Hurricane In Siauw Lim Sie Chapter 07

Volume 07

BIANLU SYAMAR shook his head slowly, then replied: “Lolap has said it, it's still uncertain. But interestingly, according to Thio Siecu, Tat Mo Cauwsu is a priest from India, just like lolap.”

"Well, if you really want to go see him, I don't mind taking you to Siauw Lim Sie, because it's been a long time since I've wanted to find Tat Mo Cauwsu myself to prove if there's really a person who has the most perfect martial arts."

“Thio Siecu, there is one thing that Siecu must remember carefully, do not ever want to test Thio Siecu's intelligence with a specific purpose, if only to find out how high Tat Mo Cauwsu's intelligence is to gain experience, it is still not a problem. problem, but if you only want to test your intelligence and then plant enmity is not a commendable thing. Therefore, Thio Siecu must understand that our departure to Siauw Lim Sie is only to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu and later cultivate friendship, not enmity!”

Patience, when Bianlu Syamar said that, while Thio Yang Lin was laughing dryly, he replied: "I don't think there is any need to explain more about that, if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu serves well, is not too big-headed and arrogant as a Professor, of course not. there will be riots. But if he really looks down on me and belittles me, should I take it for granted?”

Bianlu Syamar smiled and said: “Yes, I think if we were nice to him, surely Tat Mo Cauwsu wouldn't treat us badly. Is Thio Siecu willing to travel together with Lolap?':

Thio Yang Lin nodded. "I have to pack up the things I'm going to bring. Wait a minute, I'll be right back!"

Bianlu Syamar nodded.

That's how Thio Yang Lin had gone to his residence not far from that place, near

2 Hoasan's peak, and then when he returned with the bundle containing his provisions which he would take on his journey.

The two of them had traveled to Siauw Sit San, at the top of the mountain stood the Siauw Lim Sie temple and the residence of a great teacher, Tat Mo Cauwsu.


SOME horses were running very fast, as well as being chased by a ghost. The riders, all of whom were dressed rather strangely, unlike the common Chinese mainlanders, had fled their mounts so fast that the dust billowed high and billowed behind them.

There were eight of them in all, and consisted of men with sharp noses and blue-black eyes. They wore very oddly shaped hats, slightly rounded with a feather in the middle of various colors, perhaps the feather of a bird. All of them also wear the same colored robes, namely green with blue pants. They seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to reach their destination quickly, so their mounts were rushed so fast, that their robes fluttered in the wind.

When he arrived at a flat land filled with green grass, the one in the front had restrained his horse, he raised his left hand, signaling to his friends to stop them. His comrades had also restrained his horses from running. The person who raised his left hand and was in the front was apparently the leader of his seven friends, he was a man of almost fifty years of age, with a thin mustache and a very sharp nose. His thin lips showed the lines of his hardness of heart. The blue eyes emit a very sharp light. He wasn't Han, but seemed to be from Persia or Nepal as well.

“Through this meadow, we will arrive at Hoawciu, from there we travel two more days then we arrive at our destination. But is the Living Buddha in his place? The news that we received the last time was that the Living Buddha lived in China, building the doors of the school while broadcasting religion.”

"Hopefully the news we received is true and the Living Buddha is indeed in Siauw Sit San," replied one of his friends.

The man who was the leader had sighed. “For decades we have been searching for the Living Buddha, who has left us for so long. It's strange, why is the Living Buddha more likely to live in China?

"Yes, we who have been left for a dozen years without news and news make us always looking for it here and there without success," said another.

“However, the latest news regarding the Living Buddha this time I don't think is a miss. Hopefully we can meet him!”

The leader nodded. He silently looked away at the grass field. Until finally he shouted "Let's continue our journey anyway". While shouting so, he had kicked the reins of his horse, the beast galloped quickly, he ran across the grass field.

His friends had followed him, they ran the horse quickly. Thus, the eight horsemen consisting of the foreigners, had fled the horses, had fled their horses rapidly. The eight strangers seemed to be in a race against time.

Half a day they ran their horses at a rapid pace, and finally they made it across the wide grass field. And indeed in the distance they saw a city, namely Houwciu.

Without resting, they immediately approached the city, passed a dozen lie, they arrived in the city.

Houwciu is quite a bustling city. And this city is a transit city for people who want to travel to the south.

The eight people searched for their lodging house taking four rooms.

The manner in which the eight men were dressed and the circumstances were of interest to the residents of Houwciu. Because they, apart from foreigners, their blue eyes, sharp nose, thin lips and no signs of being a Han citizen, have made the people of Houwciu look on in surprise. The eight of them were dressed in the same colored robes and pants. They seem to be members of a society or of a college door. Thus, many are guessing, I don't know what the eight foreigners want to do on the mainland of China. After being at the inn, the eight strangers rested for a while. And late in the afternoon, then they gathered in the dining room of the inn. They stick to the way they dress, namely with green robes and blue pants.

Many of the guests in the dining room had been watching them and some of them were whispering. Even the two old men, who were thin and dressed very simply, had talked about the eight strangers. One of the two had said in a very low voice, whispering “They seem like members of the very famous Cloud Palace.”

