Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 11

Volume 11

"WHAT I said earlier, wouldn't it be better if you gave up on good terms, of course you wouldn't have this kind of trouble"

"Let go of the girl don't bother her!" Before Sam Tu Song had finished speaking, the voices of people rebuked him coldly.

Sam Tu Song turned his head with savage eyes, he saw that the one who rebuked him was a young man wearing a white robe full of patches.

With a savage face, Sam Tu Song laughed mockingly, he said in a very sinister manner “Who are you? Do you really have the guts to meddle in my business, hee?”

The white-robed youth full of patches laughed coldly. “Master, aren't you ashamed to bother a helpless girl like that?” he said in a calm manner, only his face was cold. "Let go of the girl, then we can talk"

"Hmmm, it's good for you to talk" cursed Sam Tu Song with a ruthless attitude, then he saw that the young man was wearing a rather strange robe, where the young man was wearing a white robe full of patches, then he laughed mockingly, then said again: If you really are a poor student who can't afford a new robe, I'm willing to donate you two or three tails, and you don't have to meddle in my business."

"No need with your money, I don't need it" said the white robed youth full of patches in a bland voice. "Let go of the girl"

The last words of the young man who was like a beggar, had made Sam Tu Song realize that the young man's words were no longer a joke, he snorted mockingly, his right hand quickly punched Ah-hiat (gagu veins), Cin-hiat (veins or blood paths that can be passed). making a person stiff and unable to move a pair of arms and legs), only then did he place the girl on the grassy ground. He looked at the young man in the white robe full of patches with his hips, he said savagely: "Who are you, who is so presumptuous to interfere in my business, huh?"

Being scolded savagely like that, the youth who was wearing a white robe full of patches had jumped down. His body movement was very agile, his body glided lightly making Sam Tu Song surprised to see it too.

"I'm Sin Han. You can also call me that" replied the young man in a calm voice. "Well, now that you know my name, go you roll away"

Sam Tu Song's face was bright red. “You bastard, are you really going to die already?” he snapped. 'You dare order me to leave? Hemmmm, I'll beat you up, I'll show you who Sam Tu Song is!” After saying that, he stepped up to the white-robed youth, his attitude menacingly menacing.

Meanwhile, the young man in white robes full of patches, who was none other than Sin Han (Read: Tat Mo Cauwsu), was calm. He was waiting for Sam Tu Song to come close and move his right hand to strike against his chest, Sin Han waited for that hand to come close, suddenly Sin Han's left hand flashed, and he had grabbed his opponent's wrist.

"Go" Sin Han snapped, stomping, he had thrown the she Sam's body.

Accompanied by an exclamation of surprise, Sam Tu Song's body was seen bouncing hard and far away, his body then slammed and rolled three times.

Luckily he fell on a pile of grass so he didn't get hurt.

When Sin Han with a calm demeanor said blandly: "Well, now go you roll, otherwise I will definitely beat you even harder"

Sam Tu Song didn't scream, instead he became angry, not playing. Previously he thought he was acting less alert and careful, so that he had been successfully thrown like that, so now, as soon as he crawled up, he immediately put his feet on both, his body slamming into Sin Han, he made a very fast and strong attack.

Watching people go crazy, Sin Han let out a cold laugh. And as soon as Sam Tu Song's attack was about to arrive, he waved with his sleeve. “Plookkk!” Sam Tu Song's head was hit by the sleeve of Sin Han's robe. The shampoo seems very slow. And also it's just the hem of the robe. But the ending was very great, because Sam Tu Song felt his head like being hit by an iron plate, his head was dizzy and his eyes were dizzy, at once his body was drooping and slumped down on a pile of grass complaining of pain and slowly.

It was because Sam Tu Seng's eyes were dark, he couldn't see anything.

Whereas Sin Han had said in a cold voice: “Don't you want to go yet?”

Sam Tu Song didn't answer, he just groaned and stood up, he shook his head, it seems he was still dizzy.

"If you don't want to leave quickly, I will beat you even harder," threatened the young man.

Sam Tu Song had realized that Sin Han's intelligence was above his own. He had seen in just two strikes that he had been rendered helpless. If that young man did have bad intentions towards him, surely he could have been destroyed or at least injured on the inside which was great. That's why Sam Tu Song didn't press any further.

After shaking his head a few times, Sam Tu Song said in a cold voice “Well, you've got in my way, got in the way of my work Hmm. thus you have sought trouble for yourself. Your grandson certainly won't let things end here.” Sin Han laughed dryly, “Who are you? And what is the name of your association and besides that, what are you doing? If he's an inhumane way to go astray, hmmm, hmmm, I'd be interested in meeting him to beat him up.”

After saying that, Sin Han let out a mocking laugh.

While Sam Tu Song's face had turned bright red, he said fiercely: “Fine, fine. I'll tell you everything. And you left your name and title."

Sin Han laughed bitterly. "I told you earlier, that my name is Sin Han regarding the title, I don't have a title," said Sin Han.

Sam Tu Sorg's eyes widened, he had glanced at the girl he was hunting earlier, which he almost caught, but was blocked by this white-robed youth.

Full of annoyance and curiosity, Sam Tu Song tired of saying ruthlessly “Okay, you don't leave this place yet, I'll be gone soon, I'll be back soon. Then you will see who we really are."

And after threatening so, Sam Tu Song had turned his body, he wanted to go to his horse to leave.

