Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 09

Volume 09

Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong forced his hand back to cancel his attack. And he sprang backwards with his face turning bright red, turning again pale, then greenish, because he was so angry that his chest felt like it was going to explode. He saw with his own eyes, Tat Mo Cauwsu always moved arbitrarily, he didn't even move his hands and body excessively, it was an imaginary move, but every target he was aiming for was a target that forced Kwan Hu Thong to always cancel his attacks. Thus Tat Mo Cauwsu had never attacked back, it was Kwan Hu Thong himself who was afraid of the consequences of his own attack that could harm him, if indeed he was too pushy and forced with his attack,

This also shows that Tat Mo Cauwsu really has perfect intelligence.

Tiat Tauw Kie himself repeatedly saw his teacher canceling his attacks. Even though he saw that his teacher was not severely attacked by Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tiat Tauw Kie was secretly surprised, he didn't understand why his normally tough teacher was now in front of Tat Mo Cauwsu as if he had turned into a coward, and every time he attacked and yet the attack hit its target, he always pulled the debris back from his attack. Thus, Tiat Tauw Kie became irritated by himself.

Tiat Tauw Kie didn't know at all that his teacher had slipped through the eye of a needle several times. If Ban Hun Shia's intelligence was not perfect, he would be a very disappointing victim at the hands of Tat Mo Cauwsu. And thanks to Ban Hun Shia's perfect intelligence, he didn't fall victim to his recklessness in a few battles. As curious as Ban Hun Shia was, he stood stunned for a moment to regulate his breathing. He saw several humans were approaching quickly and lightly.

It turned out that Toajing along with several other Persians had come to the place. They were surprised, but seeing that Tat Mo Cauwsu the Eighth Living Buddha, remained calm with a patient smile, they didn't worry about Tat Mo Cauwsu, because they did know the perfection of the Eighth Living Buddha's knowledge. Then followed Sam Liu Taisu, Sin Ceng Taisu. and other Siauw Lim Sie students have arrived.

Seeing that, Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, he saluted Ban Hun Shia.

“Siancail Siancai! I'm sorry Bells can't accompany Siecu to play longer. And if indeed Siecu has returned to Siecu's place, later Siecu will slowly think about what Belleng said earlier, of course Siecu's intelligence will be much more perfect!” 

Just now Tat Mo Cauwsu said up to that point, Ban Hun Shia actually let out a very vicious yelling sound, he jumped while hitting using eight parts of his internal strength.

Tat Mo Cauwsu did not expect people to attack in a half-ass manner. Wasn't Ban Hun Shia a martial progenitor whose name was very fragrant? This is what makes Tat Mo Cauwsu less happy.

"This guy really seems lost, his martial arts moves are a cult!" Tat Mo Cauwsu thought, seeing that his opponent's attack was very close, then the Siauw Lim Sie magic priest waved his sleeve.

That's amazing. Fast is not playing there is a hard and strong collision. Tat Mo Cauwsu's body shook a little, but this sacred priest Siauw Lim Sie stood firmly in his place without moving, and he was still smiling patiently, his face also did not change. 

The great one is Ban Hun Shia. his body bounced off four more spears. He spun around holding his breath, so he wouldn't have to slam down. His body slid down and he was able to stand up straight again. In his right hand, the cuff of the sleeve of the priest Siauw Lim Sie's robe appeared, while in Tat Mo Cauwsu's own hand, a piece of cloth was caught from the shirt near Ban Hun Shia's chest!

It seemed that within those few seconds, when the collision occurred, both Tat Mo Cauwsu and Ban Hun Shia had brought out their intelligence. Their hands moved so fast, that apart from Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu, the others did not notice the movements of the two people. They both seem to be trying to grip when their hands hit each other. Ban Hun Shia tried to grab hold of the when from that sacred priest Siauw Lim Sie, he succeeded. To escape Tat Mo Cauwsu was not in a hurry, because the robe on his chest had been grabbed like that, near his armpit.

The only way, Tat Mo Cauwsu was forced to counterattack as well, grabbing Ban Hun Shia's arm. But Ban Hun Shia let out a startled cry, he pulled back his hand, the target was the sleeve of Tat Mo Cauwsu's robe that had been gripped torn by it. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu managed to grip him causing the shirt near the chest of his opponent to be torn apart and the piece of cloth in his hand.

Ban Hun Shia laughed coldly, he said “Good, now we each have seen who is superior. Well, on another occasion we meet '*'

After saying that, Ban Hun Shia deliberately threw a piece of cloth from the sleeve of Tat Mo Cauwsu's robe on the ground, with the intention of mocking the sacred priest.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu remained patient, he still smiled with his face not changing at all. Even this priest had thrown away pieces of his opponent's shirt, only when he saw Ban Hun Shia invite Tiat Tauw Kie to leave, Tat Mo Cauwsu had shouted "Hold on!"

Ban Hun Shia was heartbroken, but then he was furious, thinking that Tat Mo Cauwsu wanted to block his departure. "Oh, you want us to pit our souls until one of us perishes?"

Tat Mo Gauwsu shook his head patiently. “Siecu misunderstood again!” he said "There is something that Siecu forgot, now Siecu accept it!" While saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took out from within the sleeves of his robes a folding fan in installments.

Ban Hun Shia's face turned violently, turning pale.

If previously he still thought that his intelligence was on par with Tat Mo Cauwsu's, they were on the same level, because Tat Mo Cauwsu could tear a piece of his shirt, he also managed to rip off a piece of the hem of his robe. But who knows, Tat Mo Cauwsu really is a liehay. The fan was always placed inside, and earlier he didn't feel Tat Mo Cauwsu's hand had taken his fan when his hand had not ripped the shirt on his chest, thus, if he had meant badly to lower his hand of death, then he had been able to harm him. With his face turning red, Ban Hun Shia greeted the fan that Tat Mo Cauwsu threw, he had accepted it with his right hand, put it in his pocket, with a red face with embarrassment and without saying anything, he turned his body jumping away from Siauw Lim Sie.

Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled, to the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace and his disciples, he explained the real matter. And everyone immediately guessed, surely the fire behind Siauw Lim Sie's temple was caused by Ban Hun Shia who deliberately set the fire to distract Siauw Lim Sie's disciples. Not playing with them. But Tat Mo Cauwsu had comforted them, and he also said the damage from the fire was not too great, and easy to repair.


BAN HUN SHIA Kwan Hu Thong ran swiftly down Mount Siauw Sit San, behind him he seemed to follow his third student, Tiat Tauw Kie. At that time Ban Hun Shia was filled with extreme anger and curiosity, because Tat Mo Cauwsu had knocked him down so easily, without fighting really hard, where it seemed that Tat Mo Cauwsu did not put up any resistance at all, but in the end it was he who had been knocked down so easily. And it was indeed Kwan Hu Thong's little heart to admit that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence was truly extraordinary and possessed a power that no one else had.. Another plus is Tat Mo Cauwsu's patience who has never wavered even though he was attacked like that by Ban Hun shia,

However, even though he had seen that Tat Mo Cauwsu did not use the title of Professor in vain, because of his extraordinary intelligence, Ban Hun Shia was still curious and very angry.

In his little heart has been harbored a grudge, and he wants to go somewhere, to lock himself up and train as hard as he can to reach a higher peak of perfection. He was nicknamed Ban Hun Shia or Selaksa Heretic Spirits, so his mind was always filled with misguidance. He had also thought, if he really contacted the other ancestor, to help surround Tat Mo Cauwsu, then the Great Teacher was powerless. It was true that Ban Hun Shia was easily knocked down, but he was alone. If indeed he and the other four progenitors surrounded Tat Mo Cauwsu, no matter how high the intelligence of the Great Teacher was, Tat Mo Cauwsu would not be able to face the five of them at the same time. Datuk2 martial arts, each of which has perfect intelligence.

Tiat Tauw Kie watched his teacher run like that, had followed with wasting all his strength. Because he had tried to catch up with his teacher, but in vain, always lagging behind, his breath had also been very fast, because at that time he had put all his strength to be able to run as fast as possible, but still he could not keep up with his teacher's run that was so fast and agile, instead In the end, Tiat Tauw Kie himself suffered, his breath was fast, his legs were tired, sweat was pouring from his whole body.

If it were normal, of course he would yell at his teacher, to stop for a while, so he could rest. However, Tiat Tauw Kie knew that his teacher was very angry at that time, curious because Tat Mo Cauwsu was knocked down, and he was worried that if he asked his teacher to stop to rest, he could be filled with curiosity about his teacher, where he would be targeted by his teacher to vent his anger. Because Tiat Tauw Kie had been silent, he only put all his strength into running faster, even though he was tired, but he kept trying to catch up.

Ban Hun Shia seemed to know that his disciple was far behind. Finally he stopped running on the edge of a very steep mountain. On that small road, if someone slips and falls into the abyss, even though his intelligence is extraordinary, do not expect that person to survive, of course he will meet his death at the bottom of the steep and very deep abyss.

Tiat Tauw Kie arrived in front of his teacher with a ragged breath, his face was bright red, sweat covered his face and body, so that his clothes were soaking wet.

“Someday we have to come back here, to have a reckoning with that damn priest” muttered Ban Hun Shia. Tiat Tauw Kie agreed.

"If indeed I was knocked down by that bastard priest today, it was obtained because he had some kind of magic so he claimed to be the Great Teacher from the straight door of the school, but the reality is, he is a perverted priest, and also has magic will be used against his opponents. If he had fought me using ordinary martial arts, of course I couldn't have fallen in his hands'! Well, Tauw Kie, you must have seen it, it's not that the priest didn't try to put up any resistance at all, it's just that every time he moved his hand, my strength seemed to disappear, and that meant he had used his magic. Thus, I became powerless to expend all my intelligence and strength. And if I have to keep fighting with him, obviously I will be harmed not a bit by it. That's why I decided to leave first. Later I will talk about that damned Indian priest, who wants to beat Tienggoan by using his magic help on the other four Datuks. If the priest is really dangerous, then it's better for the five of us to eradicate it."

Tiat Tauw Kie nodded, “Yes, the temperature. As you can see, the martial arts skills of the priest and his students aren't that great, but what's hard to deal with is magic! As tecu has said, that tecu has been destroyed by the magic of Tat Mo Cauwsu's disciple," said Tiat Tauw Kie.

Ban Hun Shia nodded. "Yes, if that's the case, we must try to find a solution, in order to face the magic of that goddamn priest, only then will we try to destroy and destroy it!"

Tiat Tauw Kie agreed.

That's how it is, those teachers and students have descended the Siauw Sit San mountain.

But before they arrived at the foot of the mountain, at that time two people seemed to be coming towards them. It seemed that the two men wanted to climb the Siauw Sit San mountain.

Ban Hun Shia ordered his disciple to stop, he watched closely, he said “One is a foreign priest, just like Tat Mo Cauwsu, while the other is a Han. Who are they? Or are they Tat Mo Cauwsu's students? If they are indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu's students, let me play with them to vent my idiocy."

After saying that, without waiting for an answer from Tiat Tauw Kie, it seemed that Ban Hun Shia had jumped very nimbly, in order to carry off the two people who wanted to climb Mount Siauw Sit San or Siong San.

The two people who were visiting were indeed a priest and the other was a Han. The priest, judging by his clothes, facial features, as well as his nose and eyes, shows that he is an Indian priest. The two of them seemed surprised to see that someone with such light and agile movements was blocking in front of them. At first when they saw Ban Hun Shia with his disciple, they thought that Ban Hun Shia and his disciple had just visited Siauw Lim Sie to pray, or that they were also residents of Siauw Lim Sie as well. But after Ban Hun Shia confronted them with a ruthless face, eyes that emitted a sharp radiance containing hostility,

Ban Hun Shia's eyes widen. He snorted mockingly, he said "You guys are Tat Mo Cauwsu's friends?"