“Cloud Palace?” asked his friend surprised.

"Yes" nodded the old man. “I have indeed heard stories about the Palace of the Clouds, an extraordinary society in Persia. But strange, why are these eight people in China? Usually the members of the Cloud Palace never leave their country and generally they have extraordinary intelligence, there is rarely anyone who can match their intelligence, because in addition to having very good fighting skills, they also have various kinds of magical abilities."

His companion glanced at the eight people in green robes and blue pants.

"The way they dress is strange," he muttered. "Yes," nodded his friend. "Indeed, members

the members of the Cloud Palace always wear green robes and blue pants!” Just as his friend wanted to start again, one of the eight strangers had risen, he approached the two old men

“Uncle, it turns out that you have a vast amount of knowledge!” he said in stilted, slurred Han and also used the language backwards and forwards, although he could speak quite clearly and understand what he meant.

The two old men were shocked. At first they thought the eight foreigners did not understand Han, so they could have a conversation without the eight people understanding their conversation. Who knows, they actually understand the Han language, even now one of them has rebuked like that, quickly the other old man, who is sitting on the right, has stood up with his hands folded in salute: "I only heard from my friend's story that been to Persia. About the Cloud Palace is a story I don't know very well.”

The stranger smiled. "We do know a lot of people outside of Persia, knowing about the Cloud Palace so it's not too surprising if you know about the Cloud Palace too. But there is something we want to ask, which is about someone.”

"Say, if Lohu really knows, surely Lohu will explain!" said the old man.

“We are looking for the eighth Living Buddha” replied the stranger.

“The eighth Living Buddha? Who is it? This is the first time we've heard of it?" asked the old man. The stranger didn't answer immediately, he glanced at his seven friends, only then he said again "Actually, we are indeed looking for the eighth Living Buddha, and the last news we received that the eighth Living Buddha had come to China and was staying here for some time. long time. That's why we've come here to pick him up so that the eighth Living Buddha will be ready to return to our place!”

"But this is the first time we've heard about the eighth Living Buddha." the old man showed a somewhat confused attitude.

"The latest news we have received is that the eighth Living Buddha has dwelt on Mount Siauw Sit San or better known as Mount Siong San!" explain the stranger further. "And the eighth Living Buddha has also built a temple, where in addition to preaching Buddhism, it has also accepted students to be taught martial arts."

“Siauw Sit San? Siong-san?" muttered the old man very slowly, his brows furrowed deeply, he seemed to be deep in thought, until finally he patted his thigh and exclaimed: “Ah, I know. I know!"

The stranger's face lit up, he immediately asked: "Is it true that uncle knows? And is it true that the eighth Living Buddha resides in Siauw Sit San?”

The old man shook his head "No, it's not about the eighth Living Buddha!" said the old man. "But it's true, not long ago he had built a temple in Siauw Sit San, which is now very famous. The temple was named Siauw Lim Sie. Meanwhile, the founder of the temple is Tat Mo Cauwsu, a great teacher who is second to none in China, both in terms of his martial arts skills and his Buddhist teachings!”

"Ohhhh, maybe what uncle meant by Tat Mo Cauwsu in Siauw Lim sie was the eighth Living Baddha that we were looking for" the stranger seemed very happy, while his seven friends had also brought them closer "Okay, thanks for the explanation uncle. But can you explain, how far is it from Houwciu here to reach Siauw Sit San?”

“Oh, it's not far, it's only a two-day horse ride! Even then if you travel slowly while enjoying the beauty of nature, but if you travel fast, you will arrive there in one day!”

The stranger clasped his hands together, he saluted while thanking him.

The old man watched the eight people in green robes and blue pants, he asked curiously: "Really, who are these gentlemen and why do you want to look for Tat Mo Cauwsu?"

The stranger was smiling, he said in a patient voice: "We are followers of the Living Buddha!" he replied while clasping his hands together, he saluted again, then said to his friends: “If so, I don't think we need to rest here, if we travel quickly, in one day we will arrive at Siauw Sit San. We'd better continue our journey to get there. As soon as possible!"

The seven friends nodded. So they immediately ate, and after eating the eight of them had continued on their way again. By following the instructions of the old man, which is to take a south-southeast direction, then they separate their respective horses, where the horses run very fast. While in Houwciu the mounts had rested, naturally their energy and enthusiasm had been regrouped. And now, they can run fast.

The eight foreigners seemed to be really very milky, they wanted to hurry to get to Siauw Sit San. Because of that without ever resting they had pounded their horses, scurrying away the mounts swiftly, the dust rising high.

The journey they took was a rocky road and the ground was so dry, that the dust stirred up into the sky. And at that time, the eight strangers also continued to differentiate! their horses regardless that the road they were on was a bad road. And the cobblestones filled the streets, no small obstacle to their galloping horse, so as to irritate the eight strangers. But whenever they get the chance, once they are on the flat ground, they are immediately different! the horse is even faster.

