Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 10

Volume 10

TO Sam Liu Taisu he was ordered to give several kinds of medicinal herbs, so that the pain suffered by the seriously injured person was reduced.

One night the seriously injured person was dying, he was neither alive nor dead. Apparently the elixir that was given to him did not bring good results and there was no reaction at all.

Towards dawn, Tat Mo Cauwsu was forced to use his Lwekang, to help accelerate the person's blood circulation.

Judging from his face, it seemed that this person was only over thirty years old, and from the way he was dressed it was obvious he was a Kangouw.

Just as Tat Mo Cauwsu had finished channeling his lwekang to that person, a report came in that an Indian priest wanted to meet him.

Tat Mo Cauwsu is a priest from India, now hearing outside waiting for an Indian priest who wants to meet him, immediately ordered him to invite the priest into the temple. When Tat Mo Cauwsu came out of the living room, he saw an Indian priest with a Han, sitting there waiting.

The Indian priest was none other than Bianlu Syamar, who immediately stood up when he saw Tat Mo Cauwsu come out. He clasped his hands together in a salute: “Didn't know Suheng was actually here!” Bianlu Syamar exclaimed in a voice filled with joy. He also has continued his words: "Receive respect Sute"

Thio Yang Lin, who together with Bianlu Syamar had also paid their respects, replied Tat Mo Cauwsu, “Sute. when you arrive in China?” asked Tat Mo Cauwsu with great joy.

Because Bianlu Syamar is Sutenya, who while in India they studied together.

Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately served Sutenya and Thio Yang Lin happily. But when he heard Bianlu Syamar's story about Ban Hun Shia and his disciple, Tiat Tauw Kie, Tat Mo Cauwsu's face turned gloomy.

"Yes, indeed last night they came to Siauw Lini Sie." nodded Tat Mo Cauwsu and then took a deep breath, he said: “The two of them, teacher and student, don't seem to be of good human race, moreover Ban Hun Shia, he is one of the progenitors of the Martial Arts Forest. Thus, a person with such high intelligence, but his soul is not good, it will only bring a disaster that is not small for mankind in general"

Bianlu Syamar nodded approvingly, he said: “Yes. when fighting with me, it seems that he too has a somewhat lost martial art. Who knows that Ban Han Shia is a champion in this martial arts jungle in China. Hmm, he still doesn't want to understand even though I have repeatedly tried not to fight recklessly like that"

Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed. "Yesterday, I received a special message from another datuk, namely Ngo Ok, where he sent a very badly injured man"

After saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took Sutenya to go see the person that Ngo Ok sent, who still hasn't regained consciousness and has recovered his memory, he is still in a stupor

Bianlu Syamar took a deep breath, then said: "If you look at it that way, it seems that Ngo Ok is indeed a very reckless person, and is also a human being who cannot be dealt with gently."

Tat Mo Cauwsu agreed. “It is people like them, Ngo Ok and Sam Ok, who have very high and perfect intelligence, but have bad souls, the most difficult to deal with. They can put up a persistent fight, because they rely on their perfect intelligence, while their souls are very perverted, they can drop the hand of death on people they don't like. And if you look at it that way, it seems that Ngo Ok, the five Datuks, will deal with Siauw Lim Sie. So far, what I don't know is the temperament and character of the other three Datuks."

"Then what is Beng Sam Cie's intention by sending the seriously injured person to Siauw Lim Sie?" asked Bianlu Syamar in amazement. Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed. "I don't know myself yet," replied Tat Mo Cauwsu.

And then they had returned to the living room, to converse on various matters. They also shared their experiences with each other.

Bianlu Syamar recounted that from India he had gone to Persia, because he heard that Tat Mo Cauwsu became the eighth Living Buddha there. But in Persia, he did not manage to meet this fellow teacher, because Tat Mo Cauwsu had left Persia and traveled in mainland China. Therefore Bianlu Syamar immediately headed to China, to look for the Suheng. Although with great difficulty, he finally managed to meet this Suheng.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has told of his struggles to build the Siauw Lim Sie temple and broadcast the teachings of the Buddha in mainland China. Also of course, Tat Mo Cauwsu put forward his lofty aspirations, to start gathering followers of the Buddha's teachings in mainland China, to be prepared in case the Buddhist followers of Persia and elsewhere were forever divided into two groups.

“By gathering new believers here, they are true believers. still pure, where the pure teachings of the Buddha can be given to them.” explained Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Because of the necessity of Bianlu Syamar's arrival to look for Tat Mo Cauwsu, it also brought less encouraging news for Tat Mo Cauwsu, namely that in India there was turmoil. Indeed, when Sidhartha Gautama Buddha taught Buddhism, King Bimbisara of Nogadah, in India, had said: "If I may say, you are not teaching a new religion, but teaching a major change in Hinduism."

"True as the King said," replied the Buddha at that time. And indeed before attaining the Enlightenment of His Holiness, Sidhartha Gautama was a Hindu, just like the people in the Indian empire at that time.

Hinduism has become the National Religion at that time, meaning that it is a religion that only exists in the world, at the time of Sidharta Gautama it was the National Religion. Like all governments of the world today are National Coverments. As an example, it can be stated here that the US government enforces laws and governs the US population itself. The laws are not for residents of other countries. The laws held in other countries are the same. Each country makes laws for its own people.

Likewise with the world's religions at the time of Siddhartha Gautama Buddha.

There are even religions that do not allow other nations to follow them. Hinduism is like that too. The religion is meant only for people who are born as Hindus. Whoever is not born a Hindu, even though he believes in everything, and worships ........

whom he worships, he is still not accepted as a follower of Hinduism.

When the Buddha announced that everyone could follow the Brotherhood of Monks, no matter what nationality, skin color, or nationality, as long as that person was happy to practice the Eight Noble Ones, he could be accepted by Buddhism, which is the universal religion ( Universal Religion), which means religion for all people in the world.

"To whoever is true and honest he is the blessing," said Buddha. And if this is true for Hindus, it should be true for all people around the world.

