Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 08

Volume 08

“Almost twenty more years the Eighth Living Buddha left Persia” explained the Persian leader. “We, as the Eight Executors, have hereby endeavored to find him. Some say he returned to India where he came from, others say no that the Eighth Living Buddha has traveled in China to do noble deeds and promote Buddhism, as he could. We as Eight Examiners, we have two tasks. The first task, we have to manage all the interests of the Living Buddha, and we also have to take care of matters outside our religion. That's why we don't shave our heads and we don't live as pastors, And neither. we always try to be able to provide all the needs of the Buddha Living according to what has been stated in the "Tripitaka", therefore all the rules regarding the Buddha must be fully controlled by us. It's just a shame, lost hold of when the Eighth Living Buddha said he wanted to wander for a few years, and we can't know his exact destination, whether he returned to India, or did he go to mainland China. That's why we've been looking for him for a dozen years, we don't have a handle, we just spread out our disciples to find out where the Eighth Living Buddha is." lost hold of when the Eighth Living Buddha said he wanted to wander for a few years, and we cannot know his exact destination, whether he returned to India, or indeed went to mainland China. That's why we've been looking for him for a dozen years, we don't have a handle, we just spread out our disciples to find out where the Eighth Living Buddha is." lost hold of when the Eighth Living Buddha said he wanted to wander for a few years, and we cannot know his exact destination, whether he returned to India, or indeed went to mainland China. That's why we've been looking for him for a dozen years, we don't have a handle, we just spread out our disciples to find out where the Eighth Living Buddha is."

Sam Liu Taisu nodded patiently, he also repeatedly mentioned the greatness of the Buddha. Indeed, Sam Liu Taisu had heard from his teacher about eight Executors, namely eight people who always took care of the interests of the Living Buddha, who did not shave their heads and had two duties, namely the duty of serving the Living Buddha besides taking care of all matters outside of religion.

However, the eight Implementers who do not enter as priests are referred to as the Eight Holy Implementers, which is a symbol of the Eight Noble Paths of the Buddha's teachings.

"We've been having a hard time lately. In Persia we indeed call ourselves as the people of Isiana Awan, namely the palace of Heaven which will accommodate people who do good deeds in the world, of course they will get a reward in Heaven. And we, the people of the Cloud Palace, are clearly only helping them, so that they may have a good and righteous path along the Eight Noble Paths. Didn't the Buddha also say: By doing good brings good, evil brings evil. This is the true Law of Life, because of that we have accepted many disciples, as priests of the Cloud Palace in Persia. And we strive to develop the teachings of the Buddha while still using the "Tripitaka" as our scripture. (Tripitaka means Three "Baskets of Wisdom, consists of three parts, namely Sermons, monastic regulations and Discussion). But of course Losuhu does not yet know that now within the Buddhist group there is a split, which is divided into two groups, those who call themselves Mahayana as priests who want reforms in Buddhist rules and interpretations of the teachings given by the Buddha, thus there are many mistakes in the interpretation of the enlightenment that given by the Buddha. And we, considered as Ancient sects, were given the name Hinayana. Because of such divisions, we need to immediately pick up the Eighth Living Buddha, because he is the one who will be able to decide later, and what a good way to deal with all that, of course the Eighth Living Buddha if we manage to find it, will be able to provide very valuable instructions.

Sam Liu Taisu nodded. “Siauwceng didn't think that the situation for the Buddhists was divided like that. Dear. Dear." muttered Sam Liu Taisu, "This is a very bad weakness"

“That's right, Losuhu. indeed we are trying to solve the problem, but the reality is, the situation has changed so quickly, where the Buddhist priests (Buddha Dharma) have spread throughout the land of India and spread across the seas far, to the North, to the South, to the East and west. Thus, adherents in Tibet, Buddhism was merged into the religion of Lama (Lhamaism), in China according to the news we received Buddhism was coupled with the teachings of Khung Cu (Khong Fu Cu, Confucianism) and the teachings of Lao-tze (Taoism), and in Japan religion Buddhism goes hand in hand with Shinto teachings. Thus, now our Buddhism has been divided into several sects. Indeed, now the most Buddhists are in China, Japan, Ceylon, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia. In various other places there are also Buddhists. But what we regret is that now there has been a split in the two classes which in the end is very detrimental, because there are not a few Buddhist monks who do not understand what the Buddha taught. They explain to others in their own way. Then they said that his statement was the most correct and the others were wrong. It often happens that the information taught by them is very contradictory and contradicts what was taught by the Buddha." They explain to others in their own way. Then they said that his statement was the most correct and the others were wrong. It often happens that the information taught by them is very contradictory and contradicts what was taught by the Buddha." They explain to others in their own way. Then they said that his statement was the most correct and the others were wrong. It often happens that the information taught by them is very contradictory and contradicts what was taught by the Buddha."

Sam Liu Taisu was surprised, he immediately clasped his hands together, praising the greatness of the Buddha. Indeed, for only a few years, in mainland China a new religion has been spread, namely Buddhism brought by Tat Mo Cauwsu who spread it very widely, and his followers, now are not small. Buddhism continues to grow.

“If so, then Siauwceng will tell our Cauwsuya. Regarding our Cauwsuya, whether or not the Eighth Living Buddha is being sought by the eight Siecus, Siauwceng cannot say. when it comes to matters of our religion, it is clear that this cannot be neglected.” 

After saying that, Sam Liu Taisu got up from his seat, he clasped his hands together, and then said goodbye for a moment to announce the arrival of the eight Persians, who turned out to be the Eight Executors who took care of the Living Buddha.

While waiting for Sam Liu Taisu's return, the eight Persians had sat down with the utmost respect. Although they have not yet obtained certainty that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the Eighth Living Buddha they are looking for, but seeing the awesomeness of Siauw Lim Sie in such a way, has planted great respect in their hearts for the greatness of Tat Mo Cauwsu as a Great Teacher in this China.