One day the eight horsemen had fled their respective horses quickly and did not rest at all, their faces were dirty and it seemed that apart from their horses they were very tired, they were tired too. Moreover, traveling at night like that, making them exposed to dew and cold night air. But the eight strangers paid no heed to all that, and had fled their horses at a rapid pace.

Towards dawn, when the sun began to appear on the eastern horizon, with a red color, they arrived at the foot of Mount Siauw Sit San.

The eight strangers had restrained their horses, all had their eyes on the top of the mountain. Soaring high and probably to reach the top of the mountain takes another half day.

“It is not easy to climb this mountain.” said one of them. "Especially if we really use this horse of ours"

His friends agreed, "We'd better leave our horses here, we hike on foot!" suggested one of them.

The proposal was immediately approved, and the eight of them had jumped off their respective horses, then approached a tree, where their horses had been tied up.

Just as the eight foreigners wanted to climb to Mount Siauw Sit San or better known as Siong San, suddenly a figure flashed, whose movements were very agile, and had blocked in front of the eight foreigners.

"Stop!" the shadowy figure had snapped in a savage voice.

The eight strangers restrained their footsteps, watching the person in front of them. That person, among the reddened morning sun, was a hunchbacked person, on his back there was a prominent circle, apparently he was indeed a hunchbacked human. He was more than sixty years old, his face was chubby with saggy skin, besides his slanted eyes like the eyes of a mouse emitted a very sharp light.

One of the eight foreigners, who was the leader of the group, had stepped forward and clasped his hands together on the hunchback with eyes that flashed a very sharp light: "Excuse me, sir, are you one of the inhabitants of this Situw Sit San mountain?" It's very respectful when he asks like that.

The hunchbacked man shook his head twice, his eyes widening incessantly. Judging from his condition, he seems to be a very cunning person.

"Not! I just arrived at this mountain last night!” he said. "Are the eight of you Tat Mo Cauwsu's men?"

The eight people were amazed. They looked at each other. Because they were foreigners, and at first they thought this hunchbacked person was one of the residents of Siauw Sit San. But who would have thought that the hunchbacked person actually suspected that the eight people were Tat Mo Cauwsu's men. the founder of the Siauw Lim Sie temple, who they assumed was the eighth Living Buddha.

But who was the leader of the group of foreigners was very clever, he immediately smiled: "If so, we mean we have the same goal,

2 where we intend to climb this mountain. not? And Siecu seems to want to climb this mountain too”

The hunchbacked man watched one by one of the eight strangers, his eyes widened for a moment, then he finally said: “Yes… it's true! I want to go find Tat Mo Cauwsu.!”

"We also want to go to the Siauw Lim Sie temple, to ask something," replied the stranger.

"What do you want to ask?" ask the hunchback


Judging from the gesture of this hunchbacked person,

The eight strangers knew that even though the person's body was stooped, but he was not a random person and at least had a fairly high intelligence. Because of that, the eight foreigners did not dare to be careless, and the leader of the group had said in a cautious voice: “We are looking for the eighth Living Buddha, because we want to take us home! We have received news that the eighth Living Buddha who has been living in China has replaced and used the title as Tat Mo Cauwsu.”

The stooped person's face changed, he had let out a cold laugh. "Hemmmm, I didn't miss my guess that you were actually Tat Mo Cauwsu's subordinates, that rancid priest!" The stooped man's voice was savage, his eyes, which were like rat's eyes, had radiated even more sharpness and were also extremely vicious, containing a murderous aura. The eight strangers looked at him with a doubtful attitude. Their leader had said in a voice full of doubts: "Really, who is Siecu...?" He asked as well as he prepared himself, for just in case the hunchbacked man suddenly sprang up and attacked him.

As the hunchbacked man with half a spear stepped closer to the eight foreigners in a very hostile and ruthless manner, he muttered in a threatening voice full of hatred: “Tat Mo Cauwsu the rancid priest is a foreigner, from India, and you, his accomplices, also a foreigner! I know the longer you will gather your friends, to conquer this Chinese mainland!”

“Siecu misunderstood.!” The leader of the group quickly replied,

"Misunderstand?" And after asking that, the stooped man laughed loudly, and in the tone of his laughing voice contained a very great lwekang power, for his laughing voice sounded momentarily near and briefly sounded far away where in his laughing voice contained perfect inner strength. After laughing enough, then the hunchbacked man said again: "Actually, I am Tiat Tauw Kie at least nosy towards anyone, but I heard that Tat Mo Cauwsu relies too much on his intelligence to sell this Chinese brat, so I want to see how high his intelligence is. the one who calls himself the Great Teacher!”

The eight foreigners had looked at each other, and the leader of the group had said: “Well, if Siecu really wants to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu, there is nothing wrong if we go up this mountain together!. We also really want to go see Tat Mo Cauwsu, who knows that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the Living Buddha we are looking for!”

Tiat Tauw Kie showed an astonished attitude, he opened his eyes wide. "So... you guys haven't really met Tat Mo Cauwsu yet?"