The Indian priest smiled, he represented the Han people replied “You can call it that, or you can't. Before we met Tat Mo Cauwsu, we couldn't say whether we were Tat Mo Cauwsu's friends or not! Hope Siecu will pave the way for us! Lolap Bianlu Syamar and Lolap's best friend Thio Yang Lin, want to go see Tat Mo Cauwsu! Or is Siecu really a friend of the Great Teacher?”

Ban Hun Shia was indeed in a bad mood, he was showing his irritability and curiosity, and now seeing that the priest was an Indian priest, just like Tat Mo Cauwsu, Ban Hun Shia thought that this was an excellent opportunity for him. Therefore he wanted to take his anger and anger out on this one Indian priest, Bianlu Syamar.

"Hemm, I don't allow you to climb Siauw Sit San, if you really want to go to Siauw Lim Sie, you must pay your respects to me by kneeling and nodding your head thirteen times, paying great respects. Only then will I be willing to allow you to climb Siauw Sit San!” Thio Yang Lin's face changed, he became displeased, while Bianlu Syamar looked calm. He said in a patient voice: ''If that's the case, please Siecu explain what the reasons for going to Siauw Lim Sie have to pay great respect to Siecu, or indeed Siecu has a duty to welcome guests in that way or indeed if you want to meet with Siecu. a Great Master like Tat Mo Cauwsu, then people who will visit him or meet him,

Ban Hun Shia had laughed mockingly, he said with harsh savage: “You don't need to ramble on at length. If indeed you obey my orders, kneel down to pay great respects to me, you can climb up to Siauw Lim Sie, but if you don't, hemmm, hemmm, I won't let anyone pass from this place!"

"Oh, so great is the awesomeness of Tat Mo Cauwsu, so that it puts a guest here to pay great respects," said Thio Yang Lin who could not contain his anger.

Supposedly, if Ban Hun Shia was in a normal state and not in a state of rage, also curious like that. of course he would realize that these two were not Tat Mo Cauwsu's best friends at all. Like what Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin said, they did not and did not know each other Tat Mo Cauwsu. However, Ban Hun Shia was angry and curious, Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin's words had been misinterpreted, even Ban Hun Shia was furious. "Good. Indeed, Tat Mo Cauwsu is a great teacher who is haunted, a great teacher who is very great and extraordinary in intelligence. Indeed you priests from Thian Tiok have great intelligence l I Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong want to see how great you are, bald donkey”

It turned out that Ban Hun Shia had misunderstood. On the contrary, he thought that these two people were proud and proud of Tat Mo Cauwsu, so he became even more angry. And because of that, he had vented his anger.

Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin were shocked and astonished, but seeing Ban Hun Shia's attitude they realized that Ban Hun Shia did not mean any good to them. In fact, they haven't had a chance to speak yet. Ban Hun Shia had stepped on his feet, his body was leaping with an insanely nimble movement, he had stretched out his right hand, hitting Bianlu Syamar

Ban Hun Shia's blow was an extraordinary and deadly blow, therefore Bianlu Syamar was surprised as well. At first he thought Ban Hun Shia and his student, Tiat Tauw Kie, were just ordinary intelligent people. Who knows, once he opened the attack, the attack power he did was extraordinary.

Bianlu Syamar remained calm even though his heart was tight, he thought “This person doesn't seem to be a random person, his intelligence is extraordinary. However, why is his nature so reckless, so sloppy?” And while thinking so, Bianlu Syamar had slashed to the side, avoiding Ban Hun Shia's punch. But Ban Hun Shia, who was in a rage, attacked violently. He does have high intelligence as he is dashing and also in the martial jungle he has a position as one of the Datuks of the five Datuks that exist, not too surprising in such overflowing anger, the Selaksa Heretical Spirits really became very dangerous.

Bianlu Syamar who had always been calm, this time thought twice about dealing with Ban Hun Shia casually, because if he didn't immediately put up a fight, and just dodged here and there, he could be at a disadvantage. After two moves passed, where Ban Hun Shia twice failed with his attacks, Bianlu Syamar also countered, attacking. But this priest attacked by clapping his hands, as soon as his hands collided with each other, making a loud sound, he shouted: "Ornitohud!" along with his body mana suddenly flashed, he had jumped behind Ban Hun Shia, his right hand clapped, he slapped to paralyze Ban Hun Shia's strength and only then gave an explanation to him.

Ban Hun Shia knew the attack was coming, he didn't dodge, Manda let Bianlu Syamar pat him on the back only he had put all his strength into protecting his back and he also strengthened his horses legs

As soon as the back was hit, without looking back Ban Hun Shia had slammed backwards, his hands waving with a very powerful lwekang force.

The result of Bianlu Syamar's attack was actually not great, he didn't mean anything bad, and just patted Ban Hun Shia's back with some blood, with the intention that Ban Hun Shia's strength would be paralyzed and extinct so he would be easier to understand.

But Bianlu Syamar never dreamed that what he was facing was a Datuk of the five Datuks who championed the Martial Arts Forest in China. As soon as he managed to slap him, he was taken aback by himself. Ban Hun Shia's back was as soft as cotton, thus the force of the clapping seemed to disappear and disappear on its own.

What surprised Bianlu Syamar even more was that he had not yet pulled his hand back, but at that time Ban Hun Shia had hit him without looking back.

Bianlu Syamar quickly let go of the spirit that had been tapped on Ban Hun Shia's back without being pulled back, because if he pulled his right hand back to block Ban Hun Shia's waving, he would be too late, at that time of course Ban Hun Shia's blow would have hit him first before hand. his hand to fend off. That's why Bianlu Syamar has parried with his left hand. Bianlu Syamar's parry was also not an ordinary parry because his parrying power was very strong, to compensate for the internal strength used by Ban Hun Shia in attacking him.