The eight Persians were indeed the Eight Executors in the Cloud Palace. The eight of them took care of the necessities of the Living Buddha. And if they are old, they die, then their position is replaced by another administrator, the result of the election of all the residents of the Cloud Palace. Thus, their number must forever be eight, i.e. Eight Executors and their number will never be reduced, besides that of course they are also chosen people who have very high intelligence, besides taking care of the needs of the Living Buddha, they are also eight as personal protectors for the salvation of the Living Buddha.

The leader is the first Executor, who serves as chairman as Toajing, the second Jiekang third Samlie, fourth Siemie, fifth Goliang sixth Lioktang, seventh Citpo and eight Pattuh. Thus the eight of them always carried out their duties, both inside the Cloud Palace and outside the Cloud Palace. And they always seem to be busy, because the eight Executors have a lot of work to do. Because of that they never went out and the Cloud Palace even more so left their country. But now that they have left Persia, their country, it is clear that the issue they are dealing with is a very important matter, especially with regard to the Eighth Living Buddha who has not yet returned to Persia.

In the selection of the Living Buddha, it is generally taken from an Indian priest. And these are all the rules contained in Buddhism. And indeed the priests who are appointed as Living Buddhas have a task that is not easy, because a Living Buddha must be able to take care of and supervise all Buddhist priests in this world. Thus, a living Buddha who has been raptured, has to carry out his duties for the rest of his life until he is close to his old age. Then it was replaced with another Living Buddha.

But for the center of government of the Living Buddha for its adherents, Persia was chosen, where the Cloud Palace was built, and all the activities of the Living Buddha were regulated there, so it was not in the homeland of the religion itself, namely India. And only the Living Buddhas are taken and are Indian priests.

With the centralization of Persia as a place where the Living Buddha carried out his daily duties, many Persians became Buddhists, even three quarters of the Persian population at that time became Buddhists. And their holy book

2 are “Tripitaka” or Three Baskets of Wisdom and also “Jatakas” which means various stories about the life of Siddhartha Buddha before attaining Noble Enlightenment.

The eight Executors were still sitting in the living room of the Siauw Lim Sie temple patiently. Sam Liu Taisu had been in for a while, apparently reporting to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

It was true that recently Tat Mo Cauwsu had closed himself in, where not a single guest would be welcome to meet him. Because apart from his advanced age, Tat Mo Cauwsu has almost arrived at his perfect age.

But the affairs brought by the eight Executors, the Persians, were of great importance, and therefore Sam Liu Taisu did not dare to accept these matters on behalf of his master. He had reported it to Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Not long after, the eight Persians saw two priests walking with an old priest. The two priests who accompanied the thin old priest were none other than Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu, the younger brother of Sam Liu Taisu, the second disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu. As for the old priest who walked in front of the two priests, whose steps were slow, his face bright red and shining, with a smile that was friendly and compassionate, it was none other than Tat Mo Cauwsu. Indeed the Grand Master had now reached quite an advanced age, but seeing his flushed cheeks like that, he was very healthy, and his demeanor was very calm. Quickly the eight Persians were on their knees nodding their heads until their foreheads hit the floor

“It is thanks to the Buddha's blessing that we have been able to meet the Living Buddha (Hottong) in the end.” cried the eight Persians in unison and with great reverence.

They had clearly seen Tat Mo Cauwsu, who they immediately recognized as the Eighth Living Buddha they had been searching for. Therefore, they have hastened to pay great respects to the Eighth Living Buddha.

Meanwhile, Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu (who previously used the title Lu Kak Siansu), stared in amazement with a pair of wide eyes. They seemed also surprised and did not expect at all, their teacher, whom they had been accompanying, was a Living Buddha, the Eighth Living Buddha, who had a very high position in their religion. They only know their teacher is an Indian priest and use the title as Tat Mo Cauwsu, apart from that, about their teacher is unknown to them, Therefore, now getting the fact that Tat Mo Cauwsu is indeed the Eighth Living Buddha that is being sought by traveled so far, but finally managed to meet the Living Buddha they were looking for, really made Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu stare in amazement. And without them realizing it, these two Tat Mo Cauwsu disciples had bent their legs, kneeling beside Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tat Mo Cauwsu has waved his hand very slowly, he said patiently and softly. "Wake up you guys..." he said in a low voice, but contained majesty and authority.

The eight Executors of the Cloud Palace had woken up, but they didn't dare to stand up. They are in a semi-crouched state. Meanwhile, Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu also behaved like that. Because now they have realized that their teacher, whom they have always respected, is the Living Buddha, an extraordinary great person in their religion. Thus their respect overflows towards their teacher, and even more so they feel very fortunate to be able to become disciples of the Living Buddha.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had said in a patient voice: “You eight have traveled a long way, you must be very tired. Tomorrow we will discuss the business that you will convey to me. Now Sam Liu, go and prepare a room for your eight brothers."

The eight Cloud Palace Executors didn't dare to argue, they saluted and agreed.

Sam Liu Taisu also agreed, then quickly prepared eight rooms at the back of the temple, for his eight brothers of the same religion.

Meanwhile, Sin Ceng Taisu had prepared drinks for the Persians, as long as their rooms were prepared.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had smiled patiently and returned to the temple.

Apparently Tat Mo Cauwsu's release was only to enlighten the eight Persians, that their efforts and exhaustion were not in vain, because they finally met the Eighth Living Buddha they were looking for. Only, today Tat Mo Cauwsu wants the eight of them to rest first, then tomorrow they will discuss the business that they will report to Tat Mo Cauwsu, who turns out to be the Eighth Living Buddha.

Thus, during that one day, the eight Persians only conversed with Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu. Much of what they talked about, especially regarding the latest developments regarding their Religion in Persia, namely the book 'Jatakas', which recorded stories about the life of the Buddha Siddhartha before gaining Noble Enlightenment, has disappeared. The Eight Executors of the Cloud Palace wished to seek guidance from the living Buddha.

The book "Jatakas" is one of the Buddhist scriptures. Because of that, the book "Jatakas" is as important as the holy book "Tripitaka".