The leader of the group of foreigners shook his head. "No, we have just arrived in China and we want to see Tat Mo Cauwsu because the last news we received said that Tat Mo Cauwsu was actually the Living Buddha we were looking for"

Tiat Tauw Kie's eyes had been playing with each other non-stop, but he was laughing coldly. “Then, if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu is the eighth Living Buddha you are looking for, what do you want to do?”

"Begging the Living Buddha to be willing to return to our country!" replied the leader of the group of foreigners.

"Hmm, who are you really?" asked Tiat Tauw Kie again,

"We are people from the palace of clouds. We come from Persia!" answered the leader of the group of foreigners, he gave a statement without the slightest hesitation.

“Well, you Persians, and you state that it is possible that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the Eighth Living Buddha you are looking for. In fact, do you know who the real Tat Mo Cauwsu is? He's an Indian!”

The leader of the group of foreigners nodded. "Yes, indeed the eighth Living Buddha is Indian." replied the leader of the group of foreigners. “And indeed the eighth Living Buddha has been asked to lead us in Persia, and was appointed the eighth Living Buddha in Nepal over twenty years ago. If Tat Mo Cauwsu is indeed an Indian, then it is even more likely that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the eighth Living Buddha we are looking for!'.

"Hmm. If that's the case, Tat Mo Cauwsu's arrival is not only to broadcast Buddhist teachings and also not to establish a school gate to educate his students in martial arts, of course in this case he has bad intentions for our country...!”

The faces of the eight Persians who recognized themselves as members of the Cloud Palace had changed. The leader of the group said in a displeased manner: “Don't be too quick to suspect us from a foreign land, for what we know is that there is no ill intent in the eighth Living Buddha. When he wanted to go to China, he only had one goal, which was to spread Buddhism widely, so that it would be known by the Chinese people, besides that, for the good of human charity in general."

"Of course, we can't give any response yet, because we are not yet sure and certain that Tat Mo Cauwsu who is now the Great Teacher and the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie, is the eighth Living Buddha that we are looking for." Tiat Tauw Kie laughed mockingly. "You also come eight, of course you think badly of the Chinese people. If you travel alone or in two, you are worried that you will be disturbed by Chinese people, right? That's why you guys have traveled eight like this?”

The Persian leader's face changed again, he said in a displeased voice, his face gloomy: “We are the Eight Executors, who always have to look after the interests of the Living Buddha. Because of that, we have to crave ourselves for the sake of the Living Baddha. Every action we take together, every time the eight of us have to solve, problems together. Also, in the Cloud Palace there is a rule, that the Eight Executors are not required to be priests, because the Eight Executors can function outside of the assembly as well as within the assembly. Inside the assembly can take care of the interests of the Living Buddha, while outside the assembly in society, the Eight Executors can function as ordinary people, to do all good!”

“Hmmm, I can't believe that you guys are the people of the eighth Living Buddha! You should know that the Living Buddha is a great human being, who cannot leave his place carelessly. Meanwhile, Tat Mo Cauwsu, the Indian priest, has actually left his native country, left all his followers in his country, and has wandered around China. In fact, now has established Siauw Lim Sie. So where is his responsibility as a Living Buddha in his country, how is his responsibility towards the followers of his country, who have raised him with great honor and respect as the eighth Living Buddha?”

The leader of the Persian troupe had glanced at his friends, then he patiently replied: “Actually, we ourselves have not been able to serve too broad a conversation with Siecu. This is because we don't yet know whether Tat Mo Cauwsu is really the eighth Living Buddha we're looking for! But if Siecu is willing, let's climb this Siauw Sit San together, and if we have met Tat Mo Cauwsu, only then will we be able to know clearly whether belrau is the eighth Living Buddha we are looking for.”

The Persian leader's words were a subtle evasive way of arguing with Tiat Tauw Kie. Indeed, he also gave a good reason, that they still did not know for sure that Tat Mo Cauwsu was the eighth Living Buddha they were looking for. Naturally, they could not be angry or resentful at Tiat Tauw Kie's attacks against Tat Mo Cauwsu.

Tiat Tauw Kie had stood hesitating for a moment, but finally he shook his head. “You humans from outside of my country mean I can't just trust the eight of you! Alright, since we've met, how about I ask you for a move or two?"

The Persians, who saw Tiat Tauw Kie's attitude, finally ran out of patience. Even the youngest of them, only twenty-eight or thirty years old, was impatient. He jumped forward in front of Tiat Tauw Kie, then snapped. It's just that he uses Persian, he can swear, but Tiat Tauw Kie doesn't understand. That's why Tiat Tauw Kie smirked and laughed mockingly. "Don't be like a barking dog with a snarled face like that! I'm just saying if you guys want, I'd like to play around with some moves." said Tiat Tauw Kie,

The Persian who was the youngest in age had let out a shriek. He doesn't really know how to speak Han, so he can't pronounce it well, that's why he cursed in Persian, his language. As for listening to people speak in Han language, he can understand a little bit about the meaning. And along with that shout, his right hand was extended, he intended to grip Tiat Tauw Kie's arm.

"Heh, like a child who wants to play claws!" mocking Tiat Tauw Kie, he shifted his legs, and jumped to the side.

