in releasing his sharp weapon, namely a short sword, had his stomach hit the sword, so the tip of his sword stuck through his back! Instantly his soul had flown away from his body and that person had been silent and did not move anymore...... Fresh blood had also flowed out to wet the earth.....

Sin Han's pursuers, who had been knocked down and now stood up and had taken their weapons, stood frozen in surprise. A feeling of dread began to creep over them.

But at that moment they realized there was a clever man who had protected Sin Han, they naturally began to tremble.

Earlier when they charged with swinging their weapons, they suddenly felt a strong attack wind hit their chests causing them to bounce down….. and they realized that it was impossible for Sin Han to do that.

"Who has helped this child? What smart people play stealth like that? Wouldn't it be the laughing stock of the gallant Kang-ouw by hiding his tail?" shouted one of them, because he was very curious. At that time it was very quiet, only the sound of rain water still pouring down on the earth, and some watering. the leaves of the tree.

"Come out and show yourself! We want to meet a clever person who is good at hiding his tail!" shouted another.

Suddenly there was a very soft laugh, a slow but sharp laugh.

"Very nice ! Very nice ! I also do not like the cowardly nature of the thief who is good at keeping a tail! I'm here..!" a voice answered.

Dozens of Sin Han's pursuers had raised their heads, their eyes fixed on the top of a fairly tall tree.

Sin Han also followed the people's eyes. So immediately he saw on the branch of the tree sitting half-lying an old man in rather strange clothes, tattered clothes full of patches, like the way a beggar dressed. He was probably over fifty years old, his face always cheerful and fresh, his cheeks flushed red to show that he was very healthy.

Sin Han's pursuers when they saw the beggar, had shown an attitude of surprise, their faces also turned pale and their bodies shivered.

"What ..... what is the lojinke called Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang (Unmatched Magic Head)?" Asked one of them in a voice that was not very smooth.

"As you can see for yourself! I don't like hiding my tail at least..." replied the old man who was dressed as a beggar with a big laugh. "And at least I don't like it anymore if I have to hide my shabby name and title."

The faces of the people who were once violent and creepy when chasing Sin Han, are now as pale as a piece of white paper, their bodies are also trembling. In fact, one of them was quick to pay his respects to the old beggar.

“I'm sorry ... we have disturbed lo cianpwe (people of higher rank among the Kang-ouw river wells). We say goodbye to passing. "

The old man's laughter sounded very loud, when the people wanted to turn their bodies to leave in a hurry because they were very afraid of the old beggar. But the old beggar had said in a half-snarled voice: “Stop. ! Don't you guys

just walk away!"

The people's bodies shivered even more, it seemed they were very frightened.

When yelled at by the old man dressed as a beggar, they both stopped their footsteps.

It seemed that they did not dare to disobey the beggar's orders, they had turned their bodies to face the beggar on the tree.

"Is there ... is there an order or clue what locianpwe?" Asked one of them again.

“You vicious and cruel humans, you have destroyed this child's father, then you are like hungry wolves chasing after this child's soul who still doesn't know any business! So for your actions, of course you have to accept the punishment. The old man's voice was cold, he said in a low and one voice. But it made the faces of the people turn pale and their bodies shiver with fright.

Everyone felt that their knees were too weak to stand up, and they quickly knelt down towards the old man dressed as a beggar.

"Forgive us ... we are just carrying out the task given to us by our chairman ...!" They said almost together. Apparently these people knew that Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang was a magician, a martial artist from an old level who had extraordinary skills. , they are so scared.

"Forgive the souls of dogs like you?" asked the old man named Sin Kun Bun Tek Lo Ping Kang in a mocking tone. "What if the little boy kneels down and begs for forgiveness of his soul from your vicious weapons, will you approve his request and grant forgiveness to him? Ciss, I'm Lo Ping Kang's demented parents who are most reluctant to reach out to do good deeds ... what more can I give forgiveness to cruel werewolf -hearted people like you ...! Get ready to accept each other's deaths ...! "

Hearing the words of Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang up to that point, the fear that filled the hearts of the people became even more intense.

They had cried out for forgiveness and even some of them, who were so frightened, had knelt down while nodding their heads repeatedly accompanied by sobs. "Forgive us ..... we are just carrying out our orders .....!" Said one of them while crying.

"We have children and wives, if we perish, of course they will be abandoned," said another.