"Jatakas" means various stories about the life of Sidhartha Buddha before attaining the enlightenment of His Holiness.

According to these stories, Buddha has lived many times more than once, (reincarnated), and among them is divided as follows: times he was born as a person who was worshiped, times became a king, times became a prince, times became a learned person. 2 times a thief, times a slave, times a gambler. Time and time again became a Lion, Deer Horse, Eagle, Bull, Snake and also Frog. But of course Bodista (his name before reaching enlightenment) is different from other creatures, both as King, Slave and Animal he is always more able to carry himself than his friends. One, one of the stories about Bodista when he was still a bird:

“When Brahmadatta reigned in Benares, Bodista was repeatedly born as a bird, and demanded to live in the jungle, mixed with other birds, on a tall tree and whose branches stretched here and there.

One day, dust fell as the tree's branches rubbed against each other. Smoke began to billow. Seeing that Bodista thought: 'If the two branches rub together in such a way, fire will shoot out and fall down, then burn the dry leaves, eventually the tree itself will burn. We don't have to stay here, we have to fly somewhere else soon.' He called on the other friends to fly away together.

If the other comrades were smart they should fly together into the sky and go somewhere else. But they didn't care and just stayed there. Not long after that the fire lit up and right where Bodista had said and the tree caught fire. The smoke and the embers soared high, so that as a result the birds that were left behind became blind, they could not pass, and were eventually scorched to death.”

Because of that, now the Persians explained to Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu, that the holy book 'Jatakas' had disappeared somewhere. And of course the 'Jatakas' scriptures referred to are the real 'Jatakas', thus it is no small disaster for the eight Executors, who are responsible for all the Buddhist scriptures contained in the Cloud Palace. Moreover, according to them, there is a split between two groups, namely the Hinayana and Mahayana schools. This means that Buddhists are divided. Not to mention in Japan, Ceylon, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Korea and Mongolia. That's why the Eighth Living Buddha, though how to seek to ask him to give instructions, if indeed the Living Buddha has not wished to return to Persia. And they didn't expect that the Eighth Living Buddha they were looking for was none other than Tat Mo Cauwsu, a founding holy priest of Siauw Lim Sie, who was a great teacher in mainland China. And this is indeed rather extraordinary, never expected by the Eight Executors.

In fact, the Eighth Living Buddha, which we know later as Tat Mo Cauwsu, by staying on the mainland for so long, has its own reasons, which are related to the safety of countless human beings.

The Eighth Living Buddha, when he first arrived in mainland China, had seen that the Chinese people still lived only relying on the teachings of the Prophets Confucius and Lao-tze, but they only knew about the instructions and lessons of the two prophets in China, they still did not able to live it. And that's why, the Eighth Living Buddha has broadcast Buddhism to them, by being carried together, the teachings of the Prophet Khong Fu Cu and the Prophet Lao-tze where these three religions spread together, living together fertilely in mainland China.

There is one advantage that has been achieved by the Eighth Living Buddha, because by the time he arrived in China and broadcast Buddhist teachings, he had been able to elevate the Chinese people to a much better level of religion, even though they embraced all three forms of Buddhism. , Lao-tze and Khong Fu Cu, but for sure they have received much better guidance than before.

While the main source of broadcasting Buddhism in mainland China at that time depended on the construction of the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

Because of that, Tat Mo Cauwsu has earned the title or is called the Great Teacher, because no one in China knows that Tat Mo Cauwsu, whose martial arts skills are so formidable and may be the person who has the number one martial arts skill in China, and is a priest who so the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, is the noble and exalted Eighth Living Buddha.

Much was said between Sam Liu Taisu, Sin Ceng Taisu and the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace. What they were talking about, of course, was developments in the broadcasting of their Buddhism, especially what the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace wanted to know was the spread of Buddhism that had been on the mainland of China. The development in the broadcasting of Buddhism in mainland China is the most brilliant result, because it is directly handled by the Eighth Living Buddha (Tat Mo Cauwsu) so that until now mainland China is the place with the largest number of Buddhists.

The Eight Executors of the Cloud Palace had also asked a lot about the construction of the Siauw Lim Sie temple. Sam Liu Taisu as the first disciple of Tat Mo Cauwsu, is happy to have told from the beginning and until the end of the construction or construction of the grandest temple on the mainland of China and also a source of broadcasting Buddhism.

Thus the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace knew very well how Tat Mo Cauwsu had wasted a lot of time, how the Eighth Living Buddha had fought for everything for the spread of Buddhism in the mainland of China, it was not an easy job, because the Eighth Living Buddha, who was always known as Tat Mo Cauwsu when he was in China, was an Indian, who was less favored by the Chinese population at that time. In the end, however, Tat Mo Cauwcu succeeded in establishing himself in China, even building the Siiuw Lim Sie temple and broadcasting Buddhist teachings widely among the Chinese people. Even today, there are more or less million Buddhists, China is the largest Buddhist. Whereas in India itself,

After resting for a day at the Siauw Lim Sie temple, the eight Persians felt their spirits had recovered and their fatigue had disappeared. In the morning Tau Mo Cauwsu also received them to meet in Tat Mo Cauwsu's Semadhi room, which is located south of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, close to the Tat Mo Tong room, where all the books, as well as Tat Mo Cauwsu's belongings are stored.

In the presence of this Eighth Living Buddha, Toajing, the eight eldest or number one Executors, who became the leaders of the eight Persians, had reported everything that had happened in Persia recently, besides also telling about the disappearance of the sacred scriptures 'Jatakas' which the original, where the holy book is now is not yet known.

Tat Mo Cauwsu accepted the report with a calm demeanor then the eight Toajings explained the reasons why this Eighth Living Buddha chose China as a place to broadcast Buddhism, besides that this Eighth Living Buddha also explained the reasons why the Siauw Lim Sie temple was founded.

The eight Toajings had been listening intently.