He didn't look down on his opponent's attack at all, he guessed that it was just an ordinary grip. While he was a master in mainland China who had no small name, he was a warrior whose name was very well known and respected, that's why he was nicknamed Tiat Tauw Kie (Iron Head Warrior), and his title was finally used as his name. And indeed he is tough with a head that is stronger than iron.

But to Tiat Tauw Kie's surprise, just as he dodged, he felt his arm hurt terribly and had been grabbed by the Persian. As it turned out, when Tiat Tauw Kie dodged, the Persian did not miss the target, he seemed to have very high intelligence, because once his opponent moved, he did not continue his grip towards the original target, but seemed to be able to guess which direction Tiat Tauw Kie was going to. dodged, his hand grabbed ahead of him to the side, so that as soon as Tiat Tauw Kie shifted the position of his legs, his arms seemed to be approaching the hands of the Persian who immediately grabbed him.

No wonder Tiat Tauw Kie was surprised, he issued an angry cry, because he thought his enemy was very cunning, and surprisingly quickly he expelled the pure spirit and air in his body, which was channeled into his arms, then his arms were like hard iron, when the Persian squeezed him, gripped him tightly, he seemed to be gripping an iron plate, so he couldn't crush his opponent's arm bone. The Persian let out an exclamation of surprise, he jumped back two steps his face showed great astonishment, his eyes opened wide, and he asked in Persian.

Tiat Tauw Kie didn't understand what his opponent was saying, he laughed mockingly. "What are you babbling about?" he scolded.

The leader of the Persian group on behalf of his friend replied: “Sir, you are indeed clever! But with such cleverness does not mean that you can hinder us! Well, my friend said earlier, he wants to accompany you to play a few moves and apparently there is no obstacle serving someone as shrewd as you, there is still a price!" Tiat Tauw Kie's face turned red, because he was angry and annoyed. He said, "Well then, surely you didn't look me in the eye. Good! Good! Now, now I will also show you, that the Chinese are not to be underestimated!”

And along with those words, it seemed that Tiat Tauw Kie had quickly charged forward, he had jumped while moving his hands. He meant to grip back. If earlier his opponent, the young Persian attacked by gripping, now he also wants to show that the gripping skills of the Chinese masters are no less savage than the Persians. Tiat Tauw Kie's movements were very fast, the Lwekang power he used was very fast and strong and it grabbed his opponent, a Persian in his thirties. And those two hands, with the ten fingers spread out like the eagle's hooves have flowed, will grip the shoulders of the Persian.

The Persian was very brave, he was indeed irritating and became curious because his grip was not working. He had jumped forward. Instead of dodging, he took Tiat Tauw Kie's hands, where he wanted to go along and precede to grip Tiat Tauw Kie's wrists. His movements were also no less fast than the movements made by Tiat Tauw Kie.

But Tiat Tauw Kie, who does have high intelligence, of course does not want to let his opponent grip his wrists. He knows what danger he will face if his wrists are grabbed. In addition, he was also amazed by the speed and agility of his young opponent. While making a loud snapping sound, he failed to grip, turned around the two hands had pushed with ten fingers open, from the palm of his hand a strong wind rushed at his opponent.

The Persian robbed. The power of the shampoo also contains very strong Iwekang. Thus, there was a very big collision.

But the Persian's body backed away and was shaken three times, while Tiat Taiiw Kie remained standing still, unmoving.

People! The other Persians who witnessed this let out a muffled cry. They are people who have high intelligence, once they see it, they will immediately know that their friend is not a match for Tiat Tauw Kie, therefore they are prepared if their friend is indeed experiencing a threat of no small disaster, they will jump forward to provide assistance.

At that time, Tiat Tauw Kie did not act until there, because while accompanied by a loud laugh, his hands moved again.

This time he attacked instead of using both palms at once. He attacks using the palm of his right hand, followed by the movement of his left hand. And the power of the Iwekang he uses is getting stronger and stronger.

2 The Persian also did not want to remain silent. He was curious, because twice he failed to face Tiat Tauw Kie, while dodging, he also attacked back with his foot kick.

Tiat Tauw Kie did not dodge, this time he bent his body like someone who was about to fall down, and his head was met by a kick from the Persian's foot.

"Nokkkk!" The Persian's leg kicked Tiat Tauw Kie very strongly, which kick was a death kick for others, but for Tiat Tauw Kie it didn't bring any disaster, because his head was very hard and very strong, even the Persian who had kicked him, he himself who was in pain and lifted his leg to massage.

At that time, Tiat Tauw Kie saw that the way of parrying using his head worked well, when the Persian was in pain with his legs and massaged him, he had accompanied him without wasting any more time attacking. His body flashed while launching a punch by exerting a calm lwekang as much as eight parts, the wind that blew causing dry leaves and dust to fly.

With an angry shriek, the leader of the Persian troupe charged forward. He represented his comrade to fend off an attack by Tiat Tauw Kie.

Their lwekang forces had collided with each other and it seemed that they were exerting their respective strengths.