"Forgive our souls ..... we promise not to commit any more crimes .....!" Cried another.

In fact, there are those who, out of fear, have not thought of feeling ashamed anymore, he has cried while saying: "Forgive us ..... whatever Locianpwe orders of course we will follow ..... we are indeed a nation of dogs do not know shame , and deserves the most severe punishment from Locianpwe, but forgive our souls this time. ! ”

And all sorts of other words uttered by the man, who begged for forgiveness from Lo Ping Kang.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang laughed coldly, his attitude was very hard, he was still sitting on the branch of the tree, with both legs swinging arbitrarily.

In fact, Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang is a well-known martial arts expert in Kang lam, he is a powerful swordsman, who has very high intelligence and it is difficult to find people who can match his intelligence, and also because of his actions who always defend justice, has made his name very famous. Among the White group (i.e. taking the good path for justice), he is highly respected and respected, while among Hekto, namely the black (criminals), his name is like a very terrible scourge, and every time a criminal hears his name, of course will quickly get rid of himself with the hairs of the neck standing up in fear..... It's no wonder that now the people who had been chasing after Sin Han became frightened like that.

“Alright, this time you guys receive a light punishment! But if you ever commit crimes again, of course I will take the souls of dogs like you!!" said Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang as he floated down with a light body. Actually the tree branch was separated high from the earth, but the old man was dressed The beggar can jump easily and easily, when his feet touch the earth, he doesn't make a sound at all, this shows how perfect his lightening skills are.

The people who were on their knees were so happy to hear the words of Sin Kun Bu Tek who agreed to give forgiveness for them.

But that feeling of joy was only for the blink of an eye, because with body movements so light and difficult to follow by the eyes of ordinary humans, the old beggar's body had jumped to and fro among the people, he had also moved his hand to pat the back of the people, so that There was a sound of 'plaque, clap' over and over again, and the clapping was very slow but every time it hit the people they made a shrill scream of pain. Then their bodies limp to the ground.

Some of them groaned and cried, and cried out: "Forgive us ... do not make us defective, Locianpwe!" They said.

But apparently the applause from the old beggar had broken the spine of the people, who had been beaten so broken.

Forever in the days to come, those people will become crippled humans, although they will not meet death, but then they are useless humans... will be much weaker than ordinary humans who do not know martial arts...!

The old beggar, who has the title of "The Unbeatable Punch", has stood calmly while listening to his hoarse laughter, he has also said: "Go and roll ....! Isn't that enough and you ask for more? "

The people became more and more frightened, they tried to stand up with shivering bodies in pain and pale faces ..... then shuffled out of the forest with difficulty, because they could not stand up straight with their spines that had been broken. and shattered it.....

Since earlier, Sin Han just watched with amazed eyes, he saw how powerful the old beggar was. Dozens of people were easily rendered helpless. Even now that Sin Han saw it, how much the old beggar was scared of by those people.....

by itself the child has been guessing, who knows who this powerful old beggar is.....

The old beggar had turned to Sin Han, smiling kindly and ignoring the people who were inching away, he had said patiently: "Sin Han, have you eaten? You seem very tired. !"

While saying that, it seemed that the beggar had taken out a piece of dry cake from his pocket. But the kuwe was filthy and very dirty.

He handed the dry kuwe to Sin Han, and the boy had looked at the kuwe doubtfully. Indeed, his stomach was very hungry, but seeing the shape of the kuwe that was not crummy and dirty and very dirty, of course Sin Han couldn't accept it. Even before he ate it, he was disgusted. But it certainly offended the beggar's feelings, so he had politely refused

: "Thank you locianpwe ... I'm still full, just for you ...!"

The beggar's face suddenly changed, he had let out a cold laugh.

"You ignorant and ignorant brat!" he said then in a cold voice, containing annoyance, it seemed he was really offended, because as an experienced old man, he knew Sin Han had lied.

"Plukk!" The dried kuwe had been slammed on the ground, which made Sin Han surprised, and the boy was even more shocked when he lifted his head and saw the beggar's face which was red with anger.

"I'm sorry lojinke...not that I refuse lojinke, but really I don't have the appetite to eat..!" and Sin Han could only say until there, because he was scared and sobbing.

The beggar sighed.

"Children don't know kindness!" He said again. "You saw my butut clothes, and also my butut cake, so you didn't look me in the eye, heh?"