"As you know, the developments in Persia regarding the followers of the Buddha, I have long been aware of." said this Eighth Living Buddha. "And also from that moment on I really wanted to take some steps to defuse the conflict between the two parties arguing over the interpretation of the Buddha's teachings. And concerning the convening of a meeting and assembling in Vesali to negotiate their differences of opinion, I have also heard. At such a meeting the priests, monks and leaders did not get approval and agreement. Some of the Buddha's teachings are interpreted differently. And because of that they are finally divided into groups. First it was divided into two groups, but then from the two groups it was also divided into more groups. It's a natural law, there is one of course there are two, there are two of course there are three and so on." Saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu took a deep breath. Indeed, the association of Buddhist priests, monks and leaders held in Vesali took place about a century after Siddhartha Gautama Buddha died, that's when his adherents began to quarrel over his teachings.

"It was a very sad incident." said Tat Mo Cauwsu too. "And I have been thinking about it for several months, to find the best way. But the developments are such that I have no other choice to take the best path to resolve the conflict between the two factions. By summoning the leaders of the two factions to face me, they could certainly be reconciled and they promised to live in harmony in front of me. That's even worse. They obeyed my orders and advice maybe because they were forced, because they both groups must both respect the Living Buddha, and that is a fire in the husk, which is even worse if it is suppressed continuously, can cause a far greater explosion and harm our religion later. That's what made me finally take another wisdom. I left Persia, I kept my departure a secret and I have gone to China. The contradictions that occur between the two groups in our religion are still filled with greed and stupidity, self-torture. These two things are not possible to lead people to a better life, and the leaders of the two opposing groups insist on their stance, showing their greed, thus it is impossible for them to succeed in bringing their followers well, while for themselves it is not necessarily true. The contradictions that occur between the two groups in our religion are still filled with greed and stupidity, self-torture. These two things are not possible to lead people to a better life, and the leaders of the two opposing groups insist on their stance, showing their greed, thus it is impossible for them to succeed in bringing their followers well, while for themselves it is not necessarily true. The contradictions that occur between the two groups in our religion are still filled with greed and stupidity, self-torture. These two things are not possible to lead people to a better life, and the leaders of the two opposing groups insist on their stance, showing their greed, thus it is impossible for them to succeed in bringing their followers well, while for themselves it is not necessarily true.

2 managed to achieve Good Life. The only thing I could take was to adhere to what the Buddha once taught, namely 'Follow the Middle Way', and indeed I ended up choosing the 'Middle Way'. I left Persia, and cultivated followers and Buddhists here, and it worked. While the two sects, Hinayana and Mahayana were fighting, here in China there were actually more followers of the Buddha's teachings than the number of the two groups even though they were combined. And at least. My dreams have been partially successful, in China Buddhism spread so widely and was greeted with joy by the Chinese people."

Hearing the explanation of the Eighth Living Buddha, the reason for the establishment of Siauw Lim Sie in China and the non-return of the Living Buddha to Persia, was not because the Living Buddha was not responsible to his followers in Persia. Naman is precisely to gather more Buddhists. To prepare for a time when the two groups in Persia were clashing and contradicting each other, in China, other schools of the Buddha's teachings had begun to grow, although accompanied by the teachings of the two prophets in other Chinese lands, namely Khong Fu Cu and Laotze,

The virtuous deeds made by the Buddha Living on the mainland of China has great importance for the growth of Buddhism itself. Because if indeed the Living Buddha is trying to resolve the conflict between the two groups, namely the Hinayana and Mahayana groups. So, after wasting a dozen years, it is not necessarily successful in reconciling and uniting them. It may have more undesirable consequences. Now, it is precisely by taking the 'Middle Way' Tat Mo Cauwsu or actually the Eighth Living Buddha that it has succeeded in re-instilling the teachings of the Buddha in the Chinese people, and it is now evident that China has the largest number of Buddhists.

Tat Mo Cauwsu gave many instructions to the eight Cloud Palace Executors. And also asked the eight Persians to return to Persia, there they should carry out their duties as usual. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu will not return to Persia.

But the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace requested that they be allowed to stay in China to accompany this Eighth Living Buddha, so that they could carry out their duties as usual, serving all the needs of the Eighth Living Buddha. But in a patient voice, Tat Mo Cauwsu had refused the eighth request of the Cloud Palace Executor.

"It's a pity that the followers of the Buddha's teachings in Persia need you so much, your charity there is even greater. And here, I have actually accepted students where they can serve me as they deserve. Thus, you should not be disappointed, even though you returned to Persia, but you did a noble work. And try to approach the two groups, Hinayana Mahayana with one another so that they do not disagree again and can be reunited. If there is something really, really important, you may come here to hear my decision.” The eight Persians could not disobey the Living Buddha's orders. Although with a grieving heart, they have accepted the task.

"You just stay here in Siauw Lim Sie for a month, after which you just make your way back to Persia." said Tat Mo Cauwsu.

The eight Cloud Palace Executors had asked for a few more instructions from this Eighth Living Buddha, after which they withdrew to return to their respective rooms.

Indeed, for one month they will stay in Siauw Lim Sie. In fact, the longer time Tat Mo Cauwsu gave them the opportunity to stay in Siauw Lim Sie, the happier they were, so they always tried to get permission from Tat Mo Cauwsu to be allowed to stay in the temple longer.

Unfortunately, Tat Mo Cauwsu only gave him the opportunity for one month, after which the eight Cloud Palace Executors had to immediately leave for Persia to carry out their duties again.

Two weeks have passed. And while in Siauw Lim Sie, the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace had found peace in the temple. Siauw Lim Sie. Thus, they soon found it increasingly difficult to leave Siauw Lim Sie and return to Persia when the time had come from Tat Mo Cauwsu, where they only had two weeks left in the temple.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu. So far, he has given a lot of advice and advice to the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace. Thus they have obtained much guidance, and indeed they have succeeded in deepening their knowledge of the most important lessons of their religion, which were previously unknown to them.