But recently, there has been a very striking and enormous change in India. India, as the birthplace of Buddhism, turns out to have the fewest followers, because in general the Indian people are still more inclined to the religion of their ancestors, namely Hinduism. And finally, there have been clashes between Buddhist priests in India and Hindu priests. That is what Bianlu Syamar wanted to convey to Tat Mo Cauwsu, because the clashes that occurred were getting worse and worse, which often resulted in casualties.

Hearing what Bianlu Syamar reported, Tat Mo Cawwsu's face became very gloomy.

Bianlu Syamar stated that he wanted to invite Tat Mo Cauwsu back to their country to try to resolve the disputes and conflicts, so that they could be resolved so that other casualties would not fall. For this request, Tat Mo Cauwsu asked Bianlu Syamar for one month to decide. During that time, Bianlu Syamar stayed at Siauw Lim Sie, to await the decision of Suheng, the elder brother.

====== TIAT TAUW KIE and his teacher, Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong, had followed the two men who carried the seriously injured young man. They followed until they reached the steps leading to the Siauw Lim Sie temple. There they did not follow further. It was from that distance that they could see how the two men had handed the injured man over to Sam Liu Taisu, and had delivered a scroll of letters.

These teachers and students didn't want to get too close to Siauw Lim Sie, they had waited for so long. until finally they saw the two men carrying the seriously injured youth pass near the steps. Immediately Ban Hun Shia arrested them and asked Siauw Lim Sie their real business of bringing the injured person,

The two people who were residents of a village at the foot of Mount Siong San had given an explanation that they knew. After that they hastily left the peak of Siong San to return to their village.

Ban Hun Shia wondered, who is the human who had injured his victim so badly? And for a moment Ban Hun Shia hesitated, together with his disciples he had stayed on the steps leading to Siauw Lim Sie.

Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin soon arrived near the steps leading to Siauw Lim Sie.

Bianlu Syamar smiled at Ban Hun Shia and Tiat Tauw Kie, his attitude was friendly, but Ban Hun Shia looked at him with hateful eyes at Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin, not a word was said.

Actually Bianlu Syamar wanted to continue his journey, climbing the steps, to reach the Siauw Lim Sie temple, but at that time something quite extraordinary happened. When Bianlu Syamar climbed the first steps of the stairs, that's when a very strong wind rushed towards his head.

Bianlu Syamar has high intelligence and has mastered both lwekang and his magic skills, he can hear the wind of the attack, he immediately flicks his sleeve, because this swordsman knows that he is on the ass, being darkly attacked by someone.

But the sleeve of his robe had hit something hard and the thing that had grabbed him had slid down onto the mountain rocks, rolling some distance away. It turned out to be a human skull.

Bianlu Syamar turned to Ban Hun Shia who was behind him, he said in a cold voice: “We already know each other, and Lolap doesn't think Siecu needs to play dark attacks like that. If there's something you want to talk about, talk it over properly, why use all those dirty things to attack Lolap's butt?”

Ban Hun Shia's face was bright red. “Why should I attack with the backside? If I really wanted your soul, you bastard priest, I would certainly smack that bald head of yours with my hand, to smash it to pieces." It was no wonder Ban Hun Shia was furious, because the human skull was not the one who crushed him.

Bianlu Syamar showed an attitude of surprise at Ban Hun Shia's words, then with a faint smile this Indian priest had asked: “So Siecu wants to say that the attack was not done by Siecu? Who is it, then? Is it that one master, who is beside Siecu? Isn't this place, apart from the four of us there is no one else. If you really want to suspect that such a stinging attack, especially by using a human skull like that on Siauw Lim Sie priests, it is even more impossible, because as priests from a very well-known university door, besides that, Siauw Lim Sie is also a source temple. Buddhist broadcasters, surely they wouldn't do such a lowly thing."

And having said that, Bianli Syamar had clasped his hands together, he uttered the greatness of the Buddha.

Hun Shia's tires grew even more furious. "Obviously you're still accusing me of having blackmailed you, aren't you?" he admonished with his eyes wide open, very ruthless, he too had stepped up to him, preparing to attack.

Bianlu Syamar still clasped his hands together, he said: “It's not good if Lolap has to accuse someone. But who wants to be suspected of being the dark assailant, while in this place there are only four of us? Yes, could it be that the human skull grabbed it by itself ". Apparently Ban Hun Shia was no longer able to defend himself, he was furious, with a groan his body sped up agilely, his hands had been moved, he hit hard not kidding.

The wind of this blow roared violently at Bianlu Syamar's body.

But Bianlu Syamar, knowing Ban Hun Shia was a highly intelligent person, did not want to serve him anymore. If they did fight anyway, of course they would be involved in a long and endless battle, daring to waste energy in vain. Don't they have almost equal intelligence.

Bianlu Syamar was quick to dodge three times. then set his feet, his body had shrunk away from Ban Hun Shia, and this Indian priest had cried out in a loud voice: “Stop it stop”

Ban Hun Shia looked ruefully at Bianlu Syamar red-faced, he snapped: “What do you want to ramble on again?”

Bianlu Syamar clasped his hands together, he said: “Wait a minute, Siecu, be patient. actually

It's useless for us to complain about strength and knowledge, because whoever wins doesn't bring us any profit either. We have just met, there is no relation between us whatsoever, there are no other problems, moreover about revenge and heartache. Because of that, why do we have to fight with our souls and use all our abilities just to win a mere victory? Siancai Siancai Wouldn't it be wiser if we were friends?”

Hearing the Indian priest's words, Ban Hun Shia snorted coldly, He said: "It's good you talk. Earlier you had accused me of attacking you in a dark way. Hmmm, now you're saying that we should just be friends. Fine, then what is your responsibility with your groundless accusations?”

Bianlu Syamar smiled. The attitude of the Indian priest was very patient. "So Siecu wants to say that the dark attack earlier using the skull of a human was not done by Siecu?" he asked.

Ban Hun Shia looked savagely at him, then nodded as well. "Yes," he said fiercely. “I never said white became black and black became white”

“Lolap believes in Siecu. But who had attacked the dark like that?”