The two enormous powers collided, where when the power of Bianlu Syamar managed to stem the power of Ban Hun Shia's attack, there was a tremendous explosion, the ground around them not only shook, but the ground seemed to have been hit by something and had spurted here and there, with flying pebbles! That was a sign of how great the attack and parrying power of the two men were, because one had attacked with an already extremely strong lwekang, while Bianlu Syamar had parried with a very powerful lwekang. Thus, the victims were the land which seemed to be exposed and scattered, while they still stood in their respective places upright,

Ban Hun Shia was shocked beyond play. He did not expect that Bianlu Syamar was so shrewd. Indeed, he realized that Bianlu Syamar was not as skilled as Tat Mo Cauwsu, but the intelligence of this one Indian priest was not under his own intelligence.

Ban Hun Shia had experienced the greatness of Tat Mo Cauwsu, where the priest who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie only managed to knock him down with an easy movement. And this Bianlu Syamar, only has intelligence that is equal to him, because Bianlu Syamar needs to use force to deal with his formidable attack power.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, by using his softness and soft power, succeeded in overthrowing Ban Hun Shia.

Thus Ban Hun Shia knew that Bianlu Syamar was not as good as Tat Mo Cauwsu, but he also had to be careful, because for him, Bianlu Syamar was a formidable opponent, because Bianlu Syamar's intelligence was not below him. As one of the five Datuks who championed Jungle Persilat, he naturally realized that Bianlu Syamar was an Indian priest whose lwekang could not be underestimated.

Just now the time their internal energies collided against each other, had made Ban Hun Shia feel his chest constrict. Thus he can immediately gauge how great the intelligence of his opponent.

Bianlu Syamar seemed to have jumped back while clasping his hands together, he also shouted in praise of the greatness of the Buddha: “Siancai! Siancai, it turns out that Siecu is a very intelligent person! Why does Siecu with such high intelligence need to carry a childlike attitude? Isn't it if we talk nicely we can resolve this misunderstanding? If we persist in measuring intelligence, surely we will both become victims of our own lust! Be aware Siecu. Siecu's intelligence is probably much higher than Lolap's.” Bianlu Syamar was patient when he said that.

Ban Hun Shia was furious, he was getting ready to complain. However, he was stunned when he heard Bianlu Syamar's words being so patient, where just like Bianlu Syamar did not want to show his arrogance, he was tired of praising that Ban Hun Shia's intelligence might be above his, even though Bianlu Syamar's intelligence was not below his. In one such collision, it has shown that the intelligence and skill of the Thian-tok priest are not under his inner strength. Because if Bianlu Syamar was under him, the priest would have been seriously injured during the day. Precisely the reality shows that they are even, after the collision, no one was injured?

But why did Bianlu Syamar speak so lowly?

For a moment Ban Hun Shia stood stunned, but then he laughed coldly. After he thought for a moment, he again misinterpreted the meaning and intent of the Indian priest's words. Bianlu Syamar admitted that his intelligence might be under Ban Hun Shia's, but Ban Hun Shia interpreted those words as ridicule for him. Because of that he was getting more and more angry, accompanied by a vicious scream, he had set his feet, his body jumped again with both hands stretched forward, he hit one after another, his movement was accompanied by a very powerful Iwekang power.

Bianlu Syamar originally expected that with such patient resistance Ban Hun Shia would calm down. Who knows, the Selaksa Heretic Spirits are even more vicious. Both of his striking hands contained an astonishingly powerful internal power, besides that the attack winds roared extremely violently, making a roar like a hurricane, blowing away dirt and small rocks, showing how powerful the attack was!

Bianlu Syamar also didn't dare to think anymore, he shouted loudly, because he wanted to use all his Iwekang strength to respond to the attack. And when Ban Hun Shia's left hand slid towards him, Bianlu Syamar quickly hit with his right hand, the force of his impact was also successful in blocking Ban Hun Shia's attack power on that one. But before Bianlu Syamar could breathe, at that time Ban Hun Shia had attacked again quickly and powerfully with the other hand, and his attack power was no less powerful than his earlier attack.

Bianlu Syamar secretly praised the greatness of the Buddha, because this priest from India thought, if he saw the way of attacking from Ban Hua Shia, it was a way of fighting that could endanger both of them. Because of that Bianlu Syamar had exerted his highest lwekang strength, at the eighth level, if he were to respond with a weak and incomplete lwekang, surely he himself would be destroyed at the hands of Ban Hun Shia.

Meanwhile, Ban Hun Shia himself was sure that Bianlu Syamar would not be able to deal with his attack this time, because it seemed that Bianlu Syamar had a bad position. the two-legged horses have not yet been able to stand still in place.

But who knows, as soon as Ban Hun Shia's attack power has come, Bianlu Syamar parried again, the parry did seem to be done slowly and unhurriedly, but in the end made Ban Hua Shia choked up in his heart. Bianlu Syamar's defensive power was not great. The forces collided violently against each other in mid-air.

Again and again, the ground seemed to be stirred by an invisible force, and a violent shaking sound made the surroundings tremble. Ban Hun Shia's body swayed back and forth a few times.

Meanwhile, Bianlu Syamar himself was almost crushed by his two-legged horses. Luckily he was still able to quickly concentrate his inner strength on his legs, so he didn't stumble backwards. Only his body was pushed back once and was standing still again. 

At that time, it seemed Ban Hun Shia attacked again. Strong is the way to attack Ban Hun Shia, besides he does intensify and speed up every attack he does. Thus, he did not want to give the Indian priest the slightest chance to put up a fight.

Seeing himself being pushed like that by his opponent, Bianlu Syamar also didn't dare to sway. He quickly parried, dodged and also counterattacked. Each attack he made was a very tight self-defense, so Ban Hun Shia couldn't be too pushy.