But Sin Han had snapped at him: “Wait a minute You don't, don't go. Mention first. what is the name of the association?” Sam Tu Song restrained his footsteps, he replied "Our group name is Jie Liong Kauw (Dragon Pair}"

"Hmmm, if that's the case, I'm really interested in meeting your leader," said Sin Han with a sigh. "I'll be looking forward to it. If indeed your leader hasn't arrived for a while, you can look for me in Tu-wang-cung village which is not far from this place, to the south and only twenty lie more apart, because I will spend the night in that village."

Sam Tu Song said nothing, he had approached his horse, he jumped on his horse's back, and then stabbed his horse, leaving the place.

Sin Han quickly approached the girl who was lying on the grass, she smiled and then in a friendly voice asked: "Miss, can I open a full-blooded on you?"

The girl was hit by Ah-hiat (gagu) and Chi-hiat (stiff tendon), she couldn't answer and couldn't move. Only his head moved very slowly, nodding. Even then the girl forced herself. His eyes also flashed a gleam of gratitude with smiling lips and a radiant face.

Sin Han knows that the girl doesn't mind if he touches the girl's body to free the girl from Sam Tu Song's strokes so he goes to her and opens some of the points on the girl's body. Thus freed the girl from the hammer and the effect of the pounding disappeared with the girl successfully moving her pair of hands and feet. Jumping to her feet, the girl clasped her hands together, she said: "Thank you for the help Inkong"

Sin Han quickly returned the girl's respect, he immediately humbled himself, then added "'Actually it is not worth receiving a thank you miss, because it is my duty to help people who are in trouble"

"If indeed Siauwmoay (brother) may know, who is Inkong really, what is she and the name of the noble Inkong?" the girl asked again.

"My name is Sin Han," he said. "And verily I am from Kay-pang"

"Kay-pang?" asked the girl, opening her eyes wide.

In fact, recently there has been news in Kangouw circles, that a beggar association has emerged. That's a very strange thing for everyone who hears it, how can beggars have an association? Even more interesting among the Kangouw, Kay-pang is an association of beggars whose entire management are beggars who have extraordinary high intelligence. Their martial arts skills are perfect and some of Kay-pang's figures have supernatural powers that are not inferior to other martial arts figures.

Thus, Kay-pang quickly caught the attention of all the gallant people within Kangouw. At first they still thought that Kay-pang was just an ordinary gathering, where the beggars held meetings and they founded an association, if indeed one of them later asked for alms and the person who was asked for alms did not want to give it, they would gang up on him. But after more than a year, it turns out that Kaypang is flourishing in China. Not just a small association, because Kay-pang has branches in several provinces.

This has made the gallant people within the Kangouw circle take even more serious attention. And surprisingly again, several figures in the martial arts jungle who had big names and were respected by the Kangouw masters because they had high intelligence had been overthrown by Kaypang figures. News has also spread about the greatness of some of the Kay-pang figures. Some say it is like a story in a mere fairy tale, where Kay-pang's characters can always knock down their opponents in just a few moves.

Now the girl heard that Sin Han was a member of Kay-pang and judging by the way he was dressed, the white robe full of patches, boasted that the young man did resemble a beggar.

Sin Han smiled at the girl as if surprised to hear she was from Kay-pang. "Is it disdainful to be friends with me?" he asked, eagerly the young man asked and his smile didn't go away, he wasn't offended at all.

The girl quickly shook her head. "How dare Siauwmoy act so impudent?" he said quickly. "So Siauwmoy is happy to meet a member of Kay-pang who has really been a stir among the Kangouw lately." The girl said that with an honest heart, because indeed she had witnessed that Sin Han easily knocked down Sam Tu Song. Meanwhile, when he faced she Sam, he was overwhelmed and was taken prisoner by Sam Tu Song. But Sin Han had easily knocked down Sam Tu Song and rendered the She Sam person completely powerless in just a few moves.

Sin Han smiled, he said: "Indeed we from Kay-pang are all mere beggars, and maybe people outside the gathering will be disgusted by our friendship. beggars, our souls are not beggars, we will do great works, eradicate evil and falsehood. Hmm, indeed we may be seen as humans who beg for mercy from people but actually we do not do low things. By dressing as beggars, we just want to experience life as the lowest human beings so far, the most destitute, so that we know what the hardships of life and the suffering and misery of poverty are.

The girl nodded. "That's a very lofty goal." he said

Sin Han smiled, “Miss. ”

"Just call my name. My name is Tang Su Lian, my teacher is Cung Sie Hoa” explained the girl. Sin Han opened his eyes wide, he immediately called out slowly: “Ah, I hope you miss. ”

The girl was surprised. "Why Inkong?" asked the girl "Don't call me Inkong, call me

just with my name, Sin Han," said Sin Han. Then with a serious attitude, Sin Han continued his words: "And when you were young, didn't you always call yourself Lian-jie? Not wrong! Not wrong! Yes, your face didn't change when you were a kid and it's the same now, only more mature now. You are Lian-jie."

Tang Su Lian was surprised, he was surprised that this young man seemed to know his first name, and seemed to know him.

"That's right.... When I was little I was only called by the name Lian-jie only" nodded the girl.

"Ah, it was the lady who had helped me in the past," said Sin Han. “At that time I would be persecuted by Kim Kut Mo Sat. but miss has forgotten it maybe. ”

The girl seemed to be thinking hard, she said slowly "Sin Han. Sin Han. ”

But then the girl exclaimed "Yes, yes, I remember, Kim Kut Mo Sat wanted to harm us both, but then came Lo Eng Sian Bun Tai Cie Locianpwee Isn't that right?"