Ban Hun Shia pointed towards the rocky mountain on the right of the steps, there grew a very thick bush, from various flower trees that were growing very beautifully, because they were well arranged. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Only the flower tree was too lush and dense, so tight and also protected the other side from the eye.

“I saw that human skull snatching from that direction” said Ban Hun Shia.

Bianlu Syamar had turned his head to look in the direction Ban Hun Shia was pointing, then nodded. "Okay, let Lolap go see it" said the Indian priest patiently.

But just as Bianlu Syamar had said that, suddenly a very loud laugh was heard, which had echoed around the place.

"You don't need to search, I'm not going anywhere. Hemm, you are an Indian priest, I want to see how highly intelligent a priest from Thian Tiok is"

After the sound disappeared, a figure appeared to jump out with very agile body movements, his body so lightly glided and landed in front of Bianlu Syamar without making the slightest sound. That's the ginkang that has been very proficient.

Bianlu Syamar and the others have been watching. It turned out to be an old man with a short midget, with long arms.

Ban Hun Shia who saw the person, let out an exclamation of surprise mixed with joy. "Ha, it's you, Ngo Ok!" he said loudly.

The midget-bodied grandfather laughed loudly. "Yes, I thought my arrival to Siong San was only able to meet bald donkeys from India, I didn't know here I could meet Sam Ok, this is my luck that is not small" said the dwarf-bodied grandfather in a loud voice "And I see, you also dealing with this one bald donkey from India”

Sam Ok Ban Hun Shia nodded. “Yes, I was accused of assaulting him. I think, even though Sam Ok has intelligence that doesn't exceed Ngo Ok, I won't attack him so lowly," replied Sam Ok.

Ngo Ok laughed. “Ha, so you're saying that I'm a lowly human, who has darkly attacked him, aren't you?” he said in a cold voice. "And, indeed your tongue from the past until now is still very sharp" And again Ngo Ok laughed with a voice that echoed around the place.

Sam Ok has said quickly: "I didn't mean to say that, but indeed, if I had a grudge against this Thian-tiok priest, of course I wouldn't attack him as darkly as he alleged, I was still able to beat him to death"

Ngo Ok Beng Sam Cie laughed, he said: “I didn't even take the time to attack him with a human skull. If I hit him with my Iwekang, is his skull still intact? Hemmmm, I just want to see, how high is the intelligence that Thian-tiok priest has"

While Bianlu Syamar was already thinking: “This person has no low intelligence, it seems that Ban Hun Shia also has some disdain for him. No wonder I was shaking the sleeves of my robes to smack the skull of a human's head, my hands were shaking a little, presumably he is a martial figure on the same level as Ban Hun Shia"

Thinking so, Bianlu Syamar carried an even more wary attitude. It's just that he has kept quiet without showing any restlessness, his demeanor remains patient and calm, only occasionally does he utter the greatness of the Buddha.

Ngo Ok Beng Sam Cie at that time had turned his head with a grin, his very short body like a seven year old or eight year old child, had moved very lightly, knowingly he had stretched out his hand.

"Ngo Ok doesn't really have any skills other than attacking his opponent in dark." he mocked. And he also continued his outstretched hand, which was longer than his short body.

Bianlu Syamar had been wary ever since, and when he saw this short midget attack him like that without further ado, it made him angry, because it seems that Ngo Ok is a person who doesn't use rules and moves recklessly at will. However, the wind from the attack of Ngo Ok's hands caused Bianlu Syamar not to dare to move, because it was a powerful and deadly attack, so Bianlu Syamar dodged himself immediately, where he tried to block Ngo Ok's attack. His moves were lightning-fast, because Ngo Ok's attacks were really fast, it was hard for the eye to follow, and Bianlu Syamar had to fend them off quickly too.

At that time, Bianlu Syamar managed to block Ngo Ok's hands.

However, unlike the other experts, Ngo Ok did not pull his hands together. When both his hands were blocked by Bianlu Syamar. At that time Ngo Ok had exhausted his strength, he let his hands stick to Bianlu Syamar's hands. Bianlu Syamar was very surprised, because he felt how hot air was flowing from Ngo Ok's hand, the heat that made his hand feel like it was on fire.

Bianlu Syamar quickly let go of his inner spirit and energy, because his heart tightened to know that Ngo Ok was actually a man with perfect lwekang, and his lwekang energy was used with a hot nature, and created an air that was as hot as fire.

If Ngo Ok does meet an ordinary intelligent opponent, in one attack move like that he will succeed in making his opponent seriously injured, injured inside and the hand that will be used to fend off Ngo Ok's attack will become paralyzed and cannot be used for the rest of his life. But now he is actually dealing with Bianlu Syamar, who indeed has very high intelligence, therefore Bianlu Syamar cannot be brought down in that way. When Bianlu Syamar felt the heat of his opponent's two hands, he had collapsed by exerting his inner strength, therefore the hot inner energy of Ngo Ok had been able to be contained, instead he had managed to bounce back to its owner.

Taking this opportunity, Bianlu Syamar had joined in to attack with the shampoo of his other hand, which had been channeled into seven parts of his internal energy.

Realizing that he was dealing with a formidable opponent, Bianlu Syamar naturally knew that he could not serve him half-heartedly, which was why, this time he opened his attack with an eight-part lwekang, he stabbed in order to make his opponent dodge and stay away from him. from him, and then invite him to talk.

But Ngo Ok is really shrewd. Although his lwekang wasn't that much of a difference between Bianlu Syamar's, what was odd was the way he attacked him. What made Bianlu Syamar even more clumsy to serve him, was that the midget was always moving at the bottom, and his short body often confused Bianlu Syamar. If he had fought with someone of reasonable stature, he would have been able to attack much more easily and precisely, but now his opponent's short stature had made Bianlu Syamar often escape with his attacks.

And what is even more extraordinary is that Ngo Ok has a pair of hands that are longer than his body size.

Bianlu Syamar let go of his spirit when he saw Ngo Ok was flashing here and there. His short stature made him seem to move more swiftly than everyone else. Hence, as soon as he moved, his hands were moved, just as he confused Bianlu Syamar.