As such, they had pitted their inner strength fiercely against each other and neither of them was willing to budge.

Tiat Tauw Kie had lost his spirit, pounding as hard as he could. While the leader of the Persian troupe had also exhausted all his spirit and strength, he tried to fend off fiercely, so that Tiat Tauw Kie's wrist would be broken by it.

The two of them stayed where they were when their hands collided with each other, that's when, with very agile movements, it was seen that Tiat Tauw Kie had attacked again with both his legs, kicking in a chain aiming for the most important blood path in his opponent's body.

The leader of the Persian troupe, however, did not dare to believe it, he quickly made a sound of exclamation and twisted his hands, whereupon he stretched out his left hand to grip Tiat Tauw Kie's right leg, while with the other he intended to hit Tiat Tauw Kie's shoulder. The movement of the Persian leader was indeed a strange movement, one hand pointing downwards while the other was pointing straight ahead. He also made the move very quickly.

Tiat Tauw Kie was surprised too and faced a strange attack like this, he quickly pulled his hands back, and tried to dodge first. When his opponent's attack had not yet reached its target, Tiat Tauw Kie had felt the wind of his opponent's attack. Thus it appears that the leader of the Persians is a person who has very high intelligence and should not be taken lightly

Meanwhile, the person who became the leader of the Persian Oring group also did not want to stop there. He knows that Tiat Tauw Kie is a Chinese expert who has very high intelligence, so he also wants to seize time. Because losing in seizing time, even if it's only for a few seconds, will certainly make him who is on the side of urgency.

At that moment, he quickly charged! Just as Tiat Tauw Kie moved to escape, he lunged with both hands. He also lunged with the use of very great strength. The internal energy that was used was strangely hard, momentarily soft, and also that internal energy seemed to be obliterated, and suddenly, it hit again.

This was due to the perfect inner strength of the leader of the Persian group.

Tiat Tauw Kie himself now dared not look down on the leader of the Persian group. He knew that if he acted carelessly, of course he would be in trouble. Hence he has carried a very alert and careful attitude.

Every movement of his opponent is considered as well as possible, besides he has also exhausted all the strength that is in him, to be able to retaliate against his opponent.

The two of them had been involved in a very exciting battle, the longer their body movements became faster and more nimble, they also moved to and fro with light bodies, like a pair of their feet did not touch the earth.

The wind that swirled around the bodies of the two of them was very violent, making the other seven Persians have looked with a pair of eyes wide open to watch the course of the battle.

The seven Persians knew very well that the intelligence of their leader was far higher than theirs, therefore, at first they believed that if their leader did intervene, Tiat Tauw Kie could immediately be overthrown. But who would have thought, at that time it seemed that their leader could not do much about Tiat Tauw Kie.

The leader of the Persian group seemed to be impatient to see the battle had been going on for so long, it turned out that he had not been able to knock down his opponent. He quickly changed his way of fighting.

Now his two legs stood firmly in one place, never moving, as if they had been channeled into them by a tremendous power of lwekang, like a mountain that stood upright and could not be crushed by any force.

While both hands have been rotated in a triangular shape, briefly down, briefly sideways flat and a moment tilted upwards.

The movements are carried out alternately, immediately followed by movements of the other hand if indeed the other hand has moved in such a triangular shape. Thus, indeed the results obtained by the leader of the Persian group were extraordinary, he was able to stem all the attacks carried out by Tiat Tauw Kie.

Tiat Tauw Kie's attack winds grew stronger and stronger, he tried to break the defense of the leader of the Psrsian group, him. saw the way of defending himself from the Persian and he intended to use all his lwekang strength to break it down so that the Persian defense fell and he could not stand still like that.

But Tiat Tauw Kie's efforts always failed.

Several times he had exhausted all of his inner strength. However, his striking power always seemed to disappear, involved in the movement of the hands of the leader of the Persian group, who always moved his hands in a triangular shape, and he also always stood up straight like a mountain unmoved by any force.

The moment it appeared, the Persian felt he had had enough of changing his fighting style. He kept moving his pair of hands in a triangular shape, only his mouth moved slowly, like he was reciting a spell.

Witnessing that, Tiat Tauw Kie let out a mocking laugh. "Hey, you want to use Kongtauw (demon) to harm me by using stealth?" he taunted fiercely, he immediately gave up all his spirit, trying to attack even more violently.

But in the end, Tiat Tauw Kie was really surprised and surprised. Because he felt his eyelids become heavy and it was like he was very sleepy. Tiat Tauw Kie exerted all of his Iwekang, he tried to expel the strange air in him, which made him sleepy.

But the eyelids were getting heavier too, and the sleepiness was getting worse. He also seemed to want to sleep at that very moment, and end the battle.

Meanwhile, the Persian who became his opponent was also tired of reciting his spell. “Sleep… now you need to rest. Sleep....and rest in peace....there is nothing for you to think about....

everything calm down stop the movement of your two hands. You sleep in a beautiful and very comfortable garden!” murmured the Persian in a very faint voice.

And indeed Tiat Tauw Kie felt all of his strength disappear, his body also felt so helpless, he was very sleepy.