Sin Han nodded. Indeed, ever since he separated from the little girl Lian-jie, a student of Cung Sie Hoa, Sia Han had always thought of that girl. But since that separation they never met again, until now Sin Han has become a young man, while Lian-jie as a beautiful girl. All of this was indeed an unexpected meeting, after being separated for so many years, they had finally met again.

(About Sin Han's meeting with Lian-jie, or Tang Su Lian's full name, can be followed in TAT MO CAUWSU Volume 2)

"This is indeed a coincidence, where because of helping you, Miss Tang, it turns out that we have been able to meet again," said Sin Han. “And now accept my thanks for your help years ago. who saved me from the hands of Kim Kut Mo Sat who was about to persecute me.” After saying that, Sin Han clasped his hands together in salute,

The girl quickly dodged. "Don't be full of customs like that. Inkong" said the girl.

Sin Han smiled. "You always refer to me as Ingkong, a helper, whereas in the past I have been helped by you. If you hadn't helped me in the past, I might have perished at the hands of Kim Kut Mo Sat and isn't here today."

"Yes, if that's the case, we'd better be friends and not call each other In-kong," said the girl smiling.

Sin Han nodded. But his heart secretly thought: "Back when Lian-jie was a child, she already had a decent amount of intelligence, but why now it seems that her swordsmanship is meaningless, so against a single Sam Tu Song she can't put up a good fight?" Tang Su Lian had laughed at that time, he said: "If you really don't mind, surely you can tell me exactly where you are traveling to?"

“I'm on my way to Siong San, but tonight maybe I'll stop at Tu-wang-cung” explained Sin Han. "Miss Tang?"

"Don't always call me miss...

miss. just call my name" said the girl.

"Okay no.... uh, brother Tang" said Sin Han, nodding.

"Well, then you are a good Engko" said the girl with a smile. "If you don't mind, I want to come with you to Tu-wang-cung"

Sin Han nodded quickly. "Of course I may even be very happy on the way to have a friend like you" he said.

The girl's cheeks turned red. "If I'm not mistaken, you said earlier that you wanted to go to Siong San and I heard that on that mountain a very well-known martial arts college was erected, namely. ”

"Siauw Lim Sie" continued Sin Han.

"Exactly Siauw Lim Sie is now very famous," said Tang Su Lian. "And the one who founded the temple was Tat Mo Cauwsu, is that true, engko Han?"

Sin Han nodded. "Yes, Tat Mo Cauwsa is a holy priest from India, I owe him, he used to help me, so I want to go to him to show respect to him" explained Sin Han. "From here to Siong San it still takes about two weeks of travel time," said Tang Su Lian. "And to arrive at Siauw Lim Sie, we also have to climb Mount Siong San, because the temple is at the top of the mountain"

"If you really don't have important business and you are willing to come to Siauw Lim Sie to add to your experience, of course I'm very happy to take you there"

The girl beamed with joy, but then, just for a moment, her face turned gloomy again.

"Why? Is there something that makes things difficult for you, little brother Tang?" asked Sin Han.

The girl sighed. "Yes. I don't think I can come with you there, Engko Han I'm dealing with Kauwcu Jie Liong Kauw”

"Why? Is Jie Liong Kauw always bothering you?” asked Sin Han while watching the girl questioningly.

"Yes, my teacher has been injured by Kauwcu from the assembly, and I have also been harmed by him." After saying that, the girl looked at Sin Han, then said: "Didn't you see, Engko Han, how weak I am and can't put up a fight even against a Sam Tu Song. My intelligence seems to be extinct, because I have been given some kind of poison by the Kauwcu Jie Liong Kauw, making all my energy disappear and I feel like I have lost my strength and intelligence so I can't give anything meaningful even to a Sam Tu Song." Hearing the words, the girl At that, Sin Han looked on in surprise. “Then that Kauwcu of Jie Liong Kauw is very evil. Who is he?"

"He's a foreigner, I've never met him myself. He is a person who has great intelligence, according to the stories of people who have fought with him, his intelligence is very powerful, because it can be said that no one can match him. Generally he knocked down his opponent no more than three moves. My master has also been knocked down in three moves.”

"How great is his intelligence?" scrap tong Sin Han.

"Yes, in fact his intelligence is so great, he is criss-crossed without an opponent." said the girl, nodding. “Also, he has grown his influence with his association, where he has many brilliant students. I had been taken captive by one of his disciples and had been poisoned so that my intelligence and spirit seemed to have disappeared. Thus, to face someone like Sam Tu Song next I can't afford, as long as I don't get the antidote to the poison, of course my intelligence will forever be extinct, and maybe after two more years, even if I get the poison eliminator, it's already too late. ”

“Ohhh, humans like that need to be eradicated” muttered Sin Han.

"But he is very clever," said the girl again. "He is a Persian, according to the words of people who know and also stories from my teacher about him, the Persian who became Kauwcu Jie Liong Kauw is Koko Timo"

"A. What?" exclaims Sin Han shocked beyond play. "Yes, the Kauwcu of the Jie Liong Kauw association is Koko Timo" confirmed the girl. "Do you know him and have you met him?"

Sin Han shook his head slowly, he said then hesitated "I've never met him, but I've heard about him instead I heard about Tat Mo Cauwsu, which tells that Koko Timo is a very evil demon, where there is not a single crime he didn't commit"

“True Indeed he is too evil, he is a savage demon. My teacher met his student, who was also accused of committing various crimes, so my teacher became hostile to him and clashed with Koko Timo. But who would have thought that the Persian has a very high intelligence, besides his knowledge is also very strange, so that in three moves my teacher has been harmed.. "

“Did….did your teacher also perish at his hands?” asked Sin Han excitedly.