Bianlu Syamar supervised Ngo Ok's martial arts technique, repeatedly only dodging and dodging or parrying, if indeed it was too forced. And during that time, Biarilu Syamar had paid attention to the martial arts technique of this short man, so that he was able to learn martial arts from Ngo Ok Beng Sam Cie, where the priest from India tried to find the weakness of his opponent.

Finally, after a few more moves, Bianlu Syamar had moved his hands, first he clasped his hands together, as if he was saluting, then he snapped, his voice was like the groaning of a tiger, both of his palms were stretched out, from both of his palms slid a powerful force, grabbed Ngo Ok.

Ngo Ok felt a tremendous attack power from Bianlu Syamar, and he also felt a strange force from Bianlu Syamar's shampoo, making his chest feel like it was being crushed by something as heavy as a pound, so Ngo Ok had to quickly muster up his inner strength, protecting his chest. then his two hands, which were longer than his midget height, had been moved in an octagonal manner, the fingers of his two hands moving swiftly frantically in all eight directions.

Bianlu Syamar was surprised to see the way his opponent attacked like that, which was a counterattack as well as a counterattack from his opponent, in which both hands used a punching technique similar to the famous "Pat-kwa-kun" punch, namely the Eight Corners.

Indeed, Ngo Ok has brought out his special skill, namely the skill of hitting which causes his hands to fumble very quickly in eight directions. If he faced an opponent, then his opponent would be confused not knowing which target Ngo Ok was aiming for. But if Beng Sam Cie is braided by dozens of opponents, he can also deal with it well, because with his hands moving in eight directions, it's the same as protecting his whole body, and he can target the opponents he wants to destroy. Because of that, it was not easy for Bianlu Syamar to deal with such a punch. However, Bianlu Syamar has high intelligence, he can quickly control himself. He changed his martial arts method, again Bianlu Syamar paid more attention to his opponent's martial arts method,

While Ngo Ok himself attacked more and more intensely, the two of them had been involved in a very exciting battle.

Sam Ok Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong watched the way: the battle narrowed his eyes, then he thought in his heart “Looks like it, Ngo Ok. made a great deal of progress compared to his intelligence just a moment ago. Hmmm, during this time, I think Ngo Ok has been training himself hard, so that his intelligence can be said to have made rapid progress, and he is indeed a very tough opponent for me. Let him fight with the Indian priest, of course if they are both injured, it will cause Ngo Ok's lwekang power to decrease, so that if we fight knowledge again, of course Ngo Ok doesn't mean much to me"

Thinking so, Ban Hun Shia secretly got excited, he hoped that Bianlu Syarnar and Ngo Ok Beng Sam Cie would continue to fight until both of them were seriously injured.

While the two people who are measuring each other's intelligence have realized that their intelligence is indeed balanced and none of them is pressured for or also urgent. Both of them, parrying, welding also counterattack. Thus, the two of them fought even more excitingly.

But after passing a hundred moves, Ngo Ok saw that Bianlu Syarnar's skill was not below his, it seemed that this Indian priest could keep up, no matter how great his attacks were. Thus making Ngo Ok very curious.

Accompanied by savage screams containing a murderous aura, Ngo Ok has intensified his attacks and the Eight Directions punching technique he uses makes his hands flutter incessantly, making it very difficult to tell which direction he is aiming for.

It was then that Bianlu Syamar was able to know, even though his opponent's Eight Directions punching skill was excellent and perfectly trained, his weakness lay in his legs, which lacked a strong stance.

Maybe it's time to practice the Eight Directions punch. Ngo Ok pays less attention to the horses' legs. It was because of his short stature, he expected his opponent to have a hard time knowing his weakness anyway. And if his opponent knew that weakness, with his small body shape, it was clear his opponent was not easy to attack the weakest part of his defense.

But for Bianlu Syamar, it was another matter. When he saw his opponent's weakness, he immediately changed his fighting style. If at first Bianlu Syamar focused all of his attention on Ngo Ok's hands, now he has changed it, he doesn't pay much attention to Ngo Ok's hands, just twists and turns, then slowly Bianlu Syamar has gathered his inner strength in his legs.

When Ngo Ok was attacking with both hands to the right and left in a cross manner, where both long hands were stretched out, Bianlu Syamar accompanied him with the movement of his two legs, he kicked with multiple kicks, and the power of the kick was great and very strong, because he had been gathering his inner strength ever since.

The kicking wind was very strong, and Ngo Ok couldn't help but get hit by Bianlu Syamar's right leg. He was heartbroken when he saw his opponent's kick, but he was powerless to avoid himself, no mercy Ngo Ok stumbled back four steps back, he felt a pair of legs that were swept by Bianlu Syamar's legs hurt and hurt, as well as the bones of his legs will be destroyed.

With his face red with anger, Ngo Ok had snapped: “Fucking priest. You. ”

Bianlu Syamar smiled, he said in a calm and friendly manner: “Don't be angry Siecu. Actually there is no ill intent on Lolap just wanted to say something to Siecu, don't get angry like that, let's have a good talk"

Ngo Ok has now seen the greatness of this Indian priest, whose intelligence is indeed not below his intelligence, thus reducing his arrogance, he has said with his face still flushed with anger and curiosity "What do you want to say?"

"I have a lot to say," replied Bianlu Syamar. "And Lolap thought, of course Siecu would listen carefully"


“Actually, Lolap's arrival to China was only to find a friend of Lolap's, there was no intention to seek enmity with anyone. Wasn't there between Lolap and Siecu there were no previous clashes and affairs? Why do we have to clash with each other like this?”

"Aren't you Siauw Lim Sie's priest?" affirmed Ngo Ok wide-ranging. Because when he saw Bianlu Syamar for the first time, Ngo Ok suspected that this Indian priest was one of Siauw Lim Sie's priests. Wasn't Tat Mo Cauwsu also an Indian priest? That's why Ngo Ok earlier had a human skull impaled against Bianlu Syamar.