Tat Mo Cauwsu also explained, although he had opened a new school in teaching the teachings of the Buddha in mainland China, but the Eighth Living Buddha did not deviate from what had been taught to Buddhists in Persia.

Meanwhile, the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace grew heavier and heavier as the time given by Tat Mo Cauwsu drew near, where they would soon leave Siauw Lim Sie and the Living Buddha.

They had stayed another week at Siauw Lim Sie's temple, and during that time they were getting more and more restless. They had asked Sam Liu Taisu and Sin Ceng Taisu, so that they could persuade the Eighth Living Buddha Tat Mo Cauwsu, their teacher, that the eight Executors of the Cloud Palace be allowed to stay one more month at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

However, neither Sam Liu Taisu nor Sin Ceng Taisu's efforts were successful. Tat Mo Cauwsu did not comply with their request and after being given the Eighth Living Buddha to the eight Cloud Palace Executors, they had to leave Siauw Lim Sie. Meanwhile, the time given by Tat Mo Cauwsu was only a few days away, where the eight executors of the Cloud Palace had to leave Siauw Lim Sie and return to Persia, to take care of all the needs at the Cloud Palace, in Persia.

Five more days to the eight Persians, Toajing and others. got ready to pack. They also wished to say goodbye to a religious ceremony to the Eighth Living Buddha, if the day of their departure had arrived.

But in the middle of the night, with only five days left for the eight Toajing to leave Siauw Lim Sie, something happened at the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

The condition of the air is quite cool and the moonlight is quite bright and vulnerable, in addition to the wind that blows slowly and gently, suddenly the darkness of the night has been torn apart by the burning of a very large fire behind the Siauw Lim Sie temple. The fire was blazing so fast and tongues of fire were flying here and there.

Fortunately, there were several Siauw Lim Sie priests who knew about the fire. Immediately the priests of Siaw Lim Sie, assisted by the eight Persians, tried to put out the fire.

But the fire is burning so big, the flames have been licking here and there. It is not easy to immediately extinguish the fire in a short time. Although in the end they also managed to control the fire.

Which makes them angry and wonder, who knows who has released the fire burning behind the temple of Siauw Lim Sie. That's still good because the fire has not yet spread more widely, has been quickly identified and can be extinguished, otherwise the damage Siauw Lim Sie would have suffered would have been much greater.

Several of Siauw Lim Sie's disciples immediately dispersed to investigate who had spread the fire in Siauw Lim Sie's temple. They investigated it to the foot of the mountain. Likewise with the eight Toajing, they too have divided themselves to investigate and try to catch the criminals who caused the fire.

Tat Mo Cauwsu had praised the greatness of the Buddha several times, the magic priest remained calm and stayed in his semedhi room. And his very sharp hearing, once, hearing very light footsteps, indicated that he had a visitor who had a perfect ginkang or lightening skill. The sound of the uninvited guest's footsteps was very soft, much slower than the fall of a dry leaf.

With his eyes closed and a calm demeanor, besides continuing to read his liamkheng, Tat Mo Cauwsu seemed to ignore the arrival of the uninvited guest.

As someone who has possessed intelligence to its peak, Tat Mo Cauwsu has extraordinary sharp hearing, he heard at a glance, already knew two people were coming. Only one person is helped by many friends, not to make a sound, because his intelligence is still below the other person.

"You rancid Indian priest, come out to meet Lohu." came the voice of a defiant person from outside Tat Mo Cauwsu's window. The voice was very slow, maybe that person deliberately spoke slowly like that, so that the other Siauw Lim Sie students, who were very busy at that time, tidy up the situation behind the burning temple, and some are also investigating and looking for traces of criminals who burned the temple. That's by investigating around Mount Siauw Sit San, known as Siongsan, did not hear it. Tat Mo Cauwsu Stop reading Liam kheng, while smiling patiently Tat Mo Cauwsu got up, he mumbled in a friendly and patient voice: “Ah, apparently Bells received a guest visit. Siancai. Siancai. why not just stop by? Please. Please"

Then with calm footsteps Tat Mo Cauwsu had approached the window, he opened the shutters, he also said patiently: "Come on, please come in. Bell knows, of course you don't want Bell's students to know about your arrival, do you?”

The person outside, who had been defiant earlier, let out a muffled cry, showing that he was shocked and amazed, Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't look outside, not to mention he and his companions, but Tat Mo Cauwsu already knew that he had come alone. And that. Surprisingly, his friend who had an imperfect ginkang was actually carrying him, thus his friend did not go alone, but Tat Mo Cauwsu knew that he had come together. That's very sharp hearing, really Tat Mo Cauwsu is a priest who is very powerful and has perfect intelligence.

"Come out. Lohu wants to ask for instructions, rancid priest, according to the words of my friends in Kangouw, that you want to use all the Chinese masters, so that they submit and become your accomplices, then become priests and then help spread the teachings of your religion, isn't that a very rotten intention? Hmm, I don't think Chinese people can possibly be influenced by you, rotten priest."

Hearing that person's words that were so rude, Tat Mo Cauwsu was not at all offended or angry, he even smiled kindly, he also with a gentle attitude said: "We can discuss this later, please Siecu come in first"

"Hmmm, you're the one who came out, rotten priest." responding to people outside.

Tat Mo Cauwsu didn't want to pull the jugular vein with that person. During his time in China, he had many times encountered these kinds of people, who misunderstood and misunderstood him, as Indian Priests who opened the doors of temple schools in China. 

Tat Mo Cauwsu's body lightly jumped out of his room through the window. Then he could clearly see the person. A man. was old, maybe seventy years or more. While in his hand, clutching a hunchbacked man. But when Tat Mo Cauwsu came out, a hunchbacked man who was already quite advanced in age was released and stood behind him.

And the old man said mockingly: “Good, rotten priest. You, by relying on your sorcery, have run rampant, where this student of mine, Tiai Tauw Kie, became one of the victims of your students. Well, I Kwan Hu Thong won't let this act of yours go any further.”

