Ode to Gallantry

A pair of “reward & punishment” messengers thrilled kang ouw! They invited every head of the college to come to the island of Hiap Kek. No one can resist. The Martial World is plunged into chaos because everyone who goes there can never return! In order to avoid danger, the warrior Bu lim fights for a mermaid named "Hian Tiat Leng". It is said that the owner Cia Yan Khek is willing to grant the request of the person who has the medal.

An abandoned young man managed to find the medal, and without realizing it will make the next life will be different. Because Kau Cap Ceng, the young man who found the medal, made him have to follow the magic figure Cia Yan Khek. The clay doll that Cia Yan Khek gave turned out to contain magic from the Buddhist group “Lo Han Hok Mo Sin Kang”, the most powerful hidden science from Tat Mo CouwSu, the founder of Siauw Lim Pay. This is not known to Cia Yan Khek who thought it was just an ordinary toy.

Five years later when he just came down the mountain accidentally he entered a bath and there he met someone whose face was similar to his. In one incident he was tricked into fainting and when he woke up he was already in the Tiong Lok Pang association and was considered the chairman of the association.

How is the story that this innocent and innocent hero can be friends with this very feared "reward & punishment" messenger, and the emergence of Swat San Pay party people who continue to chase him to be killed? What is the real secret of Hiap Kek island?

And who exactly is this young man whose face looks like him?

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