Bianlu Syamar shook his head. “This is the first time Lolap has come to Siongsan and has never met Siauw Lim Sie's priests, because of that Lolap himself doesn't know why Siecu suspected that Lolap is one of Siauw Lim Sie's priests? Or are all the priests of the temple made up of Indian priests?”

Ngo Ok turned red, he admitted the mistake of his question earlier. Indeed the Siauw Lim Sie temple was founded by Tat Mo Cauwsu. But apart from Tat Mo Cauwsu who is a priest from India, the other priests in Siauw Lim Sie are Han priests. He immediately laughed coldly to cover his embarrassment, saying: “Who knows? Wasn't Tat Mo Cauwsu an Indian priest? And you are an Indian priest too, so it might happen that you are a fellow teacher or friend who was deliberately invited to come here?"

Bianlu Syamar clasped his hands together, he said: “Siancai. Siancai It is precisely because of the greatness of the Buddha, Lolap hopes that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the friend Lolap is looking for. And Lolap's arrival here is indeed to find a friend from India too, because of that, if Siecu does not have any relationship with Siauw Lim Sie, Of course there's a lot that Lolap doesn't know well yet, and of course Siecu doesn't mind, does he?”

Ngo Ok had a cold laugh. "Hmmm, I just sent a special gift to Tat Mo Cauwsu, and also wanted to challenge him to a contest to see if it was true that Tat Mo Cauwsu's knowledge that was touted in Kangow circles as a Great Teacher was truly extraordinary and great? Because of that, it would have intentionally come to this Siong San.”

Hearing Ngo Ok's words up to that point, Ban Hun Shia had cut off the conversation “So that seriously injured person was sent by you? So it was your doing, Ngo Ok?”

"Yes." nodded Ngo Ok in a haughty manner. “And you, Sam Ok, what do you do hanging around Siong San too?”

Sam Ok was overjoyed to hear that Ngo Ok was also hostile to Tat Mo Cauwsu. "Just like you too" replied Sam Ok immediately. "I've also asked for teachings from the very famous Great Master." Saying that with a mocking tone, he had snorted a few times, then continued: "And I have fought several moves with him. But he's too cunning, he uses magic."

After saying that, Ban Hun Shia glanced at Bianlu Syamar.

Ngo Ok smiled mockingly as he looked at Bianlu Syamar, he said: “It is true that the priests from Thian-tiok are only good at their magic to take advantage. Hmmm, if only they would behave in a better and more honest manner, using only martial arts to deal with us, of course it would be able to determine clearly whether they really have true intelligence, or are they just bullshit.”

Bianlu Syamar is indeed very patient, even though Ngo Ok has insulted him like that, and is indirectly directed at him, his tone is also mocking, but Bianlu Syamar has said: “The matter about Tat Mo Cauwsu is still unknown to Lolap. However, if Lolap finds out later and talks with him, of course Lolap will know more, so he can also have a conversation with Siecu to discuss whether Tat Mo Cauwsu is a person who stands on a good line or is he lost.”

Even though he said that in his mouth, Bianlu Syamar thought “But what is clear is that both of you who are humans are lost. Sam Ok or Ngo Ok it's the same, you show your perverted martial arts skills, as well as your hands that are so tight.” Hearing Bianlu Syamar's words, Ngo-Ok laughed coldly. "Tomorrow night, I will go to Siauw Lim Sie to ask for directions and tell Tat Mo Cauwsu if you do meet him, so that he waits for my arrival"

Bianlu Syamar nodded patiently.

Thus, Bianlu Syamar then clasped his hands in salute, he continued his journey with Thio Yang Lin up the stairs leading to the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

By that time it was already dawn and he was greeted by a priest welcoming guests at the Siauw Lim Sie temple, until finally he met Tat Mo Cauwsu and it turned out to be none other than Suheng. It was a happy meeting, because it was true that Tat Mo Cauwsu was the person he was looking for. So then Bianlu Syamar had stayed at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

Meanwhile, Ngo Ok, and Sam Ok, along with Tiat Tauw Kie, did not appear at Siauw Lim Sie the next day. Bianlu Syamar informed Tat Mo Cauwsu about the arrival of Ngo Ok to the Siauw Lim Sie temple, and indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu was prepared to wait for it, because Tat Mo Cauwsu would try to realize both Ngo Ok and Sam Ok from their error.

One day, then another day passed. Then another day passed. That's how Ngo Ok, Sam Ok, Tiat Tauw Kie, Sam Ok's student number three, have not yet seen the bridge of his nose. Bianlu Syamar and Tat Mo Cauwsu only thought that maybe Ngo Ok and Sam Ok had canceled their intention to visit Siauw Lim Sie, considering Tat Mo Cauwsu's extraordinary intelligence. Or indeed, according to Tat Mo Cauwsu's suspicion, the two Datuk Persilatan met an unexpected obstacle....

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu had ordered Siauw Lim Sie's disciples to maintain strict vigilance, because the experience where the back of the Siauw Lim Sie temple which had been burned by Ban Hun Shia, was a very bitter experience. Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want this unfortunate problem to happen and repeat itself.

But after a week, Ngo Ok and Sam Ok still didn't pay attention to Siauw Lim Sie, maybe the two datuks had changed their plans.

The young man who was badly injured is gradually recovering, now he is not unconscious anymore, has been able to talk, but his condition is very sad, with a pair of blind eyes. his severed nose and missing earlobes and his torn mouth became wide. Truly he is a young man who must be pitied his fate.

To Tat Mo Cauwsu the young man had told him that he was a Piauwsu in the Holam area, and for some reason, he was hostile to Ngo Ok Beng Sam Cie, and that day they unexpectedly met at the foot of Mount Siong San. At that time the young man who claimed to be named Phang Tai Cong, was doing his duty to deliver goods and Ngo Ok had stopped him, tortured him, until he was injured so badly. He too was in a stupor, not knowing he had been sent to Siauw Lim Sie. After telling him everything, Phang Tai Cong burst into tears.

