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Jin Yong
Jin Yong was born in Haining, Zhejiang, February 6, 1924, is a Wuxia Novel writer and has a reputation as a Top Chinese Best Selling Writer. He was awarded the Life Achievement Award of Hong Kong Arts Development Awards for his contributions to Chinese culture and art throughout the world.

Louis Cha wrote the silat series between 1955-1972. He has written 15 silat stories, consisting of 13 novels (12 long novels and 1 short novel) and 2 short stories. His works have been translated into various languages ​​such as English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, French, Indonesian and many more. In addition, all of his novels have been adapted into feature films, TV series films, and even comics. It is estimated that all of his novels have sold 500 million copies worldwide.

After finishing writing his last novel in 1972, Lu Ding Ji, he promised not to write any more wuxia novels. Until now that promise is still kept, but he often edits stories that have been written. However, his big name as a novel writer is still alive, and his TV series or films are still made with various versions.

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