That's how the two people had fought excitingly, both of them were involved in high-level battles between real masters who had advanced skills and reached the pinnacle of perfection, thus the earth and gravel had been exposed and damaged by the power of the Iwekang, from the two people who were in the middle. measure each other's strength, attack with a terrible attack.

In contrast to the battle between the heroes who have ordinary intelligence. because these two, Ban Hun Shia and .Bianlu Syamar, fought using first-class lwekang and they had also used strange and extraordinary skills.

Tiat Tauw Kie and Thio Yang Lin who witnessed the course of the battle looked on in amazement, because they really didn't understand that in the real world there was such great intelligence.

For Tiat Tauw Kie himself, indeed, he already knew that his teacher was a Datuk in the jungle of Persilat, a Datuk of the five Datuk Rimba Persilatan, and his intelligence had indeed reached the peak of perfection, but he had never seen his teacher fight with the masters, which meant his intelligence.

Even earlier, when Ban Hun Shia fought with Tat Mo Cauwsu, it seemed that Ban Hun Shia was completely powerless to use his intelligence, so that Tat Mo Cauwsu easily and without violence managed to overthrow his opponent. And Ban Hun Shia also seemed helpless to bring out his true intelligence.

Now facing Bianlu Syamar, Ban Hun Shia has brought out all the intelligence he has, so Tiat Tauw Kie can see clearly that his teacher's intelligence is truly extraordinary.

What surprised Tiat Tauw Kie was the intelligence of Bianlu Syamar, who was no less powerful than his own teacher.

“Hmmmm, do all the priests from India really have a very high and perfect intelligence? Wasn't Tat Mo Cauwsu also a priest from India? He has such great intelligence. While this one Indian priest also has such great intelligence. Thus, if in the days to come I meet Indian priests, I have to be careful, because apart from their skilful martial arts skills, of course, their magic skills are extraordinary. Either this one Indian priest, who is my teacher's opponent, has and is good at witchcraft or not?"

While thinking that, Tiat Tauw Kie couldn't help but watch the battle between his teacher and Bianlu Syamar, because he was amazed and amazed, and in his entire life, this was the first time he had witnessed such a great battle that was even more extraordinary, both tree trunks, rocks and stones. the mountain rock that was around the place, had been shattered if hit by the blows of the two people who were complaining about the knowledge.

Thio Yang Lin himself shuddered, his heart ached to see the battle between the two of them, he also thought: “It's good that I fought him a while ago, luckily he didn't lower his hand too hard. Didn't know this priest's intelligence was really great!"

Thinking so Thio Yang Lin te Sah sighed repeatedly. He has been studying martial arts for decades, where he practiced very hard, but in reality it is clear that he is not capable of having too extraordinary intelligence. Now seeing the intelligence of Bianlu Syamar and Ban Hun Shia, it made him even more aware that his intelligence was still far more perfect.

Bianlu Syamar, who at that time was fighting each other and measuring strength and strength with Ban Hun Shia, had felt that his opponent was indeed a formidable and formidable man, secretly this Indian priest also thought "It turns out that in China there are indeed a lot of good people. -A master of the Jungle of Martialism who has high intelligence and is perfect. What I've heard is not wrong, that the Chinese are not to be underestimated!!”

Thinking as soon as Bianlu Syarnar had given up his spirit, he immediately realized it, he couldn't help but act, just once he got knocked down by Ban Hun Shia, it would surely bring him into trouble.

Indeed, Bianlu Syamar's intention was to end the battle, meaning that the two of them would not be in danger and not become victims of the battle itself. But instead Ban Hun Shia always attacked him and pushed him hard, making him have to defend strongly and counterattack fiercely.

Ban Hun Shia at that time had seen that Bianlu Syamar had a very high intelligence, he also saw that if he could not push and seize the time to gain victory, it would surely be a disaster for himself. That's why, the longer Ban Hun Shia attacks the more intense, every time he increases his inner strength, he ends up attacking Bianlu Syamar with attacks that seem to want to pit souls. And none of his attacks are weak, because he has used all the strength of the lwekang he has. In fact, his body had been flashing rapidly, like a mere shadow. For people with ordinary intelligence, their eyesight will be blurry and they will not be able to see clearly Ban Hun Shia or Bianlu Syamar.

Thio Yang Lin and Tiat Tauw Kie alone who were watching the battle of the two men felt their eyes light up, which they couldn't see clearly. They only saw the shadows of the two people flashing here and there so nimbly that their eyes couldn't follow the movements of the two people clearly.

Meanwhile Bianlu Syamar was still fighting calmly, even though he had used all his intelligence in dealing with every attack of Ban Hun Shia.

In contrast to Bianlu Syamar, Ban Hun Shia himself was getting impatient, where his anger and curiosity had overflowed, with a very vicious yelling sound, one time he moved his hands, he attacked with great force, his attack power contained extraordinary power. terrible, because he attacked this time as well as he did, want to pit souls.

Bianlu Syamar sighed. He knew that this shrewd Ban Hun Shia. He has a very strict and ruthless custom, he is indeed trying to win. For Bianlu Syamar actually did not mind giving a chance to Ban Hun Shia who emerged victorious in that battle. It's just too bad that Bianlu Syamar couldn't escape and relented, because once he gave in, he would surely be the one who would suffer at the hands of Ban Hun Shia.

At that time Ban Hun Shia with his desperate attack had charged forward, and it seemed that his two hands had been channeled all the strength of the Iwekang that was on him, because the two palms of his hands changed color, red-black, and the wind was rushing from the two palms as well. very strong. Bianlu Syamar's own cloak flew with the ground around him as if it had been forced open, flying with small pebbles and dry leaves there, the place became clean.

Ban Hun Shia, who was desperate, continued the attack without hesitation, he had indeed acted with a stubborn attitude, to be injured together. He was not satisfied if in this battle he could not win victory from Bian lu Syamar.