“Not only was he seriously injured. Even though he didn't perish in the hands of Koko Timo, he didn't even die, did he? Forever my teacher will be a crippled human. That is a crime that transgresses. Koko Timo intentionally injures his victims in a strange way, namely he eliminates all of his victim's intelligence, then injures his entire body by severing the muscles in his victim's body, so that the person who becomes Koko Timo's victim, is then unable to move his hands or feet."

"Ohhh, how cruel" "I too have been desperate because of such cruelty, I have deliberately visited the nest. Who knows, dealing with the students alone, I can't afford. I have fallen and been taken prisoner, then given some kind of poison that was forced to drink to me so that my strength disappeared and my intelligence seemed to be extinct so I was not strong enough to give resistance to anyone whose intelligence was weak "

"Then, what does Sam Tu Song still count for, Koko Timo?" asked Sin Han.

"He's the grandson of Koko Timo's student. He's a student of Koko Timo's student” explained the girl.

"No wonder I thought Koko Timo's student was like that," said Sin Han. "Then how did you escape from their hands, so that you could leave Koko Timo's lair so far away?"

"That happened by chance," replied the girl. "At that time, the one who held an escort in my detention room was Sam Tu Song, he was indeed a cheerful person who was always crazy about beautiful looks. I deliberately seduced him, he thought I meant it, so he purposely freed me and took me to his room. On the way, I had run away from him, escaped in a hurry and the horse I used was the horse of one of Koko Timo's students. But who knows. Sam Tu Song has caught up with me. If it weren't for you, Engko Han, of course I could have taken him back."

Sin Han nodded while furrowing his brows, he said: "Then let me postpone my trip to Siong San, let's go first to Koko Timo's lair" "But Koko Timo has extraordinary intelligence, rarely anyone can match him. If the two of us go to the lair, it's like we're delivering souls for nothing."

Sin Han thought for a while, until finally he said in a doubtful manner: “Indeed, Tat Mo Cauwsu had told him that apart from Tat Mo Cauwsu himself, there was rarely anyone who could match Koko Timo. According to Tat Mo Cauwsu, he was actually looking for traces of Koko Timo. Maybe all this time he had not been able to find traces of the Persian. And he also once said that Koko Timo's intelligence is on the same level as his. Well, of course you can imagine, if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu is now the person who has the number one martial arts skill in mainland China, then what about Koko Timo's intelligence. But of course we visited the nest, don't be clear. We are trying to eradicate them by using various common sense.”

"Impossible. As long as our intelligence can't match Koko Timo's intelligence, we won't be able to defeat them later, because from that, we'd better go to Siong San first, we ask Tat Mo Cauwsu's opinion."

Sin Han agreed, then asked: “What about my promise to Sam Tu Song? Won't he be coming here soon or will he follow Tu-wang-cung?"

Sigadis has smiled faintly. "We don't need to keep that promise. What kind of human compatriot Sam Tu Song is. why should we serve him?” Tang Su Lian advised. Sin Han shook his head. "No, you can't break your promise. Even though he is a lowly person, but we can't break a promise, so that later he can become the laugh of brave people "

"He must have come with his teacher or his other classmates." Su Lian said.

"I'm not afraid" replied Sin Han.

The girl smiled widely. “I believe, you do have high intelligence, but it's still good if it's only Sam Tu Song's teacher or his classmates, but if it's Koko Timo himself who comes? Wouldn't we be arrested and then persecuted? Thus we wonder helplessly at all, where we might be destroyed, so we perish very curiously, because no one can know about it and we just die. While Koko Timo's intelligence is so formidable and ridiculous, you yourself said earlier, Tat Mo Cauwsu himself admits that Koko Timo's intelligence is on the same level as him."

(Regarding this Koko Timo and also Tat Mo Cauwsu's response about this particular Persian character, readers can get to know him through TAT MO CAUWSU volume).

Sin Han hesitated, because he thought there was some truth in what the girl said.

At that time, it seemed that Su Lian had said: "If you don't mind, Engko Han, we better leave this place quickly, because the sooner, the better." Sin Han shook his head. "No," he said firmly, "we can't be cowards like that. It's better if we continue our journey to Tu-wang-cung, let them follow there. If they really follow us to the village, we must serve them. The matter of life and death is secondary!”

How dashing is Sin Han periodically like that.

The girl looked amazed, she nodded "Yes, you're right, Engko Han" he said later. "You can't follow what I suggested earlier, because it's a fact, I'm filled with fear, only because my intelligence is like being killed by their poison. But with you, of course I can rest easy."

“Yes, to uphold the truth, we need not be afraid to face evil itself. If we were afraid to face the crime before, of course it was very detrimental things, who would then uphold justice? Kaypang's goal is to eradicate crime, to uphold justice and peace by quelling falsehood. If indeed our figure is crushed by Jie Liong Kauw's people, we can still try other ways to deal with them."

Su Lian nodded, but his face was gloomy. Although he agreed with the young man to go to Tuwang-cung, his heart was really restless.

Su Lian knew for sure that it was impossible for Sin Han to face Koko Timo. Let alone Koko Timo, while he may not be able to deal with some of his students. But not to disappoint the young man. Su Lian had agreed to the young man's wish, to go to Tu-wang-cung village, to spend the night there.