Tat Mo Cauwsu comforted him. And the founder of Siauw Lim Sie who saw the plight of the young man. expressed his willingness to accept Phang Tai Cong as his third student, which was to become the younger brother of Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu.

Phang Tai Cong was not beyond ecstatic, because he had experienced the disaster, but his fate had changed so well, he could be accepted as a disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu, a great teacher who was very exposed to his shrewdness.

Tat Mo Cauwsu deliberately accepted this unfortunate young man as his disciple, because of his disfigured condition, namely with a pair of eyes that were blind, as well as hands and feet that were crushed by the strength of Ngo Ok's inner strength. If indeed Phang Tai Cong was ordered to become a disciple of Sam Liu Taisu or Sin Ceng Taisu, the young man would have not made any significant progress due to his disability. That's why Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted to educate him directly by himself.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also explained to Phang Tai Cong, that a disciple of Siauw Lim Sie must obey and fulfill one condition, namely: he must make a living as a priest. Phang Thai Cong agreed.

Thus, after another half month had passed, Phang Tai Cong performed a hair-shaving ceremony, and at that time his name was changed, using the title Wie Kong Taisu, namely the priest who entered the Door of Light or New Life. And he is Tat Mo Cauwsu's third disciple. Although his intelligence is far from that of his two masters, namely Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu, they are also below the intelligence of the students of the two Siauw Lim Sie priests, but after receiving Tat Mo Cauwsu's education, Wie Kong Taisu is the most knowledgeable person. the martial arts among the three students. Maybe because of his disability, Wie Kong Taisu made him persevere in learning all the knowledge inherited from his teacher, so that later he became a pious priest who was extremely intelligent.


WHERE did Sam Ok, Ngo Ok, and Tiat Tauw Kie go? It turned out that after Bianlu Syamar had left, the three of them had gone near the bush where there were lots of flower trees beside the road that had steps. They have been talking.

Ngo Ok and Sam Ok talked very happily, while Tiat Tauw Kie just listened.

Sam Ok has told his experience, frankly he also said that Tat Mo Cauwsu is indeed a person who has extraordinary intelligence.

"If it's just me or you are alone, of course you can't match it, Ngo Ok" said Sam Ok with a serious attitude.

Ngo Ok who heard Sam Ok's words was not happy, he was offended. “Perhaps it was because Tat Mo Cauwsu confronted you that you thought he had extraordinary intelligence. Not necessarily if he is dealing with me,” said Ngo Ok.

Saying that, Ngo Ok wanted to mean that his intelligence was definitely higher than Ban Hun Shia. And if Ban Hun Shia was knocked down by Tat Mo Cauwsu only a few moves it was only because he had not as perfect intelligence as Ngo Ok.

Sam Ok laughed coldly, he said, "Our intelligences are balanced, some time ago the five of us, Toa Ok, Jie Ok, I, Su Ok and you, Ngo Ok had a meeting to discuss martial arts, the five of us were balanced in intelligence, no one those of us who have the upper hand or those of lower intelligence. Therefore, if indeed I can't face Tat Mo Cauwsu, it's the same as you too, who can't possibly face that divine priest from India.”

Hearing Sam Ok's words, Ngo Ok laughed out loud mockingly. "Since when did you become such a coward?" he mocked. “Ha, ha, the five of us, Toa Ok, Jie Ok, Sam Ok, Su Ok and also Ngo Ok are the five Datuk Persilatan who have never met a match. But now, I hear directly from your mouth, as Sam Ok, that Tat Mo Cauwsu is a holy priest. Extraordinary! Extraordinary! This actually makes me drooling even more to complain about knowledge with him "

After saying that, Ngo Ok laughed again in a very loud voice, it was clear that he underestimated Sam Ok.

Of course Ngo Ok's attitude made Sam Ok unhappy, he said: "Do you still want to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu?"

"Yes, that's for sure," said Ngo Ok.

"I'm telling you everything honestly, not to bully you or to elevate that damned priest Siauw Lim Sie," said Sam Ok. “But I want to discuss it with you, how best to deal with it. Hmmm, by telling the truth about what I've been through and where I was knocked down by that goddamn priest, of course you can draw conclusions and can help give your opinion and think of the best ways to deal with that priest .. "

Ngo Ok was still laughing mockingly. "You don't have to be so restless," said Ngo Ok then with a very arrogant attitude. "You can watch, how, tomorrow morning I will beat Tat Mo Cauwsu, until he bends to his knees begging for forgiveness from me"

"You're too arrogant. You don't want to believe my statement, it's still okay. But it will make you the one who will be in your own trouble Hemm, it's up to you if you really want to look for Tat Mo Cauwsu too, I won't forbid you either. Instead I can watch later, how you were knocked down by that priest"

"Don't bring up Tat Mo Cauwsu too much to bully me," said Ngo Ok. "Hmmm, even if you say anything, I will still look for Tat Mo Cauwsu, to measure knowledge with him"

"Hemmmm, if so, fine. Tomorrow morning we will go together" said Ban Hun Shia irritably. because Ngo Ok doesn't seem to want to believe his statement about Tat Mo Cauwsu's shrewdness.

While Ngo Ok was still laughing arrogantly, just as he was about to speak, suddenly a voice said: “Yes. Indeed, what Sam Ok said is true. Ngo Ok, you can't act recklessly like that.” The voice sounded far away for a while, close to it, like being carried away by the wind, so that Sam Ok and Ngo Ok were surprised, moreover, they recognized that the person's voice was the voice of Toa Ok, the eldest grandfather. among the five existing progenitors.

“Toa Ok also came to Siong San here” Sam Ok exclaimed in a voice filled with joy. “This is good, because it means the three of us have gathered here. ”

In the distance, there was a sound of “Ting dingg dingg” a very soft sound like the sound of metal clashing, the distance between the voices was as if they were regularly spaced. Even the 'ting' sound was heard getting longer and longer, after echoing then it disappeared, followed by another 'high' sound.

For Sam Ok and Ngo Ok, the “ting'” sound doesn't have any effect. But for Tiat Tauw Kie, it's different, he has Iwekang who is still not perfect like his teacher and Ngo Ok, so hearing that repeated "high" sound made Tiat Tauw Kie's heart shake violently. His face turned pale and his body trembled.