During his battle with Tat Mo Cauwsu, he had been knocked down so easily. As one of the five Datuk Datuk who championed the Jungle of Martialism, of course his prestige had collapsed, and made his heart dissatisfied. And now, confronted by an Indian priest too, whom he remained powerless against to quickly overthrow him. Like Bianlu Syamar, Tat Mo Cauwsu is also an Indian priest. Then you can imagine how curious Ban Hun Shia's heart was.

This is what has caused Ban Hun Shia to be determined that even if he has to pit his soul with Bianlu Syamar, he must succeed in wresting victory from the hands of this one Indian priest.

If he fails to win, even if he is knocked down, then his big name in the Jungle Persilat, will collapse and he will suffer an unbelievable shame, become the laughing stock of all the jungle warriors, then he can't even raise his head to look at the jungle heroes. martial arts. That's what made Ban Hun Shia so desperate.

His attack power was accompanied by a very powerful Iwekang power, but what was more dangerous and extraordinary was the way he attacked him which used such strange movements. Thus, Bianlu Syamar had to be careful in dealing with him. Every attack from Ban Hun Shia had been dealt with calmly and alertly, accompanied by a tremendous increase in internal energy, all of his shank power had been channeled into his two hands, he wasn't just parrying either. Every chance Bianlu Syamar had retaliated.

Sweat had soaked both of their bodies, the energy they used was exhausting, because both of them had expended and used excessive energy and exceeded the dose.

Such a battle, between two masters whose intelligence had reached the pinnacle of perfection, could actually harm them both. If they managed to seize victory, it didn't mean either of them were in full health, because they could be injured in the great. Obviously the victory they get is not necessarily an absolute victory. They have balanced intelligence and internal energy, by themselves they are people who have used all their intelligence, just a little wrong or miss their calculations, then they will be seriously injured, because from that, it seems Bianlu Syamar is being very careful.

But this priest seemed to be very tired. He actually wanted to end their battle, because Bianlu Syamar thought that this battle between the two of them would not bring any benefit to either of them. But Ban Hun Shia had pushed him so hard, that Bianlu Syamar had to put up a fight. Thus the two of them continued to engage in the battle, and although Bianlu Syamar tried to stop the fighting, he had no chance at all.

The battle between the two of them was still going on, until it covered hundreds of moves. But they are evenly matched, no one being pushed and no one having the upper hand. Therefore, it shows that both their martial arts skills, as well as their lwekang, are clearly balanced.

"If the two of us fought in this way continuously, of course we would both end up in trouble" thought Bianlu Syamar. "I'd better try to use magic to influence him, so that this person can be paralyzed first"

Bianlu Syamar intends to use his sorcery because he is tired. If this kind of battle continues, they will surely be injured together. Because of that, in the end, regardless of whether his opponent would be satisfied or not, Bianlu Syamar began to recite his incantation. he tried to use his magic to influence this opponent.

At first Ban Hun Shia didn't feel the influence of the magic, but after five more moves, Bianlu's mana. Syamar Absolute just dodged and dodged it so he felt his eyes stinging and difficult to open.

And when he squinted his eyes for a moment, he was even more surprised.

Because in front of him, behind Bianlu Syamar, he seemed to see a thick plume of smoke, from behind the curtain of smoke it was like a huge white tiger leaped into him! Ban Hun Shia let out a startled cry he jumped back immediately.

But even so, both of his hands he had smashed against the beast's skull. He managed to hit it, it's just a shame, instead he hit an empty place, where he had just hit the wind, the big white tiger was like he couldn't beat and was a mere shadow.

As a shrewd person, Ban Hun Shia immediately realized that his opponent had used his magic. Therefore, he angrily exclaimed: "Indeed, you from Thian-tiok have always been cunning humans, who are only good at winning victory by using their magic."

Because he was angry and curious, he suspected that Bianlu Syamar wanted to win his victory by using his magic, making Ban Hun Shia even more desperate. He snapped, ignoring the white tiger that was about to hit him. In fact Ban Hun Shia was like hitting the white tiger, he had lunged at Bianlu Syamar again, both of his hands were smashed very hard.

Sorcery can only bully its opponent, of course the tiger cannot harm the opponent, Bianlu Syamar's intention was only to break Ban Hun Shia's attention.

Now Ban Hun Shia was acting recklessly like that, ignoring the white tiger that was created by the Indian priest and had attacked the priest, thus it was clear that Ban Hun Shia's attack was an attack that endangered Bianlu Syamar. So Bianlu Syamar quickly withdrew his sorcery, he repelled the onslaught of Ban Hun Shia,

"Bukkkk!" strong, not playing with their energy, they collide with each other.

Because now both of them have run out of energy, they are very tired, even though they are both humans who have great intelligence, yet at that time their energy seemed to have been used up, by itself, they were not strong enough to defend themselves. What's more, the energy they collided with at that time was all the remaining strength they had, when there was a strong impact, they staggered five steps back.

“Hold on! Stop it first!” Seizing that opportunity Bianiu Syamar had tried to prevent Ban Hun Shia from attacking further

Ban Hua Shia didn't attack immediately, he stood with a red face, eyes wide open, fierce. He was exerting his pure air to control his breathing, which was indeed very rushed at the time. Also he had been trying to rest for a while, in order to recover his strength.

Meanwhile, Bianlu Syamar himself after controlling his breathing, patiently said, “Siecu has very high intelligence, why must he act so recklessly? If indeed we both get hurt in this battle, shouldn't that be a pity? Such great knowledge must have been obtained by Siecu with great difficulty and through training that took a very long time. So, can't Siecu act more calmly, so that we can discuss what is really making Siecu's heart dissatisfied? Didn't we not know each other before, nor did we have any enmity or grudge between us? Why do we have to fight with such a reckless pitiful attitude?”