Thus, with Sin Han on his white horse and Su Lian on his black horse, they had traveled through the meadow. They headed to the village of Tu-wang-cung.

Sin Han and Su Lian had stayed at the house of a resident in the village. For that Sin Han has given five silver tails to the owner of the house.

Sin Han got a room at the back of the house, while Su Lian slept with the owner's wife, because there was no other room.

In his room, Sin Han was lying on a wooden bed that was made of very rough wood, he didn't sleep, knowing that tonight, of course, Sam Tu Song would come to visit him with his friends. Sin Han just lay down to rest, to gather strength, to be used later against Sam Tu Song and his friends if they were to watch him.

Night's getting late....

Sin Han started to feel sleepy, his eyelids started to feel heavy, he closed his eyes with that attitude still lying down. But in the midst of the silence in the late night, Sin Han suddenly gasped in surprise until he jumped down from his bed, because the silence of the night had been torn apart by a heart-wrenching scream. Like flying, Sin Han jumped out of his room, as soon as he lunged out, the shrill screams grew louder and clearer. Sin Han quickly arrived in front of Su Lian's room, at that time the girl was also opening the bedroom door and barging out, they looked at each other.

"What happened?" asked Sin Han after he had mastered himself.

The shrill screams had disappeared, the silence of the night taking over the house again. And they heard the screams coming from the front room, without wasting any more time, Su Lian headed to the front room of the house, he said: "Maybe from there." his body slid into the vestibule, and Sin Han followed suit.

As soon as they arrived at the front room, the two of them stood up in awe.

The owner of the house, a man of nearly sixty years of age, was lying on the floor with his head crushed and all around him was the blood that pooled his body which had collapsed as a corpse. On his body were also several large wounds, where his clothes were torn and his disfigured face was barely recognizable. Standing in the room were three people with hideous faces smiling mockingly, fiercely, all of them well-built men, about forty years of age.

One of them, was saying in a cold voice: “We've taken care of a useless mouse.” Near the front door, stood another person that Su Lian and Sin Han immediately recognized. That person had a face that was as ruthless as those three, he was none other than Sam Tu Song,

Instantly Sin Han and Su Lian could guess what really happened. Of course, Sam Tu Song had invited his three friends to accompany them, only the owner of the house, who because of the lack of room, where Su Lian slept with his wife and Sin Han used the room behind his house, had slept in this front room. But who knows, Sam Tu Song and his three friends saw the elderly owner of the house, without saying much more, had intervened to destroy him.

At that time, the wife of the owner of the house ran out, seeing her husband's condition like that, she screamed while bumping into her husband's corpse, she shouted in a frantic voice between her tears "You... you have harmed my husband... you... you guys. humans are cruel and evil

The three ruthless-faced men laughed horribly, while Sam Tu Song himself did not miss laughing with a mocking attitude, he looked savagely at Sin Han and Su Lian.

Sin Han couldn't control himself anymore, this young man had jumped in front of the three people.

“You humans have no humanity!” he snapped. "The old man who was helpless you tortured and destroyed in such a cruel way"

"Hmmm, it's precisely because he dared to accommodate you that his death shouldn't be blamed on us, instead you both have to bear it. Isn't it if you don't stay at his house. this, you will not harm him?”

Sin Han's face was red, apparently the young man could not hold back, his body immediately moved very fast, he jumped forward, his right hand hit one of the three people, who was on the right and closest to him.

But the man laughed mockingly with a savage face, he dodged the attack. Sam Tu Song himself had shouted "Sam Su-siok, it was he who had prevented me from taking that girl back"

The person who was attacked by Sin Han wasn't just dodging, because with the same nimble movement he had counterattacked with a punch that slid towards the left side of Sin Han's chest. he's after Mo-sing's blood path.

Sin Han did not stop at his first attack, as soon as his opponent dodged, instead attacked him with that dangerous punch, Sin Han quickly pulled his hand back, while pulling his hand back he also shifted the position of the hand. With all five fingers spread out, he gripped his opponent's wrist. He succeeded with the move, and his opponent didn't have time to dodge his hand, because as soon as he pulled his hand, his wrist was blocked, instead he felt a very strong tug from Sin Han, entangling him fiercely and containing a force that was difficult to resist.

The person let out a muffled cry, he lost his enthusiasm and energy, on both legs, he stood up straight and his left hand grabbed Sin Han's head Also the two friends did not remain silent, because very quickly they had jumped with agile movements, their hands moved quickly no kidding, grabbed several parts of Sin Han's body.

Being attacked like this, Sin Han had no other choice, this young man released his dexterity, he then stepped aside to the right side, repelling attacks from the opponent on his right, using a very strong shampoo force. Thus his opponent's hand shook from the force of the shampoo, he had jumped out of the way. So that Sin Han could escape from the two attacks of the other two opponents.

The three people did not stay silent until there, they attacked again simultaneously. In fact, their attacks were not random attacks. Their hands grabbed accompanied by a very strong Iwekang, aiming for the deadly parts of Sin Han's body.

Sin Han continued to fight back, thinking in his heart: "The intelligence of these three people is not low, if I were to face them one by one, of course I could easily knock them down, but now that they attack simultaneously, I must be more vigilant."

Sam Tu Song himself had jumped close to Su Lian, grinning horribly he said: "Now you can't escape my hands!" His hands were outstretched, he wanted to hold the girl again.

Su Lian's state was still weak because he had been affected by some kind of poison that the opponent had given him when he was their prisoner, making his strength seem to disappear. How could he face Sam Tu Song.