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together, his heart was secretly choking too. As a Great Teacher, he also has extensive knowledge. He also realized that in China there were a lot of experts who had high intelligence. But among the masters, only two or three people whose intelligence may be balanced by their martial arts skills. One of the champions who can match him is Kwan Hu Thong, who holds the title "Ban Hun Shia" or "Selaksa Perjury Spirits". Because of that, Tat Mo Cauwsu was surprised to know that the old man in front of him was Ban Hun Shia who was famous for his strange nature.

However, Tat Mo Cauwsu did not show his surprise, his attitude remained very patient and calm when he said: “Please Siecu be calm first, listen to Bell's statement. There is a misunderstanding in this matter."

“Misunderstanding? Misunderstood, you mean? Hemmmm, cunning priest, do you think I'm still a snotty kid who is easily tricked by you? You don't need to come up with excuses, because I'm going to expose your cunning intent."

After saying that, it seemed that Ban Hun Shia had stepped closer to Tat Mo Cauwsu, his face cold and emotionless. His eyes glowed sharply. He is indeed one of the Datuk Persilatan in the martial jungle of the other five Datuk. All of them are called Ngo-ok, the five datuk are Toa Ok, Jie Ok, Sam Ok, Sie Ok, Ngo Ok. The five datuks occupied the territory under their own control, namely in the North, South, West, East and in the Center, namely in the central region or also in the king's city. Thus, their power became limited to their respective domains and the five datuks possessed both very perfect intelligence, one another could not be destroyed and in such a state, always they hold meetings to determine who is the higher intelligence among them. But often they fail to determine who is the weakest among them, because their intelligence with each other is equally perfect, thus making them unable to destroy each other, nothing can be done or also who wins in the martial arts competition so that the fragrance of their names is the same. famous.

Who knows, now in China there has appeared a great teacher Tat Mo Cauwsu A great teacher, which is broadcast by the master Kangouw being above the intelligence of the Ngo-ok, the five progenitors. Thus making the five progenitors very curious. One of the five, the datuk, namely Sam Ok, who controlled the southern region, became curious and together with his student number three, namely Tiat Tauw Kie, they had come to Siong San (Siauw Sit San), to look for Tat Mo Cauwsu, to measure knowledge, to find out also whether it is true that Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence exceeds that of the five datuks, especially himself. Therefore, he wanted to prove it himself. Who knows, it was precisely by chance that his disciple met the eight Toajings, and precisely by Toajing, Tiat Tauw Kie has been influenced by his sorcery which makes Tiat Tauw Kie sleepy and falls asleep during battles. Try Toajing, a person who has bad qualities, of course Tiai Tauw Kie can easily be harmed.

When he woke up from his sleep and was released from the influence of Toajing magic, Tiat Tao Kie immediately looked for his teacher, who was staying at one of the residents' houses in a not-so-large village to the north of the foot of Mount Siong San, to report everything that had happened to him. Of course, Tiat Tan Kie cut short and exceeded certain parts of the story, to cover his embarrassment. He said in fact he had succeeded in squeezing the eight Tat Mo Cauwsu disciples who surrounded him,

2 but they used magic, so he felt sleepy. Fortunately, he was able to escape and finally fell asleep somewhere.

The teacher, who indeed has a very violent tradition and also feels that his intelligence is the highest in the mainland of China, now hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's students make his students helpless, his heart is hotter. The intention to seek Tat Mo Cauwsu grew stronger. He didn't want to waste any more time because that same night he invited his students to visit the Siauw Lim Sie temple, to "learn to know" with Tat Mo Cauw su, the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, who in the martial jungle is known as Guru Besar. 

Tat Mo Cauwsu saw Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong's attitude, had smiled patiently, he said: "Patience, Siecu don't bring customs like children"

"Childish? Hmm, I just want to show you, actually China is not a place for people to sell jokes. Alright, let's get started."

After speaking in such an annoyed manner, Ban Hun Shia waved his hand, as if he was indeed preparing for Tat Mo Cauwsu's attack.

But Tat Mo Cauwsu still stood quietly in his place not moving at all, he had looked at him with a very friendly smile, his hands were folded, he also said "Let's not be enslaved by mere lust. Try Siecu to think with a cool head, of course Siecu will realize that in this matter there is a mere misunderstanding, if indeed we can talk for just a few moments, of course the misunderstanding will be eliminated. And it's not here that Bell will say Sie cu has a wrong view, but if Siecu is willing to share his thoughts for a moment, it would be very encouraging.”

And after saying that, Tat Mo Cauwsu spoke the greatness of the Buddha several times.

Kwan Hu Thong's eyes widened, emitting a sharp light. Indeed he is aseran. Everyone Kangouw who hears Ban Han Shia, of course, will be afraid to shiver with enthusiasm like flying out of his body. Because this Datuk has a very strange temperament, sometimes he can defend people who are being oppressed, but not infrequently he is the one who: beats people in straight circles because he really doesn't like the customs they often show, and feels resentful. with all that, which Ban Hun Shia regarded as smug and fawning to win over. And every time there are young heroes or Kangouw people who are. had too much respect for him, of course he would. turned around in disgust and was about to beat him up. If any Kangouw master was rude and impudent to him, then he will beat him too. Thus making all the Martial Arts people feel awkward when faced with Ban Hun Shia because if they were too respectful, they would be seen as two-faced, would be beaten by Ban Hun Shia. even being beaten up is not just being beaten, not infrequently to the point of being severely crippled. But if they had shown an attitude of indifference, they too would have been severely beaten, until they suffered and were disfigured or would have met death.

That's why many Kangouw people heard that Ban Hun Shia was in his place, and they quickly got rid of them. Avoiding an encounter with Ban Hun Shia was the safest path.

Now Ban Hun Shia saw Tat Mo Cauwsu's attitude. He thought that Tat Mo Cauwsu might also feel bad for him, because Tat Mo Cauwsu had heard of his prowess and his big name. He let out a cold laugh. "Hmmm, in China, maybe in your eyes there are no people who deserve respect in your eyes, so you use the title as a Great Teacher. And I, Ban Hun Shia, am very willing to be your disciple. Well, to take a student like me, of course there must be a condition, you have to show your skills. Frankly, if you use magic, to knock me down, it will only keep me hostile to you.”

