Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie

The Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie is a continuation of Sin Liong's Tat Mo Cauwsu.

"Snippet: The wind from Ming Kan Hweshio's hand howled loudly, and Sam Hauw when he woke up from his stupor he wanted to escape, his movement was a bit uncertain and too late, because his chest was hit "bukkk!", made a loud sound, Sam Hauw's body had bounced into mid-air, he would almost have been knocked down, if he had not quickly spun around in midair.

Thus, it was immediately seen how pale Sam Hauw's face was, he was curious and angry, besides holding back the pain in his chest.

If he hadn't immediately concentrated the pure air in his chest, his chest bones would have been crushed by Ming Kang Hweshio's blow. Thus, for the time being, even though he wasn't injured internally, Sam Hauw didn't rush forward again.

Ming Kang Hweshio had smiled with his patient attitude, he said: “If you really push Pinceng to lower your hands hard, chances are, Lame will beat you even harder! It's even wiser if you leave this place now! Aren't there words, a wise person can certainly see the south?!..........."