"Where ... where are you brave?" Sin Han replied.

"Hemm, apparently you really want to insult me, don't you?" Asked the beggar. "I feel sorry to see you, I helped you from the pursuit of the evil people, but in fact you are not grateful, you have insulted me!" said the beggar again. Sin Han was so sad, he was confused to face the attitude of this beggar who was quickly offended.

Confused, Sin Han had bent his legs, he had knelt before the beggar, and nodded his head repeatedly, while crying he had said: "I'm sorry Lojinke, I am very grateful for Lojinke's help, and Lojinke's kindness I can't forget ..... but ..... but ..... it's true that I still .....

still….!” And Sin Han couldn't continue his words, he was already sobbing again.

"Still why?" asked the old beggar Sin Kun Bu Tek in a cool voice, it seems he still hasn't lost his nagging feelings.

"I'm not hungry, lojinke. !” said Sin Han. “And I am the same

had absolutely no intention of offending Lojinke. !"

"Hemm ..!" snorted the old beggar in a cold voice. "If so, you want to say, because kuwe is smelly and old, then you are not willing to eat it out of disgust, right?"

Sin Han was silent, he didn't know how to answer.

"All right," the old man said later. "You have rejected my kindness, rejected me, it means you do not need help and assistance, then later if something happens to you again, I do not need to reach out to help you. ! "

Sin Han lowered his head, his heart became even more sad, and his tears were pouring out.

But the old beggar Sin Kun Bu Tek had ignored him, the old beggar had turned his body to leave, leaving Sin Han who was still kneeling with tears streaming down his cheeks......

The rain was still pouring down, while the beggar had slipped behind a tree and his shadow was no longer visible, slowly Sin Han had risen to his feet, he had walked languidly without enthusiasm.

Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang had helped him from the danger of his pursuers, he did remember the kindness given by the beggar. But Sin Han saw that the attitude and character of the beggar's nature was a bit strange, that is, very quickly offended, had given him a bad impression.

He had been walking on without knowing where he should go, because Sin Han didn't really have a destination. He let his legs move at will, and he also let the raindrops fall on his face, he didn't shrink or wipe them, because he also seemed to have no spirit..... he walked on with unsteady footsteps... ..

When Sin Han arrived at the surface of another forest to the west, it was still raining heavily, but Sin Han didn't care, he walked on at a slow pace, while the rain had soaked his whole body...

While Sin Han was walking like that, he suddenly crouched down, holding back his footsteps.

He faintly heard a long and horrifying laugh, the laughing voice gave off a terrible feeling, because inside the laughter it seemed to contain a murderous aura.... At that time Sin Han's body was shivering from holding back the feeling of fear, he had been watching his surroundings. This boy was apparently worried that the people who had been chasing him would also come to disturb him. And Sin Han is ready to run in case anyone wants to harm him.

But around the place there was not a single human being seen either, and only the creepy laughter sounded louder and clearer.

Sin Han had sighed.

"Death is nothing to be afraid of, why should I be chased by fear! If indeed I was destined to die at the hands of those people, why should I be afraid? Doesn't it mean that if I die, I can reunite with my father? And that isn't very exciting, isn't it?"

Thinking so, Sin Han's heart calmed down somewhat, he had been watching his surroundings.

But still Sin Han did not see a single human either, only then could he see among the darkness of the night, a white light shining from a place quite far away.

Sin Han was surprised, the light was quite eye-catching, and he wondered what kind of light it was that looked quite far away.

After standing for a while, and the light was still visible, as well as the shriek or scream interspersed with the eerie laugh, Sin Han had swung his footsteps towards the place. Because he became interested in knowing what object could give off that shimmering light, and the scary screams and laughter, who knows who it was because he had just experienced tension, this time Sin Han's heart was a bit steadfast, he had approached and continued to approach the light.

After being close to that light, Sin Han acted more alert. He watched her with his eyes looking around the place. There isn't a single human either. Only the sound of laughter and the creepy screams he still heard became clearer and closer.

Sin Han knew, of course, the person who made the scary laughs and screams was not a good human being, but his curiosity, and also because he didn't have a goal, Sin Han was getting closer from where the shimmering light was seen.

At that time, it seemed that in the distance the shimmering light was getting clearer and sometimes disappeared into the darkness of the night, then appeared again.