But Su Lian didn't want to stay still, he jumped to dodge Sam Tu Song who was attacking him with a hideous grin, then Su Lian's legs tried to kick. But Sam Tu Song did not look down on the attack, he tilted his body, when the girl's kick shot beside his waist, his hand was stretched out again, he grabbed the girl's wrist.

Su Lian complained, if he was captured by Sam Tu Song, of course the situation would be very dangerous, where he would be made a dependent to bully Sin Han, thus Sin Han would face difficulties, also in facing his three opponents. Therefore, in such a state of urgency, Su Lian became desperate. Quickly his free right hand drew his sword, whereupon the weapon slid into Sam Tu Song's stomach.

At that time Sam Tu Song was overjoyed that his tackle was successful, but when the sword flashed towards his stomach, he was surprised and quickly dodged it. And his movement was still too late, even though his stomach was spared from the stab of the girl's sword, yet his left shoulder was grazed by the blade of the girl's sword, so that his shirt on the shoulder was torn apart, he took a few steps back, grimacing in pain. .

Seizing this opportunity, Su Lian jumped backwards away from Sam Tu Song. He was ready with his sword, because if Sam Tu Song attacked him again, he would be reckless. Sam Tu Song, having vanished from his shock, grinned savagely as he walked over to Su Lian, he said in a voice that contained an air of anger, “Hmm, you want to fight, eh? Hemm, I Sam Tu Song will show, what is the proper reward for a rock-headed girl like you" And he had charged again at Su Lian, even though the girl was holding the sword weapon, but apparently he did not flinch, knowing that the girl had been affected by the poison that had snuffed out his strength.

Su Lian knew the danger was threatening, he opened his eyes wide, when Sam Tu Song approached was close, the girl was determined to stab again, the movement he did was very fast his sword flashed.

Sam Tu Song this time did not dodge, because he had been alert and he was just watching the sword grab, when the blade was about to hit his stomach, he flicked with his index finger, the sword flicked against the target, and used the good timing, Sam Tu Song lunging forward, he grabbed both of the girl's arms

Su Lian complained, this time he had been made helpless by Sam Tu Song, because both his arms had been grabbed by Sam Tu Song the girl couldn't move her hands or her sword to attack. Sam Tu Song's grip was so strong that he died of lice.

Sam Tu Song laughed sinisterly, his right hand moving to poke some of the girl's blood trails. Instantly the girl's body slumped down on the floor, unable to move anymore. Even though Sin Han was busy dealing with his three opponents, he had time to pay attention to Su Lian's condition. Seeing what happened to Su Lian, Sin Han was really worried and shocked.

At that time, one of his opponents was in front of him. was attacking with the "Eagle Slashing Wings" movement, the person's right hand poked towards Sin Han's skull, and the other hand that had attacked would hit Sin Han's left shoulder. His opponent's movement was very similar to the movement of an eagle flapping its wings. The attack power was not light because the attack wind was howling. Sin Han immediately crouched down a bit, he slammed his right hand towards his opponent's chest.

Sin Han's shoulder was hit hard by that guy's punch, but on the other hand, Sin Han's punch had also hit him.

While letting out a scream of pain, the person staggered back two steps, then with his eyes wide open, he vomited fresh blood once.

Sin Han himself experienced things that put him in no light threat, because at that time, the shoulder that was hit by his opponent's hand was excruciatingly painful, fortunately Sin Han had rushed to protect his shoulder by concentrating the lwekang on his shoulder, although his opponent's punch was very accurate hit his shoulder, his pipe bones were not crushed or broken. With a grimace in pain. Sin Han tried to fix his legs, whereupon he took two steps back, and exhaled his spirit, then grabbed the right hand of another opponent, the shampoo was so strong, that there was a great impact.

While the other opponent, has also accompanied the attack. Thus, it seemed that Sin Han had been busy to dodge to and fro four times, because in a row these two opponents pushed him hard.

Sin Han's opponent, who was vomiting blood earlier, seemed to be filled with rage. After resting for a while, he jumped up with a savage scream, his hands moving violently, clamoring for Sin Han.

This young man's condition was seriously threatened by his three opponents. Moreover, Sin Han is also very worried for the safety of Su Lian who has been held captive by Sam Tu Sang.

Sam Tu Sang at that time had turned his back with a hideous grin, he snapped: "Sam Susiok, I have caught this girl, if that bastard doesn't give up, I'll let this girl slit her throat."

Sin Han's heart tightened. A human like Sam Tu Seng, a lowly human like that would not hesitate to prove his threat. Therefore, he jumped to the right, then grabbed the hand of one of his opponents, saying: "Stop it, I want to talk"

Sin Han's three opponents jumped back, they didn't push any further.

"What do you want to say?" they asked almost in unison. "If indeed you don't kneel and surrender well for us to be arrested, hemmm, hemmm, of course I will chop his body"

Sin Han sighed, then with his eyes fixed on the three people in turn, then he replied: "Okay, I'll give up and give you my captors, I'm willing to be bothered by you, however, there is one condition for that"

"What are your conditions? We want you to surrender unconditionally. We are the ones who issue the conditions. If you disobey and still try to put up a fight against us, hmmm, we will immediately destroy that girl first, and then take care of you!”

"I will give up, but you have to free the girl" said Sin Han.

The three uncles of Sam Tu Song's teacher, had looked at each other, finally one of them replied, "For that, our Kauwcu will decide. Now you surrender well and come with us to our headquarters, later you will judge both of you.”