Ban Hun Shia didn't answer immediately, after his breath cleared, with a fierce face he replied: “If today I can't destroy you, you bastard priest, I won't end this battle! Let's keep fighting, until one of us is killed!"

"Why should so?" asked Bianiu Syamar in a patient voice.

Ban Hun Shia's face was still red from anger, he had snorted viciously, he said: "If humans like you were allowed to criss-cross in the Martial Arts Forest in China, of course many will become your victims, because you are a rotten priest who relies on your magic. to seize the victory! Like just now, you've been trying to influence me with your magic! Hemm hemmm, I need to tell you, that people! China isn't as horrified as it is to deal with sorcery as you show it! I had guessed before, that all the priests from Thian-tiok were not of good human race! Like Tat Mo Cauwsu, he is also a goddamn priest from Thian-tiok, he is not a good human being, where he not only intends to be bad, has also used his sorcery to influence his opponents! If humans like you are allowed to criss-cross the mainland of China, it will certainly bring no small catastrophe for us in China! Get ready, let's keep fighting until one of us is killed!” And after saying that, Ban Hun Shia prepared to charge again.

Bianlu Syamar smiled patiently, he said: “It turns out that Siecu has misunderstood. If indeed Siecu is not willing to listen to Lolap's statement, of course Siecu will forever have doubts about us from Thian-tiok!”

Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong, who wants to hear what Bianlu Syamar has to say? He was furious, so now that he heard Bianlu Syamar's words, he snorted mockingly, thinking that maybe this priest from India was exhausted and too tired, so he tried to end their battle. Ban Hun Shia's spirit was awakened, he was even more excited to fight with this Indian priest, because he thought this was the best opportunity to overthrow Bianlu Syamar.

Therefore Ban Hun Shia wasted no more time approaching Bianlu Syamar, he intended to attack him again But he had only taken a few steps, precisely from the direction of the foot of the mountain had come two people carrying something while running around, they were not moving swiftly, shows that they have no ginkang or any meaningful body lightening knowledge. However, they were trying to climb quickly. It turned out that the two men were carrying a body.

"Who are they?" Tiat Tauw Kie muttered. While Thio Yang Lin had also seen the two people who had carried a body, he looked on in surprise. Ban Hun Shia, who had seen the two men, looked on in amazement, so he stopped approaching Bianlu Syamar.

The two people who were running over carrying a body, one holding the legs of the figure, the figure, had arrived in front of Bianlu Syamar, Ban Hun Shia and Thio Yang Lin together with Tiat Tauw Kie.

"We brought a deposit for Tat Mo Cauwsu!" exclaimed the person carrying it in front, as he stopped running, his breath caught.

Bianlu Syamar, Ban Hun Shia looked at each other. They were not Siauw Lim Sie's people, therefore there was nothing they could say. Likewise, Tiat Tauw Kie and Thio Yang Lin.

But when the four of them could clearly see the figure of the body being carried by the two people, they felt sad and their hearts ached.

It turned out that the figure carried by the two people was a person whose condition was truly extraordinary. His pair of eyes were stained with blood, showing that the man's two eyes were matched out, with a pair of stump earlobes dripping with dried blood, his nose had also disappeared with bloodstained lips too, because the man's mouth had been torn apart!

In the man's chest there was a knife that was not deeply embedded, the knife swayed when the two carrying people ran, the chest sank, proving also that the man's sternum had been crushed! That is a very sad situation. Seeing the four people there was no one among them who answered, the person carrying on the front, a man aged over forty years, dressed as a villager had asked again "Is there not one among you who is from Siauw Lim Sie!"

“We have nothing to do with Sutuw Lim Sie!” Ban Hun Shia replied in a cold voice.

"Good! Is it still far to reach Siauw Lim Sie temple?” asked the man again.

“Siauw Lim Sie Temple is at the top of this mountain, if you are in this condition, not good at ginkang, maybe half a day will arrive there”

"Thank you, we must quickly deliver this parcel to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, who is said to have the title Tat Mo Cauwsu" And the person was ready to want to run again.

"Wait a minute!" called Bianlu Syamar, who saw the condition of the person being carried and his heart was very interested in knowing what had actually happened. While the two bearers of the figure had indeed restrained their footsteps, he asked the one in front: "Something. want Taisu to ask?”

"Yes. What happened to that person?” asked Bianlu Syamar.

“We were only paid by someone to deliver this parcel to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie. What really happened to this person, we don't really know!”

“Who hurt him?'” “We didn't know that either! We need to quickly convey this person to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, because the person who paid us the salary said, if we don't arrive at Siauw Lim Sie in the afternoon, he will kill us both! Therefore, I'm sorry we can't stay here too long, we must quickly arrive at Siauw Lim Sie"

Bianlu Syamar actually still wanted to ask something, but considering that the person who was seriously injured might need immediate help from the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, he did not dare to hold back the two of them leaving.

Ban Hun Shia himself had turned to Tiat Tauw Kie, saying: "Let's go to Siauw Lim Sie again, to find out what really happened!"

Tiat Tauw Kie agreed.

Thus, after glancing at Bianlu Syamar with a hostile attitude for a moment, Ban Hun Shia had invited his disciple to climb the mountain, to go to Siauw Lim Sie again.

While Bianlu Syamar had also turned to Thio Yang Lin, he said: “Thio Siecu, it seems that something great and strange has happened to Tat Mo Cauwsu, we really want to go to Siauw Lim Sie, with this incident, we must hurry there. I don't know what it means by the person who injured the person who was carried in such a bad condition and sent it to Siauw Lim Sie?”

"Maybe also want to ask the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie to heal the person" said Thio Yang Lin.

"How could that be!" said Bianlu Syamar. "If the person who sent the injured person has good intentions, of course he will participate, to ask the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie to help the injured person, but the reality is, he only paid the two people a fee, to send them to Siauw Lim Sie. . Thus, of course that person had no good intentions at all! Let's hurry over there to see what really happened."