Sin Han's heart was pounding too when he got close to the place where the shimmering light reflected. He stepped forward again, but suddenly his body shivered, a feeling of fear creeped into him, because he looked under a tree, there was a pile of human skull bones..... the bones were bones of hands and feet, piled up half a spear! It is these bones that emit a shimmering light....

Sin Han's eyes were wide open, he had watched with a heart that was shaking very hard, besides that he also clearly saw that the skull bones of human hands and feet were numerous. He could still hear a scary laugh once, after that it disappeared and the surroundings were quiet and desolate again.

Sin Han had sighed. “I don't know….. who collected the bones of this human hand and foot skeleton?” thought Sin Han in his heart, an overwhelming feeling of fear had overtaken this child.

But just as he was thinking that way, suddenly from behind him he felt a strong and cold wind blow.

"Dukk!" He knew that something had hit his back hard, causing an unbelievable feeling of pain, followed by his body that had fallen and fell, so that blood was dripping from his nose, this child screamed in pain.

On all fours Sin Han then stood up, he had looked around. But there was no one around the place. And at that moment he also remembered the 'ghost', because looking back at the pile of human skeletal bones and human legs that were mountainous, his body became shivering with horror and he shivered with the hair on the back of his neck standing in awe ....

But while Sin Han stood silently getting ready to run again, he suddenly felt from behind him that the strong wind had caught again, and like before, his back had been hit hard, making him stumble helplessly.

Quickly Sin Han jumped up using the rest of his energy, he had turned his body to look behind him, but still he did not see a single human either.

The situation around the place was pitch dark with the rain still falling heavily, it was nearing midnight. Of course this made Sin Han even more scared, his knees felt weak. Using all of her remaining strength, she stretched her legs out to run again.

But not yet he managed to realize the intention of his heart, from the direction of his back has also snatched a very strong wind of attack, the wind of attack caused a feeling of pain, because Sin Han felt as if his back was also hit by a hard object. 

“Bukkkk!” The boy's body rolled down again on the ground, even more violently than the previous one, because of that his body rolled several spears away, rolling around in excruciating pain.

At that time, Sin Han could not immediately get up, he crawled with pain, but his body had collapsed on the ground and was unable to stand up, he could only let out a groan.

There was a very scary laugh, the voice sounded painful to the ears, like piercing, even the tone of the laugh contained a very horrible murderous aura.

Sin Han tried to get up, in fact, by suffering such great pain, Sin Han was no longer willing to defend himself and would faint.

But hearing that scary laugh made Sin Han scared to death, and it was his fear that made Sin Han defend himself from falling unconscious. He was still trying to crawl to his feet to escape.

Unfortunately his strength seemed to have flown out of his body, and his legs seemed to not want to obey his orders, where both legs were shaking because they had no energy at all.

This has made Sin Han so complaining.

"I'm finished this time, of course the bones of my hands and feet will be a pile in those bones too....!" thought this child with a pounding heart.

The horrifying laughter had stopped, then a sinister rebuke was heard, "Rotten child, what do you mean by sneaking around here to spy?"

Sin Han strengthened his heart, he looked around. Empty, still not a single human can be seen around the place.

But when he looked behind him, between the pile of bones of the skeleton of the hands and feet, his spirit seemed to fly away from his body, his body went limp. Amidst the torrential rain, he saw a black figure standing tall, with hair that was unkempt and dressed in all black, and a sinister face. A pair of large eyes with a slightly odd shape and also with a frighteningly sharp light, were staring and gazing at him. Of course it had made Sin Han let out a muffled groan, and had collapsed into a coma……

“Hemm…..!” The figure had snorted with a cold voice, he had flicked his sleeve, then from his sleeve it had spit out an attack wind that charged towards Sin Han's body.

The boy's body bounced, but when he fell on the ground, he had just woken up from his stupor, because the blow of the wind blowing his sleeve hit the path of Hiat Kung Hiat's blood near his waist, causing him to wake up from his stupor.

When Sin Han opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a black body with messy hair, a terrifying creature. Sin Han let out a groan, and fell limply unable to stand up.

"Rotten child, tell me quickly, what's your name?" snapped the creepy creature with a hoarse and frightening voice. And he also stretched out his right hand to grab this child's chest, then lifted it so that Sin Han's body was hanging in the middle of the air.