Witnessing the state of his number three disciple, Ban Hun Shia quickly jumped to his side.

“Quickly sit cross-legged!” shouted Hun Shia.

Tiat Tauw Kie obeyed his teacher's orders he had sat cross-legged.

Meanwhile, Sam Ok is busy punching some blood paths in Tiat Tauw Kie's body, namely the blood paths of Sung-kie-hiat, Tay-cong hiat and Tay-tian-hiat. With the blood path being tapped, Tiat Tauw Kie's feelings calmed down again, and he too was able to immediately stand back up without being affected by the strange "ting" sound.

The “ting” sound was getting closer and clearer, until finally a figure was seen darting fast toward Sam Ok and Ngo Ok. The person was running so fast that he couldn't be seen clearly, just a mere clump of red, maybe that person was wearing red and had arrived before Sam Ok and Ngo Ok immediately.

"Toako!" exclaimed Sam Ok and Ngo Ok almost in unison.

The person who had just arrived was an old man whose condition was very strange. His body was thin as tall as a pole, but his back, arched deeply, was very stooped, and he stood with a stance like that of a hook, with his head bent forward, but a pair of straight legs. He was probably eighty years old, had a fairly long mustache and beard that was white, he wore a long red robe.

"You two gathered in Siong San only for Tat Mo Cauwsu business. And I came here for the Indian priest's business," said Toa Ok in a loud voice, like the sound of cans being tapped, loud and deafening, his voice was unnatural. , amber, yet shrill, showing his lwekang was at the perfect level.

"Right" nodded Sam Ok immediately. "Indeed I was the first to look for Tat Mo Cauwsu, because I couldn't accept him with the title of Professor Wasn't in the martial jungle the five of us as the Martial Datuk who controlled him, and now he appeared in China wearing the title of Professor, naturally I can't accept it just like that"

"That's right Sam-te, you feel that you came here first, but actually what you do is always watched over by me, so I clearly know how in a few moments you have been knocked down by that priest in an extraordinary and very strange way. Hmm, I've also seen that Indian priest may be above my own wits.”

Hearing Toa Ok's words like that, Ngo Ok became worried. There was no way Toa Ok, who was usually arrogant, would lie that he couldn't match the priest. Because usually Toa Ok is someone who never wants to give in. Because of that, now Ngo Ok wants to believe what Sam Ok said, that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence is indeed very high.

"Ngo-te" said Toa Ok again. "If you really don't want to accept disaster, you better postpone your intention to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu"

Toa Ok with a loud voice has continued his words again: “You certainly don't look down on this Toa-ko of yours, do you? Surely you also don't feel that your intelligence is higher and above mine, right?"

Ngo Ok nodded. “Of course where would I dare look down on Toako?” he said.

"If so, you better cancel it, postpone your intention to measure knowledge with Tat Mo Cauwsu, because I have seen it, in just a few moves Sam-te has been made in such a way, completely helpless. That time. if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsuu wanted to lower the hand of death on him, of course he could easily do so. Hemm, I who witnessed his intelligence have also obtained the reality, if indeed I were to replace Sam-te's position, measuring knowledge with him, of course I too would be knocked down just as easily as what happened to Sam-te"

“Is Tat Mo Cauwsuu really that liehay?” asked Ngo Ok still hesitating.

"Toakomu can not lie" said Toa Ok. “But I have thought of a way to get rid of that Indian priest in the best possible way. If indeed the five of us, namely the five Datuk Persilatan, can get together and have a good cooperation, no matter how bad Tat Mo Cauwsu is, we can definitely sort it out.”

"So you mean Toako?"

“We put off our intention to measure knowledge with the Indian priest, we went to look for Su Ok and Jie Ok, and when they had gathered with us, the five of us went to see Tat Mo Cauwsu. Of course at that time we don't need to scream anymore, playing we will definitely be able to deal with it as well as possible "

Hearing the words of the eldest Ok, Ngo Ok seems to be hesitating. He was silent for a moment, until he finally nodded as well. "If it's Toako who thinks that's the best, then I'll just comply" said Ngo Ok then "Where should we look for Jie and Su Ok?" "It's an easy matter. The important thing is that there must be solidarity between us. If not, of course our prestige will collapse. If we go up against that Indian priest one by one, none of us will be able to face him. It's different if the five of us go forward simultaneously, to face the Indian priest, of course we can face it as best we can, and there's no way Tat Mo Cauwsu can knock us down. Thus we can continue to maintain the prestige of the Five Datuk martial arts.

Ngo Ok more worried. He knows very well who Toa Ok is, and now that Toa Ok can say that, of course Tat Mo Cauwsu is really tough and has great intelligence. Therefore Ngo Ok also did not insist on his desire to accompany Siauw Lim Sie.

"Okay," he said then. “If Toako really thinks so, I'll be patient to see how clever Tat Mo Cauwsu is. I will be patient until Jie Ok and Su Ok have gathered as well.”'

Thus, they had discussed everything there, and finally they had left Siong San, to look for Jie Ok and Su Ok, to invite them to join in the fight against Tat Mo Cauwsu....

--oodwoo- OUTSIDE the city of Ban-ciu, in a grass field, where the grass doesn't grow very high, but the fresh green shows that the grass is growing quite well, there is a horseman who is running his horse away from Ban-ciu town , apparently he had just left the city.

The man's horse had white hair mixed with a slight brown tinge near the belly and tail, and the horse did run very fast, it seemed to be the horse of choice because with its large build, it probably came from Mongolia.

The rider on the white horse had also briefly stomped the reins of his horse, apparently he wanted the beast to run even faster. He was a young man over twenty years old, his face was handsome white, with his hair tied in a bun wrapped in white silk cloth, his shirt which was a long, white shirt. At first glance, he seemed like a weak student. But if you pay attention to the way he rides his horse, where even though the horse is running so fast, his body is not shaken at all, he is a young man who has high intelligence.