Sin Han sighed. He thought, for himself of course he would not give up, even if he had to accept death, he would definitely put up a persistent fight. But instead he was worried about Su Lian's safety, so he finally decided to just give up first, to be taken to the opponent's headquarters and there just think of a good way to escape.

"Good!" he said then.

Two of the three ruthless men have stepped forward, and they have arrested Sin Han. Indeed, Sin Han kept his promise, he didn't try to put up any resistance at all, he let his two opponents shackle his hands.

In fact, his one opponent had come and pierced the path of Tai-yang Hiat Sin Han, so that his strength disappeared.

Sin Han complained. By being punched like that, it was clear that he would find it difficult to escape later. Therefore, he had been silent while deep in thought.

Su Lian was also flanked by Sam Tu Song, then they left the villager's house. And the wife of the owner of the house is still sobbing, weeping for her husband's tragic death.

Apparently when the four of Sam Tu Song and his three teacher uncles arrived in the village, they immediately investigated for traces of Sin Han and Su Lian. And they saw the black horse and the white horse of the two men they were looking for. Thus, they came to know that the two men they wanted were in the house.

Immediately they barged in.

In the front room they saw the old man of the house, without saying much more, he immediately destroyed the old man.

Now, having succeeded in capturing Sin Han and Su Lian, they immediately left the village, to bring their two captives to their headquarters and confront their Mother.

-oodwoo- JIE LIONG KAUW is a very large association, where the leader of the association is a person who has extraordinary intelligence. Also the leader of the association, a Persian named Koko Timo, has strange knowledge. It has been a dozen years since he founded this association, he accepts a large number of students and indulges his students in committing various crimes. Thus, Jie Liong Kauw is feared by the residents around the place.

Koko Timo's students are also not weak people. They are generally land crocodiles and champions in that place now they have a teacher like Koko Timo who has such high intelligence, so they have a very strong backbone and have also received great education from the extraordinary sciences of the teacher, thus they are more daring to vent their evil deeds.

Besides accepting dozens of students, Koko Timo has also allowed his students to take more students, so in a short time, Jie Liong Kauw has members consisting of people who have quite high intelligence. Sam Tu Song, who was originally just an errand boy in an inn, after entering Jie Liong Kauw, he gained quite a bit of intelligence. Because his environment consists of cruel and bare-handed humans, Sam Tu Song has also followed in the footsteps of his teacher and teacher uncles, he became a ruthless person and always indulged in countless crimes, raping girls and people's wives, robbing or killing people. , all of which was done with unblinking eyes.

If indeed Jie Liong Kauw's students meet a formidable opponent, they will not hesitate to play a gang, and generally Koko Timo's students have very high intelligence. If Koko Timo's students have intervened, of course the matter can be resolved, the strong opponent can be taken care of

However, if it can't be solved because the opponent is too clever, then Koko Timo will step in on his own. So far, Koko Timo has never used more than three moves to knock down his opponent. This is because Koko Timo's intelligence has reached a high and perfect level, and it can be said that there are rarely people who can match or face more than three moves.

With the shrewdness of the Kauwcu, all members of Jie Liong Kauw grew bigger and carried out arbitrary acts, they feared no one, always committed crimes and riots. Not infrequently, they messed up beyond their control.

When Sin Han and Su Lian were taken to Jie Liong Kauw's headquarters, it was early morning, when the sun was shining warmly. And Sam Tu Song and his three uncles had brought their two captives to a very large and magnificent two-story building. In the living room, the two prisoners were knocked to the floor. When entering the building that served as the headquarters of Jie Liong Kauw. Sin Han can still see, there are a lot of Jie Liong Kauw students, who are in the building, generally they have cruel faces and look at them with a hostile attitude. Among them there were also those who were laughing while whispering, apparently talking about the girl's beauty.

From the inner room stepped an old man aged over sixty years, whose mustache, beard and hair on his head had turned white, his attitude was very arrogant. He sucked a stick of huncwe which was grabbed by his left hand. When he saw the two captives, he narrowed his eyes slightly and glanced at the three Uncle Sam Tu Song teachers, and asked in a cold voice: “Su-te, did you have any trouble catching them?”

The three ruthless people clasped their hands together as they said: “No, Suheng, how could we possibly be troubled by anyone? Hemm, if he was stubborn, of course the girl had become a corpse. Shouldn't that be a pity?"

The haughty-faced man nodded slowly, he then said in a bland voice: “Free them.”

The three people turned to Sam Tu Song, apparently Sam Tu Song understood, that he was ordered by his uncle teacher, immediately approached the girl, he opened the way for the blood in the girl's body, so that Su Lian could stand up again with a sluggish body, his face was red with anger.

Meanwhile, when Sin Han opened his fist, he had jumped to his feet. Ever since he saw the haughty-faced man sucking the long huncwe, Sin Han had thought that if he had the chance, of course he would take one of the Jie Liong Kauw members as a substitute for Su Lian. his three younger brothers and sisters to open his finger and free him. Thus, Sin Han immediately thought: "Hmmm, I have to make the best of this opportunity to catch one of them."

The Jie Liong Kauw person who was closest to him was Sam Tu Song, who had opened a full blow to him. Once free from the impact of the pounding, Sin Han had jumped up with both arms outstretched, he was gripping. His movements were very fast, what he was aiming to grab was the path of the Malian-hidden blood of Sam Tu Song.