Of course, Sin Han became even more frightened, because he could clearly see the scary face of the person, because they were so close.

It was then that Sin Han said in a trembling voice: "I'm sorry ... I'm sorry ... I didn't mean to spy ...!" He said with a sigh.

"Hemm ...!" The creepy creature snorted in a very cold voice, and the rain that fell seemed to be ignored. "I have lived in this place for ten years, and I have not allowed a human to set foot in this place! Whoever comes, That means that person must be killed! Look, how many people I have destroyed ... those are their bones ...! "

With that said, the creepy creature pointed at the pile of skeletal bones of the hands and feet.

Sin Han's body shivered with fear. “You….you human or…..or” but Sin Han isn't

He couldn't go on, because he was really scared.

"You want to ask if I am a human or a ghost, right?" said the person in response to Sin Han's words. "Hemm, hem," and after laughing coldly mockingly like that, the scary creature has lifted Sin Han's body high, he moved his hand and had slammed Sin Han's body hard on the ground.

Of course, Sin Han was in excruciating pain, this child made a very loud scream.

While the creepy creature had said regardless of Sin Han's suffering: “You can think of me as a human, you can! Think of me as a ghost, too! "His voice was cold.

Sin Han's spirit had really flown out of his body, and this child also realized that death was imminent.

Therefore, he had complained and closed his eyes, so scared he could not speak or even look at the scary creature.

Seeing Sin Han's demeanor, the scary creature that kept his hair flowing up to his shoulders, had let out a cold laugh, suddenly he had moved his hand, and had said while wagging: "Wake up!" Sin Han's body was hit by a very strong wave of power. At that moment, the swift wave made Sin Han's body float, and then collapsed on the ground again so hard, that Sin Han felt his head dizzy and his eyes flashed. : "Wake up! Wake up! Come on up!"

Sin Han forced himself to crawl to his feet, he could feel the bones in his body aching, but because he was so scared, this kid could stand up too, even with his knees shaking violently.

"Very nice ! Now you must be stripped of the bones of your hands and feet. !” said the creature.

"A. what?" asked Sin Han with a choked voice, he was shocked

not play.

Under such circumstances, of course Sin Han was helpless. But hearing the bones of his hands and feet want to be ripped off by this terrible creature, has made Sin Han besides being scared, also nervous and shocked. how

it would be great if the bones of his legs and hands were torn off by this creature, of course he would suffer a lot, what's the meaning of living on?

Sin Han had closed his eyes, he had been so determined. "If you want to kill me, kill me!" He said

with determination.

Hearing the boy's words, suddenly the scary creature has made a very scary laugh, he has made a scream, and suddenly his body flashed like a shadow.

"Bukkk!!" Suddenly, Sin Han hit the shoulder with a palm clapping, the pain was excruciating, Sin Han groaned in pain, his body had also staggered, then rolled down on the ground, in the stagnant water, so that his face was also covered with the mud water. .

"You rotten boy, you must obey my orders!" And after saying that, it looks like the scary creature has moved his hand, he intends to grab Sin Han's hand, and will pull it firmly, to remove the bones of the child's hand.

Sin Han had closed his eyes, but at that moment he felt the grip of the creature's hand getting harder and causing pain in his hand, suddenly he heard a scream from the scary creature, like a shocked cry. Then Sin Han felt the creature's grip on the hand loosened and released, surprising Sin Han.

Quickly, Sin Han opened his eyes, he saw the creepy creature was standing facing a tree while snarling fiercely, "Who has been playing and joking with Kim Kut Mo Sat?"

The rebuke was very scary, the tone of his voice was very annoyed. The creepy creature has dubbed himself Kim Kut Mo Sat (Golden Bone Devil).

It turned out that when Kim Kut Mo Sat grabbed Sin Han's hand, and intended to pull the child's hand to remove it from Sin Han's body, he suddenly grabbed a small rock from behind.

And of course the small rock strike was not an ordinary strike, because the rock strike contained a very powerful force.

But because Kim Kut Mo Sat does have high intelligence, in addition to his agile body, so he can move very swiftly and swiftly, then has issued a loud scream, knowingly he has turned his body while tilting his shoulder, so that the rock strike hit the spot. empty. Kim Kut Mo Sat had become angry, he knew that someone had attacked him.