Until finally he stopped silat, his hands had been stretched down, where his body was limp limp and powerless, he had fallen sitting, then fell on the ground, he was knocked unconscious again.

The Persian who saw that his magic was working well, the formidable opponent had been overpowered and fell asleep, sighing. He turned to his seven friends and said: "Let us continue our journey." invite him.

His seven friends agreed, only the youngest, who was apparently still angry with Tiat Tauw Kie, had asked in Persian: "Isn't he just finished?"

The leader shook his head. "We and him have nothing to do with anything!" he said. "Just one day he'll fall asleep, and if he wakes up, we'll be in Siauw Lim Sie already."

The Persian, who was the youngest in age, said yes, he did not dispute the decision of his leader.

Thus, the eight Persians had run up Siauw Sit San.

Their body movements and ways of running are truly extraordinary, because their bodies are so light and like flying without stepping on the earth, in a very short time they have reached the middle of the belly of the mountain.

Siauw Sit San is a mountain that has very beautiful views, the air there is very comfortable. But the eight Persians were not at all interested in the beautiful sight, they had been running very fast.

After running for a long time, they finally arrived in front of the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

The temple is connected by a terraced path, which is a very long staircase. The faint sound of a waterfall, and also the scenery around the place was amazingly beautiful, making the eight Persians who at first did not pay attention to the beauty of the place, finally had to stay for a while to see the beauty around Siauw Lim Sie.

“A wonderfully beautiful place like heaven!” murmured their leader.

"Yes. !” nod one. "Right. very beautiful!"

“This is a very quiet and comfortable place to live a peaceful life for the Living Buddha!” the other said. "But is Tat Mo Cauwsu really the eighth Living Buddha we're looking for?"

“Soon, we will have the answer!” said the leader of the Persians.

They climbed the steps, which totaled three hundred and twenty-eight, when they arrived at the door of the Siauw Lim Sie temple.

The temple is majestic and looks so solidly haunted, also has a radiance of the majesty of Buddhism from the temple. The fragrance of incense, burning incense and sandalwood, spread all around the place, mixed with the fragrance of the flowers in the surroundings.

The situation in the place was very quiet and calm, the gate of the temple seemed to be tightly closed.

The eight Persians had looked at each other, finally their leader had approached the door of the temple, he was holding a large round bracelet on the door, he banged the bracelet on the door.

A loud voice echoed. Again he repeated it. And when he had banged the bracelet three times against the door of the temple, from within immediately a voice called out: “Siancai! Siancai! Patient! Patient!"

It wasn't long before the temple doors opened. From within popped the bald head of a priest. He looked surprised when he found out that the guests standing in front of the door of the temple were foreigners who had very sharp noses, blue eyes, were foreigners, not Han people.

But the priest was stunned only for a moment after watching the eight guests, he immediately opened the leaves of the temple gate wider, he clasped his hands in salute. "Who are Siecus and Siecu's arrival to Siauw Lim Sie must have quite important business, right?" asked the priest kindly.

The leader of the Persian group returned the priest's salute, he replied immediately: "We are the people of the Cloud Palace, we are from Persia. The purpose of coming «we came here to meet with Tat Mo Cauwsu, the Great Teacher”

The face of the priest, the welcoming priest, changed, he said hesitantly: “But… in this case. ”

"Why?" asked the leader of the Persian troupe


“According to Siauwceng (little priest), of course

Siecu's request is quite a heavy one… not a single guest is ever allowed to see our Cauwsuya again!”


“Since a year ago Cauwsuya has closed himself off and has not received any visits from anyone, close friends or relatives! Sorry, Siecu's arrival is late, for our Cauwsuya has closed itself off for good!”

The faces of the eight Persians changed their leader had said quickly. “We came from a faraway place, from Persia. We just mean to meet with Tat Mo Cauwsu to ask something. Not for other matters. We are looking for the eighth Living Buddha who has not returned to our country for decades, and we received news recently that this Tat Mo Cauwsu who became the forerunner of Siauw Lim Sie is the eighth Living Buddha that we are looking for. far away, from Persia, we have come here. It would be very disappointing for us if indeed Tat Mo Cauwsu was not willing to meet with us for a moment, to give us information, where exactly the eighth Living Buddha we were looking for,

Hearing that the business was not an arbitrary matter, nor was it an ordinary matter, the priest was surprised. He clasped his hands together, he said in a respectful manner: “Sorry, sorry! If in this matter Siauwceng does not have the right to represent Siecu, please come in, later Siecus can talk directly to our Toa-suheng!”

“Yeah, we think that's for the best!” said the leader of the Persian troupe. "Perhaps we can get the information we want."

The priest had nodded, immediately the door of the temple was opened wider. He invited his guests to enter then led him to be ushered into the living room on the front porch of the temple.

The living room on the front porch is a very clean room, and also around it there are very beautiful flower trees, blooming.

2 On the right, there is a small path of white stones, which leads inward. The state of the Siauw Lim Sie temple is very beautiful. Besides, the burning incense and the smell of burnt sandalwood, the eight Persians smelled reminded them of the temple in Persia, where they lived, which was just as beautiful.