Tat Mo Cauwsu nodded, he said “Fine, fine.

Indeed, Bell knows that too."

At that time, Tat Mo Cauwsu, an extremely patient person, had seen that it was difficult to give Ban Hun Shia an understanding if they had not yet pitted against each other's intelligence and strength. Therefore, they, teachers and students, must be able to be subdued first, and then give understanding to him. Thus, of course this method is much easier when compared to having to give understanding by long persuading and trying to realize it from his mistake.

"Well, you get ready, let's play a thousand moves. I will succumb to three moves against your attacks” Ban Hun Shia said mockingly.

Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together. “Sorry, sorry, it's not that Bells don't want to accept Siecu's kindness to give up three moves to Bells, but it's the habit of Buddhist priests, if someone doesn't bother him, we can't bother anyone. Moreover, attack him. Whereas if someone does evil to us. should be rewarded with kindness by us. Sorry, Siancai. Siancai. Of course Siecu understood our predicament and did not press Bell any further to attack first. And if indeed we compete to compete for knowledge, even then it is just a mere game, to find out who actually has higher or lower intelligence is too childish. In this world nothing is perfect. That's what Siecu should know. Perfection cannot be achieved by a human being, other than having passed away to Nirvana. Because of that, one could not possibly have the highest intelligence in this world. Above the high there is still higher. Below the low, there is still a lower. And that is the turning of the wheels of the chariot, one below, the other above. And below or above it is the same there is no difference. At the bottom, isn't it holding up and supporting for a strength to hold the top. And the one above should be grateful to the one below for supporting him and persevering until he finally gets to the top without any trouble. Vice versa, those below must be grateful to those above, because with the rotation, it means that those below are alive. and 'live' that's very important. Especially if it's for humans. Without true 'life' in a human being, don't expect him to be able to find peace in this world, don't expect him to be able to taste true happiness, not happiness in disguise. By spending time, a human being can get joy and happiness. But it was just a disguised happiness. Did you know, Siecu, that we priests are always trying to achieve eternal happiness and eternal life?” But it was just a disguised happiness. Did you know, Siecu, that we priests are always trying to achieve eternal happiness and eternal life?” But it was just a disguised happiness. Did you know, Siecu, that we priests are always trying to achieve eternal happiness and eternal life?”

Hearing Tat Mo Cauwsu's lengthy words, Ban Hun Shia had several times snorted with cold laughter. Also he had said as soon as Tat Mo Cauwsu finished saying: “Okay, okay, have you finished your sermon? Hmmm. are you ready to mess with me cunning priest? It seems that you are very good at talking, of course with your tongue that is good at martial arts, you are a very cunning human and will increasingly not be able to trust a human like you!"

And while saying that, it seemed that Ban Hun Shia had stepped closer to Tat Mo Cauwsu. His demeanor was extremely defiant and he looked like he was about to charge forward to attack.

Yet Tat Mo Cauwsu remained where he was, showing absolutely no sign that he was preparing to receive an attack.

Ban Hun Shia watched the priest's attitude grow even more irritated. "Are you really not looking down on me, making you look down on me and when I want to attack you don't even want to get ready, huh?" Ban Hun Shia's voice was fierce.

Within the Kangouw circle he is highly respected and respected by the people of the martial jungle. Even those Kangouw people in general when they met him would shiver with fear, would try to escape as quickly as possible, if necessary they would kneel down to worship Ban Hun Shia asking them not to be harmed. They were so scared.

But this Tat Mo Cauwsu, with his attitude like that, seemed to be looking down on him as well. Of course it made Ban Hun Shia Kvvan Hu Thong very angry, because he felt he was belittled and it was an insult that he could not accept.

Tat Mo Cauwsu carried a very patient attitude, he also calmly and patiently said: “Omitohud. Siecu is really an impatient person. Sheer lust without consideration will only make Siecu lacking wisdom, and can also bring bad consequences for Siecu himself.” 

"I don't need your advice. I've been in this world for more than seventy years, you don't need to worry anymore, I know what I need to do!”

Saying that, Ban Hun Shia who was already unable to defend himself, immediately set foot on his feet, his body suddenly leaping forward, his movement was as fast as a mere eagle, both of his hands had been thrust forward. And what is extraordinary is that its movements are so fast, that it is difficult for ordinary eyes to follow.

Tat Mo Cauwsu still didn't move from his place, he was amazed to see Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong's movements, he secretly thought: "This She Kwan person has very good intelligence, I rarely see people with intelligence as high as him, unfortunately his customs are too violent"

And while thinking so, Tat Mo Cauwsu had raised his right hand, he had received the blows of Ban Hun Shia's two palms in turn. Tat Mo Cauwsu parried in the attitude of receiving Ban Hun Shia's attack with that palm of his hand as if he did not use any strength. But the ending was really great.

Ban Hun Shia Kwan Hu Thong was a progenitor of the five who had the most perfect intelligence in all of mainland China. Because of that, he has a very broad knowledge.

Who knows, now Tat Mo Cauwsu has been able to take his attack so easily and with the same ease Tat Mo Cauwsu has made him completely powerless, his energy seems to have disappeared and made him powerless to knock Tat Mo Cauwsu down in the first move. that.

Tat Mo Cauwsu was the founder of Siauw Lim Sie, known as the Great Teacher in mainland China. It was precisely what the Great Teacher called Tat Mo Cauwsu that made Ban Hua Shia dissatisfied, and he came to visit.

Even though on the outside he doesn't look down on Tat Mo Cauwsu, in fact he is still wary, because he realizes that Tat Mo Cauwsu is a priest who has perfect intelligence. Also, when Tat Mo Cauwsu came out by jumping out of his bedroom window, he as a person who had advanced his intelligence, could see and know that Tat Mo Cauwsu's lightening skills were really very perfect.