And what's even more amazing is that the white shirt is a bit weird. In some places and parts of the shirt itself, patched with several pieces of other colorful materials. This situation is interesting. Everyone who saw the young man would not think that the young man was a beggar. His clean clothes as well as his neat way of dressing and his well-combed hair were smooth and shiny, beside his clean and handsome white face. But the patches on his white robes did show him resembling a beggar. Or at least he was a destitute student. Maybe his white robe had been torn off and he patched it with another piece of cloth, because he didn't have the money to buy a new one.

Overall the young man was very dashing, and his horse was still galloping.

When he almost reached the end of the meadow, the young man whose clothes were full of patches had stopped his horse from running. He looked around him, using his hands to wipe the sweat off his forehead and face. He also complained. "I don't know how far I have to travel so that I can arrive at Siong San as soon as possible"

Then this young man sighed again, he ran his horse slowly. Suddenly his eyes caught sight of something. He looked in front of him, he saw two black dots that were coming, after getting closer, that was two horses, each with black hair, running in the front and a dark brown horse chasing behind. Apparently the two horsemen were chasing each other.

The black horse tried to run as hard as he could, because the rider repeatedly whipped it, making the black horse busy moving its four legs to gallop even more. But the dark brown haired horse behind him was also chasing him very fast. The two of them weren't too far apart.

What caught the youth's attention was that the rider on the black-haired horse was a girl, perhaps only seven or eighteen years old. And behind him was a man with a thick mustache and a ruthless face. The brown horse had been rushed quickly to catch up with the girl.

Finally, apparently the horse with brown hair was indeed faster at running, the girl was being chased. When he was about to pass the black horse, the cruel-faced man had stretched out his left hand, meaning to grab hold of his prey.

But the girl on the black hairy horse didn't stand still, she grabbed her right hand. His movements are very agile, showing that he has no low martial arts skills. The cruel-faced man's hand failed to grip, he pulled and then followed with another blow, which hit the girl's shoulder hard, because the girl couldn't avoid herself, heard her scream, her body bounced and fell on the grass. His black horse ran a few more spears, then stopped, probably knowing his master had bounced off his back.

The man laughed loudly and viciously, he also held his horse back, then jumped down from his horse's back, while continuing to laugh he approached the girl.

The girl with a very beautiful face, as soon as she fell from the back of her horse, had jumped to her feet, her right hand pulled out a sword, wincing in pain because her shoulder had been hit by the hand of the cruel-faced man. He was getting ready to put up a fight. "Remove your sword," snapped the savage-faced man. "You come with me well, so you don't receive any bad treatment"

The girl let out a mocking laugh: "I'd rather throw away the soul here, or later I will come with you"

Saying that, he waved his sword, so that a very loud “Nunggg” sound could be heard.

The cruel-faced man laughed loudly, he said mockingly as well as not looking down on the girl: “Miss you don't have to look hard for yourself. I'm telling you frankly, your swordsmanship doesn't mean anything to me, Sam Tu Song. Quickly sheath your sword again, let's go well with me.”

The girl apparently couldn't hold back any longer, biting her lip, she had lunged with her sword, she stabbed.

The girl's movements were actually quite agile and fast, but the stab hit an empty spot, because the ruthless-looking man, Sam Tu Song, had dodged to the right. His movements were agile and the force in his palms was enormous, because when the sword stabbed into an empty space, he struck swiftly, and the wind of his hand had made the girl's sword tilt to the side.

The young man on the white horse, who had only been watching what was happening, immediately understood what the problem was. It was also possible that the mean-faced boy wanted to annoy the girl, and the girl put up a fight. However, the patch-clad youth had furrowed his brows. He thought: “The girl's swordsmanship is actually a very great Kiam-hoat, because her swordsmanship moves look good and have many extraordinary features, but this girl uses Kiam-hoat less proficiently, she apparently lacks practice. while the Iaki2 who were his opponents seemed to have no low intelligence. Who are they, why is there a clash like this?”

Just when the white robed youth was full of patches was thinking like that, instead Sam Tu Song had snapped while moving his hands in succession, he attacked with a vengeance. Even though he was empty handed and the girl was gripping the sword, in reality Sarn Tu Song was able to urge the girl, because every time he moved his hand, from the palm of his hand it emitted a very strong wind blow, forcing the girl to dodge here and there

The sword in the girl's hand couldn't do much, every time she slashed or stabbed, she always failed. Because his stabs, or stabs, always hit an empty spot, the she Sam man was able to dodge him.

After a few moves, the girl was even more desperate. Even when Sam Tu Song shouted, he could snatch the girl's sword and threw it far away.

The girl let out a startled cry her face turned pale and she jumped back by several spears, it seemed she wanted to run away.

But Sam Tu Song with a mocking laugh had said savagely "If I intend to harm you, it would be as easy as turning my palm." Saying that, he stepped closer to the girl, he said again "Come, let's go. come with me well, and don't make things difficult for yourself."

The girl because she was afraid and worried about being disturbed by her opponent, apparently became desperate. Accompanied by a loud shout, he lunged while moving his hands very fast, in a desperate state he didn't care about his safety, he moved a pair of hands to attack simultaneously, aiming at the opponent's chest and shoulders.

But Sam Tu Song didn't flinch at all. He waited until the girl's hands were close, then he stretched out his hands, knowingly he had grabbed the girl's hands, he grabbed both of the girl's wrists and the girl couldn't move either, he too failed to pull his hand back, struggling to release the hold.

The girl while crying while cursing, she has moved her legs alternately kicking each other. But Sam Tu Song still grabbed both of the girl's wrists, he just dodged to and fro in a very agile motion, once, so he could dodge the kick. In fact, by bending his elbows, he nudged him close to the girl's chest, instantly the girl's path of Sung-tai-hiat's blood was cut, making the girl's strength disappear, and she slumped unable to stand still, as well as collapsed into Sam Tu's arms Song

The girl complained slowly, she also cursed frantically, because the girl realized that she had now fallen into the hands of her opponent, moreover she was in a state of being hit like that. It was thus clear that he could no longer escape from Sam Tu Song.