Only the eight Persians saw that the Siauw Lim Sie temple was very different from the temples in India and Persia.

The Siauw Lim Sie Temple was built with its own form, containing very high art. On the walls as well as on the balustrade, there are paintings of golden water letters, which are very precious words of the Buddha. Also around the room, there are paintings and sculptures that are very delicate and beautiful, depicting the majesty and greatness of the Buddha.

If someone is in the Siauw Lim Sie temple, they will certainly feel like they are in the Heavenly Kingdom, where they can be in an eternal place. Despite the fact that Siauw Lim Sie is only an ordinary temple like other temples in mainland China.

At that time, the priest who welcomed the guests had said goodbye to his eight guests, to inform his Toasuheng about the visit of the eight guests. And the eight Persians used their time to enjoy the Siauw Lim Sie temple building, with all its contents which truly symbolize the majesty of the Buddha.

"Hey!" murmured softly the leader of the Persian troupe. "Seen that way, the Siauw Lim Sie temple is not below the eye level and also the creation of statues of the Buddha, compared to the temples in our country"

"Yes, indeed the palace of the Living Buddha in Ihasa can't necessarily match the awesomeness of Siauw Lim Sie, even though this temple is not too big and not as grand as the Temple of the Living Buddha in Lhasa, Nepal!"

"Yes, Siauw Lim Sie is really a very well-made Baddha temple, especially on the mainland of China, there are indeed many famous sculptors and painters, of course when this temple was built, Tat Mo Cauwsu had used many sculptors and painters, to complete it. the temple.!”

"Right!" suddenly heard someone had answered from the room inside while laughing patiently. "Omitohud! Apparently we received a visit from distinguished guests from far away! Siancai! Siancai! It's a shame we couldn't welcome him from afar. ”

From the inside stepped out a priest of medium stature, with his long gray robes, and calm steps, a clean, radiant face, very healthy, approaching the guests with his hands clasped together.

The eight Persians quickly clasped their hands together in return of the priest's salute.

“Sorry, we disturbed the peace here in Siauw Lim Sie, because we are forced to ask something related to the salvation of the eighth Living Buddha!” said the leader of the Persian group. The Reverend Siauw Lim Sie who welcomed him out, who was a priest who was always calm, had a beaming face than Sam Liu Taisu, the first disciple of Tat Mo Gauwsu. He is indeed a priest who has deepened his religious studies, as well as his martial arts.

Earlier, Sam Liu Taisu heard from the visiting priest about the arrival of the eight Persians who intended to meet the Great Teacher Siauw Lim Sie, namely their Cauwsuya, by stating to inquire about the Living Buddha. The issue of the Living Buddha is not an arbitrary matter that can be swayed.

That was why Sam Liu Taisu had rushed out to welcome and serve these eight guests, which consisted of eight foreigners. Luckily they, the Persians, are good at speaking the Han language, although in a stuttering manner, with the layout of the letters sometimes being reversed, the intent and purpose can still be understood.

“If Siecu all of you really want to ask something that is the most important matter regarding the salvation of the Living Buddha, Siauwceng (I'm a small priest) certainly doesn't dare to be imagining. If indeed Siauwceng knew about it, surely Siauwceng would have told the truth!”

"But....!" the Persian leader looked doubtfully at Sam Liu Taisu.

“Is there something incriminating Siecu!” asked Sam Liu Taisu patiently. "We originally wanted to meet Tat Mo Cauwsu in person, we heard the latest news about the eighth Living Buddha, actually stating that Tat Mo Cauwsu is the eighth Living Buddha who has traveled in China and changed his name to Tat Mo Cauwsu"

Sam Liu Taisu was shocked. He furrowed his brows as if in deep thought. Since it was such an important matter, of course he couldn't talk carelessly to people he had just met for the first time.

At that time, the leader of the Persians had said again: "If Losuhu doesn't mind, can Losuhu tell Tat Mo Cauwsuya about our intentions, that we really want to meet only for ten minutes, in order to get confirmation whether it's really Tat Mo Cauwsuya. is the eighth Living Buddha we are looking for to bring him back to our country, where we have struggled for a dozen years to find him.”

Sam Liu Taisu was still hesitating, but he finally nodded. "Good! Siecu, please sit down quietly, we'll talk about that slowly," said Sam Liu Taisu patiently.

He also has clasped his hands and uttered the greatness of the Buddha several times. Only then did he ask his guests again: “If indeed Siecus don't mind, Siauwceng wants to know, who are the eight Siecus, and also, with what purpose do the eight Siecus want to find the eighth Living Buddha? Is there any connection and connection between the eight Siecu and the eight Living Buddha?” In fact, the leader of the Persians was reluctant to explain things before meeting with Tat Mo Cauwsu, the person they were looking for, to confirm the latest news they received regarding the Living Buddha. However, knowing that Sam Liu Taisu is also the most important person in Siauw Lim Sie, is Toa Suheng or the eldest brother of the Siauw Lim Sie priests,