Thio Yang Lin agreed, they too had been climbing steadily. In front of him, Ban Hun Shia was running with his students, they weren't running up too fast, because the two people who carried the injured person didn't have any significant ginkang, so the two of them ran slowly. Naturally Ban Hun Shia had followed slowly.

Bianlu Syamar and Thio Yang Lin were not in a hurry and followed slowly.

After a while, finally the two people carrying the injured person arrived in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple. One of them had knocked on the door of the temple, and not long after that the door of the temple had opened. A priest had come out to receive them.

Putting his hands together, the priest asked: “What business does Jiewie have here? Does Jiewie really want to pray?”

One of the two had approached, he returned the reverence from the priest, only then said after his breathing became more regular: "Actually we have nothing to do with this injured person..." And he pointed to the person who seriously injured, which was placed on the ground. The welcoming priest looked surprised and surprised, he saw the person was injured so badly, so he felt sad and suspicious, he asked in a doubtful voice: "What has happened to that person. Why is he injured so badly?”

The person who had carried the injured person had reached into his pocket, he took out a letter, which was rolled up and then gave it to the priest who welcomed the guest, he said: "Someone has asked us to help him take this person to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie, namely Tat Mo Cauwsu , also leave this letter!”

The priest who greeted the guests was even more confused, with suspicious eyes he had been watching the two bearers of the body with questioning eyes, he then said uncertainly: "If so, what is the real problem that has happened?"

“We didn't know anything, but we were just entrusted by this person. And hope Taisu accepts it, to convey it later to Tat Mo Cauwsu!”

The priest welcomed the letter that was sent to him, he saw that the letter was addressed to Tat Mo Cauwsu. Finally the priest asked the two people carrying the wounded to wait, he went inside. Not long after that the priest had also left with Sam Liu Taisu.

Patiently and calmly Sam Liu Taisu clasped his hands together, he asked: "Is Jiewie the people of the village located at the foot of this mountain?"

The two of them nodded almost in unison. "Yes. indeed we are residents of Su-kingcung village, this morning we were asked by a man aged seventy years, he said he had a deposit for Tat Mo Cauwsu at the Siauw Lim Sie temple and asked us to help him deliver the deposit. As a reward he gave us twenty taels of silver. We think this is a very good fortune for us. At most it took us one day to go back and forth on Mount Siauw Sit San. We accepted his request. But it turned out that the deposit was extraordinary, namely a person who was seriously injured like this. We have already accepted the request, and we cannot cancel it. Therefore we have fulfilled our promise to deliver this injured person to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie. And indeed now we have done our job well. we have brought it up here. And our task has been completed, please Taisu pass it on to the chairman of Siauw Lim Sie!”

Sam Liu Taisu smiled patiently, then asked, "Did the person who sent the special deposit not mention his name?".

The two men shook their heads. "He only told us that his name and title were written in the letter!" said one.

Sam Liu Taisu nodded,

"Well, we have received this special gift. Thank you both for your hard work” said Sam Liu Taisu while saluting.

The two of them nodded. They had twisted his body to leave.

Sam Liu Taisu had turned to the welcoming priest, ordered that the injured man be brought into the temple. The welcoming priest had called a fellow teacher and brought in the injured man. They took him to a room and put him on a fairly clean bed,

The seriously injured person was completely unconscious, but he had not lost his soul either, because he was still breathing very weakly.

Sam Liu Taisu had gone to Tat Mo Cauwsu and immediately reported what had happened, he told about the existence of a deposit or specifically the extraordinary shipment. Then he gave a letter from the person who wanted to send the seriously injured person to Siauw Lim Sie.

Tat Mo Cauwsu greeted the letter, he opened it and read it, it turned out that the contents of the letter were brief, it reads, among others:

“I dedicate this person to Tat Mo Cauwsu Siauw Lim Sie. Heal if you really have high intelligence and perfect! From Beng Sam Cie!”

Tat Mo Cauwsu was shocked. He knew who Beng Sam Cie was. Even though he has never met him, Tat Mo Cauwsu knows that Beng Sam Cie is one of the progenitors of Ngo-ok. the other five datuk and indeed Beng Sam Cie was Ngo-ok, the fifth datuk who occupied the territory in the East. He was able to send a special gift to Siauw Lim Sie this is really a ha! The most extraordinary thing is that Beng Sam Cie intends to seek business with Siauw Lim Sie!

Not long ago, Sam Ok, Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong, had come to Siauw Lim Sie, and now the fifth Ngo Ok Datuk has arrived. Thus making Tat Mo Cauwsu think hard. Seeing a situation like this, of course, will make him face things that are not easy, where Ngo Ok, the five Datuks seem to really want to find business with him. Isn't Sam Ok still curious and one day he will certainly visit Siauw Lim Sie again.

The five progenitors are the progenitors who have the same perfect intelligence and they are equally tough, there is no one of the five progenitors whose intelligence is higher or lower. However, what made Tat Mo Cauwsu less happy, was that Ngo Ok seemed to have a very dry hand, because apart from hurting someone, he abused someone so badly, that the person who was injured was called dead or not alive. This was what made Tat Mo Cauwsu unhappy. 

And what Tat Mo Cauwsu thought was what Datuk number five meant by sending this special gift. Meanwhile, Ngo Ok himself did not participate.

"Alright, raari you come with me to see the condition of that person!" said Tat Mo Cauwsu as he got up from his seat, together Sam Liu Taisu had gone to the room where the injured person was, then checked him out.

When he saw that person's condition, Tat Mo Cauwsu sighed again and again with a gloomy face, he too said in a low voice: “Ngo Ok seems to be a very reckless person! Hey, Beng Sam Cie! Bang Sam Cie! Apparently this situation will provoke a riot that is not small! Not long ago that. then Sam Ok Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong, has been looking for business in Siauw Lim Sie, now following Datuk number five. Seen that way, Siauw Lim Sie will face things that are not very encouraging.”