That's why he failed to let go of Sin Han's hand and had turned his body to look savagely at the place from which he grabbed the rock that had struck his back.

There was a sound of laughter giggling slowly, then followed by mocking words: "I thought Kim Kut Mo Sat was a scary creature who had high intelligence, didn't know the name that was being stirred up was just an empty name like a barrel. !"

That was the sound of ridicule that was so contemptuous, so as to arouse the wrath of the creepy creature.

"Wuttt...!" Suddenly his right hand was moved, from the palm of his hand a very strong attack wind, where the sound came from.

“Bukk!” The overwhelming force of the attack wind had hit the tree trunk at the top, but nothing was seen.

The creepy creature only saw the tree trunk shaking, and he became more and more angry and indignant. Quickly he let out a snarl and launched several attacks. But only the trunk of the tree shook. The leaves of the trees and also the rainwater have fallen to the ground.

Apart from that, nothing is visible either. Of course, Kim Kut Mo Sat's creepy creature became even more curious and annoyed.

"Why do you have to play so secretly, if you're really a man, come out showing a look...!" Kim Kut Mo Sat snapped in a cruel voice. "I'll show if Kim Kut Mo Sat really only won the name...!"

"Empty name, empty ingenuity!" Shouted a voice accompanied by mocking laughter. brave to a helpless little boy !! "

Kim Kut Mo Sat's body was shaking so hard, he was covered in rage. With bitch eyes and shining more horrible, he snapped loudly, "If you don't want to show yourself, I'll do something and you won't

-say I'm outrageous! I'll force you out!"

"Hihihihi, if it's true that you can do it, why don't you run it !!?" The challenging voice was heard.

Of course the anger of the scary creature Kim Kut Mo Sat had already passed the measure, so that with a roar of anger, his body had jumped in the direction where the voice came from, namely from the top of a tree behind the thick leaves of the tree, while jumping he swung his hands. one after another in succession, and from his hand a very strong wind was issued, so that the sound of thump, thump, thump was heard several times, accompanied by the falling of some of the leaves of the tree, accompanied by raindrops that were originally on the sidelines of the leaves. the tree.

The person hiding behind the leafy trees apparently didn't expect Kim Kut Mo Sat to launch an attack like this, he naturally let out a startled scream, and his body quickly jumped back from its hiding place. He was very agile, not to mention the attack wind, he had jumped to the top of another tree, which was to his right.

But Kim Kut Mo Sat, who was overwhelmed by anger, launched the next attack without waiting for his body to slide down. Both of his hands had been moved in succession several times, from both of his hands came out a very terrible wind of attack.

It was then that he saw a small figure moving to another tree, so he pressed on.

This happened several times, and finally it seemed that the figure could not dodge itself from Kim Kut Mo Sat's attack, he had let out a cold snort, and deflected it when he was on one of the tree branches.

"Bukkkk!" the two forces had collided with each other, and Kim Kut Mo Sat had slid down to the ground. But the figure itself couldn't defend itself, he had slipped off the tree trunk, his body slid down to the ground as well.

The figure had let out an exclamation of somewhat astonishment and surprise, but he was also a liehay, so he had stumbled and landed on the ground without missing anything.

Kim Kut Mo Sat had actually moved his hands at that time, because he was getting ready to launch another follow-up attack.

But when he saw the person in front of him, he was stunned.

His pair of eyes, which were already large in shape, were stretched bigger and wider, emitting a terrifying light. "You...?" he asked in a muffled voice.

The small figure who jumped down from the tree branch turned out to be a little girl who was in her teens, maybe only eleven, her face was tiny with the shape of a kuaci, very sweet. His eyes also emitted a clear light, his sweet little mouth smiled with a disdainful attitude towards Kim Kut Mo Sat's sinister appearance, he didn't show the slightest feeling of fear or horror at this bone-chipping creature. At first, Kim Kut Mo Sat suspected that his opponent was a powerful silat expert, an elderly person. So you can imagine the feeling of surprise when he saw that the one standing in front of him, who had been playing with him was a little girl who still smelled of milk. !

The little girl had laughed giggling again in her joking voice, she had said in a cold voice: “You are the one with the title Kim Kut Mo Sat aren’t you? Well, now you have proved not, that you do not have any extraordinary intelligence ... do not face me, this naughty little you are helpless. ? "

And after saying that, this witty little girl was giggling again.