Sam Tu Song was shocked, he couldn't possibly escape from Sin Han's unexpected grip, they weren't too far apart either. He could only let out a scream, and Sin Han's hand grabbed it so close it would immediately grab it.

The haughty-faced person with his long huncwe, was not at all surprised to see that, and just flicked his sleeve, suddenly a few rays of light flashed towards Sin Han's hand, forcing Sin Han to pull back his hand breaking his grip on Sam Tu Song, because if he continued with that point, of course his hand would be grabbed by the secret weapon released by the arrogant-faced person. Seizing the opportunity, Sam Tu Song had jumped back with a sweaty face, he seemed to be shocked and furious, he snapped “Human bastard. !”

But the haughty-faced man had signaled to him, so that he would not have to cause a fuss. With slightly narrowed eyes, the haughty-faced person had said in a bland voice: “What is your name, young man? And who is your teacher? It seems that you have intelligence that is not weak.”

"I'm Sin Han. my teacher Sin Kun Bu Tek Lo Ping Kang” replied Sin Han.

“Ohhhh, Lo Ping Kang? Was he the one who founded the Kay-pang society, the beggar society?” when he asked that, the haughty-looking man didn't show any surprise at all, he only gave a mocking smile.

Sin Han nodded. "Exactly. Therefore, if you from Jie Liong Kauw don't want to clash with us from Kay-pang, you obviously have to be more friendly in this way, of course a clash between Kay-pang and Jie Liong Kauw will be difficult to avoid."

The haughty-faced man raised his head, he looked up at the ceiling of the room, which was composed of beautiful carvings and gilded with liquid gold. And he opened his mouth wide laughing loudly.

He laughed like that for a long time, finally he stopped laughing and said: “What's so great about Kay-pang? Hemmmm, using the name Kay-pang you want to bully me? Want to bully Jie Liong Kauw? In our eyes, Kay-pang is nothing more than a mob of hungry beggars. If Lo Ping Kang dares to set foot in our place, we'll beat him to pieces like a dumb dog."

Hearing his teacher being insulted like that, Sin Han's face turned bright red, he had shouted angrily: "Don't talk as you like. If you really feel like Hohan who has high intelligence, and Jie Liong Kauw is an association of Hohan, come on, let's compete with me Hohan, don't be cowardly by playing gangs"

Hearing Sin Han's words, the arrogant old man laughed again, with a mocking attitude, then he tastefully turned to his three sutes, his younger brothers, to rebuke: "Did you take him captive by ganging up?"

At that time, the faces of the three younger brothers and sisters of the arrogant-faced man had turned bright red, they seemed embarrassed and angry. Now Suheng they asked like that, adding to their indignation. But in fact the three of them ganged up on Sin Han and also captured the young man by means of bullying, namely using Su Lian who was threatened with annihilation if Sin Han didn't give up.

"True. But if he's curious and wants to play with us one-on-one, we don't mind serving him either." said the haughty-faced man.

"Now you go ahead and play a few moves with the valiant young master, this famous Ho-han from Kay-pang," the haughty-faced man ordered.

One of the three sutenya, who is called by his name as Koat Jie, has agreed. Very agile, without saying much, he jumped in front of Sin Han, his movements agile.

"Let's get started" he challenged.

Sin Han is also getting ready. He thought, to deal with Jie Liong Kauw's people is indeed difficult. Although now Koat Jie is advancing alone to battle him, after all, if Sin Han succeeds in knocking him down, the other members of the group will advance. If Sin Han always manages to win, then in the end, Jie Liong Kauw's people will attack again.

However, Sin Han still thinks, the current situation has put him in a bad position, staying silent, accepting the challenge, will make him exhausted. To buy time, Sin Han finally agreed to the challenge, to compete with Koat Jie, because on that occasion, of course, Sin Han could think about how he should face the Jie Liong Kauw people.

"Koko Timo's students are already so tough, how can Koko Timo's own intelligence be so great?" thought Sin Han. While thinking so, he too had nodded his head, he said "Okay, let's get started"

And he immediately got ready to spar with Koat Jie.

Meanwhile, Suheng Koat Jie, the cold-faced old man, had been watching with an arrogant attitude, keeping an eye on Sin Han. Koat Jie wasted no more time. He was angry, because earlier Sin Han said that he and his two classmates were playing gangs to destroy this young man. Now that he was asked by his master to have a match with Sin Han, then don't waste this opportunity

To show that his intelligence is high enough to knock the young man down. As soon as he snapped, both his hands had moved. He strikes with a formidable punch and contains a formidable force. This was because Sin Han did have high intelligence, and Koat Jie had seen it before, now he didn't want to be sure. Once attacked, he uses a move that can kill or instantly injure his opponent severely.

Sin Han did not remain silent. He greeted Koat Jie's attack. That's how the two of them had attacked each other and fought with excitement.

But as Sin Han had expected, facing Koat Jie one on one, he was able to deal with it easily.

Koat Jie's every hand has been easily dodged by him, and he has always counterattacked, his two hands attacking no less.

Koat Jie had originally attacked violently. Past him from a dozen moves, he has begun to be pressed, where this Jie Liong Kauw disciple, can only parry, dodge and play backwards.

Witnessing his opponent's state, Sin Han intensified his attack. The haughty-faced man, Suheng Koat Jie,. watched the battle with a pair of furrowed brows and slightly narrowed eyes. By being ordered that Koat Jie serve Sin Han, it was because Suheng Koat Jie wanted to see how high the intelligence of the young man was. Now that he had seen a dozen moves, he could already guess how high-skilled Sin Han was.