His failure in this first move did not make Ban Hun Shia be surprised or disappointed. Precisely as soon as he felt the force of the impact of his two palms disappearing, he had canceled his attack, pulling his hands back. By following one of Pat Kwa's steps, the octagon, i.e. according to the Pat Tauw position or the eight star positions, he has stepped with his body staggering for a moment to the left or to the right, with such a movement he looks like he is drunk on wine. And also his body movements are strange.

Tat Mo Cauwsu watched for a moment, it seemed that this priest was amazed to see him too. Only after looking at the pass, and while Ban Hun Shia was still moving to and fro with Pat Kwa's strides, did Tat Mo Cauwsu clasped his hands together. "Siancai. Siancai. That's a very valuable martial arts and very liehay. It's just that there are still one or two weaknesses. ' said Tat

Mo Cauwsu.

At first, Tat Mo Cauwsu put his hands together. Ban Hun Shia guessed that Tat Mo Cauwsu was starting to attack him, he got ready and gave up his spirit, but who knows, Tat Mo Cauwsu actually clasped his hands together not to attack, just to salute and also "reprove" that his magic move is still there one or two drawbacks.

"Good. Good." Ban Hun Shia shouted angrily “If indeed you can break this miraculous move and also manage to protect yourself for ten moves from my attacks, I will kneel before you.”

Tat Mo Cauwsu immediately also smiled patiently, he said: “Patience, patience, such respect was not expected by Bell. It's only better if we exchange ideas about the weaknesses and strengths of martial arts, won't that way we can find out which parts of our knowledge are weak?"

"Take this." Ban Hu Shia who couldn't hold back his patience immediately stepped forward with his body tilted to the left, he attacked using his left hand bent to the chest, while his right hand had been hit. The lwekang power he uses comes in waves. The second wave is stronger than the first wave. Likewise, the third wave is stronger than the second wave. And so on.

Whereas Tat Mo Cauwsu was not surprised by the attack, it was just that this priestess praised, saying: “Good. Very nice! It turns out that this is really great science. There are still some weaknesses that need to be corrected by Kwan Siecu, in order to obtain the perfection of this knowledge."

Ban Hun Shia is a ancestor who is respected by the other four datuks, who has quite perfect intelligence. Therefore, how could he believe that by just looking at Tat Mo Cauwsu for a moment, he could find out the weaknesses of his knowledge that he had composed for decades? Didn't that make Ban Hun Shia even more curious. He emptied his spirit and attacked more and more powerfully as well. The wind from his blow grabbed and roared at Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu remained calm and patient. He received the first move with a very agile body movement. Without being able to see his movements, suddenly his body had shifted, to the right of his opponent. And Tat Mo Cauwsu smiled patiently as he said: "This move should be perfected with the right hand bent slightly inward, then the stomach is deflated to suck in clean air to strengthen the lwekang, and the left hand replacing the position of the right hand strikes with three parts of internal power. The result is much more satisfying compared to the moves that Siecu used earlier.”

Ban Hun Shia's heart clenched in shock. As a person who has perfect intelligence, Tat Mo Cauwsu's brief description was immediately understood.

He also secretly admitted that if he followed the method Tat Mo Cauwsu had told him, it would certainly make his first hit much more powerful than his method.

However, from receiving that kindness, Ban Hun Shia was even more curious. From curiosity he became angry. With a savage scream, he attacked again much more powerfully, and the force he used was stronger than the first. His left hand with two fingers bent, three fingers, index, middle and ring fingers, are used to scrape the eyeball of the opponent, besides that, to punch the main blood vessels right in the middle of the bridge of the nose, using the middle finger Obviously that's a very extraordinary way of attacking, because if it fails with the attack of picking the opponent's eyes, the attack can still be used to punch the blood on the opponent's nose.

Tat Mo Cauwsu shook his head slowly, secretly he regretted the carelessness of this way of attacking his opponent. "His martial arts skills are perfect, he's just a bit lost," thought Tat Mo Cauwsu.

2 It was not difficult for Tat Mo Cauwsu to avoid his opponent's attack, because it was easy for Tat Mo Cauwsu to raise his left hand, crossed with his right, knowing he had “locked” Ban Hui Shia's hand.

Ban Hun Shia was very surprised, if indeed his hands were "locked" by Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands, that was very dangerous and Ban Hun Shia also understood what danger he would receive as a result of being "locked" like that. This meant that his wrist bones could be crushed and the power to pull his hand was gone, he couldn't continue his attack, nor could he dodge away anymore. He could be dangerous twice in that moment, the danger of his wrists being crushed to the bone, also dangerous if at that time Tat Mo Cauwsu accompanied him to attack again, of course he couldn't avoid himself, he must be a victim of Tat Mo Cauwsu

Even in a pinch like that. Smell Hun Shia did not become nervous. He quickly changed his position, his hands seemed to be gripped by the force of a thousand catties, suddenly slumped down so fast that the "lock" of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands had failed and did not work at all.

And Ban Hun Shia didn't stay still, he put his hands together to escape from the grasp of Tat Mo Cauwsu's hands, surprisingly fast he had stretched out his hands together to grip Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest.

His moves were so powerful that it was rare for anyone to avoid an attack like Ban Hun Shia did. However, Tat Mo Cauwsu really has intelligence that reaches the peak of perfection, because he easily uses his extended index finger to strike his opponent's right shoulder.

It seemed like an ordinary poke, but as someone who possessed proficient intelligence like Ban Hun Shia, he understood what it meant.

It was true that inevitably, his grip would succeed in gripping Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest, and it would either tear Tat Mo Cauwsu's chest or else the priest would suffer internal injuries if his lwekang didn't have time to react. But what is great is Ban Hun Shia himself, if he manages to grip, Tat Mo Cauwsu's index finger will hit Lung-kie-hiat's blood path on his shoulder. like Tat Mo Cauwsu, there is no mercy he will suffocate and in a second or two he will be lost if his veins are crushed by the repulsion.